Midway Dodge in Chicago, IL

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Chicago's Midway Dodge in Archer Heights, Serving Little Village, Cicero, Oak Lawn, Summit, Brighton Park, Garfield Park, Bridgeview and Surrounding Areas

If you're in the market for a new Dodge, Midway Dodge  is the fast and convenient place to start and end your search. We carry an excellent selection of Dart, Charger, Avenger, Grand Caravan, Journey and Durango car models to choose from, as well as a stellar range of used cars and trucks from yesteryear.

Of course, Midway Dodge  doesn't just specialize in offering new and pre-driven vehicles to drivers from Chicago, Archer Heights, Little Village, Brighton Park, Garfield Park, Cicero, Oak Lawn, Summit and Bridgeview. Our team also offers a number of other services as well, including:

Auto financing experts who are committed to helping you find a car loan or Dodge lease. No Credit? Bad Credit? No Problem. Everyone is Approved.
A team of auto parts gurus who can help you track down the final part of your next D-I-Y project.
And an onsite service and repair department, staffed with highly trained technicians and equipped with the latest tools to get the job done right.
Whether you're interested in a new car or truck, or you want to get the most out of your current one, Midway Dodge II is here for you. If you're interested in utilizing any number of the many services we have to offer, simply contact us today at (773) 376-8060...


Established in 1972.

Midway Dodge has been in business for over 40 years and promises your experience will be a pleasureful one every time you step into our showroom. We are one of the largest Dodge Dealers in Chicago, and we make sure that everyone who comes looking for a vehicle will be driving home in one that they love as well as one matches their needs and budget. We offer to all in Chicago, Illinois the lowest prices, maximum rebates and excellent incentives for New Dodge cars & trucks, vans & SUV's and also on all used vehicles. Our factory trained Service and Parts team is completely qualified to keep your Dodge or Chrysler vehicle in top condition

Midway Dodge

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 376-8060
Address:4747 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL, 60632
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Midway Dodge

Jayson K. | 2015-04-18

I was eyeing on the brand new Dodge Charger SXT for a long time now and after so much time deliberating, I got a recommendation from a friend to go Midway Dodge dealership and went for it! Upon arriving, the staff were very kind and courteous, not to mention quite quick in providing me assistance. At no point during the sale did I ever felt I was getting pushed into making any decisions which was a fresh change from previous car buying experiences. The salesmen here were very professional, courteous, and most important extremely knowledgeable about the vehicles. Making the final purchase was very simple and smooth. Overall, I would highly recommend Midway Dodge due to their excellent customer service, affordability, and exceptional experience provided.

Tony K. | 2015-03-31

They prey on black people. They say YOU can drive off with a car. 3 months later their  car is repo'ed. This is how they make their money. They make it where you CANT afford the car.... they repo it.... and YOU still owe 10K.


Sylvia C. | 2015-03-04

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! NO way in HE$%^& will I ever try to get a vehicle with them. They not only waste your time but LIE!!! They tried for me to buy a car that is a year older and more expensive... WTH!!! NOT FAIR!!!

Jorge R. | 2015-01-03

I really wanted to give Midway Dodge the opportunity to earn my business.   I read the negative reviews but I saw the car that I wanted and I was willing to ignore the negative comments.  Sadly the negative reviews were right.  I called about the Mazda CX-9 and was transferred to a young lady on the sales team.  She was going to call me back to check if the car had a back up camera, 2 hours later no call.  I emailed the dealer and left my number but no one called me back nor did they respond to my email, strike 2.  I called back because I really wanted this car.  I spoke with Greg who was very friendly and said that the manager was using the car as his personal vehicle and that he would call me back as soon as the manager came back with the car so he could check if it had a rear view camera.  This would be strike 3 no one called me back and I ended up going to a different dealer to buy the car.  This review is more for management.  You need to follow up and call potential clients.  You are losing clients because there is no sense of urgency.  I hope you work on your email communication and call when you say you will call.


