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Welcome to McGrath City Hyundai . High Class Without the High Price.
As your local Chicago Hyundai dealer, we at McGrath City Hyundai are happy to provide for your every Hyundai need. Please feel free to explore our website or stop by our showroom to see our extensive inventory of new and used Hyundai cars and SUVs. In addition to excellent vehicles sales prices, every one of our Hyundais is backed with the McGrath name, a name that Hyundai drivers have come to trust. We also provide Hyundai financing, extended service hours and Hyundai parts. We carry a large selection of used and new Hyundai vehicles, including Accent, Elantra, Sonata, Azera, and Genesis cars and Tucson, Santa Fe, and Veracruz crossover SUVs. Know that you will be taken care of after the sale with service loaners, shuttle service and Hertz rental company on site. When you do the Math, you choose McGrath.


Established in 2006.

The McGrath Family has over 60 years of car experience: McGrath City Hyundai is th most recent dealership to join the family name. It is our priority to uphold the McGrath family reputation of excellent customer service for each and every customer, every time.

McGrath City Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 889-9090
Address:6750 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60707
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on McGrath City Hyundai

Austin W. | 2015-04-09

Avoid the warranty!!

Bought a used vehicle from this dealership. Excellent sales staff and super friendly people as they are selling you the vehicle.

It is the service after the sale that they fall well below par. We had an issue with the vehicle (failed emissions) and needed to get it serviced. Some of the repairs were covered under the warranty, some were not. Nevertheless, they denied the entire claim and were extremely rude in the process.

After promising to call back once they have reviewed it, I received no call. Their warranty department and whomever I spoke to on the phone at the dealership were both very rude and told me we were on our own. Urged us to read the warranty. Well, I did. And it turns out we were right.

Save your money.

Greg J. | 2015-03-30

Called in for an appointment for service the day before and I was late the following day.   They were courteous enough to take my car in anyway and fixed it the same day.     I dealt with Marc in service and he was very helpful and courteous.     A few times, another service adviser came over to the lobby where I was waiting to give me an update on my vehicle and they washed my car.  
Thank you for the great service Marc!

Evelyn Z. | 2015-03-19

I had a great experience with James. He helped us find a SUV that would fit our family and that I would feel comfortable driving. He did not pressure us but actually helped us! I'm not an easy person to bargain with but he stayed polite and was willing to work with what I wanted. Thanks James!

Martha Z. | 2015-02-28

I said that I wasn't going to buy a car today but after the experience I changed my mind. They got on the car I wanted with the price I was looking for.

Anna R. | 2015-02-23

*This was going to be my first 1 star review but the bad first experience here was rectified by advisor Phillip.

I came in for an oil change and tire rotation and asked for my car to not be washed as I had it detailed in the morning; I was given an 1.5hr wait time as the shop was clearly busy, cool.
20min later, I see my car getting washed. I spoke up and the original advisor I worked with, Mark, apologized bc he stepped out and "the guy must have just grabbed it". Mark asked me what I wanted him to do but the car was getting rinsed off so I told him it was clearly too late, it's fine, mistakes happen. Since the wash is normally, logically done after service is performed, I asked if we were almost done. Nope. Not even started. Oh.
Fast forward 2hrs.  Mark was no where to be found, maybe he went on his lunch, so another employee informed me that my car was just getting getting taken off the rack and pulled around to park.
No, it was about another 20min until the cashiers called Phillip came to my rescue. He told me they had been working on a problem tire valve an I should have been informed about the extended wait.

Jared R. | 2015-01-28

Did a lot of research before heading to the dealer & their prices were about 10% lower than all others so I headed down there.

I test drove the car & we sat down & got the application process going. When the first monthly offer came I was in complete shock. It was a good 150-200/month higher than I had calculated & I'm very good at math I knew something wasn't right.

1. Come to find out their "advertised" prices are actually already including military, college, & some other discount! So you can add 3K on to just about every car. Shady! So if you are in college & military the prices are as advertised!

2. I've purchased 8 or 9 cars so far in my life, none of which was as shady to deal with as them. Mainly this is directed at the GM who was the one actually making all the "deals".  I went back & forth on price for a solid 3 hours! (was there a total of 8!!!) Yes I know it was a Saturday but I got there before 10am! Anyway...I kept getting the priced knocked down & there would be notes like "Final offer" on each written offer. Total B.S.  Finally I had realized that they were tacking on extra $ to the monthly! I did all my calculations over & over. They were literally trying to get me a $40k loan for a $32k deal! I put my coat on & said I am walking away unless you give me the actual price because you are adding on a solid $100/month for no reason. Few minutes later...price dropped to what it should have been & done deal! Wow! I would have paid an extra $7k or so over the life of the loan! WTF! Not to mention I got a 1.99% interest rate after being told & written on paper that it was 1.79% Like other reviewers I noticed after I had left that they added on a "warranty" package for almost $2k! Huh? Factory warranties do not cost & I did not agree to anything to be added on to the sale.

So at this point I just wanted to sign the papers & get out of there. They were absolutely swamped & ended up waiting a good 3 hours after "making the deal" until I finally drove out. There were a good 4-5 couples ahead of me just waiting to sign the paperwork. And the finance guy I dealt with was actually the best one there & very friendly.

In the end I didn't have a problem with my salesman but the GM seems to be doing some shady things to boost his dealership's profits. Would not go here again. Like I'm sure other dealers do, they encourage you to give them A+ or 10 ratings on all kinds of surveys. In return they give you free things for your car (also shady). So don't believe all the perfect ratings!

Kathy S. | 2015-01-26

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE! Similar to the experience of others who had the misfortune to deal with these DISHONEST people!!!

Made a deal with the salesperson, but when it came to final pricing got up charged 2500 for service fee and 1800 for additional warranty. None of these were ever mentioned during the interaction with the salesperson. In addition I had explicitly stated that I did not want ANY additional warranty. Yet found the 1800 added to final payment. Was able to get most of this money back, but not without unnecessary frustration and time loss.

Bought 4 new cars in the past and NEVER had an experience like this!

0/5 stars

Lynelle O. | 2015-01-18

Service Department..... I can't speak for the sales department but the Service Department is very professional and helpful. They're usually on time with their work and their prices are pretty competitive given that it's a dealer.

Tony B. | 2015-01-01

I was shopping for an Elantra GT, and came into contact with McGrath Hyundai through Truecar.  Having read through their Yelp reviews, I had a bad feeling about them.  Since they are almost an hour drive from me, I wanted to get clarification on the pricing prior to going there, to avoid the traps the other reviewers wrote about.  I dealt with Lisa Pugh via e-mail.  My attempts to get clarification were rebuffed, and I never felt that I knew what the price would be for me based on the incentives I told her I would and wouldn't qualify for, nor what additional fees might be added once I was there.  As a last attempt, I asked for an out the door price.  She informed me it is their policy not to give out the door pricing over the phone or by e-mail to "avoid misunderstandings".

That was the final straw, and not willing to risk the same shenanigans that other Yelp reviewers wrote about, I took them off my list and wound up purchasing the car elsewhere at a very similar price from a dealer who was willing to give an honest internet quote.

