Howard Orloff Imports in Chicago, IL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Howard Orloff Imports in Chicago, IL.

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Howard Orloff Imports

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 371-5362
Address:1924 N Paulina St, Chicago, IL, 60622
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Howard Orloff Imports

Michelle K. | 2015-04-25

Last weekend, my husband and I visited Howard Orloff Imports, as I was very interested in getting a Range Rover Evoque. When we arrived Saturday afternoon, we were greeted immediately by one of their salesmen, Brandon Dunne. I explained what I was interested in and he accompanied me on a test drive shortly after arriving. Before we even began the drive, he went over many of the options that the Evoque offered, and he seemed to know everything about the vehicle. When we returned, he showed me every single Evoque that they had on hand and went over the details of each and every one. I am quite picky regarding what I wanted, and he never once rushed me. In fact, he spent a good three hours just going over their Evoque inventory, with quite a bit of back and forth, while I tried to decide which I liked best that fit within my budget. He was so pleasant and knowledgeable about that truck. I truly could not believe it. He knew EVERYTHING. Once I decided which one I wanted, he turned us over to Chris Kowalik, their Business Manager. Chris, too, was very friendly and welcoming, and made the financing portion of the late afternoon very swift and pleasant. It probably took less than 30 minutes to get an excellent deal with an excellent warranty and overall we received exceptional service between these two gentlemen. I am amazed at how patient they both were while I spent the entire afternoon asking what were likely repeat questions on vehicle after vehicle. Everything about our interaction with this dealership, from choosing the car to arranging the terms to signing the paperwork, was just wonderful.

Rocco R. | 2015-04-20

I Just bought my 2nd Range Rover from Corey York who is by far the best salesman I've ever worked with. Very knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure that I was taken care of.  I totaled my first truck was and I came back after two months in search of another one and not only did he help me with the insurance agent he found another truck and a great price, held it for me during the insurance process and gave me a great deal for a certified truck. He just simply gets it. He follows up after the sale not just before and it's because of his honesty and his follow through that I'll never go to anyone or anywhere else. Corey really is as good as it gets.

Spence Z. | 2015-04-14

Run! Run very far and fast if you're in the market for a used car from here. Not truthful at all. Tire was deflating on expressway home. After refilling it a few times and returning there for some repair promises-come to find out it had a screw in it when I brought it somewhere else.  Car was repainted and repainted. A rip off I am now stuck with. The service department was great. Other reviews state not- but I had a great experience on some work done. And the service folks know their stuff. Service and possibly a new car? Take your chances. But a used car! Get your running shoes on. sorry Orloff. I wanted to like you guys and the car....but not telling the truth--- sorry.

Katie D. | 2015-03-22

Not sure why my last review wasn't posted (it is an advertiser?), but figured I would try again. To recap with less color, I was cheated by this place -specifically Corey York and the service manager. Misrepresented that certain things were non-negotiable, which features were included, etc.  see my earlier review for more detail. Still seething.  Avoid at all costs.

Paul T. | 2015-03-16

Unbelievably incompetent service manager.  My car was towed there 6 days ago, and I could never get any information from them, after repeated calls.  Service  department rarely answered the telephone, and when they did pick up, they could not locate any paperwork, nor find my car.  I went there today, unannounced, located my car with the aid of another employee, and drove it home.   This employee, in a gesture of good will, gave us a free car wash, as an apology for the service department's poor behavior.

Ted R. | 2014-12-04


Had the front brakes done a week ago . As typical a tad pricey but on time and no sounds and no problems as always.  Love the new coffee/espresso/hot chocolate machine and the shuttle to downtown and back is as handy as ever.  The waiting area is a comfort these cold days.

I skimmed a few reviews below mine and let me add that I share the experience of being told - nope you do not need to do that work $$$ yet (e.g. brakes or shocks ).  I work with John and it seems I do repairs on brakes etc at about the same time (specs) that he would follow on his own car (i.e. not more often or sooner than needed).

And re the person surprised by the insurance question - its clear you had body work done.  Please know I had some work done about 6 years ago.  With the insurance I have - they (Orloff) called the insurance folks just about each day to get anything and everything pre approved.  I hit a pole at say 10 MPH and did not think there was that much damage and neither did they. As they worked on the car, they found more parts that needed to be replaced closer to the interior. They then called the insurance folks each time, got approval and only then fixed it.  Car came back as good as new and not a penny out of my pocket once I hit my 500 bucks

Astro J. | 2014-12-01

I was really pleasantly surprised how well my service went here....especially since I had such a bad experience at another dealer (north suburbs) that I never went to a dealer again for repairs.

I do not drive a lot, and my car never had enough miles on it while it was under warranty to do much of the standard maintenance.  I brought it in because my wiper fluid wasn't spraying out - which I assumed would cost like $400 to fix (only around $100 - they simply said it was a hose, not a long story about how messed up the pump was or something)... and then I quietly mentioned "it's been a while" since I did anything else.  So, they looked through everything (I assumed it was going to be bad...) and they said I needed new brake fluid, new power steering fluid, and a wheel alignment.  I actually thought I'd need more (especially new brake pads - but they said no to that).  Anyway, they replaced all this - and now that I've driven it for a week - it feels BRAND NEW.  It sticks to the road 10x better, it turns better, the turning radius is smaller, the handling is better, the braking is better... I really never considered how fluids and an alignment could matter this much.  I did notice a slow degradation of the driving quality, which I assumed was due to age.  But, it was due to me completely neglecting my car's maintenance.  Also, I have a problem with a tire - and they did not try to sell me 2-4 tires, unlike every other tire place on the planet (since the other tires are fairly new).  They found one that matched.  I actually tried to get him to sell me 4 tires based on some of the "advice" from tire stores, but he said it was really unnecessary given the limited wear on my tires.

It was just thanksgiving, and I talked to my uncle, who does 75% of his own car repairs - and he said that I was, truly, way overdue for the fluid changes, and their wheel alignment price at Orloff was not overboard at all (nor were any of the other prices, in his opinion - at most 10% above a standalone shop).  It would've been the same for him (in the burbs, for a cheaper car).  The oil change price is the same at Jiffy Lube (+/- $10).  Also, he  explained why the fluids improved performance & it really wasn't in my head (too long to explain here - pressure & hydraulics, etc..).  

