Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Service Center in Chicago, IL

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Our dealership's primary goal is to provide you with a World Class Service Experience. As part of this effort we developed a number of ways to make your visit more comfortable and informative. We know you need information to be able to make an educated decision.  You rely on the knowledge and expertise of our technicians to make your vehicle maintenance and repair decisions.
Our technicians are the most qualified to work on your vehicle. They have trained extensively and partake in continuing education to remain up-to-date on changes and improvements handed down from Mercedes Benz. Our Service Consultants strive to make your service experience pleasant and informative by communicating effectively between your technician and you; guiding you to an informed decision while prioritizing your needs.

We appreciate your business and loyalty.

Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Service Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 628-4444
Address:1111 W Division St, Chicago, IL, 60642
  • Monday: 6:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Service Center

David R. | 2015-03-26

Best services, professional , great experience. Thanks again for Chuck Benson, my service consultant and all your teams who performed a great service to my car .

Valerie P. | 2015-03-26

It is always easy to set up an appointment with my service advisor, Chuck Benson.  The repairs were handled quickly while I drank cappucino!

Rick H. | 2015-03-23

The service center is very clean and the crew, friendly. Their waiting area made waiting for my shuttle ride home, very comfortable. My car (2015 model) was in for warranty work. While it took an extra day due to a complication, it was ready as promised (adding in the 2nd day). They also hand washed and dried the car so I got it back perfectly clean. Chuck, my service rep, was excellent. Very polite and attentive to my needs.

Manuel O. | 2015-03-21

I have been taking my ml320 for service at MBC for more than 15 years. I do have a few horror stories and a few good stories with them. I took my truck in for an express service . I needed an oil change. No appointment needed advertised. Once there, I was told that I would have to wait longer than normally required because there were two booked appointment ahead of me. I told them that no appointment were advertised, I was told that there were short two technicians. waited a little longer than two hours. Work was done to my satisfaction.

Xiyu Z. | 2015-03-05

They are always so nice and efficient!!! Every time I go there to try to solve some problems with my car, they ca fix it very quickly. I do appreciate their work, every time.

Ryan P. | 2015-02-21

If you like waiting this is the place for you!

Chris M. | 2015-02-10

Dan is the best,each time I come in for service its always profound..I'm always please with the prompt service....Good job Dan!!

Nooney T. | 2015-02-09

Horrible place to be employed and there policy about handling situations are terrible!!!

Ziggy K. | 2015-02-06

Did a nice job and were very polite and prompt.

Tasha B. | 2015-01-16

I REALLY want to give Mercedes Benz of Chicago (MBC), Mr. Geoff Hult and Mr. Melvin Peoples 5 stars but I can't. So here's the ugly, the bad and the good of my experience with MBC.

THE UGLY - This last visit to their service center resulted from my displeasure with a repair that was done 2 years ago.  The suspension went bad on the rear passenger side of my R350 and  we took our car to MBC.  A technician diagnosed the problem and Mr. Peoples, our consultant,  told us the repairs would cost a couple of thousand dollars. The repairs were made but less than six months later the same issue presented itself.   I brought the car back and was told that it was a NEW problem.   I was mortified.   I wondered why they did not see this particular issue when they "fixed" my car the first time.   My suspension was down then and it was down at this time yet I was told it was a NEW problem. I left MBC frustrated and distrusting of their staff.

Two years later I contacted MB USA and expressed my displeasure with the service and repair I received from MBC and they encouraged me to call and speak to MBC's service manager.

I contacted Mr. Geoff Hult's office and left him a message.  He called back right away.

Mr. Hult offered me a complimentary inspection.  I received a loaner car and the technicians inspected my car.   After a day or so I was contacted and told that the same "fix" I was quoted the last time I visited them was what they stated I needed again so I told them to fix it.  

THE BAD - Well the car was repaired and my husband and I were told that we could come and pick up our car. We were told that there was an issue though.  Our car had a flat tire! MBC was not going to charge us to put on a spare but they had no plans to replace our tire that was damaged while our car was in their possession. After involving Mercedes Benz USA, Mr. Hult gave the approval to replace our slashed tire.

THE GOOD - Mr. Hult took care of our inspection and the replacement of our tire.

I expressed to Mr. Hult that I was concerned that his service team does not take responsibility for any mistakes they make. I believe they made a mistake with my suspension 2 years ago although I can't prove it.   The current repair cost was $588 (I paid $533 because I saved 10% with their discount card).  The crazy part is that the part was less than $125.  What I paid for was labor.  I paid for them to REWORK on my car and replace a part that should have been replaced the first time I brought my car in for the suspension problem.

Although all has been resolved,  I have NO further plans to take my car to MBC UNLESS the suspension falls again.

Yumi N. | 2015-01-13

I want to say that this is a good place so bad because of their car product and techs in general but I feel as if the front service teams needs a little more training or help.  Maya was very unprofessional and didn't want to attend to many people need as I see. I came across an incident where she was talking to a tech that was working on one of her customer car and she was being very rude and him and such. I believe that a good team of people ( service advisor and techs ) are what makes a shop good or bad. Other than that a tech name "Kevin" was very helpful and kind when we came across a problem in the car that maya couldn't explain. He was willing to explain everything and answered all my questions that I have. Will come back because of kind and respectful techs, maybe different advisor next time.

T C. | 2015-01-06

Took my car in on January 2nd for the "standard service B".  I left with an almost $9000 estimate for God knows what and a SUPER LOUD BLOWER that I didn't come in with.  When I returned and told Melvin that my car was not making that noise when I brought it in...he basically called me a liar and said that it was.  He did have the technician take a look at my car and I was told that they found "leaves in my blower" and that is what was causing my engine to make this horrible noise.  (mind's the middle of winter and there hasn't been leaves flying around for weeks).  The repair estimate I was given stated that I needed a new blower that would have cost me over $1,000 had I listened to them.  I have been bringing my cars to this service center for over 15 years because I didn't think I had other I'm going to look for other options....even if it means going to the 'burbs.

