Napleton’s Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Chicago, IL

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Napleton's Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge is proud to provide great deals on new and pre-owned Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram cars, trucks and SUVs to our Evanston, Edgewater, Skokie, Lake View and Chicago area customers. At Napleton's Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge we also carry a full line of used vehicles from top manufacturers like Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota and many others. Ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff members to help you look through our extensive inventory. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have about any new or used vehicle that you are interested in. At Napleton's Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge we also house top of the line Parts & Service and Finance departments. So whether you are interested in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram parts, regularly scheduled maintenance, or an auto loan, the highly trained automotive professionals at Napleton's Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge will be able to help you find what you are looking for. So stop by Napleton's Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge today and let us know what we can do for you.


Established in 1931.

Family owned and operated business since 1931.

Napleton’s Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 334-3400
Address:, Chicago, IL, 60659
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Napleton’s Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Erik V. | 2015-04-16

The one star is off is because I got a lot of emails right after I bought my car, from their web team trying to get me to buy a new car... otherwise, it's great.

I bought a used 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Sheldon 3 years ago. He was great and I didn't feel an ounce of pressure to get something I didn't want. And I'm writing this review 3 years later because I've had a significant amount of interaction with Napleton Jeep since I bought my vehicle, and though the circumstances are usually negative, the service I received was certainly positive.

I've brought my car in several times for issues the popped up such as an air motor going out, and issues that occurred as a result of recalls. I had the Napleton advantage package so most of this was covered. The recall piece is another story, but those aren't the dealer's fault. How they handle the recalls (or any other service needed) is what matters to me. I love my Jeep and love that I can take it into a place that I trust and has so far treated me well.

Props to the service team. Juliette (or Julietta) helped me out over the phone on some recall issues, and the gentleman who helped me figure it out was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable - which is all you can ask for when you are dealing with vehicle issues.

To sum it up, what prompted this review is that yesterday I had a loud hiss from my back tire that I noticed when I got out of my car. LUCKILY I was on Peterson, and 10 mins away from the Dealer. I called them up and they said as long as I'm in by 5, they can help. I literally drove in the service door, they called a technician to patch my tire (thanks again Zach), and I was out of there in 10-15 mins. They even refilled all my tires to calibrate the system. Couldn't be more grateful - that could have cost me a lot more, but I walked out of there with a patched tire & no paperwork, and didn't pay a cent. I just wish I had some cash on me to tip my tech. I'm a satisfied customer.

Wren J. | 2015-04-13

I recently went there & was pleasantly surprised by the Awesome Customer Service I received! Everyone was Very friendly, informative & helpful!
The best part was my salesman Christian Davila! He was A Huge help in this process! He ultimately got me in a 06' Jeep Liberty! I Absolutely Love it!! Thank you!

Mario G. | 2015-03-20

Greatest experience! My wife and I went In to look at a Mercury Mariner and left with a car and hopes to return in the future for our next car.  Felt extremely welcome and was actually treated like a friend rather than feeling like someone is trying to put something over on me.  Cynthia Valles did an awesome job and actually made the usually stressful act of buying a used car an experience that I will look forward to from now on.

Dane M. | 2015-03-12

Lazy, incompetent crooks. (There should be a negative star option) I'll make my story as brief as I can... I sold my 2010 Jeep Patriot to them back in July of 2014. I was told by Brian, the "sales professional", that I would receive the check for my car no later than August 5th. I named this specific date because I was relocating due to a job promotion and I didn't want the check bouncing around. He assured me I would have it. Didn't show. I called , and called, and called only to get no response to voicemails. I reached out to Brian, the general manager, the accountant on staff, climbing the corporate latter until I reached someone who could give me answers. After leaving a message about contacting the police because after 4 months of not receiving any compensation for the vehicle, it falls under category of theft, I finally got a call back from someone named Edgar. Edgar was actually pretty cordial on the phone but worthless nonetheless. He kept telling me he was going to follow up with corporate to see where my check was at but of course I received no call. I was finally able to reach someone named Rocco in the corporate office in Schaumburg who actually helped. After nearly 6 months I finally got my check and cashed it. Only problem was that the Rogers Park location sent two checks one to my location in Chi and the other to my new home. The check that I got of course had a hold on it because there was a second check floating around. After battling with the female accountant Vicky at the Rogers Park location to send a third check and cancel the other two she proceeded to tell me "that she is going to be happy if she never hears from me again." - Classy comment from a member of a very classy establishment. Unless you like dealing with thieves and people who generally don't care about customer satisfaction avoid this dealership like the plague.

Jessica A. | 2015-02-14

We bought a Jeep Patriot from Napletons in 2013. Turns out it was defective and it took over two months to get Napletons to do a buy back. So we ended up with a different Patriot, which was a piece of crap, and we traded it in a year later. Over a month ago we contacted Chris S, finance manager, to request a reimbursement for the GAP insurance we purchased with the vehicle. He has been giving us the run-around for over a month now and others at the dealership have either transfered us to voice mail or just hung up on us. We had to file a complaint with BBB to get Chris to respond. He promised we would get the reimbursement check this week. We did not. Looks like we'll have to hire an attorney and collect that way, plus attorney's fees and other costs, of course. It's going to be an expensive ordeal for Napletons but hopefully it will teach them a lesson and not treat their customers this way again. Stay away from these people.

Mari K. | 2015-01-21

Have been sitting here for 2 hours for an oil change and a check for steering problem. Everyone in waiting room after me has left with their vehicles. Finally inquired how much longer...told me vehicle hasn't even been looked at yet!! Seriously?  It's now 2.5 hours and I'm still waiting. Nobody else in waiting room.This was a second chance visit to this dealership. No third time is valuable too. Terrible service.

Saul A. | 2015-01-19

These guys are clowns not salesmen!!!!
I made an appointment to test drive a 4 door Rubicon at 10am. My girlfriend and I were 5 minutes late, or so we thought. The receptionist, not the same one I made the appointment with, took 10 minutes to find an available salesman. We sat in the office waiting for another 10min. Saleman informed us that it was his first week there so we had to be a bit patient.Okay. He asked what we were looking for and I told him we had an appointment for a test drive with the 4 door Rubicon. He excused himself and came back after about 10 minutes saying the car would be ready in another 5 minutes. Another 15 minutes went by and I decided we wanted to walk around the main lot just to kill time. At that point he pops out from nowhere and says "just let me know what else you might want to test drive". No problem with that at all right?? Then he comes back another 20 minutes later and says "the Wrangler is ready but there is a bit of an issue. It's a 2012 Sport 2 door model not the 2015 4 door Rubicon you requested" I immediately was over it completely. I told him "no point in even going for a test drive if I made an appointment for double the car that you are trying to have me drive." He said something like " at least try it out and see how you like the engines performance..."
To which I replied " You had me wait an hour to test drive the engine I want with half the chassis on the Wrong trim level Jeep, So it will not be the same performance at all"Gearing on the Rubicon is 4.10 as opposed to 3.21 on a sport.
My girlfriend was with so she knew how to diffuse my temper and we ended up going for a test drive.  We get back to the dealership and he tells us to wait at the shop entrance while he parks. Another 20 minutes go by before he shows up only to try to sell us on how awesome their Jeep shop is and that the mechanics have been there forever, blah blah blah.... He then tries to introduce us to all the mechanics and service writers before calling for a "closer" on the sale. I Won't even bother with how well that did NOT go for them. They wasted 2 hours of our time and they had the nerve to still call the next day to ask If we were ready to go back and pick out the options  and fill out papers for our 4 door Wrangler. FUCKING CLOWNS!!!

David S. | 2015-01-18

I worked with Sheldon Joy to purchase a certified Used Wrangler yesterday. The experience was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. First off, I went into the dealership about two weeks ago as I was trying to decide if I really wanted a wrangler and if I did which year and model was right for me. I had no intention of making a purchase and Sheldon didn't make me feel pressured at all. He explained the various differences between the model years and the body types, was very forthright and didn't pressure me.

