Sierra Auto Group, Inc. in Chicago, IL

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With hundreds of used cars in stock, we are the best used car dealership in all of town! We believe in honesty and integrity, which is why we always put our customers first!

Next time you're in the market for a car, give us a call or stop by!

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Established in 1983.

with over 30 years serving chicago land with 5 location

Sierra Auto Group, Inc.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 279-8888
Address:4207 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60618
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sierra Auto Group, Inc.

Adam K. | 2015-01-16

I purchased a van through Sierra Auto group for my company and worked with the owner who was very polite, thoughtful and thorough. I was referred to this place through another friend.

They were very honest, patient and answered all of my questions. Its interesting that a lot of the negative reviews were from people with no picture and who wrote maybe 2 other reviews, maybe this is Sierra's competition?

Anyway, I used their online inventory data base to narrow down the kind of vehicle I wanted and it was really simple to complete the transaction. If they ever get a used Tesla I will be the first to jump on it.

James P. | 2014-03-19

Sold vehicle here, they seemed honest and explained why price they offered.  Very patient and printed out car information, very painless and fair experience in selling auto. Shahin Shahsavar, GM was the individual who helped us.

Dominik D. | 2013-12-10

You sir are completely incorrect! There was no false documents provided with our application. When we finally bought a car after you ripped us off for $500 all of our documents were verified by a bank. Thanks to which we now have excellent credit!
Revealing such false claims on the internet just goes to show what kind of shady place you truly run! Why not try being honest for a change and give us back the $500 you took from us for nothing. Also I'm pretty sure it is illegal weather true or false to disclose customers information to the public. You are the one who lied to your bank by stating that we put $1000 down instead of the true $500 which you refuse to pay back. So who's the liar?

Eric L. | 2013-06-22

Ugh!  This is the worst place on Earth!  With prices that will have you asking "are there gold bricks in the trunk?"  Good luck!

Chris Z. | 2013-05-08

I was debating if I should get a car from this place as it just looks like a dump. I would not even think twice about getting a car from this place but they had the only used HIGH TOP cargo van in the area that I needed for work. I went in there negotiated a price. ($500 less than asking price what a joke!)  Paid 30% of it in cash as it was past bank open hours and I could not get cash that quick from anyone. I knew I can get financing. After 2 hours of waiting because the sales dudes were messing around. They gave me a 9.99% which was fine as I knew I will pay it off once I get the loan info during the week. Here is the KICKER the loan processor tells me I need to get GAP insurance or else WELLS FARGO will not give me a loan. GAP insurance on a used car that I just paid 30% on ?!?! That got me a little worried but I needed to get the van. I agreed on the $500 GAP insurance joke they made me get. Once my loan paperwork came in I called WELLS FARGO and they told me that the GAP insurance was OPTIONAL and they don't make stipulations like that.  NEEDLESS to say these guys a bunch of crooks that I will forever stay away from. Its not even about the $500 but the fact that they lied about it. Places like this are the ones that give dealerships bad names. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!

Charlotte T. | 2013-02-16

Upon getting a new job, I needed to buy a car quick. I found the car I wanted  online and it was on the Sierra Auto Group lot.

As a young, female and sterotypically ignorant of car stuff I walked onto the small used car lot. There were the usual used car salesman shenannigans, but I had done my research (carfax!) and I knew what I wanted and how much it should cost.

Hilariously, I had overlooked the fact that the car was a stick shift. I did not know how to drive a stick.

Not one to lose out on a sale, the salesman patiently showed me how to drive it. Knowing it was a good car, I bought a car I didn't know how to drive right before starting a demanding new job.

I now drive a stick shift with confidence in Chicago traffic. The salesman beamed with pride when I returned to pick up the car's title and skillfully parallel parked my stick shift on busy Western avenue.

I am a happy customer!   It is not a car salesman's job to tell you all the reasons you shouldn't buy a car. You need to do your own research.  The people at Sierra Auto Group really went above and beyond for me!

Jenina N. | 2012-09-15

Long time reader of reviews, first time posting one. Truthfully, I've never been so compelled to write one until my recent experience. That's why this is about to be lengthy and detailed but to hopefully offer a very clear picture of things.

I went in to start browsing for a car. Given that it's been years since I've owned one and my first time buying one on my own, I needed this to be an exploration trip to determined what I wanted, costs, rates, etc. Of course I expect some smooth talking. But  I was treating this as an informational since I didn't want to be hasty. What ensued was a lot of strong arming and guilt tripping, which left me with a horrid impression about how some used car sales stores work.

I had my notes and thoughts ready as I set out to shop around for cars. And, at my second stop, I soon laid my eyes on a fairly recent VW that looked to be in great condition. That's around the time a salesperson came out and asked me what I was looking for. I told her that I only just started to get a feel of cars, what's out there and cost, and that I had something in mind... But that I would even consider VWs. Then she opted to get the key so we can go inside and look around. It appeared slightly worn put and a little dirty inside, but all in all well kept. When I asked her what the typical process is for purchasing, she requested I go inside to fill out an application. I told her I wasn't ready to buy but she said no problem.

They made me fill out an application instantly although I was surprised she didn't ask me more questions or suggest a few other cars. Meanwhile there were other people there and she kept reading prices to them while trying to work with me at the same time - couldn't help but feel like her attention was divided.

Then she offered us to take a "test drive" two blocks to their main office (this one) so that I can get some more insight into the options. We drove two very short blocks into the lot and I sat and waited while she explained that I needed to make them an offer and they would work around it. Again, something I found strange but I complied. They then, with my credit report, gave me a quote with a very high APR, way more than I felt comfortable with

For a car that was nearly 10 years old I found the monthly payments to be very high and knew that I should be able to get something fairly newer for the same cost, even if I just bought a car from an individual seller.

When I told her I was going to decline, she said they would just rip everything up and call it a day. However, then another sales guy came over and explained their quote. Again I explained that I liked the car, but as I said from the beginning all I wanted to do was compare inventory and prices - nothing more. I felt like I needed knowledge before I was forced into a deal and I don't feel like I'd gotten that. Plus, I mentioned that I had another quote with a lower APR than the one they'd given me.

Then their numbers guy comes over and explains to me why they projected those numbers and that the other quote I had was false because they were basing theirs on facts. Again, still skeptical and thought they were trying to hard to convince me their deal was the best one. Plus, I was surprised they were making me an offer without the final decision coming back from the bank (this was one they whipped up).

Well, I left, thanked them and promptly decided I would never work with them. And  it was when the original sales girl came out to drive us back to the original location (which she almost forgot to do, by the way) that she told me the APR the bank proposed was several percent points lower than the one they proposed to me. At that point, I knew wouldn't be going back. It made me uneasy that they would push me into higher numbers when I could clearly get less.

ALL this said, I will cut them a bit of slack in two areas. In the first location I stopped into (which was a bit further south), the guy was much more patient easygoing and conversational, asking me a series of questions then showing us several cars in their fleet to clarify the differences and price points plus what locations he may have other cars. He also explained financing, things like that. Even offered to take us to other locations to check out their cars but did not push any applications at all.

The second is that for all their pushiness, I think they thought they were making a good faith effort to keep me in there, "work with me" and sell me what they thought was the best option for me.

However, their extreme pushiness, and their haste in trying to get me "in" was all too much. All in all, not so good.

Since then I bought a fabulous car (only two years old), with a WAY lower interest rate and lower payments. So glad I trusted my gut.