Grossinger City Autoplex in Chicago, IL

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Grossinger City Autoplex specializes in the sale and service of new and used Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Toyotas and Scions.  We are conveniently located just west of North Avenue and Clybourn in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.  We offer free WIFI, free shuttles to your home or work, on site cafe  and three children's play areas.  We have over seven hundred vehicles all indoors to serve you better.


Established in 1937.

Sam Grossinger arrived as an immigrant from Europe during his life as a young boy.  As was the case with most immigrants during this time, his family was poor.  However, what Sam Grossinger lacked in finances he made up for in determination and perseverance for success in this great country of opportunity.  He began as a tailor in a sweatshop and then became a partner in a parking garage.  Finally, he became a franchised new vehicle dealer for a brand called "Hupmobile".  This franchise did not prove successful, but Sam's perseverance and business acumen got him noticed by the leadership of General Motors and namely, Pontiac Motor Division. It was then Sam Grossinger opened up Grossinger Pontiac in 1934 on Lawrence Avenue in Chicago and he was one of the original Pontiac dealers in the country.

               Amongst those with whom he worked, Sam Grossinger became known for his shy smile, the whisper like silence of his voice and his stern, forceful manner when necessary.  He was h

Grossinger City Autoplex

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(224) 223-8437
Address:1530 N. Dayton, Chicago, IL, 60642
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Grossinger City Autoplex

Shelby B. | 2015-03-28

There is no fine line between a great car dealership and a terrible one, there is a chasm the width of the Mississippi.  Grossinger Cadilac (Autoplex) has seemingly done everything possible to land firmly on the terrible side.  Let me explain:
 My friend is about to spend $30-50k on a new or CPO sedan.  I scheduled appointments at the Chicago Audi, Mercedes, VW and Tesla dealerships, in addition to Grossinger Cadillac.  Each other appointment went well.   For example, when we arrived for the test drive a sales associate was there to greet us with the car models we asked to see.  Each dealership had our requested models ready to drive, cleaned, and pulled to the front for easy test drive.  Each dealership provided a salesperson who knew the technical specs of each model inside and out.  And each sales associate spent some time getting to know us so as to better provide recommendations regarding which additional models we might like.  Grossinger was the exception.  We arrived on time to the very impersonal, big-box feeling warehouse of cars.  Our requested Cadillac was not ready.  When we finally were presented with the vehicle, it was covered in road grime and warehouse dust.  This was a new $60,000 Cadillac, mind you, and they brought it to us filthy, even a thick coating of dust on the inside.  The salesperson was lackluster, to say the least, and knew not a single answer to my questions regarding MPG, torque and other basic questions about the engine and drivetrain.  The Grossinger representative took us down back roads to a CITY RECYCLING DUMP, and then just said 'Im not sure' when we asked the best route to get back on a highway so we could see how the car handled.  So I tried to operate the cars navi, with no success :(
 I wanted my friend to like Cadillac, and was planning to try to persuade her to get one of there awesome new sedans instead of an Audi, but how could I get her to take the brand seriously with such poor, thoughtless representation?  To put the cherry on top, when I asked their 'valet' to bring my car around, he told me I had to go to the warehouse top parking level and pick it up.  After finding our own way to the top of the garage, the parking attendants allowed me to walk to my car and didnt offer any advice on how to exit the garage.  There were no signs pointing to the exit.  My friend just kept saying 'I cant believe this place...I really cant believe it'.  It seemed that not a single person in the warehouse gave a damn about the brand, or making a sale.  
 In summary, if you want to buy a car that Grossinger deals, head to the suburbs instead.  Dont waste your time or effort on a dealership that doesnt give a damn about you.

Brad G. | 2015-03-24

One of the worst dealerships I have ever dealt with.  I originally leased my car from them 2 years ago and when I did my paperwork I thought I was done.  I ended up having to re sign the paperwork 3 times cause they kept making mistakes.  Now that I have had my car I have had to take it there for service many times and every time they tell me they fix the issues and have to take it back multiple times.  The last time I went they told me they had ordered the parts and to bring it in.  When I brought it in they fixed the first 2 problems and then told me they had to order more parts.  So I picked it up and brought it back a week later, they told me it would be ready tomorrow.  3 days went by and had not heard from them so I called and was told my service adviser was no longer in that department and they would have some one call me back.  It took a day for them to call me back and was told they are still waiting on parts.  3 more days they call and say it ready, I pick it up and they had not fixed the problem.  I now drive all the way to the suburbs to get my car serviced.  I will never buy or get my car serviced there again

Dinna Y. | 2015-03-11

For service.  I made an appointment for 9AM  that they estimated would take about an hour.  Got an estimate of time from Hal.  30 minutes for them to get to my car...why did I make an appt? And then another 30-45 to do the oil change.  I've done oil changes before.  Even with not doing it all the time and no bays it takes me 30 minutes but whatever.  

I start doing work. 2 hours later I ask if I missed them calling my name.  Nope.  I get another royally bad expectation setting time estimate saying the tech is just putting oil in the car, it should only be a bit more.  A bit? Like 15mins?

30 minutes later, nothing.  I finally am standing in front of the counter asking where it is.  He says another 5 minutes.  Guess what? It was another 15.  So, almost THREE hours later, I finally get my car back.  Apparently Cadillac has a third recall, or is it 4th now? Too many to remember.  Hal has ordered the part for me.  Well I'm definitely NOT coming back for that!  

My point: just set the right expectations.  If I knew I'd be waiting 3 hours for my car, I could have planned.  Don't disappoint me 3 times in one day with bad expectation setting and overpromising and under-delivering.  Worst part they don't clean it either which signs are everywhere but if I had waited the true hour and 15 I would have gotten the car washed after and have been satisfied.

#cadillac if you want to be a true luxury line then treat me like your competitors would.  I don't want free maintenance if it is a burden to get.  I'd rather go to #bmw where they will treat me like a valued customer.

Ryan M. | 2015-03-09

In 2011 I  brought my Tahoe in due to having water in my driver door. I estimate 2 gallons, as I heard it sloshing around and pulled plug on door to drain water. They replaced the weather stripping and assured me problem was resolved. 2012 the same issue. I bring in for servicing and I am told "they could not recreate the issue" so no action was needed.I now have issue again and of course warranty is expired except for after market extended warranty. So now I have to come out of pocket to fix the issue which should have been fixed in either of the prior visits. My time is my most valuable asset and it is being taken for granted at Grossinger. Seriously? Fix it right the first time. My truck is there as I am writing this review.
*update* John Wilson from Grossinger handled my issue and waived the charges. He thoroughly explained my issue and I was treated well

Michael E. | 2015-03-02

If it weren't for their service dept I would put negative stars. DO NOT buy a car from here. They are scam artists and liars. The service on the other hand is above excellent. Great counter guys, Kyle helped my wife and I out today and made me think slightly higher than I did when I bought the car.

Tim K. | 2015-03-02

My saga with Grossinger is incredibly lengthy, but for a quick summary: it took us 8 hours to lease a car from Grossinger (at least 5 of which were spent just sitting unattended w/o updates), despite the fact that we came in for a specific car. Some of that time was due to them having us test drive two models we didn't want and quoting us way higher than the price we came in for, while some of that time was due to the fact that, after locating the car they realized that the keys were locked inside.

Once we got it home, we found a large cigarette hole burnt into the backseat and it took us a month, four trips to the dealership, multiple ignored phone calls and emails to get it fixed. It would have taken longer had I not emailed Gary Grossinger himself who called up and got it straightened out. Despite his insisting that customer service is very important to him and his setting up a repair date that worked, however, the car wasn't even washed when we picked it up- a pretty easy way to show a customer that you're sorry about the trouble they've gone through.

We got the standard card from the dealership for covered maintenance for two years, but I would rather pay to take it somewhere else than to ever trust them with my car again. Short of just giving us a brand new car for free, there is absolutely no way that Grossinger could ever get me in one of their cars again.

Kelly B. | 2015-02-26

From two stars to if I could for these guys!!

I originally leased my 2012 Cadillac Srx from Grossinger which I was super excited about until they got super shady with the deal. I traded them/they bought my old car from me and I used some of the money as a down payment. I was going to have my father co-sign my lease but Grossinger recommended for me to be on the lease alone..Okay? fine? Done. Signed the lease, discussed a payment, took the car home and everything was cool. Until the next monday grossinger called and said that they can't do the deal unless I put more money down...I FREAKED OUT...Put more money down? After I SIGNED AND HAD THE CAR ALREADY? How does that make sense? Grossinger said for financial reasons they needed to show that I can afford to put more money down "because of my age they think I will be irresponsible with this vehicle" I laughed ,then called my lawyer. Grossinger turned around and said, put the additional money on a credit card and we will write you a personal check right back so you can keep the car through the lease...SOOOOOO SHADY!

