Rogers Auto Group in Chicago, IL

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Rogers Auto Group has been serving Chicago's South Loop for 75 years. They offer the finest sales, service and parts on new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC Truck and Hyundai vehicles. The Rogers finance department is legendary for it ability to
obtain auto credit for individuals who have been unable to do so elsewhere. 2014 marks their 75th Anniversary and the dealership will be offering spectacular savings specials on their entire inventory to celebrate. Currently, they are offering 0% financing for 60 months to qualified buyers. Shoppers can buy with confidence at Rogers Auto Group.
Check out the dealerships many reviews. You'll see why thousands of satisfied customers choose Rogers each year.


Established in 1943.

Rogers Auto Group has been an established Chicago family-owned business for over 70 years as a premier dealer for new Buick, GMC, Chevrolet and Hyundai vehicles. We also provide a vast inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles, a top notch parts and service department, and bad credit assistance.

Rogers Auto Group

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 225-4310
Address:2720 S Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL, 60616
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Rogers Auto Group

Elihu B. | 2015-02-19

The repair service here is good when you get your car in to be repaired. The processing and wait to get your car to their mechanics and out of the shop is long and unprofessional due to inefficiencies.

I scheduled a 11am appointment and couldn't get my vehicle processed till 12pm because I had to wait in line behind the other "scheduled" customers. If I had to get back to work based on the scheduled time I would not have made it. Scheduling should help me avoid the wait unscheduled customers should endure. Getting my car back took another hour for warrantied work (I didn't have to pay for anything but had to wait for a cashier to figure this out).

More than this the service manager told me he would sue me for advising the other frustrated customers to yelp their experiences. This customer service example should be considered when deciding which dealership to do business with.

However, the mechanics were great. I can ask them questions and they do the best they can to help me understand the whats and whys around my car problems.

Management needs to make the processing of service tickets more efficient. Keep your schedule promises!

You've Been Warned (so sue my free speech)

Brian V. | 2015-02-18

***Compare to your side of the Road Junk Car Dealers*** Multiple terrible experiences.... I let it slide the first time when I setup a test drive only to arrive, wait an hour in the lobby after the salesman "disappeared" and then finally leaving. The salesman was gruff and barely apologetic. This second experience is what pushed me to finally write a review. So I received a pre approval letter for financing and thought, why not check it out. After speaking to someone on the phone, I was quickly passed off to a young salesman Peter. Immediately, he began with the high pressure sales tactics. Your trade in value of your BMW (offered me 12k for a 2009 BMW 335i...SMH) is less than the amount owed on the car.  He then proceeded to push me into a brand new car even though I specified that I wanted used. After telling the salesman I did not want to buy that day and I would contact him with what I was looking for he nodded, appearing uninterested. I emailed him the following day asking for a copy of my credit report as well as continuing our conversation....Here is what really gets me, the Used Car Salesman never replied.

Userrr 2. | 2015-02-15

I keep getting mail from Rogers Auto Group with handwritten posted to check out their blow out 5 day sell off event. Ive been getting these "5-days blow out sale"mails twice within last month. Also, no return address shown on envelope, but handwritten my address, newspaper clipping was inside (like a real one with investment stuff on the back) with the full page ad for the Rogers black blow out sale. Attached was a small yellow post it note that said in handwriting "(her name), you should check this out.  -J".

Maxxy C. | 2015-02-08

I really do not like writing bad reviews, but I must for this business.  This is a horrible business! I have been taking my car her for servicing for over 10 years.  It is in a convenient location. My car is old and it is time to get a new one. BUT I WILL NOT PURCHASE HERE!!!!!  First of all, there are too many recalls for GM. The service department is disgraceful!  One time, I had to take my car back 3 times to fix the same problem. The service department once BROKE MY ANTENNAE and last year, they broke my inside DOOR HANDLE!  It is the SERVICE DEPARTMENT as to why I will NEVER purchase a car from Rogers Auto Group!  I advise you all not just to read my review, but to consider the other reviews posted here.

Ami M. | 2015-02-07

The worst customer service in the Service Department.   Staff are clueless and full of excuses.  I made an appointment for an oil change only to arrive on time, wait outside for 30 min and then told that it would be at least another hour before they anticipated being able to service my vehicle. Was told they don't take appointments for oil changes any longer even though I was able to make one this week.  If your time is valuable, find another service provider for your car.

Johnny W. | 2015-02-07

Very frustrating experience. I made an appointment with service department, waited in line for 40 min only to have my appointment canceled because they didn't want to keep my car overnight to diagnose leaky sunroof on my 2012 Yukon Denali. I was told that the schedulers have not been trained to know when and how to schedule various service requests.....unacceptable.

Lindsey A. | 2015-01-30

This will be my last and final review of Rogers Auto Group - because I'm never going back.

After the last clustereff that was me waiting 2+ hours for my car that wasn't going to be serviced because of internet connections between GM and Rogers (and no one communicating that to me), I rescheduled my appointment for 8 a.m. yesterday.

I arrived at 7:55 a.m. to drop my car off and waited about 15 minutes before Sean (the only good thing Rogers has going for it, honestly, is this guy) saw me. Where is everyone else? What is everyone else doing when there's a line - literally - out the door for appointments (see photos)? Why is there ONE GUY working his butt off and no one else to be found?

Sean squared me away with my 15,000-mile service, two recalls and a burned-out taillight.  I wanted to take the shuttle service they have but I wasn't asked if I wanted that, didn't feel like waiting any longer at this place, so I took the bus to work instead.

2:35 p.m. rolled around and I still hadn't heard from Rogers.... so I called and left a message for Sean asking for the status of my car's servicing. He said it was up on the risers then and it would be done shortly. Sadly, I never got a call back saying it was done, but I went at 4:30 p.m. anyway, because by then, it HAD to be done.

Normally, when you're serviced at Rogers, you get a car wash after your servicing. Not this time (see pics.) I spent $137+ there and the one 'freebie' they typically throw in, wasn't thrown in.

Despite my 15,000 mile checkup including tire rotation and tire PSI levels supposedly being checked, my tires were all under-inflated (in the same state I took them into the service shop - resting at 30-34 PSI when they should be around 40-44 PSI.) So, I took my own car to the car wash and got that done and added air to my own tires last night.

But what really got me is the survey they stapled to my receipt. Pictures below. It's already filled out - highlighted, even - with all the highest rankings possible. WTF? Even more mind boggling is that where it says my user ID and Password should be, there are just XXXXXs. So, it's pointless because even if I did send this in, they wouldn't be able to track it to me, my car or my service technician. What's the point? What kind of sham-ass operation is this?

So. Again. Avoid this place - especially the service department. I tried to come only to the service department of my dealership so when I get rid of the car, I'd have the "best" service record available. But the waiting, the half-performed service, the lack of communication and then this bogus survey are enough for me to avoid Rogers like the Plague. I will also be touching base with this survey company to inform them of Rogers' faux responses already filled in.

I will never buy or lease a car from here again let alone bring my car in to be serviced here. All that said - Sean deserves props for being fast, courteous, and apparently the only member of the team that hustles. Kudos to him.

