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Established in 1934.

Sam Grossinger arrived as an immigrant from Europe during his life as a young boy.  As was the case with most immigrants during this time, his family was poor.  However, what Sam Grossinger lacked in finances he made up for in determination and perseverance for success in this great country of opportunity.  He began as a tailor in a sweatshop and then became a partner in a parking garage.  Finally, he became a franchised new vehicle dealer for a brand called "Hupmobile".  This franchise did not prove successful, but Sam's perseverance and business acumen got him noticed by the leadership of General Motors and namely, Pontiac Motor Division. It was then Sam Grossinger opened up Grossinger Pontiac in 1934 on Lawrence Avenue in Chicago and he was one of the original Pontiac dealers in the country.
               Amongst those with whom he worked, Sam Grossinger became known for his shy smile, the whisper like silence of his voice and his stern, forceful manner when necessary.  He was hig

Grossinger Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 274-7777
Address:6600 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60645
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Grossinger Honda

Huong N. | 2015-04-24

I had some problems with my tires pressure a couple of weeks ago and it was immediately fixed. Today, I came in for a car wash. My salesman, Grant, took care of it and my car came out sparkling clean within 15 minutes. The services was very fast. I was very pleased. He also helped me fix a stain inside my car. Grant was really reliable and eager to help when I have any issues.

Leslie R. | 2015-04-19

Overall, a good experience. I brought in the ad for a CR-V lease and told them I wanted exactly the deal that was in the ad. I got it! took much longer than expected and I did have to decline model upgrades, interior/exterior protection plan and service plan. I get it -- these guys are in business to make money, and they certainly did their best to make that happen. I will give them a ton of credit for trying to make the process go as quickly as possible. When it was clear the paperwork was going to take another hour, the salesperson asked if I could come back first thing in the morning. I did, and he met me immediately to get things wrapped up. Several times different staff/managers asked if I was having a good experience. They put a lot of effort into making a positive impression. I suppose this yelp review is evidence that it worked!

Cassidy V. | 2015-04-16

I have been previously going to Schaumburg Honda for my services seeing that I purchased my car there but I was extremely unhappy with their service department because they're a bunch of rude jerks who think their time is more valuable than anyone else's. I chose Grossinger this time based on a referral and so far so good. They're living up to the expectation. I was greeted as soon as I pulled into the garage and my ticket was written up instantly. All the advisors are happy, as they should be. They seem to be enthusiastic about their job and that definitely has an impact on the client. Thank you Grossinger for a pleasant experience!

Ennos P. | 2015-04-13

Buying a car is nerve wreaking, so I walked into the dealership ready to fight, and very defensive. It was all for nothing because Al Puckovich treated my wife and I extremely well. I guess not all car salesman are the devils advocate. Thanks Al, I have a happy wife with a funky lil Honda Fit. She loves that car. I will ask for Al the next time I am ready to purchase a Honda.

K L. | 2015-04-13

We purchased a CRV over the weekend and Al Pukhovich was an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and efficient salesperson.  He answered all of our questions, offered helpful suggestions and was never pushy.  Al provided us with a top notch car buying experience.

Kels E. | 2015-04-11

Grossinger Honda made my experience buying my car not so bad, especially for a car dealership. Al was my sales person and was very nice and helpful and has called a few times since I got my car in December which was surprising / nice. I would give 5 stars but the guy in financing was kind of rude. Overall, my experience was pretty easy and painless.

Tom C. | 2015-03-28

I gave Grossinger Honda a 1 not because of the service which was OK, except for the one cabin filter cover not being replaced and the mechanics rag on the floor. I gave them a one because they said my car would be washed, well it came out as dirty as it did going in. They washed my car a second time and it was still dirty and on the third wash they offered to do it by hand and it was still dirty. Visible dirt on the windshield, the side of the cars and wheels I doubt they did what they said they would do and now I wonder if I'll go back or find another dealership to do maintenance on my car. Over $1200 in repairs and maintenance I would expect that my car would be detailed instead I feel like I took a bath.

Chris S. | 2015-03-27

Great place to go if you don't like customer service, want to get overcharged and like to wait.

Sarah C. | 2015-03-26

I recently purchased a new car from Grossinger and my experience was a fantastic one.

I walked in ready to head to three other dealerships that day and my salesman Brett made me an offer I could refuse. He honored my TrueCar quote and then went above and beyond to make my car dreams come true.

Originally, the car I wanted was going to have to be shipped to be to arrive a few days later. After pulling some strings, I got a phone call letting me know they got the car in that day and I could come pick it up. Originally, my monthly payment was supposed to be a LOT higher and they brought it down AND with a bank that I trusted. Originally, I thought I was going to have to go to lots of dealerships and then they gave me a reason to stay.

Not only was my car buying experience 100% painless, but I really enjoyed the guys that worked there. I know there's this idea that car salesmen are sleazy and trying to rob you, but all the guys I dealt with were funny, friendly, gentlemen. We talked food, sports, and movies while we were waiting for various things and they never hesitated to make sure I was taken care of.

I highly recommend you shop here for your next car. Bret and the fellas will take good care of you.

Monica G. | 2015-03-25

Make sure you deal with Robert when you go. He is the sweetest and most personable guy. Somehow he always manages to make my experience so much better than I anticipate. I almost look forward to getting my car serviced! All around great guy and great place.

C R. | 2015-03-17

Arrived at 10:45 for scheduled maintenance (oil and filter). They told me it would done at 12. I waited and waited and waited, giving them the benefit of the doubt. At 1 p.m. I was over the edge (I work too), and went and asked if it would be longer.
Turns out, the car had been ready for God knows how long. I asked "why the heck didn't anybody call me????"
All they said  is that they have to enter clients in the system too and that they apologized for that. I was so pissed that I didn't say a word.
If I hadn't come over, they would have kept me waiting like an idiot for a longer time.

Edwin R. | 2015-03-16

I went to this Honda dealership not knowing what to expect from my trade in I was greeted and welcomed with open arms from a sales representative his name is big Al aka uncle Al... I would have to say it was one of my best shopping experiences of my life shopping for a new car. I requested a black on black Honda Pilot touring, didn't have the car in stock but he made sure that in a couple of days I will have my vehicle and I'm a very appreciative for all his hard work and effort. I would definitely do more business in the future with this dealership two thumbs up

Troy R. | 2015-03-12

Some really great moments and others less great in the process of buying a new Accord.

Great - Offered me the best price in Chicagoland on an LX with leather upgrade and 8/100k mile warranty, even matching a great deal I was offered on a Camry. Not as great that when I went back to sign paperwork that it took 3hrs of negotiating to get (close to) the price that was already promised. Great that they worked with me to pick it up at 7am to accommodate my work schedule. Showed up at 6:45 and they let me in, had the car ready to go even though it just came back with leather the night before. Not so great that it wasn't checked thoroughly for flaws, and leather company scratched a couple places on the door and back of seat. Great that they already offered to wash it before I left and committed to following up on the imperfections. My salesman, Arun, was very nice throughout my process and not here for my pick up (would have been nice), so we'll see how he handles my (almost) brand new car.

Andy L. | 2015-03-06

I just finished getting an my oil changed, tires rotated, and my air filters changed. Not Not only was it much cheaper than expected (air filter was cheaper than if I had done it myself), but the service was great. Got right in, waited less than originally was estimated, and they even washed my car by hand. The advisor (I think it was Robert?)  was very friendly as well. I will definitely be taking my car back for all maintenance.