I then left and did a bunch of research (everything Sheldon said was right on) and decided to buy a wrangler. Upon doing a bunch of research on avaliable vehickes, I found the Jeep I wanted and it happenes to be at this dealership. I reached back out to Sheldon and asked upfront over email what the price would be and what the fees would be. Sheldon emailed me the specifics within a few hours and was very transparent. He asked if I would come in and I said I couldn't for about 5 days (my schedule was insane). Sheldon said that he would let me know if the delay would cause me to lose the vehicle and made me an apointment for the following Saturday.

I went in at the appointed time. They were slammed but he attended to me within a reasonable amount of time (had to wait about 15 min) and got me out to the vehicle to look it over. He then came out, gave me the keys, and said that they were too busy to drive with me so would I mind if I took it out by my self. Did I? Hell no. It gave me a chance to see the vehicle without the distraction of the salesman.

Needless to say I loved it and upon my return to the dealership told Sheldon that I'd like to talk money. Because he was already very transparent about the price the conversation was easy and we got to a good deal within a short time. Then I went to the finance manager and he got me a fantastic rate on my loan. They had me out of there with my new wrangler within 2 1/2 hours of walking in. Pretty great in my limited experience.

Alicia M. | 2015-01-09

Bought a 96 Grand Am from here a year ago. First of all, it took months for them to get me my title after contacting them at least 5 times. Terrible customer service. They called yesterday and said we want to offer you a free oil change, when can you come in. I said oh we just got an oil change thanks anyway. Then he says well, you should come in because we have people looking to buy the car you have. So come on in and we'll make you an offer and get you an upgrade! So all they were trying to do was get me in there and sell me a new car. HELLO! I BOUGHT A 96 GRAND AM FOR $3,000! DO TOU THINK I HAVE MONEY FOR A NEW CAR! JERKS! Don't call me and lie to me again please.

Sara D. | 2015-01-04

Despite my issue with Edgar, used car sales manager who I'm sure a few of you could attest for him to be removed. Anywho I'm the brand new proud owner of an 09 honda civic ex beautifully detailed barely a scratch under 60,000 miles. A steal for $12000. Seek out Samantha or ask to talk to Danny Napleton himself. For all of you with such crappy reviews and nothing decent to say about this place, don't let one bad apple ruin your car buying experience used or new. Come in with a price stick to your guns but be flexible. Also, TMV of my car was $12,500. Paid $12,000 taxes extra fees included. The key is to lowball and go a bit higher that way everyone thinks they have won something. Happy car hunting Yelpers !

Karyn F. | 2014-12-20

Yikes... Didn't read the bad reviews. Place is dirty. Service guy at 9am said there are a few ppl in front of you "we will try to get you done today" soap in the bathroom is kept in a ketchup container?? Wont be be back for service!

Douglas C. | 2014-12-15

I was helping a friend buy a Jeep, and had already gone to Marino's, where I now know to never go. I am shocked their ratings are better than this place.
We worked with Mike. If you need to do business, do it with Mike. He is a great guy, who has put over 27 years of service at this location. Warm, honest, and went above and beyond to help my friend. Marino's made a crap deal for a Patriot. This place offered a much better monthly rate, and a lower interest rate. Although it took a little while, it was worth the wait. Car buying is a long process, but they made it as smooth as possible.
5th star will come when their coffeemaker starts making latte's and mochaccino's  again. :)

Jessica M. | 2014-12-06

The WORST and most dishonest auto dealer I have seen in my life. My advice is: unless you are an EXPERT in cars and cannot get tricked by car dealers I suggest you start running as fast as you can right now! You try to negotiate the price of the car you are trying to buy, they make you think you are getting a good deal and SLAM you with fake fees that add up to more than the original amount the car was marked. Then less than a week later, guess what? You car start having ALL the troubles you can imagine. What a coincidence, huh? Obviously they will use that "sold as is" as an excuse, and if you start yelling they will pretend to to be interested in solving your problem, but obviously will charge you for the service they LIED they did. My car was having break problems, service engine light was on, anti-lock went on and AWD disabled light, ALL ON WITHIN THE FIRST week. They charger for a service that they did NOT perform, as I went to a real mechanic after all the headache I had with them. Found out that all they did was reset the system so my car would "forget" what its problem was. They were trying to kill some time so when the light when on again it was gonna be too long of a time to go there and complain again. Dishonest, dirty business. No wonder why they have an F on Better Business Bureau, cause they are actually the WORST!!! Start running ASAP!!!

Pamela D. | 2014-12-01

I wish I would have read all these bad reviews in advance. They would have saved me and my boyfriend 3 hours on Sunday. We were looking to re-finance the remaining portion of the lease on my Jeep.
As we get in we are greeted by the Sales Manager. We explain to him the situation and he asks us to sit down that someone will be with us SHORTLY. 15 min later we meet a dealer who has us sit in an office for 2 hours and a half. I am not kidding. He spends 15 min in putting information in his laptop and then disappears. After 2 and a half hours he comes back with a piece of paper and says "these are your 3 options - you need to choose". We start asking basic questions like what rate did you use, what fees are included, etc... he is not able to answer without every time leaving the office and ask someone else.
We have him call the finance manager, we explain to him that we want to view the details of the fees/taxes being included, the rate etc. He disappears. 30 min later the sales dealer comes back with few numbers on a piece of paper and he is again unable to answer basic questions. We also notice that the total amount used is different than the total amount owed at the end of the lease. As we ask for explanations he is again not able to answer and he disappears. When he comes back he says that the difference is 500 dollars to process the transaction.
At that point we felt the whole situation was incredibly shady and asked him to call back the sales manager. He tried to whip up an excuse that the dealer was new bla bla bla. We simply asked for the keys of the car back and left.

Burke S. | 2014-11-26

We waited 3 hours for an oil change and tire rotation. Two days later our rear wheels were making a loud noise on the way back from Madison. We had it checked out at a dealer in the suburbs and it was determined that the lug nuts were not properly secured and one lugnut had actually come off....Napleton management was not apologetic and tried to make light of the issue. I will be taking our jeep to the suburbs for future work.

Essam A. | 2014-11-20

I purchased a preowned car from the dealership as a rebuild title 2 months ago, the salesman show me a car fox that it was only rebuild title,   I was trying to resell the car, but the new car fox shows it a rebuild salvage car and it worth nothing, I went back there asking to speak to the general manager, and one of the employees introduced him self as the sales manager, I was trying to explain to him what happened,  he gave me his business card and told me that they will call me to solve the problem,  I was talking to him and he just walked away from me without listening to me.
My car worth nothing now.
Don't buy a preowned car from them.
They deserve -5 stars.

John P. | 2014-11-12

I visited Napleton's Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership over the weekend. I was in the market for a used Wrangler. I had visited 3 dealerships prior to going to Napleton's. I took my 70 plus year old aunt with me car shopping.

We were introduced to Sheldon Joy. Sheldon showed us the used Wranglers he had on the lot. Due to color, mileage etc. I was not interested any of them. I then asked him what new Wranglers they had. Sheldon showed us every new Jeep Wrangler they had. He was great. Sheldon took the time tell us about every option on each of the Jeeps we looked at, he showed us how to take one piece of the 3 piece hard top off, tires, axles, interior options, storage, down to the lug nut locks and weight of the hardtop. We could quickly tell Sheldon was not just a salesman but a car enthusiast.

We then went for a test drive. My aunt had lived in the neighborhood forty years ago. So while I test drove a gorgeous new Willy, she sat in the passenger seat taking a trip down memory lane. Sheldon told her what happened to various businesses in neighborhood. They talked restaurants still in neighborhood, hotels, old furniture stores that burnt down. He was a perfect gentleman.

We test drove a couple cars. Sheldon was running back and forth from the dealership to the lot grabbing keys, moving cars around so we could get to the jeeps we wanted to see.

I decided to buy a Willy's Wrangler. We settled on a price. While we waited on the finance department to meet with me, Sheldon sat me in driver's seat. He explained to me the entire instrumentation panel, set-up my Bluetooth right away and changing gears to 4WH and 4WL. I've always driven SUVs with 4WD but the presentation was great.  

This was the fourth dealership I had visited in three days and faraway the best experience. Sheldon had by far the most knowledge of any of the sales reps I had met. More importantly the level of respect and rapport he built with my aunt showed me his true character. This was definitely a great experience on all levels. I will certainly go back to Napleton should I decide to customize my Jeep.

