Rogers Chevrolet in Chicago, IL

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We focus on making the customer experience the most important part. From the moment you call our dealership to the moment you drive off in your new vehicle or return for service, we strive to exceed your expectations. We specialize in financing for everyone from prefect credit to bankruptcy. Rogers Chevrolet is the store to visit first.


Established in 1943.

Rogers Auto Group was founded as Rogers Auto Sales by twin brothers Roger and Leonard Scher.  Originally located at 2535 S. Michigan Ave, Rogers Auto Sales specialized in quality pre-driven vehicles and quickly established itself amongst Chicago's local economy of small family-owned businesses.

After 13 years of success in Chicago's Southside as a quality pre-owned car dealer, Roger Scher had the opportunity to acquire a Pontiac franchise in 1956. Continuing to prosper into the 90's, Rogers subsequently acquired four new franchises: a Hyundai dealership in 1997, a Buick dealership in 1999, a GMC dealer in 2000, and Chevrolet dealer in 2003.

In 2011, Rogers Auto Group completed a state-of-the-art renovation to both its sales and service departments, a testament and celebration of almost 70 years of hard work since the company's humble beginnings as a small used car lot.

Rogers Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 553-3651
Address:2726 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, 60616
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Rogers Chevrolet

worlee g. | 2015-04-25

Had no problems with the dealership. The salesman was helpful and looked at all options to get me in a vehicle.

Kristina C. | 2015-03-04

ABSOLUTE Worst customer service I have ever received in my life by the service department...the manager in particular!
Do not bring your car here if you would A) like to be treated like a human being B) value your time C) I don't cry and literally walked out in tears due to the things that were said to me and the only decent employee there is the used car manager. He is a great guy! Do no do not bring your car here for repairs!!!!

Anne M. | 2015-02-17

Getting in - the secretary encouraged me not to make an appt and that it would be "quick" for a drop off since I wouldn't need it for a week.  After 40 minutes til I was helped, I would have to disagree. ---- I had 2 recalls done - no issues so that was great.  Then, I had a oil change/inspection couple and tried to use it.  39.99 turned into 63.00 like magic since I tried to use the coupon.  The guy SAID he put it in when I GAVE it to him, but then when I went to pay a week later, WOW!, not there.  Thanks a lot.  The Chevy dealership at my old location was customer-oriented.

David W. | 2014-12-05

If you value your time and money, go somewhere else for service. I had my car towed to this dealership 48 hours ago as a last resort. I called the dealership the next morning to ask if they've received my car/keys. The operator told me to be patient, instructing me that somebody would be contacting me soon. Another day went by, so I called back and asked to speak to a manager (Bob.) The manager proceeded to tell me that they had no record of my car or keys and told me to call the tow truck company, because this "wasn't on them."

Apparently, the tow truck driver was instructed (by an employee of the dealership) to drop the car off and leave the keys in the ignition. So, my car sat on their lot for 48 hours with the key in the fucking ignition and the dealership didn't feel like this was their responsibility to even look for it. After informing them that the key and car was on their lot, Bob then had the audacity to tell me that they were "a couple steps ahead" now and that they would "get to it tomorrow."

Silly me, but seeing as we're going on three days without a car, a car that hasn't even been looked at, I wouldn't consider you to be "a couple steps ahead" of the process. A lack of attention and care, poor management and the attitude of a child who refuses to accept blame would describe this operation well. What a shame, I've been a loyal GMC customer since I could drive-- I'm sick of giving this irresponsible company the benefit of the doubt.

Mallory M. | 2014-03-04

Literally the worst car service I've ever experienced. After having service done, the front desk told me the cost was 500$ more than I was quoted, so I had to personally talk to someone in service to get my warranty fulfilled. Then, after waiting for my car for over 50 minutes, I was informed that they lost my car keys. So I left the dealership without my car and won't be getting it until tomorrow. Also, I was one of three people waiting at that time for my car, and all three of us had our car keys lost by the dealership. Awful.

Tina X. | 2013-06-30

I made a service appointment at 7:30am. I was checked in and was told to go to waiting area and I will be called. After sitting for an hour or so, I went to the service area to inquire about being serviced. I ran into Jaime whom I asked when will my car be looked at, he then stated that the 730a appointment was only to hold a slot and became very sarcastic with me. That really made me upset that he would speak to me that way and it shows that he lacks customer service skills!! After that I asked him to just remove my car from the service area. Which he did and then stated that my car was going to be looked at in five minutes (after he removed it) If I would have waited. Now, if he would've given me this information from the start instead of letting his inexperience get the best of him. I would've been a happy camper!   Although, my car needed to be serviced, I didn't appreciate the sarcasm nor did I appreciate the lack of communication from the service department.  When customers call to schedule repairs. The customers should be made aware that when making an appointment we're just holding a slot and we should be given a time frame of when we would be called with any updates. If I make an appt at a certain time. I expect someone to at least have taken a look at my car within a 30 min timeframe. COMMUNICATION AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE KEY!!