Infinitech Auto Service DBA Greater Chicago Motors in Chicago, IL

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pre-owned vehicle  and repair shop


Established in 2009.

We are a family owned, independent auto repair shop, located in Chicago's Lincoln Park/Bucktown area. We are conveniently located to serve Chicago's Gold Coast & North Side. Our auto repair shop prides itself on giving our clients the quality and reliability of the big auto dealers, without the overpriced work to cover their overhead. We have decided that it is time for the consumer to feel just as comfortable fixing their luxury car, as they are buying it. Stop in and talk to one of our knowledgeable auto advisors about your Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, import or domestic car today.

Infinitech Auto Service DBA Greater Chicago Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 280-9262
Address:1850 N. Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60642
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Infinitech Auto Service DBA Greater Chicago Motors

Jory L. | 2015-03-26

Great service! I dropped my car off to get fixed recently and they did a great job getting everything done in a timely fashion. Best experience I've ever had getting my car fixed and wouldn't go anywhere else

Aaron S. | 2015-03-09

My experience with infintech auto is always a good one.  I feel comfortable while the techs work on my poor betsy they always tackle the problem and have betsy driving again.  (Audi A4 1999 V6 30v 2.8 Quattro).  They are good with foreign and domestic and that is why i continue to give them my business.    Thanks for another save Infintech!!

Andy K. | 2015-02-13

Unfortunately, what I thought were previously good experiences turned bad.  I had been having my car serviced here for 6 or 7 years.  They appeared to always do a good job, despite being a bit disorganized.  About 2 years ago I had major preventative maintenance work done on my Audi (Timing Belt, Water Pump, etc.) for about $2,200 in total cost.  Again, this was preventative work as my car had hit 10 years of age and it was suggested by the manufacturer.

Flash forward to about 2 weeks ago when car overheats.   I have it towed to Infinitech and they diagnose the problem as the timing belt, water pump, etc. and tell me that the warranty is on their previous work/parts is only 1 year and that it all needs to be replaced again for another $2,200.  Needless to say, I freak out on how could genuine/quality parts only last 2 years and only 12,000 miles, when the original equipment parts lasted 10 years and 90,000 miles.   Well, that's when the excuses started flying.... "I don't know what kinda parts we used", "stuff happens"  and "just deal with it".   All the while, they tell you that they only use original equipment parts from the manufacturer on all their work.  To boot, they wanted to charge my a diagnose fee.......which I refused to pay.

Anyhow, I had no interest in paying them for the same job twice.  A nearby mechanic did the work and told me the parts appeared to be sub-par and he had no idea where they came from.

Just a word or warning......maybe it's a one-time fluke, but the way this was handled has lost my business for good.

Abe F. | 2014-06-25

Brought my car in for an oil change. I had a pre-exisitng condition with my driver side window which did not allow it to roll down. It was hot the day I dropped my car off and their tech rolled the window down and caused it to fall out of alignment.

After, we discussed the situation in depth and they showed me exactly what the issue was. We discussed option and we were able to come to a fair price and solution that worked well for everyone.

Bruce and Jose helped me out and were attentive, informative, and helpful.

Very professional and I will definitely be using them again for future auto repair needs within the city.

Be honest with them and they will be honest with you.

Brad E. | 2014-05-05

I bought a high mileage used car from the sales side of the house next door.  There was an oil leak that they claimed was from an oil gasket.  I said I would not buy the car unless they fixed it.  Reluctantly, they agreed.  

I then took the car to another well reviewed BMW mechanic from Lincoln Park who does work on Imports.  He found the leak in question but also 3 others!  I called the sales office and told them about the additional leaks.  They said they would be fixed "at cost"...

A few days later I brought the car in to be serviced at Infinitech.  I explained the agreement I made with the sales manager.  They followed up and agreed the gasket leak would be taken care of free of charge, as part of the car purchase.  The others would be at cost per the agreement.  

Now is where they earned their 1 star rating (wish I could give them zero):

They claimed there was only one other leak.  It would normally cost me $1,300 but they would charge me their cost of $900.  The aforementioned other shop quoted me $700 for the same thing, two hundreds dollars less.  Does Infinitech use some kind of gold plated diamond encrusted parts?  Why else would their "cost" be higher than the marked up price at another shop?  