Acost A. | 2014-09-29


I've been sold a lemon of a vehicle and from the moment these people who represent Chrysler at the  napeltons northwestern Chrysler dealership in Chicago are crooks!!    Edgar Moreno and his sales associate Suzie are all fuck'n crooks!,       I'm filing a report on this location will be speaking with a lawyer and speaking to the BBB on the situation I've gone through because of them....  And from the looks of it...  On Yelp! I'm not the onLy one who has gone through some type of deal.    

Because of the,..  I now have a USED vehicle which has more miles on it because they knew they were selling me a fucked Up vehicle.  

IF THESE ARE THE POEPLE Chrysler has selling their vehicles....  They should really do an over look of this place.

Nothing but fucked up cheating liars!!      

My first vehicle I purchased on my own... And this is what I had to deal with....   Not even a month in my possession and it has been in the shop.....   Not even 5 mins OFF the lot it had a Transmission issue...          Called Edgar Moreno since this whole situation and has been no where to be be found..   Neither hAs Suzie.    

 My car buying experience has been spoiled by these people in this location and has left more than a sour taste in my mouth... But, with a now used, scratched up horrible memories of a vehicle buying experience.

Speaking with Chrysler headquarters and informing them of how their  follow up phone calls Are to inform buyers to give them 10's on the surgery because that's is all chrystler wants to know...    You get a big fat FUCK YOU for my survey.    Thanks Napletons northwestern chrystler jeep dodge of chicago.

Eric A. | 2014-09-15

Just STAY AWAY!  I expected a poor rating but was surprised to see so many other people had the same poor experience.  I will be as factual as I can.

I was lured in by a vehicle on Auto Trader.  When I called to inquire about the vehicle, I was told to make an appointment to come see it.  I was also told "We've got a huge sale going on this weekend so you picked a great time to come in".

I made an APPOINTMENT to look at a vehicle at 12:30 P.M. and drove the 1.5 hours to the dealership.   When I arrived at the dealership, I had to wait around for at least a few minutes without so much as a "hello".  When I finally was helped, the person I was supposed to see was busy on the phone.  Instead, I got a really fake welcome from another sales team member.  I'll forgo too many details regarding this person just to save them the embarrassment of what is to come next.  I'll call this sales person "Jane".   "Jane" went to get the keys to the vehicle I was going to look at.  The vehicle would not open so "Jame" went inside for help.  Another person came back with "Jane" and couldn't get the vehicle open either.  Finally, it was decided the starting battery was probably dead and that they would get a jumper pack to get it going.  At this point, we are already about 40 minutes into the visit.  All I was able to do was look at the outside of the car.  I was told "don't worry about the sticker price"   And that they would take care of me.

After someone came with a jumper pack and got the vehicle started, it was determined the vehicle was so far out of gas that someone would have to walk across the street with a gas can so they could put gas in the vehicle.  Another 20-30 minutes go by and the vehicle finally has gas.  Being a hybrid, the engine doesn't run constantly to charge the battery like a non-hybrid.  Long story short, the battery couldn't re-start the car.  I was told they would take the car to service to replace the battery.  About 30 minutes later they say the car has been in service running the whole time.  This wasn't true.  Service tested the battery and it showed 9 volts (supposed to be 13-14).  Service recommended charging the battery which could take anywhere from 20-60 minutes.  Keep in mind I've been there for about 2 hours now and still haven't driven the vehicle.

Meanwhile, "Jane" has me in her office.  She is trying to print out a sales sheet so she can start getting some information.  Her printer isn't working and she is complaining that nothing works.  I tell her I am an IT manager and can help if she wants.  I actually had to get her printer working for her.   I finally tell her, I'll come back another day but because I live 1.5 hours away, let's see what the numbers look like first.  Finally, she tries to get me to sign a piece of paper saying I'll buy the car if they replace the battery and and if the terms are agreeable to me.  I tell her I'm not signing anything.  She comes back with some numbers which are the LOWEST offer I've received for my trade and with STICKER PRICE for their vehicle.  She tells me she might be able to take $250 off of the price but that's the best she can do.  

I was furious that I had just wasted over 3 hours of my time, especially considering I had an appointment and with being led on by comments like "don't' worry about the sticker price" and "we have a huge sale"  At least I didn't end up driving back out like they wanted me to.  

What a total load of crap!

Chuck A. | 2014-08-07

I bought a used Grand Cherokee this past January.  I looked at a lot of these vehicles with comparable mileage. This one was very clean cosmetically.  I drove it around the block.....and on ice to make sure the quadratrac was working!  I paid the high end of Kelly Blue book for it.  The first time I drove it on the highway and hit the brakes it was obvious the rotors were bad.  That was several hundred bucks to fix.  Then it got warm and it became obvious the AC didn't work.  It was hard to test when it was 20 degrees out.  That repair was a couple hundred bucks more!  Then the damn thing overheated and the radiator shop said the electric fan didn't work and that the coolent was the worst they had ever seen...hadn't been changed in many years.  So that was  several hundred bucks more to fix!  
So. "buyer beware" right!   Yep, I could excuse the AC because it was winter when they put it on the lot.  But ,  I'm sure they have ways to test that if they are inclined.  The condition of the fan and coolent......there's just no excuse.  I could have really damaged the engine.  I think I caught it in time.....didn't drive it too far when it was overheated.  The brakes I could excuse but they charged absolute top dollar for the vehicle. It should have been right!  Everything should have been right for the price I paid!  And they hit me really hard on the interest rate too!  I don't wanna say I got screwed....but I feel like the guy in "SHAWSHANK!"  And there ain't no nice beach and sunset waitin for me either!

Jessica B. | 2014-05-25

I bought a Jeep from here September 2013.  Everyone there will be your best friend and "will be there for you" until the second you sign the paperwork and then it's "not their problem"  I physically heard the phrase "you signed the paperwork" out of their managers name.  I have zero sense of smell and purchased a car that smelled of smoke so bad, no one wanted to get in my car.  I tried to take it back to get it fixed, 2 hour drive in traffic and the guy said exactly that, you signed the paperwork.  I have spent a ton of money attempting to get the smell out.  This dealership is dishonest and I have made sure to tell everyone DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM.

SS H. | 2014-05-23

I have tried the "other" two Chrysler dealers and Napleton's comes in first place. Their oil change took less than one hour! A wonderful improvement from the 4 hour oil change I had at Sherman. Get this, they even offer free coffee and water while you wait. I thought this was only available at the foreign car dealerships. It is even kid friendly which is nice for minivan moms. You can tell it's a smaller family like run business. I hope to finally find a place we can call home for our cars.

lana B. | 2014-03-04

Where to begin? I initially emailed this company regarding a Cherokee that I liked. I spoke to the consultant and went into great detail regarding my credit score, amenities in truck I desired, etc. I looked on the lot and went on a test drive. Things were going well until I gave them the keys to my vehicle for the appraisal.  I started talking dollars and it went down hill quickly to the point that they refused to hand over my keys so I could leave. After asking 3 times and telling them that I would call the police, I finally got my keys but then was confronted in the garage while trying to leave. I bought my Jeep at another location. Ha, too bad for them, I bought a new 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from the other dealership and then decided to upgrade and bought a new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with all the bells and whistles. If they would have been decent, they would have had a very good customer! Their loss!

Carolyn M. | 2014-02-16

Just purchased a new Jeep Compass from Maria Speciale and had a WONDERFUL experience! She was very helpful and informative during the sales process, flexible with my needs for the kind of car I wanted to purchase, and not at all pushy. Rob (the general manager), and Chris Squillo (the finance manager) were also very friendly, helpful, and accommodating. I would highly recommend them and am hopeful that their service department is as amazing as their sales department. I'm honestly surprised by the low ratings on Yelp, especially considering they come very highly rated on Google Reviews. I'd definitely give this dealership a second glance.

Octavio D. | 2013-12-25

Possibly the worst dealer in Chicago, very slow service, been waiting for an oil change for almost 2hrs it's not busy. The service advisors here are not very welcoming or friendly it's like they don't want customers to come back which I won't be. Avoid this dealer if possible.

