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Perillo BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 981-0000
Address:1035 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, 60610
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Perillo BMW

Kelvin L. | 2015-04-24

They are the worst.

Try to charge me $1,000 on fixing AUX port, which is cover by factory warranty.

I fixed it for free later in other BMW branch.

Matt H. | 2015-04-24

Recently purchased certified 135i M Sport. I traded in a car that was worth more than this vehicle. When originally walking in, I explained to the sales rep that I wanted to find a certified 135i. This was easy enough, as they had a few on the lot. During our conversations, I explained the most important things I absolutely need in a car. 1) N54 Engine, 2) Bluetooth, and 3) M Sport Package...

In order, those were my primary areas for concern. The sales rep sat me down in a red DCT 135i (certified) and started talking it up. I really liked the car. It didn't have the tech package, but I was assured that it had bluetooth (all BMW's post 2009 have bluetooth, according to this sales rep). I saw the phone buttons on the dash and steering wheel and didn't think much more of it. I thought it had what I needed. However, soon after purchasing I realized... the phone buttons are just for show. I looked into the VIN number and found out that this car WAS NOT fitted with bluetooth from the factory.

I have spend 2 months arguing with the dealer since then. I can't believe how insensitive they are to this issue and it shows a complete and utter lack of customer appreciation and integrity. If you want to run a legitimate business, you better be damn sure to be true to your word.

Don't shop here. Simple as that. Knauz/Feilds have never treated me or anyone in my family like this. Make the trip to the suburbs. You only buy a car every once in a while anyways...

Kyle W. | 2015-04-16

I admit I was a little hesitant to go here based on Yelp reviews. It is worth mentioning that no car dealer will ever get a 5 star average-many feel uncomfortable going to any dealer because they assume they are being taken advantage of.

This was not the case for me. I met Sean Dwyer via phone. After a few exchanges, I came to the dealer to finalize our deal. Sean was very courteous and was familiar with the BMW product line and features. The entire process went well. I hate waiting at a dealer and Perillo clearly recognizes that most of their clients feel that way.  They were fast yet thorough.

After the sale, I expected to take the keys and go but Sean wanted to take me to the car to show me some features. I'm glad he did. The XM service had a glitch (XM, not BMW) and Sean amused me as he talked his way up the ladder at XM to resolve this issue.  

As a side note, their coffee machine is great. Coffee, mochas, etc. It's not the typical barbershop coffee you find at most dealers.

I would definitely recommend Perillo and Sean Dwyer for the purchase of your BMW.

Cathy K. | 2015-04-06

Initially I had a bad encounter with a sales rep but later learned he was fired. So I read other yelp reviews to see if I could speak to a sales rep who was good.
Frank is awesome! He was patient, informative and best of all not pushy. I ended up purchasing a pre-certified X3 and love it.
I had an electrical problem with the car recently, and my car wouldn't start. Frank told me to call him directly whenever I had a problem. So I texted him and he directed me to a number that would tow my car to Perillo. And he reserved me a Loaner car without me even asking. Frank goes above and beyond and I hope he keeps working at Perillo!

Bobby B. | 2015-03-27

Perillo contacted me regarding the review and said they wanted to make it right and asked that I call J. Diaz and I did that last friday, March 20 and left a message. That message has never been returned and its now a week later. I stand by my previous review of Perillo BMW

A K. | 2015-03-27

I'm very satisfied with my most recent service trip with BMW. This dealership has actually surprised me, I have been coming here since 2009 with various different vehicles and each time I had issues with the service, they were never properly addressed until now. I had some issues with my last visit and after being connected with the customer service liaison, Cesar I was very happy. He actually had me bring my car back in and ensured that everything was fine prior to returning the car. He was very prompt on returning my call and giving me updates on the car. I truly appreciate the effort he put in retaining me as a customer and I will definitely come back now!

terry l. | 2015-03-26

I purchased a 2007 X3 from Perillo in 2008.  Because of my purchase, my friend purchased a BMW from this establishment.  He purchased BECAUSE OF my REFERRAL.  I went into the dealership today to purchase my second pre certified BMW.  That would have equalled $90,000 in revenue for Perillo from me BETWEEN MY PURCHASES AND REFERRALS.  I have a trade in and am ready to buy a pre certified 3 series.

-The woman at the front desk's demeanor was apathetic.  Sitting behind a space ship sized desk asking blankly, "What kind of car do you want?" seems a little beneath the BMW experience.  
-She began calling people (that were less than 30 feet away) to help me.  I could see the person she was speaking to on the phone.  He looked at me and said he was busy.  Body language and eye contact says a lot.  
-The interaction with my salesperson felt awkward and he also seemed less than engaged.  He didn't ask very many questions or assess my needs.  He did however want to sell me cars that I wasn't interested in, specifically the X1.  He also wanted to take me to price points that were DOUBLE of what I was comfortable with financing me for the next 72 months.  He would have known what I was comfortable with had he asked more questions.  
-I called to speak with the manager...hoping to provide some feedback and see if there was someone else I could work with.  SALENE, the manager was more interested in debating my points than actually listening to them.  It was like a game of tennis.  After 3 rounds, I said goodbye.  

What a great brand.  What a disappointment of an experience.   BMW, I still love you.  Perillo, I do not.  You create an atmosphere that is apathetic, insensitive, & indifferent to this customer's needs.  You seem more interested in your own.  Maybe you want to sell more 5 & 7 series.  Point received.  I will take my dollars put aside for a 3 Series elsewhere.  As well as sharing my experiences with those in my group that are also interested in the 3 series.

Not interested in selling 3 series, Salene?  Your wish is granted.

Bethany P. | 2015-03-16

Horrible experience here.  I went in with my husband being that BMW was my first choice in a car.  We were standing there more than 5 minutes with 4-5 sales people sitting around, and not one person approached us.  We finally tracked down a woman and asked her for help.  She went over to a sales person to ask if he could help us.  I was standing about 20 feet away and saw him role his eyes and act frustrated.  He gave us a short song and dance but did not seem interested in helping us at all.

I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone, nor will I ever buy a car from Perillo.  I took my business and my cash to another dealer. Wish I would have read all the reviews before I wasted my time here.

mike h. | 2015-03-12

I brought my car in for a detail.upon getting it back. I walked around my vehicle to check it out. Noticed my driver side mirror was loose.i literally touched it and the the entire assembly fell apart on the floor. I lost my cool.asked to speak to the service manager. He then tried to convince me that perhaps I did the damage before bringing it in. I totally came unraveled. 3 managers later and a nasty letter they finally fixed my mirror. I wasn't upset about the mirror. I was upset they refused to accept fault and fix the situation.... Opposed to speaking to me like I was some kind of moron that wouldn't notice damage done to my vehicle. Perillo bmw will never see another dollar of my $ ever. I am now a proud fields bmw customer

Jon B. | 2015-03-09

Maybe their sales people are shady, but their service team has always been great.

Julio H. | 2015-03-05

I went to do front brakes and change the oil.
I bought my bmw used not at perillo so to my surprise the cost for the service is zero .Yes $0.00
How can you beat that.

Megan C. | 2015-03-04

After living in the city for 9 years, we finally decided it was time for a car! We had decided on the Audi Q5 and right before we went to close the deal, my husband insisted on test driving the BMW X4.

I was hesitant about BMW and the dealership in the Gold Coast, thinking they either wouldn't give us the time of day or would be very sales-y and pushy (hence the stereotype). I also thought all luxury cars were made equal. Turns out I was completely wrong on all fronts! We not only got really wonderful service, Sebastian was very genuine, up front and transparent with the whole process, and I really LOVED driving the BMW compared to the other brands we test drove.

My husband and I work in finance so we needed to know every number involved whether we bought, leased or went with their lease-to-own model; BMW was the only dealer to provide their numbers/spreadsheets and were incredibly transparent. It was the only place I didn't feel like they were trying to take advantage of us. Perhaps they know that their vehicles sell themselves! We ended up going with the lease to own model which gives us great flexibility in the future.

I would highly recommend this brand, dealership and Sebastian for your next vehicle!

Tim N. | 2015-02-20

Took my car in for engine diagnosis. The next day, the service rep "Danette Surges" calls me to tell me that valve cover gasket needs to be replaced because oil has gotten into the  spark plug wells. (The valve cover gasket was just replaced, and I checked my spark plugs before taking the car in, they were dry and fine). Then she days that the tech couldn't diagnose the engine problem cause they could get the car to start. (They drove the car into the shop and drove it up when I came to pick up the car after declining service because I felt that they were crooks after the service rep blatantly lied to me). So I paid the $160 diagnosis fee just to get a diagnosis of a problem I didn't have and with out a diagnosis of the problem I took my car in for? Lesson learn. Keep the $160 bucks Perillo. Its the last cent you'll ever get from me or anyone else whos looking to pay good money for anything.

Tony A. | 2015-02-11

Came in for a key because I locked mine in the trunk.  The process went pretty smooth, I was in and out within five minutes.  The guys were easy to talk to and helpful.  They even offered to teach me how to program the key when I pick it up.  The key was ready the next day (thank god, some research on the internet were pointing to 3 days).  I took off one star because they did say that they will call me as soon as the key comes in, well I didn't receive a call the next day, I called myself.

Megan S. | 2015-02-04

Following my previous review, Perillo reached out to me to help understand what went wrong during my previous visit.  In order to make up for the mistakes they made during my first visit for service, they asked me for another shot to look at the reason for the service light coming back on, and to assess the AV outlet damage.

When I brought my car in, I talked with both AJ and Caesar--both are great. They loaned me a car, although my car was out of warranty, which was really nice because they ended up keeping my car W-S.  They repaired the AV outlet with epoxy, which works.  They also repaired the airbag cable for $0 labor cost and a discount on the part. They detailed the car, and had it ready for me to pick up on Saturday morning...

As luck would have it, I pulled out of Perillo and heard what sounded to be like the banging of a tin can coming from the rear passenger wheel.  The noise accelerated as I did, and slowed down when I let off the gas.  Frustrating.  I talked to Israel on Monday, and he sent someone to my office (a 30 minute drive from Perillo) to give me a different loaner and take mine back for assessment.  They fixed the issue that somehow came up while it was in their care, and returned the car to me the next day at my office-no charge for any of it.

So...they went above and beyond, clearly, to repair the damaged relationship established on my first visit.  I'm willing to give them another shot when my car needs servicing next, but I'll do so with trepidation.

Darcie S. | 2015-02-03

Sebastian is the man! Perillo BMW is lucky to have him.

Not only was he knowledgable, but he went out of his way to track down just the right car for us. Needless to say, we had a positive experience throughout the entire process.

I highly recommend you go talk to Sebastian if you're in the market for a BMW.

Thanks Sea Bass!

Victor M. | 2015-01-30

My wife dropped the car off this morning as the brake sensor turned on.   So we need a set of brake pads.   Years ago I would have just jacked the car up myself and changed them but today there are "special tools" that dictate you bring it in for "qualified" service.  They should call it another name but all the other 4 letter words are taken right now.   Micro Filter change $225.   Let me type that again. $225.    It's a damned $30 part at the auto store yet they feel they need to jack up the price to $225 and then add $167/hour for labor because they do things "the BMW way"   Ha.  Does that mean they unscrew the sensor slower?     $400.35 for break fluid service and microfilter.     Amazing.   Ever change your brake fluid?   Bet it didn't cost you $400.   It's a clip joint I tell ya.  Stay away unless you have a full car warranty then bring it in and let Perillo clip the manufacturer for all that dough.   There's about a 60% mark-up at this place.

Saverio F. | 2015-01-29

I was very hesitant walking into Perillo after reading some of the reviews on here. However, I'm really happy I did. I was promptly greeted when I walked in by someone I'm assuming was like a host in a restaurant. I explained I was there to look at a car that I saw on the internet. He made a couple of calls and I was greeted by a guy named Sebastian within about 5 min. Sebastian brought me to the car I was interested in and started explaining all of the features as well as its history. Shortly after that we were on the road for a test drive. Sebastian was surprisingly informed about every little option and detail of the vehicle. He was great to work with. When we pulled back in to the dealer ship he asked if I had a trade in they could look at. I had just bought a 2010 VW CC a couple years prior and was thinking about selling it outright, but I figured I'd see what they would offer. When we sat down to negotiate numbers on the car, I was shocked at how easy it was to come to a fair arrangement. Sebastian was great the whole way through, never got aggressive (like some pushy sales guys) and helped me make the right decision on my trade as well as financing terms. While I was signing the paperwork in the finance office, Sebastian had all of my belonging moved into my new car. Once all of the paperwork was done, I was escorted to my new car. Sebastian again gave me a run though of a few options on the car that I didn't know about as well as BMW Apps. I was in and out of the dealership within about 3 hours, which I thought was really impressive considering I was asking a million questions. A couple of days after the purchase Sebastian called to see how I was liking the car and if I had any questions. It was really top notch service all the way around. I'm absolutely loving my 335 as well as all of the great service.

Dominique S. | 2015-01-22

Customer Service is outstanding here and I definitely want to recommend anyone looking for a new car to work with Jim. He is a great listener and responds promptly and thoroughly when it comes to his customers questions. I bought a custom bmw from here in the last month and the overall experience has been wonderful and truly feel they are just as responsive to my questions now as they were when I was going through the initial buying process.

Nina F. | 2015-01-19

Staff is very friendly and attentive to its customers. After speaking with the service manager I was able to get my car fixed in a timely manner and he took real care over my concerns. They are very accommodating and understanding of time constraints of their customers.

Emilio C. | 2014-12-31

These winners took in my car in to do a routine service on it and gave it back to me with a big scratch/dent...then claim that it was there. Unfortunately they are the only game in town so if you own a BMW get used to this shitty service. Oh and my cars still under warranty and I told them to check out the locks because the back door lock is messed up, they wanted like $200 to look at it and "diagnose it". Diagnose it?? Guess I should have went with blue cross blue shield ppo insurance for my 5 series instead of Allstate.

Not to mention they gave me a crappy X1 as a loaner car when I dropped off my 5 series. Thanks Perillo for making everyone on the highway look my way expecting to check out a 40 year old soccer mom.

Perillo BMW Service about you go (insert censored statement here).

Jm D. | 2014-12-29

Don't even bother. Walked in intent on trading my Lexus for a BMW. After walking around the show room for 20 minutes, not a single one of the 8 available sales staff would acknowledge our presence. Just because I'm wearing jeans doesn't mean I don't have money to spend. I will be making the trek to Fields in the burbs where I'll be treated as a human being.

Mark A. | 2014-12-25

Wow, I see a lot of emotionally-charged reviews here that are on the negative side, but my experience is a complete 180 from those.

First things first: I really don't like working with car dealerships. I mean it. I'd much rather build my car online, click "pay," and have the car show up at my doorstep. It'd be a Gen Yer's dream.

I can also do my homework. So when I decide it's time to get a new car, I have pretty much armed myself with knowledge about the vehicle(s) I'm considering; the dealership merely allows me to see it in the flesh and drive it to make sure it's something I'd want to use every day. Kind of like going to Best Buy to try out some electronics product knowing full well you'll be returning it and ordering from the cheapest online retailer.

At Perillo, Ken R took an instant (and accurate) read of me and knew better than to start touting the salesman speech. (The salesman speech is when car dealers start to trash-talk other manufacturers with the hope that you wouldn't even consider the other options (i.e. Audi and Mercedes in this case). It's a really awkward behavior because they all make good to great cars.

But no, Ken didn't do that at all. In fact, we talked about some of the cool things that Audi is doing relative to BMW. He could tell I was a resourceful Google user, so there was no need to highlight the basics, and he knew I had a sense of pricing. With just a few emails back-and-forth, we had picked out the vehicle of my choice, nailed down a price, and just like that I had a new X5. I daresay it a fun experience -- and I have never said that about buying/leasing a new car.

Even the finance office (which I usually call the torture chamber) was a pleasant experience, devoid of the many add-on offers ($1,000++ clear coats, $500++ lease protection, etc.) that one typically encounters while signing documentation.

So this is all great, but let's get real for a minute: price. Even if they were the nicest people on the planet, at the end of the day, a BMW is really just a commodity. Well, I'm happy to report that my initial offer from Perillo was at least $2,500 lower than what other dealerships in the Chicago burbs (and that weird one somewhere on the Indiana border) offered.

Many of you know when you get a new car, usually the last thing the dealership tells you is to give them "all 10s" on the survey. I'm a bell curve grader, and just because the dealership was nice and sold me a car doesn't mean I had an "exceptional" experience, so I don't feel it's right to give a "10" when it was an "8" and eight isn't by any means terrible. I can honestly say Perillo earned all 10s because they did things that were above and beyond the norm.

Lastly, what brought me to the Perillo sales department was their awesome service department. I've been working with Brad I for some years now, and he is the jam. I shoot him an email and he gets back right away with either advice or times I can bring in my car (and it's usually that day or the next). He's pulled his best techs to fix some challenging problems on previous vehicles. I've yet to get a "vehicle operates as normal" in response to a problem I've reported -- he goes the extra mile to solve the problem.

So that's it guys. I know this doesn't match up with all the haters' experiences. Perillo is a collection of people and we all know people make mistakes, but my interactions have always been positive, and I think you should do yourself a favor and give them a try.

Pseudo I. | 2014-12-17

Beautiful showroom and very professional and knowledgable sales staff. I leased my first BMW here and they were very helpful. This is a great place to test drive as you can hop on LSD when there isn't any traffic and cruise down the winding turns!

Jennifer W. | 2014-12-15

Worst dealership I have ever been too. Ever. I'm 27 on my third car....first vw bug....second Lexus ES....third X3. I purchased it from Elmhurst which is the best dealership ever.

To start I moved to the city and had to switch dealerships. I've taken my car here 3 times, once for an oil change, once for a window issue, and last for a check engine light and shakey car.

1st trip the bald service guy was cocky but I ignored it. 2nd trip was fine. 3rd trip was the worst trip of my life. Honestly.

I bring my car in after making an appointment and I sit there for a few mins no one comes to get my keys or greet me.  I get out and stand by it.....crickets. I walked up to a service desk as the same time as a janitor and the service guy ignores me to chat with the janitor. So I wander to a new desk and finally get service. Leave, get a call the next day I can get my car, the part is on back order but they turned the light off so I can still drive it.

I come to get my car, it's not washed yet or ready which is annoying so I wait 20 minutes.  It comes out with 2 HUGE scratches on the rear bumper. The valet turned it around and parks it in the middle of the 2 super busy lanes going each direction so we can stand there and be stared at.  Real professional customer service.  3 or 4 managers come over and toss the blame all over the place. My boyfriend happened to be with me (not a BMW) everyone went up to him first then me. No one dared look at the paperwork covered in my name. No apology. I had some slight damaged from Chicago parking to my bumper. The sceezy manager told me "if you fix the whole bumper I will see what I can do about the other damage" the damage you did?!?!?! They brought me a quote for $812 waved a few fees down to $600.....because they scratched my car!  I got in an argument with one of the service guys who kept saying "I have no idea how that could have happened" needless to say the walk around when I first dropped it off marked the tiniest bump on a front wheel well and nothing about 2 giant gashes in the rear plastic! I will never go back here...ever! This is even making me consider selling my car for something else.