Harrison J. | 2014-06-24

This review is for the service department only. I haven't dealt with their sales team.

I took my car in for a window issue, which was covered by the factory warranty. The staff was very courteous and respectful. They set up the expectations upfront to let me know the timing. They completed the work a couple hours earlier than estimated. They were very respectful of my vehicle and possessions. I had a very positive experience.

The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I originally tried setting an appointment through the website. Within an hour, I received two emails from the sales team, but the service dept never followed up with my appt request. I ended up just calling the next day to set an appointment.

Pedro L. | 2014-05-07

Horrible service! I wish I would have read the reviews before walking in there and wasting my time. Jonathan was extremely rude. The way he spoke to me was unprofessional, he didn't let me speak and when I tried to say something he would interrupt me. He didn't listen to a thing I had to say. He seemed bothered that I had lowered my down payment range, he left to check and see if I could get approved, not a minute later does he come back to say I wasn't approved. When asked if I would be receiving calls from midway dodge he laughed and said "you won't be getting any calls from me."  I couldn't have been more disappointed in the service I received. I don't recommend anyone to do business with him or this place. Save your time and money on a business who treats you fairly.

Max B. | 2014-02-28

Service is great here... The service manager is extremely professional and helpful... They are very knowledgeable and courteous...

JK H. | 2013-11-21

First i would like to say anyone giving this place more then one star works there. Second they are shady and will lie to your face. I bought a used car that cant be serviced there and has tons of problems. The sales people there are never more then 2 or 3 months because anyone with a soul will loose it if  they stay. Don't ever buy car there

Mariah W. | 2013-07-01

My husband and I went looking for our first car after years of saving up. It started off as an internet search and when Midway Dodge showed up it sounded pretty good. We explored the website and decided that we would make a visit there. We were able to look around the lot without feeling rushed or having any other cars forced on us. When we came to 2 different choices the salesman was knowledgeable and helped us make the best choice. The only reason I'm giving this place a 4 star rating is because not everything is explained, there were a few small charges and plan changes that we weren't informed of by reading around and such. However they weren't too large and we accepted it. Another thing is sometimes the manager can be a bit moody, but he cheered up once we were sure on which car we were buying. I think he didn't like that we were wasting his time with indecision. That still doesn't make this place bad. They seemed to have a wide variety of vehicles offered and I'd most likely use them again if we ever need to purchase another car. The car we bought was a red 2006 Chevy and it works wonderfully. So far we've had no issues with this car and we bought it almost 8 months ago. I'd definitely recommend them and am glad that we chose them to buy a car. Never once did we feel pressured or really uncomfortable there. We expected to be attacked like the fresh meat we were and we also expected the sales person try to take advantage of us since we were first  timers. That did not happen though and we felt very welcomed. Our car is amazing and we owe it all to Midway Dodge.

PS. We got an amazing deal on our car too, to be sure we cross checked with other resources and it turns out what we got was indeed a good deal. Not the best deal but pretty good and it made us pleased which is what counts in the end. We had enough to cover the down payment and a few months payments as well. I'd definitely say this place is better than other car dealers and people should give them a shot.

Craig M. | 2013-06-27

I must confess, I was a little bit skeptical about this place when I saw some the reviews on here. But when I saw that one of the business owners was taking the time to come onto Yelp and address  customer concerns and complaints, I decided to give them a shot. I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, the website for Midway Dodge Chicago is extremely helpful. A lot of used car places I've had experience with in the past either have corporate site landing pages (with very little local dealership information), hastily-assembled pages (also with very little local information), or no websites at all. Midway Dodge's website is a breath of fresh air, featuring an array of user-friendly tabs about new or used vehicles, specials, financing, or other services. The site let me get a good idea of item inventory and price BEFORE I went into the dealership, and that saved me a lot of time in the full run. There's a very helpful interface that allows you to select the Dodge model car you are looking for, and Midway's inventory of that car will pop up.