Fernando K. | 2013-11-26

I attempted to buy a car from Napleton with a corporate discount program through Jeep/Chrysler, when one of the supposed "owners" told me he didn't want to honor the price because "he could sell the car at sticker" and would only honor the price if it made sense for him. The program is through corporate and doesn't include fine print allowing for dealer discretion.
Additionally, he flat out lied when he told me there are only 4 available in the area. The intellectually challenged individual doesn't realize inventory search is available online.

Needless to say this is unethical and has been reported to Jeep Headquarters.

If this is how they treat potential customers I would hate to see how they support and service suckers that already bought from them.

Patrick R. | 2013-10-13

Was lured in with bogus "pre-approved" letter. Set up an appointment, when I got in the guy I had set and appointment with was in a meeting. Ok fine, right? WRONG!! After that I had to wait an hour to see another sales rep who was obviously just focused on a sale. Guys just standing around talking while they're customers waiting to get serviced. I work in customer service so I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, not here. I ended up waiting 4 1/2 hours to be told "they're waiting on the banks response". Huge waste of time. I wouldn't recommend this place to ANYONE!! Beware.

Skip L. | 2013-09-18


SALES Experience - I bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited from them in September 2010.  The sales experience was not too sucky and I was able to negotiate a decent price, although, as others have noted, the sales people are not the sharpest tools in the shed.  Bottom line, if you're not a good negotiator, they will probably get the better of you, as they seem like charlatans.  FYI, I only bought from Napleton's because the WK2 Jeep was brand new at the time and there were few available in the color I wanted...They had it in stock.  Would never buy from them again.

SERVICE Experience - I wanted a hitch installed which I purchased at the time of sale.  They ordered the Jeep factory hitch and I returned a week or so later to have it installed.  When I picked it up from the hitch install, I noticed that they hacked up the bumper by chipping the paint & scratching the chrome).  I had to argue with them to fix it, because they basically denied doing it and insinuated the damage happened, elsewhere...FYI. my Jeep only had a couple hundred miles on it.  

In any case, after agreeing to repair it, I returned a week or so later to have them repair the damage.  When I return to pick it up, upon inspection, it looked like the repair areas were airbrushed although the paint and the color didn't match at all...Not even close.  Plus, there was overspray and a rough finish all over the bumper...not shiny & smooth like new finished paint should be.  Frankly, I could have done a better job myself with a touch up kit.  Again, they shrugged their shoulders like "what do I expect" with a brand new $40K Jeep, perfection?

In any case, after months of screwing around and getting the run around, I finally got an estimate from a local body shop and threatened/convinced them to pay me off.  They were adamant about giving them another chance to repair it and my attitude was like " if you damaged/screwed it up in the first place and then you screw up the second attempt to repair the initial damage, you guys really have no clue and I don't trust you to do the job, correctly.

FYI, Napleton's used to provide loaner cars for free for warranty work...However, I called last week 9/12/2013 looking to take care a few minor warranty issues before the factory warranty expires and they were like "Loaner cars? What's that?  They added that they only give loaners out if your part of their "blah-blah-blah-stupid Napleton's club" or something like that and I told them that I did buy an extended warranty from them.  They replied, that's not what our records show.  In any case, I know I have a valid 100K mile extended warranty, but figured why hassle dealing with these idiots again.

Bottom line, there is no reason to go to this dealership to either "buy" or "service" a vehicle...They should go out of business ! ! !

BILL A. | 2013-06-25

Do not buy anything from this dealership..  You will get fucked...  Nothing but crooks here

Tom V. | 2013-06-01

My partner and I recently made the decision to move back downtown this coming July; so we decided to sell our 2012 Jeep Compass due to the high cost of parking, insurance, gas, and only using it on the weekends.  

After much ado, we figured it would be easier to sell our Jeep Compass to a dealer than to try and sell it private party.   Our Jeep also had some minor scrapes on the side panel from a garage swipe so we knew we would have to either have it re-painted or take it a hit on it upon selling the vehicle.  

We both decided to go to Napleton Northwestern on Western because they specialize in Jeep figuring we could maximize our selling price that way.  Honestly, going to Napleton Northwestern was a good decision on our part.

Mr. Danny Napleton himself waited on us and could not have been nicer.  He took the time to show us comparable's; explained the difference between Kelly Blue Book vs. Black Book vs. wholesale value; and offered us more money than we actually thought we would receive.  

In my opinion, the whole experience was fantastic.  We received excellent customer service, more for our car than we actually thought we would get, and we both felt comfortable in the end knowing we made the right decision to sell our 2012 Jeep Compass to Napleton Northwestern.  

I'm not sure why everyone has left such negative reviews because we certainly did not see anything negative about this dealership.

Christopher G. | 2013-02-27

Let me start out with the positive. Back in August 2012 I was in the market for a new car. After having my Saab 9-3 for six years (which I loved), I was ready to get back to having a Jeep. We have purchased three Jeep vehicles here in the past and my sister purchased her current Jeep here as well.

You would think I would have learned my lesson after some many chances, but, alas, I am a slow learner when it comes to cars.

I found a 2011 Grand Cherokee online that I was very interested in looking at. I emailed via the link to inquire about scheduling an appointment. No response. Three days later (Saturday) I drove up to take a look at it. Walked inside the dealership. No one said a word to me. Walked out to the lot, found the SUV, walked around it for about 5 minutes. Still no one interacted with me. No granted, it was a Saturday, I'm sure they were busy, but still... not even a "hello". So slowly I walked out.

Monday, I emailed again. No response. Towards the end of the day I finally called and was able to schedule an appointment  to look at it on Tuesday. Tuesday rolls around and I test drive the car. The sales person who helped me was nice enough. Really fell in love with it. The whole process of purchasing it was difficult. They refused to budge on the price. It took me about 30 minutes to talk them down $100 off the sticker price and that was even a maybe. We end up coming to a deal in the end.

The finance guy was nice enough. Got the paper work squared away. Had to beg for a free oil change (had asked for more than one but they wouldn't budge again). Sales person said he'd call the following week to follow up. Still have never heard from him.

So to make this very short story long... I took my Jeep to Marino for service two weeks ago. Literally NIGHT AND DAY compared to Napleton. They were friendly and helpful. My partner was ready to buy a new car, so we went to Marino this past weekend and felt great about it. I felt like Napleton could have cared less if I bought a car from them or not.

Seriously, don't buy a car here or go for service. Unless you really don't care about customer service... then... meh.

Kyle K. | 2013-01-09

Don't believe the nay-sayers who have posted about Napleton before. I have received nothing but absolute positive and over the top excellent customer service at Napleton. I have bought a Jeep Wrangler from here as well as had my previous one serviced here multiple times. Each time my problem is fixed or addressed immediately. I bought my Jeep through Sharon Iles, and I must say she defines what customer service should be. If they wrote a book on excellent customer service it should be named after her. Actually, she should write it! She helped me immensely throughout the purchasing process and got me the best deal possible on my trade-in for a new Jeep Wrangler. Thanks to her it was a painless process in which I didn't leave the dealership exhausted as I have before in the past when buying or attempting to buy from other dealerships.

Sharon has continued to take care of me and has ensured I know I am appreciated. She even drove me to get coffee while I was waiting for a new key! The whole team at Napleton are courteous and make it a priority to remember your name. Some others I want to list for some excellent customer service props are Doug Norton in service and Chris Squillo in finance. If you are looking for a Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge vehicle, I highly suggest Napleton and ask for Sharon!

N S. | 2012-12-22

Sarah and Doug worked miracles with my bill with Jeep.. The car was fixed,I am driving to champagne so, the real test will be after about 300 miles. Had a problem with the heater core, lots of labor hours. The clean up was ok, few things that were not placed back correct, ashtray, lighter, I will ask them to fix it ,next time.
Overall, I was satisfied with jeep ,standing by the product, Also Iam a in-circle  club member and that has some perks , free oil change, I bring in my Mobil one anyways..

Kristee B. | 2012-12-01

We saw a "certified" 2012 Dodge Caravan Crew online. We went in to buy it, and of course the price shown didn't include the certification. That was an additional $1300. Then they wanted to charge us $399 in "prep" fees as well as doc fees. Needless to say the great deal we saw, was not a great deal when they were done tacking on all their additional miscellaneous BS charges.  This place is the stereotypical "used car sales" place. Shady. Sorry I wasted an entire day here. As many other reviewers stated they obviously don't want to sell you a car so I'm not sure what their business is...