I was there over 2 hours stand 2 inches from 100 cars driving past me while they passed the puck. never got an apology or anything.  Based on the reviews this place needs some serious house cleaning. I spent the extra money on a luxury car to not deal with nonsense.

I'm in sales....these people need to learn about your customer. Just because I'm a woman you should show me extra respect not less. I was going to be in the market for new tires and next year a new car but this place will never get another penny of my money.


UPDATE- moved them from 1 to 2 stars

the manager I called "sceezy" above gave me a call to discuss what happened.  he was upset about the review. Offered to order the part they scratch and repair it at no cost to me and offered a full car detailing package

I then also received a call from the director of services who is going to e-mail me the contact info for someone who is in charge of loaner services and i will work directly with him every time i need to bring my car in.

Both people asked me to remove my review, however I cannot based on my previous experience but I do appreciate their effort to fix the wrongs that were done.

I am not usually a multiple chance person but I will need to bring my car in to repair the damage, if that goes well we i may give them a clean slate.

Tyler L. | 2014-12-11

This review is split into Sales, Service, and Parts as I have recently had encounters with each department at Perillo.


My lease was running out on my old Z4 and I wanted to casually look around at other BMW options at Perillo. It was Saturday so it was pretty busy but even as a walk-in, I was encountered by Sean Dwyer. He made an extra effort to give me a test drive in not 1, but 2 cars I was interested even after I told him my timeline for buying was still 3-4 months out.

A few weekends later, I came back unscheduled and Sean was swamped with other customers. However, he appropriately handed me to Ethan Spiers, a relatively new car associate at Perillo. First and foremost, Ethan is amazing. I felt very comfortable with Ethan from the beginning and just casually talked about car and what I was interested in. I didn't exactly know if I wanted an M235i, 435i or an M4 but Ethan was able to let me experience each of them without any pretense on my age (26). After countless times of switching back and forth between cars, I decided on an M4. Since I wanted to order the M4 to my specifications, it took more than 3 months to be built and shipped. In that time, Ethan was always very quick and helpful everytime I emailed or texted him questions or thoughts. Further, the whole car buying process was extremely straightforward with no tricks or extra fees. Chris Shanahan, Ethan's manager, was also very helpful in this whole process while negotiating and I could see that the dealership had great teamwork. When the time came to take possession of my car, Ethan was willing to come in on his day off in the evening so that I could start driving.

I really can't express enough how great Ethan and Perillo was with handling my 3 month buying process. The terms were straightforward, I got a great deal on a hot car, the entire time I felt relaxed, comfortable and excited.. I am really glad to have worked with Ethan and feel Perillo made a good decision to hire him.


Chris Covone in the Parts department was very helpful in answering my questions via email around the M Performance exhaust and black kidney grilles for my new car. He also extended me a hefty discount up front for being a valued customer. The parts were exactly what he quoted and the labor quote was actually $60 less.


I have gotten multiple oil changes, a repainted bumper, and other tidbits done at Perillo's service center. Every time I have gone they have been very accommodating (letting me park the night before if I couldn't make it in the morning) and fairly quick. I have never had anything stolen or dents/scratches that others claim. The only suggestion I have for the service department would be for them to open on Saturdays, but otherwise they have always met my expectations.

Overall, I love stopping in and saying hi to the people that work there and look at the new models even if I am not buying.

As a disclaimer, I have bought cars from other luxury car dealerships in the past, had service done at other reputable places and am a car fanatic that pays attention to every single detail. With this said, the next BMW I purchase will be with Perillo and Ethan. Thanks!

Kobe T. | 2014-12-09

This place is the worst dealership ever, no customer service, I just cant believe that a BMW dealer will condact business like that.

Ricardo D. | 2014-12-05

Fixed my issue promptly

David P. | 2014-12-02

This is the 9th car buying experience I've had over my life.  I typically lease and get  a new car every 3 years.  It is the first time with BMW (had a number of Acura's).  I live in the city so I visited Perillo and really not sure how BMW would represent their product and how expensive it would wind up being.  Mark Schneider, one of the sales reps, introduced himself to me and it was a great experience from beginning to end.  His level of professionalism, product knowledge, accomodating style, and low pressure sales approach made my experience exceptional.  Like many, I'm a stickler with customer service and Mark was genuine.  I told him what I was looking for (2015 X3 xdrive 2.8 x-line, almost fully loaded) and he had the car built for me.  No money down.  The car came in about a month later (as he promised) and I came in to test it out.  It is a sweet vehicle (the technology is class leading) and the financing process and finance team was easy to work with.  They did talk me into the bumper and ding protection package which, living in the city, is probably a good idea.  It's been a few days now and I already received follow up communications to make sure everything is going well.  It sounds like some folks had some bad experiences, but I really don't have anything I would suggest in terms of improvements.  I will see how their service department in about 10,000 miles when I'm due.  I definitly recommend Mark to help you shop for your new really is all about the people you work with and he was great.

M K. | 2014-10-31

I thought Perillo was pretty much abysmal, but I just found the abyss goes even deeper.
While reviewing a restaurant, I noticed that sometime after my last Perillo review, a customer service person contacted me via Yelp, wanting to discuss the problem I had.
This caused me to think for a brief moment that MAYBE there was someone less than Satanic there. When I called, and this was not a surprise, I found that the women ith indications of having a bit of a soul was no longer there, so I left a message for her successor. Naturally, my call was not returned.
I called again. No return message. I'm an optimistic guy, so I called a third time and reached the new guy. He was very friendly and offered ZERO assistance. Oh, he was nice enough to let me know if I needed any additional repairs to my car, he would PERSONALLY connect me to the scheduling desk. Oh, thanks, that's something I really wanted.
When I told him I was still disturbed by the damage to my car and the THEFT of many items after the entire contents of my trunk were rifled through(right down to the baggie of shampoo and moisturizer in my gym bag), his reply was "well I am speaking with you now."
OH GREAT, MORE WORTHLESS help. When I stated that it while I left my business card for JOE PERILLO, and e-mailed him as well as well as others at the dealership and received ABSOLUTELY NO REPLY regarding the theft, his reply was again, "well, I am speaking with you now". Brainless.
So sure, go to Perillo, just don't leave the BMW tow-hook, your winter gloves, jacket, work-out gloves (work-out gloves?!!!), or countless other personal items in the trunk--and remember to remove your favorite Billy Idol CD from the CD player because the guy who stole my stuff may want a second one for the CAR HE PROBABY STOLE at his other "job".
ps:Knauz in Lake Bluff is a far superior dealer, and never even removed cash from my BMW or Mercedes. The Knauz family cares about their reputation.

John W. | 2014-10-24

Best of the Best!!!

I had been shopping for my car for about a month. I kept coming back to a Pre-Owned 2009 BMW 328i xDrive with a manual 6 speed located at Perillo BMW in Chicago. Upon contacting them, I was responded to right away, even though it was an hour and a half after they were closed. Sean Cueva was very personal and informative and assured me that my 3 hour drive would not be wasted.

So, we drove to Chicago and found the dealership. Parking was easy due to them allowing us to pull into the Service Department and we were promptly greeted in a very professional manner. We met with Sean and went for a drive. They offered us more than we expected on our trade in and we shook hands. Credit application was filled out and my wife and I went to lunch. Even though we are rebuilding our credit, Mr. Cueva was able to get us approved at a very competitive interest rate through BMW Finance. We agreed on final numbers, which included a 3 year/75,000 mile Extended Service Plan and gave me a check back to pay off my Harley-Davidson. We signed all of the paperwork and were given a great Delivery Presentation on the vehicle.

I love my new whip... Love Perillo BMW... Love Mr. Cueva for his professionalism, commitment to excellence and personality.

We will certainly visit again when ready for our next purchase.

George T. | 2014-10-23

The few lower stars made me apprehensive. We dealt with Ethan Spiers,which turned out to be a great experience. He knew what we wanted, and made it happen without the usual switch & bait & grinding that can happen at a dealership. His office manager was also great & made the financing a snap-without the usual hard sales that may try to happen at that point in time.
Both of the above tactics were applied to us elsewhere & we walked.
Ethan was as polite as all other salespeople-but he listened & got the job done. The other dealerships were unable to do the deal. My wife & I are very happy with the car and experience. Highly recommended.

Edward H. | 2014-10-17

My entire buying experience from start to finish was quick and painless. I saw a vehicle I was interested in and checked on availability with Chris. When I came in, Jason took over to show me the vehicle, its functions and highlights, and then we went for a test drive. He was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. All questions and concerns were answered and addressed. I have no hesitations coming back for future purchases and look forward to working with Jason and Chris again.

Stephanie C. | 2014-10-16

Trish followed up with me after my review was posted (she must spend a lot of time doing damage control with this place) which I appreciated. What I didn't appreciate was the fact that after she told me the salesman, with whom I worked was canned, she then asked that I remove my original post. Uh, no way. BMW dealerships are a dime a dozen in Chicago, if you want one, go elsewhere.

Kimberly S. | 2014-10-07

This 5 star review is for Perillo BMW service, only. Vanessa in the sales department is top notch, but other than her, the sales department is less than average. I heard from the dealer that we have bought our last 4 BMWs from (and 4 from other dealers, but we serviced all of them with Perillo in the last 10 years) that Perillo service has terrible Yelp reviews. I couldn't believe it! AJ is the BEST! There is no better! And Darrin, the Service Director - COME ON! He's the best, too! And Brad is awesome! These guys go out of their way to take care of customers! I cannot believe some of these reviews. These people must be exceptionally unreasonable, because there is no better service department in Chicago, period.

Another thing I can't believe are the responses from this Trish Perillo. Hilarious! If it were my dealership, I wouldn't let her anywhere near the customer service department.  ;)

Scott P. | 2014-09-27


I'm pretty sure I didn't misinterpret anything.

As of just three days ago I agreed to pay the ridiculous price for a THIRD set of tires on a car with just 28,000 miles on it. You had had the car for more than a week, I needed to use it, and it was clear that neither you nor BMW were going to do the right thing and replace a set of tires that lasted less than 12,000 miles.

Again, I gave in and agreed to your terms to get my vehicle back and be done with it.

That's when you sent another letter to me via your administrative assistant (classy), stating that you would not work on my vehicle, directing all further correspondence to your attorney and demanding that I have it removed from your dealership by the next morning.

You stated:

"Therefore, please arrange for your car to be towed out of here by tomorrow and you will not being (sic) charged for any services that we provided or storage charges. Now that being said, this is my final correspondence with you because I don't intend on carrying on with this charade."

I reached out to BMW Corporate once more to see if they would intervene. They contacted you, and you refused to work on the vehicle, again demanding it be removed by the next morning.

You were quite clear, Joe.

Blake K. | 2014-09-18

My first service appointment was impromptu, happening when my car died on the way to work. Perillo worked with me to arrange pickup/towing from my location to the dealership where Mario DeStefano was extremely helpful in resolving the issue. He worked over two days to keep me updated with several calls and with the former service center to identify the possible cause. Mario helped make a frustrating situation a little less painful.

More recently Angelo Montalbano helped troubleshoot some outstanding problems, even arranged a drive along to quickly identify the issues. Angelo sent along detailed reports and invoicing throughout the entire service process, even had the car ready and waiting for me when I arrived. Couldn't have been happier with the service and quick turnaround - my car drives better now than when I bought it!

Jolie H. | 2014-09-13

DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE FOR ANY SERVICE!  My car has been at the dealership for 3 months following a realitively minor accident.  The first time I tried to pick up the car they tried to hide a 3 inch scarch on the car that they made after the body work was completed.  The second time I was told the that car was "ready" it was still making a horrendous noise.  The third time I was told that the car was "ready" they left me for an hour waiting while they went to look for my car.  Then I was told that it was still at the body shop.  My quesiton is "How do they stay in business with such poor customer service and quality control?"  It is an embarassment!

Travis L. | 2014-09-03

I just bought a 2014 335 I M Sport and I was very satisfied with the service that I received.  Frank Billman was my salesperson and the guy is awesome.  He was like no other car salesman I've ever met.  I told him what I was looking for and he showed me a few different options.  Definitely the coolest car salesman out there.  If you're going to buy a BMW I recommend using Frank.  I can't speak for anyone else there but I can personally vouch for this guy!

Craig W. | 2014-08-28

Worst dealership in the country.  I made an appt and drove 6 hrs roundtrip to test drive and drfive a car.  An hour before my arrival I am told the car  I want to test drive is in the body shop having a bumper repaired for a tiny scratch.  Why wouldn't they wait till after I test drove it to fix that?  Then there is a sold sign on the car but the sales man says its still available, so I try to buy it and am told it's already sold.  I leave and call the GM b/c this is ridiculous and am told by Saleem that will get a resolution and call me back in 30 minutes.  Well 48 hrs later and no response, I will take my business elsewhere.  Happy to blacklist this place and make sure friends/family/business partners don't do business there either what a JOKE!  Go  Spend your money where Customer service comes first!

Lance K. | 2014-08-24

I am a car guy through and through.  In fact between my wife and I, we rotate out one of our cars every other year, thus I have had more than my fair share of dealings with car dealerships.  In addition, I have the taste for luxury vehicles: BMW, Audi, and Infiniti are my brands.  TWICE I have attempted to buy a BMW from this dealership, and twice I have walked out of here because their salesman are completely terrible to deal with.  

Last winter, I had some downtime and I called Perillo as I could not decide if I wanted a new 335Xi coupe or a 135i.  It was mid week and I asked if I could come in to test drive the two cars.  The salesman blatantly asked if I was going to buy a car that day.  I was truthful, and said no my timetable is more like the next 60-90 days, but that I definitely was buying a BMW (this was my third BMW mind you).  He then became very short, and said that he would look into what cars I could test drive, and that he would call me back.  Two hours later I called the dealership and was informed that that the salesman had left for the day.   You don't have time to let me test drive cars midday on a Wednesday? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Thus I ultimately went to BMW of Schererville, who was incredibly accommodating, and even had a BMW trucked up from Texas as it was hard to find one with my specifications I was looking for: 6-speed manual, navigation, all wheel drive, coupe, and in black or silver only.  I told you, I'm a car guy!  Needless to say, I will continue to avoid this dealership like the plague, as I am not giving a dime to these arrogant salesmen.

Gregory K. | 2014-07-24

Ok I get what everyone is talking about. Dropped my car off for service. Took two days to get it back for routine repair and maintenance. They said because the overbook appointments (not my fault). Took 45 mins to get my car after signing paperwork not to mention the building is just a complete crap hole! Employees seem stressed and too busy to care.

Steve T. | 2014-07-22

We recently had some minor body work done through Perillo.  They did a great job at under-delivering.  Completion dates were continually (3 times) promised then came and went.  At one point they even told us that the car was ready and that we could pick up the car, only to get a call the next morning that it would be a couple more days on account of paint leaking into the interior of the car.  We were without a car for 3 weeks, and were not offered a loaner for what should have been a simple job.

If you're getting anything mechanical done to your BMW take it to Bavarian Motors in the West Loop.  They're former BMW Techs and will do the same job at a dramatically lower price and communicate with greater transparency.  

I would have expected better things from a BMW service center.  Perillo did a great job at cheapening the BMW brand. Congrats, guys.

Dan P. | 2014-07-16

My review is for the service department. I can't comment on the sales department since I did not buy my car from them.

Overall I was very pleased with my first service experience at Perillo. Scheduling the appointment was relatively painless and there was ample availability for first-thing on a Monday morning. The online scheduling seemed very convenient but the website was rather buggy so I ended up having to call and schedule it (also very easy).

The day of the service was also a low-hassle experience. I was in and out very quickly and received a phone call once everything was done. It would have been nice to get a quick explanation/confirmation of what was done, but fortunately I am a car guy so I had no trouble reading the write-up. The work was done correctly the first time and I have no complaints about the price. I only had some basic routine maintenance done (oil & filter, air filter, cabin filter, vehicle check/service I).

I will definitely commend the car wash team, as this has to be the absolute best freebie car wash I have ever received. Normally the "courtesy wash" just means they spray it with a hose, but this actually looked like someone had thoroughly washed it, vacuumed it, and wiped everything down. My wheels are rather tricky to clean and someone did a very thorough job getting every single spoke! This was the type of car wash I would probably have to pay $30 for around here!

Will definitely return without hesitation.

Babak R. | 2014-07-15

I just bought a pre-owned 2008 E93 335i few weeks ago. The car was lowered and after driving it for few days I noticed it makes a loud sound if I hit a small bumper or pot whole. Also I noticed my head light LED is not working.
I called my sale person 2-3 times to get hold of him and I told him my issue. When I finally got an appointment with him I noticed he even didn't talk to any service center. After that, he simply said you would have noticed before buying the car. This kind of behavior is not a called customer service. I did not go through any pot whole while drive test...

Joseph J. | 2014-07-11

Don't bother having your customer service representative contact me, I'm not coming back. After finally getting my car back, and after having SPECIFICALLY stated that I wanted my left mirror fixed as long as I was having my tires fixed, I get a mile away from the dealership, look over, and my mirror is still broken. Despite the personal inconvenience to me as a city dweller I will be driving back out to Orland Park BMW where they know how to treat their customers right. Please don't call me, you've wasted enough of my time.

Update. The third request I had was for them to reprogram so that the stupid thing that turns off your car engine every time you put on your brakes stops happening. It stopped for one day but now it's happening again. Also. The electricity to my cigarette lighter which I use to charge my cell phone is now gone. This place Sucks with a capital S. Never, ever go there. No matter how desperate or time deprived you are go somewhere else. Perillo sucks.

Jeffrey W. | 2014-06-29

Many Thanks to Shane Miles and the Sales team at Perillo BMW for helping me navigate through a complicated out-of-state deal. I couldn't be happier with my extremely rare configuration 2013 Elite CPO'd 335i!

Shane took the time to send me pictures of the car, and confirmed that it's condition was as advertised. I purchased the car sight unseen- and it was exactly as pictured and as described. On delivery day, Shane took the time to pick me up at the airport, and I was on my way in my 335i in a matter of hours.

Liz S. | 2014-06-08

We came to Perillo BMW after doing some research and deciding that we wanted a 2011 BMW 3 series. I initially made an appointment and when we arrived, the salesperson with whom we had made the appointment acted very confused. It turned out that he never got the message that we were coming in to see some cars. We brushed this off and had a good appointment. We took some test drives and the plan was that we would select a specific car and communicate with the salesperson to make sure we could test drive the exact car we wanted in the following weeks. My husband and I picked the car we wanted to see in the next few days and asked to come in for a test drive. The salesperson said the car we wanted was in the shop being detailed but that we would be able to see it the week of May 16. We were leaving the country at the end of May and needed to have the car by mid-June and the salesperson assured me this would not be an issue. The very last message I sent to the salesperson was asking for the Carfax report and original purchase date for the car we wanted on May 12 (we were communicating over text because the salesperson said this was the best way to reach him). Given that this is a one-star review, you can guess what happened next. It's now nearly a month later and I still have not heard back from the salesperson. I can only assume that this dealership doesn't care about customer service as they don't even want to be responsive before they get your money (so what will happen after they get it)? We are now happy Mercedes owners.

