Mid City Nissan in Chicago, IL

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Mid City Nissan in Chicago, IL, also serving Melrose Park, IL and Cicero, IL is proud to be an automotive leader in our area. Since opening our doors, Mid City Nissan has kept a firm commitment to our customers.  We offer a wide selection of vehicles and hope to make the car buying process as quick and
hassle free as possible.

If you would like financing options and you are in the market to purchase a new Nissan or used car or truck, we will provide assistance to help you find financing options that fit your needs!  Whether you have bad credit, no credit, or are a first time car buyer, you can trust that Mid City Nissan will get you into the car or truck you choose with professionalism and attention to your needs.

Mid City Nissan has an experienced and reliable Service and Parts departments that are open extra hours to help fit our customers' hectic schedules, and as always, Mid City Nissan offers competitive pricing for your automotive maintenance needs. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business.

Mid City Nissan offers a full selection of service areas including:

New Vehicle Sales
Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
Car Loans and Financing
Certified Service Department
Full Selection of Nissan Parts and Accessories


Established in 1990.

Located in Chicago, IL, Midcity Nissan strives to listen to the comments and suggestions of our customers as a means of improving our sales and service operations.

Increased usage of computers and the popularity of shopping on-line have brought us to a new dimension in automobile sales, service and above all, customer satisfaction. Our online customers should find the same rewarding experience shopping at Star Nissan as our in-store customers.

Mid City Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 303-0278
Address:4444 W. Irving Park, Chicago, IL, 60641
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mid City Nissan

Tee D. | 2015-04-25

Thought their maintenance staff were rude and condescending ... Customer service was nonexistent

Daylin A. | 2015-04-21

they have some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life I've been there for several times and have had the salesperson talk down to me like I'm some child and when I told him to watch his mouth and then he sits up and gets an attitude with me like I've done something wrong to begin with and I have just chosen to go to Evanston's Nissan location because they treat you the way you want to be treated.

Ryan J. | 2015-04-01

I'm very happy with the service i received when I was at Mid City.  I heard from a friend that no appointment was needed for an oil change and it would only be around $39.00,very good price,  so I decides to check them out.

I came in for an oil change on Friday, March 27th.  I didn't have an appointment but came in around 4:30.  When i pulled up and drove through the bay door there was a tech standing there who greeted and directed me where to park my car. This was a huge plus for me as this was the first time I had brought my car in for any service and wasn't quite sure where to go. I was welcomed by Luke as soon as I walked into the office.  I had figured I'd have to wait as I didn't have an appointment, but Luke helped me immediately.  He went to my car, gathered information and the techs were able to begin my oil change immediately.  When the oil change was finished, the tech brought my car around and handed my paperwork to Luke.  He went over the paperwork with me to show me what was done and even got a quote for me to fix the scratches on the side of my car.  
Since the extent of my car knowledge is where to put the gas, I tend to get intimidated when I take my car in anywhere, so I'm glad he went ahead and got the quote for me.  I probably wouldn't have asked on my own.

I will definitely bring my car back here again.  Everyone was very friendly from the moment I pulled up until the moment I left.  Not once did I feel intimidated while I was there.

Janet G. | 2015-03-14

Not sure about the sales but we got excellent service from the service shop. Luke was taking care of us. He was great. Very polite, called when he was supposed to, honest and even when we refused his services, still very friendly and helpful. Thanks to Luke I will definitely come back again.

Steve S. | 2015-03-10

This 2015 Rogue is my 7th car with Mid-city and Adelita Filic has been my sales rep for the last 3.She is awesome and one of the longest sales person I know of at any dealership.
Great job again. Berman & Co should really be proud of her and to have her on your team.

Angelica V. | 2015-02-28

This review specifically for the people who helped us at the service center today. If you ever have to take your car in, make sure to ask for Kim. She by far is one of my favorite people...and that's hard to say in this industry. From the moment we walked in, she joked and smiled with us and did a warm hand off to our service rep (man, oh man I wish I could remember his name...white and bald is all I remember). There was a bit of a wait but seeing as how they were super nice, it made it easier on us. Again, do yourself a favor and ask for Kim and she'll take care of you!!

Martha O. | 2015-02-24

Always a treat, literally. Kim makes the wait while having your vehicle serviced special. Snacks, a good variety of beverages. Thanks Kim for all you do. Peace.

Darci G. | 2015-02-24

Drove up without an appointment for an oil change and they took me. Waited under 2 hours, but the waiting room was full. I also had them check by tires and battery for some issues. Also Kim was great brining out snacks and drinks!

Winnie D. | 2015-02-21

Today I purchased my new used car 2012 Mazda Touring.  I must say I'm very happy with my purchase.  Sales rep Maciej was great.  Made sure I got the car I wanted the best deal I can afford.  It such a great and pleasant experience coming to this dealership. Everyone is friendly.  Family and friends I highly recommend this dealership.  #satisfiedcustomer

Blayr B. | 2015-02-17

I hate that I purchased my 2011 Nissan juke from here! The staff was fine when purchasing the car but going in for service they always do a half job and the customer service is HORRIBLE!!! The last time I had a repair done I needed a loaner car and they tried to give me a filthy dirty car with someone else's belongings inside. Everyone acts as if they would rather not be bothered and/or are irritated that you need help from them! I would rather find another dealership to work with than call with them again!

Christopher S. | 2015-02-16

Our 2007 Versa with super low mileage was having an issue with the door light being on and the one-touch power window switch didn't work.

We made an 8:30AM appointment for service at Mid-City because it was the closest to our new place. My girlfriend takes in the car and they don't know what's going on. First, they tell her that the window switch never goes up in one touch, that it only works to roll down the window. This of course is wrong. I actually googled the problem while she was there and got a solution. Then after FIVE hours, they come back with our estimate for the door light. Couple hundred bucks max, right? WRONG! They wanted to charge us $6,000 to get the light to turn off! SIX GRAND! That is almost the entire value of the vehicle, for an open door light.

They said it was due to corrosion and that anywhere we take it, we will be charged a similar amount. By their own admission, they had no clue what was wrong with the vehicle up until the point my girlfriend said she needed to leave after 5 hours unless they could tell her what was wrong. Then they started talking about a Nissan service bulletin from 2009 about this corrosion issue. Something that they should have looked into after an hour of not knowing what to do.

Let me also note that three men had taken their cars in for various services after my girlfriend was already waiting and they had their issues fixed and were out the door. I'm not saying that I'm 100% sure that they're treating women differently, BUT when a woman is waiting 5 hours on a door light sensor and you're trying to charge her $6,000 and are not communicating, that seems suspect to me.

They wanted to charge almost $200 for diagnosing the problem, but then let her go without charging the estimate fee as a "courtesy", after she called me in front of them to tell me what was going on. Yeah, real nice not charging us for showing us a service bulletin after waiting 5 hours.

It was a huge waste of time with people that do not know what they are doing, unless what they are doing is scamming people.

Oh and get this, when she left, the door light was off!

If you're reading this, be smart. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MID-CITY NISSAN!

Gregory D. | 2015-01-30

Been a loyal customer of mid city since 2006. In 2013 got a Nissan Pathfinder in which since day 1 i been having issues. Bought the car to showroom 3 times in first month to finally figure out there was a nail in tire. Then Jan 2014 computer malfunction took a week to figure out and on top of that my rental car bill showed up in the mail in May that they did not pay it had to take a week before they did. In Jan 2015 again car issues, key not detected, accelerator malfunctioning getting my life in risk. Brought it in then they said that it was a brake chip error refixed and on top of that had it brake pad changed, again 3 days later I had to bring it in same issue. Solution to get a 2015 pathfiinder due to the numerous issues with the other one. I did and it seems like noone cared about the other car issues. Try to get the store owner email nnone wants to give it, store manger service desk manger none of them return calls, they promise they will call in an hour never does. Leave voicemails never calls, after corporate Nissan calls them they will finally attend. I will never recommend this dealership to anyone and I will take extra steps that others know the trouble I went through with them.

Edward R. | 2015-01-16

From the moment I drove in for a scheduled oil change I received excellent customer service starting from the mechanic who fixed my extra remote for the keyless ignition in less than 2 minutes at no charge , to the gentlemen who directed me to the waiting area before having a small conversation about the movie Frozen with my 2yr old daughter because of her Frozen button. Also a woman named Kim made sure everyone who was waiting was comfortable and offered us refreshments and even pulled out a dollar bill so my 2yr old can get something from the vending machine since there was no snacks left. I truly appreciated the excellent customer service and hospitality and needed to come here on Yelp to share my gratitude.

Brian S. | 2015-01-07

In 2013, my wife and I came to Mid City Nissan looking for a used Nissan. With our budget, we assumed that would be all we could afford. Galo Montero guided us toward the new Sentras and gave us a price we couldn't refuse. We couldn't be happier with the car 18 months later.

I have taken our Sentra back for all but one oil change since we bought it and have had excellent service. Sometimes it does take a couple hours for an oil change, but there is a Starbucks just a block away. If you ask them to call you when your vehicle is ready, they are more than happy to do so. The one time I complained about slow service, they comped my oil change.

My parents bought a Nissan here about 20 years ago, and it's nice to see Mid City is still a great place to go for a car.

Brianna S. | 2015-01-03

Mid City has really turned things around in the service department.  In fact we bought a second car from them.  They are still slow and it still takes hours to get an oil change.... so we still take it elsewhere about half the time even though we get free ones from them, but at least they are nice about it

Julio M. | 2015-01-03

My accountant recommended Mid City Nissan as he had purchased a car here and sent 4 of his own clients here before, all of whom he said had purchased cars and were very pleased with the service. So he set the bar high! lol. Well, I am so happy with his recommendation! Our Sales Professional was Marco Martinez. Marco is the best car salesman I have ever dealt with. He was calm, professional and understanding throughout the nearly 6 hour negotiation. Yes, it takes that long to look a cars, test drive, start paperwork, go thru financing and walk out with a new car. After test driving 3 cars and negotiating 2 cars, we decided on leasing a new 2014 Nissan Sentra. The car is beautiful! Marco is a saint! He went back and forth with his manager to get us a price we felt comfortable with. Even under pressure he kept his calm. He was never pushy, he never made us feel like idiots or was rude to us. I've been to other dealerships that have ignored me and only spoke to my parents since they thought I couldn't afford my own car, I've had to fight with dealerships to get back deposits I left to hold a car for 24 hours until I made a decision, ridiculous hoops other dealerships make you jump thru! Not at Mid City Nissan. The manager came out and was so courteous, the lady in financing was so nice and thorough with our paperwork. Even the other salespeople were friendly. They even offered us refreshments and snacks (thank God! cause we were hungry). Go check them out for your next car! Ask for Marco!!