Craig R. | 2012-11-16

I want to give credit where credit is due: I seem to be he exception but I had an excellent experience at this dealership. My wife brought in her Jeep Liberty for a mandatory inspection to guarantee her 10 year power train warranty (mandated by Jeep, I never heard of it before, but I digress) and an oil change.  We received a message saying that car didn't pass the inspection due to a front crankshaft leak. This would also void the next 5 years of the warrantee. When we arrived to hear the bad news (and how much it would cost), our technician Doug told us it would have been covered by the warrantee but it had expired 3 days prior.  He contacted his district manager who agreed to cover it since it was only 3 days and because we had service done a little while back at another dealership and they didn't do the pre-inspection.   Doug also went through a list of repairs that would need to be done soon and when we told him that we only wanted to have the air filter replaced he didn't put any pressure on us to have the rest done.  He said that was fine, please contact when I wanted to do it.  No upsale pressure. They couldn't do the crankshaft repair that day so we set up an appointment a week later.  I brought the car, they took my 10% off coupon from another Jeep dealership and did the bigger repair for free. The waiting room has free WIFI, desktop computer, a TV that works, etc.  At checkout they gave me a card asking clients to post results on YELP.  They are aware of the bad reputation that they have. Maybe this is why they were so good.  So, I can honestly recommend them, keeping in mind the warnings the other YELPers have posted.

Jaime h. | 2012-10-06

Worst experience in my life.  Obviously they have no interest in selling cars..   Was in a few weeks earlier to test drive a Cherokee.  Thought it odd that I was handed the keys to the car and just allowed to drive off. No salesman with me, no "tour of the vehicle" nothing.   After my drive (yes I actually brought the vehicle back) we talked some numbers.   Came in today to buy.  Mark (who's name I had to ask, because he never introduced himself to me) was the same salesman I met with on my first visit.  This time he ran the numbers (we were paying cash and brought the trade-ins with us). His price was $5K more than his original ballpark.  When this was brought to his attention, he simply showed us the door.    Really? You are going to let a sure sale walk?  Must definitely be a CIA front cause they sure have no intention of selling cars.

Roger Z. | 2012-08-23

Saw a car that napleton posted on Autotrader. Salesman Ron Sanouris found the car in the lot and took it for a test drive. The car was poorly prepped and had some damage that was not listed in the ad. Ron said that the damage coul not be fixed and was already reflected in the price. We sat down in a messy cubicle and waited for Ron to "check with his manager". While waiting I made the mistake of going to the restroom. It was horrible! Dirty facilities and the only towels available were used and strewn about the floor.

There were many inconsistencies between the ad and the actual car. Like they listed it as a blue car but in actuality it was gray. The mileage was also wrong.

Well Ron came back with a quote that was $1800.00 more than what they had it listed in Autotrader for! When questioned about it he said we should have called before coming in.

Just be forewarned that Napleton is baiting customers with fraudulent prices in their ads.

Robert G. | 2012-08-20

Where to begin?

After our car was at this service center I checked Yelp.  I have never seen a "1- star" average review for any business on Yelp (with multiple reviews).  The worst that I have seen our some of our esteemed Post Offices in Chicago (1.5 stars).  We had to bring it here because we were warned not to drive it too far or hit any bumps.  This was the closest location, unfortunately...

We were notified by our mechanic that our 2009 Jeep Patriot needed some pretty substantial work after just 38,000 miles and guess what, that's right, the warranty ran out with less than 30 days ago.

We were hopeful of getting a discount on the work and having the $75 inspection fee at this Jeep location waived, as we were told, often happens.  However, none of this was to be, we would have to pay the full price of the fixes and swallow the inspection fee.  The person essentially told us that the parts failed because of the notorious potholes known throughout Chicago, even though Chicago did not have a Winter this year which aborted thousands of potential potholes on Chicago streets.

Seriously, a Jeep Patriot can't handle a couple of years worth of potholes?  I thought Jeeps were these rugged mountain climbers that are undeterred by uneven pavement?  Anyways, the customer service at this location sucked and their delivery was even worse.

This spurred us rent a car for 10 days and later purchase a car that was an over-reaction to this vehicle- a 2012 Prius Wagon. I won't be purchasing a Jeep product ever again.

Matt M. | 2012-08-02

I can only grade the experience that I had with the representative that I worked with at Napleton. I'll call him "Ron." After test driving several pre-owned Wranglers I decided to buy one, but backed out because "Ron" had a questionable ethics. Here are three examples:
1. He told me the internet price had expired and he had to see if he can still get me that price...this is an awfully cheap sales tactic.
2. He tried to tack on an additional $1700 in certification fees which he could not appropriately explain.
3. He kept beating down the value of my trade in when in all reality I wasn't expecting much. but I had done my research and knew what it was worth in the trade-in market.
At the end of the day all I wanted from my car buying experience was an honest transaction at a fair price. I understand that the dealership has to make a profit, but there is far too much information out there for customers to have to deal with these sorts of sales tactics; it was embarrassing, insulting and a waste of my time. I recommend that no one ever go to "Ron" at Napleton for a vehicle purchase.

Alan P. | 2012-07-25

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO NAPLETON!  I can't stress that more. I drove up from Florida for a three week stay in Chicago. On the way the a/c went out. I figured that I would take my car to a Chrysler dealer thinking that they would have the parts, and the know how to fix one of their own. After three days I finally received the car back. The a/c worked for a total of one minute, then started blowing hot air.

I should have looked on Yelp first. My mistake not to. After reading all the other horror stories on here about this place I am reluctant to take my car back to them, but I have no choice. The sad thing is, the next closest Chrysler dealer isn't much better according to Yelp review

Update: I took my car to Bettenhausen Chrysler in Orland Park (yes I know, quite far away, but I baby sat the owners kids 45 years ago) and they found the real problem. A loose wire connection to the compressor.

Bob B. | 2012-06-12

A considerable time after I had tried to fix this problem directly with the dealership, and after I had to go out and buy a jack elsewhere, then posted my original negative review here, the owner contacted me through Yelp, and asked me to contact him at the dealership to resolve the jack problem. Then followed over 3 month's work trying to contact the owner, being offered a $100 credit towards a new jack (cost $149), ordering the jack, waiting for the part to come in, then finally getting a jack for my car as a replacement for the factory provided jack that failed on first use.

I think that, if ownership here can take any lessons from this, it's that, if they had apologized, offered me the credit "since it was out of warranty", and been nicer (and MUCH quicker replacing it), they might not have the reviews they have here.

As it is, they still have a way to go to live down previous bad service. Good Luck, Napleton's. Hope this helps.

joe t. | 2011-08-03

If I could give it 0 stars I would. I just left this place out of utter disgust. I walked into the service department looking for a service writer. My spare tire was stolen off my 400 mile old Ram Truck. After wandering aimlessly for a bit a woman dressed like she was sitting watching TV finally said can I help you. I told her the situation, thinking she would sit me down and get my info she pointed me over to the "customer parts window" and said, see if we have the parts and then come over to me and Ill make an appointment for you?!?!?!? WTF??? isn't that YOUR JOB?? So after waiting for 5 minutes in the 'Customer" line with a mechanic and 2 other Napleton employees in front of me I just walked out. You lost yourself some REAL EASY MONEY, but as I can see you have only 1 star on yelp you obviously do not care about the customer!! AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE

Andy M. | 2011-07-27

I should have heeded the warning. I read all the horrible reviews before stopping into this horror show of a dealership, but it's right down the street from my house, so I decided to stop in. Walking in the door was my first mistake.

I ended up dealing with a middle aged women who seemed nice enough at the start. I explained to her that my Jeep was totaled in a accident and I was waiting for a check from the other drivers insurance company. If I ended up purchasing a car from them, I wanted to write them a check and put the rest on my credit card, and then pay off the card when the settlement check arrived. She told me that they didn't take credit cards and I would have to finance the balance through them. She said I could cancel the agreement for a $80.00 fee. CHILD PLEASE!!!! I was born at night, but not last night. That was the first red flag.