Tony E. | 2015-01-30

Unfortunately I own a Chevy and was stuck taking my car to this dealer for service. When you arrive, you basically sit in your car for about 10 minutes until someone acknowledges you. During this time, all of the employees sit at their service desks and ignore the customers while they make conversation with each other. Once they took my car, the first thing he says is that they are backed up and they'll have to keep it overnight. They ended up fixing my car and had it for overnight. I came back to pick up my car and waited about another 15-20 minutes until they had it ready (maybe they were washing it like the other cars I saw people picking up?) nope, it came back and was still dirty. No big deal, but what were they doing for 20 minutes?

and charging me a $100 deductible, which I didn't realize my policy covers and I should not have been charged. I've been calling and trying to get ahold of the service manager and leaving voicemails to no avail. They still send me their advertisements every few weeks in the mail, however they can't return a phone call or talk to me.  Absolutely horrible

Patrick O. | 2015-01-29

My girlfriend also got the incredibly creepy letter from "J" asking her to "check this out" (this being a newspaper clipping with car ads, credit advice, stock investment stuff, etc). I called Rogers Auto Group and they said "this is not from us, but from our ad agency"... What kind of ad agency are they employing? Is there a market out there for women looking to buy a car from a business with a sort of stalky vibe? Good luck selling cars with this "marketing strategy".

Amanda Z. | 2015-01-29

These 5 star reviews are a joke. I'm annoyed that I have to give this place 1 star - it deserves zero.

Like many other reviews, we also received snail mail today with a hand written post-it note signed by "J". I'm glad I came to the internet to search for what this was/meant. No one wants to receive a random letter with no return address with a  newspaper clipping and  a hand written post-it note. Creepy and wrong. Shame on your marketing department for this poor and distasteful attempt.

Thomas A. | 2015-01-29

My fiancee received an "advertisement" from Rogers Auto Group today by mail. It was an envelope with no return address, a newspaper clipping and a handwritten note reading "Fiancee, Check this out! -J". It seemed really strange and criptic. It understandably made her sit uneasy. With the help of Google and a review on here, we figured out it was the brilliant minds at Rogers Auto Group. Being strange and criptic is a marketing technique, it is just creepy.This is not a good marketing technique. This is a BAD marketing technique. STOP THIS.

JP D. | 2015-01-29

Looks like these folks haven't learned from their previous mistakes. Received the same creepy letter. I would not recommend anyone to this place, if they possessed the last remaining cars on this planet.

Leger M. | 2015-01-23

These people are out of their minds! Their funny idea of an advertisement is to send me, by mail, a newspaper clipping with their advertisement. A post-it note is handwritten, directed to my husband, saying "check this out, J". As if from someone who knows! No return address, no mail, nothing. CRREEEPPPYYY!!! I seriously though someone wanted to kill me or stalk me. This should be illegal.

Tiffany F. | 2015-01-07

#RogersAuto service department is the worst I been trying to get them to check out this sensor problem for the last two months now that it's cold it got worse. He keep telling me he have to hold my car for two weeks before he can diagnosis the problem and give me a loaner car. A car I only had 5 months smh. I came right to #MikeHaggerty and they take me with no problem. Service is everything to me now on my way to give them a bad review.......

Andre W. | 2015-01-05

Bought my current car from here 8 years ago as I used to live around the corner from the joint. I recall the staff here being really cool and entertaining.

I recently got a letter in the mail saying that GM had a recall on my vehicle and to schedule some time to get it straightened out. I figured I would go to where it all started. They took care of the situation in a quick manner and I was on my way. I had a chance to chat with some of the guys here and even though some of the personnel has changed it is still a cool environment that sells really nice cars.

If I am in the market for a car again, I would check in with them.

Jared K. | 2014-11-28

My girlfriend received some snail mail today.  No return address.  A newspaper clipping was inside(like a real one with investment stuff on the back) with the full page ad for the Rogers black friday ad.  Attached was a small yellow post it note that said in handwriting "(her name), you should check this out.  -J".
Literally.  That. is. it.  
A lot of things go through your mind when you receive an anonymous letter in the mail with handwriting and a clipped newspaper.  Buying a car is not one of them.  Our thoughts in random order
1)who the hell would do this
2)none of our friends are creepy enough to do this
3)what is going on here?
4)is somebody stalking my girlfriend.  Also, why?
5)do we have to be extra careful walking around our neighborhood now?
6)man, we are going to have to move now because somebody is creeping super hard.
7)let me google this
came across something online that places do this as an advertisement.

Gave Rogers Auto Group a call this morning, and asked about it.  Sure enough, the lady said laughing, it is not a stalker who wants to wear our flesh.  It is Rogers Auto Group and from their Ad division.  
SERIOUSLY WTF.  I'm aware that car salesman can be annoying and dishonest.  I get that.  Whatever.  At the end of the day you are trying to sell the car and make money.

Go P. | 2014-11-25

These people are creeps. And I hope no one buys another car from here. Someone sent a letter to my home address. The letter had no return address. Inside the letter there is a newspaper clipping of this Rodger's Auto Group. There is a post it note attached. On the post it note it said, "Hey, [my real name]Check this out. J.'

I freaked out, I really thought this was a secret letter from a relative suggesting I buy a new car.  I even contacted them.

This is a new low. Hopefully this scheme backfires. I hope no one supports such a place that uses such a lowlife marketing ploy.  There are PLENTY of other dealerships out there.

Marla M. | 2014-10-17

I received OUTSTANDING customer service here today.  Joe Ercus  was extremely helpful and friendly despite how busy they were.  I have been to this dealership before and have no complaints, but I do suggest making a reservation if you can and ask for Joe:)

Veronica M. | 2014-10-16

Took my Honda in for new break lights before work, I spoke with Jamie and he got right ontop of it and replaced them so swiftly. I was literally in and out. Thanks Jamie for being so awesome and speedy.  Such a great guy and great service....

Russ P. | 2014-10-06

I would give 0 stars if I could.  My experience resulted in an unsafe vehicle that stranded me and my three year old daughter less than 24 hours after picking up our vehicle from the service department. I blame Derrick the service writer and the Service Manager that allows this department to be run so poorly. They either do not care or they are incompetent

Our vehicle broke down and I had Chevrolet roadside tow it here on a Friday night. After multiple calls on Saturday, I was told that Derrick would be handling. This was not good news as previous encounters with him have never resulted in positive results. This was after many phone calls just trying to get through their switchboard.  Derrick told me that they would look at it on Monday and he would call me back.  I explained what the issue was and that it was most likely the fuel pump on the fuel float.  

We did not get a call back on Monday and we attempted to call many times on Monday and Tuesday. So many of the calls could not get past Roger's switchboard. Many messages were left for Derrick.  Finally my wife left a nasty message for the Service Manager Tuesday evening.

That nasty call, resulted in Derrick finally calling us back on Wednesday. He said nothing was wrong with the car and they completed some recall work. He said the tech brought it in and could find nothing wrong with it.

I picked up the car that night and drove it on Thursday. Thursday night while with my three year old daughter the car, it did exactly the same exact thing. No start due to no fuel getting to the engine.   It left me and her in a very bad situation late at night.

I towed it to another dealer in Chicago. I explained what I thought it was and they had a tech actual look into the issue. It had no pressure in the fuel line, because the fuel pump was bad. They repaired it in 12 hours with no problems for the same exact issue Rodgers could not be bothered with.  

What's even more ridicules is that I was called on Friday by one of their Customer Service Reps who asked "how was your experience with your recall work" I explained that the car was there for other repairs that were not completed and the work was now being completed at another Chevrolet dealer, after breaking down again.  He acted concern and confirmed he has no notes on the fuel issues.

With some many other dealers in the area, avoid this place.

