Mike Anderson Chevrolet Of Chicago in Chicago, IL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Mike Anderson Chevrolet Of Chicago in Chicago, IL.

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Mike Anderson Chevrolet Of Chicago

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 465-2000
Address:5333 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL, 60641
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mike Anderson Chevrolet Of Chicago

Donielle W. | 2015-04-24

Don't waste your hard earned money. My experience with this dealership was unbelievable. I purchased a used 2008 Lincoln on Feb. 14th of this year with a warranty (or so I thought) from Mike P. I was told my monthly payments would be increased if I purchased this warranty but I didn't care. I needed a reliable car so no problem, Not  even 3 days later my check engine light came on. I immediately took it back to them to be told I needed a catalytic converter. I was told by Mike to wait 30 days for my warranty to kick in for it to be fixed. I of course refused. He sent me to Belmont for the repair. I was told this because they would have to pay for the repair themselves if I didn't wait the 30 days. Belmont auto fixed the issue and I thought I was home free. Sadly I was wrong not even two months late on April 17th the light came on again. Then my car started smoking and completely shut off and would not turn back on. I called my sales man Mike he always answered whenever I called him on his cell. He called a Belmont Auto to come out and tow my car (I was told this was covered under my warranty as well as we were past the 30 days) to Belmont Auto Shop. He even came out to where I was stranded and waited for the tow company. Two days later I was called by Belmont and told what my problem was and how much it would be to fix it, $669 total for a busted up ac compressor and a new alternator plus a $100 towing fee. (YES TWO MONTHS AFTER MY PURCHASE) Then I was told my warranty did not cover ANY of it. I immediately called my sales man with question as to why nothing was covered under and what exactly was covered. He told me to call services and ask to speak with a manager. I was forwarded to Joe F. He was more than happy to assist me (that day). He told me he would contact the warranty company to find out what was going on. He called me the next day stating I had a low type of warranty and I would have had this type or that type of warranty I would have been covered. Maybe if I was informed of the other types of warranted I would have chosen those but since I wasn't I was given a b.s piece of paper covering basically nothing! I called the Belmont Auto to see what could be done about the fees and I had no choice but to pay them. including the $100 tow fee. The owner of Belmont sympathized with me, understanding that even though he didn't sell me a lemon he would wave the taxes for me. He even discovered more damage to the car to fluids that were leaking in the that he would fix for no charge. I called the service Mgr. Joe back and informed him of all that was going on and his only response was "and What are you calling me for?" Seriously you guys sold me a faulty vehicle and that is your STELLAR customer service response." I couldn't understand how this auto shop was being more helpful when he isn't the one I purchased the vehicle. He then goes there is nothing more I can do for you. (like you've done anything so far) I tell him I'm trying to be calm but he was making me upset. He said to me well if you get upset I'm going to get upset and this conversation will be over. I tell him its fine I'll just make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau he then states "and what are they gonna do".  STAY AWAY from this rip off of a dealer. 2750 in two months plus I'm still paying a hefty car note. I had to take out a loan just to pay to have it fixed. I'm disgusted. Not to mention the sales man I purchased the vehicle from put me on a block list the TODAY. I was only calling to thank him for all his help but you know what this dealership can go to hell. If I could I would give them this car back and take my money else where to a place that values its customers. jeckyll and hyde

Paul S. | 2015-04-07

If I could give 0 stars I would. We bought our car in August 2013 from Mike Anderson. There was a scratch on the car so we were told it would be fixed and then we could come back and pick it up a few days later. We came in to pick up our car and apparently it had to be sent out for repairs and didn't make it in on the truck when we were told it would be available. That should have been our warning.

Then a few months later we had to have our rim replaced and yet again we had service issues.

Every single time we have scheduled for an oil change its always 3-4 weeks before we can get it in and then it's a 3 hour ordeal.

Now we took our car in since the check engine light is on (had to wait 3 weeks) then when we came for the appointment were told our car might be looked at today but they weren't sure because they were "down a technician". I understand people call off however I've waited three weeks to have my car looked at and then am told I will have to get a rental car paid for out of my own pocket.

No one cares about good customer service here.

Since I posted this review yesterday I wanted to say how thankful I am that we were able to speak with Joe, the service director. Joe was very helpful when dealing with our issues that we had. I also wanted to say that Robert in the service department helped me which I appreciated both days. He even called me right before closing to let us know what was going on.

There are still issues but I feel that they are trying to improve upon those issues.

Peter T. | 2015-03-20

Competent service with a smile. However after buying a vehicle that was supposedly "inspected" then having to do a full front brake restoration on the vehicle on problems that began within a month of purchase I am unenthusiastic about the dealership. I expressed my concerns to the service manager and he listened. Then I had to return the next day after picking up my vehicle because a floor mat that been left out of the vehicle. After a 30 mile detour and hour of my time I didn't even get an oil change discount coupon or nothing. Yeah I'll be back.

Eric S. | 2015-03-12

Came for a oil change appointment @1pm. It's been over a hour and a half wait. Were few service attendants and it is colder than the outside temperature in the customer waiting center. I've worked at dealership service center before and this is terrible.

Steve G. | 2015-02-18

I needed a key made for my car- one with a transponder chip in it.

