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The Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Dealer of Chicago. We pride ourselves in having both the best in sales and service. Call or visit us today to experience how we like to treat our customers.

We service all makes and models.

Home of the Marino Dart Owners Association.


Established in 2008.

Rated No.1 Customer Experience Dealer
in Midwest for 2014!

With over 60 years and three generations in the automotive sales, service and parts industry, The Marino CJD family is proud to serve all of Chicago land and surrounding suburbs.  We believe in loyalty and longevity and are proud to say that all of our department managers have been working together for over 20 years here at this location.  Marino has strong community ties and is currently active with The Portage Park Chamber of Commerce, Edison Park Chamber of Commerce, and annual sponsor of the EP Fest. Chairman and Event Sponsor of St. Patrick High School Green & Gold Gala Event, as well as
annual Walk-A-Thon.

Marino CJD

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 950-5249
Address:5133 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL, 60641
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Marino CJD

Andrew W. | 2015-02-04

I am really not sure why this dealership gets such bad reviews.  I have purchased many cars and have dealt with many dealers over the years.  As many people commonly think, dealing with a dealership can be painful.

In this case though, it has been the complete opposite for me since day 1.  I leased a 2012 Grand Cherokee back in April of 2012.  I did not want to come in and deal with the car negotiating process, so I went the internet route for the sale process.  I got quotes from 4 different dealerships.  Not only was Marino the best price, but the most communicative, clear, and no nonsense.   I set the deal with the sales woman over email.  When I came in to finalize the deal, the car was the exact model and VIN we discussed, no surprises, no nothing.  Very Very easy.

Over the past 3 years I have had nothing but great experiences with the Service and Support team.  Ken from Service has been great from day 1.  He is a pro and no BS.  Lauren from Service and Support did one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced at a dealership.  One day, I came in and didn't have my newest insurance card in the car. I took the old one and called my secretary to fax over the new one.  Before she could even do that, Lauren was on the phone with my insurance company and had the new one faxed over and ready to go.  

Its that level of service and support that makes you truly feel like one of the family at Marino.  I have never had an experience like this at any dealership, let alone consistent time and time again positive experiences with a dealership.  

I am don't feel sorry that people give dealerships in general a bad wrap, but in this case I feel that it is a shame that this dealership is getting a bad wrap on yelp.  Especially when they are trying to change that generalization of the dealership experience.

Hats off to Marino, I am a customer for life.

Jeremy S. | 2015-02-04

I asked why my credit was run and I never heard back.  The response AFTER telling me that I more than qualified, but was upset that Sales never called me?  "Go fuck yourself" - Mike Caccioppo,General Sales Manager of Marino Chrysler Dodge.  Customer service at it's finest.  Yep, GO FUCK YOURSELF.  Well done, Marino.

John D. | 2014-12-25

Sales good, service sub par

A B. | 2014-12-23

Service Department is horrible. Oil change with an appointment has a two hour wait time in a lobby that they don't hang up the phone properly so blaring dial tones heighten annoyances. If you don't have an appointment can be excess of 2 hours. Had a great experience buying my jeep and it's the only reason I service my car here. Once my warranty is up I'm finding other Jeep service location. I've never had service experiences like this and consistently each time I come in.

H A. | 2014-12-16

Bad and horrible service! If I could give this place negative stars, I would. Took my jeep in for a recall and asked for them to check the sun roof because it had a leak, I had put some tape to stop/slow the leak. I was told I had to pay 100$ for them to look at the problem, so I agreed. When I went back the next day to pick up my vehicle I was charged 100$ and was told that I had to pay even though they didn't look into the leak because they couldn't remove tape. So I asked why am I paying and was told because they attempted to look. I payed 100$ for no service what so ever. Avoid throwing your money away and go somewhere else where they might care about their customers.

Tenzin S. | 2014-12-01

Ask for pam, shes the best car sales person she help me get my very own first car. She helpme get a good car thats in my price range and also help me build up my credit! I love my dodge dart ;) thank you pam.

Chris C. | 2014-11-17

To-date, I've bought two cars from Marino - a Wrangler for myself, and a '15 Jeep Cherokee for my wife - driving into Chicago from Hoffman Estates for both. Both experiences weren't just "not bad for a dealership", but were outright enjoyable.

Since my wife's purchase was the most recent, I'll share some details:

My wife and I walked in having already checked out Marino's Cherokee inventory online and had two trim levels (a 4-cyl. model and a 6-cyl. Limited model) picked out. We were promptly greeted by Leo, who introduced himself and asked us if we needed help with anything. I let him know that I had a couple stock numbers I'd like him to pull for a test drive - he immediately got to work.

While we waited, we chatted with Dan at the front desk, who walked us through some of the Cherokee details (e.g. using UConnect, Nav, etc.) and took care of the "paperwork side" of the test drive (photocopy of my wife's license). He cautioned us to "drive the 4-cyl first, otherwise you won't give it a fair shot, because you're really going to enjoy the 6-cyl." A few minutes later, Leo walked us out and we took both cars for a ride.

Dan was right - my wife loved the 6-cyl. Limited and we set our "negotiations" around that car. That said, I'm hesitant to characterize our buying experience as "negotiations". Leo (and Dan), were transparent with us throughout the process. We had a trade-in, with a value we expected to receive for it. We did our homework on what we felt was a fair price for the Cherokee, and we were pre-approved, at a very low rate, through several lenders ahead of our visit.

BOTTOM LINE: We came in knowing where we wanted to be on trade-in, purchase price, and financing, then Leo and Dan met or exceeded our expectations on all three. No haggling, no BS. I won't hesitate to buy my next vehicle from Marino CJD, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a fair deal, and a great buying experience.