Scott V. | 2014-06-03

Experience with J Cosmetics. I chose J Cosmetics for convenience/locale, but the result was far from the identity. I was told by Richard that the body work was completed on my BMW and it was ready for pickup. Upon arrival, J Perillo did not have paperwork, nor was the vehicle ready. I was then told that they thought it was going to be ready, so they told me to come in. So I left and returned the next day to pick it up. Everything seemed fine, until a friend opened the passenger door at the site of the body repair; it fell apart and the threshold trim was missing. Frustrated, I brought the vehicle back in and was given a car rental for allowance. I was told to bring the rental back to Perillo and they would take care of things. When I arrived today to pickup my car, I got into a debate with the Manager of the Body Shop in front of his staff. The unfortunate element is that he had no idea of the problems I had been facing surrounding quality control and wasted trips. Yet instead, he wanted to debate what we would be doing with the car rental? While we disagreed, he eventually made good on the situation and advised he would take care of things. What I don't understand is why a customer related issue surrounding quality control wasn't escalated to his attention in the first place, or where the quality control was lacking on the inspection of the BMW prior to release in the first place.  While the convenience was the forethought given that I live in Streeterville, the wasted trips, lack thereof in attentiveness to detail, poor quality of customer relations and aggravation were the result. As a Senior VP in Insurance - Claims, this experience was a customer headache. I have utilized the service Department of Perillo and they do a very good job.

Dawn M. | 2014-05-27

Despite patronizing this location for years...I've had enough. I come from a generation that values customer service.  After bringing my car in in January, and again in February, the problem was still not rectified after spending $4,000.  The "service advisor" asked if I left the car running while pumping gas.  That would be DUMB!  It still didn't explain the check engine light coming on the day I picked my car up from the dealer.  Not only did I have to argue being charged for a diagnostic, yet again, the follow up is poor.  My BMW is getting up there in age; however, rather than return to Perillo- I will look at an Audi because of my most recent experience.

Mehran F. | 2014-05-08

Delightful experience.

Got in the shop. Drove an X5 for 15 minutes. Liked it. Took another 15 minutes to come up with the options and such. Ordered it. Took 4 or 5 weeks to receive the car. Easy, professional and stress free.

Many thanks to our really good salesperson, Frank Billman, and his manager Saleem.

Highly recommended.

Sarah R. | 2014-04-30

In full disclosure, my review only relates to a small service issue.  

We purchased our 5 series from Perillo in November and today was the first time we needed anything repaired.  My husband called because our tire was continuously losing air.  BMW let us know that our tires were not covered by warranty - which was a nice reminder.

I went in today for the repair and requested a loaner vehicle, which my husband assured me he had checked on when he called.  Apparently there was some miscommunication between my husband and BMW because there were no loaners available.  

Rather than just tell me to come back another day, the gentleman in service who checked me told me to wait and they would check the tire immediately.  If there was a nail or something they would patch it no problem.  Well I was at BMW for less than thirty minutes when a service technician informed me that we had a nail in the tire which had been removed and everything had been fixed.  I was shocked and very pleased.  High praise to the service department for helping me out!!!

Dan H. | 2014-04-22

I bought my BMW 335i at Perillo BMW, and have experienced service that has been mediocre.  My latest experience was particularly disappointing.  I brought my car in because the oil was low.  After being given a quote to fix the problem, and after being assured that this would fix the issue, I reluctantly decided to have the problem fixed rather than trade in for a new car.  After the service was completed, they called me to say that there was still a problem and they'd need to keep it a few days.  They then told me that there was an additional problem that they didn't identify the first time that would cost 50% more to fix.  If they had correctly identified the problem in the first place, I would have been in their office trading in my car.  Instead, they have a very unhappy customer who is being overcharged for their mistake.  My guess is that the markup on the service is better than the markup on a car sale.

Kareem K. | 2014-04-15

I purchased a CPO BMW from Perillo in March.  The inherent excitement for a new-to-me vehicle was tempered by some elements of the vehicle not meeting expectation and leaving me frustrated.  That said, when I voiced my concerns, I was blown away by the desire to make it right for me.  I am an out-of-state buyer, so taking care of these things was an obvious logistical challenge.  The Perillo team brought forth creativity and flexibility to ensure my issues were addressed and that my overall experience was positive.  It certainly worked, as this level of engagement and care left a lasting impression, and I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future.

Greg W. | 2014-04-04

I've owned an X5 for the past three years. I have continually brought it to Perillo BMW for scheduled maintenance and service. They have always provided me with a loaner and outstanding service. Specifically Angelo is tip of the spear. He's handled me from day one. It's great to have a local dealer with a go to 'guy' who white-gloves you through your service. Highly recommend!!

Kate K. | 2014-03-26

We just bought a 2014 BMW 328d from Perillo and could not be happier with the entire experience. Alan was extremely helpful and enthusiastic throughout the process. We also did not feel harassed to buy compared to other dealerships. Our trade-in received a fair price and we received a very fair price on the car as well. We would recommend Perillo to anyone looking to buy a BMW. Ask for Alan!

Andrew R. | 2014-03-05

I can appreciate the note, but not necessary. Not about the money of the diagnostic, but rather the difference in what was the core issue, versus what reality was, and how far off it was. I just checked my voice mail, it was from 2-12-2014 and the number was 312-981-0093.  Still could not understand the name. 2005 x5 4.4 41000miles.

It seems instead of starting at the lowest cost option to fix it, Perillo chose to start at the most expensive side.  I am all for businesses making money, but there has to be some ethics.  Bavarian Motors has won my business for life, no need to follow up again, although I do appreciate you trying to make it right.

Keith W. | 2014-03-01

I purchase my vehicle at Perillio's BMW where Sebastian took great care of me. My recommendation is to use him for your next purchase. He listen, was professional and took the liberty to present me the best deal without me having to direct him. Bottom line it was a great experience.  

Keith ....was my 2nd BMW purchase. 1st at Perillio.

Michael R. | 2014-02-27

I am humbled to write this review on the service department of Perillo BMW in Chicago.

To begin, my regular Service Representative is Angelo Montalbano. Angelo is an exceptional individual who is always polite, courteous and professional. He sets realistic expectations and I am never left wondering what is going on with my vehicle. Furthermore, his product and service knowledge is unrivaled by anyone whom I've had to deal with at any BMW Service Center.

The quality of the service team is evident from the thoroughness and "get it right the first time" attitude. These guys pay very close attention to detail and do not release your vehicle to you without your problems being resolved to your complete satisfaction. Furthermore, I like the fact that the service team always double-checks for any required service appointments and Angelo informs you of whatever service may be due.

Angelo takes his job very seriously and he treats me like I am his only customer because of the attention he pays to me. Angelo is clearly the reason why Perillo BMW is the only service center I trust to take care of my baby.

Lastly, the entire service team, from the Service Representatives to the mechanics to the cashiers, everyone is always a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend anyone looking for a trustworthy, customer-centric BMW Service Center to be sure to consider Perillo BMW (and be sure to see Angelo).

Tony E. | 2014-02-27

This dealership is a cattle call for BMW owners. I took my 335 there for an oil change service and was charged $170. Now I'm not complaining of the price, but for that kind of money you would expect 5 star service. I dropped my car off and picked up the loaner in the morning. 5 hours later I receive a phone call and message from my service rep stating that the car needs several other service items and is leaking oil. I called back 3 times and left messages and no one called me back. I return to pick up my car and no one is there to explain why the other items weren't serviced or didn't even ask me or give me any details about anything. I wait 25 minutes and they pull my car up that was fresh out of the car wash. My car had soap all over the wheels and side of the car, but with the long line why even bother to ask them to do it again and wait 25 more minutes? They just hand off the car with no explanation or anything and send you on your way. Again, not huge complaints but for $170, I would expect 5 star service and someone to actually explain your car's oil leak or ask you if you want it fixed. I'll change my own oil next time or take it to a smaller dealer that actually cares about return customers.

Madalyn G. | 2014-02-24

3/4/14 :: UPDATE:: Customer Service at Body Shop

My star rating has changed to 5 stars because Jay Díaz, Body Shop Manager, has since taken hold of the miscommunication between the insurance company and the service rep who initially wrote up the report of the work that had to be done.  Regardless of the "he said/she said," Jay took responsibility, taking the time to comb through what all sides had to say.

What it boils down to at the end of the day is customer service par excellence--the "old school" way--the way it should be, putting the client first to diplomatically arrive at a resolution agreeable to all parties. Being validated as a trusted, long-standing client has restored my faith in Perillo BMW and will keep me coming back in the future. Well done.

Robert E. | 2014-02-21

Let me begin by stating that I love BMW.  With that said, I do not have anything pleasant to say about Perillo BMW and am in NO WAY surprised at the sheer number of negative reviews of this dealership on Yelp.  To put it mildly, Perillo sucks.  I have had nothing but bad experiences with Perillo in the 5+ years that I have done business with them.  I could list countless problems that have occurred over the years but what's the point? The point is this, Yelpers use Yelp to find out about businesses from other Yelpers before they use them.  Well, you've heard it here, and from all the other reviewers below, do not give Perillo BMW your business.  They will screw you out of time, money, quality of workmanship, and they will be rude to you all the while.  I have roughly 8 visits to Perillo since buying my car in 2008 and every single time there has been problems.  Customers sit around complaining to other customers how unreal their experiences are, it's comical.  If Perillo BMW didn't haver an exclusive right to sell and service BMW's in Chicago this place would be out of business faster than I drove my 335xi out of the dealership never to return again.

Shashank G. | 2014-02-20

I bought a BMW 335 xi from perillo and the experience was simply great. They have an amazing inventory from which you have a lot of options to choose your kind of a car. The sales executives here are very well accustomed to bmw cars and help you with all your questions. They made the process of trading in my car and drivin out a bimmer look so simple and pleasant. I would strongly recommend you to go to perillo if you r buying a BMW.

Lara B. | 2014-02-19

Ok, it's been 2 months of driving around in the worst loaner car that ever existed. I finally get my car back (palms to the sky-thank you Jesus) annnnddd the radio doesn't work. It's a BRAND NEW CAR. I drove it out of Perillo BMW with 17 miles, it now has 950, and it still isn't the car that I paid $60,000 for. I feel SO CHEATED. I hate this company. And to think I picked this car over a Mercedes, BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. The service guys fixed the original problem and reprogrammed my car with another problem-thanks for nothing. I'm sick of bringing my car in for service. This will be the 16th time since I bought it in nov/dec (somewhere around there) and I didn't even have it from mid dec until this past Monday. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

Ryan H. | 2014-02-19

I just bought an x5 at Perillo last week.  It was my first experience with Perillo.  Sebastian Zielinski was my client advisor who I found on the internet.  Suffice to say, my experience was excellent.  We negotiated a deal on-line, he bettered it, had my application vetted, and he stuck to it when I showed up for delivery.  A quick test drive and that was it - I was on my way.  Painless and simple.  Love the car.

I'd highly recommend Sebastian and his team going forward.

Steve H. | 2014-02-19

Stopped because my oil level was low. Alex took care of me right in the service lane. He put in a quart of oil and a gallon of window wash on the spot. I was really surprised when he said  "no charge, have a nice day." I most certainly did!

Jenn V. | 2014-02-18

After 11 years and 3 X5's later....we are moving on to Audi.  After giving Perillo our business for the past 11 years and referring all of our clients to them, we are done.  

When the transmission goes out on a well maintained BMW X5 at 60K miles, the dealership should really step in and admit that this should NOT happen and repair the car.    A 12 THOUSAND dollar repair?  I would think they would step in and repair the car for a loyal customer but apparently I am wrong.  Other luxury auto shops would have taken care of their customers in this given situation, Not Perillo.   When you pay 60K for a car, I expect to have it function for years and expect loyal service from the dealership in return.   Absurd.

Chicago's 411 G. | 2014-02-04

Wow, after reading all of the horrific reviews I was somewhat confused as to whether or not I wanted to service my car here. Sure enough, I live in the city and it was purely a matter of convenience. I scheduled an appointment about 2 weeks out so that I could insure I had a loaner car. I asked to work with Alex since he was EXTREMELY professional and helpful during a 2 minute visit to Perillo after I purchased my pre-owned 2011 550xi.

Alex was nothing but PERFECT from start to finish. He walked me through a couple of concerns and then sent me on my way with the expectation I would have my car back on Monday (I dropped it off on a Thursday night). Well, Friday afternoon came around and I got a phone call the car was done in time for the weekend! It didn't stop there though because I had remembered one other item of concern. Alex got off the phone with me and said no problem. Two hours later, I got a call saying that concern was repaired/replaced and that I could come in and pick up my car.

When I got there, the car was washed, ready to go. I would never bring my car anywhere else besides Perillo given this experience. Give them a try and you will see if you are courteous to them, they will be courteous to you!

Thanks Alex for all of your hard work with getting my car repaired in a timely manner!



Nick K. | 2014-01-31

It can easily win an award for most dishonest dealer in Chicagoland.

Chad R. | 2014-01-20

I purchased my certified pre-owned lemon ~90 days ago and since then it has spent ~25 days being serviced. So far here is the work that has been performed since my purchase:
- Replaced front axle gearbox
- Replaced front differential
- Replaced drivers front axle
- Replaced front brake disks
- Replaced front brake pads
- Replaced front brake rotors
- Replaced front brake sensor
- Replaced battery
- Replaced audio system controller
- Replaced iDrive controller
- Replaced heater/air conditioner blower motor
- Replaced transmission fluid

This is apparently what constitutes a "certified pre-owned" vehicle. This place is only concerned with the sale. They will do whatever it takes to unload troublesome, unsafe vehicles from their inventory. Do NOT purchase a vehicle from Perillo, especially Saleem Beg. He will tell you one thing and do another and he does NOT follow through on his claims. Find a dealership that cares about the quality of the vehicles they are representing.

Andy D. | 2014-01-17

I really struggle to trust the service department at Perillo. They always seem to have some sort of problem with our car. We rarely have to bring it in for service and there is never anything wrong with our car...luckily!

The most recent visit today was for a recall that should take an hour. We were still required to drop our car off early in the morning. Everything was completely fine with the car when it was dropped off. At 3:15 we received a call saying the car was ready...and, that there was a nail in the back tire. What? A Nail? How did that happen? We live literally blocks from the dealer. The tire pressure monitoring system was fine at 8:00 a.m. We were told it would cost $320 to replace the tire. We asked, can you plug the tire? Danette said "No, you have run flat tires and the manufacturer doesn't allow us to repair the tire. The tire needs to be replaced."  We don't have run flat tires by the way. I said we would pick up the car without replacing the tire. When we picked up the car, the tire pressure monitoring system noted that the rear tire was low on air. So, we went to a local tire shop and for $15 plus a $5 tip they repaired the tire by putting in a plug. Apparently, they inspect every car for tires and fluids. I was told they would provide a report of the results when we picked up the car. Of course, they provided nothing and the rude clerk at the desk to pick-up our car was unwilling to help. For a high-end brand, they sure have low-class employees who don't know how to deliver client service.

I'm not saying Perillo put the nail in the tire. I am saying it's very odd that we've had these tires on the car for a year with no issue.  We go to the dealer for service which takes less than five minutes driving, and we apparently got a nail in the tire. If the nail had been in the car prior to this morning, the tire pressure monitoring system would have indicated a loss of air.

I agree with other reviews that state that you can never get anyone on the phone and the service is slow.

WE WILL NEVER, EVER GO BCK TO PERILLO AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.  Find a good local BMW mechanic or go to one of the suburban dealerships who don't take advantage of you.

BTW...we went to All Day Tire Shop on Division and they were absolutely wonderful and repaired the tire in less than 10 minutes!

Mith R. | 2014-01-16

Impossibly slow service, no loners, impossible to get anyone on the phone...

Having a monopoly on BMW service within the city limits shouldn't mean such abysmal service. My last service appointment started with them "not being able to get to my car" the first day I dropped it off, despite getting in there first thing in the morning. By the second day, noon rolls around and I'd still not heard from them. I try to call, and I'm on hold for almost half an hour before they answer. I've never experienced such terrible service from a luxury car dealer. If you pay this much for a vehicle, you expect at least certain standards.

I'm sure they're lovely on the sales end...but take your cars elsewhere for service!!!!

Rosie Z. | 2014-01-07

Not the best experience. After taking my car here for an oil change my engine light went on shortly thereafter. I took the car back and was assured it was coincidence. Supposedly it was a filter, that was fixed and a week later  the engine light went back on?! I returned to Perillo where they again serviced it and within a week of bringing it back in the engine light AGAIN went on. Extremely frustrating. It made me wonder "Do they know what they are doing?"
I can understand that it may be my car, but they don't make an effort to sit down and go through with you what the problem is and how they fixed it when you pick up the car. They just send you to the cashier. They tried to charge me the service deductible  the second time it was serviced for the same problem that they didn't fix the first time but I refused and they agreed to waive the charge.
The man I dealt with was fine but not fantastic not horrible.
I am now going to Laurel BMW in the burbs for service and hopefully they will fix the problem.

Jena J. | 2014-01-06

Worst service experience! My husband and I sat on hold with the service department for 1 hour, long enough to drive to the Clark location. Upon arrival my called had not been answered; we then sat in the service garage for another 15 minutes before anyone approached us. If I knew this was the service that came along with a $90,000 vehicle purchase I would have never bought it. Completely disappointed with Perillo BMW. Because of this experience I will never buy a BMW again!

L L. | 2013-12-22

I stopped in one recent afternoon to purchase heavy duty winter rubber floor/rear cargo mats for my gray BMW X3 SUV and touch-up paint for my baby - silver BMW 328i.  Parts department personnel were friendly and helpful in locating requested items.  They also provided recommendations on the proper size tow hitch for my X3 capable of handling hitch-mounted Yakima bike/ski rack and best tires for it's all-wheel drive ability.  I have both my BMW's serviced by a private mechanic specializing in German luxury vehicles, but I can always count on the parts department here to provide good customer service and have inventory in stock.

Lisa L. | 2013-12-21

I recently bought out my lease on my 3 series BMW from Perillo BMW.  I have done lots of business with them in the past but this experience was beyond extraordinary.  My sales specialist Peter Mers was so helpful and was completely looking out for my best interests.  He took amazing care of me and my car and got me a great deal!  I am so happy that I contacted Peter at Perillo before I gave back my car because he made it so that I was able to keep my car at a very affordable price and with continued great service and warranty as well.  I think Peter went above and beyond for me and I don't see that very often when dealing with car dealerships.  I was very impressed by his kindness and willingness to help.  I just can't say enough about how great an experience this was and how happy I am with Perillo and Peter Mers in particular.  I highly recommend going to Perillo to see Peter.  Such a nice guy!