Grossinger and Jennings Chevrolet both charge $30 for the key, and $45 to cut the key from a code they obtain by submitting the  VIN to a GM database. Then they provide me with the key and instructions on how to pair it with the car. (These instructions are available online too)

The Anderson dealership wanted 30 for the key, 45 for the code $145 to pair it to the care, and one additional charge that brought the total to about $250. They would not simply give me the key and the pairing instructions as would the other two dealers.

I imagine this typifies how they do business.

Good learning experience. I know now to never visit Anderson Chevy. Thanks Anderson Chevy!

Edit after seeing the merchant's comment:

As you can see, the dealer's response did not address my issue, and it's a mystery to me why they posted. The complaint is that Anderson Chevy requires the customer to pay three times the price from the same service that other dealers essentially do for $80 including sales tax.

The pairing of the key to the car consists of turning the key in the ignition to the 'on' position for ten minutes, and then turning it off for five seconds and then repeating that twice. This takes 32 minutes, requires no tools, no certified mechanic, and no expertise beyond being able to manipulate a car key with one's fingers, and the ability to tell time.

Yet this dealer charges at an hourly rate of $300 to perform this service, and it's not optional.

Ptrick D. | 2015-02-12

Dented my car door years ago, finally got around to write a review.  When I asked the manager to check the work order to see if they mark it already damaged he gave me a hassle and it ended up not being mark. They he refused to fix the door.

Emann B. | 2015-01-28

I don't know why, but this place keeps calling me...ALL THE TIME.

The frequency is not unlike the most heinous telemarketer.

I do not own a car, nor do I wish to purchase one.

Jesus L. | 2014-12-27

Beware on trade in they will tell you a number and change it on the paperwork and tell you that you are saving on taxes BEWARE they will try and rip you off

Tony E. | 2014-12-16

Customer service doesn't really exist here. If you like waiting around for 25 mins and be ignored by multiple customer service reps just to drop off your car for an appointment, than come here! You stand can stand around and look stupid in the waiting room while the workers talk on the phone and walk around aimlessly. Can someone please manage a decent Chevy dealer in Chicago?

Flor O. | 2014-12-10

Mike Anderson Chevrolet Of Chicago

Car Dealers, Tires, Auto Repair


Mike Anderson Chevrolet gave me, without a doubt, the worst customer service experience, went in this week with the intension to buy a new car. Went on a test drive loved the car.  The sales men got the keys to the car  and tells me and my husband it's under 25k came back it priced at 29k. Told them I wasn't paying that price came to agreement of 27k. Plus I was putting down 13k, Nik Fischer was the sale men we were dealing with and his manager.  He told me since the car just came in he was going to have it looked at before we sign off on everything he will call us when it was all done.
Didn't here anything from NIk, called back the next day the GM GUY J CESARIO picked up the phone. Told my Husband that the car was still banked own and as soon as he had all the paper work he was going to contact us. 
Walked in to the dealership today and saw the car parked in front of the dealership with plates on. Nik saw us walked in and started to say how they sold the car Right Under Him. The other manager that was helping NIk the night we went in saw us and took of to the back of the dealership trying to avoids eye contact. The GM Guy didn't even get up from his desk. As soon as we wanted answer for all the run around everyone was giving us than he called us over.

But the words of the GM Guy to Nik was oh well the car is sold. I am the manager here. Than when we went over by him he said"Oh the car is in the shop doesn't mean it's sold,we told him the car was in front of the dealership with plates on it." If this is how they do Business BE CAREFUL..

Eric P. | 2014-12-08

Car dealership s always get a bad rap because all they deal in customer service which is a crazy industry, but I had a less than stellar experience. This dealership is down the street from me and I brought my car to be serviced for a recall. First I called and asked to make an appointment which I was told they were booked through December. I went online and made an appointment instead and was able to secure a spot within the next week, so I don't understand why they told me they were booked through December . I brought my car in, the service took approximately 3 to 4 hours which was no problem and they called me to pick up my car , this is where the problems started.

When I picked up my car they told me my car was at the end of the block and ready to go .I walked to my car after picking up my paperwork and tried to enter my car using the key fob but the unlock/ lock feature on my key fob did not work. I went back inside to speak with Frank segera who attempted to enter my vehicle to no avail. Frank said to bring my vehicle back and if the tech did something wrong they would fix it. What!? My fob worked when I left the vehicle @ the dealership of course something happened when the vehicle was serviced. The stellar service awards must not have been in play that day because Frank made it seem like the fob was inactive. I get into my vehicle to find my air bag light  is on and cruise control and horn no longer work. I go back inside to speak with Frank who again told me come back and if the tech did something wrong the shop would fix it. I got in my car and drove away. Fast forward a week later I have been driving with my car with no cruise control no horn and the airbag warning light on. I drop my car off a week later at the dealership,explained the situation and I was told they would call me when they have diagnosed my problem. I receive a call from service advisor Alex who stated that the tech did nothing wrong, I had a part broken in my steering wheel causing all the problems I asked to speak to the service manager in charge. I spoke with the only employee who seemed to know what customer service meant and listened to situation. Joe Fricano stated the shop would take care of the situation and to come to the shop at my earliest convenience. When I went to pick up my car I was told due to safety reasons I should not drive my vehicle and I would be given a rental. I was a bit confused because Frank let me drive a week with my car unsafe, but joe said I shouldn't. The only reason I gave this review 2 stars was because Joe did not make me feel like I was cheating the shop and treated me with respect otherwise I would have given them 1. I'm very concerned that I was told NOT to drive an unsafe vehicle, that Frank let me drive around for a week. Scary.

