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Thank you for considering us for your automotive needs.

We sell all of the exciting new Subaru models in Chicago, like the new Forester, Outback, Legacy, Impreza, Crosstrek and Tribeca, as well as a comprehensive array of used cars, trucks and SUVs in Chicago. Our courteous, experienced and professional staff is waiting to assist you.

Our Chicago new & used Subaru car dealer is conveniently located at 4330 W Irving Park Rd. We have great sales and service for both new and used Subaru model and all makes, servicing the greater Chicago area for many years.

Mid City Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 286-6000
Address:4330 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL, 60641
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mid City Subaru

Danielle L. | 2015-04-25

My husband and I just recently purchased a 2014 Subaru Forester from Mid City and had such an awesome experience. Our Sale Rep was Trevor Van Eekeren. He's a newer employee, but was up to par with everything we needed. Originally we were just going to look and it being a Saturday is was quite busy. My husband and I found the car we loved and immediately Trevor let us take a test drive. After choosing the right car, we sat down and started the purchasing process. Like I said it was a Saturday and extremely busy. Trevor was all about making it a quick and easy process for us, as it was. Absolutely in love with our new Forester and would definitely come back. Thanks Trevor!

Sarah S. | 2015-04-06

Took my car here for service... Spent quite a bit of money... Only to be disappointed with a variety of issues with the repair and finally after some time it all seems to be well. Why 4 stars? Due to my service rep... She was polite and helpful and did her best to accommodate me with my issues. Hopefully I won't be seeing her soon, but if I need to I'm confident it will go well.

Nikki F. | 2015-04-02

One thing I don't recommend is going in on a Saturday thinking you will be in and out in just a few hours. If you do go on a busy day, I would fight to get a sales guy named Trevor Van Eekeren! He is genuine, super knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Definitely not a stereotype car sales man! I had a time conflict, which Trevor tried to speed up my process by ever means necessary, but I still had to put my car buying process on hold for a day or two, which I don't believe is typical for any car dealership. The day I returned I was actually surprised the car I wanted was kept from being sold!

The only issue I had with Mid City was the financial aspect. This is my first time buying a car from a dealership where I needed to acquire a loan. I personally felt more comfortable going through my bank to do so. When I went to the bank, after figuring out the loan beforehand, all I needed to do was sign some papers and fax over a document to the dealership to be signed. I should have been out within 15 mins max but it took an hour. My banker and myself probably called the dealership about 10 times just asking someone to sign it. Finally, when I got out and got to the dealership it took another two hours just to pass over a check and sign some papers. That two hours could have been because of a multitude of reasons, other customers ahead of me, they talked for a long time, etc. etc. I have no clue.

All in all, my experience was pretty good other than the long wait time and I would recommend trying it out if you like Subaru's and live in the city.

PS don't drink the coffee from their free drink machine lest it betrays you.

Ruben M. | 2015-03-30

CAUTION...DO NOT GO TO MID CITY SUBARU! !!! They have the worst service department!! When I bought my 2013 Outback with remote start, Mid City installed the remote start, the next day it did not work at all! You would think they would test the device before calling the customer. So I had bring the vehicle back again for them to fix it. Of course they had me wait..." it won't take long" hours later. They dont RESPECT YOUR TIME! So 2 years later I bring back my Outback for service. BIG MISTAKE. ..I called to schedule an appointment on a Friday afternoon...1 hour before my appointment I called to confirm the availability of a loaner. They told me it's first come first serve, which was not mentioned when I called earlier that week. They assured that that one would be available. So after fighting traffic on the Kennedy to get there...sure enough no loaner. So I walked away DISAPPOINTED AGAIN. I learned my lesson,  I will not trust or do business at Mid City. I advise everyone to look elsewhere. I had a pleasant experience with Fields in the suburbs when I had my Infiniti. Securing a loaner was never a problem, also waiting there wasn't bad either free refreshments and a home theater were a nice touch.

Kevin M. | 2015-02-23

This review is for the service dept, not sales.  

I've always had a pleasant experience here, short wait, and they have great coupons.  Friendly service staff as well. The only issue is the location - tough to get to, especially during rush hour.

Mario F. | 2015-02-06

The new sales person, Kristen, was very helpful in my selection of my 2015 WRX Limited.  I was up front with her and got the same treatment in return, which I love.  No games, no playing with numbers and professional treatment.  Best way to know if someone is trustworthy, ask questions you already know the answers to.  Kristen has earned my trust and my business.  With people like her, Akira (GM) and Rick (finance), I know that this place will keep customers coming back.

Betsy H. | 2015-01-30

I came looking for a late-model used vehicle in mid January however the car I saw online was not on the lot that day. Milton was very patient with me, no hard sell. Came back for a test drive on Jan 19 and later bought a 2013 Subaru Forester. I like the way they give the CarFacts history of the vehicle before asking.

If I could change one thing about the buying experience, it would to streamline the paperwork somehow. Even without financing, it took a long time. Not wild about the background music either. That said, everyone at the dealership seems very nice.

Alan W. | 2015-01-17

This dealership has really taken a turn for the worse!  Three years ago, I bought a Subaru Impreza here and had a great experience.

I decided to trade in for a new Subaru Outback 2.5 premium about 3 weeks ago. Initial negotiation process went great--I decided on a car but they didn't have it in stock.  Both the sales associate (Milton Stewart) and sales manager promised to get it for me "in 3 to 4 days".  They asked for a $1000 deposit to get the process going and I agreed.

Sales person promised that I'd get a call in no later than 4 days, but over a week goes by without any call from them.  I called the dealership about 20 times OVER THE COURSE OF A WEEK trying to find somebody to give me a status update, but I could not get any knowledgeable sales associate on the phone.

I then tried calling the general manager (Akira Shibata) and sales manager (Theo Davis) but the calls always went to voice mail.  I left messages for both with no call back.

We finally reach week # 3, and the sales associate sets up an appointment with me to pick up my car because he said it would arrive on that day. Turns out the car had not arrived and I wasted my time.

He then tells me he'd personally drive to get my car from another dealership.  Again...he fails to deliver.

Throughout all of this, nobody called me to give updates.  I finally went to get my deposit refunded yesterday (the only positive part of this is that they agreed to do that).

I basically wasted 3 weeks of my time on this dealership.  There is a good reason this dealership has a 2.5 star average on YELP.  I highly suggest that you visit a dealership with better reviews.

Never put any deposit down with this dealership or you might have just bought yourself a ton of grief.  I'm never going back to this place again.

Just purchased an Outback at Subaru Evanston.  What a world of difference their service was!

K J. | 2014-12-23

Kristina was great to work with & was new to Subaru, yet professional. Was almost a 5-star experience but the financing/negotiating dept. kept me waiting FOREVER, especially since there were no other customers there- very odd. Longest experience to purchase a car I've ever had but ended up purchasing the vehicle anyway.

Francesc B. | 2014-12-13

[Yelp only allows 5000 characters, so I had to cut off my review. Google has my whole review if you are interested] We work in 60641, and we really wanted our business to stay in 60641. So we gave Mid-City SUBARU of Chicago a chance, and we are happy we did! Our sales person was Latosha Green. [cut] We were looking at the Forester and the Outback. We really did not know which one we wanted, so we tried both. Latosha was not extremely knowledgable about the vehicle (I am wondering if she is a new sales person at SUBARU), but she was very gentle and kind, and at no point she was pushing to make a sale. After trying a Forester, we loved it immediately. We were not very happy with the model, because it was a Premium and we were looking for the Limited edition. They had only two colors for the Limited, a dark gray (the one we ended up buying), and a silver bluish (both my wife and I really hated the silver because we were driving a Silver Civic and wanted a change). After testing the Forester, we tested the Outback. The Outback is also a great car, but personally, it was very clear to us that it was not going to be the Outback. The Forester met all our wishes. The car was fully loaded. [cut]
Once we picked the car, the negotiation process started. I will say Latosha kind of stepped back at that point and the sales manager took the lead from there on. He offered us a deal, we counteroffered, he countered back, and we found a place in the middle. I found the whole process to be a fair win-win situation, and we sealed the deal with a hand shake. Then we moved to the signature of all the documents with the business manager. This would be the place where I'd advise everybody to be very careful with. It happened to me before at other dealers, and it seems to be a standard practice in the industry that once you have 'made a deal,' the business manager is trained to get you an expensive warranty, and other charges you may not be aware of. This is why I strongly advice all to do the homework before you are ready to go to a car dealer and make a purchase. I did my homework, and still there were a couple of things I was not aware of and we had to go back and fix. Anyway, the thing is that we got overcharged for the added maintenance plan and the warranty, and we were also charged for a GAP insurance that we were not aware of and did not want/need. We drove off the dealer very late that night, happy to have our new Forester in our garage, and the next day we very carefully analyzed all the numbers and that is when we realized something was not matching. BUT, as much as I am telling you about this, I will tell you this is where a dealer makes the difference, and this is why I am giving Mid-City 5 stars. We spoke with the Sales manager, he advised us to talk to the business manager the next day (he was not in that day), and the next day we visited him and he fixed it all. It was quick, painless-easy experience, and all numbers then matched to our satisfaction. We have the car we wanted at a fair price.
Finally, we had to install the remote starter. We were scheduled to have this done today. The scheduling of the appointment was easy, and they confirmed everything online. When we arrived, they were very respectful of our time, the waiting area was nice and clean, free coffee, free wi-fi, and they fixed the car in less than 90 minutes. ALSO, very important, this dealer offers free car wash to their customers, which is great because this is the kind of stuff that makes me want to be loyal to this dealership. I live in the neighborhood, and I can stop by every other week to get my free car wash. And when my SUBARU needs service, I live close by so everything is so much easier.
To summarize, I will say I was surprised there were so many negative reviews here. I did not actually read any reviews before going to this dealer. I just wanted them to earn my business because they are in my community, and for me, it is important to purchase local. They earned my business by being kind, gentle, by being understanding of my needs, for not being pushy, for following through with their promises, and for selling outstanding cars that truly measure up to the reputation they have. It is my first SUBARU, but it will most likely not be the last one. And as I am writing this, I can also say I will also buy my next SUBARU at Mid-City SUBARU Chicago.

Sir X. | 2014-12-13

I suppose change is inevitable and just like cars are redesigned something has changed at Mid City.

Over the years I've gone back to Mid City Subaru because they were fair in price and their sales people were on the level. You'll observe I've been a customer since 2006 and make a note I have acquired several Subaru vehicles FROM THEM specifically over the years and now in 2014 I have the distinct sense I will no longer be obtaining my vehicles there.

Why you may wonder? It's as simple as it is complex and based on my visit on 12/11/14 my impression is this: What the HELL happened since the last time I was there in March of 2014? AND December 2013 AND June 2013 AND March 2013 ...

Imagine if they don't recognize and give VIP treatment to a patron and his family that has purchased seven - YES SEVEN cars from them (three in an 18 month period at one point) that stops by every six months-ish ... what should the average joe expect? I'm guessing not much because wow something is seriously awry.

What's changed? Well really the entire mood and atmosphere from what I can surmise perhaps it's because of of the new General Manager Akira Shibata? My circumstances are particular as is the level of service I expect. People want a balance between being catered to without being harassed and being allowed to freely explore at their own pace with good old fashiond care.