I ended up test driving a Liberty that I really liked. I was pressed for time, so I told her I would come back to talk to her the next morning when they opened. When I woke up the next day, I had a voicemail from the woman that said her basement flooded and she would not be able to make it in to see me. She asked me to go into the dealership and talk to her sale manager. That was Red flag #2. At this point, I called bullshit and decided to look elsewhere. Starting at 11 a.m. that morning , I received 10 calls from a guy with a loud, booming, annoying voice asking where I was and that I promised to come in and buy the car. These messages continued for the next three days. Finally, three days later the women I was working with called me back and asks if I'm still interested in the car. At this point, I wouldn't buy a tire gage from Napleton. Thank you for wasting five hours of my life. I'm fortunate that I walked away without spending a dime at this place.

The bottom line is buyer beware when it comes to this dealership. They will try every trick in the book to when it comes to selling you a car. Don't just take my word for it, read all the reviews on this place. They are quite eye opening.

A C. | 2011-07-02

DO NOT COME HERE TO BUY A NEW CAR. THIS place is shady. And the owner's son touts how he's been in the business for like forever. Well, it's funny cause he's wearing his class ring when we went into the office to discuss the vehicle, and it's the same year I graduated from college. So obviously he's my age. How the HECK would someone my age own a Chrysler dealership, much less run the show?

The owner is obviously very rude and not helpful. Wouldn't give a single dollar off the window sticker price (MSRP) for any vehicle in his store. He told us to "get lost" after spending like not even 5 minutes in his store. I was kind of shocked to have received this type of treatment.

You know what? I actually bought a vehicle at one of your competitors recently. So you lost my business. If you were nicer and even willing to consider reducing your price I would have considered Napleton. Your loss. Not mine.

Courtney P. | 2011-03-22

DO NOT EVER GO HERE!!!  Long story short~Brought my Compass in (which I bought from them) for a leaky sunroof.  While fixing it, they caused a problem with a window.  After returning it to them for 4 days and they couldn't fix it, I was told there's was nothing they could do.  I had to call Corporate to get it dealt with.  I kept telling them it was the window and they screwed around with it for 2 weeks!!! until they finally replaced the window.  They are idiots and terrible customer service

Marnie E. | 2011-01-20

Such a horrible place, never buy a car from here!!!
I wont even go into the details, but our credit got messed up cause they never opened an account for us after leasing the Jeep. then told us to just "send us the money" (Nope, not that dumb).
It took 3 months to deal with getting our lease figured out, and that entire time, I had the jeep in the shop 3 times for problems, its a 2011!!!
I am dreading going there for an oil change today cause they said we can only take it there for an oil change, as we are leasing, so those are the rules...dreading today at Napletons!!!

Mark V. | 2010-12-31

They used to be Napleton Hyundai, and I had the misfortune of buying a 2007 Sonata Limited from them that was used as a dealer demo. Whoever put the first 8,000 miles on the car beat the living daylights out of it, as the brakes were completely shot at 10,000 miles. They dickered over the repairs after I had only driven it for a few months. Other times when I brought it in for service, or tried to make an appointment, the Service Department (oxymoron?) refused to pick up the phone. I even brought my car there once, and tried calling them from the lot behind the garage from my cell phone. No answer, so I went into the sales dept, and stood on the other side of the door to the Service Dept. looking right at them when I called again. The operator put me through to Service, and two guys were back there, but neither one answered the phone. I wouldn't buy another car of any kind from the Napleton franchise.

Stephanie H. | 2010-08-16

This place still majorly fails. Always don't expect, just because you have an appointment, that you'll get your car back that day...even if you do take it in at 7:30am on the dot.

On top of that, I had the pleasure of getting my car back from them with a whole new problem as soon as I drove off. Oh yes, not once, but a row. Apologies? Nope.

Clearly the people who run this joint understand they are the only Jeep dealership on the Northeast part of the city. They monopolize the Jeep service industry, and they know it. And they act like it. ZERO customer service here.

This place blows. I'll be driving an extra few miles out of my way to take my car elsewhere from now on. They will never get one more red cent from me.

Tim S. | 2010-07-02

I've read all of the reviews for this dealership.  I do empathize with the majority.  But, in all fairness to the Napleton location, they certainly did a good job with my vehicle.  If interested, here's why....

A year ago, I had to make the idiodic decision to replace my transmission (hindsight....whatever).  The initial replacement in Smithtown, NY was successful for about 50 miles before I had to take the car immediately to a Jeep dealership near Rutherford, NJ (eventually bring it back to the Smithtown location).  Driving off the lot each time, told everything is good, I always seemed to deal with either a bucking or slipping that just was awful.  For those of you that know a thing or two about this stuff, you most likely know how much I spent and question why I allowed the problem to persist so long (again, hindsight).  I have since moved to Chicago (towing the vehicle).  

My first trip from Chicago to St. Louis I of course break down.  Tow it to the Jeep dealership, they fix it....I'm off again.  Drive it back to Chicago.  Sure enough, 20 miles outside of the CH, more problems - riding a bull would have been smoother.   Heart transplants have been accepted better then this stupid transmission.  

The point of story is to convey that the guys at Napleton discovered a problem with my car that 3 other Jeep dealerships seemed oblivious to identify.  Granted, it took 2 weeks and, this time, I asked them to take it on the road and really drive the sucker.  Got a little push back but all in all, the team there worked well with me.  

I did wait a while before writing this.  I just needed/wanted to be sure.  Man I hope I didn't jinx anyting.....

Charlie B. | 2010-05-11

After being without a car for months I decided it was time to look into a used car. I found an "internet special" from this place so I figured I would go check it out. Before taking this thing for a test drive I asked the salesperson if their was anything mechanically wrong with this car. "Oh no," he says, "this make and model of car is known for being mechanically sound." Yes, I did look up consumer reports on this car and yes this make and model is known for that. The test drive went great...I didn't find any leaks, cracks, or strange sounds I decided to purchase the vehicle.
After my purchase, now driving home in my new ride, I made a stop at the convenient store. Came back to my car to find white smoke coming from where the radiator sits...ok, hmmm. Before I drive it anywhere else the next day I check the coolant reservoir; bone dry. I fill it up and 10 minutes later all of the coolant has leaked onto the ground. There are so many holes in the radiator it's not even funny. I am furious. I can't drive my new car the day after purchase b/c of overheating. The car I just bought from a dealership is already broke. While in their possession they changed the oil in the vehicle but decided not to check the other fluids? No way! Everyone knows or assumes you top off all fluids when changing the oil...and no one noticed a lack of coolant? Do you sell your new cars without coolant? NO!!! Do you sell your new cars with nonfunctioning radiators? NO!!! They decided not to disclose this information hoping some poor schmuck would bend over and smile? These bastards are cheap and dishonest. I call up and they agree to fix it for a $100 "deductible." They have my car for a whole damn week, that's 7 days in case you're reading this Napleton. Why does this take 7 days to do a 2 hour job?  Did they have to find a radiator at the local junkyard? I wouldn't put that past them. Anyways, they only fix the radiator. They don't replace the hoses like it is suggested. They did a coolant flush but it looked like they put used coolant back into my reservoir. What a shithole! You guys are a joke. Your service department is slow. They offered me a free shuttle home and after waiting for 35 minutes I asked what the hold up was and no one had even tried getting ahold of the shuttle guy. THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS FROM BEGINNING TO END!!! Also, it has been 3 weeks and I still haven't recieved the title to the vehicle. THREE WEEKS!!! I was told 10-14 days originally...called the guy last night and he said the "managers" said it is actually 3 to 4 weeks. How convenient! Most people have to get their cars registered and licensed within one month right? Hmmmm...time is running out for my month.
AVOID NAPLETON NORTHWESTERN CHRYSLER, 5950 N. Western Ave., Chicago, 60659
They will try to pull the covers over their customers eyes. All they care about is turn around time on their trade-ins. Avoid the "internet specials."
But honestly, if you don't mind shitty service, dishonesty, a used car that you can't drive the very next day then by all means, go here.

In their defense though, they do have complimentary water in the "waiting room."