Dez H. | 2014-09-12

I am writing this review on behalf of my husband Lu who agrees and would like to share the wonderful experience we have had purchasing our last three (yep, three) cars from Roger's Auto Group. We have worked with the salesman Paul McCollam (sp? Forgive the's late and I am drunk off of new car vapors) Anyway this is what you need to know, Paul will work with you so you make the best purchase you can without breaking your budget. He does his research to make sure you can get the best deal out there. He is pretty straightforward, professional, and quick. I guarantee you will walk off the lot with a car. You won't regret checking out Rogers Auto Group and working with Paul...!

Kizzy K. | 2014-07-29

Update...Very excited that they found a serious issue that was messing with my car. The knowledge of the service department helped me even further by giving me suggestions on how to take better care of certain areas in my car I didn't think I had control over.

This is awesome. My car is finally about to be back in one awesome piece and I can comfortably drive it again!

Vina O. | 2014-05-16

Bought our brand new Hyundai Santa Fe from Ben English.  He's very patient, informative, kind, and didn't pressure us at all.  We did a test drive about 2 months before actually purchasing, and he still remembered us!  We felt comfortable with Ben, we knew he wasn't trying to rip us off and was very supportive in our long decision-making process (we spent over an hour going back and forth outside the dealership deciding whether we wanted to buy).

In the end, we bargained our way through an absolutely amazing deal with our new car and haven't looked back since!  We've had the SUV for over a year now and couldn't be happier with our purchase.  Absolutely NO problems and great mileage!  They also give a complimentary oil change and car wash if you buy your vehicle from here.  Thank you again, Ben English!  This is definitely the best vehicle we've bought for the best price possible.

Brandi B. | 2014-05-12

If i could post without a star i would put negative 5 stars! I signed up to yelp just to write this review! Roger's Auto group has some serious issues when it comes to satisfying a customer. Their sales manager has sent me a post card saying someone was interested in my vehicle a few months back and recently I thought about trading in my vehicle for something new. I talked to a customer service rep named Gisele who told me over the phone (after I gave her my information about my car and credit) I was assured I would be financed. I even repeated all information to her because I told her that I did not want to come down there to waste my time and that's exactly what I did! Their sleazy salesman Rafael was not interested in creating a rapport with me but only to make a sale. He was rude to me and inconsiderate towards me and then dismissed me as if I were nothing! I would never go to buy a car from Rogers again!

William G. | 2014-04-06

Wife and I just bought a brand new GMC-Acadia 2014, and totally love it.  We want to thank Kevin Benavides for being very helpful and going out of his way to get us our car, as far as Indiana in the middle of the day.

We are definitely recommending this place to our friends and family.
Thanks Kevin.

Justin B. | 2014-04-03

My wife and I came to Rogers to test drive the Chevy Cruze Eco, we ended up ordering it. The dealer found our car at another dealership and had it ready for us in two days. Kevin B, Ivan F and Allan all took great care of us!! Amazing customer service, great buying experience!!! We will be back for sure.

Christina M. | 2014-03-17

I took my car in,  it's an older car,   worked with Jamie in service,  his professionalism and knowledge is above and beyond.  He was able to walk me through the steps and get my car back to me at the time he quoted.  I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE,  kudos to Jamie for being such a gentleman.  

Andy P. | 2014-03-03

My wife and I went to Roger's to look at pre-owned cars because every dealership we went to couldn't make the pricing on a lease work for our budget.

Danny Nino helped us and was nothing short of amazing. He listened to what we wanted and let us make the decisions. After testing a few pre-owned cars Danny suggested leasing (which is what we wanted to do in the first place) He was able to give us an offer we couldn't refuse and left with one of the showroom cars and setup with payments that fell right into what our budget was.

The whole experience was great, I highly recommend asking for Danny when you come in.

Dan K. | 2014-02-22

Nobody should have to wait 86 minutes just to pick up a car, especially when the mechanic called and said "come on in your car is ready".  Yes they were busy, but we weren't waiting on an oil change or something simple...our car was there for 6 days getting repaired, which was expected.  But to make a trip down to pick up the car because we were told to and then have to wait that long just for someone to hand over the keys...unreal.  Time to take my 6 years of business to Rogers elsewhere...and my new car purchase.  Absolutely brutal.

Lavena B. | 2014-02-18

I actually went to this place twice, first time I had a car to trade the appraised it for less than what it was worth so I needed a larger payment, ok understand so came back after the internet sales job did her job, and I came back but knowing my credit situation I knew I wasn't going to get anything, and the sales lady came back and said that she couldn't get the loan, ok but then she started looking at my credit report like as if I didn't tell you I have bad credit to tell me I should file bankruptcy, wow!!! To a dealership that pride themselves in bad credit loans couldn't do a bad credit loan. and I asked to let me know what I qualified for before I came in not to waist anyone's time...

Shaniquia A. | 2014-01-18

WORST EXPERIENCE OF ALL TIME. I go into the dealership already knowing I don't have much credit history being that I'm only 22...but this was just an all around bad experience. After being told I was approved for a 2009 Elentra..I drove off the lot. Only to be told a week later that I either needed a cosigner or bring the car back. After having explained that I had NO cosigner. Took the car back Tuesday, only for them to tell me that they did have a financer for the car. I told them they could keep it. How does one get approved then denied? Still confused...but whatever. STAY AWAY FROM A SALESMAN NAMED PAUL. He sucks in every way shape and form. He is pushy, doesn't ask enough questions to figure out what you want and most importantly..He did not feel it was important to follow up with me after something happened with the original financer and they ran my credit 10 MORE TIMES AFTER i WAS TOLD I WAS ALREADY APPROVED. Then it was ran twice by 2 of the possible finance companies. Worst experience ever. Now I have to figure out HOW to get 17 HARD INQUIRES off my credit history. Avoid this place at all costs

Disa C. | 2014-01-04

Rogers Auto group is by far the best dealership in Illinois.  I bought two cars from them and my father has bought many cars over the years from them also. Go too Danny Nino in Sales! For service I ONLY go too JAMIE he is the best! He always knows whats wrong with my car before I have too wait for the mechanics. They are family owned and treat you like family! If I could give th we m 10 Stars I would!!!

Melina G. | 2013-12-30

This review is for the Service/Repairs department overall but especially for my service coordinator Sean who is outstanding and is the reason my family will keep on returning to Rogers for repairs/service!

Hands down the best service time after time, for taking the time to listen, and build a relationship with his customers. I feel like family whenever I need to take any of our vehicles to Rogers for repairs/service. Do yourself a favor and avoid wasting your time and or money when going elsewhere and just head straight to Rogers!

anna v. | 2013-11-14

Review is for service department
1. Extremely long wait. Twice have I gone in for an oil change and waited 2+ hours. Went weekday mornings both times.
2. No updates on car when it was being serviced for a warranty repair.
3. Horrible costumer service when leaving a message. Never got a call back
4. Could not find my car in the system for over an hour!
5. Was told nothing was wrong with car. When I picked up car it still had the same noise. Had manager drive my car and he agreed something was wrong!

The icing on the cake is when they ask you to still give them a perfect score on the survey that is emailed out. The audacity!

Like I told the manager, I don't want free service for my inconvenience I want GOOD service. Don't worry... The survey is coming...

Samantha S. | 2013-11-09

Sean in service is the best!  Because of him ill always come to you!
His customer service skills are awesome!   Made mt visit on day off easy simple and quick!  I'm in automotive industry and I would recommend everyone to see him!  Thanks again

Victor V. | 2013-10-22

Great place in the city to purchase your new or used car.  Friendly and courteous staff.   Service department is the best part they take appointments so you can be in and out in no time for oil changes.

