McGrath City Honda in Chicago, IL

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We offer each guest personalized service and are proud to be the #1 volume dealer in Chicago. With thousands of new, pre-driven, and certified Hondas, we encourage you to browse our massive inventory.  Our experienced sales professionals are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you about our Honda product and are able to do so in a number of different languages. Our Service Department specializes in Genuine Honda Service by our factory trained technicians and has flexible hours to best accommodate individual needs.

McGrath City Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 689-0555
Address:6750 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL, 60707
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on McGrath City Honda

Jim L. | 2015-04-25

With an appointment, oil change and tire rotate took nearly two hours. Service quality was good and manager was helpful.

Thee Nick B. | 2015-04-01

Rip-off artists. Purchased brand new car. Less than year later issues happened due to major pot holes and hitting curbs- totally my fault. Took in for inspection (($125 by the way) and 2 days later an estimate for $4800 to replace my entire back suspension. They were adamant about the cost and need to repair. Says " I'm putting my family at risk each time I get behind the wheel" says the so called consultant.  Finding that hard to believe I immediately took car to my regular mechanics shop downtown Chicago- Erie Body Shop. I originally took to McGrath City Honda because I had purchased the new car from them less than a year and thought they would be honest.

Long story short- Erie immediately found the issue- a small rear part for less than $300. Pays to have good shops that are not on commission to give you and estimate.

So I scream from the mountaintops, never and I mean never go to McGrath City Honda. Total Bottom Feeders.

Btw- note to McGrath City Honda- I'm a former Marine Corps Captain so I wouldn't advise calling me. Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture.

Austin W. | 2015-03-30

Had a very good experience with the Sales Rep. After that, things went quite sour.

The truck I purchased had apparently been vandalized before we picked it up. They needed to replace a couple of things on it, one being the windshield wipers. They did not replace the wipers, but said they would mail us some. They did not.

Next they sold me their best warranty. Turns out, it doesn't cover ANYTHING. We brought the truck in to get serviced when it failed emissions and it required a couple of NON-basic repairs. They claimed it was all basic maintenance so it would not be covered. They went on to say that even IF it was not basic maintenance, the part would had to have a manufacturers defect in order for it to be covered. WASTE OF MONEY.

So basically, they have the warranty written up so that they can simply decide if they want to cover the repair. Called to ask about it and got the run around and a VERY different kind of treatment than when I was buying the truck.

Yeah, avoid this place.

Mary D. | 2015-02-25

I wouldn't give them any stars,if it we're possible..they overcharged my bill,they we're very rude when I tryed to tell them!!they like to take advantage of people!! DO NOT GO THERE!!!

Donny J. | 2015-02-24

This place is absolutely horrible!  The customer service reps are bottom of the barrel and they are not willing to work with consumers whatsoever to come to a deal. I would avoid this place at all costs. Save yourself the wasted time and effort.

Heather P. | 2015-01-23

Where do I begin? A dirty dealership--literally and figuratively. First, I received a quote via email for a 2015 Fit EX that seemed too good to be true. It was. By almost $3,000. The dealership was lucky the quote expired on a Thursday and I couldn't make it in until Saturday, so they didn't have to honor it.

When I got to the dealership, the only question I was asked was what color I wanted. When I said I had more important concerns like financing and trade-in value, I was dismissed and again asked what color I wanted. Sigh.

When the salesman presented me with the sell sheet, not only was the price of the new car $3,000 higher than anticipated, my trade-in value was $2,000 less than kbb! When I reviewed the printout they gave me of the site, I realized they hadn't even priced out the right car. I was trading a 2011 FIT *Sport* and they looked up the hatchback. When I pointed this out to him, he shrugged his shoulders and said all FITs were hatchbacks. He then proceeded to tell me that my 2011 needed a new bumper, brakes and tires--it had 36,200 miles!!!

I left. I bought my new 2015 FIT the following Monday at Valley Honda in Aurora and can't begin to express what a wonderful experience I had there. I would encourage anyone to make the trip to Aurora if you're serious about buying a car.

Ron M. | 2015-01-17

Sorry Aimee. I'm buying my Honda at another Dealer. Sorry I won't be back at all. Your Sales Staff is too rude to get any business from me.

Michelle S. | 2015-01-06

Terrible terrible place.   Bought a car "as is" from them over a year ago and I'm STILL discovering things wrong with it.  
Hate them.  Will NEVER return.  
I bought a car from McGrath Acura and lived it.  However my experience with This dealer makes me want to avoid anything with this family's name on it.

Mark N. | 2014-12-26

Sleazy: McGrath Honda on Grand. Even after reading reviews on Yelp, I decided to give McGrath a try, since I was not too far from their store. Never will I give them another shot.

My salesman, Ray, was fantastic. Straight shooter; tells you how it is. 5 stars for Ray. After my credit application was processed, Ray introduces my fiancée and me to, I believe, a Sales Manager. I believe his name was Sam. HUGE MISTAKE! This guy was a sleaze ball from the beginning. He attempted to talked numbers, as if he knew how they calculated. When I called him out on his inaccurate numbers, he had nothing to say. He thought his fast-talking tactics would work.

For example, he said I could never get the 2015 Civic EX Sedan at around $340 a month. I said, "sure you can." The math is simple. $19,000 (this is what the price was suppose to be since another Honda offered this price), plus approximately 10% in miscellaneous fees. This brings the price to $20,900. Tack on Honda's promotional 0.9% interest rate, and you're at $350 a month, give or take.

Never returning to this place.

J L. | 2014-12-19

After buying a used car in October. I received a coupon for an oil change. The hours on this coupon clearly states they were open til 8. So I drive on in at 5:50. Upon arriving and driving into the service area, no one even acknowledged I was even there. They stayed and hung out with there coworkers. Finally I called over to the group and asked to get my car serviced. They said they were closed and went back to their conversation. Well now I am blocked in. There are cars blocking the exit. Of course no one offers to help. I finally yell out of my car to the group and ask them to move the other cars, so I can exit the garage area. I called the manager Bob and left him a message to call me.  Days later he calls me......days later I am very ill in a hospital bed. As I try explain to him about the extreme lack of customer service and the false advertising of the coupon hours, Bob decides that I am the bad guy and I should not have yelled out to his staff to move the cars so I can exit. CLEARLY HIS STAFF WANTED TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A BAD GUY!!!!!   Well after spending over 20,000 on a car and relying on the info that they sent to me, I expected to be treated properly.  Bob could of just apologized in his staff's behave and offered to be there when I brought my car back in for that oil change.  I wasn't looking for a freebie, I was just looking to be treated as an appreciated customer.    this place had to cut there service hours because of lack of business as I was told.......i wonder why!!!!

Oko B. | 2014-11-30

Whatever you do, do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT go to this place unless you like being lied to by not one but several different people, who later will yell  you at on the phone,  even taunt you by calling your workplace. They don't even deserve a star.  Worst car buying experience ever. worst customer service.  I don't even wanna go into the details of my experience because it will be waste of my energy and also because I am still appalled by actions these manipulative people use to rip off their customers. Please AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

p l. | 2014-11-23

Stay away from this place. I have never been to a worse dealership. We were looking for a used CRV.  The first trick they did was to list one online that looked great and was priced very competitively.  But, of course, when we got there first thing in the morning that car "had a flat tire" and they couldn't show it to me. I never told them that I had already walked the lot and seen the exact CRV and it had no flat tire. So, while they "fixed" the other one, they showed us a couple others - at way higher prices. Then they said they couldn't fix the first one because they didn't have that tire in stock. So...they don't have a tire for a HONDA at a HONDA dealership???? Seriously??? Save your time - don't go there. I went to the Honda dealership in Schaumburg and got a car that same day for a great price.