Linda r. | 2014-09-29

Very disappointed with this dealership.. The very first time we walked in we had to wait for a sales person, no one approached us it said hi. Finally after 25 min we decided to go to the front desk, 10 min later we got Ryan as our sales person. I wished we would have gotten someone else, this sales person is very racist, makes ethnicity jokes, called my husband by the name of 'Jose' a few times after we kept correcting him on the name. I liked a Cadillac and wanted to see the interior and he suggested to not even look that way  because he assumed it was WAAAAY out of our budget. Little did he know we had the money to pay for it. We decided to leave. The next day the manager called which sounded very polite and nice. We decided to go back and hear his deal, when we got there the manager was out so they gave us the one and only RYAN who again  kept making his racist jokes. Little did he know we had a really good down payment in our pocket. We were so disappointed  with the customer service this place had, Ryan said he would call us sometime the next day to set up a time to test drive and we never heard from Him Again,  we went to another Jeep dealer (Sherman Dodge 7601 N Cicero) best customer service ever! We made a deal with Chris put more than half down on a 2015 Jeep Compass. I will never ever step into Marino's dealership, our experience with Ryan was terrible. I hope not all the sales people are like Ryan.

Tim L. | 2014-09-22

Called service to schedule routine oil change. No one picked up and was asked to leave a voicemail. Left information to be contacted. No one called me.

Eventually called agin two weeks later to set up an appointment. The person who picked up had "to go find the service person."

Got there at the appointment time and was told to wait near my vehicle and someone will be there to check me in. Heard the service dept complain about not getting lunch as I walked back to my vehicle.

Someone eventually came to check in the vehicle and told me the total of everything. Of course, pausing in the middle to accept their delivery lunch.  Then he told me it would be a couple hours. Unacceptable, for routine maintenance and an appointment set up.

Will never go here again as once before they once forgot to call me when my vehicle was ready.

Grace R. | 2014-09-06

**Horrible horrible  horrible services!**
They charge fee's on top of fee's. They'll always find SOMETHING wrong with your car not to mention they do more damage then they do in repairs.
I went in because my car was not starting & they immediately charged $110  JUST TO LOOK AT MY CAR (which took them 3hours, even after I had an appointment)  then they explained how it needs a new battery, a new alternater -the list went on & on, the bill reached upwards of $600 that's when I decided to tow my car home. I had a neighbor take a look at it & in 2 mins flat he got it to turn back on. Turns out the wire that goes from the car to the battery was loose. THAT'S ALL.  

Ryan L. | 2014-08-30

I'd love to walk you through my experience, but I'm at a loss for words.  I was so excited to get behind the wheel of a Jeep and enjoyed my test drive of the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.  

This morning I walked in with a down payment in my pocket, positive attitude and all the patience in the world.  I wanted to compare a Wrangler vs a Grand Cherokee.  1 test drive later I was approached by a salesman who said something I couldn't believe and had to clarify.  

I was being turned away by a salesman!  "Last day of the month..... busy Saturday... Too many other customers.... You want to test drive too many vehicles..." Blah blah blah.  I was in shock.  

I decided to step inside and politely make Dan aware of what happened.  For some reason I thought maybe he would help the dealership regain it's dignity.  He didn't seem to know what to say, but in his defense he at least kept quiet while considering how to respond.... Unlike the other salesman in his chair at the computer screen who opened his mouth and spewed more bs, challenging my qualifications as a buyer and bluntly showing me where I stood in their line of priorities.

I don't write reviews... I even called the dealership twice to speak with Dan.  Not to give him a hard time, but to clarify if he supported the mannerisms of his sales staff.  Couldn't get him on the phone, so here's where I'm leaving my voice for you to do with it as you will.  If I was an a*% I would have reached in my pocket and waived the cash down payment in their faces and walked out with a certain finger in the air.  

Looking forward to meeting Pat at Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Ps - Dan, those people make you look really bad as a leader and manager.  Perhaps it's just hard to find good people, but keep in mind how their behaviors and attitudes reflect on you.  You seem like a decent guy.  Good luck to you.

Pat L. | 2014-02-04

Do NOT go here.  Took my Jeep in to have the water pump replaced and when I got it back the heater was blowing cold air but everything else was working fine.  When I called to inform them that the heater was now blowing cold air they said bring it in, it probably has an air pocket in the system.  When I brought it in the person who took my car was condescending, like there couldn't be anything wrong with it.  Couple hours later they call me to tell me my blower was working and that it would cost $350 to replace when it was working fine when I brought it in.  Of course, according to them it must just broke when they took it back.  I declined the service cause I know it wasnt broken when I brought it in.  When I went to pick my car up, lo and behold the blower was working again and when I confronted the service manager about how it could all the sudden be working all I got was I don't know, maybe it's an intermittent problem. Not even a sorry.  3 weeks now and the blower hasn't shut off once. So much for an intermittent problem

Bascially don't go here cause they'll tell you something is broke and then charge you to fix something that isn't broke.  Scam artist and thieves is what Marino Chrysler Jeep Dodge is.

Worse part is I called the Jeep customer service to complain and they're pretty much worthless too.  No resolution there.

Rod C. | 2013-11-25

The Service takes too long!  They should look into ITIL or AGILE when it comes to expediting service time.

I have been waiting for 4 hours for a software upgrade on a recall and an oil change.  This is the longest automotive service I've ever experienced.  Dammit, I should have purchased German Engineering!

Shit repair service here.

Greg L. | 2013-10-30

I brought my 7 year old Jeep here for service because much of the maintenance has been neglected for too long. The service was friendly, facility was clean, the staff recognized that there were 3 recalls on my vehicle and added them to the list of services to be performed. There were no problems with the work performed and I felt comfortable with the answers and explanations to the questions I asked about the services.