Had my truck for a year now and in the past I always went out to the suburbs to purchase my new vehicles but I'm glad to say that I've found a place in the city now.   I had the pleasure of dealing with Wally for my purchase and would recommend him to friends and family.

John J. | 2013-10-21

For the past 5 years, my family has gone here and here only to get our cars. Both the sales and service team are top notch and we have literally never had a problem with the dealership this whole time. The team here always makes sure you feel welcome and are attentive to your needs and are not pushy when browsing. They also help you decide what kind of car is right for you and what your best payments options are which is rare for the Chicagoland area.

When you're there, just ask for Wally!

Monique M. | 2013-09-15

Yay for decent establishments in my neighborhood! Go Bronzeville! I like this dealership. Quick, positive and attentive service, with nice people.

Sometimes, I get coupons in the mail for oil changes etc. Which is just what I need. I haven't had any "extensive" work done as dealerships can get pretty pricey. Although, this shop has been quite meticulous in checking my car for everything.

I've worked with several service reps, and all have done a great job. I always come back for my quarterly check up/oil change!

Barbara W. | 2013-08-19

After receiving my email guy bugged the shhh out of me for my business. Salesman was friendly. Lied a lot as salesman do. Gotta expect that. I purchased car. When I came back to receive finishing services on car the overseer (the salesman's boss) was totally rude to me for no reason at all. Although, I'm the customer I remained professional. I used please & thank you constantly. He continued to be complete jerk. Ignored me twice when I was waiting to be taken care of. He had a completely horrible attitude. I feel like I was harrassed to spend my money then after I did manager treated me like total shhh. I totally regret doing business with Rogers Auto.

Aly N. | 2013-07-01

My boyfriend and I went to a few dealerships looking for a certified pre-owned car to buy. We absolutely had the best experience at Rogers and ended up returning to buy there. Our salesman was John Schultz. He didn't put pressure on us or make us feel guilty for saying no. He was extremely helpful and even answered questions over the phone for me when I called from another dealership. He's laid back, and I felt that he was honest, gave thorough explanations, and gave good advice (insert car salesman joke here). The facility itself is clean and everyone was friendly. We had previously used their service department for our last vehicle, and we were pleased with them as well. They have great customer service.

Dana T. | 2013-06-13

This review is specifically for the auto repair facility. Looking at the mixed reviews here, I guess it's a little misleading and unfair to have them lumped together with the car sales staff - I see that everyone posting about repairs had the same great experience that I did.

I was racing to speak at a conference at McCormick Convention Center, and my "tire pressure low" light came on - for the second time in two days, after I aired it up, so I knew I was in trouble and had a leak. And it was raining, ugh. A search on my YP app pointed to Rogers as being the closest repair facility, so I drove over. My heart sunk when I saw that a) it was a dealer (read: expensive!) and b) it's a Chevy/GMC (I drive a Ford). But I didn't have time to mess around so I just drove right into the service bay. They looked very busy, and I thought, "oh boy I'll never get out of here on time."

Literally 5 minutes later I was walking out the front door with a free cab voucher to get to my speech and a promise that they'd text me an update when they got the diagnosis. Keith was so sensitive to my time urgency and did everything to rush me through, and was very clear at communicating the process, texted me a full update as promised. Didn't even give me crap for bringing a Ford into a Chevy place! :-)

They got it fixed fast (it was a nail in the tire), and were open till 7 which allowed me to finish out my conference and not have to race back. And everyone else I dealt with during payment/pickup was great too. Best part? The repair was only $21 which is what I would pay at a local repair shop, so there was no "dealer gouging". I seriously have never had a better experience with an auto repair facility, and I kinda wish I had a Chevy now so I could go back. Thanks, guys - you saved my butt!

Francisco M. | 2013-03-30

Paul McCullum & team were great and not just with the tangibles of selling me a car, but helping with my budget and treating a potential future customer with respect and white glove care!

Stacy Y. | 2013-02-02

Usually the only fun part of buying a new car is driving off the lot and enjoying that new car smell...

However, Rogers Auto Group and their staff made my entire purchase experience enjoyable. No, really. They did!!

I called them on a Friday night and spoke to Tony. He was patient, informative and took the time to answer ALL of my questions. He didn't pressure me just to get me in the door, from our first conversation I felt like he genuinely wanted to help me. I made an appointment to come by the next day (Saturday).
Side Note: I work in the service business and Tony's over-the-phone customer service was top notch!! Leaps and bounds ahead of the other dealerships I spoke to.

Trying to be the best /smartest consumer I can, I made appointments at 3 dealerships. I knew the exact vehicle I wanted (new Hyundai Accent), I did my online research: I knew what I wanted to pay, I had an idea of what I wanted for my trade-in and I had high expectations of a good finance rate.

Rogers was my second appointment of the day. I had a VERY frustrating morning appointment at another dealership. This other dealership tried to hose me, man. Total bait and switch. I was ready to have an equally disappointing experience at Rogers Auto Group. Now, I don't want to spoil the rest of this review, BUT I will tell you... I never made it to my third appointment :)

When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely receptionist (can't remember her name), she was a doll. Tony, who was equally warm and friendly in person as over the phone, came over to greet me and introduce me to my salesperson, Isaac.

Since I was very frustrated from my first appointment, I was ready to get down to BIZNASS immediately upon arrival. Isaac let me know that they would prepare a vehicle for a test drive. In my frustrated condition I declined the test drive (already test drove earlier in the day) and let him know I wanted to talk numbers. He happily obliged my tough cookie attitude and we immediately sat down to talk numbers. Bless Isaac's heart, I was in no mood to mess around and less than friendly. I was definitely on the offensive. He did not beat around the bush! I told him what the other dealership offered me and what I wanted from him. After a brief conversation he had finance work on some numbers for me. After a short wait he presented me with a form breakdown of EVERYTHING:
New vehicle price
Trade in offer (that was very fair and in the realm of what I wanted)

While comparing numbers Isaac explained how low the mark-up is on a new vehicle and even pointed out how the other dealership was trying to take me for a ride (LOL, you know my pun made you giggle). He was not defamatory against the other dealership and their crap offer in any way, but very straight forward. He explained what they were trying to do and explained how Rogers Auto Group works - they operate similarly to Carmax when it comes to new vehicles. Minimal/no haggling and straight forward pricing/financing.

At this point, Isaac really won me over and I felt I was able to trust him. Yep, trust a car salesman... that's no pun, my friends. For realsies. I was able to drop my on-the-offense attitude and it was time to start thinking of a name for my new whip. Isaac made my car buying process painless and actually enjoyable. If car sales was like a game of volleyball: It's like Tony set the ball (of customer service and honestly) and Isaac spiked it right in my face... I mean that in the best way, seriously :)

Now it was time to wait for my new ride to be prepared and head on over to the finance office to meet with Allan. Allan was a riot! He's not only got jokes, but fantastic fashion sense (love that fuchsia shirt, Al!). Just like Isaac he was straight forward, didn't try to sell me extended warranties I didn't need (um, HELLO! Hyundai has the best warranty in America. Duh!) and gave me a great price on GAP Insurance.
Side Note: As a gal that was in an accident less than a week after buying my last car, you betta believe I was buying that gap insurance!!
Normally that visit to the finance office when buying a new car leaves a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. All the numbers given to me earlier in the day by Isaac were exactly the same when it was time to sign my paperwork with Allan. There was not a tinge of buyer's remorse or worry when I signed my life away. In fact, for the first time in my life, it felt good to sign those papers. Allan was very informative and helpful.