As for the other two leaks?  Nope, not there, other mechanic is nuts.  I was skeptical but guess what?  He showed them to me.  Another black eye for Infinitech.  

What about the original oil gasket leak?  Oh they fixed it alright:  BY USING SOME SORT OF SUPER GLUE!  No replacement parts, they just plugged it up to appear to be fixed.  Wow.  That takes a special kind of asshole.  

Bottom line:  This is the type of shop that you always try to avoid.  They'll take advantage of your inability to DIY.  They have zero integrity and will rip you off at the first chance they get.  I'm sure they will respond with some kind of BS about how there will be problems with a high mileage car blah blah.  No shit, that's why I didn't even mention the entire cooling system needing service too!  

Don't make the same mistake I did by trusting someone at their word.  Avoid Infinitech at all costs.

John R. | 2014-02-07

This place has a convenient location near the Clyborn Metra station.  You can drop your car off and be downtown to work in minutes.  Unfortunately, the business does not shovel their sidewalk so you'll have to walk in the street to get there.  I was nearly hit by a car.

Fernando P. | 2013-08-02

Bought a BMW 650i from Greater Chicago Motors, Chad, Mark and Casey were all helpful in resolving some concerns.

Jake D. | 2012-08-14

These guys are a class act, extremely good at what they do and so nice going about it. They called me by name when I walked in the door both to drop off and again, they remembered me upon pickup. It's nice to be treated well when getting your car worked on, and they treated me better. They were extremely nice, friendly, and even gave me a ride to work! They didn't try to up-sell me on anything and they even washed my car for free! Not to mention the service was extremely cheap, much lower than I expected. I'm sold after this experience, I'll be a customer for life.

Mike J. | 2012-07-15

I came across this place as I was looking for an auto service to install new suspension springs. The price was reasonable - 30% lower than that in official dealer's service, and maybe slightly higher than in some mom and pop shops, but I don't quite trust those. Nothing wrong with them, just my personal preference. My car is fairly new, and I'd rather pay a little bit more to people, whom others trust with cars 10 times more expensive than mine.

They did a good job with the car, but I do realize there is very little variation in the quality of such work. What I really appreciated is the people who work there. Firstly, scheduling was great: I had the appointment scheduled on the day that was convenient for me. Secondly, they gave me two calls during the process to update me on how it was going.

Finally, I could tell that really cared about delivering good service. It was raining on the day when I dropped the car off, and they even gave me a ride to the train station! I mentioned to them that I was thinking of buying new wheels, and they spent 15 minutes advising me on the websites I could buy them from, different brands and types, and tires that could work with the rims. Did they have to do all those things? Of course no. But they were happy to help me, and I really appreciated that.

Overall, I'm very happy with this place and will come here again with any work not covered by my car warranty.

Lana N. | 2012-06-24

On a Saturday afternoon, I am leaving for work and a neighbor wants to speak to me, as I hit my window to unroll, I hear a pop, then nothing, my window will not go up.  I drive it over to a place where I have gotten my oil changed, no luck, only body work.  A nice guy, I wish I would have gotten his name, told me to take it to Infinitech, which is open until 5 pm on Saturday.  I get there at about 4:45, all the cars are luxury, and I have my Grand Cherokee.  I spoke with Ahmad, who is one of the friendliest people I have met.  He made sure I had a place to store my car, because the tech guys were gone and told me to bring it over on Monday morning.  I brought it in, they offered to drive me home, since it was going to take an hour and a half, I stayed.  Ahmad printed out a picture of the part that I needed and explained how it worked.  They also did a FREE check on all parts of my SUV.  I was previously told that I needed new tires right away.  Ahmad told me that I could wait until after winter, and quoted me less than the other place I took my car to.  He went through everything that they checked and treated my car like all the luxury vehicles there in the shop.  If you want a place to treat you kindly and honestly, take it to Infinitech.  After living in Chicago for 19 years, I found a place where I will take my car to for anything that is needed.  Thank you Ahmad and thank you Infinitech.

Aalap S. | 2012-05-15

I can't say enough good things about this place!  I have been a loyal customer for a number of years (from their original location on Chicago) and now at Elston!  I have been in numerous times as my cars have aged and each and every time I have been given amazing service, great prices, and most of all, honest opinions.  