Apparently I was too dumb and didn't learn my lesson the first time around with these fools. A couple months ago I got a promotional call for the "keys for keys event" where they can put you in a "new vehicle and get you out of your lease for no penalty..Who doesn't want a new car? Of course I went in. Sat there for three hours, decided what car/color and everything I wanted. They said they could do the price range I was looking at and even took my debit card for a down payment for the vehicle so they could get it from another dealer. This was for the 2015 silver srx even though I wanted white I settled. Well....two days later after I put down the down payment I got a call saying Kelly..Guess what? WE FOUND THE WHITE SRX YOU REALLY WANTED SO WE WENT AHEAD AND GOT THE VEHICLE FOR YOU, COME GET IT THIS WEEKEND. Wanted to cry i was so excited...Guess what? You already know, they called back and said not only could they not get the car for the price they promised, they couldn't get either of the cars. Magically the silver car was out of the picture. Never been so frustrated. This really sealed the deal for me to never go to grossinger and make sure everyone I know is aware of the terrible service they have...

Thankfully I went to Steve Foley Cadillac who was more than amazing, non-shady, and could pull through on things they promised. So in the end, I got my white srx, and brought business to a dealership who cared and appreciates their customers. Grossinger could take a few tips from these guys on how to run a dealership...

Even funnier...I got a call four days ago from the same sales agent who I spoke to the first time at grossinger asking if I had already got a car. I basically told him I got the car because grossinger royally effed up. He said what do I have to do to keep your business? I said get the car for what you promised me....he's like let me talk to the managers etc. Well he never called back and regardless I was going to get the car from Steve foley...Just comical. Not sure who I need to pay to get my phone number removed from their system and never be contacted by this hell hole ever again.

Matt R. | 2015-02-09


I had previously given this place a 5 star rating (even though it was not deserving) because I thought my deal was done and final. I leased traded in my car and leased a new car on January 8th. Fast forward to today ,February 9th, and my pay off check had NOT been received by my auto loan holder. I had been trying for the last 3 weeks to call Grossinger on a daily basis to speak to someone about my issue, only to be transferred to full voicemails so I could not even leave a message, people who said they would get the information and "call me right back" only to receive no call back that day or even the following day. I found myself calling every day speaking to new people and re explaining my case EVERY time. I fractured my ribs last week and am supposed to be on couch duty but I had to drive there to physically seek someone out to help me with this issue. THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE. It was a ghost town in there today. Nobody working anywhere. My cousin leased a car from Mancari on the same day I did and from the sounds of his deal compared to mine...PICK ANYWHERE ELSE BESIDES HERE! I even called Gary Grossinger this morning...only to receive his voicemail with no call back. Surprising? Sounds like a trend.

Jim S. | 2015-01-20

I bought my first car from these guys and I'll never be back. Some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I considered buying another car from them, but thankfully I didn't get sucked in and I ended up buying a Ford Fusion. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from this place, especially if you're a first time buyer. They take advantage of first time buyers and I'm not sure how they live with the way they work. Some really bad people in this place.

Arian J. | 2015-01-14

I wishh I could give this dealership NO stars. I've purchased 2 vehicles from this dealership and I really regret it. The first vehicle I purchased I was tricked into coming into the dealership to then be told that the banks were closed and the second vehicle that I purchased I traded in a 2010 Chevy Equinox which the dealership turned around and sold shortly thereafter (without doing any kind of maintenance on the vehicle, and BELIEVE me there was definitely some maintenance that was needed). The dealership sold the vehicle though without paying off the trade in which means the vehicle now has a lien on it and the new owner shouldn't be able to register it. NEWSFLASH: IT'S ILLEGAL TO SELL A VEHICLE THAT HAS A LIEN ON IT.

I've been trying to get someone from the dealership to care enough to rectify the issue but it seems that everyone is so busy and no one cares because it isn't the dealership that's on the hook for the vehicle. I will NEVER give this dealership my business EVER again, not even for the free maintenance that came with the vehicle warranty. I'm currently in the process of filing a formal complaint with the Illinois Secretary of State Police because the dealership sold a vehicle without paying off the trade-in. I hate that it had to come to this but apparently the CFO, Rudy, Tricia (who has been somewhat responsive), and the accounting department are too busy to care.

Hula B. | 2015-01-06

I don't know how these people got my name and number - but they won't stop calling me.
I sent an email requesting that they stop.  Not only did they not stop calling, but now they are emailing me as well.
I made it clear to Fatima Dorsey that I do not want to be called or contacted in anyway; but she seems to have some disease that makes it impossible for her to understand plain English - it's really quite tragic.

I have purchased 7 Chevrolets over the last 10 years, but I know I will never work with Grossinger, as they clearly are incapable of listening.

Lindsey P. | 2014-12-23

This place is huge and pretty close to my apartment, so I thought I would give them a shot with simple issues with my car (Ignition Switch Recall and Transmitter Replacement).

Sounds easy right?
They gave me the run-around for 5 MONTHS.  I called, they mentioned they needed to get the parts, would take such and such a time and they would call me when I could bring my car in. Never got a call after proving them with ample time from their estimate and they would have no record of my information though I provided them with information.

I did this THREE times. Gave them THREE chances. Needless to say, went to a different auto repair that is obviously much more capable and customer-oriented and was able to get the parts and the repairs done in less than a week.

I wouldn't trust this company as they made it very clear they don't care about their customers or trying to get new ones. I will never ask or recommend this place for auto repairs or car purchases.

Jonathan B. | 2014-11-15

Went there to check out a few used caddys. Salesman was unprofessional and uninterested, didn't know much about the cars I was looking at. The car it's self was not show quality chips on the wheels and was dirty. They did not take pride in what they did.

Erin K. | 2014-11-10

This morning I started calling the Grossinger service department at 10:30 AM. I had to call their number six times before I actually spoke to someone. When I did speak to them I was redirected to an 800 number so that I could get my car towed in to their facility to be worked on. My car is less than a year oldand is a Chevrolet Spark. I have already had two recalls done on it and now it won't start. I have been waiting to have somebody help me to get my car towed for two hours now. After 10 more calls back to the Grossinger number I finally got through to someone to let them know that I wouldn't be able to accompany my car to the dealership. It is completely absurd that a simple tow to bring my car in for service should take this long it is even more absurd that my car is not working as I have maintained it well and brought it in for regular and non-scheduled services. I do not recommend bringing your car to Grossinger for any services. I can also guarantee that I will never buy another Chevrolet.

Aaron J. | 2014-11-05

The worst car buying experience I ever had.  

My experience started with Ivonne Armendariz which spoke to me via the internet, she pointed out several Camry's that I was interested; so I agreed to take time off of work and setup a time to review these the next day.
I get to this place (1st sign should of been a lady at the counter screaming at the clerk about her receipt and Grossinger refusing to give her a copy).  I let the guy at the counter know I'm here to see Ivonne, "Wait in the lobby please"
-20 minutes passes and no one (keep in mind I had an appointment)
-A couple more minutes I ask if I can just go look at the cars myself, answer is No
-10 more minutes finally a sales man comes (Gonzalo Morales, what a joke)

He quickly informs me that all camrys are sold except a white one and continues to jam this down my throat like there is no tomorrow.  I proceed to tell him that I'm look at these 3 numbers can we see if there in the computer. (that would of been easy)

So he takes use on a 20 minute hike through the garage, now trying to sell use anything else from a cobalt to an escalade.

Finally to the computer, oh yeah he says those cars are on your profile, "well I don't know where there at" says the salesman.  He then proceeds to ask if I'd like to put a down payment, are you freaking kidding me this companies lied to me so far...

The best was the next day...
1st phone call, customer service says I see you didn't make it in for your appointment, WHAT?  Chewed her butt out

2nd phone call, (different customer service)  I see you made it in for your appointment, how was your service?  Chewed her butt out also, she asked me to talk with her manager.  Talked to that person also was promised a phone call back then nothing..

Then comes the email from the branch manager, wrote a beautiful reply to how terrible the service was.  and guess what no responses no phone calls

Sent an email to Ivononne where this wonderful experience happened requesting her manager and never got a response.

This dealership is a joke, I dare the owner of this company to contact me; I will take a day off of work just to point out why its a joke.

P.S.  My last dealing a year ago with Grossinger, ended up walking out because a salesperson wouldn't help me.  Had $40K on hand ready to buy a SUV, ended up going to Golf Mill Ford and was met with open arms.

Latest Update:
11/0514 @ 1:35pm I get a phone call from the Joke of a sales man and says again the 2 cars came in Monday and just sold (keep in mind this idiot told me he would call me the minute they arrived)
11/05/14 @ 2PM I get an email from Olivia Bondar (Customer Care manager) says they have the two cars and want to know when I can take a look.

*Doesn't sound like the left hand knows what the right hand is doing...

Zach J. | 2014-10-29

Recently bought a used car from these guys.  The experience was about as good as it gets.  I dealt mostly with The General Manager Frank Pizzirulli and the Sales Manager Santino Perrone.  The car I ultimately wanted had to be ordered from a different dealership.  The team at Grossinger kept me informed of the timeline on its arrival.  Once the care made its way to Chicago they walked me through all the financing options and let me know what would be in my best interest.  

Being in the city, the Grossinger Autoplex is incredibly easy to get to - right off the North Ave. Redline.  I would reccommend anyone to go here, I could not be more pleased with how everything turned out.

Nikki S. | 2014-10-26

All I can say is Scott Bush (sales consultant) and Gonzalo Morales (manager) are not your "typical" car salesmen. They know what it takes to make a customer happy and highly recommend working with them if you're in the market for a new car. No question about it - you will be happy you did!