Alexis A. | 2015-02-20

I recently bought a new 2015 Honda Fit at Grossinger Honda and am extremely pleased with my experience there.  Before going in, I looked online and called around, and despite 5 other dealerships telling me that Honda had no promotions on the new Fit, no special financing, and that the price couldn't be budged, I got a quote over the phone from Grossinger that was $750 less than anywhere else.  When I went into the dealership, "Big Al" helped me, and all I can say is he made me feel comfortable throughout the process, and was able to give me a great trade-in price for my 2002 Civic with a shot transmission.  When I told him how much I wanted to pay monthly he met that price, and then met my second lower price to ensure that he had my business.  Not only that, after signing a contract that gave me 2.9% financing, the next day I received a call from Nissan in their finance dept stating they were able to get me a slightly lower rate of 2.19%.  

Aside from getting what I feel to be the best deal, the customer service I received was excellent.  I hadn't been planning on even buying the car that day as I had to be at work in the early afternoon, and Al helped expedite everything so that I wouldn't be late.  He then helped me transfer my stuff from my old car (in the freezing wind) the next day and called me a week later to make sure that I was satisfied with my new car.  The saleswoman at Castle Honda barely addressed me when I went into the showroom to sit in the car to see if I liked it.

I highly recommend Grossinger Honda, and Big Al in particular!

Matt M. | 2015-02-17

I would not buy from this dealership again. They are getting 2 stars because they did offer the best price and all issues were eventually resolved, but it took a lot of work on my end to get answers. We bought a brand new CR-V and ended our lease of a Civic early. Since we had a very specific CR-V we wanted I talked to 6 different locations and they said they had one available. When we showed up, they did not have one but said they could get one, we just had to put a $500 refundable deposit down. We did and it took them a week to locate one just a few miles away.

We finally got there and went through the process and rolled the remaining lease payments into our purchase and were told they would refund the $500 for the deposit. Everything seemed good and we were happy with the process. A couple weeks later we still had not seen the refund to our credit card. I called our sales rep and left a voicemail, no response after a few days. I called again and left a voicemail, no response few days. So I called a third time and asked for a Sales Manager and got Bob Marchello. It was a Saturday and he said his business office was closed and to call back on Monday, since a dealerships definitely closes it's business office on a day they are open. So I call back Monday and talk to Bob and give him the credit card info for the refund and he says he will run it back and then call me when it is done. A few days past and still no confirmation from Bob. I call again and leave a voicemail for Bob and get no returned call. I call again a few days later and Bob says, he'll check and comes back and says verbatim, "It was done, call your bank." and hangs up. It did clear that morning so technically he was right, but was rude and unprofessional.

I thought our issues were done and then we got a bill from Honda saying we owed the rest of the payments from our original lease that we rolled into our purchase price. Again, I call for our sales rep and leave a voicemail, then call for Bob and leave a voicemail since this was the responsibility of the dealership. After a few days with no response I call Bob again. Again, no response. So I call the General Manager of Grossinger Honda, Brian Weinberg, and leave a voicemail, no response. A few days later I call Brian again and leave a voicemail with no response. After a few more days I call Bob again and finally get him on the phone. He said, "Let me see and I'll call you back." To my amazement he called back that day and finally had the check they sent Honda for our last payments. So they did the process correctly, just wouldn't return a customers calls.

So, in summary, good price, horrible buying experience. My next car will not be here or any Grossinger dealership.

JJ .. | 2015-02-17

We have had an extremely frustrating experience with Grossinger Honda. The morning we traveled in from out of state to purchase our car, we waited about 7 hours since to have our finance paperwork taken care of. As we waited, at no time were we given any indication of how long we have until it was our turn. Hence we had no option but to stay within the building and wait through lunch and through dinner, both of which we essentially had to skip. After we came home that night (~9-10pm) and discovered mistakes on the finance documents, we waited many many days to get documents going back and forth. Eventually we were UNABLE to get our car registered within the right time frame because we never received the appropriate paperwork to move forward with registration. In this one month span, we have continually tried to get in touch with the team at Grossinger to get guidance and answers as to why we hadn't received any paperwork, why our paperwork is delayed, how we can get our first payment in, and what the next steps are. Days would go by without a response from anyone in the team. We tried calling and leaving voicemails for the the manager and the finance person. We even tried calling the receptionist and asking her to deliver our urgent calls for help so that we can be on our way to a successful transaction. We even tried leaving messages with the live chat service on the Grossinger website and sending emails to the manager, salesperson, and finance person. I have also tried emailing or text messaging employees/sales people that we were in touch with. Most employees don't have a Grossinger email and we had to email much of our information to their personal email addresses - NOT desirable. With such long delays in getting responses, we are met with high levels of frustration. As capable, patient, eager and willing customers, we have not been given the attention we deserve in making our transaction smooth and quick. Instead we have been facing countless obstacles from Grossinger's end, and when we have tried to reach them through multiple forms of communication, we do not receive a timely response from them. All in all, the whole process has been slow, inefficient, and really frustrating.

Overall we had talked to 3-4 different people, one-by-one each of which left the company, passing our transaction onto someone else.

The only positive thing about Grossinger is that we got our car for a reasonable price.

Jim S. | 2015-02-10

Got in and out fast and 50 bucks under the diagnostic fee. YAY!

John S. | 2015-02-05

I had bought 3 cars from grossinger all 3 times were great. Went in today to buy another. While talking to sales rep. Rana, I tried to negotiate the price he said we cannot negotiate because he showed me the price. Since when the hell are we are not able to negotiate on a car?! Never going back there again.

Alan M. | 2015-02-03

Yesterday, the public schools, federal courts, and half of Chicago was closed down, digging out from the blizzard. But I needed my oil changed. By 7:45, Grossinger had plowed a path to the service bay and even though I was their first--and only--customer, I got treated wonderfully!

Rebecca O. | 2015-02-03

This review is for the sales side. My husband and I went in here to buy our first car together. The sales guy was very nice and helpful (older foreigner salesman). We decided we didn't want to purchase the car that day and to come back in a few days. We went back a few days later ready to buy this car. This salesman was not there that day. We waited in the showroom for maybe 20 minutes. No one approached us or even said hi. The manager walked by a few times and didn't even acknowledge us. I was beyond furious that we weren't even acknowledged by the manager. They completely lost my business. A few days later the salesman calls my husband phone leaving a threatening message saying " don't ever call me again.. I'm serious don't ever call me again. I don't want to see you here" . WTH???? My husband never called him. Needless to say I bought my Honda at a place that values customers.  And one more thing, why is the finance department in the front where you can hear everyone's business? Had to see a family cry that they couldn't get approved for a loan.

Jon L. | 2015-01-23

The only thing preventing me from putting down 5 stars is (a) I had one experience where I waited an additional 2 hours beyond what they told me - but they gave me a discount at a later service, and (b) what on earth would a 5 star dealership even be like?

Other than one fluke delay, prior to new management, these guys have been the only ones who have serviced my car.  The prices are dealership prices for sure, but they are timely and honest.

On the plus side, you can also now schedule appointments and view your ENTIRE service history online. Hooray for robots.

Bradley S. | 2015-01-22

I bought my 2014 CR-V here, and got nothing but friendly service and compromise. they gave me the best price out of the other 5 dealerships I went to and hassle-free with my cert.

I also have received service from here, and have to say that the customer service is unparalleled. The Honda Service Representative, Fernando, helped me when I came in with a piece of trim came off and they replaced it free of charge, no questions asked. I had came in a bad mood and left smiling, which felt great.

PS - Watch out for the speed camera when you  leave onto Western, it can get you if you leave excited and aren't thinking.