Just yesterday, I went in with a minor problem with my tires and they replaced the part at no charge and sent me on my way.  At all times, Ahmed has been very friendly and willing to help me with whatever issue I have.

About a year ago, when my cooling system went haywire on a Sunday, Ahmed gave me his personal cell phone number and coordinated the tow from Devon avenue to his shop on his day off.  How many people offer that kind of amazing service?

Overall, I trust them and think they're great!  I look forward to working with them and taking my car to them for years to come!

Larry V. | 2012-05-09

Came in for some service on my Infiniti FX35. Was having some issues with a wining sound when the engine started. I had brought the car originally to the Firestone on North Avenue, and they weren't able to identify/fix the problem.

Infinitech were able to identify and fix the problem before it became a bigger problem.  These guys were pretty good to work with and upfront on cost, options, etc.

Christina M. | 2012-03-28

UPDATED REVIEW: Love this place - I had an issue from the dealership and I went there to confirm the findings. Infinitech is very willing to help. Excellent customer service and are experts when it comes to Infiniti's (I cannot speak to other car brands- as I have an Infinti G)

thanks Infinitech -- all major car work /repairs I will come your way.

Amanda P. | 2011-12-30

I came to Infinitech with a coupon for a Free Oil Change and Car Wash that I picked up from my gym.  This was, hands down, the best auto service I have ever received!  Sure, it was just a simple oil change, but the overall experience was quite pleasant, where usually it is anything but.  I will definitely be going back!

- Manager Ahmad is friendly, polite, and just really nice!  He didn't make me feel like "a dumb woman", like most men in auto service establishments do.  He was happy to answer any questions I had.

- Very clean and comfortable waiting room ...with women's magazines!  A nice touch.  Also cutely decorated for Christmas.  It is clear that they care about their business and their customers.

- My car was so clean!  They covered the drivers' seat and steering wheel with plastic, in addition to the paper floor mat protector that most places put down for service.  They also vacuumed.  The car wash was great too - very thorough - and I have a VERY discerning eye when it comes to cleanliness.

- They didn't try to sell me on a bunch of crap I didn't need, even though I was getting a free oil change!  Super impressed on that one.  They did include a list of recommended services to do "next time" on my receipt.


- No walk-ins, have to schedule an appointment - perhaps my experience was a fluke, it was Christmas Eve after all.

- My oil change and car wash took about 1 hour.  A little long, especially since I was the only customer in the place.

Sia M. | 2011-08-18

I own a 2005 Infiniti G35x and was in need of new tires.  I received estimates from several shops and found Infinitech's estimate was much more affordable than the other three.  The work was done promptly and I was incredibly satisfied.

Just recently I dropped my car off again.  This time for break pads, rotors, and a serpentine belt.  (Btw-they have a brand new really nice location.  The waiting area is clean, comfortable, modern with nice wall hangings and a plasma television.)  The price to have all this work done was atleast 40% lower than other service shops.  The work was completed promptly and I am a happy camper.  

The service rep I am accustomed to dealing with is Ahmad.  I find him to be very upfront and honest about what work needs to be done right away and what can wait.  He's also very easy to work with, extremely accommodating and keeps his word.

These guys are the BEST!

Dan B. | 2011-05-19


I'm NOT the type of person who obsessively rates every business they've ever been to, I've only rated two others since signing up for Yelp 3 years ago. However in those 3 years, whenever a business has made a very strong impression on me (negative or positive) I've felt compelled to write. This is one of those times.

I've been needing to change the breaks on my 2009 Mercedes S550 for about a week so I decided to take my car to the Mercedes dealership. I always take my car there because I tend to baby my car, even though I know the dealership is almost always screwing me hard.  After I got the outrageous estimate I decided to look into other options.

A friend of mine recommended Infinitech Auto Service because he serviced his BMW 7 Series there and had nothing but positive things to say. He babies his car just like me so I knew i could trust his advice.

When I arrived in the newly built service center I was really impressed. The place is really clean, modern and busy, letting me know I wasnt the only one who trusts these guys with his baby. Honestly this is one of the nicest and cleanest service shops I've ever seen.