The only small problems were trying to get in touch with my service guy because I needed the car for the weekend & he initially said it would be ready Friday - but he wasn't really ever at his desk (eventually I just asked to page him & he was very friendly & patient with my questions). The new tire didn't come in Friday, so I had to go back - but it's ok (at least I have my car unlike a certain suburban dealer who held it for 2 weeks).  Also, the new wipers they put on are worse than my old ones, so I have to ask them what happened there.  There's free transportation both ways which is nice, if you're working in the loop or live on the north side.  

I would definitely go back to them.  My dealership service department fear is over.  Oh - and they even gave me a tire pressure gauge for free because they had extra ones - and showed me how to check the pressure in the freezing cold (because I am pathetically uninformed about cars - I admit - so I appreciate it!).

Jenny R. | 2014-09-23

Let me start by saying I refer to Yelp often to read reviews but this is only the second review I've written...

Have given their service department a few tries, simply because of it's convenient location, however they can never seem to get things right. Being a Land Rover customer, one would expect a high level of service and this dealer falls far below EVERY time. Also this review is on the service but also wanted to note we've bought 3 Land Rovers in the past 5 years and none are from Orloff (high prices).

Their staff are friendly, however, they need to provide more value than that to build up customer's trust and loyalty. They do not communicate accurate times (typically takes longer) or pricing (upon pick up I've been surprised with more $$ than quoted). Also there is typically a breakdown in communication between the person who checks me in and whoever I ultimately deal with when picking up my car (simple requests/instructions weren't followed on multiple occasions). They're currently working on improving their reputation and trying to win back customers, but clearly have a ways to go.

What's prompting me to finally write a review is that I took my car in for a mini-detail, which really turned out to be a "normal" car wash - and let me define normal as a properly dried car and vacuumed inside (since their typical "free" car washes also fall short). The "world class" detail technician thought me could buff out a stain on my car, but upon pickup, they told me the stain wouldn't come out and I could get that part replaced for $350+.

Thankfully I got a second opinion on the stain from the surburban dealer where the car was purchased (who also have a free car pick up/drop off service) and their technicians removed the stain FOR FREE with no problems. While at the suburban dealer, I also had brakes replaced for 2/3 the price Orloff quoted.

Save yourself the time and build a relationship with a dealer/service provided that can be trusted - why pay MORE for LESS service? Unless it's a simple inexpensive need that their "world class" technicians can handle (car washes not included).

Jakub P. | 2014-08-25

Far too often I come across terrible dealership reviews or horror stories relating to car buying experiences. Therefore, I wanted to review my personal experience and let potential car buyers from this dealership rest assured that Howard Orloff Imports understands the anxiety/excitement behind car purchases and makes the process as simple, straightforward and as pleasurable as possible.  Long story short, we placed an order for a new Land Rover LR4 with an extremely smooth sale and an expected delivery date.  As your average buyer, we had several questions after our order. Mark, our sales representative was always quick with assistance and keeping us up to date on the status of delivery.  The car came EXACTLY on time, not a day late.  This purchase marked the best and stress-free car buying experience we have ever had.  Avoid a potential headache, visit Howard Orloff Imports.  They do it right.

Len L. | 2014-04-21

"Third time's a charm".

My car broke down on the weekend and my regular dealer is too far to tow my car to and Orloff is the closest due to the weekend hours for all dealers, Orloff told me if I did not get there before they close I had to leave the car on the street till Monday and really did not want to do that at all, they did not have a drop-off onsite so it was urgent to get there before they closed, I had to find a tow service ASAP. I called a few places and finally found one and they came quick, unfortunately not quick enough to get there before they close, I was 30 minutes past.

Glad that the the tow guy ran into the showroom and got a hold of anyone he can find.  He found someone and told me to go inside to the showroom. Walked in and went straight up to Dave Sacco, told him I need to drop off my car to service. He said follow me and proceeded to walk towards the service dept. I was surprised he did not give me any excuses that the service was closed 40 minutes ago and willing to help me out. He looked for paperwork to fill my name and luckily a service porter was locking up the dept and offered to help. The porter was so helpful he told the tow guy to drop my car off the front of the dock and proceeded to document the car's issue.

I was there on Monday morning to see if any additional paperwork needed to finish my repair and I was assigned to Robert Rivera Jr., we went outside to the car and he assessed the damages, as I removed personal items out of the car he asked me an odd question which I was stunned for a second. He asked me if I was going to use insurance or not, at that point I did not answer him. I thought that he would give me a quote and I can then decide if I wanted to use insurance or not.

A few days has past and I got an call and email from Mr. Rivera and he was prompt to let me know the updates and status of my car for the past two weeks then he fell off and I could not get a hold of him at all, I tried calling him, left numerous voice messages and not a call back or nothing. It has been three weeks and no status on my car at all from Orloff, Glad I went thru the Insurance route - They have been giving me updates on every stage of the progress to get my car repaired.

The fourth week has past and I get a call from Robert McConico, the body shop manager and he left me a message that my car is ready for pick-up. I went there the next day and looked at my car and it looked great. I took it home and noticed something was missing and called Robert back and left him a few messages but no call back and decided to just bring it in. Got a hold of Robert McConico and showed him what was missing, he took pictures and told me he will call me back.

A week has past and no call back from Robert McConico, so I called my insurance company and they got a hold of Robert. Robert called me an apologies for the delay and scheduled an a day for me to drop off my car.

Finally all done after 5 weeks and overall enjoyed my time at Orloff minus the lack of communication of Robert Rivera, all is great and I can say that I will be back with Orloff in the near future. Thank you for a fine work you guys have done with my car and the service is awesome.

m c. | 2014-02-24

what a terrible place.  go here if you like dealing with incompetent people that waste your time.  the service people in particular, starting with the manager on down is worthless.

overpriced cars and service- you could do so much better.

Kelly M. | 2014-02-06

My review is for the sales department. When I walked in I was immediately paired up with Marty, my salesman. He was very friendly and willing to work with me on leasing a Volvo S60 within the budget I set for myself. I was very pleased with the process from start to finish. After a few negotiations, I walked out with my new car the next afternoon. Howard Orloff Volvo provided excellent customer service, responsiveness, flexibility, and never once made me feel uncomfortable about the process. Overall, a very friendly group of salesmen and staff. Highly recommended. Not to mention my new Volvo drives like a dream!

