Millenium Auto in Chicago, IL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Millenium Auto in Chicago, IL.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Millenium Auto, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Millenium Auto in other cities in the Illinois.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 286-0400
Address:4541 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL, 60641

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 696-1205
Address:5455 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL, 60630

Reviews on Millenium Auto

Artur B. | 2015-03-15

Complete rip off. Me and 3 of my friends bought cars from them. Later all of us found out cars were after major accidents that were fixed in Indiana so this wont show up on Carfax report. Be aware this guys are really bad crooks

Dominik D. | 2014-08-15

So looking for a second car I noticed they had a 13 Yaris for 10,995. Asked my buddy to give me a ride there, turns out rebuilt!!! Some of the cars have really really bad paint jobs. It looked like somebody forgot to put a clear coat on one of their used KIA's. Judging by the reviews here I won't be returning, even after they showed me a 2010 ACCORD which ran great was supposedly clean title. I happened to notice a sign of damage on it, under the hood had no sound deadening, no stickers on it either, you're supposed to have a belt lay out sticker and warning stickers there. Why it wasn't there is beyond me. I will not be doing any business with them.. Thank God I read these reviews! I was actually thinking about going in tomorrow to finalize on the Honda Accord.

Ted S. | 2014-04-16

Stay away from this place!
shady business
Don't buy a car from this place !!!!!

Nie radze robic tam zakuipow oszukuja !!!

Mantenerse alejado de thusplace negocios turbios
nocompran a car de este lugar

Brian K. | 2013-10-01

I went in there yesterday to check out a toyota prius (… )  they had advertised on at a good price with very low milage.  This seemed like it was too good to be true so I asked on the phone if it had a clean title and they said yes.  I was told on the phone to ask for Carla who was very nice upon my late arrival.  She showed me a clean carfax and walked me around the car.  When I asked again about an accident she said it had not been in one.  Since they were closing I decided to go back today and check it out / test drive it.  I asked for a copy of the car fax to take with me to do some research she obliged and copied it for me on my way out her boss stopped her and made her take it away from me.  This was the second red flag.  Upon further examination and some more research at work I was able to find missing vin stickers on the entire front end of the car, and every panel on the front didn't quite line up as it should, there was also a sticker on the bottom of the front bumper stating it is a replacement part for the model car I was looking at, a carfax report with more miles on it then the car currently actually had and a bumper in Illinois that had never had a front plate on a car that had been registered in illinois it's whole existence.  When asked all of these things after the test drive she was still sticking with the this car has not been in an accident story and I said good bye.  I would not trust these people to sell me a car and I would stay away if I were you.

Tab S. | 2013-07-12


This place is just bad news. They will tempt you with their ridiculously low prices, but be warned:  many of these cars have been damaged or have things wrong with them that they are not going to admit to. Their solution is to sell everything 'as-is' and then slap on a nice $1500 warranty to bank on a lemon.

What is the worst about this place, even if you can find a good car, is the service! One of the managers (named CHRIS) is extremely rude. I had a terrible experience 'discussing' the final details of a car i had selected to purchase here. Selling cars is about people skills, and being rude to your customers and telling them that all you want is "more money" from not really the way to secure good business.

Good luck running a business with that attitude! You certainly can't have mine.

Zach J. | 2013-04-21

Man oh man so i was interested in a 2009 kia rio with 31000 miles on it.  I went to the milwaukee ave location and asked to see it.  The man was helpful but foreign he warned me it may not start.....what?!  I stuck keys the in the ignition and of course it did not start.  This was stickered at 8700 bucks and does not run?!  He swore that the battery was dead, but why not get a new battery before trying to sell it?! Lol!  He offered to jumpstart it i kindly declined and went on my way.  How do I know it was not the alternator!?  These people need to get their act together!

John C. | 2012-02-17

They rebuild these cars on the lot in the bodyshop/mechanic shop they also own next door. I walked threw the lot and noticed a lot of cars have been repaired and repainted, it takes a close eye to notice. I told the salesman "So looks like this is freshly repaired and painted" He told me "Its got a clean title" I started to laugh, I started to laugh even louder when I heard the guys in the shop rebuilding a car that was on the lift, in spanish they were saying "Just bang it out really hard with a hammer and spray paint it black, the customer will never know because its under the car"  I had a friend buy a car from this same lot, when he had asked me to repair his HID headlights it required the removal of the front bumper, thats when I noticed this car was in a accident, lots of clips broken and the fender was not even bolted on fully....I'm not saying these cars are over priced, but you have to ask yourself why are they cheaper then most.....They wont wheel and deal with you if they know your on to them, only because they know and I know, Someone that doesn't know any better will eventually buy the car.

