McGrath Lexus of Chicago in Chicago, IL

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McGrath Lexus of Chicago is your Illinois Lexus Dealer. We provide our various services to guests from many of the City's surrounding suburbs, including Evanston, Oak Park, River Forest, Lincolnwood, Skokie, and beyond. We are an Elite of Lexus dealer since inception and maintain the highest quality of customer service and amenities. We offer six day service with all Lexus Certified Technicians. We have complimentary loaner vehicles, shuttles, and lifetime car washes for McGrath Lexus of Chicago Clients. We have a luxurious customer lounge area complete with Wi-Fi, personal computers, satellite television, and a putting green.  View our state-of-the-art New Car and Certified Pre-Owned Showrooms. Whether you are pursuing the purchase or lease of a New Lexus, or Certified Pre-Owned Lexus (or Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Acura, BMW, and many more), our vast inventory unites uncompromising quality.


Established in 1991.

McGrath Lexus of Chicago was opened in 1999 on Division Street at the nearest corner of the Kennedy expressway, which has a 4-way interchange. It is only 5-10 minutes away from the loop and most of the surrounding downtown and near north neighborhoods. In keeping with the McGrath Lexus tradition, our newest facility is huge, almost 100,000 square feet. We feature a café, an art gallery, a golf putting green, a children's center, three new car showrooms, two pre-owned car showrooms, an automatic car wash, 29 service bays, an accessory boutique, and the ability to display 130 vehicles indoors. This state-of-the-art facility was designed with every facet of our customers' need in mind.

McGrath Lexus of Chicago

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 657-5429
Address:1250 W Division St, Chicago, IL, 60642
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on McGrath Lexus of Chicago

Kathy P. | 2015-04-23

If anyone ever buys a car at any place but McGrath Lexus of Chicago they are insane because this the best car dealership ever  because of two specific people.  The first fabulous person is Anthony Swanke who sold me a Lexus IS 250 convertible which is the greatest car I have ever driven.  And I have had a Ferrari, Mercedes and Jaguar in the past, so I know luxury cars.  The Lexus drives like I am on a cloud! It is a joy to be behind the wheel. Anthony put together such a great deal I was almost afraid I would be arrested for stealing when I left the dealership.  What also makes McGrath so special is technologist Nick.  The car has so much technology, at first I was scared, but Nick has met with me patiently three times already to explain all the incredible features of the car.  The car is so advanced, I still have more to learn, but Nick has been patient, makes appointments with me and is ready to answer any questions.  I wish I knew how to post a picture of my beautiful new car, so everyone could see why People magazine should have named it the most beautiful "thing" of the year instead of Sandra Bullock. My car is prettier than she is!  I am writing this April 23rd and I just wish it would warm up a bit on Chicago so I could put the top down and be the envy of the neighborhood!

Howard S. | 2015-04-18

I bought my Pre-Certified LS 460 with Mr. Anthony Swanke at McGrath Lexus of Chicago last year.  I have never had such a pleasant experience purchasing an automobile!  After (personally) owning only Toyota/Lexus automobiles since 1983, I can honestly say that Anthony is my "Salesman for Life".  You will not find a more friendly, attentive and thorough salesperson who is more patient and accommodating.  Today, I had my car serviced.  Without asking, my car was washed, waxed and accessories updated (for free!) when he saw me passing through the service department.  Anthony and the service staff are superb and you will not regret working with Anthony and McGrath!

Saurabh P. | 2015-03-14

We bought our Lexus from here. We took it here for servicing whenever we were notified and did whatever they suggested at each visit. I never paid attention to what was being done, I assumed they were doing whatever needed to be done. That was my fault. So we go in for our oil change, etc and Jodi tells us that all our tires need to be replaced because the tires have never been rotated. I ask why they've never been rotated and she said it's because we told them not to every time, which is false. Luxury dealerships usually do what needs to be done, we say ok and pay the bill. This person, Jodi insists that we declined the oil change at every visit for 2 years. We would never do that. It was insulting. So after being there for 2 hours waiting, I tell them I'm taking it somewhere else, and it takes them another 45 minutes to bring the car out. Not only was she totally insulting and rude, our car was neglected costing $1,200, AND she wasted 3 hours of my work day. Never going back.

Lee A. | 2015-02-19

The service I receive at McGrath Lexus is the reason I will never drive anything other then a Lexus. I am clueless when it comes to car service and that's the reason I left Toyota. I found a better quality of service at McGrath. I know the employee's by name and they provide me with the highest customer service. Jossmar is absolutely fabulous!! Dave has help me, Rudolph is awesome, Daniel has assisted me and the whole service team is five stars!!!

Big D. | 2015-02-12

I want to thank the Staff, Sharon, Larry, Heather, Nick, and finance for having helped me get into my ES300h's. this review is overdue by 6 months, but the attention to detail that the staff has after the purchase does not go away. Everybody is treating everyone like family and that's whats going to make me keep coming back in the future. Thanks again Heather for making it happen with the trade in of my Black Acadia. The fact that I love to drive more is better because it used to be boring to and from work and now that's Gone. There is one BIG PROBLEM, I was not warned that on sport mode on the ES300H you won't feel the speed go high super quick, Seeing higher speeds will make you hit the brakes quick. Thanks for the two amazing deals.

Mike S. | 2015-02-12

Thank you McGrath Lexus! I absolutely love my recent internet car purchase. Bill Shamah was so patient and even Facetimed me so I could view the car fully, live,before committing. It was a unique but refreshingly easy experience. I highly recommend this dealership.

Rachel Z. | 2015-01-29


I have mixed emotions writing this review because I've always enjoyed coming here. With the exception of Jodi (who tries to come off as sweet but is blatantly rude and cold) I've had a nice experience with the people who work here. It wasn't until yesterday when I had to take my car in for routine service that I realized how much of a RIP OFF this place is!!! Every time I take my car in I walk out spending at least $1200. They always happen to find some "work" that needs to be done. After getting quoted over $800 for FLUIDS I knew something was not adding up. I called the Lexus in Highland Park to get their prices, which no surprise was HALF as much. I mean to fix my KEY which broke in half when I was started my car was $60!!!! WHAT A JOKE! Bottom line, I can't believe how much money I've thrown away taking my car here. It's a shame because its full of nice people who do quality work. I'm sick of getting ripped off by every ABSURDLY over-priced service and for that reason they have forever lost a loyal (over 2 years at this location, 10 years at Lexus) customer.

James L. | 2015-01-28

I had my heart set on a Lexus ES300h cause I have driven it before. I decided why not stop at the Lexus dealer in the heart of Chicago. The experience was really awesome.

As soon as I walked in, the receptionist got me a salesman immediately. The salesman searched through his whole inventory and even expanded his search to other dealerships.

I was set on a specific color and navigation. I submitted an offer and he talked with his manager. Of course, the low-balling offer I made was not accepted. The salesman (like any other salesman) tried to persuade me to get an non-hybrid or even a car without a navigation.

I insisted on the hybrid version and navigation system and did not increase my offer. He eventually got his manager to talk to me. The manager was nice. He gave me a great deal. At first I did not think the deal was great, but when I had the chance to go home and do the research, I discovered he gave me quite the deal.

I almost immediately called the salesman I talked with saying will they still give me that deal. He said they would. I came back and bought the car. At the end, I basically spoke with a guy that basically teaches me how to use my car, put on my license plates, and says to give him a call if I have any questions in the future.

This dealership claims to give free car washes, massages, and shoe shining. I have not taken advantage of any of these, but of course you can not beat perks on top of great deals this dealership gives to you.

Do yourself a favor and make the trip to this dealership. It will be the typical negotiating, but I feel you save more versus other dealerships.

Tom L. | 2014-12-30

My family has bought a number of cars through McGrath. I have to say sales people are always pushy and seem disinterested(i remember one salesman never made eye contact and hands on hips. The sales manager saved his sale). Location was close and convenient so my family has bought 2 cars here. Now comes time trade in our GX and we pay a visit. Granted it was an hour before closing and everyone was busy. There was no one at the reception desk so we wonder over to the sales floor.  Not one single person made eye contact or said hi. We are looking at the same car for over an hour, still not a single sales staff comes by. Only when we are leaving  someone asks if we need anything.  I told them to late we've been looking for over an hour. One guy says they have the no pressure approach and let customer just just look at cars. Yes, this is good until a certain point. I understand the staff was busy but no one even came over to say I'll be right with you. McGrath , you've lost a customer forever. I'll never even use your service department. I'll rather drive 40 min out of the city.

