Integrity Motors Chicago in Chicago, IL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Integrity Motors Chicago in Chicago, IL.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Integrity Motors Chicago, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Integrity Motors Chicago in other cities in the Illinois.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 435-0009
Address:1133 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL, 60622

Reviews on Integrity Motors Chicago

Ruth R. | 2013-11-23

I bought my Saab here because I thought this would be a reputable dealership. Turns out, after buying my car (which they tried to charge $1000 more than the price they had on the site days earlier) everything was wrong with it. When buying the car, it already had several problems with it. A window doesn't go down, a mirror cover was broken and ended up falling off days later, driver's side seatbelt doesn't retract, a front spark plug is broken causing a horrible sound whenever I drive over a bump or rocky road. I left with a single broken key/remote control. I had to buy a replacement right away because they can cost almost a thousand if I lost the only one they gave me.

After that, it took them weeks after my title and plates were supposed to come in for them to actually give them to me. I called week after week to hear excuse after excuse, all with bitchy attitudes. In the meantime, the transmission box broke that caused the car to shut down while I was in the middle of the road a few times before I finally figured out it was the transmission box that needed replacing. After that stint, the battery in the car died. When we went to buy a new one, we found out that the battery in our 2005 Saab was from 2000. What kind of dealership accepts trades with this many problems?!?! And now the brakes are becoming problematic as well. I told the owner some of these problems while on the phone with him trying to get my title/plates and he seemed mad that I didn't go to them to service my car. He actually sounded like he was demanding I didn't go anywhere but them. REALLY? Because you took such good care of it while it was in your possession, that you should rip me off hundreds of more dollars!?

I should have known from the poor care they handled  my car with that maybe this wasn't the best place to buy it. But I loved the Saab and besides the problems I just mentioned, the car looks great and it was clean. But I would have looked somewhere else had I known how many problems this car would have. Look somewhere else for a luxury car. This place doesn't seem to care about the maintenance of theirs.

Coco L. | 2011-08-06

No integrity, should change the name! If you enjoy being disrespected and laid away by paying too much for a car, this is the place for you. If headache cars and repair bills are what you aim for, go ahead and  buy here. If you think because the name of the dealership is 'Integrity' and you believe them to have any, you are badly mistaken. If you like getting jerked around and lied to, by all means, this IS the place for you! These people sell junk cars that are like lipstick on a pig. They do not stand behind anything they say or sell. It is amazing they have managed to last in business over a year,... oh yea,  that is because they prey on people in vulnerable situations and falsify applications to the banks to commit fraud and acquire loans. These are the kind of people that give car salesmen a bad reputation, they cannot be trusted and their inventory is full of vehicles with multiple problems, surely to cost you plenty of dough down the road. Do yourself a favor and stay away.