matt d. | 2012-02-11

wow there are a lot of cry-babies on here, i bought a car from them and did what you are supposed to - confirm with an independent mechanic!  they told me what i already knew, the reason i was getting the superb price quoted is because the car would need a bit of work to get all the kinks out.  for the fact that i saved about 50% of the price of this car, and would be unlikely to find one like it with such low miles in chicagoland, i am giving them 5 stars.   initially, i did have a couple issues with salesguy 'greg' but he doesn't work there anymore, and i have been working with andy, the owner, who apologized for greg.  andy takes pride in his shop, even though they are profit motivated (what business isn't?).  their work lasted until i was able to make permanent solutions to the quick fixes they implemented, and even 6 months after the fact still ordered for me one last part that we had initially negotiated for (it was like the cherry on top - a shifter knob - still $80 they didn't have to spend if they wanted to be dix about it).  the score here is me saving $5000 on the car even after the tweaks i had to do, and getting my baby with only 17,800 miles on her (similiar 2006 cars of my type have 60k+ miles on them?)   when i bought the car, earlier in the day, i had visited mike anderson chevy, and they were trying to sell me a newer stripped down model with such horribly done body work on it that the door they 'fixed' was already corroding on the inside, and they were $500 away from having me sign off!  so glad i found millennium later that day, now i have the car i really wanted and didn't have to settle for a base model :)

Fabienne R. | 2012-02-03

DONT BUY A CAR from this place. I bought a car back in 2008 and ended up spending hundreds of dollars on getting it fixed. Second day i bought it the check engine light came on. I brought the car back to them to get it fixed. I went through this 2 times more . The 3rd time they actually made me pay for the repair. I dont know how many times this car broke down. I finally got rid of it 2 years ago. I really hope so too that they go out of biz. Just a waiste of money and time. What a shady place.

Darina S. | 2011-03-24

I too had a BAD experience with Millenium Auto. First, they tried to scam me into buying a car which turned out to have shady history with accidents (which the dealer had lied about). Eventually, I decided to roll the dice and buy a car from them priced way below the Blue Book. The car needed some repairs (none of the rear lights worked and something was dripping from the car) but the dealer promised to receive the parts and fix the car in the next few days. They took a deposit from me, and promised to call me when the car was ready for a pickup.
They did call me, and I made another 71-mile trip there, just to find that the dealers had just willingly sold the car to someone else. The original dealer had assured me this couldn't happen but oops, a "technical mistake" was made. I wasted a good few hours travelling to the dealership. Reading everyone else's reviews, this place is dishonest in all respects. I probably dodged the bullet not getting the car but I still did not appreciate being jerked around. I'd like to see Millenium Auto go out of business, and the owners get caught and punished for their dishonest way of doing business.

Michael D. | 2011-01-24

Shady as all get out. Employees speak in polish the entire time and I have no idea what they're saying.

Our particular sales person was a complete dick, tested out a 97 BMW 740i, the ad on the net said it was in great shape, blah blah, etc.

So, I got there, he brought the car. Notice the part of the car they didn't take pictures of had rust all over it, paint was bad. Decided okay, maybe it will drive better than it looks.

Get in, the trim is all jacked up, the plastic next to the seat is cracked. Computer system LCD under the speedometer was not working.

The passenger door wouldn't close so I was getting about that, and the guy locked the door and then the door finally locked, so we went to drive. Noticed the heat was not starting up at all, we were driving and the engine temp was already halfway up and no heat. I asked the guy, why is there no heat. He proceeded to respond to me in broken-pole English "IS BEE EM DOUBLE YOU, GOOD CAR WE TAKE TRADE IN"

Not quite the answer to my question, but okay. Keep driving, hearing a thudding noise whilst driving, and suspected tires were on the way out. I was going to ask him about that, but I figured I didn't want to hear a BMW sales pitch from Mowimy Po Polsku again.

But anyway, we get back to the dealership and I park the car, and my buddy who came with me could not get out of the passenger door. We tried for 5 minutes to open it, but it was stuck. I told the guy, WTF man! What's up with this? Again, he replied "IS BMW HAHA".

I don't give a damn if it's God's chariot, I need something that isn't a complete pile of poo.

So my friend had to jump out of the drivers side. Needless to say, I made a lower offer and I think the guy turned red and was about to say "f*** you, ISSSSS BMWWWWW" again, so I just left.

F this place, terrible service, shite cars.