They started by giving me a really good estimate (nearly half the price of the dealer) and after the work was done the high end service never stopped. The owner, Sam, introduced himself, asked how my experience was and offered me discounts on any return service. We even talked about cars for a while in his office and he walked me through the show room of their adjacent dealership, Greater Chicago Motors.  

I've never felt so good about visiting the mechanic in all the years I've owned a car. I don't think I'll be visiting the Mercedes dealer to repair my car again and I'll be referring everyone I know to Infinitech.

Michal Z. | 2011-05-15

Circus not a dealership...

The minute you walk into that place, you can tell clowns are working there not professional folks. First impression, I see a salesman, who claims to be the owner of that place, running around with the plastic fork in his mouth. I called earlier to check out the car and said what time i'll be around there. When I got there, the car was not there, but the salesman assured me that it's coming and will be here any moment. Alright i said, assuming they were moving to new location. Promised 5 mins turned into half an hour wait, while i waited in the booth with 2 "sales mans", one playing with fork in his mouth, and two others trying to figure out how to open the remote from a BMW (one of them service guy), occasionally swearing as they "wrestled" with the remote. Finally car came in, I took close look at the wet and dirty car (it was raining, so i guess no blame on them for this one, but anyway), noticed few dings and scratches. Ask them if they would fix it, in case of the purchase, and the salesman "For that price, for that car?"- Hello, it's an average price for that car.


After that conversation, I took the car for the spin and noticed the loud noise of the tires. When I came back to the dealership, I took the look at the tires and noticed "Federal" brand, so I tell him my objections about car being load, probably due to cheap tires. Salesman replied "What are you talking about, Those are bridgestones". He was partly right, 3 were bridgestones and one federal. I asked him what's up with that, while the salesman replied "Tire probably went bad, so they replaced it", immediately I replied that in that case you replace 2 tires at the same time to avoid fishtailing. "Salesman" kept on arguing "Would you replace 2 of those expensive tires if one was o.k?"- "Yes!"- i replied. I'm not mechanic for a living, but its my hobby and any car "noob" knows that, apparently "experienced" employees over there do not know.

Than there was a rear bumper which wasn't fitted properly with rear quarter panels. I immediately questioned it, and the "owner" a.ka regular salesman replied with answer full of sense "Some of them are this way". Well of all the models i saw on the road and dealership only this one had it. Lets not forget, that model was "accident free"- supposedly.  I was going to sarcastically tell him "yeah true point probably all gray ones have that flaw, red ones have crocked side mirrors, while black ones seem to come with rusted exhaust tips".

I'm sorry but those guys are jokes for me, trying to improvise elite dealership. They encourage to write yelp review, by putting poster on the office wall, therefore here's my review of that place. If you're detail oriented and expect great quality for your money with both buying a car or service simply avoid that place.

Good luck

Gregory L. | 2011-01-25

In June of this year, 1 month after my car went out of warranty, the service engine light on my Audi A4 went on, the turbo stopped working and my MPGs plummeted.  I brought my car into the dealer who identified that a valve in the turbo was stuck and it would cost $527 to fix.  They also identified $2100 in "routine maintenance" that needed to be done:  Oil change, brakes, 55k service, alignment, etc.  You get the picture.  They said it would take about 4 days for all the work and no loaner cars were available.  Hmm, when you put it that way, um, no thanks?  

They fixed the turbo and I went to look for another shop.  

Sometimes you just get lucky I guess, because I came across Ahmad at Infinitech Auto.  I love this place.  They took my car the night before, provided me with a loaner so I could continue on to meetings that I had in Olympia Fields and had my car back in 1 day!  And they did it all for $1114.  That's an alignment, breaks, break line flush, oil change, power steering flush, 55k service, etc.  Not exactly cheap, but for those of you without a calculator handy, that's a 47% savings over the dealer.  I even asked them if I needed new plugs (which I had replaced myself with OEM parts about a year earlier, but was uncertain about the gap).  They pulled them and told me that they looked "pristine" and didn't need replacing yet - the true sign of a trustworthy mechanic!  