Elizabeth P. | 2015-01-22

I purchased a new Honda Civic from Grossinger.  I called first and got a great price right away from Nate on the phone.  He quoted me $1200 less than the the price so I was thrilled with the price.  I came in and my was salesman Brett, he was very helpful, I picked out the car, got all bells and whistles that I wanted, he wrote it all up for our agreed upon price and sent me to Mike Schultz, the finance guy.  That's  when things went  south.  Mike kept me in his office for 2 1/2 hrs, and started a very slow but intense sales pitch for extended warranties and maintenance.  He really scared me into buying everything.   He talked me into an additional $6,000 in extended warranties and  prepaid maintenance to be financed with loan.  I came home and told my son and he got very upset because he knew that these things were not necessary for a brand new civic and Grossinger was taking advantage of a retired women on a fixed income.  The next day I went back and they removed all the additional charges, but not without Mike once again trying to scare me into keeping them.  So I'd say the sales team was  great, just beware the sleazy way that Grossinger tries to sell high  profit unnecessary  policies to senior citizens who don't know better.

Ailish M. | 2015-01-05

Al at Grossinger Honda made buying my first car a piece of cake. Very straight forward

Aaron K. | 2014-12-29

One of the worst purchasing experiences I've ever had. Found that they had the exact vehicle I was looking for. I live 3+ hours south of this dealership, so I emailed back and forth with their online team to get details and info on the vehicle before hand which was the one bright spot of the experience. They were friendly and responsive and answered all my questions, so I decided to make the drive. I let them know when I would be coming up and they said they would be ready for me. When I arrived, I walked in and was met by a salesman and described that I had been in contact with them and what I was looking for. The vehicle wasn't up close to the showroom so it took him 15+ minutes for him to get it and bring it up. When he finally got it up front for me to see, it was filthy inside and out - so much for being ready for me. I took it for a tiny test drive since the salesman got in and directed me around the block. The car was sitting on empty with the gas light on during test drive - so much fur being ready. I expressed that I couldn't decide without it being cleaned up so I could see what it really looked like.  So half an hour later or more it got a quick wash and vacuum. I liked the vehicle a lot and the price was good, so we went in to talk. They refused to honor the price the quoted online for my trade in. I asked if they saw something wrong with it that knocked down their offer, and I was told no just that the amount I was offered online was too much. They did honor the price for the vehicle I was quoted and for the extended warranty. I asked for floor mats and some head rests that were missing (but were in the online pictures) to be included and they agreed. I purchased the vehicle, but the story doesn't end there. I received the factory new floor mats in about two weeks which was great, but after four weeks and no head restraints, I called and left a message fit the sales person I had worked with. Didn't hear back so after another one to two weeks, I called again and got the sales person. He said he would look into it and get back. After another week if heating nothing, I called back and left another message. So after another week if nothing, I called and started asking for the sales manager that I had met there. He assured me it would get taken care of. After another week or two if nothing, I called back and the Manager checked and this had "slipped through the cracks". He assured me they were now ordered and gave me his cell. I called every other day for a week or two until I received a shipment with four head restraints. Problem was there were four for the front and middles, I only need one if those for the middle, then the three for the back third row which I saw the sales person wrote down what was needed at the time off sale. I called the Manager back and told him if three mistake. He was very upset and said he thought it was the fronts and middles that were missing and I needed to ship him back the wrong ones and he'd order the right ones and then hung up on me before I could ask anything else - like did I need to pay for the shipping, etc. A week later I called to see if the new ones had been ordered, and to tell them I would be in Chicago in a week and a half, and I could just bring their old ones to exchange at that time. I was told there replacements had not been ordered and would not be until the other ones were shipped back on my dime. So I had to pay $75 to over night them back to the dealership to be sure there was time to get the replacements ordered and to the dealer by the time I would be in town to pick up. So in short, love the vehicle and pretty good price, but horrible Service and follow up.

Karen M. | 2014-12-21

I went to this dealer with one of their many $19.95 oil change coupons.  When I returned to pay and pick up my car I was told that the bill was over $30  !!!!!!.  No extra services were tacked on, but instead I was told that my car required the very pricey synthetic oil.  They also told me that this info was in the micro-font terms and conditions listed at the bottom of the coupon.  WATCH OUT FOR THESE SCAMMERS!!!!   And, before you use one of their coupons, be sure to read it with a microscope!!!!

Eugene C. | 2014-12-11

Initially I went here for an oil change last year and on top of the service being courteous, professional and outstanding, my rep told me how my aunt and uncle go here too! They give them a Christmas gift because they love the service on their Honda. Apparently they've been going here for years now. I figure if they're a huge fan then I will be. They are not wrong about this place.

I recently when in to replace two tires in which I had my own. They were cool about it and the labor charge was very reasonable. They also mentioned an alignment and at first I was hesitant, but to my fortune, it turned out I really needed it as my tires were pretty misaligned. I'm grateful that they upsold me on a service without being pushy about it.

Overall, a great experience plus their waiting room is cozy with free wifi. Also it's at a really convenient location on Western. I'm taking my Honda here for from now on.

Brian R. | 2014-11-16

I needed to bring my car in for brake inspection. I called on Friday, thinking it would be impossible to get my car in on a Saturday. But Mark at the service center told me not a problem and to go ahead and bring it in late Saturday morning.

This my first experience with Grossing Honda. I must tell you. I was VERY impressed. Mark walked though what they would be doing and came back to me with FULL details of what needed to be done. He even gave options that would cost me LESS than trying up sell stuff that was not needed. He apologized that it took so long to repair. But I told him I was just glad they were able to get it repaired in a day's notice!

Thank you to the service crew @ Grossinger. You have earned my continued business!

Dustin Z. | 2014-11-13

Wanted to give more stars, because the salesman we dealt with, Gilbert, was pretty good.  The first time we came in we had to wait quite a while to get an appraisal on one of two cars we were wanting to trade in.  During this wait we heard a lot of lewd talk right over our shoulder from what I'm guessing is the finance manager.  Not a big deal, but definitely unprofessional from someone who is deciding how much a car is worth.  Couple of days later, today, brought the other car in to get appraised and was given the most obscene and offensive offer for my car.  It was like the classic bs game of good-cop bad-cop with this sales and finance team.  Would not recommend to my worst enemy.  Word of advice Grossinger Honda staff, a lot of people are wise to what their cars are worth now, thanks to the ease of access to information online.  The old tricks don't work anymore.  Would have bought a car today, instead I walked out offended.

Martha Y. | 2014-11-10

I just purchased a 2011 Honda at Grossinger Honda. The manager there, Bob, was very helpful. He explained about the make of the car and showed to have a lot of experience about cars. He is a good asset at that location. Mark at finance went out of his way to help with the warranty explaining it in a way that I a female could understand.  I had a good overall experience buying a car here at Grossinger on 6600 N. Western Avenue. Martha Y.

Ji Yeon K. | 2014-11-01

I went there to buy a new vehicle. I asked for an internet quote first. Matt was the guy I talked to, who was so good. He educated me on how the quotes were made, and educated me on asking other dealers, what the quotes included and DID NOT INCLUDE. He made sure that I was not going to surprised with hidden costs from other dealers. HE NEVER ASKED ME TO COME TO THE DEALER to figure out final costs. Because of his hard work, he drew me into coming to the dealer.

When I got to the dealer, I went to the front desk, and showed them the internet quote i got from other dealers and their dealer. The manager could tell that I was a no nonsense type customer so he got to what I came for right away, which was the cost of the vehicle. They CAN REALLY READ THEIR CUSTOMERS. And treat them with how the customer wants to be treated. When I told them I had to check out other dealers, he said he understood, gave me his best "OUT OF THE DOOR" quote and gave me his cell phone number.

As it turns out, the other dealer I went to, lied about their quote. The Mountain Air CRV that I wanted sold at Honda Grossinger that day. When I told Brian that I would do business with him, if he could find the CRV with the color I wanted, he said that he would find the vehicle for me. Sure enough, in 3 days, he got the mountain air CRV, shipped it from Wisconsin and sold it to me.

