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Welcome to MINI of Chicago, a proud member of Fields Auto Group which has been selling luxury automobiles since 1971.  Our particular dealership is proud to serve the Chicago area with a team of Sales and Finance experts uniquely equipped to assist you with a purchase or lease of a MINI. We also have a large selection of pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles. Our Service Department offers complimentary loaners and will see that your vehicle continues to operate in peak fashion.  Our MINI Parts Department carries a wide range of Parts and Accessories to help you maximize your driving experience.  All of our customers are enrolled in the "Fields Matters" Loyalty Program which entitles you to complimentary service loaners and car washes every Saturday.


Established in 1971.

Welcome to, proud memebrs of North America's Premier Luxury Auto Group! With three dozen franchises, we are proud to serve our customers in Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, and British Columbia. Family owned and operated, Fields Auto began with the opening of Fields Cadillac in Evanston, IL in 1971. Ask about our 'Fields Matters" Customer Loyalty program and our 75K Mileage Rewards Club. Let us show you why you, the customer, are our top priority!

MINI of Chicago

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 969-5700
Address:1111 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL, 60614
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on MINI of Chicago

Christy S. | 2015-04-14

I hate to give Mini 2 stars, as the experience buying my car was pretty great - easy and low stress, both the salesman and the manager were very nice. But my experience today will never be forgotten. I bought a used Toyota from them less than 3 weeks ago and the breaks have been loudly grinding for two weeks.  It's not every time I break, but it does happen every day.  Ive been very busy and didn't have time to go back to the dealership to have them look at it so I took it to Midas which was close to me for a free brake inspection. They said I have almost no pads left on all 4 breaks and all my rotors are old and have grooves on them (which means they haven't been replaced in a long time).  I didn't want to put $600 into a car I bought from a "reputable" dealer less than 3 weeks after purchasing it.  They actually knew about the problem mid last week (which was less than 2 weeks after purchase), I just haven't had time with my work schedule to bring it in.

So I made an appt for 8am this morning because the sales manager (Jung?) told me I should bring it in to take a look at it, and the service guy I spoke with agreed the brakes shouldn't be grinding already.  It took me over an hour to get to the dealer and when I explained I had an appt for them to look at my brakes he just spouted off that it will cost $600 for the front and $600 for the back.  He wouldn't even consider that they may have overlooked something, or maybe they just don't care when its not a Mini they're selling.  

When I was buying the car, I was told more than a few times that they are such a reputable dealer *big pat on the back for them*  and they've checked out the whole car and the only things that needed to be replaced were the battery and the tires, which they took care of. They wouldn't sell a car that may hurt their reputation.

The guy at the service desk today suggested maybe the breaks sounded funny because it was just winter. Right. And then said he can't really do anything until 11am when a manager gets in anyway.  I was fuming, such terrible customer service for a Fields dealership. I'm glad I moved my day around to drive an hour and be talked down to with no offer to help me out.  Needless to say I wont be calling them again, I guess I just have to replace all the breaks and rotors less than 3 weeks after purchasing.  

Don't ever buy anything but a Mini if you go to this dealer.

Helen Z. | 2015-03-26

I will say I will give the service team a 5 star, they r always really friendly and helpful. It's the management and front desk that is just horrible at their jobs. I've bought my car at this dealership, the sales acted it he can do with or without my business attitude. Had my car for 3 years now. In all the times I called, I either get transfer back to the front desk, or get hang up on. And called 4 times now asking for the finance department. Apparently he never goes to work, I called on different dates, and times. He was never there, and when I leave a massage to have him called me back, a week will pass and he never called me back! This is always what happens when I called for management in the past 3 years. I've owned a Benz, and an Audi before this. And mini dealership is not even half as good at the service as other dealership. I will never get another Mini after this, not because the car quality, because I just don't have time to deal with poor service!

Megan O. | 2015-02-22

Terrible customer service.  I have been taking my car here since July 2014.  Most of the time I was taking my car in because my check engine light was going on about every 6 weeks or so.  Each time I was sent home and was told nothing was wrong with it.   I  also had called several times to get more information on purchasing an extended warranty and it took days for anyone to call me back.  You would think they would call back right away if someone wanted to purchase something.  Again, my check engine light went on and I asked if I can schedule an appointment to bring it in over the weekend and was told that the service manager would call me the next day and it's been 5 days and I still haven't heard from anyone so I decided to take my car to Mini of Schaumburg.  They were excellent and explained in detail the options for an extended warranty and also found the reason my check engine light kept coming on.  Luckily, i went there because they would not release my car back to me because it was too dangerous to drive.  I would recommend anyone that has a Mini to take it to the Schaumburg location.

Andy A. | 2015-01-10

Made an appointment and left the vehicle for warranty service on 1-5-14. Still no response and they can't find my car. Called 3 times and they are keep telling me they will give a call back. They don't even know if they did any service on it or not. Wasted 4 days and will never go back here for service again. Service writer was nice, but seems like their system can't handle.

Lee P. | 2014-12-22

Hats off to Jimmy at the service desk.  My 2008 Mini S hardtop had only 24,000 miles on it (in seven years) when the transmission stopped working. Jimmy called me to say that the cost would be $8500.00 to have a new trans installed. I was in tears (figuratively).

An hour later Jimmy called back. He took it upon himself to call the Mini rep and, due to the low mileage, and the fact I have been a regular customer, Mini agreed to pick up 70% of the cost!  I will have a new transmission and a 2 year warranty.

Moral of the story: when you work with professionals, they treat you like a professional. This was extremely impressive and much appreciated.

Michele G. | 2014-12-15

I love the consideration and service at this dealer. I bought my all 4 and continue to have rockstar service from their service department. Jimmy calls me back their manager is an awesome guy. What ever the company is doing to maintain such high standards is working for me.

Christina K. | 2014-12-04

I used to take the treck out to Schaumburg to get my mini worked on, I tried to stay loyal to my dealer. My car was at Patrick mini a month ago.  Patrick mini didn't really fix my problem, a month later I had the same issue. This time I decided to go to mini of Chicago. The customer service is some of the best I have encountered. I own a business and I want to steal the employees for my store!