Jerry G. | 2014-12-20

Car buying process could be difficult and complicated and not always pleasant for some people. All I have to tell you is if you have any concerns and want honest answer , and the great person that will always remember you and help you ask for Sharon Gale. She's one of the managers and she takes everything personally which means she's not happy unless you happy take my word for it..A plus

Jodi M. | 2014-12-16

I have been a McGrath Lexus of Westmont, IL customer for 15 years. I consider myself a loyal customer, but my last attempt to purchase a used car there left me very cold. In fact, I felt so disregarded that I decided to switch dealerships. So I tried out McGrath Lexus of Chicago. It was a completely  different experience, in the best possible way! My salesmen,  Bill Shamah and Jack Martell,  along with the manager Matt Fenton, were awesome. I got a great deal on a  CT 200 hybrid. I felt valued, respected, and I was very happy with all aspects of the transaction. I really appreciate the care I was given at this dealership, and more importantly, the deal!  

My faith in used car sales has been restored. When in doubt, drive on to McGrath Lexus of Chicago!

Katie J. | 2014-12-04

Service is good but they price their stock higher than the other dealer I went to (won't say name here but in north chicago). I love my Lexus RX and wouldn't change but they need to come down a bit!

Ingrid P. | 2014-11-23

Mark McLawhorn installed my car seat and gave me a tutorial on how to use - all for free ! I don't even have a Lexus! He was speedy, personable and extremely knowledgable. What a great guy and a wonderful service for first time moms!

Jonathan B. | 2014-11-15

Went to McGrath after I had a poor experience at another dealership. Was treated with respect and consideration. Extremely professional and worked with us from start to finish. They made buying a car an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Their service department is second to none, I now have two Lexus' and will only have them serviced at McGrath. Ask for Tony in service and Maria in used cars, great people!

Elizabeth E. | 2014-11-06

Wow! My husband and I were so very impressed with this dealership, with the reception and service by the staff we encountered, and in particular, with the time, care and concern shown to us by Mark C Mc Lawhorn. We are not Lexus owners nor have we ever visited a McGrath dealership, but we needed to get our car seat changed from rear-facing to forward-facing. We have an older Mercedes SUV that does not have a LATCH system, so we wanted to make sure we received professional assistance to ensure the seat was properly installed. We had heard that McGrath provided complimentary car sear inspection/installation, so we ventured on over. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like VIPers. We were offered bottles of water while we waited (which wasn't long) for Mark to come assist us. He inspected our car and the location where the car seat was currently installed rear-facing. He showed us how the seat was not properly installed (and we had had it professionally installed!) and with a quick flip of the hand demonstrated how the seat would flip if we were ever in an accident (fortunately we weren't). That was so disturbing to see as we thought we had done the right thing by having it "professionally" installed. He then showed us the proper way the seat should be installed rear-facing, should we ever need to use it in that manner again.

Mark then took the time to show us how to install the seat forward facing. He first explained where exactly in the car we would want to place the seat and why. My husband was there listening as well, but once our 14 month-old son started to get antsy, Mark told him there was a toddler playroom (!) inside the dealership where he could take him to play, if he wanted. So, while my husband and son were inside playing, Mark took the time to explain how to install the seat in our car. After explaining, he then demonstrated. Next, and this is what really impressed me, he uninstalled the seat and then had me try to install it, talking me through the process. He had me do it a couple of times, which I really appreciated, to make sure I was fully comfortable with how to install/uninstall the seat.

There was a customer in a Lexus SUV next to us who also wanted her car seat inspected. She just happened to have the LATCH system in her car. So, with the customer's permission, Mark had me come over to her car to see how a car seat installation worked with the LATCH system, should we ever need to install the seat in a car with that kind of system. It was a quick demonstration, but was useful.

I then explained to Mark that we would be traveling out of state and taking the car seat with us. I told him that we would be installing the seat in a car with the LATCH system. He asked what kind of car we would have and when I told him (it's not a LEXUS), he asked one of the guys in the service area to pull a similar LEXUS model from the lot and bring it to the service area so he could use it to show me in detail how to install/uninstall the seat. Really?!!! I was floored by his request, and so appreciative of his concern for us. He wanted to make sure we knew exactly how the LATCH installation worked with our seat, so that once we arrived to our destination, we wouldn't have any stress or frustration/problems with properly installing and securing our car seat. So, with the similar LEXUS model at our disposal, Mark took the time to explain and demonstrate how to install and uninstall the seat, and then had me install/uninstall the seat a couple of times to make sure I felt comfortable with the process.

I really couldn't thank Mark enough. My husband came back at that time and kept raving about not only the toddler play area (which our son loved!!), but the recliners, big screen TV, cafe and lounge area. He was so impressed that he had me check it out before we left.

We left McGrath Lexus that day very happy and impressed, knowing that our son was now in a very secure, properly installed car seat. We are so appreciative of the level of attention and service Mark Mc Lawhorn gave us and highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a car seat installation and/or inspection.

Also, based on the reception we received by everyone we encountered at this dealership, both my husband and I commented on how we will definitely consider McGrath Lexus when it comes time to replace our Mercedes.

Thank you Mark and McGrath!! You Rock!!!

Lawrence S. | 2014-10-09

If u know anything about cars and how dealers sell and service cars, then u know the bad & the good. Well folks I have had 8 Lexus leases since 1992 and I can tell that no one takes care of you like Lexus & McGrath is a shining example of that. Hey dealers have to make money or they don't stay in business, but these guys are fair. No gimmicks and they  get the deal done. Then when it's time for service, you can't beat them...honest, fair & quick. Heather O'Malley in sales, Rich Palicka in service cannot be beat & Mike Stokes, the service manager is tops. Great people, great dealership, the Lexus experience!!  :)

Jesse G. | 2014-09-24

Thank you to Mark, who inspected our car seat.  It took only a few minutes and he was more than happy to help.

Michael B. | 2014-09-14

These folks never cease to impress me with all they do to make you feel welcome, destress you and make you feel extra special. I've owned numerous luxury brand cars over the years and remember hearing how special and different Lexus is but couldn't imagine why or what could be so different. Now I know and just bought my 3rd Lexus vehicle, primarily because of the service. Robert Zuniga, my Lexus service rep by far exceeds any level of service I have received.

I'm not going to provide specifics, but for those who experience "Lexus love" you know what I'm taking about, for those who have yet to, well you'll just have to find out for yourselves one of these days.

James M. | 2014-09-12

They offer free infant car seat inspections, even if you, like us, don't have a Lexus.  

The guy who gave the inspection was very friendly, thorough, polite without condescension.  Of course we hadn't installed it as securely as we could have, so really what we got was a free re-installation.

I figured they'd talk to us about moving up to a Lexus, and so I was ready to politely decline.  They didn't do this; instead, they just gave us a great experience.  So much so, that I'll tell my rich friends (there may be a few?) to shop for their Lexus (or Lexi?) here.

David D. | 2014-09-12

Gary Sowell helped us purchase a pre-owned vehicle and it was great to work with a dealership that sticks to its word.  

Lets start with the best part - An honest dealer that does what they say they are going to do.  After agreeing to purchase the vehicle, we noticed a scuff on the body.  They told us, they would fix it during the coming week when they had a loaner available.  I just went back the car and they took care of everything they promised, even though it was not in writing or written into the contract.  

Now for the rest of the story:  We were looking for a new SUV and did not expect to purchase a Lexus.  We starting talking to Gary Sowell (708-466-6179) about pre-owned vehicles and he patiently showed us many many options.  We kept asking about different options and hypotheticals and he kept showing us options.  Never any pressure.  Once we selected the vehicle we wanted, they asked to inspect our current vehicle for trade in.  a few minutes later they came back with an offer that was more than fair.  I did some research about how much I could get for our current car and they came in higher, so great.  We were able to do some quick research on the car we planned to purchase (2011 RX350) and the vehicle was priced within a couple of dollars of multiple research sites.  So that was it, no fuss, no hassle.  
My only knock on the dealership (which applies to all dealerships) is the time it takes to get through the closing process.  Hoped it would have gone faster, but they have comfy seats, drinks, TV, putt putt golf computers and more so what are you going to do.

Julie S. | 2014-08-27

I brought my car in after emergency lights came on and I could feel a weird jolting feeling while I drove. I dropped it off after hours for service the following morning. The man who was working asked how I was getting home, and after he heard my plans of taking a taxi, he called in another employee to give me a ride to Lincoln Park from the dealership. Like I said, it was after service hours and I knew that going in, so I thought it was a nice touch to save me the hassle & money for a taxi.

