Fletcher Jones Honda in Chicago, IL

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We are pleased to offer our customers every convenience from indoor climate-controlled showrooms to state-of-the-art service facilities. Our location is easily accessible by public transportation, as well as all major expressways, making us only minutes away from anywhere in Chicago.

Honda Sales and Service facilities are located in the heart of the Gold Coast at 1100 N. Clark Street.

Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!
Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options.


Established in 2002.

The Fletcher Jones' name comes with a rich automotive history. Fletcher Jones opened his first dealership in Los Angeles, CA in 1947. In 2002, Fletcher Jones Jr. opened Mercedes-Benz of Chicago and Fletcher Jones Imports. Our organization learned early on the key to any successful operation is customer satisfaction. For this reason, every member of our team, from sales to service focuses on just that.

We have recently expanded and remodeled our four locations in the Chicagoland area. We are pleased to offer our customers every convenience from indoor climate-controlled showrooms to state-of-the-art service facilities. Our locations are easily accessible by public transportation, as well as all major expressways, making us only minutes away from anywhere in Chicago.

Fletcher Jones Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 628-4900
Address:1100 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, 60610
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Fletcher Jones Honda

AV G. | 2015-04-24

I did buy  a new car here (and trade  my old honda).at this dealership

 My experience was no different that when I bought a car in 1983!!  The place is a cartoon of slimy car salesmanship.

Conversational lines by the salesman included:

My Boss thinks I am crazy for selling it for this price

Would you sign here acknowledging  that you see value in us paying you a fee for referring a customer

I was led to believe that if we could come to terms you were ready to buy a car today

Youre trying to work us, just like were trying to work you

They actually made me fill out a credit app and sign the paperwork for a loan, in case my check bounced.

Honda is one of the greatest companies on earth, doing cool stuff like building planes and motorcycles as well as supplying most of the Indy 500 engines.

I know they are freaking out that this is how the last mile of their product is sold

I wanted the car in the trim level and color that they had.  I spent hours dealing with their Kabuki theatrics to get the price i wanted.  The place is walking distance to my house.

I dont buy cars that often, so i put up with this--if you have the fortitude to deal with the place (like i did) go for it

Ceceilia S. | 2015-04-13

Nicole Brandon and Giovanni DeSantis were truly a joy to work with! They heleped me trade my 2014 Accord for a CPO 2012 Accord Crosstour. They did everything they could to meet my needs. Love my car! Thanks again!

O S. | 2015-04-10

We visited a number of Honda dealerships before we decided to purchase from Fletcher Jones. Sales team at Fletcher Jones was the most professional, respected our questions and opinions and did not pressure us into making a decision before we were comfortable in making one. Dino in finance was also great and very approachable, he was able to provide us exactly the details we needed to make the decision that made the most sense for us.

Meredith M. | 2015-04-07

This is a warning for all females - my cousin experienced similar service.  

I thought it would be nice to try the Honda nearest me for service.  The only reason I'm giving two stars instead of one is that everyone was pretty friendly.  The reason I wanted to give one was because I was given a sheet with $5000 worth of 'suggested repairs' for my vehicle.  What a joke.  Just because I'm female, do not expect me to know nothing of cars.  Funny how I changed my timing belt less than a year ago, and you're suggesting I get a new one - with a price tag of $1700?  Nice try.  I'm never coming back.  

The Honda in Schaumburg has been fantastic, and I will continue to drive all the way out there just to get my car serviced.

b r. | 2015-04-07

Horrible service. One hour wait for car after being told it is ready. Unsatisfactory car wash. They beg for a good review. They'll call you afterwards to ask about your service but when you tell them it was horrible, they offer nothing in return, further wasting your time.

Ak N. | 2015-04-03

I have bought 2015 CRV EX-L. I had my research done before started talking to dealership. I had negotiated my price over the phone with Tony (Sales manager). As soon as we walked in the dealership, we were greeted by Dave. He was very professional demonstrating vehicle and answered every question we had. I had not experienced any hard sales pitch during purchasing process. It was completely stress free purchasing experience.