Kalina N. | 2014-12-29

You go with an advertisement and demand to be given the price on the advertisement. You are being completely ignored. False advertising? I think so...

You try calling them up and requesting more info on an ad, you are told the person you need to speak with is in the other line and that they'd call you back. Surprise, suprise, they never call you back. Don't waste your time with this dealership.

Fake friendly customer service. Stay away!

Rob R. | 2014-12-27

I purchased a car with Mike Richardson last October and been very happy since. I think I got a great deal on the car, and been treated very well every time I bring it in for service. Definitely ask for Mike.

Nycole H. | 2014-12-24

STOP STALKING ME!!! I purchased a car from here years ago. Had a great experience then all of a sudden about 3 years in I started getting nonstop phone calls and mailings. I told them it was too much and told them to take me off their list. Kept going nonstop. When it was time to trade in my Hyundai I went to ANOTHER Hyundai dealership because of their unprofessional. Stop sending me notes in the mail JODY ADAMS!! You are absolutely harassing me. I've told you guys many times that I have purchased a brand new car. So stop!

Michael K. | 2014-12-12

I can't possible make enough negative (but honest) comments.  Suffice it to say that they swindle and lie to their customers.   They overcharged me for my car by $6200!!!  They added services and fees that they NEVER discussed with me, and NEVER went through a line-by-line breakdown of all fees and charges (I know...shame on me for not being diligent).  

Don't buy a car here...ever!!! (unless you enjoy being scammed),

Cecy J. | 2014-12-11

My boyfriend brought me here in December to buy me a 2015 Santa Fe. As we walked in the dealership we were created by a bald man who then told us Gil would be taking care of us.

I told Gil that I was interest in the Santa Fe. He showed me the limited version (2015) then showed me a pre-owned 2012 version in white. Both of them were beautiful. I ended up deciding on the 2015 Santa Fe in red.

Gil was helpful throughout the process and very patient. He also speaks Spanish which is always a plus!

Because my boyfriend works in construction I decided to purchase the protection plan for my brand new car! I was told that adding this would add a total of $2000 more to the value of my truck in case I ever did a trade in. I paid about $1000 for this service and left my Truck in the dealership. When I got it back it was COMPLETLY SCRATCHED!!! I was so upset! I went to look for Gil and he assured me that it would be taken care of.

When I went to pick up my truck from this bad episode... I was greated again by another bad episode from a very rude service worker.
That same day I was so annoyed by the rudeness of all these people here that I truly did not have the chance to inspect my truck! One of the main scratches were gone and some of the stains inside the truck. Now every time my truck is under the light you can see the car full of tiny scratches.

This deer ship needs to realize that people give other people recommendations and I wouldn't recommend this dealer to my worst enemy! If I wanted to purchase a scratched up vehicle I wouldn't have bought a new car! Or agreed to pay over $40,000.

Karen B. | 2014-12-04

Had a great experience with Robert Gil and the whole team at McGrath on Black Friday.  Very happy with my new (to me!) Tucson!!

Bruce Z. | 2014-11-29

Promises unkept. Claimed to have a car in stock and and after driving an hour and then waiting for salesperson found out that the car had been sold prior to my phone call. Unwilling to negotiate on a more optioned model after being disappointed.

Stephen G. | 2014-11-29

Bait and Switch. I requested a quote from McGrath Hyundai via and promptly received an e-mail response and a call. That is were the good experience ended. I asked if they had the car in stock and they confirmed they did - make, model, color and options. I asked about final pricing, out the door, and they indicated that I would need to come in and talk to their finance department. I asked them to hold the car for an hour which they said it was first come first serve basis, but the car was "in stock". I told them that we were on the way and just wanted to make sure we did not make the hour trip for nothing. An hour later by brother-in-law was at the dealer and surprise, no car, nor could they substantiate that the car was in stock an hour earlier. They pressed hard to up-sell into a more expensive model but offered no solution to the car and quote they provided. And they wonder why consumers don't trust car salespeople.

AC C. | 2014-11-23

CON ARTIST!!! Avoid shopping at this dealership at all cost. This place is simply a joke. If you are a first-time buyer this is not the place for you. In my two hours there I experienced more angry customers than I have ever seen at any place of business. More importantly, after being approved for a loan the salesman and tried to force a hybrid car on my relative. He would not show him any other cars. Luckily I have purchased many cars.  As a matter of fact I used to sell cars. This place has no clue what customer service is.

This dealership could have the best deal in Chicago and I would not spend my money there. In addition, the entire time there the salesmen, joked around with a taser the entire time I was there. Yes and effing Taser. How professional is that in a place of business.

BEWARE!!!! of the tactic they use, "I can't get you the price or tell you the finance until you sign this paper and then I can get you a price however if the numbers match we will make a deal". WHAT EVER YOU DO; NOT SIGN THIS PAPER UNTIL YOU HAVE THE FINANCIAL NUMBERS IN FRONT OF YOU.

In summary this is HAGGLE pricing at its best. These people try and rip off individuals who are inexperienced and purchasing vehicles.

Pleasse don't let the one star fool you. It is only because I had to select a star. This place deserves zero stars. The good news for consumers is there are other dealerships, many others. The sad news is these people think they are the only dealership.


11/22/14 shopper

James V. | 2014-10-18

I went to purchase a used '09 Accord today, with financing already lined up, but they said they would be able to get me a better rate so I thought why not have them check. Upon refusing to sign a binding purchase agreement prior to learning what my financing options were, the sales manager told me that I "don't know how business works, have never had a car loan, have never owned anything and will never own anything."  I happen to be a Commercial Finance Manager for the company I work for, and work with contracts all day long, have had a car loan, and am a homeowner. I will never give any of the McGrath Dealerships or Hyundai any of my business, ever.

Angie P. | 2014-10-04


I purchased a car from Frank Torres at McGrath City Hyundai in Chicago,IL last October. He stated that the car would be financed in my name and my roommate as a co-signer on the loan.

It was discovered when I made my first payment that the car was financed only under my roommates name per Bank of America. I was extremely upset that the car I am driving is not under my name. We originally  signed paperwork together the day I purchased the car.They contacted my roommate to finalize paperwork and had him sign a whole new set of paperwork that was blank and submitted the financing with his name only without our approval.

We have purchased 3 cars from Hyundai and the same dealership in a year. Frank Torres informed me that the issue would be originally cleared up by April 2014, then August 2014, and now the dealership is reneging on their commitment to refinance the car into my name.

I can't believe one of the biggest brands in the world treat someone like this. I have contacted the dealer and the managers and I have not gotten a response from anyone. We are trying to be patient but I can't even go to another dealer to trade in my car because it is not under my name.

Vanessa S. | 2014-10-02


Danny L. | 2014-09-26

this company is soliciting with way low pricing, you will get so surprised at signing. I don't recommend

Josh F. | 2014-08-16

Bait and switch. The worst service I've ever received. Avoid!