Jeffery F. | 2014-10-31

The service adviser's at the Honda service dept. don't even call you back. I have called twice about a recall I got on my car and they don't even give you the time of the day . Terrible.

Amit S. | 2014-10-15

I visited this place twice - once for old Honda CRV and other for Honda Civic.

Trip 1 for Honda CRV -
Took a test drive for a newish CRV and it looked slick. Negotiated with the sales guy & his manager for couple of hours and we agreed on a price. Then the bad experience started - waited for at least 3 hours for the store owner to confirm & they came back saying price is too low for store owner to agree upon. Well - why would you come down to a price which you think is beyond your comfort level, you should just say 'NO' to the customer if your expectations don't match, no point haggling for hours, settling for a price and then getting the price rejected from the owner.

Trip 2 for Honda Civic -
Went next week for Honda Civic after the botched CRV deal. Test drive was OK but the car was extremely dirty from inside, stains all over the roof etc so it was clear it needed a detailing. After haggling with sales guy Chuck for 90 mins or so, we agreed on a price and he went to check in with his finance manager.
Much to my disbelief, the manager came with tons of attitude and started asking me questions like 'How do you come up with such fantasy prices ?' and 'You come here every week with weird requests for prices ?'. I was shocked at his 'I know it all all, you better listen to me' attitude. As one would expect, we walked out of store the very next minute.

I do agree that they have very good inventory of Honda cars and that too at a price lower than most other dealers but they have no right to insult customers if they don't like the final price customer quoted. I would have got the car for probably 500 bucks more than my 'last price' if the manager was not so rude (would avoid naming the manager as my intention is not to malign a particular person).

May be it is just because the finance manager was at his 'best behavior' day but I am not going back to that place again & would recommend others to avoid this place to save time & self respect or be ready to be heckled into accepting their price.

Overall experience of 1 star only because of the sales guy Chuck who was really helpful all along.

Alicia C. | 2014-09-01

I came here to get a standard oil change. I was going to see how the customer service and such would be before scheduling anything else. When I went a spoke to Edwin for my scheduled appointment. He was rude and condescending. He continued to state "you car tells us what it needs" and "it's up to you how you want to take care of your car but your car needs the following services today." I had to tell him 4 times I just wanted the oil change.

I had a scheduled appointment for 11. After all of the before mentioned conversation with Edwin he told me the oil change would be 1hr and 45min. I told him no thank you and I wanted my car back. While he waited for my car to come back, I stepped away from the desk and my back was to him. He continued to try to sell the services to me with his same tactic of you don't know what your car needs.

I did speak to the manager on the following business day regarding my experience. He stated that he had never gotten complaints before about this staff member and would follow up. I'm not sure if anything at all will happen, but I will never be going back to find out.

Ty R. | 2014-08-27

I have an older model Acura and took it here for some repairs. I was quoted $560.00 for an alternator and $590.00 for rear breaks only. $1150.00 total. I called around and got the alternator for $225.00. Waiting on the breaks but will not be getting them done here! Total rip off wondering where they pull these prices from?? On a high note the staff was friendly but I guess they need to be if you are paying prices like that.

Carlos R. | 2014-08-26

If you do the math youll stay away from these racist mfs. Came in to buy a car and because i was mexican i had to give up a ss card and  birth certificate. Wish they would deny this cause i got all their voicemails saved. Then they advertise theyll give you the edmunds true market value of your vehicle. Good luck! I tried to come back and they low balled my vehicle. Pretty much we aint into buying cars only selling new ones. So why do they posting this buy back program too?? Even corporate had to question what they doing overthere. Got rid of the car cause i never used it buying it from here always left bad memories. Traded it in for a new toyota and they gave me the value and did a even swap. Toyotas only for me.

Kitty C. | 2014-08-14

Truly Dishonest.  I had work done here a year ago.  I see that my original post has been removed, so am hoping this one sticks.  

McGrath City will repair things that don't need to be repaired.  They do a sub-par job on the repairs that are actually needed!   We had to have some recall work done and asked to have a few other things looked at.  The service agent made many recommendations of things that 'needed to be taken care of'  - including transmission fluid, radiator fluid and a new battery.   All untrue.  Because of the price I declined and took my car to our regular mechanic - who said none of the work was necessary.   The only work our mechanic had to do was to correct a pipe that was replaced because of the recall work done my McGrath.  (nice).  

I did speak to the service manager.  He insisted that the battery needed to be replaced.   Well, it's been over a year now (which is why I'm writing this post)... and guess what???   My battery is still just fine.  

do not take your car here.   Really slippery place!!!!

Amanda B. | 2014-08-01

I purchased my Hyundai from this dealership and I've never had better service! Their employees really take care of their customers and find them the right car for their price point. Buying a new car can be very daunting, but this dealership has the best employees and quality cars! I will recommend them to anyone in the market for a new car!

Kevin H. | 2014-07-31

Avoid at all costs.  I told them what I wanted and they made it sound like it was feasible.  I waited for over an hour after the test drive because their internet went down.  When we finally had numbers to review, I told them we were too far part and needed to walk away then.  Instead, the sales person says he will be back and he brings someone else in to try to talk down to me and pressure me into doing something I do not want to do.  I told them again what I wanted and asked for them only to return with my keys to my car or with the deal I requested.  Instead, they send in yet another person, this time without the original sales person or his cohort, so this guy can try and pressure me.  He didn't have the deal I wanted or my keys.  They simply do not respect the people that walk through their doors.

Moving numbers around, scribbling on paper, smooth talking and bullying is the way they tried to get me so I assume it is what they do to others.  It is shameful.

It is hard to find a good sales person and a good dealership, you can cross this one off your list before you leave home.

Maureen W. | 2014-07-22

I had a disappointing experience at McGrath City. I made an appointment to see a car and when I arrived the following day the car hadn't been cleaned since being traded in. There was garbage everywhere and crayon and marker all over the seats. The fact that they would even consider I would purchase it without seeing it detailed first was a joke. When I returned the following day the car was still beyond normal wear and tear but I was made to feel high maintenance by the salesman. He commented that I "expected perfection" on a used car. I think not. I expect a professional atmosphere and a salesman who does more than talk about the weather. I was highly bothered by the experience and I will not be returning.

T B. | 2014-06-11

This review is for the service department and Edwin. They Suck. Go someplace else. It's a rip off to the tenth power and Edwin was a horrible customer service rep and not good with explaining information.

William Y. | 2014-06-09

I would have to agree with the rest of the reviewers that this is a place to be avoided. I would have gone elsewhere based on my experience and the reviews I read before coming here but I was pressed for time, needed a car, and this was the closest honda dealership.

The manager with the slicked back hair (forgetting the name) was quite rude to my grandfather. My grandfather simply wanted to know the full price of the car and the manager was not at all helpful, giving snarky remarks like, "so what you want me to do is make up a number?" in a very demeaning tone. The salesman I worked with, Luis, was actually a real nice guy I liked dealing with him. However even he was late to appointments, unavailable when I tried calling the number he gave me, and failed to provide me with information that I needed to know regarding obtaining the car the next day. This place wasn't very lenient with negotiations either. I would have shopped around a little more, but I really had a day or 2 to get a car so it was not really an option.