Larry C. | 2014-01-28

Took my 2006 range rover in because it was making a strange sound, was fairly sure it was the alternator and within a hour my suspicions were confirmed. But I was also told I needed a new battery and serpentine belt. I questioned the battery because the car had been starting fine even in the sub zero temp.
I told the service rep that I did not want to spend a lot of money on a car that was only worth 10 thousand dollars and asked them to do a diagnostic and give it the once over before I agreed to the repairs. I was told the car was exceptionally clean and in good condition, so I agreed tot  he 1200 dollar repairs. And left with a rental car.
The next day they called to let me know the car was ready to pick up. A short while later they called back to say the car was over heating in the shop and they wanted to look at it more closely.
Please note: this is a car I drive regularly and have never had an issue with it running perfectly.
They called back shortly saying the fan was not working and that they needed me to authorize another 750 dollar repair. I refused saying I know the fan was working when I brought it in because I had lifted the hood to check on the noise shortly before taking it in and the fan was blowing air into my face. I told them I'd pick it up.
Shortly later they called back asking if I'd I like the used sales department to check it out to give me an estimate of its worth, I thought this might be helpful when I sold it so I agreed. They called back again saying the car was in excellent condition, and worth a few thousand dollars more then I'd thought. So I reluctantly agreed to another 750 repairs.
Picked the car up later the same day, paid the 2100 dollars, and drove halfway home, when the reduced engine performance light came on. I'd never seen this light before so I pulled over and called the dealer. I was told that I was just the weather and that it was safe to drive.
A few days passed before I drove it again but the next time I drove it, still then 30 miles since being at the dealer. It went into limp mode, and the dash lite up like a Christmas tree. I drove it straight back to the dealership. Was told they would check it out. Second rental car. "Rental car was making a worse sound then my car, and the low tire pressure light was on. Drove it back, and got a 3rd rental car.
The next day they called saying that the fluid was not running threw the car properly and they were not sure why, but thought that changing the thermostat would fix it. Once again " thought it would fix it"
I declined the work, hung up the phone and called the service department manager. He told me he would check into it and call me back.
When he called me back I was told, " you drive a 8 year old range rover with 88 thousand miles" and had the attitude that it really was Not worth his time. I was informed that his dealership had been in business for 50 years and that the service department has a 2 week waiting list to get an appointment.
Feeling less then important with my 8 year old car, I then tried to explain to him my personal experience and that I did not really care about his 2 week waiting list, I cared about my car and the money I'd spent on a car that was still not drivable, even though I'd never had an issue with it before this.
Found the dealer to be up selling and not to care about someone who had already spent 2100 dollars and still could not drive the car.
Would not recommend this dealer to anyone. They still have my car, and I still do not know what's really wrong with it, if anything.

Brian S. | 2014-01-19

Where do I begin.

Terrible service. There is one gentleman working here who does a wonderful job, the rest are useless.  

Attempted to drop car for oil change but was informed upon drop off they would need the car for the day. Rescheduled apt, was told we would have a loaner car but upon drop was told we had to rent from enterprise. Thankfully the car rental is on site so this wasn't a huge deal.

After 6 hours the oil change and filling the tires with air was not complete. Instead of a phone call I had to call the dealership and ask for an update. I was told the car was not ready and to keep the loaner over night.

The next day after not being contacted my fiancé picked up the car and was told we need to bring the car back again to fix an issue with our front seat.

Terrible communication & less than friendly service.

Being a young couple you would think we would be treated a bit better in hopes we will continue to buy vehicles for years to come. Not the case. I guess the schlep to the suburbs it is.

Albert C. | 2014-01-19

On a scale of 1-10 it is a 1 and only because they had a great shuttle service or it would have been a 0 if that were on the scale.

The last couple of times (make that the last 10+ times) I left my SUV there I was never offered a loaner.
The last 2 times I came in the car was there for more than 3-4 days! I always had to call for an update as opposed to the service team calling me!

I have so much more although the last time I came in the change in Battery and radiator hose was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

I paid it and not a few hours later do I get another check engine light on. I then bring it in to receive the new bad news..

"you need a new engine which costs $9000+" I figured it that was about the value of the car. The service guy said that it was a new repair.
I asked him how that may have been attributed to the recent repair and he initially said he did not know. Later he said that it had nothing to do with the recent repair which I have doubts. so I am screwed.

Never did he give me the possibility of the repair other than at the dealership..

Then there is the issue of the CARFAX report.
Your dealership recorded with CARMAX incorrect odometer readings triggering an alarm of possible odometer rollback.

Have I received any calls of any updates to your mistake since last week when he said it would be fixed?

A resounding NO!

Which is what I would say if I had to recommend the dealership.

I have used the dealership for ALL my repairs across 10 years with 2 cars... not anymore.

Good luck.

Thank you,

Danielle B. | 2014-01-17

This review is for the sales department.  I recently purchased a car that was about as close to my dream car as I could possibly get.  2002 Jaguar X-Type in British Racing Green, with a manual transmission.  Truth be told, my favorite car is the XJ8, but since I can't get one with a manual transmission, I went with the X-Type.

I found Howard Orloff through the car buying program my insurance company, USAA, provides.  Since USAA had them listed as a "Trusted Dealer", I knew that I would receive great service, and I totally did!

Shortly after submitting my info through the USAA website, I received a phone call and follow up email from Shawn Stephens.  Since my job has me extremely busy and on the phone a lot, I emailed Shawn back and requested that communication be through email, since that is the easiest way of getting in touch with me.  Unlike a lot of car salesmen/saleswomen who will constantly harass you with phone calls, Shawn respected my request, and we set up a time for me to test drive the Jaguar while I would be in Chicago for work.

When I arrived for the test drive, I was a little nervous, since I hadn't purchased a car from a dealership in almost 15 years.  Shawn was incredibly friendly, and immediately put me at ease, and even double checked to make sure that I knew that it was a manual transmission.  I know that some women may have found that insulting, but since a lot of people really don't know how to drive stick, I found that to be a smart move.  I won't drive an automatic unless forced to, which is usually when renting a car, since the rental companies don't have manual transmissions anymore.  Want to know how to prevent car theft in America?  Drive a stick shift.

I think the biggest thing that had me nervous was driving in Chicago.  Especially test driving a JAGUAR in Chicago.  I'm from Milwaukee, where traffic isn't as bad and things aren't as crazy.  To add to it, Chicago doesn't really know how to clear their roads from snow like Wisconsin does, but again, Shawn had me feeling totally at ease. The fact that the car had had only one owner previously, was in excellent condition, and had all the maintenance done at Orloff gave me additional confidence.