May P. | 2014-11-18

Justin is ridiculous.  So good...... So friendly...... So knowledgable.... So honest...:: I can go on and on!!!
I mean, this guy is so awesome in every single way..... I'm at a loss for words.  He's a mini freak and so honest about these cars it's very refreshing.  We walked in on a Saturday at 3:45 and he showed us a few models that were along the lines of what we wanted and we picked it out and he expedited the buying process as well.  The finance man was kind and patient as well.  Everyone we encountered was so cool here, not the typical stressful car buying gig. Justin also understood my neuroses and was really cool about it. I had to think about it..... Take another drive...... Etc......
Please go see Justin. He's such a cool guy and so knowledgable, you will love him just like we did:)

Tylar C. | 2014-10-20

I was stranded here in Chicago when the clutch in my mini stopped.
They told me it would probably be 3 days. In 6 hours I am now on my way back to Austin Texas!
Great people and great service!!
Jamie is the best!
The shop supervisor is great as well!

Andrea F. | 2014-10-01

My boyfriend normally gets his Wrangler serviced at Field's Jeep out in the burbs. Thankfully Mini was able to run the diagnostics check needed to figure out why his check engine light went on. Not only were Gigi and Darren in the service department extremely helpful, but they saved us a trip to the burbs. We'll definitely use them again

Sonia M. | 2014-09-11

Alex at Mini Cooper of Chicago is the best.  He worked really hard to get us in the month payment we needed.  We went in to trade-in our BMW for a Mini to get a smaller car as well as a lower monthly payment.   He took our bad situation and made it into a great experience.   He is a very genuine person and just a pleasure to work with.  If you are in the market for a new vehicle,  please see Alex.

Jeffrey H. | 2014-09-06

Go see Justin B!

Stopped in today to get Da Boop Boop (2013 Hardtop S) service done (All Free, cause MINI rocks) and fell in love with the 2014 Hardtop S.  I sort of have a car buying problem and all signs pointed to the fact that I was going to walk out WITHOUT Da Boop Boop and in a new Boop Boop.  Justin approached me chill as hell and we just started talking about motoring.  To say he has been bit by the MINII bug would be an understatement.  After all, he has a rad MINI Tattoo on his  hand.  

We chatted about what I was looking for (as well as life, love, dogs, bikes, boutique hotels, food, motoring and suction cups (Speaking of which, if you are reading this, check out the Sea Sucker Bike rack - works perfectly on a MINI)) and it was like I was having a conversation with a long lost friend.  After running the numbers (I hope I don't get you in trouble, Justin) he actually talked me OUT of buying a new car because the numbers didn't make sense.  He told me to come back in a year or so and he could flip me into a new car at that time.  I've never, in my life, had a sales person talk me out of buying a car (In fact, I have had over 6 cars in the last two years, again, my name is Jeffrey and I admit I have a problem).  

Although, he's perfectly unique, I can tell that his sales style isn't truly unique for the dealership because all around me were other salesmen and saleswomen who were chatting with their customers without ANY "pitches".  This dealership is truly unique and Justin and MINI of Chicago has just gained a life long customer (and probably 5-6 new car purchases from me in the next decade).  

Thanks for hanging out, Justin.  Keep on Motoring.  If you're looking for a MINI (or if you  just want some REAL advice on whether to buy (or not to buy) a MINI, go find him.  I trust he won't do you wrong!

Katie M. | 2014-09-03

I just drove my brand new Mini off of the lot and I am so pleased with my experience at this dealership.

The salesperson, Evelyn, was knowledgable and helpful as I asked questions about the different models.  I was very clear on what I wanted to purchase and Evelyn made sure that I was satisfied with my selection.  She is just pleasant and professional.   Once we got to the financing, I was able to negotiate a satisfactory deal and I was out the door.  

I am actually looking forward to using them for service after reading all of the awesome Yelp reviews.

Shary E. | 2014-08-26

My Mini is a few years old and when I purchased this wonderful car it was one of their "loaners".  I fell in love with it during my test drive and after purchasing the Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream Mini, I had them add white stripes to match the roof and side mirrors.  The guy who did the stripes did shoddy work and my stripes had a bubble and a place where they began to peel.  I asked Mini to please have this guy fix them and I found out that this "striper" is no longer working with this Mini dealer (probably because of his shoddy work).  Annibal (service manager) and Gigi (person who has been helping me on the phone) understood that my stripe peeling was not due to any fault of my own and because they are the best Mini Dealership in IL they are fixing the stripes!  I just want to say that whenever I have a problem (and they are usually small) the service at this mini is great!  Thanks you guys!  I am a loyal customer and will buy all of my cars from you in the future!
Very Happy Customer!

Allen G. | 2014-08-06

I have been to this dealership a few times now for service on my Mini and every time it has been exceptional... specifically Darryn from the service dept... he's incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and as accommodating as possible.

My first service visit was an emergency flat tire.  Initially Darryn told me that they were overbooked with service appointments and would not be able to help me that day.  After a minute, realizing that I would be unable to go to work with no spare (run flats), he said he'll find a spot to squeeze me in that morning so that I could go to work, and he did.

My second visit, I was there for a few hours.  They offered me a drop-off and pick-up service to my home, but I stayed and gone work done on my laptop.  While there, I overheard Darryn on the phone with what seemed like a cray-cray customer.  From what was being said, I wanted to walk over and pick up the phone and yell at the person on the other end of the phone for being flat out stupid!, but Darryn kept his cool the entire time.  After the call was finished, I expected him to talk to one of his co-workers about how crazy that person was, but nothing.  He just kept going on his business.  That's service and an A+ guy.

The sales people here are a "no pressure" attitude.

I wish I had bought my Mini from this place.
FU Bill Jacobs Mini in Naperville.

Chris C. | 2014-08-02

I am active duty military and had my family store my Mini for me while deployed overseas.  When I returned I found that this dealer took advantage of the two separate family members and made repairs to the brakes twice and replaced the license plate brackets to theirs without asking.  This last aspect may seem really minor compared to the brake repair, but is just another example of how little they care about customer satisfaction.  Thankfully I am not stationed near Chicago and can take my Mini to a repair shop I can trust.

M G. | 2014-08-01

Just bought my fourth  MINI from this awesome dealership and second from this exact location . They have excellent customer service and know how to make a deal .  No pressure , no gimmicks and know how to provide what the customer is looking for . I'm a difficult buyer but they really worked with me to give me what I wanted . I checked out other dealerships but MINI of Chicago just blew everyone out of the water. If you are in the market to buy a mini this is definitely the place to be at .