May 11, 2010

Collin P. | 2010-04-23

Napeltons was my dealer of choice for a couple years mainly because it was in the city.  All that has changed now. I went in to napeltons for a change of brake rotors and pads, but got much more.  Napeltons mechanic broke my emergency brake, and then told me it would cost an additional two hundred dollars to fix it on top of the 900 I was spending.  They said it wasn't their fault yet, magically it happened.  I decided to leave it broken, and did not fix it.  A few months later I was discussing what happened with a mechanic friend, and he said it should not have broken at all.  When i called back to napeltons they said it would be more expensive, more like 500.00 to fix it.  So, I called customer service for jeep, a secondary dealer, etc to make sure I was not craZy. Apparently I am not because they all said that the dealer should have fixed it.  Napeltons will rob you.  They also dont wash your car even though they always advertise that the wash comes with service.  I had to ask on two separate occasions.

Lise W. | 2010-03-20

Don't use these guys for service !!!! They are HORRIBLE !!!! I paid $123 for a coolant flush that wasn't done. I found out a few weeks later when I went to another shop for a battery problem and they showed me how bad the coolant looked. It was obvious that it hadn't been done. Napleton also checked off that my battery was fine but the cables were so corroded that I needed to have them replaced. They are either lazy or incompetent so in either case this is a group you definitely don't want working on your car. They are liars and they place is a rip off !!!! This place actually deserves 0 stars but that wasn't an option.

RJ K. | 2010-03-10

Terrible Dealer for Repairs and Maintenance. They actually state that you must change the Transmission Fluids and Differential Fluids at 12,000 miles in order to keep your warranty active!! When I got home and checked my Maintenance Guide, it says that a TAXI should have these fluids CHECKED every 12,000 miles. I spent over $800 bucks for nothing. I would never buy a new car here and I will NEVER bring my car into them for service. I would not trust them under the hood of my car!! BEWARE!! (ONE STAR IS TOO GENEROUS,  but zero stars is not an option!)

Tom L. | 2009-10-06

I went in to cancel my extended service contract and the guy at first told me I had to contact my original delaership (in Northern WI).  I read the fine print again and it said to take the service contract with the jepp to the nearest jeep dealership.  He then said, "Wait until you sell the car next week, then come in and we will cancel".  The fine print also states the dealer MUST PHYSICALLY SEE THE MILAGE AND CONDITION OF THE CAR in order to get a prorated refund.  He then goes in the back room and comes out with a computer printout showing my contract details and says it is canceled.  I call Shrysler three times over the next 6 weeks to see where my refund is and today I get a straight answer: It was never cancelled, the dealer just pulled up and printed out a page that shows what my refund WOULD HAVE been.

Lauren M. | 2009-09-30

In agreement with all of the other terrible reviews on here... I just want to reiterate why you should NOT GO to Napleton's Northwestern.  I took my Jeep here to be fixed (under warranty).  They had my Jeep for 6 weeks without doing a single piece of work on it!  Apparently they could not get the part that I needed.  I called and emailed most days looking for an update - had they fixed the other things that needed to be done?  NO!  They never called me back, answered my emails; rudely with out punctuation or any politeness and were generally horrific to deal with.

I removed my car from there on Saturday (by using a Tow company, as the car in unsafe to drive).  The garage where I have my car now has secured the part within a few days and have begun repairing my car!!!  Awesome news.  Napleton's were telling me that they would not be able to get this part until October 29th.

Do not take your business to this dealership.

Adam M. | 2009-08-27

Jeez these reviews are harsh!

I have purchased three Jeeps from Napleton's in the past 9 years and feel I have been treated well and have been taken care of with each purchase.  My most recent purchase, a black Jeep Wrangler Sahara, I couldn't be more happy with.  I knew exactly what I wanted, the options I wanted, the price I wanted to pay and the payments I would be comfortable with.  John Boland, the sales person, and Chris, their finance manager were very accommodating and was quick to return my calls and help me expedite the purchase.  The transaction was quick and painless. I am a pretty tough critic and did my own research prior to walking in blindly to an auto showroom, plus called two other local dealers as well to do my due diligence in getting what I wanted.  Not only did they have the inventory of the product I wanted, but they were first to call back and follow up.

I think if you are going to buy a car, it helps if you know exactly what you want before you go in.  I don't see how this would be any different than purchasing any other big ticket item and you are an idiot if you don't do a little homework first.  I will for sure be following up with reviews of their service department, if and when needed, but after reading the reviews, it sounds like some people might be a little happier if they scheduled their appointments rather than just driving in and expecting immediate service.  What do you expect?  In my past experience with my other two vehicles from Napleton's I had no problem's other than once being given a loaner I didn't care to much for, a purple PT Cruiser, which the service people called "Barney".  Yeah, wasn't too proud driving that thing around town.  Otherwise, I have had no past problems and expect the same service I have had in the past, just maybe something a little nicer to drive for a loaner.

larry g. | 2009-07-15

Worst dealership ever.  Bought a new Chrysler 300 a year ago.  Purchased an expensive GPS unit, which I was clearly told included rear cameras for backing up.  When no cameras were installed I told the salesperson who, after running around for a half hour said, "Gee, I am sorry, the camera system is another $1500, I made a mistake. But if you can find anything I put in writing, I will honor it."  Of course, I could not find a written statement.
I had to take the car back two or three times for them to figure out how to work the car phone integration.  They finally discovered that they had put a bad unit in the car.
Several months later the internal electrical system goes out so that I have no interior lights and the automatic trunk will not open. (Amazingly, there is no way to open the trunk manually as an override.)  When I took it in, I suggested that it might just be a fuse, "oh no, this could not be a fuse problem," I was told.  They kept it for two days, no results.  Had to pick up the car and return it a week later so that could try it again.  Kept it two days.  Finally, they tell me that they put in a new fuse, it didn't work, then they discovered their replacement fuse was bad.  Their service is slow and incompetent.  
Now I await my car, after dropping it off for an oil change, tire rotation and to reactivate my Sat. radio, which I was told by Sirius needs a "hard reboot," meaning simply take the radio out and put it back in.  Here we are, eight hours later, no return call.  Waiting for a return call and I bet they will tell me that they need to keep the car of another day because they can't get the radio working.
I think these people never get around to working on the car and when they are late, they say they ran into problems (I know they did that with the electrical problem.)  Just got the call back and they can't figure out why my Sat. radio does not work and they need to keep the car.  Typical.  I am sure that they don't start working on my car until the end of the day and if there is the slightest glitch, they hold it over.  Now my tomorrow is all screwed up.

August 2010.  I could not stand it anymore and traded in the crappy Chrysler 300 for a Lexus.  I still get lousy service but the waiting area is more comfortable.

Alexis S. | 2009-01-14

If you have a choice, do not go here for service. My story is almost too long to post so I will abbreviate: The (my) Napleton Ford dealer closed down. Someone whose mom worked there told me (on Yelp) that the dealer was "sold back to Ford," but that the rest of the Napleton dealership was still open (i.e. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge). I was upset because I had a sweet deal going over there with free oil changes and a two year warranty.

After this, I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go to get my Ford serviced--the Napleton Chrysler dealer or the next nearest Ford dealer (Niles). Two weeks ago when my check engine light came on, I brought it to the Ford dealer in Niles who did diagnostic work only to find out that my warranty was only good at Napleton dealers.

So I called the Napleton Chrysler to make an appointment. It took four calls before I spoke with someone who would listen to my story and let me make an appointment. I was bounced from person to person and even hung up on once! Needless to say, I was starting to get really mad.

When someone finally took my call, I was told that the next available appointment wasn't for a week! So a week later I drop off my car with a typed-up, detailed letter about the diagnostic information I had, as well as my experience with the car recently. I called them the next day to find out what they had found and they told me, "I don't know, I'll have someone call you back." No one called back.

I called again the next day, and the day after and it was the same story--no information and no returned phone calls. Finally they told me that they would have to order parts and that I would have to wait over the weekend and the car would be ready Monday afternoon.

I get to the dealer after work to pick-up my car and Bob at the service desk tells me, "Oh, I was about to call you--the parts we ordered were the wrong ones and your car isn't ready." I was pissed!