Claudia B. | 2014-11-04

There are people i had to deal with that deserved 0 stars and others that deserved 5+. I am hoping that i am done buying my car. I bought a used Volkswagen. I paid for it on oct 13 and i picked it up, still not ready as agreed 10 days later. I drove it 2 days and it had to be towed back to the dealer. The lack of communication and lack of professionalism started from the sales manager down, so i didn't expect anymore anything from the people below him when he set that tone. The salesman sold me the car on some terms, i found out later we were not talking about the same things and the sales manager offered my in exchange  his " sincere appologies" :). I agreed upon an interest rate, when i went to sign the papers, a higher interest rate was in the prints. When my car wasn't ready, tired of calling and not finding any help, i went to the dealer only to find that the salesman went on vacation, so that's why he wasn't replying to my calls. The service person who was supposed to take care of my car started working on it and went also on vacation without forwarding advice to the people left at the shop to work on it. It took exactly 3 weeks altogether to have my car ready, and..cross my fingers..i hope it's all good. I just want to mention Joe Fricano from Service Department who took time and had patience, after all the screw ups before him, to help me as much as he could. If it wasn't for him, this place would've received that one star that most of the people reviewing the shop and the dealer are giving. If i ever need to go back there, i hope i have to deal with him.

Chyanne C. | 2014-10-24

If there's ZERO STAR POSSIBLE....They would be the group to get it. Everything from the operators that answer the phone to the dis-SERVICE department is an insult to everyone in the automotive industry. I have never been to a more chaotic, disorganized, deceptive, delayed, or more depressed site to have our vehicle checked for a minor repair that resulted them asking to keep our vehicle for 4+ days before it even got looked at. Are f!ing kidding me?! Really? I''m surprised they didn't go out of business the way they treated us. DO NOT accept new vehicles for diagnosis if you are that short handed. It creates unrealistic expectations and people end up hating you guys for wasting their time. I will NEVER come back to do any future business with them.

Sarah L. | 2014-08-01

I bought my first brand new car from Mike Anderson, a 2014 Chevy Sonic, mid May. I couldn't be more excited and proud, because I had been waiting for this moment. However, then I had an issue with my AC. I contacted my sales person to find out that he was no longer with the company (note this was a week after I bought my car). Over the last two months, various mangers and representatives have been circling around the issue and other questions. I have gotten no answers, which frankly makes my frustration worse. I could relive all the horrible details, including how unprofessional the service center. However, I choose to move forward, because I gave them more than enough chances to provide excellent customer service and I believe they failed. Also, to me they missed an excellent opportunity to build and maintain a new customer relationship. I will never recommend Mike Anderson.

Matt B. | 2014-07-10

Yeah, this place is a train wreck.  Here's my experience, in handy list form:
- Brought my car in for a recalled ignition switch and an oil change
- Arrived at 9:40 for a 10:20 appointment
- Waited in line behind a guy settling up his own repairs
- As soon as that customer was done, the employee helping him walked away, without acknowledging me at all, despite the fact that I was standing two feet in front of him
- This same employee then proceeded to hang out in a doorway about ten feet away, and chat with his coworker about movies
- This left me standing in the middle of the service department office, looking around, wondering why there seems to be like a dozen employees walking around this place with nothing to do but hang out and talk to each other
- After three or four minutes, a young guy back in the corner finally notices that I'm standing in the middle of the office, looking rather befuddled, and asks if I'm being helped
- Car gets taken; guy tells me it will be about three hours
- I come back three hours later to hang out in the customer lounge
- I wait another 45 minutes (it's around 1:15, if you're keeping track), then check in with the guy who helped me; he says it will be about 30 minutes more
- Around 2:15, the guy comes out to tell me they are washing my car, because it was dirty
- Around 2:45, he comes back to tell me that they messed up programming the keys when they moved the car to wash it
- At 3:45--six hours after I arrived--the car is ready
- At 4:45, I am back home, wondering why I haven't just given up on life

Sandra D. | 2014-06-26

I bought my Chevy Aveo from this dealership in 2010 and the person who helped me was "Uncle Wally." He is awesome and I recommend him. My family has bought two cars from him because he made it so easy. My mom bought a Spark Chevrolet from Uncle Wally.
My only concern is that if you buy a brand new car like my mom, make sure you ask if their brand new cars carry a spare tire. Apparently, my mom's Spark Chevrolet blew its tire on the expressway and she had no spare!!! She was never told the car did not carry a spare tire. They should've informed her about this important issue.

Kathy W. | 2014-06-14

BE AWARE! This is by far the worst dealership ever. I made an appointment 2 weeks prior since they only go by appointment for service.  I had a noise in my ac/heating. I go in Thursday at 1 for my appointment.  I get there they tell me I'll get a rental because they won't get to it today.  Really? What the appointment for? Fine whatever.  I had Nassar or whatever but I guess he was too busy for his customer so I got smart ass Alex dealing with me. I drive a camaro and got stuck driving a spark... I stop in the next day they tell me they haven't looked at it yet. I had to go to work til 9 and had work from 9 to 6 saturday. So I was told it may have to stay the weekend since they are closed Sundays. Um no sry not acceptable. 4 days for a small noise which I had an appointment for. If it's not done by Saturday I'll just take it some where else I told them. Alex calls me tells me I'll be done Saturday and I can pick it up after work since they'll be there til 8. Great finally some good news.....I pick up the car. There's scratches all over and my car was ransacked and someone stole my name brand sunglasses. Wow.  Now I have to go back monday to deal with them some more. Never again. Negative stars.

