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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Mercedes Benz Of Chicago in Chicago, IL.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Mercedes Benz Of Chicago, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Mercedes Benz Of Chicago in other cities in the Illinois.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 628-4444
Address:1111 N Clark St, Chicago, IL - 60610 - 2801 near Clark St,maple St

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 716-0297
Address:1520 W North Ave, Chicago, IL, 60642
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mercedes Benz Of Chicago

Jessica G. | 2015-04-14

I am updating my review to thank Matthew Schenek for contacting me and solving my issues - front plate bracket. And beyond that, will be reimbursing my ticket that I received due to not having a mandatory front license plate on the vehicle. I was very pleased with the way Matthew handled the call and was very sincere in his apology. I hope that this becomes a teaching lesson for new sales trainees for out of state sales and handling of emails.

carol s. | 2015-03-25

I just had the best experience at this dealership.  I made an appointment with Jaime A after a few emails regarding an Eclass car. He was knowledgeable and straight to the point. This is our 5th Eclass car and by far the best deal yet. Love the car, the deal was great and the service over the top. We will return here again.

K Samantha I. | 2015-03-22

Horrible experience. Sales guy has both my phone number and email but never followed up... I even called his sales manager Austin who never called me back either. It's so lame that my only test drive and I was honest that I was deciding between Audi Q3 and GLA but didn't offer to have me drive the Audi, just spent whole time paying attention to some guys who bought a car a week ago and tried to close me to buy a the car today... Creepy unprofessional tactics.

Steve L. | 2015-02-20

My, my, my.... How crazy and quickly things change.

So, I sold my E550 after having nothing but problems with it... I was told that I could get a refund on the extended warranty/service plan that I purchased. All I had to do was submit a written request for the refund to Mercedes-Benz of Chicago, and all should've been golden.

I'll spare you the gory details, but... it took me 9+ weeks and countless e-mails, letters, faxes, and phone calls before I could get my refund. Talk about complete incompetence.

Non-responses to messages; ignoring simple mailing instructions; claiming to not have all info; you name it - they held on to my cash as if their life depended upon it.

While they may excel at selling a vehicle and taking your money, they absolutely suck at helping you after the fact. Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth... I'd rather eat a big bag of scabby rattlesnake skins that had been dipped in castor oil and lemon juice than to ever deal with Moe G and the "finance department" here ever again.

Good riddance.

** Note - they have over 150-filtered reviews, most of which are less than positive. Hmm...

Kellyn H. | 2015-02-20

Unfortunately, I have brought my 2010 C300 into the dealer a total of 14 times in the year and a half I've owned it. A handful of those times were flat tires from potholes. I've had a lot of experiences at the Chicago Mercedes dealer.

Every single time I have been told a time frame that never actually happens. Most recently, I was told 2 hours and was there over 5.5 hours. They continuously come out to tell me a variety of excuses why its running behind. My favorite was when they told me it was in line to be washed and they brought it out 45 minutes later DIRTY. Which also reminds me, of the 14 times its been brought in, it was only cleaned 5 times.

This is a very brief description of my experiences only because it is extremely frustrating to break down all the details associated with this dealership. I did go to Westmont Mercedes twice and I will say that it was absolutely worth the extra drive to avoid the mess of Chicago Mercedes.

Tiffini G. | 2015-02-19

I had the easiest experience at this dealership, total time of turning my old vehicle in to leaving the place in a brand new c-class was roughly 3 hours.  Stephen my salesman was very helpful, polite and easy to talk to, Mo the finance manager made everything effortless.  These guys are great and will have a long term relationship from here on out!
Thanks Guys!
T. Gurganus

Teddy M. | 2015-02-15

Very professional atmosphere and made my buying experience really great and this is the 2nd Mercedes I have purchased at this dealership. I would also like to point out my sales person Jim J. who sold me both of my vehicles and he was very knowledgeable and made the sales experience like a concerige journey with my finance manager Travis finishing very efficient and effortlessly. I am a lifetime client and could not imagine going anywhere else to purchase my vehicle.

Kameron J. | 2015-01-18

I buy a new car almost every other year, and this is by far the best buying experience I have ever had. I actually have bought two cars in a row from them, and just referred a friend there that absolutely loved her shopping experience too. The sales team is friendly, almost to the point of being selfless. The management team goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy and always seem to find a way to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. They are highly competitive and honest. Having sold cars myself (many, many moons ago), I am hyper-critical when it comes to customer service and these guys are bar-none at the top of the mountain in Chicago. I've been to every dealership in the area from Land Rover to Audi, and there's just something really sincere and human about the team that works here. They never try to "sell" you. They simply listen and listen well. For that reason alone, I will continue to buy cars from here until they prove me otherwise. I usually work directly with Josh, Austin and Christopher Bard (new car sales manager). These guys are a class act, and be sure to tell them that Kameron says Hello! Cheers and happy shopping!