Mile K. | 2014-12-19

Awful awful nothing more bought a car there with warranty for 6 years so have my fam and cousins so I had a engine light on i took it to mid city nissan took a day off work just to fix the issue .lost day of work didn't get repaired I end up paying deductible $50 for service that hasn't been done. Another appointment lost hour of work  just to fix whatever issue is with engine light for service same thing hasn't been fixed no charge this time  they couldn't find a problem . I took it to auto zone free of charge they found out clogged valve . So never again will I go to unprofessional mid city nissan nor will I buy car from them .AWFUL. STAY AWAY FROM SCAM DEALER

Mimi R. | 2014-12-03

After a life-changingly horrible experience at Golf Mill Ford and suffering dearly for my mistake in buying a car there, I decided to trade in my gas guzzler.  I was looking around online and saw a Rogue that was a few years old with low mileage and good price so I asked about seeing it.  To my pleasure, it was NOT a bait & switch, the car was actually there!  I had some issues with my trade-in and being completely under water because I got so ripped off so we had to deal with me needing a few days to get a larger down payment together and get financing sorted.  Angel and Vlod/Vlad(?) were great and patient.  Even the finance girl was great.  She didn't try to push everything on me and was sympathetic to what I said had happened last time I bought a car.  I get calls from Angel periodically to make sure I am still happy with the car and he remembered details about me such as my needing foot surgery and limping while we were there.  I don't think most salesman remember those little details about a customer.  My only teeny, tiny, slight complaint was with the person answering the phone not transferring properly or something going on with the voicemail system and phones just ringing endlessly.  Other than that, I am very happy with them and will use them for my future service needs.

Sheri G. | 2014-12-01

I wish I had visited Yelp before deciding to work with Mid-City Nissan.  The customer service stinks!  Just stinks!  Pay attention people!!!  Pay attention.

Monika K. | 2014-11-19

I've never purchased a car from here. My review is solely based on the customer service I received after I got a flat tire near this location. They went above and beyond to help me. I was running late for work and was too far from a gas station, so I pulled into MidCity Nissan and I'm so glad I did! They helped me right away! Put on my spare tire and suggested I leave my tire with them so they could check what the issue was. Thanks Oscar and Danny, you guys are awesome! I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to help me.

Mike A. | 2014-11-09

I fixed my brake on my nissan altima  2012 after red light came on, first they didnt give me new routers they used the old ones but they renewed it. I paid $260. aweek later the brake light came back again, I called they said bring it back to look at it first.
I live 25 miles away , they have inspected the car wheels  why this things happening, and for sure if I go they will say its not the same problem then they will charge another $250.
I went to the the dealer service so i dont have to suffer  with the fix, but its happening to me now........am going to go this week to see  whats wrong if they cover it under there warranty of last time labor..then I will make it 5 stars to be fair to them ..  or Probably I will be more disappointed ... I dont know yet but if they good I shouldn't be back in the same 2 weeks for the same problem.  

other problem was when I purshase the car 2 years ago, the finance lady said that she can refinance our car after 18 months of payments ontime. we where so happy .  we came back in 24 months never missed a payment, then they said that we should trade in only but they dont refinance.

Marlene F. | 2014-10-26


I recently bought a car here and have to say that I am surprised by the negative reviews and felt inclined to write a review because my experience was so opposite of negative. I hope that for every past bad yelp they have had there is one customer like me that will give them an opportunity to serve them. I am one of those people who read the reviews on a business and it can sometimes influence whether I go there or do business with them at all if there seems to be a lot of negative reviews.
However I  googled  a car I liked and they happen to have it. I liked what I seen and liked the price so I did what I usually do continue to look around the city and online and could not find anything comparable.  I looked at the reviews and hesitated as I would usually do but still I loved the car! I had to make a decision .... so I made some time and went over after there internet sales person contacted me. I entered the dealership and there were NO pushy sales people hounding me. I was greeted write away and told them I had spoken to someone regarding a car I seen online. They called Daniel a salesman  over and he welcomed me  as if,  I was his guest and asked how he could help me buy a car today. I told him the car I was looking at he asked me to have a seat and with out any further delay he pulled the car up and we were driving it within 15 minutes. I like the car. He was very pleasant and professional and knew all the features of the car. He asked me if there was anything I did not like about the car. I had noticed  there was a scuff scratch on the passenger side mirror and the back tires showed some wear. Other than that the car was perfect. We went back in and he showed me how they arrived at the price of the car and I asked if they could do anything about the tires and mirror scratch. He went to see and came back with an offer to take off half the cost. I then told him to work "some magic" and take off all the cost.  Within 2 minutes he was back and told me  We had a deal. He even assisted me to get my insurance arranged for the car  and  then introduced me to Arianna who was super friendly, lovely knowledgeable and professional. She explained all my options to me as well as the details of the deal. She completed my paperwork and within a very short time I was driving home my new car!!
I then received a follow up call from Daniel within a couple of days to see how things were with the car and if I was happy with my purchase. He asked if I had any additional questions or concerns about the car. I appreciated that. I feel they already had impressed me and after they had already  sold me a car and for him to follow up to make sure I was happy was exceptional good service. I cant say enough about the whole process. I don't know what they were like before but I can say that I HAVE NEVER HAD A BETTER BUYING EXPERIENCE . It started when I walked thru the door and continued with  the follow up phone call after the sale. Daniel and Ariana you should be commended for great customer service. If I could give you 10 stars I would. Thank you so much!

Brent W. | 2014-10-20

Ethical handling of customers is something I look for from car dealers. Thank you for going above and beyond to make everything right with a tough situation where you promised me an incentive that it turns out I wasn't eligible for. Making mistakes is something everyone does. Taking responsibility and making things right is what sets you apart. Thanks again! Oh, and thanks, Daniel, for listening and respecting my request to get in and out FAST when I closed the deal with you!

Sara S. | 2014-09-15

Would appreciate oil changes being available past 3:30pm

Marina M. | 2014-09-04

My last visit was the last straw. I strongly suggest to stay away from this place. Drive to Nissan dealership in suburbs (Skokie, Evanston)-this is what I and my family are going to do. Never return to this place, never recommend it to anyone and never give them a single $.

The customer service people that check you in and out and do all the talking about the repairs to be done are criminals. I should have called the police that day when I had a screaming 3-year-old who just couldn't handle the wait time that extended way beyond what we were told and I spoke my mind about the delay.

I brought my car in at 8am, right when the place opens, on Saturday. I requested to change the front brakes. Alright, should 1-2 hour job at the most. I come in about 2 hours and they tell me that they couldn't find me around to talk about the repairs. Excuse me what???!!! They had my phone number that they specifically asked me for when I was placing a request to repair the breaks. And I've already told them right when I got in that my front breaks need to be repaired. I want them to be repaired. Period.

So now they give me an estimate for repairs to be completed in another 2 hours...One hour passes by, my child cannot handle the wait any longer, I go in to check on the status. The car hasn't been even touched. Joe and Luke, the customer service people, yelled at me back in response to my asking about the real status of the car repair. Well, I won't lie I was emotional but how would a mom won't be if her child is bloody screaming while i'm trying for hours entertain her outside in a 90 degree weather and customer service keeps giving me new time estimates! They asked me to leave so they could talk to me outside with a screaming child in a 90 degree weather.  While both yelled at me, Luke as he walked outside approached to my face and stared me down threatening - MIDCITY NISSAN CUSTOMER SERVICE, PEOPLE. Oh, I'm petite too. Luckily my husband turned out to be near by and threatened this guy back and about to push him away from me. So this guy now realizes whatever he's been doing MAYBE isn't right? and tries to make things right later.

We immediately asked to get our car out. Without a single repair we left the dealership 4 hours later, humiliated and absolutely shocked by the whole experience.  The manager called us back an hour later offering things they can do and that the way things were handled weren't right. Well, I will never submit myself to and would not wish anyone to go through this experience ever again. Maybe if they let go customer service criminals...

Oh, and we were considering buying a new set of tires $1000+ for our Nissan in the next month at this dealership and considering buying a new car. We actually test-drove a new Nissan while waiting for "repairs" to be completed...Well, this dealership will not see us and we will happily not see it ever again.

Plus, the place is notoriously overpriced...We went and repaired breaks the same weekend peacefully at PepBoys. Scheduled an appointment online with pricing already shown on the website - way cheaper for the same kind of type of break pads (plus new hardware!) and with no problems. Though who even cares about the price if you ARE NOT TREATED AS A CUSTOMER at midcity nissan. Unbelievable.

Mags P. | 2014-08-30

Worst service department ever! I just purchased a Rogue in March. I already had low fluid, panels popping out of place, heat shields that are out of place, shaky engine, and clunky noises. Mind you, my car is months old. Feeling regretful that I didn't purchase a Toyota or Honda as others had advised, I took my car into Mid City for reassurance that I didn't waste my money. The rudest service man met me, making me feel as if I was crazy for taking my car in. I'm sorry, who is the one that purchased this car? Anyway, they then tell me the engines are shaky because they adjust the timing for fuel efficiency and that they pop out driver side panels for wiring, that's why it came off. I bought it and left. I go to Kelly Nissan, a way more professional dealership, and they tell me they've never heard of popping panels for wiring. Did Mid City boldly lie just to get me out of there? I'd be suspicious of Nissans in general, but especially this unprofessional dealership!