I didn't end up buying a car through Midway, but I did test drive a few models to get a better idea of what I was looking for in a car, and that knowledge helped me a lot, even if I nailed down my purchase through a different outlet. The people here are nice and knowledgeable, the hours are terrific (the sales division stays open until 9 p.m. throughout the week, so I was able to come in without having to miss work time), and the service department is helpful as well. Don't need a car? Right now they've even got a coupon for a $24.95 oil change.

Overall, I'd recommend this place, whether you're shopping for new cars, looking for used cars, or just in need of a service check-up. I think they went through a management or ownership change recently, so perhaps that's why my experience was so thoroughly opposite of what most of the reviews here indicate.

Tom C. | 2013-06-24

I was very pleased with the quality of this facility. They seem very professional and they are also very nice people. They have great prices and specials for their new and used cars. They also have a very wide selection of vehicles. This place is a highly recommended place for you to check out before you buy a vehicle.

Steve J. | 2013-06-20

What a delight to take my car here! I have never been happy about dropping any vehicle off as it's usually a scary thing to come back and see the bill amount. Well not here - Midway Dodge is a pleasure to go to the second you walk in the door to the moment you drive off.

They finish work quickly and don't skip a beat. Mike is the core of this business and I love when walk in the door and see his smile.

Lisa D. | 2013-06-18

I can't complain.  I was nervous reading some of the reviews but we didn't have much of a choice.  When our car broken into, the thieves did everything in their power to start the car with a screw driver and as a result totally destroyed the ignition.   Thankfully we had AAA and got the car towed to them as they were the closest.

Much to our surprise and with delight the service department was very sweet, thorough, and was right on the money with the cost of the repairs.  We researched the costs of parts (which they quoted us the correct, fair market prices) and included labor.  We were out of there $25 under budget and the car runs great.  They even made us a spare key with a computer chip in it.  For service, at least, I would recommend them.

Rachael Z. | 2013-06-18

Overall has great services that are open late. They have a lube oil and filter change special going on for $25 and very convenient being near the orange line to glance at your first car, which is a great place to look, as their new fully equipped cars are much cheaper than any other competitor I have been around. They also offer rentals so that you don't have to worry about if your car gets into an accident and you will be without a car for awhile, as they take care of it all, including the tow if need be. You can contact them via web or calling them, but the web form is great for explaining in large detail what your car might need. They also have deals on parts over $100, sometimes 10% off, which helps you save a lot. They don't try to sell you a lot of services that you don't need and will guide you step by step of what they feel is in need of repair on your vehicle. A plus in being friendly and I would definitely recommend going back to them. If you want to do your research and find a quote for your repair, you will be surprised that they are right on the money and I would say go to them, as again, their service can't be beat. You also won't be waiting forever for your car to get back from repairs or for a call back on emergencies. They have top of the line mechanics for diagnostic testing and finding rare parts.

Robyn N. | 2013-06-11

My father is the one that I usually go to when cars are the subject, and that's who I went to when I needed a car to take back to school with me. I needed something that would get to my school that is 2 hours away, and also something that would last the next few years. We didn't have a lot of money to spend so we went right to Midway Dodge.

The sales associates didn't waste time when we walked in the door to greet us, and when I explained what I was looking for they already had some cars in mind. I'm very classy, so I like to have something that looks nice and sleek, and that runs smoothly. My father was more so concerned about the tires and engine. We took a few cars for a test drive and ended up agreeing on one care in particular.

We were in and out pretty quickly and I was on my way with my new car. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a nice and affordable car. You can pick from tons of cars that are both new and used.

Quinn C. | 2013-05-29

I was pretty impressed with Midway Dodge. I went with a friend to help him look for a new truck when I was over in Chi-City. Being from a small town where I know the salespeople personally, I was intimidated going to a showroom in the city. But the salespeople were friendly, informative, and sincere. I already had my guard up going in, and I was prepared to get a little played. But my stereotypes and preconceived notions were dispelled.