Ushna A. | 2015-01-05

There's a young woman name Maya in the  service dept.  Who was behaving very unprofessional in the department. It's seems like the gentleman that work there are busy flirting with this women instead of attending to customers.. The young Lady Mya or Mia was gestured to calm down, but totally shrugged it off.  She carried on with her abnoxious conversation with another employee, then picked up her cellphone and carried another conversation with someone on the line. Sounding rude and making people uncomfortable. Disregarding the man who told her to bring it down... She didn't care that she was making the customers uncomfortable in the service dept.... Something needs to be done..

Bran W. | 2014-12-13

Used to be if you get service writer T.S. You are in big trouble.
Every imaginable charge and nefarious "repair" will be quoted, totaling thousands of dollars. Even if your car was just in last month and there was nothing wrong...
Get a second opinion.

Marc V. | 2014-12-11

First I want to start by saying that I am a returning customer and that today was my 3rd or 4th time at this MB Service Center on Division st. With well over $4k spent the last 18 months, I would consider myself a respectable customer.

Well does not look like their "Crew member" named Galvin or Calvin has any knowledge of respect and professional attitude.

Picked up my car today after 3 days in Service.... The 1st 100 feet out of their facility a new light asking me to check my coolant liquid pops up! You would think they would test drive the car or double-check triple check all liquid level during their so called "Multi inspection" Had to drive back inside where they gladly refill my coolant level.

But while I was in there this "gentleman" Calvin or Galvin decided to ask me rudely to move my car backwards, when his associate just asked me to bring it to a certain position so that they can fix it. I had no pb moving it again....

I kindly asked him to repeat and he just said:" whatever give me a hand sign (That I can't reproduce in writing...) and left upstairs upset by me....

Totally unacceptable

1)Not only they are overpriced.

2)UnderQualified : Their multi inspection form decided that some items that needed my attention 6 months ago, do not needed it anymore!! I did not service my car in between so maybe the MB fairy came and fixed in my garage! How reliable is their inspection? Im still undecided.

3) Rude and impolite

I was hesitant to bring back my car there but I felt like getting a MB service and attention was the good thing to do for my vehicle and that I would great outstanding service.

I now know not to bring my car there anymore and to choose a local specialist that will probably treat me with more respect and charge me less. Too bad since Im buying a 2nd mercedes vehicle by the end of this month and will most likely need MB service again in the future.


Craig W. | 2014-12-11

Melvin Peoples is a "Peoples kind of service pro."  His staff greeted me by "Welcome Mr. Wilson as I pulled in.  They knew what kind of car and license I had as it was posted on their monitors above. Nice touch. The check in was first rate.  The shuttle driver was extremely polite.  I was picked up promptly on time without needing to call. Check out was easy. All in all a true FIVE, and it is a great reflection on Mr. Peoples.

kelley k. | 2014-12-11

I bought my Benz last year and it needed it's A service. Terry and crew were super nice and accommodating. I was given a great loaner for a few hours while they did the service. Thank you, Terry and crew!

Michael M. | 2014-12-04

It's almost as if they have to quote a minimum of $1700.  I did it in 2013 when my warrenty expired but I wasn't falling for it after receiving a quote over $3k, including 195 to flush 3 lines, 1 of which I'd never heard of.  Like they don't make enough on the car.  I tried to call and talk through the quote with my rep, Melvin, but he never called me back.  Funny thing when I took it to Lincoln Park Importt, they said I needed none of that work at this time and let me know my brakes had about 1000 miles left.  MB Chicago Service is so greedy they don't car about a safety issue like brakes, they just want to get you to pay for as much work as possible.  What a shame!!!!!  Can't trust them, can't rely on them.

Sunka S. | 2014-11-26

We fell in love wirh mercedes brand mainky because of service we receive when needed. We will stay loyal, due to tremendous care we get with each visit at the service center. Thank you so much,

Raijean S. | 2014-11-12

Great service, the only service center I only take my car here!

Sonja T. | 2014-11-01

MB of Chicago service consultants are the best. Everything is always top notch.

Susan S. | 2014-09-25

Unfortunately, I've had a couple of (minor) things go wrong with my car - headlight out, low tire pressure, etc. -  so have had to come back here a few times in the past six months, but the experience is always top notch.  They have online scheduling for appointments, which is key for trying to figure out your schedule after business hours.  It's conveniently located to both home and office (also key to a busy life).  And, the service manager took a solid 7 minutes for intake and to get me out the door and to wokr, while still making me feel like he understood my concerns and knew exactly what I wanted done.  I was able to text the service manager to ask questions and change my pickup time.  As far as amenities if you do happen to wait, there is a comfortable seating area, coffee and water, and FREE WI-FI!!

Scott M. | 2014-09-11

This is the fourth Mercedes we have owned.  Our current Mercedes, ML 550, we bought in Chicago a few years ago.  We get the car serviced at this location and the service is just awful.  I agree with the other comments in that they aren't the most organized but I could live with that.  More annoying is they try to charge you for items that are under warranty or for items they recently replaced (i.e., battery).   They seem to have selective memory and conveniently forget what they did in the past.   Lately it is taken on a whole new level of frustration where they say they fixed something only to have the exact same problem reoccur within the days.  In the end I have lost complete trust in their ability to service my car which sucks. I like Mercedes and at the moment I am not sure I would ever buy another one as long as I am living in the city and I feel that way solely because of them.

Ruchi D. | 2014-09-10

Dealing with this service center has been the WORST customer service I have ever experienced.  I cannot believe a "luxury" service center is this unorganized.

I called to have a part replaced that was recalled and wanted to verify that they indeed had the parts and scheduled an appointment for later that afternoon.  I show up, wait approx 35-40 minutes and then am told that they ran out of the part (even though they told me they had it that morning).  No apology for the inconvenience and was told to just come back the next day.  I specified that I wanted an appt time of 1pm for the next day.  I call the next morning and am told my appointment was made for 230pm and then placed on hold for 15 minutes while someone was checking on part.  They then hang up on me so I have to wait another 7 minutes on hold.