From the moment I walked in they made me feel like a VIP and continued to feel that way after 3 visits, many, many questions, and countless test drives. Yesterday I finally drove away in a car I never thought I could afford. And the best part - UNDER MY BUDGET!! It was clear that Scott and Gonzalo wanted me to be both happy and comfortable with my purchase, and there's no question about it- they made it happen!! I've been on yelp for years, but this is the first time I've ever had an experience worth writing about. That alone says a lot.

Cate K. | 2014-10-17

Do NOT take your car here. I did because my car ended up being under the GM recall, and since it wasn't starting, I figured I would get it fixed and the recall repaired at the same time. The service tech said I needed a $200 diagnostic to find the problems with the electrical system. They said they found the faulty wiring, replaced the alternator & battery and then the recall. (To the tune of $1000+.) I got the car back, and the power steering no longer works, along with the AC and other electrical malfunctions. I take it back. They find more bad wiring and fix. But the steering column... Tried to tell me it was a problem with the electrical system. Wait? Did that $200 diagnostic supposed to catch the electrical issues?? Eventually they replaced the steering column and other bad wires. I pick it up, and more electrical problems have persisted. I decided to see if I could figure out a work around with the problems and did, so I just went with it.

What finally instigated me to write this review is two months after picking up the car, it is now being towed (and NOT to Grossinger) to address the on-going electrical issues because after jumping it three times in one week, there are clearly issues that need to be addressed.

What ever you do, don't go to Grossinger.

Kristie W. | 2014-10-13

We bought our 2011 Terrain from the Lincolnwood location, and we have been going to the city location for 3 years.  We initially were very happy with the service.  However, each time I go in for service (roughly every 6 months), the business is making small steps toward feeling more corporate and less personal.  They used to wash your car for you - now you have to go offsite and wait in line.  At my last visit, I received 2-3 calls  while my car was being service for what was originally just an oil change for various other services that were needed.  I was clear up front I needed my car by 11a (I had been there since at 8), but by 11:30a, no one had given me an update.  I finally got out of there at 11:45a, late for a meeting in Rogers Park.  Then the service engine light came on because a mechanic hadn't tightened a cap well enough.  So I did another 40 minute round trip to get that fixed the next day.  I would like to continue coming here, but if service continues to decline, we'll be looking for somewhere else to go.

Kelsey S. | 2014-10-07

There were multiple lights on my dashboard and I needed to get a diagnostic test done to find the problems. I made an appointment  through their website which was easy and fast to complete. I showed up right when they opened at 630am to hopefully be done in time for work. All the staff were friendly and professional (which is surprising that early in the morning sometimes). The technician helped me through the warranty process and explained in detail the problems with my vehicle. Unfortunately my warranty wouldn't allow me to have the service done there- I had to go back to the dealership of purchase. My technician  called the warranty office and spoke to multiple people in hopes of letting me get the problem resolved right away. He exhausted all the options possible. He even printed out paperwork explaining the diagnostics report so that when I took it back to my dealership there would be no discrepancies in what services I needed. If I could have gotten the service done by them I totally would have.

Ferdy K. | 2014-09-16

Yes i did it! I went the once again since they were the only participants for an ongoing program. God! Why??????

I went there on Friday. I was interested in a specific car. I sat down with a sales associate who has no clue about cars nor sales. Every question we ask, he would run to his manager and come back. It was pretty frustrating. He finally could give me a price, which was great and i was excited. I shook his hand and ordered the car for monday. I left there and in an hour, guy calls me. He said he will be able to pick up the car today, asking if i could come. I did, just because i didnt wanna miss the deal, i drove from Lincoln square to their location. Friday traffic! Duh!  Even though i confirmed the price on the phone, once i get there, he goes "sorry that is internet special program, its not compatible with the one you asked". I asked him if why he invited me down all the way here. He says "we could work out another deal". Really!?!??

We tried. Within an hour cars price went to 35.5k to 46k. Then we SHOOK HANDS for 40k. And it went back to 46 again! I talked to his manager later on. Only thing he could do better was not to run down to his manager to ask. I left there but my friend convinced me to go back again on Monday  (God! I feel stupid). Prices has changed once again and i gave up. Nope. Im not buying anymore.

Oh well. It didnt stop them from calling me twice since yesterday (today is Tuesday! And i woke up to their call in the morning!). I am sure they are not bad people but they definetely should not be in business. If they were the last dealer on the earth, i would prefer to walk 10 miles a day, everyday.

Christy M. | 2014-09-14

Unfortunately I can't offer as good of a review at this dealership as the Grossinger in Palatine. They seem to be unwilling to deal on price as much here and much of what I was told never materialized on paper. I purchased from this dealer in 2012 and did not have a good experience. I'm dealing with some lingering issues covered under warranty and only now are we making progress to fix them. We were sold a care plan which turned out to be much different than the description given (clearly that salesman only wanted to bump his commission). Their sales method seems to be "harass you until you cave and talk", which is rude and a huge turn off. I will not be purchasing from them ever again.

David D. | 2014-08-30

THEY LIE!!  They will say anything to get you in the door!!!     They lost an existing buyer.  What a terrible experience.  I researched a Toyota 4runner on Edmunds and requested up front pricing.  I did not get pricing from Grossinger, but they are the closest dealer to me AND I purchased a vehicle there in 2008.    So I went on the Grossinger web site and "chatted" with the automated operator.  The dealer reached out to me via email so I asked for up front pricing - multiple times.  I had to list the name of other dealers that provided this and they finally provided - like pulling teeth.  They priced the SR5 and we wanted to purchase a Limited.  I asked if they had any in stock and she replied, yes they had one.  I replied and asked what color.  They replied they had a few - Black, grey and blue.  So we said we would come in that night.  We get there NO LIMITEDs.  The salesman said " sorry man, I don't know who told you that".  No one cared.  We left.  ridiculous.  Below is the email exchange supporting what was told to us:

To AmberEchols@dealerdelive…
Aug 26 at 1:00 PM
Probably tomorrow.  Do you have any 4Runner Limiteds in stock?

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Olivia Bondar
To Me
Aug 26 at 3:33 PM
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Hello David,
My name is Olivia Bondar, and I am Amber's manager. She is gone for the day and will be returning tomorrow. I want to make sure that we respond back to you in a timely manner and handle your inquiry.
As of today, we do have one in stock.
I would be happy to set up and appointment for you to come into our showroom tomorrow. What time is best for you?

Olivia Bondar
Customer Care Manager
Grossinger City Autoplex
1561 N Fremont St
Chicago, IL 60642

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From: "David David"
To: "Amber Echols"
Sent: Tuesday August 26, 2014 3:26:31 PM
Subject: Re: Amber with Grossinger City Autoplex

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Me Thank you. What color is the limited and at what price point? Tonight might work for a test drive. David
Aug 26 at 4:09 PM
Olivia Bondar
To Me
Aug 26 at 4:44 PM
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Hi David,
We have a few options for color; black, grey and blue.
Price range between $43,000-$45,000.
Are you coming in tonight? we are open till 9PM.
Thank you,

Olivia Bondar
Customer Care Manager
Grossinger City Autoplex
1561 N Fremont St
Chicago, IL 60642

veronica v. | 2014-08-16

I am a mom who came in with my 5yr-old daughter looking to buy an escalade. There were 3 men at the information counter standing drinking coffee. No one came up to help me, so I walked up and asked if I could test drive the '14. They said it would take over 45 minutes. Meanwhile, it was not busy only one other customer was there working with someone else. I said ok I'll wait (b/c I wanted to knock it out that morning.) i then asked them the difference between the '14 and '15 and one man replied "you can look that up online." That was when I just left and gave up. It was awful. I ended up going to Bill Jacobs (drove to Joliet) and they could not have been more helpful and respectful. In this day and age women should be treated with more respect. We have earning power too and are fully capable of buying a car. I called the manager when I got home and relayed the story. I said I would come back if I could work with a female salesperson. They don't have any on their staff. Why is this not shocking. So if you are a woman OR if you have a young daughter - don't feed into this behavior, go elsewhere.

Brandon L. | 2014-07-25

I have been extremely disappointed by the service of this dealer. We bought a car from them, that was fine. It was the service following that has been so awful.

My wife is the one who brings the car in. We have two young kids. They continue to charge us an arm and leg and on top of that they want my wife with the two kids to sit around for half the day so they can get parts and work on it.

They also have given us false diagnosis on work that needed to be done, which we found out after taking it to another body shop.

Then when I confronted them on the situation their response was to turn it around and blame it on me. It wasn't their fault.

Be aware of the horrible customer service and the nickel and diming in the the service department.  

Needless to say, I am no longer giving them any of our business or referring people to them. Very disappointing.

S K. | 2014-07-23

Gary grossinger knows how to earn respect and business. He is a humble and a wise person. One of his best employee is Abdul.

Thank you Gary

Scott C. | 2014-07-14

Every time we take our 2004 Cadillac SRX for service we end up with more problems after we pick up the vehicle.  Last year there was an issue with the front end, we were told we needed over $4000 in repairs which needed 4 return trips to finally get corrected.   We had concerns about the repairs that supposedly needed to be done, and we had to ask repeatedly for the used parts so we could have them inspected independently.  The parts we were provided (front tie rods) were not for the same make, model and year of our vehicle.    