Jeffrey S. | 2014-12-31

I currently drive a 2007 BMW 3-series and will most likely replace it with another 3 or 4-series, but wanted to give Mercedes a shot as their new models seem impressive. I went to the dealer this afternoon looking to test drive and price a new C300--unfortunately, the salespeople had other priorities. No one greeted me in the lobby, and the salesman--who was leaning against the counter talking to the receptionist when I walked in--never introduced himself or asked my name. He then showed me to a car that was already sold and didn't offer to open it. When I told him that I really wanted to see the inside of the vehicle, he told me that he MAY have one open upstairs, but that he really wasn't sure--in his words, "We've been selling cars all day." However, he DID have time to answer his personal cell-phone and text throughout my visit.

Needless to say, I left without getting the salesman's name--except from his business card--he never asked mine, nor offered to follow up with additional information about the car. This isn't the only Mercedes dealer in the Chicago area, and I know if I ever am in the market for a Mercedes, I won't use this dealership...I'll probably just stick with BMW.

Jeremy S. | 2014-12-27

Buyer beware!!! Frustration, frustration, frustration.  


I went to the dealership to look at one car, a new CLA 250.  There were only so many of these cars in stock, and my salesman (Greg, a nice guy, who worked hard to get me to buy), would only agree to get the car out of offsite storage if I agreed to the price up front.  He wasn't incredibly knowledgeable about the car, but I knew enough to know I wanted it, so I agreed.  After waiting a significant period of time for one person in finance, I was passed to another, who I was told would take care of everything, including my state taxes and tags (out of state).  Once I got to finance, nearly 4.5 hours after we arrived, I was told I would need a check if I wasn't financing the whole amount or didn't have cash in hand because they would not accept electronic transfers.   I sent my wife home to get a check, which added nearly an hour to the ordeal.  More about the check later, but start to finish, it took me nearly 6 hours to purchase a car.


Although I thought we agreed to a price, I learned after the fact that this wasn't the case.  First, our USAA credit should have taken $500 off of the agreed purchase price, but they told me later that they applied the credit to get us to the agreed number.  I thought this was nonsense, but they agreed to give us all weather mats and metal pins for the door locks.  Given the time I had already invested, and the promise for the mats and pins, I didn't fight the issue.  But, I did keep insisting on him going to check with parts for the mats so I could leave with them that day, but I found it odd he wouldn't do it.  Instead, he simply waited until the parts department closed to tell me we would have to wait until the following business day to pick up the mats.  I learned that following business day that Mercedes does not  make all weather mats for this car, so we couldn't get matching mats.  They did, however, give me Weathertech mats, which are not MB, but will have to do the trick.  As for the metal door pins, my salesman told me the following week they would not honor his agreement because it took too much time to install the pins and they couldn't promise the pins would work.  In lieu of the metal pins, I got a teddy bear for my newborn son.  Again, not what I expected, but I already have the car hundreds of miles away.

Financing was a major problem as well.  First, I explained to the finance guy I needed to transfer funds into the checking account I was using for the purchase because I didn't realize until I got there that they wouldn't allow me to wire the money to them.  Finance (Mike) agreed to hold the check until the date the funds were set to hit my account, but that didn't happen.  Rather, they attempted to cash the check a day early, and even though the funds arrived on that same date as the check, I received an overdraft fee.  I quickly received a call from MB about this and explained the situation, thinking it was done and they would retry to cash the check.  Unfortunately, people do not communicate well there because I received a call the following day to explain to me again that my check had been returned overdrawn.  It felt like salt in a wound.  When I shared the check cashing issue with my salesman, he promised I would receive a $34 check from MB for the overdraft fee, but that has still not arrived 2 months later.  