Grace Z. | 2014-06-01

I just got my first Mini here. And I love it so much!!!!The salesman Alex is really nice and very helpful. He helps me find my best car! yeah!!BUT I have to say the manager is Really Horrible!!!!!!!!! I NEVER EVER meet a manage likes him. NOT FRIENDLY! EVEN VERY VERY RUDE!!!!!Really bad attitude!!!!!I used to think that when I bought a Mini, it should feel like I am in a big Mini family, I doubt that because of him. We even thought of not getting the car just because we could not stand his attitude. But because the my sales were trying so hard, eventually I took my baby home

Anyway, please be prepare to meet a unprofessional manager at mini of Chicago. Except  this, wish everyone get a dream car from there.

Ryan F. | 2014-04-28

This isn't where I bought my MINI but always been treated well during my free maintenance and a few minor service bulletins and recalls. Nice waiting area and refreshments (ice cream!). Never any problems getting a loaner if necessary.

I brought my car in today for a few tiny but worrisome paint issues, and wasn't sure what to expect even though I'm under warranty. They covered it without any trouble and proactively are taking care of a few other things all at the same time.

Great customer service so far!

marcy s. | 2014-04-10

Fields is less than a mile from my house. My Lincoln MKX's lease was up and did not need a large car and wanted some fun! I took a test drive and wanted the loaded black mini AWD on the showroom. I told the sales associate "I Want this car". I told him I needed it the 1st week in April, it was the last week of February! I gave him all my contact information and NEVER got a thank you email or call nor a note by snail mail. 2 weeks later I went to Knauz, they made the deal that day by asking for a small deposit. They held it till this week and I am now a proud owner if a fully loaded Mini AWD.  

Obviously the sales associate didn't take my " I want this car" seriously. Follow up with everyone is salesmanship 101. BTW, I'm 50, look 40 and am a woman! Be wary......

Nadezda S. | 2014-03-14

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! LET ME BEGIN!! I leave my car there for regular oil changes they told me it would take few hours,i went to the coffee shop across and waited ,when the time approached i called to check if i could come and they told me they broke something on my car ... Hm,they could called when they broke it which i assume happened much earlier... They agree to give me their car,with promise that i would have my car back in a week.... Well, two weeks passed nobody gave me any updates,they finally call and they say it will be longer .... In the mean while i had an accident ,which made two little spots  on their car,they had to wash the car to see it after i told them i accident ,mind you that if they did not break my car,or finished when they said ,i would have had my car during the accident... They make me pay now 500$. And when i was leaving the dealership i asked the guy who worked there if he could put the chaild seat from their car to mine,since i have never done that,mu husband always do it,and it was time to go pick up my daughter,so he sent me to the fire station,with 10 men working there,i am sure at least one had kids.... They suck!!!!!!

Kris R. | 2014-01-07

so far i'm really pleased with MINI of chicago.  the service dept is great and friendly.  i took my snookums to see why she was flashing her check engine light (as she's only 6 months old).  they didn't have a rental for me to take so they shuttled me to work along with another fellow.  when i picked her up, she was so squeaky clean (and just CUTE as a button, my sweet cupcake!), i didn't even recognize her.  i wasn't expecting her to be clean since they had a sign on their desk saying they wouldn't be washing cars because of the weather, which is understandable.  i was SO happy and i fell in love again.  luckily, she was fine - the programming was too sensitive, so they adjusted that and did a however-many-point inspection and my lovebug, Junebug, was like new again.  

sundays: free car washes beginning at 10a (i'm sure not right now in this cold).  it's wonderful.

also, they have a little lobby and deece snacks.  coffee, tea, soda, costco snacks.  it's dope.

my salesman travis always remembers me when i come in.  i have to say every time i pass by, i ask my little boo-boo if she remembers the day i picked her up.  fond memories.

Russell F. | 2013-10-28

Great service department...typical of a Field's outfit.  
They are helpful, honest, and quick to get you in and out.
These people understand what it takes to deliver a positive customer service experience!

Jeannette G. | 2013-10-23

I purchased a volkswagen jetta but I was kinda rushed to buy a car not by salesman but personally cause my mom was the 1 going to buy it for me and she was about to leave out of town so I had seen good reviews about this dealership but im not happy about the fact that the sales man didnt tell me i had 2 wks to have free service if anything went wrong cause the second day in owning the car the check engine lite went on now a mth later the radio shut off completely so i said its really time to get this car checked so i call the dealership n the person informs since its been over 2 wks that they cant help me that really bummed me out another thing i waited for them for like over an hr just to close the sale maybe that was a sign that i shouldnt buy the car well i guess i should have known better... Still would be nice to know about the within the  2 wks  to have it checked n fixed

James D. | 2013-10-06

We went to many Mini Dealers out of the city thinking we would get a cheaper and better deal.  Man could we have been more wrong!!!  After a nightmare of a visit to Knauz we ended up going to Mini of Chicago and we could not of had a more pleasant experience.   Not only were the pleasant and easy to work with they were so accommodating to whatever we needed.  They found the car we wanted and gave it to us at a FANTASTIC price.   I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to buy a Mini.   If you have a trade-in they will negotiate and give you the best deal.  Brian is a real honest and open salesperson willing to do whatever we needed and still does weeks after leaving.  P.S.  They have awesome perks for being a Mini owner with free Car Washes every sunday and amazing service with loaner cars!!!!

Maris M. | 2013-08-20

I had been searching a 200 mile radius for the model and year of car I wanted for a couple of days--dealing with every type of car salespeople in the spectrum in the process. After narrowing my search down to 4 or 5 cars in the area, I found the car I wanted at MINI of Chicago.

I called in from an ad and was greeted by Scott (sales). He was honest, helpful and went the extra mile in getting me to the payment that I required. Barbara in finance was awesome too. They both stayed 3 hours after closing to get the deal done.

The dealership itself is very nice. Modern looking. The walls are black which is kind of cool. They offer free ice cream, popsicles, sodas, coffee and snacks while you're there. They also offered me free car washes on Sundays as long as I own the car. Keep in mind that I bought a used car from them. Pretty cool.

I bought the car last night and this morning went to get in it and noticed that an LED light in one of the side mirrors had part of the housing missing and needed to be replaced. I called Sharon (manager) and she was very cool about it. She is ordering the part from Mercedes and is going to have it installed at her shop.