Tony, Isaac & Allan (and sweet receptionist gal): Thank you for an exemplary, painless, enjoyable car buying experience.

If you want a customer service oriented, value driven car buying experience (and not some bait & switch BS)  - head over to Rogers Auto Group STAT! And tell them I sent you so I can ask them for some free oil changes later ;)

Adam R. | 2012-12-16

I scheduled my appt through the internet sales.  When I arrived I realized there had been no communication between the internet sales person and the floor sales staff.   No one was expecting me... adding some unnecessary wait time.  

The quote I received through the internet described the wrong trim/ model (SLT2 vs SLT).  I am willing to believe this was an honest mistake.  

If you do use Rogers, I suggest you contact them directly.  I received emails from 4 different people at Rogers before coming into the showroom and dealing with 2 more.

*update - I spoke with someone since posting my review.  I feel they take feedback seriously and are trying to improve the car buying experience.

Gary T. | 2012-11-13

Johnny was very helpful in getting us into a car that we love! We drove it off the lot within hours of applying! Thank you guys for helping our relocation to Chicago an easier one. My family loves the car!

Susan C. | 2012-09-02

Charles and Rogers Auto Group know how to handle business!! Getting me in any car is no easy feat... getting me in a Buick??? Miracle workers. Highly recommended!

Sarah P. | 2012-08-31

I drove myself 1hr. 15min to get out there to see jackie. I walked in, asked for her....and continued to wait. The receptionist called Jackie to let her I was there, and It sounded like She tried to pass me off to someone else. Was to I'd be meeting with Charles...ok, so tell me why set an appointment if I had to WAIT to see the salesman, Charles? Isn't that the point of setting up an appointment?I have been in the customer service and sales insiders for years, and I can honestly say this is the first experience I've ever had where I told management I will NEVER return to their facility. I waited to Charles to see me for a good twenty minutes, and he greeted me with a meager loose handshake and a complaint basically saying he was going to go eat if it weren't for me being there. "I'll be alright though." um, YEAH you will be! I don't care if you didn't get the chance to eat, how is that my problem? Then he actually asked me if I had a red bull when he heard metal clinking in my bad. Charles, shouldn't YOU be the one getting me something to drink if i was there to consider purchasing a vehicle from you? Hmm...So we go through the process of the application, and I told him what vehicle I'd love, and what was important in getting a new vehicle for me. He takes my paperwork, and disappears for a good 10mins. Comes back-my credit is ok, but claims due to lack of history I'd need a consigner. now, I know this is normal BUT according to their website they're able to help everyone. WRONG. I drove that far to be told what I could been told  down at the dealer down the street ? That was irritating and disappointing. I feel as if their advertising about getting everyone in a car is FALSE!
So after that disappointment, I decided I did not come there for nothing and asked Charles to grab me a brochure on the vehicle of my interest, the Chevy Spark. Knowing the interest I have in the vehicle before meeting me, don't you think he'd have things like that available for me? NOPE, he has to go look for it. After about 15 minutes of sitting and waiting for this brochure, I can feel me aggravation deepening. the pissed off look on my face caught the attention of a manager, who called Charles back to me. I understand if you're busy looking for them, but at least chk in with me and let me know you're looking, right?
So I continue to sit with Charles and go over my financing options, at which he was not very helpful. Nearing the end of my rope, I ask Charles to grab me some brochures of compact, fuel economic vehicles. What does he bring back? Brochures for a Buick, Expidition, etc.... I told Charles he hadn't listened to what I was looking for and gave most of the back, and got ready to go. I asked Charles if the man the did the appraisals was still available, and he told me no, he was gone for the day. At this point, flustered and irritated at the terrible customer service, I begin to walk out when I notice another employee and ask him if the guy that does the appraisals was still around. He said he'd look into it, and get back with me. So again, I waited....and waited.... For at least another 10 mins. Finally I walk to the center desk in the showroom and ask the guy if he was able to find the appraisal man or not. This guy points to a man about three feet away and told me that's who I was looking for. Ok, so then what was the point of making me wait when he was literally in front of your face, hmmm mr. Creepy salesman?
I was then asked by the salesman the year, vehicle make and model and mileage, which was shouted over the counter to the appraisal guy and asked if he'd be interested in taking a look at it. Appraisal guys response? "we don't really buy that car over here, how many miles did you say it has?" I repeated me mileage to which he was hesitant, so I told him there been a lot of maintenance done to the vehicle. His smartass response?:"well YEAH With 150,000 miles on it! I told hi, he didn't understand, that my guy is a mechanic and I'm a service manager at an auto shop, it really HAS been well maintained. To this, the jerk didn't even turn around his chair to face me. 'manager standing nearby could see how upset I was and basically begged the guy to appraise my car, which I still got the feeling he didn't want to do. This bad customer service all around made me say for the first time ever that I WILL NEVER BE BACK!!! Was treated so rudely it took me an hour to calm down and now all my advice to everyone is to NEVER GO HERE!!!!
Jackie will reel you in when she calls you, assuring you'd have an appointment and an appraisal, both of which never happened.F THIS PLACE!!!!' NEVER AGAIN!!!

Anders P. | 2012-07-18

Wasted a good hour and a half of our time - we called on a Tacoma that we had seen advertised online, were told by a "Kevin" in the phone department to come on in and look at it - even to bring proof of income and bills with addresses if we decided to buy today - so drove 45 minutes to get there (sat in traffic, etc), only to be sat down and told to wait for this mysterious Kevin, who never appeared. A couple other salesman-y types approached and said Kevin was on his way, but nobody ever came - we sat there waiting and waiting. Finally we just got up to go to the lot and look at the truck ourselves. Walked down the street to the lot - no truck in sight. The salesman who originally sat us down came out to the lot to tell us that the truck was not on the lot because it had been sent to auction. He did offer that he had the spare key, though, which I thought was brilliant. So we left.

Seems like some other people have had okay luck with this operation, but I won't go back and I don't recommend it. Lying to people to get them in the door and wasting their valuable time as a result? A pretty sleazy tactic and one I dont care to take the chance of enduring again.

Ashley S. | 2012-07-07

DO NOT GO HERE!!! I have bought several cars from Rogers and each experience has been mediocre. I decided to go here yet again because it was convenient but it took me 2 weeks to convince myself. I went in and had the worst experience. They lie to you about what is really happening with the deal. They don't truly care about good customer service and it is a shame. I left here with a terrible taste in my mouth and told them I was never coming back. Again, do not go to Rogers!!!

I went to Phillips Chevrolet and had the best experience. My salesperson, Bob Pearson, got me in an even better car than I originally went in here asking for. It was a little bit of a trek (Frankfort, IL), but it was well worth it. I had some challenges with my situation but they made it work our for me. I love Phillips and am a happy customer that will definitely be returning.

Carole C. | 2012-04-04

Buying a car is a freaking pain in the butt!  I have to admit that this place was smooth, efficient, and professional.  Only problem is the inevitable waiting and waiting and waiting.  The inevitable salesperson who really doesn't know much & get marching orders from higher ups.  But as I mentioned there was dogged determination to get my business and everyone made an effort to be pleasant.  I stood my ground and ended up with something close to my expectations.  I'd recommend them for a GM car, and will be reviewing their service at some point in the be continued...