They had a lot of cars available. Because we were able to articulate what he was looking for, the guy we were talking to was able to look through their records to tell us what else was available, which wasn't already on the lot, and what would become available. Excluded only to Dodge cars, trucks, and SUVs, there was a robust selection. And this ranged from different makes but also different price ranges and mileages. The website also seems like it is a pretty good resource for looking around for different cars and trucks.

They offered some pretty sweet perks in terms of service. It's even better because they get Dodge parts cheaper.

All in all, Midway Dodge was a pretty positive experience. My friend ended up buying his truck, and he was able to negotiate a pretty good price.

Jon B. | 2012-11-13

I met with the internet sales manager here and was in and out quite fast. He also wasn't pushy at all, I didn't see why there was so many bad reviews on Yelp, maybe they are under newer management, but something must have changed. Good service, great experience, and I got a decent price.

Rosaileen B. | 2012-06-22


I recently brought my car here so they can repair the gear shift. I dropped off my car on Wednesday and I called on Thursday to see the status of the car. I spoke to Santiago and I asked him,  "Please tell me what is wrong with the car and no "recommended" repairs". He said, "The brake shift light switch needs to be replaced". Then Santiago says, "Can you have your husband call me because I feel more comfortable talking to a man" .  I was shocked! I told him that I own the car and that I would be paying for the repair and that my husband isn't a mechanic. I will be reporting them to the BBB and Chrysler Group next.

They quoted me 282 dollars! Actual cost to replace this with parts and labor should be around 60 dollars. This place will rip you off!  Forget about taking your car here for a recall because they will rip you off.

After I called Santiago on Thursday around noon, I told him that I will not be doing the repair there and that I will be picking up my car after 6PM. I pick up my car and the middle console with the gear shifter is in PIECES with screws left sitting on the passenger seat. Of course, the service department is gone for the day and no one had a clue. I already had called a tow truck to take my car to my place and I didn't want to wait another day.

Vandalize my car:
I didn't buy my car at Midway Dodge but yesterday they took it upon themselves to add the license plate holder both front and back to my car. They couldn't put the console/gear shifter back together but they were fine with putting their crappy logo on my car.

Felix H. | 2012-06-09

I purchased a 2009 Dodge Challenger on Feb of 2009. At that time, i also purchased an extended warranty aside from the 36 month factory warranty. Never had any major issues with my vehicle. Just recently I noticed my A/C not functioning the same. The driver said was cool instead of cold and the passenger side vents blew out HOT air. I took my car to the dealership on a Monday. The dealer then contacted me back saying "Your factory warranty is expired." At which point I made them aware that i had purchased an extended warranty. They then contacted the extended warranty location...at which point, the warranty location informed them they did not have me on file. The dealer then contacted me and asked me if I still had my copy of the warranty. I luckily kept all my paperwork. I pulled it out and the person from the service department asked me to verify my VIN number which i did. Both matched. I then proceeded to give the service rep. the contract number on the contract. The dealer contacts the warranty location along with my contract number and no luck. No contract number with my name on file. The dealer contacts me and asks if I can show up or fax them my contract. I drove my wifes vehicle to the dealership and provided them with my contract copy. The dealership in turn forwarded the contract to the warranty location. The dealer contacted me on tuesday and said no work had been performed because they hadnt received approval for the claim. I was free to pick up the car and they would notify when the approval went through so i can take care in. Mind you, this weekend will be 90+ degrees with an a/c thats not working properly on a vehicle thats only 3 years old. The whole work week went by and i heard nothing. The friday of the same week i contacted the warranty place myself to find out what was going on. They pulled me up and notified me that the contract was not accepted because it has been 3 years since the initial purchase date of the contract, and they never received my paperwork from the dealer. Highly upset, I contacted the dealer and spoke to a manager who then told me that would be something the finance manager could take of. I asked to speak to the finance manager and was told the finance manager starts his shift at 1p.m. I called at 1:15pm and was told by the secretary he was "running late." I called back 15 minutes later and suddenly he is with a customer. I leave a voicemail with my information to have him call me back. Never called back. I then called back later in the day and spoke with secretary again and told her about the situation and if there was anyone that i can speak to of higher rank. She transferred me to another manager who i also could not get a hold of. Throughout the day i called the dealership over 10 times. Never had a phone call returned. Never had the email i sent through their website returned with a phone call. I do remember them calling me immediately when I was on their website showing interest in a car when i was car shopping 3 years ago. So now im out an air conditioner in my car and without a contract that i paid for. $2,200 was added to my finance when i purchased my car. Which means someone took my $2,200 and earned interest on that money, since the warranty place never got my paperwork or money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS DEALERSHIP. I WILL NO LONGER ATTEMPT TO CONTACT THIS DEALER. I TRIED TO FIX THIS WITH THEM AND THEY AVOIDED ME. NEXT PERSON THEY WILL HEAR FROM WILL BE MY ATTORNEY ALONG WITH ALL MY DOCUMENTATION OF PEOPLE I SPOKE TO AND MY RECEIPTS THAT SHOW I PAID FOR IT AND A DENIAL LETTER FROM THE WARRANTY LOCATION SHOWING I WAS REJECTED BECAUSE THE DEALER FAILED TO SEND PAPERWORK. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO THIS DEALER AND I WILL MAKE SURE MY FRIENDS AND COWORKERS NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN!