Ed H. | 2010-11-30

MOST of their cars are wrecked and fixed and sold to the public, I had a friend buy a mazda tribute from them and they showed a clean carfax, he had major problems with the car it would not start etc. towed it to mazda dealer replaced all coils and plugs etc.. he went to carmax to sell it they showed him where it was hit and fixed, can't believe they tried to hide that info from him.  Either they sell the car before carfax can get it into their system or buy from placed where carfax has not been notified of accident.  buyer beware,,  very shady operation, it's on belmont ave so all the shady eastern european scum operate in that area... they did not want to hear about any issues or help fix anything.. all they kept on telling him was is good good car.. Run from here people

Marilynn L. | 2010-11-01

I bought an '08 Mazda 6 from this place back in March of 2009.
This had been my ideal model of car and I had been saving up for one. During my research, I found this one at a cheaper price than the other lots. I went, fell in love with it and bought it the next day. I did see the report on the car and it stated it had not been in any accidents and when my dad and I examined it, it didn't  appear to have any damage. Under the hood. Bumper or anything. I drove it around and it was driving fine.

Then around June 2009, The check airbag light goes on. I take it to the Mazda dealer By York. They need to have a look inside so thanks to my insurance, I get a rental until they examine it. I come back a few days later and they tell me, or rather, show me that the airbag system in my car is screwed. I look and all the wires are ducked taped back in place and they show me the other side (passanger side) and that one looks normal. They told me it seemed as if the airbags had been deployed (had to be before I bought it) and were just taped back into place but were not functioning. In this case, IF I were to get into an accident, I would have no airbags deployed on my side guaranteed, and possibly not the other ones either. This is scary. My contract also had AS IS on it.

They should have informed me of this. By the sounds of it, they are in this shaddy type of business.  

On closer inspection, the car was missing some pieces!


Joseph W. | 2010-05-18

If you wind up buying a car from this place, PLEASE, for the love of whatever god you worship, make sure to have a licensed mechanic fully inspect every aspect of the car long before you start talking about buying.  I was duped by this place and I don't want it to happen to you too.

The car they sold me, even though the CARFAX report came up clean, I found out had been severely rear-ended and the only work done on it was purely cosmetic.  They sold me a car that didn't even have all its pieces!!!

The only reason I found out about this was because I failed the Illinois emissions testing and took the car to an honest mechanic.  After he looked around, and showed me exactly what was wrong (missing), it turned out I was missing the entire fuel filter assembly, wiring and other components for the car.  Pretty much everything in the rear driver's-side area of the car was gone.  They had basically connected my gas tank directly to the engine.  This also explained why my car has always had a problem filling up with gas--I can't pump more than 25 cents of gas at a time before the hose stops.  This is because the tube connecting the opening to the tank reservoir was crushed and now doesn't flow correctly.

Since buying my car from this place, I have paid over $2000 in repairs to get it road worthy and safe to drive.  Let's not even talk about their 'cosmetic' fixes--the 'bumper' they replaced it with after whatever crash occurred is crumbling off and has literally detached from the frame of the car.  That's next on my list of fixes, in addition to fixing the crushed gas tank hose and the transmission slips I've encountered as of late...

In addition to the skeezy, sketchy nature of this sale, I was forced to buy insurance that was not required (it even says so in the pamphlet they gave me after the fact) and the insurance agent they use is a total slime ball.  He came in late, smoking, in a leather trench coat and wouldn't even go into detail about what policy he was signing me up for.

I really should have said "screw this" by this point and ran screaming from this place before I signed up for all this.  But--this was my very first car purchase in my life, and I think they totally knew it and took advantage of it.

So yeah--take it as you will--but I don't trust these people as far as I can spit.  Either they are performing illegal 'fixes' to wrecked cars, or whomever they source their automobiles from is.  Either way--you're risking buying a lemon from these people.  I advise looking elsewhere.

Lisa T. | 2010-04-23

Stay away from this place!!!! SHADY BUSINESS!!!!! I test drove a Ford Focus here, and the Carfax indicated it had been in a "severe" accident. It looked like it was in good shape, but after an accident you never know. I started asking questions about the airbag and they just kept saying "no no, this baby was barely in a fender bender!".... excuse me sir, I'm looking at the Carfax YOU GAVE ME and it says severe damage!! Then my dad was trying to negotiate with them and they kept changing their story about what they knew about the car and what price they could offer. DO NOT GIVE THESE SKETCHY CROOKS YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Dave S. | 2010-03-02

I really do feel sorry for the people who had bad experiences here. I am glad that mine was actually really good for a used car lot.

The wife and I did extensive research on vehicles and dealers and makes and models before we even set out to look for a new vehicle. We went here after looking at their website and finding about five different vehicles that they had advertised that we were interested in checking out. We were able to find two of the five vehicles that we originally saw and one of them we fell in love with.

The process went very smoothly and painlessly. What could have potentially taken all day, took just a couple of hours. We got a great price on our 2007 Honda Civic and the car was in very good shape.

I do have to admit that I had very low expectations before my trip here and I was almost dreading it. It went smoothly with no problems and we were driving our car in no time. I would consider this place again for potential future purchases of used vehicles.