Overall my experience was not bad, but not positive either and that's very unfortunate because I WILL be purchasing a new 2015 and NOT from Mid City Subaru and additionally in six months I will be purchasing another car most likely another Subaru also NOT FROM Mid City.

If for some reason you decide to visit Mid City Suabru the only person I can recommend you talk to is Theo Davis as he's been there for a long time and been dependable in the past.

Karen A. | 2014-11-24

I brought my subaru in for a quick fix. Scheduling the appointment was very easy, they took me right away even though I was a bit early, and there is a nice lounge for me to wait.  the staff were very friendly and great. Definitely will be going back for any future repairs.

Mike J. | 2014-11-07

I purchased a new Forester at Mid-city and will rate Karen Tovar (internet sales) Brian (in-house sales) and Rick (finance) all very positively.  

After an on-line search into Honda CR-V and Subaru Forester, I received dozens of emails to come in and test drive.   Karen promised a low-pressure experience and that was what I got.   Brian provided me with literature that explained the different options and we took a test drive.   I wasn't going to but that first day and I wasn't pressured to do so.   However, Brian provided me with a nice chart that broke down the prices, taxes, fees, etc. and also had a chart that showed several finance options based upon the down-payment and number of months.

The next week, Karen found the car I wanted and let me know via email.   Within two days, the car was ready for pickup.   There was a small snafu with price but the Subaru team, led by Karen came through with what they promised.  I could not have asked for more.

After Subaru, I visited Honda and the experience was quite different.  I asked for a brochure but they had none.   We took a test drive, the sales man kept bragging about Honda (and I owned one) quality, which I am a fan of.   Upon return, he put a lot of pressure on my to buy today.  I asked for prices as he offered 2014 and 2015 and he gave me numbers with no breakdowns that I had to write on my notes.

He didn't like the fact that Subaru rated higher than Honda from Consumer Reports and asked to see my copy.  When he reviewed it, he went and made copies.  

I also didn't like the fact that despite him telling me about Honda's great quality, he offered me a lot less for my trade in than Subaru.

Steven W. | 2014-10-12

Mid City treated us quite well.   Salesman Milton took time to explain models and the available options.  Negotiating the price is always a tedious process but  we did not get any high pressure tactics so it went reasonably well.  Avoid closing deals on Saturday if possible because the place is so busy and I waited far too long to sign the purchase papers.

W. D. | 2014-09-01

My most recent experience at Mid City Subaru was great!  They didn't have the exact car I wanted, but worked hard to find one as quickly as possible.  They responded to all my requests almost immediately, and when it came time for me to pick up the car, I was in and out within 30 minutes---the shortest time it's ever taken to have paperwork ready for me to sign.  Milton Steward was very helpful as the sales person who worked with me, and the manager, Jodan Tidhar was equally helpful and responsive.

Molly M. | 2014-08-27

Shortform: Unethical alarmists who try to drum up business for their repair shop

Longform: I have a mechanic, so I do not go to the dealership for any service, but I had a recall on the breakline for my 2007 Subaru Outback. I made an appointment to have it fixed. I was half an hour early for the appointment, but they didn't get to my car for another hour. Whatever, people run behind, I get that.

They asked if I wanted any service while my car was in. I said "no." When I left, after the recall was completed, they gave me a dozen sheets of paper that detailed their "complementary" car check, which included 10 or so FAILURES (in big red letters) for things like belts and breaks. The package came complete with grainy, full-color stock photos of the pieces of the car that were FAILING, just to make it easier to imagine a horrific, fiery crash resulting from one of the FAILURES. Did I want to spend the $2,200 for them to fix it?

I left Mid City, and went straight to my regular mechanic. He took a look at the list, and took a look at my car, and said that for half of the "FAILURES" were not a problem at all, and the other half of the work was way premature to worry about.

I know better than to think that a dealership will deliver a deal for service, but I'm always irate when I find evidence that they're manipulating people's safety fears to get them to spend the equivalent of half a year's worth of car payments on "service." For what it's worth, I emailed them with my concerns, and they did not respond.

Will never go there again.

Mary R. | 2014-08-18

I had a great experience purchasing my new car from Mid-City Subaru due to several people who worked with me on getting the exact car I wanted for the price I thought was very reasonable. I had done the research on TrueCar.com and had quotes from several other dealerships when I walked into Mid-City.

Karen Tovar helped get me in the door via phone calls, emails, and a quote that I liked. Milton Stewart made me feel comfortable in our negotiations, answered all my questions, explained all the car's features well, and showed me that buying a new car could be easy and fun! He made me feel like a valued customer.  When I had to wait a bit before closing the deal, Milton gave us some discount coupons for the restaurant across the street where we could sip a few drinks in comfort. And, best of all, the car arrived earlier at the dealership than the projected date!
Rick Tandy (finance mgr.) sped me through the process with efficiency and congeniality.
I give the experience a 5!

Amy S. | 2014-08-18

Picked up my 2015 Forester this weekend and the overall experience at Mid City was positive. I worked with Eddie and Milton and came to a price I felt was very fair. The car arrived earlier than expected so great news. We visited Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Subaru checking out compact to mid-size SUVs. Subaru has the best safety record and overall reputation. We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment in our new Forester and hope the service department treats us with the same respect as the sales team!

Jesse E. | 2014-07-26

What started was maybe a positive sales turned to be waste of my time but ending up with a great deal for me. I was dealing with a salesperson Willie White.  While I thought he was sincere, turned out to be far from it. I have tried numerous times and left messages for him to return my calls, when I did manage to get a hold of him to negotiate a price on a car that I really wanted to buy, he said that he would talk to him manager and call me back the next day. It's been 3 days already, so I decided to go Evanston Subaru,  AWESOME! ! Not only did I get the car I wanted, I've gotten a great offer for my car that I couldn't pass up.
Too bad Mid City you lost a possible long time customer, I would've brought another car from you in 2 years for my son. I have you and your employees to thank for. Had I brought a car from you, who knows what kind of service I'll get from the service department? Glad you showed your true side to your customers. Anyone reading this, take your business somewhere else  they are definitely not honest.

Paul R. | 2014-07-26

Milton was our sales agent and he did a wonderful job of understanding our needs, working with us and helping to make the sales process smooth and enjoyable.

We worked with Todd to identify and internet price and he did a great job of setting us up with an appointment.  There were no surprises based on the initial price quoted by Todd.

Rick the Finance Manager was friendly and worked efficiently to get us out the door.

Overall, the experience was the best I've had buying a car in my life.

Highly recommended

Chris and Ivy

Enrico A. | 2014-07-20

4.5 Stars out of 5:  Negotiations were challenging, but dealer leverage was difficult to overcome when Mid City had the 1 and only Gray Metallic WRX STI Limited in the entire state of Illinois. They tried to make me feel better by cutting me a break on documentation fees and an awesome extended warranty program, a free "City Package" (protective door moldings) that I didn't ask for, and 2 silver Subaru license plate frames that I did ask for. Some people may rate them lower because of their "no budge negotiations", but I will rate them a 4.5 out of respect. It's a business. Their sales team plays hard ball and I can respect that. More so, I appreciate that although I left paying about $2K more than I wanted to, the Mid City team tried to find a couple of other ways to make me feel like a winner. Not to mention that I am now enjoying a driving experience that I have been looking for since 2004. Satisfied customer. BIG THANKS to Jordan, Carlos, and Rick!

Steve M. | 2014-07-17

I may change my review after tomorrow but as of this evening they are a two. This is the first dealer that I can remember that let me walk out the door when I wanted to buy a car. I didn't think we were that far apart on our numbers but instead of putting a last ditch effort to get me to buy they let me leave and go back to work.

Shocked and surprised. So far no follow up but I think my sales guy was off today.

This would be my second subaru purchased here and I had a much easier time the first time back in 2010.  

My wife isn't to fond of their service group which is why we always get our forester serviced elsewhere.

Terri E. | 2014-06-30

I was totally surprised to hear the negative reviews for the service department. I've taken my 2014 Outback in 5 times:  twice for regularly scheduled maintenance, twice for a broken tail/brake light ( once our fault, once a faulty bulb that was covered under warranty), and once to have a hitch installed for a bike rack. Each appointment was a breeze:  easy to make a convenient appointment; QUICK in and out; reasonable prices; and knowledgable, friendly and professional staff.  They did the expected work and did not try to sell me other services as others have indicated in their reviews. I have had totally positive and pleasant experiences with the service department and plan to continue to take my car there for quality service!

Jerry M. | 2014-06-20

If I could give a negative I would. My experience is like a bad movie with used car salesmen. Having purchased a Outback from Mid-City I found myself back to buy a used Prius V with the "FIVE" trim level  or at least that is what their ad said. I was in a rush and bought the car. Get home and find that the car is not FIVE Level as advertised and stated on the sales contract. Go back, ask to return the car, they stall for a few days and avoid my calls but finally take the car back. They then take forever to not only get my deposit back but take weeks to send the rest of the car loan money back and this is how they treat customer who has already bought a car from them previously. There are other dealers and anybody has to be better than this dealer. You can give me grief for being in rush, but the ethics and customer service for their ahem mistake is inexcusable.

Elissa K. | 2014-06-14

This review is for the service center - I can't speak to sales.

Pros: free carwash, easy to make appointments, nice lounge area with wifi - overall super convenient

Cons: I believe they drum up business with unneeded and expensive repairs. I'm afraid they are crooks or incompetent, or both.

The long story:
I've been coming to Mid City Subaru since I moved to Chicago two years ago. I've always believed that the dealer will cost twice as much as anyone else but that I can trust that they're honest. Every time I went for an oil change, though, they'd come at me with a sheet of paper detailing all these repairs - fluids always needed flushing, belts needed replacing way before the recommended mileage, etc... - and they always pressed the urgency of the repairs. It felt a little icky, but I don't know anything about cars so didn't know any better.

Finally, they said I needed about $4,000 of work - flush the coolant, replace a leaky head gasket, and some other stuff. I take the car for a second opinion... and the head gasket is absolutely not leaking. Mid City forgot to replace the transmission dipstick when they changed my oil, which caused the leak.

Suffice it to say, I will not be returning.

Megg P. | 2014-06-10

Oh man!! I loved this place!! My husband and I were pretty nervous. Even a used car is a big purchase. And yes. Of course there was some negotiating. But. Don't we all expect that? Now that we all come so prepared to the dealership because we've been online researching cars, there is a lot less but I don't think it will go away completely. After we got the first round of numbers, I asked if I could just tell them what we were comfortable paying per month and we could move backwards from there. The salesman(Willie--awesome!)went to the business manager(Rick--the most patient man ever.)and came back with adjusted numbers that put us right in our comfort zone.

Willie (our salesman)was so delightful to work with. A normal guy, not a stereotypical car salesman. He was easy going and yet professional. Knew when to leave us alone with the car and when to come around and answer questions. I just thought he was tops.

Rick(the business manager)was so professional but never made us feel dumb for the questions we had. And we had some big problems trying to switch over a vanity plate from our old car. Rick went above and beyond and called the state multiple times trying to figure it out.

I just cannot recommend this dealership enough.