I eventually call back and get through and when I say I want the appointment time of 1pm I originally requested, they said it was not available.  I change my schedule to go in early.

I then have the shuttle drop me off to make an appointment and when I called for a pick up was told he'd arrive in 20 minutes.   45 minutes later I call and check in and am told he will arrive in 5minutes.  10 minutes later the driver calls and I find out he is at the wrong location! I then have to call and request a new pick up and wait another 10 minutes.

The lack of communication and service at this place is mind blowing...will not be using their services ever again and unlikely to purchase a Mercedes again.

Roman P. | 2014-08-09

My point person Dan Hoffman does an awesome job. Very friedly and on top of things. I drove in without an appointment and within 2 hours they fixed my car and I was ready to go.
The waiting area is awesome; TV, coffee, tea and free web-access.

That's what I expect from a premium brand. Good Job Meredes-Benz Chicago Service Center

Ari A. | 2014-07-17

If you have lots of patience and power to deal with their very unhappy service consultants , welcome to Chicago Mercedes Benz Service Center.
  As a reminder, when you go there, remember that they dont want you. They dont want your car neither listen you. So, go there with the "begging mode". And obey, whatever price they ask you.
  Seriously, i hate myself with having an Benz, i kicked the tires after getting serviced bc of the feelings that they experienced to me

Mary S. | 2014-06-03

I made an appointment today at 7:30, arrived on time, and was not seen by my advisor until 7:45.

I reserved a loaner and it was available but they didn't give it to me because I'm not 25. EXCUSE ME!?! I buy a BRAND NEW (2013 purchased in 2012) Mercedes and I cannot get a loaner because of my age? Well then maybe you shouldn't sell your cars to people under 25 either. Isn't that age discrimination?

Needless to say, I'm now late for work because I have to wait on their shuttle to come get me.


Ryan R. | 2014-05-30

I went in today for my third oil change with this dealer, but they performed (and charged me for) a bunch of "checks" that I didn't request.  I was very explicit that I wanted an oil change only and not a Service A or Service B.  In the past, this has cost about $110 at this dealership, but today my bill came to $230 because they performed the full Service A.  I had a 10% discount card for services and part, but the dealership also didn't apply the discount.  After having to argue with them, they offered to reduce the bill by $40, which is barely more than the discount that they forgot to apply initially and didn't reimburse for the extra services that were not requested.

Besides being overcharged, taking a ride in the shuttle to pickup the car was outright scary, as the driver drove the wrong way down a one-way street, honking at other cars to get out of his way, so he could take an illegal shortcut.  This didn't speed anything up, though, as every street heading north out of the loop was backed up with cars, and the driver kept driving back and forth from east to west to try to find a faster street.  Complete waste of time.

To top it off, the dealership didn't include a car wash in the service.  This was always done in the past, so I don't know if they forgot or have cut back on what services they provide for their exorbitant fees.  

At least Mercedes corporate sends out a survey after each service.

Jian S. | 2014-05-19

My experience in Mercedes Benz of Chicago was awesome!! My Salesman Dennis Smith help guide me though the different S550 features and I ended purchasing my first Mercedes Benz S550. Dennis provided first class customer service and he greeted me and my family with a bright smile and warm personality. I will recommend Dennis Smith and Mercedes Benz of Chicago to all my friends and my family.

John S. | 2014-04-30

They don't call when they say they are going to call.  They forget about the parts they ordered for your call.  They recommend work done that you don't need.  They actually tried to tell me I needed new windshield wipers (for $100), even though mine were only 3 months old.  Avoid this place at all costs and find another place to service your car.  This is my first Mercedes and am actually very disappointed and shocked at how they treat their clientele.

Alice H. | 2014-04-09

Worst dealership in Chicago.  When I came to pick up my car, they actually let me drive out of the lot without a license plate.   My boyfriend noticed that the license plate was missing so I had to drive back to the dealer and wait while they put the license plate on.  The lack of attention to an important detail is disturbing.

Irbad C. | 2014-03-05

My original review was a bit haste. The costs are driven by the real estate. Higher prices for service are expected. Waiting area and business center are great for waiting. Service was above expected.

Deanna S. | 2013-12-02

Wow I'm surprised that MB of Chicago has received such horrible reviews.  I feel like they offer great customer service and they follow up in every way possible to ensure my experience was pleasant.

The last time I was there they not only left a thank you note in the visor but I received an email or two, texts and phone calls.  It's a bit over the top but they are obviously ensuring I left happy.

Terry is my service guy.  This last time my two rear air struts had holes in them and they were deflated and my extended warranty company only wanted to fix one.  He gave me the number to call and I was able to get them to fix (and cover) both struts.  I feel like Terry is very helpful.

The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because even though I'm a loyal customer, the last time I was there they refused to reset my settings to show I had an oil change after I had my oil changed somewhere else.  It's a super easy few step process and I thought they could have done that for me considering I've been going there now for a few years.  When items are not under warranty, yes, it's uber expensive to have anything done here but such is life when you go to a dealer.

Edward L. | 2013-09-23

So someone from MB of Chicago called me and offered to send me an MB of Chicago keyring... over 3 weeks ago. Never arrived,
even after a different service rep called me and promised to follow up... over 2 weeks ago. I dropped a star b/c don't promise something you don't plan on honoring.

Tamera B. | 2013-09-19

Looks like I am not the only customer that received scratches on there car from their careless techs.  The worst service ever.  They damaged the rear end bumper of my vehicle then said I was it was already there when I brought it in which was not true but they agreed to get the white paint off the bumper which i waited for them to remove which left scratch marks which they said they would repair if I wanted to leave my car for another two days.   I found scratch marks on the back window as well that were not there when I dropped of my vehicle.   I am disgusted.  I wouldn't take your benz here.