I was disappointed with the lack of care taken in the detail. The tires were 5psi above recommended pressure (perhaps in anticipation of the temperature dropping, but seems like bad practice). Also, the car was filthy when I picked it up. Now, it was dirty when I dropped it off, and Marino's is not a car wash. However, there are many other service providers that take a minute to wipe down the dash and maybe rinse a window before you leave, because it looks nice and helps the customer leave with a feeling of happiness.

Marino's service department did fine work, but any number of independent shops can do just as well and they go the extra mile to make you feel confident in their work and bring business back.

Dominik D. | 2013-09-11

Was looking for a car after being in an accident with my old. Stay away is all I can say! I looked at a half way decent Rav4 to find out that it was way overpriced! When I checked local listings on the spot I found other cars with less miles than theirs for up to $2,300 less! When I asked the sales guy his response was it's probably a Mickey Mouse dealership! Are you serious?! Even if it is a Mickey Mouse dealership if the car is right and the money is right of course I'll purchase. To add insult to injury this guy repeatedly calls my phone on a daily basis! Take a hint dude, not buying! Still shopping for my next car, one thing I know for sure is that it wont come from them. I tried to buy there because it's near my house. Never mind I'll find the right deal elsewhere. Oh and a little FYI the sales manager (Sorry can't remember his name) is a real slime ball.

Bart I. | 2013-08-28

Horrific service department.

After two separate attempts to get them to fix a warranty issue, and making me come in for multiple test drives they didn't even take the time to try and fix the problem. Kept the car overnight after I went to test drive with the mechanic, he said he understood the issues and would look at it the next day.

...Well 8am the next morning my car is ready with no one even making an attempt. Bob Whiteman the service manage wrote that I drive too fast and that caused one problem and that the other was because I didn't excelerate hard enough. Seriously. When Bob sent his email asking how the service was, and I gave a detailed recap of the lack of it and wasting my time to take of work, do a test drive, take a cab home --to hear they didn't even let the mechanic that thought he knew the problem fix it. Well, I won't be back, ever.

Greg A. | 2013-08-03

The worst experience I've had a dealership. Sales people were not knowledgeable of the cars and were very Rude. I went to Sherman dodge in Skokie and had a much better experience. They treated me like you should be treated when buying new car. They were willing to work with me on pricing and options for the new vehicle. I had a wonderful experience at Sherman Dodge.

Jessica N. | 2013-07-23

I wish I had read the reviews prior to trading in my car and purchasing a new one at Marino. While the sale went smoothly (of course) the maintenance of my vehicle has been ridiculous. Last year my car began Last year the car began giving me trouble. An alert from the Electronic Throttle Control started coming on, I called to take it in and the car was stalling on the way there. The dealership replaced a part and returned the car to me. Then it happened again, they replaced something, then returned the car. I was in the middle of a busy intersection when my car stalled, I was almost hit but the only thing that happened was that I was rattled. So dangerous. The car was repaired, and returned to me. At work, my car stalled in the garage with the same light, I was able to turn it on and drive to the dealership. The dealership kept the car for some time and they even had the mechanic drive it around and said that it was fixed because it was not happening. I asked if it was safe? They told me it was fine. In November I contacted Chrysler told them everything, they assigned someone to my case-she expressed her concern and after some investigation  my case was closed. The light came on again two months ago, I called to document it, the dealership guy told me to bring it in, when I did I was told I did not have an appointment. So I left. Last night, after going to the park, I was trying to go home and 4 different error lights came on and my car would not start. In the evening!! I called the dealership and the service department was closed, the sales department told me there was nothing they could do, that I needed to call roadside assistance and see if there was anything they could do. I did, they came and towed the car to the dealership.
This morning I received a phone call that my car was in the shop and that most likely my key was the problem. I called back 2 hours later to ask if they had a loaner vehicle. The 'I don't give a crap attitude' from Bill Lindahl was much more than I could take as the dressing for this horrible situation. He told me there was not, let out a sigh as though I was inconveniencing him with my request. He told me my warranty would cover 25 dollars a day of a rental. On pure principle alone, I think that is ridiculous because I would have to pay for any extra fees. I then asked how long it would take for me to get my vehicle back, he said he was not sure because he hadn't even looked at it. At which point at had to hold back a couple of very colorful words and replaced them with, "Then how did you tell me it was the key?" Nothing was said. I asked, "When will you be able to look at it?" He said, "Sometime today".
This is just a lack of customer service, care and knowledge of what is ACTUALLY going on with my vehicle. WHY  do I have to keep going back with the same issues? Frankly, the only one in the Service Department that knows anything or treats you like you matter is Chris Sanchez-to him I give 5 stars.

Save your money.
Save yourself.
And go somewhere else.

Dimitrios A. | 2013-05-30

I would not recommend coming here to purchase a vehicle.  They regularly advertise cars that are not available to bring you in, only to show you something that is about 2 classes down from what they had advertised.  It's an old ruse, but I would think that legitimate dealers have since abandoned this ploy.  

Also, when this was brought to the manager's attention, nothing was done-- a simple apology and a finger pointing at a "third party" to avoid accepting responsibility.  Even if this was not done intentionally (which I highly doubt, as I had spoken with someone at the dealership about the availability of this car before coming in), it is careless at best.  The inability of the manager to offer ANYTHING at all for the trouble (even a bottle of water would have been SOMETHING) was truly disappointing.

In sum, this place is what gives car salesman their unfortunate reputation.  The dealership is deceitful and poorly managed.

Chad G. | 2013-04-01

DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP or its SERVICE DEPARTMENT!  Incredibly poor customer service.   I wish I were joking, but it took 5 hours and 25 minutes of my life with 35 days mixed in there for me to get a simple warranty dealt with...a single headlight replaced.  And the worst part of all, I was supposed to be thankful because they went out and got me a $25 part after making me wait another 2.5 hours today (nearly 6 hours total). Again, it was a headlight.   Here is what happened-And I WELCOME anyone from the shop to dispute this.  