Mimi R. | 2014-05-31

I called earlier about buying the extended service plan, and nobody bothered calling me back. I decided to drive here to speak personally with somebody only to find out that they had closed down, despite their hours stating that they are open until 5 pm. I am disappointed with their customer service. Skipping this dealership for this reason.

Poj L. | 2014-05-18

bought my subaru impreza from this dealer Nov 2013. i've brought my car in for routine servicing 3xs since the purchase. Mike S., the service coordinator who has worked with me all 3 times, has always been friendly and helpful! He goes above and beyond to make the wait time less painful, keepinf me updated on the progress of the work. the waiting area is well-lit, with free wi-fi, good seating, and plenty of wall outlets. free bottled water and coffee is a nice touch, too. after the maintenance work was done, my car got a nice wash. despite being very busy, mike then helped me program my homelink garage door opener- always with a smile on his face and walking me through each step and explaining what he was doing as he was programming the homelink. thanks, Mike S.!

Lisa O. | 2014-05-16

My older retired mother and I walked in to the dealership expecting to find a nice salesman. Instead we found an unmotivated sales man that greeted us with a look up and down and we felt as if we didn't belong there. I will give him a little credit because he did take us outside to look at cars but only opened two cars so we can see the inside but we walked by 5. He rushed us inside to talk numbers! Really no test drive! Oh well.. Better for us we were able to purchase a 2014 Nissan next door and the guys there were absolutely awesome .They bent over backwards to make sure everyone of our questions were answered and even better they were interested with what my mothers needs were before making a substantial purchase. I am so disappointed because I was really excited to go in to Subaru to see what they had to offer but after we left we were definitely discouraged to ever go back.

R D. | 2014-04-22

The service department is expensive.   Parts and labor are very costly.  I prefer my neighborhood shop where I can talk directly with the mechanic who checks out the car.  My local shop is reliable and not inexpensive.  Perhaps the time for labor is calculated differently.

Robert D. | 2014-04-21

I took my 2014 Forester to Mid-City for assistance with the navigation system.  The service writer, Randy, was outstanding!  He sat with me and went through the issues and showed me how to make it work.  He was very friendly and I was on my way in 10 minutes.  Although I didn't buy my Forester from Mid-City, I will be using their service department whenever I need service.  Rob

Joe P. | 2014-04-01

Businesses may trip and fall on occasion, but another metric to evaluate their conduct--other than their initial services--is how they pick themselves up. Mid City did a good job resolving my issues and that customer service is commendable.

Avital l. | 2014-03-27

Visited mid city for some service on the car Dave the service man as Ger was great very nice and helpful.  I had to leave my car over night so they got me a car to drive at no charge.  These guys are easy to work with.

Dustin S. | 2014-03-27

I just wanted thank Randy and the service team for their great work on my 2009 STi. Randy was patient, honest, and thorough. The team was able to identify the problem that was caused by a nearby servicing dealer immediately and repair it the same day. Although I did not buy my Subaru at Mid City I won't go anywhere else for service.

jeremy h. | 2014-03-18

I've bought 2 cars before, and both times I was scammed.  So I am a pretty skeptical car buyer ..... BUT these guys rock.  I did my research, walked in with quotes from other dealers and they beat the price.  Simple as that.  They didn't try to sell me anything I didn't want.  Well ok 1 thing, but as soon as I called them on it, it went away.  We bought a car for a steal in under 3 hours, I think that is about as good as a car buying experience gets.  I've now brought the car in for service 2 times.  I tried to pay for an oil change 6 months into ownership, only for them to remind me the first one was free?  Really?  Who does that?  Fantastic!  And the second time I needed to touch up a ding, a free car wash, $11 for a can of touch-up paint and a personal tutorial later, my ding was fixed.  Again no attempts to sell me on body work or push an $11 customer away, but real service.  These guys have won a buying and service customer for life.

Natalia T. | 2014-03-08

They sold a lemon car to us. They did not mention that the car was in a bad accident with the back of the car falling off.

Kari B. | 2014-02-24

We just bought a brand new Subaru Forester and the entire staff was excellent.  A special thanks to Milton (sales) and Rick (financing) for providing excellent customer service.  You both were extremely helpful and respectful of our needs as well as our limitations.  
Milton even held the car for us until Monday, so we could test drive a few others.  Given that there are only a few Foresters left in the Midwest area, we greatly appreciated the gesture.
We could not be happier with our decision.  Thank you Mid City.

Ryan Y. | 2014-02-20

This review is for THE WORST negotiation I've ever had buying a car.  Set up a meeting to look at a WRX they had advertised on auto trader.  Got a call from Michael to set up an appt to check out the car the next day.  Saw the car, test drove it, and everything went as it should.  Appraised my trade during the TD. Then comes the sit down.  Round 1: Trade value low (expected), car price same? Discussed numbers - expected to be closer - gave price of what I wanted to spend. Round 2: 'Good news' - trade value up a smidge, car for sale still has same sticker price - what gives? Reiterated need to lower car price.  Round 3: same as round 2, car price SAME "might go down a couple hundred!"

Needless to say, drove quite a bit of ways just to have the most one-sided negotiations I've ever had.  Don't waste your time! (Seems to have a door molding fetish and charged an extra $500 whether you wanted them or not!)

Jason Z. | 2014-02-17

New Car Buyers Beware,

My wife and I just went through the process of buying a new Subaru Outback (from Evanston Subaru). We initially visited Mid City twice, testing out several Outbacks. We clearly stated our intent to purchase a base model Outback, and each time they scheduled an appointment they said they could make that happen. Instead, they repeatedly pushed us to buy something we didn't want (premium model). They never had a base model w/automatic on the lot, so clearly they were pushing what they had available. After we left they would contact us with the same message, "just come in again and we'll order the car that you really want". Fool me once...

Working with the folks at Mid-City was a constant battle. It shouldn't be this hard to spend $25k. If I had a nickel for every time I was told I needed the weather package that the premium trim offers, I could have paid the car off before I left the building. I've grown up driving in the midwest. I've had cars without heaters. I certainly can live without heated side view mirrors.

The absolute worst aspect of our experience was during our second visit. After we were pushed hard into the premium model, we decided to start negotiations to see how close we could get the premium to the base price model that we were willing to buy. We declined the initial offer, which was printed and signed by the manager. The follow-up offer presented used the exact same car description, including VIN, and the pricing was much more desirable. Again, this document was produced and signed by the manager. We accepted the offer and started picking out accessories. After which we were taken into the Managers off and explained that there was a mistake and that the pricing we were provided was for the base model, not the car we were in negotiations for. Again, this document had detailed car description, and was produced and signed by the manager. While we were in the office he crossed out the description and wrote "base model" over it. He then proceeded to talk in circles while my wife and I rolled our eyes and prepared to leave.

We worked with Eduardo, and he was pleasant and knowledgeable about the product. We appreciated his time and wish him the best.

We ultimately bought a premium model outback packed with accessories from the Evanston Subaru dealer. They were forward and to the point on all matters. We decided on the premium model on our own doing, not the salesman pushing us into it. In fact, he was writing up the base model when we opened up the discussion. He was there to answer our questions and presenting options. When we negotiated the price there wasn't any unnecessary discussion about the matter, it was simply about the numbers. It was very refreshing compared to our previous experience.

I'll end with a couple of tips I would share to those buying a new car:
1. Utilize the online inventory tools to pick out the cars you want before you go. This might be elementary, but buying a car that isn't on the lot is a big pain in the butt. Others may have had another experience, but this was ours.
2. Go to multiple dealers and get several quotes. Make sure to snag the paper trail for each of the offers whenever possible. It makes negotiating much smoother in the end.
3. Don't buy the "City Package". This was added on one of our Mid-City quotes without any explanation ($500). Later we found out that it was some plastic on the door edge (not the side trim accessory), and some waxing service. C'mon man.
4. Shop at Evanston Subaru.

Greg P. | 2014-02-06

Worst service department ever. Do not come here to service your vehicle. You have been warned. I'm not sure about sales and I've ordered parts here before without a hassle but service is unbelievably bad. Anyone that says otherwise does not know any better.

That said I will never buy a car here, they don't deserve a sale because their service is disrespectful, downright dumb, unhelpful, and incompetent..

Here is my experience, take it as you will but none of it is exaggerated. I came in to have my car looked at. My car has been making a clicking noise every time I either put the car in reverse or 1st gear to move forward. The noise is clearly coming from the left drivers side wheel. Sounded like something is clanking against something else. Again only happened once when starting to move forward or move back.

I came in to the dealership and told them all this. The service girl, looked like she was just barely 18, completely knowledgeable about cars but she took down my statement, wrote up a report and said it'll be about an hour.  After an hour and a half of waiting I noticed my car was still in the same spot. I walked up to her and nicely asked how long it'll be. She said should be any moment now..Frankly the car was in the same spot the whole time. I don't think it was moved. About 5 minutes later she comes in with the paper and says I'm all set, the noise is from my aftermarket exhaust system. I looked at her with what must have been the dumbest look I ever had and told her "that's not possible, the noise is coming out of the wheel". She said she only knows what the mechanic said and she can have him talk to me, to which I said sure.

As I wait I see her walking back with the mechanic, his nostrils already raging like a bull. Obviously he was angry, how could anyone question his expert diagnosis. I told him what he is stating seems unbelievable. That the noise is coming out of the left wheel. He said no, the exhaust is too big and when I put it in drive it hits the cement. I should take of the exhaust. I told him that's not possible, the exhaust has over 6 inches of clearance, it's more secure than the stock exhaust, no way is it bending and hitting cement. He said he's a master mechanic of 15 years and knows better, raised his voice at me. Said that if I want him to look at it to take my exhaust off. I think that is unacceptable, smiled at him and told him I'll take it elsewhere.

I made an appointment to Countryside Subaru where I originally bought my car. I didn't take it there initially because it's far from where I live now. After bringing it in I told the service guy about my experience. He asked me to pull my car in and show him, which I did. He said the same thing I did, the noise is clearly coming from the right wheel. It's a clank/click noise, definitely not exhaust and he'll have his mechanic look at it. Within 1 hour I get my car back. The service rep and mechanic are both dumbfounded about my experience at mid city Nissan. He said one of the bolts to my suspension wasn't torqued to spec. After he torqued it, the noise was gone. They had no idea how he could have come to that conclusion. He was probably just an asshole. But thank god the bold didn't get unscrewed or something while I'm driving. I think it's irresponsible of MidCity. Never going back there because of their shitty attitude and worthless mechanics. My mom took in her Nissan to MidCity Nissan for AC issues, had to bring it back 5 times too. That's a different  story but bottom line is, don't go there, you have been warned.