I worked with Jodi through the service of my car and didn't have any complaints. She called me throughout the process to keep me updated with estimates and detailed descriptions of the issues going on with my vehicle, and waited for the green light before making any repairs. They ran into bigger problems while fixing my car (I park in an alley, and rats were chewing wires and making nests in my engine) but were very informative throughout the process. When I arrived, they'd taken photos (which I declined to see) and saved the wires to show me the damage. People are often skeptical with repairs, so I appreciated this touch. Jodi also forwarded me estimates via e-mail throughout the process which made me more comfortable when agreeing to repairs over the phone. After all the repairs, my car was still fixed by the next afternoon & the car was fully detailed and washed.

I bought my vehicle while living in New York, but I would definitely recommend McGrath to a friend in Chicago based on my experience in the service department.

Stephanie C. | 2014-08-21

I want to thank Mark McLawhorn for installing my daughters car seat for free. I had it installed completely wrong, and he fixed it. I think he is a hero for offering this service free of charge to whoever needs their seat installed safely and properly.

Janis S. | 2014-08-12

While I don't own a Lexus, I went to McGrath Lexus to have my car seat checked. Mark McLawhorn was great! So knowledgable! He made sure the seat was installed 100% correct and taught me how to check it too. Thanks to Mark, the baby will be riding safe in the back of our Subaru!

Amy Z. | 2014-08-12

This review is for Mark McLawhorn.  He installed my son's infant car seat and larger convertible car seat.  He is awesome and is an expert at the installation. He also takes the time to completely explain what he's doing and makes sure everything is completely safe and secure.

Joan C. | 2014-08-10

I just bought a new 2014 GS350 from Heather O'Malley at McGrath Lexus.  It was the easiest and nicest auto purchasing experience I've ever had.  I could only spend 1.5 hours there and made sure everyone was aware of that when I made my appointment.  Heather gave me a fair price for my new car as well as my trade in, and we got everything done in the time I had.  Thanks to all those who were involved with the experience - from the internet sales manager, Rick Farbo, to the trainee (I'm sorry I forgot your name - very nice lady who will be very successful), to Heather who showed me the controls, to the finance manager, and to Louis, who got the car ready.

Karen W. | 2014-08-07

Thanks again to Dwayne Allen for going the extra mile to provide outstanding service! My sales/service experiences here are always top-notch, and he is one of the main reasons why!

Stephanie Z. | 2014-07-24

I had an exceptional first experience at this dealership. Bought my first Lexus last week and I couldn't be happier with it. The car is beautiful and the customer service was nothing short of outstanding.
Jack Martell and Bill Shamah were friendly and accommodating throughout the entire process, giving me confidence that I had made an excellent purchase.
Jack Martell went above and beyond to get to know me and guarantee customer satisfaction. His personable and outgoing nature made the car buying experience more enjoyable than ever before. I cannot thank him enough for his time, generosity, and kindness. He treated me (and all his co-workers) with utmost respect, which did not go unnoticed.
I am thoroughly impressed with this dealership and look forward to seeing my new friends over there when I stop in for a free car wash in the near future! Thanks so much for everything, McGrath Lexus!

Jordan W. | 2014-07-21

I was so happy with the service at this location. I was there for a simple recall and the whole staff went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of in every situation possible. Not only was the customer service amazing, Dwayne Allen made this inconvenience fast and easy. I wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else ever again.

Meagan S. | 2014-07-02

Mark McLawhorn has helped me correctly install 2 car seats in my car. The infant seat and now that my son is 6 months the convertible car seat. He is more than happy to help you and takes the time to explain what he is doing, why he is doing it and then shows you how to do it as well. He makes you work it in front of him so he knows you know how it is done properly. Great guy!

Akeisha W. | 2014-06-16

Mark C McLawhorn was so helpful installing my child's car seat.  I had it in there but it was not totally secure.  He walked me through what he was doing and why it was so important to have it in correctly.  I LOVE McGrath Lexus of Chicago, everyone there is outstanding.  They have the absolute best customer service!!!!!!

Nicole M. | 2014-06-04

Mike Malarcher is the best! This is the second Lexus he has helped me purchase and he NEVER disappoints. I purchased my first Lexus 2 years ago from the Westmont store when he was the sales manager there and when it was time for another car, I tracked him down to the Chicago store. Without hesitation, he found the car I was looking for and I came in that evening (last night) and purchased my new 2015 RX350 F sport. Mike is amazing. He really cares about his customers and making them happy. He researches and follows up and is always pleasant and friendly.

I left my car charger in my old car and Mike is meeting with me today to give it to me since he was in the area for a meeting. He is awesome. I can't say enough great things about him.

Angela W. | 2014-05-31

I am VERY happy with my buying experience at McGrath Lexus!  The staff went out of their way to make sure I was completely satisfied.  I would highly recommend the company.  The facilities are very nice too.  Thank you McGrath!

Peter K. | 2014-05-29

Had a great experience with Soly Jaime, a Sales & Leasing Rep at McGrath Lexus.  Although I ended up not finding the right car, I was very impressed by Soly's demeanor and professionality.  I'd return to Soly in a heartbeat the next time I'm in the market for a new or used car.  Not at all pushy, and very friendly.

Keisha K. | 2014-05-22

I'm at this location occasionally for car washes.  When I had my GS, I would have it serviced here but I was never happy with my service.  Since it was closer, I would go out of convenience.  I always had issues with getting a loaner or their pricing.  The service advisers were never the friendliest and the salespeople always gave me the heebie-jeebies. There is an asian guy who works with the washing group and he is awesome.

I wish there were more computers and more seats for those who don't want to sit in the cafe area.  I usually have my 5 pund pup in my bag or in my arms and there are signs letting folks know they are not welcome in the cafe area with pets.  There are only 4 recliners in front of the tv and maybe 6 computers with seats so there really isn't anywhere else for me to wait for my car to be finished.

I'll still go there for a wash but I always know it will be a long wait.  My last wash took over an hour which is ridiculous.

I typically take both of my ISs to the location in Westmont....but i'll reserve all my great comments for their review.

ciao ciao!!

Jim W. | 2014-05-16

Rude, clueless, intentionally unhelpful and classless. We had a problem receiving our license plates and payment info. We assumed that would be a would minor issue for a retailer of luxury goods. It wasn't. Patrick in sales had no idea what to do other than to pass the blame off on anyone but himself. That got us to the finance department where the real fun started. After more shifting of blame I was put in contact with Frank who, like a classless thug, proceeded to argue over me anytime I tried to explain the problem.  Never doing business with McGrath again.

Latoya S. | 2014-05-11

Every time I go to McGarth I must say great customer service.  Whether it's just for a car wash, service, or issue. They take care of my every need.  Very friendly and always there to assist with my questions and concerns. Dwayne A . Always gets me In and out in. He gets my car taken care of and always makes sure my concerns are addressed and  he always fully explains to me what's going on.
I also brought my IS from here .  Great service and customer service!

Beverly S. | 2014-05-08

I went in to Mcgarth Lexus Chicago to get my car serviced and had an amazing experience. Matt was extremely helpful and explained everything they did in detail which i really appreciated! My appointment was around midday and they had me in and out!

Haley B. | 2014-04-21

Dealership has nice interior design, little cafeteria and some computers for guests to use while waiting for service.  Decent selection for inventory and good display for the showroom.  The location was at a busy intersection, very difficult to get in and out of the dealership.  Traffic also cause problems if you want to have a test drive.  The salesperson, Gary S, was very rude with an attitude.  He was called before we even at the dealership and also pushing try to get us in to see the car.  He did a lot of walking around and he also getting lunch while made us wait.  He didn't even show/walk us out to the cafeteria while the other salesperson did.  It was an unpleasant experienced we got from McGrath.

Al I. | 2014-04-11

Brash and pushy just like others have related. We stopped in for a quick visit on a weeknight to do some research. Took forever to get a salesperson; they apologized for being slammed that night. Then we ultimately found the IS series too small, the GS series too expensive. ES series was in the sweet spot, but didn't have AWD. No harm, not anybody's fault. We apologized for wasting the salesperson's time and went to leave, when the sales manager decided that we couldn't leave until we did a test drive. That's funny, I replied, we seem to be leaving. He asked, what else are we looking at? Cadillac and Lincoln, i said. "Our cars are better because of blah blah blah, resale value, whatever." Might be totally true, but does it really work to shout it at me while I'm walking out the door? C'mon, man, you're not exactly convincing me to turn around.

Lexus makes some nice cars and I can see myself buying a GS 350 or 450 some day, but not from McGrath.

Susan N. | 2014-03-26

Always friendly and always responsive dealership where we purchased our Lexus years ago.  One person in particular, Mark McLawhorn, will install your car seat and take the time to show you how to install in correctly.  I have taken numerous non-Lexus cars and car seats into him and he is patient and thorough.  It is a wonderful value-add from our local dealership.