When I came back to purchase the vehicle, he assigned a gentleman to me to finish the settlement, that I got along with perfectly. Not only that Brian kept coming back to check up on me. Matt, the internet quote guy, came to say hi. What I came to find out that many people who work at Grossinger Honda have worked there for a while and chose to keep working there because Brian is such a great leader. The culture of a business is all in the leadership and this place has a great culture. I don't know if I actually got the best deal, but they sure made me feel like I got the best deal and honored whatever they told me. I would definately come back here for service.

P.S when I went to Enterprise nearby to drop off my rental vehicle, some employees from Grossinger were there. They recognized me right away and said hi.

Dale R. | 2014-10-27

Bought my car from this dealership and continue to be happy with the level of service and help I get here. I did need to call more than once to get a service appointment, but I was treated extremely well, and not up-sold on things my car did not need. It is due for the special 30,000 maintenance that can cost a few hundred dollars. Instead of automatically pushing me to just have it done, they checked my car and all the parts to make sure whether or not I needed any of the 30.000 maintenance procedures. When it turned out I did not, they got me on my way quickly. I really appreciated the expert service and attention when I got to the shop and will definitely recommend this group to anyone who asks.

Patrick M. | 2014-10-23

Just bought a new CRV at Grossinger.  I am one tough customer when it comes to buying cars.  I shopped around and NOBODY would give me the deal that Grossinger extended to me.  Thanks to Matt, Al, Bob, and Brian for making things happen for me.

Amanda W. | 2014-10-05

This review is for the service area only...

I went somewhere else originally to get my oil changed.  As it was my first oil change, I was not expecting the need for synthetic oil (which is much more expensive!).  I called Grossinger Honda and they quoted me a price $10 less for my oil change and they could get me in if I arrived soon.  I decided to go there.

When I went there, I met Robert (I think?).  He was very kind and helpful.  I waited in there customer area.  It was pretty comfortable.  Some of their seats have arm tables which is helpful.  They also had a couple of tables if work needed to get done.

When Robert rang me up, he gave me a coupon to lower my price even more.

Such great service!

NENOS G. | 2014-09-30

Finding parts for my 91 Accord has been very difficult.   Lenny and Carlos are two members of the parts team that have went above and beyond to find the parts that I needed.  Even when a part I needed was discontinued they were able to locate the part and tell me which dealership has one in stock.  They remained persistent on finding the part that I needed for my Honda.  It's experienced counter men like this that restore my faith in my oldie but goodie 91 Accord.

Chris M. | 2014-09-29

Car dealerships get such a bad rap. The hard sell, the up sell, etc. Grossinger was a pleasant surprise. Never felt pressured or uncomfortable. I have dealt with Service and Parts departments as well. Same experience! See Greg in the Service department. He will treat you with courtesy and not talk to you like you don't know an ignition key from a valet key.

Asenath N. | 2014-09-23

I brought my Honda here for an oil change. I didn't have a appointment or anything. The staff was really nice and even gave my car a free wash. The service was fast on the Tuesday night I went,I was in and out within 45minutes. I been other places where an oil change can take close to 2 hours.
They even offer coffee, tea and water while you wait.this is going to be my home for oil change!!!

Stephanie M. | 2014-09-23

Grossinger is the 3rd Chicagoland dealership we've visited for sales and/ or service.  This dealership team exceeds, by far, the quality of service we've had at other dealerships and moreover, our expectations of a dealership.  
Sales:  John Poorman is everything you want in a sales guy - knowledgeable & patient with a knack for reading the client.  He knew when to steer the conversation and when to give us time to think things over.  John made us realize that buying a car could actually be a pleasant experience and when it was over, we both commented on how different it was buying with John versus our first Honda (purchase elsewhere).  Contrary to prior experience, we never felt like we were being jerked around.  John worked very hard to earn our business and did so with patience and integrity.  

Finance: (Mr. Anderson I think?) was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough in his explanations of terms/ conditions.
A bit of constructive feedback (for the dealership in general, not for Mr. Anderson) - you need an additional finance professional on staff or at least on call.  The process was easy once we got to Mr. Anderson's office but we waited hours to see him - on a Thursday night - because the shop was so busy.
Service: So far we've taken the new car in for remote start install and complimentary 90 day inspection.  The car came back washed and on schedule.  We also took our older Honda in to troubleshoot a problem we believe has existed for a while.  Despite another dealer service center telling us they could find nothing wrong with the car, Grossinger identified the problem and laid out a reasonable solution/ timeline for fixing it.  

I think there's a lot of warranted skepticism out there car dealerships.  At other dealerships, we always felt we were getting jerked around and sold unnecessary services.  We always leave Grossinger feeling we have been taken care of; that the team here honestly wants to do the right thing by us and make sure we leave happy.

Frank H. | 2014-09-21

Very pleased with the new customer service orientation of this shop. We have serviced our Honda Civic Hybrid here for years and have, frankly, been disappointed in the past. But since becoming Grossinger we have had nothing but positive experiences.

H W. | 2014-09-18

I drove my former car for over a decade, and was finally ready for a new (used) car. As a single working mother I need to be very careful about my finances. I had a basic idea of what I was looking for, I had done my research, and I knew how much I could afford.  Still, it was a big deal for me.

Nissan Khouchaba was the salesman that I dealt with from start to finish, and he was outstanding!

Nissan was very available to answer my calls and emails with various inquiries about cars. I really appreciated his prompt and polite responses to all of my questions.
I also dealt with Frank (the finance guy), who provided good service, too.

Nissan went out of his way to provide me with whatever I needed. He patiently answered all of my questions, without ever pressuring me to buy something I didn't want or need. I also wanted to take my time with this purchase, and never felt pressured by him to sign papers before I felt ready.

It turned out that there were a few (very minor) repairs/touch-ups that needed to be done on my used car. I wish that they would've let me take the car to my own mechanic for inspection before purchasing it, but was told that's not their policy.
(Update: I was able to get just about all of these repaisr/touch-ups done, free of charge, from Grossinger's service shop!)

When I was in the dealership, I was greeted by numerous friendly faces. It was a bit intimidating to walk into a dealership alone- I was convinced that the salespeople would take advantage of a woman buying a car. But, I was wrong.

Bottom line, I'm really glad that I worked with Nissan K. and even recommended him to a friend of mine who is now car shopping. I can see myself returning to Grossinger Honda when I'm ready to upgrade my car.

Adam H. | 2014-09-12

My car was recently totaled. I went into Grossinger Honda and Bob helped me get a good car that i could afford. No bs, straight to the point, and gave me honest answers. It made making a decision a lot easier. Been driving the car for a couple weeks now with no problems. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up.

Alicia C. | 2014-09-01

I recently came into the service center for maintenance issue. A woman named Dani in the service area helped me. She was professional and friendly. I asked for my service and did not feel pressured into extra services. Everything was finished in the time that was stated. There were no surprise fees. I did not appear that there were any surprises. What I asked for and what was agreed it is what I got.

After my experience here I will be returning for the service and would be willing to consider other services that may be suggested after being able to trust all was well after my first experience with the staff and maintenance work.

Shaakira H. | 2014-08-30

This place truly is amazing. They are amazing on customer service. I am originally from Michigan and i just recently got my new car. I haven't taken it anywhere else and I am always skeptical about auto service. Robert really helped me out and explained to me why I needed a new tire (nail was in my tire). He took me back to see my car and gave me a full explanation and gave me options. I would highly recommend anyone to go here for any type of service or to purchase a Honda.  Haven't had any problems with my 2014 Civic and get nothing but compliments about it. Don't keep reading, just stop in!