The front driver's side of my Jeep Rubicon went out in Feb.  It's well within the manufacturer's warranty, so I called the service department telling the exactly what the issue was.  We scheduled an appointment and I drove the 30 minutes to get it done the next day.  I was in the waiting room for about 55 minutes before the office tech came in and told me they were in fact, out of the head light replacement I needed.  And they could not help me.  I asked why they did not check before I came in, since it was well established on the phone what the issue was.  They said, they had no idea.  They told me to come back.  They would email me, call, or mail me when it came in.  They were very vague about how I'd be alerted or even when to expect it.  So 90 minutes of my day wasted and time away from work.  I go to get my Jeep and then have to wait for them to wash it...another 5-7 minutes.  It has been detailed 2 days earlier (by hand, not the auto wash they use)  I am finally given my keys and off I go.  I get home to find that they had the time to put Marino License plate frames on the front and back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  They actually put on those on the front and back.  I ripped those immediately off despite the sub freezing temps.

No word from them for weeks.  I end up calling them at the end of last week (over a month later) to ask when the part would be in because I had not received an email, phone call or letter letting me know it was in.  After explaining what I needed to the operator, I was put on hold for the service manager.  He answered and immediately put me on hold for exactly 9 minutes and 25 seconds.   When he got on the line, without even knowing what I needed, already sounded bothered by my intrusion.   I explained my issue and gave my name.  He said the part was in over a month ago, in fact the very next day after my last appointment.  He showed no record of any phone call, email or letter letting me know.  He was not sure why I was not alerted.  We scheduled an appointment for today (April 1).  

I arrived at 2:25 (15 minutes before my appointment as I was told to try and be on time for my 2:40pm time slot.  I handed over the keys and went to the waiting room. But not before the office tech proceeded to try over and over to persuade me to get any oil change.  Despite the oil being changed in Oct and only 1900 miles ago.  I calmly stated that I preferred to follow the manufacture's recommendations.  I was then told that those were wrong.  Good lord!  I'm not a 75 year old lady who can be scared into unnecessary and costly maintenance.  I saw the same pressure tactics by one of their other office techs who tried to get 2 old ladies to have 2 rear tires replaced because it was nearly a millimeter away from being at the final wear mark.  When the ladies calmly stated that they would prefer to wait, the tech then proceeded to lecture  the ladies saying this would not be an issue if they would have just rotated the tires as prescribed.  I was proud of them, because they passed.  The tech was perturbed and audible sighed.  He was very short and dismissive to these 2 sweet ladies the rest of their interactions.  His last interaction when they were done with their car, he walked by them and instead of sitting down with them and talking over the next steps, he barked, come to my office and we will finish this up.  It took both ladies about 2 minutes to gather themselves just to move in the direction of his office where was sitting and waiting.  

Back to my experience...I was waiting for 90 minutes when the tech finally came in for me.  I was expecting him to hand over the keys, but instead he told me that the light that needed replaced was not manufacturer original and they could not replace it per the warranty.   I would have to pay +$140 to have it replaced with the part they had gotten from JEEP.  This was the first I had heard of this.  I had bought the Jeep used with 25K miles on it.  The previous owner replaced the light.  I asked why after my Jeep being here for over an hour last time and now more than 90 minutes today, WHY did they just figure this out?  He was flippant and said he had no idea and asked if I wanted to okay the charge to replace the light.  I VERY FIRMLY asked again, why in the world I have just wasted 2 trips and 2.5 total hours over two trips in their waiting room for them to figure this out???  At this point others in the waiting room were

Christopher G. | 2013-02-27

After buying my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee at Napleton (having bought 3 other cars from there as well) I swore I wouldn't go back.

I took my Cherokee in for an oil change and the service was night and day over Napleton. Phone call to set up the appointment was a breeze and from the moment I walked in they were friendly and helpful. Waiting area was comfortable with 9 leather couches in front of 3 flat screen tvs.

The following week my partner was ready to sell his BMW X3 and we decided to head up to Marino. Scott took great care of us. My partner was pretty indecisive and Scott helped us narrow it down. Very knowledgeable. Management was willing to make the deal work and the finance guy was quick and efficient.

Overall, very please and will definitely be buying my next Jeep here.

Kyle K. | 2012-11-30

If I could give this place 0 or negative stars then I would. They are unfriendly, unprofessional, and look for any chance to get more money out of you! Avoid this place at all costs or it will COST you!

Joe T. | 2012-11-21

I bought a car from Marino about a month ago. Since then I've had to visit their service department 6 times. Every time I make an appointment with them I come in and suddenly nobody is there to look at the vehicle and I have to wait. After waiting on 3 occasions I was told I had to come back another day because the person who "handles that" is not in.

The last issue I had I was told to bring the vehicle in. I did and was given a rental. I was told the car would be done in two days. On day two I myself had to call multiple times to find out the status so I could arrange a time to pick up my car. I think it's ridiculous to not hear from them for 2 days. So, on day 3 I picked up my car and was told they had to order out a part. It would not be in for another 3 days. A week prior to this when I brought the car in initially they knew they would be ordering a new headliner for the interior because of water damage. If they ordered it the Friday I brought the car in it would have been there during the 3 days it sat in their service center. Since they had to wait on the part they told me to pick up my truck and bring it back once the part came in. I received an email saying the part was delivered so I called that Monday morning around 8am to schedule a service appointment to bring it in. The person handling the issue was "helping another customer" so I had to leave a voice mail. I called back twice because 4 hours had gone by with no return call. I finally received a call at 12:30pm and was told "Well we need to get the window company out here and the day is half over so you'll have to drop it off and get another rental." The day had just started when I initially called! After two days without a car I was able to pick it up. EVERY time I pick up my car there are new scuffs in the plastic on the interior. This particular time after getting about 4 miles from the dealer the headliner was vibrating VERY loud and so was the windshield. Loud enough to hear over music. I asked to speak to a manager who was at lunch and I was put on hold. I hung up and contacted another dealership with a service department. I REFUSE to give any more business to Marino. I would not buy a car from them and I am absolutely disgusted with their service department.