Jo W. | 2014-03-23

Full disclosure: I did not end up making my purchase here, but mostly because finding a car that is perfect for you is like finding a needle in a haystack. That needle was not at McGrath.

During my search I saw a couple of used cars on McGrath's website that I wanted to check out. I emailed with Maria and made an appointment to come in and see them. Sadly, the one I was interested in the most sold the morning of my visit. Sob.

Maria was fantastic and she gets 5 stars. She's very personable, she's upfront with you, and if she was somehow pulling the wool over my eyes she did a damn good job because I felt like I knew everything I needed to know about the 2 cars we narrowed it down to. She had that perfect balance of being a straight-shooter and being nice. If McGrath had had a car that I was in love with, she would have had my business, no doubt.

Here's why I knocked them down a couple stars:

- I specifically chose Maria on their website because at this point in my car search I was sick of fast-talking salesmen who thought I, a female buying a car alone, was an idiot. Newsflash, boys: I'm not. While Maria went to check on something for me, one of the salesmen approached me and started telling me how great the car was that I was looking at, how he was driving it right now, blah blah blah. He was one of those guys that gives used car salesmen a bad name. I have no idea why he felt compelled to come speak to me while she was gone, but it wasn't necessary. It was annoying and tacky.

- There were a couple of issues with the car that came up during the test drive. That's cool, used cars sometimes need work. But if one of your salesmen is driving that car every day, a) there is no way in hell he wasn't aware of the issues (he even joked about one of them to me) and b) his pants were full of crap when he was telling me how great the car was, how it was owned by a mechanic, blah blah blah. Then why is that car sitting on the lot when it has very noticeable issues? The car is shaking and the windshield wipers were stuck - there is no way someone wouldn't notice that. Maria did get the manager to agree to fix them for me prior to coming back for a second test drive, but still. While I question McGrath's decision to put that car on the lot before the stuff was fixed, I'm more concerned with the fact that they need to tell their sales guy to stop blatantly lying to me about obvious things.

McGrath didn't happen to have a car on their lot that was a good fit for me (or in working order) that day, but if they did they probably would have gotten business from me.

If you are in the market for a used car and end up at McGrath, avoid the stereotypical used car salesmen and just ask for Maria. She was really fantastic, and I'm a little bummed I didn't get to give her my business.

Gary L. | 2014-03-17

Let me be clear that this review is about their "free" car wash. When you buy a vehicle there they tell you that you will get free car washes for life. What they don't tell you is that you will have to wait 2 hours to get your vehicle done. I was just there and it took 2 hours. There are a couple of problems. They don't have enough guys working the car wash so the throughput is low. Also, they give priority to the cars being serviced so you can sit at the back of the line without moving for a long time.

It's just not worth 2 hours of my time - even though I can get a little work done with their slow Internet connection.

Christina A. | 2014-03-15

YELP REALLY NEEDS TO LET YOU PUT 0 STARS FOR CASES LIKE THIS.  I agree 100% with Brendan H and Christopher U. This is the worst dealerships I've ever come in contact with. Of course they are nice when you are buying a vehicle, but they really need to brush up on customer service. They are brash  and less than knowledgable. I'm going to get more specific and say their mechanic, Sharon Gale, and Matt Fenton.

Where do I even begin? My boyfriend was looking for a new car to trade in his Jaguar. We went to a few dealerships that had the type of vehicle he was looking for. He narrowed it down to two vehicles and one was the one from McGrath Lexus of Chicago, it was the last place we visited. First I got in contact with the sales lady (Maria) and we set up a time to come see the car. When we saw the car the tire pressure light was on and she assured us that they just put air in the tires and that it was because it had been so cold recently etc. Ok. After the test drive we get out of the car and we hear this loud noise which sounded like the belt, Maria had no idea so she got Matt who is some manager and he said it was the belt it was fine and he will have the mechanic put some oil on it. We went into the office, talked numbers, and first they tried to price us really high which put us off and then when we showed them the other car we were considering then they lowered the price. The manager came in and was like oh we are such a good dealership, we always take care of our customers, you will be happy if you choose us etc... We had thought since it mightve been a reputable dealership the same used car salesman trash wouldnt apply here but we were proved wrong really quickly. My boyfriend wasn't sure because of the price and problems so we went on our way. We got a text saying they really wanted our business and they will take more off and all these promises. We messaged back asking if they can get the tires and belt and everything checked to make sure because that was my boyfriends biggest concern, and they said the mechanic looked at the car and it was absolutely fine. He goes in and buys the car as is told everything is fine except for the 2 back tires that might need a change a few months from now and that it went through all this inspection blah blah blah. Gave us a paper stating the mechanic okayed it. My boyfriend ended up buying the car and literally the next day the same tire that had the tire pressure light popped. We called and they gave us so much hassle it was unbeleivebale! I couldn't beleive how rude they were being and seriously it's not like we had called months later, IT WAS THE NEXT DAY! The whole ordeal took up my boyfriends whole day he had to sit there and wait for hours, how does checking a tire take HOURS? He had to literally scream at them for them to do something. Why does a customer have to even say something for you to do your job correctly? They finally agreed to change the tire and gave him a loaner for the weekend. Now lets cut to the chase, my boyfriend has had the car for a month maybe and hes already spent over a 1500 dollars fixing things on it. and the check engine light is still on and he's still having to waste his time and gas getting it checked out.  The belt problem they claimed wasnt even that, it was a lot more than a dab of oil on it. We called Matt and he said there was nothing he can do and didn't even really care. He said his mechanics said it was fine and we had to track him down after he said he would call us back numerous of times. We asked to speak to somebody higher and he just had no response? Never had I not been able to contact somebody higher in a business. Maybe it's just me but if I had a business I'd like to know who was working for me and why my customers are unhappy. Odd. MAYBE YOU GUYS SHOULD GET A NEW MECHANIC BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING ACCORDING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. My boyfriend went into Lexus and explained the problem and Sharon had the audacity to say "Oh are you going to pay me for the loss I took on your Jaguar" and "I gave you a a $50,000 loaner car to drive!" Like they are doing us a favor? Please like I want to waste my money, time and gas fixing a car you sold me and was told has absolutely no problems. Who speaks to a customer that way? I'm appaled shes even in management. She is abrasive and rude.

Well my boyfriend literally changes new cars every 2 years and they lost what wouldve been a very loyal customer. It's sad to see crappy people working for what should be a upstanding company. AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COSTS. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY at least that's what their actions have shown me. I give their management team negative stars .

Justin H. | 2014-02-28

Overall I've had an ok experience with McGrath Lexus of Chicago. I bought a 2011 Lexus CT from them back in June 2012. I bought the car used with low miles, roughly 11,000 at the time. My experience working with them at the time was top notch, the sales staff were great along with the service department. However the vehicle had a major flaw that I did not catch during the purchase. I had realized months later that the roof of my car was very wavy. I didn't think anything of it until I took a closer look at the interior headliner to find out it was removed at some point in time. After having Woodfield Lexus take a look at it I found the car had severe hail damage that was not disclosed to me when I purchased it. There is no law stating that dealers have to disclose that but that's what seperates an ethical dealer (if they exist) from every other dealer. I did complain to the used car manager a full year later and he offer to have my front bumper repaired as I also found out the front bumper and driver fender were repainted, not too sure as to the reasons why as the car never had any structural damage. The paint on the bumper and  fender was starting to fail around the edges and they just had someone touch up up the fender rather than bringing it to a body ship to repair. That only lasted another 6 months and I have to come out of pocket $1100 to get the paint failure fixed myself. It was certainly my fault that I didn;t inspect the car closer upon purchasing it but I also trust McGrath to do the right thing. They are a good dealership but I likely will not be purcahsing my next Lexus from them. I'll stick with Arlington Lexus or Woodfield Lexus.

Kari B. | 2014-02-24

My husband and I recently went to McGrath looking for a certified pre-owned SUV.   We worked with David Kay and he was spectacular.  Once we told him what we were looking for and why, he respected everything about our needs and kept us well within our limits.  Customer service is a thing few businesses focus on in this day and age, but David went above and beyond to make our experience extremely positive.
We would recommend visiting the dealership, and especially David, without any reservations.  Thank you David!

Brendan H. | 2014-01-07

Had my car serviced to fix two issues: leaky seal and new brake pads.  Both issues have not been resolved (car still burns oil, and brakes now constantly trigger the ABS).  This was a complete waste of the $1000 it cost to have it fixed.  

After picking up my car the windshield wipers no longer worked.  Taking my car to a local mechanic to have that fixed I was informed a component was purposely disconnected and this was something you would only do to solicit additional business.  VERY SHADY!  I called and complained and they had some answer - but needless to say I will never go back.  