Eric M. | 2014-08-30

I needed to buy a car this weekend because my previous car was totaled.   I was deciding between 3 vehicles and one was a Honda Pilot. I went through a website called True Value and Grossinger quoted a great price on the vehicle. They ended up giving me a lower price once I made contact with Kelsey, the internet sales coordinator.  I called the main desk and Kelsey put me in the system to take a test drive later in the day.   I waited only 2-3 minutes on a busy day and Armando took me over to his desk.  He explained some of the benefits of the Pilot and within another 10 minutes or so we were out on a test drive.   I ended up not buying the car becuase I liked a different car better but the service was great.  No high pressure sale tactics.   I would definitely go into Grossinger Honda to buy a car again and Armando was a very knowledgable and friendly salesperson and their quick follow up with pricing was excellent.  Highly recommended!

Michelle S. | 2014-08-22

The SERVICE DEPARTMENT rocks! MIKE & FERNANDO have been taking care of me and my car for many, many years! It is very hard to find trustworthy employees when taking your car in to be serviced. However, I totally TRUST these guys and will not bring my car to anyone else!!!! They always help me understand what's wrong & why it needs to be fixed. If you are looking for a kick ass service department for your car, go here! I highly recommend these guys :)

Marc H. | 2014-08-16

This review is for the service center. I brought in my car with a specific, pretty simple service request. I arrived a few minutes early for my appointment and re-confirmed the details of my service request when I checked in. An hour and a half later (in a waiting room with a loud TV and a broken coffee machine), a tech came over to push a bunch of additional services completely unrelated to what I was there for. Apparently they had spent that entire time doing an unrequested inspection of my tires, fluids, etc., and they hadn't even begun the work I'd asked them to do. Another hour and forty-five minutes later, the job was done. It seems to have been done correctly, so far, but I felt my time had been wasted. (And it certainly wasn't cheap.) I'll be going elsewhere next time.

Michael M. | 2014-07-31

I had purchased my New Honda CRV a couple months ago. I had no intention of buying. I was going to just look as my wife said do not buy on the 1st day as I did my Cadillac. The great service from Brian Weinberg and Louis David made me do otherwise. They hooked me up with a great deal, I was with my in laws and we ended up leasing 2 Honda Crv's at the end of the day.

Mike M. | 2014-07-25

Took the Odyssey in for two recall repairs. No nonsense, straight ahead service, very smooth. Robert Johnson at the service desk made it easy. Came away with a free car wash, and, best of all, no charges, and no pressure or scare tactics to get unecessary service done.

Mason G. | 2014-07-16

My entire family has bought all of their cars here. Three CRVs and an Element. Robert at the service desk seems to always be there and always be the most reliable and efficient. I don't expect him to remember me but I always remember him because his patience and knowledgeability is exceptional.
With car places you always risk being condescended on. Robert will get you the help you need and won't give you any bullshit. But most of all, he does his work as one human to another. It's too often that corporation workers forget this. I really appreciate Robert and all the folks at Grossinger Honda that keep Honda what it is. Thank you guys.

Also Marcia is super fun. Another one of those humans who treat customers like humans.

Peter B. | 2014-07-16

WORST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER! Went in to purchase my lease that I had started with Carr's Honda. After sitting for 4 hours, Charles, the finance manager sat me down and made me a ridiculous  rate offer on my car. I refused and started walking. Charles quickly changed his tune and dropped the rate over 1%. After buying my lease it turned out Charles had elected to finance the price at the end of the lease not the amount still owed. I left voice mails asking Charles, the finance manager for help. When I realized that my 4 voicemails would not be returned. I called the manager and left messages asking for help. Again no one returned my call. Apparently they don't care about making mistakes when dealing with money. And obviously don't care about their customers or repeat business. This was the second car I got from Carr's. I will never go back to Grossinger Honda.

Ed K. | 2014-06-25

I gave them 5 stars after a purchase we made 4 months ago, so I felt I should balance it with my recent experience.

I had an email exchange with them discussing what I wanted to buy this time, an Accord. I was very specific that I wanted to test drive the 4 and 6 cylinder engines. I told them when I was coming in and they said they were ready for me.

When I walked in, they had no idea who I was and that I had just bought a car from them. It only got worse. I had to wait an hour before they got me into the first car to drive. (I will give them credit for sending me on my own on the test drive.). When I got back the salesman was nowhere to be found. I had him paged but he didn't show up for 20 minutes. When he did, he told me I should have called him. He made it seem like I was the one at fault.

I did drive the other engine but by now it was rush hour and I had trouble getting a real feel for acceleration.

I went there with the intention of buying a car. I left thinking that this wasn't the place to do business.

Lynn B. | 2014-06-20

Great buying experience! We bought 2 new cars this week. John at Grossinger's was not hardsell, but knows what he's talking about.

ethel m. | 2014-06-06

Grossinger Honda has taken over the Carr's Honda location on Western.  We have dealt with Carr's for our last 3 leases.  But I have to say that when we went to Grossinger Honda to upgrade our lease, the transaction couldn't have gone smoother and I'm delighted to say that they were able to put us in a better car for less $$ per month.  Everyone was extremely attentive and we were lucky enough to be able to deal with Brian, the store manager.  Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the attention and service that we received.

James C. | 2014-06-03

I have bought many NEW cars and I have to say this has been the worst experience I have ever had...I traveled 45 miles to Grossinger Honda... I negotiated a price then they tried to overcharge me $500 hidden  in the paperwork...Lucky for me I caught it...

When I  took delivery of the NEW Ridgeline it was dirty...they had a person clean it up better but it was still dirty...We got tired of waiting and took the car...We were 10 miles away when we saw there were no floor mats...we went back and it took 25 minutes for us to get the floor mats that were supposed to be in the car..I HAD TO SHOW THEM THE WINDOW STICKER THAT HAD THE FLOOR MATS LISTED...

I got home and happened to open the hood and couldn`t believe the mess...the whole engine compartment was looked like a 2 year old car...I have no idea how it could have got this way..It took me 1 1/2 hours to clean it up...I`m now questioning if it was a new Ridgeline the speedometer had only 17 miles on it so I can't believe what could have happened...hundreds of leaves and dirt everywhere...The bed of the Ridgeline was scratched in 6 different had to be used to haul something...

Lastly the paint has thousands of ruff to the touch yet can`t be seen spots all need to run your hand over to's like sand paper...I've polished it 3 times now and got 60% of it out hopfully the rest will remove.. Never again will I deal with this dealer. J.C.

Kasey M. | 2014-05-31

If you want a great deal and get an awesome car go to grossiner. Everyone there makes you feel like your at home. When you go to other dealerships they seem to come off as all the want is your money but not this one. From the getco they ask what your needs are and are willing to go that extra mile. Never once did I think that they were willing to take advantage of me. Make sure to ask for the associate Nissan because he knows what his doing and will make sure you get what you want. Honda is the way to go!!!!!!!!!(:

Adele G. | 2014-05-27

Good experience here.  No pressure, but I made my expectations known.  Good to work with and a solid negotiation with John Poorman and Mark.  John was very knowledgeable in showing me the features of my new car.  Since we ended late, we set up just my phone and Bluetooth, then came back a week later so he could walk me through the rest of the features.  During negotiations they were also able to accommodate one odd request, so that helped w/ the logistics and timing of my sale.  I'd recommend others to this dealership and to John if they're looking for a Honda.  Very happy with my car and look forward to a fruitful service experience.

PJ Mc J. | 2014-05-25

After 24 hours of ending my technical nightmare with my camera, I'm here to report on my updated review of Grossinger Honda.

New name. A couple of new friendly faces. Same great people when it was Carr's Honda. Same A+++ service department. Same A+++ service/deals/follow up n follow thru.  

Got to see my absolute fav service guy LagunaDude again!!!! My Service Manager Mike Spano is still great as ever & alive n ticking!!!   For those that might remember Jeff Baygood, he's no longer there (aww); he moved on the different pastures (insert sad soap opera music here).