Chris B. | 2013-08-26

This is the first review I have ever written of any business; that's how bad it was.  I made a big mistake by not checking their reviews in advance.  The short story is I would stay away...far away from this business.  

The longer story started with them saying they would have a loner available, and they did not.  I then jumped on their shuttle to the Loop and was to work as you would expect in 10 to 15 minutes (but if I had other plans, not having a loner could have been a huge problem).  Getting picked up and a ride back, however, was a disaster starting with them showing up 30 minutes early followed by the driver getting lost trying to pick up another customer which turned into a 65 minute adventure back to the service center.

With respect to the service on my car, MB was to call me once they inspected the car to go over any work that needed to be done; my car was brought in because of a break wear warning.  At 4:00 pm I called them since I never heard from them.  The customer service representative proceeded to deliver a list totaling $5,700 of repairs the car "needed" with a high pressure pitch which included an oil leak that was a fire safety hazard.  This oil leak was what got my antenna up and first suspicion of foul play since I have a new house with a newly finished epoxy floor and have never seen any oil on the floor.  Because I was so shocked by the length and expense of the recommended "repairs", I made up an excuse that I needed the car the following day, paid my nearly $400 for the inspection and oil change, and said I would bring it back the following week.

I then did what I should have done in the first place and I asked friends for recommendations and checked reviews.  I proceeded to bring my car to a highly recommended non MB service center that serviced MB cars.  I asked them to do a full inspection and call to discuss any recommended repairs beyond the front brake pads and routers which I authorized them to do (which they quoted over the phone at a price $163 less than MB).  I received a call from the new shop and they did not recommend any other work at this time.  When I picked up my car later that day, I found myself in the strange position of questioning why they did not recommend any additional repairs, went on to question specific areas of concern that MB had said either absolutely needed to be done or they recommended should be done.  The new shop was in what I am sure was also a strange position defending their opinion that the work did not need to be done and saying that while they would be happy to complete and charge for the additional maintenance, they didn't feel right doing so and would not do it without my written authorization (I only gave them verbal on the brakes).  

So, at the end of the day, when I picked up the car at the new shop, they actually charged me almost $400 less then MB for the brake service alone and $5,278 less than MB quoted for the work they said needed to be done.  After paying, I "came clean" and showed the new shop the MB Service Center estimate and they chuckled and said it happens all the time.  They also said I should be ready for a call from MB explaining it would be much cheaper for me to buy a new car then the $5,700 in repairs.  The owner of the new shop made what I believe is a sincere offer, that if I was considering a new car, that he would be happy to buy my car and I should at least call him before trading it in at MB.  

At a minimum, this MB service center is a rip off and at best, their business practices questionable.

Mr. S. | 2013-07-29

Was going to junk my Mercedes and asked for a diagnostic to see what was wrong with it and whether it would run.  Service Advisor called and said they completed the diagnostic ($160) and I would need just  $750 in repairs and the car would run for at least 2 years.  I wanted it to run for 6 months so I could get a new Mercedes in the fall.  So I authorized the repairs.  

Then a few days later they called and said the car doesn't run and they think it could now be the harness wires ($2500) more in repairs.  Spoke to a manager who said, "you never know when you start repairing these cars what you will get into" and you shouldn't have been promised that the car would run.  Well, why did I pay for a diagnostic then and isn't that a training issue with your Service Advisor for promising me that?

Went to the dealership and asked for a copy of the diagnostic as the junk dealer who was picking up my car wanted it to see which parts were working properly.  The "diagnostic paperwork" was a 6 line Repair Estimate with some handwriting notes added that indicated, "Start with this" meaning engine wire harness and  "possible issues after harness is replaced."  Doesn't that seem like a high school mechanics exam?

Showed the "diagnostic paperwork" to the junk dealer person who picked up the car.  He said it was not a computerized diagnostic like the Orland Park dealer or the Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates dealer prepares.  

So I asked them for the "computerized diagnostic" and I received a printout that was created a week or two after the alleged diagnostic.  Again, it wasn't a computerized diagnostic but just a generalized checklist that indicated whether something was checked and ok at the time or requires attention.  Interestingly, nothing was checked "ok at this time" and some were check  MAY require attention.  If this was the diagnostic, why wasn't I told that there were several items that MAY require attention.  Again, right after the "diagnostic" I was told my car would be working for 2 years when I authorized the repairs.

Then the Customer Service Agent called me and indicated she talked to the Service Advisor and knows I am displeased so, "she doesn't need to spend more than a few minutes with me."  Wow, doesn't the Customer Service Agent first talk to the customer to figure out their level of satisfaction?  So I spent 1/2 hour with her on the phone indicating that I felt like it was a classic bait and switch, that my junk dealer indicated I did not have a diagnostic yet I paid for one etc..  She said she would get back to me in a few days.  She never did.  Perhaps if she did, I would not be writing this review on Yelp.  I also received via email an invitation to fill out a customer satisfaction survey and indicated that I would like someone to get back to me.  That never happened.  Yes, spending money for a diagnostic that either wasn't performed or wasn't complete, paying for unneeded "repairs" on a car that is ultimately junked bothers me... but I am more upset with the lack of customer service once there is an issue.  My next car was going to be a Mercedes but I bought a brand new Accord instead as I would never want to deal with this Mercedes dealerships lack of customer service again.

A K. | 2013-07-24

This place has the worst service ever! I went there becuase my navigation was having problems, after making an appointment I arrived and they wouldn't give me a rental car becuase i'm not 25?!? I own a brand new freakin Mercedes, yet I can't drive a rental? After speaking to the manager, he finally released the rental car. I had no problems like this when I was with BMW, I now regret ever buying a Mercedes. When you go to BMW they treat you with respect and help you with anything you need. Your car comes back nice and clean. Well guess what, if you want a car wash at Mercedes it's going to cost you! I bought the car from their dealership and they want to charge me for a car wash? Are you kidding? When I got the car back, they had spilled some oil on my floormat, i called and called for months until I finally received a new floormat! These people are ridiculous!!