D. K C. | 2014-06-03

I would give them Zero if I could.  I bought a used car here - and will NEVER go back.  The salesman was Ok, as far as used car salesmen go.  He did insult me a few times because I was female - although I'm guessing he was trying to be funny.  He promised me multiple things including some paintwork and fixing a small dent in my car.  Told me I could have a loaner for the day without a charge, although it should only take about 1 hour to complete the work.  
So I called to set up the appointment for the paint and dent work, but there was no record of the paperwork stating it was what we agreed upon.  After FOUR days of back and forth, they finally agreed to fix my car.  But, they said it would take all day, so I said I would need the loaner - and shocking - they said I had to pay for it.  So I pitched a fit and they agreed to have a loaner there for me.  Told me it would take about 15 minutes to get the loaner.
I dropped my car off - and again, shocking- they did not have a loaner for me.  They gave it to someone else.  So I had to be shuttled to an Enterprise location about 15 minutes away.  Good think I allowed 1.5 hours before I had to get to work.
They told me they would call when my car was done.  And by 4 pm I had not heard from them.  So I called - no answer.  Finally, at 4:30pm someone called saying it would be ready around 5pm.  So I head over there, and when I walk up to the counter, two of the service guys are talking to each other, and no one even acknowledged my presence.  I literally had to interrupt them.  Then I was rudely told to go to the cashier, who of course did not have any record of my paperwork.  So 20 minutes later the cashier comes back and sends me back to the service guys.  Eventually, I got my car, which was fixed just fine.  But none of this was worth the headaches.  DO NOT GO HERE.

Dominic C. | 2014-05-28

Avoid at all cost!

Quality control is non-existent with them willing to slap the Honda Certification on a car that clearly shouldn't even pass with glaring safety issues.  

One such example is a 2010 Honda Odyssey that was marked as Honda Certified having passenger doors that failed to open consistently, electrical cables exposed in the rear compartment, and while not a safety issue, a glove compartment that would not open no matter how it was jostled.  If these clear violations of the Honda Certification program were missed, one can only imagine the engine troubles that lurk under the hood after a few days of driving it.

Another vehicle that shouldn't even be sold was a 2002 Toyota Sienna that should be sold off wholesale with clear damage across the side and a damaged side rear view mirror and incredibly dirty interior.  This vehicle as well as the above vehicle is still currently listed in their inventory on their site at the time of the posting (2014/05/29).

A vehicle that was checked out in the past months was a 2002 Honda Odyssey which had been creatively represented.  The picture presented on the website dodge certain areas such as the heavily stained floors and rear stowaway compartment.  The vehicle had a bottle opener in the side compartment of the passenger side as well as an empty DVD box of Mean Girls in the back stowaway compartment.

In closing, buyer beware!  Avoid this dealership at all costs!  Take your money elsewhere!

Nirmal P. | 2014-05-26

George was a good guy at the beginning even bought a 2011 honda accord from him a few days after getting home i realized the buffing was not done properly. the interior wasn't cleaned properly. After driving it for one day apparently on "new tires" I get a flat tire in the back right side. After calling them and telling them what happened I get rude customer service. George tells me that happens and its my fault. Horrible service especially after buying the car from them. I realized these people don't care about you after you purchase a car from them.

Trey P. | 2014-04-10

The sales persons Luis and Alex get 4 stars.  The sales management get 1 star at best.  I went to purchase a Black Honda Civic Si.  They had just taken delivery of one that morning.  The MSRP was $23,580.  When I asked him to work up a quote he left to talk to the sales manager and came back saying the best he could do was 100% MSRP, PLUS $895 for the "Pro Package."  (Wheel locks, door guards, wheel guards, trunk tray, etc...) Earlier that morning Honda of Lisle offered me MSRP -$300 and free wheel locks.  However the car was blue and I wanted black.  I asked McGrath if they could match the offer.  The sales manager came out and said there was too much interest in the car, they were selling for over MSRP and his sales people were calling customers who had already expressed interest in the car.  100% MSRP + $895 was the best he could do.  I left the dealership and returned the next day to see if they were more interested in working a deal.  This time the sales manager offered 100% MSRP and -$100 off the Pro Package.  He said there was just too much interest in the car for him to negotiate with me.  I didn't want to drive a car everyday that reminded me of this jerk of a sales manager who was  trying to squeeze every penny possible out of me, rather than place any value on making sure I had a good customer experience.  Within 30 minutes I found another Honda Dealer (Terry Lee Honda, Indy) who had a black Civic Si.  They asked me what was important "price" or "payments."  I said, "price."  They called me back and offered a sale price of $22,100.  -$1480 OFF MSRP!!  

I let the McGrath sales person Luis know I had worked a deal with another dealer.  Within an hour Louis called me back and said his GM would match the deal and I wouldn't have to drive to Indy.  This was 1 day after they tried to squeeze me for 100% MSRP and an additional $895 of add-ons.  Not only did the sales manager make me feel like he didn't give a damn about my business on my first two visits, my suspicion that he was trying to rip me off was confirmed when they offered to match the good deal I got from Terry Lee.

I would have liked to have done business with Luis and Alex but I was so glad McGrath didn't get a penny from me.  I felt so much better about making the drive to Indy and doing business with a dealership that was professional and made me feel like a valued customer.

Janine G. | 2014-03-26

I was very unhappy with my experience here... For one no one tried to put me in the car that I wanted, it was like they can care less, second they tried to charge me the full price of the car instead of the sale price, no one went over anything with me in financing... I had to make two trips up to the store over unsigned papers and to have someone go over the paper work with me... As a first time buyer I feel unappreciated... They treated me like I was doing them a favor... The front desk personnel have not the greatest personalities in particular a young lady named Christina, hung up on me twice... I will never refinance with them... Go to Muller Honda... You live and you learn... Zero stars for McGrath Honda... I'm so regretful...

Alicia O. | 2013-12-27

They are always very nice, but take forever. They tell you it will be an hour and a half and two and a half hours later you're still waiting. They switched from walk ins to appointments awhile back but that hasn't improved their on time delivery at all.

I want to add to this review:
When I got home and reviewed my bill, I saw that they rotated my tires and charged me for it with a note that "The customer requested it." I never requested it and no one even asked me if I wanted it. Then a day later I was driving on the expressway and my car was making a funny noise and vibrating. When I pulled off, I found that one of the lug nuts was loose. They had forgotten to tighten it. Once I tightened it myself, the car was fine, but that was kind of scary. What a stupid oversight on their part. I take my car to a dealer instead of an auto body shop, like most of my friends do, because I always felt that I would get better quality and honest practices. I was willing to pay a little more for the piece of mind. Now I wonder if I should switch to an auto body shop after all.

John M. | 2013-11-19

I'd give this dealer -5 stars if it was an option. The first night I went there to test drive a car they tried tricking me into buying it that night, I should of moved on from that point. They put a high price on their vehicles and if you do any homework you will see a lower price on sites like AutoTrader, they say they will honor it but they are going to change the price so you better buy tonight. So I waited a few days, the price never changed. Lol.