Ali S. | 2014-07-24

The worst customer service experience ever.   I was looking for a mid size sedan, perfect experience at Ford dealer and Honda prior my visit to Mid-City Nissan. I asked about the Sentra SR when I get there but Sales person was not knowledgable or failed to communicate his knowledge. He kept trying to sell me used cars instead of the car I wanted a sentra. He kept talking about the price and when all I wanted was info and check out the interior. he kept directing me to other cars stating that I can't afford it. I did my home work and got a bottom price from another dealer before I went there so I knew I wasn't going to get a deal there but just wanted to see the car. He didn't even open a car the whole time I was there( 20-30 min) i am an easy going person and takes a lot to get me upset but he managed to do that. I had to complain  about the sales person to the manager and wrote this review -- be aware horrible experience

Ashley V. | 2014-07-22

I bought a new Nissan Rogue here last week and I could not be happier with the car and process I went through. From appraising my car to settling on the details of the deal the staff here were professional, courteous, and all around helpful. I would recommend this dealership to any friend and will continue to recommend them through social media!

Shad K. | 2014-07-10

Having anything done at a dealership is way over priced.  It's the equivalent of doing your grocery shopping at a movie theater snack bar.  If I never have to go here again it will be too soon.  

They added miscellaneous charges onto my bill that no one could explain.  Eventually I learned that these charges covered their operating costs.  I paid the extra fee just to get out of their tiny waiting room while they took two hours to make me an extra key!  I brought the car in at 7am and left at 9am for a job that should have taken 30 minutes.  After 90 minutes they asked me if I wanted them to replace my tires!?!

david k. | 2014-07-09

All the negative reviews on this dealership are 100% true in terms of service and shady pricing tactics.

All the postiive reviews have to be 100% Fake.

Short story.  I was shopping to buy a car 4th of July weekend 2014.  I collected final pricing for the vehicle that I wanted from a number of dealerships.  Then as mid-city Nissan is in the city, I called them and said that I'm coming in to BUY the vehicle.
Get to the dealership and they don't even know who I am.  This apparently is because the internet group is the one that quotes pricing if you use Edmunds, carsdirect, truecar, etc.
Nonetheless, I had the PRINTED EMAIL (showed them on my smart phone as well) with the details of the discussion and car I had negotiated on prior to coming in.  In the email I had the VIN and DETAILED FINAL PRICING (MSRP including Destination, DISCOUNTS, INCENTIVES APPLIED, Tax, Title and Registration, fees for new plates, etc).
1.  They couldn't even locate the car and refused to just look at my email with the details.
2. They quoted me some fake much higher pricing with a BUNCH of hidden/fake fees then what was in my email.  They even couldn't even look up the email for some unknown or rather inept reason
Regardless, I walked out.
Normally, I don't even take the time to do online review but this was my worst car buying experience ever!  I really feel this place is corrupt.
I have the emails and the piece of paper the Sales and Store Manager (Jesus Rodriguez) wrote up the "in store) pricing on if anyone wants to compare the "quoted internet" pricing before I got to dealership and what they tried to sell me the car at.  
Just email me at dkim23@hotmail.com if you need more details or if you are suing this dealership and need any evidence of shady pricing at least.
Happily I found 2 other dealerships that were willing to honor the price and bought me car painlessly.

Jennifer C. | 2014-07-07

This is the absolute worst place to get your car serviced. They CONSTANTLY tell me something is broken, mind you i took my Versa here every 3 months to get serviced (oil change, tire rotations etc).  I only use my car occasionally, so i think it speaks volumes of their service if something breaks constantly after they touch my car.

They told me the very last time i came here, that my car needed some work done (what's new?) and they had to order the part and blah, blah, blah and it would be covered under warranty. A month later, no follow up, no update, NOTHING!

I even filed a complain with Nissan USA about this dealer, and you would have thought, they would contact me to make things right? NOPE!

Guess what? I traded my car in and am very happy with the A NON Nissan i purchased.

Thanks Mid City Nissan because i will NEVER recommend a Nissan or this cheap dealer for any service or sales.

Sandy R. | 2014-06-06

Decided to give Mid City Nissan another chance since I had a coupon for a free oil change.  Why pass up free.  Everything went smoothly and I didn't have to wait very long.  I am hoping their service will be more consistent and I can continue going to Mid City.  The jury is still out.

Paul R. | 2014-06-06

Horrible customer service; shifty sales people; you feel dirty after leaving; they will say anything to sell you a car and once you do forget it. I had bad windshield wipers on my used car I JUST bought and brought it all the way back (45 minute drive) and he acted like I was a monster for expecting windshield wipers that worked and he acted pissy the whole time he was replacing them.  Came in for some work later and they said it would be same day, then next day morning, then waited until I CALLED several times to tell me it had been ready for several hours so I had to come get it in Friday during rush hour, then the service agent said he was in the burbs so couldn't have called me - no one lease could???? - to tell me it had been done for hours and actually YELLED at me.  GROSS! Then you send surveys you OBVIOUSLY do not read because no one ever called when I reported all of this. Oh and of course NOTHING is e=EVER covered by my extended warranty - it is ALWYS wear and tear.

Katie A. | 2014-05-31

Sales tactics were unethical at best in my experience. Buyer beware.

Lisa L. | 2014-05-24

Just bought a new car here - a Versa Note to be specific - and could not be happier.  

My wife and I have never bought a new car before and actually weren't really looking to buy a new car...however, our 11 year old Sentra had other ideas and we were informed by the service department that we were looking at a base price for repairs of about $6,000.  Deciding to make our lemons into lemonade, we took a quick look in the showroom and found the Versa and loved it.  We didn't need any "selling" on the car because we basically decided we wanted it when we saw it, but Luis, our sales associate, took the time to make sure we knew why the Versa was the right choice for us.

Luis was just wonderful helping us pick which model we wanted and walking us through the whole process.  We got a very good deal on the car and was able to take advantage of a great trade in, rebate, and managers' special, which put the car right within the monthly payment Luis promised.

If you are looking for a new car, I would not hesitate to ask for Luis if you are visiting Mid City Nissan.  I know there are bad reviews of Mid City, but I truly think when making a purchase as expensive as a car, you want someone helping you that you feel you can trust and not feel like you have to "haggle."  Luis was straight forward, honest, and accurate with his pricing.  They also throw in some nice perks like free car washes for the life of the car, a tank of gas, free yearly special waxes, and your first oil change.

Now we just have to add some miles to the car!

Linda F. | 2014-05-19

Dennis Barakos, the Service Manager at Mid City Nissan, should be teaching classes in customer service! He is the epitome of what good service and customer relations should be. I came in initially very frustrated with Nissan Corporate and he remained calm. cool and collected. He helped me navigate the appropriate channels to be sure my car was finally repaired the right way.  Additionally, his staff was helpful, considerate and personable.  If Nissan Corporate is looking to hand out rewards for good service, Dennis and his staff deserve one. Great customer service! Thank you Dennis!

Lisa O. | 2014-05-16

All I can really say is WOW! The salesman Roman was awesome . My mother and I had gone to 3 other dealerships and not only was the service excellent here but they were all very pleasant. We felt like we were talking to a concerned family member trying to meet all our needs within a reasonable budget. We did go over not his fault at all.lol.. But let's face it , when you like something a little bit better and it's a few thousand more. You ask yourself that's why you work so hard. It's not every day you buy a new car. We traded in a 2007 automobile and we received a fair price. My mother was so excited when she left with her brand new 2014 automobile.I am so happy I had a bad experience a Subaru next door because these guys showed us what service is really all about. This goes to Roman , his manager and last the finance guy! They were all so pleasant ...I can't wait to go back for my free car washes!

Enrique H. | 2014-02-26

I have been a loyal customer to Mid City Nissan but my last experience was awful. They do not appreciate your business especially Adelita and the General Manager George.
The people at the service center has a really bad attitude and are rude. I would not recommend anybody to go there either for car service or  to buy or lease a car.

Joe P. | 2014-02-24

I did not buy a Nissan from Midcity.  I bought a Used 2011 Jeep from Midcity that I found on Cars.com .  This review is about the staff, in particular the Used Car Sales Manager Vlad.
Since I bought the Jeep, I had to return twice to the dealership (the next day after I bought it) because I didn't notice, when I left there, that the spare tire had a piece of metal lodged into it.  So I came in and the Service Dept.  had to order a new tire.  The Service Dept. said it would be ready the next day, so the next day I returned and they put the tire on for me.  The very next day my tail light went out.  3 days it's been since I bought the car at that point.  So I called again and told them my tail light went out.  Vlad the Used Car Sales Manager, wanted to argue with me that the car was sold "as is" and he's not going to take care of it and that I sold him a car with leaks, but yet he's not calling me to fix them.  Vlad then went on to say that I should just come back and "return the Jeep." I explained to him that I had the car for 3 days (they advertise a 128 point inspection on all used cars by the way) and already I had to come in twice (gas isn't free) especially when the dealership doesn't even fill your tank.  When I sold my BMW I knew there were some things that need repair, I took that into consideration when I sold it for $5000, which you MidCity is now selling for $9000.  Almost double the price they paid for it.  So to tell me that I should come in to return the Jeep is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard.  Vlad is a young, "stick up the ass" punk, that should be cleaning bathroom floors.  Not managing staff, making decisions, or dealing with customers.  I went down the street to Marino to go buy wheel locks.  They asked me how much I bought my Jeep for...After I told them, they laughed at me.  They told me they could have sold me a Sahara, fully loaded with less miles for 1000 less that what I paid.  They showed it to me.  I felt a little regret for not shopping around, but I though that Midcity Nissan would make up for it in customer service, so I didn't feel so bad.  Now I am not so sure.  So if Vlad wants me to return the Jeep I have no problem at all with that!!!!!  Vlad makes it seem like he did me a favor...WHO IS THE CUSTOMER HERE?!?!?!  And this guy is a Manager???  Are you kidding me?  I've had the Jeep for 4 days.  As a courtesy, I expect, yes EXPECT, that for a least a week my car should not have any problems.   And if any should arise, the dealership in order to keep my business and loyalty should want to take care of them.  Especially when its a " $4.00" light according to what Vlad said.  Even more reason to keep a customer happy if it only costs you 4 bucks!!!!!  I understand that the car is sold "As Is" but I have a rule...If a car has minor issues within the first week, the dealership should take care of it, if they value your business.  I understand that customers may take advantage of the dealership by continuing to want to get things taken care of at the dealer's expense.  But it's been 4 DAYS!!!!!!!  And anything minor SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF so that your customer feels that you stand behind your product, your word and your 128 point inspection. I am a very very loyal person.  As long as I get treated fairly and I feel that a company is honest and courteous, I will remain loyal.  But once a company makes me feel like I am a "hassle" to them,  I lose all respect and will take my business somewhere else.  Vlad has given me that impression.  I have a Warranty on my car.  I don't need to take it to Midcity Nissan, as a matter of fact I don't ever have to return to Midcity Nissan ever again!  I know I am just one customer so to you them that may not matter much, but after seeing all these horrific 1 star reviews, you need all the customers you can get!!!  After speaking to the GM, I did finally get my car taken care of.   The finance guy was great,  and Dan, a sales person that sold me the car was also great.  The service department did deliver and in a timely manner, however I brought my car in clean, to get my tail light fixed and after they returned the car it was covered with dirt and snow.  A Car Wash should have been offered, but wasn't.   I will no longer return to this dealership as long as Vlad is employeed here.  As a manager you should make customers feel welcome.If MidCity feels Vlad is worthy of being a manager, then I'll take my business somewhere else.  I can't imagine how uspet I would be if I were the Berman Family.  After seeing all these reviews.  It seems like they are in the business of making customers UNHAPPY!  With all the dealerships out there, why would anyone ever want to shop here?  The only reason I shopped here was because I didnt do my research.  If I would have read a few of these reviews before I walked into this dealership, I would have never purchased my car from there.  I would actually pay more for a car just to avoid MiDCity Nissan.