A second major issue is that although I have an agreement showing the final number for the purchase, including a calculation of the taxes and fees for my home state, nearly 1.5 months after the purchase I received an email telling me that funds were short by over  $650 and they were withholding my tags until I paid it.  They were nice enough to send me a scanned copy of my tags that were being held hostage.  I finally called and spoke with the manager on duty (Bill or Bob), thinking he would appreciate these ongoing issues, but he showed no sympathy or care for what was going on.  His response:  the taxes and tag fees listed on the agreement were only estimates (does not say that on my documentation), and I have to pay it.  He let me know he was happy to take my credit card number over the phone for the outstanding amount.  This to me is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE & POOR LEADERSHIP!!!  So, in addition to the $500 USAA credit I expected to come off of the purchase amount, but didn't, no matching all weather mats, and no metal door pins, I had to pay an additional $650+ to be able to get my tags.

Now that I am over two months out from my purchase, you would think I would have my tags, but I don't.  Why?  They sent them via FedEx to the wrong address and FedEx couldn't locate them when I went to pick them up at the service center (40 minutes I can never get back).  I only hope that the tags turn up before I get a ticket for driving on an outdated drive out tag.  

Long story short, be careful when buying from this dealership.

Mike D. | 2014-11-25

Re: Flat tire service call
Basically, there were a host of issues.  Scheduling was easy and great.  Dropped off the car with a flat, was told around an hour.  The full time I waited was closer to 3.5 hours.  I just wish I would've known that.  Thankfully, the chairs are comfortable and the caffe mocha wasn't too bad.  And I didn't have anything else pending for work.

Maya was my consultant.  But I don't know who to blame, if she was misfed information about the timeliness of the finished product, or if she was just poor about her particular job at that time.  I think it was the former.  After 90 minutes, she told me 30 minutes, Then 75 minutes later she told me 5 minutes.  Then 15 minutes later I went out and that was basically the last straw.  
Furthermore, I was charged $30 more than I was quoted and what was on the internet.  Then, when I brought it up, it took them 5 more minutes to figure it out.  
Then she didn't act like she gave the slightest shit.  "Sorry" while she kept typing.
I was happy to get my car back and I spent enough negative energy on the whole thing.

The truth about how long these things take wouldn't bother me.  I don't care if it takes 3 hours, I just don't want to be strung along.  The Service department is always busy, so I don't think yesterday was atypical. It should be down to a science.  
The service department is the reason I won't buy another MB from Fletcher Jones.

Lawrence S. | 2014-10-30

Well I never got much motivation to go to the dealership because of my phone experience. Called to inquire about the new C class, talked to a salesman who said he would email me stats and prices, and he would call me back. He never called me back or emailed me anything. Left a voice mail with the manager, no call back! I will stick with Lexus, they know customer service!!

Hongyuan M. | 2014-09-23

Bad car selling experience.
They are rude when you want to sell your car to them.
They said they would have your car and call you when they get the check prepared, but they never called.
I called them couple of times, and was told every time that they would call back soon but they never did.
At last I stopped by and got my check, but their staff were not nice at all.

Scott M. | 2014-09-11

I bought a Mercedes about three years ago.  Overall I had a good experience with this dealership but have had an awful experience with Mercedes service on Division.  If you are thinking of buying a car, the Mercedes service is just as important.  I strongly recommend you read their reviews.  The service is so bad we are likely not buying another Mercedes as long as we live in the city.

Michele P. | 2014-08-23

Terry is the best service agent there. He is very professional and always looking out for what is best for his clients.

Valerie P. | 2014-08-02

I can always count on Chuck, my service advisor, to make any repair process go smoothly.  He communicates clearly and timely about problems and associated charges, even during the process.  You do not have to wait to read a bill - you already know what it will say.

John D. | 2014-07-12

Can only comment on sales - ask for Alex L.  Fantastic salesperson.  Hits the perfect balance of being attentive and helpful without being overly pushy.

Neilav B. | 2014-06-10

I had a terrible experience. I had originally bought my car here about 4 years ago. Took the car back in to see of they would buy it back. The associate helping me was arrogant and kept dangling my keys in front of me. Would never go back.

Kai D. | 2014-06-04

I really wanted to love this place but since purchasing my vehicle 3 weeks ago I have been given the run around about items that weren't available when I took delivery of my vehicle.  The vehicle was missing floor mats, the second key and the owner's manual.  No problem they said we'll have it for you in a couple days.  I have inquired repeatedly with my salesperson and today 3 weeks and one day later I have nothing! Also whatever they used to "detail" the vehicle smells like old mop water coming from the vents and makes me want to puke every time I get into my "luxury" car!  Should have stayed true to Toyota/Lexus now their service is impeccable!