Anyways I liked the car and I got them to agree to a price below AutoTrader so don't believe them when they say they can't go any lower. We agreed to a deal so I filled out a credit application and while we were working out numbers they sold the car to someone else. BEWARE of this DEALER!! Do yourself a favor, do not even bother dealing with these dirt balls, there are good car dealers out there, this is not one of them.

professorsmarty z. | 2013-10-28

I went out to purchase a car in late August on Labor Day weekend. We were looking to purchase a pre-owned Honda Fit which we saw online on their website.

When we arrived, no one seemed interested in helping us once they found out we were there for a pre-owned car. We had to wait about 15 minutes for someone to take us out to the lot.

The parking lot is across a VERY busy street with no crossing sign available, and it was pretty dangerous to cross on foot. Alex, the sales person then took us out on two test drives.

Alex was intent on pushing a more expensive sports model on us the entire time, even though we were more interested in the basic model. When we finished the test drive, we were told he's be back shortly, since he had to deliver a vehicle to another customer.

After waiting for about 30 -40 minutes, we went to find him, and told him we were going to get some lunch next door. When we returned, we found him and asked to talk about the deal.

Alex sat us down and immediately started drawing up paperwork and asked for our ID. When we told him we'd like to negotiate something, he balked, and told us everything is non-negotiable. We tried to ask about purchasing an extended warranty, and he said the the less expensive car would only have a 1 year warranty available, which is total BS.

After about 5 minutes, he put up his hands, and said "it's nice doing business with you. Come back when you're ready to buy a car." Then he got up and walked away. We've never been treated so rudely at a car dealership.

The next weekend we made a great deal with extended warranty at a Nissan dealership, and had a nice pre-owned car with an 8 year warranty.

Don't go to McGrath if you want to be treated like an actual customer with respect. Don't work with Alex if you value your time.

Csc C. | 2013-10-26

Zero Stars

Don't waste your time. I went there to look at a car that I saw on line. After being passed to four different guys I ended up with George who wanted to add $2000 to the price.

No way. Total waste of time.

Maria D. | 2013-09-23

I just purchased a used vehicle from McGrath City and I couldn't be more pleased with the transaction.  This is completely due to my salesman, George Welykyj, who was absolutely terrific!  I went in knowing what I wanted ( having done a lot of research) and was treated very fairly by George.  

I wasn't pressured (it probably helps that I was prepared to walk away if I didn't get the deal I wanted-but I don't understand why everyone doesn't have that mindset.  There are dealers everywhere-if you're unhappy, go elsewhere people) and George took great care of me.

Mary Ellen P. | 2013-09-11

God, I wish I would've checked yelp before I went here. The transaction was fine, its always painful dealing with car sales people. But, up until the very end, we thought it was fine. Then, after plunking down $15,000, they refused to fill our car up (half a tank) before we left. Seriously?!?! What a stupid move. Never will I give them any more business. Please don't go here. Refusing to spend a couple bucks as a courtesy to a new customer says a lot about a business.

There are plenty of Honda dealerships out there. Go to any of those-just not McGrath City Honda.

Jeff B. | 2013-08-13

Beware, when the manager comes in and grabs the keys because someone is coming to purchase the car you want, it's not true. And when the dealer says he has no authority to make a deal, it's not true. And when he says that used cars can't be taken to be checked out by a mechanic, it's not true. And when he says he can't get you an itemized list of the inspection done on all used cars, it's not true.

This place gives used car dealers, Honda, and the city of Chicago a bad name.

Jacqui S. | 2013-07-22

I came in to sell my 2011 Honda Fit and was in and out of there within an hour. I worked with Jose Serrano in the pre-owned division and he was very helpful and even gave me a ride home when the sale was final!

jen m. | 2013-07-20

Zero stars..but unfortunately yelp doesn't have the option.

Found a great used car, got a great financing deal for it (lots of haggling but we have near perfect credit) with NO DOWN just our trade in.  Salespeople were accommodating and nice.  Fast forward FOUR hours later to meeting the financing guy, we were signing everything already and then he asks for our down payment. WhAt??!!! We never said we were putting a down payment, let alone the price the finance guy was saying. GM says it must have been miscommunication BUT it was never communicated to begin with.  ATTEMPTED SWINDLING.  Funny how it worked out that the GM ended up getting the price he wanted for the car in the end by sneaking in that down payment, WHICH WE NEVER EVER even mentioned.

To top, I found a great used CRV online which led us to MCGRATH CITY but in getting there "it was sold".

DON'T COME HERE. Esp if you value your TIME and MONEY. They have no RESPECT for their customers. MANAGEMENT ESPECIALLY  

******if you'd like a more detailed story and names pls pm me.

Michael S. | 2013-06-18

DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE.  They are con artists plain and simple with hidden fees up the wazoo.  Literally every negative stereotype about used car sales was on full display here, from the 20+ minute waits while the salesman "asked his manager" if they could budge on price, to the lies about how numerous other customers were coming in to look at the same car as us, to the automatic price add-ons that somehow never made it onto their website.  Worst of all, after planning to buy the car at a given price, their finance guy handed us a contract to sign for over $1000 more than we had agreed on (before fees, taxes, and registration).  Essentially they tried to simply change the price and get us to sign a contract without noticing.

In conclusion, avoid this place at all costs.

Meagan M. | 2013-06-03

Purchased a used Honda Pilot here recently. Arthur was kind and knowledgeable regarding the cars and helped us as soon as we stepped on the lot. Took us for a test drive in one of the vehicles we were most interested in and we walked out with a deal we could both feel satisfied with. Didn't take too much pushing to get 'extras' on maintenance and pricing. Jeremy, the manager, was courteous as well... although you could tell he was there to keep the negotiations fair for both parties. Finance and Moses, in particular, was great. Called us back a few days later and saved us over 1000.00 on the original finance agreement. When we went in to sign our new agreement we were offered a cleaning and detail. Thanks McGrath team for making what could be a stressful experience a lot more easy going and comfortable.

Eric R. | 2013-05-11

I really enjoyed working with McGrath City Honda on my first car buying experience. Yolanda Davis was extremely helpful in finding me a car that fit my budget, but also was good on gas mileage and despite being used, in good condition. I settled for a 2010 Toyota Corolla. Yolanda was great with my initial visit as she showed me a number of cars and made a sincere effort to get to know my needs and what exactly I was looking for in a vehicle. She stayed in contact with me over the next few days and after evaluating my options I met with Yolanda a second time and signed for my first car at the terms  I agreed to. I would refer anyone looking for a car to start at McGrath City Honda!

Eric N. | 2013-04-13

I helped a friend purchase a car here and all I can say is wow! Besides trying to charge us a $700 internet fee (above the price of the car which we had printed out the ad for) they tried to charge a $800 certification fee (again for a car which was advertised as certified), which are both illegal! And then even though we were paying cash for the car we had to wait one and a half hours for a finance manager to become available so that we could just buy the car. I did the math while I was at McGrath and it saved us 2 BS Illegal fees they tried to charge.

Frank R. | 2013-02-20

Within a few minutes of entering I knew I was not going to buy a car here. The first salesperson we met was "very nice but with absolutely no authority" (VNBwANA).  He had us risk our lives crossing Grand to look at the car in the lot.  (I still do not know if that was the model I came to see, because they had three and couldn't get a straight answer which one they were going to quote me.)  But the Worst was the second employee who showed up--whose sole job was to swoop in and let me know my potential trade-in was worthless.  Smug as all getout.  Perhaps he sensed I was not eager to buy quickly and just wanted to dismiss me as soon as possible.  Next, a THIRD person arrived who we hoped was finally going to, oh I don't know...tell us how much the car was?!  This person was much nicer (he should get a job at a better place), a manager I think, and he wrote down a figure for us.  Again, well before that point I already knew no way was I going to buy a car there, so it wouldn't have mattered at that point.  We said goodbye to VNBwANA and escaped. I am posting this review to spare anyone else like me that sinking feeling when you just want to get the heck out of a place.