DO NOT use their service department. You will get headaches and throw away gas and time driving back and forth to get half ass service on your car. It's disheartening knowing that there are businesses out there that will treat you and your vehicle so horribly.

Theresa M. | 2012-10-16

We used to service our cars at Hawk Dodge in Forest Park. We moved over to Marino because it is much closer to home, and I'm glad we did.

We have both a Jeep and a Grand Caravan in our family. I don't have any experience with the sales department, but a lot with their service.

Service department itself is bright, clean, and not dingy looking like some other shops tend to be. They have a pretty nice waiting area with TVs to keep you occupied.

Service advisors have always been courteous. Mechanics reliable. Never did I feel that I was trying to be sold things I didn't need. I understood that most things are suggestions, and not always necessary. But I appreciate them letting me know, options to take care of my cars. When I have turned down suggested work, I was never made to feel cheap or bad. No problems.

Highly recommend their service!

For those that frequent mom and pop independent places instead of getting Chrysler trained mechanics working on your car , your taking a chance and get what you pay for. I would rather go to a specialist then let a general mechanic work on my car. Yes, its a little more costly - but then again, so is a specialized heart surgeon over a family doctor.

Gabriela C. | 2012-08-20

I'm giving this dealership 1 star only because they convinced me to buy a used car which later had damages that the salesman refused to help me with. It was the first time purchasing a car and I learned alot! I was lied to about the price of a car. I went home to see Marino website offering my car for a cheaper price. I also noticed chips in the window that I was told they would fix. After waiting 3 hours for the chips to be fixed they put some glue but I can still see the chips. The salesman Julian was very rude to me after I told him I was not happy with the car. He walked away with attitude and I am stuck with a car with a chipped window. It's my fault for trusting people. Do not buy your car here ! Trust me walk away and find another dealership! Also I never was able to talk to the manager because when I asked he was not in or in a meeting. This place is a scam!

mark s. | 2012-05-08

Sales staff treated me with respect.  Did not hassle me.   Lots of vehicles in stock.  They delivered the new Jeep on time and explained everything to me.  The service department is very accomodating and got my maintenance work done on time.  They replaced my license plate holder no charge when they saw it was loose.  They offer you coffee before you even get our of your vehicle.   The people who work there are quality people.

kristin H. | 2012-04-12

Went there today for an oil change. I had an appointment at 9:30 and left at 12:30. Enough said ... It was an oil change for pete's sake!

Miles D. | 2012-04-03

Zero-1 stars for first visit, don't assume clients can't afford your vehicles...

Kris K. | 2011-11-21

All I can say is ... go somewhere else to service you vehicle.

Not once, but twice did I get stuck at this dealership for over two hours for routine oil changes, and both times I had an appointment which in their own words meant "you have priority over anyone who comes into the service department without an appointment".

During the first appointment I waited around for 2+ hours without any word as to what the hold up was and when I finally went back to ask I found out they had parked my car in a stall and had just left it there ... 2+ hours, waited without any word, and still not a single minute of service had been completed.  Their only offer of compensation ... we won't charge you for the labor.  

Second appointment, 8AM on a Monday, was the 2nd car in line, had an appointment, once again 2+ hours of waiting before a service manager said they were finished.  Went to the cashier, signed the paper work, walked out to pick up my car ... it was no where to be found.  Waited 10 more minutes and my car still wasn't brought up.  Went back to the cashier asking where my car was ... 15 minutes later my car finally appeared!  No excuses, no apologies, ... nothing.

I worked at a Dodge dealership part-time home on breaks back when I was in college, I know very well how long certain service appointments take and how well managed service departments should be run.  Marino ... absolutely terrible in comparison.

Brett C. | 2011-11-18


#1 GOt a NEW JEEP ! Story goes downhill from here....

#2 Wanted to upgrade to an overland
The guy who sold me the new Jeep became a manger and quickly forgot about me

#3 Had A NEW part insallted on my NEW JEEP & Marino used DOUBLE STICK TAPE to insall it with out my telling me
I had the bottom chrome lip of the overland and Limited installed on my Laredo X
After the chrome lip had fallen off in the car wash I brought it into Marino.
They told me that they had installed the wrong part on my BRAND NEW CAR !

The Lip only fits Limited and Overlands, they did fix it for me but they also stuck me in a PT Crusier that has MARION JEEP PLASTER ALL OVER IT !

#4 FINALL went to Test drive a Overland while my car was being serviced again.
The "Salesman"  knew nothing about the features on this car.


Anyway we get into the "Overland" and I notice no wood steering wheel.

The salesman said he made a mistake....

#5 Check engine ligth will not go off
It has been in 3 times for the same issue, just filed my Lemon law complaint.

#6 get calls on Saturday and Sunday from a person who says they are at


sarah p. | 2011-10-27

Ridiculously bad! First they sold me a car with electrical problems and refused to fix them for me, then the air compressor goes out and I have to beg for a discount even though I just bought the car, then I hear little clicking noise under the hood and with out even checking inside the engine they tell me that I need a whole new engine and with a straight face the guy tells me it'll cost, after taxes, about TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! He seriously said that! I've had this car for less than a year. I will A never buy another dodge again and B never go back to Marino no matter what I need done to the Dodge I have now. SUCK SUCK SUCK is right.

Megan F. | 2011-08-31

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Marino. I bought my Jeep there just over a year ago and recently brought it in for a tire rotation. The staff couldn't have been more personable and professional. The only drawback is that when I left my car there, I went to Enterprise down the street for the free rental included in my warranty. Wow, that place is a nightmare! I was dumbfounded by the things being said by the Enterprise workers about other customers in front of me.
Based on the customer service and attention to detail that Marino seems to have mastered, I would suggest they cut all ties with Enterprise.