BMW covers their services while you're under warranty, guess what you pay for everything at Mercedes!

Tony H. | 2013-07-17

Edit: Had talked to Gayle, Terry and they have resolved my issue

N S. | 2013-07-16

Don't promise your customers a loaner when you don't have them. This morning was a mess in Svc !! I appreciated the shoe shine.  Hopefully we can retry customer Svc. What's the point of making an appt?????

So the next day ,I show up and they found 12K worth of work,that was  being recommended. I only approved 2K of it. and also went to an indep. in Lincoln Park for second opinion. He found some of the same problems and repaired some of them with Mercedes parts @ about 50% less.. oh well..

I have been coming here for the past 10 years with my regular car, This was the first with  the 320 wagon and it was taken care of partial by Champagne Mercedes and the local lube place.

Mercedes benz ,just received the lowest ratings in this months Consumer reports.
I think @ the higher level, they need to see ,this.. ......

Indepentdent shops . received higher ratings via consumers.

Wake up Mercedes Benz corporation, make your prices better..

Brian A. | 2013-04-09

I recently brought in my 2003 Mercedes E500 for a general inspection. Overall the car is in great shape with 94K miles. Zero problems with the car. I was provided an estimate listing 9 recommended maintenance items to be performed, including replacing my rear brake pads and rotors. The estimate was $5,000.

Given the age and value of my car I decided to get a second opinion on the recommended service. Using Yelp I found Joe's Expert Auto Service and asked them to do the same full inspection.  Their recommendation was to only perform an oil change and not do any of the other items. Obviously some of items are a matter of preventative maintenance and opinion. But given the age and value of the car, most of the items were complete overkill. Especially $1,800 to replace the rear main seal, which is not leaking at all.

The worst part is that Mercedes-Benz Service recommended I replace the rear pads and rotors because only 3 mm remained on the pads. I asked Joe's to double check the rear brakes and was told more than 50% of the rear pads remained.

I will never visit Mercedes-Benz of Chicago again. Really glad I found Joe's Expert Auto Service.

Shelby B. | 2012-12-21

After dealing with several Benz dealership service centers in Northbrook, Lincolnwood, Hoffman Estates and even one in Little Rock, Arkansas, I can say by comparison that this one has been my worst experience.  Support for my low rating as compared with other locations are as follows:
- worst loaner vehicle compared to ANY other Benz dealer in the area regarding condition and function.  This was discussed at the time of service.
- service associate was repeatedly unavailable throughout the day of service, even after the email with bill details was requested and sent.  This was discussed with another associate who finally was reachable.
- Get this, the bill for recommended service was literally 10 x higher than original.  TEN TIMES AS MUCH AS ORIGINALLY SUGGESTED!

Of course, I refused most of the recommended work which is to be evaluated by another specialty shop in the area.  But you know what really grinds my gears?  The fact that I had some routine maintenance performed as a gift on this car several weeks ago by specialists.  Despite the good routine maintenance service from the specialists I know and trust several weeks ago, this Benz service center still recommended that I get over $1000 worth of work done on the same item.  When I told them this, I got a sigh and shoulder shrug.  Completely dishonest.

Chicago Benz service center please take note.  If you are going to smile, shake my hand and look me in the eye while you snatch my wallet, at least have the courtesy to give a decent loaner car and to answer your phone.  Otherwise, you get an honest review.  It is worth the drive to see another dealership service center.

Stephanie H. | 2012-11-02

I took my car there about a year and a half ago for my service A and they took care of it and gave my car a good bath. But naturally they suggested $$$ of repairs, but nothing imminent. I give this place props, they are very friendly, everything is clean, and the shuttle service (or c-class service) to and from my office is a nice plus. No joke, I put about 1,500 miles on my car a year so I have not had to come by much.

So what's the problem? I got a call a few weeks ago for a fall promotion offering a free inspection. I'm not stupid, I asked what the catch was... she said no catch they would do the inspection and a cleaning and would make recommendations for repairs if applicable with no obligation to buy. Free inspection with no fine print? ok that's cool. So I took my car there yesterday and they recommended about $2000 worth of work. WTF?? I let them do the oil change and replace the engineer filters. But they also told me all 4 tires and front brake pads really really needed to be replaced before the end of the year. I smiled and nodded and then called up European-American Motors on Lincoln. I went by this morning and they took a quick look for free and told me my tires and front breaks were fine. I don't feel the breaks rubbing at all when I drive anyway.

What a sham. Also, you will pay significantly more money at the dealership for anything relative to anywhere else. You've been warned. Take that list of 'recommended' repairs to someone trustworthy.

Albert K. | 2012-06-12

After many times coming to this place and being highly satisfied not only with the friendliness, the great loaner cars, and good service I have been greatly disappointed this past time.  I purchased my '08 GL 320 CDI from them along with the extended warranty, which was the best investment I've made because they've performed a lot of warranty work in this car.   This past April I brought in my vehicle because of a power steering issue. It was paid by the warranty. I also had regular service done.  My service manager suggested I get new tires because the ones I had (Pirelli Scorpion) were loud unlike the Continentals that they sell. I said no thanks. The next day I left for Florida. I did notice that the car was louder than usual (it's always been a quiet ride) and figured they rotated the tires. The noise continued there and back. Later I took a friend for a ride. He was surprised by the sounds coming from the car. As an engineer he correctly diagnosed the issue as bad bearings. I brought my car in for service the next day. I did not get my usual service advisor nor my usual loaner car. The issue was bad bearings on both rear tires. The warranty work amounted to nearly $3,000.00. My pads and rotors were shot and also had to be replaced to a tune of  nearly $590.00.  The warranty company would not cover the cost. Pads and rotors are excluded. I spoke to them personally and they said that it was negligent of me to have driven that much with bad bearings!  I thought it was tire noise as told to me by my service rep. I turned to my new service rep and asked that they cover the cost. After my $100 insurance deductible and a $60 coupon they gave me nothing until two weeks later they gave me $100 off. I am paying $330.00 to fix a condition  that they put me in.   They test drove the vehicle before giving it back to me in April. They had done alignment work on the rear wheels as well. They missed the problem. They put me and my family in danger. If the bearings would have failed while I was driving down the interstate the wheels would have locked up I don't  want to imagine what would have happened.  And they give me $100?
Sorry, that won't do it.