There's a GREAT technician by the name of Mike. Very knowledgeable of vehicles & a great person to learn things about a car from. He's hidden behind the scenes working on customer's cars, so you may not see him, but if you do, say hello!!!

Then there's the receptionist/cashier!!! ULTRA friendly too!! She takes care of your paperwork, process your payment and send you on your way with a smile (and you thought only Flight Attendants did that!!! (well I did once upon a time!!)

There is a wealth of info about Honda vehicles under this one roof. One of the things I've always liked, is that you can ask the most bizarre question about your Honda, and someone there...someone will have an answer!!
Never be afraid to ask about anything; trust me...they know!!

For those of you who may not know..This was once Carr's Honda & now ran by Grossinger. This facility is a really great place to get your Honda & get it serviced at.  You are not rushed, you are ALWAYS greeted with a smile & a hello!!  Even when they are backed up, they will tell you. You'll always stay updated. If there's a safety issue with your vehicle, they'll let you know what needs to be done to keep you rolling safely.  And while you are waiting for your vehicle to be serviced, you can watch cable TV on their new leather appointed sofas. They even have trays that swing back and forth for the seats on the end for you to write on or put your laptop!!!  There is always free hot chocolate, tea or coffee while you wait. They have some really kewl magazines for you to read--and you'll find some 2014 Honda brochures mixed in the bunch...visual temptation to go buy something??? Could be!!

This place is jumping on Saturdays so it DOES pay to have an appointment. They'll fit you in if you don't but while they work on your stuff, take advantage of the downtime. KFC is down the street. So is the 7-11. Not a bad walk on a nice day like it is today.

I always go across the street to the other lot and check out some of the cars there to see what is out...the closest I'll get to owning new!!!

So I say, if you are in the mood to buy a Honda, any Honda or if on the spur of the day decide to get an oil change or get your vehicle services, come on in to Grossinger Honda. Get to know everyone, take a look around and I think you'll be glad that you did!!! Everyone deserves a chance to get your business, so extend a happy handshake and perhaps you may have found your new Honda home!!!

Terry G. | 2014-05-21

I'm happy to have had the opportunity to be served by the folks at this dealership.  Gilbert was very helpful in answering questions and providing as much information as reasonably necessary as we browsed through Accord options.  Even though we didn't go with Honda as our preferred brand, I would like to give this group positive feedback on my experience.

Well done and thank you.

Matt C. | 2014-05-19

Dropped my 4 month old Honda off at Grossinger to have the Air Conditioner repaired. Left the car their for the entire day and when I picked it up I didn't realize that the A/C didn't work until a couple of days later. Clearly either a lazy or incompetent crew -- there is no way that they could have tested or checked to see if it was working. When I called back they didn't even seem surprised that they didn't fix the vehicle. No apologies, and it was clear that they didn't care. Don't waste your time with this dealer. Go to another one that cares about their work and takes some pride in their organization.

John K. | 2014-05-13

I had some minor service performed on my CR-V while I waited.  Everything was completed on time along with an estimate of recommended additional service I requested.  I was very pleased with the assistance I received from service advisor Robert and cashier Missy also gets high marks for her assistance and pleasant demeanor.  Good job Grossinger Honda.  BTW the coffee was very good too.

Mikhail V. | 2014-05-13

My experience with Grossinger Honda was pleasant and smooth. Upfront they provided me with quote via email. Louis was very helpful and informative during car overview and made sure I have and know everything. Sal gave tips during test drive and explained car driving features. Oscar was able to get me best deal at that time. Charles went through paper work with me quickly and answered all the questions. Thanks guys!

Hawon J. | 2014-05-12

This is for the service department. The guy tom in there is not friendly at all and ignored my request so I have to mention it several times.

Unlined advertises they don't have WiFi in the waiting room area either and while I am waiting I see several attempts to scare people to get this done and that done.

I'd avoid  here unless you know what you exactly want it to be done.

Angela S. | 2014-05-08

We have been Honda owners for years and decided to replace my Honda Civic EX.  We went to a Honda dealer on the North Shore, Castle, and test drove the Honda Accord LX.  It was a horrible experience, the salesman was very unprofessional.   I then got quotes online  through from Honda dealers for the Honda Accord 4 cylinder EX. All the dealers denigrated the others - use me because we are great. One dealer, on the North Shore told me that only they provide professional service.  I replied that it's my money and I have two feet and will walk if I'm not happy.   I was very impressed that Grossinger Honda not only met, but went lower, than my lowest quote.  I have bought many cars and was prepared for a an anxiety-filled experience.  Quite the contrary.  Everyone was pleasant, accommodating, wanted my business.  I want to draw special attention to Gilbert - he was efficient, lovely to work with.  Ours was a cash deal, no trade-in, and maybe that's the reason it was an exceptionally smooth transaction.  I would have no hesitation recommending Grossinger Honda.

Jacqueline H. | 2014-05-04

I just bought a CRV from Grossinger Honda this week and I cannot say enough good things about the place. I hadn't thought of them but my neighbor had just had a great experience and recommended them to me. Everyone from Monique who gave me a very competitive out the door quote to Charles, Melvin and Camille were all very pleasant, knowledgeable and not pushy at all. My sales person was Melvin and he was amazing! He really listened to what I wanted and didn't try to convince me of buying a different car, with different features. Since they didn't have the exact model in their lot, he even went out of state to pick up the vehicle that I wanted. He was very personable, friendly and made the whole process such a pleasant interaction. He wanted to make sure I knew how to use all the great technology, synched my phone, put the plates on, washed the car twice for me. He introduced me to the guys in the service department to set up a first free appointment. The whole place just felt like a lovely environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the stress free experience and I am thrilled with my new car! If any of my friends are thinking about buying a new car, I would send them to Melvin at Grossinger Honda in a heartbeat.

Leslie Z. | 2014-04-30

My 9 year old car was totaled about 10 days ago.

I showed up to Grossinger Honda pre-approved (from a different lender) and knowing which model what I wanted.

Gilbert was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to show me the multiple colors, options and perks of the various models. I really appreciated his flexibility as I thought through the many options.

During my discussions with Gilbert, the Director of Retail Operations came over to see how the deal was progressing. He was super helpful and willing to negotiate with me to get the car I wanted, at a price that was right.

As the conversation continued, it became apparent that the 0.9% financing that Honda was able to offer me really was the way to go and I no longer needed my initial lender because what the Grossinger Honda team was offering was a much better deal.

Buying a car is a scary process and there are a lot of stigmas of a girl going to buy a car alone. This dealership was friendly, understanding, willing to negotiate and ultimately get me into the car I wanted for a price I could be proud of.

Many thanks!

William C. | 2014-04-22

I'm writing one review for two dealerships to compare and contrast my experience between the two dealerships.

Grossinger City Toyota (1561 N Fremont St) -- Two Stars
Grossinger Honda (6600 N Western Ave) -- Five Stars

Toyota: My wife and I took the Purple Line and Red Line to visit the dealership on a Saturday. We spent 5 hours negotiating on a 36-month lease for a "forever green" Toyota Corolla LE. I **hated** the color, but I was willing to lease the car for a great price. We spent 5 hours going back-and-fourth. When we finally arrived at a mutually agreed-upon price on the lease payment and drive-away costs, I asked the finance manager to throw in the extra wear-and-tear package for free. He refused to budge a single penny on the extra wear-and-tear package. I have a two-year old daughter, leaving the dealership without the package would cost me major dollars when I return the car. My wife and I walked away from the deal and took the Red and Purple lines back home DISAPPOINTED and in the FREEZING COLD.