Maria A. | 2014-04-19

Frank provides excellent service n great customer service all the time. He always kept me informed and even stayed late to wait for me. Thank you and continue to provide excellent service that's why we come back.

Rokas S. | 2014-04-10

The worst, most dishonest, scrooge dealership that has been built. I had bought my Chevy Sonic from Zeigler Chevrolet (great place, opposite of Mike Anderson) and when I blew out my clutch in Chicago and had it towed to them, they did not honor my Nationwide bumper to bumper warranty.

Basically they said that this was a user error and completely my fault. I wanted to speak with the GM warranty right away as to why this part was not covered under warranty. They said it would cost me $70.00 just for them to take a look at it and then I could take to warranty people.

I paid the $70.00 and they said that 90% it is not covered under the warranty. Finally they gave me the warranty personnel phone number. I called them and they were going to do investigation. Turns out Anderson Chevy service department calls me back says that they will not cover it since this is a user error. They also told me that they can investigate further by pulling the part out and looking at it, however that would cost me an additional $300 + 2.4 thousand to replace the clutch. They also said that if I don't fix it at their location and go elsewhere, they will charge me an additional $30 for each day the car is in their parking lot.

I ended up towing the car from their location to another shop which replaced the clutch for $900 dollars with all fluids.

Here's the kicker... I go back to my dealership where I bought the car (Zeigler) to change my oil. They treat me treat me there fantastic as always. When I told them about the clutch problem I had, they said, "WHY DIDNT YOU BRING IT TO US? WE WOULD HAVE DONE IT FOR FREE. YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE A BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY" Anyways, nothing I can do about it now as I dont have the original parts.

Just a BEWARE to avoid this place at all costs, as you will be mistreated and they will try to milk you for every penny you have.

JP P. | 2014-03-20

Let's face it, most car dealers get crap reviews and most stem from customer service issues after the sale. Not the case here, I bought a quality used vehicle that I am happy with and have no intention to return to the city for service. I live in the 'burbs, so I will never return or complain about service issues. Pay attention here...this is only about a used vehicle purchase.

I tend to look for used vehicles a year or two of age prior to new, with low miles. You can save a fortune if you do your homework and exhibit patience.

I walked in Mike Anderson on a snowy Monday morning. A half tab of Xanax would ensure that my bargaining skills would support my patience level! I had a specific advertised vehicle in mind. The process "I Hate This Shit"

Get to the point! I bought the car, a used vehicle that actually was displayed in the glassed show room! A used vehicle..."Sweet"

How do people claim this is the "Worst" "Dishonest" "Issues" Dealer ever! It's a KAR place and no different than anyplace else.

Moral of the story, Timing is everything and I just decided this review was a waste of  my time.

Jessica B. | 2014-01-20

Sorry Anderson Chevy but you need to step up your game...and your math skills.
Went in for an oil change(be prepared to wait an HOUR) and then when driving out I realized they put 64,000 miles on the sticker for my next oil change. Hmm..how could that be when I came in with 66,000 miles? There are always issues with the front desk coordinator when scheduling service appts as well.

Jay L. | 2014-01-02

Mike Anderson Chevrolet gave me, without a doubt, the worst customer service experience I have ever had at any garage/dealership in my entire life. I'm giving them 1 star because I can't figure out how to give less.

It all began on the Mike Anderson website, where they claim to have "Award Winning Service" which, unless somebody decided to give an award for being the most complacent with mediocrity -- I don't see that claim as being accurate.

After navigating through the Service Reservation system I chose a representative and secured an appointment for my automobile which highlighted very specifically what was wrong with my vehicle and noted that I required a shuttle*. Excellent! Everything seems fine so far.

On the day of my scheduled appointment I drove my vehicle to the dealership and waited in line for my turn to drive into the garage. A line of vehicles anxiously idled for the doors to open 10 minutes late. It wasn't until a disheveled, unpunctual employee staggered in that the garage door opened and the first few cars were waved in.

A glimpse of the interior of the shop displayed a hodge-podge of workers that didn't appear to have a uniform, that is, unless appearing homeless was written into the uniform guidelines, in which case they were doing a great job with that particular criteria.

I followed the standard routine of pulling my vehicle up, turning off the engine, leaving the key in the ignition and rolling my window down to wait for a representative. Aaannnnd the representative never came. So I hopped out and looked around for a while until I saw a group of vacant podiums.  I walked into the empty room and waited for the service representative with which I had scheduled an appointmet -- or anybody else for that matter.

Eventually someone came in and sat at a podium without so much as acknowledging any of the guests in the room, so I walked over and introduced myself and informed him that I had scheduled an appointment (one that highlighted very specifically what was wrong with my vehicle). He looked up my reservation and pretended like he was reading the notes by mouthing syllables into the air like Milli Vanilli.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that either my car had been stolen by a vagabond or one of the out of uniform employees had taken it elsewhere.