Dealership also provides guest program:
1. One complementary oil change,
2. Tire rotation for life.
3. Shuttle service with 2-4 mile radius while your car is at service with
4. Free paint sealant
5. Painless Dent repair for a year (but with lot of exclusions)
6. The transmission warranty of 10 years or 100,000 miles from Valvoline is a joke. It requires you to do regular 3,000 mile oil change recommended by Valvoline with Valvoline oil. So even if your vehicle mfg recommends 10,000 mile oil change schedule, you need to follow Valvoline recommendation. The warranty will cover only transmission parts that come in direct contact with Valvoline oil. Finance lady has explained me this without any hesitation.

Couple of other points that I was not aware, but I could not find fault with Tony and Dave.
1. Dealership will do HARD CREDIT INQUIRY even if you do not finance with them. I do not appreciate hitting my credit score.
2. Dealership is in cook county, so you have to pay additional $15 cook county fee for buying a vehicle in cook county.
3. State Sales tax is charged based on Dealership location not where you live. So even in Aurora, we have 7% vehicle sales tax, We end up paying 7.25% vehicle tax of cook county (you do not pay Chicago City tax if you live outside city)

Over all it was one the best purchasing experience. I highly recommend working with Tony and Dave.

Freddy S. | 2015-03-30


I took my 2014 Honda Civic in for warranty work on the factory installed Touch-screen LCD stereo. I had been having issues with the system freezing up and showing a slip screen when receiving incoming calls and information not always transmitting properly via the Bluetooth, call connectivity issues etc.

I originally scheduled my appointment via their websitehttp://www.­ fjhonda.com I booked my appointment for a Saturday morning. When we arrived at the dealership we were not properly greeted until after about 15 mins of standing in the service check in area. Once we were greeted we informed the adviser we had an appointment and was there due to a defective stereo. She then hastily ushered us outside and asked us to wait. She then informed the riders to bring our car back to the front and not to take it to the back... I could over hear her telling one of the riders we were only there for a radio code. I immediately interrupted her and informed her that was not true. I did not need a radio code. Had I needed a radio code I could have found it on the Honda website were they're listed. She seemed to ignore me and said someone will be with you.... After waiting another 20 mins my fiance walked inside and asked her when someone was going to take care of us. She then pointed to another adviser and informed him that he would be right with us. After about 15 more minutes he came out and finally greeted us. As we were attempting to explain what we were there for he too mentioned to another rider we were just there for a radio code. I once again interrupted and explained to him I did not need a radio code nor at anytime did I indicate so. I explained the issues to the him. He then gave us both his card. His name was William Caroza a Service Consultant.

He then informed us we they would not be able to look at our car on the weekend even though we had already wasted an hour of our time and had an appointment! His excuse was they were only able to do these types of diagnostics and repairs Mon-Fri and we would be happy to re-schedule us another appointment and give us a loner car when we bring the car back fro repairs.  He walked us back into the service department and set up another appointment for that Monday morning at 6:30am and promised us a loner vehicle.

When my fiance took the car in Monday morning. William informed him they did not have any loners, as promised. Therefore he had to take the CTA to work and ended up being late to work due to the loner vehicle not being available!

Later that day around 2pm I received a phone call from William Cardoza with a status update on my car. He informed me "he had some good news and some bad news, the good news" he said "we were able to duplicate many of the issues you were having" He then said "the bad news is Honda will not authorize replacing the stereo" He went on to inform me "Honda is aware of these issues and do not currently have a fix, but they're working on one" He informed me he personally advised his manager to replace the system with anew one but when he called Honda he was informed it would not be authorized because they knew for a fact that replacing the unit would not resolve the issue I was having. He then apologized and advised me to call 1-800-999-1009 and make a mechanical claim and that would get the General Manager involved and they would be more willing to replace the defective unit..
The GM never reached out to me! No one did until after I received an email containing a survey about my recent visit to Fletcher Jones Honda, I received a call from the Service Manager "Joel". Of course this call was only due to the fact that I gave them a low score for customer service. I explained all the issues to Joel and he promised me he would take care of this...