Overall, had a fantastic experience. This car was pristine and I noticed that the rest of their pre-owned cars were all equally picked for the lot with the same fine tooth comb.


Lawrence K. | 2013-08-18

After reading a lot of great reviews about this dealership, I was very disappointed in the customer survive I received. I purchased a car from San Diego and without being able to see and drive the car, I trusted the people at the dealership to assist me the best way possible. My sales person, James was helpful but where I started to have problems was when I was trying to wire the funds from San Diego to Chicago. I must have called the finance person and the manager, Kyle, three or four times. None of them returned my calls. When I finally got someone on the phone they said they received money but didn't bother to call me to confirm receipt. Kyle didn't even give me the courtesy of a call back. You would think when you have just spent $25k on a car they would be nice.
My next problem was that they recommended a transport company called McNutt, these guys are terrible. They charge you for the transport fee upfront and don't do anything. They originally told me that they would have a truck to pick up my car in about two days and a week later I didn't hear anything.

Andrew R. | 2013-08-10

These guys are excellent. I came in near the end of my car search, and knew that I'd be buying that day if I really fell in love with a Cooper S. I told them I had looked at other cars (e.g. GTi and Golf R), and they were relaxed and cool and said "sure, I'll show you what we have." They didn't try to rattle off about why a Cooper is better than a GTi and whatnot, which was refreshing. I appreciated their very laid-back approach. They respected the fact that, as a car nerd, I know my technical details and I do my research on the cars I look at.

So I worked with a rep at his desk searching their inventory. We took two test drives. The rep was knowledgeable and patient as I checked out both cars -- I never felt rushed, so I took my time because I was starting to love the Cooper S and I really wanted to be sure that I was going to be happy with my choice. It was obvious he wanted me to buy, but he never once got pushy with it. I spent a while mulling it over, drinking their free beverages :D

So I told him I was interested in the less expensive one (the more expensive Cooper had the JCW body kit and Recaros, not really worth the extra $$ in my opinion), and we went through my credit and finances. He never pressured me into buying the more expensive car because he respected that I didn't think it was worth the extra dough.

After a reasonable wait (I know it can be a pain to run credit and call banks and everything, but they checked up with me every so often), they had me lined up with an approval. My credit is good, but since it was my first big financed purchase, it was light. The sales manager explained everything about the loan to me clearly -- I had read up on everything online, but it was nice to hear it in person. We worked out a final price on the car in the normal dealer-buyer haggling style.

I asked to drive the car one more time before making a final decision, they said "sure thing man, go out and have fun!" Took another spin, and definitely loved it. So I agreed to buy!

It did take a little bit to run all the paperwork, but that's expected as well. They were moderately busy (Friday afternoon), but never skimped on checking up with me. When I sat down with the sales manager to sign the papers, he went through each document and clearly explained what was what. They detailed the car, gave it a full tank, and set me on my way!

If I had any criticism, it'd be that Minis basically sell themselves, so the reps can get away with being kind of lazy :D Well, not lazy, but totally laid-back, which makes the whole experience so much more relaxing.

The showroom is clean, everyone is nice, everything is upbeat, they have a huge inventory, free refreshments, etc. Perhaps the best thing is that they reflect the feeling that a Mini gives you -- it's a happy car, and they realize that there's no reason to be pushing potential buyers around. Buying a car should be an enjoyable experience, and it was!

Diego O. | 2013-07-16

This is one dealer experience that's worth dying for. I am a fan of Mini and couldn't have chosen a better dealer to make my purchase. I had heard about the buying experience here and when the time came to replace my Toyota Corolla, I decided to pay Mini of Chicago a visit.
Everything was awesome from the customer service on the phone to the sales team at the dealers and while you wait, you get free snacks like, ice cream, tea or coffee. I've never had such a great experience when buying a car and doubt whether other established dealers offer this level of service. Hell, you could buy a Mini just cos of the attention you get hear.

I am now the proud owner of a Mini Cooper and this baby rides just like the experience I got at Mini of Chicago. I recommend them to anyone interested in buying a Mini!

Kiril D. | 2013-07-10

This review is for the service department only. I generally found the service department staff to be very friendly and willing to help, and repairs have held up - once made. Communication is generally good, with phone calls advising what the problem is once diagnosed, and once the car is ready to pick up.

However, it takes forever for repairs to be complete, and a simple service may mean leaving the car overnight. Also, they have recently stopped giving out loaners to MINI owners who purchased their cars elsewhere - which I understand is their prerogative, but which is a serious demerit given by someone who spent a fortune on an overpriced little car full of repair horrors (as all MINIs are) and who lives in Lincoln Park, where people expect a bit more service than that. I am underwhelmed, but just satisfied.

Ronald A. | 2013-05-26

Last week Saturday, my son and I were on our way to Home Depot in my 2006 Mini Cooper S (manual).  I had been thinking that driving in the city with a stick was not that comfortable any longer, so much so, been driving the full size Touareg more and more.  Well, while out and about we ended up at Mini of Chicago just to "check things out."  Upon wondering around the lot Travis came out to greet us.  Travis gladly got the keys to a Mercedes that I was eyeing, took it for a spin, decided not a practical second vehicle.  We started looking at the MINIs new and used.  Travis was very patient, relaxed and very informative.  We test drove 4 or so MINIs.  Before I knew it, my car was appraised, I found the sweetest MINI Coupe S (automatic), Spice Orange, leather interior and a blast to drive.  Guess what I took home, not my manual Cooper S!  The whole experience was fun, Travis was great and I couldn't be happier with my new ride.  My son, who will be driving soon is also in love with this car.  As a demo, got a nice deal too.  Kudos to MINI of Chicago for the non-pressure sales pitch and wonderful buying experience.  Enjoyed the ice cream as well!  Thanks again.

Robin M. | 2013-04-13

This dealership stands behind their word. I had a serious problem with a mini... with their help, I was able to purchase a new mini at minimal cost..  From the sales department, Chris; to the service department, Anibal and all the service team, the general manager, Steve, and the women who answer the phone...All are wonderful.
I appreciate the weekly car wash and how nice the men are who get wet and dirty every week, even in the cold.

