Gold Coast Bentley in Chicago, IL

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Gold Coast Bentley

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 280-4848
Address:834 N Rush St, Chicago, IL, 60611

Reviews on Gold Coast Bentley

Jacob R. | 2014-11-16

I write this review with outmost satisfaction. When I first contacted the Gold Coast dealership I was skeptical to purchase a car from Chicago and have it delivered to Los Angeles. When I got on the phone with the manager Rich, I got a sense that these guys are honest and want to make deals and have clients return back to them. A few conversations later (Rich was always available to talk and answer questions in the friendliest  and most professional manner), I had picked out what car I wanted to negotiate on. I even spoke with Joe the owner of the dealership. He just seemed like a nice guy that was down to earth and wanted to keep his clients happy. Impressive!

When you are buying a pre-owned car without seeing it, you always wonder what you are getting. Somehow I was reassured when dealing with Rich and his staff that these guys are honest. He described the car in  detail. He answered all my questions in detail. He made the transaction easy and pressure free.

I finally got the car here in LA. It was in even a better shape than Rich had described it to be. I am thankful for this dealership's honesty and level of service. Now I know this is why this dealership sells long distance all day long. They do it right!

I will be hopefully doing more business with them in the future. Trust builds relationships. Thank you Gold Coast Bentley and especially Rich.

jenna n. | 2014-11-11

My fiance came in to look at cars on his way to the gym.  He said he left because because everyone was rude to him.  Some guy with a really "classy" goatee told him to turn around, when trying to go upstairs. That he wasn't allowed upstairs with a backpack.

Maybe it's a Midwest thing but where we are from (L.A.) if you roll up in gym clothes on a week day / weekend it's understood you have money.   Instead they were kissing some guys ass who rolled up in a C class.....  Let me write that again a C CLASS

"Don't judge a book by its cover" it's kinda a joke that people can be so rude and judgmental.   There are a lot of people who are moving here for business purposes and not everyone is going to look like some nerd who is a slave and works a 9-5 and has to wear a suit trying to look like they have something they don't.  

You guys are Bigtime dorks.  Your costumer services clearly sucks.    That's all

D L. | 2014-07-22

I bought my maserati here a couple of months ago and today I hit a pothole. I brought it in to have to check and reconfigure the error I have on my dashboard. Carlos from their repair show on illinois said it'll cost me $250 to check and re programed and it will take 5 hrs to do this and it is not covered under the warranty!
I was very up set and called the they referred me to maserati in lake Forrest. Within 3 hrs my car was error free and the man said it was covered under my warranty.  
Do not ever buy a car from this people. Once u buy a car from them that is it no customer service at all. All they car about is your money.
I will also be writing to the manufacturer's corporate company and let them know that they are insulting the maserati 's reputation in the industry. Lying and over charging customers will not take you very far!!

SOBE ER D. | 2014-07-12

Went to Gold Coast last month to test drive the new Maserati Ghibli. I can only describe the entire situation as odd.

We met the sales manager who took us for a test drive. Easy enough. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to be very interested in selling the car and had limited knowledge on the tech and specs.

When we got back to the showroom he had difficulty answer some if the most basic question and kept looking things up on Maserati's web site.  He offered to email me a sales sheet...which arrived a week later.

To add insult to injury, when I emailed and requested a formal quote with the specs I wanted he never responded. Oh well, guess he didn't want my business.

Jen J. | 2014-05-11

This past Dec2013, I had the best day, test driving cars, the staff kept my husband happy serving him espresso's and bottled waters.

I really had fun with Rich, he was easy going and never pressured me into one car over the other, I was super nervous on my first test drive, as I live in the 'burbs' & I am used to less traffic, less people crossing the streets, needless to say I was pretty turned around, like a fish out of water. But like a champ, I sped down Lake Shore Drive  suspecting I might have given Rich a mild heart attack, but he was always smiling!

It was a bucket list day for sure, jersey city girl test driving these cars. I left the dealership, I didn't make a purchase that evening. I told Rich I needed to think on it,  surprising cool about it, no pressure follow up sales calls, long story short, my new baby graces my garage and every time I see her I beam with pride. I highly recommend asking for Rich, he is professional, easy going and a great co-pilot!

Rajive A. | 2013-07-25

Walk in today,not looking like a rock star and was given the rock star treatment. Chris and Joe a real class act. I will be back to buy a car.

T T. | 2012-12-27

Great service. We purchased a car last month and had a great experience. They even delivered the car to my house. I highly recommend Chris (he was our salesman).  We love our car". Thanks Chris

Blair P. | 2012-11-17

I was in from out of town and looking to discuss a new purchase. They looked at my old jeans and jacket and were completely uninterested. Not helpful at all. The staff reminds me of the movie Boiler Room.

Jay F. | 2012-09-04

I bought a used sports car from them after finding the car listed on ebay.  I had never purchased such an expensive item without having seen the car or the dealership in person and I was very nervous about dealing with a dealership so far away from me.
 My salesman was Chris Abbas and once we decided on a price, he made the transaction smoother than I had hoped for.  In order to reassure me that I was indeed dealing with a reputable car dealer, he spoke with me through facebook so I could see him with the car in the dealership.  He also made it possible for me to speak with the previous owner of the car, which was very reassuring.
He kept in contact with me throughout the process and always returned my calls.  The car was as promised and is in great shape.