Cassie S. | 2012-11-27

I liked that these guys had a large inventory and that the used sales people seemed more working class and less snobby than at other local dealerships.  The price was good.  

But, with the extra money that others would have given me on my trade, I would have done as well elsewhere, financially--and I'm betting that if I'd gone elsewhere, I wouldn't have had to fight with someone from the dealership on the phone for hours because I'd discovered, after moving hundreds of miles away, that NONE of the maintenance that McGrath should have done prior to selling my car to me "Certified" had ever been done.  

Like, the airfilters?  Never cleaned.  Also, I won't give a lot of credit to a "one owner" Carfax report (enabling certification) again if the one owner was a rental car company.  

My 2001 Civic, in its dying days, got almost 10 miles more to the gallon than the 20-25 I get in my 2010 Civic from these guys.  I still don't know what's up with that.

They DID pay me back ($700.) for the repairs they should have done to begin with, but I would never recommend these guys to anyone because of the amount of hassle I was put through and because, ultimately, they only look less expensive.

Binnan O. | 2012-11-24

Car started smoking. Turned out my radiator hose busted and blew the gasket to my engine head and also warped my heads some. Along with all the fluid flushes and some other minor part replacements, they quoted me a cost of ~$2600. I begged a bit as a starving student and they cut me a 10% discount which really helped and set me up with a free loaner car which was way better than my beat-up '02 civic. I got periodic updates on my car before the weekend ended, on Monday, and when the car was done which was awesome, I always knew how far along they were. The repairs ended up costing a little less than quoted too and came out to $2100 which is comparable to when my dad had to get the same repair although he did his through a non-Honda shop. Overall great customer service and I would definitely come back again, hopefully the repairs hold though and I won't have to :)

Deglazer Z. | 2012-11-12

These crooks wanted to charge me $600 for a repair to my Accord.  I declined.  Later, at another Honda dealer on the South side,  I had the exact same repair done at no cost, since it was actually covered by the warranty.  Shady.

Lindsey L. | 2012-11-06

Bought my used Toyota here and I couldn't have had a better experience!  Everyone was very helpful and I will definitely be back in the future!

Phil A. | 2012-10-20

Another case of false advertising- I went out to shop at a couple places - and McGrath had the by far lowest prices.  While at another place closer to home (where I started) I asked why their prices were higher than McGrath on the model I wanted.  They told me I should try calling McGrath - apparently they are known in the industry as lying on their advertising... Sure enough, when I called to confirm the two cars I was interested in  McGrath admitted they were actually a much lower model than they had advertised on Auto Trader.....

Needless to say - not going to do business with them.

M R. | 2012-07-02


I went here with my parents because it was refered to us by our neighbor who works with them.

We first arrived and asked for the guy that was recommended, Mr. Glass. He spoke with us for about a minute then passed us over to someone else because he was busy. Ironically the other salesman was spanish, Jose. Maybe because weunderstood eachother because we were what? both spanish? STRIKE 1

We went in originally for just price ideas, especially to see how much my car was worth if i traded it in. They offered me $750 for my 2004 chevy aveo that was in more than fair condition!!!! STRIKE 2

They called me once a week with "Come in and we can help you out with whatever you need, no worried we will get you there!"

Finally went back and we were turned away!!! They wanted to do no negotiating, said they could do nothing else and for us to get a different car. Didn't say "Sorry lets work this out", just said "No I won't do that and walked away". STRIKE 3

I felt as though because I was spanish we were nothing and not worth their time.

Screw them! I bought my car somewhere else for what I wanted and more!!!!!

Jose and that white manager good luck with your buisness.

Mike U. | 2012-05-26

This dealership cannot be trusted. Be warned, they will lie to you.

I was expecting to have a good experience with this dealership after Daniela had quickly contacted me with a great price on a Honda Accord and I had already double checked via email that it was the out the door price. I went in to verify it because in the fine print they said this quote was adjustable with any arithmetic errors. I told them I was ready to buy if the quote was what they said it would be. It turned out I was quoted the wrong price on a car, but they wanted me to stay in order to work it out. Since my wife and I were riding with a friend we said we couldn't since it would be a long commute home by train. I was assured that I would get a ride to the closest train station. After waiting a long time for the salesman to come up with the price they could give, I was surprised ... it was much higher than they initially said. After that I politely declined and thanked them for their time. I asked about the ride they had promised, somewhat nervous that since I didn't buy a car they wouldn't care anymore about my wife and I. After waiting another 10-15 minutes they said that there was no way they could take us to a train station. That there was someone just about to come into to buy the car we were just test driving. I was tempted to go back and see if there really was someone there, but didn't care anymore. My wife and I took a bus and a train home. ... over an hour commute. I'm shocked at how much I was lied to by this dealership. AVOID THEM. I'm hoping to have a better dealership experience in the future at another dealership.

Brian T. | 2012-04-22

Be careful with McGrath City Honda if you are buying based upon a price quoted to you via the internet.  I decided to buy a Honda Fit Sport from them b/c they quoted the lowest price.  After I agreed to buy the car at what I thought would be the internet price quoted to me via email, I was told that there were dealer-installed options on my car (locking lug nuts, rear bumper applique and rubber cargo liner) that I could not decline and would cost me $750.  I almost walked out after they tried this dirty trick, so the dealer decided I would "only" be charged $350 for these items that cost them next to nothing.  I priced these items on the internet from another dealer at just over $200.  I suspect that this gotcha trick was sprung on me b/c the dealer learned that I would be paying cash and, therefore, they would not make $350-500 for originating a car loan - who knows, the dealer may try this the "dealer-installed options" trick on everyone who gets quoted the low internet price.

Be very careful when buying based upon an internet quote from this dealer - they will very likely try to screw you with mandatory, overpriced dealer-installed options.

Tony M. | 2012-03-23

Ok went in with mother in law she needed a new car walk in guy ask yall need help yes looking for a new honda fitt we allready test drove the car 2 weeks prior so we were ready to buy so we start negociating price and the guy would not budge and if you know bout buying a new car all cars are marked up $700 to $2000   So hes like oh no cant go lower than sticker price after telling him i worked at jeep for 5 years i know the game. Hes like oh let me talk to my manager after waiting he comes back and says ok il agree to your price but i have to charge you the destination fee $771 which bumped the car back to retail price so i thanked him and said well go else where and he didnt say anything and let us leave ive never seen a salesman do that in the 5 years i spent at jeep ..."so inconclusion went to Carrs honda on western north of devon and got the original deal i wanted no hassles  no destination fees and they even threw in couple things extra wheel locks and rubber  honda floor matts free litterally in and out in 30 minutes and my mother in law drove away with a smile..need a honda go to Carrs and ask for J.R

Heidi D. | 2012-01-07

ZERO!!!!  (negative stars should seriously be an option)

terrible customer service! I came here for an oil change today (my first time here since it was a convenient location and I was nowhere near where I usually go).  I was promised an hour max for the wait time.  Two hours later, no one has even come to inform me of any delay or their being backed up.  I finally got up to complain and the girl on the front desk didn't give a shit since she wasn't the one who checked me in.  She said "I don't know why or what's going on.  I don't know where he is, but I can try to find him for you."  The guy who checked me in (Edwin Mancia) came a bit later and did not even say anything about the 1 hour delay.   He merely said "ok, it comes out to $27.41, let me take you to the cashier"  as if everything was fine and dandy and no delays happened.  Not until I complained to him did he say anything about being backed up and his apology sounded more like a reflex response and was far from being sincere.   No "sorry for the incovenience" or "sorry for the long wait" but rather "sorry we were backed up".  When I mentioned that he could've said something while I waited to inform me of such delays (so I could've adjusted plans instead of running late), he just said, "delays happen, sorry".  TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.  NEVER AGAIN!