Long version:

Using I found the exact specs for the car I wanted. McGrath City Hyundai showed the lowest price by a good margin, making the 1 hour drive worth it. After selecting them they gave me a call explaining they wanted to provide VIP treatment, and set-up a time to test drive. I told them tonight would be perfect and I would head their way after the call. Wow, this will be perfect!

This is when things went bad.

I show up and they were surprised. After a few minutes of scrambling they admit they don't have the car, but mention they have other cars if I'd like to test drive. No thanks. So after a few minutes they say that the car must be on its way from corporate to the dealership and will be there in 72 hours. They mentioned TrueCar has a better understanding of their inventory than they do (?) so it should be here soon and they'll call when it is

4 days later I call.

They confirm they don't have the car. They confirm they don't have it on order or on its way. They ask if I'd be interested in other cars. Um, no.

What a "VIP" service. Worst experience and the textbook example of why people hate car sales.

Avoid at all costs!

Juan T. | 2014-07-28

We found a car that we liked, priced good and very clean.  Came in and spoke with Armi, and she put us with Peter.  Well everything was going good, until towards the end, once we got the credit looked at we were close to what we wanted.  When I asked for the final payment number, they didn't want to do that.  Peter the salesperson wanted me to shake on a deal with a rounded number, why would anyone agree to a uncertain number.  I told them this amount and he said it would be around this amount, but didn't want to give me a final number.  Decided to go out and speak with him girl, saying if we can get this price lets sign, but Peter came out and said he had 3 other appointments on Saturday and to think about it.  I told him if it doesn't sell the price you had better drop if you want me to come back.  

Spoke with Elba today and she said she apologized and was very sympathetic, big plus.  She said she would put us with another salesperson and I said I have no problem coming back in and making a deal.  So after getting my hopes up hi, I decided to email Armi and say I am coming in again and hope we can close this deal.

Well I got a call from Peter saying that it sold, but according to their site its still for sale, they said they haven't updated it but I am sure once a car sells its noted or taken off the site.  Is this a gimmick, maybe who knows, I should ask for proof of sale LOL.  But I am thinking if I never emailed Armi, would they have called me and told me the car was sold????? Not sure, because I was going tonight, thank god I got that call.  

Whatever, communication here is horrible, wasted my time explaining the problem I had with Peter since the car I wanted sold.  Whatever, stuff happens, but don't waster your time here!!

Alejandro V. | 2014-07-22

We had a great experience with Robert Gil and Dave Glas. They were both very helpful and patient. We got the price we wanted and the customer service overall has been great.

Emil S. | 2014-07-19



It's no wonder why that other people gave so many negative reviews at this place, I should have followed their advise avoid this dealership!

How it started -
I received an email saying that they are having a deal and sale for their 2014 Hyundai cars with a 0% Financing for 72 months (this is how they lure you in) ! I called and spoke to one of their sales rep making sure that I am qualified for the 0% financing, I also confirmed that this deal was for all of their vehicles, new and used.

I browsed through their car catalog and found a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid that I love and with a very reasonable price --…  

FIRST TIER: 2 hours wasted
I was greeted by one of their sales rep named Peter G. (Polish gentlemen), I told him that I want the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid that was advertise on their website for $20,585 with the 0% financing for 72 months. Peter told me that he could not get me that deal, because the 0% financing deal was only for car purchased at an MSRP which was listed at $27,000. He told me that I could choose to get the financing deal or get the 'rebated' deal at that internet price. I told Peter that that the MSRP is too steep and if I could not get the combo, then I do not want to waste his time and my time and was about to walked out.

Peter stopped me from walking out and called his back up, a gentleman named Frank Torres, and told me that he is going willing to try to get me the deal that I wanted. After waiting for about an hour of back and forth negotiation he is willing to give me the internet price and the 0% financing deal for 72 months! I was very excited and willing to proceed further. I also told him that I was also going to trade in my car for down payment.

SECOND TIER: 2 hour wasted
The car that I was going to trade is a 2004 Honda Accord with about 94,000 miles. Prior to coming this place I had done my research on how much my car is worth. KBB estimated my car ranging from $5000 to $5,600; I also went to CarMax and got an estimation of $3,000. HOWEVER... they only estimated my trade in for $1000 (ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR)! I was shocked and did not know what to say. I asked him how they were able to calculate the price to be $1000? Peter was trying his hardest to dodge the question and told me that it is the best trade in value that I would ever get for the car vs. what I would've gotten from CarMax. Uhhh Hello? CarMax valued my car for $3000! After negotiating back and forth they (they made me wait for about an hour while he 'negotiate' with Frank) is willing to give me a trade in value of $3,500... WHEW, so far 4 hours of my Saturday afternoon is gone! :(

THIRD TIER: 2 hour wasted
After we agreed on the new vehicle and the trade in price ($20,585 - $3,500 = $17,089) It was time for me to go to finance, where I am greeted by another gentleman name David Glass (oh this guy is very ridiculous). We went through the final paperwork and he 'calculated' that my monthly payment for 72 month would be $350. I asked myself wait a min... $350 a month? Let's do some basic math here... $350 x 72 month = $25,200! I asked him why is the monthly cost so high? So we broke down the cost of the vehicle:

- Vehicle Price = 17,089
- IL Tax = $1800
- Document fee = $167
- License transfer = $147
- Hyundai 'safety' package = ~$1,490 (David said that this is mandatory cost)

So, in the normal world the TOTAL OUT THE DOOR price is $20,689 and divide that by 72 months it would be about $287/month. But HOLD ON! He told me that I was not qualified for the 0% 72 month finance, because my credit was not good. And instead he gave a offer of 2.35% for 72 months! WHOAH wait a sec, I just shooked hands with Peter and Frank for 0% for 72 month? This is OUTRAGEOUS! After trying to negotiate with him for the 0% he asked 'I don't understand why you are upset? There is no difference in 2.35% vs 0% if you add extra $$$ to the principle' ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There is no difference with 2.35% vs 0%? Oh man, buddy... Are you even qualified to be doing finance work?

To make long story short, I was able to get the 0% financing, but now I they added  the rebate that they gave to me ($6000) which brought the price back up again to $25,200! After that ridiculous offer, I declined and walked out with 6 hours wasted.
The worst part is, they were angry for wasting 4 hours of their time! LOL!

I am a loyal customer for McGrath Honda service (next door), but sadly to say that I will never step foot on any of their 'McGrath' service or dealership after this horrible experience!

I hope that you will learn from my lesson and experience! And...


p.s. I then asked my buddy who bought a Hyundai at another dealership and he told me that he did not get billed for the 'Hyundai Safety pack.

Louie C. | 2014-07-15

This place is a joke. Twice I've gone there, and twice I have not been shown the car I wanted to see, but one that was "very similar".

The second time I was there, I decided I did not like the "very similar" Elantra that I drove after the original I found online could not be located, and told Roger what I disliked about it. He then recommended an Elantra Sport, which I did, in fact, like but I was afraid that the price would be considerably more. He assured me it would not be (but it was in the end).