"So what can I help you with." Obviously this guy is either partially illiterate or totally negligent. So I reiterated kindly that "I'd like to have an oil change, multi point inspection, tire rotation, and have my vehicle looked at for the knocking in the FRONT PASSENGER WHEEL." This was clearly too much information to process since the next question was which tire I thought the sound was coming from.

... Really?

Not only is this information still resounding in your eardrum, but it's written in letters that are illuminating the monitor directly in front of your face. My only natural response was "Are you.. Are you kidding right now?" and me asking him if he had even bothered to read the notes at all.

After agreeing to an offensively high service charge for an inspection and a "promotion" for an oil change that happened to be $10 higher than the website had listed he asked me if I needed a shuttle. Why yes, yes I need a shuttle, that's why I clicked the button for a shuttle when I scheduled my service appointment through the website. "Oh, cuz we don't do shuttles on Saturdays."

But.. Why the?! The website.. Why did you...? UGH!

Absolutely ridiculous. I looked around for a few seconds for a hidden camera before demanding my keys and car back and leaving.

Worst. Customer service. Ever.

Arlene N. | 2013-12-16

I wish they had a negative survey.  I have never experienced such horrible service in my life.  They give you the run around when your car in being serviced.  I brought my vehicle in for service 3 times for the same issue and they left it full of mud with dirty rags.  They harassed me multiple times to take a survey which I refused to take; now they will not allow me back to get my vehicle serviced.  I WILL NEVER BUY A CAR MADE BY CHEVY AGAIN.   Have had the vehicle for less than a year and have had to service more than 10 times now.  My vehicle has less than 40,000 miles and has been nothing but problems.  Do yourself a favor and avoid this place if possible.

Tom V. | 2013-10-30

Terrible service. They're happy to sell you a car but when it comes to service they are negligent.  Funny there are mostly bad, one-star reviews.  I'm suspicious of the few 5 star reviews that raise the score.  They don't deserve two stars.

Dave G. | 2013-09-06

Take your car here when you need to get it serviced. . . if you like waiting two hours, even though you've scheduled an appointment, finding out AFTER waiting two hours that they don't have the parts they need, getting sent away because they're having computer problems, rescheduling your appointment, waiting another two hours, taking your car home, finding the same problems, bringing your car back, having them look at it again, bringing it home, finding the same problems, bringing it back, having them look at it again, bringing it home, finding the same problems, bringing it back, having to wait another two hours, being told AFTER waiting another two hours that you'll have to bring your car back again because they need another part, being sent home, calling to reschedule, being put on hold for 25 minutes, hanging up, calling back, being put on hold again, finding out AFTER being put on hold that the person you need to talk to has gone home for the day, calling back at another time to reschedule, being put on hold, rescheduling your appointment, bringing your car back in, waiting two hours even though you've got an appointment, and then doing it all over again the next time your car has a problem. I mean, really, this place needs to get their act together. Their service department is terrible. Problem is, they're the only authorized Saturn repair facility in Chicago. And that's because the dealership used to be a Saturn dealership. They've got all of our information on file, including everything having to do with our warranty. It really sucks. THEY really suck. And this is an ongoing cycle with them. This is not a one-time thing. This happens over. . . and over. . . and over again. They are friendly, though. I'll give them that. And there's a t.v. in their waiting room.

Randy D. | 2013-04-28

Sales & Service

Sadly, I bought a new vehicle from this place.

The car itself is great - a Chevy Cruze - however it lacks the features that I thought were included in the vehicle I bought vs. the vehicle I test drove. I admit - this is my fault. But when I asked the salesman about it before leaving the lot, he gave me bad information.

Long story short - I wound up with a car that I did not intend to buy. Upon this discovery, the salesman lied to me and I mistakenly drove away thinking that the issue would be resolved. Not true.

GM could not help as they informed me that once a dealer has the car, it is left to them.

The whole experience thereafter was terrible - up to and including the first oil change. Stay away from this place.

Buyer beware - if you want to test drive, go for it - but DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS.

Colleen J. | 2013-01-28

My coworker brought a company car in here for service and had an appointment. They estimated that it would only take three hours. She didn't get it back for a week! She spoke to the manager and complained about the horrible service and he did not do anything to move along the repair. Do not use them for service!

Joyce R. | 2012-12-07

I've been sitting here for two hours for an oil change and tire rotation. I had a scheduled appointment and yet I have seen walk ins come and go, yet I am still sitting here. I have never sat here this long. I will never come back here or recommend this place to anyone. This is ridiculous. Two hours for an oil change?! Who the fuck?!