Finally--14 days after I made the appointment, I got my car back!

J. O. | 2008-10-21

I can't even believe I am giving this place one star.  This is probably the worst experience I have ever had with a service department.  

I had a horrible experience, apparently one of their old employees was doing some shady things.  He was calling from his cell phone when my car was in the shop AND after I already paid for my car in full (on my credit card luckily), he called again to tell me I owed him more money.  I refused to pay over the phone, lucky for me, and went to the actual building to check.  Sure enough, I had no balance on my account.  Now, 6 months later, a DIFFERENT person is calling making me prove that I paid.  And by the way, he calls me just about every day.  This place is awful, and I plan on sending a strongly worded letter along with my proof of payment soon.

Lesson learned:  Don't trust any of the employees at Napleton's.  They are clearly just trying to doop you.

B S. | 2008-08-17

I wrote a review last year that was removed for some reason and I really don't know why. In a nutshell, these guys couldn't communicate among their staff, could never fix my Jeep's problems, made promises about covering a rental car then reneged on the promise, and once the State's Attorneys office asked them to clear up the issue (yes, they pissed me off so much, i submitted the whole case to Lisa Madigan's office), they again made an offer and promise to the State, and never followed through with it!!!!!  Steer way clear of these guys. I just had my Jeep over to Marino's (formerly Lynch) on Irving Park.  Marino's was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!

Juanita G. | 2008-03-20

I just had a bad experience with Napleton Chrysler's Service dept. today! I probably should cool off a little before I write a review.  First of their service hours are what they are 7:30-6:30 M-F It's annoying that they can't do an oil change on a weekend but OK I get it. I bought my car from there 2 years ago figuring since it's blocks from home I could get it serviced there without a problem. As it turns out I'm never home.

Well this morning I found myself in the area. I dug out my little coupon for an oil change. I gave them a call from home and asked if they were really busy that if I came in right away if I could have my oil changed right away. The woman told me that it would be an hour and a half and that I never need an appointment to get an oil change. I rushed over there and got there at 10:30. I told them I was there for an oil change and the service guy told me it would be 1 1/2 hrs and that I could wait in the waiting room. I brought some stuff to work on while I was there I figured well at least it would give me a chance to work on something in the waiting room.

I looked up and noticed it was 12:10. I go up to the service counter to the guy that I had originally spoke to. He said that I could go back to the waiting room and that he'd find out how much longer it would take. He meets me in the waiting room and tells me that my car got moved out of the way and they got started on the car late. I was upset but asked how much longer it would take. He asked me if I was in a hurry and said that they would do it for free. I told him yes that I was in a hurry and that I needed to go back to work. He said he'd make sure that they hurry up. Whatever that means?

Just then a guy puts up a sign that they have free wifi. Stupid me got lured into the free wifi and started reading my email. I look up and it's now 1:30. I start walking to the service area and again and wonder how much longer it would take if I told him I wasn't in a hurry. They guy I initially talked to is talking to what seems like another customer. He sees me but doesn't acknowledge me. So another guy asks if he can help me. I tell him that I've been waiting since 10:30 for my car to get an oil change. He asks me who helped me and I point to him, apparently his  name is John. He walks up to him and says it's OK, we're doing it for free. He walks off. When he comes back he tells me it's ready they are just washing it. When they pulled up with my car, it wasn't washed.

I end up leaving there at 2pm. I couldn't believe how long it took! If I would have known that they hadn't even started it, I would have just left. Don't lie to me! Tell me the truth! A free oil change isn't going to make up for the HOURS of my time lost.

Stevie B. | 2008-02-28

I don't know about the dearlership side,  but I had a bad experience at the service department. I'd taken my car there previously and had no problems (when I was still under warranty), but once your warranty expires--WATCH OUT.  It seems they will suddenly try to take you for all your worth.

I went in for a couple small items. The car was driving "wobbly"--they said all four tires needed be replaced. Their cost: $1,000 + labor. When I told them that the front two tires were less then three months old, she said, "well, maybe only the back two need to be replaced". I went to Firestone who replaced the back two tires. Actual cost: $325. (although Napelton charged me $80 just for looking at it)

My passeneger's side mirror had fallen off. They said the entire unit had to be replaced. Their cost : $438 + labor. I took it to a different dealership who simply added a new miror. Actual cost: $52.

They also informed me that just looking at my car would be a minimum $200 charge that would be deducted from any parts. Which is also messed up (Even though repalcing my pump for window fluid was over $200, I was still charged an additional fee for "examining" my car and which wasn't deducted.)

I certainly will not be back. Nor will I buy a new car from them now either.

Matthew S. | 2007-11-12

Detectives Elliot Stabler & Olivia Benson, where are you? I was raped.

I purchased my first new car here. I was green, and very naive.  The sales staff totally took advantage of that.  It was a silver PT Cruiser, and it was a great car.  Sadly, the dealership took me for the first ride.

I traded in the car I had just paid off a few months before, and got way less then blue book, but I was still excited to be getting a new car.  Fast talking, no wheeling and dealing, and I drove off the lot in it.  

*insert Mother saying "Meshuganah? Have you lost your MIND?"

I don't know what I was thinking. I was so stupid.  Yet, I still found myself incredibly attractive.  

The car payment I was stuck with was so high, that I had to move out of my apartment into something much cheaper and less modern - I learned to live with "charm"...that's what they call old dirty apartments with great crown molding these days.

The customer service was horrible. I was told that it was the only place I could get my oil changed, and they talked me into joining this oil change club....which was several hundred dollars a year.  So they washed my car after they were done changing the oil.  

Not only that - but when you called, you seemed to be the least important thing in the world to them.  And I have such a wonderful bedside manner!  

For those prices, they should have picked it up and brought it back to me.

After dealing with this mistake for a year, I traded the car in - which unbeknownst to me, PT Cruisers have HORRIBLE trade in value.  I went to Jacobs Twin (which was AWESOME!)  Lower car payments, I moved back to a better apartment in a great neighborhood.

I would NEVER suggest ANYONE purchase a vehicle from this dealership, unless of course, you like being taken for a fool.

Sara E. | 2007-11-06

I agree with the first reviewer.  This dealership epitomizes bad customer service.  Last time I went they stole something out of my car and when I tried to complain the response I got was "well, It's just not here"  I left multiple messages for the manager to call me back  to no avail I am in the process of finding a new place to take my car where I know it wont come out in worse condition then it went in.  I would give it negative stars if I could also.

Angela B. | 2007-01-21

I hate hate hate this place.   I bought my jeep from them because I thought they has great customer service, was I ever wrong.  Once they have your money they are nothing but rude and unhelpful. Once they lost the remote to my jeep.  They finally replaced after a lot of arguing.  When I went back for them to give me a new one they tried to tell me that I would  have to come back again to have my boyfriends remote reprogrammed.  They did end up giving me two new ones.I wasn't going to go back after that but the manager apologized to me and gave me a 50 dollar credit.   He also assured me that the credit would be under my name so I could use it anytime So I went back, bad idea.  They did not take my problem seriously, I complained about a smell coming from the heating vents.  After waiting to hear from they tried to say that it was my dog that smelled, not the car.  I wanted to use the credit for the windshield wiper blades ,  no surprise they couldn't find it.  I tried to talk to the manager again but he blew me off. I would give them a negative 5 stars if I could.

Chris B. | 2006-08-31

BAD car dealership...

Cobweb covered salesmen(1950 flashback) with stained teeth, rotten breath, tucked in $5 golf shirts and the cheesiest, most desperate tactics I've ever seen...

BUT -- we ended up with this equally horrible saleswoman that was not only full of cheesy lines, but we felt like we were being taken for a ride (pun) the entire time; from the test drive to the showroom, it was like a bad time share solicitation.

After they DID NOT NEGOTIATE the sale of the car to include their alleged "inner circle," or whatever they call their service plan, along with other preferred discounts (Jacky's family are Michigander and Michigeese car folks), we headed over to Lynch...

Stay away from Napleton...but Lynch...they're cool...more on them in a Lynch review...

Michelle F. | 2005-09-29

Family owned place. Were helpful and fast when my husband's Jeep needed the clutch replaced. Service was great.