Honda City Chicago in Chicago, IL

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Established in 2006.

Under New Management
Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ and
4.2/5 on!

Honda City Chicago

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 582-5000
Address:4950 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL, 60632
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Honda City Chicago

Chris B. | 2015-03-28

Don't believe the signs in the windows.  It's just a trick to get you inside then they tell you it requires a credit score of 820...who has that these days?  They need to be more clear and truthful in there advertising.  Makes me wonder what does they're not being clear or truthful about.  Total waste of 2 hours.

MoMo K. | 2015-03-19

All I have to say is that I spoke to EVERY SINGLE HONDA DEALERSHIP in Chicago and the suburbs for a Honda Civic, and this dealership gave me the best deal. I was going with another dealership but the manager here gave me a call in the morning and said bring in their quote and he'll beat it by $500, which I did and they came through.

You have to deal with the HASSLE with buying a car... you should know that... why are all these people complaining about that? You need to be "street-smart" when you buy a car...otherwise the dealer will outsmart you.

Maybe I approached them differently then you did? I'm not sure... but they were pretty laid back with me. I guess probably because I stood my ground and I was ready to walk out and go to the next dealership on my list if they backed out. I even showed them my list and the e-mails of the other quotes and I guess that was enough to convince them they were either going to have to lower the price or lose my service. They did know before I came in that I invested quite some time in compiling my list and that it was LEGIT.

At the end, either the dealership wins or you win... it seems like most of the reviewers here lost.

Sarah S. | 2015-02-12

This was my first time to visit a dealer to purchase a car and my experience was horrible. I am student and I wanted to purchase a CRV with financing. I told the dealer that I am able to pay more down payment just to make sure that I will be approved for the loan. The guy stood us up for about an hour and then told us that process is taking more time and he will give us a call and let us know about the financing result.
We did NOT receive a call and apparently he ran my credit score for a million time since for about two months I was receiving  rejection letters from banks that Honda City requested. This dropped my credit score A LOT!! I am really angry with them.

Feb S. | 2014-12-20

Out of all the dealerships that I have contacted, Honda City Chicago is the only rude dealership I've come across. Specifically Travis Crull. As someone bearing the title "Manager", getting a rude response from him was really unexpected and very very disappointing.

Customers always shop around and try to find good deals from several dealers. Apparently Travis with his "Manager" title doesn't understand this.

This is how it went down:
I asked if he could further lower the price and he said that he was not authorized to do so, only to get back to me a few days later, after I had told him that I would proceed with a different dealer, saying that he now could lower the price. I was still willing to give Honda City Chicago a chance and asked Travis to provide me with his new offer. And his response was this:
"Why? So you can try to use it against me to get a lower price that you will try to get someone to honor? I have a lower price then what you are being quoted and what is being advertised through other sites. You don't want to do business with me, you just want the cheapest price you can find. However, I want to provide you with excellent service, a great deal and establish a business relationship, when you are ready for this you can feel free to reach out to me."

WHAT? Of course customers want to shop around for the best price.
Such a rude email really shows the level of unprofessionalism that Honda City Chicago has. Please learn your manners and don't claim that you are providing excellent service when you are NOT doing it.

No wonder you are rated 1.5 out of 5 starts on Yelp. And this is based on 38 reviews!


And this is Travis:…

James L. | 2014-12-16

I visited here and the process took a couple of hours and I walked out without a new civic.  I am glad, here's why:
-the salesman I worked with seemed disinterested (I forgot his name but he was an african american gentleman who used to sell cars, didn't for a period of time, and recently started again).  he was on his phone while my girlfriend was trying to ask him some questions.  I guess he thought texting and playing hard to get would entice us more to buy from them (definitely not.  poor customer service, in my opinion, will earn my business 3% of the time.)
-their trade in value for my car was actually decent, it barely covered my remaining loan amount.  however the sales price was a joke.  I received online quotes from other dealers and they weren't willing to match.  Actually I received a $10K trade in quote for my car and the highest they went was $8.5K.  they will NOT match trade in values.  they tried to explain to me for 10 minutes or so why the other dealer had more wiggle room and could even offer me $10K.  I wasn't buying into it (make sure to have thick skin when shopping for a car).

by the way, I've purchased two hondas in recent years.  in 2013, I purchased from Continental Honda out in LaGrange, I highly recommend them.  and about a month ago, I purchased from Honda on Grand, I strongly recommend them as well.  They are more willing to be reasonable on trade-in offers and they actually negotiated with me on the sales price as well.  

I give this place two stars only because although I started off with poor customer service, the experience got better (they just couldn't get close to the budget I had in mind).

Mariana O. | 2014-09-23

The only reason why this place even got a star is because in order to provide a review, I have to add at least one star. This place, as everyone else states, is the worst.

My father took our new vehicle to get serviced at Honda City. After he picked up the car, he saw that there was a huge tear on the LEATHER interior driver's seat of our car!!! He quickly called Honda City and they refused to take responsibility for what they did. They had him on hold for the longest and then stated that they don't ever work in the interior of cars. My father went in the next day after a long shift of work in hopes that they could at least fix the tear for him. NOPE. All they offered him was a free car cleaning. Not only that, but they talked him down and were rude. What a JOKE of a business and distasteful employees. They not only did this, but they also 'recommended' to fix things that were not even necessary to fix on our car. Anything to take out money from people. I dislike when people are taken advantage of, and Honda City Chicago takes advantage of kind/trusting customers. Do not go here, please save yourself the trouble.

I am also in the process of contacting the Better Business Bureau and an attorney about this. Enough is enough.

Jenni T. wrote back to me, however, she did not mention the other services that my father paid for. My father didn't JUST get an oil change. He got a lot more than that and I have a bill printout with the list of services that he got. He spent over $250 dollars at Honda City Chicago that day. She said its a inch long tear on plastic and it is not plastic, its LEATHER. She stated that the guy who can fix it was at the store, and he was not. Not only that, but there was oil fingerprints on the driver's seat. Her service manager on duty might have lied to her about what happened that day, because the guy who 'would fix it' was not at the store. Ever. Might as well go to a private independent mechanic that will actually take care of the car not mess it up and then say they never go inside the car. In order to move the car around, someone has to go inside the car. They drove the car to the front of the office, so obviously someone was in the car. Waste of money. Thanks but no thanks Honda City.

K P. | 2014-09-05

The way they do business is very dishonest. They add exorbitant fees to get the numbers where they want them. They even tried convincing me they had to tax me on the msrp value. I'm in finance and I can guarantee that is not how it works.