After finally settling on a price (a process which had to have been annoying to them, since I'm pretty frugal) I bought the car, and the process could not have been easier.  Shawn did everything he could to help me arrange for the rental car I was driving to be dropped off right there at the dealership, made sure the car was sparkling clean, and didn't try to push anything extra on me.  Chris, the finance manager that signed all the papers for me, even helped me take care of the Wisconsin taxes, registration, and plates in order to save me another trip to the DMV.  With as busy as I am, that was SUCH a relief.

Bottom line, if you want to have a great experience at a dealership and not be stalked by a million phone calls a day (which is totally rare) then I highly suggest that you visit Orloff and ask for Shawn Stephens.  I've been in sales and customer service for almost 20 years, and they all met my expectations.  I now can see why USAA has them listed as a "Trusted Dealer.'  That is not something to take lightly, since, like me, USAA also has extremely high standards.

Michelle T. | 2014-01-08

I have mixed feelings about these guys.  I brought in my Range Rover Sport for a couple of simple service person takes my information and is supposed to call me with information on my car. Late in the afternoon I had to call HER to get an update on my took 30 minutes to get someone on the phone to provide me with an update of service/status on my car...then I get a long list of things 'wrong' with it that need to be fixed...

I go in to talk with my service rep  very displeased with the overall service, but feel captive at this point...and now I need a rental. for the next day or so.. 11/2 hours later, I am finally able to get a rental car from the attached Enterprise rental service.  Their only saving grace is that they hooked me up with a sweet Jaguar, otherwise this would be a single star.

Now I know why I don't come here, I just can't deal with the poor service for such a prominent dealership...

by the way Mr. Maintenance Guy - hitting on the customers isn't the best way to make a positive impression...

Jet S. | 2013-12-10

Terrible service department.  If you can buy your car elsewhere you should.

Thomas R. | 2013-10-30

First, I just received and email from a KIM H replying to my yelp comment asking me to call a service manager named Greg. I call him, he says he didn't know anything about my yelp comment put to start over. They are so unethical. Money is their God. He started blaming me for my $10,000 in repair costs for this car I will for ever regret ever buying from them. I even asked what was the purpose of them asking me to call them. They would not return my $600 refund for my used warranty (what a joke). And what is more humiliating is that my mechanic had to send my car to them to reprogram the motor computer that went out. They stalled on that too ( I guess because it was my car). I ended up paying $1400 more. Now make that $11,400.00 in repairs for this car. And now my engine light comes on with a message that they forgot to screw a camshaft plug back when doing the repairs a P1388 CODE. I HAVE NEVER SUFFERED LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE. I WILL NEVER, NEVER, LET this go. Even if they continue to pay yelp to filter my comments. Justice will prevail someday.

Monica C. | 2013-10-19

I purchased my 2010 Volvo XC60 here about a year ago. The sales/purchase experience was painless and I have no regrets buying here.

Since my purchase I've taken my car here for service a few times and after picking up today I was compelled to write a review because this service department has exceeded my experience at my prior dealer (Mercedes) and mechanic.

1. My first service here was for an odd pin hole leak somewhere. Initially, i Took my car to Volvo of lisle because it's more convienient to work. They kept my car for over 3 days and still couldn't figure out the problem!! I brought it to Orloff and they diagnosed and fixed within a day!

2. My BFF had a fender bender in my car while I was out of town. She brought it to orloff and the body shop was super nice to her, got a quote and worked with the insurance company very quickly and repaired the car for far less than i expected (my prior car was a Mercedes so anything is an improvement!)

3. The city is hard on a car and I'm not a 'great' driver so after a few more months I had several scratches that I was sure would cost me a lot to repair. Both times the body shop was able to buff out the deep scratches without costing me a dime!!!! Sooo happy!

All in all, I've been very satisfied with how friendly and responsive the service and body depts have been and I will continue to bring mr car here.

The only downside is that they don't have free loaners ... They will give $30 towards a rental at the enterprise that is located onsite but you'll still come out of pocket for a few $$.

Rhonda S. | 2013-09-16

I am very concerned that my daughter has had her third flat tire, this time a dangerous blowout on highway ramp, with $258 Michelin tires she has to KEEP PAYING for at Howard Orloff Volvo in Chicago. I have purchased 3 Volvos from here but never again.  No one has 3 blown tires in less than 90 days unless said tires are defective.  Supposedly under warrantee but they get out of that by just denying all.  So we took car to Cassidy Tires and they said there is a rim defect on this model that causes these blowouts--but @HowardOrloff is not admitting this of course--some kid named Kent in service actually thinks he can talk to me as a peer.  I have lived just a wee bit longer than you Kent and I know BS when I hear it.  Of course, Howard Orloff and Michelin are going to deny any responsibility--isn't that the way you make $258 a tire 4 times on every S-40 you sell?   Dangerous people be careful driving one or driving near one!

Nate P. | 2013-08-22

My wife and I recently purchased a pre-owned Volvo from Howard Orloff.  Colin, the sales rep who helped us, was friendly and knowledgeable.  I definitely recommend dealing with him if you visit Howard Orloff.  The process of purchasing was a very laid back and easy experience for us, which was nice.  Colin showed us multiple different vehicles and took us on a test drive.  He was not pushy at all.  After we purchased the vehicle, Colin followed up via e-mail and set up an appointment to get our pre-owned car detailed.  I had a few follow-up questions and he was very prompt at responding.
I definitely recommend visiting if you're in the market for a new car.

Frank R. | 2013-08-20

This review is for the service center, but unlike the others who are likely those people that come to Yelp for the sole purpose of complaining, I'm here to recognize a job well done.

Today was the second time I've had my 2009 Volvo serviced at Orloff.  Being a transplant to Chicago, I came here initially because it was the closest dealership to me.  When I bought my car new, it came with a 4 year regular maintenance package, so my services here so far have all been covered under this program.

Both times I've been, I've been helped promptly, taken through each step of the service/inspection, greeted by name and generally treated with respect and courteousness not often seen in automotive service departments.  Both times, I've had the pleasure of working with Robert Rivera, who has called me almost to the minute of when they estimated service would be complete, and each time he's given me a no-pressure debrief of additional service recommendations (alignments, etc.).  He's even gone the extra step of checking anything and everything that may be covered under warranty for my car, something I really appreciate being in my early 20s and on a budget.  