He called me back later that day and informed me that William had given me false information and now all of a sudden they were not able to duplicate any of the issues William informed me and my fiance he was able to duplicate. Therefore they would need to re-inspect the car. He assured me he would do whatever he could to duplicate this issues and would be giving me a call to schedule an appointment as soon as they had a loner car available, He said they would most likely need the vehicle for a few days and therefore promised us a free loner so we would not be without transportation, He promised me he would be giving me a call by the end of the week. It's been 2 weeks and no update when i called i was informed there was still no loner available They also lied to the BBB and denied what they informed us. Contradicting the diagnostics report we received!  
These people keep changing their story and telling lye after lie. I left a voice message for the GM Bob Levenson at 312-628-4920 and he hasn't returned my call either! My next step is the Illinois Attorney Generals office. These people are dishonest and Therefore can not be trusted! Save yourself time and energy, Go somewhere else!

Arturo Edan M. | 2015-03-30

All I can say is WOW.....I am so so so grateful to have found genuine people at a car dealership!  At first I went in with somewhat of my guard up, not sure what to expect- but the support, care, and genuine interest and customer care I received from both Ania and Leon Smith have completely changed my perception of what Honda stands for as a brand and has given me a rock solid foundation of knowing what a true and empowering sales team is really like. I'm relatively young, don't have the most established credit, and have no idea what it is like to buy, finance, or deal with cars, sales people or finance departments- but not only was I guided the entire way with different options and dedicated assitance in helping me figure out the best monthly payment and lease deal, but was given some amazing real Life advice as to how to build my credit with a great monthly payment all the while having the car I really wanted \- a beautiful brand new 2015 Honda Cr-Z EX. I love love love my new car and feel like I've found a team that feels more like a group of really great and caring friends that truly want to help me out. Even Jennifer in the finance department gave me some genuine advice on what kind of credit cards she'd recommend and which ones to avoid once offers start coming in the mail along side helping me understand refinancing options in a year once my credit is better and my APR rates change.
I've never been treated so well or professionally in dealing with sales and I can honestly say I will recommend everyone I know looking for a new car to check them out. I can see why two of my family members bought their cars here! The incentives are great and the support and customer care is unreal. Thanks so much

Dan M. | 2015-03-30

Not recommend it. The worst place to buy a car. I went there to lease a car. They had a $500 bonus for student. They asked me for an evidence from my college. I got a letter from the admission office that proves that I'm student there. They didn't accept it. They asked for a transcript. I got them a copy of online transcript. They said it does not meet their requirement. Finally I got an official transcript and they accept. After a few weeks of driving the car. They called me and said that the bank didn't approve me for leading a car and that I have two options even sign a new contract with 75$ extra every month or buying the car. I told them that I would go with the third option which is returning the car. The manager came and start to threaten me. I told him that I already signed on contract that we both agreed on. He couldn't say anything. No warranty. It is really bad place with bad service.

Shalem A. | 2015-03-21

After hearing on the news that my Civic was being recalled due to an issue with the airbag, I called Fletcher Jones Honda to schedule an appointment to take care of the issue.  I assumed that because this wouldn't cost me anything, I shouldn't expect the best service, and that they wouldn't be so enthusiastic about fixing the problem.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

From the moment I called to schedule my appointment their team was extremely professional and very friendly.  They happened to have the part I needed in stock, so they were able to get me scheduled right away at the first time I requested (10am on Saturday).  When I dropped my car off, they offered me a shuttle service to take me to pretty much anywhere I liked within a two mile radius or so (I actually declined the service since I had planned to go to breakfast and do some shopping in the area while I waited).  I was given a 2-3 hour estimate for the work, and was pleasantly surprised when they called an hour and 45 minutes later to be notified that my car was ready.  Finally, when I went back to pick up my car, I found they had gone the extra mile by cleaning it (both outside and in) before returning it to me.  I could not have been more impressed with the entire experience, and next time I need something for my car, I know exactly where I'm going to take it.