Keith H. | 2012-03-09

After a horrible experience (Sales, Service, and Customer Service) from Autohaus on Edens I decided to take a friend's advice and take my car here for warranty work.  They found a service bulletin that the other guys missed and took care of the problem under warranty.  Had a fantastic experience on the phone coordinating a time to come in and arranging a decent loaner, then was blown away by the service I received once I pulled into the service entrance.

The whole team put together a smooth, easy experience.  Special thanks to Michael Marklund for going above and beyond for his customer.  I'll be a loyal one.

Morris F. | 2012-02-15

One mildly frustrating experience and one seriously disappointing experience add up to I won't be back.  Although I agree with other reviewers that the people are nice and the facility is delightful, I feel I cannot trust them.  I took my 2005 E500 in because a directional signal wasn't working, expecting a 30 minute, $50 repair.  The service advisor returned to tell me that they could not replace the bulb because the wiring inside was "fused" and they would have to replace the whole headlight assembly -- $1400 + 3 hours labor at $135/hr  (the biggest part of the cost is replacing the $1100 xenon headlight).  I found it hard to believe this was the only option, and am I ever glad I did my due diligence.  Taking it to an independent repair shop with an experienced Mercedes Benz mechanic, I found that there is a $50 kit to replace the damaged fixture, which was replaced in 1.5 hours for a total cost south of $200.  I made two attempts to get an explanation from the MB Service Manager, and both times their response was a version of "there's no other way to fix it" other than what they originally recommended.  They had no answer for the fact that it had been fixed.

Laura M. | 2011-11-15

Making an appointment to get your car serviced is about as fun as making an appointment with the dentist. But of all the Mercedes service centers I've used, this one is far and away the best. They always look for ways to save you money rather than the typical upsale for products you don't need. The staff are all really nice and helpful, always offer complementary ride service, and answer any questions with as much detail as you want. And the facility is amazing after you make it through the crazy Halsted detour traffic backing onto Division.

They got 4 stars instead of 5 because it took two visits for them to diagnose a break light problem which Mercedes had apparently flagged a while back, but they stuck with it and figured it out on the second try. And on my first visit it took forever to get my car back after it was supposed to be all washed and ready. But Saturdays are nuts at any service center.

Aunti G. | 2011-10-12

The thought of having to bring my c280 into Fletcher Jones Service Center makes me cringe enough to want to cry.  I have a running joke with my husband that you cannot get out of there without a $2,000 bill.  They told me my struts needed to be replaced and it would be $1,000.  Because I had already had integrity issues with them I took the car to another MB service center, an hour away and paid $500.  They told me my car needed a steering column flush.  My husband paid for it without knowing I had told them NO. I took the car back in 6 months later and they told me it needed a steering column flush.  FACT IS cars don't need steering column flushes for at least 100,000 miles.  QUESTION IS the first time they said it did they even CHECK it much less DO it?  When I asked that question, the service advisor almost choked.  They told me I needed a transmission repair and the reason I didn't see any fluid on the ground was because I had a drip pan.  I called MBUSA and was told that my card does NOT have a drip pan.  So I got ripped off on that too because I did the research AFTER I questioned it.   Find another dealer not this one..

Bertel J. | 2011-05-14

I love my car.... I felt a need to say that.

I have taken my Mercedes here for years of maintenance and NEVER had an issue.    I am promptly greeted each time and either ushered to the waiting area or to the business office ( where I am given a better car than mine).

I do believe that you sometimes get what you pay for. The labor cost is a bit higher than most and the final cost may cause temporary dizziness but you drive a Benz.

Mark L. | 2011-05-04

Drove in for my appointment and was greeted right away. I came in for a specific brake module reprogramming (since I get my Mercedes serviced elsewhere and they are unable to do this but from what I read on the internet it should be free).  I also asked if they could take a look for anything else or apply any service bulletins. I was dropped off downtown.

I gave them a call later in the day, and they had everything ready. They told me to come on in, I asked for a pick up which arrived 20 minutes late.

They had done with brake reprogramming for free but the cashier wasn't aware if they had looked at anything else or applied any other needed services.  Got a look at the place while I waited for my care, very swank.

I filled out their questionnaire via the web, giving them OK remarks and got a phone call about how they wanted to make things better.

Also got a message via the USPS thanking me for dropping in.

carrie r. | 2010-12-07

I love the guys here! They are always so friendly and remember my name. I come in on Saturdays for the free car washes and when I have had problems with the car they are always very helpful and give me the best option and explain it to me---I feel like I understand my car better now than before I came here!

Larry L. | 2010-11-16

If you are a Mercedes owner then I'm sure you'd want to bring your vehicle to a reliable place with top notch technicians and great service.  This is the place!  The facility is nice, clean and I was immediately greeted when I arrived.  I brought my car in due to a check engine light and my vehicle was diagnosed promptly.  As I waited, I helped myself to a cappuccino and accessed the free wi-fi.  Nice!  Overall, I would definitely come back again and recommend any other Benz owner to get their car serviced there.

Edward W. | 2010-10-31

This place is amazing.  Great experience from the moment you drive in.  You're met by very nice people the moment you open your door.  Service ticket is written quickly.  If you want to wait, get your shoes shined, access the free wireless, get a cappuccino and watch the big screens in a large comfortable chair.  If you can't wait they will give you a loaner or a ride where ever you want to go then pick you up later.  