Additionally, everyone else I've come in contact with at Orloff has treated me in a similar manner.  They've given me shuttle rides to work and back home within minutes of dropping my car off, and their waiting room is well stocked with coffee, juice, water, and soda.  If and when I get another Volvo (or maybe a Jag, who knows?) I'll definitely consider Orloff if I'm still in Chicago.

Caroline A. | 2013-07-18

This review is for the service center. I brought my car here to be repaired after an accident - about six months ago.

Yesterday, I took my car into my dealership for routine maintenance. As it turned out, the folks over at Howard Orloff forgot to plug in my front headlight when repairing my car, and I had been driving without a front headlight for six months.

Please learn how to do your job correctly.

Bobby B. | 2013-05-29

In one word awful, they could not even figure out an issue on my volvo that was obvious to me and im no car expert. I would not buy a car from this dealer not unless it were the only one on the planet. Terrible just terrible!

Sean K. | 2013-04-07

I went in to get a quote on my vehicle and let me tell you everyone was very upbeat and friendly.  

I will definitely go back if I do decide to use Howard Orloff !!!

Dave K. | 2012-10-29

Due to geographic convenience, I opted to give them another try.  There's been definite improvement.  I purchased a bulb for my headlight and they offered to install it gratis.  Good thing since it looks like a royal pain in the butt to do it yourself, unless, of course, you know what you're doing.  I subsequently stopped in for a quick service visit and felt they were fair with their pricing.  I also appreciated some of the recommendations they made about future items I may want to replace in the event that I keep the vehicle.

Ben K. | 2012-08-15

My wife and I had a pretty great car buying experience here.

We were shopping for a small to midsize SUV and went in for test drives at both Orloff and another dealership which shall remain unnamed.  We got very lucky to find our perfect match at Orloff (a used 2011 Toyota Highlander), but that's not even really the point.  At Orloff, our entire shopping experience was friendly and easy, with no pressure, forced salesmanship, or uncomfortableness.  I never felt like I had to fend off a sales pitch or nod my head endlessly just to get a salesman to stop drilling features into me.  Everything was just easy.

We walked out of there on day 1 (before heading over to see Chevy SUVs elsewhere) without indicating where we stood.  There was no pressure, phone calls, aggressive marketing at all.  We were pretty happy to come back the next day and get our car though!

Ben C. | 2012-07-27

This was my first time purchasing a Volvo, but I have purchased new cars in the past.  This time around, I knew what I wanted and didn't want to mess around with dealership visits and cheesy sales managers.  

I began my search online and submitted an inquiry through Orloff's online "info request" portal.  I was immediately contacted by a knowledgeable sales rep that answered all of my questions and provided me with enough information to make a decision.

*Let's take a time out for a second.  I feel it's important to note that I actually contacted several other Volvo dealerships to get information from and Orloff was the only one to respond immediately and without high pressure phone sales tactics."  

Anyways, I called the next day to buy the car (2012 Volvo S60) and the original rep that I was working with happened to have the day off.  Another guy was glad to help me out, honored a fair offer for the vehicle, and that was that.  When I got to the dealership, the entire closing/delivery process was quick and painless...which is the way it should be.  Within an hour, I was out of there with my new wheels.

I highly recommend calling Shawn Stephens or Tim Byrnes for sales assistance if you are in the market for a new Volvo.  So far, they have returned all of my e-mails and phone calls within a business like time frame, have been courteous and very easy to work with.

G A. | 2012-05-14

Very surprised with that many negative reviews.I brought my Range Rover  to Howard Orloff Imports at least 10 times by now.Once after very bad accident and other times just for service and regular check ups.Always great service,great attitude,very helpful. If they tell you that they would call you by the end of the day,they do.No extra chargers,I got  free rentals few times.Robert is the guy to see,always stays on the top of things.Overall,I would give them five stars !

Kelsey K. | 2012-05-07

I have no idea why Orloff gets bad reviews.  We went there as a long shot to try to get rid of a car that we don't want and replace it with a car that we'd have for a while and they have been amazing so far.  They are giving us a very fair price on our trade-in and they're working a great deal for a new car.  This is the 6th Volvo in our family so we know that the cars are great but we were VERY happy to find that car shopping can be an enjoyable experience.  Tim Byrnes and his manager, Bill Gryesinski, were amazing to work with.  As frequent car shoppers (4 new cars in 5 years) we have seen the spectrum in sales persons and we were thoroughly impressed by them.  Tim was able to answer any of our myriad questions and was knowledgable about his product, unlike some other dealerships with which we've spoken.  We once went to a BMW dealership and his response to all of our questions was "it's a BMW."  Um yeah, way to state the obvious...  I want to know the torque, horsepower, gear ratio in sport mode, how the traction control works...  not "well when people come in here, they usually intend to buy a BMW so those things don't usually matter."  

After dealing with Fletcher-Jones for the last 3 transactions that we've had, I am really looking forward to working with the team here.  They are responsive (unlike F-J), pleasant (unlike F-J), laid back (unlike F-J), and flexible (unlike F-J).  Just to clarify, we had a great experience with Niko for our first purchase and we had a good guy this last time but the finance and management guys just ruined it for us.  I'm glad to have find Orloff and we have had a great experience so far.  This may change with time but they are awesome so far!!

David F. | 2012-02-24

I took my Range Rover here and it cost 4 times what was expected and took twice as long as promised.  After it was over I felt like I got screwed.

Linda G. | 2012-01-03

We tried to sell our car on craigs list... That resulted in spam and B.S. phone calls from various con artists. Then we shopped the dealerships in the area. We were treated best by Orloff and they gave us the best offer. We stalled, checked, left and came back and they still honored their price and cut the check with no crapping around. We also got to watch Mr. Orloff feed the fish. Happens at 5PM every day.

antona f. | 2011-11-29

Can't believe that you are told one thing over the phone and when you show up your told something else. Service staff does not listen to COMPLETE instructions and decides to do something completely else. WORSE SERVICE EVER! I dont care about the drive anymore. I will from now on go to Wilmette to get my services done!!