Whosbaad K. | 2014-09-04

Theeee worst! Went there for an oil change and inspection. Now, I do expect dealerships to dramatize their findings. However, these folks took it to another level, and told me that my car was dangerous and not drivable. They basically told me my car & I would explode into tiny little pieces *insert exorbitant price*. Went to a real mechanic and though I needed to change my brakes, it wasn't that serious. Lobby is ghetto. The personnel are ghetto. I don't know how anyone can buy a car there.

IP F. | 2014-07-21

I saw a used Honda CRV advertised on-line by Honda City and noticed a statement at the end of the description that stated "does not include AIP charge"  When I inquired as to what an AIP charge was, I was told it's an Auto Image Plus charge.  When I pressed further, I was emailed back "AIP is a negotiable cost so I would like to get as much as possible for it. The sticker price is $1,250 ."  So basically they are advertising low prices to attract buyers and then tacking on a made up fee to make up for the low price.  This company is very dishonest and I would not waste my time dealing with a bunch of uneducated "used car salesmen".

Jill P. | 2014-06-30

The parts dept is an absolute joke! The first time I went to order the part that I needed for my truck, the sales rep didn't know if the part had 1 piece or 2 so he only ordered 1 piece. I was told I'd get a call when it came in the next day. Over a week had gone by and no call. I finally called almost 2 weeks later and my part has been there the whole time. They had no explanation why I didn't get a call. When I went to pick up my part the same sales rep said that the part actually had 2 pieces and he needed to order it. He found this out by checking my vin #. Why couldn't he have done that in the first place!!!??? I had to go in for a second time and when I got there I had to wait for 15 min for someone to even acknowledge I was there!!! Inexcusable! I love Honda cars but this place is horrible!! Professionalism totally out the window! I think I'll take my business next time to a suburban location.

Kevin D. | 2014-06-10

Ordered a part and was told it would be in the next day.  They call the next day and say it's ready for pick up.   Went to go pick up the part and they say it's not in and won't be in until the next day via UPS at Noon.   Show up the next day at 5PM for the part and they can't find it.   After looking and looking they come back and say it's not in and it is not available!  Now I have wasted days and still don't have what I ordered!

Really hate being lied to.

Will never use again.

Lau G. | 2014-06-10

I took my car in to get fixed and everyone in the service station was very nice and helpful!  John is the seriously the nicest guy!  Got my car in and out the door in the same day.  However, I walked into the dealership next door and was browsing cars and talking to one of the sales reps about purchasing an SUV and the General Manager, Randy, came out screaming at me to get out because he thought I was "soliciting"?  Guy is crazy and this dealership would do much better with a friendlier GM.  For this reason I will not get my next car through them so Honda I suggest you are more selective with your management team and hire more people like John and less like Randy.

Joan L. | 2014-06-05

I took my car in for aftercare and was in and out within a half hour on a Saturday.  I had an appointment and the car was taken in at the agreed upon time.  Staff in the service department was very friendly and cordial.   I couldn't ask for anything more.

Ben C. | 2014-04-28

Disappointed with the general manager Ryan. Just because the place is located in the city doesn't mean you have to be treated as ghetto. Instead of fixing a $93 part, he loses a customer & my network of potential customers for this dealership. He likes to talk over you as if he's some kind of expert on life. That probably happens when one's philosophy is screw the customer for whatever you can get.  Forget about doing & making things right. So pompous & arrogant but dresses like a slob. Jose, you are an excellent and responsive service manager. Thank you for helping me deal with this sh*t head sales GM.

Mw D. | 2014-04-22

This place and staff are nice only when they try to sale a car... After that , even the manager have no clue what is customer services mean. I paid more than $2000.00 for "extra warranty services but is only for this location. Every time when I go for services take forever, even for a complementary car wash could be more than 2 hours.I would never recommend this place.

Alex S. | 2014-03-18

Unfortunately, most of the reviews on here are true. The salesmen are obviously nice when you are first approached. However, the business is not well run the workers seem to only care when you are actually there rather than when you schedule an appointment over the phone or wait for a return phone call. They want you to make a decision within minutes and when spending that kind of money it is pretty reasonable for a consumer to want to take at least the rest of the day to think about it. Overall not a great experience and will likely not return.

Christina A. | 2014-03-15

I wanted to be wrong about this dealership but I sure wasn't. My boyfriend was looking for a specific car that they had one of here. I had called and made an appointment to see the car because we were in a bit of a hurry that morning. We got there right on time and we waited another 35 mintues to see the car. Well finally the sales guy Frank came in and they said it was being painted. Why couldn't somebody tell us that before we drove to see it? I had just spoken to you an hour earlier? Anyways, they cleaned up the car, we test drove it, boyfriend liked it, we sat down to crunch numbers for a jaguar trade in. Frank came back with a sheet and said the car would be an extra 4k and some change. We were shocked. Excuse me? why have we been at other dealers with a MUCH lower quote on a car that's a year higher and less miles than the vehicle you offer? Then when we were shocked and told them that we had been to other dealerships and we would never go with the number and what the others had offered us he flipped over the sheet and wrote even trade and wanted my boyfriend to sign. We had another appointment, he got upset, we didn't sign and we went. Well after the other appointment my boyfriend called frank and had said what's going on with the even trade and he said he would call us back. he never called us back so we had to call him back and he said his boss said no now blah blah we had told them our other offer from the dealership and he said he would talk to his manager and call us back and my boyfriend informed him he wanted an answer ASAP because he wanted to make a decision tonight. He never even called us back. WORSE SALES GUY EVER. typical all he wanted was COMMISSION and was so rude after we had left. It's funny when we were sitting there you were willing to drop over 4k on a price of a car in a matter of a few seconds and then change your mind and not even call us back. The dealership is still trying to contact me about the car through other sales people. Too bad that car wouldve been gone if you knew proper customer service!!

If you don't do your research, they'll definetly take your money. Avoid this place.

Tiffany H. | 2014-03-01

I have been here several times in the service department.  It seems to take a long time for a small service appointment (example: oil change or tire rotation) you could be there for 2 hours (this is the wait time when you make an appointment). The sales personnel are friendly but it's a long wait! They have a play room for kids, tv, and say they give free wifi- the wifi may or may not work. Don't count on it sometime it can be down. The other reason why I have given this establishment two stars because they rarely give specials. If they do it 10 percent. Really?! I'll pay the tax and make better use of my day or time.