Shortly after that incident the power steering failed as a result of the "repairs" and we twice were provided used parts that failed before we could drive the five miles home from the shop.   After the 2nd replacement power steering pump was installed, the service manager drove our SRX home (to Barrington, 40+ miles away) and back the next morning to "check it out."  When we came pick up the vehicle it was dirty inside and out with salt and mud (it was winter) and the gas tank was nearly empty when it had been over 3/4 full when the vehicle was dropped off.   We were made to wait over an hour before someone was able to take the vehicle to get it filled, and then it was only filled to less than half full.

Most recently we had a minor ($240) wiring issue repaired and a turn signal replaced, but the brakes were damaged and are now vibrating loudly every time they are applied.   I have left 3 messages with the service department and was not called back. I am still waiting for a return call and some direction on what to do with the car.

Unfortunately they are the closest Cadiallac service center to our home near downtown, so we seem "stuck" using them.   The only good thing we can say is that they are located right next to the North & Clyborne Red Line station so I can get to the dealership from downtown after dropping off or picking up the car since they can never seem to get any repairs done properly the first time.

Zander H. | 2014-07-06

Went here to look at buying a car and the salesman are the ones that give sales a bad name. Had to wait for the guy to finish his cigarette, then shook my hand with his sweaty/smelly hands. Slimey, cheesy, etc. Could not stand them so I left and went to Schuamburg and bought a car for a better deal. Do not go here unless you want to get ripped off.

Sheri D. | 2014-06-29

Very pleasant experience. I bought a pre driven CTS that had some minor issues. They fixed them as promised. The floor mats were missing and the color needed was out of stock so they let me order them on line and will reimburse me when they arrive. Joey D was my sales person. He could not have handled this sale any better from start to finish. Thank you Joey!

Louis A. | 2014-06-23

This is my third visit to Grossinger for service on my Chevy Malibu. I was even more impressed this time as I was in and out in under one hour! Thanks again for the prompt service and complimentary car wash!

Shani W. | 2014-06-19

I always receive good service when I come to this location. As a woman it is intimidating coming to a dealership because of the lack of knowledge about cars. I always receive a list of things that I can improve and whenever I say I am unable to cover the cost of certain repairs there is no pressure added. The staff is always helpful and genuinely concerned about the safety of my car. I would definitely recommend this location for service!

Chris C. | 2014-05-28

Only giving one star since yelp Doens't allow you to go lower. My experience is with selling a car directly to Grossinger Chevy. I sold on 4/30 and did not get my payment until 5/23 and this was only after a dozen or so calls and working with several incompetent folks at the dealership

The customer service is atrocious. They do not monitor their sales pipeline i.e.
1) Confirming payoff was sent and received.
2) Confirming lien holder has payment and request of title send date.

It took them 13 days to send the payoff because no one had a clue what happened to it. After saying they sent it overnight and requesting the title overnight the lien holder did not have any record of these requests.

Grossinger never initiated contact with me at any point in the 24 days it took them to generate the money the owed me for the sale.

Hopefully they clean house of their current employees or change process. If trading in or selling outright I suggest making it clear to them you want confirmation payout is sent and an estimated time title transfer will take place. For being such a huge well known dealership in the middle of Chicago it was disappointing to see how bad their customer service and communication with their clients is.

Alfred H. | 2014-04-21

I purchased my Toyota Camry at Grossingers and I have no complains about anything. They are professional and they did everything as I expected. The follow up maintenance services were better than expected.

The last service I had, they promised 60 minutes but then they told me the car was ready in like 30 minutes. I never experience anyone not only keeping but above their promise. This is impressive.

Heath S. | 2014-04-16

Since moving to Chicago I have brought both Chevrolets I owned, a 2009 HHR SS and my current 2013 Chevy Tahoe, to Grossinger for service. Anything from an oil change to major service. These guys get it done.

It may not be the quickest service. But they always get it done right. And they do a great job at it.

In my past experiences working in parts in service. I know that by taking your time to get it done right is better than rushing it though.

Arnold is also a great service advisor. He gets me taken care of every time! Thanks Arnold!

Heather V. | 2014-04-02

I went to Grossinger City Autoplex to have some work  done on my Chevy Tahoe. For the most part the customer  service was ok, not great, yet acceptable... My issue is their pricing what the Hell, almost $800.00 for my wheel/hub bearing to be replaced, and yes just for one, are you kidding???  When I asked why so much, I was told it is better quality, now I do not know much about car parts, but this price seemed extreme. I do not think I will be going back to Grossinger!!!!

Patrick C. | 2014-04-01

I've never purchased a car before so I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I won a 2014 Chevy Spark on a game show, and the dealership from LA had the car delivered here to Chicago for my convenience.

I went to Grossinger to pay the taxes, license, and title. I was handed document after document (I'm sure it's standard paperwork), and every time, they told me where to sign. I'd start reading the documents, and they would say "oh, just sign here." I got a strong impression that they didn't expect or want me to read what I was signing.

At one point, they mentioned the "mandatory" $700 delivery fee "for everything [they] had to do on [their] end." I paid it, based on the representations they made to me about the legitimacy of this fee. Again, I'd never purchased a car before so I trusted that they were telling me the truth.

After later speaking with the LA dealership, I learned that they were NOT supposed to charge me the $700 delivery fee - and they were in fact actually already paid for delivery/processing by the game show on which I won the car.

The LA dealership tried very hard to get me my money back, but Grossinger's attitude (from what the LA dealership told me) was essentially "meh, tough luck."

See you in small claims court, guys!

Matt F. | 2014-03-29

I have had a number of experiences at Grossinger and they've eeked out a gentleman's C.

I am writing a review this time to warn others about the customer service.

I recently took our car in to have it detailed and minor issues fixed.

The intake woman tried to upsell any and every service or replacement imaginable. It was like the "rustproofing undercoating" in Fargo. The car that had been functioning perfectly well pulling into the service bay was a pothole away from disintegration.

When dropping our car off, we were assured the car would be detailed. We had left it for a week while we were on vacation. We have kids, and the car proves it. Before we picked it up we were told the car actually had been detailed.

But when we got it back, there was a voucher for a car wash (not a detail) and the car was a mess (our mess, admittedly). A manager (Arnold) told me that we would get a free detail (something I hadn't asked for), but when I tried to redeem it the original intake person said no dice.

In the grand scheme, none of this is a big deal, obviously. A dirty car is a dirty car, and I don't want any handouts -- I brought the car in to pay them to have the car detailed.

But it's representative of an indifference to at least this customer's needs -- trying to sell me all the stuff I don't want or need; not doing what prompted the visit in the first place; and reneging on their proposed fixed to their mess-up.  

And the service is really expensive off warranty as well, so don't go there if you're not under warranty.

A caricatured car dealership experience.

Jesse B. | 2014-03-28

My tip is Don't GO TO GROSSINGER MULTI COMPLEX FOR ANYTHING. Not for service nor for buying a new or used car.  They are so DISHONEST.  I wouldn't put it pass them to have many of these positive reviews posted by friends , family, employees, and etc .

 I went in first because I was told that they had the car I was looking for at 10 to 15 thousand dollars off . It sounded pretty unbelievable so I questioned the woman on the phone .I said,  " Are you sure it's not 10 to 15 hundred off "? She assured me they had cars that where 2012 s 2011 s that they could get me a lease on for 10 to 15 thousand off . I also stated before I came in that didn't want my credit report ran . I get to GROSSINGER and I tell the salesman the same thing not to pull my credit report because I didn't want any inquiries to affect my report.  He assured me that he wouldn't.  But he did . They have a huge problem with honesty . Best tip i can give is DON'T GO THERE !  No good can come in doing business with dishonest people .

Carol D. | 2014-03-05

Went in yesterday for an oil change. I got there approx 30 mins before closing. I was informed that I'd probably have to come back due to closing time. But they were able to see me. Yay! This made me very happy.

I can't recall the name of the guy who checked me in but he introduced me to Sam who was overall GREAT. He informed me of the other repairs needed and gave me options to get them fixed.  Along with the cost. He was very honest and I really appreciated it. I'm a woman so mechanics & dealership ALWAYS, in my humble opinion, try to drain our purses, wallets, coin purses, satchels, etc.,...DRY.  I could tell he was being truthful.  I've been a customer for many years so I'm very sensitive to untruths.

Anyways, what I appreciated is that even though it was 10-15 mins past his off time he wasn't rushing me out the facility.
((Thumbs up Sam!))

However, when it got to the transaction stage I was surprised that the oil change was $10-$15 more than I ever paid in the past.  When I asked he mentioned that the price had increased.  This was the only downside of my experience.

Mellody R. | 2014-02-15

If there was an option for NEGATIVE stars id give it a negative. This place should not exist. My husband and I had the worst experience here! I don't know why people think it's ok to play around with people's credit and personal information as this place did!!! They had no remorse in the fact that they dropped my mother in laws credit score by 30 points by calling 18 different banks! They scrutinized the deal and her information so that she wouldn't get approved so that we can give them more money. Not to mention, the customer service was TERRIBLE. I'd expect better customer service in hell, actually!!! The two managers, Nick & Andy, were so careless, unhelpful & disrespectful that while speaking to them, I couldn't help but burn up and release steam through my nostrils and ears. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANY ONE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET TREATED POORLY AND UNLESS YOU FIND SOME SORT OF SICK PLEASURE GETTING TREATED THIS WAY. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! The owner of the dealer is definitely getting an email from us.  