Michael C. | 2012-07-20

Service Review:

So I had a problem at first that had nothing to do with Mike Anderson, but the way they dealt with it was horrible. Luckily Chevy Customer Service took care of everything on their end. I had Smart Care service (A specific vehicle maintenance contract that covers chassis lubrication, oil, oil filter and tire rotation according to scheduled time and mileage requirements in your owner's manual.) I told them I wanted done what was covered under smart care. I had already had over 6,000 miles since my last rotation. My owners manual says 5-8000 miles while one Frank says 7-9000miles and another one says 7-8000 miles. So all they did was an oil change and that was it. Chevy messed up on their part and had my smart care under a wrong VIN which was caused by another dealership giving them the wrong VIN number. So Mike Anderson had to charge me until things got straighten out. The day after they said they would refund the next day. But did it almost a MONTH later. That's one issue. Another issue is they order the floor that goes in the trunk that covers the spare tire. This was like 3 months ago. They order the part and never called me. I go in to find out they have it but they ordered the wrong part. Finally they get it, I bring my car to them today and they tell me it will take a whole hour to do which only takes literally 5 min. Reason being, your appointment only means you can bring your car, we'll get to your car when we can. Really????? It takes almost as long as an oil change to take out a board and put in a new one. Never again am i bringing my car here again. I wasn't even going to bring it today but they had the part for my trunk. Oh and lastly I had to bring my car to them at least twice to fix something in the transmission. The first time they told me nothing was wrong until I went on a test drive with them to show exactly what they missed which i don't know how they could. Brought it back a second time because it was even worse then the first time. If you have a positive experience with them, that's great I'm glad, I wish only I had one. And It's frustrating because they are 5 blocks away from my house, now I have to find a further dealership.

F O. | 2012-02-14

Didn't buy yet but definitely thinking about it after talking to a salesman named Joe Anderson (no relation to Mike).  He's a younger guy but seemed honest and I liked him.  The dealership is close to my place and if I need service i can walk home but they also have loaners.

I know other people who have had mixed experiences at this location but I think I might buy my next car here.  I really liked the salesman.  Good job.

matt d. | 2012-02-11

i almost bought a car from them, glad i didn't.  the two of the model i was looking at had obvious body work done on them, however, it was so badly done, there was already corrosion on the inside where they 'fixed' the cars.  and then, they wouldn't budge $500 more on a price we were trying to agree on.  so, i left, and bought a much nicer version of the same car for about the same price.  i knew this trade up would be a challenge since i had some work to do, but at least i would be getting some value for the work???  part of the work i had to do to my car required my visiting this dealersh|t service team, and once again, left disappointed!  i had to have a redo of something i paid them already to do, and since i replaced a part since their initial work, they wanted to charge me all over again for the same thing?!?!?!  i hear 'i have to pay my union guys this and that', and my request would have taken all of 10 minutes.  your 'union guys' won't have a dealer to work at if you continue to treat your customers like this!  and, btw, the shop that installed the fresh part for me didn't even charge me for that extra 10 minute procedure you were trying to charge me twice for!

Aracelis G. | 2012-02-10



I was unfortunate enough to purchase a vehicle from them, and I have been paying the price ever since. I traded in my vehicle and bought a beetle from them in November. (They are very pushy when they want to make a sale, just like on the other reviews I have read.) I finished the deal, and was waiting for the finance company to give me my interview call and send me the statement coupons I needed to make a payment. They also make you fill out this ridiculous satisfaction survey before the deal is closed while they sit over your shoulder making sure you give them a good review. (This made me feel very uncomfortable and the person that coerced me to do this was Haz!) After I fill out this sheet, I get my paperwork 4 hours later and was able to leave with my new purchase.

Needless to say, I get a call from the dealership in December saying they lost my loan paperwork and have to redo the deal all over again, WTF!!!!! I had to go back around Christmas time, and go through the tedious measure of filling and signing papers all over again, Meanwhile I kept mentioning how my temp plates are expiring in December and I need new ones so I don't receive any tickets.

They give me the run around, tell me to call different people, act indifferent and rude and NOTHING gets accomplished. Here it is February, my car received it's first ticket, and I still have not received the license plates, therefore making it an ILLEGAL vehicle to drive. Not to mention, the brakes are bad and the check engine light has been on for over the past month!!!

The finance company had paid for the deal beginning on January. I spoke to Rolando, (who is the finance manager and the BIGGEST LIAR) around! I called Wednesday, was told they would cover the ticket and said that I should get a call on Thursday because that is when they receive their shipment of license plates.

Thursday comes around, no phone call and it is already 6pm. I'm frustrated at this point, so I give him a call. Supposedly, the plates are locked  in someone's office and that person is gone for the day. MORE EXCUSES!!!!! He said they would give me a call Friday to let me know.

Friday, i get a voicemail telling me my only option is to go to the DMV and get temp plates from them!!!!!! (My blood is BOILING)!!! Luckily, I have a friend that works with the secretary of state police and he ran my car's information for me!!! It turns out that they had put the wrong expiration date on my temp tag, and it was reading Dec 11' when it actually expired Feb 08 12' in the system. Also, the state had not received any info on my car, title,  bill of sale, nada. All they knew was that the car was sold, when, where and who it was sold to.

I just finished calling the dealership once again and confronted Rolando with his lies, which he declined to keep discussing over the phone because he could not complete his lies fast enough. He had the nerve to say that they were waiting for the deal to be funded and that they would send my info in on Tuesday and get the plates by Thursday!!!!!!!!! WHY THE HELL HAS HE BEEN LEADING ME ALONG FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS WITH HIS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They knew they did not complete their end of their paperwork, but they don 't give a shit about their customers and the hell they put them through as long as they make the sale!!

Unfortunately, I am pissed and call the finance company to find out what is going on when I realize it is not their fault at all!!! The dealership company just wanted to lay the blame with them, when they had already completed  their end of the bargain and sent back the paperwork along with the payment for the vehicle in January!!!!