Kim A. | 2014-02-03

I just leased a new 2014 Subaru Forester from this dealership last week and it was a very good experience. My salesman was Carlos Alcaraz and he was very professional. He did a great job of answering all my questions and helped me choose the right car for my family. He encouraged me to test-drive a couple of different models and took all the time I needed to narrow down my choices. When it came time to talk money, he and the finance manager (whose name I can't remember- sorry) were very helpful in getting me a fair price. I had researched prices online so I am confident that I left there with a good deal.
As for my Forester, it is awesome! It is replacing my old Forester that I had for 15 YEARS! This one is so much nicer than my old one that they hardly seem like the same models. I can answer my cell phone hands free using the bluetooth built into the steering wheel and I have a moon roof and heated seats! Love it!  All wheel drive comes standard and sadly, I will be needing it this winter : (

Tricia H. | 2014-01-16


Purchased a used 2009 Forester from this dealership just 3 months ago.  Bought the car due to Subaru's reputation for long lasting lifespans and performance.  The vehicle we were shown has just over 100k miles, so the dealership was unwilling to offer any sort of extended warranty, but we were charged an extra $400+ (after agreeing on the purchase price) for a full inspection of the car to ensure it was a certified used vehicle with no issues.   Sales person told us that previous owner used it for all highway miles and that it was kept in pristine condition with all records available, and that these cars are good for at least 250k miles so it still had tons of life left in it.

As the purchased was finalized, we were handed 1 key.  We asked about a 2nd, but were told that since it was used, we only got one key.  We politely requested that they provide a 2nd key, as having just 1 didn't make sense and we had never purchased a car without 2 keys - Besides, it was a Subaru Dealership, they could easily cut us another copy.  The GM then proceeded to avoid our calls about the key and didn't feel the need to help with the issue.  Then, two days after we brought the car home,  the headlight./tail light warnings popped up on our dash along with tire pressure warnings.  I brought the car in to have these issues fixed and was told that it was just from the car sitting, and that the tires were fine but that they added air to them and fixed the lights.  The Tires were not fine.  Both front tires have slow leaks which are being repaired at a different Subaru dealership currently.

While at the dealership, I had to hunt down the GM since he didn't seem to want to return my husbands calls about the key issue.  He argued with me in the middle of the lobby about how my purchase was a high mileage car, and I shouldn't expect anything from him.  "Your car has a high miles, I'm not helping you anymore" were his words.   Hmm... We just spent 14k at your dealership, and this is how you're going to treat me when I ask for a 2nd key to the car?  Wow.  But that's not even the worst part...

The kicker... Oh, the kicker.  We've put less than 3,000 miles on this car since we bought it.  We took a trip to Michigan in the car, and all was fine. The morning after we got here, we heard a loud ticking in the engine.  We were unsure what it was, so we took it to our trusted family mechanic... he immediately said that it was coming from the transmission and that our best bet was to get it to a Subaru dealership to have it looked at more.  

The closest dealership was an hour away, and they couldn't get us in for a few days, so we managed to get it down there and sure enough, the transmission was the cause of the noise, and we're now being told that it's probably going to need an all new transmission, costing us about $5,000.00.  

We've taken up a claim with Subaru Headquarters, because of course, JORDAN, the GENERAL MANAGER of Mid-City doesn't feel it's at all his responsibility to help us out with the BUNK car he sold us just 3 months ago.  Classy...

There's no reason that a certified used Subaru for 14k (after Inspection fee, taxes, etc) FROM THE DEALERSHIP should have a failed transmission after less than 3k miles being put on it.  

This dealership does not inspect their cars.  They have HORRIBLE customer service, and just a horrible business ethic in general.   They want your money, and then want you gone.  

Be smart: go to any other Subaru Dealership in the area - just NOT THIS ONE!

E S. | 2014-01-09

My daughter purchased a Forrester and I, the dad, went with. It was a no stress situation despite it being Black Friday.. They gave us a good price online and kept to it when we got there (which isn't always the case with dealerships).  Brian Ferguson spent almost an hour explaining the features after we did the purchase. Jordan the sales manager introduced himself and was most welcoming.

Linda W. | 2013-12-28

We just bought our 3rd Subaru from Mid City.
Our 1st was a 2002 Outback. We had an extended warranty and they kept it running great. It's still going strong! Second one is a Legacy. Great car!
Mid City is convenient for service- staff is helpful and friendly. Never had a bad experience with service.
To be honest, Car buying is one of our least favorite activities - but they went the extra miles (Literally!) to get the car we wanted - very quickly.  We love our 2014 Impreza! I never give a 5 rating for anything. Nothing is perfect. But we love the AWD and often recommend Mid City.
PS. Recently, we've worked with salesmen Milton and Brian. Rick in finance and Jordan the manager. Stop in!!

An A. | 2013-12-11

Service Dept. caught in flat-out lie.

Took the car in to have a minor rattle fixed. They did their free inspection and reported that that all four brake pads had less than 5% left on them and they should be replaced immediately. I knew my rear ones were due for a change but this seemed strange as I'd replaced the front ones fairly recently. It also seemed strange that the front and rear pads that were installed at different times had worn down to the exact same level, so I asked them to double check their diagnosis. They told me they were sure and I have the paper they gave me stating it's under 5%. What they charge for labor is way higher than most reputable shops, so I bought new pads and took them to my trustworthy mechanic. Turns out the front pads had over 40% left on them! I don't know how else to interpret this but as an effort to deceive me, and perform unnecessary maintenance.

Cyril L. | 2013-12-06

Basically happy with the whole experience from purchase to service.
I hate negotiating so I researched on Blue Book and Consumer Reports for prices to expect in Chicago for an Outback.
I asked if they would match the best price and they did. Maybe I could have danced a little more and saved a hundred bucks...dunno.
It was as painless as buying a car can be.
Service department is better and cheaper than I expected. Usually quick enough to just grab a quick lunch at Golden Nugget (where I am now writing this waiting for my $29.95 oil change and free car wash) or even their waiting room is okay with coffee.
They have a van service but I have never used it.
Don't expect the Ritz, but it is a good product (and service) at a fair price.

Lisa S. | 2013-11-18

Whenever I take my car in for maintenance, I always expect the worst.  However, I've had a great experience so far with this dealer!  They are efficient, professional and honor appointments.  The prices seem fair.  The free wash is always a great plus.

Tip: Pay attention to signs for the service entrance on Lowell, or you'll end up driving around the block a few times since it's by the highway.

The best part: it's about a ten minute walk to Smoque.  If you make your appointment early enough, then there shouldn't be a long wait, and it's the perfect distraction.  I love having an excuse to go to Smoque so I'm almost excited when it's time for my next appointment!

Emily H. | 2013-10-28

I brought my car in to Mid City Subaru to check out a coolant leak and they informed me that my car was pretty much a death trap. Haha. I laugh, but really, I was incredibly impressed with their analysis of my car and the write up they provided detailing everything that needed to be done to ensure my safety. Randy in the shop was completely personable and even though he was delivering bad news, made me feel comfortable with the fact that I needed to buy a new car without any kind of pressure.  

Needless to say I was not at all prepared to suddenly purchase a car. I went in to look at a similar make and model that was decently priced and felt nothing but encouragement and empathy for my sudden situation. Everyone I talked to and worked with were really wonderful and made me feel like I was making a great decision without any pressure. I was so pleased with the experience I even baked them chocolate chip cookies and took them in the next day.  

As long as I'm in Chicago, Mid City Subaru will be my dealership of choice. My experience with Subaru cars has done nothing but impress me and I probably won't ever purchase with a different company.

Simon C. | 2013-10-25

This review is for Milton Stewart of the Sales Department and Rick of the Finance Department.  I will review the service department after a later date.  

After a few weeks of car searching, my wife and I finally narrowed down our search to a 2014 Subaru Forester.  We met with Milton multiple times through the process, and throughout he was informative and willing to work with us to find the perfect car.  When it came time to sit down and negotiate a deal, he was more than fair, and worked to hard to get us an exceptional price on the Subaru Forester 2.5i Limited.  Mid City ended up beating the True Car Exceptional Price at a savings of roughly 11% off of MSRP.  I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Milton and recommend him as a salesman to anyone interested in a Subaru.

The biggest surprise of the process came during the financing portion of the process. We worked with Rick Tandy. We came in with a fairly strong rate from our bank (2.24%) and he used that information along with some details about our finances to lock in a rate of 1.84% from the dealership.  Obviously, financing is credit dependent, but my impression of Rick throughout the process was that he was working for us to lock in the best possible rate and he delivered.

So, here we are, one day into owning a new Subaru.  I'm extremely  happy at this point with every part of the Mid City experience.  I hope that it continues into the maintenance  process, and will provide a review of that as we move forward.  It should be noted that to maintain the warranty on your Subaru, you must follow the strict maintenance schedule stipulated in the contract.  To do this, you must go through a Subaru dealer.  Now that our sales process is complete, the delivery of that service will come to define the overall experience.

Peter B. | 2013-10-15

I'd like to start by saying I bought a 2011 Outback sport two years ago and have gotten a fair deal and price. But all went to hell when I traded it for a 2013 impreZa. Price was fair once again, Mike the salesman was real cool and knowledgable but the finance department was not.  Ended up getting being stuck with extended warranty that I didn't want because of what coverage Subaru already has, not to mention I might trade it in sometime in the future. I ended up getting financing through my credit union which was ok but coming back to cancel the extended warranty was and still is a huge hassle. I cancelled the warranty on July 24 and still haven't gotten my check yet. I know it takes six weeks for processing but sales manager Theo D. And finance manager Rick were no help. After calling Subaru warranty  center and finding out that the check was sent to the dealer I had to go through hoops ad circles to provide more info and paperwork that my old loan was paid off. Mind you that I could've done it at the time of cancellation or at least being informed about the paper trail. I called multiple times, left many messages and there were no returned phone calls. Had to go back this week to talk to Rick and still no result. They are not the busiest and biggest Dealer. Customer service is definitely not on their minds. And I am one dissatisfied customer

Matt F. | 2013-08-30

Waiting in their lobby for 25 minutes with put getting a single hello or asking if I needed anything.

Marc A. | 2013-08-28


I got a voicemail form the Subaru Added Security People who said they will reinstate the service contract cancelled out of spite by the dealer. I called SOA because I had to get the last service reimbursed and went over the reinstatement.

MidCity Subaru from my phone call with SOA had NO business canceling a contract I bought and paid for. They could not do anything about the $400 owed to me for charging me $1 for the contract but gouging me 400$ on the price at the last minute, but fair enough.

AND JUST TO BE CLEAR MR B. and T-O and the T-O playas.

15 people including my wife who just bought a 2013 Impreza did not go to your dealership. I have the bill of sales. In fact a newly hired doctor as well as 400 people a day including new students every year pass by my office. They see the full spread layout of all the documents pertaining to this and my opinion why Evanston and Grand Subaru are better dealerships. . That'll be 16 people and if you multiply that our by the average cost of a Subaru....well you do the math.

IT aint a Better Buy ....

BTW this has nothing to do with Subaru. The cars are fantastic. Our Forester is great our Impreza is great and all of my colleagues have been raving over the cars and the work Evanston and Grand Subaru have done for them.

Thanks for once the little guy wins.

Grace N. | 2013-08-09

I was here yesterday with my boyfriend, who was looking to buy a used car. He had previously showed interest and was coming back to finalize the deal. Milton was very helpful and got us a great deal on the car, which we appreciated very much.

Thanks to Milton and Mid City Subaru for the customer service and fair prices.