Received a call back regarding the website email I previously sent.
Note: that the email apparently wasnt read because caller thought i was interested in a car. I said, "No, I wrote message in reference to my car warranty. I spoke with Jesse in regards to the matter." Caller stated "oh, im sorry Jesse no longer works with us?" I said, "Excuse me? That's funny because i just spoke with him a couple hours ago in person. Who is this? You dont know your management staff?" She replied, "It is because this is a different Department. i work in sales" I stated, "Youre in sales which means you deal directly with Finance Manager." I proceeded to ask. "Who is this?" At which point caller hung up. I called back and Spoke with Christina (whose voice appeared similar) and she denied it was her and put me on hold and never got back to me.

Jenny R. | 2012-05-08

If I could give this zero stars I would! This place is HORRIBLE!
Like others have said, don't even bother calling to see if the car you're interested in  is still available stock, because they will always just say "yes". I truly think they just take pictures of random cars and post it at a decent price just to get you in the door.
That being said, we ended up buying a mini van from them and it was the worst experience ever! We felt like they were trying to hold us hostage in their office while they figured out the details. We literally were sitting in one of their tiny offices for 4 hours waiting.
After buying the van they pulled a lot of shady crap on us to. We're Wisconsin residents. and in IL it's against the law to collect sales tax on sales sold to WI residents because we have to pay that to our own state (unfortunately, we found out this was the law AFTER we purchased our van). They promised us that they were sending the sales tax they charged us over to the state of Wisconsin, but never did, so we ended up paying it twice.
This place should end be called a business, because that implies some sort of professionalism - something which this company does not possess.
Do yourself a favor, and don't ever give these greedy people a penny!

Pat C. | 2012-02-12

Prettymuch everything that's been said.  Not sure how a word of mouth-based business like this can survive in the internet age?

Do people just buy whatever these a-holes allow them buy?  I walked right out the front door after the 3 cars I wanted to check out were all fakes.

Fawn J. | 2011-09-24


Ok, so I knew going into it (I read the reviews, stupid me for not heeding them) that they wouldn't have the cars I saw online actually there.  But I thought, they've got to have something, right?!  So my hubs and I went...

We arrive, I give the guy a run down on what we're interested in.  He starts off by telling me that my math is wrong on how much my payments will be for the price range I'm looking at.  I think to myself, "ok, I'm new at this, maybe he's right."  First mistake.