This was the final straw in what has been a series of bad experiences:
-  Not washing/vacuuming my car when it was serviced.  
-  Didn't check what I had asked to have looked at in addition to the annual service.
-  Slow service.  High costs, etc.  

Also - on the dealership side of things: Cars are more expensive in the city.  Why not save on tax, etc and buy a car in the suburbs.

Paula H. | 2013-11-02

Very professional, nice and fast staff.

Ken D. | 2013-10-20

I was looking for a 2013 Lexus ES350 and I contacted several Lexus dealerships in the Chicagoland area over the phone and by email. This review is based only on the purchasing process and price negotiations because I did not end up purchasing from this dealer.

This was the first I called, they immediately quoted me a very good price. There were no strings attached to the price and I thanked them and hung up. Since it was my first dealership, I called a bunch of other ones on my list. At the end of the day, their initial price quote was well below what any other dealer quotes as well as any internet sales replies.

I was pretty set in going with them after my first round of calls. After a little more negotiating, we settled on a price and their sales manager made it very easy. I made an appointment and came into the dealership and signed the deal, was in and out within an hour.

Dana M. | 2013-08-28

I just had an issue with my car and felt so frustrated! But my service rep Jodi, was so excellent! She exceeded all expectation! Best car experience I have ever had!

Peter B. | 2013-08-19

I am an Acura owner and needed a certified child seat installer. The McGrath Acura team sent me over to McGrath Lexus to see Mark McLawhorn. I drove into the service department on a busy Saturday and had Mark's attention inside of minutes! Mark took the time to explain the installation to me so that I would understand everything that was required for a safe seat install. Mark is the only certified child seat guy, at a dealer, in the Chicago area. A nod to McGrath for investing in Mark's training to have a valuable asset like him on staff to add value to their customer's customer experience. Too often we only take the time to complain about service (me included) and this time I can't compliment the McGrath team and Mark McLawhorn enough.

Great job Mark and team McGrath!

Dan K. | 2013-07-23

I have been car shopping a LOT lately as I want to change cars and have not had the best experiences at other dealerships.  However, this place was wonderful.

Mike Malarcher is the sales consultant I worked with and he patiently took me on two test drives and encouraged me to drive more when I told him I was done.  He really wanted me to experience the cars.  He answered every single question with honestly and knowledge and never made me feel stupid or like I was bugging him.

I was not ready to buy today, but I will be back at this location soon and I will be buying from Mike.

Theresa Y. | 2013-07-23

I have been a McGrath Lexus customer for years and have never been disappointed and this time was no different. Rick in their service department was super helpful and took care of me extremely well! I would highly recommend McGrath to anyone looking to buy a car or have their car serviced.

SK R. | 2013-06-13

I bought my car at another Lexus dealer because the salesperson at McGrath was very weird. He was an old white man who thought we couldnt afford a Lexus, so kept saying, 'dont look at that one, its quite expensive'.  So we left and bought our car from Bredemann Lexus in Glenview which was an OK experience, nothing great, but better than McGrath.

However, I started going to McGrath for service and they reedemed themselves big time. My service specialist, Robert, was very welcoming the first time I came in for service. They did a great job with the car, and were somewhat accurate with their time estimates. There was a gentleman who took great care to install my new car seat, showed me how to strap a newborn using a dummy in his office, and how to operate the car seat (as a first time dad, I had no clue!).  The waiting areas are average, with no server at the 'cafe' the few times I have been there.  There is a vending machine for snacks, but as far as I know, no soda for waiting customers.  

Overall, Robert and the car seat gentleman overshadowed the poor sales experience.  I will  be going there for my future needs, and who knows, maybe purchase our second car from there if they keep up the good work!

By the way, they have an app which I use to schedule appointments instead of having to call in.  Very nice!

Mark G. | 2013-06-05

What a nightmare!  I've been with Lexus for the past 6 years and I never have mechanical issues. Just last week I was having trouble getting my car started, so I called my insurance company and they towed it to McGrath, huge mistake. I have a Lexus IS250 and my car has been at the dealership for the past 7 days now and they're still not sure if they have diagnosed the car correctly.

Over the past week I've had several conversations with my Service Advisor who seems nice but completely in the dark on what's going on with my car. Our conversation started with him asking me questions such as "do I park my car in an area where rodents would have access to it, because they may have chewed through the wiring in my car". Seems like if that was the case it would be pretty apparent but I've came to the conclusion that my car is just sitting in their lot and no one is taking the time to look at it.

Just yesterday, 6 days later, I received a call from my Service Advisor letting me know that they think the problem is my fuel injector. I asked what the cost of replacing it would be and they told me the part is $250 but they couldn't tell me the cost of the labor until the part arrives. I thought that was a little odd, so I spoke with my dad who owns a few mechanic shops in central IL and he pulled up the cost of the a fuel injector which was $135 and estimated labor which was 3.5 hours of work, so all in it should cost me around $500. I called the dealership today and was told that the cost of replacing the fuel injector would be they $850, 70% more expensive!!! and they're not even sure if this is going to fix what's wrong with my car after it's been sitting there for 7 days!

If this problem isn't resolved my tomorrow I will have my car picked up and sent it to a Perillo which is a BMW dealership but I've never had a problem with them not being fair or honest...

Nichole F. | 2013-05-07

I went here to have a car seat installed.  There is a man there that donates his time for two hours five days a week to install baby seats.  I went in and met him.  He was super nice and everything he did, he explained to me and made sure I knew how it worked and answered all of my questions.   I highly recommend you go here if you need help with installation of a car seat like I did!  Thank you McGrath Lexus!!

Ryan B. | 2013-04-15

Informed John Douglass that he incorrectly listed the color of a lexus online, he responded by calling me an 'a-hole.' Wow, professional staff!

Ab A. | 2012-11-20

While visiting numerous car dealerships in Chicago in the search of a new car, my wife and I stumbled upon McGrath Lexus.  It was as if the car gods shined upon us and opened our eyes as to what every dealership that I have ever visited before McGrath strives to be.  The lounge area is very comfortable.  You can play put put, watch TV in one of the comfy recliners, grab some free coffee or a snack, and enjoy the free wifi while you wait.  

I had the pleasure of dealing with a fine gentleman named Anthony Swanke that fateful Saturday.  He was different from the other car people I was dealing with.  He listened and was honest.  My wife and I became very comfortable with Anthony in no time.  After taking a few test drives and patiently answering all of our questions and concerns, I am happy to say that we walked out of McGrath with a Lexus RX 350.  

A few weeks after our purchase, the tiny plastic part that holds the gas tank shut fell off.  I called Anthony and he indicated that we should stop by to see what they could do.  The management team of Sharon and Matt went above and beyond in fixing the part for free!  

The people at McGrath Lexus give off the family vibe and once you are a part of it you understand that it is not some act.  They really do care about the customer and in this day and age that is rare and something that should be commended by all.

I would not hesitate to send any of my friends or family members to McGrath Lexus for a new or used vehicle.  Thanks!

Yanja B. | 2012-11-06

I would give negative stars!!

Apparently this location does not value customer service in the slightest! My mom went there with intentions to buy a $35K Lexus; but, instead of being treated like a valued customer, she was treated horribly.

1.When asked to see the car, he brings her into the poorly lit garage where all the cars are parked directly next to one another! No one can properly inspect a car under those conditions! THEN he said she had buy the car (literally sign all the papers) before showing it to her!! The salesman wanted to complete the buying paper work before buying the car!!! What kind of salesman is that?! How do you buy something without seeing it, let alone test driving the car?! ABSOLUTELY RIDIC!

2.He was very impatient and rude! Nothing but attitude and also said that he wouldn't even negotiate the pricing! Negotiation is a part of being a cars salesman! He was basically trying to force the sticker price on us!

3. The unprofessionalism on his end was astounding!! While I was in his office looking at paperwork he LITERALLY got on speakerphone with his GIRLFRIEND  and carried on a FULL conversation with her!! No respect for the customer!

4.Oh by the way, the salesman had a date that he was going to tonight, and kept trying to rush the whole process. Its like how dare my mother try to buy a car from him, so he can afford that date!

Daniel C. | 2012-10-21

I bought a used car here from Gary S. I had found exactly what I wanted online.
I was able to apply for financing through the website so the wait at the dealership wasn't anxiety filled.  They applied absolutely no pressure but I was there for the express purpose of BUYING A SPECIFIC CAR.  The car was exactly as advertised.  We went for a short test drive and I was happy with it.  I was able to provide proof of insurance and drive out the same day!
I love my new (used) Lexus.
Free car wash for life of ownership!