Ryan A. | 2015-03-20

I have never been treated so well and so professionally when trying to get my car repaired.  The customer service representatives Carly, Summer, and Richard were beyond helpful and friendly. The repair was done quickly and they made the whole experience made painless. I will only be bringing my car back here in the future and will be recommending them to anyone looking for amazing service.

Raksha K. | 2015-03-13

I recently bought my Car from here and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. It was my first car and having heard a lot of terrible things about car buying I was apprehensive. however the Fletcher Jones team was pretty amazing. I had called ahead regarding the cars I wanted to take a look at and they had those ready. Nicole Stafford helped me finalized my car. She was quite knowledgeable about the Honda cars and never pushy.We were able to reach an agreement on the price without endless haggling. They gave me an extremely good deal and a pretty good financing rate. I was given options for addons which I refused. never once did they force me into getting extras. the fees were clear and transparent. everything was explained upfront. The entire process from the time I walked in to completing the paperwork took about 2 hours. (Might have been quicker but there someone completing their sale ahead of me). I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a car. A special thanks to Nicole for her help.

Eric M. | 2015-03-03

I was very happy with my service.  I scheduled an oil change an hour before my appointment time.   Once my car was taken in, I was invited to the lounge for a free cup of coffee/hot chocolate.    The woman who helped me gave me her card and phone number and said she would call me when my car was ready.   She called within the timeframe she promised and the car was washed and ready to go about 10 minutes later.

The one suggestion I would make for Fletcher Jones is for their to be an instruction to leave your keys in the car and step in the office and get into a line.  I didn't know exactly where to go when I first pulled in or whether or not I was supposed to stay with my car until I was greeted.   And because there were several people waiting to be checked in, it wasn't clear who was next so it was a little awkward when they called out, "who's next?"  

I will definitely return for service the next time it is required.

Michelle B. | 2015-02-22

Excellent experience. William kept me informed about the time it would take, and made arrangements to ensure I would be able to be out at the time I needed to be the following day (they had to order another part that wasn't anticipated). It was a very strange breakage, and I wish Honda would have stepped up to cover the repair because there's really no other explanation except that it was defective, but the actual repair experience was excellent.

Anupam G. | 2015-02-22

I recently leased a Honda Civic from fletcher jones. After 2 months I was told they messed up the paper work and I would need to bring it in as they had messed up with paper work. I was held hostage there and had to get another car based on an error they had made. I had to call in the cops who came to my rescue and helped me. I was given another car and told I would be refunded my $1000. It has been 2 months and they haven't refunded my money nor do they respond to my requests. I am stuck in a very depressing situation. I don't know where to go and now am asking people what I can do to get my refund of $1000.
I am a student and paying through my nose and a victim of a place which has terrible work ethics. I would recommend people to avoid this franchise and people to advise me what I can do to get the refund which they are delaying.
Please contact me on dranupamkumargupta@gmail… with any feedback.

Ken M. | 2015-02-21

Did the oil change with Fletcher Jones Honda today. Everything went well-----until I came home and examined the exterior of my car thoroughly (I did check in the garage at Fletcher Jones after the service, but it was too dark to tell). Heck! I found paint chips/scratches on the hood of my new car!!! I have no clue how they did it (I believe it could be due to my car being washed by the washing machine over there WHICH I DID NOT EVEN ASK FOR). Some dots/paint chips found on the hood of the car. Obvious enough which makes me feel very upset about what's happened to my new car. An apology is surely NOT gonna do any good and useless!!! I will never go back and ask that none of my friends should, to this place for auto services unless one wouldn't mind to get his/her car scratched afterward.