Dave T. | 2013-04-03

From the first call with MINI of Chicago, I felt like I was being taken care of. I've bought many cars in my lifetime and none of the experiences could come close to this. It was an extremely easy process and Jay and Travis were amazing to work with! I absolutely love my MINI and look forward to a long relationship with this dealership. If you're in the market for a MINI, then this is the place to buy one!

Sunny B. | 2013-04-01

If I could give these guys 10 stars on Yelp, I would! I absolutely appreciate and love these guys for all the great work and help they gave me for my Mini Cooper and a recent situation I had. These guys were professional and kind in every way possible.

Here is my story:
I recently had a competitor "fix" a brake problem with my car because I thought they would offer a lower price (HUGE MISTAKE). This 'garage', (aka Meineke) I went to convinced me that I needed all new pads and rotors and sensors. I felt something was off about that, like they were trying to take advantage of me being a single lady in their 'garage', but I kinda felt like I had no choice (ANOTHER HUGE MISTAKE). By the end of their maintenance, my car ended up not being able to brake at all and I was completely frightened to drive it. I had to push my brakes all the way down to the floor (like pushing in a clutch) and then also use my emergency brake- just to stop!!! I tried taking it back to Meineke, where they ended up NOT fixing the problem. I decided to take my Mini into the Mini Cooper dealership that Monday morning to see what happened.

Upon my arrival to Mini of Chicago, I was greeted courteously by Melvin who took the time to listen to the issue. He brought over John, who was just as kind and courteous and they were really concerned to hear what had happened. They took off my wheels for me and basically gasped in horror to discover what these other people had done to my brakes. What happened was an extremely bad install of the parts and they were not recommended parts to begin with. They were after market cheap and crappy parts. Every part of the install was wrong. John educated me as he showed me step by step why I wasn't able to brake and how to fix this situation. He was very calm, cool and patient with me. I was grateful that he took the time to show me exactly what the problem was.

Now understanding the problem, I tried calling Meineke to see if they would rectify the situation. The owner refused and began to harass me. The manager and then the owner kept hanging up on me and called me "evil, stupid customer". I tried calling their headquarters and they claimed there was nothing they could do. I was stumped, screwed and felt dejected. I was definitely ripped off.

Meanwhile, I took my Mini cooper back into the dealership where I spoke with the Mini Cooper Manager, Anibal Ruiz about the problem. Again, a perfect gentlemen, listening to my tale of woe. Both he and John assured me that they would fix the problem. He also suggested I call the police about the harassment and file a claim (which I did and I eventually got all my money back!!). They also took very good care of me at the dealership and let me know that I can always come to them in crisis. And you know what? I always will whenever I have an issue with my beloved Mini Cooper. These guys are amazing.

I can't tell you enough how much these guys were awesome, helpful, engaging and smart about my car. John, Melvin and Anibal were the best representatives of a good business done right! Love you guys! You saved me from a world of hassle! Thank you!

Brian B. | 2013-03-27

I own a Mini-Cooper.  I do service here at the dealership.  They are expensive but it is the dealership.  I can shell out $70 every 3 or 4 months for an oil change - I know they are doing it right.

Wipers and headlights?  I might just do those myself since the dealership is a little bit on the pricey side for something that really shouldnt be so expensive (I was quoted at $60 to replace one headlight bulb)!

But, I was only charged $25 to fix a flat tire.

Nathan I. | 2013-03-17

I'm a mixed-review Mini Cooper owner.  I love my car, and it's a great city car (I can park, nearly, anywhere).  The car gets great mileage, it's comfortable and quick.  My problem is that the car is in the shop every six weeks, and I had to put over $3000 into the car a few months after I bought it - it should be noted that I bought a 2007 Mini Cooper from a Hyundai dealership, and I think they are to blame for missing services that should have been done.

The dealership has always been great with servicing my car, they are quick and have an incredibly friendly staff.  They are a huge part of why I have enjoyed my car.

Kacey S. | 2013-02-23

Went in to see if it was possible to make a deal and James did anything and everything to see what he could do for me. As of today I am a proud owner of a new Mini!!! I couldn't be happier and have James to thank for it. The best service I've ever had. Great experience at Mini of Chicago.

Paul W. | 2013-02-20

Just got my second MINi. Best car buying experience I've had. Travis is a genuinely good person and made this a delight.

Daniel C. | 2013-01-29

The salesman I worked with was friendly and honest. We went back and forth on price for two days. After coming to an agreement I went in and sat down only to find out I couldn't use my preferred method of payment. I was going to lose points and wanted them to bridge the dollar amount I would be losing out on. This is when things went south.

The salesman had his manager Kyle come over. I have never been treated so horribly when buying something. Especially a car. He smugly told me I wasn't losing anything because I never really had it in regards to my points. I explained they were going to be worth $450. He talked to me like I was an idiot. I will never step foot inside of that dealership ever again.

mark s. | 2013-01-14

I have bought 2 minis from them and had a good experience both times.  They deliver what the promise, are fair and follow up.  The showroom is comfortable and they don't pressure you.  

They are owned by the Field's group, from which I have purchased other cars in the past.  Field's is a class operation with many dealerships across the country.  It's nice to know you're dealing with a part of a large successful group.  I trust these guys.

Minis are owned by BMW and they drive like little BMW's.  They are alot larger inside than you'd think.  The quality is very high.  It feels more like a small BMW than some other small car.  If you have been tempted, check them out next time you're ready to buy.

My most recent experience was with Travis Jackson.  He is a very nice guy and is laid back to deal with.  He kept me up to date on my order and made sure all the details were taken care of.

Brandon M. | 2012-12-01

1) Free Car Wash on Sundays- Awesome

2) Very trustworthy!  They have the best service out of all the other Mini dealers Ive been to. I will only return to this location for servicing my car. I had one gentleman (I wish I could remember his name) who was super helpful and worked hard to troubleshoot with me to see if I could get away with not spending $ on my car. In the end he recommended I just bring it in since swapping out the battery didn't work (needed to be changed anyways).

3) Part department are always very helpful over the phone- theres no part too little or inexpensive for them to spend time on and help you out.

4) Ice cream, coffee, and tea while you wait. No body likes paying money to fix their car, but I don't mind waiting in their lobby with the amenities/food.

RJ A. | 2012-11-01

Mini of Chicago is the best! I recently purchased a new 2013 Mini Cooper through Mini of Chicago and I must say the experience was quite enjoyable.