Heather P. | 2012-09-24

We have been bringing our car in for service at McGrath Lexus for many years.  We have never had any issues with the car because of them.  Our service advisor, Andy Pak, is unbelievable.  He listens to what our needs are and is always very helpful.  
He knows we have a 3 year old and he makes sure we get a loaner car if the service is going to take a long time.  
We appreciate you Andy and Lexus.  Thank you.

Diva S. | 2012-09-05

After my last experience with McGrath Lexus I had the opportunity of speaking with John Douglass last month regarding my initial review who was concerned about the service I had received previously. John was the consummate professional who invited me to come back when he was on schedule.  I, in fact, did return and met John, who was so gracious and kind and saw to it that my car was cleaned properly and that the scratches were buffed appropriately.  Although, one minor scratch view still remains on my hood that I am so anal about I can honestly say that John went beyond the call of duty.  

Will I go back to McGrath Lexus of Chicago?  Yes, I most certainly will because of a few reasons that are important to me: The quality of service that I received from John, it's the closest Lexus Dealer to my neighborhood (South Loop), they serve Starbucks Coffee--which is my favorite, and the free newspaper. (Sun Times) You can't beat this on any given day--rain or shine.

John, thanks again for all!!!

Diner For Life C. | 2012-08-03

John D. tracked me down and apologized for the incident and stated that the whole situation was not handled properly.  He offered to give me a refund and hoped that I would be back. I still have mixed feelings about the situation...this post was not about 'Lexus', I'll probably never find another car that will last this long, but about a business appreciating loyalty and good ol' fashion customer service.  Just wish I didn't have to post on the net in order to resolve the situation.

Jen K. | 2012-07-09

Bought my certified pre-owned RX350 from Gary at McGrath.  Gary was very knowledgeable and helpful during the process and the dealership is very comfortable and customer-friendly.

Anonymous A. | 2012-06-30

I had an interesting experience purchasing a CPO vehicle from McGrath Lexus of Chicago. Having read the myriad positive reviews online, I made it a point to work with their dealership since I was going to be relocating half-way across the country, and wanted to work with someone who I could trust. I'm not sure if these reviews are somehow edited or "cleaned up" from time to time, as so many of them are, but I had a less-than-stellar experience - and that's putting it nicely. I would implore anyone and everyone who is considering going to McGrath to read on for an honest account of my experience. The two sales associates I worked with were Sean Shumpert and Bill Tacker.

First, I always felt rushed when I called the dealership, and during one particular call, while discussing the details of the sale, the associate actually had the audacity to tell me that I needed to hurry up and make up my mind about buying the vehicle, and that over the 15 minutes that he had spent on the phone with me, he could have "sold 1 or 2 other vehicles." He was basically telling me that I needed to commit to buying the car right then and there, or stop wasting his time. Wow. This same associate proceeded to rush me off the phone several other times, too, and frequently left me hanging when I asked him a question, apparently because the question wasn't worth his time. Once things finally got rolling, there were frequent miscommunications regarding paperwork and timelines, and ultimately, due to a significant oversight by the dealership, the pickup/transport service I had booked arrived to pick up the car before it had been properly authorized to be released. The sales associate at McGrath proceeded to call me numerous times while I was at work, treating patients at a university hospital, and left a series of progressively more exasperated voicemails saying such things as "you need to hurry up and return my call," "we can't do anything until you take care of things on your end," and finally, "I just really want to get this sale done and be finished with this." Rather than acknowledge that mistake had been made on their end, or respect the fact that I had previously told them that I work at a hospital and am unable to take phone calls during the day, I was accused of handling the situation irresponsibly. Finally, to add insult to injury, the company forgot to send me the documentation for the car, and I had to call to ask for it to be mailed to me.

In short, I really can't imagine having a more frustrating experience while trying to buy a used car while concurrently relocating, especially when considering that was in the market for a Lexus. I realize that I made a number of mistakes during the process, too, but there's really no justification for bullying a would-be customer into buying a car, rushing negotiations, and basically discarding any semblance of customer-centered business. Regarding the sales associates I worked with, Sean was the one who handled most of the early calls, and though he was unaccommodating and irritable at first, he was quite responsive towards the end, and went so far as to issue a mild apology when I called to request the documents, and told him about my frustrating experience. Bill Tacker, on the other hand, was incredibly rude throughout the process.

Had I not waited until a few weeks before moving to address the issue of buying a car (which, I admit, is completely my fault), and had I not been set on buying a specific car, in a specific color, with specific features, etc. that was only available at a handful of dealerships at the time, I would have walked away from McGrath Lexus of Chicago in a heartbeat after only my second call to them, given how I was treated. However, given that I didn't have much wiggle room to make alternate accommodations, I thought the best I could do was to leave an honest review of my experience to help guide future potential customers. Please take this review into account when deciding whether or not to give McGrath your business.

EDIT: I should clarify that I'm pleased with the car I purchased, and that my dissatisfaction stems purely from the way the transaction was handled by McGrath. That being said, I'm sure that most Lexus', if not all, are great cars, so I think it's fair for me to evaluate the dealership based primarily on my interaction with its employees, rather than on the quality of the car I purchased.

Kerri H. | 2012-06-05

This place rocks! Fabulous people and employees! Free car washes for life? I am in! Plus, great cafe, putting green, tv, computers... A true winner!!

David P. | 2012-05-14

I am giving this place 2 stars because my dealings with them were brief. I am in the market for a used car and I saw that Mcgrath had a couple that were in my price range. When I arrived I met with Gary and he showed me 3 cars that I had seen on the internet. After looking at all three I decided on a BMW 530XI that was really nice. The other cars were a Lexus IS 250 that reeked of cigarette smoke and BMW 325 that had been in an accident. I told Gary that I liked the 530 and although I didnt have time to test drive the car that day (Friday) that I would be back in to drive it (monday). We set up a time for Monday morning for a test drive and I left.

On Sunday I received an email from Gary reminding me of our appointment to test drive the car on Monday morning. I showed up on Monday to have Gary tell me that they sold the car on Saturday but I should test drive the IS 250 that reeked!! Are you kidding me!! Why wouldnt you tell me in the email you sold the car i wanted. I understand that these guys need to sell cars but at least have the courtesy to call me and tell me you sold the one i was coming in to test drive or email me. I had to take time off of work to come in and do this. Extremely inconsiderate.  When I tried to call the Sales manager and let him know of my experience I was sent to his voicemail where I left a message for him to call me back. I have not received a return call.

I wouldnt have anything bad to say if these guys had at least been honest with me. If you were I might have come back and driven something else. I am taking my business elsewhere.

Kelsey K. | 2012-05-07

We went here looking at cars last weekend and we had a great experience.  Unfortunately, Lexus just wasn't able to deliver what we wanted, but that certainly wasn't the fault of Russ Raskin or any of the other members of their awesome staff.  If we did want a Lexus, I would gladly give them our business but unfortunately they're just not what we're looking for at this time.

Hina Q. | 2012-05-01

We went to McGrath Lexus for our regular maintenance service. Our service adviser was Jodie, very friendly and professional. She made our experience enjoyable.

We were told a wait time of approx 1 hour and 45 mins, and it took about 2 hours, with the car wash. I didn't mind the wait, there was lots to do to keep you occupied during your wait. They have a cafe, with free coffee, wifi, computers, la-z boy chairs, TV and mini putt (believe it or not!).

My worst fear of going for your regular scheduled service is at the end of all the wait, they come and tell you that you need all this extra work done, and your bill quadruples! This didn't happen, whew!

This was our first experience at McGrath Lexus.

Rob J. | 2012-04-20

This review is for the car seat installation service. The service is fantastic! It is free, M-F, 1-3pm, and you don't need to be a Lexus customer. Mark is the guy and he's been doing installations for 12 years. He showed my wife exactly what he was doing and even gave her a little "test" at the end to make sure she knew everything. When he couldn't find an answer to a question in the instruction manual he called the manufacturer on the spot- above and beyond. We don't own a Lexus but I would consider it just for the service.

Sheila B. | 2012-03-20

Looking for a used car sounds like a scary experience so when I drove my "new" awesome Lexus away from this dealership, I just had to write review. Mike LaGiglio, our fantastic sales representative in the Used Car division, is the go-to man if you want no bull, straight talk when it comes to buying a car. Mike LaGiglio is knowledgeable about the cars and went the extra mile to answer all of my questions, hear me and address my concerns. He wasn't one of those high-pressure annoying guys but was attentive to the sale in a good way. Personable, hard-working, and focused-the kind of salesman you'll remember and who you can, without a worry, recommend to your friends.