Normally, I don't comment on places, but this is one sham of a dealership the world should know about!!! Not only am i commenting on here, but I am lodging an official complaint with the secretary of state, so that they can undergo a full investigation; and I am reporting them to the BBB. A business like this should not be around to scam the consumer, and I am making it my mission to inform the public so no one ever has to go through the pain and frustration I have been through. Please spread the word and lets get businesses like this to shut their doors foreve

Zach B. | 2012-01-26

Call to see about a key fob...was told I needed a transmitter. Ok cool how much? Got bounced around from parts to service back to parts...all I wanted was a price quote. Who has time to play on the phone? Not me so I suggest a different Chevy dealer. Phone service wasn't good which let me know how the actual service is...no thanks.

Chicago K. | 2011-09-02

We went in just to look at a few models, and were met by the best car salesman ever. Maybe it's just because I'm jaded after buying a few cars already (Honda and Kia), but Rafael (don't remember his last name) was super helpful and not pushy at all - which I was totally prepared for. In my past experiences, I would spend 10 minutes researching a car online before going to the dealership, and would actually know more than the salesguy; kinda sad. But Rafael knew a ton about the car we test drove and was able to answer all the questions we had, and when we said we were still in the "just looking" phase he didn't try to pressure us at all.

Gina M. | 2011-08-11

I wish I could give no stars. I went into Mike Anderson Chevrolet. I was met by Jesse. Once he discovered I was from Detroit, we soon learned we were interconnected. His brother was best friends with my uncle. I thought I was safe. WRONG.  I only went in there to see about pricing and what I could do about my not-so-good, yet on the right track credit. I was repairing it, slowly but surely. Ohhhh, jesse's cousin was the finance guy, he'd hook me up. I kept repeating myself that I was not going to buy a car today, in fact, I had planned on 3 months. They didn't listen. Jesse's cousin now had an offer I couldn't refuse. I asked for a week to think about it. NOPE. I was to make a decision right then and there. I called my dad for his opinion. It sounded good to him. How could I refuse such a low APR for my credit?  They wouldn't let me think about it, so I said yes. Three hours later, I was signing papers, and driving off the lot.  This was on a Thursday. I got a congratulations handshake and off I was. Friday, Jesse called to see how I enjoyed it. I loved it. Let's fast forward to Tuesday. Jesse calls. I wasn't approved for that APR. Huh? I signed papers. Well, now I am told I have to come back in and sign for double the APR or they will repossess the car. HUH????

I did some research, this scam is called SPOT DELIVERY, or YO-YO financing. They promise you one APR, a deal that someone with not great credit cannot refuse. They know what you will be approved for, yet they promise you one thing. A week later, they retrack that statement. They think you will be so in love with the car by then, that you will come in and pay more money.

NO THANKS. It was the principle at this point. I wanted time to think about it. NO, There's never time to think at this dealership. Make a decision NOW. Jesse got emotional and sensitive on the phone, and started to yell. I had my dad call, he was also greeted with yelling, and how "ungrateful" I was for the "deal" they were giving me.

I returned the car. Thankfully, Jesse and his cousin weren't there. But his uncle was there. I asked for documentation that I returned the car. He said no. I demanded one. I didn't need to be told weeks later that I didn't return the car or whatever excuse they could try to get me for. The lady at the finance desk calls me a "f*ckin b*tch" under her breath (HOW PROFESSIONAL- this entire dealership, what the heck?)  Twenty minutes later, I had my little note. How simple.

I'll go somewhere else with a pre-approved loan and not get scammed by 'family."

Erica E. | 2011-04-03

This review is for the service department. If I could give them 0 stars I would.

My car is still under warranty, which is the only reason why I took it to a dealer when my check engine light came on the other day. I called ahead and was told with my warranty it would be no problem to drop off my car and get a free rental while they diagnosed and fixed what was wrong with my car. However, when I got to the dealer, they told they couldn't guarantee me a free rental because if the work took less then 2 hours I would have to pay. Whatever, I was there already, and I need a car to get to work, so I left my car anyway.

The next day, I get a call from them saying, that the check engine light was on because I needed to do $850 worth of required maintenance. And it took them less then 2 hours to figure that out, so I was going to have to pay for the car rental as well.

What maintenance could possibly cost $850 you might ask? According to them, a tune up, a fuel injector throttle body cleaning, and an engine decarbonization. Upon talking to my father, who was a mechanic, works for GM, and has the same car that I do, but with even more miles on it, I came to the conclusion that a tune up was the only legitimate maintenance.

I told them not to touch my car and I went and picked it up within an hour. When I got to the dealer, I asked them what exactly was wrong that would require this maintenance. They couldn't tell me anything, except that the code that came up on the computer indicated that the maintenance would probably help. They hadn't even opened the hood. But, they were going to charge me $80 for the computer scan (something a lot of mechanics / auto parts stores will do for free). Well, after asked them to show me exactly where it said that this maintenance was required in my owner's manual, they decided to not charge me the diagnostic fee. I took my car and got out of there as fast as I could.

I went to A to Z Auto on Western a day later. Gil told me he could do a tune up and fuel injector throttle body cleaning for less then $200. He also told me that an engine decarbonization is a myth that really hasn't been a necessary service on cars since the early 90s. When he actually popped the hood he figured out that the valve gasket sealing off the spark plugs, was starting to leak oil, and had caused the check engine light. He did the tune up, the fuel injector throttle body cleaning, (which actually was necessary because of the oil leak), replaced the the leaky valve gasket, and did an oil change all for $400, which was less then half the dealership price (which didn't even include fixing the actual problem of the leaky valve gasket).