Jon W. | 2011-12-24

The service department is honest and trusthworthy.

Dona N. | 2011-11-23

For the service department: If I have to call 7 times, get hung up on, only get my call returned via voicemail (i.e., you don't have the balls to actually call my phone), OnStar can't get a hold of you, and for four hours, our car was no where to be found, you need some basic training. I feel sorry for the people who answer the phones there - no wonder it's an automated system, if your service crew is a bunch of morons.

Denise R. | 2011-11-13

You know that dirty feeling you have when leaving a dealership sometimes? That feeling like you need to go shower because you just dealt with the grimiest people on earth? Well, I did NOT have that feeling when I left Rogers.

I came here with a pretty good idea of what I was looking for. I had already looked online and had been in contact with Amanda from internet sales. I was immediately greeted by Paul when I arrived. After telling him what I wanted he presented the options and I found something I felt was perfect.

So the negotiations began and yes they took forever in between all of the back and forth. If you are looking for a quick transaction. Go elsewhere. Note, I did come on a Friday night, perhaps a busier night.  

I understand the car selling numbers game. I don't expect the car salesman to just give me a great deal and make no money, but I will sit there until I get what I want.

Over four hours later, we finally agreed and I was waiting for finance. I've always hated the finance part because you have to be really careful to not be duped. Can I just say that the finance guy (wish I could remember his name) was the most amazing part of this entire transaction. He was extremely fast and hilarious. I was so entertained and he made me leave that place in such a good mood.

Overall, I had a good experience here and I would come back for my next car purchase.

Tammy R. | 2011-11-05

Not very happy with the service dept. I brought my car in last week because of an engine light. Turns out part of the problem stemmed from work they did on my car a couple of months before.  Now I'm back in the service dept because the light came on again. I have been waiting now for two hours to simply find out what's wrong and no one has come out with an update. I ask the service dept the status and they act like they can't be bothered. Service is definitely not their forte.

Gigi G. | 2011-11-01

Wow, sooo many bad reviews.... I'm surprised.... My bf and I bought a car here recently. My bf got a quote online, and scheduled a test drive last Saturday.

We wanted to test drive a 2008 Mercedes Benz... I don't know if it's because my bf had a decent credit score, or he only haggled $1000 discount from dealership price, or that we had money for down payment.... but were in and out in less than 2 hours..., Wally was our sales rep... Not much of a talker, but dealt with us with no BS....

We bought a black 2008 Mercedes Benz e350... We were happy as well, that they changed the battery and fixed the moonroof issue while we were there....

For us, we got great service.... We are planning on getting a range rover shortly, so we might go to them as well....

Great but not exceptional service, I should say... We were not offered drinks at all, till I asked if they have coffee... Im I'm sales, so if I was in Wally's shoes, I would have offered something to drink, after shaking hands....

Also, since my dad bought his Mercedes Benz from a Benz dealership, they actually fill up the tank, and free car wash... Even everyday if he wanted to... But Wally only offered $20 for gas... C'mon now... We ain't getting a Ford or Hyundai.... Shiiieeet.... His commission I'm sure was huge... But a mere $20 is whack.....

He was dealing with my bf who doesn't really haggle at all... So he got away with it... Not me..... I wouldn't have signed the dotted line without seeing that gas tank full, amongst other things I would have complained about, lol

Dan G. | 2011-10-31

Do not bring your car here under any circumstance!  Do not trust their service department to tell you what is wrong with your car!
The service team was rude, condescending, and "out to lunch" any time I called for a status update about my car. Derrick apparently was at lunch from 12:45-3:15 and then again from 4:30 until he left at 5:00.
My car was towed in for a simple battery replacement because the terminals had gotten corroded. $280 later, I was told that I also needed a new alternator, which would cost another $550.
Instead of having Rogers make the repair, I drive my car the short distance to my mechanic (desperately hoping the car wouldn't die again on the way) only to find out that my alternator was fine. The service team at Rogers blew a few of my fuses when they changed my battery and for $10 worth of new fuses, my car was absolutely fine. If I had let Rogers replace my alternator I would have been needlessly out another $550 to fix something that wasn't broken.  Now they won't stop calling me about having them do some recall work - as if I would EVER give them any more business?!?
You have been warned...

Mark L. | 2011-10-22

Terrific day to buy a car matched with terrific auto group and salesman, Daniel Nino = driving it off the lot!  I only went to check out the new Hyundai Veloster but Rogers had me at hello!  LOL

Excellent service and no pressure to buy! Just down to earth professional sales from an experienced (16 years) salesman.  I know I the car I was looking for and at a good price.

Thanks Guys!

Eric P. | 2011-09-27

I recently visited Rogers Auto Group and I must say I was extremely please with the professional service provided to me by Victor and his team.  In addition, the modern facility really helped enhance my car buying experience!!!  Thank you to Victor for the great service.

Susie C. | 2011-07-08

I would like to thank Anthony Parrilli and Rogers Auto Group for a wonderful car buying experience. We weren't sure what to expect at first but Anthony was very friendly and made our experience enjoyable.  He was very thorough and knowledgeable of the Hyundai vehicles. Before we drove off in our new car he made sure that we knew how to operate and utilize all the functions of the car.  At no other dealership have we experienced such dedication to customer satisfaction.  We could not have been happier with choosing Rogers Auto Group.  I highly recommend this dealership for sales and service.  Thank you Anthony and Rogers!

K S. | 2011-07-02

Beware! This review is for the sales department. Shorter version: They have poor customer service and are dishonest. We were misled multiple times and no one cared to communicate with us in a timely manner regarding not being able to find the car we wanted. If you are promised a new Hyundai Elantra here in 1-2 days, don't believe it!! We were jerked around and given different accounts from different staff there; they couldn't keep their information consistent!  My husband shook hands on a deal with Kevin Benavides and we still have no car (and apparently never will) from Rogers.  We will take our business elsewhere to a place which deserves our business - one which is run honestly and cares about its customers. If you can't count on someone's word and a handshake, what can you count on?!

Longer version:
We went for a test drive recently and were told by Kevin Benavides that it should be no problem getting us the Elantra we wanted within 1-2 days. We began comparing prices at other dealerships and found Rogers to have the lowest price on the car. We returned and spent about 90 minutes there discussing pricing but still were weighing other options. We then received a voicemail from Kevin (still have it saved) a few days later stating he tracked down 4 cars like the one we wanted. So, about 2 days later, my husband went to Rogers and talked in person again with Kevin. They shook hands regarding a final price, my husband put down a deposit, and Kevin stated we'd have our car in 2-3 days.

Three days later, I was worried that I wouldn't be driving my new car home that day, as I had been planning, since we've heard nothing from Rogers at this point since the handshake. We had made plans to switch car insurance, info at our parking garage, and info for my workplace's parking lot based on having the new car that day. My husband then called Rogers that afternoon and gets Kevin's voicemail. My husband then called Kevin's cell phone; Kevin states it's his day off, so there's nothing he can really do about the car then, and my husband should call the manager at Rogers. Wow, you care so much to ensure we get our car that you don't update us before you take your day off that our car is not in? Glad you were able to have fun on your day off and not have a care in the world, unlike us. We would've been understanding if he kept us in the loop if there were delays in getting our car, or if he admitted he made a promise he couldn't keep, but ignoring/forgetting about us and not being truthful/realistic is unacceptable. My husband then called manager Derrick the day we were to get the car, and Derrick states it is "impossible" to get the car we want, and we can call to get our deposit back the next day. He didn't even try to offer any solutions to the problem, so it felt like Rogers just didn't care to keep our business.