(Btw, there are nice people here... We found one; a salesman named Jim. He was the only person who gave a crap!)

Ann B. | 2014-02-02

I'm not sure how they service a car but I was so unimpressed by the customer service I didn't get that far. When I arrived at my appointment no one came out to greet me and after a few minutes and went into the service desk area. Once inside once again no one even said hi or how can I help you... Finally I asked for help and was pointed to a counter where everyone was face down in their computer. I proceeded to check in and was told I had to leave my car overnight. When I made the appointment I was never told this and the response was sorry. Overall they are overpriced for the lack of customer service and I took my business elsewhere. Too bad because I will be purchasing a new car soon!

Bobby M. | 2014-01-20

Can I give this place no stars?

I've been here twice for mechanical issues on my Caddy, and the customer service is the absolute worst. The parts department has no  idea what they're doing and the general staff are clueless and liars. I will never take my car here again.

Highly considering dropping Cadillac all together because of the terrible experiences here and at Schepel Cadillac in Indiana.

Michael L. | 2013-12-13

Peter Hueser was excellent to work with. Trustworthy, great follow up, went out of his way to close the deal, and made the purchase process very easy for me.  If it wasn't for Peter coming to my home with the paperwork and taking them back to the office, I probably would not have purchase the car.  Thanks to Peter!

Andre W. | 2013-11-05

I had to take my raggedy ass car in for a recall procedure and this place was nearest to me per the brochure that came in the mail from Chevrolet.

This place has a very weird setup as you don't realize where the front desk is until you wander around for a minute. I like the staff here as they seem to have a great time with each other  and have a great sense of humor. They had my car done in a jiffy and I went about my way. Good peeps here

Aditi G. | 2013-10-21

Just came here this weekend for the Akira Fall/Winter 2013 fashion show and I had NO idea how nice this place was on the inside! What a pleasant surprise! It was very spacious and all the food/sponsors were setup upstairs and there was even a massive round bar. The actual fashion show was in the parking garage which I thought was super inventive, industrial and creative looking!

Cheyenne J. | 2013-08-11

I have a friend at Shirey Cadillac and for the last 10 years I have been getting my Cadillacs from them. The problem is that getting a deal on a new vehicle is one thing, but going way the hell out their for an oil change or a tire rotation is a totally different story. So I found Grossinger Autoplex and I am glad I did. I have been going to them for service for years. I started out at the old location off North Avenue but on Clark I think. It sucked, it was small, dirty and dingy, but I still went there because it was close to my house. Service was good but they were slow. I would have to take off work to go there because they could never tell you a time slot for the service, but would tell me to come back later.
When they moved to Dayton, I thought I was living the dream. I could bring my laptop or tablet, they had free wifi, coffee and leather seats. I promise you, I loved it when they first open and I still love it. Actually my experiences with Grossinger has always been wonderful except for once a few years ago when a salesman tried to sell me a lot of services that I did not need. Since I work investigations with the police department, I immediately checked with the dealership I buy my Cadillacs from using my smart phone and discovered that none of the services were needed. I took my Cadillac to my dealership I purchase from, they took care of the minor issues that were necessary and said that perhaps I should complain, but I let it go, but made sure to look out for issues like that again. It never happened. I love this place and was just there yesterday. They are great.

Niko S. | 2013-08-02

I ordered my Chevy Volt from Grossinger and these guys jumped through hoops to find me the right car in the right color for me.

My sales guy Jonathan had to drive downstate for 4 hours and spent the night in a motel to get me the car on time the next day. Who does that?

I was blown away by the service, quality, friendliness. Harry the manager is a great guy and we had a few good laughs too.

I will be back for my next American car here folks.

David L. | 2013-07-31

I've gotten the oil changed on my cars at Grossinger for about 3  years, and for the first time I bought a car there (a 2014 Chevy Cruze).  The oil changes have always started when scheduled and been done in a timely manner.  I've always been treated professionally at Grossinger.

For the new car, the salesman was friendly, helpful, and respectful of my input.  I was able to test-drive the care (at the scheduled time), and the salesman answered all my questions (and some I hadn't thought of).  The trade-in value Grossinger paid for my former care was exactly what I'd had it appraised for at another dealership (where I wasn't planning on trading it in).  

Grossinger City Autoplex is larger, cleaner, and more professionally-run than most car dealerships I've seen.  My experiences there have been very positive.

Jillian W. | 2013-07-01

My husband and I came here to look at a pre-owned car we had saw on line. We had originally planned on going to look at several dealerships, but were treated so well at Grossinger, we just went for it!
Barry helped us out with everything and was very straightforward about the car, price, details, etc. He answered all of our questions and helped us get a great deal!
I definitely recommend coming here and make sure to ask for Barry!

Bobby B. | 2013-05-29

Okay, I've been driving since I was 16 yrs old. Ive bought a Denali an Escalade from them, even my family has used them. At this location they are by far the worst. Bought a car (Volvo) and I swear didn't even ask them to budge on price.

Worst of it all the warranty, albeit it was an extended one, but no person slaps down over 4K for the the warranty company to not have it on file.  

Now, I cant even get a phone call back. Something is wrong. I'm working like everyone else so time is of the essence. You cant call back in at 24 hours and acknowledge the issue?  

That pathetic, I wish the so called Finance Manager would check his voice mail and deal with the issue once and for all.

Don't buy a car from here honestly, you will pay for it in more ways than one.

Latasha L. | 2013-05-26

I was looking for a pre-driven Cadillac SRX , I called and the salesman told me they had some Srx in. When I arrived to look/test drive the pre-driven Srx they had none available. Btw the salesman was very professional we test drove the 2013 Srx   it was not in my price range so my second option was the 2013 Chevy Equinox everything went well until it was time for negotiating the price and financing. I have A one credit they did not give me the best interest rate(2.9) and when I tried to negotiate the price the sales manager,he spoke to me in a rude and disrespectful manner he was aggressive. I was so upset my son was there I was in awe I couldn't believe a man in a professional setting would talk to a female that way. I will not spend my money where I'm not respected.

Marilyn C. | 2013-05-14


I received a recall on my car and in the letter it said that if the engine light came on that I needed to take it into the dealership and have the fuel pump replaced. So I did just that. I dropped off the car at 7am on a Monday morning to have the fuel pump replaced.

Arnold Muse called me at about 8:40 to let me know what they found out. He informed me that the fuel pump module was broken and would be replaced and covered by the manufacturer's warranty. This part would arrive next day and they could replace the broken part then. He was very rude in doing so and I had to keep asking questions to figure out what exactly was happening because he was not up front and clear.

I was told that they also found additional things wrong with the car that were not covered by warranty via the diagnostic test. He noted that running tests to find out the exact problems would cost $140. Normally I would have just taken it some where else as this is rather high for a full diagnostic test but I had it done at the dealership for piece of mind. I told Arnold I will give me a call back because I needed to talk it over with my boyfriend first.

I called Arnold at around 9am for clarification and to confirm that we wanted the tests done.

After not hearing any results of the tests all morning and afternoon I called at 3pm for an update. Arnold quoted me the cost for parts and labor for additional work was $675 plus tax. I said I would need to talk over this service with my boyfriend and because of the high cost and we really only wanted to take care of what we had covered under our warranty.

I called him up again around 4pm to let him know we could not afford the additional work at this time and asked if we could get a parts and work list which he agreed to provide. I said all we would need done currently was the work covered by the warranty. I asked when I could expect the job to be completed next day and he estimated around 4pm (about 24hrs from the time I called him Monday).

Since we have only 1 shared car to run errands after work I asked if I stopped by I could pickup the car if we needed it. He said that was fine and I agreed to return the car the next morning if I picked it up so they could get the work done. However, I forgot to call Arnold back to let him know we would be leaving the car at the shop overnight.

Tuesday I called close to 4 PM to see if the work had been completed. I was shocked to hear Arnold say they had not worked on the car at all yet despite the part coming in. Since I had mistakenly forgot to call to verbally cancel need to pick the car up the night before he took that to mean I wanted no work done at all. I was never under the impression that the work was somehow hinging on whether or not I picked up the car to use the night before. Arnold complained to me that he waited around until 5 to have me pick up the car the day before. I am still confused at this complaint since the shop does not even close until 6pm.

We finally got the car back after 3 days! 3 DAYS!!! And my car was making a rattling noise all of the sudden. Why would it do that? It sounded fine when I took it in. Believe it of not if the engine light hadn't come on I wouldn't have suspected anything to be wrong with the car.

After about a week we decided to take it to Logan Auto Repair with the list Arnold provided of things he found wrong with the car. I took the car in at 9 AM and they had completed the work by Noon. Turns out the $675 worth of work that needed to be done to the car DIDN'T need to be done. There wasn't ANYTHING wrong with the parts Arnold said needed to be replaced. In fact, the issue was that they didn't put the parts back correctly and things weren't tightened down which is why I was hearing the rattling noise.

DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANYTHING!! I feel bamboozled! Swindled! Hoodwinked! A victim of dupery!