Liz S. | 2014-05-20

My husband and I had a wonderful experience at MB of Chicago. We were looking for a 2012 C300 and we ended up buying a car we really like within the span of about a week. First, we were seen last minute on a Saturday by Alex L, who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Then, we corresponded with Alex during the week to select the right car. Throughout this time, Alex was extremely responsive. By contrast, other dealerships let days go by before returning my e-mails or messages. Alex also worked with our crazy schedules and stayed late on a Friday and Monday to make sure we got to see the cars we wanted to see. The MB of Chicago manager and finance director were also very helpful. We received wonderful customer service and would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a car in the Chicago area.

Tania G. | 2014-05-05

Marco is awesome at the Mercedes shop!
He always gets me in and out with no delay and efforts !
I will always be back here because they know how to treat they clients well!

Rachel R. | 2014-04-18

I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful service I received when visiting this dealership.

The lease on my car had ended and it was time to turn in the car. The car was leased back in CA so I thought there might be some challenges. To my surprise the transaction was flawless. Very speedy transaction, super friendly employees and overall a great experience. Much better than any I ever had back home in CA. Thanks Chicago MB!

Joe H. | 2014-04-17

Terry is phenomenal to work with. Very flexible with appointments and provides excellent customer service.

Barbara G. | 2014-04-13

As always the level of customer service provided is off the charts.  My husband and I have been so grateful for Geoff Hult's superb service and friendship.  Its because of our relationship with him that we purchased a sedan and a new sprinter for the business..  Thank you to Geoff and his staff!

tatiana c. | 2014-04-01

We purchased a certified pre owned 2012 C300 from sales consultant, Carlos Regalado. Carlos was helpful and super personable from the start. We were worried heading in that we might experience the expected hard sell from the sales staff, but with Carlos, that was furthest from reality.

The car we chose was unique in many ways (features unique to the C300 and fairly rare) and even though there was a little competition for the specific car we wanted with another buyer, Carlos and his team (spacing on names, but there were a handful of guys who made this deal happen) did all they could to make sure we left the dealership with our new car.

We test drove it this past Saturday and he was available to answer all of our follow up questions the next day. His day off. I went in Monday to finalize the purchase and was on my way a short time later. They gave me more than I expected for my 2010 Honda CR-V as a trade in and I was pleased with the value they came up with. We paid cash for the remainder of the vehicle, so I can't speak as to the ease of obtaining financing, but Moe (financing specialist) who assisted in getting me the requisite paperwork to finalize the sale was a pleasure to work with as well.

My dad and I were both long time customers of Loeber Motors (Fletcher Jones took over) and the service we received from Carlos and the rest of the managerial sales staff was comparable to what we had grown accustomed to at Loeber.

I definitely recommend Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz of Chicago and especially sales consultant Carlos Regalado. If you are in the market for a new or CPO Benz, talk to Carlos!

Dzifaa L. | 2014-03-29

I bought my MB and it is 2014 CLS 550 and I love it. Matthew first showed me a pre-owned 2013 that was very beautiful but was no match to the new 2014. Matthew was very knowledgeable about all the vehicles and I would highly recommend him as his customer service was outstanding. The whole process went as seamlessly as one could expect and he has only be at this location for a short time but he is excellent!
Thanks Matthew!

Brad R. | 2014-03-03

My Lexus lease was coming up and decided to do some shopping around. I ended up going with MB and working with Kim Norah, and he was fantastic. He was patient with me and always extremely easy to get a hold of, (we were actually texting back and forth which as a gen Y really appreciated). I cant speak on behalf of the other staff, but I had a great experience with Kim and will definitely referring him to friends or family that are thinking about MB.

Shehab M. | 2014-03-02

I came in prepared to buy a new sprinter with confirmation that this specific dealership sells the type of sprinter i wanted. When i came in i was treated with a very unprofessional tone, as if i was not a serious consumer who wanted to buy a new sprinter. I feel like this ridiculous treatment was due to the fact that i had came in wearing my work clothes, as if the people at the establishment held a bias toward anyone who didn't come in wearing a suit and tie. I was told via email that they sold the type of sprinter i wanted, however when i came in  the saleswomen said that they do NOT sell the type of sprinter i wanted( After a 20 minute wait !) .  Unsatisfied with my experience there i took my business elsewhere and spent 45,000 on a cargo sprinter .