Rebekah H. | 2014-02-19

Anyone who has ever been to a dealership knows that the typical interaction you have is 10 different people greeting you and trying to assist you.

There is usually a sales person within 10 ft of you at all times if you are browsing the showroom and you are never lacking in assistance.

That being said, this place is awful, my husband and I visited this location after making an appointment for a test drive of a brand new Nissan. Upon arriving 10 minutes early for our appointment we were COMPLETELY ignored by every staff member we saw and there were many of them.

We first stood just inside the door looking around and waiting for someone to greet us. NOTHING! Then we browsed around the cars in the showroom waiting for someone to greet us. NOTHING! Then we went back to the front of the store and stood there for 5 minutes for someone to greet us. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

There were employees at each of the desk just to the left of the door that ignored us and  several other employees walked right past us and ignored us. Finally, we left having had enough and went to another dealer that we ultimately purchased from.

It took them days later to realize we had not done our test drive, we told them exactly why both by email and phone and told them we would not now nor ever be purchasing from them! They clearly showed us our business is not important to them!

Jess M. | 2014-01-20

I love Nissans so it's hard for me to rate them 1 star. A fuel hose was recalled on my 350z and I made an appointment a WEEK in advance. Brought my car in for the scheduled service and they said it would be done by the end of the day if not the next. ONE WEEK And several excuses of parts ordered, kits ordered blah blah f*%#ing blah later they finally called me to come get my car.

No courtesy call about having to Order the parts and keep my car longer, no loaner car, NOTHING. Terrible customer service and I would not bring my car there even if they offered me something for FREE. I had to call DAILY and every time i did I got someone new who knew nothing about it.

Renaldo P. | 2014-01-13

The used dept salesmans are below lawyers. They will take advantage of a customer who does not know car shopping.  Boycott!

Jenna S. | 2013-12-10

I'm leasing a car through Midcity Nissan and I go back every few months for service. Every time I'm there, I'm greeted by friendly faces. The service is really wonderful. I highly recommend this dealership!

Elisha M. | 2013-09-12

Three good things and one bad when I purchased my first new car. Let's focus on the good.

1) When the General Manager heard about my experience with the sales associate, he fixed it within 30 minutes and offered me a few perks to make it better. That's amazing. He also answered all of my lingering questions and told me his schedule so I could always speak with him if I had any other concerns. While I would have preferred to not have any problems, I am really glad that the GM quickly handled them.
2) My brief interaction with the service department was pleasant. Everyone was nice and the technician answered all of my questions clearly and completely. My car was even washed for me, which was great.
3) The car is amazing. I get 45mpg going to work. I highly recommend the Nissan Versa Note.

Bad: My negative experiences with the dealership all revolve around one person, my sales associate. To be clear, everyone else was lovely, so it's really just one person who soured my experience, and I'm told that he no longer works at the dealership.

My sales associate misrepresented a few things, some minor (size of the competitor's gas tank, for example) and some material (he said the car was ready to be driven off the lot, but after we agreed to a price and sent the papers to the finance department, he told me I'd have to come back another time for "pre-delivery" because the car wasn't actually ready). He was also forgetful (gave us the wrong keys) and inconsiderate (didn't return phone calls and didn't show up to the pre-delivery appointment to show me how to use the car's features, like he offered). He also complained about some of the staff at the dealership to us, which was inappropriate and awkward.

From this, I learned that I need to research the car, the dealership, and the sales associate. I was feeling uneasy about the sales associate early on but stayed with him because I wanted the car and I felt comfortable with the dealership. Even though it would have been awkward, I should have asked for a different sales associate when I started to feel uncomfortable. I didn't realize that a good sales associate can make such a big difference in the whole experience.

Overall, I am pleased and I would go back to Mid City Nissan for a purchase or service (although I'd vet the sales associate more thoroughly next time).

L B. | 2013-09-09

We bought a new car here last week and feel we got good service and a fair price though I will say that the dealership itself looks and feels dumpy. This place is in dire need of a renovation. Your customers deserve it and so do your employees. This is surely not a place I look forward to waiting around at during future service appointments.

Shannon S. | 2013-08-30

I'm kind of surprised to see all of the negative reviews... I have been twice and had great experiences.  I drove my Murano into the service area (actually outside of it, it was my first time and I didn't know we were supposed to drive it in) and got the first guy at the counter who was really frustrated with the customer he had.  He was getting rude and snotty, as was the customer, and I was VERY concerned that I would get him.  Well, I got him, but he was great.  I made a stupid joke and he laughed and that was all it took.  I only needed an oil change and he took care of it for me.  He sent me to the waiting area and it took less time than he said it would  The waiting area was small and a bit dingy and there was no water in the fridge, like he had said.  

The second time was when my husband realized that there was a bolt in our tire.  We went right in without calling and they took it in immediately AND PATCHED THE TIRE FOR FREE.  

We bought the car in NY before moving here and haven't had any negative complaints about this place.  I hope that our good experiences continue!  We had a terrible time with Nissan in NY and I'm hoping that this place will make up for it.

ralph z. | 2013-07-15

Well - after having two bad expereinces with this dealership I cannot stop the robocalls.  I have requested several times to be taken off their call list.  

My previous bad experience included: (1) being pressured into service I did not want (when I didn't approve it they contacted my wife and said it was needed); (2) and a horrible experience when I brought a friend there who needed help purchasing a car - they suggested that a used car should have a destination fee.

As a result when I purchased a new car recently it was not a Subaru!

Shelby L. | 2013-07-09

I had a great experience helping my Uncle buy a car at this dealership about a month ago. I know a lot about vehicle's so he asked me to come down and make sure he asks the right questions. His sales rep was very knowledgeable and helpful when looking at cars. I would recommend this dealership to anyone who is interested in buying new or used vehicle. It's hard to get high quality customer service like these folks offer.

Plus, it really puts my mind at easy to knowing that my Uncle won't get swindled when he comes in for service. These people will treat him right.

Thanks for taking such good care of my Uncle Roger.

Stephanie G. | 2013-06-21

I'm sorry to see some of the negative reviews for Mid-City.  My husband and I had an excellent experience!  On Monday night we bought a 2013 Sentra and we couldn't be happier with the car or with the service we received.

Galo helped us out and he was great!  He didn't pressure us at all and was very concerned that we got the best deal possible.  

We will be recommending both Galo and Mid-City Nissan to all of our family and friends.  Thank you!

MIchael R. | 2013-06-18

I've been to Mid-City twice for work on my car and both times I encountered impeccable customer service. Every member of their team had an amazing attitude.

Kori E. | 2013-05-30

I had an awesome experience buying my very first car here! Beep, beep! I worked personally with Moe and Michael and they made my experience so wonderful! They ran all over the city helping me get the papers I needed. They have both used and new cars with a lot to choose from. I would definitely recommend working with either of these guys as they are great!

Alex W. | 2013-05-12

Manager of this store is a a nasty guy would never buy another car from them again and try cleaning up your show room it's dirty ?

Joey M. | 2013-05-01

(I hope I am not jinxing myself by writing this but....)

I am surprised to see all the negative comments about this place!

I did not buy my Nissan Rogue here but I have had it serviced here since I moved from NY 3 years ago.

First, they offer what I think is a good deal (5 oil changes for $100).
Second, the service is prompt, professional and courteous.
Third, my car is always clean/washed prior to return of my vehicle.

I hope more people have the experiences I have had here!

Maria C. | 2013-04-26

Obviously they are trying to improve their customer service after a bunch of crap reviews, or i was a fluke because I had a very positive experience at the service department. I had called the day before asking if they could drill holes in my nissan maxima (purchased in KY)  to mount a front license plate. Mike from service said bring it in we'll do it for free (which was my hope). I called the next morning en route to work at 830 and a very helpful lady said sure come on in and gave me directions. Mike said it'll take about 15 minutes and the shocking part is it actually DID. They mounted the plate and I was out of there very quickly. I was very impressed after the scary reviews and it certainly made my day that I could get it done with minimum drama and time

M. M. | 2013-04-03

Another update to my earlier review- its been almost FIVE years since this Nissan service dept told me that my rear suspension needed to be replaced for over $1000 and it would fall out at anytime.  Well, here we are 5 years and almost 50,000 miles later, and that rear suspension is not only in place, but no other mechanic has ever mentioned it in all the years I have had maintenance on it.  In fact, the last mechanic I took the car too told me he loved these cards, they are so well made, that if I ever decide to sell it, give him a call because he will buy it.  I can't say though that this service department is any different than other dealerships- my experience is that they get commissions based on how much work they convince the customer to do...which only leads to one thing.  I am not surprised to see so many bad reviews about this dealership and its service since I last wrote.