After quite a bit of back and forth, the sales manager Jody came out and started his pitch. They got the price down, but not quite to where I wanted it to be. The final offer from Jody was $290 a month, to which I said I wanted to see the breakdown of the payment, from the sale price to the taxes and other fees included. He disappeared to get me the information, and in the meantime, Roger came back with the owner's manual and keys, and started asking me about the title to the car I was trading in and my insurance card. I balked and said that he was acting like he sold me the vehicle, to which he responded, "I have!" Needless to say, I was not happy and let him know that he had not sold me the vehicle, and I was able to get him to backtrack.

I told Jody and Roger both that I wanted to talk to my bank to double check the financing rates that they could give me compared to the dealership and that I needed to look over all of my numbers, especially since the price was still more than I wanted to pay. After a bit of time, they finally agreed to let me take my car back, except it took about another five minutes for them to find the keys to my car.

After mulling it over and seeing how my insurance rates would be affected and verifying that I could not handle the higher payment, I emailed Roger the next morning and let him know that I definitely would not be buying the car. He called me back in the afternoon, and his favorite phrase on this phone call was "Where do we need to be at?"

I insisted that I was not going to buy the car, and after him repeatedly asking me where we needed to be at and asking what my new insurance rate would be, I told him that I was at work and could not have that conversation at the moment. He said he would call me back, but he has not, and I will not mind if he never does.

I've been to a few dealerships in my hunt for a car, and no dealership has been as incompetent, shady, or overly pushy as McGrath. I will NEVER consider another car from this dealership.

EDIT: Now I find that when they checked my credit score to give me a financing rate, they ran a full hard pull inquiry - the first dealership to do so thus far, and it has lowered my credit score. Avoid this dealership at all costs.

barbara s. | 2014-06-26

We recently received a call from McGrath informing us of a recall on my mother's car.
I made the recall service appointment and at that time had been asked about any other services that my mom may need. I specifically told them that my mom would strictly come in for the recall, she's elderly, is easily confused and does not speak english well and would not need anything else done to the car. Since the service would take about 3 hours I asked that they drive my mom home and pick her up when the work was completed. She lives less than a mile from the dealership. I called mom about 2 hours after the appointment time (which was 930am) to ask how the drop off went.  Mom is 78 years old, still independent, but is often confused and forgetful. She told me that the service that she had to sign for was going to cost her $160. There was a woman that was able to speak moms native language, and from what mom understood, the service that they told her she had to get was not included in the warranty.
I immediately called the dealership because my first thought was that mom misunderstood about the charges. I was transferred to Danielle the service advisor and told that mom agreed to some of the service recommendations that they made to her in addition to the recall service and that the work on the car was already completed and she would be responsible for the charges.  I told her that under no circumstances she would pay for that, they can undo whatever they did to the car.  I also informed her of my conversation with the service department upon making the appointment and  told her that this was the epitome of predatory behavior.
She made no apology for the "miscommunication" and just said that she would speak to the manager and would call me back.  After 1 1/2 hours and having left two messages for Jodie the GM and Erin the service manager, I called Danielle to see what was going on since no one had called me.  She informed me that the manager had agreed to not charge mom, and that they will be removing everything that was put on. She informed me that the car would mot be ready until 5pm. I expressed that this was not acceptable and they should make an effort to have it ready sooner.   At 455pm my mom called me that her car was ready but that the dealership would not be able to pick her up. When I called McGrath about this the person answering the phones told me that all the managers were gone and there was no one available to give my mom a ride.  I told her that someone need to take ownership of this and asked her to find a sales person, mechanic , etc.  I was put on hold then for about ten minutes and she returned to say that the porter can pick up my mom, but she can't tell me when since they are busy with other clients.  This was the first I heard of a porter.  After about 30 minutes mom called to tell me she was at home.  
The following day I checked the service receipt to see what parts were removed and took an additional 5 hours. It turns out that at 24,000 miles they cleaned fuel injectors and performed a coolant flush for which they were going to charge $160. I called Danielle for an explanation since there were no parts to remove. She denied that she said that and told me that she wasn't going to continue the conversation with me since I insulted her the day prior.  A few days later I had a standard "how was your service" message from a service manager named Eddie V. I have left him two messages and have heard nothing.
It's been about 21/2 weeks now since I'm completing thus review and none of my messages have been returned by any of the managers.

Navid H. | 2014-05-30

First time here for oil change and I was treated like a superstar. Nina was awesome with helping me out. Great price and great service. Got full car wash for free. Arrived at 9:30 and left at 10:50. I'll be coming back here every 3,000 miles. Thank you!

Lauren B. | 2014-04-15

Marcus did a great job with providing me honest information and it was a smooth traction. Customer service can be difficult to find, especially when looking for a new car. I would definitely go back here again!

Brian C. | 2014-04-11

Do yourself a favor and avoid dealing with them.  My bad experience started when I received a TrueCar price from them that they didn't honor.  Their claim was that TrueCar sent over that I was eligible for Hyundai previous owner discount.  I confirmed with the other dealers I got offers from that their did not get this information.  Then they when we started talking price, they calculated interest "incorrectly" and wanted any negotiations to start with that number.  They had tacked on $900 in additional interest to the loan, and said they'd take approximate $500 off the final price.  When I said take $600 total off the price of the car and calculate interest correctly, they told me they did not calculate interest wrong.  Basically they had built in a $900 buffer to negotiate with and I caught them.  I dealt with Frank Torres and Christain, his manager.  Buyer beware if you deal with them.  Hyundai's are great cars and you'll will be much happier if you give your money to someone else.

Jackie P. | 2014-04-10

Great service and help from the staff especially from Mario. He was very helpful and sufficient with the amount of information and facts I needed for my previous purchase on my car. I would most definitely recommend this place to purchase a car and maintenance!

Jeff B. | 2014-03-31

WOW!! To bad I can't give negative stars!! I wish I would have read all these negative reviews first!! I have never been treated so poorly as I have here! The entire sales team and finance team are DISHONEST, SHADY, and just flat out NASTY individuals. To name a few would be NICOLE, FRANK, AND JOE. We sold and purchased a car here and the car the car they sold us was not inspected for safety or cleaned properly. For starters, it had a nail in the tire - they said its just low and they put air in it and to just  drive it and the tire checking system will turn off. WOW!! Out of pocket expense to repair the tire 57.00 + The car was so out of alignment that the front tires were bald and the car was a 2012 with only  20,000+ miles, that cost us 516.00 +. The car also needed a new braking mechanism (under warranty).  The car also had spoiled milk in the carpet, so every time the car gets warm it smells TERRIBLE, so with that we had to get it  re-detailed which was 199 dollars!!

To top it off they were slick and did not PAY OFF  the entire car loan for the car we traded in, so we were stuck with two car payments!! MAKE SURE YOUR SALESMAN "FRANK" CHECKS THE PAYOFF AMOUNT IN FRONT OF YOU! ITS THE LAW TO DO SO, BUT HE TOLD US TO SIT TIGHT  AND WE WOULD TAKE OF IT. THAT MISTAKE COST US OVER 600 DOLLARS!!!! Again DO NOT GO HERE TO PURCHASE A VEHICLE - I PROMISE ITS A BAD IDEA!! STAY AWAY!!