Doug V. | 2014-02-24

I started my hunt for a new Mercedes C coupe, I went to a few dealerships in the Chicagoland area and was not impressed by the sales staff. I decided to contact Mercedes-Benz of Chicago by email and received an email and a phone call back within a few hours. My contact was a Dennis Smith. When I arrived for my appointment, Dennis was waiting for me. We spoke for a few minutes and he understood what I was in the market for.  He brought down a vehicle for me to test drive, after the test drive, I decided to build my vehicle the way I wanted it. Dennis advised he had one in the computer ready for production, he spoke to his manager Christopher Bard and within a few minutes and a couple changes to the vehicle, it was mine at the price I wanted it for. So in April I will take delivery of my 2014 C Coupe.
Dennis Smith was knowledgeable, extremely helpful and took the extra time and steps to make sure my visit was up to my expectation.
If you are in the market for a new or used Mercedes, Mercedes Benz of Chicago is the place to go. No need to go anywhere else.

Big B. | 2014-02-05

Joseph S is fantastic and I recommend him to any buyer. He helped us get the perfect car for our family and went above and beyond his role. Thank you m b Chicago and Joseph.

Yitian N. | 2014-01-15

So i have been a MB user for the past 3 years and decided to trade in and get another one.

So the first one i was showed was a pre-owned black 2011 GLK350, talked to the dealer and he told me it was available so i went there right way. When i get there, he found out it might be sold already early that day. I was disappointed but understood that happens.

Then i was introduced to a more expensive but with better miles and features, white 2014 GLK350. I took the info and decide to think over night. The next morning, the dealer called me and said the black was actually available. But you know the white one is 3 year newer, so i decided to pass the black one.

I went to the dealer right way next day and after a long negotiation, we agreed on prices for trade in car and the new car. The sales filled out paper work and we paid deposit upon the agreement. I was told the car will get serviced and certified in 2 days the earliest. So i should go in 2 days later to pick up the car when they call me. I was so excited and happy about it.

2 days later, no contact from the dealer so i called them. I was told that the car I paid deposit for is no longer available because obviously someone paid for it one week before me and they cannot sell it to me. Then i was promised they would find a exactly same car brand new without changing the price. Asked me to wait another 2 days.

When times up, i went to the dealer and ask about the progress. I was told that there is no way they gonna give me a brand new car with the agreed price. They cannot sell me the car they were selling me either. So i only have choices of buying a car that doesnt have the features i want or buying a more expensive one.

What kind of experience is this? I mean i drove Volvo, BMW before, and helped friends buy so many other brands, this never happened before. My sales person and I came to an agreement based on the managers' supervision. As such a big dealership, I can hardly imagine how thr store is managed. Moreover, I cannot believe that such a big brand forgot about the most basic working ethic is to keep the promise and honor the deal.

It has been a very stressful week and what do they lose? Nothing! Just a small, unimportant client. They are only focusing on the big client who spend more than 70k on a car without doubts. They do not care about the little people.But they forgot one thing, the chain effect. I am in my early 20s, there are many cycles of car changing in my life, my friends', my family's, and my children's. I would never recommend MB to anyone again.  Thanks to MB Chicago, they just turn me from a loyal Benz lover to a loyal hater.

Dan K. | 2013-08-19

Oops! I accidentally violated terms of use the first time I wrote my review by using full names of the people mentioned in the review, which was only violation of the terms of use.  So, the full name has been removed and now, we should be all good.

Here's my edited review:

I walked into this dealership READY TO BUY with cash and order a new CLA (a new car that is not even out yet, and coming out in about 2 months).

The receptionist was very sweet and kind (she earned the first star in this review herself) and got Michael to help me.

Little backstory: I have always driven Toyotas and Lexuses. My parents have always driven the same...we like driving very dependable and reliable cars. My grandparents always drove Benzes, so I decided to give them a try (after branching out and buying a VW a couple months back that I don't love). I came into the dealer not dressed like a bum for a late afternoon that was 102 outside: checked shorts from Brooks Brothers, Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, BB shirt, white Prada sunglasses. No, I did not show up in a suit or need to prove anything else.

Also, I work in a field where I own my own business and I cater to high income comsumers with very particular taste. My bills are paid by pleasing the most discerning of Chicago's elite. So, I know how to give that service and what to expect from someone also serving properly.

Michael  NEVER smiled. While I was talking to him about what I was interested in and why and what was important to me (quiet cabin, moonroof, smoother ride) he had a look on his face of pursed lips, not looking at me at all, but out of the corner of his eye and RIDICULOUSLY OBVIOUS, he is looking me up and down, taking in every logo and spending at least 5 seconds trying to figure out my watch brand. I am not kidding, not embellishing.  Never smiled, nothing. And when I say the guy NEVER smiled, I mean he NEVER EVER smiled. As in NEVER. Not a smirk, not a little glint of a smile. NEVER. EVER.