Donn A. | 2011-09-21

This is another dealer you shouldn't even bother dealing with. First, they'll quote you a higher price than what is listed online, and then they'll tell you that the best price they can give you is $100 below what their web price is. The salesperson was not at all accommodating. Overall, this place is a waste of time and a joke.

J V. | 2011-08-04

Just got the Bait and Switch trick pulled on my gf.  Really...? The car JUST sold in the few hours before we came in to look at it?

This places needs to be investigated.  When is Chicago going to investigate them all?

NYC seems to have done it recently.…

Patrick F. | 2011-08-02

I highly recommend you click the "unfiltered reviews" link at the top.  I have written an extensive review about this scum bag operation.  DO NOT GO HERE!

Yamez B. | 2011-07-18

This people seems not to be interested on sell their cars, I went there 3 times to check on the CRV 2011 but nobody ask me if I will be interested on purchase or at least get more info on it.  I have to force them to attend me because I went to the front desk and ask one of the supervisors to gie me more info on the car.  Then they bring a guy who after barely show me some of the features that the CRV has he mention that they don't like to force customers to buy their cars so that's why no one get to me on those times I went there, what an excuse!  
Then after a few try's to sell me something that I didn't like he start to tell me that I was not ready to buy because I was jumble on getting a decision. Then he start confront me that I was there only to play the undecided customer who needs care but they of course don't give a F..
So I live and get to the Toyota dealer change my old Equinox which they give me all the money I was asking for on trade and get the RAV4 full loaded for the same price they offer the CRV.  

My recommendations, Honda is a good dealer but they need to change the way people things about customers there, don't force them don't pouch them and the most important thing is do not tread your customers like shit because they will never come back to you.

Somchai S. | 2011-07-07

I needed to find a used Honda in a short amount of time since my new job was starting soon. I saw some car postings on from here and decided to check it out. Of course when I got here and asked about the cars I saw that were around 12k....they were all sold out....having been to multiple dealerships....i have learned that those posting are gimmicks to get you in because I have never seen a car that was posted online at the car lot.

Well my boyfriend and myself were wandering the lot and the sales man, Dave, came to check on us. He never introduced himself until he realized I was a serious buyer. He was accommodating when showing me the cars and taking it for a test drive. But when we sat down to talk price he kept talking to us as if we were not serious buyers. I definitely spent more than intended but the car was in good condition and had low miles.

So i agreed to buy the car and moved onto financing where, Carl was working with me. He kept pushing me to get their 4 star warranty and said he would certify the car for me. And since I will be traveling a lot for work i agreed Afterwards I found out he certified the warranty and not the car. LIES. he kept telling me he had to certify the car in order to give it a warranty.

Now I drive the car home and realize that it has no floor mats! I contact Dave and he says they do not come with used cars.I just spent around 20k and McGrath is that cheap to provide that for their customers? Overall the entire experience was draining and next time I will just buy NEW. Car salesman have a reputation to live up to and they certainly lived up to it.

I probably wont go back to them again or recommend them. I did not like the way they were pushy and very hungry for your dollars. I was there from 11-4pm and I felt as a young person they tried to take advantage of me and switch things. Thanks McGrath for leaving me with a horrible taste in my mouth when buying a car.

After I posted this on the McGrath City Hyundai page, someone did contact me and said they would send me floor mats. However, I still have a negative impression about the business.

Myra T. | 2011-06-06

Simply, the worst dealership I have ever seen in my life! I would have given this feedback to Mr. McGrath, but the management seemed not to know how to contact him. I guess he must not want to talk to actual customers. These people were so thoughtless, dishonest and nasty I can't even tell you all that I experienced. Huge payment, callous treatment, and acting like their inability to do business with integrity and competence was all MY fault. Seriously. They screwed up every single they did for me and everytime I came to the dealership to get something else they did not do correctly fixed, they caused me all sorts of delays so I had to leave work 4 times. The problems are still not fixed. And, we are talking: this is a new car.

Janet S. | 2011-04-10

Aside from a very annoying mishap which involved making an appointment that never showed up in their computers (and forcing me to make a 2nd trip to the place), I have had a good experience with these guys (I dealt with Bill).  I went in to have the airbags on my Honda replaced because they had been recalled by the company, and while I was at it decided to make some needed repairs: timing belt package, and some other stuff.  They got the repairs done fast and even lent me one of their cars for free while they were working on my car!  Wow, that was cool.  To be honest, I was initially suspicious that they might be cheating me in some way because they discovered some things wrong with my car that my previous mechanic had not told me about, and I'd read all these negative reviews on Yelp.  I don't know squat about cars, so I really had no way of knowing if they were being straight with me.  So I called another mechanic in town randomly and asked him if it seemed plausible that a car of mine's age (2001) would need XYZ repairs, and if the price was reasonable.  He confirmed it all sounded on the up-and-up, and so that is why I'm giving them a positive review.  They also washed my car for me both times I had to go in there, which was a nice touch.

Julie T. | 2011-01-22

Sleezy is not a typical term I use, but after today it's the only word I associate with this dealership.

Stopped in after receiving a letter from them saying they would appraise my car and be willing to do a trade in or buy the car outright. After "appraising" for 45 minutes came back and said they'd give 14-16k...that's a big difference, no exact offer after checking it out for twice as long as it was supposed to take? This would be the first clue something is awry.

Also, there were no prices on the preowned cars, and when we one would give us an answer. Then they brought over district mgr, Fred. This guy was the epitome of sleezy. I asked how much for the Audi and he gave the typical monthly payment rhetoric, I rephrased how much is the total cost of the car.. and he continued with the monthly payments in completely pretentious manner to elude that I didn't know what I wanted because I didn't want to commit to his monthly payments. What? You're not giving me the terms of this magical loan that's granting me these low payments, for god know how many years that you won't tell me, and still won't give me the price of the car. Asked about another car from a different McGrath location and Fred said it doesn't exist because the Acura McGrath often advertises cars they don't have to draw in people, but he could find us one from auction. Ok. I'm, angry I asked nicely, I've waited for three hours at this point, he's insulted a potential customer, and bad talked a dealership under the same ownership.

Absolutely the worst car experience. They won't give you any firm answers, just make you wait and rotate you to different sales people to use all their scum tactics to take your money.