We have filed a complaint with the BBB and come to find out they have 14 complaints just in the last few months alone!!!


ALSO DO NOT DEAL WITH THE SALESMAN BY THE NAME OF FRANK!! SLEEZY AS THEY COME AND COMPLETELY DISHONEST!! I have never been treated so poorly when dealing with purchasing a car as I have been by this gentleman!!

Marek C. | 2014-03-20

If you want to buy car you should really avoid this place,,, why ??? people that work at this car dealer are totally jokes. I stopped by to see Hyundai Genesis and my sales person( mid age African-American man) was very unprofessional, and gave us impression we wasted his time. Did not have any intention to work with us at all. That was my first and last visit at this car dealer, I'm assuming he thought we were not serious buyers... so after showing us car he just left , bringing some other 'manager" so we can leave him alone... never seen such an ignorant in my life. Guess what I took my business and my money and went to different car dealer and bought beautiful Hyundai Sonata 2014 limited version.

Isa P. | 2014-03-01

Beware of the shady practices in this dealership. I got to experience first hand the bait and switch games played here. They advertise one price, they tell you they will honor that price and then in a masterful way they change it so you don't catch it.
Stay away from this place.........

Ben T. | 2014-02-17

Never felt confident I was being given a straight answer or 100% truth during my 2 week service ordeal. Had my Hyundai double checked at the service station I trust, and they mentioned a few caps and screws were missing, and the quality of the work that had been done was "not good." Just an all around uncomfortable, long, questionable ordeal. Would not recommend at all.

John B. | 2014-02-15

My review is about the same as the other ones.  I wish zero stars was an option.

We were quoted a price, and then they added $1,500 in frivolous options (car detailing and nitrogen for the tires...) after the financing approval came though.  Interesting enough we could not get financing approval at another Hyundai dealership, even with a credit score of 750, so the car (a Hyundai) and financing came from elsewhere.  That being said, we found it interesting that we had to get the financing from a bank, and we are not sure if it had something to do with this dealership.  Be ready to walk out of this place without a purchase...I believe there would be more value in attempting to haggle at Grossinger or Rogers Hyundai in person.

Anyway, if purchasing a Hyundai I recommend setting up financing with a 3rd party, before attempting to purchase or even haggle on a vehicle if you care about a low purchase price.

J I. | 2013-12-16

Buyers Beware!!! I got a quote online that McGrath City sent me, which could not be beat by anyone else. Now I know why...because they lie, lie, lie!!! Oh and then once I got there the price for the car I wanted which was a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport went from $30,500 (online quote) to a ridiculous $36,000 after they tried to trick me with their financing scam. Peter refused to show me how much the Tax, Tile, and Fees were, which should be around $3,000 for that amount...well after I did the math he was over $6,000 in Tax Title and Fees. Are you kidding me? Not only that but the sales guy named Peter (aka scam artist) ignored me as a customer and began handling another customer when he realized I was onto his load of poo poo. How ignorant is that! Then he proceeded to tell me that they had to get the car from another state because there wasn't any in the region with the specific color combo that I wanted. My wife did the research while I was talking to him and found my color combo specification at 3 other dealers in the area. When I brought that to his attention, he told me sorry we don't do business with them. He tried every scam in the book, like saying they would have to charge me extra for shipping the car I wanted. The guy changed his story multiple times and every time I caught him in a LIE! Needless to say, I walked out. That place is one big scam.

Magda G. | 2013-12-04

These guys are really as bad as they get.  Think of all the stereotypes for car salespeople: these guys are that and much more!
First, we saw an ad on their website, called to inquire about the vehicle in question and was told that it was still in stock, just to show up 45 minutes later to find out that "It's been sold, but let us show you some of the other vehicles that we have available"
They refused to talk to us about financing options even though we kept requesting information before hand.  When we finally agreed on a car, the price negotiations were just awful.  They did the salesperson-manager dance for 2 hours (all the while checking prices and quotes on line) and when we finally agreed on a price we had to wait another 2 hours for get to the financing department.  
And here comes the kicker: when we get to the financing department, the sheet that outlined the negotiated price is miraculously gone and the price of the car is now $1900 more than we agreed upon.  Classic bait and switch!
These guys are con artists and you would be a fool to give them your business!

Elizabeth T. | 2013-11-01

Horrific experience here last night. This dealership engages in misleading bait-and-switch tactics and will run your credit report before giving you a straight answer on the (highly inflated) price you will ultimately pay for your car. Stay far away.

It took a full hour before the salesperson was able to locate the car we had requested (I'd add that we discussed the particular make/model of the car we needed at length with another associate prior to coming to the dealership.) We presented the sales associate with the guaranteed certified price we had received through an internet printout and at no time did he dispute that price. However, he insisted we must use the dealership's financing to secure the $1500 "rebate" included in the reduced price. At first, we refused, because the financing provided through our bank had a far lower APR than that which was offered by the dealership. The associate then countered that he could match the APR, but would have to run my credit report to ensure I had an appropriately high credit score.

In retrospect, I should have refused until the sales associate committed to a firm final price. We had expected some additional expenses for tax, title, etc., but when he ultimately presented us with the final paperwork (and did so hastily and aggressively, presumably so we would not notice all the add-ons), it was obvious that the dealership had hidden a number of additional "add-on" fees and financing costs that were not disclosed to us prior to my consenting to have them run my credit report. (Among the hidden costs was a $1495 charge for "accessories," which essentially eliminated any benefit of the alleged $1500 rebate. When asked to explain what "accessories" referred to, the salesperson cited such luxuries as functioning brakes. Completely bogus.) I was so sketched out by these misleading tactics that my husband and I left the dealership immediately, after wasting 3 hours of our evening dealing with this nonsense.

When we got home, we carefully went over the match in their proposed monthly payment plan. It did not add up. There are obviously additionaly hidden fees in their financing because the cost of purchasing the car was more than $5K over what was advertised when you use their financing.

Stay far away.

R. J. | 2013-10-16

Dishonest! Do not buy a car here. I was sold a used Hyundai and found out recently, that the car I purchased had been a RENTAL in its previous life. This information must legally be shared with the buyer.  Now I have a car that's constantly in the shop. I was dumb enough to buy the car without checking that out myself, but the salesman at McGrath Hyundai was not honest with me. Grossinger pulled the VIN and was instantly able to see that it had been a rental.  I am a new Grossinger loyalist.  Bye-bye McGrath, for good. And best of luck with your dishonest practices.

D C. | 2013-10-10

STAY AWAY from this dishonest dealership!  Especially don't deal with a bald man named FRANK.  I am a woman, and he was yelling at me telling me they can't update their computer system every three minutes.  They lied telling me they had a car I was looking for on the lot.  I called to make sure before I made the 40 minute drive.  When I got there, the car wasn't there of course.  I can't even give this place one star.