Ty E. | 2011-11-03

I just picked up my car yesterday for routine maintenance and the guys there are great! The service center closes at 7p and of course I get there at 6:45p! Still the guys were in a helpful mood.. well one of the two guys and I was lucky to get the guy in a good mood. Andrew  was so helpful in answering all my questions, explaining the cost vs service performed (I had other things done as well). I checked my car in with Dean and he kept in constant contact with me with the prices of the repairs and gave me updates on the status. My car was ready with in the day but I was too lazy to pick it up, plus there never is parking on my street but it wasn't an issue to leave it at the dealership! I even got some parts replaced for free (rubber stripping in the trunk). And even though by the time I was done it was 7:15, I had one last question and Andrew patiently answered. I hate when I get rushed out but they weren 't like that. I even got a chance to inquire about extended warranty  and finance guy didn't hustle me or give me any pressure! It wasn't like Oak Park who strongly suggested things. Plus, at Oak Park one service guy strongly suggested I gave him a 4 star rating.  yesh.

OldIrvingPoodle H. | 2011-10-20

Every step in the process is easy with Howard Orloff - from Service to Shuttle to Pick-Up to Payment.  Kent Feldmann always thoroughly explains every step of the process, which for me -is perfect! (I hardly know a thing about cars!)  The waiting area is comfortable and the customer service from EVERYONE (including the one who pulls the fixed car around all shiny and clean) is amazing.  I have always hated going to the dealership in the past - people can be so snobby and arrogant.  Not only do I love my Volvo, but love Howard Orloff and the experiences I have.

Anthony B. | 2011-09-21

The service at this dealership is well below what I expected.  I taken my vehicle here four times and have never received great service.  Some of the items were small things like not having the vehicle ready for pick up as promised and some were worse.  They have incompetent service writers and mechanics that break pieces in your vehicle, lie and a service manager that backs them up.

I will never go back, but if you go please be sure to check your vehicle well before you leave the premises.

Michael C. | 2011-08-22

Robert and the guys in the service bay are extremely helpful, curious and efficient.

My car was here under an insurance repair after theft damage.  The guys worked hard to make my baby look new again and were clear in communicating timing.

Great work, would go back to them in the future.

Good C. | 2011-01-07

I bought a 2-year-old Volvo S-80 from Orloff. When I got in it, to drive it away from the dealership, right out of their driveway I realized there was something wrong with the throttling. (How could they not know this when they sold me the car?) I simply drove the car around the block and right back into the dealership, where they kept it for TEN days, before I could drive my new car home.

That throttling has NEVER been fixed satisfactorily, to this day, years later, and although I had an extended warranty, it was worthless in the sense that it never got this problem permanently fixed. It's like they just put BandAids on it until the warranty ran out.

When I took the car in for the required 30,000 mile checkup they hit me with a bill for over a THOUSAND dollars! No repairs, just the required checkup. The other day I reminded them of that ripoff and they said they no longer replace everything they can possibly imagine to replace during tuneups, so that now customers are only charged three or four HUNDRED. But my thousand plus, they kept.

But worst of all, shortly after I got the car, intermittent electrical problems showed up. Sometimes the locks wouldn't work. And there was something wrong with the alarm system. Numerous times, people have come into the house asking "Did you know your hazard lights are blinking?"

So l took the car in, told them the problem is frequent but intermittent. They said, "if you can't demonstrate it for us, we won't even look at it." So I said, well, does that mean the next time I'm locked out of my car, or the next time I can't get the locks to work... or the lights start blinking on their own, I can call you and you'll come out to observe it? Of course they won't.

So once again, the warranty I paid for was meaningless. They'll do NOTHING, no diagnostics, no nothin', if you can't make the problem happen upon command.

High prices, worthless warranty, horrible service. I don't expect everything to be perfect. They don't have to hand me a donut and coffee and smile warmly whenever I come in. But I do expect them to honor what people pay for. They don't.

david l. | 2010-09-16

This place is a joke. Took the service department 12 attempts and 6 months to fix my window. Not to mention they got glue on  and scratched up the passenger seat and back seat. They attempted to fix the leather by painting over it.  It looks like they used a can of black spray paint. They ensured me they would fix the problem by replacing the leather but when I went back for them to replace the leather they are refusing. There solution is to paint over it again. STAY AWAY they should not  be in business, they give Landrover and Volvo a bad name.

Gibson S. | 2010-08-30

If I could give Orloff Zero stars, I would.  I have had nothing but ridiculously bad experiences.  If you own a Land or Range Rover in Chicago, get online and find an independent mechanic who isn't looking to rob you (I did).  It is all smoke and mirrors there, no substance.

They managed to unset my windows and then charge me $65 to reset them on my last visit.  Ridiculously small stuff that they feel is necessary to make their quotas.

I was given an estimate for 6K worth of work on my 1998 Range Rover.  I found a Range Rover mechanic in the NW Suburbs who had me fax the detailed estimate and then called me immediately laughing at what I was being charged for.  $331 for a new battery (battery is fine), $912 for a new O2 Sensor that is not even shorted out (he is charging me $221), $256 to put the glass on the passenger side mirror ($87 with no labor charge) and the list goes on (not to mention charging for an air filter 3 times).  

If you are thinking that you have to take your car there b/c it's convenient, think again.  I had to take a cab and the Metra and it was an inconvenience but I am saving 3K and know I am being treated fairly and with respect.

Natalie A. | 2010-07-10

Please- just do yourself a favor and heed the warnings. This dealership- sales & service- stinks.  We've just taken our volvo (which we purchased from there in '09) in for service for THE LAST TIME.  We will now be driving to Fields Highland Park for service.  It's THAT BAD.

P.S. If you see a rating on here with more than 2 starts, I promise you they either work there, are friends with someone who works there, or are smoking something.  Seriously?

Tom A. | 2010-01-06

Well.. tough one here.  I went in for service on my Volvo, and, typically, they found several things which I really shouldn't be driving with.  They did them. I paid them a lot of money -- but was it less than I would have paid elsewhere? I don't know. Were they pulling a fast one? I'll never know..

With the "diagnostic charge," which I now believe to be more here than at other Volvo dealers, you have this considerable sunken cost (it goes towards the cost if you get the repair, you lose it if you don't get the repair), which makes it tough to shop around.  Pretty frustrating.

People were generally nice, or fronted being nice.

I did specifically ask them to put a front license plate holder on (after I got a ticket for not having one..) and they did not.  If I left the car for another day, they said, they could manage to do it. I went to a Murrays and crudely hand screwed one in. Oh well.