Mary V. | 2013-07-18

My review is only about the service department. (NOT sales) From my three experiences with them (Feb 2011) and July 2013, I have been very pleased. They were nice, and they didn't pressure me to get the things that might need to be fixed on my car. I like that they give me a print-out of the full inspection of the car with the list of things that need fixing, ones that might and ones that don't need fixing,
Mike and Tom were very courteous. (July 2013 visit)
They have a nice seating area.
My only complaints are being disconnected from their phone several times while trying to make an appointment, and on my first visit (Feb 2011) I had to wait over four hours instead of the two they suggested. However, this time I was out much earlier than expected.

I plan to keep going here even though it is a further drive than Evanston Subaru.

Jackie A. | 2013-07-03

UGH.  Worst sales experience ever. They must think because I 'm a girl I must be stupid. Price and interest rate changed 4 times and the sales people acted like I can't add. So they lost a sale. I mean really. Try to charge me 2 grand for a warranty every other dealer sell for 1 grand. REALLY. Try to jack up my interest rate telling em no one wants to finance me with a 755 credit score REALLLY. Try to tell me this is the price and then the finance people give me a higher price to sign . REALLLY . Guess this dumb girl has to take her money and credit score to another dealer.

Laura W. | 2013-07-03

I'm so angry right now I can't write a review, once I calm down I totally will. AVOID.

Corey F. | 2013-06-29

This has been the WORST shopping experience I have ever encountered to date to look for a vehicle. And the crazy thing is that I really wanted to buy a car from them, however this is the most disorganized and non-responsive dealership I have ever visited. Here are 10 reasons to go ANYWHERE else!

1). I made an appointment (which was confirmed by phone and email) 4 days prior to my actual set meeting.  When we arrived on time for our set appointment, the sales person was NOT even in the building when we got there. The staff could not even agree on why he wasn't there. (BTW, he came back about 40 minutes later after he finished his lunch run)

2) 20 minutes later, we were assigned someone else as our new sales person who was nice however just took a long time to get anything done. Although I knew the exact car that I wanted to test drive which was agreed upon in our prior communication, we did not get to test drive that car for 80 minutes from our original appointment.

3) Every time we had any questions, the sales person would leave and return 20 minutes later.  

4) In the end, we were there for 4 hours and only test drove 3 cars. We explained to them the car we were looking for and yet they wanted to draw up papers for a car that did not need our needs or request.

5) They offered to add the options that we wanted to another car. When we asked how much that would cost,....they had no idea and said they would get back to us.  (BTW, we never got that price.)

6) Three hours later, we received a phone call from the salesperson stating that the car we wanted was at the dealership....and had BEEN there the entire time in the back.  She promised to call the next day with the details

7) I received a car first thing this morning stating that the car was ready and that she had emailed over the price and details. Needless to say, I never received the email.

8) I called back to ask what happened to that email and they said she was busy but someone would follow up.

9) Of course, I still have not received that quote.  

10) Oh, I almost forgot. They offered me (and no exaggeration) 4 times less than the Blue Book Value for my trade in (and that's based even on a fair rating),


LIDA A. | 2013-06-25

We were shopping for a base model Impreza.  After way too many emails, 6 phone calls and 4 visits to the lot, this dealership wasn't willing to meet an offer we had in writing from their competitor.  

Michael P (salesman) was great to work with until it was time to negotiate the price down on the vehicle we wanted to purchase (and by the way - not even the color and options I wanted).  No wiggle room at all.  Terrible trade in offer for our vehicle (BTW we got double at the other dealership) and a BAD ATTITUDE from JORDAN the manager - who insisted it was impossible to get an Impreza Sport in Deep Cherry Pearl inside a 300 mile radius without paying $4000 more than we were quoted online (again - by their competitor).  

So guess what folks? We went to their competitor - and got an Impreza Sport Limited for A LOT less than they quoted for the base model Impreza - and I got it in the color I wanted.

Michal Z. | 2013-06-10

Didn't buy a car here, and glad I didn't! Service department is a complete disaster. I live in the city, and planned to use Mid City Subaru as a my service dealership. I've noticed loud chirping noise in my 2013 Brz with 2XXX miles. A friend of mine has more miles on his brz, and doesn't have a noise, so its obviously not normal. I did a little searching around. Found out, that Subaru issued a TSB for the specific problem. It was high pressure fuel pump. Service didn't know anything about the issue, but did a little search and found out the information online. They promised to order parts and contact me the same week. Well, month has passed. I've been trying to follow up, and couldn't even reach the service department. Good job with using caller I.D! Gave up and went to a different dealership. I'm in the market for a Forester for my wife, and that's a dealership, I won't even bother to step in!

Riki S. | 2013-04-28

My wife and I bought our 2011 Subaru Legacy around August 2011 from this dealership.  We got a great price on the vehicle when comparing with the other dealerships.  From a sales standpoint, they are excellent.  No bait and switch or adding on additional unwanted options.

Complete 360.  My wife was running late about 15 minutes a few weeks ago, so she called to let them know.  The service writer told her that they could not service her car since she was running late.  She asked to speak to service manager, however was not available.  She asked the service writer to have the manager call her back, and he never did.

Very surprising that the service here is terrible.  I take my car for service time to time at the berman's dealership downtown, and the service has been better.

Marie V. | 2013-04-01

Stay away from here unless you want to be transformed to the old-school world of sleazy car sales. My head is still spinning from how rude and awful the "sales" staff here was to me. It took about 15 minutes to finally get someone to "help" me (on a dead weekday at that) and he was very condescending. I thought I would be honest upfront and say straight up that I can't make a purchase until next month, so clearly they didn't feel it was necessary to be nice to me. Wouldn't even let me test drive a Crosstrek, wtf. "Why don't we wait until you're ready to make a purchase decision" yeah ok...

I went down the street to Evanston Subaru (in Skokie) and was greeted and helped right away, and they truly seemed not to care whether I was buying a car in one hour or one month, they treated me the SAME. I went on a few test drives, they were very patient and understanding. I will definitely buy from there instead.

Lindsay W. | 2013-02-15

VERY MISLEADING AND ATTEMTED TO NICKLE AND DIME....My full experience with this dealership... I came in looking to buy on account that I was dealing with an undrivable car that I currently owned and was looking to trade...  after researching all the subaru dealers in the area I saw that they had a 2013 white subaru wrx which is in high demand....after a couple hours of price negotiating and settling on a very high lease price I come to find out the car was sold to someone else who came in to look at it.  Throughout the entire process they made me feel that I was being unresonable in my request to lease at around 400 and that my trade in they were doing me a favor at the price they offered (when in reality I had been offered more at another dealer).  The sales man micheal did give me a good bit of his time but I felt that I was inconveniencing him the whole time becacuse I wouldn't settle on the terms he gave me. He also kept trying to get me to agree to terms that he was throwing at me and sign papers before we got to a deal which i refused until I saw all of the numbers. Then the manager who was more personable came over and they then try to sell me a silver subaru wrx that would be coming in later on in the month which I didn't really want.  Trying to salvage the sale the manager showed me options of cars that would be coming in later...I told them that if I hadn't bought by the time the next wrx was scheduled   While frustrating getting my first choice sold out from under me it is a first come first serve basis and I understand that.. but we talked with a friend at a different dealer and they offered to let me loan a car until one came into their dealer and a much better deal.

On the way home we decided to stop by Evanston subaru just to see what they had.  The immediately friendly staff helped us... we layed it down and they didn't try any brow beating and haggling...they went and looked at figures right away and eventually told us that the figures  Mid City told me were astronomically high. They ended up getting me the same car for 100 less a month  with friendly service and kept a great attitude with my many questions and requests on the car.

Shijiao L. | 2013-01-29

I just bought a 2013 Impreza Hatchback Sport Premium from this dealership. Brian and Jordan were really friendly and professional. I test drove on two different cars and both of them were great, Subaru truly makes great cars, and Mid City Subaru definitely makes joyful experience. Nice place! Highly recommended!

Cathy T. | 2012-11-20

I had an 11 a.m. appointment for an oil change. I had never been to the dealer before. I arrived at 11 and wound my way though the parking lot looking for a service entrance. At the back of the lot was a sign saying that the entrance for service was on Lowell Street. Lowell Street was on the other side of the building but I figured it would take only a minute to go around the block. Well, the expressway is behind the dealership and beyond that are numerous dead-end streets. It took me 10 minutes to get back to the other side of the place. Then I entered and waited for 12-15 minutes while the service rep checked my car, recorded mileage, entered information into the computer, etc. At that point he asked if I had an appointment. All the while I was staring at the wall behind him where there was a large, public display on an LCD screen of the appointments scheduled for that day. My name was on it for 11 a.m. I told him that I had an appointment for an oil change and he said that it would be ONE HOUR 45 MINUTES before they could get to my car. I could not wait due to another commitment. (An epilogue: When taking my information, the rep had asked for my email address. I asked what they used it for and he said to send me the service paperwork, so I gave it to him. Within 30 minutes after I drove away, I had an email from them trying to sell me something.)

Liz O. | 2012-10-31

I test drove an Outback today with Milton Stewart, a GREAT sales rep - he was SO nice even though we are months away from buying another Subaru.  He knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with!

ralph z. | 2012-10-23

After initial good experiences having my Forester serviced at Mid City things have gone very bad and I cannot recommend them. The first issue was a recommendations that I have my transmission fluid changed. Since I had had it performed at another dealership 10K before I said no and questioned the need.  When my wife called to see if the car was ready they said it was necessary and urgent thus convincing her that it needed to be performed.    

I gave them another chance and this time recommended a number of maintenance items such as replacing spark plugs and flushing the cooling system.  Again, the cooling system was recently flushed at another dealership so I asked why it necessary.  They responded that it was not in their records.

Every time I get my car serviced at Mid City they are trying to sell me things that I don't need or want.  Inasmuch as I like my Forester, I did not buy another Subaru this summer because of the bad experiences I have with their service department.

Z K. | 2012-10-10

I went in to check a Subaru out and although my sales rep was nice and showed me a car, I just feel like these guys do not get the fact that consumers are not what they used to be back in the 80's and 90's.  Do not tell a customer of yours, that has done his research...that a 25K car cannot be sold for less than MSRP.  Are you kidding me?  I played stupid and let the sales person give me a number, and then I told him what my price was and he went into his managers room and probably told his manager how much this customer may be interested in and he comes back with a couple hundred off.  Are you serious?  Also, I saw the manager when I was there in passing and he didnt even say hi, but when I left....i get an email from the manager how he would like to meet me again and get my business.  Dude, why dont you capitalize on the visit I make when I'm physically there vs. not even say HELLO when I was there.

I also need to point out that the dealership is dirty.  No space for customer parking.  The place is just a miserable looking dealer..I was extremely put off by the price quote and trying to sell me a car I didnt want.

Def not a good dealer and I would pick other Subaru dealers over this one.

Jay K. | 2012-08-16

If it didn't happen to us, I wouldn't have believed anyone could have a car buying experience like ours.  The interactions my wife and I had with two individuals (salesperson Pam and sales manager Jordan) at Mid City Subaru several months ago showed them to be so bizarely unprofessional that I found myself looking around for the cameras: apparently, I was starring in an episode of "Punk'd."  But I'm not famous.  So when the salesperson:
* literally mocked us by sarcastically repeating words I said,
* told us that written documents that required signatures didn't mean what they plainly said,
* pretended to misplace documents that she didn't want us to see, and
* wrote up a bill of sale that was not what we agreed to just minutes earlier,
this was real.  And there was more.  Lots of long, inexplicable delays as the saleswoman ostensibly held long conferences with the manager to convince him to move ahead with the deal.  Brief appearances by the great manager himself who wanted to throttle me when I suggested that the arithmetical mistakes he made on the final bill (surprise!) may not have been due to chance or poor math skills.  I could go on and on but it depresses me just to rethink about this.