So, after I test drove a C Class (I think), we went back to his desk and I asked him about the options. He just seemed so impatient and had his little post it notes in his hand the whole time playing with them and acting like I was just an insect annoying him around his area of vision or something.  

So, I asked about the iPhone kit option and he said and I quote verbatim:

"Yeah, it's a bunch of cables."

"For charging your phone?"

"Yeah, that's all. To charge it."

"500 bucks to charge the phone? Sounds like a lot."


"Can we get on the site to look at it, seems like I'm confused."

At this point he ROLLS his eyes at me and mutters under his breath and pulls up the site. And there it is...a kit that allows you to pull up your iPhone apps and do a LOT of fancy stuff in a nutshell. It's not just a charger for 500 bucks. Dude had no product knowledge.

Also, every time I asked a question he would say "I don't know."

Ok, well, um, can you find out? I would like to know what I'm buying. Seriously, dude.

I could go on and on about this guy and how rude he is, but I advise you avoid him at all costs.

So, one star for the receptionist and one star for the very cool and kind and awesome sales manager, Karen, who I talked to after and was very cool. I recommend calling her if you need to get what you want here.

A J. | 2013-08-05

I have been a MB owner for 15+ years and my family. German engineering is the best!  I went to several MB dealerships, but my service tech told me about Michael Thornton at MB of Chicago.  

We had an initial meeting to discuss options and he was very nice right from the start.  We came back again and gave him our honest opinions regarding our budget and what we could get for that price.  

Background story, we were at the end of our C350 lease and were looking to get a C300.  Due to Michael's service, pricing efforts and help we were able to get not only the C300 for a great deal but also buy the C350.  

Funny story is, you really can get a MB as my husband's Acura was similar to what we were paying for this MB.  

Next came trying to ship the car to CA.  I worked with Erick at the MB Servicing Dept and he was fantastic.  He didn't try to find strange things wrong with the car but gave his true and honest opinion on what to fix (this is rare!).  He coordinated everything to ensure my car would be shipped for me.

What I didn't expect is Michael calling everyday (during his days off) and emailing everyday to ensure everything went smoothly for us.  I highly highly recommend people to reconsider MB of Chicago and please go see Michael and or Erick for Servicing.

BOB M. | 2013-07-25

Just got a 2014 E350 and traded an Audi A6 We were greeted by Mike right away and were escorted to the 2nd floor where we were offered coffee and water while Mike listened to what we were looking for.
He then offered to take us on a test drive in a E350 he drove us over to the service facility on division st. and introduced us to Velma and told us that she would be our contact for service and she gave us her card.(nice touch) Then he gave my wife the keys and showed us the features we were interested in and back to the show room we went Mike walked around the Audi we were trading in and took us back upstairs while the used car manager assessed our trade in. We met Mikes manager Bob and worked out a deal on the cars. They were fair on the trade and pricing and were professional and easy to deal with. We then met Moe in Finance where we were offered a great maintenance package and wheel/tire protection (should have had that on the Audi) and then the Delivery room where we learned about the options and controls.
By the time we got home Mike had sent us some videos on the features we went over in the delivery room. (Great Thinking) All and all it was a great experience and the car is phenomenal.
Thanks for the first class treatment.

By the way I had Levi jeans on with a golf shirt no designer watch or sun glasses or attitude and was treated very well! Even had a few laughs
After reading some other reviews it seems like the experience is what you make of it.

RJ W. | 2013-07-15

Perhaps the negative reviews here helped. We went in on Saturday after looking around at both Lexus and Audi.  I walked in and within 2 minutes, Matt came over and greeted us. I told him very specifically what we were looking for and our price range.  He could not have been more kind or professional.  He brought us up to the 3rd floor and started showing us options.  He was in sales, so talkative, but not pushy, just helpful.  We even looked at cars beyond what we were looking to pay just to dream a bit, and felt no pressure beyond what one can expect at any car dealership.

Once we had chosen our car, the negotiations were fair. Perhaps I could have bargained down another $1k or so, I don't know. But I do know that 48 hours later, we are still very comfortable with what we paid and hope that this is the first of many cars we purchase there in the future.   We have certainly already recommended them to a number of our friends.

I know this sounds almost like a fake review, but you will see I have been Yelping for 7 years and have no issue on blasting someone when I feel the service and or product is poor.  This was far from the case.