He then does our credit check and we're "hesitantly" approved by "god" in the back corner for the exact amount I wanted.  um. ok.  But then he proceeds to show us really old cars that are priced WAY TOO HIGH telling me that they are willing to work with our "credit situation" and will give us a deal.  Second mistake.  I don't want to spend the full amount I'm approved for moron, just because I can... and I don't want to spend it all on a car that's older and not even in the same category I was wanting!  and with his doomsday attitude he had me freaking out about our "credit situation" the entire time!  

So he tells us they basically have only 2 cars on the entire lot of 100 and some that will fit in our budget.  I then have a panic attack and freak out about spending money on a bad car.  So we decided to wait a week and return after I looked over consumer reports, check insurance rates, etc.

I come home, do the math and he was trying to charge us $5,000 more than we should spend on either of the 2 cars they were trying to drop on us.  

So pissed this place wasted my Saturday.  and I do not want some apology letter from anyone at this company who may read this review.  I'm not interested in your justifications.  You are crooks.

NARDO Q. | 2011-09-13

Horrible, horrible, horrible! Did I mention horrible? So I called ahead to make sure three cars I was interested were there and, like the other reviews, I was told they were still in stock. I went over there since they had booked me for an appointment while I was on the phone.  As soon as I went in, I asked one of the guys if I could see the cars, gave him my list which consisted of the car stock numbers: none were there - big surprise.  Before him telling me they weren't available, he told me he would need to run my credit prior to showing me any cars or giving me any mileage (one of the cars said to call for mileage).  They ran my credit, I was told those cars weren't in, I told him to show me something low costing - I had seen their website advertising a lot of low costing used cars.  I told them I had a trade-in and some money to put down ($1000) - not much but they assured me they could most definitely make it work.  The lowest costing car they had was a 2001 Nissan Maxima for almost 10K with over 130,000 miles! WOOOH! I tried and tried to get out of there but they insisted that I NEEDED THIS CAR, and that THEY WERE GIVING ME THEIR BEST OFFER. I can find a 2001 Nissan Maxima for under 6k with a lot less miles on CARS.COM, I left. Called five minutes after leaving and asked if those three cars I had originally gone to see were in, they said yes. WHAT THE HECK!? Also, they keep calling and harassing me, I am really scared. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE CROOKS!

Oscar A. | 2011-07-16

I am only giving this one star because I have too. If there were negative stars, this place would warrant it. I made an appointment to view two cars that they had on the web, only to find out when I got there that the cars weren't there. I had my wife call while I was at the dealership to inquire if the same two vehicles were there, and the receptionist  response was yes they were. The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing.  Save yourself some time and aggravation and avoid this place at all costs. Mario, the manager, was like titts on a bull, useless. Never returned my wife's calls nor did they explain why they wasted my time.

Never, Ever midway dodge.

Patrick R. | 2011-06-09

Wow. I really should have read the yelp reviews before I wasted my time  making the trip out there. Looks like my review won't be any different than the rest.

Went in to look at a Honda Fit. I called, made an appointment, and was told confidently that it's still available. I also got a confirmation call back and an email confirmation. I show up there and this is how the conversation goes:

Me: Hi, I'm here to see the Honda Fit. I have an appointment
Sales douche: Hyundai?
Me: Honda Fit
Sales idiot: Honda Civic?
Sales goon: I don't think we have any of those
Me: Well I got 2 phone calls and an email that said you did
Sales moron: Oh, well, the girls at the call center don't always know what's on the lot. Is that the only thing you're interested cuz we have a lot of other cars.
Me: Nope. Came down here just to see the Fit
Sales dope: So it's a Hyundai?
Me: No, it's a Honda Fit. One of the best selling cars since 2007.
Sales dick: Oh. Sure you don't want to look at a Charger or something. We have great deals.
Me (thinking to myself): Are you F'ing kidding me! You're trying to sell me a muscle car when I came in for a compact, fuel efficient, hatchback! Damn. At least try to sell me a Caliber. You obviously know nothing about cars so why should I let you "sell" me anything.