Janelle N. | 2011-08-12

Suck, suck, suck.  Terrible service all around.  Good luck getting Ralph to call you back. After having my bf's Jeep for weeks, they returned it with a scratch on the hood and interior all dirty. Rude!

David S. | 2011-08-09

Awful awful service.
I went in to lease a new charger. After being told I could not lease, I was convinced to buy. So I ordered one. While waiting for a purchase I did not want, I went to Skokie dodge. They offered me a lease & beat the price of buying!

Ben P. | 2011-05-13

I know everyone has different experiences, and always for different reasons -- however, I have had nothing but 5 Star experiences at Marino! Marino has been so great that I had them take off the license plate covers from the dealership where I bought the Jeep, and I had them put on Marino covers!

The only reason I didn't purchase my Overland here was because they did not have the color combination I wanted. However, since purchasing the Jeep, Marino has been the dealership I've used for service. Not once have I had a poor experience or felt like they were anything but completely honest and extremely courteous.

Rafael "Ralph" Martinez has been my go-to guy. He's extremely knowledgeable and treats his customers fairly. He makes sure that I'm in and out of there, and I never feel that any of my time is wasted. He's very understanding of any concerns -- he always listens to everything I have to say, and he always knows how to take care of any issues. He also never lets me leave without a free car wash!

I give Marino 5 shining stars and 2 thumbs up. In my opinion, finest Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealership in Chicagoland!

Hilda E. | 2011-03-22

I truly hate this place. I have taken my jeep in about 2 times for an oil change. The first time, about a month or less, my automatic locks broke, the 2nd time a part of my undercarriage was hanging off! Coincidently things keep breaking on My brand new jeep after I go in there for an oil change! Oh not to mention that you go in for just an oil change and they recommend hundreds of dollars of "required" service on a vehicle that is just 1 year old! They truly are a bunch of scam artists. I hate car dealerships. What happened to good old honesty?

Tom W. | 2011-03-13

I could not have had a better experience buying a new car.  I dealt with both Tony & Dan and they were great.  Dan was very knowledgeable about the Jeep Grand Cherokee and did not pressure me at all.  I drove the Laredo X and I was thinking of going with that model, but even with a great deal it was still a little more than I wanted to pay.  Even though it was basically like starting over they were more than happy to show me a regular Laredo in the color I wanted.  Dan had to move about 10 cars to get to it but he did not complain once.  When i saw how great the regular Laredo was I knew I did not need the X and Dan even helped convince me of that.   I did not expect to be down sold but it was a pleasant surprise.  All in all I had a great experience and would send anyone looking for a Jeep to Marino.

Y L. | 2011-02-13

I'm giving them one star only because they have a nice waiting room.
I bought my car at the Continental dealership in LaGrange and was happy with their service, but I was "forced" to come to Marino after Chrysler (which owns Jeep) declared bankruptcy and cut off its relationships with a bunch of dealerships, including Continental.
Anyway, the service at Marino is super slow, they always try to rip you off, they do all the things that give dealerships such a bad reputation.  If you have a problem, they usually charge you about $100 for the diagnosis only!  It's waived if you choose to fix it there...but they'll charge you an exorbitant amount to fix it too!  So, as a little girl who has no idea about cars, where to go or what to do, I end up falling into their schemes.  I always leave feeling like a fool and violated.  The staff is ok, I just can't stop comparing them with Continental.  I wonder how the Chrysler/Jeep executives made the decision of which dealerships to keep...mmm, maybe their poor decision making is what drove them to bankruptcy.

jonathan E. | 2011-02-08

Sat and waited almost 3 hrs before i got to drive the car i WAS gonna buy from them. They kept telling me b.s. about the test drive. After they finally ran my credit and it came back good, they said they wanted to test drive my car so i let them, about 20min and almost 6miles later they came back. So i asked them if i could finally test drive the car that they for some reason didnt want to let me test drive, THE HORRIABLE FAT MANAGER came back and gave me an offer on my car, which was just a slap in the face... They pretty much wanted me to give my car away to them, then they make my car sound like it isnt worth anything which isnt true...They offered 13000 for my 2005 subaru sti with 67k miles. I told the manager to look online and the cheapest subaru like mine white with gold rims with 110k miles was going for 18500 dollars. So pretty much after sitting around for almost 3 hrs i leave, and in the morning i noticed a black mark on my bumper with a dent in it. So it cost me a new bumper and 3 hrs of my time... I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE UNTIL THE OWNER FIRES THAT DUMBASS MANAGER!! SUPRISINGLY THE SALES GUY WAS REALLY NICE, AND HE WAS TELLING ME SORRY ABOUT THE WAIT AND I COULD TELL HE WAS PISSED WHEN HE SEEN WHAT THEY WHERE GOING TO OFFER ME FOR MY CAR.

Mary Ann S. | 2010-11-06

DO NOT  GO HERE.  Car dealerships are not the warmest, friendliest places to begin with.  But this place, OH MY GOD - i have never ever encountered such rude arrogant behavior.  I even called first to set up an appointment.  These people really are the meanest i have ever seen. Save yourself from being treated so poorly.  Go to any other Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership.

Joshua M. | 2010-08-23

They got a second star just for not succeeding in screwing me over, but I'll pass on this dealership in the future. I took my car in (under warranty) for some front-end issues that were completely covered.

They did the work quickly, but tried to tack on as much extra stuff that wasn't warranty-covered as possible. They told me my car was finished after I declined the extra work, which consisted of:
* Air Filter: $20
* Rear Brake Pads (they don't need changing): $315
* Power Steering Fluid Flush: $149.94
* Throttle induction service: $149.95

Then when I got there to pick up my car, they handed me a piece of paper that said I needed new tires, new windshield wipers, and a slough of even more services they were trying to push on to me.