Deborah G. | 2013-11-26

I bought a used 745i and I had problems with it within the first six months.  I read all of the horrible reviews and I thought, ok, I'm screwed.  However, I contacted the used car manager and he really helped me out!  They went above and beyond, and I got my car fixed and I am loving it, again.  So, I have nothing to say but, Thank You, Perillo!

Samantha R. | 2013-10-29

This review is for Frank Billman in the sales department.

I was in the market for a new car and was deciding between Audi and BMW. I went in to check out the inventory at Perillo and fell in love with the 3 series. I wasn't ready to purchase that particular day. Frank wasn't pushy at all. He told me to go home and think it over and contact him when I made a decision. Ultimately, I ended up purchasing a 320 xi. Frank made sure I got full value on my trade and made the process very easy. I've had to email him a few times with questions and he's been very helpful.

I'm very glad that I purchased my BMW from Perillo. I'll definitely continue doing business with them when my lease is up.

Jonathan C. | 2013-10-18

This review is for the SALES only.

I am a bit worried when I see the 2 star review on Yelp, but it turned out to be a very good experience.
I think any car dealership experience largely depends on the single point of contact you have: the sales associate or the service adviser.
I read some good reviews about Frank Billman elsewhere, and specifically requested him to be my SA. Best decision I made in my new car purchase plan!

Frank was extremely down to earth, honest, patient and intelligent. No BS or upselling. He came to meet me on his off-day, and converted me from a MB fan to a Bimmer.
Just out of college for two years, I was probably one of the poorer clients of Frank, and only interested in the 3 series, but no pretentiousness or impatience from him at all! He's the most friendly and down-to-earth car salesman I've ever dealt with.

Pricing is very competitive (do your price discovery beforehand!), no pressure sale. Very little back-and-forth negotiations with the sales manager to reach a mutually agreed price. No hidden cost. The only charge I was not expecting based on out-of-door quotes was a very reasonable "appearance/detailing" fee. Was charged a lot more last time I bought a new car...

Finance lady was very efficient, too. No pressure sale when I declined extra protection plans and insurance. Took me probably ten minutes to finish all the paperwork.

Great smooth experience. Even though the service department seems to get bad reviews, I think I'll still give it a shot, since Frank should be able to find me a good service advisor, and he also offered to secure loaner cars if I come in for service.

Will definitely buy from Frank again if I need a BMW in the future.

Jamie E. | 2013-09-18

I recently purchased a 2014 X1 here and my experience was fantastic.  I was
pre-approved before I set up a time for the test drive.  Chris (sales manager) helped me out to start.  When I told her what I was looking for she put a price together for me.  She was very helpful. Once back from my test drive Ken Reffsin finished helping me.  It was such a pleasure to work with him.  He was knowledgable and charming.  Ken took me through all of the functions on the car.  He preset my stations and hooked up phone.  I highly recommend him and will not go anywhere else.  He followed up with me a few days later to make sure I didn't have any additional questions and to make sure I was happy!  I love my new car and had a great experience

Mary Lee M. | 2013-09-10

After reading the reviews below, I dreaded bringing my BMW in for warranty service.   However, I had little options as it was warranty work and the water/oil light went on.   The last time I ignored that light with a previous BMW, I ended up with an overheated car on the Kennedy expressway.    Respect the light!

I was able to get an appointment on the day I wanted (Friday).  I brought my car in and was immediately greeted.   They had my paperwork all ready and offered a shuttle service in 10 minutes.  I didn't need it but it is a nice service.  Car was fixed by 2 pm with a leaky coolant gasket as the culprit.

I went back in to pick up my car.  No charge. No hassle and was back out in less than 10 minutes.  The service ppl even cleaned the bird poop off my trunk.  :)  

Danette in customer service was terrific.  She sent a follow up email and so did the service director.  

One star off on the wait to schedule my appointment.  I had to try a few times to get through.  Once I did, it was outstanding.

N S. | 2013-09-07

The other reviews are correct.  Over priced, not helpful, better off at other BMW dealerships for sure.

Kendall C. | 2013-08-09

This place is terrible. Go to Bavarian Motors of Chicago instead for ANY BMW work...Go to Perillo and you'll be sorry you did.

Fernando P. | 2013-07-02

Brad (my service guy) and Alex (my tech guy) did an excellent job with the work they did to my vehicle. Although they had it for 10 days, it was mostly due to warranty having to come out! They gave me a nice loaner for 10 days, so I had nothing to complain about. Brad was great my first visit and also when I picked up the vehicle, and also Alex kept me in touch with everything that was going on with the vehicle. I would come back again because they did a great job and plus the loaners are always a plus. I've told my friends about my experience and I will definitly come back to get everything else done. Great job guys, keep doing what your doing, you have a lot of traffic and do a great job at managing it! -Fernando

Michael H. | 2013-06-08

Let's be honest, everyone has horror stories about different car dealerships. In all my years, I've never heard of a dealership that at least some people weren't happy with. You can't please all of the people all of the time.

That being said, I have been a customer at Perillo BMW for a number of years. I am a BMW fanatic and will continue to be a customer of theirs. About 4 years ago I bought a used X3 for my wife there. I was happy with the customer service provided to me by Sean (salesman) and returned last year to buy an M3 for myself. I made sure to work with Sean on that deal as well. Since they were both used cars, I figured the dealership would have a bit more wiggle room on the price than new cars. The GM of the dealership was definitely willing to work with me on the price. I think his name is Saleem? (I probably spelled that wrong) There is a very low supply of used M3 sedans, so I did end up paying a bit more than I had wanted, but they had what I wanted, and it was worth it to me.
Sidenote- absolutely love the car. couldn't be happier

As far as service goes, I have all maintenance work done at Perillo too. At first, it was a coincidence that Brad would always be my Service Advisor, but now I request him whenever I go. He always takes great care of me.
While the warranties were still current, service was definitely cheaper, i.e.- FREE! It was great, bring the car in, they fix everything, and I don't pay a dime.
Now though, the warranty has expired on both cars, so I need to pay out of pocket :(
Luckily we haven't had too many issues, just a leaky gasket here, and the usual oil change there.
Is it more expensive than an independent shop? Yes. Is it worth it? I think so. I'm one of those people that would rather pay extra to know that all work is done by BMW certified mechanics, with OEM parts. Peace of mind...check!

I'm not saying that everything is perfect at this dealership, but I am very satisfied with the service I was provided. My guess is that there are plenty of very happy Perillo customers, most of them are too old to know what Yelp is though.

Christopher G. | 2013-06-05

Our Beemer goes out of warranty. At Perillo's inflated prices and shitty service, took it to indie euro car shop, Chicago Import Service 2220 N Clybourn.  The mechanic fixed everything at half the cost. He told us a number of services were not performed to date, particularly software updates to the car's electronics. Duh, Perillo! The car runs better than ever.

Eddhead H. | 2013-06-04

First let me say my experience with the sales person was first rate.  She was engaged, interested and worked hard to find me the right car at the right price.

I wasn't to thrilled with Chris the manager however.

I came in to sign the paperwork and was told that in return for being such a patient client (?) the manager, Chirs agreed to give me 3 years of ding protection at no extra cost.  GREAT!!.  

So Jill, the finance person is breezing thru the paperwork at break-neck speed and I an thinking this woman needs to think about decaf.  We get to the contract page that lays out the packages, options and addtional services and I notice a charge for ding protection.  When I asked her about it she said something like, the way we give you free protection is to reduce the sales price.

Huh?  - Like Uncle Rohm is going to let THAT happen.

So I say try again.  It turns out, the all-in price I agreed to included an overcharge for sales tax, (they had me living in the Chicago city limit) and rather than reduce the overall charge, they simply shifted the incremental overage to ding protection.  Honest to God.  I pointed out to Jill that I was not an idiot and demanded that she remove the charge and provide it for free, or I was walking.  

I really hate the fact they tired to pull one over on me like that - honestly I expect that crap from low-rent used car dealers but not  from an upscale, reptuable BMW dealership.  If not for the fact the sales peson worked so hard for me, I swear I would have walked.

On the basis of the sales experience, they would have gotten 5 stars if they hadn't pulled that crap.  As it is, they're lucky they got 2, I seriously considered 1.

Eve Z. | 2013-05-15

We purchased X6 last week and couldn't be happier with the car and service.  We had a DVD screen that we wanted to be taking out and they did an amazing job! You can not even see where it was in a first place. They brought the car to Arlington Heights because we couldn't make it to Chicago that day. Outstanding customer service!

Amy R. | 2013-05-12

Over the last decade plus, I have purchased three BMW's from Alan Sahagian at Perillo BMW.  Each time I got a competitive price (trust but verify: I always checked with other dealers to be sure) combined with great customer service.  More importantly, Alan is someone who does not view his job as being over the moment a sale is done.   A recent example motivated me to actually sit down and post this review.  Out of nowhere, my 2011 X5 decided not start while I had three out of town guests on board and ready to go.  I called Alan and he was able to provide me with a loaner quickly (basically instantly) with no aggravation which really saved the day.  People are often quick to complain but forget to pass along positive feedback, so I wanted to take a moment to recognize the excellent service that he provided.  My cars have not needed tons of service over the years, but when little things arise or it's time for scheduled maintenance, the Perillo service department is always polite and responsive (this time it was Angelo, and I've had some great experiences with Kelly as well).  I have nothing but nice things to say about Alan and Perillo; I would recommend both him and the dealership as a whole without hesitation.

John M. | 2013-05-07

I leased my first BMW X1 from Ricardo at Perillo BMW and had a great experience.  Nice people with great customer service!

James David D. | 2013-05-07

Leased my first BMW from Perillo and it was simply a pleasure.  My sales person, Mr. Frank Billman, could not have been more personable.  He was extremely patient, explaining to me all of my options over several visits and lunch.  When we decided on the right fit, he was able to beat all other quotes AND he threw in extra options!  I since have referred friends to Perillo and Mr. Billman.  Both mine and my wifes leases are up soon and we are both looking forward to working again with Mr. Billman.  James

Jamie Y. | 2013-05-04

We are loyal BMW owners.  We approached Perillo when we were in the market for our current car.  We knew specifically what we wanted and needed.  We knew Perillo's inventory and asked to see the 3 cars we had narrowed it down to.  The sales staff beat around the bush and kept suggesting sedans/coupes, etc when we specifically said, "we want an X5." The sales staff couldn't deliver and we took our business to the suburbs where the exact car we wanted was in stock and available.  That's fine.  It's a small matter of supply and demand.  If you can't deliver what I ask, I will simply go where I can get what I want.

I've brought our X5 into Perillo service for a few small recalls and repairs when it's not convenient for me to drive out to the suburbs.  Recently, I brought my car in for service and while I was walking out, I swung by the sales floor to look at some models.  

While I was there, a female sales associate approached me and I was asked if I was a "good son" and brought my dad's BMW in to be serviced.  I was taken aback and replied by saying that it was my car and that I owned it. She further quizzed me and asked what trim level/options/accessories are on my car, to which I can only think that she was trying to evaluate how much money I can spend on a car.  I became annoyed with her and again informed her that I was just looking.  

She asked why I was carrying a backpack.  I replied with, "I need to carry a lot of books for work and school.  I was then questioned again whether or not I was actually a BMW owner.  I then leveled with her and said, "I'm just looking. If it's a problem that I'm becoming interested in a product you sell, I can leave." She backed off and tried to make small chit chat.  Realizing that she probably forgot her meds that day, the conversation ended with, "We're all starving.  We put in an order at Popeyes, would you mind picking it up for us?"

Needless to say, I have done my best to inform others of my experience.  and will no longer be using Perillo for any car need.

Christina L. | 2013-04-23

I regretfully purchased my BMW X5 from Perillo 2 years ago with terrible sales service ( I will not mention her name).  I have brought my car in for problems once before, and again 2 days later when the original problem was not taken care of (battery problems).  My car died on me several times before they were able to fix it (it was a brand new 2012).

Now, I have a minor ding on a door.  I brought the car in last week and still now 6 days later, NOTHING has been done for the car.  Im in a crappy rental car and want my car back.  They told me a minimum of 5 more business days.

I dont understand how it can take 2 weeks to fix this.  Whether they have to replace a door or not, it should not take 2 weeks.  Completely absurd.  Next time I'll take my BMW to an auto shop.

Alan H. | 2013-04-10

Great experience at Perillo BMW in Chicago. Ken Reffsin helped me throughout the whole process.

Besides all the great advices and helps he gave me, Ken took the delivery of my order for a 2013 X3 in very late March and reordered a 2014 X3 instead with similar pricing.

That's def something other dealers will not do willingly. The car arrived sooner than we expected. He also took a long time explaining to me every features in the new car at delivery.

No doubt I will give a 10 for his excellent job. Also many thanks to the manager Christine Shanahan at Perillo. She is awesome!

Joshua T. | 2013-03-16

I leased a BMW from Perillo and I will lease or buy only from Perillo in the future.  I only refer my friends here.  Here's why:  in an age of customer service deprivation and where business treat their customers like numbers, Perillo gives the Ritz Carlton of service.  True, the cars are awesome, but when I go there everyone is more than friendly, with smiles on their faces at 6am! They call and update, and ALWAYS answer their phones.

I leased a brand new white 328 convertible from Perillo last August. They found the EXACT car I wanted and at a much better price than I was quoted at other dealerships.

So, the sales and service folks have been stellar.  But I have to give a special nod to the collision center.  Ken C. took care of everything: talking to the insurance company and the rental car company, and made sure I was kept up to date constantly.  When my car was ready, it was cleaned and washed and looked brand new.  I dealt with AAA during this whole incident (a lady hit my car while it was parked and wouldn't take responsibility!). They were horrible, but Ken and BMW made sure the car was fixed and AAA paid without me having to do a thing.

By far Perillo BMW is the best customer experience I've had in a long time!

Tom M. | 2013-03-11

Just bought second car (X1) from Sean Dwyer.  Prior purchase (also Sean) was in 2004 (545).  Buying experience great in both cases, and service experience on 2004 car (545) was superb.  I contrast this with my horrible buying and service experiences at Orloff for Jaguar owned in between the BMWs.  Glad to be back with Perillo.

Cynthia J. | 2013-03-10

I worked with Sebastian to trade my 335 in and upgrade to a (used) 528. Sebastian worked with me really well-- I am not a "walk around the showroom" kind of buyer-- would rather do tons of research on the internet and narrow things down to minimize my time sitting in the dealership. Sebastian was awesome-- we went back and forth many times on email with him sending me links, reviews, and opinions. In the end, he identified a car that was perfect for me AS IT WAS BEING TRADED IN -- live, real time in their shop. We were able to inquire about the details, he spoke to the guys examining it as it was taken in as a trade and it was mine before anyone else even saw it....spotless, without a scratch and 24,000. He was knowledgeable, REALLY quick to respond and pleasant at all times. Their finance guy was great-- fast and accurate as well, so when I went to pick up the car it was painless and efficient. I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

Mike W. | 2013-03-01

This review is for Ken Reffsin in sales only.

I bought my first "adult" car from him recently. My nerves were so shot because I found the perfect car in the perfect color combination with all the options,  under warranty at Perillo on Clark. The price was only moderately competitive. Ugh, gold coast prices for an imported could this end well?

I figured nothing wrong with looking so I called ahead and was referred to Ken to check inventory. Went in the same day and he was super nice kinda funny and I didn't feel pressured to do anything or spend more than my target price range (didn't even tell him what it was). The following weekend I went back in with my trade in and negotiated the deal all by myself.  He gave me top dollar for my 12 year old trade-in and we came down to a VERY fair price for the BMW. Better than Kelly BB, black book, and NADA guides.

I still drop in about stuff I can't figure out about the car, like programming garage door openers and how to get my car to beep when I lock the doors. I suppose I could read my manual more, but he's around the corner from work so let him do it.  Each time he stops what he's doing to fix it right away, that's some service right there!

All in all great experience with Ken, he's really the only person I dealt with. However there were 2 taller younger salesmen that I overheard their entire tag-teaming sales game plan for one client ... Fail x2

Chris C. | 2013-02-21

Honestly - I had a really good buying experience when I purchased a used M6 from these guys in April 2010.  The problems came after:

1)  It took them far too long to fix up the dings in the car, and a couple of them went unfixed (so, they were 50% successful and it took a week to make this happen - unacceptable).

2) They try to bait you with protection plans that don't do shit.  They will single out one plan and do the whole, "You really need this one! It covers most of these others!  These others are not good!" act.  It worked on me.  I paid $500 for tire/wheel protection that doesn't cover dings on my wheels (which are all scratched up).

3)  The worst thing?  They sold me a car that had been in an accident without reporting it in the detailed summary report they give potential buyers.  I need some body work done, and there are a couple of scratches on the front fender.  The body shop informed me the fender was aftermarket, because the paint was peeling off ("that doesn't happen with BMW original") and under the paint everything is black ("that is not BMW standard").  

I was fine with the ding issue and the protection plan, but the third problem above means I will never be purchasing another car from Joe Perillo.  And to think an auto dealership would try to screw over a 25 year old buying a 3 year old M6.  How much money have they lost out on future sales to me / my family?  A decent amount...

Joe D. | 2013-02-20

I recently to possession of a 2013 BMW M5 that I custom ordered through Perillo.  At the same time, I traded in my 2008 M5.  It was a long process, as I mentioned, I custom ordered the 2013 M5 and it took 3 months to get from Germany, which is standard.  Well worth the wait I might add.  

I worked with Peter Mers in the sales department and he was fantastic.  He kept me notified on all issues related to the transaction throughout the process.  He guided me through the various departments that I had to deal with to do the transaction.  He always answered his phone (even when on vacation!!) and took great care of me.  The customer service was off the charts and he saved me a ton of time.  I have bought several cars over the years and this was by far the best experience I have had.  

In addition to the good service I received from Peter, I got a smoking price on the custom ordered car.  When we put the deal together, he went to bat for me with management and got it done.  

I took possession of the car about a month ago and had a refund check waiting for me at the dealership.  In my opinion, typically, your sales person would forget about you and move on the the next deal at this point.  Peter kept calling and emailing me to remind me to come get my check.  He even came out to say hello and check out the car again, to make sure I was happy, when I finally made it there to pick up the check.  

He is good people and awesome to work with.

Parissa B. | 2013-01-30

Let me first say that I bought my 328xi there and I loved working with Ken and would recommend him to others.

I do NOT recommend going there for service.  Extremely dishonest, shady place to go for service regardless if you're covered under warranty or not.  I used to tolerate it because of the convenience and but since discovering I paid for an oil change that didn't actually happen, I refuse to go back.  It's not the first time I've been lied to by Perillo and now I've decided it's not worth busting them on it to them.  I'm just going to write a Yelp review to save others from my pain.

still don't know why BMW won't allow competition in the city for Perillo.  They don't deserve the exclusivity.