Shay S. | 2014-02-28


I went to this dealer and have NOTHING positive to say about anyone that works there. Our sales man was nice. But he was clueless as to what's really going on in that place (or really good at playing an idiot). I went to buy the Kia Soul they are advertising still. I was approved and did the hand shake, paied my money and signed the papers. Took the keys and drove off. This company continued to run my credit even AFTER I was already approved by a bank... Raped my cell phone for everyday after I bought the car leaving silly messages without ANY information. Not only did they rip me off on the price as it was, they added another $1,000 on to the cost cause they had to fix the car before selling it. That is not my problem. They will do the same to the next buyer. They had a man threaten me in a voicemail stating that the dealership suddenly were pulling out of the deal 3 weeks later stating the finance company did not approve me (lies, I had been talking to the finance company already and they told me I was approved) stated I did not make enough money. I did not even get a chance to make my first payment. Threatened me saying I stole their car! And that they would try and get me arrested if I did not return it. This place was a headache since day 1!!!  They advertised this car for this same amount when I tried to buy it and by the time I left they had me settle for $12,750! These guys are a Joke. Pat the finance manager is a bully, and the sales manager is an even bigger joke. Left in the middle of us making our deal preventing us trying to make a better one. This car's aux does not work, I was told it did. The sunroof was off the tracks, I had to get it fixed myself. This company should be shut down! This is the worst car buying experience ever. Spare your time and go SOMEWHERE ELSE. THIS PLACE IS FILLED WITH NOTHING BUT LIES AND DISSATISFACTION! Look at the reviews on this place. I just wish I was smarter and looked on here at the reviews first. WORST CAR DEALER ON EARTH!!!!! AND LADY DONT POST A REPLY SAYING YOU ARE SORRY ON HERE CAUSE YOU CAN TAKE THAT SORRY AND STICK IT SOMEWHERE K! smh worst... ever!!!!

Patricia L. | 2014-02-25

Gilbert was great! Not only was he helpful, but he listened to my a great price so will be coming back in the future!

Terrel H. | 2014-02-21

I went to Honda City with a loan already approved because I have poor credit. The process should had been simple and straight to the point. The sales consultant was very blunt and sometimes rude. When I finally saw the vehicle I was there to purchase, the rear door handle was hanging off truck. I asked if that would be fixed before I buy the truck and the sales guy tells me flat out "probably not, so don't want the truck now?"... He then states that I could buy the handle at dealer cost and pay to have it repaired. I was there for 3 hours and I saw not one other customer come into the dealership. I would think that everyone regardless of how good or bad their credit is, would be treated with the respect they would want to receive.

And the other thing that pissed me off is as I'm waiting the show room. 2 sales consultant come back inside and smelled like marijuana. They were very giggly and obviously high. Very unprofessional establishment!!!

Corina V. | 2014-02-13

Tried buying a car here a couple weeks ago and it was a disaster.  I had called ahead of time to make sure they had the color I wanted and the Internet salesman said he had 2. Perfect. So I drove down there with my parents and the car we tested out had 200+ miles on it. My parents buy brand new cars and they've never seen one with so many miles so they asked if there was another one. Jesus said no and when we were prepared to walk away "took another look" after being gone for 30 minutes and found another. Getting the car out took 45 minutes and the whole time he kept pressuring us to start the paperwork so we gave in. I got my credit run (so thanks for the hits on my credit) and when they finally brought the car up there was a huge scratch on the front bumper. What's funny is the whole time Jesus kept saying how this car was going to be fine and basically telling us we were being paranoid. I am not paying over 20000 for a scratch that wasn't even my fault. The sales manager was trying not to fault him and tried to help us but was so condescending about it that I told them to rip up the paperwork. Ended up going to Fletcher Jones and the experience was 10000000000 times better.

Richard W. | 2014-01-26


I recently went with a friend to buy a car from this dealer and it was the worst experience on earth.  We were quoted a price online and scheduled a test drive for the next day.  When we made the call to do the test drive, we asked, if we would be able to get the same price the next day and they said of course.

The next day we arrive and do the test drive and show the e-mail with the price that had been quoted.  Our sales person Jesus (which is one of the worst, request someone else if you get him) came back with a price that was $700 higher that was we had been given through the e-mail.  When we inquired about the change in price, his excuse was that they send out a lot of e-mails during that day and sometimes people have wrong information.  Classic bait and switch.

We then asked to talk to the sales manager and the sales manager talked down to us and was talking out of his butt.  When asked about the difference in price, he said that Hondas are not normally discounted and that Honda had given extra money to move more vehicles that conveniently expired the day before.  He tried to put the blame on us.  To put it nicely, he is a pompus asshole.  

My friend really need to buy the car that day so he bit the bullet and was approved for Honda financing for .9% for 60 months.  Over the course of the week, he got a call everyday about paperwork that was missing or items that they needed.  It was a disaster.  My friend even got a call asking for a copy of his drivers license again that they already had because it was not clear enough.

After 1 week of the back and forth, I just told my friend that I would cosign for his loan to get it done with.  I was approved for the .9% financing also and I thought that was the last of it.  I specifically told them that I only wanted the .9% financing.  To my surprise, I found out that they had run my credit 5 times with other banks with some having interest rates as high as 10%.  My credit score dropped 45 points by the time these idiots were done with me cosigning 1 loan.  NEVER, NEVER buy a car from here.

JAMES M. | 2014-01-21

This review is for the used car lot across the street form the new car place.

Ahhhh helll nahhh these clowns tried to play a playa of all playas.........But not to fear these guys dont know what hit em........Oh yeah it was the door as we left this joint after I didnt accept their final price on their car.

See....when it comes to car shopping and haggling This big tanned man likes to call the shots, Cmon Honda city I just needed a little more bend  from you guys...but what did you do? you folded like a lawn chair! We were $1k and a tank of gas apart.....o well no regrets!

The place is kinda funky for a dealership, you know dirty, cold coffee, unattractive sales managers and the like. Save yourself the trip car shoppers..........unless you want to be taken for $800.00 for some imaginary spray to protect your upholstery......thats what these clowns came up with!?!?!?!?!

On a good urban exploring Hipsters to be seen anywhere!

Ronson S. | 2014-01-15

my family bought a car here, and there was a problem with the radio. since we went back because we couldn't make any earlier appointments, the manager RYAN had the nerve to curse out my family on the phone with the service department not knowing he was on speaker. so be careful and before buying a car here because the man has no self respect.

Neil G. | 2013-12-31

I stupidly bought my wife's car here. They completely lied to me about a lease program. I didn't realize until I got home when I read the crazy thick contract. I went back the next day and renegotiated a purchase deal. Went in for service and was competently blown away by their lack of professionalism. I used to work as a service advisor in dealerships and could not believe how these people operated. Luckily I chalked my tires before going in for my oil change/and tire rotation service. They charged me for the tire rotation and never completed it. I bet they get away with this all the time since many others would not think to make their tires before going in. Avoid this place. I regret ever giving them any business.

Angela B. | 2013-10-12

When I left this dealership earlier today, I began drafting my first ever letter to the Better Business Bureau and I briefly considered filing a complaint with the police department (One of the managers here treated me so poorly, I felt like I had been violated).