So eventually, I talk to a "Manager" who looks like he would have trouble managing to tie his shoes let alone a business. He gives me some BS about how they use an outside call center and they don't always have up to date information. I then ask him why I got 3 confirmations. He said he didn't know and asked if I wanted him to get a similar model. I told him he wasted enough of my time.

Basically, they are either horribly dishonest or stupid. I'm actually betting it's both.

Neil O. | 2011-04-13

This seems like the Midway Dodge grief support message board, so I'll chime in with my experience. Normally, I try not to be dissuaded by 1-star reviews on Yelp since nobody's perfect. But Midway Dodge? Yeah, these ass-clowns would get a zero-star review if Yelp would allow.

I called them up about specifically a 2003 Honda Civic DX Coupe that I saw advertised on both Cars(dot)com and their dealership homepage. I asked all the standard preliminary questions and decided I would schedule a test-drive. I even got a call from them the morning of my test-drive to confirm I was coming. Keep that in mind. ::They called ME::

So I took off on my lunch break and drove down. What a freakin' circus. I couldn't find the Civic on the lot, so I headed on inside the showroom.

The first sales rep I passed by asked me if I needed any help. I showed him the print-out of the vehicle I was looking for and he said, "yeah, that car's been sold." "Um, when? This morning?" I asked. "Um, I dunno. Ain't been here a while ... Anything else you interested in?" I kindly asked WHY on EARTH they would call to confirm with me about a test-drive for a car they NO LONGER HAVE?? "Lotta cars. Tough to keep 'em all straight." Right. Too bad there isn't, oh, I don't know, an ONLINE DATABASE that we could use to KEEP THAT SHIT STRAIGHT, RIGHT?? Ugh.

I should note also that the guy didn't pick his head off hand the entire conversation. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if he went out in lot and had someone back over him. "Well that sucks. I blew my lunch break for nothing," I said. "Oh, and by the way, I'm not car salesman, but you'll probably move more inventory if you don't look like you're about to play in traffic."

As an aside, the funniest thing about the whole encounter? During my walk through the lot, three different people asked me about cars. See, if you were wearing jeans and a dress shirt, you were dressed more professionally than anyone who worked there.

So thanks, Midway Dodge, for ruining my lunch break and making me feel professional about my attire.

Damian P. | 2011-02-25

My review will be based more so on the service department rather than sales so here goes.

When I had my Pontiac grand am last year, I was able to get oil changes here and the place is really professional. The turn around time was
Super excellent and a phone call makes the best sense. All the sales people were also professional although I didn't buy a car. Although I had the pleasure of serviciing my car here, and for that I would hightly recommend anyone who thinks they need the oil change in a quick fashion.

Trent P. | 2011-02-21

DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. I would give 0 stars if that was possible. It was the most unprofessional car dealership I have ever been to.
I called 3 times, including the morning before I went to go look at a car, to see if it was still in stock and they confirmed. So I traveled over an hour to get there and once I got there and met the sales person, he was clueless about the car and said they didn't have it. He tried to sell me other cars and told me the car I was looking at wasn't good anyways.  I felt furious and it was the biggest waste of my time. I would rather pay money to walk everywhere than buy a car from here.

Rachel K. | 2011-02-10

Just like several other reviews, they claimed a car I was interested was there.  I spoke on the phone with someone from sales 2 times to verify car was there.  I even told the lady I had a newborn baby and it was difficult for me to leave home with her and to PLEASE call me if she found this vehicle was not there because I was leaving and would be there in about an hour.  So I drove 45 min and took a newborn out in 10 degrees to get there and find no parking in their lot.  I walked a block carrying the baby and was pissed to begin with, but then got inside and was told the vehicle I inquired about was not even there.  UNREAL!  I was so pissed off.  This place is so unprofessional I will tell everyone to never buy from them.  Too bad for them too, because I was ready to buy that day and ended up purchasing a car for 15k more than I had intended from Toyota.  Just takes a good, decent salesman and a good product....none of which this Dodge has.