DO NOT EVER GO THERE! They will only try to swindle you and get as much $ out of you as they can. They are the reason dealerships have a bad name.

Ted F. | 2010-05-27

This review is about the service department.  I have no experience with the dealership as an actual dealer.  I'm sure they're swell in that capacity.

I don't know why I'm bothering to write a review of a dealership service department.  It's kind of like writing a review of gravity.  That they suck and are generally rapacious is kind of an inevitability.  One's opinion will not make a dent in this reality.  It's almost my fault for being too lazy to seek out an independent mechanic.

Anyway, I just moved back to the city.  I had a decent mechanic before I left the last placed I lived.  Prior to taking my car in, I called them and asked what major stuff I had just had done.  So, you know, tires rotated, fuel injection flush, filter, etc.  That was at 30k.  I ask my old guy what I'm due for at around 35k, and it's basically AC service, cabin filter and the usual oli change stuff.  

I impart this fascinating information to the guy at Mike Anderson, who happens to be more interested in flirting with the women in the office than anything I might have to say concerning my knowledge of my car's own service history.  Let's just say that no mental processing of what I told him occurred.  The short of it is that what was supposed to be a simple oil change plus AC service turned into a full systems flush, plus tire rotation, plus a whole lot of other crap that was completely unnecessary (well, AC service was thrown in there, so not a total loss).  

Seriously, pay attention to your customers and stop just relying on the computer to spit out a service template based on a set mileage.  Now, you may be asking why I didn't put a stop to all this beforehand.  Because I am absurdly rich; that's why.  It's just money.  Plus I really wanted to write this review.

Two stars because at least everyone in the office excepting aforementioned Casanova was courteous and professional.

Stacy C. | 2010-05-27

This was my first car buying experience. What started out as just some late night browsing with my Dad, ended up with me having a beautiful used Chevy Malibu!

Charlie met us outside and even though it was late in the evening, he let us take a couple cars out for a test drive and spent a lot of time with us trying to figure out what I could fit into my budget and we found it! My boyfriend was at home and a little surprised by it all, so Charlie let me take the car home to show the boy and let us have a couple days to think it over before signing anything.

I haven't regretted my purchase once and I will recommend anyone go see Charlie over at Mike Anderson Chevrolet. He called to see how things were the next day, he put me on his Christmas card list, and he even hooked it up with my first oil change for free! Even the financial department was super helpful and patient with me. They answered every little question I had and made this complicated process easy for me to understand.

...and what a great car for a great price!

Erin M. | 2010-01-06

When my car was stolen, I had to begrudgingly buy a new car. I went to Mike Anderson first because I've always been a Chevy girl, they are close to my apartment, and I've had my stolen Chevy serviced there.  Wally is a great sales guy - very honest, patient, and funny! My husband and I checked out several cars; test drove a few; and when we found one we liked the best, Wally even filled it up with gas, slapped on a DL license plate and told us to take the car out for the afternoon before we made any decision. I was shocked that we could just drive the car off the lot for a few hours and really make an informed decision. What great customer service! I purchased a 2010 Chevy Equinox and love it. Mike Anderson has called to follow up and Wally even sent me a Christmas card. I'm very impressed with this place.

Rosie D. | 2009-08-26

I thought buying a Certified Used Car from a reputable dealer would be safe, but unfortunately we have had problems with our Certified Used Car .
We were promised our "Certified Used Car" had received a "12-Point inspection". We also were convinced and coerced into purchasing a "4-Year Extended Warranty" after we agreed to a final price to purchase.  They said it would cover most parts with a few exceptions, like brake pads (LIES).  It's only been a week and we've had to take the car back 3 times already! Found out they sold us a car with bent rims. Also one of the headlights was not working the first day we drove it off the lot. A couple days later the hubcap came flying off. After that we discovered our tires had bent rims. We immediately contacted the dealership to inquire on service. We took the car in and they told us we would have to replace 2 tires and a bent rim. Our cost would be almost $400!  We barely dove the car this past week and knew we NEVER bent the rims. They sold us a car with bad tires and rims!!!!!!!!!!
Last night we had to go in and talk to these car salespeople and  They said they were not responsible for the car rims. After having to beg the sales manager to show us a copy of  our "12-Point Inspection" paper work we discovered the manager's mistake. the Sales manager said "You're right, we are responsible for fixing those rims". He had lied to us moments before but now had been caught in his lie by a customer.  It had been almost 3 months since they even inspected the car!! But at least it stated we had bent rims. It was our only saving grace. I can't believe they never fixed it before they sold it to us. During this whole process most of the staff and salespeople were rude to us. They really didn't care. Thank Goodness we found their mistake. It's been a nightmare working with these people. I will never go back to Mike Anderson Chevrolet. I urge people to NOT buy used cars from this dealership. The "Manager" is a complete dick and doesn't care about customer service. Also we've come to find out our "4-year Extended Warranty" does not really cover much.  PLEASE read all contracts and terms before falling for car dealer scams. I hate to see anyone else make our mistake. They were so nice when we wanted to test drive their cars, but as soon as we drove off the lot with our "Certified Used Car" the customer service went out the window.