Before I arrived I received a email quote on the 2013 Honda Civic from Jessica from $16,829. When I arrived, before doing the test drive, I sat down with her to make sure that price was true. She assured me that not only was the price true, but she would also be able to knock it down $16,669.

As you can imagine, I was doing back flips. I did the test drive with Manny (who was actually really AWESOME in every sense...he should really go work for another dealership) and LOVED the car. I selected my colors (black on black) and began filling out financial paperwork (at this point it had been about 2 hours).

After filling out the financial paperwork with Manny (which, truth be told, I felt was a little bit odd, shouldn't the finance department handle paperwork???) he then said he was going to see what type of financing I could get (btw, I have excellent credit). Manny then returns with his manager who says that the quote Jessica gave me included a loyalty rebate for someone who was already a Honda owner and did I know anyone in my building who owned a Honda and could fax over their vehicle registration information to the dealership(Oh yes he did) so that I could get the sale price that had been quoted and verified. I obviously said no and then he said that because of this, the price for me would be $17, 857 (or something like that). I then said "well how much was the loyalty rebate?" and he said "$500". When I mentioned that this did not add up he then said in the nastiest voice you could possibly imagine, "well you girls (referring to me, an almost-30-year-old woman with a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago and my almost 30 year old ATTORNEY friend who had accompanied me) are smart, so let me break it down for you"

He then proceeds to talk out of his behind (meaning in circles) for the next five minutes.

When we questioned his logic he then again mentioned that we were smart, but then proceeded to insult the both of us, multiple times, in a very backhanded kind of way. I then let him know that we already knew we were smart and did not need him to tell us this and that the way he was treating us, with this obvious bait and switch and insults, was making me very uncomfortable. I also let him know that Manny was an excellent sales person, but he, the manager, was ruining it by giving us the runaround and treating us like crap.  He responded with more behind talk. We said that we were going to leave and he said fine, giving us a talk-to-the-hand movement with his hand before sashaying away.

Save yourself the drama of dealing with these creeps--I hope they go out of business.

Mary S. | 2013-09-24

Andy Chen helped me with the sale/purchase of my used Honda.
I was very impressed with his knowledge and honesty. He went out of his way to ensure that everything went smoothly and I got the best deal.
I would recommend his services if you are in the market for a new or used car.

Pirates C. | 2013-06-11

Warning - service department uses safety recall to drum up business.

I received a call from them but didn't pick up. A voicemail was left and when I checked it, a third party was saying she's calling on behalf of the service manager at Honda City and wanted me to call back as soon as possible because there was a safety recall on my vehicle.

Guess what? I contacted Honda directly and was informed by Honda that there is no safety recalls on my vehicle. LOL, what a sham.

Lucy C. | 2013-03-22

What a crap place. Honda City Chicago should really look into hiring a new used car sales manager. Not only did he refuse all of our reasonable offers, but he also yelled at us like a crazed lunatic!! I'm not sure if he was trying to intimidate us by yelling at the top of his lungs and turning all red ( NO! NO! NO!) or if he's just a big bully prick?!? Nonetheless, a person like that should not be a manager.... Maybe Honda City should send its staff to Costumer service class so that that Used Car Manager can learn that a customer should never ever be treated with such disrespect. What a HORRIBLE experience!! ... I was going to give kudos to the sales guy, Jose, for making this experience somewhat tolerable, but as we got home and we reviewed all of the paper work, we realized he lied to us too. That wasn't a deal! It was robbery!! All in all I would never ever recommend this place to anyone,  ever!!! This place is a big FAIL!  BEWARE!!

Rosanne B. | 2013-03-07

These people rip people off! They advertise great prices, but when you try to fiance the car, they give you ridiculous interest rates. Also they don't give you good prices for  trade-ins. My husband and I went in to buy a Honda Accord. The price was good and the car seem in good condition. But they offered us only $1500 for our trade-in. And outrageous 9% interest rate. I didn't understand that when we have good credit! Also the Manager there was yelling very loud profanities at his employees. The whole experience was very uncomfortable. I wouldn't trust these guys. I guess what they say about used car salesmen are true!  If you are in the market for a used car, go to CarMax. They gave us $2000 for our trade-in and 5% interest rate. Very simple and easy sale.

Rashaad B. | 2013-02-25

I came across Honda City Chicago through TrueCar and received a fairly aggressive quote for a new 2013 Honda Accord. I was impressed with the savings, especially relative to other Honda dealers in the Chicagoland area. Over the next two weeks, I exchanged several emails with a Honda City sales specialist until I arrived at a quote I was comfortable with. I had the specialist provide a detailed breakdown of the quote (sale price, destination, tax, title, license, and documentation) and confirmed multiple times that the quote provided was in fact the final "out-the-door" price. However, it was only after arriving at the dealership and taking the car for a test drive was I informed that ALL cars sold through Honda City are equipped with some sort of protection package, with a dealer retail price close to $3,000. Given that Honda City automatically adds this amount, subject to negotiation, to all new vehicles sold, I believe it is deceptive to have been quoted an "out-the-door" final price that said otherwise. Moreover, the protection package supposedly includes items such as "exterior paint protection" and "interior leather protection" which, according to the dealership, cannot be removed to eliminate the markup.  I'm positive the other dealers suggested by TrueCar only appeared to have a higher price because they did not build in this type of hidden fee into their quote, when, in reality, they likely offered a more competitive final price.

I've definitely learned my lesson. Buyer beware!

Ms. G. | 2013-02-11


I really, really wanted things to work out with this dealership.  In fact even after the shoddy treatment received, I wasn't inclined to write about it because the Manager "appeared" to be upset about how everything played out and apologized profusely.  In mid-December I went into the dealership with my daughter to look at a 2011 Cherry red, Nissan Rogue. Stock # P1519 .  We test drove and liked it, but we wanted to have it independently inspected. We also asked them for details regarding what work they may have done on the vehicle to prepare it for sale.  You know: oil changes, brake pads, alignments etc...  this is when things went awry.  Upon checking their records they saw that none of this had been done.  They apologized profusely and asked if we could give them about 2 hours and then return to pick it up for inspection.  This dealership is about 2 hours from where we lived so going home and returning wasn't an option.  Since we liked the car, we decided we'd go shopping in the area and come back by 5pm.  We returned on time and they weren't done.  

We were really frustrated because including the drive down, we had already spent 5 hours.  However they "graciously" said that if we paid for the independant inspection and gave them the address, they would personally drive the Nissan to the location the next morning.