Sarah A. | 2015-02-09

I have been taking my car to Fletcher Jones for the past two and a half years and they have impeccable customer service, and went above and beyond the last few times I've been in for maintenance. They have a nice waiting area with outlets in case you need to work with a laptop, and I would definitely recommend taking your car there for service.

P.S. I rarely -- if ever -- write reviews, but felt so compelled after visiting their place today that I couldn't resist.

Rudy M. | 2015-02-08

Horrible service!  I've had multiple bad experiences here and definitely would not recommend Fletcher Jones Honda.  Poor communication, unprofessional and pushy staff.  You should definitely avoid this place.

M P. | 2015-02-03

I just drove an hour and a half in traffic and snow to get to an oil change appointment here, only to find out that after 5pm, all cars are kept overnight for their service. Well, I use my car to get to work, so that would have been really helpful to know WHEN I MADE THE RESERVATION!  Or how about when they called me to confirm the reservation?!  No, nobody tells me this very important detail until I get there for the appointment.  The manager apologized, but this is not acceptable.  I would not recommend this place, as communication is clearly not a priority.

David S. | 2015-02-02

I have been in the market for a car for about 3 months, and Dominique was one of the first salesman I spoke with.  He was very laid back, and easy to work with, no pressure at all.  He worked with me to find exactly what I needed, and helped me obtain a great price.  I highly reccomend Dominique and Fletcher Jones Honda.

Natalie M. | 2015-01-29

Lisa Pagan was absolutely wonderful!!!  She was so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in purchasing of our Honda CRV.  Also, very kind and patient with us.  I would highly recommend her as a sales associate if you are in the market for a Honda vehicle.

Danny O. | 2015-01-26

Everyone is very friendly and helpful here. I did purchase a new car here and felt the process was pretty straightforward.
They did not deploy typical dealer tactics that drag the process out. I appreciated that.
I have been bringing our cars for regular service; oil changes mostly.
Haven't had an issue with the work performed, it seems to be done correctly. Generally I wait for the car in the waiting room when in for an oil change. Unfortunately, whenever I bring a car in for service they always quote a time that is wildly under the time they take to complete the oil change. I have never gotten out in less than 1:15. Always told an hour.
Not the end of the world but frustrating nonetheless.

Sean B. | 2015-01-25

I am newer to the Chicagoland area and chose this dealer because it was close to where I work. I made an appointment for regularly scheduled service on my Honda Civic.  

I arrived about 20 minutes earlier than schedule. I was promptly greeted and directed where to go.  The service advisers were busy when I initially walked in but I was immediately acknowledged that they would be right with me. I gave them my information, my car information, confirmed my appointment, selected my services based on my car's mileage and also requested a wheel alignment. It was about 3pm (appointment was at 3:20pm) and the estimated time my car would be completed was about 5pm. Okay I said, I will wait in the lounge.  I waited in the lounge area for the next two hours.  

At about 445pm, I received a text from the service guy that my car was now going to be completed about 600pm.  As you can image I was a bit frustrated, I took a walk to get something to eat.  I returned after about 20 minutes, and continued to wait in the lounge.  Everyone that had arrived before and after me had all come and gone. I was the only one left waiting.  At about 615pm, I walked over the to the service counters where two employees were playing on their phones. I asked them if my car was ready, they looked up my name and said yes it was ready.  Really?  I asked them how long it had been ready and he said he did not know.  My service adviser had gone home!  

I went to the cashier to collect my keys and pay my bill.  She threw away my claim ticket (which also had my service adviser's name on it). I was reviewing my charges and the paperwork said my car was ready about 555pm. I had been waiting for 20 minutes and nobody told me my car was ready. Instead, they were playing on their phones and ignoring their waiting customers! And my service adviser had already gone home, leaving me hanging. My wipers were not serviced and when questioned, the cashier did not know. She called Mike over. Mike said because I have after market wipers, they could not service the blades.  They could have just told me that while my car was being serviced and I would have had Honda wipers installed; it was too late for that now and they lost an additional sale.  Mike was apologetic that I was waiting unnecessarily for 20 mins and suggested I contact my service adviser.  You mean the service adviser that went home, not telling me or at least passing my information along to someone who would be around when my car was done?  I had evening plans that were now having to be canceled because my car took longer than promised and I had to wait extra time for no reason other than incompetent employees who would rather give attention to their phones more than their waiting customers sitting just a few feet away.