On a personal note, my partner and I both remarked how much of a non-issue our being a gay couple was.  Unfortunately, that is not always our reality. In addition, my partner is Latino.  He specifically stated he was shocked at how respected he felt there, being a double minority, in an upscale retailer.  It was greatly appreciated and resulted in a sale.

I only hope that our continuing relationship with this dealership remains at a 5 star level.  I know we were not the biggest sale at the dealership this month, but we were certainly made to feel by Matt that we were the most important. Thank you.

Thomas H. | 2013-03-02

Worst car shopping experience ever!  I saw a ML 350 SUV on the web and emailed about it. I was called back by a sales associate the next day. We made an appointment to come in the following morning. I was there on time, he was not. We reviewed the car, test drove it, and were crunching numbers. I was in for about 1:30 hours at this point. Although I came with Edmunds trade-in information and my car was in excellent comdition, they played all the dumb games, justifying their low ball offer on my Infiniti (not even a year old).  After another half hour, they came back to inform me that the vehicle was actually sold the night before, and they were "sorry " no one was aware.  Someone "forgot to put a sold sign on it." As a consolation, they were willing to offer me a similar ML SUV, exact model and features, but with 12 thousand more miles for "the same price". I asked if that was a joke. Clearly it was not. All in all, I spent two and half hours trying to buy a vehicle already purchased, and there was absolutely no attempt to rectify the situation. I would never return to this dealership and would encourage others to follow suit.

K A. | 2013-02-26

Bought two cars from this dealer in the past and had a great experience both times. Not sure why all the negative reviews. The new building is very nice and I found that all of the staff was extremely friendly. Ask for Frank Bertone in sales - he's easy to deal with, upfront and honest.

Patrick G. | 2012-12-18

The classic bait and switch!  My wife talked to a salesperson on the phone inquiring about purchasing a new SUV.  The salesperson said that we could get the SUV at a certain price so we decided to go in to check it out.  When we arrived the salesperson that we spoke to wasn't around.  We dealt with another salesperson who was very nice, but when we sat down at the desk to go over the numbers, the "manager" came over and said that the person that we talked to on the phone wasn't authorized to give us that price and that she had been reassigned.  There way no way that they could go that low on such a "hot" car.  She then tried to get us into something else that they had but nothing lower than MSRP!  Save yourself the hassle and time and go somewhere else when thinking about purchasing a car.

ryan f. | 2012-10-04

Recently bought a pre-owned Porsche at MB of Chicago..not a bad group of people working here, other than being very persistent. I got the whole "you have to buy it today or the price goes up" treatement which I didn't care for. Other than that they were pretty nice, and worked with me on the price after a little bit of haggling.

The car is in great shape other than needing new brakes 3 days after I bought it; but I got a decent deal so I can't complain. Overall, I'd probably shop here again if they had a car I wanted.

Capt M. | 2012-09-22

Rude Rude Rude Female manager.
Ryan is nice enough, he tried to find me a car to fit my needs.
Since I am out of town a lot, they Emailed me asking for a $2000 non refundable deposit. When I returned to town, I was told that all recently owned vehicles were being sold while in service, not even making it to the showroom floor.

Then the bitchy female manager comes out and chastises me for not sending in a non refundable deposit. She told me that people send her deposits all the time sight unseen.

When I explained that I already owned 4 cars, and there was no hurry, I didn't need to buy a car that day (My second visit to the dealership) she said some more "kind" words and walked away.

That was over a week ago and I haven't heard from anyone at the dealership since.

If this dealership cared, they would have found a car for me.
Obviously they don't care about my money.

There are many Mercedes dealerships within a 45 minute drive of downtown Chicago. I suggest you try one of these, they couldn't possibly be as rude.

Ilya M. | 2012-04-25

Arrogant sales people and extremely slow service. I wanted to test drive a C-Class, but was turned away by sales person. I came in around 7.50PM on Tuesday. Asked receptionist for salesperson. The salesperson came in only 20 min later. When I explained that I wanted to test drive a C-Class, the salesperson said ok, and then disappeared for another 20 minutes. When she came back, she said that there are no C-Class Mercedeses in stock and that I have to wait for 2 days. I looked around spotted 4 C-Class within 200 feet from us and then left the dealership. Wasted 45 minutes. I do not recommend - stay away from this place.

Niko S. | 2011-09-02

My wife and I came here to test drive a Mercedes Benz SUV. We are both proud BMW owners but she used to own a Mercedes in the past and decided to give Benz another shot.

