Kingdom Chevrolet in Chicago, IL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Kingdom Chevrolet in Chicago, IL.

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Kingdom Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 634-6050
Address:6603 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60636
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Kingdom Chevrolet

Diana T. | 2015-03-29

So once they got you suckered into buying the car and feel like a valued customer it all goes out the window when your car starts breaking down. I went to get it serviced and got charged a lot of money all to fix two tires... The warranty didnt help one bit either for the other problems that I believe are Chevy problems. Oh and those free car washes the sales guy promised...yeah its all talk unless it was in writing. So if dude promises you free believe you have him sign an official paper cuz otherwise its bullshit. Then the guys had the nerve to flirt with me when I did try to get my free car wash...smh how unprofessional!!!!

Tiffany T. | 2014-11-04

If I could get this place NO STARS, I would.

I purchased a 2013 Nissan Rouge from this place. I was really upside down on my car and was convinced to purchase this Rouge. The car had apparently just came onto the lot and was told to check the car out and bring it back with any issues. I bought the car because my friend works here and I trust him. I took the car home, the front was shaking, there were so many dents and scratches on the bumper. It smelled like a foot. The next day I was looking for something that fell under my seat and found a rotten tomato, a CD and 2 empty water bottles. REALLY?!? I called the dealership only to deal with their extremely rude staff. The finance guy offered me a "free detail like he was doing me a favor. PLEASE! The car should have been clean before they gave it to me. He didn't do me any favors. I brought the car back and had it details. No floor mats except for 6 mismatched ones (GHETTO) and the car still stunk. I had to go buy an air freshener and air the car out for a day. After they cleaned it they painted the bumper and let the repair shop deal with the issues. I am still having the issues and then I find out that my car never had an oil change,. They threw me a free one, like once again, doing me a favor. PLEASE!

This place is ghetto and pathetic. If you do happen to go ask for Dominic in sales as he is the only decent trustworthy person at that dealership.

If I could give this car back, I would in a heartbeat.

Worst car buying experience of my life.

Timothy C. | 2014-09-15

Once I get there I spoke to a person named Ra. Ra was the same person I remember who was working on some of the paper work during the purchase so I was hopeful he would be able to help. I explained my situation about the repo and about being assaulted by their tow truck driver and was told by Ra that he would figure out what had happened and to wait at one of the desks while he pulls my paper work.

After about 2 hours of waiting I approached the desk again and told Ra that I was not trying to stay another couple of hours. It was at this time I was told by Ra that the issue was they were missing "Proof of Residency" when they had submitted their paper work to the finance company and that is why they decided to no longer finance. I explained to Ra that I did indeed provide the necessary documents and at this point I pulled out the copies over everything we had sent over to the Dealership. The documents clearly showed what was submitted. I even had a Fax receipt from the dealership with a bill they had requested from my wife and I at our residence.

Ra explained that he believes the sales person messed up and did not give the documents I had provided to his team. It was at this point he stated that he could try to finance again although with different rates than we had originally agreed. I polity told Ra that at this point I was not about to continue business with them and wanted to get a refund of my money as well as my trade in returned along with my personal property that was taken when the new care was repo'd based on their mistake.

He had told me he would need to speak with is finance manager to get the details. So I wait another hour.

I again go to the desk and tell Ra that I need to get this resolved and needed to get back to my family. He told me that they were having issues finding all the paper work and that they would fully refund my down payment and return my trade in but it would take a few days to process the money and that I would have to return the next day while they sorted through paperwork.

OK, so that sounded like they made a mistake and wanted to rectify it. So I agreed to come back the next day.

On the way back to the dealership the next morning I called ahead to get in contact with Ra to verify they had found all the paperwork for the deal and to see if they needed anything else from me to get this over with.

It was at this time the Ra then changed his tune, he told me that I was not able to get back a full refund for the down payment that I was to be charged up to $600 for the repo fees.