This is why you pay extra for a Mercedes.

Donnie C. | 2010-09-13

A devoted life-long Mercedes owner (recently moved here) brought one here.  One part charged was TEN TIMES the same OEM part online.  They were told to ONLY address the immediate problem, but went ahead and rang up a HUGE bill that included windshield wiper blades.  I refused service ... and suggest that you do to.  PS: There was additional outrage is being charged for this of nearly $150.  RUN ... don't walk ... but, RUN from this place!

Courtney W. | 2010-07-13

I just went to write a bad review and saw all the other bad ones, should have checked here first.  Called last minute to get a service done that I had been putting off.  They had all these appt's open for my service that I was told would take "2 hours".  So I have my boyfriend follow me and rush over there.  Get there: the techs are backed up, service will take 4 hours and I'd have to leave my car over the weekend but they are out of loaners.  Really?!!  I understand things happen, get backed up but maybe you shouldn't keep a bunch of appt's open when you are backed up and don't have loaners and I just called.  "Would you care to reschedule?"  No, I'd rather drive 45 min to Knauz and get taken care of properly.

Anthony M. | 2010-04-01

I have been bringing my cars here for the last 5 years and these guys are amazing.  I read a bunch of the reviews on here and do not understand the really bad ones.  I could have easily given a bad review 5 years ago.  I didn't like something and I went to the manager of this location and you know what he made it right.  The management is incredible here...they really care about there customers.  I do not understand why the people with the bad reviews didn't actually voice there concerns to a manager.  Okay I do not want to dwell on what I dont understand.

The location is amazing...every waiting room should be like this from the free coffee and soda to the big screen TV's.  My car is always fixed in a timely manner and no repairs are ever made until I approve them.  If they find something wrong with your car, then they have to tell you, remember you do not have to get it is your choice.  Okay the bad reviews are bugging me again!

Erin M. | 2010-03-31

I continue to receive amazing service every time I take my car in for service. The manager is friendly and always takes the time to say hello and talk. I will continue to buy Mercedes because of this service department alone!!

Renee C. | 2009-12-12

This is the SECOND TIME my vehicle has gone in for repair for the same issues (my doors will not lock and my vehicle will not start infrequently). These issues have been going on for some time now and have worsened over the last several months. Before I brought my vehicle in for repair Mercedes Benz came over to my home to jump my vehicle because I had thought the battery was dead; however, the battery issue was not the case and the Mercedes Benz employee told me that the battery was fine and that there is a bigger issue that needed to be resolved. I was told to contact the service department about the remote key issue and the car not starting. This information is on file with Mercedes Benz of Chicago.

PLEASE NOTE: On 21 November 2009 I brought my car in for the remote lock and start issue and my car was in the shop 10 days without any resolve. I have explained my service issue several times to both Tim my service representative and Terry the Service Manager and yet when I went to pick up my car which they had for over a week the problem was not resolved.  When I came to pick up my car Terry the Manager told me that if I should experience the problem again I should bring the car back. I called Terry immediately after arriving home and left a message on his voicemail and said I could not lock my car doors again and that I had to start my car and then use both remotes until the new remote opened the door. I told Terry maybe it was the key and that the new key seemed to be working. He then said he would order me another key and to use the keys I have for now. A few days later I arrived to work where I must park on the city street and I could not lock my car doors. So how to I prevent people from breaking into my car or stealing the contents from my vehicle if I can not lock my doors? My vehicle has already been ransacked once because my doors do not lock all the time. State Farm Ins. told my personal contents that were stolen were not covered under my policy. This problem is causing me monetary loss, additional time going back and forth to the service center and also time spent trying to lock or start my vehicle. I purchased this car NEW from Mercedes Benz of Chicago that is why I keep going back to them for repair; not to mention, this is the only service center in Chicago. These issues are covered under my warranty which has not expired. Mercedes is responsible for resolving the problem.

LOANER CAR ISSUE: On 09 December 2009 at 5:30 pm I brought my vehicle back to Mercedes Benz of Chicago for the same repair issue. I made arrangements prior to my drop-off date for a loner car. However, today when I was driving to work with the loaner car the check tire light came on and I called Mercedes and spoke with Nicole who told me that I should look at the tires myself or take the car into a gas station. I am notifying Mercedes Benz because of subzero inclement weather conditions in the city today and because I do not believe I should have to now service my loaner car myself. Also, I have been placed into a vehicle that might be a potential danger to my life even though I was told by Nicole at 10:45am that this happens all the time because the tire sensors are sensitive. My question: What type of product is Mercedes selling if their vehicles are susceptible to infrequent service issues from the get-go? I am responsible for the condition of the loaner including the tires while in use. So, I will AGAIN take time out of my schedule to come in to the service center after work to exchange my loaner car. I would appreciate if Mercedes Benz of Chicago would provide me with a loaner car that does not have mechanical issues. An accident in either my vehicle or the loaner vehicle could severely impact my lively hood.

BIGGER PROBLEM: I faithfully placed my trust in a high quality product when purchasing my Mercedes Benz. I truly believe that I have been taken advantage of because of my lack of service knowledge and because I am a Minority Female. I have lost all trust in Mercedes products and I am hoping that someone will look into the service practice of Mercedes Benz of Chicago and the quality control center where vehicles are inspected prior to shipping to the dealerships for sale to the consumer. I am a disabled officer with a spine condition; I need a car I can depend on and that will not place me in physical danger. I also use my car everyday to drive to work. This is financial loss on my end; the service repair issues are noted on CARFAX and so even attempting to trade in this vehicle to buy a new vehicle at some point in the future will significantly impact the trade-in value of my vehicle. I hope my communication with Mercedes does not go unnoticed and that something is done to rectify this matter without further legal recourse.