We test drove the GLK SUV. Nice car, a bit smaller than the X3 but nice.

However, we were treated like low-life idiots. The sales manager insulted us that with what we were willing to pay we couldn't even afford a Buick.

Then he insisted in making us purchase an M-Class because for "a more expensive car he had more flexibility with the price".

Well the truth is that he has a parking lot full of M-Class SUVs that he cannot get rid of so he is trying to sell us what he wants vs what we want and in the process he thinks we are morons.

Well Mr. Manager, my wife is now a proud owner of her 3rd fully loaded spectacularly designed BMW X3 for less than what we had budgeted. And guess what? It is NOT a Buick.

Go Perillo BMW... This Benz dealer should close down and go out of business...

You hear MBUSA? That is who represents you in Chicago. A used car sales manager that is now selling brand new Benz's...

santino b. | 2011-07-31

This dealership is a complete joke. They have a very cocky used car manager who thinks he knows Mercedes Benz but looks like he should be selling car with 24' wheels. The finance manager is a professional crook and salesman rather play with his phone than to sell cars to potential buyers.  Do not buy a car here.

John T. | 2010-12-11

You don't have to act snobby just because you own a Mercedes.  Having spent a small fortune on cars here, as well as having referred many friends here, I think these people are downright rude.  I have had 4 Mercedes here ranging from 45,000 to 100,000+, and I never go to get it serviced by them.  They see a young guy dressed casually (when I am not going out, I like just wearing lounge-wear[sweats--it is 8a.m. why would I get all dressed up]) and they just think "scrub." ha thank you, but there are other dealers around that treat their clients far better.

Christina G. | 2010-12-07

I used to own an SLK-230, and I loooooooved it.  What was the reason for eventually selling it?  The damn upkeep!  Each time I went in to the dealership I ended up spending exorbitant amounts of money!  Which may or may not have anything to do with this particular dealership.  However I will say I dropped off my car for detailing and it came back virtually in the same condition.  The guy that dropped it off acknowledged that this was not "detail" condition, and drove it back.  They eventually detailed it, but it took an extra couple days; what a pain.  Anyway, now I have a Honda and my bank account seems a lot fuller.

A B. | 2010-05-07

I had to update this review and start all over....please whatever you do stay away from FJ!! Our attempted car buying experience was horrible, they lied and deceived us and we had to pull out. We did end up buying our dream car from a private seller and it worked out for the best. Now the bad part, I know those who are car lovers are going to feel for me when they read this. My husband injured his arm and has no use of it, therefore he went into the service location off of Division to have them put on the plate frame. First off they had their valet guy, which is not even a Mercedes employee, install the plate. Get the car back and noticed there were scratches all over the trunk, they must have put some tools on there and dragged them around. We yelled and complained and they decided to buff out the trunk, got the car back and it was full of swirl marks. Complained again, managers got involved and decided that they were going to buff our whole car and detail it for free. Now that alone....admission of fault. Why we left it there for them to detail it, I will never understand. We get the car back and it looked find, it was buffed and waxed so we didn't see anything. Now fast forward to a few weeks later when we washed our car, to our horror it was filled with swirls marks and scratches everywhere. It looks like someone took a brillo pad and decided to wash the car like it was a dish!! We took it to some detailers and they couldn't believe that anyone would be given a buffer and allowed to do this to a car. We are so upset, this car is only a few years old and it was in perfect condition. There is no way we are setting foot back in FJ, not even to complain again. Now we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money and have the damage fixed. Please stay away, this place is a joke and should not even be in business!

Aunti G. | 2009-09-30

See reviews under Fletcher Jones Automotive Enterprise

Miles H. | 2009-09-29

Please AVOID these people at all costs. Their utter disdain for customers is evident in every transation, service and sales attempt that literally has them laughing at customers.

I've escalated multuple times with depth and specificity to the "CEO of Fletcher Jones DBA Mercedes Benz of Chicago" only to be ignored and abused once more.

As the owner of an SL500 I expect to be served well and at the very least like a human being, this apparently is not a realistic expectation. And I'm afraid to say, escalation to the CEO of MBUSNA did little to rescue the situation, in fact they showed similar disdain including laughing at my concern about catastrophic steering problems that could very easily have led to the injury or death of me and my passengers. Serious, serious issues.

And now they have the balls, or indeed the paying public as the stupidity to support their expansion into a new, gleaming mega-facility at North and Kennedy?!? I will NEVER buy a Mercedes again. Go Audi, BMW or Lexus. Contact me directly if you would like further detail.