Amber P. | 2013-01-21

Living in the city getting my BMW X5 serviced at Perillo is logical. The only Service Advisor I work with is Brad. He is very honest and communicates everything that is going on with your vehicle in a timely manner. The first person (don't remember his name) was horrible. If it wasn't for Brad being so professional and efficient I would've gone elsewhere. If you have to deal with the headache of maintenance do yourself a favor and work with him.

Lisa B. | 2012-12-08

Here's the follow-up to my last review on Perillo. I took my car to a small auto repair shop in my neighborhood (Rosemont Foreign and Domestic). They do mechanical and auto body work. Perillo told me that my window regulator was broken and needed to be replaced, and that I needed to completely replace my door panels. Total cost: $1400. Turns out the window regulator wasn't broken - it was fine. And the door panels are fine too. Needed to replace a bunch of broken pieces that keep the window in place inside the door, and needed new door clips all around. I had them do all of the work, and they even fixed my driver side window which from time to time used to shutter as it went up. And they fixed the knobs in my center console that were loose. Threw in two new taillight light bulbs too. Total bill: $320. And the experience couldn't have been more pleasant. Please heed this warning. Perillo not only will poke a hole in your car and deny responsibility, they will lie about your car problems and gouge you!

Mark S. | 2012-11-09

This is the worst car dealership i could ever imagine.  I purchased a certified pre-owned BMW 335i from them approximately 3 years ago.  I was told at the time that the vehicle title was clean and that it had come off of a lease.   I just recently tried to trade in the vehicle to get a larger vehicle for my growing family.  I was shown the carfax and was informed that i had bought a lemon.  I really did not have any mechanical issues to consider it a lemon, but none the less, its re-sale value is around half of what the fair market value is.  

I believe there are lemon laws in this state and i should have been informed that i was purchasing a "lemon".  This is extremely shady if not illegal.  Anybody out there an attorney and want a slam dunk case, message me.  

I have tried to contact Joe Perillo himself, but he is too much of a coward to call back.  I have reported them to the BBB as well.


Brent G. | 2012-11-04

I am new to Chicago and recently returned from a trip to find that I had a flat tire waiting for me when I got to my BMW.  I was supposed to be heading out of town by car on another trip.   I found Perillo on the web and drove there first thing in the morning with no appointment.  They quickly took me in, explained the problem, fixed it, and had me back on the road in about 20 minutes.  I really appreciate it~

George S. | 2012-10-30

Do not ever get your car detailed by the body shop. Their definition of a detail is not the same as any reputable. Car wash.

I took my three year old BMW 328xi in for the annual service.  Was again talked into getting the car detailed while the bumpers were being repaired.  Once again, they failed miserably at cleaning the car to the level of what I woudl call a "Detailing".
There were still leaves in the grill, there was still debris in the trunk that needed to be vacumed, there were still places that wee dusty.

I will give them credit on the bumpers.  The body shop did do a good job there.   I paid $180 for a glorified car wash and was told I was getting $70 off because of my bad experience over two years ago with the same service.  Don't waste your money

In addition, I was told that the rental car that I was not even supposed to have to get but did for three days would be $30+++/day.  It was $37+++ a day. When I brought it up was told they would check on it and give me a call.  Nothing in over two weeks.

Now to the BUMPER PROTECTION which I do recommend getting.  I was told that I would have a loaner for the time it took to do this.  I was then told no  .  I was then told, "Sometimes sales people say anything to sell a car" by their own employee.  When I actually went to complain about this, a sales manager did try to take care of it but I was still out $150 on the rental with nobody even acknowledging this fact.  Now, you want to say I am crazy and did not hear something correctly?

The prior two years, I brought the car in for service, got the bumpers dressed, and havd a loaner as promised by my sales person for the entire time.  Then was told by the Sales Manager that was what you were sold and she worked to get me a loaner but again after I paid an additional $150 for the rental.

No phone call after.  No apology after.  No nothing after but a car with nice looking bumpers again (kudos) and my $350 car wash.

I have heard of other's bad experiences here but never had experienced this treatment.  Can't say it was just a bad day since this was a three day trip.

Will never buy a car there again and will attempt to never take it there for service again.  Will always tell my story as I have to many and will always give them credit for doing a good job on the bumpers and honoring the warranty as I purchased it.

Sales person was nice originally but did not follow up.  Sales manager I dealt with was nice but never followed up (I had to).  Body shop person was nice but never followed up.  Person I spoke to in the loaner department threw their sales people under the bus so don't know what to say there.  There are other BMW dealers around.

My opinion:  Avoid Perillo.  Shame over wasting my time, never following up on what was promised, and only $350 in actual billing and car rental to lose a customer and referral source.  Guess they figure with 8 million people in Chicagoland, they can do that.

dave b. | 2012-10-23

Bought the car (cpo 328xi) over a year ago.  Great sales experience with Sean. Concern about service being poor (angry yelpers out there), only to have two consecutive seamless experiences.  Technician explained nature of lock issue, and he replaced components that were the proximate cause of the issue.  Even vacuumed (a word?) inside.  

Only bad experience at any BMW in 12 years is with Orland Park sales team.  They did not appear interested in talking to me. I ended up at Perillo, and I am happy.

Meribeth K. | 2012-10-21

We took our 3 series in for a tune up before the warranty expired.  The service department went above and beyond, and really did a fantastic job on our car.  Kelly in the service department was incredibly helpful and professional, and kept us updated on the status of our car.  And Alan in the sales department went out of his way to ensure that the overall experience was handled with the utmost precision from beginning to end.  We are pleased with the level of service offered here, and will return for future service as needed.  Keep up the good work!

Jay D. | 2012-08-15

Don't go to Perillo BMW . Its unfortunate because BMW has great cars, but they have a guy working there named Joe Abbas who steals money. I went into Abbas place Luxury motors and he approached and told me I should put a deposit on a car which I did then HE KEPT MY MONEY. Ive sued and then he settled agreeing to give my car deposit back and then Abbas refused to give the money he agreed again. The court may hold him in contempt now.  Anybody who hires a guy who keeps CUSTOMERS DEPOSITS for no reason should not be a place to go to.
Don't go to a place that hires thieves.

andrew k. | 2012-08-02

Setting aside the fact that I think my car is outstanding - my experience with the Perillo team has been outstanding, too.

My car (second one from Perillo) consumes a lot of fuel and a lot of oil (it is supposed to given the size/power of the engine) it requires me to stop in for oil a few times a year - more in the summer when I drive faster than usual.

The guys I work with most frequently are Brad & Angelo in the service area.  These guys are outstanding - they stay on top of the details and are prompt with calling or emailing me with updates.

Whenever issues come up - I always have someone (Saleem) I can contact that will listen to me and take care of my concerns promptly and respectfully.

I have been there enough over the years to see, hear, watch and experience what kind of company Perillo is - they are a company worth doing business with. I have seen every walk of life inside of their showroom and service center.  I don't see anyone of any shade or pocketbook size being treated different than the next person. It seems to me that everyone matters to them.

They are not perfect - they just keep working very hard to make things perfect.  That to me is what matters most.

James W. | 2012-07-10

So my 3rd Perillo BMW purchased in 9 years.  Need to get some simple bumper scratch work repaired, under a bumper guard warranty we purchased, also from Perillo.  
1.  Booked an appointment for Friday.  Re-arranged our schedules to have the car gone for awhile, but we get called on Friday to tell us they can't accomodate our appointment.  It gets rebooked for the next Monday.
2.  Monday morning- get another call from Perillo saying they can't keep this appointment either, and they will call back (which they never did) to rebook.
3.  I call Perillo on Monday morning- the service manager isn't in on Mondays (strange, since Monday is the best day to get your car in for service if you want it back that week).  I can't reach anyone with decisional authority to do anything, let alone book the appointment.
4.  I do find out that the minor bumper work takes 3-5 days - which is absurd.  Clearly (and the body shop confirmed this) they aren't working on your car continuously, but in a "when we have time" manner.  You are without your vehicle longer, because they can't perform work in a timely manner.
5.  Called BMW North American HQ on Monday to complain.  They (headquarters) tried to call Perillo and couldn't get a person with authority on the phone, and couldn't
resolve the situation.
6.  Spoke to a sales manager on Monday (tried to speak with anyone with authority to get something done) - was told sorry that Perillo cancelled on us twice, so they'd arrange a loaner car during the bumper work.  Sounds great, but they never called back to set this up.
7.  Insult to injury- we get a voicemail late Monday saying we never showed up for our service appointment (truth: they cancelled it), more evidence to support a hypothesis that the Perillo service department is in a dysfuncational state of chaos.

Giving up.  NEVER buying another vehicle from Perillo, and we'll have to suck it up and drive at least an hour to the suburbs to get service done at other BMW dealerships.

Brian S. | 2012-07-01

OK. My second BMW arrived and I've taken delivery so time for my update. I wish I could this dealer more stars -- just can't understand why all the bad vibes and reviews from other people.
My sales person, Alan Sahagian, kept me posted every step of the way while my car was being built and the car even arrived two weeks early. We scheduled delivery and everything was waiting and ready for my appointment. Paperwork took about 10 minutes and then Alan made sure I had a full understanding of all the new car's features. I received a follow-up call the next day making sure I was happy and thanking me for my continued business. He also offered me the opportunity to stop in next week with any questions that I may have after acclimating to the my new car.  
As I said after my first BMW, and as I concur after purchasing my second -- I am a Perillo BMW customer for life!

Foodie E. | 2012-06-20

Service Department normally decent, however, in recent recall they really dropped the ball. I called them three times to schedule an appointment.  First time, they provided decent information.  Second time - no call back.  ThIrd time, they told me I should call back in a month as they were still waiting for parts needed to address the recall.  A month?  For a recall?  I called the car company directly who called Perrillo.  Perillo told them they are not doing the recall work.  What??  Why couldn't Perrillo tell me that themselves?  Why tell me they are waiting on parts? I will be looking for another Saab Service location.

David G. | 2012-06-16

the most unpleasant car dealer. They don't return phone calls, they are gruff on the phone, my car has been scratched twice when in for service. BMW, please allow another dealer in downtown Chicago. Perillo is the Pits.  We actually get service done on the car now when we are on vacation. Dealers in other cities like Minneapolis and Cincinnati are so much more pleasant !

Gitana J. | 2012-06-03

Was shopping for the car and couldn't believe how unhelpful sales person was when I walked in the door. It felt that I'm bothering him and I almost left, but there was another guy Frank Billman who sensed that and kind of took over. He was very helpful and attentive. He took his time answered all my questions and gave me print outs. After visiting few dealerships I decided on Mercedes as I had good experiences right from the start. Perhaps if not the first guy I would bought something from Frank.

Steve S. | 2012-04-21

I've had two service experiences with Perillo on my 2011 328xi and both were great. The first visit was a sensor light that came on which was faulty and replaced in the time quoted. I work in the Loop so I used their free shuttle to get to the office. My service advisor was friendly and called me around noontime to let me know that my car would be finished by the time I needed to pick it up. My car was washed and ready to go.
The second visit was due to a nail being lodged in one of my run flat tires. They removed the nail (thank you Lower Wacker construction project!) and patched the tire. No need to replace. They did this in 15 minutes and sent me on my way.
I purchased the car from a dealership in the west burbs but Perillo is close to my home/office so I will be using them exclusively going forward.

Shea W. | 2012-04-21

Terrible.  Brought my car in for service and the scratched in two places.   The refused to fix it.  Stay away!

Sireesha A. | 2012-04-05

A day after I'd written my original review on Yelp, Perillo BMW's service manager made an attempt to reach out to me.  For that effort alone in going the extra mile, I have to give props to Perillo...not the owner, but to the service manager.  My rear brake pads were replaced in a timely fashion and the other issues which had been neglected on a prior visit were addressed to my satisfaction. This of course doesn't excuse my original reasons for being dissatisfied with the servicing department.  But, I will attest to the fact that no excuses or BS were offered on the phone or in person as one would have expected. It's inexcusable that it takes this to get what is standard customer service in this industry, but it also takes gumption to go to the efforts that the service manager went to in an effort to rectify matters.  From what I was told, it looks like there is a new system in place that addresses my original complaint.  But, it seems like I'll have to wait until the next time my service light comes on to comment on if it has indeed resolved the problem.

m w. | 2012-03-31

I agree with all negative comments. I bought a pre-owned certified from these guys a year or so ago. The service has been pathetic to the extent that I am actually scared to take it in for service. The reason being that last time I took it, not only did they not do any service on it but they returned it with black marks all over the carpet. When I complained they told me they would give me a coupon for detailing. But its inconvenient for me to bring it in like that.

I really think they dont perform service. There is no way to tell whether they actually open the front hood to peep inside.

At this stage I am just inclined to sell this car I have and buy a different car.

I also wonder whether they give better service to those who appear to be rich vs. the average Joe.

What a bummer. DO NOT BUY HERE.

KM I. | 2012-03-02

After many experiences with Perillo they have definitely redeemed themselves. The people here have always been nice and pleasant to deal with they just have such a large amount of business that sometimes things take a while.

However, they graciously reached out to me and took care of a number of things for my car, none that were their fault, to make amends for things in the past taking too long.

Mario has always been my service advisor and is one of the draws that keeps me going back. He is funny, charismatic, and on top of things for his clients. I always make sure to thank him in red velvet cupcakes.

Melanie also is one of the most pleasant people in customer service I had ever dealt with. She is prompt with e-mails and makes sure everything is to your satisfaction.

It is never pleasant to take your car in for service and have to be put into a loaner, but Perillo has made a lot of progress towards rectifying this experience for me at least.

Give them a shot again, a lot of the things people complain of on here can be taken care of if you ask to talk to the right people. They all want to make you happy because that in turn makes business better for them.

Eva G. | 2012-02-29

Service couldn't be better . My car runs like a thunder . Especially want to thank
Kenny  that made sure I didnt even make one phone call myself.

Kat M. | 2012-02-29

I recently began my search for a new BMW and went to Perillo.  I found the salesman to be very polite, informative and knowledgeable.  I ended up ordering the exact truck that I wanted and am so happy with the whole process.  Thanks!

Greg R. | 2012-02-27

Called to set a service appointment and get some warranty work done on my '06 BMW that was purchased pre-owned certified in Atlanta.  Perillo told me there was 'no record of the warranty in the system'  and that they were on the "N.A. BMW network".  Then they proceeded to tell me how I may not have understaood my warranty, etc, etc.  I called my dealer in Atlanta and boom, it is just what I thought, under the certified warranty.

I don't know enough about the business and why these guys would not have the same info....either 1) they obviously have an issue w/ their system, which they claimed would not be possible or 2) there is a way to make $$ by telling someone they are not under warranty and trying to get them to bring the car in.

Either way, it felt like a very sleezy operation - you should NEVER tell your customer they are wrong about information that is easily obtainable and people know.  Especially about your car warranty.

I will go elsewhere for my service and buy my next BMW (Which will be my 5th) from another chicago dealer as well.

Brandon T. | 2012-02-16

DO NOT take your car here for anything!  They're the worst dealer I've been to.  Oil change for a 330Ci was $160?!  North field charges $99.  I paid $100 at Perillo in June 2011 and they told me it went up to $160 now because oil price has gone up.  60% increase?!  Ridiculous!  Kelly Matkhlouf was extremely rude.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and she yelled "have a seat, wait an hour!"  

I only took my car there because of convenience and was willing to pay a bit more for it.  I have a guy up north that will do oil change for bimmers for $80.  I'll def drive up north from now on.  And if you've taken your car there for services, they always come back with a long list of what's wrong with your car and everything will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.  My bimmer guy looks at it and it's all b*llsh*t.  

Lastly, they never want you to take out a loaner and used to reimburse for cab rides, but that's also gone.  I guess they need to make up for the increase in oil prices and also charge you 60% more.

Terry B. | 2012-02-12

My experience with Perillo BMW service was extremely positive. My wife and I found ourselves in a real bind when our BMW 328xi decided to crap out at midnight several miles from our house when the weather outside was very cold. After BMW Roadside Assistance towed the car to Perillo, I had the pleasure of working with Jon Ralis of Perillo's service department. Jon really went to bat for us by securing us a loaner vehicle on the spot (a big deal, when most of the time you need a reservation to get a loaner) and starting to work on our car right away.  He kept in regular contact with us so we knew where our repair and loaner status stood.

In short, Jon was honestly one of the most pleasant and responsive service advisors with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work.  He is a credit to Perillo and a reason that everyone who had an unfortunate experience at Perillo in the past should give it another try.

Don C. | 2012-02-07

Promised me a loaner car and then wouldn't give me one. The loaner car woman was rude - no customer service skills. These people get a lot of cars in for service every day and some people there don't seem to show much interest in individual customers. That being said they replaced my water pump within one day and even washed the car for me. Some people were friendly there, others were not. Overall decent experience, and I expected poor based on the other reviews.

Nick L. | 2012-02-07

I went to perillo bmw because they had a certified 2008 x5 with 19k that I was interested in. I ended up buying this truck instead of a new jeep because I was told how awesome a certified bmw was. Little did I know this was not the case...As much as I love my vehicle it managed to be in the shop 4 times within the 2.5 months I owned it. The major reasons the x5 was in the shop was for brakes, lights, noises in the trunk, and a random loss of engine power which almost created an accident. By the fourth time I tried to get a hold of a manger. I had to stalk this person in order to speak with him. I was on vacation emailing and calling which ended up taking 4 business days to hear back. My car has now been in the shop for 10 days, they cannot find the problem. The service manager was very informative about the other problems and yet can't explain the loss of power. The manager seems to be giving me the run around and has yet to ease my mind about this issue. Customer service is terrible!!! Also if you do have a problem and want a loaner car prepare yourself for a 2 week wait. I would suggest the orland dealership for maine issues. Good Luck!

Joseph H. | 2012-02-01

I can only attest to the service department and only one Service Advisor, George Portillo. I have been in twice for warranty work and some routine maintenance. George was more than accommodating to my requests and went the proverbial extra mile to fufill all of my problems. I also was given a nice loaner, brand new 3 series to drive around for a couple days while my X5 was in for service. Overall, my experience there has been pleasurable with the loaner office to the cashiers, but George Portillo really stood out and make sure to ask for him if you need to go there for service.

Consumer Review .. | 2012-01-29

Proper management at this dealership is severely lacking and obvious given the magnitude of continued poor ratings.  I brought in my car and walked up to a service advisor's counter.  The guy didn't even acknloweldge my presense for 15-minutes while he was on and off the phone!  I bought a car there, and while they transferred my license plate, they scratched the bumper of the new vehicle.  I dread their complimentary car washes, as I find new hairline scratches on my paint (and yes, I always use touchless car washes as I notice these little details.)