I worked with Alex, and despite my particular desires he was fantastic at getting the car ordered and working to make sure that I got everything I wanted.

The staff is always incredibly friendly and you never feel any of the "high-pressure" sales tactics used by other car dealers. Alex was responsive to my questions and concerns and never made me feel as though I had to buy the car.

The only issue I have had is that my new Mini was supposed to have racing stripes and the factory forgot to put them on. No problems! Alex and the folks at Mini of Chicago are ordering the stripes and will put them in place as soon as they arrive. No hassle at all on my part.

Free carwashes every Sunday 10-2, also an amazing perk.

This is my second mini cooper, and as an overall review of mini as a company they are one of my favorite. Everything they do is done to help the consumer and they envoke loyalty with superior staff, products, and customer service. I really recommend Mini of Chicago to anyone looking to purchase a new car (they even sell some non-Mini's although why you would ever want to deal with parking a honda in this city is beyond me).

Katie C. | 2012-10-21

Love this place. Worked with Chris D when I purchased in February '12. Chris and the entire sales team at Mini of Chicago are all great; there's no pressure and you truly feel like they want to give you the best deal. I got the car I wanted with all of the features that I was looking for and felt like I got it at a great price. Thanks to Chris and the finance team for such a painless experience with my first ever car purchase!

On to the service team. They are truly stellar, above and beyond. I bought my car new because I wanted the warranty, and so glad I did. I've had a few issues with my car and have had to bring it in for various issues. The service team is always happy to help, and I'm always able to bring my car in right away. They always have brand new loaners available, which is enormously convenient. They are always quick to fix whatever the issue is, and keep me updated on a daily basis if it takes longer than expected. Love that my car is always washed and clean when I pick it up!

I almost purchased a different car, but sooooooo happy that I went with Mini and especially happy that I went with Mini of Chicago.

Kelly G. | 2012-10-16

Four stars for customer service.  One star off, because we were unable to make a purchase.  

Our trusty Nissan Sentra had suddenly become not-so-trustworthy, and we needed to find its replacement.  After being out of steady work for three years, I finally found a great job, and my husband I decided that buying something other than a beater would be the perfect way to celebrate.  We did quite a bit of research, and decided that a Mini was the way to go.  

We met with Alex, who after showing us a few cars, and did everything in his power to get us to buy an awesome 2012 model that we were *this* close to purchasing, explained to us that unfortunately for us, pre-owned Minis with automatic transmission do NOT stay on the lot for very long.  

We realized that our only options that day were to purchase a car in a color that we were not at all happy with, or purchase a car out of our price range.  After a lot of thought, we thanked Alex and his helpful manager Steve for their time, and asked them to please let us know when a car came in that met our requirements.  

We ended up finding a great match for us at another dealership, but we *really* wished we could have purchased from MINI of Chicago.  These guys were so helpful, and honestly seemed like they were actually concerned with making us happy - Most dealerships, including the one we purchased from, never leave me with the impression that they care about anything other than making sales.  I can honestly say that I *trust* and feel comfortable with them.  

So while we may not be back for at least a couple of years, we definitely plan on giving them our business in the future, and I hope that Alex is still there when we're ready.  Everyone there seems great, but I highly recommend working with him.

Kevin K. | 2012-10-05

See James Dean, he will take care of you, this was by far the easiest car buying experience we have ever had. Very laid back, no pressure, everyone was polite and a killer bathroom for the ladies(wife couldn't stop raving!) Free car washes on Sundays for Mini owners, you can't go wrong with this dealership.

min r. | 2012-09-25

I had a bad experience with sales/REALLY lowballed my trade in ended up at another dealer getting much much more for my car. I would say the sales manager was not helpful. Also go to the burbs to get a better price.

T.J E. | 2012-08-27

Thank you Mini of Chicago....I LOVE my new mini!

Andrew Mainwaring really stood out as a sales rep.  He didn't stop until I found what I was looking for.....and he made it fun along the way. It was well worth it to drive 10 hours there and back to get my new ride.  Whether I'm in Michigan, or somewhere else, he's my mini sales guy...and I'll recommend Mini of Chicago and Andrew to anyone I cross paths with that is interested in Mini.

5 star service!


Julis C. | 2012-08-25

Awesome all around.  I hate car shopping, Mini Cooper has REINVENTED it.  Of course the car is amazing, so you really just want to buy a car.  They hire smart fast people that go at the speed you like (I am not one for the long drawn out thing, I looked online, stopped in, and we're done).  So, thanks mini-friends, your company is brilliant.

Monika B. | 2012-07-30

Travis Jackson and the team at MINI of Chicago are fabulous!  We had the most pleasant car dealer experience ever.

We expressed interest in a particular MINI Cooper S through the website, and set up a day and time to check it out.  When we got there, the car was front and center with our name on it and we were on our way for a test drive in no time.  We weren't completely certain we wanted to trade our roadster, but driving the MINI was so much fun, we were ready to make a deal as soon as we returned.  Coming to terms was easy with people who are open, honest and looking to create a win-win situation.

We also met people in the Service Department who are knowledgeable and very nice too, and we're definitely pleased about "extras" like free car washes on Sunday.

Thanks Travis and MINI of Chicago!

Terry A. | 2012-05-24

I just wanted to commend Ann Marie in the service dept.  

Sadly while driving my new Mini , I ran over a box the detached the black strip on my bumper.  

I stopped by the dealership at 4:45 hoping they could easily fix    She literaly hopped on the ground and fixed my bumber on the spot!  Also she had the car washed!  


Wendy A. | 2012-05-20

After a whole week looking for the perfect used VW New Beetle with a conventional mileage, I found the perfect Beetle at MINI of Chicago.

Not only do they sale amazing Mini Coopers, but they also have other formidable types of mini cars with great deals!

The customer service is fantastic. Andrew Mainwaring was super cool, down to earth and very helpful through the whole process. He also worked to get me a better, newer car with a better deal. The whole team was top notch. They're knowledgeable, and super nice people.

Oh, plus free car washes on Sunday!

As good as it gets indeed!!

Bea T. | 2012-05-12

Amazing service department. Kevin is fantastic! After having an accident and being towed to Mini of Chicago, I was given a loaner and updated on the progress of my repairs. The paperwork to drop off and pick up my car were completed within minutes and I was on my way both times. Excellent service and a great consideration for you and your time.