Re: Volvo in general: my 8 year old model gets better mileage than any current model.  Get with the program, Ford/Volvo/Chinese manufacturing concern.  My car has likely been considerably more trouble than other cars would have been, and I do not intend to buy another Volvo.

Heather P. | 2009-10-28

I totally agree with the other horrible reviews for Volvo service. Don't go here unless you absolutely have to. It's too long of a story to explain after one faulty repair job and being forced to wait 7 days for them to fix the problem, I'm so annoyed!
Just avoid this place if can!

G C G. | 2009-10-24

This dealership, in the Chicago, IL area, should be avoided. I've owned and restored dozens of cars and trucks, and never in my life have I encountered service this immoral. I've used Land Rover dealers for service in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, California, and Minnesota, all outstanding. I've been foolish enough to bring my LR3 to Howard Orloff several times, and every single time, a new, expensive problem has magically appeared after picking it up. The cruise control is broken. The engine service light comes on. The key stops working. Every single time. The straw broke this time when I called to confirm a ride home, but was then asked to walk home.  Let me repeat that - they asked me to walk home after confirming that they would provide a ride.  They then found a leak in my roof, decided to drain all of the excess water into the interior of my car, remove the carpet to dry it, and then, voila, found more problems that did not exist beforehand. I rebuild cars as a hobby, and know when something is credible. This dealership should be avoided.  It is worth a farther drive to a dealer in the suburbs.

Paul F. | 2009-10-14

Howard Orloff was where I bought my Volvo. I liked the sales staff.  The service was initially really good when they had a guy there (I forgot his name) but starting in like 2007 and beyond, it went to crap.  It was always expensive, but they told you in advance and they gave you a ride to/from work.  

Well, the last two times I was there, the cost was way over what they estimated.  

The first time, I had my car towed there to get my 2 tires fixed that had flat tires (the only place who had the same tires I needed).  When I went there, they told me later than my rims were bent (maybe one really was but the other was NOT).  Then, they claimed to have found a "bubble" in another tire.  They said I should have all the tired replaced then. (New tires)  I told them to keep the "bubble" tire b/c I wanted to see it.

Keep in mind, I only had 2 flat tires - thanks City of Chicago. They told my my rims were all bent and had me get news ones.  I asked them to keep the rims b/c my friend said they would try to say that they were bent (as did the tow truck driver).   When I went to pick up the "broken rim" and the bubble tire, they didn thave it.  They said they would call me back when they find it.  I also asked them to keep the tires (2) that weren't flat (the one with the Bubbb;e and the other one).  I called them 2 x to get those tires and the rims and they didn't have them.

Nobody returned my calls.  Sure enough, I got another flat 6 months later and I had to buy new tires.

I will never take my car there again. I have been going out of my way to Volvo of Oak Park since and they are great.  A pain in the ass drive but worth it b/c they do not appear to be rippin gme off which was the feeling I got from Howard Orloff.

jay m. | 2009-10-14

Went here for a simple oil change on my Land Rover.  Other than the fact that it was ridiculously expensive and took over 2 hours to complete they told me that I needed thousands in immediate repairs.   I paid only for the oil change and left and went to another garage who found absolutely nothing wrong with my car.  

I found places like Lakeside International on Broadway in Uptown have great Land Rover service and reasonable prices.

Scott B. | 2009-07-30

The staff is totally indifferent and the service is horrible.  I wrote a letter to Howard Orloff as well as Volvo USA.  I will say that one of the Orloff sons did call me to discuss my letter and apologized profusely for my experience.  However, at that point it was too late.  I drive the extra distance to Oak Park Volvo.

Patrick G. | 2009-07-21

This is a review of the service center. I had a volvo where the window motor broke and was stuck halfway up and down. So I took it into the service center. Took them about an hour and a half to diagnose the problem. Then it took them another other hour and a half to "fix" the window. They actually didn't have the replacement part in stock so just moved my window up and taped it to the door frame. They never called me back when I wanted to know when I could come have the job finished. I ended up taking it to the dealer where it was purchased in the suburbs and they fixed in it 30 minutes. I also got some pretty hard sell from the sales people and still get mailing from them about new cars.

Some redeeming qualities about this place: They had a nice TV so I was able to watch some college football while waiting. They took me as a walk-in. They had a nice beverage and snack area.

Bottom line if you don't need to go here, you probably shouldn't.

Burgundy I. | 2009-06-06

Robert, in auto body repair customer service, went out of his way to help me.  The staff overall are extremely friendly and professional.  The body work ended up being too expensive for me but I appreciated the experience at Howard Orloff.

Jacqueline V. | 2009-04-12

NEVER GO HERE! I would go as far to say, fix your car yourself!
Newly relocated to Chicago, we decided to bring in our Volvo for an oil change.
Even though our car had been after a major check, which we had already done before relocating to Chicago, they wanted to charge us for all kinds of work that was ALREADY DONE.

Oh, but this was not the worst part. We decided not to go for their multiple "repair" suggestions, and we sort of laughed that part off, and went on our merry way.

Several days later, we ended up stuck on the road with the undercarriage of the car half-attached, dragging on the road. We had to have our car towed and it appeared that of the FIVE bolts and washers necessary to re-secure the undercarriage after changing the oil, they had only put on three of the bolts and NOT A SINGLE WASHER. Now, this isn't even sloppy work. This is downright negligent to not resecure the undercarriage after changing an oil filter, and with NO WASHERS at all.

Well, thank you Orloff. I will NEVER come back.
I'm sending you the bill for our towing.

Asi P. | 2009-04-12

Went for a $30 oil change and got an offer for a $1240 of unnecessary repairs
I will never step foot in there again.

BEWARE of high pressure customer service, they will try to persuade you to purchase unnecessary maintenance and parts.
I checked on line for the original parts that they wanted to replace and saw a difference of more than 200%.

AFTER 5 DAYS The plastic undercarriage (the protector for the oil filter compartment ) just fell while driving with a terrible noise. I had to buy bolts and washers and screw it in by myself because they failed to tighten them and even left 3 bolts off. Auto Zone helped me with the replacement parts after it was towed.

I will have to go to another place to make sure no other surprises are awaiting.

I filed a complaint to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for negligence.
Got a response :
".....we should have done a better job of explaining the recommended repairs and what we felt would be needed now and/or down the road (i.e. do the tie rods have minimal or excessive amount of play and should they be addressed now or later). We should have properly re-secured and used the proper mounting bolts with washers for the splash shield so it did not come loose on the customer."
..."We have reprimanded both the Technician and Service Advisor and will continue to monitor their work and process and that of all our technicians and Service Advisors to make sure that this experience does not repeat itself."