We decided this was reasonable and the next day around 12:00pm, we called the independant inspector to find out the condition of the car.  He informed us it had not arrived.  Eventually, the car was not inspected until 3pm, after numerous phone calls from us, to the dealership. The inspection report we received regarding the car, was good.  They said two of the tires were quite worn but no major mechanical issues.  I was glad to hear this until they added: OH, AND THE OIL AND FILTER NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!!  Are you kidding me?  The one thing the dealership told me is always done on their cars prior to selling, and is the part of the reason why the car wasn't inspected the day before???  So what did get done by them, I wondered?

Honda City apologized when I told them about the oil and the manager said he would personally supervise this service.  They asked when I would be coming down, and I explained that I needed to be home to supervise work that was getting done at my house starting that evening (it was Friday)and would not be able to come down for the whole weekend.

They surprised me with an offer to bring the car and paperwork to me.  I never realized this was something car dealerships could do.  I readily jumped on that offer and agreed that delivery would be on Saturday. We also negotiated splitting the cost of adding new tires to the car which they promised would be completed prior to delivery.  I also gave them a deposit of $2000.00 over the phone which was taken out from my account promptly.  Little did I know they were LYIN' LIKE A NO-LEGGED DOG,

Saturday came and they did not show up.  I called and they explained they had to order the tires which would not come in until Monday.  Monday came and after numerous conversations, the Manager explained that he was very sorry but the car was SOLD on Saturday.  I was shocked and demanded an explanation.  I was put through to the GM who expressed "anger' at the shabby way everything was handled, saying someone would be disciplined and that he would re-train the staff.  He also promised to refund the money I spent on the inspection as well as return my $2000.00 deposit.  

It eventually took 3 weeks and many phone calls, for my $2000.00 deposit to be returned.  You must understand that we were still looking for a car in the interim, so not having access to the deposit for another car was very inconvenient; but I stomached it.  Mistakes happen and after all the GM was "genuinely" upset.

Fast-Forward to January, 2013- I noticed the car was still being listed.  I thought perhaps they forgot to take it down.  But I received another alert from today, February 11, 2013 and saw that the Nissan was still listed.  So I called the dealership to ask if the car was still available.  They looked up the stock number and said "yes, it sure is!"  I said could you physically check that it was there because I'm driving from a long distance.  After putting me on hold they returned to confirm that it was indeed available.  

I am so perturbed that the Honda brand would go to such lengths to lie.  And why?  Perhaps they realized that they couldn't deliver the car or they didn't want to split the cost of the tires? But why orchestrate such an elaborate fallacy?  

I'm baffled and disgusted, and one thing is clear, THESE GUYS ARE LOWER THAN A SNAKES BELLY IN A WAGON RUT!  Run far, far away!!!

Link showing the car is still for sale-…

Sylvia C. | 2013-01-24

So we (my husband and I ) understand our credit is not as sharp or credit is Starter credit, but don't be so pushy in selling a damaged vehicle. We went to Honday and my husband automatically fell in love with a USED 2005 AS- IS Mini Cooper. When we drove it , the car drove fine no burnt smells no nothing. Perfect shape. So my husband asked if the car can be lifted to inspect if any leakage. Well to our surprise , leakage was seen. After going back and forth with the sells rep and the auto tech we decided to take the car, give it the benefit of the doubt and buy an extended policy to cover such damage "just in case". to make long story short, when ready to sign contract (with a high interest rate of almost 30%) the underwriter explained that the warranty would not cover any of the problems the car was showing. When we backed off the deal the young sells rep "pushed" over and over the sale. Please sales reps, yes i understand if you don't sell you don't eat but please be conscious that one day it'll be you buying and KARMA is not a good thing.

Patrick K. | 2012-12-07

Bought a used car there, low mileage, needed a new transmission within a week. Took it in and was quoted for $500 more than other shops. Won't be going there again.

Mr. X. | 2012-10-10

Wanted to buy a car from here and they were very rude. The sales person argued with me for no reason and raised his voice over me in front of my dad. Worst service I have gotten in a long time! Went and bought my Honda Accord in Countryside right off i55 in lagrange road going north. Way nicer people!

Vanessa K. | 2012-06-19

If I could give this place negative stars, I would. This place has the worst customer service of any car dealership I have ever been to. Save yourself the trouble and get a used car at carmax.

I researched the cost of used honda fits online and found a few in Chicago that were very reasonably priced. One of these was at Honda City and we scheduled an appointment for a thursday night. I was connected with a salesperson (Jesus) who seemed ok.  The test drive goes well and we decide we want the car.

Jesus wouldn't give us the total cost of the car (including taxes/fees). He would only give us the amount I would have to pay each month. I knew what it would most likely be, so I shot his "calculations" down when he continued to visit his manager's office and come back with some ridiculous number.  He states that I have a zero credit score (impossible b/c I have owned a car and have a great credit history). He stated he needed to know my boyfriend's income even though they had also run a credit check on him. It was all very odd.

It is after all this that we are told:

1. something is wrong with the gas tank cover and that it doesn't open as it should. The salesman said he had to pry it open with his credit card when we got gas before the test drive.

2. something is wrong with the back seat.

The salesman asks when we can come back to have the car serviced. I say, how about saturday morning? He says that will be fine and that they will take care of me. He attaches the back license plate. He hands me the paperwork and the front license plate. We drive into the night. All in all, it took 3 hours.

Upon getting in the car the following morning, the car smells awful. It smells strong of mildew. This smell was not in the car the previous night. I call Honda City and tell them about the mildew smell. I tell them that i have an appointment on Saturday to have the 2 things fixed and ask if they can take a look at whatever the mildew smell is. I am told, "no problem!"

On Saturday, I arrive at 8:30am and it is a surprise to the service attendant (Rufus). There is no appointment for me. I give him the "owe" sheet and tell him about the mildew smell. He suggests that perhaps an animal died in the car. I tell him that I purchased it 2 days ago.  He says, "have a seat, we'll take a look at the car, it should be 1-2 hours. I honestly liked him. Then, 3 hours later, I am told that they do not have the piece to fix the gas take cover and that I will need to come back. They did however replace the cabin filter and installed a air freshener. I schedule an appointment for Wednesday morning at 8:30am.

On Saturday afternoon, I park in River North and promptly get a ticket for not having a front license plate on the car. Now, I had no idea that i didn't need a license plate on the front of the car.  I called Honda City and spoke with a manager (Asani). He stated that customers often do not want a front license plate attached and that they do not tell customers that it is illegal to drive in Chicago without a front license plate. He said that many customers just pay the tickets because they do not want to "mess up" the front bumper by attaching a license plate. I stated that it was illegal for me to drive without a plate and Honda City should have given me the option to attach the front plate or not.

Asani also gave me the advice to lie and say the front license fell off to have the ticket dismissed. I just bought the car and honestly did not know it was illegal to drive in Chicago without a front license plate. There were not holes in the front bumper to attach the license plate as the car was originally from Florida.