Patrice T. | 2012-04-23

Yikes! My "previously owned" 2009 mini broke down in one of chicago's sketchier neighborhoods today. It's less than one month old. Called Annemarie in the Service Department and she was me calmed down and ordered a tow truck immediately...she should work in the ER! Then Dave, the fantastic salesman who sold me my dream car assured me it was just a quirk and that all would be well. He is a delightful salesperson (unlike some of his rather stereotypically swarmy  car salesman at MINI), so stay tuned - tomorrow I hear the prognosis. So glad I don't have to drive to the 'burbs to have my mini spa treatments.

Bryan S. | 2012-04-17

I bought a used Mini here and was very pleased with the experience!  Alex in sales was great and very low pressure.  Joe in financing was great.  I loved that he presented a menu of options and asked what I wanted rather than unethically wrapping up options I hadn't selected into my financing automatically as had happened the last time I bought a car.  Very, very good experience and I would highly recommend.

Ryan S. | 2012-04-16

The service department here was great. I originally purchased my Mini Clubman from another dealership, but Mini of Chicago was very helpful with taking my car in for scheduled maintenance. They fixed 2 other issues that were not on the list for my service contract. The dealership that I purchased my car from was unwilling to do this.  Mini of Chicago also offered me a courtesy vehicle while mine was being worked on.

I will be purchasing my next Mini from Mini of Chicago. They did a fantastic job.

Angie M. | 2012-04-02

Buying a Mini Cooper from Mini of Chicago was a fantastic experience.  I'm so pleased with my car and I was incredibly satisfied with the entire purchase process.

Let's dig in, shall we?

I wandered into the dealership on a Tuesday morning with really only the intention of test driving a Mini Cooper.  Travis Jackson was my sales guy and he walked me through the difference between the regular Cooper and the S Cooper and set me up for a test drive.

Of course I fell in love after being behind the wheel for three minutes, so it was time to talk 'business.'

I was actually looking for something used, but I came to find out that it's kind of challenging to get used Mini Coopers since they just don't get traded in too often.  People tend to hold on to them.  I think Travis could tell I was a serious buyer because he got  sales manager Jay Gerdes involved and offered my one of their shuttle cars they use to drive back and forth from dealership to dealership.

I said I'd take a look.

I came back a few hours later and they had the car ready for me to test drive.  I loved it.

I worked with Travis and Jay to come to terms on both a price on the new car as well as what I considered a very fair trade-in price on my 2003 Cavalier.  It was basically a conversation of "Where do we need to be to get you behind the wheel?"  Well, we got to where I needed to be, so wouldn't you know it that I walked out of Mini of Chicago with the (almost) brand-spankin'-new Mini Cooper of my dreams.

I love that Mini of Chicago offers free car washes on Sundays (I will DEFINITELY be taking advantage).

Honestly, I could not have had a better experience buying a new car.  The entire staff is professional, courteous and honest, which I loved.  I'm very excited to be a Mini owner!

Arthur W. | 2012-04-01

I have bought several cars before and this was the smoothest and one of the fairest transactions ever.  My salesman was Brian, a fair guy, no nonsense and very informative.

What sets this dealer apart, besides convenient city location, is that there are some extra nice services thrown in like free car washes on Sundays, dent removal service in first 90 days (which I had to use for 3(!) dents).  

Balloons for the kids and ice cream for the adults (and kids I guess).

Melanie S. | 2012-03-30

True to form, I ended up getting a new Mini, and from start to finish, it was a great experience.

Chris, Jay, and Joe handled everything and gave me a great deal on a new Mini. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Obviously as a current (and former) Mini owner, they really didn't have to "sell" me the car; I just wanted to get the best deal possible on a new one and they really worked with me.

And I can't stress enough how happy I am that there's a Mini dealer in the city, less than a ten-minute drive from me.

I cannot recommend Mini of Chicago highly enough.

Candice M. | 2012-03-28

I just leased a brand new Mini from this location and was quite happy with my experience. My sales person was Andrew. I made an appointment and came in 30 minutes early, they had my test car ready with my name on it and we traded keys and I was off to test drive alone within minutes of arriving. Such trust! When I came back they had a number for my trade-in amount for my 2006 Saturn that was over $1500 more than they offered me at the Patrick Mini over a year ago. Edmund's website said I'd get between $3900-$4800 and I got $4500 which I thought was very fair. I needed to buy or lease a new, pepper-white hardtop for as close to $250/mo as they could get it to be, and we managed to get it pretty close. At first they didn't have my dream car on the lot, but Andrew just did not give up! He worked the numbers, searched the computer and lot for a combination of features I could live with, and had one driven over from somewhere else so I could get my color (but there was only 5 mi. on the car so I'm not sure where it was). Andrew was awesome, the entire process was under 2 hours, and I got what I wanted. Being a woman, I'm always a little worried about being taken advantage of, and I don't think that happened. I feel good about everything and I love my car!!!!

CJ J. | 2012-03-10

I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Jay Gerdes and Kyle Maxwell at MINI of Chicago. I went in there with no intention of buying a new car, but their stellar knowledge of the product, huge selection, no pressure sales approach and seamless financing options were outstanding.

I don't have the best credit on the planet, although nowhere near the worst, and they made it happen for me. They got me a low finance rate, a payment that was far lower than what I was paying when I came in, and a fantastic amount on my trade in.

In a tough economy, they made owning a MINI a breeze.  I don't YELP often, and when I do, it is because the service exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Jay and Kyle for all your MINI needs.

Karen C. | 2012-02-29

I traded in my 09 mini for a new 2012 last night.  This is my third mini and third mini dealership.  I don't even want to talk about the experience I had the first time in Schamburg.  My salesman was Kyle and my leasinig experience was fast and efficient.  The dealership is beautiful.  I was enjoying the Bulls game in their very nice lounge and right before half time they were ready for me in the finance office which was another breeze with Joe.  My only complaint is in the lady's room stalls the purse holder is designed for a 6 foot women, and I'm only 5'3"!

Jen G. | 2012-02-26

I want to give them 100 stars just for being in the city. The one time I had to go to the dealership before they opened was such a pain in the butt. Schaumburg is not my friend. But I guess I'll just stick with four.