I reminded him of their mistake and that he had agreed to return my money as well as the trade-in , he told me "It Isn't Happening Brother" confused and now angry I tell Ra that this doesn't make any sense as you had admitted to this mistake. Before finishing my complaint he interrupts me and says, "Maybe I can help you out on another Vehicle but I can't refund your money". OK no.. I wanted my money back and I again reminded him of our conversations, now him with an attitude.

He then asks me if I know how I was making him feel being upset on the phone with him. I told Ra that I didn't care how he felt as it is not my job to concern myself with his feelings. He then tells me that he can no longer speak with me and hangs up the call.

I call back right after the hang up already in route on my way down to this dealership to deal with this matter in person with my wife and young child with me. Back on the phone I asked why it was he had disconnected to call.  Ra tells me because I made him upset. I continue to tell Ra that I was not upset with him but of this situation and with his company that I simply wanted to get this resolved and that taking my wanting a refund as a personal insult did not make since and was in poor customer service to hang up a call when you do not want to deal with an issue. He then states he will no longer help me.

Well shortly after the second hangup arrive on site. Ra quickly leaved the area as I walk directly to the Manager desk and demand to speak with someone in charge immediately to get this resolved. It was at this point I spoke with different manager. I explained that I needed to get this resolved, I wanted my trade in back today, and I wanted my refund today and would not pay for there mistakes.

So I was told that I would get a refund minus the repo charges, I again show the documentation on their mistake and was told I still had to pay. I see Ra and ask him why now I am being charged for their mistake he tells me that if I get loud he would get physical and he wants to take it outside. My wife hears there and begins to tell the managers that this is unacceptable and this is a business not the wild west. I then told my wife we would contact our lawyer about this and the fees.the other manger overhears this and quickly has a check written out to me for the full amount, then my trade in is up front. personal items never back from repo. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

CL W. | 2014-09-03

This place was awful, or at least the salesman we got was! We came in wanting an inexpensive used car, cash in hand. The salesman greeted us and asked what we were looking for. The response was simple: something $3-5K, under 100,000 miles. He said they didn't have anything like that. We asked if they had a list, and he said no. He went on to say that they sold "cars like that" to the wholesalers....he went on to say something about financing, which we didn't need and he NEVER EVEN ASKED how we planned on paying. He was quite patronizing and clearly had NO interest in helping us.

Why were we poorly treated? Could have been a myriad of things: we came in in regular clothes, we are both minorities, we wanted a cheap car...who knows, but the salesman lost the entire dealership any future sales from us. As I mentioned, we were cash buyers. I am an educator and my boyfriend is quite financially well off. I have two adult children in the market for a car as well as a teenager I'll be buying for soon; if I am ever seeking to purchase another vehicle, used OR new, I definitely will not be visiting this place.

If I give a place a bad review, that's really saying something. I AM NOT A HARD GRADER.

Veronica V. | 2014-07-20

So I was planning on coming in to look at some cars, I didn't even go to this place and I already know they're shady. I told my dad I was gonna go in, he went nuts! He went on and on about how awful this place is. Based on that & some reviews, I figured it out: Kingdom sells you a car, repos it, and jacks up the price. They get the car back, & you lose money. My dad also worked in the area Kingdom is located, so he has heard and seen from people in the neighborhood that they repo like crazy.
Happy I didn't waste my time here.