Jennifer S. | 2013-05-03

This is a review of the sales and service.  My husband and I traded in a Toyota rav4 to purchase a Chevy traverse (growing family!).  The rav4 was purchased at grossinger Toyota in lincolnwood.  We had a wonderful experience at that location so we assumed that the city auto plea would be similar.  We live in the city and wanted to purchase a traverse so it made sense to try this location.  
I found a used traverse online through the grossinger auto plex site.  I called to inquire about its availability and the salesman I spoke with said that he was not sure and would get back to me.  I did not receive a call the next day so I inquired online through the chat service.  The salesperson said that the vehicle was at the city auto plex location and set up a time for me to test drive it.  When we arrived, the vehicle was not at the location.  Not a super big deal, we then made another appointment to test drive the car a few days later.  
We arrived for the test drive appointment promptly at 6pm on the designated day, we test drove the vehicle, loved it and sat down to go through the trade in/purchase process.  We had only a couple requests.  First, we wanted to know if we would be receiving a refund for an extended warranty we had purchased on the rav4, the salesman stated that it would get worked out upstairs - fair enough - the other request was that we would be able to purchase another extended warranty, just like the one we had for the Toyota.  The salesman said that it was possible but again, it would be ironed out in financing.  Ok.  We then headed to the finance department and waited to be seen...and waited, and waited.  At this point, it is 10:45pm (we arrived at 6pm, test drove 1 car, did not haggle on price, etc.) and we had not been seen by a finance person.  We have amazing credit, were spending a lot of money with the purchase yet had to wait 2-3 hours to sign some papers to pay for the vehicle.  At that point, we decided it would be best to leave, we could deal with the purchase on another day.  As we went to leave, the salesperson and his manager assured us that we would be seen soon.  We explained our concern about reviewing finance docs for the purchase this late at night when we are both exhausted (did I mention I was 9 mos pregnant, with a screaming 2 yr old in tow?) and they assured us that we would be out of there soon.  Finally, at around 11, we met with the finance person, we were told we would be receiving a warranty refund and we would be able to purchase the same warranty as we had purchased with the rav4.
Fast forward 1 month.  Our traverse is in the shop for bad shocks (seriously?!?!).  My husband dropped it off on Wednesday at 8am, we have been following up daily with Arnold who is apparently off today ( has taken 3 days to replace shocks and brakes) we never received a call that the vehicle was ready.  Our warranty is NOT the same warranty that we had purchased with the rav4 (deductible is $250 instead of $100) and after repeated inquiries about the refund for the rav4 warranty, we still can not get a response.
The most frustrating part of all of this is that we will be purchasing another car at the end of the year for my husband and yet another car at the end of the school year for my 16 yr old son and we desperately wanted to find a dealership in the city to work with but after these experiences with grossinger auto plex, we will definitely be looking elsewhere.

Shakita J. | 2013-04-16

I purchased a 2013 Malibu. I absolutely love the car. The staff was very friendly. I had a positive experience. Peter(salesman) and Mike(finance) were the best!

Mike W. | 2013-04-12

I came in for an oil change and to get my headlights replaced.  Was told it would take 1.5 hrs, which I thought was a long time but had about 2 hrs so dealt with it.  After waiting for about 2 hrs I went to see the service advisor, he was not very clear on his recommendations for the vehicle and seemed like he was losing track of the conversation but eventually recommended about $1000 worth of work.  I opted not to get the work done that day since I wasn't expecting it and didn't feel like the advisor had a good handle on the importance, so he ended up charging me for 1/3 of an hour for assessing the headlights.  I didn't feel like my business mattered, I didn't get the impression that my car was important to anybody and I felt like I was being nickel and dimed for the 1/3 of an hour to tell me about my headlights.  This was my first time at this dealer since I'm new to Chicago.  When coming in for an oil change, waiting a total of 2.5 hours and being charged almost $100 I'm pretty confident I be getting the additional work done somewhere else.

Jenni B. | 2013-04-10

I brought my 2011 Buick Regal in for a routine oil change and recall work.  I've had very good experience with the dealership in the past but was very disappointed this time.  Three unnecessary services were recommended for my car that has 24,000 miles on it.  Most of these services are not needed until at least 50,000 miles.  I would expect this kind of swindling from a Jiffy Lube but I bring it to the dealership because I thought they had a higher level of respect for their customers.

DV S. | 2013-04-04

Carlton & Harry Mays: you made my day. I had started out at a different dealership and received horrible treatment, and then I came to you and it was a complete 180.  You were helpful, knowledgeable, and understood what I was looking for in a car.  You set the standard. Thank you!

Abel C. | 2013-03-26

I can understand at times things will happen that will make you upset one way or another..

my second time at Grossinger this time it was for my daughter.. we went to bredemann Chevrolet and got some real lousy no star type financing services... don't shop at Bredemann... we came here and received nothing more then straight up professionalism... started out with Barry who took care of us all the way thru till we picked up the car.....Awesome Guy.. then we dealt Zuhri who we thought we might have a hard time with... we were in Shock and Awe with his service it was a very Educational experience with Zuhri he explained everything in details gave us plenty of food for thought on purchasing the car.. never rushed us explained it again where needed.. we will definitely go back for a third car or more... ask for Barry and you will get what your looking for...... I will refer all my friends to this Auto Complex....

AK R. | 2013-02-26

I recently came into this dealership on my quest to find a new car. Barry Schuman was the salesman who helped me. He was very professional and courteous. Answered my thousand and one questions, explained everything to me in a very easy to understand way, and made sure I did not leave unsatisfied. I have not decided on exactly which car yet, but I will definitely be returning here to purchase my new vehicle with Barry!!! He was great!

Frank R. | 2013-02-20

Here's how our in-person inquiry went:

"We saw your ad.  You have a used Toyota for $X..."

"That's the cash price."

"How much is it if we finance?"

"That depends on how many months, and credit."

"Let's say our credit's great and we do three years.  What's the APR and how much?"

"It depends on how much you pay per month. [???]"

"So you're saying the price changes depending on how we pay?"

"No, not really."

"So then that's your price, yes?"

"It's this much per month..."

"For how many months?  How much is it?"

"That depends."

"HOW MUCH IS IT?!?!?!?!"

"Let me get to a computer."

(Do I need to go on?  We did not see the car.)

Junior D. | 2013-02-19

Typical Bait and Switch car dealer.  They advertised one price for a new Tahoe but increased when you want to buy.  I called asking about the specific ad to verify availability.  I then asked for the out of  door price so I can get the check from my credit union.  They said they will call and never did.  I finally called the salesman Lloyd back said I need to know soon before my bank closes.  The sales manager Steve called back and went through the details on the price.  He then quoted me a price $5,400(before taxes)  higher than the advertised price.  I explained that I seen a different price online.  He said it must be a special and to print it and bring it in.  I told him  which site it was on.  He then said he will call me back with new price.  They ignored me and left me hanging.  The next day I noticed they raised their price $9,000.  Don't waste your time driving there to meet a so called V.I.P manager.  Get the deal in writing before you go there.  I  bought the same truck from Homewood Chevrolet for $8,000 less than the Grossinger price.

Katrina S. | 2013-02-14

This is for the service department and I would give zero stars if it were an option. But it should be said that I purchased a new car here less than a year ago which makes the following even more inexcusable. I called to make an appointment for a simple oil change & they told me to expect it to take an hour. I arrived for my "appointment" and they tell me it will be 1 hour and 45 minutes. Ok, I can run a few errands. No big deal. But I come back in 1 hour 45 minutes & they tell me ANOTHER hour - with I must add, a totally dismissive and insulting, "shit happens" attitude.

If you can't do what you say you are going to do - THAN DON'T SAY IT! It reminded me of an old Seinfeld episode - I replaced the word "reservation" with "appointment" ----  Customer service rep says, "I know what an appointment is." Seinfeld says, "I dont think you do. See you know how to MAKE the appointment, but you just dont know how to KEEP the appointment. And essentially thats the most important part of the appointment, the KEEPING. Anybody can just TAKE the appointment!!!"

If you are that far behind some notice, a courtesy call, an apology and a free loaner would be nice while you do the work. I don't have time to "hang around"  for a three hour OIL CHANGE that gets pushed back each hour so that I can't even make alternate arrangements! There was no effort made to appologize or make ammends until I was so angry I asked for a manager. Probably won't buy another car here and DEFINITELY won't come back for service.

Eventually, they did end up giving me the service free. Mind you - I had a coupon for $14.95. I don't know about you but my time is more valuable than that - I believe they still OWE me money - not just for my time but for the aggravation! Also, with all that extra time you would think they would have remembered to put in windshield wiper fuid, wash properly and vaccum the dead leaves from the carpet?? NOPE! I WONDER if I even GOT an oil change at this point.... ??  If they can't do a simple oil change properly in THREE HOURS I certainly wouldn't want to take my car in for any major repairs! That would be nuts.

The guys in the valet were also super professional and courteous. (She said with extreme sarcasm).

Question - How do they pay the rent in this ginormous complex - in the city if this is the type of service they offer?

Barry f. | 2013-02-06

I brought in my CTSV for check engine light (still under warranty).  When I went to pick it up on Friday they couldn't find my keys.  So they told me to keep the rental car till Monday when they could find them.  I wasn't suppose to get charged for the rental because it is under warranty but when I looked at my credit card bill there was the charge for around $200. This I believe was the cost of renting the car for the weekend because they couldn't find my keys.  I assume the computer said the car was ready (it was but they lost my keys!) and I hadn't returned the rental car yet so it automatically charged my credit card on file.  