I had a lease that was expiring at the end of this month. Because of my schedule, I couldn't wait until the last day to return my Mini. So I called to ask to schedule an appointment. This was my first time turning in a leased vehicle, so I asked someone what to do, and they said an appointment was the way to go. Apparently, Mini of Chicago doesn't get a lot of this because they had no idea who I should set up my appointment with. I finally got someone's voice mail and left a message which was not returned. So I called again before they closed, and again the person who answered the phone didn't seem to know what I was asking for. He kept asking if I wanted the Service Department to get something fixed, and I kept telling him what I actually wanted. He finally transferred me to someone else (may have been the Service Department for all I know), and they told me to bring it in whenever I want and ask for Joe. Ok, Joe it is.

The next day, I park the car in their lot, walk inside, and I'm greeted by two men. I told them I'm looking for Joe, and one of them just so happens to be Joe. My luck! I signed a couple of documents and turned in the keys. I asked if they might be able to get the City Sticker out of the car for me, and he said no problem, and then *asked me if I wanted a ride home.* Um, YES please!

He didn't make me wait while they did the inspection on the car, which was amazing because I wasn't excited at the prospect of sitting there staring at all the cars I want to drive home but can't for an hour on my day off. I had a very pleasant ride home, and the next day we got a phone call saying the car looks great and they won't be charging us any fees. Fabulous.

Oh, and the bathroom is lovely. It was *immaculate* and stocked with lotion and mouthwash.

Kelly C. | 2012-02-19

I recently purchased a pre-owned Mini Clubman from these dealer, and was VERY pleased with my experience. Everyone I worked with, specifically Andrew and Travis, were honest, and helpful. I never in anyway felt pressured, and felt I could take my time in making the right decision for me. I even brought in quotes from Carmax, and found prices to be competitive; my warranty was even matched. Overall, I feel I got an amazing vehicle for a great value, and it is a purchase I can feel good about. I love my new mini, and would highly recommend Mini of Chicago!

Natalie S. | 2012-01-15

We love our new Mini and our Mini dealer. Someone smashed into our car less than two weeks after we brought it home and they recommended a great body shop. Last week we had an issue with the gas line (which turned out to be a result of us not putting the cap back on correctly) and they handled it quickly - and we got a free loaner to drive while they checked it out. Free car washes with complimentary coffee and ice cream on Sundays? Amazing!

Sean C. | 2011-12-28

The Mini of Chicago dealership correlated with our interest in purchasing a Mini, so it is quite possible that it was a sign from god to buy one. The dealership is really really nice inside and has a lot of parking for clients.

Andrew was really helpful and supportive of how we wanted our Mini, as our interests were very specific. More importantly, he was extremely informative on what we were spending our money on. He was very busy at times, but did not lose sight of our needs and attention.

Overall, our experience with Mini of Chicago was great. We got everything we wanted, with no regrets, and got a sweet ride. Also, we are always welcomed back for our service and carwashes.

Chaim L. | 2011-12-03

Unlike typical car dealerships, Mini of Chicago is a no BS dealership.  Everything I was told was delivered exactly as promised.  In fact, they even matched a price from a competitor way out in the burbs. With a very reasonable price for my trade-in, too.

I worked with Andrew and Jay - both were great to work with - in all aspects of the purchase which was delivered on-time and exactly as I ordered.

I highly recommended this team for anyone looking for a Cooper (which I also recommend).

Greg S. | 2011-10-30

I'd echo the thoughts of previous reviewers. I went in with a few minor issues and have been having some problems that could have been my transmission. I asked to have someone drive with me, so they had one of their service technicians drive with me to try to diagnose. He told me that I didn't need the service that was suggested to me, so that was a positive, although the rest of my visit made me feel like it was an anomaly.

As I was waiting, I looked around at the cars in the sales area and talked with one of the sales reps. I told him that I'd be interested in getting an assessment on my car in the event I may trade it in the near future. That should have been an opportunity to sell to me, but I walked out later without a potential trade-in value and I never heard from the sales person.

The service department called me later that morning and said I had some issues that probably needed to be attended to. One was an oil leak that would cost $850. Really, an oil leak for 850? All told, I need $3000 in repairs. No thanks. I can guarantee that I don't need half these repairs. And, if I did, I could get them done for half the price.

S t. | 2011-10-28

I recently bought a used Mini Cooper at a private dealer.  It was damaged in a carwash.  I took it to Mini of Chicago.  The replaced a brake light and a piece of trim over the wheel.  For $350.   Seemed a bit steep but the Carwash will have to pay for that so I was not too alarmed.

While I had it there I had them do their "100 pt. inspection"   They came up with a laundry list of items that needed to be attended to "right away".  They indicated that they were urgent.   The total estimate was about $3,000.  I took the actual list to the my regular mechanics, whom I trust (Runge Auto & Tire in Rogers Park) and they checked each item out.  While there were a couple things I will probably need in 6 months to a year, the price for that work at my mechanic is about half what the dealership quoted.  Not only was nothing on the list urgent, but two items - a crank sensor leak and a "bad" auxilliary fan seemed to be totally unnecessary.  There was no evidence of a leak whatsoever, and the fan ran properly.

To make a long story short - my $3,000 worth of work cost me $80 bucks at my mechanic (the diagnotics and changing a license plate bulb)

The people at Mini of Chicago were quite nice and friendly - the place is spotless and the coffee delicious. They cleaned up the car and even removed an old bumper sticker - but the prices are ridiculous and the mis-diagnosis was enough to keep me from going back

Jeannine C. | 2011-10-17

I am very disappointed in the service of this Mini dealership.  I was looking forward to the convenience of a Mini repair place in the city, but after my experience I would rather drive an hour into the suburbs.  

On the phone I asked for a plastic part on the body of the car to be replaced after it had fallen off and I confirmed my repair request when I took the car in.  I agreed to the cost estimate for replacement.  

My car was in the shop for 4 days and of course they found several other things to fix costing an obscene amount of money.  My original request was overlooked.  I didn't notice until I got the car home because they had me run out to my vehicle in the rain at night.  

They agreed to come out on Saturday to my house to fix the piece.  Didn't happen.  They said they would contact me on Monday to remedy the problem.  Haven't heard from them yet.  I expect to be treated a lot better after the tremendous amount of money I was charged.  I'm upset, my car is still broken, and I'm out a lot of money.