Sangeetha R. | 2013-03-13

Awful service. I bought my car here and it used to be nice but the last 4 months they've just hired awful advisors who make you wait forever and do not complete the promised service. When you buy a car they say complimentary wash; every time they screw up they say complimentary detail but never have they actually followed through with these offers. Eveytime I go here I leave frustrated. So not worth it.

Sean K. | 2013-02-27

If you ever want quick service at a dealership, then I would recomment this place.  

I had to get an old change down on my vehicle and they did it quick and efficiently.

Thanks Nissan !!!

Scott W. | 2013-02-25


This dealership has been deceptive throughout my entire purchasing process.

The peak of my troubles happened just recently when I found out the (supposed) 2012 Hyundai Sonata *SE* (sports edition) Mid City sold
me was only a 2012 Hyundai Sonata *GLS* (base edition).

My paperwork reads SE but when I called Hyundai USA to verify my VIN they confirmed the car was indeed a GLS. The VIN on my
paperwork matches the car which matches the GLS model from the manufacturer- yet Mid City claimed it as an SE which
is a few thousand dollars more expensive.

When I called Mid City to explain this the General Manager, Chuck Settles, said it is in their records as SE and nothing can be done except for me to
sell it back to them (at a major loss, of course).

Though Mid City claims their records show it as an SE my bank, Chase, says the documentation received from Mid City all
reads GLS.

The best part is that I paid thousands more for something I did not get!

Also note that Mid City will have you sign an Arbitration Agreement that prevents the customer from taking Mid City
to court for anything.

Other issues:
-Mid City was unable to provide my car's title within Illinois' grace period. During this time my drive-away license had expired and I was forced to drive 100 miles to my parents house to use a spare car. I was then forced to get another temporary license. I was never compensated for any of this.

Bonnie K. | 2013-02-06

I bought my Versa here and my experience with Mary was great.  I was well-prepared and knew what I wanted to pay.  She was easy to work with and followed through with taking care of me after she closed the deal, right until I drove off the lot.  

My oil change experiences have been fine.  They are not too speedy at that, but dealerships seem to be slow compared to, say, Jiffy Lube in that regard.

Deducting one star because they constantly spammed me with emails until I blocked them.  First, because I had online chatted with someone on their site, I was getting tons of spam, even after I purchased the vehicle.  Once I bought the car they sent me about a million surveys.  I was happy with my experience so I filled one out... but they just kept coming and coming!

Anissa H. | 2013-02-04

Mid City is terrible at customer service. I ordered and paid for a mirror casing, almost $500.00 and waited a week to have it installed, only to be told that the wrong casing was sent and to make matters worse, it was snowing really bad on 2/2/2013. So, I had to drive away without my mirror. No sort of customer curteosy offered; no curtesoy car and to top it all off, I will have to wait another week to have the damn mirror installed because no one is willing to wait around to install it for me. I leave work at 345, but would not probably get there until 530 or later and they don't want to wait around. I was thoroughly pissed. Aft this service I will go to another Nissan dealership to get service. They suck and the women are freakin' rude!

Parsa B. | 2013-01-17

Had a generally positive experience buying a Nissan Altima here.  Our salesperson was Derik and he was very kind, courteous, and honest.  We got a solid deal on our car, and the process was pretty easy and straightforward.  The only issue was that we got one key for our car when we wanted two, and an extra one would cost us $75.  I wish we'd have known this beforehand, but it really wouldn't have influenced our decision to purchase that car.

Aaron H. | 2012-12-27

Shady business.  Bought a car here and did my research on financing ahead of time with my bank.  When purchasing, Mid City offered an interest rate double my bank!  When I said no, they dropped their rates again and again until finally matching my bank and providing an extended warranty.  After agreeing, I read through all the fine print and they finagled their way into adding $2000 in processing fees. Hell no.  

I did get the extended warranty added on which is worthless. Before getting any work done at Mid City with my warranty extension, I need to first take my car to a specialty shop and have them run a diagnosis on the problem.  Bring that diagnosis and my car back to Mid City to see if they will cover it.  Why can't Mid City do that for me?


Shane G. | 2012-11-25

DON'T GO HERE!!!!!!!!!! I went here last December to get the heat fixed in my truck because "it had" to be done at a dealership. They fixed it costing me 1000 dollars!!!!!! Ok fine so i had heat.......well then October of this year came and it was a little cold. I went to turn on the heat and NO HEAT! I took it back because it had to be under warranty well it wasn't they said I was over their 12000 mile warranty. UNREAL! They said it would cost another 1000. The Management was so rude it was hard for myself to tell him how I really felt! I took it to Fullers Car Care in the suburbs and guess what they fixed it! For 84 dollars!!!! MANAGEMENT BLOWS, SERVICE BLOWS,  EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE BLOWS! I tell everyone I see not to go here. I mean I make sure to tell EVERYONE I KNOW AND MEET not to go here! Thanks!

Nicole P. | 2012-11-13

I will never have any service on my 2012 Nissan Rogue done here.  Not even an oil change.  I was sent here because it was closest to me and I bought my Nissan out of state.  So I went to get a key made and no one in the service department knew what they were doing.  I wound up only pricing a key there.  I asked someone in the sales area to show me the features of my car.  The response--did you buy it here? No. Then we can't help you.  Our sales associates are busy assisting clients. Really? I was just inside and two were sitting behind desks dointg nothing,  They couldn't even be bothered to get up when we entered the sales floor.

Attrocious.  Don't come here.  Management tries to pretend they've worked out these kinks in their responses to these complaints. Apparently not true because this just happened Oct 2012.

Western Ave Nissan is friendly, welcoming, and super to do business with. They get all my money.

Kim B. | 2012-10-30

The front desk service center people are rude! And to make things worse, oil change took over an hour and a half! Then they were to fix a protective trim that was pulling up...when they were done, it stil looked the same!  Absolutely horrible experience.  In total I was there for over 2 and a half hours.  

I REGRET buying my Xterra from Mid City and will be going else where in the future for service.

Jennifer P. | 2012-10-02

I had a rather favorable experience with Mid-City's service department.  Rudy did a great job about communicating what to expect and how much it would cost.  When I declined the non-urgent portion of repairs, it wasn't an issue and I didn't get a pressure sell.  They did a thorough job on the repair (it's been 3 weeks and the problem is clearly fixed).  The price, while probably higher than a non-dealer repair shop, wasn't that bad...just wished my warranty would have covered it.

Joe A. | 2012-04-26

Wow, can yelp update the ratings to include a negative rating.  
BAIT AND SWITCH, I have purchased over 20+ cars and have never experienced as many lies.  Called on a used car and was told that it was in stock, drove over in less then 15 minutes.  When I get there and ask to see the car I'm interested in the first question I'm asked is "if there is anything else I'm interested in."  Right away that raises red flags since I'm here for a used car that they don't carry.  After I tell her no I'm told that the car has sold.  Ok anything is possible but the car should still be on the lot or in detailing.  When asked to see it just so I knew what I was missing out on they stated the car just left.  Thinking that the person I spoke to didn't know what she was talking about I had my wife call 2 days later when I see the car still posted on their very own website.  My wife is told that they have the car in stock and it is in great condition.  Again drive over and they pull the same stunt on my wife.  Don't waste your time, you are better off paying a little more and getting better service.

Jenn H. | 2012-04-01

It's a new day here.  Seriously!  Makes me kinda wish businesses could start over with Yelp when they are under new management.  My check engine light kept coming on, I took it to two reputable places here in Chicago and they couldn't fix it.  So I went to Mid City to have a light bulb replaced to test them out and it was fine.  Then I went make for a major service and to get the engine problem fixed, and they explained everything very clearly (props to Jorge for that).  I got a rental car since I spent over $250 and the folks at Enterprise even commented on how much better things are at Mid City.  So if you have a Nissan, give them a shot, things really are better here now!

Bryson P. | 2011-12-27

I recently purchased a 2012 Murano from Mid City, and had a great experience.  Adelita was our saleswoman - and was professional throughout the process.  I took about a month in between the time I first visited her and purchased the car - as I evaluated competing cars and dealerships.

Mid City gave me a very fair price for my trade-in, and was the most competitive in terms of pricing on my car.  Their finance manager (and I'm drawing a blank on his name now) got me a ridiculously awesome finance rate (2.44% - and this was not a dealer promotion), that even beat my credit union rates (2.75%).  He did not lay on the pressure at all in terms of warranties, and when I said "no," he moved on.  No hassle, no arguing, no debating - he just moved on.

Mid City was a classy dealership, Adelita was a classy saleswoman, and I will recommend them going forward!

Craig B. | 2011-12-21

I NEVER want to buy another car from a dealership after what I've experienced here.

I bought a used 2009 Nissan Cube from them in September 2011. We "haggled" over the price for hours until we reached an agreement both parties were happy with. Then came the taxes, tags, and fees--plus an odd "cleaning & prep fee" that coincidentally brought the purchase price (that we bargained down to) RIGHT back to the original asking price. EXACTLY TO THE DOLLAR. This seemed fishy, and I immediately asked about this, but I was told multiple times that this was a separate line item and a universal charge they assign to all used cars to prep them for sale. Once in the financing room to sign the paperwork, I look down to see the marked purchase price is not the price we bargained to--it's the original sticker price! The "separate line item" was added right back to the purchase price of the car! It was obviously simply a buffer for them to make their margins, and not a quantifiable fee at all. Gross.

To make matters worse, this "certified" used car was sold to us still needing 4 recalls fixed immediately after purchase (which they did for free, but still), it had a slow-leak tire from a bad patch (more on this later), and--to add insult to injury--an empty tank of gas that needed filling immediately after leaving the lot. We paid a "cleaning & prep" fee for a car that was not ready to sell.

After 3.5 months of losing air from the bad tire, I took the car in to get it looked at. At this point I did not know it was a bad tire, I assumed it was due to one of the recalls that had to do with the tire valve stems. Upon being told it was a bad patch job, I told the shop manager it was sold to me with this leak, and asked if there was anything that could be done for me. I was offered a free oil change and free service on the tire mounting, as well as "competitive" pricing on the tire. After it was discovered that the tire they needed was not in stock, one was ordered. Two days after dropping the car off they STILL did not have the tire from their supplier--more than a little frustrating. I called and found the same tire locally for half the price they were charging. Wait, what?