Charles C. | 2013-10-02

So my wife went without me the first day. I gave her a list of options she would need. Basically the preffered package on a Hyundai Elantra. She test drove the car and came home ready to buy. When I went to buy the car, the car she was quoted, did not have the preffered package. So the price goes up. Ok, quote her a price on a car without the options she wants. Whatever, we get the preffered package and agree on a price. Our sales guy was litterally sitting down with a contract in hand when he said the price would be 1,000 more because we were not using there financing. He was told on the phone the day prior we had our own financing. He was told again when I got there the next day. It didn't matter to them what we wanted or told them, they would quote us a fake price, and try to pressure us to take their finacing at the last minute.  I couldn't belive it, I'm about to buy a car and they pull this greaseball stuff, so cliche. I walked out obviously. What they are doing is hiding a portion of the price in the car expecting you to finance. Even when they are told you will not be using their financing, they will continue to lie about the price until the last minute. Dont be a fool and go here.

A B. | 2013-09-30

Stay away!!  and from what I hear stay away from McGrath in general.  Read the other reviews.  Wish I had before I went all the way there.  I verified a used car I saw online was still available.   They checked and called me back and said it was.  We drove an hour to see the car only to find out it was in the bodyshop.  Of course I got upset and they responded with the most unbelievable rudeness.  I have bought my last 5 cars at Elgin Toyota and have been treated with the most amazing customer service.  We just  couldn't find a Toyota that fit our needs at this time.  However after our experience we wont go anywhere except for a Bob Loquercio dealership.

Michael S. | 2013-06-18

DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE.  They are con artists plain and simple with hidden fees up the wazoo.

Just came here to buy a used Elantra. Literally every negative stereotype about used car sales was on full display, from the 20+ minute waits while the salesman "asked his manager" if they could budge on price (guess what?  They couldn't), to the lies about how numerous other customers were coming in to look at the same car as us, to the automatic price add-ons that somehow never made it onto their website listings.  

Worst of all, after planning to buy the car at a given price, their finance guy handed us a contract to sign for over $1000 more than we had agreed on (this was before fees, taxes, and registration).  Essentially they tried to simply change the price and get us to sign a contract without noticing.

In conclusion, avoid this place at all costs.  Unless you are researching for your screenplay about soulless, unscrupulous used car salesmen.  If that's the case, this is exactly where you want to be.  Ask for Milo.

James D. | 2013-06-01

Bait & Switch.  Found a car that looked good on  Autotrader located at this dealership. 3:15PM called dealer, provided stock number and was assured it was there, instructed to ask for Armi.  An hour later, I'm at the dealer, provide the stock number and am walked over to a different car. I was assured its was the same, just happened to be red. Car we wanted was white.  Asked for manager to complain. Given a story.. "sold  4 of them this morning, system doesn't update for 48 hours" etc.  They actually go find a comparable white car, same year, same trim package within 300 miles on the odometer  compared to the one in the ad....... But this one was somehow $2,500 more.   Offered cash for exact asking price on ad, wouldn't do the deal. It doesn't end there, they stated there was a special dealer package fee of over $1,000 added to the price of every Autotrader price they publish. It's all legal they stated because although it does not appear in the ad,  they put the note on the window of the car.  This $1,000 dollar package included nitrogen gas in the tires and plastic trim guards on the doors. These guys were such a cliché of everything that is disgusting about used car sales people. Absolute scammers. What a waste of time.

Zach J. | 2013-04-24

The manager called me Monday saying they would have worked with me if she would have known.  I was going to just leave and wait for them to call but when the saleswoman I was with suggested other dealers to go to I felt it was hopeless since my business was recommended elsewhere.  Dang! If I would have known I would have had the car.  One star upgrade for the caring management!

M H. | 2013-03-23

I went here for 1 oil change and since then have been put on every marketing outlet they have. I receive phone calls on a regular basis about coming back in for more service and when I call back - get the voice mail and no return call. I also get mail for a trade in twice a month. I have called several times to be removed and never signed up for any marketing.

I spoke with Jody who said "most people just throw it away". Later that day he left me a voice mail saying he misquoted me on my trade in price and for me to call back right away. His tone sounds very slick so I assume the sales part at McGrath City Hyundai is very snack oil and pinnacle used car sales. I have called and spoke with several customer service to be removed from the list and still get mail.

My view of McGrath is very slick / smoke & mirrors / service - well the only oil change I had, made an appointment and still had to wait 30 minutes to be seen.

Run don't walk from McGrath "Snake Oil Salesman" City Hyundai

Lisa Y. | 2013-02-19

this place reeks of corruption and they could care less about their customers.

Sam M. | 2013-02-14

I have just bought my third car here.  Only my second new Hyundai, but in all my third car.  Why do I keep going back, because I am treated with respect and the team is really looking out for my best interest.

I am an informed buyer, i go in the dealer knowing exactly what i want, i have realistic expectations and all that helps the process move right along.

Very pleased with the team and look forward to further business.

Melanie V. | 2013-01-21

Let's cut to the chase here, people.

How do I say this....eloquently?

The Sales Manager here is a d*ck.  

He was very misleading, condescending and wasted my entire Saturday sitting in the dealership.  Not only was he unwilling to work with my requests, but he was also rude when I voiced that I was unhappy with the final price.  He basically barked at me when I asked if we could re-negotiate the price and said that "he didn't want to sell a car to me".  Reaaaaal nice and mature.

Not only did I leave feeling disappointed, but I also felt a little uneasy as they had all my financial information (and I realllly hope that they shredded all of those documents like they said they would.)  

However, we dealt with a very nice sales guy (Len Kee, I believe was his name).  He did a very great job showing off the features of the Elantra during the test drive, showing off all the inventory in their hidden back lot and he tried to work with me to come to a good compromise regarding the price.  I would love to work with him again.

Em P. | 2013-01-21

I called ahead to the used car area because i was looking for a particular price range/size car. The car is not for me but instead my mom whos partially in a wheelchair and doesnt need the typical bells and whistles that some people are looking for.

I called ahead on a Thursday evening and was told the (3) cars are there.. and scheduled an appt to see them that Saturday at 10am. A salesman called me back on Friday and told me that two of the cars were sold and 1 of them was in service. I thought that was kindof odd but still gave him a few other cars and he said he would have to check and would call me back.  
Even after i explained the "delicate" situation with my mom.. he called me back and pushed cars that were 3k-4k higher then what i wanted. And much bigger cars too.

I refuse to call this guy back.. and he has since called me 6 times in one week.
We ended up going to a different dealership which was MUCH more understanding of the situation was in with NO additional pressure.

Dont waste your time with these crooks.

Colleen W. | 2012-12-01

I visited McGrath City Hyundai Saturday 12/01/2012 to look at a used 2011 Sonata that I had found on their website that morning.  When I got to the dealer I told them which vehicle I was interested in and the price I saw online ($14,552). The salesman, went to grab the keys and locate the car.  He brought back a Sonata (not the one I asked to see).  The vehicle I wanted to see had power seats, when I saw the manual seat I immediately stated that this was not the vehicle I asked to see. The salesman said it was essentially the same car with the exception of alloy wheels and power seats. He said the one that I saw online had been sold the previous Thursday. When I inquired about the price of this car, he told me it was the same that I saw online, $14,552.  I kept looking and test drove the vehicle since neither of the two options were a deal breaker for me.  Once I drove it I asked again about the price, the salesman said it was the same as the first vehicle I wanted to see.