Grant T. | 2011-03-06

Even if you're not in the market for a Bentley, Lamborghini, or Bugatti, Gold Coast Bentley is still a fun dealership to check out and gaze at the car of your dreams (or your next car).  Yes there are a lot of tourists here, but the sexy, stylish cars take your attention off of them.  If you buy anything here, opt for the Bentley Mulsanne over the gift shop merchandise.

Mark T. | 2010-09-03

Kindest staff in any showroom.  I drive a Hyundai, but visit Gold Coast Bentley often just to admire the cars.  The staff is always extremely kind and never snooty.  I know a few millionaires, and recommend this place.

Talia W. | 2009-05-13

Nothing is ever as good as it seems....
As a board member for a not for profit corporation, I sought out Bentley for our annual fundraising event (October 2009).  Based on positive recommendations, we negotiated price and were treated very well (George gave us a tour and was lovely).... After several weeks, we finally met with the marketing manager (Nina) at the dealership.  I had spoken and emailed with her several times up to this meeting.  Prepared to hammer out a few more details and sign a contract, we were slammed with news that Bently was no longer able to honor the price without a contract nor were they willing to talk about ways to make this event work. What we were told is that there is new ownership of the dealership and these new owners want to compete with the Field Museum and other destination event venues. As cool as luxury cars are, Bentley will never even compare to venues like that. In order to be compared to those placed, the new owners made the venue rental price increase. Not only were we not able to afford the new price point, but we were told that the dealership would not be able to honor a special auction item that was promised.   I would not recommend this location as a venue for their unprofessionalism and their disregard for those who give selflessly to better the lives of others.    If you choose to frequent this venue, check out the new signs on the car dashboards.  Seriously now.....

Matt B. | 2009-04-24

First let me say that I am not even close to the target consumer of these types of automobiles.  I don't even own a car.  One of the friends hed a benefit here one night which I attended.  

First let me say that the venue is top shelf.  They have a mix of Bentleys and Lamborghinis scattered all over.  The music, drinks, and appetizers were excellent.

They had their salesmen on staff just in case we had any questions about the merch.  I did show interest in one of the Bentleys and the salesman was very nice and extremely knowledgeable about the car and the history.  I found the conversation very fascinating.  We talked for about 10 minutes even though he knew I was not in the market.  

First class establishment with excellent merchandise and service.  

P.S.  I found it funny that the Lambos had at least a $3k/year tax for being a gas guzzler (9 mpg city, 14 highway).

Cali K. | 2009-02-16

In 2007, my company hosted our annual holiday party in the showroom of the Gold Coast Bentley dealership.  All in all, the atmosphere was what you would expect: fancy cars, marble floors, leather sofettes.  I was a bit apprehensive that the evening would be really stuffy and that a security guard would be there following us 'minions' around, but I actually had a great time.  I forget who catered, but the food and décor were a great addition to the ambiance of the evening (see the photo I uploaded).  During cocktails and after dinner, we were able to browse for our next purchases and even were able to sit in the cars and start them, but I didn't dare.  With my luck I would have put one of the Lambo's in gear and have it crash out the second story window onto Pearson Street. In any case, later on we had a DJ and danced on the main floor while people walking by stopped and starred in.  It was all seemingly very obnoxious to say the least, but an experience that I will never forget.

Jon E. | 2008-09-25

I can't afford a nice car. I can barely afford a piece of s**t, I have to envy yours. Ok not entirely true, I have a pretty nice little car. Hopefully within the next couple years I will add a CPO Boxster to the stable.

Yet I love Lamborghinis, and the Bugatti Veyron parked in the showroom is amazing. The Bentleys? Eh, just very nice VW phaetons. But ahhh Lamborghinis. an amazing car, what an automotive afterlife is all about.

Nevertheless Ive been to other Lamborghini dealerships over the years, and these salespeople really seem rather classless. Not Mini Cooper classless, more like Madonna with a snaggle-tooth. At Lamborghini of San Francisco they make you buzz in, yet they let any person with enough moxy and class in to take a look around. Here its wide open, which seems a little odd for an in-city high end dealership.

There were Dutch tourists, Hasidic Jews and rednecks bumping around, shopping bags very nearly giving the poor Gallardo LP560-4 at the entry fits. The one treat was when they moved all the cars around. I stood back and listened to the various aural signatures of these magnificent machines. Amazing.

But would I buy my Lamborghini here, given a spare $335,000? Definitely not.

Misse D. | 2007-09-28

Bang & Olufsen hosted a party here for it's customers.  Since I don't plan on being in the market for a Bentley anytime soon, my fiance and I attended.  

It was a pretty fun party.  I've never seen such a cross selection of guests at one party.  Ironiclly, there wasn't any B&O merchandise on display.  That's ok-- I drooled over the cars.

George B. | 2007-08-12

I spend a good deal of time in this neighborhood since I'm a Loyola student.  I think it is nice to be able to have some car eye candy to look at while I'm walking to my classes.  This is worth 1 star in my honest opinion.

Unfortunately, after dealing with the crap attitude, sleazy salespeople, the tourists, and the rest of the crap that goes with this "dealership", I have found the perfect word to describe it all...


And I'm being polite.  The staff is nothing but a bunch of WANKERS.

I would recommend doing all of your auto^H^H^H^H high end performance driving machine shopping elsewhere.