After purchasing a second car, the salesman had little knowledge of the options offered with my particular vehicle. I would have spent thousands more if I only knew about the details of available options/upgrades.  At closing, they attempted to collect an additional $600 beyond my original downpayment, even though we previously agreed on the downpayment and monthly payment amount.  They added a $799 detailing package to the total price of my lease and then indicated that it was free (same monthly and downpayment.) This is a trick to increase the residual cost of the vehicle, so you pay for it at lease end if you decide to purchase the vehicle.  Slimmy business practices that are a serious turn-off to customers.  If they cannot appeal to the minimum ethical standards of working professionals, then people such as myself will take our business elsewhere.  It's pretty simple, really.

annie g. | 2012-01-19

I think my fellow Yelpers pretty much have this one covered.

But after the latest screw up by the incompetents in their body shop (I say latest because I already got jacked over by these guys two years ago to the extent that Mr. Perillo - not Joe - refunded me the cost of the repair - and sucker me decided to give them a second chance), I called Mr. Perillo (not Joe - he owns a dealership - so he is MR. PERILLO) to set up an in-person appointment to share my concerns.

I was routed through his secretary (yes they called this guy a secretary - hello the 50's are calling and they want their job titles back) and he returned my phone call five hours later and left the following message.

"He is currently out of the office and will return next week. So I can maybe try to arrange something - a telephone conversation or something like that. However he has asked that just because of scheduling concerns if you would be willing to just write your complaint and send it in writing. It would give us a heads up and allow me to brief him on it. And hopefully then we could fit you in somehow."

Oh - okay. Sure, would it be easier for Mr. Perillo and his scheduling concerns if I took a little more of my time to document in writing what my issue it????? Would that be easier for him? Cause that is what customer service is all about - what is easier for the business! It's not about seeking to understand where you can strive to do better. It's about putting the people that were compromised by employees who are incompetent and completely unaccountable through the wringer - just a little bit more.

Yeah - I'll get right on that. But due to my scheduling constraints - how about I just e-mail you the link to my Yelp reviews for you and your body shop???

Thanks for the time and the concern about your business.

Mike H. | 2012-01-18

I'm new to the BMW family with a used, low-mileage BMW Z4M Coupe. I have been a MINI owner for the past 4 years and both my parents are both long-term BMW loyalists.

I bought my car from a private seller in Chicago.  The previous owner had completed a oil service and full inspection 09/02/11 at Pirello BMW in Chicago. At that time, the vehicle was still under warranty and the owner specifically requested that Pirello BMW complete an inspection of the vehicle and determine if there was anything that need attention before the warranty expiration the following month. The oil change was performed, the inspection was completed and the only item noted was worn tires and the recommendation for tire replacement and a wheel alignment. Total charge was $0, as the vehicle was under warranty and the mileage at the time of the inspection was 26382.

The owner listed the vehicle for sale following the service and I found his listing online. Details were worked out and a price was agreed upon. I requested a vehicle inspection which was performed by Pirello BMW for $243. The vehicle showed 26392 miles on the clock at the time... however Pirello found several "new" issues with the vehicle. Specifically dirty/contaminated brake fluid, worn brake pads all around, a seized left front brake caliper and a leaking power steering hose (as well as the previously noted worn tires). It should be noted that these items were NOT OBSERVED during the previous inspection conducted UNDER WARRANTY, one month earlier, with only 10 miles difference on the odometer.

Discussing the matter with Pirello, the logical argument was made that most, if not all of these items should have been observed/corrected during the inspection conducted on 09/02/11. Pirello agreed to rebuild the seized left front caliper, replace the front rotors and flush and fill the brake fluid under warranty. During the service however, I was required to pay for front brake pads ($207.42). The service was performed and the vehicle was shipped to me in Washington State (still needing rear pads, tires and the replacement of a leaky power steering hose).

Upon arrival in Washington I discovered that during the brake service, Pirello reversed the left and right rotors. Not an issue with strait-vaned blank rotors... but the curved vane, drilled and slotted rotors on the M Coupe are side-specific. When I contacted Pirello BMW about the issue, they agreed to correct the problem, but required me to take the vehicle to my nearest BMW dealership (BMW Seattle, approximately 60 miles away from my home in Mount Vernon).

To complete the service, I had to take a half-day off from work and drive the 120 miles round trip to BMW Seattle to have the problem corrected. I arranged a service appointment and was told to have the service adviser from BMW Seattle contact Pirello upon my arrival.

My vehicle was completed in just over one hour and during the service I had my turn signals programmed for personalization and purchased a handful of minor hardware and some BMW accessories. Total price for service and parts came to $577.01. Of this, approximately $288 was specifically for the correction of the reversed rotors.

When the vehicle was finished, BMW Seattle called Pirello BMW no less that 6 times in an attempt to coordinate payment for the portion of the service that was specifically the responsibility of Pirello BMW. Each call they were given different reasons as to why they would need to call back, or who would need to authorize the charge at Pirello BMW. After waiting OVER TWO HOURS at Seattle BMW for Pirello to pay for their portion of this service, I finally paid for the service myself and left the dealership

While driving back I received a call from the Pirello BMW SA indicating that I would be rimbursed before the end of the day. I did recieve a reimbursement from Pirello that credited to my account two days later, but what a hassle.

I'm concerned that if Pirello can mess up somthing as simple as side-specific rotors... miss a siezed caliper on inspection... miss a leaking poer steering hose during inspection and miss worn brake pads... what else did they miss when I paid them to inspect the car prior to my purchase?

I really feel Pirello BMW owes me some type of compensation for the following:

-A half a day's work + 2 hours of wasted time
-120 miles in fuel
-and I would still argue that Pirello should have rightfully fixed the leaking power steering hose they missed, and rear brake pads when the vehicle was inspected under warranty

If you care for your vehicle... or are concerned with how a dealer will behave when somthing doesn't go quite right, DO NOT TAKE YOU CAR TO PIRELLO BMW!!!

Food Junkie S. | 2011-12-22

I wish I could give this place a negative star. This is the worst dealership ever! Avoid this place. They can't fix anything. You will end up with more problems when you pick up your car. It's like these guys don't know what the hell they are doing. They replace parts with more broken parts. The managers are horrible and the service advisors don't know anything about cars. Avoid!

Winston R. | 2011-12-08

Will take your money and laugh all the way to the bank.  I had a 3 year lease from 2009.  They told me they lost all of the paperwork.  I purchase warranties for the tires and body and they can't find it.  Great work Joe Perillo.  You should be proud.  Go to Northfield if you are looking for a new BMW.  The actually care up there.

Ryan M. | 2011-11-08


Not only is the service bad, but this is absolutely the most expensive place to get your bmw serviced. I brought mine in because I thought my starter needed to be replaced or there was an electrical problem. Turned out it needed a new battery. Of course they wanted to sell me a battery, for 538 bucks. Yes, 538 dollars. They also found a bunch of small things wrong with the car i.e realign tires etc. All these small things added up to 2 grand.  I decided to buy a bosh battery and have another bmw service do it. Costed 115 dollars. Only suckers go here. SUCKERS!!!

Kelly G. | 2011-11-06

I would rather drive out to a suburban dealership than work with these assholes again, even though this place is only a few blocks from home.

I bought a used 2008 BMW X3 that was still under full warranty. I called their service department. It took me SEVEN calls to get through. Then after I explained the situation (needed new part on steering wheel because paint was chipping) I heard a sigh followed by a dial tone!! She hung up on me!!!! Nobody hangs up on me! Then I called back (during business hours - nobody picked up, as usual) and left a message requesting a call back. Of course, nobody called me. So I gave up and went to a FANTASTIC dealership in Madison.

This dealership is giving BMW a very bad name. I would expect more. I hope BMW shuts them down.

Lauren S. | 2011-09-30

Our BMW gets serviced here due to convenience of the downtown location. My husband recently went in with the car and while he waited went to look at the show room. After being greeted with hostility and sales people that didn't even get out of their chairs but shouted across the room "What do you want?" we decided to buy our new X5 from Laurel in Westmont.

The service guys are awesome - friendly and helpful. It's a very busy location so service can take a while but that's understandable. Terrible customer service from these sales folks which is inexcusable cuz' it's their job.

If you are buying a new BMW make the trip to Laurel in Westmont instead.

BJ G. | 2011-09-06

Took my 650i to have center storage compartment fixed (would remain closed after unlocking vehicle).  My regular service advisor (Angelo) was off that day, so I was helped by a female service advisor that shall remain nameless for now.
Immediately her primary focus was to get me into my loaner and out of Perillo as soon as possible.  Discussing my service needs and actually looking at my car were not important.  She took some quick notes while I was in the loaner office and by the time we came out my vehicle had already been driven into the service area.
Needless to say, she had to call me a few hours later to "ask what the issue with my vehicle was".
When I picked up the car, the top of the rear spoiler was dirty and had a light scratch (I knew it wasn't there before as the car had been washed the previous day).
To complete the picture, Perillo quoted me almost $1k to fix my issue, saying the complete center area needed to be disassembled and the locking Mechanism replaced, which I of course declined.
Upon returning home I used a file to file down the tip of the locking latch.  Everything works perfect now.
I'm  disappointed to see Perillo's approach to customer service is based on a "factory line" approach -get customers in and out as soon as possible.
After dealing with the excellent service department at MB of Chicago for the past 4 years, it's frustrating to think I now have no option but to deal with Perillo.

There IS another option for BMW service for those of us that live in the city. I've been to Fields BMW several times now and their customer service is second to none.  Their facilities are great and they also provide you with a loaner.  Definitely worth the slightly longer distance.

Laura B. | 2011-09-02

Service department quoted me 45min to an hour wait. It took over 3 hours. There goes my Saturday morning.  They also overestimated the cost significantly--wtf?  I think I'm gonna try the next closest BMW service location...

william w. | 2011-08-26

Worst. Service. Ever.  

- Didn't notify me when my license plates came pulled over for having expired temporary tags.  Went to the dealership and they said, "oh, yeah, we forgot to send you notification that your plates were in.  They came in like 2 months ago."

- Went to have plates installed on my car.  Didn't have the right equipment. Only installed the back plates...still don't have my front plates on

- Service deperatment only open 9-5 on weekdays.  And no, they won't give you a loaner car, and no, they're not open weekends.  I work in the market so can't exactly get away during the day to have my plates installed

- emailed my sales guy asking for help, his response: "Don't you live close to the dealership?  Why can't you just come in?"

Chris K. | 2011-08-25

If you go to Perillo ask for Ken Reffsin. He is the exact opposite of what you think of a car salesman to be. He is a doll and I'm obsessed.


Steven N. | 2011-07-29

Against better judgement and recommendations from many people I bought my 3 series from Perillo a while back.  I had heard all the bad stories but decided "how bad can it be" when the dealership is literally just down the street from where I lived.  After all it's that, or have to drive to the suburbs for service.  I am so mad at myself that I didn't just buy from a suburban dealership, even with Perillo being just down the street, it's simply not worth the terrible service and attitude.  My salesperson was a nice guy, but that's where it ends at this dealership.  You only deal with the salesperson initially anyway, of course those guys are nice- they have to make a sale.  At the service dept. it's hit or miss (usually miss).  Sometimes you get good customer service, other times you get treated like they're doing you a HUGE favor by even allowing you to bring your car in.  When I purchased the car, I didn't finance it so I had to have money wired into the dealership via their financing department. The gentleman in the financing dept. was so unprofessionally rude that my salesperson (who was very nice) had to apologize to me for him as he huffed and puffed, refused to look me in the eye and didn't shake my hand when I stuck it out to introduce myself.  So many people out there need a job and somehow this guy has one. Really?  My salesperson whispered "sorry about him, they get kinda testy when people don't use their financing, ya know how it goes."  Nope, I don't know how it goes and I don't care.  I"m a customer who just gave you my business.  I should have walked out right then and there but foolishly I didn't.  Seriously consider purchasing elsewhere unless you're a glutton for punishment.

Anna E. | 2011-07-26

I can't speak for Sales, etc, but the Service here is really awful. I'm not some fuming customer, I just moved here from the West Coast and was used to excellent BMW service. At Perillo, they act inconvenienced to have your car there and take no ownership of their work. I took my 5 year old BMW in for its service due, payed over 3 grand, and noticed the next time I drove it that something was very off. Perillo claimed no responsibility, although 2 other service places (including a different BMW) said it had to be what 'rillo "fixed" and that their whole explanation sounded fishy. I've never been thrilled here, but this is the last straw. Seriously. Drive to the burbs. Or go to an Import Service place. Not here.

Ps- I would encourage people who've been hosed here to go to the Better Business Bureau IL website and file a complaint. There a many there already, but not enough to downgrade the business.

Rach D. | 2011-07-12

TERRIBLE. This place is a joke. Horrible customer service. Went in there knowing exactly what we wanted and the sales guy was a total jerk. Decided we didn't want to do business with the guy, so when we returned, sought out a different sales guy. Also a jerk. Unhelpful, rude, wouldn't return my calls, etc. Then asked for a sales manager...same deal. So we went to another dealership in the burbs instead - the sales rep there practically fell over himself trying to help us. The other dealership got us exactly what we wanted in a better timeframe. Hey Perillo, I gave you 3 chances to make money off me. Clearly you don't care about customers or about profit. Will never set foot in this place again. I'll tell anyone who will listen to stay away from Perillo.

Wilt C. | 2011-06-26

The service department stinks to high heaven. The only reason anyone does business with Perillo is because they are the only BMW dealer in the area. The owner spends more time making his stupid commercials than taking care of customers..

Borat S. | 2011-06-22

I bought a 750li with 15,000 miles and at 20,000 miles it blew a gasket. There were so many problems with the on board computer. The navigation would randomly turn off too. I'm pretty sure that Perillo was aware of these problems when the car got sold to me.

Lenene W. | 2011-06-05

I've gone twice and both have been terrible experiences. They have bad customer service at all levels. After my second bad survey the survey guy called to "fix" by offering me a detail of my car. when I declined he said well can you just say this is resolved at least I called you and spent x amount of time with you.
It is resolved as I will absolutely never go back here again. I will make the hour drive to the next closest dealership.

Brian S. | 2011-04-18

Go in for parts often, sadly these BMW cars are junk, not the dealers fault though.  Parts department staff has an attitude edge, but usually the parts are always in stock.

A n. | 2011-03-02

I don't know what happened but perillos service has changed for the better. I have been taken care of so well the past few times I came there.  Any issues they were resolved immediately and with a smile.  I'm very glad for the change.

Anne K. | 2010-12-30

Me thinks not in terms of Sales. This  Spring I needed to get a new car. I went to Perillo and the sales guy was so passive it was annoying. I didn't know anything about BMW (I planned to purchase an Audi A5 at that time). When I went in, all my questions were answered with "yes" or "no".   There was zero attempt to help me identify any better features that a BMW would have over an Audi. I ended up going with a BMW only because of about $10K price savings difference on an Xi model, but I went to another dealership.

So now I've had my BMW for about 6 months and the TPM light went on. I live in the city so until this morning and until reading all the reviewes on Yelp,  I was planning on calling Perillo to get it checked out.  I actually did call the service at 7:30AM, but no one answered. Their service hours show that they start at 7:00AM.  I was hoping to take my car in at around noon.  Well, thank you all my little Yelpers!  From what you all say, it doesn't appear that their service department will be any better than Sales or that they will bent over backwards to get your business.  

My professional evaluation of this business is that there exists a high probability that results will be poor.  I personally will wait couple more weeks and take a day off from work to drive out to Laurel.   Maybe others will take a chance, but I recommend not to. There needs to be a decline in demand for this establishment for the service level to improve.

Mikki G. | 2010-12-28

It is unbelievable that this dealership is still open. I wish I could give it zero stars. Perillo does not represent the high standards that have been associated with BMW.  My experience with the service department has led me to believe that most of the staff are incompetent and downright rude, and the management has no control or desire to hold them accountable.

On two occasions, I have taken my car to be serviced since they are the only shop in Chicago city limits.  On both occasions, there was no loaner available and the car was returned to me without being washed.  These were minor oversights compared to what I experienced just one day after service. BOTH TIMES, in less than 24 hours, the car began exhibiting the same symptoms for which I took it in! I was told to bring it back and they would look at it again.  No apologies were made. I wonder whether they looked at the car at all.  In addition to the questionable service or lack thereof, many of the staff I met were attitudinal and unhelpful.  There was an overall attitude as if I should be thankful they were doing me a favor instead of providing a service that I was paying for.

It is worth taking a drive to the suburbs to get friendly quality service.  Do yourself a favor and skip Perillo. My experience with the service department was anything but SERVICE.

Dean K. | 2010-12-05

Perillo, you suck.  You don't give prices over the phone, even if I say, "can you do better than this price."  When I go in, you tell me that a certain price is the "best you can do."  That is, until I tell you what another dealer is offering and then, suddenly, you can do better.  Just level with me already.  Anyways, I got the same car from Bill Jacobs BMW in Naperville for 200 bucks less per month and that was the only price Bill Jacobs ever gave me - the best one they could possibly offer.  Perillo was saved from a single star review because the service was good the couple of times I went there for oil changes.  Sorry, Perillo, but two stars is "the best I can do."

Katie S. | 2010-11-02

Wow, this place is the worst.  I did not buy my BMW from here, only brought it in for service.  The service department people are very nice but the actual service done is terrible.  I wasted several hundred dollars and took it to an independent dealer who finally fixed it.  Never go here.  Save yourself the headache of fighting with them to get the job done.

Riz A. | 2010-10-13


took my car here to have a small airleak fixed...when i got the car back it smelled like smoke and dog crap. Not only that, the air leak wasn't fixed, and the window rattled like crazy; they screwed something up inside the window and forgot to put a screw back in. I also had to get a headlight repaired and they cracked the ballast and didn't mention it; when the headlight went out again ( * obviously they didnt fix it too well)  I had to take it into another dealer to get it repaired, who found the broken ballast. When i mentioned perillo, they rolled their eyes and mentioned that these guys are known for crap-service. Also, no loaner with even a week of notice...give me a break.

Pamela L. | 2010-09-27

They suck.  I would give no stars if I could.  I purchased 3 cars from them and have serviced them all there.  I have never had a problem until I purchased my newest one 2 years ago when they implemented their new awful service model.  

I have had my car there 7 times for various service issues in the last 2 years which is totally unacceptable.  I drove out of the service driveway once and the service light came on 2 miles later. I called the service manager to complain and he never called me back.  I then called my salesperson and she had to put the squeeze on service for me, of course, after I threatened to never buy from them again.

Friday I had to once again bring my car in because the head light was out (which they changed a few months ago) and for another service light.  I pick up my car after they send you this new report "know your car" that explains what they have done with your car to give you "peace of mind" with how they do additional diagnostics while it's there.  Well they changed the headlight but did not deal with the OTHER service issue!  I am glad that they did additional diagnostics but DID NOT FIX what the actual issue was.  This was Friday evening of course so this morning they picked up my car at my house and dropped off the loaner.  This no where near makes up for their incompetence.  I am convinced that they do nothing with my car while it's there other than wash it.  They used to change your wipers during routine service but I have the same crappy wipers every time!!