Eric V. | 2012-01-23

Not usually a huge fan of car dealerships, car salespeople etc which is why I must give credit where credit is due.  We bought a car here strictly because we had a previous experience here and they're service was so far above and beyond what I would ever have expected.  Soooo when our previous Lexus (purchased used in Oak Lawn somewhere) was destroyed in the hail storm that came through Chicago in July, we came to Mc Grath and were pleasantly surprised at their used but immaculate vehicles in our price range.  Beyond that though we felt that they would back this vehicle years down the line which they have already shown in subsequent visits.  If you're in the market for a vehicle with great resale value, great engineering and a place that will get your back down the road I think you may want to check these guys out.

Ms. r a. | 2012-01-10

Although I bought my car from this location, I prefer the McGrath Westmont location...hands down!  My last 3 (yes 3!) visits have been horrible :(

It started when I tried to trade up.  I actually had to track my sales lady down and when I did, she seemed too "busy" for my business (oh well, maybe that was a sign to wait until I trade for the Mercedes).  
Even though I reside in the city, I always get better service from the Westmont location however I've taken chances by stopping here for the sake of time (WRONG).  Second bad experience: they never secured my oil pan after an oil change.  It was noticed while on my way home on LSD.  I would expect this from Pep Boys but unioned workers????? Geesh!

The last straw was when I tried to endorse my "Valued Customer Gift Card" (15% off a service or part).  I only wanted to use my card for a part (which would've been cheaper elsewhere) but got such the run around and the most rudest service from the Cashier!  When I asked for a Manager (to no avail), I have YET to hear a reply from any Manager.  And to think they actually want to know your's my feed back: Never AGAIN!

Nina I. | 2011-12-19

I dont even want to give them 1 star.  PLEASE STOP CALLING AND ANNOYING PEOPLE. They keep calling and calling and calling and calling and calling and it's very frustrating since me and my boyfriend only wanted some information about a couple cars. I don't understand how two other dealerships got the point when we asked them to stop. DO NOT COME HERE they only want to rip you off if you're anything like me and KNOW you can get the same cars cheaper elsewhere.

Kelly W. | 2011-12-19

I want everybody to know that they take good care of you at Lexus.  I get my shoulder massage from Lily the greatest and my free car wash from Freddy.  They know how to take care of people.  Mark in service is the best as they come.

Liz M. | 2011-11-30

I did not purchase my Lexus here, but rather moved to the city and made McGrath my primary go-to place.

I have had a couple recalls repaired here- and it was a less than pleasant experience.  Each time they told me "about an hour" and I am not kidding when I say I sat there for 2.5 hours!!!!!  No updates on my car, no sorry it is taking so long, no explanation.  I don't mind that it could take that long, but had I known I would have arranged a cab or asked a friend to take me home and back.
Also, per a mailing I received, I was to get a full tank of gas.  The first time I never got it.  I don't mind too much, but don't advertise that if you aren't going to do it. The second time I asked about it beforehand and they did fill up.

I have had approximately 4 oil changes here.  Each time I waited 2 hours.  I can't understand why it takes so long. I can go to jiffy-lube and be in and out in 30minutes.  I wouldn't go there, but still....

I also stop in semi-frequently for carwashes-  I have waited outside for several minutes before anyone came out to the car. A couple times I went inside to ask if I could get a wash.
Only about 25% of the time they are friendly and open my door for me.
Carwashes are fast, but don't expect more than an exterior wash.  I have never had my mats vacuumed or my dash wiped down.

I'm hoping they step it up soon or I will not be referring anyone here anytime soon. And I will find somewhere else to go to get my repairs and buy my next car.

Kevin M. | 2011-11-29

I have just begun looking at cars again after several years without one in Chicago. Dave Nelson has done a terrific job of bringing comfort to the table- he listens to what I am interested in, understands what my utility of owning an auto again will be (so, NOT trying to over-recommend anything), passes no judgment based on my limited budget, and has made recommendations about the positives and negatives of each car I've asked about. In short, he's realistic, and in no way pressures me to make a decision I am not comfortable with. Keep up the great work Dave!

Austin A. | 2011-11-19

I haven't had the need to look for cars since 1999 but in preparation of my car possibly giving up on me soon, I started to look around at my options. I had such a great experience working with Dave Nelson. He listened to my needs and was the exact opposite of the cliche' slick and slimy salesman. I actually felt like I was shopping with a friend the entire time we was showing me cars. I will be back as soon as I make up my mind, he showed me some great stuff!

Liz H. | 2011-11-18

I've had just a terrible experience here in multiple ways, but I did give it one star because the guy that runs the car wash is a total gem and always so friendly. My blood boils thinking about my dealings with this place, so let me just give a "brief" synopsis of the three most irritating situations:

1. Buying the car: I told the guy (Josh) I was working with that I wanted three things (besides the normal Lexus stuff): NAV, heated seats and XM radio. I didn't care about anything else. When we test drove a seemingly perfect car for me, I asked how the XM radio worked and he showed me the XM button and explained how you just pushed it. Then I asked about having it set up, since it didn't work on the test drive, and he said you just had to subscribe and gave me the pricing. Easy enough. WRONG. I bought the car and called XM to subscribe, turns out there is still an $800 part that has to be installed before XM will work. I called the guy that sold it to me and he said that the spec sheet he gave me (which was like 10 pages long) just said "XM radio ready" or something like that, but it means you still have to get that expensive part installed, he just didn't think he had to explain that to me. I contacted the dealer and submitted a survey with this info, they did nothing. So I just found that irritating.

2. Maintenance: At first I took my car there for maintenance. But I noticed that every time I went it they literally suggested hundreds of dollars of issues to be fixed. After the third time of leaving with an $800 estimate with a car I'd had less than a year (though it was used, but pre-certified and only two years old), I took their list of recommendations to my friend's trusted mechanic. He recommended one change, which was wiper blades for 20 bucks. That was it. These people try to scare you with words like "throttle body" or something like that, but I think it's all hooey.

3. Selling my Car: This was by far the worst of all my experiences with McGrath. I was moving to CA and getting a company car, so I needed to sell my car. The blue book value was $24k and I had put $800 of new tires on two weeks prior. I had a private seller lined up, we went to the bank the day before I was moving to transfer everything and somehow her "pre-approved" loan got denied. PANIC. I went to McGrath, knowing they wouldn't give me as much as she would, but thinking they'd at least cover what I still owed on the car, which was $21,700. Wrong. They wouldn't budge at giving me more than $20,100. I mentioned that according to their website, they were selling cars similar to mine for $27k and couldn't they at least pay off the car, without me making any money on it? Nope, Sharon Gale, the manager,  told me there was no way they would put my car up for more than 23 or maybe 24k, and they had to make a profit. So they paid off the $21k and told me I had to settle the rest with Lexus Financial.

Two days later, I get a call from them saying they accidentally paid off the whole amount to Lexus Financial and now they needed a check from me for the difference, immediately. I explained that I was going to use a credit card for the difference as I didn't want to dip into cash savings since I had just moved to CA. Sharon Gale, the manager who stiffed me on the sale price, would call and leave me messages and I would always return her call within 24 hours asking how I could get her a credit card payment. She would then wait anywhere from 3-8 days to call me back and then leave an impatient message about how this had gone on too long. Um, I returned your call promptly, you're the one slacking off! I'm not going to stalk you to give you a couple grand due to a mistake made on your end!

The kicker of it all? The car is listed on their website for $27k on the nose, just like I anticipated. They are very dishonest at this place from the guy Josh that sold it to me, the mechanics that tried to push unnecessary repairs on me and Sharon who bought the car back from me. Just go somewhere else, I've had great car buying experiences every other time in my life, so I'm keeping the faith.

Julia C. | 2011-11-17

I went in a few months ago just to browse, and I have to say that I really enjoyed visiting this dealership!  At first I was a little nervous because most dealerships I go to bombard me with questions the moment I walk in, but this dealership didn't feel that way.  I was casually approached by a few people while I was browsing.  Everyone was very helpful and friendly, I was helped by Mr. Bob Campbell for the majority of my time there and he was a great help!!! I would definitely visit this dealership again =)

Brian A. | 2011-11-15

Great dealership, customer service has been number one the few times I've been there.  My service adviser Mark is always friendly and helpful and they get to my car right away.  I was there a couple of days ago and Mark was not in but Tony ended up being just as helpful.  Got my squealing brakes cleaned up at no charge and my warranty ended in May.  I've spent a total of  $230 there on regular maintenance in 2 years and they even gave me a $500 gift certificate within that same time.

Monica R. | 2011-11-10

Best car buying experience I've ever had!

I was so blown away by my experience - was expecting the typical car salesmen and got the opposite - finally!

I was greeted by Mike Kozeluh and I'm so happy I was.  I got straight answers to my questions - and i had a bunch :), no saleman lines or bs and he helped me find my new car - and I love it!  