After calling and talking to a few of the people they kept saying it will be refunded and kept putting me off and sending me in circles.  It has been over a year and I just coughed up the $200 bucks to a scam.  

To make matters worse the check engine light went on again a month later for the same diagnostic problem as before.  I brought it to a different dealer and have had no problems sense.

Noel R. | 2013-02-06

Had power steering motor failure on weekend. took car in tue and got back wed

Stefanie A. | 2013-01-24

Made an appointment about two weeks ago for just an oil change on my 2011 Cadillac srx. When my fiancé and I showed up for the oil change, the person checking us in said, "it will be an hour and a half wait". I politely told him that I had made an appointment. He said even with an appointment, it will take that long. Well I was there already so my fiancé and I walked in the area to grab lunch and browse the crate & barrel across the street.
An hour and a half later, I still did not get a call from them saying that my car was done and ready. We went back and when I asked the check in guy what the status of my car was he said, "we're just getting it in now". Ok now I was a bit annoyed, and this was starting to ruin our day off, Saturday afternoon.
Five minutes later, the guy comes up to us and says, "there's a problem...with your car..." I thought oh no! Maybee something is wrong with the engine?? But I take such care of my car, I couldn't imagine anything wrong with it. Before I could even ask what was wrong, he said, "we accidentally backed up your car into another car and there is some damage to it". I couldn't believe it...I was in shock. My fiancé was too. I asked how bad??!! Well, we walked to the car and sure enough, the left side of the bumper and left side of the car were completely dented in and scratched up. I was so angry I wanted to scream at these people! But all I kept thinking was my perfect, scratch less car, came in for an oil change, and is now completely messed up. WHAT A JOKE! I waited over an hour and a half for this??!!
The following week, 6 days later, my car was ready. They had fixed the damage and yes, I finally got my oil change. One more thing should be said...I work nights as a nurse, and the morning after a 12 hour shift I kindly asked them if they could have my car ready (I told them who I was) and I said I would be there in 20 mins to pick up my car. When I got there, my car was NOT waiting for me. And no one offered anything to me for the trouble my car and I went through (you would think they would throw in a free detail, or something!)
This place is a JOKE! This was the first, and last time I will ever go to Grossinger for anything for my car. I advice you to go elsewhere, even for a simple oil change!

Alaina N. | 2012-11-20

Being that normally it's very hard to get good service at auto service stations, I was pleasantly surprised by how well Grossinger did.  I worked with Arnold, who was extremely friendly, and even followed the following week just to make sure everything went well.  

Timing was somewhat off, but ended up working out in the end.  I was told they'd know for sure exactly how long would be needed toward the end of the day, but was called back and told they weren't sure.  However, I got a call first thing the next morning to be told the car was indeed I guess they worked overtime the night before.

It's near impossible to get everything you want from these places, however for a car service station, they really did a very good job and I highly recommend them.

Thanks Arnold!

Bryson E. | 2012-10-01

This is strictly a SALES review for Grossinger Cadillac.  I was looking at a few different cars from a few different brands, but was really in love with a Cadillac CTS Coupe.  I walked in one morning and met Jake Wambold, who took me out in the Coupe and then let me test drive the new ATS.  Jake was very friendly, easygoing, and fun to work with, and he made sure all my questions got answered.  I came back in a few days later with my girlfriend to try out the ATS again and Jake was again very nice and helpful.  Though I ultimately purchased a car from another dealership and brand, I would come back and work with Jake again in a heartbeat.  Even when I emailed him to tell him I went another way, he congratulated me and told me he'd look forward to helping me another time.  Granted I did not go through the negotiation and financing process, so I don't have a full picture of the sales process, but if you want to shop for a Cadillac, I'd go to Grossinger and ask for Jake by name.

steve f. | 2012-09-15

i live in the city and went to grossinger city to buy a chevy cruze and while i was in the store i saw a buick verano that was parked in the garage. knowing they were a buick dealer i said i would love to see this car and they actually went and brought me one from their lincolnwood store to test drive. i actually had the pleasure to work with the owner gary and his assistants john and brian to help close the deal. i loved the car and they gave me a fantastic deal on the car. i bought it and am very happy with the car and the professionalism of the dealership. not only should you go to grossinger for your new and used cars but you should seriously look into how great the new buicks are. overall this was a great car buying experience and grossinger made the whole car buying experience special and they still respect that a customer is the number 1 priority. thanks again gary, john and brian. i will be sending all of my friends to your dealerships to buy their new cars.

j c. | 2012-07-30

I had the worst shopping experience of my life at this dealership. We first went to Palatine Grossinger because we were told that the 09 Land Rover LR is at that location. We showed up no car. They told us that they will get from the Chicago location the next day. The next day we were told that Chicago dealership will not send the car up to Palatine because they have an appointment for this car. We called and made an appointment at the Chicago location. We gave them 24 hours in advance notice. The VIP manager said that she will have the car clean and ready for us. Got there and the person wasn t even there. Got assigned a sales staff that have no clue about the car. She took us to the 3rd floor without taking the key with her. (What she thinks that we will make an offer without test driving it first?) Make us wait half an hour to get the key. The car wouldn't even start and the power seat doesn t even moved. Told us that it s just the battery. Finally got the car running but the seat still doesn t move. Car went from $23k asking price to $17k asking price without us even negotiate. Smells like a lemon to me. Also told us that it was going to take them only 10 minutes to get our infinity appraised, but they make us waited for over half an hour. We can't leave because they have our car. What a nightmare.

We drove all the way from Palatine to see this piece of junk. Didn t even look like it was test drove in months. So much for someone made an appointment right before you .

Alex K. | 2012-07-25

This review is for the GM SERVICE side of the car dealership.
In a word: Disorganized.

They were very prompt in allowing me to bring in my vehicle for service when the engine light came on. In addition, they were also accommodating in allowing me to have a rental car free of charge when the problem required the car to stay for the weekend.

The problems arose primarily from the indifference and lack of accountability of the 'service advisor' model used here. One advisor was present on the day I brought the car in, but was not in on the following day (Saturday) or Monday, and I had to work with a different person each time, so explain the whole situation every time etc. I always ended up having to initiate phone calls to check on the status of my vehicle. The reasons for the engine light changed with each person I spoke to. And I never received paperwork when my car was ready. When the original service advisor realized my car left the service department without full payment, you can bet he was calling me every day! Sure wish they did that when I was without my car and without a diagnosis for the problem.

My original service advisor was surly and really only cared about selling me unnecessary tires and brakes, and was not as forthcoming with the status of my vehicle, at least not to my satisfaction. Other than him, I found the rest of my encounters with the employees pleasant and helpful.

I used this dealership because it was the closest to my home, but I would not recommend going here, at least for GM service. They have certain aspects of the customer experience down pat, but too many gaps to feel comfortable trusting my vehicle to them again. There are many better options.

I A. | 2012-06-19

I am not impressed, I negotiated a good price on a used car, a very good price, but they descend on you like vultures, and they are not exactly honest with you, I wanted to see more than one of the used cars that were on the lot, but they made all sorts of excuses why I could not see it and told me that the one I was checking out was better blah blah blah, I did get a good deal but I also maintain my own cars, so after I got my car home , I went through the usual service interval, I WAS SHOCKED.  Not a damn thing was prepped by the dealer, not one thing, I was charged a fee, ai filter was filthy and caked over, in cabin air filter had BIRD FEATHERS in it.  Oil was coal black like it had not been changed in a really long time.  All they did was wash the car...pathetic.   Maybe if I had checked it out when I was thee maybe I would have made them do this for free.  Word of advice, if you buy there, make sure you never except their bottom line price.. THEY HAVE ROOM IN THE PRICE...LOTS OF IT.  And check out the filters, etc and make them do the next service interval, even if the odometer is not close to it, that's the least they can do.  Other than that...pretty standard car dealership, they are all trying to squeeze you for more money, so pick and choose wisely and negotiate like a LION.

Larry V. | 2012-05-09

Brought my car in for warranty work (Air Conditioning). The service staff was friendly, and quoted that the work would take 1 full day. However, I would have to wait for parts to come in before they could start the work.

This is where the 2-star rating comes in. Lack of communication.

They never followed up when the parts came in to schedule the work. I had to call them to inquire if the parts came in, then request a time to start the work.

Secondly, they never followed up during the repair process. The 1 day quote turned into 3 days. It was up to me to call them daily to get a status on the repair.

All in all, if you decide to use Grossinger Service, be prepared to follow up on your own, I wouldn't expect them to keep you up-to-date on the repair progress.

I'd be a bit more ticked off if the repair wasn't covered by my warranty.

Slight Update: Upgrading to 3 stars. Picked the car up today, talked with Service department and resolved issues.

Steve W. | 2012-02-25

Hellloooo?  Is anybody there?

Terrible customer service for a would be car buyer (on the toyota side).

First, I pulled in to the "free valet" and there was nobody there to help me.  I just kind had to sit by my car for 5 minutes to someone finally showed up.

Secondly, I went upstairs to look at a few used cars, and there was nobody to help me (I don't know how much I minded this, but, this was odd, because any other place you go, you are hounded).  Really, this was weird, I couldn't even find anyone to ask a question up there. . . just rows and rows of empty cubes.