But there's an important catch in all of this: the bottom line price we got wasn't bad.  So we put up with the shenanigans.  And because ours was a specially ordered new car, there wasn't much room for Mid City's deceit to affect the end product.  Certainly we wouldn't have made a deal with these people if we were buying a used car.

A D. | 2012-04-23

I purchased, this weekend, a brand new Impreza from Mid City. This is my first time purchasing a Subaru, however my family are long time Subaru owners. I had nothing but a great experience with the purchase. I did not feel hassled or rushed, I was given a great price on the vehicle, and my salesperson was friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this dealership and Gary Forte.

Steve S. | 2012-03-19

I bought our Subaru someplace else, but I get it serviced here.  

We have the 2010 Outback.  It's an AWESOME vehicle.  I didn't know about Subaru until the end of 2010 when the service on the SALE of a Hyundai Santa Fe failed.  

Long story...

So my wife and I expanded our 'consideration set' to include EVERYTHING - including Acura and Lexus.

We went to look at the Forrester, but found the new Outback more to our liking.  We had to wait because they were in short supply.  And as  it urned out -  it ended up being the 2010 SUV of the year.

I wish the city gas mileage were better, but other than that my wife and I LOVE this car.  It's a GREAT car.

Mid City is the nearest place to bring it in.  When I first brought it in for its regular service, there was no waiting area.  At least I don't remember one.  But there is now - and it's Lexus-like.  It's not crazy posh.  You're not going to get a back rub or a free breakfast sandwich.  But it's very comfortable with a flat screen tv, decent magazines, and free wifi.  

I'm sure someone somewhere at some point said, 'Meh, why have a decent waiting area?  It's cheaper to have some fold up chairs and a bunch of brochures. The most important thing is the car.'

Sure, but having a decent waiting area affects the whole experience.  Eg - I wasn't full of hate and anxiety waiting for my car.  I felt considered as a person and a customer.  

I have nothing to gain by writing this.  I just want to give credit where credit's due.  Maybe I've had too many poor experiences with car dealerships where you feel insignificant and unimportant.

Today I brought our car in because the front right wheel was making a scraping noise.  I drove around the block with the technician.  We heard the sound.  He had a few ideas what it was.  Turned out something was bent (from a pot hole or something) and rubbing against the rotor.  They bent it back - no prob, no charge.

I was in and out within an hour AND they washed the outside of the car.

This is a small blip on anyone's radar for sure - but I felt good about Subaru and Mid-City as I drove off for work this morning.

Kristy S. | 2012-02-08

Reggie (Regina) Conry was my sales associate and she knows her Subarus!  She made the car buying experience the best ever.  I never felt any pressure; she was very calm and knowledgeable.  She truly listened to me and asked the appropriate questions to see if there was anything else she could do for me.  She worked with me to keep the car in my price range and was very personable.  She also insisted that I contact her to schedule all my servicing for the vehicle.  It is nice to build a relationship and not just a sale.  I was not planning on purchasing my car (2012 Impreza Hatchback) the same day, but there ended up being no reason to wait!  I would recommend Mid City Subaru, specifically Reggie Conry, to all my friends.  The financing associate was also very pleasant and answered all my questions thoroughly.  Overall, a wonderful experience.

T L. | 2012-01-22

This dealership is managed by terribly negligent and irresponsible people.  My experience is with salesperson Pam and her manager Jordan.

I purchased a 2012 Subaru Impreza on Saturday 01/14/12.  The overall experience of buying my first new car was not as horrendous as I was prepared to experience.  Pam was pretty enthusiastic and I was offered a pretty good price compared to my hours of research beforehand, so I left satisfied.

All joy turned to horror when I was contacted TWO DAYS later from Pam regarding an open recall on the Impreza that had not been serviced before my car was put on the active sale list.  The recall is for the master cylinder in the brake pedal, which in its faulty state can cause a soft brake feel, excess brake pedal travel, and the driver to misjudge the amount of pressure required to bring the car to a full stop (in turn, possibly leading to an accident).  We are not talking about a door handle or a windshield wiper, rather a part that is crucial to a vehicle's safety in all its operation.

I took another day to gather information regarding the recall and Subaru's direct mandates to dealership.  It is a federal violation for any dealer to release a car for sale before the part has been replaced.  As if that matters to Mid City.  When I met with Jordan to get some answers about how such a terrific oversight could have occurred, I was floored to hear him admit that this "innocent mistake" had already happened "a couple times this month."  No recompense was offered and when asked if I wanted to return the car, I definitely said yes.

These people certainly do not deserve my business and I will make their dangerous carelessness known in every relevant outlet available to prevent others from facing the same trouble I did.  Take heed, stay away from Mid City, and if you are considering a 2012 Impreza, Forester, or Outback, be sure to ask the dealer, ANY OTHER dealer, if they have performed the recall service.

Ted S. | 2011-12-28

Great dealership with great service! I had been looking for an Impreza Outback for a little while now and went in here to look at their inventory ;however, they had none at the time. Clint, my sales guy, looked and wound up taking one in on trade and called me immediately. The whole process from searching to financing to driving off the lot was smooth and pleasant!

katy l. | 2011-12-19

Mid-City is all about the sale, at the expense of any customer service.  I worked with Pam since October, and the whole transaction should've been cake.  I knew what car I wanted when I walked in, and it was just a matter of placing the order for the 2012 model that hadn't arrived yet.  I did this back in October, and even though my car broke down before my new Subaru arrived, I borrowed a family member's car because I had been assured EVERY time that I spoke with Pam that the car would be here by Thanksgiving.  I figured I could wait a couple weeks, even though I drive 80 miles to/from work each day.  Even the manager assured me that the car would be here Thanksgiving when I visited the dealership to see a protype.  Well,  turkey day came and went, and I heard nothing from the dealership.  Even though they were well aware that I was anxious to buy this car from them, I received no update on when the car could arrive.  If I would've known what they told me last week, I could've started my search for a different car much sooner.  Instead, they kept stringing me along leading me to believe it would just be "a couple more weeks."  

They never once contacted me to give me an update, I always had to be the one reaching out to them.  What customer service for someone who's trying to give them tens of thousands of dollars.  I was ready to cut my losses, when Pam assured me the car was "on the rails" and going to arrive in a matter of days.  She did a great job telling me it had arrived from Japan, landed in Seattle, and was en route.  Pretty convincing, but when the time passed, and I heard crickets again, I had to call her only to be told that my car somehow didn't arrive, and I should start shopping around elsewhere because they couldn't give me an esimate on when the car I ordered almost 2 months ago would be arriving.

The service manager called to get some details, and did absolutely nothing to keep me as a customer.  He apologized, told me it wasn't the dealership's fault because they get their information from Subaru regional, and offered me a loaner car.  Bottom line: I don't care who the bogus information is coming from, I expect my dealership to advocate for my interests, and be forthright with their dealings.  Instead, I feel like I got jerked around in the hopes of the dealership making a sale.  When I called it quits, they didn't even attempt to accommodate me.

Everytime I was in the dealership, it was packed and it took awhile to get any help.  So, perhaps the majority of customers had different experiences.  For Subaru's sake, I hope so.  I certainly wouldn't give them my money.

Murphy G. | 2011-10-30

What a great experience - Pam was our salesperson and she was fantastic.  We had been thinking about a new car for a while, and while we had cleaned out the one we were trading in (an '04 volvo), I never thought we'd actually be going home with a new car the first day we started looking.

First, you can't beat a Subaru. They are some of the safest, most reliable cars on the road with one of the best resale values out there...and very pet friendly.  They are all wheel drive (even the sedans), and I've never met people as passionate about their cars as Subaru owners! The company is very environmentally conscious -- their Indiana assembly plant has zero environmental impact and recycles EVERYTHING (even down to the metal dust!). Apparently 98% of them are still on the road after 10 years... that along with the outstanding emissions ratings (our forester is a PSEV rated one... I think that is what its called), safety and reliability it is the ideal vehicle for us!

The dealership was full of people (Saturdays are SO busy at dealerships in IL because there is a law that they can't be open on Sundays). At first we thought we should leave and come back (it was about 2:30 p.m. and there seemed to be a lot of people who were waiting for assistance). Pam immediately came over to us, apologized for the fact she couldn't assist right away, and asked us to wait a few minutes. Within 10 minutes she was ready for us. We sat down, talked about the models that made the most sense, and headed out for some test drives.

As we suspected, we loved the Forester and Outback, and decided that the Forester was the right vehicle for us. We looked around the lot - found one that met our specifications - and then went in to do the paperwork. The ONLY thing that made my stomach churn (just for one quick minute until Pam agreed with us) was that they initially offered us only $2,000 for our trade in which we knew was worth more than that! That said, Pam looked it up on Edmonds with us, and agreed! She went back to the assessors and they doubled the trade-in value. To be fair, we did have some lights on and the car had some accidents on its record, but after we explained the nature of the accidents (minor fender benders) and the issues we had had with lights in the past, they agreed to work with us. You always have to be a smart shopper and look up that trade in value!  :)

Financing was easy! There was a little wait, but for a Saturday, we have no complaints... we walked in at 2:30 and by 6:30 p.m. we were out the door with our beautiful new Forester! Thank you Mid City Subaru!!!

L K. | 2011-10-18

I called to find out the availability on a car I found on the internet and got bounced around from Subaru to Nissan 3xs. I then was transferred to some guy in the internet departmet and my 3 year old had more language skills and enthusiasm than this guy. He asked if I wanted to speak to Jordan. And I'm sorry, from these reviews, I thought it was going to be a good experience. It was very typical car salesman experience to the point of creepy. He said that the car was a "beautiful car" (mistrust right off the bat) and I asked what the e-price was (which should be lower than what is shown) he said "same price". Ugh. I don't know. I just go the creep-o vibe. When I bought my Maxima from Mid City Nissan 7 years ago, the GM and sales women weren't pushy, met our price demands, drove the car from IN to our front door!!! Now that was service.

Amanda B. | 2011-08-31

Bought a new Outback last weekend. The whole process was pretty painless, as painless as car buying can be.

Adam was our sales guy. We were soooooo glad to get him. I didn't have to roll my eyes. He never pushed anything on us. Super knowledgeable (although he didn't know what that little metal stick tucked by the spare tire does).

The finance guy was awesome. fast and to the point. we were in and out.

If you're looking at Subarus you should look at Mid City first. They're not pushy and let you do your thing.

Beth M. | 2011-07-25

I hate the process of buying a new car (the long wait, the shifty salesman, worried you're getting ripped off), but my experience at Mid City Subaru was amazing.

My fiance and I went in to check out the 2011 Subaru Impreza - we planned to trade in our two cars for it. We really lucked out with our salesman, Ian. He was very nice, funny, and easy to talk to. They had exactly what we were looking for (same color too), and he took us each out on a test drive.