Wendy M. | 2014-06-04

We found this dealer and the Certified used vehicle online. We called and made an appointment to come in and see the car...Made the deal with Emmanuel "Manny" Ralford. We Bought a chevy Equinox 2012 used with 51K miles and Manny assured us we would get an Extended Manufacture warranty on the vehicle, and that included  2 years of oil changes! Sounds great right?!  Well WRONG!!!!! Shortly after in the mail came only some discount coupons for $10 off an oil change at THEIR DEALER ONLY! Then later a notice telling us the Warranty was NO LONGER a Chevy Warranty but instead a "ZSeries" warranty?? Ever heard of it? Well neither have we!!!
Try to get any answers to our questions over the phone but any time you call them UNLESS YOUR BUYING, THERE IS NO GETTING THROUGH TO ANY LIVE  PERSON ALL YOU GET IS THROWN INTO PEOPLES VOICE MAIL AGAIN AND AGAIN WITH OUT EVER TALKING TO SOMEONE?!  So here we are posting our review to WARN Everyone about this dealer and the service you can expect from them!!  By the way, today I could not get the car to start after only 6,000 miles in, and I only have 6,000 more left on this unheard of warranty that cost me an extra $2000 on the purchase?! Thanks a lot!!

Sandra D. | 2014-02-24

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! Don't waste your time coming to this place!!! They are very sneaky!!!! I took my mom and my brother to this place after seeing an ad on a car they were selling. We had cash, ready to pay for the car in full. We made an appointment to speak to one of the salesman. It took us almost 2 hours to get there since we were stuck in traffic and when we arrived, they finally told us the car we were interested did not have a working transmission. After communicating with them over the phone several times, they did not bother telling us that the car's transmission was not working properly? They claim in their ads they sell cars in very good working conditions. Wow, i can't believe how dishonest they behaved. What a waste of time! Then this individual tried selling us two cars. He practically tried forcing us to buy 2 cars, but we were not interested in making payments, let alone on two cars. The salesman would not let go. We left very disappointed. We will never return. Don't even bother coming here. You'll waste your time dealing with dishonest salespeople. BBB is going to be hearing from us.

Mario C. | 2013-12-27

I went to Kingdom Chevy after seeing an ad for a car through USAA website; the ad said the price was negociable. I went to the used car lot across the street and the office on the lot was an abandoned building! So I went across the street to the main office, and met sales rep Charles. I told Charles that I had cash and did not need financing. He told me that Kingdom does not negociate prices. I couldn't believe it, and he confirmed it again. He said he was a new sales rep, but it's their practice not to negociate prices. I told him OK, but CASH IS KING, and I left out of the dealership after about 2 minutes. I wish I hadn't gone there because it was a complete waste of my time. I bought a car from Hagarty GMC the same day.

Aly N. | 2013-07-01

Don't waste your time going here. My boyfriend and I were looking to buy a certified pre-owned car. We went to a few different dealerships, the last of which was Kingdom. One of the others we visited, as well as many Yelp reviewers, warned us about going here. We decided to try it out, anyway, but definitely should have listened. It is FILTHY! The little tables where you sit to talk to the dealers are disgusting. There were so much dust, random wrappers, papers and food particles (I could identify a couple as flamin' hots) on the floor by the tables. Gross. They also don't clean the cars until they are sold (so lazy), so we test drove a car that had finger smudges, hair, and an empty cupcake container on the passenger side floor. Plus every car was covered in dust/dirt, even the ones near the entrance that are supposed to be the fanciest. It's not like they're understaffed. I looked around and saw about 8 workers smoking cigarettes outside and another 5 eating Dunkin Donuts at a table, then a bunch more just standing around talking. It's not like there was no time to grab a rag and make the cars look presentable.

In comparison to the other dealerships we visited, everything was worse here. Our salesman did not seem to care about us, answering personal calls and cursing on his phone when we were trying to ask questions. Very unprofessional. The perks they offer those who buy from there were also lesser than those at other dealerships. My bf tried to get a cup of coffee, too, but their coffee machine had been broken for a few weeks. What car dealership doesn't have complimentary coffee? Save yourself a headache and go somewhere that actually wants your business. We ended up buying a car and having a great experience at Rogers Auto Group.

David B. | 2013-05-18

Ever hear the commercial  Bad credit? High miles? upside down?  We helped so and so...  
That so and so happens to be my situation and my credit is actually around 600 so not the best it has been but not the worse.  
It is like this because I co-signed a car a long time ago.  