I asked Asani if the front license plate could be attached when I was scheduled to come back to Honda City on Wednesday, June 6th to have the car serviced again for what they could not fix on Saturday 6/2/12. He said that would be no problem. I tell him that Rufus had told me that they could get me a rental on Wednesday so I can get to work. Asani says that I will have to pay for that. He then accuses me of lying when I say that Rufus said they could get me a rental car when I came back on Wednesday.

Annoyingly, I had an appointment in Hyde Park on Monday, June 4th and received another parking citation for not having a front license plate.  I do not drive the car on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I arrive at Honda City at 8:30am. I tell the service attendant about the license plate needing to be attached to the front. 2 hours later, the car is "ready," but there is no license plate attached. I refuse to leave before they put the front plates on. I am told that I didn't tell the correct service attendant and they do not have the brackets to attach it. I still refuse to leave. Miraculously, brackets appear and the front plates are attached. I drive away at 11:30am.

Save yourself the trouble. Do NOT go to Honda City Chicago.

Gokul B. | 2012-05-14

I have been going to Honda City since 2010. I used to like them a lot, specially with all the specials they sent me in the mail. I was there for my Oil Change in Dec-2011. The Oil change included a full car inspection- which I always appreciated. They told me that I am running out of brake pads and I needed to replace them. Being a student I delayed it for lack of funds at that moment. I went again in mid-May 2012. The person told me that I need that my car just takes Synthetic oil.. Whats?? I had been getting the Conventional Oil till now upon their recommendation. The person on the counter was rude and was like: "I never recommended that". Come-on, its their dealership and he works there. I was mad because they had been messing my car up. I talked to the manager and he told me that the counter person did not have the knowledge about Civic Si. That said, the dealership asked me for $55 for brake inspection. It will be credited if I get the brakes replaced. Wait... I never paid that money for inspection that last time. They just wanted to hold my money. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, WON'T TRUST THEM WITH MY CAR ANYMORE!

Jaf Y. | 2012-04-04

Let me start by saying I did buy a used car off of them, unfortunately the treatment didn't start until after.

1.  My sliding door would not open.  This left me climbing over seats with a 4 week old baby to get her in her car seat.  Not OK.  I brought the car to Honda.  I am told that I have to pay $150.00 for them to look at it.  I had the car for a couple of months at this point.  It's a door.  It's supposed to open.  Just take a quick look.  You know the car better than I do.  There must be something simple.  No.  I'm in this place for over an hour with a 4 week old and that's the best I could get.  There was no way that I was going to pay for a door to OPEN.  I left.  After some investigation of my own, I find that a safety lock had been switched to lock.  WHY COULDN'T THEY MENTION THE SAFETY LOCK!  

2.  I was told when I bought the car that I get free car washes.  I was near the store, so I go in.  I'm looked at like I have 17 heads.  They take the car.  IT is returned with a scratch (LARGE) on the corner of the passenger bumper.  Like someone took a turn to close and scraped a wall.  Try and prove that wasn't there when you showed up.

3.   I get a ticket in the mail for the car I traded in.  Seriously!  I contact them 4 times.  Nothing.  I get a call from some guy saying he bought my car from Honda and they told him to contact me and pay me the money for the ticket.  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!  Not only did they not file the transfer, the gave my information to SOME guy.  So I contact BBB.  Then I get a response.  I'm told in the end through email, which contained grammar and spelling errors, that all the paperwork has been filed properly.  I still have no idea if it has.

4.   I find out the other week that there is no cabin filter in my car. So now they sold me a car with missing parts.  

This will never stop.

Courtland G. | 2012-01-23

This is a review for the used dealership. I know used car salesmen often get a bad rap, but these guys were living stereotypes. They knew we were coming to look at two specific cars and both of the cars had empty cigarette packs, half empty cups of coffee with cigarette butts and bunched up dirty laundry in the back seat. They also misquoted the mileage on their website (probably because they were using these cars to pick up dates), and had the gull to blame it on a woman who works in the office, pretty sexist remark. I did not see one woman in the office just dudes looking at facebook and personal ebay auctions trying not to chip their pinky coke nail. sketchy!

Eric D. | 2011-12-27

We were looking for a new Honda Fit, so I asked for 3 quotes through . The salesman from Honda City called almost immediately to tell me that he could go even lower than their already low quoted price. After putting down the phone for a couple of minutes to check the lot (Don't these guys have a hold button or a computer?), he came back to tell me that he had the exact car I was looking for in precisely color I wanted! All I needed to do was drive there today and put down a deposit. I've been buying cars for many years, so I've encountered this scam before. I was looking for a car outfitted in a way that few dealers would have ordered, and in a color that wasn't likely to be the most popular. This was confirmed the next day when another dealer did a search and found only one like it, 90 miles away. The real question is, in the days of Yelp, why are dealers like this still in business? Tell your friends to check the reviews before buying a car!

Ann B. | 2011-08-13

I bought a Honda Fit there a few months ago.  I love my little Honda Fit.  I am a woman and did all of my car-buying research myself.  So I was a little nervous going in, and thank goodness I'm no push-over naturally and came in well-prepared because I'm pretty sure they would have screwed me over more.  Hell, you are buying a car, and expensive commodity so regardless of how you negotiate or how much of deal---car buying sucks period.

The salesman was a washed-up frat boy, a jock that couldn't make it in football.  They all are.  A bunch of the other d-bag sales reps were standing in the middle high-fiving over shitty clubs and talking about Facebook.  Unprofessional and hard to take them seriously but easier to shove back their incompetency in their faces.  Seriously, not let them intimidate you.  

Although my sales guy was a jock, he could have been much worse to deal with.  Be careful and do not tell them how you will be paying or how much you will put down: save all of that for the Finance department.  This sales guy was trying to tell me (without knowing that I was going to put a down payment because I refused to give that info away) that my payments for a Honda Fit would be $317 with a down payment (again, NOT knowing my $$ down, how long I'd finance for, or the interest rate at this point) OR $375 without a down payment (still not knowing what the interest rate would be).  For a Honda Fit?????  Really?  I'm not an idiot.  So I definitely questioned him how he could tell me those prices without a conversation with finance.  My payments are way less---under $300 like they should be once I got through the Finance department.  You know they are trying to figure out a way to get the most money out of you when you sit there and wait while they make your appointment with the Finance department.  Also, watch every little fee they charge you, make sure you are not paying for anything that you don't legally have to--like advertising fees.

He did rush me a little bit with the test drive.  He also knew nothing about the car---I had to inform him about some of the car's features.

Patrick in Finance was nice and easy to deal with.  

Always be strong enough to walk away.  No dealership is good, but always come out above them.