J T. | 2010-10-09

Having my car serviced was exciting the first time, but like most activites, especially related to my possessions, it soon became almost entirely a burden.
My experience at McGrath City Honda accelerated and amplified this process exponentially.
Actually, as far as I know the service which was done to my car was adequate.  My car did not explode or disassemble itself after leaving McGrath City Honda, so I suppose it could have been worse.  And the fact that the service actually was done at all is a positive.  But talking with the 'coordinator' of the service department was like being in a bad Saturday Night Live skit (okay, any Saturday Night Live skit) where there is a humorous communication barrier between the customer and the person who is supposed to be helping him, due to drugs or mental illness or generalized strangeness, except this time there is no audience to be amused and it goes on for 4-6 hours instead of 3-5 minutes and there is a reason they keep those skits so short, because after 20-30 minutes of this you are ready to call the police to get your car back, not because you think they're going to mess up your car, but because you're afraid you might really hurt this person who is supposed to be taking care of your servicing requirements.
So I decided not to take my car back to McGrath City Honda for any future service.
PS I recommend not trying to contact the service deparment by phone.

Christina G. | 2010-09-22

Why is it not possible to give zero stars?  Once it in a while it is very well deserved and this is one of those cases.  This is the shittiest dealership I have ever encountered, and by the way I have gone through 6 cars in the last 15 years so I do have experience.  Bait and switch?  Check.  Sleazy salesman?  Check (his name was RYSZARD, which is Polish for Richard).  Useless managers?  Check (one was SCOTT and the other I believe DAN but can't be sure on that).  I have already convinced two of my friends who bought Hondas (one got a CRV and the other a Civic), to go to another dealership instead, just to avoid this particular dealership.

I would give the details of what happened, but it's typical of the bait and switch where they tell you parts of a used car are new, turns out they aren't, and when you find out later they deny, deny, deny.  What a piece of shit company with piece of shit service.  Next time, when I buy my bigger, more expensive car, it'll be somewhere else, so their loss, not mine.

Sarah L. | 2010-07-30

There are always ways that a car buying experience can be better... but I'd say relative to the standards for the industry, McGrath does all right. I see the reviews are either high or really low, and I think that tends to be the case for most dealerships... it depends on what you're buying and who is helping you out and whether they're trying to screw you on the price of a trade in. We had no trade in, for the record... so this was just an outright new car purchase experience.

We went in with an internet price quote and a price quote that I wanted them to beat, because they said they beat quotes by a 5% difference, guaranteed. I handed him the internet quotes I had printed out and he presumably ran that by his manager while we filled out our loan application. There were a few extras the car had installed on it, to the tune of 200-300 dollars. No one was pushy with us or tried to upsell. We did get a couple of "ARE YOU SURE?" about the extended warranty sales but other than that... very easy. In and out driving our new car off the lot in less than 2 hours.

All right, so I initially wrote the above and gave the place a nice 5 star review, just because I feel like it's reputable enough. I'm changing my review now though. About a week later, we get a call that they messed something up on our paperwork with the VIN number. SO we had to go all the way back there (NOT AT ALL CONVENIENT) to sign more paperwork. Not only is that a hassle, but I also have to deal with making the changes to my insurance and my IPass accounts that I just set up. It's a pain in the butt, not a HUGE deal, but certainly a lack of care on their part that has greatly inconvenienced us by taking 2 hours out of our day to go take care of it.

And ya know what the worst part is? I'm a pretty forgiving person.... not one apology about the inconvenience. Oh, I'm sorry maybe there was a brief apology in the voicemail we got like "sorry, but... blah blah blah happened" but certainly not an ACTUAL apology. I would've probably left my review at the 5 stars if not for that because, I mean... mistakes happen. But geez. When we were sitting there signing and found out we had to get new license plates too, I was like "aw crap now there's one more thing I have to do besides insurance, IPASS" and the man sitting there giving us the paperwork barely even acknowledged it! ANNOYED!

Lauren R. | 2010-07-24

After contacting this dealer. I came in several times to talk about price and to negotiate with them. They seemed like they would be helpful. They have me one price and said that was the out the door price. Then they did bait-and-switch and told me another price when I said I wanted that car. They played a little game of talking with the manager and they tried to force financing on me. Anyway, they were deceptive. I don't plan on going back to them.

Mark A. | 2010-05-20

These guys are car salesmen. Need I say more.... They did the bait and switch on me. Gave me one price and the car cost another. And by the time you are in the finance office,after hours of uncomfortable conversations with the salesman, you have no energy to argue the 3 or 4 thousand dollar difference in price...  Sadly it is what you expect from car dealerships... If they only knew that people don't want to deal with that... Which is why they will soon be replaced by a websites. I am hoping the sticker on my next Honda will read, .

Frank C. | 2010-05-10

A went to have duplicate keys for my Honda... I was charged at least $60 more than if I have done it in Continental Honda. The reason given was that they are under a union.

Tam H. | 2010-02-10

I am never a fan of rating car shops because normally they act out.
However, McGarth City Honda did right by me.   I had an oil change there and was overly surprised that it went well.  Quick and simple/In and Out in no time.   I wish all car service departments were created equally but they are not.  Overall, my experience was livable.  The oil change went without a hitch and the service manager was pleasant as well.

Jason Y. | 2010-01-20

Dave Grezarian was my salesman.. He gave me the whole Used Car Salesman schpeel, talking my trade-in down and talking up the car I intended to get.  I have been around the block. I know what my trade-in Porsche was worth and I know what the VW I wanted was worth, as well. After several negotiations and attempts to walk out of the place, Dave came back with the price that I initially offered him. (which he said was impossible, at first) which was, 12990 for the VW and my trade-in was 22K, leaving me with over $9K in my pocket.   However, I was so turned off from his "boy's club" attitude and business practices that I ended up walking out on the deal.  This was Saturday night.  Ten minutes after I left, he called and sweet talked me into coming back Monday morning.  I did so and patiently waited while they did a diagnostic on my car and test drove the VW once again and noticed that the wheel was wobbly.  He promised to get it fixed and brought it back to the service department.  An hour goes by and he calls me over (from across the showroom) as if I was his child or his subordinate.. he didn't do this to the couple that he was helping while I patiently waited.  He walked them out, opened the woman's car door, the whole nine yards... anyways, he tells me to sit down b/c we have to talk.  I felt like I was sitting in the principal's office.  He goes on and on about supposed issues with my car.  BTW, it was a 2005 Porsche Cayenne with only 35k miles.  MINT. He pulls out the contract and tells me to sign the pre-marked x's... I grab a pen and overlook all the misgivings that I was feeling.  I put the pen to the paper and before I scribbled away, i noticed that the purchase price said $13990.. I asked him about this and he said, "no, this is the price we agreed upon!"  I said, "Nice Try, give me my key, I'm outta here!" What does good ol' Dave say?!  He says, "ok ok.. I'll change the price back"


What kind of establishment is this?!!  He outright tried to trick me into losing a grand!  Needless to say I called him out on it in the middle of the showroom and grabbed my car keys and stormed off!!!  Thank God I didn't end up going through with the deal..  I sold my car within 2 days on Craigslist for 23K and have since bought a VW that I am super happy with from Autohaus VW, countryside.  Maybe it was my age (25) or maybe it was the fact that I'm Asian that he thought he could pull the wool over my eyes but F U, Dave Grezarian!!!  I hope readers take heed to this warning..  There is so much competition out there, nowadays that places like this need to go DOWN!  The management is no better, b/c Dave was only a mouthpiece for the managers who approve all sales.

Issy G. | 2009-07-10

I was in the market for a new car.  I was going about this via Internet as I did not have a car to drive back and forth to dealership.  I received 4 quotes, and out of those four, I narrowed it down to 2 dealerships.  

McGrath gave me their absolute bottom price, but the competing dealer matched the price.  Due to logistics I went for the other dealership.