FYI: The "forever green" Corolla was the only Corolla in the entire lot. The sales person was bragging that the dealership had 1,000 cars in the lot at any given moment. He later mentions, "but the green Corolla is the only Corolla we have".

Honda: I had a fantastic buying experience from Honda. Kelsey McCafferty, Oscar Andrade, Al Pukhovich, and Charles (Finance) were a pleasure to work with. I came into the dealership at 6 PM and negotiated for less than an hour. I leased the 2014 Honda Civic LX for a great monthly payment, drive-away cost, and a cheap extra wear-and-tear package. I drove home a happy man because I didn't have to waste 5 hours haggling. Oscar, in particular, was very willing to help me to save money with the new college grad dollars (I recently got my masters degree) and dealer contribution.

As for the actual vehicle itself, the Corolla LE and Civic LX had very similar features (rear-camera back-up assistance) and LCD screens. But THANK GOODNESS, I don't have to drive around an ugly "forever green" car. The Honda dealership had a wonderful selection of colors for the LX. I chose the metallic blue.

Celene M. | 2014-04-15

I came into Grossinger knowing what I wanted. A reliable, fuel-efficient, low-mileage, budget-friendly car, as new as possible. Easy, right? Well, it was! John was a terrific salesman. Zero pressure, but he made sure that I understood the different offers Grossinger had available. He was patient with my questions, and allowed me to ask them and process the answers. When it came time for the oh-so-scary numbers talk, he set a very casual and non-confrontational tone that helped me feel confident in my own bottom line. Once I had decided to purchase my beautiful new Honda Fit, Charles was extremely kind and helpful with the financing. He even chimed in with possible names for my new car! All in all, this was a great experience that ended with me driving away with a better car than I ever dreamed I could have. If you're in the market for a new set of wheels, I suggest Grossinger as your first stop.

Jo W. | 2014-04-13

Grossinger was not on my list of dealerships to visit, but when I drove past them on my way to another dealer I decided to stop in. I am oh so glad I did.

I am a Honda fan. The last car I owned (13-ish years ago) was a Honda, and I loved that damn car. LOVED. When I moved to Chicago and left it behind, I cried more when I left my car than I did leaving friends or family. True story.

So anyway, I stopped in and was hooked up with James. I had spent the last two days dealing with mostly douchebag stereotypical used car salesmen so I was super Over It by that point. James was SO not one of those guys, and I appreciated that. He started to walk me around, but I cut to the chase and told him it was a cash deal so my budget was firm. He showed me what was in my price range instead of trying to upsell me and talk me into financing, which would have quickly ended my visit if he had.

And then.... then... I laid eyes on her. And I just knew. *sniff* A newer version of the same car I used to own. It was fate. She was in great condition, inside and out. The price didn't make me cry. She drove like a dream. I needed to have her in my life (Hondas and I are SOUL MATES), but I had to play it cool.

So James was awesome. He laughed at my jokes during the test drive. I think he could tell I was Over It when it came to the buying process, so he didn't jerk me around. Showed me all the paperwork and reports I requested. And when it came time to sit down and talk numbers, I had no desire to do the "back and forth" game, so I gave a number that I wanted to be out the door with, and after some discussion I was happy with the end result. Very happy, actually.

The rest of the process seemed to move really slow, and I didn't understand why. I don't think that was James' fault - I think it was other things (people?) that I didn't understand. We agreed on a number, here's a check...why am I sitting here waiting? And what am I waiting for?

After what seemed like an eternity I was taken back to sign all the other stuff with the money people. Apparently she didn't notice (or care) that I was Over It and tried her darndest to sell me on an extended warranty. Oh honey. So cute. She was perfectly nice and I know she was just doing her job, but perhaps we should focus on more important things, like you actually informing me of what's next. Like...the process of getting my title, which she failed to do completely. Luckily, one email to James a few days later and I knew what to expect and when to expect it in the mail.

Two lifetimes later, I was finally out of there to take back my ZipCar (last ride ever - suck it, ZipCar!), and then back to pick my baby up. They washed her and cleaned her up so pretty, and it was official - I was a car owner. Yikes! And YAY!

Thank you a million times to James for making this process easy and for being able to read your customer and tailoring your sales style accordingly. I wanted that car, and I'm happy you made it a douchebag-free experience. Me and my new baby are very happy together thanks to you!

Rachelli S. | 2014-04-12

I do not know that much about cars and I went to this dealership because I knew other Honda dealerships to be reliable and this one was well located for me.

They told me a part was under warranty that was not, and did a maintenance check that I did not technically need for  another 15000. The maintenance check I actually needed was almost $300 cheaper.

I would not trust this dealership with my car again. They are clearly getting as much money out of their costumers as possible.

Auriel G. | 2014-04-06

Monique matched the lowest price offered and, unlike other dealers, quickly provided a list of all fees and taxes at my request -- all numbers were honored with no hassle. Walked in and only had to pick the car color. A straightforward painless buy with no surprises. Bill helped us complete the process and was very kind and helpful.

Vishwesh K. | 2014-03-18

The Grossinger team is a FIVE STAR ++++ they are honest and transparent in their talks: a great plus point when buying car from dealership + stress free.

I was never a fan of Honda autos. A quick visit to the showroom changed it all. Their inventories are aplenty.

I just sealed the deal for 2014 CRV. The internet associate, Daisy, was very cordial over the phone and set me up with Abe for test drive. I test drove 2014 CRV and a civic. I had already done my research on these two vehicles and did not need an extensive walk thru on the details.

I had my pricing done thru true car, hence I did not have to negotiate on the price. Abe mentioned about the $500 discount offered by Honda on CRV and the low interest rate financing.

We wanted a white color CRV and they did not have it in stock. But Abe went beyond his limit and checked on the inventory for new autos arrived that day and luckily found one for us with the specs we wanted.

It was getting late - past 10PM. Abe and his manager (sorry I cannot recollect your name) assured me that I could finish it in the next 30 mins. But, I couldn't close on finance the same day due to personal reasons, and they agreed to wait for the next day with no deposit.

The next day James helped me to finish the final walk thru and the keys.

Camille from financing dept was very courteous. She went over the maintenance program and other info in detail. During our conversation, Brian introduced himself  and gave us a great news that Honda agreed to reduce the financing by 1% and that he was happy to pass it on the customers.

James finally helped me to sync my phone with CRV, fixed number plates for me and setting up first service appointment.

The only down side is the location - test drive at 40+ mph is not possible due the location in the city.

They are customer friendly and focused. Three cheers to them! I will come back and get another Honda from this team! It's been a pleasure.


Tracy S. | 2014-03-18

Grossinger Honda was a great experience for me. Louis David was very helpful and honest. As a woman getting a car on her own, I felt treated with respect and was not pressured into anything. Internet communication was also pleasant with Kelsey who was helpful, but not a stalker like some other places that I emailed. I love my honda!

Fabi H. | 2014-03-10

Would definitely buy from them again!

My husband and I had such a great experience working with John Poorman. He listened to our needs and helped us identify the best car for our family. We love our Honda and will be taking it to their service department for all future maintenance. John was knowledgeable and helpful, and we've been recommending him to our friends. In our opinion, he was fantastic. We gave him a budget to stay within and we came in way under compared to other places we went to. Their prices were very competitive and they are transparent, which we appreciate.

If you are in the market for a car this is a great place to add to your list!

chrissy h. | 2014-02-24

I just got a new car from Grossinger Honda and I couldn't be happier with my new ride! Brian and Abe took really good care of me, and were always motivated to help me, even when negotiations got tough. These guys want to make their sales, and they want their customers to be happy - and they achieved both with me.

I had been a regular customer of Carr's for service, and expect that I'll get the same good service in the maintenance dept, too.

Christopher S. | 2014-02-24

This is a review for Grossinger as a whole company cause they have multiple locations. My experience was with multiple locations through their internet sales and actually walking into this location.