They were able to help if I had a co signer, which I told them several times prior to coming in I did NOT have...  wasted my time and just ignored me the entire time!

HORRIBLE service!

Ernesto R. | 2013-03-16

In November of 2012 I was looking for a specific car that kingdom Chevy had in their inventory.  The car was hard to find and it was what I called my dream car. I bought it on Black Friday. The sales man sold me the car with one headlight working and a dead battery. The next day I was stranded. Not only did the cars battery died, but the engine was also damaged due to dirty oil. The engine was knocking. This happened 70 miles after the purchase. The following Monday they showed me another vehicle. 4 years older same price And lower miles by 30k.

Three weeks after that Monday the cars transmission gives up. Once again stranded, this time for three weeks. They did not offer me borrowed a vehicle while they had my car in the shop for three weeks. They said they took it to the Lexus dealer, but they took it to a transmission shop down the street. On top of everything they accused me of being a wreck less driver. If they knew the history of the cars they have they would know.

I threaten them with the better business bureau. And they paid the fee for the replacement. The salesman said I needed to help in the price, I said no, he also said that I needed 50 dollars to cancel the insurance that they provide at the dealer, I called the insurance myself and cancelled it, asked them about the fee and there was none.

How is this place still running? If you ask me it should be re runned by honest salesmen. But it'll never happen because its all business. They just care about the sale and not about our safety. They do not answer their phones whenever I called to see if my car was ready.

Shawn M. | 2013-01-29

I purchased a brand new 2012 Chevy Cruze, and after the sales team lied to me and told me that they had to add a $1,000 to the MSRP because I qualified for the 0% interest rate.

I was driving my car last week, and the error message "A/C Off Due to High Engine Temperatures" popped up on the car. After thinking it was just a problem I should address over the weekend, I came to find out the car had no oil in it.

Instead of the manager apologizing for no oil being in the car, he kept insisting he couldn't believe it. All they suggested was for an oil an filter change. An oil and filter change on a car that didn't have more that 1,500 miles.

I would have figured they would have offered to replace the car, because everyone knows the engine is worn extremely without any oil in it. The manager told me as I was walking out, "You caught it just in time." I was so disappointed with my first car buying experience.

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I wouldn't suggest anybody to go there.

Kristee B. | 2012-12-12

Best car buying experience we could have asked for! We saw a used 2012 Dodge Caravan Crew advertised on .  We called and set up an appointment to test drive it.  When we walked in we were greeted promptly and taken to a desk.  They pulled the car into their garage so we could inspect it in the light.  They then took us for a test drive.  We told them we were preapproved for a loan and the finance manager asked at what rate. He then asked us to give him a minute.  They were able to beat our banks rate by almost 2% and cut 6 months off of our payment schedule!!! What dealer does that?  They also knocked some money off their already amazing price.  We thought it was too good to be true, but our mechanic inspected the car today and said it's in pristine shape!  We are so pleased having done business with Kingdom Chevy. Our only complaint was the car was on empty when we test drove it, and they barely gave us enough gas to get it home, but they money they took off the sale price more then made up for it! Chadd Campbell and his partner were great to work with and we look forward to doing business with them in the future as well as referring our friends!

Maria G. | 2012-11-07

I bought a new Chevy Malibu from kingdom Chevy and the best salesman I have ever had (Luis Velazquez)was great he work extra hard to give me a good deal and the car I Wanted go see him he will work extra hard for you I know because my credit wasn't the best and other dealerships didn't even try all the people in their staff are so kind and also they gave me car washes for life you guys are GREAT Thank you Kingdom Chevy!!!!!:-)

Danielle K. | 2012-04-19

Purchased a new car and really happy with service and treatment. Best car buying experience ever!!!! Thanks Kingdom Chevy.

suzanne v. | 2012-01-10

This place sucks !! they are rude,impolite, and keep you there for hours and holds on to your drivers licence, till they know that you will buy the car.
it is very dirty, the cars are dirty, you would think if they wanted to sell the car they would at least clean it up and get the condoms out of the trunk..
I took a car for a test drive and they didn't even ask for licence or insurance card.. WTH are they thinking? if you trust me that much that I wont steal that piece of crap car, there is something wrong with you... so of course there was no sale here and never will be.
They also were putting my husband down for not co-signing for a piece of crap car...