Then I check my email, and receive a bill from Mid City! Not only was this a bill for services they had not even rendered yet, but I was also charged for the oil change and labor. I immediately went to pick up my car. The manager of the service dept offered to take a tire off of a newer car and put it on my car, but was unwilling to discount the service to even come close to matching the competitor's price. This is for a pre-mounted tire, that I waited 2 days for, and received an invoice for, when the work wasn't even completed. I immediately took my car back, and left.

I will not be back.

And the worst part? The owners of Mid City and I share the same last name--Berman. Come on guys, you just don't screw over relatives.

Char K. | 2011-12-19

This place is a joke. Spent $4000 on major work. Two days later tire pressure light comes on and then service engine light comes on. I bring the car back in and they want to charge me $140 just for a diagnosis. Absolutely ridiculous. None of those lights came on until after they touched the car. The short tiny woman Ana was a total biotch and wouldn't budge on the $140 diagnosis fee.   David JR. finally stepped in and said they could do the diagnosis for a one time courtesy.  To top it all off, after their diagnosis, they did not close the hood all the way.  The hood could have flown up on the freeway.    I joined yelp just to write a bad review of Mid-city Nissan.  Take your car someplace else.  Its really for your own safety.  They are absolutely horrible. I would give no stars if I could.  DO NOT BUY OR BRING YOUR CAR IN HERE!!!! DO NOT!!!!

Amy M. | 2011-09-12

It took Mid City Nissan THREE times to fix my Nissan Rogue.  I should have done my research before sending my car here for maintenance because this could have been a quick fix.  Unfortunately I was dealing with unprofessional IDIOTS who wasted 6-weeks of my time and money.  

Here is an email I sent to their Sales Manager (or lack thereof), TONY BONIFAZI.  If Tony is the guy making the decisions in their maintenance department, they are already set for failure and loss.  They most definitely lost me as a customer!!  I definitely have to question their business practice at Mid CIty Nissan.
Written on 9-12-11 to Tony:
"I will never do service with you or your dealership again. I will be leaving a review about you and the dealership on Yelp about my experience with you so others can be aware. I will be passing along my experience to one of your superiors at Nissan headquarters so they understand the lack of service their employees are providing.

I find a few things interesting about this 6-week ordeal that begun around The first week of July:

1. My car was towed in 3 TIMES for service for the SAME issues each time.   The second time I was informed that the car worked just fine. A day after picking it up I towed it again for the same problem.

2. The guy who did maintenance on my car found nothing wrong (except the battery) the first 2 times and you informed me today that he is no longer with your company.

3. The 3rd time it was towed a service technician informed me over the phone that they didn't do a thorough enough test the first 2 times after asking him why it wasn't fixed the 1st time.

4. YOU informed me that it had to code 3 times before it could be detected and fixed, which I have a hard time believing.

5. AND the most shocking... I asked you if there was anything you could do to accommodate for the inconvenience and cost and I didn't even get an apology. I explained to you that I paid for my car in full and wanted to remain a loyal customer to Nissan. Your response: "You didn't even purchase your car here..." WOW!!  Isn't part of your job customer service and satisfaction???"

#5 is the one that turned me off the most; what sales manager with common sense would say that?!??  

Point being, I recommend buying a Nissan; just not from this dealership unless they fire the idiots and change their customer service, sales, and service practices.

Gabe M. | 2011-09-12

After dealing with this place I feel compelled to review it.  I wish I had checked Yelp prior to going to this place.  

First off, probably the worst oil change experience I have ever had (I have been driving for 15 years).  I came in and said I needed an oil change and also to get my key fob looked at, as the battery was going out on the Nissan key fob.  The person took my keys and said it would take about 45mins.  I had showed up at 8:30am mind you.  Ok, so I wait in the waiting room for 2 hours!!!  The person comes in and says they recommend I get new windshield wipers, I say ok, so they walk me to the service  center where they proceed to charge me $35 for the wipers, they hand me the wipers without offering to put them on.  

So I go to pay for the oil change $38, and then walk out to my car.  I start my car and see again they battery low indicator on the dash because they had ignored my request to check my key fob, apparently that wasn't important to them enough.  Wow, I can't believe how low quality the service is here.  Extremely disappointed.

Olivia S. | 2011-09-09

This place is TERRIBLE!
So I totalled my car Dec. 2010 and was looking for nice lightly used car.  Found a 2008 Rogue, I loved everything but the color...but ended up buying it anyways.  I was debating with buying a car with them or with carmax who had the same car in the color I wanted but didn't want to pay the $900 for them to ship it. Plus mid-city was offerring free car washes and it is close to my house, and it was "certified pre owned".  Whatever that means, I was assuming it ment I wouldn't have to do anything for a year or so since it went through this 162 point inspection, WRONG!
After signing the paper work they hand me "the key".  So I am wondering where the other one is?  Oh, the girl who traded it in only had one, so that is all your getting and if you want another one it is $300!!!  If I would have known this I wouldn't have bought the car.  Who buys a car and gets 1 key, I do of course!
So I bring it in for it's 1st oil change, now March 2011.  Oh you are due for the 30,000 mile inspection $120, I said ok.  So they call me and tell me I need new front a rear break pads and it is almost $700!  Ummm, I thought this car just passed some test?  Yeah to qualify you need 5mm of break pad and now you have about 3mm.  So if it was that close why didn't you change it before you sold it to me as "certified pre owned"?  After arguing with the service manager I said no, and how they rip customers off and take advantage of labeling a car Certified pre owned, which obviously doesn't mean CRAP!
Somewhere in here I bring my car in for the "free' car wash.  I waited 45mins.  Seriously I would have rathered of paid the $9 then wait that long.
Aug. 2011 my car won't start, get a jump my husband brings it in and I need a new battery.  They replaced it for free!  I don't know how my husband did that?  I'm guessing because my 2006 Chevy never needed a new battery in the 5 years I had it.  Again, awesome certified pre owned car!
Oh, at this time my car was due for an oil change but they didn't do it so I had to schedule another appointment.  This is where the BIG problem begins.  I call to schedule the appointment and Sonny was pleasant at first singing in the phone finding a time for me.  Then I start to ask him questions about stuff they had recommended.  He says he doesn't have time to talk about it right now because someone is in front of him waiting and he has another person on hold, and we can talk about it when I get there.  So I get there and Anna checks me in.  I ask her about the breaks they had recommended in March (because since then my sisters boyfriend did the front one for $60) and I wasn't sure if the back ones had to be done.  She said nothing is wrong with your breaks, they are fine.  I knew she was wrong because of the previous recommendation and they were squeaking so I had them changed for 90% less.  So I leave for 20 mins come back and then Sonny starts yelling the wrong name to get my attention.  I walk over and he says that my car needs some work.  He says I need breaks.  I was like Anna just told me I didn't.  He was on the phone as he was talking to me, so I told him to get on the same page with her and to get the right info and to find me.  In the mean time I go to the front to see who is in charge of this crap hole.  I tell the manager how they sold me a car with one key and his response is "do you expect me to spend $200 to replace the key"?  Ummm, yeah I did or take it off the money you gave the other girl for her trade in!  then I tell him about the problems in the service dept. and he looks up my info and said Anna made a mistake and Sonny shouldn't have treated me the way he did and was going to talk to the service manager.  So now I meet Tony, and he tells me the front breaks are fine (at least they got that right since I just had them changed in my garage), but I needed back breaks, and an air filter.  So I agreed to the air filter.  They gave me the oil change for free but had to pay almost $40 for the air filter.  I go to check out with Sonny who acts as if he is trying to apologize but then starts justifying himself and telling me I git him in trouble and they yelled at him in the office!  I'm sorry is that my fault you don't know how to multitask and treat people with respect? So they hand me the "know your nissan" paper with $2,000 worth of work.  I need new wipers(which was recommended in March again why didn't they change them before they sold me the car)? and back breaks and break flush, and a new belt and the list goes on. Needless to say I am mad again about Sonny's unprofessionalism so I will not be returning.
I call a few days later to talk to Tony the service manager because Sonny's actions p!ssed me off.  He aplogizes but at the same time says he was on an important phone call with Nissan for an $8000 engine.  I'm sorry my total was only $2000 so I don't deserve respect or courtesy.  He says that if I have the work done there he will give me a discount.

Chris H. | 2011-05-30

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. Tried to buy a new Altima, which is a great car, but the Sales manager made this impossible. Had a verbal agreement on the sale then they try to state that the delivery cost was not included, of $800. No other dealer did this. Delivery is listed on the sticker at $750. Also they tried to add an extra $300 in sales tax. Immoral, unethical, if not illegal. Can I give negative stars?

Susan S. | 2011-02-28

Super pushy, really dishonest.  Wish I could give zero stars.

First, brand new car, missing pieces and heat shield rattled about a mile after we left.

Second,  we canceled our extended warranty and they never bothered to process the paperwork.  Instead of an extra $600 it was an extra $1600.  We didn't find out until we checked our account status online.  'Lost' our original warranty paperwork when we asked for a copy.  The finance guys are terrible.

Will never do business here again.

Hungry M. | 2011-01-11

I wish I could rate this place ZERO stars. Please take my advice and DO NOT buy a car here or take your car here for service. These people are completely dishonest and conniving, especially their finance guys. They test your level of financial knowledge prior to trying to lock you into extras and programs that are completely unnecessary. Furthermore, I supposedly purchased a certified used car. However, the car does not meet several of Nissan's certified used criteria and points of inspection. As just ONE example, the tires on the vehicle needed replacement. According to Nissan's certified used car guidelines, tires should have at least 70% wear left. This car had approximately 30% left.

Nissan Corporate,
If you are reading this review, you definitely need to do some investigating of this dealer franchise. They are harming your reputation and brand name.

maria b. | 2010-11-23

I am so surprised by the negative  reviews for this dealership!!! My husband and I had the best experience. I had called the dealership to make sure they had the vehicle I was looking for, they did, I scheduled an appointment to see the 2011 Nissan JUKE, when we got to the dealership we were warmly greeted and   the sales lady got right to business (love that). Everyone at the dealership from the [parts guy to F&I are very professional. I would recommend them to ANYONE in the area looking for a vehicle.