I was looking for a used car for about $7-$10k. I look at some of their online listings one evening and clicked on "get e-price" and "check availability" for about 3 cars. Well doing that prompted them to call about a dozen times and email me six times. Talk about annoying, but I really wanted to look at a particular car, so I still went in.

They had a 2009 Nissan Sentra listed online for $8,999 which was a reasonable price. I asked to take a test drive and the salesman was a pretty nice guy actually and not too pushy (He's the only reason this place gets the two stars). During the test drive I noticed the car struggled around 20-30mph. It was not normal. After I got out of the car, I started to notice imperfections in the car that I couldn't see before because the car was parked in a tight spot. There were scuff marks around the vehicle a nice sized rust spot on the passenger side under. I asked the salesman for the carfax report and how much they could take off the sticker price for the defects. The Carfax report shows TWO accidents, one in which the airbag was deployed. I should have walked away then, but I was curious as to how low I could get this vehicle if it was in this shape. Maybe I could overlook the condition if one of the largest dealers in the Chicagoland area with such a big name could work out a deal? Well, I stayed seated to find out. After about 5-10mins of the salesman and his manager stood 20 feet away talking and looking at me, the manager walked up to tell me that the price of the car is $8,999 and that's the lowest they could go. That's it, no negotiation, no "let me show you what else we have". I mean come on. How did Grossinger get so big when they have managers that aren't even trying to sell a car? I had cash and really wanted them to take it, but they didn't cause they got greedy and read me wrong. $9k for a car in that condition? Sticker price only? Is this your first day on the job? You know you're a manager at a car dealership, right? You know you're supposed to actually sell the cars, right? If you're going to sell sub par vehicles expect to cut down on the price. Major failure. I walked out and didn't look back.

I did email the internet sales department once after I left to ask if they could lower their "special e-price" but they said I had to come into their other dealership in the burbs. So, no negotiating there either. Waste of time.

Based on the Yelp reviews, it seems like this dealership is better to deal with for a new car. I only had enough to pay for a used vehicle in full in this price range and didn't want to finance a new car, being that this was my first car in years. But I don't think I'll be going into a Grossinger in the future when I'm ready to buy new. They don't seem to need or want my business.

Judy E. | 2014-02-22

I purchased a 2014 Honda CRV from Grossinger and found them to be fair and lowest price.  I requested quotes by email and Grossinger called me within seconds of hitting the send button.  Other dealerships told me that the price was below cost.  But since no other dealer was interested in beating their price (only matching) I gave my business to Grossinger.  Now I have a great car at a great price.  The wait to get the paperwork and sale completed was quite extended (3 hrs) they only had one finance person and there were several buyers in line.   But there was no pressure for the additional warranties and extra treatment that dealers typically push.  Overall a good experience.

Debra B. | 2014-02-14

I just bought a 2014 CRV from Grossinger.
I gave them 5 stars for being professional , not at all high pressure with a competitive price tag. They have a great product & it sells its  self.  I choose them as they are logistically close to home. My salesman James was very low key & not at all aggressive. It was a long process as it always is , but they made it almost painless. Would recommend Grossinger to my friends and family!

Matthew W. | 2014-02-12

I stopped in to Grossinger Honda yesterday to place an order for a 2014 Honda Accord Touring sedan.  From the outset, my desire was to pay cash for the vehicle and complete the sale with as few complications, delays, and entanglements as possible.  I had already been bombarded with phone calls and e-mailed quotes and was finally ready to cut through the sales noise and make a purchase.

Initially, I had expressed interest in the same vehicle at another Honda dealer, but when I stopped in, I was given the runaround about Honda Flex Cash (according to the internet manager, $500 flex cash was available the night before; somehow, it was gone and/or never available the following afternoon), availability of the vehicle, the sales staff wasn't very professional, and to top it off, Grossinger Honda offered the same vehicle for $2000 cheaper than their competitors.  Going with Grossinger was an no-brainer.

James, my sales consultant, was upfront, professional, stuck to the basics, and didn't attempt to force any add-ons into the deal that I didn't already want, although with (10) aftermarket accessories, admittedly there weren't many left to throw in!

My purchasing experience at Grossinger was far and above what I experienced at their competitor.  I'd recommend them for their stress-free, no-hassle buying experience, but above all else, their professionalism.

Dominik D. | 2014-02-01

Even though we did not purchase a car there I have to write a review. Our salesperson was a really nice guy named Abe. The attention he gave us was great. If my wife had not lost her job we would have purchased a Fit from them as an extra car for us. We plan on returning when our situation changes.

Mara S. | 2014-01-22

I just purchased a car at Grossinger Honda and the process, albeit long, was positive. They are price competitive and were able to do better than other dealers that we spoke with. We had an add on service that we later in the day decided to remove (before we even drove off the lot but AFTER we had signed papers) and although they gave the hard sell on why to keep it, they ultimately took it off and were pretty friendly about doing so.

We were pleased with the sales staff as well as the manager. Buying a car is a long and tedious process, but with that aside, we thought that Grossinger Honda was pretty good. When we picked up our car we got a detailed demo of all of the new features and the salesman made sure that we were comfortable before driving away.

Before we bought a new car we had our old car serviced at Grossinger twice (hole in tire and another small issue) in recent weeks and thought that the process and service were quality.

No real complaints other than the fact that buying a car is just not fun. There are a lot of details to sort through and a lot of paperwork to sign. There wasn't a ton of high pressure sales, but they are trying to sell you a car and products to go along with it - it's their job, you just have to be willing to play the game too.

I'd go back for service as well as, obviously, purchase given their price competitive nature. It's worth a stop in if you're looking for a new car or need to service your existing Honda vehicle.

Mopsie B. | 2014-01-15

I wouldn't know what it is like to lease or buy a car here but it wasn't for lack of trying. I called the number for Carr's Honda and someone calling it Grossinger's answered the phone. I explained what I was looking for and the person acted completely astonished that someone would call. She stammered and hemmed and hawed and finally said that they just took over the business earlier that week and that it was still "growing pains." Um, ok. But how about getting someone on the phone to answer my questions about a new car? She said that there was no one there at the moment! No one! How do you run a car dealership with no sales people or management? She took down my name, phone number and my question and told me she would have "someone" call me back, but that it might take a day or two. Never got a call and they never got my business. Go to Valley Honda instead. We did and no regrets!

Allan G. | 2014-01-07

I bought my car here when it was Carr's Honda. Before, every time I just want to get an oil change, they always try to upsell me with a different maintenance plan. I bought into it before then realized how expensive they were. I then went to a different mechanic.

Since I live near by and they are now Grosigner's Honda, I tried to give them another shot. My engine light was on and my mechanic told me that I need to do a warranty replacement for my IMA battery for my hybrid since my IMA light is also on. Hence, I went to Grosinger asking them to check the engine light and told them that they probably need to change the IMA battery since the IMA light is also on. Grosinger told me that I didn't need to change my IMA battery but I need a software update. I said, "okay, as long as it turns off both engine light and IMA light." Since I bought the car there when it was Carr's Honda, I assume software updates are free. Nope! My car was brought to the parking lot 40 minutes after I brought it in, but paperwork took 20 minutes so it made it an hour. I was charged around $136 for a software update and for an hour's worth of labor. Such BS. Should've never came back.

B. G. | 2014-01-03

We got excellent pricing on our car at Grossinger Honda, but saw confusion in the sales process.  We noticed last minute discrepancies in pricing, ranging from $500 to $30.  They corrected everything we found, and didn't put up a fuss.  If you choose to purchase from Grossinger Honda, just be sure you are reviewing all of your paperwork carefully, and get all quotes in writing to cross compare as you move through the sales process.