When we got inside and started talking about purchasing the vehicle the salesman came back with a price of $15,700 much higher than the $14,552 for the vehicle that brought me to the dealership in the first place.  I told the salesman that I didn't want to waste his time and the best I could offer was 14,500 since that is what the first vehicle was.  The salesman didn't object and went off to talk to the sales manager, 10 minutes later the salesman came back with a piece of paper that said 14,500 + TTL (where I live tax is about 7% and fees in the state are ~500). There was a pre-marked X with a line for me to sign confirming that I agree to this price.  The salesman then asked for the information to start the loan process and everything was fine until they started to model a price after a monthly payment. I asked for an itemized schedule that detailed out every fee I would be charged to purchase the car.  I assumed this was straight forward, every other dealer I worked with in my car search has given this to me without hesitation; the salesman beat around the bush and just said the monthly payment would be ~ 230/mo * 60/mo. (This should have been red flag number two.)  I had an app on my iphone that calculated auto loan payments.  I input all the of the information we talked about 14,500 + tax + fees + interest and got a payment about 75/mo lower than the dealer was quoting - the salesman said I must has a broken calculator.  He again had a pre-marked X on this paper to have me sign and stated that the finance department would fill in the tax, title and license fees.

Fast forward to the loan closing process and when I got to the finance manager things just got worse.  About halfway through signing all of the loan documents I got to the Truth in Lending document detailing the entire cost of the purchase.  Somehow the purchase price before state document fees and sales tax was 16,900.  It worked out to just over 20,000 to purchase the vehicle because of other hidden fees (none of which the dealer could itemize for me, even asking THREE times).  How could the car go from $14,500 plus tax, title and license fees to $16,900 without the fees? No one was able to explain it. Needless to say, I objected and was first met with a "well that's the monthly payment you agreed to pay" I wasn't buying that.  I said I agreed to 14,500 + TTL and they quickly mentioned something to the sales manager and said we we can no longer do that price. Both the finance guy and the salesperson stated that there were others fees associated with the price of the car (ie. the cost of their services they did prior to offering the car for sale which cost $830). I did not agree to have that added into the cost of the car. That wasn't ever mentioned while negotiating. Even with the $830 cost added in, I still couldn't come up with their total cost. From the time we agreed on the out the door price to the moment we sat in the finance office, there was an additional $3500 in fees (excluding tax, title and license) added on that no one could explain or itemize for me. I asked to see the original paper that I signed with the agreed "$14,500 + TTL" written on it. When that was shown, there were numbers written on there that were written after my signature. According to the finance guy, he had nothing to do with it, it was what the manager had written on there. Either way, neither the manager, salesperson or finance guy was able to give me an itemized list of the fees that they kept mentioning.

I quickly wrote void on the paperwork and left.  I would not recommend this dealer to anyone, it is dishonest.  I ended up buying a similar 2011 Sonata (same day) from a different dealership for 15,500 + TTL and my payment was significantly lower with a 48 month term.  

Although my experience was not the best I was smart enough to realize what they were trying to do before it was too late. My advice is to avoid this dealership and their shady techniques.

Robin M. | 2012-07-31

i am a very indecisive person when it comes down to everything so maturally when I chose to look for a new car i was back and forth. I had been to a number of dealerships before coming to Mcgrath Cith Hyundai, i was approached by Tarren Thomas he was friendly and was very knowledgeable about the cars. i swear I must have had him let me test drive like 5 cars and still didn't purchase that day, yet he still remained friendly he gave me his card and I left. I later returned the next week after doing research and purchased a 2012 hyundai Elantra for Tarren I had since recommended him and mcgrath to a few friends and family.

Allen J. | 2011-12-03

Imagine your typical bad car sales experience.

That's what I had here.

We came in looking for a Hyundai SUV.  The salesman was nice enough, but did not seem terribly knowledgeable about each individually pre-owned model.  As well, we found it odd that the exact car price was not on each car.

We test drove the car and went in to discuss price and trade-in price.  After a ridiculously long time, the salesman came back with a piece of paper with balloons drawn on it and the low low low!!! sales price with my trade in.  

What it seemed they were trying to avoid was telling us the ACTUAL price of the car and the ACTUAL price of the trade in.  Which, if you flushed out the numbers, the trade-in was at least 2-3K lower than anywhere else we had been.  When we explained the price was no where near our budget we had discussed, he suggested to us to push our payments out to 7 or 8 years to get our monthly payment down.

It was almost comical.  Don't bother driving out here to buy a new or used car.

james c. | 2011-08-27

I just got back from a horrifying experience with this dealership.  Upon arriving, I clearly described to the sales person, Syed, that I was looking for a 2010 Blue Honda Civic Sedan posted on their webpage at $13,926.  Syed acknowledged my request, brought out a vehicle matching the description (same model, trim and color), and then we went for a test drive. . . The car was fine so we went in to discuss pricing at which point Syed stated he cannot do so.  Assuming that the price was firm in accordance to their advertised price, we didn't think twice about it.  This being the case, the dealership then ran my credit as well as my co-signers.  After hours of waiting on credit approval we FINALLY receive the sales paperwork to discover a sales price of over $18,000 including a $1,800 reconditioning charge (I guess they wash their cars with Dom Perignon and dry them with mink coats).  So, after having our credit diminished due to this dealer's bait and switch tactics, we set out to leave only to be begged by the sales associate to explore other options.  Foolishly, we agree.  Syed went on to explain that the sales associates are not allowed to know the prices of their own inventory per their company policy and thus he could not verify the deal we described from the onset.  He then went on to state only the managers can determine the prices and its up to them to sort all of that out.  Mind you, the associates all have access to the internet on their computers (they even had me pull up their site) and could pull up inventory and pricing the same way I did through their webpage.  So then the manager, John, comes out and stated it is our fault for not bringing in documentation containing the VIN # or stock # as his associates do not know their own current offerings. John then went on to describe how much hard work he had to do for us without offering any sympathy for diminishing our credit in hopes of selling us the wrong car.  From here, he offered us the same car in a different color for $1,000 more and excused himself of any blame by saying "well, you can't say i didn't try." I can say and I will say you didn't try hard enough, your tactics are dishonest and disingenuous, your organization employs bait and switch tactics, you offered no sympathy for negatively impacting our credit and ran our credit under false pretenses.  


Matt K. | 2011-06-07

My wife and I went by McGrath City Hyundai this weekend and purchased a 2012 Hyundai Elantra.
Our Sales person was Stan Zia and right out of the gates I knew I was going to give this guy my business!
He was informative, personable and not a pushy Sales guy at all.
I  myself manage a Sales team in Chicago, so we instantly connected and new we were on an even playing field!
We ended up leasing a new 2012 Hyundai Elantra from Stan and the team at McGrath City Hyundai after some time "Negotiating" a deal which was a lot of fun! I also would like to say the manager Jodi was great as well. He really worked with me as well to get me the deal I was looking for!
My experience @ Mcgrath was first rate and I recommend anyone in the market to buy car right now to 1. Buy a Hyundai Elantra 2. Go to Mcgrath City Hyundai to buy it & 3. Ask for Stan Zia, he's the best and will work hard to get you what your looking for within your budget!