Ray E. | 2011-10-10

As Drake would say 'dont do it, please dont do it.' Dont do it regardless of whether or not you like Drake.

I've been to Kingdom two different times for interest in two different cars and both experiences were miserable. So I third, fourth, and fifth the disorganization everyone else has talked about.

Point 1: I came in looking for a Malibu that was just over a year or two old. There were some big price variations online for cars that were really similar in year and milage. I came in to find out that a few of the cars had really severe hale damage, which was noted nowhere on the internet.

Point 2: I settled on a specific Malibu that I wanted and started to go through the financing process. Not only did this process take HOURS but the salesmen and the financer constantly contradicted each other. One person would tell me one price, then the other would tell me another. And it wasnt just on the car price, it was also on the specific specs of the car.

Point 3: After all the contradiction was solved I realized the starting price that I was being financed for was different than the starting price that was on the web OR that we had agreed to verbally.

So, I left. I stuck with the car I was planning on trading in. I arrived for my second visit 4 months later when I was looking to pay cash for a high mileage vehicle. I scheduled a test drive four days in advance and also recieved a confirmation call for the test drive.

Point 1a: It took over 45 minutes for the salesmen just to find the keys. Of course, this was frustrating since I thought that was the point of scheduling ahead of time.

Point 1b: We finally get out to the car, he hands me the keys, and says 'dont worry about the mess in the back, we will clean that up for you.' And by mess I mean the car was FILTHY, there were empty liquor botles in the back, old shopping bags, leaves, dirt, you name it. The arm rest was tottally broken off. You would think that a prescheduled test drive would imply at least a standard level of cleaning out.

Point 1c: I put the key in the ignition. NOTHING. The car doesn't even pretend to start. He tells me its a battery issue and goes and gets a jump. The car turns on at this point but the engine doesn't start. He spends 30 minutes playing with the key turning it forward and back and cant get it to start. While hes doing this I notice the front signal is being held on by a phone cord and the trunk doesnt close because of a spring issue.

Eventually I tell him to forget about it (did he think I was about to drop a good amount of cash on a car that doesnt even start in the lot?). I ask him if I can see the Monte Carlo and the Buick that were also listed on the internet for around the same price with the same milage. He sits me back down... I wait...and he tells me the Buick is not for sale because its waiting on parts and that the Monte Carlo had been sold already.

He lies. He tottally lies. In the midst of the lie he starts telling me about how he can get me in a new Sonic for 150$ a month. It was quite clear that he had looked at my income and decided for me what I could afford.

Needless to say, I walked out, never to return again... and I hope you all do the same.

Brian B. | 2010-04-10

After a week of asking question on the internet, they finally sent me pictures of the car I was interested in.  I call and talk to a Sales person and tell him that since the car has high mileage I wanted to take it to a mechanic I know and trust.  On the phone he said sure, not a problem.

I get there and had to deal with a new sales person, who had no idea what I was talking about.  When I told him that I was planning on doing, he took me for a test drive.  Then he asked the manager about me taking the car.  The manager said no.  I said the guy had already told me that I could and that was the whole reason I even came down there.  He went back to the manager, but by then it was too late.  I was done.

The car was fine, but they did not even clean the inside.  It literally seemed like whoever owned it only smoked if he was in the car.  There were some person CD'd in the glove box and just about as disgustingly dirty as a car can be.

These guys put zero effort into their job, so its best to avoid them at all costs.

Lesson learned.