I was emailing the other competing dealership a quick Thank you note for their replies.  I get a call from the salesperson from McGrath whom I was working with.....  She was upset that I bought from another competing dealership.  Rather than conducting herself in a professional manner, she proceeded to insult and berate me.

They've just lost my business and my friends/families business.

Ojo E. | 2009-06-13

A ZERO STARS REVIEW for the service department.
My car just turned one and it needed an oil change...fools me to take it to the dealership. It only has 6,000 miles on it and they wanted to do a tire rotation that would cost me an additional $60.
You lost ALL my business including any warranty work.

Claudia S. | 2009-06-09

Oh I wanted to like you........and how your stupid salesmen screwed that all up.

This was the first place I went when I was on a mission to buy my first car (which I still have and still runs great!).........and they should have lost me sooner than they did, but I was on a mission, dammit!

Went here to talk about leasing a new car (as my mother was convinced leasing was the better option) and we found out the price wasn't exactly what I wanted (I could afford it, but, I knew I could do better) and I was honestly worried about miles.  That's ok, the guy walks me down to their used cars and turns me over to someone new.  We talk and the first thing I say is, "I don't want a car, I want a small SUV." followed by, "I also want power windows and locks.  Power mirrors would be nice, but aren't a necessity." and finished with, "Color isn't an issue as long as it isn't red.  Red cars have higher accident statistics and while that may be a coincidence, I don't want a red automobile."  He searches and says "I think I have the car for you!".........and we walk across the street to a red Chevy Cobalt with power NOTHING!  YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

I tell him this isn't what I want, but we can go for a joyride while we try the whole "I want power windows and locks on an auto that is NOT red and preferably a small SUV".  He somehow thinks I've changed my mind on the ride and asks me what I think when I inform him that, "It's a great car.......for someone else.  This is nothing I want, ESPECIALLY power locks."  Look, I'll take manual windows but I want power locks, and my mom would feel 10000x safer with power locks.  

He finds another car and I test drive that, but I wasn't feeling it.  Finally he checks the inventory for the two Ford Escapes I saw online and TADA...I can test drive the one I had my eye on!!  It drives great, the color's alright (gold, but that hides scratches/dings well) and has a sunroof with decent mileage!  There's a few burn holes on the back seats, and I point this out and he says he'll work something out.  

They come out telling me that it's 15K.  Yeah, online it's listed for they ask what they can do to get me in that car that day and I tell them "sell it to me for $250/month and no more....and if you want to play the $50 game then sell it for $200/month and you can jack it up to $250 and we all win" which meant selling it to me for the 11k listed online.  I did the math, it worked.  Not to mention, that car was NOT worth the $15k they tried to tell me it was listed for.  

A little while passes and some guy comes out with the online form printed and tells me that they have it listed for 11k because they assume someone will put a down payment.  A down payment of $4k on a 15k car?  Really?  That only saves you $80/month off your payment and if you put $500 down you have $3500 saved up to pay MORE than your payment so you can start paying off the car without all the interest.  I know this, because I did my research.  

I smile and tell the man this and then precede to tell him that there's a little box on there that says "down payment".  Imagine that, a little box for "down payment" or "trade-in" and then a little box for the percentage rate and then a "Calculate" button!  He looks at me and tells me there's been a mistake on the site and that it's definitely $15k.  

I tell him there's been a mistake on my gut instinct and that I'm leaving.  Now the second guy pipes up and says "ok, we can get you in this car for your price, just, wait" and I tell him that I don't want to as I don't have insurance lined up and I'm definitely not taking theirs.  He asks how he can get me into the car and I tell him "let me call my mom's insurance company as well as a few others to make sure this will be affordable" and he keeps on and keeps on and won't shut up.  Seriously, you just tried to jack up the price and then tell me that I needed a $4000 down payment.  Not happening.  As we were leaving the guy who didn't know how to read the online page muttered some incomprehensible things under his breath and solidified their place on my "do not return" list.  

The only reason I gave them 2* is because the guy at the other place was really nice and honest enough that I believed him.  They lost a star for not listening (things I want and don't want were pretty simple and they delivered a first car that was everything I didn't want) and another star for trying to sell it to me for more (though the site said different) and another star for muttering things because I was smart enough to walk away.  

When I got home and told a friend what happened he laughed and said, "No one goes there.  They're notoriously shitty and definitely not worth it."  Car's a learning experience.  I learned never to send friends here.

Bryan B. | 2008-12-15

My "Check Engine" light in my 01 CR-V came on the other day, so the next day, I took it to McGrath to have it checked out. The light had actually turned off by the time I got there, so I didn't suspect any major issues, but I wanted to get it checked out for peace of mind.

I'd had bad experiences with this location when it was run by Jacobs Twin, but with the new ownership I decided to give them another chance.

I drove into the service bay and was told there was a $108 charge to check the code, which would be deducted from any service that was necessary. I understand that a car dealership has a high overhead and technician's time is costly, but that seemed ridiculous to charge $108 for the five minutes it would take to check the code. I asked the service manager why they charge $108 for something the Autozone across the street would do for free, and she explained that the equipment was expensive and Autozone didn't have access to the diagnostic codes that a Honda dealer would have.

I understand that a Honda dealer surely has a much more expensive diagnostic computer than an Autozone, and their technicians are obviously more familiar with the cars, but the codes are readily available on the internet and in aftermarket manuals. It just seemed like a ridiculous charge, a shortsighted policy, and a good way to scare away customers.  The light wasn't even on anymore anyway, if it does come back on, I'll go to my usual mechanic or the Honda dealer where I bought the car.

UPDATE: Turns out the light never came on again (it was probably a loose gas cap or something) and our CR-V was totalled in a wreck  a few weeks later. If they'd taken five minutes to check my light for free we very likely would have bought a new car from them, but we didn't even consider shopping there.

Beatrize N. | 2007-11-09

I AM SO EXCITED because I finally got rid of my troubled VW(2000) for a brand new Fit Honda Sport and I LOVE It!  I love Honda's, never should have gotten a VW so I went back to a brand I love.  I did do a lot of research about small cars and I really wanted something that was not so gas guzzling and the Fit had gotten so many great reviews on just about any car review it got written about from Consumer reports to various on-line car blogs.

I just had to find the right place to spend my hard earned dollars.  I did try Fletcher Jones because the VW was purchased there but after waiting over a week and being told that because the Fit is so popular (they had a deposit) that it might take a long time to get., I got tired of waiting.  

So,  I went to McGrath, put a deposit down and got a call the very next day with the car and the color I wanted.   I was impressed!  Fred Butts, is the man to see!  He really wanted to see me leave happy and he did everything possible to make sure that I got the best price and some very nice extras.  He was so great, as was everyone there, honestly as a women I would really recommend you go here because they will make every effort to make this as pleasant as an experience as possible and gave me a great trade-in price for my VW, never gave me hassle nor looked at me crossed eye with all my requests ( I probably did drive him crazy) but he was awesome and in the end I was happy to plunk my dough here.

I was also very impressed with their delivery manager Curt Brown, who showed me all the things about my car as we sat in it and he explained all the knobs and buttons and what everything does, which is great because most places don't do that, they just give it to you and your so excited just to leave you sometimes really don't know how to work some of the stuff.

So if your looking for a Honda, go to McGrath Honda, the people are all great but as I  am being partial, ask for Fred and tell them, Nourhy sent you!