I will never go to their service department again, I had to go there once to get something installed and the manager was a creep, flirty, and slimy.  I am took my needed service repairs to a much nicer dealership in the city.

I will say you should all consider buying Honda Fits though!  Great little cars!

Richard L. | 2011-07-06

They have inconsiderate, cocky, ill mannered service writers that talk to you with an attitude right when you walk in. The manager appears to be the only competent member of their team. I came in with my friend to have his parents car fixed. As we stood waiting for the service writer just to get off his cell phone we witnessed a customer pulling into the garage and the door close on his car. Distraught, the customer came out with a temper and the service writer responsible simply told him it was his own fault, and with an air of arrogance. These guys need to be replaced.

MeLissa H. | 2011-06-29

This review is for SERVICE only.

My mom's Passport  bought here in 98 for a decent price. For manufacturer recalls, we usually drop our car at this location despite there being closer ones to home. However, my father likes to go with what he's familiar with. Our car was dropped off Friday and we weretold 30 min max. However, there was 3 recalls in total so we ended leaing the car there overnight. The following morning, it was delayed since they were waiting on parts from a shipment to finish up. I didn't mind the delay since they stilled finished it rather quick. The workers in the shop were very polite and efficient for the most part. I would probably come here again for free services but not sure about anything I would pay for. Also they didn't wash the exterior of the car which I thought all service places do as courtesy.

Mike U. | 2011-06-11

There's a reason it feels sleazy

Got strung along here pretty good even though I thought I had myself covered.  They quoted me invoice over the phone on a vehicle and I thought we'd worked out all of the charges that were going to get tacked on, but when I showed up it wasn't the case.  Things were higher than industry norms, and several new tack on fees I'd never heard of.  Ended up walking away for $30/month on a lease and went to Valley Honda in Naperville which is a dream compared to this place.

City Honda isn't a large dealership, but when we walked in on a Saturday afternoon it was completely empty, literally no customers.  Not a great sign.  Sat down with the salesman and went through the deal and told him I had a better offer somewhere else but would have to wait a couple weeks to get the car versus one he had in stock.  He did the standard BS taking it to his sales manager,  We'd agreed over the phone on price and residuals, money factors, etc., but he kept coming up high.  I asked him to break down each number and there was plenty of fluff where he was trying to make up the invoice price he quoted.

Just a bad vibe to this place in general.  I guess they figured I'd never be back here for service or anything so the didn't really care.  Live and learn, definetly one to avoid.

Misha C. | 2011-05-14

Email string copied and pasted below.  Read and draw your own conclusions:  

Dear [user], My name is [internet sales] Honda City Business Development Center and I would like to thank you for your interest in the 2011 Honda CR-V.

The CR-V that you have requested is available. I have a couple additional models that are similarly equipped that could possibly save you money.  

Here is the quote you requested. It is only valid with an appointment.

Vehicle: 2011 Honda CR-V 4WD LX
MSRP: $23,725 Internet Price:  $20,741

[email text deleted]
[Disclaimer:] *Your price quote is valid for 3 days only and does not include Dealer Installed Accessories, Destination, Tax, Title, License or Doc Fees.  This quote includes all rebates and incentives that apply to every customer.  There are additional rebates and incentives that you may be eligible for that are not included in this quote. Ask for details.  We reserve the right to modify this quote to correst arithmetic errors.  Incentive and pricing programs are subject to change by Honda without notice. Vehicles contained in this quote are subject to change by Honda without notice.  Vehicles contained in this quote are subject to availability

Hi [internet sales person],
Thank you for providing this quote - this is perfect  Yes, I have already driven it (I agree it's a great ride) and no I won't be trading a vehicle in.  Basically am interested in wrapping the purchase decision up within the next two weeks so your quote is coming in at a perfect time.  Am not sure what you mean by 'it's only valid with an appointment' (you mean coming into the dealership?) Can you please let me know how much this quote would change if I requested LoJack (assuming you have one in stock)?  Thank you!! [user]

Lojack would add an additional $695.00, Yes only valid with an appointment means comming into the dealership. Just send me an email or call and let us know when you would be available to come in. [internet sales person]

Hi [internet sales person]
One more question... what are your current financing options at the moment?  (and would it change the pricing at all?)  

I've summarized the pricing you've provided (with taxes and everything) below, kindly review and let me know if anything is missing.

Thank you!! [user]

MSRP: $23,725 Internet Price:  $20,741 Taxes: 9.25% of MSRP $2,195 Documentation: $156 Cook Count Tax: $15 License Plate Fee: $25 License Plates: $194 Destination Fee: $750 LoJack: $695 TOTAL:  $24,771

Everything is listed. the finacing does not change your price of the vehicle. Honda is offering 2.9% for up to 60 months ond on the CR-V 1.9% for 24-36 months or 2.9% for 37-60 months

When you come in you have to work with [floor sales] he is our recomended internet salesman. I don't sell cars but [floor sales] will take care of you.
[internet salesperson]

Did you say you would be by here today?
[internet salesperson]

Hi [internet salesperson],
I did, my brother was just there with [floor sales]. [Floor sales] seemed to think your quote was for a 2wd, not 4wd, so he refused to honor the price.

Its unfortunate since we were prepared to buy so we have no choice but to walk away.

Thanks for your help.

[floor sales] discussed with your brother prices he can get to. I must have looked at the 2WD.


The mistake (if it was unintentional) could have been corrected many times during these emails.  It wasn't like I just asked once, I confirmed pricing myself and asked to be corrected.  Lack of professionalism and rudeness at the end (no apology given) results in a big thumbs-down for me.

M. F. | 2011-04-01

Found a used car online. Followed instructions to put in an offer and schedule an appointment. They were very good about calling me back and being excited about bringing me in and discussing with me possible negotiating on the price etc.
Came in first thing in the morning, next day.  First thing the Sale Person tells me is that the price is firm and I might as well leave if I'm interested in negotiating it. (im almost quoting - needless to say, not an ideal customer service tactic)
After some frank discussions, he then proceeds to tell that the car has been sold. Yesterday. Sure - snooze/loose - but i would have appreciated the same level of responsiveness to let me know not to drive across town in morning rush-hour.

He was far from being apologetic about it. Even after, I pointed out that I should have been notified as I did email and schedule an appt on their website.

In general, all my comments are re: service and attitude.  Can't speak to their servicing of cars.. But their service of people leaves a lot to be desired.