I declined everything, took my car home. The steering repairs they had made were noticeable, and I was glad. I pulled my car into a parking spot, walked around, and figured out they had replaced my license plate frame with an advertisement for their dealership. What's funny is that when I walked in the door, I saw my car still up on jacks, without the advertisement frame. They made me wait 45 minutes for the car, which I was assured was "done" on the phone. Then it comes back to me with the advertisement on it. So, I waited 45 minutes for them to figure out how to get my license plate into their advertisement frame.

Shady. Don't go here, you'll end up being their billboard after they're done stealing your property.

No car wash either. Seriously?

Michelle R. | 2010-08-23

DO NOT GO HERE....I gave it one star because I got a free car wash out of it. Immediately I thought they were trying to scam me because I was a young female.  But after looking at the other comments, they do they same to the males as well.

I went here because I had a coupon for an oil change and 23 point safety inspection.  Despite the fact that I had an appointment, they made me wait 2 hours!!  Right then I knew I was never coming back.  But that is not all of course.  After waiting 2 hours, Adam Hosko came out and went over a list of about $1,000 worth of things they said needed to be repaired/serviced on my jeep.  One of the items in particular were my brake pads.  He said my front brake pads only had 20% remaining, while my rear brakes had 0% and needed to be replaced immediately.  I told him to just do the oil change because I didn't have the money to do all of that work right now.  

I went back home to my parents where we have a trusted mechanic who works on our cars.  I took my jeep into him and told him I was told my brakes were shot.  Turns out not only are they fine,but  the front brakes have 60% left and the rear brakes have 50%!  Unbelievable.   To top it off, I also noticed they conveniently put on their Marino license plate cover and threw mine out without even asking me.  So now I am advertising their dealership that I would never recommend to anyone!

Kryste N. | 2009-08-24

Heinous. If it was possible to give a business no stars this place would get nothing from me. Let me preface by saying that generally we do our business at Field's Jeep in Northbrook. My husband is a 2 time Jeep owner and this is our 3rd, we are pretty loyal to the brand. I had to buy a car unexpectedly and Marino Jeep had some great internet pricing so we decided to give them a shot as Field's had nothing comparable price wise. I bought a 2006 Jeep Cherokee from Marino about 2 months ago. Overall the sales process was rather painless and pleasant. Upon test driving my vehicle the salesman pointed out to me the the AC on the vehicle only was working on "high". He advised that they would fix this issue if I purchased the car. I ended up buying the vehicle and the car was taken to service while I signed the paperwork and the AC was fixed before I drove off the lot. This past week, the AC started acting up - same issue. I made an appointment and brought the vehicle in on Friday evening for service on Saturday. I was told I would have to pay $100 deductible for the service as part of my extended warranty. We got in the place just before the service dept was closing, so I left. On the way home I started thinking "why do I have to pay $100.00 for something that was just replaced as a condition of sale less than 2 months ago - don't they guaranty their work?" The next morning I called at about 10:45 - having heard nothing from the dealership as to the status of my car. I had the misfortune of getting an individual named Ralph on the phone. At first Ralph was surprised my vehicle was supposed to be there, he was not able to find anything on my vehicle for a few minutes (this is unbelievable due to the fact that I later learned that at the time of this call my vehicle was in fact done being serviced) Ralph found my vehicle, and at that point I tried to question him regarding the issue of the $100 and the fact that this same issue had been serviced the day I bought my vehicle. At that point I learned that Ralph loves to hear himself talk and is totally incapable of letting a customer speak, or listening to what a customer has to say. I tried explaining that the vehicle was just serviced for the same problem less than two months ago, and Ralph interrupted me, the customer, to tell me that sales should have provided something in writing to me for service that was to be performed. At that point I told Ralph he was not understanding me, that the service had already been performed. Ralph interrupted me again to ask me if I had brought the issue to the attention of the salesman when I bought the car. I advised Ralph that the Salesman brought the issue to my attention on the test drive. I started to ask if there was any record of the service performed 2 months ago, but I was again interrupted by Ralph. At this point I have stated to Ralph on more than one instance "I am speaking, I am still speaking, you are not letting me finish"  I then advise Ralph that he is rude, and he responds that I am a very rude young lady - apparently in Ralph's world if you dare to want to know what you are spending your hard earned money on - you are very rude. Ralph also seems to think that it is OK to to speak down to a 35 year old married woman, by addressing her as "Young Lady" as if sounding young or pointing out that I am female is relevant in any type of customer service conflict. I have had enough of Ralph and I asked to speak with a manager. Ralph advises me that there isn't one there on a Saturday - ridiculous. Having worked for a garage in the past I know that there is always some type of a service manager on duty who is capable and authorized to make decisions that have a financial impact to the garage. I tell Ralph that there must be some type of supervisor on duty and he tells me he'll take my number and have him call me back. I ask what time this individual is coming in and am told that he is in the building, just not in Service at that time. I choose to hold. After 5 minutes Ralph comes back on the phone to tell me after review with the supervisor it was determined that my car was serviced for this exact same issue 2 months ago and that there would be no charge to me - no apology, no sorry for the misunderstanding, nothing. I then ask Ralph when my vehicle will be done and he responds "You can pick your vehicle up anytime you want, young lady" So, all this time my car has been finished! This guy is totally out of bounds speaking to me like this and continuing to call me "young lady" as if I'm some silly girl that does not know what she's talking about. I asked to speaking to the supervisor as this guy was unbelievable. A man named Joe got on the phone who was totally nice and said all of the things Ralph should have said. However at this point the damage is done, I will never, ever buy here again, nor will I ever bring my vehicle there for service again. Thanks Ralph, back to Field's I go, they actually value their customer

Zach M. | 2009-08-16

So I wasn't expecting much, and thankfully, got just that.