When it came to talk prices, there was no haggling or bending each others' arms - Mid City Subaru worked with us 100% on what we could afford and what was realistic. And of course there was a wait, but it was very comfortable - Ian offered water and coffee many times, etc.

We ended up leaving with a brand new car - that was NOT our plan, but how could we walk away from such an amazing deal and experience? I'm looking forward to going back there for washes, etc. (Subaru offers so many times for their "customers for life").

jonathan E. | 2011-07-17

AMAZING................ I found the place I will buy ALL my cars I ever own for the rest of my life here... I Bought A 2011 Legacy Limited 3 weeks ago and the hole car buying experience I feel has been redefined by  Mid city Subaru. I came in the first time 3 months ago just to see what Subaru offers. From the moment I walked through the dealerships door they have impressed me with there no pressure laid back style. Everyone from the salesman (Michael Elarde) and the managers Jordan and Theo the parts guys, service, and even the porter that washed my car where all very attentive to my needs and extremely knowledgeable about Subaru product.. GREAT JOB on customer service. I will recommend mid city Subaru to anyone looking for a good deal and a great car buying experience..... also dog friendly

Karen M. | 2011-04-23

Excellent experience buying my new car at Mid City.  Jordan, Theo, Tony were easy to work with, friendly and very professional.  I believe that I was treated fairly and got a great car at a fair price.

Jack J. | 2011-03-01

I just leased a 2011 WRX from Mid City Subaru and overall, I had a pleasant experience.  I leased my old Subaru from Mid City about 3 years ago as well, and had an OK experience then.  
I came in last weekend just to see if I qualified for a lease and to see what WRXes were available.  There was only one, which was blue, and had more stuff on it than I was looking for.  The salesman I dealt with, was really nice and had a no-pressure approach.  He let me test drive the car even though I wasn't interested in this particular car, so I could at least get a feel for the WRX.  After the test drive, I stated the numbers I was looking for and my salesman brought the GM, Jordan, to the negotiation table.  Jordan's numbers were way too high initially.  He initially assumed I wanted the WRX I just test drove and when I told him I wanted a different one, he looked around the state for one, found one to my liking, and settled with the numbers I was asking for.  It was probably the easiest pre-negotiation I'd ever partaken in.  Jordan told me the car would be in and ready on Monday so I followed up on Monday night and much to my surprise, Jordan kept his word and the final agreement still had the numbers we discussed earlier.  My salesman transferred my plates and city sticker over to my new car and was extremely helpful.  Even though I didn't really need it, he went over all the features of the car and went over the important parts of the manual.  The only reason they don't get five stars is that someone misplaced the extra keys for the new car and it took almost half an hour to find them and it was already late and I was tired and ready to go home.  I'd definitely do business with Mid City Subaru again, if another Subaru is in my future.

Rosalyn M. | 2011-02-09

I think this review is long overdue! I purchased my Subaru from Mid City and had a great experience; therefore I decided I would take my vehicle in for the regular scheduled oil changes at Mid City Service Dept.  My first free oil change, I had no complaints, other than I waited an hour, but they washed my car, so I didn't complain.

For my second oil change, I made the appointment through their on-line scheduling, never heard back from them, so I called. They stated they did not have a record, so I made another appointment. It was on a Friday (probably not a good idea in the city), I was stuck in traffic and even allowed myself extra time. I showed up 15 mins behind and received rude responses from the service tech. I understand I was late, but I was stuck in traffic and I was a mere 15 mins late (not an hour), my behavior didn't deem the rude behavior from the SERVICE tech. He told me that since I wasn't there on time, he sent home the mechanic that was to work on my car. He rudely stated that I should have been there on time. I tried to explain to him that I was stuck in traffic; I did my best and was only 15 mins late. The guy wouldn't even look me in the eye and just ignored me. So, I got in my car and left (and took my car to the local oil change place 2 blocks from my house).

For my next oil change, I thought I would make another appointment just to give them another chance (bad idea). I was 5 mins early, but they didn't take my car for another 20 mins. One guy checked me in and when I stood by his computer to verify who I was, he rudely stated "I am not helping you, that other guy is!" Okay. Didn't know this, since you didn't say anything. Went to the "other" guy and he was on the phone for about another 5 mins without an acknowledgement. I finally checked in then I waited over an hour and half for my oil change. Albeit, they washed my car, but the kicker is that they tried to sell me that I had to change out my cabin air filter for $100. Seriously, I understand the meaning of an upsell, but I have had my car just over a year and have a mere 10k miles on it. What does an cabin airfilter cost anyway, $20 tops?!

Bottom line, I am extremely disappointed in the service I received from Mid City Subaru Service Department. I would NOT recommend them to anyone, nor will I go back. Get your free oil change and move on to someone better, perhaps Quick Oil.

L W. | 2011-02-07

My husband and I bought our first Subaru, an Outback, in January from Mid City.  We were trading in our Audi A4 and my expectations from a dealership are very high after my experience owning an Audi.  Mid City was not our first choice for dealerships because we live in the western suburbs.  However, after a less than stellar experience at North Aurora Subaru, which was so unpleasant and frustrating it left us wondering if Subaru was the way to go for us, we decided to make the drive into the city to see if somewhere we could get better service.  I am happy to say Latosha and the staff at Mid City made the car buying experience much less painful than it usually is.  We got the exact car we wanted, (with a little extra) for exactly the price we thought we should pay.  They took our trade-in and the finance department was quick and painless.  For those living in the western suburbs, for much better service, it's worth the drive to the city.

Kelly C. | 2011-02-01

My husband and I have been looking for a new car since october, and decided that an outback would be the way to go. We decided to pop in last saturday to test drive the car and to make a final decision. Our salesperson, Anthony, was very knowledgable about the car, and i felt absolutely no pressure to make a decision that day. He was able to answer all of our questions, let us test drive a few different vehicles, and was over all, very low key.
We did wind up purchasing our outback that day and were very pleased with how smoothly everything went-from meeting with finance to meeting with the used car manager to talk about our trade in.  this whole experience was very enjoyable and easy.

Craig D. | 2011-01-23

Bought our new car here a few months ago and overall had a great experience. Our salesperson, Zain, was responsive when we explained that we didn't want a high-pressure experience and didn't want to do too much our first visit in, just poke our heads inside a few models (at the time, we hadn't settled on a Subaru yet). When we made the next steps and decided on a model, Zain helped us schedule a test-drive (multiple) and made clear all the features and options. He was also aware of what our needs were and didn't try to push us into a more expensive model or extra features that we didn't need or want.

No one likes the new car buying experience but Zain and Mid-City Subaru really did a great job getting us into our first Subaru!!!

RIck P. | 2011-01-19

I purchased my Forrester in 2008 and I must say it's a wonderful car. The sales woman, Wendy was very helpful. I took the car in for service when the check engine light went on. The car is 2 weeks out of warranty and the dealer tells me they can cover the OSV valve as a warranty, IF I purchase the following:
1. Engine coolant flush
2. Brake fluid exchanged
3. Transmission fluid exchanged

Lance the service writer tells me this will cost $500.00. The OSV valve to replace is $490.00. I have never been more upset with a car dealer than today. They conduct business like it's 1960. Sleazy to say the least.

Al K. | 2010-11-08

First and foremost I LOVED my 07 STi. It was a great car and I really enjoyed it. Getting older however, caused my tastes to change and I needed a car that suited me.

At the time I purchased my vehicle, I also added the "Added Security Service Agreement" as well as the "GAP" Contract Addendum. When I traded in my vehicle in April of this year, I was entitled to a prorated refund. I contacted Mid-City to begin the process and was told that the finance portion was handled by Mid-City Nissan. I began corresponding with an individual named Gary (Igor) Zolotar to get the process started. He stated that it would take approximately 60-90 days for me to receive the check in the mail. Well 90 days came-and-went and to my disappointment, no check. I called Subaru Corporate and they informed me that NO SUCH POLICY WAS EVER ADDED INTO THE SYSTEM. I did some digging at the dealership and found that the PAPERWORK WAS NEVER SUBMITTED at the time of purchase. Needless to say I was pissed. A short time later I did receive a refund.

When it came time to receiving a refund on the GAP addendum. I began getting the same run around from Gary. Gary stated that it would take 60-90 days for the refund to be issued from the date of cancellation. I emailed him a couple times asking when that cancellation order was issued and I have not received a response yet.  I called the company that handles the GAP insurance and they stated that no such paperwork has been submitted.  As it stand on 11/08/2010 I am still waiting for the refund.

Why am I posting this? Well as I hope you can see, I am really frustrated at the incompetence displayed by the dealership. I really love Subaru and what they stand for as a car company. If/when I purchase a Subaru, I will not be returning to this dealership. I hope this review saves a few people from the same frustration I experienced.

Nicolas B. | 2010-09-23

I've had my car serviced here (normal maintenance and warranty work) a few times and each time has had some sort of hassle.

I recently had a 15k mile service performed and was unfortunately surprised to find parts replaced that were not on the Subaru of America recommended maintenance schedule.  They even replaced my brand new RainX wiper blades with crappy OEM blades and didn't tell me.  No wonder it costs so much to perform the service.  I was not informed about the additional part replacement up front.  I also did not receive a detailed report of the inspections and other work performed.

I wouldn't recommend having your car serviced here.  I can't speak for the sales department.

Rosey R. | 2010-06-20

I purchased my Subaru Forester in 2002 in Alaska and have taken it to dealerships in Alaska and Washington the entire time I've owned it. After moving to Chicago a couple years ago, and having had amazing service and support from Subaru dealerships and their service centers in the past, I visited Mid City Subaru here.

I have already filed a complaint with the main Subaru company about this group and I will be doing so again, as well as filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE TO BE SERVICED!

I know a bit about how vehicles run -- I'm not a complete duffus. However, every time I went in that is exactly how their service department treated me. Finally, I pulled out the stops and asked my husband to go in with me. Imagine my surprise when I stand there and WITNESS them interact with my husband in a completely different manner! And this was not an isolated case, but the last few times after that as I began taking my husband in with me just to see. I am completely disgusted with their collective behavior and am on the hunt for an auto shop that treats their customers -- whether male or female -- with respect.

Emily T. | 2010-05-26

Note in advance that I don't believe I will ever be able to give a ny car dealer 5 stars, just the nature of the business always leaves me feeling like I could have gotten a better deal, but Mid City did a pretty decent job.

My boyfriend and I stopped in on a Saturday morning, interested in seeing the newest Subaru models, specifically the Outback. PJ was our salesmen and was nice enough to let us breathe for a few and take a look around, before approaching us to offer assistance [most car salesmen swoop in on you the second you set foot in the door! ugh]. He was able to explain the various models, differences etc. We decided to test drive the outback and let us take out both the V4 and V6 models to compare the difference. Once we decided the V6 was for us, ran some numbers with his manager and offered us a price.

We felt the price was good, but our household policy is always to "go to lunch" before making any big purchasing decision. After lunch, my boyfriend and I returned and decided to purchase one of their floor models they had in stock.