Joe Perillo, if you ever read this-something is very wrong with your service organization and if you have any pride at all you should stand by your loyal customers and get your act together.  As for my business, it's way too late, you will never have it again.  I will never buy or service a BMW at Perillo again.

Tony R. | 2010-09-04

If you like to get bent over then this place is for you. Thick as thieves....

Debra S. | 2010-08-09

The service is awful.  Wouldn't make right on promises for service/repair during the purchase...Said all the "right" things but alas didn't keep promises.  Dishonest, unethical...  Service your car at Field's...MUCH better.  These guys at Perillo BMW are completely disappointing.

I read the other reviews on Yelp before writing this one...  Chris V. and Andy B. - I had similar experiences...Sold services at time of purchase that they wouldn't make good on, bad service dept, etc...Will not purchase from Perillo again.  Cool car - crappy service and treated like a third class citizen after spending A LOT of $$$$.  

But...if your curious if the mafia is still alive and well in Chicago, go to Perillo and find out for yourself.

andy b. | 2010-06-01

i already reviewd this dealership and i just needed to say Never go here. They made more problems with my car in addition the head of financing refused to give me the paper work for my lease and when i asked he has a short temper and started accusing me of accusing him of being dishonest. In addition a few of the staff members here are plain rude.

Lied about my engine problems and said " oh that is normal" did not even test drive my car. turns out had problems with engine
told me bumper gaurd would not cover the scratch on my car ...i paid for bumper gaurd and was expensive and they did not even look at my bumper just told me " no it will not cover it" took it to another dealer ship and said should cover it...then took it back to another service man and he said " sure it will cover"
lets put it this way...there are so many problems here ...everytime i go there, there is another problem

Chris V. | 2010-05-26

NEVER EVER EVER buy a car from these guys.

Service is horrendous. You buy a BMW and get Hundai type customer service.

Joe Sr and Jr should be put in jail for running this type of outfit.

Every single time I went into this place I left more things wrong with my car then when I went in.

And how about the time the license plate holder fell off the front and they wanted me to pay for it even though I had supposed bumper to bumper coverage! They said it might not be a defect, someone might have stolen my plates.

Or the time I needed to get a new key and they wanted me to pay $75 just to have the old key decoded??

Or the time they called to tell me my key was ready and to come pick it up only to find out they dont allow you to pick up keys on Saturday? What?? Not even Joe Jr has a key to get the keys on Saturday? What a baboon.

I will never ever buy another BMW again and never buy anything from Joe Perillo of course.

Hopefully this site helps less people make this HUGE mistake.

Buy a BMW, get a Huyndai!

Peter L. | 2010-05-14

Don't ever get your car repaired by J Cosmetic Services, Perillo BMW's on-site body shop. Last January, my front bumper became badly damaged when I hit a concrete parking block. The inspector(Jay) gave me an estimate of $500 for fixing it. I said yes, let's do it. Well a few days later, he called me to tell me the car will be ready for pickup by the end of the day and the total is $675. Of course, I reminded him of his $500 estimate. He then said that's just his labor charge and with needed parts and tax, the total came out to be $675. I battled him saying he initially said $500 for everything, and he eventually reluctantly gave in. However, I could tell there was a tone of anger in his voice during our conversation.

Well, I picked up the car later that day and within a couple days, my power and heated mirrors mysteriously kept moving around continously while I drove. On Friday, I brought the car back in to Perillo and explained the problem. The same inspector for J Cosmetic Services said that this has nothing to do with the fixed bumper and Perillo Service needs to fix this, and then brought over the Perillo appointment setter (for a huge additional fee of course). I said no thanks. Then, on Saturday morning, my car wouldn't even start. What happened was the power mirrors kept moving around even after I shut the engine off and ended up completely draining my car battery. So I had no car to drive that weekend and on Monday, I had BMW roadside assistance jump start my car and afterwards, drove it to Chicago Import Service. They said my power mirror motor is malfunctioning and it will cost $1500 to replace it or $550 to just disconnect the power mirrors entirely. I chose to disconnect.

I have a suspicous feeling that this additional $550 repair was all tied to J Cosmetic Services.

David C. | 2010-05-06

Do not go here.... its worth the drive out to the burbs to get better customer service and a friendly face.  I tried to buy a car here and the sales person I worked with, Ken, never called me back as he promised.  I was also told at one point, "maybe this car is not for you."  I guess he and the sales manager did not like my offer.  I know my money was not for them and I took my money to Fields in Northfield and I LOVE them.  If you want to be treated as worthless buy at Perillo.

Cappy A. | 2010-03-01

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

My Review of Perillo BMW :
My entire Perillo experience was great because of two words: KEN REFFSIN. This guy is AMAZING. He is the BEST sales rep EVER! He goes above and beyond in every aspect. He has consistently given me the BEST prices of ANY other dealer. He really CARES about his customers and maintains an excellent relationship because of great follow-up and attention to detail. If you want to buy or lease a BMW and sleep peacefully at night - buy your car from Ken Reffsin at Perillo BMW. While Ken is in SALES he is ALWAYS there for his customers and will interact with the Service Dept. if necessary to assist his customer every step along the way. 5 Stars for KEN REFFSIN. KEN IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!
I now live in Florida most of the time but continue to rely upon Ken Reffsin as my "one and only" when it comes to buying or leasing a BMW!   They don't come any more HONEST than Ken.  And THAT is really saying something when dealing with car dealers!!!!

Tom C. | 2010-02-22

the service department is a joke. I get a call letting me know my car will be ready in an hour. I get to the service department in an hour and half. While I was going to the cashier, I get a call that my car wasnt ready and I would need to get it the next day. Thank for letting me know LAST Minute! I get no apologies, nothing. I would rate it 0 stars. I REPEAT LIKE OTHERS, AVOID PERILLO! There is a reason why they have those crappy commercials, they SUCK and they know it.

Benjamin S. | 2010-01-11

Recently purchased a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle from Perillo.  Had a mixed experience.  We initially spoke with a salesman who was friendly and seemed helpful.  I sent him a list of cars from their website and scheduled an appointment to see them.  I showed up and the salesman had made no effort to find the cars and not one of them was onsite.  We decided to look at other cars and other dealerships but with pre-owned cars you don't always have a lot of choice.  The salesman called a couple of days later and said he had one of the four cars.  It was most definitely the car we wanted.  When we test drove we got Alex from Perillo and not the original guy.  That was probably the difference for us  If you're thinking of buying a car and scared of Perillo, just ask for Alex and you'll get friendly, straight-forward, and a fair deal.

DO NOT GO TO PERILLO FOR SERVICE!  You're better off taking your car to veterinarian and having them work on it.

Dabney, B. | 2010-01-05

Ay yi yi, Dios mio, where do I begin???   If you are reading this post-purchase, welcome to the club. You are now Perillo's ((*cough*)). No matter what side of the ledger you're on,  you are going to sit back and enjoy the ride. Someone will anyway.

If you are reading this pre-purchase, and you know that this is going to be  the only dealership in the City that you have an option of going to, let me give you this advice:  Most that gave this place a one-star have made a simple, yet fairly common mistake. You HAVE to identify a key guy or gal in Customer Service who is your exclusive go to person anytime you have a problem, and I'm guessing they didn't.  It's like a job, if you can't communicate with your boss, you are toast, and it's not going to work.  Here you have to find someone you can work with to accomplish your goals.

Me? I don't call Perillo BMW. I call Angelo.  If I need a loaner, I call Amy.  Both of them are solid, so at the very least I give this place a two star.  If you're getting ready to buy, that's the best Tip I can give you, find your people!  Heck, ask for Angelo and tell him I sent you.

Another plus was the initial sales experience.  Low Pressure, very attentive, and not over the top in your face. Test drive was effortless, they let you feel in control from the second you walked in, not like you are being worked over.

Fast forward to today, I was in here to get a blown light bulb taken care of, in and out, effortless as it seems to be that the light bulb was fine and simply not screwed in tightly upon leaving.  But I now have bigger issues because my ABS light is on AGAIN, so I will have to call and schedule a true appointment later for breaks specifically for the third time in a year. It could just be a computer issue, so I'm not panicking yet, but Im still concerned.

I really think up front that a Dealership that is THEE BMW Dealership in the city is hard to rate.  I wish I could give it a 2.5, right down the middle.


*Sales Staff

*Customer Service Reps

*They go over paperwork and history with you when scheduling anything, they don't rush you, and are quick to call you if they want to do something that may result in a higher cost.

*They call you when your car is ready, call you with appointment reminders and make sure everyone is on the same page.

*You give a limb away every time you come in here, but we're partially to blame for that initial purchase. You know the deal when you buy a luxury vehicle, especially a BMW. Everyone who has had one for an extended period of time will tell you,  once the Warranty is over, it's a field day, and you better believe it's at your expense.  If you didn't know that, Im warning you now.

*Like some have stated, I'm not sold the problem gets solved.  How many brake issues can I have in the last 30 some-odd months? Hard to blame a specific individual, the mechanics or the engineers, so I won't put this on Joe and Co. until I have enough information, but I can't wait to see how this next appointment goes.

*It's the only Dealership close to me.  That's an unsettling feeling, but it is what it is, I knew the deal going into it.

*They don't have an affiliation with a neighboring Rental agency anymore for a loaner while you're out, so I don't get in as quickly as I used to.

Overall, I'll go with three stars here, but keep in mind that's on based on a 2-4 scale. If you take my advice, you can't get lower than a two, and realistically, it is a dealership,and I would need two car purchases over an extended period of time to give it anything more than four stars.  This is closer to 2 stars than 4, which is why I am clamoring for a 2.5, but oh well. And of course, earlier on you always have a favorable opinion of your ship so that feeling goes down as the car ages.

In short, buy here with little hesitation, if you can come to grips with the fact that after the warranty is done you are going to shell out some serious cash.  I'm not so quick to blame the dealership as I am the brand of car we chose to buy, so I won't blame them without proof of gouging, which I personally have not experienced, but the people I specifically deal with are good ones.  They alone carry the favorable impression I have of Perillo Inc.  Good luck if you buy one, and welcome to the family! & just like a real family, there will be lots of highs and lows. Luckily for you, you're going in well-trained!

Anjali S. | 2009-12-30

This place really deserves a 0 star rating. The staff are incompetent - the side effect of being the only BMW service dealership in the city. Incompetent means- they do a quick fix job and return your car and charge you as much as possible as they can for it. You take your car, cough up the cash and a few weeks later, everything breaks down again - means another trip back to them. Read below for more info:

Last year, we took our BMW for servicing - our battery was giving us problems. They made us replace the battery and charged us $500 - saying the battery lifetime was up (it wasn't) and that we don't drive enough (being in the city and all). Shortly after this, we drove to Ohio for thanksgiving and back and the following day or slightly later, the (brand new) battery died on us again. We took our car in and this time, they replaced it again charging us another $500. When asked for a reason, they said "oh, you know, these things happen every now and then". Finally they acknowledged there was a device in the car that wasn't switching off after the car engine was turned off - that eventually drained the battery. They only refunded the second $500 after my husband called and explained that the battery was never a problem - that we had warned them, the battery was never a problem and that there were other devices that might not be working properly. Finally, after the senior serviceman on duty conceded that it was an oversight on their part, did they refund the fee. We can get this kind of service at Ford or Toyota or GM - why buy a BMW? I pay for quality because I expect you to fix the problem the first time around.

The second situation was our windshield fluid compartment that would keep leaking. The first (and most ridiculous) question one of the staff asked me is "Are you buying 'quality' antifreeze solution - these cars can't handle the substandard stuff you know". Gee, let me think now - I pay $40000 for a car and I'm going to save on windshield fluid. That would be real smart :). Fine, whatever, they replaced it - and the dang thing broke again a few months later - i.e. it was leaking again. And yes, of course I had to pay. Twice.

Finally, our front left signal blinker was broken and replaced only to stop working every once in a while. By now my husband and I have this feeling, they fix stuff so that its partially broken and we can keep coming back and they can keep charging us.

A good serviceman would find these issues and fix them before they happened. An average serviceman would fix the issues and make them go away. This is a below average service dealership in my opinion. They can get away with not caring about user ratings because they're the monopoly in the city.

That's why this year we're taking our car to another BMW service dealership in the suburbs. Its a 40 mile drive, but at least there's more competition there and chances are they won't screw up as badly.

Badia A. | 2009-12-28

I have never had my car serviced at Perillo BMW and I never will. I called to set up a service appointment, and I was told that I needed to bring my car in at 7 a.m. I told them that I could bring it in at 8. The guy setting up the appointment told me that wasn't possible and that if I wanted my car serviced I had to bring it in at 7 a.m. I couldn't believe that I was having this conversation--typically service depts ASK when you WANT to bring the car in. I relented and arrived at Perillo at 7 a.m. and the line of cars was around the corner.

I waited 10, 20, 30 minutes and I had only inched up. After 45 minutes of waiting in my car in the middle of the street, I left and drove to Elmhurst BMW where I was seen immediately. After all that trouble, I couldn't believe they would keep their customers waiting for 45 minutes (or longer) for an appointment. They don't deserve my business or anyone else's for that matter.

Luke G. | 2009-12-24

THESE GUYS SUCK. They get you in with a halfway decent price on a BMW and the "convenience" of being downtown, but when it comes to servicing your vehicle, you will wish you bought your car someplace else. I've had my car serviced at Fields and Kanuz and they are both by far better dealers. They've dented my car, they damaged my fuel system, they regularly take WEEKS to get your fixed. They have some crazy loaner system where you basically have to be best friends with a service guy to get a car. And today, they called me about some bill that they were supposed to credit me for back in march (9 months later) wanting to collect $320. I hope when you see this, you decide to go someplace else. If I could give them 0 stars, I would.

mike s. | 2009-12-24

yep.  perillo is the worst.  service dept will never actually find the problem until the car comes off warranty. ' guaranteed ' pickup times are estimates at best...usually just a W.A.G.  snotty little punk in the cashier cage assumes he is doing you a favor by allowing you to pay your bill.  drive to field's...they work their asses off for your biz

Denese N. | 2009-11-29

Upon moving to Chicago, I was told to never take my car to Perillo for service.  I assumed that ordering parts was safe.  I placed my order in person to make sure that the correct part was ordered (a sunroof switch cover and hood cowls).  After several weeks of waiting for the call to let me know that the parts had arrived, I called.  After a long hold, I was told that my parts were there.  When I made the trek (parking is horrible for customers!), they couldn't find my order.  The hood cowls had not been ordered; they did have a burglar alarm cover for me though.  So, a 3 part order resulted in 1 inaccurate part.  To make it worse, I didn't receive so much as an apology and had to pre-pay for the parts to be reordered.  The cashiers were too busy posing like models and looking coolly busy.  ugh!!!!   ridiculously horrible customer service!!!!

Craig N. | 2009-11-23

After 5 decades on the planet, I have a sense of what car dealerships are like, and Perillo is like no other.  I bought a used '97 328i convertible a number of years ago, and as soon as I brought it in for servicing at Perillo (oil changes and various repairs) I was treated extraordinarily well.  So when the time came to finally exchange my beloved red convertible for its 2010 incarnation, I naturally investigated Perillo's sales.  Sean Dwyer was an absolute pleasure.  In pricing, he bested all others.  But the remarkable thing was that the sale was where the fun began.  During my short wait for my custom made car, he was as present and dedicated as when we were negotiating, and truly shared in my excitement for my new mechanical marvel.  It's clear that both sales and service at Perillo are designed to make having a car the easiest and most fun experience possible, and they execute that extraordinarily well.  For those considering servicing and buying a BMW, I cannot recommend Perillo highly enough, and for those looking for a great sales experience, definitely ask for Sean.

Emily S. | 2009-10-15

Horrible customer service.  I would never have spent my money at this dealership.

When my husband and I were looking for a car earlier this year, we headed to Perillo because it was close and we were going to have to pay city tax regardless of where we actually purchased.

After we FINALLY were able to get someone's attention, we mentioned that we were interested in either an X3 or a 5 series.  The guy literally walked us up some stairs to the garage, pointed and said "X3s are over there, 5 series are over there" and LEFT.

As did we.

michael r. | 2009-09-23

This place is the reason car salesmen get a bad rap.  I found a car I was interested in on their website and made an appointment to see it.  When I showed up of course the car was in the warehouse but they had other (more expensive) cars to show me.  After actually finding a car I was interested in and discussing the promotional interest rate on this car, the salesman ran my credit and told me it was 690 and I wouldn't be able to get that rate but he could get me a rate a few points higher.  When I questioned the score, he said hey, the difference will be like $30 a month, come down and I'll buy you a hot dog a few times a week.......nice, huh? So I left the dealership and called the credit monitoring agency I use after and attempted identity theft and asked them to get my credit score.  I asked them to get it from TransUnion, the company the salesman said they used.  Lo and behold, my score was 834!!! I had them send me a copy.  Quite a bit different from 690, huh? When I left the salesman a message about how the scores could be so far apart from the same agency he called back and said he wasn't worried, that he could get me that rate after all.  These guys are straight up CRIMINAL and I wouldn't let them put air in my tires much less buy a car there.

D M. | 2009-09-01

I just purchased a car from Perillo and I have to say that it was a very pleasant experience. I expected it to be nothing but salesmen's head games, pressure, etc. It was anything but that. No high pressure at all. My salesman Blake was about the best that I could ask for. He always responds to my questions quickly, even after the sale. They got me through the finance office in literally 15 minutes. No shoving a rust protection plan down my throat. There was some pressure to get my financing to them quickly, but that's understandable. It's a business and I'd do the same thing. The only thing that would have put the cherry on the top would have been to have sent me on my way with a full tank of gas. Beyond that, I'd recommend them.

michael b. | 2009-08-17

I was quoted an exact amount for a simple wind shield replacement. A little under $1000 for parts and labor which is still overpriced for a windshild. I waste my time dropping off the car. Then i get a call from the service guy 2 hours later, he says its actually going to be $300 more than they quoted me. I was worried after reading all the negative reviews and of course they lived up to there scum bag reputation.

mark s. | 2009-08-12

1. Polite respectful sales staff ( no, really.  Ask for my salesman Ken )
2. Extremely accomodating and efficient service dept
3. Owner  Joe seems to always be around all the time.

I've bought 3 cars from Ken and really like this dealership.  BMW's really are fun to drive and are extremely relialbe cars.

Their service dept ( AJ helped me today) bends over backwards to take care of you.  Today he fixed a flat tire I happened to get on the way over for no charge when they were changing my oil.  That's worth $50.

Perillo BMW is the best!    

I hope they open a MINI dealership in the city soon.