Lindsey R. | 2010-11-20


I wish I would have read all of the reviews on Yelp before I made the long Journey from the north side down here for their "amazing deals" I was told not one, not two, not three, but FOUR TIMES that the 4 Dodge Calibers I was interested in were on the lot the day that I made an online appt (which is a whole other rant...idiots in a call center...) So I finally get to the dealership to all of the employees outside smoking right by the front entrance. Bad first impression. So my boyfriend and I walk inside the shotty showroom they have and are escorted to an office to wait for the dealer to come talk to us. He comes in and I told him I'd made an appt to see all of the used Caliber's on the lot. He told me he would go get the keys...and whatduhkno? They've all sold. So he takes me out and tries to sell me a fairy blue mini van with pee marks on the front seat. I told them I'm a Realtor and need to be able to park my car in the city easily that I am only interested in the Dodge Caliber. So then after about another hour of waiting they bring out a brand new Caliber for over $18K, fully knowing I will only buy used MAX $12K. What a waste of time. Another hours rolls around while they try to sell me this over priced new 2011 Caliber until they bring me to a used Jeep Nitro...another huge car that I can't get around in and don't want, not to mention was out of my price range. After all of the LIES and AMATEUR IDIOTS for sales people. I finally left to go home. They called me the next day twice to see if I wanted to buy that new car. I am not impressed with supposedly the biggest used car lot in Chicago. I wouldn't even buy a hot dog from them.
If you want a used or new Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep dealership, do yourself a favor and head to MARINO CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE on the north side. The sales team there was fantastic and took me in every single used caliber I wanted to test drive, steered me away from a caliber without a 5 year warranty when they had the exact same make, model and color caliber with very, very close miles and a 5 year warranty for the same exact price. They also matched the 5 year warranty on a different color caliber that didn't have a warranty. Cezary is the sales person to ask for. Their cars were in so much better condition and $3000 cheaper than the suckers at Midway. I ended up buying a brand new 2011 Dodge Caliber because the rock bottom pricing and special financing made the payments about the same if I was financed for a used car with 40K miles on it. MARINO CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE IS THE PLACE TO GO, AND CEZARY IS THE NO PRESSURE, REAL LIFE SALESMAN YOU WANT TO TALK TO.

Renee B. | 2010-08-20

I should have heeded the advice of the other reviewers.  I also called about a specific car.

Called the dealership at 5:55pm, the receptionist transferred me to Marcus in Sales.  "Of course the car is here, clean title, one owner -- come in and check it out. Ask for me if I don't meet you in the parking lot first"  

After a stop, I head there through 45 minutes of evening traffic. Go inside and ask for Marcus. "Sorry, Marcus is off today."  Really? Cause I just talked to him 90 minutes ago. "Hold on. Let me check."  Five minutes later the GM comes out and I ask for Marcus again (trying to be at least somewhat fair to this person if he was my designated salesperson). GM tells me Marcus works in the call center and does not sell cars.  GM then tells me the car I came for was sold and waiting on financing to come through. But he has a blue one he'd love to show me.

No. Thank. You.

I ask why Marcus could not have told me that and, of course, he has "a different system" so he wouldn't know.  

Avoid Midway Dodge. Car buying is hectic enough without being hustled and disrepected.

Kim J. | 2010-02-28

Took us on a wild goose chase. We called to make sure they had the advertised car(98 Dodge Avenger) and they said they did. When we got there, we were told we were wrong, hadn't had a car like that for a couple of days and they didn't sell anything under $5000. The salesperson was very rude and looked at us like we made up the whole thing!
There is no customer parking, I ended up being stuck in the lot until the guys got finished moving cars around for their web photo shoot!