Mike not only explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable with the car, the dealership and what all my options were, but he made me laugh and enjoy the process as well!

I've been back for a reagular service and multiple car washes and am so pleased.  

I would totally recommend Mike and this dealership!

Dina I. | 2011-10-31

Having been to McGrath to service my past 2 Lexus vehicles, I knew what great customer service they had in their service department. This past weekend, I walked into their sales department to purchase a new vehicle, and Vasiliy Kurkov was the sales associate that assisted me throughout the whole process. He couldn't have been more patient and understanding! The whole process took less than 2 hours and I walked out of there on Saturday with the time and energy to actually get my other errands done! All of my other sales experiences at different dealerships do not even compare to what I experienced at McGrath. Vasiliy took the extra time and care to help set up the bluetooth in my new vehicle, which I appreciated. The customer service at McGrath is unbeatable in my opinion. Shout out to Frank Cowan as well!

Grant f. | 2011-10-09

Every time I have taken my car in for service the mechanics have done something wrong. Some of the things are simple like the time I went in for a oil change and they lost my car for 2 hours. To be fair they didn't charge me for the oil change. The last time the mistake was a major safety mistake. I took my car in for an oil change and the service rep told me my car had several major recalls that needed immediate attention. They gave me a loaner and told me everything would be taken care of at no cost to me. A couple of days later I picked up my car. The first thing I noticed was when ever I pulled out of my garage I heard a rubbing sound coming from the drivers side wheel well. I thought that the guard in the wheel well may have come loose and was rubbing when I had the wheel turned hard to the right. After inspecting the guard over and over again I couldn't find any trouble. The rubbing sound began to become noticeable when I was driving forward and not just during right turns.
The other day I was in a parking lot near a custom car shop. I was on the ground looking at the wheel well. A mechanic that was going into the custom car shop asked me what trouble I was having. I explained and without hesitation he pointed out to me a pin was sticking out of the wheel well. At first glance you would think that this was the air valve. Looking closer it was the pin that was supposed to hold the brake pads to the brake caliper. He told me not drive the car and get this fixed immediately. It turned out that the mechanic at McGrath that made the recall mods to my brake calipers didn't put the clip back that holds that pin. The only thing that was holding the pin in place was the pin hitting the back of my wheel. The car shop fixed the trouble at no charge because of the safety issue involved. When they took the wheel off and showed me where the pin had been hitting the wheel making a perfect indentation at the rear of the wheel. It would seem like the pin would have popped all the way out between the spokes of my rims but that's why it was kind of a ticking sound and not a constant rubbing. I'm surprised  the rims didn't snap the pin right off. The car shop explained to me what could have happened if the brake pads fell off. The amount of damage and cost to repair could possibly be huge not to mention the damage that may have occurred if It caused an accident. I can't imagine McGrath taking ownership of the trouble if the worst case scenario had happened. Every single time I have taken my car in for service they have made some sort of blunder. I think this last mistake is the equal to leaving the oil pan plug out after an oil change. I have been taking my car in to Toyota service for my oil changes and using an independant mechanic. The oil changes at Toyota are 30 mins or less and no lost cars. In my opinion this is just bad mechanics being managed by bad management.

brad s. | 2011-08-04

I have been here on several occasions for a variety of different services and each time the service has always been great and the employees have treated me with respect and made me feel like an old friend. From the moment you enter the dealership you are greeted with a smile, and before you leave they let you know what's going on. I would recommend McGrath to my friends and family and will continue coming here for all my Lexus needs.

Sam Z. | 2011-05-26

Friendly staff, amazing selection, and free car washes.

I usually come here for car washes but I made the mistake to come on a Saturday afternoon and had to wait over an hour lol. Oh well, lesson learned.

I did have my car serviced here and the techs are nice and got the job done.

I will continue coming here for many years.

Cathy B. | 2010-10-14

I've been coming here for the past two years. In the beginning, I would just whoever as my service advisor but I got use to Robert and he is great! He seriously tries to get my car in and out as quick as possible. Majority of my things I came in for such as light bulbs, wiring, didn't cost me anything except our 90,000 mile service work up which DID cost an arm and a leg. I also like how the place is pooch friendly, I always bring my little Yorkie with me and she enjoys getting all the attention from the workers and other customers.
I would have given this place a perfect score except once when we had a loaner, the gas tank was EMPTY. Ridiculous, how do you give a loaner with a empty tank? Anyways, besides that this place is great. The service here is great, but the wait can sometimes waste a day.

Tom C. | 2010-02-22

a bunch of snobs and terrible customer service. They do not appreciate your business nor do they care. McGrath sucks like others note.

Mark M. | 2010-01-04

Scheduled a service appointment for 1:00 they told me on the phone it would take no more than an hour, arrived early. I told them I would wait since it would only take an hour. It is now 4:16 as I type in their F*cking waiting lounge. Place is a joke, I will never bring my RX 350 back to this place, I now remember why I bought it from the burbs, and take it to the Toyota dealership for minor services. Never again this place sucks

sugi o. | 2009-11-09

This review is for the service department of the dealership.

So, I made an online appointment to get some service done on my car for Saturday at 12:30. I got 2 email confirmations from McGrath reminding me of my appointment date, time and service advisor. My fiance and I show up on Saturday at 12:30, and the service advisor I had an appointment with is off for the day. What the heck? So, they find us another service advisor who is completely rude, nonchalant, and a little abrasive. We ask how long the appointment is going to take and he informs us that it will be a little over an hour. We have somewhere to be in 2 hours so we agree and sign the paperwork and go wait in the waiting area/lounge.

The waiting area/lounge is the ghettoest lounge I have been to. It is old, shoddy and dingy. They have free coffee and wi-fi (big whoopee doo) but that is about it. All of the other lounges I have been to (though they have all been in LA) have coffee, tea, canned sodas, bottled water, snacks, etc etc all laying out for the waiting customer. We found out later that bottled water is something the service advisor has to get you but again, refer to paragraph above... not very friendly guy so did not offer us water.

Anyhow, so we wait an hour for the car and we go outside and we notice that it is just then being placed on those racks to be worked on. Uhm... our car is supposed to be done in about 10 minutes but they just started? So we wait 10 minutes and no, of course it is not done. My fiance goes to ask the service advisor the status of the car but the advisor looks at him with a "what do you want" type of response. So we wait again another half hour and no, still not done. Finally at 2:45 ish (yes, 2 hours later), the advisor gets us and tells us it's done and should be no more than 5 minutes for the carwash. Well, we go outside and there is a ridiculous long queue for all the vehicles to get washed and so by the time we are done, it is almost 3 pm. 2 and a HALF HOURS...

We understand that sometimes there are delays and what not but we had a simple oil change, a replacement battery on our key for the alarm, and a coolant flush!!!! THAT DOES NOT TAKE 2 AND A HALF HOURS. And on top of that, they were rude and the facilities are just not up to par for a Lexus dealership.

Unfortunately this is the only Lexus dealership in Chicago that is close to us. But that just means we will no longer get our service performed at the dealership.

Matt Y. | 2009-11-09

I have to agree with what's been said about the service department.  Compared to the 3 other Lexus dealerships I have been to, this one is a circus.  The facility is dirty, the staff rude, scheduling is a mess, and the follow-up is not there either.  I've yet to hear about parts that had to be ordered for a warranty repair.

I'm surprised Lexus allows this dealership to remain under its current ownership.  I was sent an automated review request from Lexus and panned them... I'm sure others have as well.  Compared to the outstanding service of other dealerships (and something that would drive me back to Lexus when it's time for the next car), this one's far, far behind.

Maria R. | 2009-08-10

Today I am reviewing my  "shopping experience" with McGrath Lexus.  I worked with Josh Cormier in the Lexus pre-owned department for about a week, test driving several hybrid suv's and sedans.  Josh was professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with,.  He followed up almost daily via email to see how my selections were shaping up and would alert me to any different vehicles he received.

For me the buying experience is really the biggest part of the process.  The Deal, paperwork and financing are also a big part, but to me, the salesman and his cheerful demeanor make a big difference in this stressful experience.

Although I didn't select a Lexus in the end, I highly recommend Josh if you are considering a Lexus.

Pete M. | 2008-12-22

In for service, and they were great.  Only thing I wish was better was the "traffic jam" getting my car out of service.  They might want to hire another valet or two.

Mardi T. | 2007-11-02

I had a great experience at McGrath!  I test drove on Tuesday, and by Wednesday the car was ready to go exactly the way I wanted it. The paperwork process was virtually painless and both Tim (Sales Mgr.) and Jesse (my salesman) were great to work with.  I would have given them 5 stars, but buying a car is just a really stressful endeavor.  They made it as easy as possible, and I will recommend that anyone give them a try!!