Victoria T. | 2010-11-12

Don't take your car here... too great of a risk they will try to rip you off!

Here's what happened....

We had some lights come on the dash of our 4 year old Nissan truck with 60,000 miles.  Truck was driving fine, we were just concerned about the lights.  Took it to Nissan because we had taken it there for recall and warranty work before.  They called to say they thought it was a wiring problem.  Makes sense.  

Then, called us again saying they couldn't pinpoint the problem and opened up the rear end (correlates to one of the lights that was on)  to find metal shavings... we would need a whole new rear end for our 4 year old truck.  To the tune of $4,000.  Ya right.

My husband said "no thanks" and told them that we would be taking it somewhere else for another opinion- no way we were going to say "go ahead" on $4,000 worth of work on a newer truck.  Rear ends just don't go out after 60k miles without a better explanation.

They closed up the rear end and DIDN'T put new oil in!  

Took it to a friend's recommended shop... the guys there took us out to see the truck once they had uncapped the rear end... no metal shavings AT ALL... nothing... no uneven wear... not a thing of concern to see.

All they found is a leaky bearing and seal that was probably the cause of the dashboard lights.  $400 fix.

The absolute worst part about this is that Nissan charged us $400 just to DIAGNOSE the problem.  

Robbed of $400 and they did nothing to fix our truck.  We will never go here again.

Alexandra E. | 2010-09-28

About 2 weeks ago my car did not start early in the morning before heading to 2 huge business meetings.  I called the Nissan Dealer up the street from me, and the service guy, Tim Darling, orchestrated me getting a tow and rental in about 30 minutes.  It was amazing!

When I got to the Mid-City Nissan dealer the rental car guy was already in route. I signed the docs and was on my way in a rental.  Later that day they called me with an update on my car.  It was fixed by the  next morning, and I returned the rental at dealer.  

The problem with my car was 70 miles outside the warranty, but he hooked it up and covered it anyway. It was deeply generous of Tim & Nissan, and I was totally impressed with their ability to coordinate my tow and rental in such short notice.

Tim & Team Nissan are great!  I highly recommend using them.

A S. | 2010-08-21

NEVER go there!!!!

They are horrible!  They are so rude and don't care about their customers at all.

L J. | 2010-07-12

At this point you should know not to come here.

There are 14 people before me who have given this place 2 stars or less.

My 2¢: Rude, incompetent, haughty.

Sunil A. | 2010-07-07

I have been helping a friend buy a new Nissan and went to this dealership with her recently to get an estimate. They offered a competitive price but my friend still wanted a day to think about it.  The next day she emailed various dealerships in the city and got offered an even better deal.  She called up Mid City and told them about the offer and they said if she comes in by the end of the day they will beat the price.  Once she showed up they said they can't do anything without a written offer and would not beat that offer.  By then it was too late in the day to go to the other dealership.

If they needed a written offer they should say so on the phone.  Also they should not claim they will beat that price if they actually wont do it.  In the end I think this dealership has you standard stereotypical car salesmen.  Promise you the world and hand you nothing.  

I would not go to this dealership to buy your car.  You are probably better off paying $500 more at a different dealership which will respect your time and not provide you misinformation over the phone.

Kerry S. | 2010-06-28

Dealing with cars and car problems is never easy. Understood. Our tire gauge light went on a few weeks back when we were camping. Per the manual the code said to check the tire pressure, which of course my husband did, and they were fine. Just needs to be reset. Our warranty is not up til next month, so great, all should be covered!

We made an appointment for a Friday, but had to cancel that morning. When I called back a few days later, the dick on the phone, I think his name was Ray, seemed very annoyed that I said we had an appointment and he couldn't find my name or car anywhere in there system. Who gives a shit? Just make my appointment. He told me 10a.m. on Friday would be the best.

When you try and pull into the service area, it's very confusing. There were at least five cars backed up in the driveway, so I parked on the street and went in. The same guy, Ray, seemed annoyed from the get-go. I said I had a 10a.m. appointment, and I was about 20 minutes early. He says "um, where is your VEHICLE??!!" I told him I parked it. He told me to pull in. (I'm not sure how that's possible, but that seems to be their system. Just sit in your car, waiting forever, with it running.) Why did I even make an appointment? So I finally pull into the garage, again I am just sitting in my car. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I have never been here. Finally I just turn my car off and get out. Seriously, what the fuck. Some guy doing triage writes down my make and model and VIN and tells me to go to Ray. Oh no. He finally calls me up, says there will probably be a $55 charge. Why? It's under warranty. He looks up my car and says we don't do the required maintenance, which is bull shit. Then he tells me it will be at least an hour. I am shamed into signing something (my husband would have lost his fucking mind had he seen my unbelievably meek showing.) Then I take my groceries and wait at Starbucks for an hour and a half.

When it's done, I pay $42 and change and get lectured that when that light goes on, I have to take it to a nitrogen equipped dealer within 24 hours. There is no way that is true. He was seriously such a dick. Also, when you walk into the actual dealership to pay the cashier, it's filthy. So MidCity lives up to all those stereotypes about making a female customer seem inept and like shit, basically. (I'm usually pretty tough, and even a bit of a ball-buster.) The whole repair process is disorganized and kind of humiliating. I'll never go back.

Sarah G. | 2010-05-10

Terrible service department, especially Ray.

I made an appointment for 60,000 mile check-up.  When I walked in, Ray goes "ok we're doing your 60,000 miles along with flushing your brake fluid and fuel injectors"  All one run-on sentence.  2 extra things that are a) not included, and b) not requested by me.  He was hoping I'm some little 5'1" white girl who just nods along and signs estimates w/o thinking.

As others have said, when you ask them questions, you get crappy answers and they make you feel like you shouldn't be asking to begin with.

Too bad for Ray.  I said I didn't want that extra stuff.  Took my estimate from $550 down to $225.  Even if my car legitimiately needs that work (how would they know, they hadn't even seen it yet?), the way Ray forces it on you raises suspicions.

While he's on the phone and handling my paperwork at the same time - really making me feel like a valued customer - I cross out the extra 2 things from my estimate to show I am not agreeing to that.  Got in big trouble with Ray.  "I really wish you hadn't done that.  We know what we're doing here alright?"  So sorry I messed up your paperwork Ray.  Did I really ruin your day?  Print me another one that's accurate and I'll sign it.  Don't make me feel like a criminal when it's my car and my money we're talking about.

After they worked on the car I get a call from Ray stating what they found.  My front brakes need new pads and rotors.  Funny, everything I've read said brakes have wear indicators that squeal at you to let you know.  I've heard no such squealing.  Estimate?  $550.  Front brakes only.  My husband's Honda place charged him $220 for the same service.

I refused all their suggestions and will take my car some place else for a second opinion.  All the work they wanted to do would have cost $1200.

I do like Anna in the service department, for what it's worth.  She seems like a decent human being.  Unfortunately the Service Dept as a whole is terrible on customer service, and I think I'm done there.

Oh yeah - they changed my radio presets.  Who does that?!?

Timothy H. | 2010-05-07

Mid-City and Star Nissan...sister dealerships.  That should've been the first red flag.  Read my review on Star Nissan to see what I'm talking about.

I can truly understand that if you're a service department that is extremely popular and gives stellar service, you would be busy.  But based on the reviews I've read here (and on other sites) it shouldn't be that way.

Case in point.  This morning I call to attempt to get a service appointment for tomorrow for a simple oil change.  You know, the type of oil change that should only take 30 minutes.  I speak with one of the sales reps and AFTER he (a) asks what type of service I want, (b) when I would like to come in (keep this in mind), (c) what my phone number is and finally, (d) what my name is (when I should already be in the computer), he blatintly tells me "look, we can't accomodate you tomorrow; we have 50 appointments already".

Somehow I find that hard to believe.  What, is everyone on the northwest side of Chicago getting an oil change at the same time?  Plus, I figure it this way:  If it takes 30 minutes to get an oil change, times 50 cars, that's 1,500 minutes.  There's 60 minutes in an hour, so divide 1,500 into 60 and you get 25.  25 HOURS.  But you guys are only open from 8 until 4, that's 8 hours, and you're closed on Sundays!

So I called Kelly Nissan in Oak Lawn and was able to get an appointment in less than 5 minutes for not only an oil change but to have my brakes checked too -- and that's WITH giving her all of my mailing and car information over the phone.

Thanks Mid-City, but I think we're done here.

Jon E. | 2010-01-27

I'm a car-dealership roll today... seems im bashing the normal places and loving the high end ones.

Mid City does a bit better, as they were polite, and no-pressure.

However, when i came in to look at used Subaru Legacy GT I thought I was in some warp zone where crap is good and good doesn't exist. The dealer (polite, professional but clueless and suffering from a very unsightly cold sore) tried to tell me to "overlook the condition, the car needs a detailing." detailing wouldn't begin to cure this car's ills.

From the non-existent brakes "we just installed new pads and had the rotors turned" (more on that in a moment) to the wallowy suspension this car was a total POS. Yet they were asking a price that you could buy a perfect example of the Vintage for elsewhere. Insane! Somehow the previous owner had gotten candle wax in the cupholder... don't ask. For 36k miles this car looked like it had 200k. Yet the salesperson insisted it would all buff out. Riiiiight.

Fine, but the car didn't drive right. Yet again he insisted it passed their mechanical inspection. On the subject of brakes: NEVER buy a car from a dealer that said they "turned the rotors." Rotors are cheap, and a simple task to replace. Turning them is dangerous as it reduces the material on them available to dissipate heat - and help you stop. For them to cheap out on this suggests to me they have very compromised practices when it comes to servicing used vehicles.

It was this consistent lying that steered me away from this car, and this dealer. I give them 2 stars because they did seem better equipped to sell new Nissans. Servicing them might be another matter.

jolene f. | 2009-07-21

We attempted to purchase a used car here.  We contacted the dealership on a Monday and were told to come in on Tuesday for a test drive for a specific car however when we arrived on Tuesday, we were told the car was sold on Saturday.  Why they wouldn't mention that through communications on the Monday is just wrong; why would we then stick around and view the rest of their inventory when they were blatantly dishonest.  Would not go back.