I followed up with a second visit a week later, and it was a complete repeat.  Weird.

Jessica F. | 2012-02-15


This experience reminds me why I don't enjoy visiting American vehicle dealerships.  I went here to test drive a vehicle to give a second opinion for the hubby.  The place supposedly knew I was coming.  I went after work, and apparently got the night/weekend shift.  Good God in heaven.  This is when I met Mike, the sales manager.  The rest of the folks I met were very nice, if not well-intentioned car salesman, but this review is about Mike mostly because if I ever decide to buy an American vehicle, I'm not coming here.  

Mike singlehandedly ruined the sales experience, at least for me.  After the test drive he was in my face (not in a good way) about topics which I told him I was not there to discuss.  He even tried to talk me into getting my own car appraised, when I clearly told him I wasn't here to buy a car, just to test drive.  Mike was loud, rude, beyond pushy, and very, very chauvinistic.  

Hubby really wanted that car so we went back the next day, and guess who was there.  Mike.  The entire experience of delivery was a train wreck.  We were there for more than 3 hours for a simple trade.  No one knew where they were supposed to be, Mike spent 20 minutes in our faces (again literally) about buying vehicle protection plan even after we said no, and then we met the finance guy, who was a self-proclaimed degenerate sports gambler, and who was complaining about having to work so many hours.  

As a woman, this place, at least during the hours when I went, was a terrible experience from start to finish.  I think there might be some good employees there but they were completely overshadowed by this Mike guy.  If you really want a Caddy or whatever other American cars are in that Megaplex, take some time off work and go during the day.  Me, I think I'll stick with my VW.

Whitney L. | 2012-01-26

I just got some work done on my Tahoe and 1 of the employees (Arnold) was so super helpful and did everything possible to make sure I got the best deal possible.  It was a fantastic experience!!!  I have been going to this dealership for a long time and he just ensured I'll continue bringing my business back -- thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

john d. | 2011-11-21

I have gotten my 5-year old Toyota serviced here twice. I debated between 3 and 4 stars, but I'll go with 4. Grossinger is an example of "you get what you pay for". And believe me, you'll pay top dollar here. Not because any individual service is particularly more expensive, but because on both occasions that I went here for a simple oil change, they found stuff wrong with the car. Like I said - it's only 5 years old and Toyotas are supposed to be trouble free, right? Now, it could be that I'm just unlucky, but I think what it really is, is that if there's something that's not 100% perfect, they'll make you think it's totally shot and in need of fixing and leave you worrying that your car may strand you somewhere if you don't. First time it was a fuel injection cleaning ($165), the next time it was a 4 wheel alignment ($130). Now, that said, on both of my visits they were super friendly, and I do have to say that it's nice having the peace of mind knowing that the car is in tip-top shape. So, if you don't mind shelling out a little dough to be taken care of, it's a very civilized place to take your car for service. I've had far worse in the past - at least you're getting what you pay for here.

Liz G. | 2011-11-08

They left the transmission out for an entire weekend, leaving me car-less for a week. $2k later, I finally have a functioning car and a resolve that if they were the last mechanics on earth, I'd rather walk.

Rachel F. | 2011-10-21

Had a great efficient oil change this morning.  I typically get seen coming a mile away (20-something female) and get asked to have a bunch of services I don't need.  Not this place.  I was in and out in less than an hour, and my car was shiny, clean from their car wash.  Usually I dread an oil change.  I will defintely be coming back!

Christopher P. | 2011-10-16

This place is terrible. The staff seems to take great pleasure in ignoring people that want to complain about something or someone. When I brought my car in after the coolant system exploded a SECOND TIME due to negligence on their part I ended up sitting in their waiting area for over 30 minutes waiting for a customer service rep to talk to me, and he never showed. I found out he was just sitting around in his office ignoring me. I got fed up and left. I was called a couple days later and told that the repairs on my car would cost way more that I could possibly afford, so I called the service rep and told him my story about the coolant system rupture being their fault due to the mechanic not giving me a coolant flush/refill like I had previously paid for. I was told that there would be an investigation and that if  it was true the repairs would be free of charge. Less than a day later I received a short message from this guy saying "Not our fault. $2000 please.", which was total horse crap. Investigation my ass. A mechanic at another facility had confirmed that whoever had worked on my car at Grossinger never filled it with coolant or flushed the system. So not only was I lied to by the service rep, but I had paid for a service that was never performed and in turn caused even more damage to my car. I ended up having to scrap my car and get a new one.

I will never, ever return to this place. The staff are rude and they lie so they can line their pockets with cash for services they never perform. Avoid like the plague.

Dean W. | 2011-07-15

This is a huge, multi-story Chevrolet-Cadillac-Toyota dealership, part of the Grossinger "family" of dealerships.  GM is on the east side of the building, Toyota on the west, with a shared service bay entry on Dayton.  I haven't purchased a vehicle here, but have had my Chevy SUV in for service several times since my previous dealership went belly-up.  The service bay is very clean, staff is very courteous and professional, the waiting area is very nice (even though their coffee shop, shoe shine, and nail salon didn't last long).  Wi-fi is a nice touch, and I suppose people with kids would appreciate the kids' play room.  Handy to the North/Clybourn Red Line station and retail in the area.  Service isn't stellar, but it's much better than the Chevy dealership on Irving Park Road.

Corey K. | 2010-10-22

Customer service? WHAT?!  This is the worst company I have ever dealt with at all!  EVER!  My experience with them is an extremely long story, which I will sum up as quickly as possible.  I went in looking for a car, ( I have bad credit).  I talked to a guy appropriately named Chevy.  I sat in his office and told him I have $2000 to put down on a car.  He left me there for about 30 minutes while he talked to his finance manager. He came back and told me that I have two options.  Option A and option B (which he drew on a little piece of paper).  Option A is put $5000 down on a car and have high interest and high monthly payments.  Option B is to put $1000 down and have low interested and low monthly payments.  He asked me, which option would you like.  At this moment, I should have walked out, but I figured I'd take the bait.  I said, "Option B".  He said, "Great, let's get started with that!  Who will be your cosigner?" Then... i walked out.
A week later I actually came up with the $5000 to put down on the car (I understood that I would pay high interest rates, and I was okay with this).  I went back to Grossinger because the location is SO convenient and I figured I would just talk to a different sales guy who would hopefully talk to me like I wasn't an idiot.  I did!  His name was Greg Kelly and he was great to deal with. He found a car that fit my needs, however it was located at one of their other dealerships. He told me to come in the next day, the car would be waiting for me and we could fill out all the paperwork and be golden.  
The next day he left me a message telling me that the car from the other dealership had actually been sold and they never removed it from their site, but to come in and we'll find another car that fits my needs.  Because Greg was such a pleasure to deal with, I understood it was an honest mistake and went back in. Greg started showing me some slightly used cars, understanding that I need reliability and low miles with no upgrades and no bells and whistles.  As he was about to let me test drive a car, he had an appointment with someone and had to help the other customer.  Not his fault again, he didn't think it would take that long anyways.  So who does he get to give me a test drive?  None other than Chevy!  Uh oh!  At this point, my friend meets me to help me with the car buying process, we'll call him J, for privacy purposes. J and I wait outside for Chevy to pull up in the Chevy that I wanted to test drive.  About a half hour later, Chevy pulls up, in a Chevy, but not the Chevy that I wanted to buy. He "couldn't find the keys" to the one I wanted to drive and said they had the same engine anyways. J, Chevy, and I got in the car and drove it around the block.  During the drive, Chevy continuously tries to up-sell me on all the features that this car has that the other one doesn't have ( again, he never asked what I needed out of a car so he has no idea that I don't want all the upgrades).  After driving the car and going back to his office, he continuously tries to up sell me.  At this point, I started getting frustrated (this is 3 hours in) and I start telling him what I need.  He tells me that he can see if they have what I am looking for at another dealership.  20 minutes later, he comes back to the office and told me he found one.  He heads to the Finance Manager to get me approved on that car.  20 minutes later he comes back to the office.  "By the way, it's okay if the car doesn't have air conditioning, right?"  Now I understand that I don't need any upgrades, but air conditioning?  Does it have tires?  I told him that it needs to have air conditioning. He walks away again to go find me the right car. 20 minutes later, someone walks by the office and sees J and I waiting for Chevy. He says, "Are you waiting for something?" We tell him we are waiting for Chevy. He says that Chevy is helping other customers. WTF? At this point, J and I walk out of the dealership to figure out where we are going to buy a car from.

While standing outside, J convinced me to go back into the dealership and talk to the manager. The manager that was there was Keith. He was great. He sat us down with Greg and we all found the perfect car which was at another dealership. This time, they called the dealership, made sure it was there, and gave me a great price due to my troubles. At this point, it was late night, so they couldn't get me the car til tomorrow, but everything was good to go. Or so I thought....
The next day, the car was supposed to be there at 8. I had to work until 2:30, so J went in around 9:30 to make sure the car looked good and test drive it for me. Car wasn't there. The manager this day was John Down or something. The words I want to use to describe him would probably get me kicked off of yelp, so let's just say he was not the nicest guy in the world.  I have no more room to write the rest of this story, but let's just say they didn't live up to their price. They lied!