I went for an oil change, tire rotation, new wiper blades, and just a general tune up. I made an appointment for 8am on a Saturday. Yeah, it was early, but I just wanted it to be done.

Well, I got there at about 7:55am, and they didn't even open the doors until 8:10. Ok, so we can chalk that up to me being cranky for being up so early on a Saturday.

They priced all of the maintenance out to just over a hundred bucks, which was surprisingly decent.

Two hours later, the Service Manager guy came to get me to go over the work and handed me an estimate for $2200. Argh.

Keep in mind, that my Jeep has just over 35k miles on it, and is in great shape. When he read down the estimate, I noticed that they literally put every single thing on their price board at the counter on my estimate. At least put some effort into trying to scam me.

Apparently, I looked a) ridiculously stupid or b) like Mr. Monopoly.

I pointed this out that they had included the recommended services for the 75k and 100k on the estimate, and what was wrong with my Jeep that it needed such an aggressive servicing. He told me that it was recommended for my model and would take off $150. Uh huh...

Regardless, I told him to stick with the oil change, tune up, new wiper blades - and to also check out the battery. He told me that it'd be 20 minutes, while they wash it and that it'd be right up.

45 minutes later, I see my Jeep sitting in the service driveway so I asked if it was ready. He cashed me out, and I got in my Jeep, which by the way, was still dripping wet.

Yeahhhhhhhh...not a good experience. Next time, I'll drive out to a burb if it means I won't have to go back.

Leyla A. | 2009-08-15

I just transfered my title and plates to IL.  In IL, you need a front plate.  I went to Auto Zone, but could not find any screws, mounting brackets, etc to fit the front bumper of my Jeep Wrangler.

So, off to Marino's I go.  I was not expecting much.  I hate car dealerships.  I was prepared to get ripped off.

I talked to Ish Cuevas in the service department, and he told me I would have to purchase a factory mount for the front plate.  It is $60.  I said that I did not have a lot of money, and did not want to spend $60 on something so stupid.  One of the mechanics overheard me, agreed with me, and said he would figure something out.  I hand over my keys.

I go to the bathroom.  Three minutes later, I walk out of the bathroom, and over to my Jeep, credit card in hand to order the $60 part.  I look down, and notice the license plate is attached to the front bumper.  Albeit, with a metal "Marino Jeep" license plate holder for free advertising (hence four vs five stars).

I ask them how much I owe them, and they say, "It's Free!  Come back for service."  And I happily drive off in my Jeep!!

Sara E. | 2009-05-26

After dealing with Napleton for the last five years, Marino was a breath of fresh air.  The gentleman that helped me (Chris)was very professional and immediately wrote down all of my concerns, which he then inputed to the computer and printed out a copy.  He told me in great detail which items were going to be taken care of in what order and how much and what was covered under my extended warranty plan.  They called Enterprise ahead of time to let them know I was coming and everything went as planned.  They had the car the length of time they said they were going to and fixed everything perfectly.  So happy finally to have found a quality service department.

L O. | 2009-05-19

My sister got a 2007 Dodge from this place. They treated her like a moron, when negotiating the price. They had to take it back 3-4 times when installing the sunroof. It was done half ass and the actual roof shows water leakage in the fabric. They are very arrogant and rude, CAR SALESMAN for petes sake...are you serious? Its ashame that this dealership was not selected among the many that Chrysler will be closing. Im sure there are much more honest and respectful dealerships out there.
Take your business to someone who appreciates it!

Rosetta M. | 2009-04-27

Truly terrible experience shopping for a car.  A very nice salesperson met me in the lot, and I mentioned that I was looking for a very good price on a specific recent-model used car I had seen listed by them online.  I had a maximum dollar amount that I could pay, was willing to pay cash, but still knew that the dealer would probably not want to come down to my price.  I wanted to simply leave my card in case the car I was interested in stayed on a the lot long enough that they'd start reducing the price.

After about a half hour (maybe more) with the nice salesperson and taking a test drive that I really didn't need to take, since price was my main concern, a second person came in (whose name I don't recall since I was so upset by the time I left) to lay down the law and basically humiliate me for daring to ask for such a low price on the car.

First, he seemed mildly incensed that I wanted to let my mechanic okay the car first (my mechanic's shop is just blocks away from the dealership).  Then he laid into me about the price I had wanted to pay for the car, even though a friend had purchased a similar car (though with a little bit higher mileage) at another dealership down the street for the price I had wanted to pay.

What was the purpose of this?  Maybe I was slightly misinformed about the price I should have expected to pay -- maybe.  But I don't think I was a a complete fool for trying -- and I wasn't expecting them to come down in price today, just wanted to make contact with a salesperson in case they might come down in price eventually.

Why not just send the initial salesperson back in to tell me that they couldn't lower the price and leave it at that?  Why treat me like a complete idiot and make me feel so terrible?  There is no excuse to treat a customer this way.  I was merely asking a question, just dropping in to see what might be possible.  It was obvious that he dealt with me this way because he didn't want my business, but again, why not just send the salesperson in to politely say no?

After taking this guy's attitude for about as long as I could stand, and starting to apologize for myself (sheesh), I turned to the original salesperson and asked him to call me if the price ever came down.  The big shot boss man then shot out, "That would be MY call, not his, and we HAVE your information."  Well all right then.  I think we're done here.  Way done.  (It should be possible to give no stars, but unfortunately seems I have to give at least one.)

Tina C. | 2008-03-28

This is by far the worst dealer I have ever dealt with.  They are affiliated with Lynch Ford, which I'm sure you've read complaints about.  They will treat you like you are a moran, and over charge you.  They don't call you when car is ready for pick up, and if you have to deal with Ralph he just trys to sweet talk you.