Ryan C. | 2009-11-30

I took my car for some work that needed to be done.  My car started stalling and I was pretty sure it was the fuel pump going out.  When I took it in, I specifically said, "I think it's the fuel pump."  Saying that, you would think that the first thing they might check out would be the fuel pump.  They ran some tests, "fixed it", cost me around $800.00 and sent me out the door.  3 hours stalls/died again.  I questioned them about this and asked about the fuel pump.  They told me it was fine.  Come find out they didn't even check it.  The ONE thing I asked them to and they didn't.  

I took back to my usual mechanic.  If he wasn't soo backed up from before I would have taken there in the first place.  I begged for to look at it.  He did and said, "Wow, you are was the fuel pump.  The repairs they did had nothing to do with why your car was dying."  He replaced it and had done in about an hour.

Nice work Mercedes Benz of Chicago Service Center on NOT listening to your customers.  I will admit, that everyone there was extremely nice and enjoyed the coffee and doughnuts.  The waiting room was quite swank and choices of big screen televisions to watch, which made the wait so nice.  However, that doesn't make up that you cost me $800 for somthing I didn't want!!!!!

Juan B. | 2009-11-25

While the staff was attentive and helped me out get my service started, I don't trust these guys.  Went to this place because the service A of my Mercedes was cheaper than the indies.  They ended up trying to upsell me on $2500+ of fixes I did not need.  Decided that my cash was better spent elsewhere and left.

Micheal S. | 2009-11-22

Worst service I've ever received with any car.  These people don't understand that you've purchased a Mercedes for a reason.  I always feel like this place is selling me on services.  Go to a suburb for the service its much better!

Miles H. | 2009-07-21

Please, please avoid this company, both the service and sales groups with every cell in your body.

I could (and might) show excerpts from a dossier that includes detailed correspondence to MB Chicago, MB US customer service, and MB US CEO all of whom ignored and in one instance laughed off minor issues like...frozen steering of an SL class vehicle. I think this would be clear to the reader that this could have caused serious injury or death.

To put it bluntly, I've never been treated this horribly, fraudulently, and negligently by any business in my life, ever. Please avoid this company, and warn anybody considering buying or servicing a vehicle at this organization.

Escape C. | 2008-11-04

Completely incompetent and unable to do their job. I hit a pot hole and cracked a rim on my mercedes. I had wheel insurance where everything was covered and should have been an easy replacement procedure. Instead it has been 10 months, they had my car in the shop for 4 of those months, and I continue to go back and forth to the service center ever other week. My car stills shakes when I hit 60 on the highway, the tires can't hold air pressure, and I have had a blow out as a result. The people who work here have no idea what the heck they are doing. I have spoken to every management individual in the place, and all they do is try to pass you on to someone else, never answer their phones, never return voicemails or emails.

This place completely disgusts me. Go  else where and save yourself a lot of time, energy,  and money!!!!

Misse D. | 2008-06-19

I have taken my Mercedes here to be fixed four times.  The first time, they found nothing wrong with the car and didn't charge me.  

The second time, there price seemed a little high so we called up the Mercedes dealership in Indy (where we have family).  They were able to knock of $300 for the price so we opted to take it there.

The third time they had to repair a broken window.  I didn't have an option to take it anywhere else so we had them fix it.  It was close to $600 including parts and labor.  Ouch.  There was also a problem starting the car.  They told us that we needed a new battery.  Since my battery was still under warranty at Sears, I opted to take it back to Sears.  Sears said that the battery was low but that there was nothing wrong with it.  I had to take it back to the dealership for visit #4.  They did a check and figured out that there was an electrical problem.

Part of my questions their diagnosis as they first said that it was a battery problem when it was not. However, I don't have anyone else to ask so I am sucking it up and paying the $700 to fix it.  

As other reviewers mention, free coffee and sweets are available in a comfortable room with AC and TVs.  They also offer car service but the service does not go to my house.  Oh well. I had them drop me off at the border and then took the bus home.

Paul A. | 2008-03-21

The place is clean, which it better be for a Benz Service center.  My service consultant is a nice guy and thoroughly tells me all my car needs to have done.  Although like one yelper mentioned, they must get a percent, cause they'll try and talk you into most anything.  My previous consultant was an arrogant little prick, so I switched since then and have had a much better experience.
They have a nice lounge area for you to wait in while your car is serviced, with leather soffas, giant flat screens, and all the mocha lattes your heart can take.  Once when I was in here they realized the issue was going to take longer then expected, and since they were out of loaners, they rented me a car which they paid for.  So that was nice.
Just beware of the additional services they try to tack on for mega dollars that you can easily have done at a non-Benzo place.  For example, they wanted to charge me over $100 for an air filter that I can get at Pep Boys for $25, plus "installation fees".

Lisa T. | 2008-03-03

Watch these guys closely!!  The quality of the work is great but they will try to sell you repairs that you don't need. The consultants must be on commission!!  After being told that our battery needed replacing on two consecutive service visits, we now review any suggested repairs against old invoices before approving them. (You would think they could do this themselves on their computer system.)  On the positive side, they will sometimes do small items (ie. replace a light bulb) while you wait and at no charge.  But never forget, while you are sitting on the leather sofa in the "free" coffee lounge, that there is no such thing as a free lunch!!

Carol K. | 2008-01-26

I love my car.  I do.  It usually does exactly what it is supposed to do- getting me from here to there without a question.

But when it doesn't and I am in the city- Mercedes Benz of Chicago Service makes the pain go away.  They are efficient in diagnosing and explaining the problem, getting me a floater car so I can be on my way without too much fuss and doing a great job repairing the problem.  In fact, they call so many times to let you know the progress during the day it is almost like having a family member in the hospital!

The facility is new, clean and well organized.  I was greeted as I walked in like a regular customer and quickly whisked away to where my fully recovered car sat purring and clean just waiting for me to jump in for more driving adventures.

It's exactly what I'd expect from a Mercedes Dealer.

Julia B. | 2005-09-30

I took my Volskwagon here when it needed a major repair and they did a great job. They were fast and got my car back to me within one day. The people that work there are very knowledgable and seem to want to really help you.