I accepted the reimbursement for the oil change as well as costs of bolts and washers ,however I feel that a central issue still is yet to be addressed: the fact that the majority of the "repairs" recommended for our vehicle were completely falsified.

Paul C. | 2008-12-15

Please deal with these guys carefully.

I brought my car for a tune up and was given an estimate of $1,050 for my 30,000 mile maintenance and tune up. It seemed so significantly higher than my previous services so I looked up what performance was being done that was so different from the prior services and called to ask. The maintenance guy said that it was due to a cabin filter replacement and a spark plug replacement. Unconvinced that those two items would cost so much, I called other Volvo dealerships to see how much they charge. I called a few other dealerships and they quoted $300 to $335, all near the chicago-land area.

Additionally, I looked up the service maintenance information for my car and it said that spark plug replacements are not needed until the 60,000 mile service.

I told them not to do any work and am taking it elsewhere.

Vernita B. | 2008-11-12

Please remember after all this typing that this horrible experience was done to a 63 yr old woman.  My mother owns a 1997 Land Rover that she loves.  She couldn't bear to part with it.  After bringing the vehicle in to Howard Orloff for repair earlier in the year (also a horrible experience) she attempted to bring it back after paying 3500 dollars for the first set of repairs.  

The check engine light would not go off.  

She was assured by Matt the Service Manager that they would rectify the issue with the light and get back to her as to the issue.  After a month, she called and insisted that they give her a loaner.  Matt the Service Manager told her no problem and told her that they would pay for it.  

It is now November 10th, Enterprise Car Rental calls my mother and tells her that she owes 2500 hundred dollars for her loaner.  Her car has not been repaired.  Matt the Service Manager , of course doesn't remember telling her and my husband that they would cover the loaner.  
They can't explain why my mother's car is not repaired, and they have no clue as to when its going to be done.  

All the while asking for the money for the loaner..... exact words from Chuck -Manager over Matt , " We need to confirm that your mother wasn't  told to bring the car back sooner!".  Now please explain to me why her car is still not ready and they are asking for money.  I am beginning to think her car has been stolen and no one has told us.  4 months- UNBELIEVABLE!

----  update 11/13/08

She no longer is being asked for the loaner car fees.  They don't know where her car is.  How can you lose a truck that large?  WTH!

------update 11/14/08

They have found her vehicle but now have started troubleshooting whatever the original issue was.  They still don't know after 4 months.  She now has no loaner and is on the bus.  I hope someone there gets boils on their testicles after this fiasco!

-----update 11/19/08
The car still isn't fixed.  They still are saying that they don't know what is wrong with it.  We are still waiting....

-------update 11/24/08
They did not fix the car.  They faxed her a bill totalling over 10k to repair her car. AFTER 5 MONTHS!  I drove her to pick up her car.  We are suing.  Nobody deserves this level of treatment.


Sam J. | 2008-07-16

My wife and I leased a Volvo from Howard Orloff in 2006.

Car-buying experience: It was okay. We made a big mistake and conveyed too early that we really wanted this particular car. Against my own better judgment, we settled on his second price. Alas, we were excited to have a shiny new car that we picked out.

Car-owning experience: I guess this doesn't have much to do with the dealer as much as it does Volvo, but we've had the car for 30 months and it's been in for unplanned service 7 times. That's ridiculous. The worst part is that it's nit-picky shit that fails. Like, the AC fails. Or the sunroof leaks when it rains. Or the radio stops working.

Here's my primary beef and where the dealer comes in: the Orloff service team, while fairly nice and fairly thorough, has no response to my complaints. They just say "Well, you chose a Volvo for it's reputation of safety and reliability." I had a little philosophical argument with the Service Manager on this one. Needless to say, I wasn't given a warm and fuzzy feeling after it. Also, it behooves me to say that Volvos, while not that expensive in terms of the lease or buy price, are super expensive every 7500 miles. The Factory Scheduled Maintenance pricing at Orloff is ridiculous. I did some research this morning on 30K FSM pricing on . They say I should pay $250. Orloff wants to charge me $600. So, there you go. That's it, in a nutshell.

jeff m. | 2008-04-08

Overall I am pretty pleased with this dealership.

I purchased my Land Rover in september and have been pretty happy with is so far.  I just dropped it off yesterday for its first time in the shop.  It was pretty easy to schedule and appointment and easy to get my car there.  I took it in for a recall.  I have 4500 miles on it, which I guess is pretty low.  They told me when I got there that they would do a bit more to make sure everything was fine with the car.  Also that way I would get a car to drive while everything was fixed.  they were out of land rovers, but the gave me a jag to drive for the time being.  
The service people were nice and very upfront about everything.  I asked them to give me a call if there were any problems or there were any issues that would require extra costs.  They only called to tell me that it would take a bit longer to finish everything.   But all in all everything was going well with the car.  
I was sad to hear that Maurice Bell was gone.  He did a great job selling me that car and I even saw him at an oasis stop on 90 once and he came over to ask how the car was.  The only odd thing was that he was driving a GMC truck.  Maybe he had already switched jobs by then.

LJ M. | 2008-03-19

FOOLISH.  I took my car in.  I bought it from a friend and she took it in for a 60,000 mile service.  When I bought the car at 65,000 just three months later, I took it in for an oil change and was told I needed $3,500 worth of work.  They even claimed the 60,000 service was never done (and were surprised I had a receipt from their dealership for the same).  I took the car elsewhere and was told that the struts and suspension was fine and that the wear was within normal limits for a car with it's age/mileage.

Kat W. | 2007-07-17

No way I would buy a car from Howard Orloff, and I love Volvo's.  I stopped by for a test drive and they did not have one manual transmission car in the lot.  I know I'm odd for wanting to drive a stick, but it's not unheard of.  They should have options for their potential customers.  

The service wasn't fabulous either.  It took a while to find someone to talk to (which is odd for car sales), and the person I talked to just seemed too schmoozy (even for a car sale man).  Come on man, just because I have boobs doesn't mean I don't know what horsepower is.

When you factor in Orloff's issues with the community - they want to build a huge parking garage but attempt to woo their neighbors by double parking and parking illegally all over the community - it's a given I will go elsewhere if I ever decide to buy a car.