Brooke B. | 2009-08-12

The service was great.  I usually avoid going to dealers at all cost but we have a newer X3 and wanted to take it to the dealer for a leak in the sunroof.  We were out of warranty and they fixed everything for free and gave us a loaner for free.  So helpful.  Brad is awesome and always fast to respond to my emails and keep me in the loop of the status.  Would for sure go back.

mike h. | 2009-08-01

I love these guys.  I purchased an X3 from them in December, very easy negotiations, really got a great price, I had considered trading in a car and they gave me suggestions on how to sell it privately and the best time of the year etc.  I've had an issue or two with the truck but  in my opinion their customer service isn't perfect but it's awfully good.  I will definitely purchase my next vehicle from them.

Dan G. | 2009-06-26

Wow, Surprised to see all of the bad reviews.  I have an old 96 3 Series that they have been keeping in shape for me.  I've taken my car here for oil changes and performance checks.  Again, I've not had any problems with the service.  They return phone calls, answer my questions and get my car back to me in a prompt manner always shiny from a new wash.  Brad in the service department has been a pleasure to work with.  They've even paid for my cab fare.

Karl H. | 2009-06-24

I've been reading Yelp reviews for a while and finally decided to get an account after my experience at Perillo BMW this morning.

My 4 year warranty is coming due in less than a month, therefore I decided to get my  last oil change and check-up before the warranty expired. So, I made an appointment several weeks ago and brought the car into their shop this morning. They would not do the oil change on my car as it had not been one year or 15,000 miles since I had my last oil change. It had only been 6 months since the oil change and I had only brought my car into their shop 4 times in the previous 35 months, so one last oil change before the end of the warranty is perfectly reasonable as their advertising states they will do all servicing for 4 years or 50k miles.

The decline of this service is just a way for me to come back in 3 months or so when I need the oil change to pay for that plus who knows what else could be wrong in the car and needs to be fixed, but the car will be out of warranty.

So, if you have a car that needs to be serviced, DO NOT GO to Perillo BMW as the service is horrible. Read the other reviews as well as they give you an indication of the type of service you will get at Perillo.

I love BMW's and when it is time for a new car, I will probably get another one. But, I guess I will be heading out to the burbs to buy it as Perillo BMW will never get any business from me ever again.

Andrea G. | 2009-06-08

Oh, Joe Perillo, how I wish I was a fan. I recently brought my car (purchased at Bill Jacobs BMW in Naperville) in for routine service and while I was waiting for it to be buffed out (since you scratched it during the service call), I perused the showroom. You had a lovely brand new (2008) 3-series SUV on the floor at what appeared to be a truly reasonable price (what gives?!?!) but your employees are such stereotypical car salespeople that I really could never forgive myself if I purchased a car from you. I do thank you for the opportunity to learn from your staff though as I too am in sales and was quickly and easily reminded how NOT to behave.

David S. | 2009-04-27

THIS PLACE IS THE WORST PLACE TO BUY A CAR FROM! They try and nickel and dime you every chance they get. Stay away!

Christopher T. | 2009-04-05

I had a decent experience test driving a 3-series here. The agent was polite, but not that knowledgeable about the car, and didn't take much time to investigate answers for any of my questions. I wouldn't (and didn't) buy here.

Benjamin B. | 2008-12-10

I bought my BMW in Florida and then moved to Chicago, so I didn't buy my car at Perillo, but I did go there for service. I have to tell you, I was able to bring my car in right away, my issue was resolved quickly, and I got my car back on time and in great shape. When I am in the market for a new car, I will certainly consider Perillo. My service advisor was right on top of everything and I am happy with my service experience.

Kelly K. | 2008-12-05

They really don't deserve even one star.  Failing to answer the phone or internet email request for service is the least of their worries.

I've been a loyal BMW owner for 13 years and avoid Perillo like the plague.  I had decided to try them again-big mistake.

After scratching the hood of my 335xi, a folly of mishaps and 4 visits followed that included a flat tire, 3 dented rims and shuttering rear brakes.

You've been warned....

Joe S. | 2008-11-23

Five stars for Joe's hockey hair.

Rick F. | 2008-11-11


I went back today to get the car repaired again and guess what!

They still can't get it right! It is unbelievable that this operation can stay in business! I hope the economy would teach this owner a lesson in customer service but it appears ownership is the cause of it.

Norman C. | 2008-10-06

Wow. Lucky for me I didn't read Yelp before I bought my new car at Perillo. I was helped by Sean Dwyer and he hustled to get my business by getting the exact car I wanted at a great lease price. I'm not sure about the service or the other guys but Sean made my car buying experience an enjoyable one.

John D. | 2008-09-20

Do NOT go here for Service. They broke my car - and couldn't fix it, plain and simple, and refused to offer ANY compensation.  Many of the suburban dealers will come into the city to pick up and drop off your car for service, take advantage of that.

I wonder why Yelp makes you give them one star, it would be zero if I could.
EDIT: They finally fixed it after a few attempts.

Oguz U. | 2008-08-19

Issue: My X5s glove box cover was peeling off.

Before the appointment: Visited Perillo, heard the confirmation that they would order the part in advance so the part will be ready to be installed on the appointment day. I was not totally satisfied, called them the week before the appointment date to confirm they have ordered the part. The answer was always "Yes"

Appointment day: Left the car in the morning. Service advisor called at 3PM to tell me that the part was not ordered but he ordered for overnight.

2nd day: Service advisor called and said the car was ready. Went to pick up the car, the part was not replaced. Got crazy. "Customer attorney", Paul, saw my anger and offered me a free BMW accessory. I kindly rejected.

3rd day: Got a call from service saying that the loaner they gave me had a bad gas gauge and I had to buy gas right away. Gas went out on the way to station, had to push the car for over 100 yards to the nearest gas station with the help of a cab driver. (tipped him big)

3rd day at Perillo: Went bananas after the loaner incident and 100-yard X5 loaner pushing exercise. Told Paul that I wanted a flashlight. He said flashlight was cheap, he could even give me something more. Asked for iPod adaptor then. Talked to the service manager (Saleem ?) Said, normally it costs $600 but would give me for $400. I asked how much the iPod adaptor costs them. He said $210. Found out that they were trying to make more money over an extremely frustrated and disappointed customer. Said no, picked up the car (glove box was replaced) and left.

3rd day late afternoon: Found out that there was no sound coming from speakers. Took back to Perillo. Left the car again.

4th day: Apparently amplifier has blown up for some reason. They ordered the part overnight.

5th day: Got a call and picked up the car. Dust, finger marks all over the car - inside and out.

Gave a 1-star when BMW North America sent me the satisfaction survey. I asked them to call me. Got a confirmation email that they would call within 24 hours - it's been 10 days.

Steve C. | 2008-07-31

WOW!!!!    Seeing how many customers Perillo BMW actually has and how busy they remain.....Congrats Joe for only have a few people (18) giving you less than perfect ratings.  I purchased my last 4 cars there, service my car there, and each and every time have had an excellect experience.  Lease is almost up again and will be back!!!!

Jen M. | 2008-06-27

Did they 'fix' my car or not?  I took my car in because the tire sensor indicator  came on on my M3.  I know I have a slow leak in my tire and so I'm sure that is what caused it.  When I picked up the car they said the re-patched the tire.  Well, three days later the sensor came back on.  I took it back in a second time, they claimed to have fixed it.  Seven days later the sensor came back on.  Clearly they didn't fix the problem.

7/10/08--spoke with the mechanic and Chris.  Both were nice guys.  They weren't sure what was wrong with the sensor but they offered up to have the service manager "take my car home for the evening and test it out."  Huh?  What's wrong with driving it around the block?  I instantly had visions of Ferris Bueller's Day Off with my I said no to letting him take my car.   What happened to hooking up some wires and doing diagnostics to figure out if I have defunct sensor?  

They washed my car which was a nice touch.  I'm just waiting for my tire sensor to come on again...

Richard S. | 2008-06-09

I have to give at least one star?

A recent trip to Perillo BMW for scheduled maintenance and some new tires resulted in the usual SNAFU.  Not only did they install the wrong tires on my vehicle and try to cover it up, but then they claimed the requested tires were unavailable.  They even went as far as to claim the tires I requested were not BMW-approved.  A few calls to tire shops around Chicago confirmed city-wide availability, and I then provided the dealership with recent articles outlining how all new 3-Series with the performance package would ship with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s I requested.  Technically the last few runs of the M3 shipped with the tires, but I know my car isn't an M car.  Long story short, the tires are available, and they are BMW-approved.

After the initial run-around attempt, the conversation went something like this.

Me: "Yeah, I went ahead and ran the DOT numbers through Michelin, and the tires you installed are in fact the wrong ones."

Them: silence

Me: "And here's the 800 number you can call for Chicago area tire logistics to get the right ones."

Them: silence

Me: "Oh, and the PS2s are actually shipping with new 3-Series and have been on the M3 for a few years.  I printed out some service bulletins for your review."

Them: silence

I was surprised to see the dealership prices on tires were actually competitive, which was why I went with them since my car required service anyway, but when they wanted $310 for an alignment, I just couldn't do it.  Right after I got my tires, I took it to a Ashland Tire and Auto, a well-respected shop on the near north side, for a standard $70 laser alignment.  When the car was on the lift, I got a good look at what Perillo did to my wheels-lots of nice little scratches and gouges consistent with a sloppy tech knocking the wheels around when installing tires.  I called my service rep right then and there (about 20 minutes out the door) and left a message outlining what I found.  A few days later, I got a call back to bring the car in again.

They stuck by their claim that the tires were unavailable.  Not wanting to deal with them anymore, I told them to put my old tires back on and give me a full refund.  This is where it gets good.  I had to leave my car there overnight for them to do all of this, so I got a call the next day, and the service rep told me that the shop foreman could not find any wheel damage, and he wanted me to point it out to him when I came in to pick up the car.  (fast forward)  I point out the obvious damage.  The foreman, Darren, looked at me and told me the scratches and gouges were from potholes and that he sees this all the time.  The guy lied through his teeth to my face.  In all his XX years of working on cars, he had never seen damage like resulting from tire/wheel service.  Yeah.  This doesn't surprise me at all.

The fact is the car went in clean.  Actually, when you drop the car off, they do a walk around and note any scratches, dents, etc. on a paper you sign before they accept the car for service.  No wheel damage was indicated on this sheet when I signed it, because there was none!

Why didn't I see this before I left Perillo's service department?  I suppose it was my own dumb fault.  I didn't think for a second I needed to check the work of a dealership whose cheapest car with no options runs $36,000 (?).  This combined with the fact that your car comes back to you via valet in a tight garage with 5 people behind you all but laying on the horn to get out doesn't exactly make for enough time in a decent place to do an inspection.  I do have a call into BMW NA who forwarded my complaint to the proper channels, but we'll see what that gets me.  Hindsight is 20/20, as after the fact I read a few online reviews from people in the same boat, only the one that stood out to me involved an M3.

Perillo BMW service department has a few truly outstanding service reps, and these people are why I've returned despite otherwise bad car service.  The dealership there in downtown Chicago is just too busy.  They must see a hundred cars each day, and with city union labor rules, they probably have to blow through work as fast as possible just to turn a profit (overlooking $310 alignments, that is).  It's unfortunate they have enough volume that their service department can still provide shoddy service.  Not that it will affect their bottom line in the slightest, but I guess all I can do is write this post and vow never to return to Perillo BMW.

Bimmerfest Forum Thread on this instance:…

BMW CCA Forum Thread:…

Tina C. | 2008-05-27

Even though the Z4 has been a load of fun, the jury is still out on this place.  They never return calls, the waiting area is a cramped joke and the service writers ignore you even when you're standing literally inches in front of them.  This place slightly reminds me of the slick, pretentious (creepy?) car dealerships of the past. I can't help but wonder who really got had, them or me...

I'm looking to snag a hardtop 3-series convertible...not sure where to go...

alice s. | 2008-04-22

I was shocked to read the bad reviews on perllio, especially since the one time i took my car to them, they were great. Driving up to chicago from Champaign, my window wouldn't roll up all the way, so I ended up having to drive on the freeway with a busted window. I got to chicago, pulled my car into Perillo around 3:30pm w/ no appointment, and begged them to fix it so I wouldn't have to drive back to Champaign later that day with a broken window in the middle of the winter. They fixed it in a hour and a half, and kept me posted on the status.

Fast forward a year later.  Perillo sucks.
My car is due for it's 60K service, (i don't drive a lot so it's no longer under warranty), and I wanted to know what was going to be done, for how much.  Been trying to reach a service advisor for two days. Called and left v.mail w/ three people.  No one has responded to my calls. Called back again, and explained that I've been trying to reach a service advisor, and no one has called me back.  Left v.mail. etc.. I'm still waiting for Kelly and Victor and maybe Mark to call me back.  Meanwhile,  I'm going to midwest performance cars.

Albert L. | 2008-02-29

So earlier yesterday, I dropped my car off at the Perillo BMW stealership for my M3's inspection II service job. Later in the day, I received a phone call from the stealer and they told me that my oil drain plug is stripped. Therefore they said I need to spend $2K for parts and labor on a new oil pan and a $1K on other issues.  After thinking about it, I decided against having the dealership repaired it.  So this morning I went to the stealers and picked up my car and drove it conservatively.  Afterwards, I took the car to my local reputable shop and we immediately looked at the oil drain plug up on a lift. It appears the stealer had put in a new drain plug screw and the screw was NOT spinning lose at all even though they portrayed something different to me. In fact my shop guy was wondering what I was so paranoid about. Also the stealers told me that I need a new serpentine belt, new rear shock mounts, and a coolant flush for an extra Grand (of course I denied all items to be done at the dealership because i know it can be done cheaper elsewhere). I had my guy check these components too and he said that they're fine! The Perillo BMW STEALERship are indeed the worst people to get your car serviced.

To make matters worse.  One week later after the job was done, I looked at my invoice and noticed that Perillo did not perform 2 critical components of the Inspection II job on my M3.  1. replace transmission fluid 2. valve timing adjustment.  So for those fellow M3er's check out this checklist from BMW NA…
And note that perillo doesn't even follow BMW NA's standards.  Also I mentioned this to my Service Agent and she had dismissed the need for these services as it was not in there documentation.  So, if you are wondering why the quote from Perrilo is much lower than the other stealerships for an M3 inspection II, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that they disregard doing the valve timing adjustment.  BAIT AND SWITCH!

Amesa C. | 2007-12-19

Considering that I work in Chicago I wanted to drop my car off to get a simple oil change one day.  As I drove up to the service department I simply asked if an oil change would be possible.  The young man in the service department was so rude and basically told me "NO, you need to make an appointment, and he went on and on!"  The way he was talking to me was almost in harassment!  I was shocked!  Very rude!

Andrew M. | 2007-09-24

Worst service experience I've ever had. I cannot BELIEVE that BMW hasn't cut this guy off yet. STAY AWAY!

Dan H. | 2007-06-24

Everything posted by others here, I have also found to be true.

But to be fair, Perillo should score high marks for consistency.

For example, the service will always be ridiculously overpriced, even for BMW.   And you can always count on it being next to impossible to get someone to answer the phone or return a call, unless they are calling to tell you how much money you are going to owe them.

Rob W. | 2007-02-26

Ridiculously overpriced in their service estimates. Not to mention they try to up-sell you on service work that doesn't need to be done. If you're looking to get an import serviced, I would highly recommend Chicago Import Service on Clybourn. I went from Perillo with my 3-series, where they recommended items for service that totaled over $3000, to Chicago Import where several items were deemed not necessary (and they explained why), and everything was taken care of for $1500. Perillo is clean and the service person I dealt with was very friendly, but that doesn't justify up-selling unnecessary service work and gouging on the necessary service work.

woofgang q. | 2007-01-08

The spirit of yelping runs contrary to ad hominem attacks, therefore measured restraint is in order here.

Be wary of visiting this dealership, the aforementioned reviews are correct, as the whole dealership reeks of dodginess and the hard sell.  I speculate that Perillo has high car storage and operating costs due to its location.  That may motivate them to squeeze, er revenue maximize, every cent from buyers.  Be a smart yuppie, drive out to Motor Werks instead.    

As an aside, I once observed Joe Perillo Jr. partying it up at Redhead 5 years ago....and Joe Perillo in the flesh is who you would expect after seeing the Joe Perillo on the TV commercials.

mark s. | 2006-11-10

beware: if you are trading in a car at perillo, they should only charge you sales tax on the difference between the new car and the trade-in (IL law).  Make sure they don't charge you tax on the full new car amount and pocket the extra.
they're shady like that.

Lindley E. | 2006-10-20

Wow, unbelievably sleazy place. I went to check out the new 3 series and instead immediately was pushed into financing with the sales guy who happened to be available, a salty guy named Jim. My mistake was sitting there while he called my loan company for verification. As I gave my bank my social security number, he wrote down every digit. When I told him I wanted him to return the piece of paper that he had written the number on, he told me he needed it as proof that he called the loan company (which obviously he didn't...). He refused to give it back. I should have told him I wouldn't leave without it, but for some stupid reason I felt like I couldn't.

He kept trying to sell me a car. At first he showed me ridiculously expensive financing (remember, we had yet to even look at cars). He finally figured out something that would work, but I was done with him by then. He and I practically started fighting right there - he was just awful, the worst kind of sales guy ever, and starting telling me that I wouldn't find better trade in value for my car anywhere and said that my car's dents wouldn't make it desirable for anyone. I knew that to be wrong -- I've traded in elsewhere and will likely trade this car in at that place.  

I tore up his card the moment I left the dealership. What a horrible place. It is neither attractive nor abundant. Tomorrow I'm taking myself to the Schaumburg auto mile and finding myself something better, from someone who will actually treat me with respect.

Erika G. | 2006-08-07

They get props for being a clean garage, but they are OVERPRICED. I found another mechanic for my BMW (I no longer own a car) after I got some bad service from Perillo. Seems if you have a $1700+ repair, you ought to get a free car wash/vacuum out of it, no? They are also kind of smart alecky in the showroom. Meh.

Omar R. | 2006-06-04

Avoid Perillo BMW.

The customer service is terrible, and customer sales are dishonest.

I recently purchased a BMW 650 from Perillo.  I had earlier leased a BMW 530 from Perillo. While I had not been happy with the customer service, I decided to buy my subsequent car based solely on the location. Their dealership and servicing center is very close to where I live.

This turned out to be a big mistake. My 530 still had 3 months left on the lease. The sales person (named Ken Reffsin) told me that I could trade up to the 650 and would not have to make the remaining payments. I did the trade. BMW financing subsequently informed me that the dealer had no right to make the commitment and that I still owed the remaining balance on the 530. Ken Reffsin denied ever having made the offer to me. Perillo management did not address my complaint. His manager Salim Beg actually blamed me for not seeing "red flags" when Ken   had recommended that I not wait till the end of my existing lease.

So for 3 months I had only one car (the 650) but had to make payments on two cars.

My advice to anyone considering buying a new BMW in Chicago - avoid Perillo.