Infinitech also does OEM parts and bodywork at amazing discounts over the dealer.  The hinge on my glove box had cracked off and Infinitech replaced the glove box door at a fraction of the dealer cost with OEM parts from Audi that was a perfect match to the interior.  I've also had a tire replaced which was $35 more than the cheapest price I could find on the internet, but this included mounting and balancing.  Well worth it for the convenience of one stop shopping.  Ahmad and Bruce are fantastic, very customer service oriented and the place is immaculate.

They are my go-to place for all of my auto maintenance needs.

Yosha D. | 2010-11-13

These guys did a great job with my car. I went in for an oil change but needed my front plate put on. They found the bracket and installed it for less than half what the dealer quoted me. Everything was done on time, they communicated with me through out the process and the pricing was very fair. I'll be back.

Brandon C. | 2010-10-11

This place is sweet. I called about an oil change and the guy said 85 which was 40 bucks cheaper than the BMW dealer that starts with a P and ends in erillo. Not only did they escort me to my office but I came back and he only charged me 67 or something. You know what 18 bucks might not sound like much, but this guy over delivered big time and that does wonders for me at a car hub like this. Very clean which is always nice. Thanks again.


Tim H. | 2010-08-14

I looked hard for a place to replace my brake pads that would be reliable, but cheaper than the dealer.   I found Infinitech and ended up saving over 30% off compared to dealer prices.

They have a clean no frills waiting area that was pleasant enough for the 2 hour wait.   Very convenient location if you are in the downtown area and very friendly service.

I will definitely be back here instead of going to the dealer.

b k. | 2010-07-13

I will go ahead and say that the guys here probably just don't know enough beyond what the computer tells them when it comes to a Mercedes and that they didn't TRY to rip me off on purpose
BUT they DID treat me like I had no idea what I was talking about as they tried to charge me $1000 for something that only involved replacing a special fuse (which should be a $10 fix, but they told me I needed to replace the motor and regulator for $1000)

I have a 1994 E320 Mercedes and just moved to the Chicago area, so when my AC stopped working, I decided to go on the hunt for a reliable, affordable, and knowledgeable mechanic.  
I knew the real issue was just a blown fuse (its not in the fuse box, so slightly more complicated - but still an easy fix) so I decided to use this as a test...
The guys at Infinitech were extremely friendly, when I called they said to come right over and they would run a diagnostic... when I got there they said they needed 2 hours and I said I would just leave and come another time, so instead they decided to put the car through a diagnostic right then...
but the diagnostic came back saying I needed a new motor, a new regulator, and that it would cost about $1000 for parts/labor... I tried subtly suggesting maybe it was just a fuse or electrical issue and they were very condescending to me and told me that wasn't it... THEN they charged me $30 for doing the diagnostic... at which point i asked the guy to come out and look under the hood w/ me... I showed him the fuse... at first they didnt know what it was and then, without apologizing or even acknowledging they were wrong... they told me they were ordering the part and to come back in a couple of hours to have them replace it for free... YEAH RIGHT... no WAY I would let them near my engine again!

After visiting them, I found a great place:
If you want an old Mercedes treated right by someone who knows his stuff, go to 3541 N Lincoln Ave, European American Motors... they may not look like much, but I will never go anywhere else!!!

Infinitech might be amazing for Infinity brand cars, but I won't go there with my Mercedes

Wendy H. | 2010-01-04

Me and my wheels, both purring again! Infinitech has put a smile on my face and a grin on the grill. We were delighted with service that was friendly, efficient, reasonable and seemingly honest.  They beat the luxury dealers' service departments hands down--so much cheaper and, quite unlike the dealerships, they seem to want to help you avoid costly unnecessary repair bills.  The place is clean and  the staff friendly and knowledgable.  Fast in/out service and great West River North location. They work on all luxury and other cars, and have  compatible computer diagnostic capabilities.  Free car wash, even after minor service.   I've only had one service done so far but I plan to be back; I am so glad  to have another option besides the rip-off lying cheating stealing dealership. Thank you Infinitech!

Erika I. | 2009-10-26

Recently had major overheating issues with a infinity G20 , after getting some scary estimates and outrageous hourly rates, I yelped this place and took my car in.. $100 and a few hours later my car was repaired!! I'm happy to have found an honest, professional mechanic-AT LAST!  It's been over a month now and my car is running smooth.
I would highly recommend this place.