My husband calls the next day, asks for Derrick, and is told it is his day off! I'm curious why we weren't offered to get the deposit back via the phone the night before.. They continued to jerk us around! My husband then calls and talks to Kevin and another manager, Brian. Brian asks us to wait 24 more hours, and though they can't promise anything, he would try to find us our car and may have found one in Kansas City. We're told they could "go over Derrick's head." Nice, they throw each other under the bus. We're told we would be called either way by 3pm the next day. We're told they are even having a "meeting" about our situation at the dealership. 3pm the next day rolls around, no phone call at all that day from Rogers. It was probably Brian's day off! Funny enough, Brian called the NEXT day (24 hours after the deadline he set) and reports Hyundai just doesn't frequently make the Elantra with our preferences (he just figured that out now, almost 2 weeks after our initial visit?!), but to compensate us, he would offer us the upgraded preferred package at "LITTLE to no extra cost," but it would still take a few more days for that car to come in. Note he didn't say "no extra cost." Do you smell a bait and switch here, too? He probably didn't know (since they don't seem to communicate well) that my husband already had gotten the deposit back that morning, and we would never consider trusting him or anyone there.

Tarrance S. | 2011-06-29

Wholly was very disrespectful because of a disagreement for the loan terms.We said he didn't think he should sale me a car like he owns the car.I walked out the dealership.

Todd W. | 2011-04-06

Zero Stars. Was lured their by a phone call after searching online for a vehicle. Was told that there were a couple of cars that I requested on their way to the dealership. Once I arrived I talked to 3 different people and the third finally told me that the cars really weren't there, nor on the way. Before I even selected anything, there were trying to tie me into purchasing from them by running a credit check. I then asked if they could find me a particular year and type of vehicle they said yes they could and quoted some ridiculous price. I did my research and found their pricing about $5,000 over any of the other 5 dealerships I visited. Shady business practices and I think these great 5 star ratings are also written by the person that lures people into this dealership. They all sound the same with different names.

Heather L. | 2011-04-06

I recently bought a Hyundai Tucson from Rogers Auto Group. I absolutely love it! The attention that I received from both Kevin and Jonathan was was very much appreciated. They worked as a team together, which was a nice experience, instead of feeling that they were competing for my business. I told them the specific Tuscon that I wanted and they got it for me in two days, when other dealers were telling me that this car wasn't out there anywhere in IL or neighboring states. I felt that Rogers was honest with me and I enjoyed working with them.

I dropped a star b/c of my experience getting into the finance office to complete the transaction. This wasn't related to Jonathan or Kevin. We needed to be at the airport to pick up a friend, and it took over an hour to get us into the finance office to sign a few papers. I'm not quite sure why, as two people were working there and the woman who worked with us was very quick. That was a small aggravation, because when you are ready to sign on the dotted line, you just want to do it, and we did have someplace else to be.

Overall, my experience with Rogers was a very good one. I would certainly recommend them to friends.

David F. | 2011-03-14

I wish I could give them ZERO stars.  I went to the dealership a few weeks ago.  The door was locked, but another customer was nice enough to let me in.  I walked around the showroom for over seven minutes.  Several "salespeople" were sitting in a glass walled office, watching me walk around, but no one came out to speak with me.  I finally got fed up and left.

Don't waste your time with this dealership.

Ali K. | 2010-09-02

After I left the dealer today, I told myself it is not fair if I don't write a review and tell everybody how terrible this dealership is. Not only they don't know anything about the customer service, they don't even know the cars they sell. A dirty-unfirendly enviroment, with bunch of salemen who can't distinguish a cart from a car.
The first day I went there the salesman showed me a Hyundai Accent and told me it is an Elentra!!
The second time I returned with a quote in my hand and they promise me to beat the quote, they said they can't and they called me rude and didn't even make any attempt to be polite!
Terrible, Terrible Dealer and I won't ever ever go there anymore.

Jason L. | 2010-09-02

Terrible Service.  Un knowledgeable management leads to far inferior service.  When i say service, i mean literally service, i didnt buy my car there.  I just brought it in to have it serviced under warranty as the check engine light came on.  I called gave them all my info make model year mileage etc, and i had it scheduled to drop off thursday and pick it up later.  I have a GM car, with an extended GM warranty.  When i brought it in, it was like a shop full of deer in headlights.  No one knew what they were doing.  The boss basically told me since they were not a "hummer dealer" they cant service hummers.  Even though its a GM car with their GM extended warranty.  They said no can do.  We dont service hummers.  We will have to send it to another dealer that has the "equipment" to check whats wrong with the car.  Funny thing is, after i left i called some other dealers and they all had the same response.  Under the hood is a chevy tahoe, a GMC Canyon.  they service those vehicles daily.  but since they didnt know, they just assumed no, and sent me the customer on my way.  I will be bringing my GM car to a "non hummer GM dealer" tomorrow who will be more than happy to work on it.

Not only would i obviously never go there for service, buy a car (even if they were giving them away), or even stop to get a drink out of the snack machine.  Incompetent workers lead to incompetent service.  Maybe they did me a favor by not working on my car as they dont care about their CUSTOMERS, customer service, or pride.  Hopefully i can change one mind out there and someone DOESNT go.  Dont waste your time, or worse money.  If i could give negative stars, i would.  But unfortunately i have to give one otherwise it wont post.  I have been loyal on yelp for years, and this is my first post ever.  It was that bad

Bri M. | 2010-07-20

Horrible Horrible Horrible Service technicians.
I bought a brand new 2010 LaCross, after 2 weeks the sunroof stopped working properly, I brought it back under warranty, and their technician looked at it, but they needed to call in an expert. They asked me to take the car back for a week until the expert got in, when I got the car the inside ceiling was covered with black greasy hand prints. They said they would clean that when they fixed the sunroof. The car went back to get the sunroof fixed, took 3 days, and when I got the car back the eliminated the greasy hand prints but instead broke the interior frame cover/panel, they ordered a new one and said to bring the car back in a week or so, about a day later we noticed they broke the visor also. When we went back to get the cowl cover added we informed them of the visor, they ordered a new one and when we got the car back more greasy black handprints on the cloth ceiling. We then discovered they also broke the set belt adjustments for the shoulder straps, I'm currently waiting to get the car back after they fix that and im sure break something else. Hopefully I can have more greasy handprints in the car.

john t. | 2010-05-17

Be careful of this place.   I worked out a deal and they attempted to change it all around once i was in the finance office. I am an educated banker, used to be in the business (which i told them) and I understand how to read a contract but yet they still tried to scam me.   I would not buy or lease another vehicle from them.

amber p. | 2010-03-02

I'm writing solely on behalf of the service department.  They are the BEST!  I had a few special requests regarding obtaining my past repair bills, and they got it to me super prompt with no hassle.  I tried to get the same records with Fletcher Jones Mercedes Service, and the experience with them was like pulling teeth! Completely night and day...Therefore, I can truly say that they do go above and beyond for their customers! Thanks Ray!

Patrick J. | 2010-02-20

This place is fine, the service is fine.  However, I have one complaint that I can't seem to get over.  And it happens every time I pull into the service garage.  A sign on the wall says "Please wait with your vehicle.  We will be with you as soon as possible."  No one on staff recognizes that I have pulled in and I am waiting for service.  Nobody.  A Half hour passes, 45 minutes passes, and my brain is about to melt.  I announce my presence to three or four workers, eventually pulling my car from the back to the front and to the left and to the right (per the porter's instructions).  Then I wait about ten more minutes before someone helps me (I am usually there for a simple oil change).  This happens every time.  After I get checked-in, I wait 15 minutes for my oil change and speed off.  I wish they would recognize this failure and address it.  For this reason, I am giving Roger's Auto Group 2 stars.