The Honest T. | 2008-10-11

BEWARE!  Do NOT go here for service/repair.

Seriously, this is a great story.  So I had some recalls on my car from Nissan and took it into Mid City to fix.  I happened to also be having trouble with my right rear window rolling down and so I asked Anna if she could check it out for me since my car was already there.

Anna said someone will call me with an estimate.

Around 4:30, Ray from Mid City calls me and says the motor for the window is shot  and gave me an estimate for $527.  I was taken back by the cost and told him to hold off.

I go to pick up my car that evening and they charge me $67 for labor.  I was like, "What did you do?  There was no work done on my car.  Why in the world do I have a labor charge?".  Anna then says that it's for diagnosing the problem on the door window.  

1)  I was never notified that there would be a charge and 2) I've never had to pay for an estimate. So I ask to speak to her manager, thinking that they would understand.

Ray, the manager, comes up and I explain my story and how I asked for an estimate.  He points upward towards a smorgasbord of signs and one of them displays the labor rate ($135/hour).   He then points down to the paperword and says, "Is this your signature?" I reply. "yes."   Then he says, "well it says in the print here that you have to pay. "  He then goes on to say that I can't get me car until I pay and even continues to try to justify the fee by saying that his mechanics have to eat!  How LOW can you GO RAY!?  I said, it's just not good business to charge someone without telling them.  Then he says - get this - "Well, we've been in business for 25 years so we don't have to worry about that."  
PITIFUL is what it was.

The best part was that this morning I tried rolling down the rear window and it WORKED!  The motor works afterall!  There happened to be some glue leftover when I glued the rubber sealant on the window's egde a couple od weeks ago and it kept the window from rolling down.  There was NOTHING wrong with my motor at all (thank goodness).  So basically, I paid $67 for a MISDIAGNOSIS.  Keep to the mom and pop shops.  I would recommend Reliable Auto on Ashland and Roscoe.  I've been there about 5 times in 4 years for odds and ends and they are amazing!

Good luck fellow drivers!  AND BEWARE of Mid City Nissan!

Kevin R. | 2008-09-10

I have never written a review ever on any subject, but my experience today has made me compelled to do so.  

My thoughts about Mid City Nissan?  Biggest rip-off ever!  Avoid like the plague!

Where do I start?  I guess from the beginning.  I have always been skeptical of mechanics/dealerships because they basically are just a bunch of crooks.  But because I had dealt with them in the past, I figured I could handle these guys.  I called to set up an appointment to have my Nissan Murano looked at because I noticed that it's fuel performance has been going down hill. When I talked to the guy (Jim) on the phone, he really never addressed what might be causing it, but rather, kept reminding me that my car's 30,000 mile service was due.  But I decided to set up an appointment the next day anyways.  First mistake.

So, I take it in and I talk to Jim again.  Again, he doesn't even seem concerned about what my problem is.  He just goes on about how my service is past due and that I need my transmission and radiator fluids flushed. I've been meaning to do that, so I figure let's do it.  2nd mistake.

To have my cabin air filter changed, transmission and radiator fluids flushed, it cost me $512!  It took less than an hour and a half to do the services, but I was still charged $260 for labor!  LABOR!  

I went along with it because I was under the impression that these things would help my car's performance.  They didn't.  My fuel mileage is still the same and now I'm left with the feeling that something is still wrong with the car.  I don't even think I needed the services done that they did!  I went in there to have my fuel system checked and they didn't even ask if I wanted that done.  

The mechanic/sales guy that "helped" me was Jim Hochberg.  He's very good at what he does which is selling you nothing.  Be careful!

Brent W. | 2008-06-23

after today's experience, it is now downgraded to a 1 star, at best.  So someone clipped my passenger side mirror and I had to order a new one; it was just the mirror itself, not the whole frame, enclosure and whatnot (there are three separate pieces to it).
So I go in to pick it up and ask one of the shop attendants if he or another mechanic/service guy could let me know how to 1. take the broken one out and 2. put the new mirror in....the new mirror came with zero instructions.  He says, in the most textbook way imaginable "yea, well, these guys here are union, ya see and we'll have to charge you for it". I'm like, really?? A customer who is currently leasing from you, and a customer who is currently (albeit reluctantly and from here forward will cease) using your shop for oil changes and general maintenance, you or one of your guys can't take 2 minutes of their time to simply explain *how* to do it.  I didn't ask them to actually do it, god forbid, now that would be waaaaay OTT and too much, this much I know.  He says, nope, sorry.  

So I go out and tinker around a bit and thinking I was going to break it further, ie break the mechanical components inside, I go in to the showroom and ask for a manager.  I was simply going to let him know what was wrong and see if he could get someone to assist me.  Well, "he's not in today, but you can speak to our sales manager".  Fine. I go and explain my issue to him and he like "yea, go speak to Tony Fontanelli, he's the Shop Manager, should be able to help you".  I go and look up Tony Montana, or Fontanelli or whatever.  He probably couldn't have been more *un*helpful...actually he could have, had he said nothing at all.

It went something like this:
Me: explain the issue and even go as far as to tell him my unsavory experience with one of the service attendants.

Tony: yea, well you just basically pull the thing out.  (Literally, that was all he said, just pull the mirror out).  BUT, BE CAREFUL, you could break the new one installing it, as i've done it!

Me: great, thanks for your assistance you insufferable cunt, i'll figure it out.

So I go out, get the job done, throw my old cracked mirror on their driveway, along with the package it was in, and also the lunch i'd eaten plus some other trash that was in my car.  And left, never to be seen again.
Nissan makes a pretty quality car, I'll state that from the top.  The car itself, and the finance guy who I did the negotiating with a few years ago, both get 4/5, very good.  But it pretty much ends there and since this review isn't about the car manufacturer, rather the  dealership, this review  focuses on that.

I lease.  I have for over eight years.  I like a new car every 2-3 years and that's the only reason I do.  The cars i've leased before this one have included maintenance w. the vehicle t/o the lease, so you basically have 0, yep that's z.e.r.o., out of pocket expense once you drive off the lot, save for gas.  

From a dealership standpoint, it makes sense.  I mean, the person leasing the vehicle won't be owning this car long term, why would they dump money into it to see it run to 75-100K miles? there's no incentive whatsoever.  That's why a sensible and smart dealership will cover that for you (stuff like oil changes, tire rotation, major mile maintenance, like 15K, 30K miles and so on) b/c they know *they'll* be the ones trying to sell it "used" 2-4 years later.  Not Mid-City.  

At the time of purchase, they give you a useless "coupon book"  that equates to roughly 10% savings.  They overtly *try* to nickel and dime you on every visit, stating you need to have xyz done, then pdq changed, then abc, etc.    Each and every time I go in for my oil/filter change, which is the ONLY thing I ever do and that's b/c it's necessary for the car, the service attendant, a person devoid of any emotion whatsoever mind you, prattles out the company line: "you know you are behind on your, 3K, 5K, 8K, 12K, etc mileage maintenance" and every time I say, "yep, will try to get it next time".  Mostly b/c, as stated above, it won't be mine in the very near future, but also b/c the prices they charge are outrageous, even by car dealership standards. So in terms of "service" the place gets a 1.5/5.

And while we're on it, let's talk about the service department.  It's dated. Very dated.  And it's always in utter disarray and dirty...excessively so.  Listen, I know it's a shop, it's not supposed to be pristine, but this place makes me want to get even my most basic oil changes done elsewhere.  

Finally the dealership showroom.  It's tiny and they've shoehorned about 5 cars too many in the place.  Additionally, there's no real waiting room for you to wait while your car gets serviced, so to accomplish any sort of work while you wait, is a near impossibility.  Again, i don't need white glove treatment in a Taj Mahal setting but I do expect some basic creature comforts and also a whole lot better service!

amai r. | 2008-01-05

I walked out of here with a brand new 2008 nissan altima.  They gave me a fair trade in for my old vehicle. (in fact, I went to Carmax before going there and they offered me almost $1000 less then what Mid City Nissan offered me!)  The negotiation time was short  (unlike some places that leave you sitting for hours while they go talk to the "bank" or the "owner").  They asked me what I would be willing to pay to walk out the door with the altima that day.  I told them, they came down A LOT, and we compromised just above the number I gave them.  I had NO intention of buying/leasing a car that day - was just browsing.  They won me over.  If you can, look for Martel - he's  new but very good.  I went back a few days later because I couldn't find my cargo net.  He looked through several other altimas just to get them for me.  I am very happy with my experience there.

Ross R. | 2007-10-05

Mid-City Nissan used to be a very good place to have your car serviced, but in the last year a change in policy, or moon phase, or something, has screwed that up.

The service managers don't look at your service record and will tell you that you need work they completed on your last visit. Even when you tell them, they'll continue with the hard-sell. Shameful. Find another Nissan dealer, or be very careful about what you have done here.

Sir X. | 2006-04-19

Does this car make me look fat?

Ok seriously, while I didn't buy my Nissan from here, I did come here with my folks back in March when they were  looking to buy. Mid City has a decent selection of cars to view, but the showroom is really small and cramped. Overall it is not a bad little place and my folks did end up buying a Subaru from Mid City. (see my Mid City Subaru review)

Pros: Nice Showroom,
Cons: A Bit Cramped,
Cost: $$$ of 5
Overall Rating: 4 of 5
Recommendation: Recommended

Service Department:
Well I dropped my car off at the service department for regular maintenance and a recall notice. The drop off was easy and they were nice enough. As a follow up, the service was done fairly quick, in fact quick enough that I was worried they didn't do anything. I had the 15,000 mile service + 2 recalls and an oil change. The recalls were free, but the price for other service is a bit steep. At approximately $95 per hour, I guess I can't complain too much that my car was done so quickly. I did forget to take my Change out of the ashtray and sure amazingly it was all still there. So far everything is in order, but I'll post a final follow up in a week or so.

Service Department:
Pros: Location, Easy Drop-Off
Cons: A Bit Cramped here too,
Cost: $$$ of 5
Overall Rating: 4 of 5 (currently)
Recommendation: Recommended