Thanks again Stan and the rest of the crew @ McGrath!


Lesley S. | 2011-05-20

so i actually ended up getting the fan blower motor replaced at currie motors in forest park, and paid for it myself, with no assistance from anyone at mcgrath. they were nice enough at currie to try to call mcgrath to speak to ANYONE there and get the issue taken care of, but they were transferred around and got disconnected as well. the service center manager offered to do a goodwill fix, since my car was under the miles that nulls the warranty, where you just pay for the tax on the parts and labor. they also informed me that the fan blower motor was covered under the warranty i was told that this car had left on it by mcgrath.

currie was super nice about getting my car in the next morning and having it done within just a few hours. they called me to let me know it was finished, and they had a surprise for me, the ca only had 5% of the front brakes left. that's right mcgrath sold me a car with no brakes, after i had asked if the car had a recent brake job and was told it had. when i called allison back about this, she tried to tell me the word "recent" was all perceptive and my definition of recent and the sales man's definition of recent could be different. i was SO MAD. i called my uncle lawyer and told him what happened and he told me that they had violated 2 used car laws, and had to fix it or i could sue them.

another goodie was they told me the coolant hoses were leaking badly, and they fixed those for me at currie, for free. they told me if anyone had inspected the car they would have seen them leaking like they were and would had to have fixed them. they also told me there was no way that they just started leaking where they were attached in the short amount of time i had the car.

within the hour, allison called me back, asking if someone there had called me about the brakes needing to be replaced after i bought the car. clearly they had not. that pissed me off even more. it wasn't just a slip up of memory that no one called me about the brakes. it's because they are a shady business and do shady things to people. they fixed my brakes for me that day, i doubt because they wanted to, but because they had to.

the service center at mcgrath though is full of very nice employees, and my experience in there was great. they were friendly and efficient.

i think the part that made me the angriest about this whole thing, was that allison left a comment on the previous yelp i made and made it sound like they had worked together with currie motors to fix the problem when in fact they had no contact with one another and i actually took care of it and paid for it myself.

Stephen H. | 2011-01-17

I don't like to dwell in the negative, but felt compelled to warn others about McGrath.  They did just about every negative thing you hear of in a car-buying experience.  They got me there by insisting they had exactly the car I was looking for (a specific 2010 vs a 2011), even though it wasn't listed on their website.  It didn't exist when I got there, which was the first warning sign.

They then agreed to get me into a 2011 for the same price, and proceeded to run my credit without asking me.  They then "approved" me for a loan (which was denied by mail several weeks later by the bank) and we went forward.  It took them an hour and a half to write up the paperwork, thankfully giving my mind time to question things.  The math and words were wrong on the paperwork, and it seemed unimportant that they were not accurate.  They then had me waiting in Financing for over an hour (at this point it was after 11pm) and tried pressuring me into buying.  Things did not feel right on many levels, and thankfully i walked.

After successfully buying a car somewhere else, I realize all of the horrible tactics they were using.  Like I said, I don't like to dwell in the negative, but this was so bad that I wanted to warn others to stay away.

Margaret G. | 2010-11-22

I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited from McGrath & I absolutely love it! Henry(Henryk) is the guy to go 2 if your shopping for a car and not want to get ripped off. He is very professional unlike other managers and helps you find the best deal for your budget. Let's just say he doesn't promise things that are impossible later on. He gets you the loan first before getting your hopes up, which is the opposite of the other car dealers. I recently had a problem with my bank after transfering money in and out through another bank account of mine and he was very understanding about the whole process and didn't THREATEN me(CUSTOMER) unlike the other manager who i'm sure just needs help with CUSTOMER SERVICE ASAP!

p.s my grandfather bought a car from him before so this is our 2nd car from McGrath and I will continue recommending people to go there as long as they have people like Henry working for them!

Alyssa L. | 2010-11-10

UPDATE: The only thing that kept me coming back to McGrath Hyundai, was my so-called unlimited oil changes I was promised due to their unprofessionalism. Now they say it's 'not in the system'. Unbelievable!

I really wish I read McGrath Hyundai customer reviews on Yelp, Yahoo and other sites before coming into this dealership. Bottom line if you don't want to read this whole review : Do not go there. I emailed the dealership management (Milan) and Kevin McGrath himself, and they didn't even care about my experience. This place is a lost cause.

I purchased my vehicle through Lisa Freeman last month and came again to simply pick up the car and finish purchasing the car, only financing $5000 of the purchase price. The rest was in cash.

Upon coming to the dealership yesterday at our agreed upon time, there was no one to greet me at the reception desk and everyone in that glass cube behind it didn't even look up to help. Lisa was busy haggling with another customer, and when I finally flagged down another salesperson, they told me to go to the Service department to get my car. Which was obviously wrong.

I waited for 30 minutes for Lisa to sit me down in someone elses desk, and then leave me there again for another 20 minutes - all the while telling me "just two seconds dear". She even said she was printing up paperwork - this takes 20 minutes for five pages?? It was insulting. She was dealing with three different people at the same time, haggling with two and keep the other (me) waiting. I was ready to walk out when Jody (the sales manager) came over and said this part is done, the finance department will be a 'breeze'. It really set me off when Lisa took my license plates from my hands and gave me the car keys and walked away. She's rude, fake and shady.

At the finance department, they said we'd be waiting for 10 minutes. 40 minutes later we were still waiting. Jody came out, apologized for Lisa and threw free oil changes at us. So, we waited a bit more and sat down with the finance manager - who was having his first day at work - LOVELY. To top it all off, he didn't even know I was only financing $5000 (which changes everything he said). We were ready to walk again. I asked for my down payment refunded, and plates back. We were walking out the door again, when Jody saved the day and convinced us to stay.

I still reluctantly bought the 2011 Tucson from the dealership, and will never recommend McGrath to anyone else. Never have I been treated this way, nor has it taken me three hours to buy a car after the deal has already been made.

When I finally got in my car, my city sticker was left out on the outside windshield, under the wiper blade. Thankfully I was able to see it flapping there before I got on the highway. AND there was a KNIFE in my glove compartment box.

Jessica L. | 2010-10-03

I only came back to give them another star because they did eventually fx the situation. However, it took getting a manager involved (Jody). He actually said to me - in the future just deal with me, don't even bother with the other people here. (?) However, he was effective so I guess he was right.

Steve S. | 2009-11-05

my experience was terrible.  the salesperson did not know the vehicle and she over-promised what would be delivered.  for example, we said we wanted navigation and we specifically referenced the navigation in the vehicle we test drove.  when we went to pick up our car, they had wired in an after market product called a smart mirror.  no one had ever mentioned anything about a smart mirror.  also, we were given a 2008 driver's manual for a 2009 model.  on the plus side, we did eventually get our trade-in and money back.  but bottom line - a TERRIBLE experience.