At the end of the day, besides loving the car itself, I hold PJ and Mid City above all of the other dealers we dealt with during our car shopping experience. PJ's ability to explain the cars features to us, working with us on the price, giving us a decent trade in value etc certainly helped our decision to purchase from Mid City Subaru. Not entirely looking forward to the hike up to the northside whenever I need service, but hopefully owning a subaru means I won't be in for service all that often :)

Russ B. | 2010-04-26

This is a review for the service center but as a result I would not purchase a vehicle from here either.

First off you pay dealer prices to get your car serviced because you expect them to be well versed in the repair procedures for your vehicle.  Mid City has the price part down $400 for new front brake pads but not the service.  After getting my brakes replaced in the fall I took my vehicle in for service due to noise coming from the front end. Only to have the mechanic tell me that who ever put my calipers on twisted them thus, putting so much strain on the brake line that I am lucky to have not had my brake line bust.  Thanks Mid City for putting my life and the lives of my friends and family in danger for the low low price of $400.  DONT GET YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE!

Jim S. | 2009-08-24

We bought our car last week on a trade up for a newer model so we knew what we wanted which is a plus. We worked with Leon in sales and Jordon the GM and the whole buying experience was great. They were honest , with no pressure and able to answer our questions to give us what we wanted. After intitially speking with Jordon on the phone we were pleased that when we came into the dealership, everything we had discussed came to materalize. Despite this bieng the last week of the clunkers program they were accomadating with our bit of a wait. We will recommend them to anyone looking for a Subaru.

Elihu B. | 2009-08-14

OK, your reviews make me say no. My experince wasn't bad though. I had them do a 24 point inspection on a used subrau that I bought. I asked a lot of questions and they did charge me $13 more than the service dep quoted me what I brought my car in. They told me that they have to charge everyone this epa charge to spread the dirty auto disposal costs over all services. That was OK to me then.

When they saw that I was in the market for a car they tried to bait and switch me. The show me a car and said if was $20k and when I got interested the price when to $24 or $25k. This may be a clue to the culture of this dealership / service department. Therefore, I will try another better reviewed shop to get my work done in.

Melinda R. | 2009-05-04

After a few months I went back. and that's because Wendy kept in touch after our last visit.   Although it's my mom who bought the car, we still had great service.  Everyone was friendly including the manager Jordan.

It was really busy during our visit though, we were just patient with the process.  It was nice to see that people are still buying cars in this economy.  Wendy showed my mom all the different Impreza's from the 4 door to the 5 door and all the bells and whistles that came with the car.  So far my mom is really happy with the car.  When it's my turn to buy, I will definitely go back, hopefully since we will be regulars we won't have to wait as long, more like a drive thru.

R J. | 2009-03-29

I had ordered the Impreza 2009 GT hatchback in metallic gray. The car arrived just last week (about 7 weeks from the time of order which was a bit sooner than anticipated). The vehicle is outstanding, exactly what I wanted. My sales guy Leon has been extremely helpful and patient. Patrick (finance) was great and the other sales folks including Chris, Wendy and others were genuinely supportive and helpful as I tried to decide on vehicle types (Forester, Impreza, Outback) as they stepped in when Leon was off or not around. The overall experience has been great and needless to say I am thrilled for ordering exactly what I wanted. As far as the service department I can only say that I appreciated some basic tips from one of the technicians; with this being a Turbo he made some recommendations which where helpful.  I will be in for a 1,500 mile oil change and free car wash soon.

Johanna C. | 2009-03-26

This is based on my visit in November 2008. I am posting this again in March 2009. Be prepared to get the follow up by their staff if you write any type of criticism. They'll also try to get you to post positive comments on the net and in their surveys because of the bad press.  We've since made the decision that the service department isn't that great either and we'll be taking our business elsewhere. The service department is friendly but has not been so effective with our concerns with the vehicle. I initially gave this business two stars but am now giving them only one star.

My original review:

Price wise, this dealership is a fair place to go. That seems to be one of the only positive things I can say. Be sure to be assertive and know what you are buying (obviously) before you talk to one of the sales people. Some of them aren't knowledgeable on what kind of accessories or trim come with certain models. If you have CostCo or Sam's they will definitely try to match or beat the price. We dealt with Wendy who isn't the worst car salesperson I've ever dealt with. She was friendly but also very spacey. She did not know that the car we were looking at did not have certain accessories and was insisting with us that she knew what she was talking about. She then opened up the guide about the vehicle and found out she was wrong. A shady thing about her was her requesting that we do not fill out the survey. She asked us to return it to her instead for a free oil change....doesn't it sound like to you that perhaps this place hasn't been reviewed so well? She had a couple of sarcastic comments here and there that were pretty irritating. If I was the person purchasing the car (my partner was), I totally would have taken my business elsewhere. As with other dealers, there were several periods of time where she got up and left for several minutes. Sometimes she didn't explain exactly what she was doing. When my partner was trying to negotiate a price with her, it seemed like she was giving him a hard time for doing so, making it seem like the dealership would lose out on money. Uh, boo hoo. I'm sorry. Car dealerships are excellent at ripping you off, especially if you don't have things in writing or don't know what you are talking about. Don't give me a pity story about how you'll suffer if I'm trying to negotiate a price with you.

Anyway, she conveniently forgot to add the destination charge to the price quoted over the internet. Regarding contacting her via the internet, she admitted herself that she is not computer literate. For something that people use out of convenience nowadays, you'd think she would try and learn. She didn't give her quote initially on options selected which was quite frustrating because it needed to be spelled out to her in a following e-mail. The salesperson that sits next to her is a pain. Don't deal with that guy. He has a mustache, dresses like a sleaze and yells at incoming customers. I couldn't believe that one of the couples were arguing back with him. I would have walked out. She then brought Patrick, her Manager (read: guy who decides prices for the salespeople) over to drive the sale. Stereotypical sales guy. Clicking his pen, talking about how much of a loss the dealership would take if he gave us the car for a lower price. He was saying he could only give discounts for $50 - $300 or so. They made it seem like it was a huge pain in the rear for them to deliver the car that my partner wanted at his price (Subaru dealers apparently trade cars all the time with other dealers). They were trying to sell him a car on the lot that he didn't want. Their statement? "Why do you care about the color of the car? You'll be driving from the inside!" WTF?!? They did end up giving it to him for the price he wanted but it was followed by a lot of smart a** comments.

The finance guy was probably the best person to deal with. No nonsense. Easiest time I've ever experienced at a car dealership. I actually walked out when my partner was completing the sale with Wendy because I couldn't take it anymore. The place was just a little too shady for me and doesn't seem to know how to offer great customer service by being polite and not making sarcastic comments. Sorry guys, I'll make sure to let my friends know not to deal with you unless they can deal with you on the internet, get what they need and drive out.

Joe S. | 2008-12-09

This place is alright? It seems they do alot of sneaky business practices to make the price of a car seem really good, but in actually it is quite over inflated, and obviously not a good deal. KNOW what your looking for, because they don't know anything about the cars they are trying to sell. I asked several question about a 08 tribica - Base Model and the sales man was like huh.....and read stuff directly from the sticker on the car. I can do that myself. Be careful with these guys as what your getting. They jack up the price and then bring it down as give you an illusion as to you are saving alot. Be prepared to walk out, they keep you waiting excess amounts by saying let me ask my manager (some guy sitting up on a higher desk than all) who never showed his face when i went to deal for a car. I walked out because i was offering a fair amount and they kept making up excuses blah blah I don't  care how much money they lose, I care how much i save is the most important to me. Be firm, look else where not just here, and shop around. When i was dealing with these guys, i just felt uncomfortable and felt uneasy about giving any information to them. But  there price was OK. However  I would gladly pay $500.00 -$750.00 more to some other dealer that i would feel more comfortable with. There just not that firendly and polite as other dealers, where the manager actually comes and shakes your hand and tries to work with you directly because in the end he approves it. Unless you get a deal which no one can beat, then here, go somewhere else where they actually treat you nicely, because in the end your the customer, and you can make or break there business. If you need more info -e-mail me! Hope this helps.

D S. | 2008-07-11

Be Warned!--- Do not take your Subaru here for service unless you enjoy lousy treatment.  

The root of the problem appears to be the Service Manager, who is inflexible, rude and either does not know how the internal combustion engine actually works, or he assumes the client doesn't, and uses it as a way to LIE his way out of a situation.  I found that similar tactics were used by the service receptionist as well (it's probably part of the training process over there)  

The only bright spot to my experience was when I was able to flag down a mechanic, who was honest and straight with me.  He actually showed me the parts they were replacing, and explained the cause of the problem-- which contradicted the story the service manager gave me. It's a shame he has to work under such lousy management.  

My experience was so lousy that Subaru of America actually reimbursed me for the cost of the repair.   It's a Subaru repair shop that is clearly not up to Subaru standards and should be avoided at all costs.

Aymie N. | 2008-06-30

I have had the worst service here imaginable. Although I told myself I would NEVER come here again after the last several mishaps, I broke down because of last minute timing.  My husband called Mid City Subaru on Saturday to make an appointment for Monday.  The receptionist told us we did not need to make an appointment that as long as we came in first thing in the morning we should be fine.  

I pulled into Subaru at 8AM.  After the service man checked the car in he asked if I had an appt.  I let him know that we did NOT have an appt. and were planning to drop off the car and were in no hurry to pick it up.  He said that they did not have time to service the car.  My husband explained that he originally called to make an appointment but the receptionist told him that we should just come in early.  He continued to tell us there was "no time for an oil change today".  Of course we were both frustrated, and kept arguing with the service man.  Finally, his manager who was standing next to him the entire time, said "its fine, we will fit it in".  The service man was very annoyed that the manager said that but took the car anyway.

Less than two hours later I received a phone call that the car was finished...looks like they ended up having some extra time on their hands anyway.

I called the dealership back to pay for the service over the phone (as I told them I would be doing when I dropped it off) because a friend was picking the car up for me.  I called two times and was put on hold twice without answer.  The receptionist told me they were very busy that I should just call back in about 10 minutes.  

Approximately 20 minutes later I called back and was put on hold...I waited and waited and finally a man came on the phone and I told him I was waiting to pay by phone.  He transferred me back to the receptionist who transferred me back to the service man who transferred me back to the receptionist who transferred me back to the service man.  Seriously was transferred about 10 times.  When the service man picked the phone up the last time he SHOUTED "YOU NEED TO TELL THE RECEPTIONIST THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO PAY FOR YOUR SERVICE OVER THE PHONE!!!!"  I was completely shocked and frustrated.  I had been saying that every single time someone picked the phone up, what did he think I was saying??!!  Without response he transferred me again, this time to the cashier.  Evidently, he had been transferring me to the wrong place the enitre time!  

The cashier helped me quickly enough and I then asked to speak with a Manager because I was just yelled at by an employee over the phone.  She said, "actually that is who you were just speaking with".  I said "your manager is the one who just yelled at me over the phone, eventhough he was the one transferring me to the wrong person??!!!"  She said yes, so I asked to speak with his manager and she gave me the number of Roy Carr who I will also be contacting shortly.

Sorry this is so long, but really needed to vent.  Lesson learned, I will NEVER take my car here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat W. | 2007-05-16

Awesome experience!  Wendy Kaplan was my sales agent, and she was the best.  All of her colleagues were also very nice and friendly.  They offered me the lowest price on my very specialized Subaru Legacy Spec B.