Karen R. | 2010-01-09

I am currently looking for a used car and recently visited Rogers Auto Group on S. Michigan. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly.  As soon as you walk in the door someone is there to greet you and get you started. I have only visited on Saturday (reminder: dealerships are not open on Sunday in IL) and both times I had to wait about 10-15 minutes, which was not at all a problem. They have also been quick to return my calls and follow up by phone when they say they will. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything yet. The reason I'm only rating them 3 stars is that they're the only dealership I've visited and I don't have anything to compare them to. It's been quite awhile since the last time I looked for a car, but it's possible I'll come back and rate them higher once I visit other places.

Dennis S. | 2009-10-14

My experience with Rogers is all service.  And I'm completely happy with them.

If you're using Yelp to see if people are happy with Rogers' service department, I am.  I've been taking a car I bought elsewhere to them for three years and I've had nothing but good, professional service.  I'm amazed how little BS they throw at me.  Today I went in with a noise that shouldn't be there.  They checked it out, did NOT have an answer, explained why, explained what it is not, explained that it's safe and what I should do next, and told me what my options are before the warranty expires.  And they found another part that should be replaced - under warranty - and will call when that part comes in.  Without an appointment, I was in and out in 45 minutes.  The bill:  zero.  That's as good as I can imagine it being for car repairs.  

Note:  The bill is not always zero.  But I'll take zero when I can.

Sal W. | 2009-08-08

The check engine light in my Hyundai came on. I submitted an appointment request online and got a call back a a few days later (not exactly fast). When I arrived I was told that the fee for doing the diagnostic (that is, simply plugging a computer into my car) would be $120 (robbery!). My car is no longer under warranty. I got the impression that the service guy was trying to up-sell me when he asked if my timing belt had been replaced in a while (a $500 replacement). For those of you who know, the check engine light has nothing to do with old belts. I let him know I am not a sucker, but this is what you must always expect with car service/salesmen.

The next morning they call me and tell me that there is nothing wrong- 'a possible loose gas cap'. I went to pick up my car and I was all set to call the manager over and complain about being charged for no results, but I didn't have to: there was no charge. I am not sure if this was a mistake considering the service guy told me that I was going to be charged, but on the bill, they labeled it as 'no-charge.' I was very happy about this and for this small gesture, I would do business with them again because I think that it says a lot about a business.

Downside: This dealership is in the hood. I wouldn't recommend walking anywhere around it.

Joi I. | 2009-03-20

Dishonest or uninformed?

I called to receive a quote for a tune-up and a 60,000 mile check for my Hyundai. Over the phone I was told by Keith $350 for the tune-up and $598 for the 60,000 mile check. I made an appointment with him for the 60,000 mile check, but the next day I called and changed my appointment to just get a tune-up, speaking to a receptionist.

The next day I arrive for my appointment and Keith asks me if I'm still getting the 60,000 mile check. I say, "no I called and changed that over the phone yesterday." He says he didn't know that. He tells me, after a long discussion he has on the side with the parts guy, that a tune-up for my car is $600. I ask why is the tune-up the same price as the 60,000 mile check. He gives me a long explanation, but it sounds like BS to me.

That doesn't make sense. Why is the price different over the phone than when I'm standing in front of the service desk? I mean it's not like they tested the car for problems and decided that I needed more than the basic. Dishonest or uninformed?

Needless to say, I took my vehicle and went to work.

tiffany k. | 2008-12-08

I had my Hyundai worked on while I was out of town. The check engine light was on so I handed my car over to these guys before I left the state. They even paid for a cab ride for me to downtown.  I called a few days later to check on the status and a guy told me my car was ready and to be picked up whenever I could get to it (no storage fee if your car is left there while you're out of town). The charge? Free. I was covered under my warrenty. Everyone seemed really helpful and the process was seemless.

Matthew B. | 2008-07-31

I'm about to move up to Ravenswood, but I'm seriously considering having my 2000 Olds continue to be serviced down here.  After 5 years in Boston & 120,000 miles, my car had gotten pretty run down.  5 different garages in Indy and Beantown had failed to figure out how to make my ignition stop sputtering.  My transmission was going downhill.  Rogers fixed all of that at a reasonable price.

My fiancee frequently dropped off and picked up the car for me.  Garages can be fairly female-unfriendly, but she felt very comforable with Rogers.  They generally seem to price things fairly and only recommend necessary or appropriate work to be done.

One note: "Motor Row," i.e. Michigan south of Cermak, is still a work in progress.  A work that cabs don't like to pick up from.  Be prepared to hop a bus or walk up to McCormick or Cermak if you want to drop off your car.

Marie B. | 2008-01-27

Did not buy my car here (company car), but this is where I have the car serviced.  Perhaps that is why the service is so poor?!  

First Visit:  The guy that checked me in was nice enough, but the service is slow.  Had an appointment to have my oil changed andnew windshield wipers installed.  I was told it would take an took closer to two!    

Second Visit:  This is the only Chevy dealership near me, so had to go back when it was time to have the tires rotated and balanced.   I specifically asked HOW LONG since the last visit was much longer than they projected.  Was told "four hours".  I dropped my car off and went to work. Later in the day, was called and told their machine was broken and my car was "sent out".  The other company was running behind and as a result, my car would not be ready "that day". ..this is on a Friday.  They could, however, have my car ready on Monday morning.  Stress the word, "morning".  Yet, by 11 a.m. on Monday, my car still was not ready.  When they finally got it to me at 11:45, they returned it with NO gasoline!   The car was on EMPTY.  I had dropped it off with about a half tank of gas and it was returned so empty I was afraid I'd run out before I even found a gas station!

Horrible customer service!!

Nicole E. | 2007-10-22

I called Rogers Auto Group on the phone. I talked to a very helpful and down to earth individual. His name was Ignacio. He could not put me in a car but gave me excellent advice to help get me in one. I will do business with him in the future. Everyone if you need a car Ignacio is the one you need to call.

Natalie R. | 2007-05-17

We stopped by last night to see about adding a car to our household. We did not, but the staff was pleasant, prompt, and did not dicker around trying to show us things we did not want to see. The place was clean and bright.

Visual: there was a lot of chest hair and gold jewelry.  It was surreal. Very Goodfellas.

Trent M. | 2006-09-04

While I have not bought a car from these guys, I have had one serviced there and my experience was nothing short of pleasant.  The staff is nice, personable, and down to earth, the prices were great and they had everything done in less than 24 hours.  The oil changes were especially cheap!  I believe they only service American cars but I could be wrong.

Vanessa P. | 2006-08-25

Last month, I was leaving my apartment and noticed that my rearview mirror was hanging from the top of my windshield.  It seems that the glue that holds the mirror to the windshield melted off.  Great...  

I called the nearest Pontiac dealership, which happened to be Rogers on the near South Side.  (Do you know how annoying it is to drive with your rearview mirror in your hand and not being able to use it?)  Anyway, the glue is really expensive, but they insisted that I not pay for it or the labor to fix the mirror.  They were really nice and extremely helpful and even though they were busy, I was done in 20 minutes.  I know I'll go back there again.