Rachel K. | 2011-02-10

I had been interested in a specific vehicle I found online and when Honda City called me, they verified it was still at their store and asked when I could come in.  I told them due to having a baby it was hard to give an exact time, but I would be in to see the vehicle within 2 hours.  I drove 40 min (with a baby and in 10 degree weather) to find out they had "just sold" the vehicle the night before.  I had literally talked to someone who claimed it was there 1.5 hours before showing up so I knew someone had lied to me.  The salesman I talked to was apologetic and tried to be helpful, but that had upset me so much that I refused to buy anything from this dealership.  Their loss...I ended up buying a vehicle 15k over my original price range at Toyota that day.  I had a Honda that I was happy with, but willing to give Toyota a try after that stunt.

Angel S. | 2011-01-15

After test driving quite a few cars at CarMax and the Nissan Dealership in Chicago, I headed down to Honda City to check out a used VW Jetta that I saw online and seemed like a good deal.  By the time I got there, someone had already bought the car! At first, I was pretty annoyed because it took me more than an hour on public transportation to get down there, but Ronando (the manager) offered to find the exact same car within 48 hours and honor that same price.  I knew right then that I wouldn't mind doing business with these guys and it was a refreshing experience from what I had seen previously.  

He asked if I'd like to take a test drive of anything else on the lot before locking in on the Jetta, so I decided to take a Honda Civic out for a drive.  I really didn't think I was going to like the car, but it had all the bells and whistles I was looking for, has great consumer reviews and the car report they gave me showed that the previous owner had OCD about taking car of his car.  There wasn't a single basic maintenance that was missed.  I decided I wanted to move forward with the car, so we started talking price.  They came back with an alright deal with the 100k warranty, but I asked for a better deal, they met my terms without having to go back and forth 10 times on pricing.  

A few days after I bought the car Ronando followed up to make sure I was happy with everything and I appreciated the extra step in customer satisfaction.

Cassie S. | 2010-02-01


Honda City has been a mixed bag for me.  I'm leaving my initial review intact, below, because they really have done alright by me... some of the time.  I'm downgrading my review, though, because I've gotten kind of tired of some of the attitude I've gotten from the service advisors there.  

I've had issues with a minor evap leak for a couple years.  I took it to get fixed there, and they fixed whatever was initially wrong... only for a newer subtler leak to occur immediately after.  I was told my car would need a smoke test in order to figure out how to fix it, and that they didn't have the machine and would call me (in a week or so) when they did.  They never called.  A few months later I called back, and they were confused and said they'd never had one.  I stopped talking to them about it for a while, as my check engine light flitted from on to off with temperature changes, and then when I did again, maybe 6 months to a year ago, they acted like I was nuts when I asked about the smoke machine, and said they'd had one forever.  I was pretty fed up by this, and just left it alone.... which I can't anymore because my car needs to pass an emissions test.

The behavior of the light had recently changed, too, so I figured something else was wrong.  I was right.  It had the old evap problem and a new electrical problem.  I took it to an independent shop recommended by a couple of friends and a business associate -- all independent of each other -- and they fixed the evap problem for about what just the smoke test would have cost through Honda (if not less), and told me they couldn't fix the electrical thing because the computer needed to be reprogrammed by a dealer.  

So I called Honda City and tried to explain that an independent shop had told me this.  The service advisor I was talking to proceeded to lecture me at length about how clearly this independent guy was trying to take advantage of me, since he saw two codes when Honda'd only seen one.  I tried to explain that the light had started acting differently.  He kept, kinda condescendingly, telling me that I couldn't trust this guy, and acted all offended because I recounted the facts of my history with the stupid OBD issues and Honda City.  I made an appointment anyway... but cancelled it a little while later because I realized I just don't want to deal with this kind of attitude anymore.

I called McGrath, which has similarly crappy Yelp reviews, and even though they're a little more expensive, I'm going to try them instead.   The whole thing was very disheartening and it's not the only time I have felt that people were talking down to me at Honda City.  I'm not dropping my rating farther, because of some very good experiences, but I just don't feel like dealing with the attitude right now.


You know, I've had some good and some frustrating experiences with Honda City.  I like that they're close by, and that they have a 100k+ discount program, which makes it less expensive to get my aging civic through its second 200k miles.  There have been times I've been a little frustrated with them--my car has had some phantom engine light issues that they didn't have the machinery to fix and kept sort of putting me off about.  


Today I had to make a phone call of a sort I've never had to make to ANY Honda dealership before.  My car had a regrettable encounter with a mile marker post on its way into a snow bank in Michigan to ring in the New Year, and my front bumper came unclipped on one side.  Apparently this is an easy thing to deal with, but I didn't know that.  I took the car in for standard maintenance--tires rotated, new wiper inserts, oil change--and without telling me, or coming out and gravely saying there was something they'd need to charge me for, they just bloody fixed the damn thing.  

I didn't even realize this until well into the next day, when I was showing a friend my car's new battle scar and realized that the worst of it was better.  This morning, I called the service manager and asked him to tell the tech who did it that he's my hero.  

I'm not saying that this is typical of this place, or that you can expect it if you go there--but that this could happen even as an isolated incident spoke really well of the place to me, and though I travel all over this area for work, I will make an effort to keep bringing my car back to this dealership on account of their simply having done a decent thing.

Darrell M. | 2009-12-17

I tend to disagree with the previous posters, but will have to downgrade this location a bit.

I bought a used car from here and was in the service dept. within the week.  However, since I bought a service contract, everything was paid for at no cost to me.

I like that you can make an appointment for service on-line and the waiting room has free wi-fi for your laptop.

So I would give them a c+/b- grade.

Jared K. | 2009-10-18

The con artists here have soured me on Honda forever. They literally tried to raise the price by $1,000 from the sticker. And they stole my "deposit" without delivering the car. I'm still dealing with the credit card company about it.

Tam H. | 2009-07-22

Being new to the area, you are always worried about when you need to get your car fixed.  Just recently, I took my car to Honda City to get it fixed.  Let me say this first....NEVER AGAIN!  

The service managers are there to make income.  They are not concerned with your needs of getting quality service.  The guy called me 3 times to tell me more things that could possibly fixed.  The funny thing is that he didn't mention the most important until the last call.   In addition, there are promises made by them that they "check & adjust" certain items on the car.   Not true because I checked. Many of the fluids were not topped off at all.  

Finally, they always want to leave you with the customer service survey and how he needs it to be at 90% or better.  You should think about that when you offer up horrible service. This is something that will be reported to our friends at the Better Business Bureau.

I won't be going back.  My lesson learned is to listen to my fellow Yelpers because your reviews don't lie about the service of a business.


Ben B. | 2009-04-21

If there new car sales are anything like their service stay away!

I have been taking my car here since I purchased it from the previous owners.  They have always charged fairly high rates, but ever since the change of ownership they have delivered poor customer service.

Their manager and GM have been particularly painful to deal with.  The extended warranty that I purchased thru the original owner has somehow got lost in the shuffle and they refuse to help or listen.

Find a dealer that cars since they do not!