The next day I received an email survey asking about my experience. I responded accordingly and asked to be contacted by a manager regarding my experience.  It has now been one week and nobody has contacted me.  I will not be returning to this dealer.  This was my first and last visit.

Steve Q. | 2015-01-21

I purchased my 2010 Honda Civic in 2013 and was extremely pleased with the overall customer service and continued care from this great dealership.

After a year of issue free ownership, the low tire pressure indicator light began to turn on more and more. Each time I would get my tire pressure adjusted and refilled, but the problem wasn't being truly fixed. Sometime in september 2014 I had my car inspected, and the tire pressure monitoring system was reset (believing that the issue was one with the computer and not the tires). However, within 2 weeks of getting the computer reset and the tire pressure refilled, the low tire pressure light came on again. Finally I'd had enough.

I took my car back to Fletcher Jones Honda and worked with William Cordoza. William was the first service representative that was willing to go above and beyond to help me get my problem resolved, not just fixed in the short term. He ordered an "expensive" diagnostic test which involved immersing my tires in water to determine if air was leaking from the tires. Finally,  the test provided tangible results and it was determined that 3 of my 4 tires had air leaks.

William Cardoza listened to my struggle, went above and beyond and got results. Since my car was handed warranty,  the expensive test and tire replacement was nearly 100% covered by the dealership. William chose to provide me with exceptional customer service and take care of the real issue. Rather than take the cheaper route of a quick pressure refill he made sure that this issue would be resolved once and for all.

William, thank you so very much for all your help. I highly endorse Fletcher Jones Honda for their excellent service and lasting commitment to care for their customers. I will never take my car to be serviced at any other Honda dealership. Service representatives like William Cardoza are the reason I am committed to Fletcher Jones Honda. William and the business at large is truly outstanding.

Cassie B. | 2015-01-06

Just last night, my husband and I had the good fortune to stop by Fletcher Jones Honda. We were looking for a trade-in and an upgrade. First, we test drove the car we wanted with Lisa Pagan the "Honda Girl". She was super nice and very knowledgeable. We also worked with Leon Smith. He was a wonderful salesperson and was able to easily answer all of our leasing questions. The two made an excellent team and we left very happy and very satisfied with the experience. We definitely plan to return to Fletcher Jones once our lease is up to get another car from them. I would be happy to recommend both Lisa and Leon to anyone interested in a new car!

Ken A. | 2014-12-31

Just bought a new car! Great experience Travis Graybill and Leon Smith helped me and were very straightforward, professional and easy to deal with. Made the process of buying a new car very easy! A+

SK M. | 2014-12-31

This place is the pits. I went in to have my car serviced for a recall. They kept it ALL DAY. Literally ALL DAY which was no big deal until they called me 4 months later to tell me that they had not actually replaced the recalled part because it had just come in. Good thing it was not anything serious like brakes since they didn't really make the repair like they said they had. The staff was so nice too. Disappointing.

Bob R. | 2014-12-29

I recently purchased a 2015 Honda CR-V from Fletcher Jones Honda.  This is my third Honda and the second one from Fletcher Jones.  I appreciate the fact that consumers have the opportunity to review and evaluate their purchase experience.  It's one method that gives potential buyers information before making a purchase.

My recent purchase at Fletcher Jones Honda was disappointing.  My salesmen stated that Fletcher Jones Honda was the only dealer to extend the warranty on the powertrain to 100,000 miles.  I eventually found out that this was not true.  What was most disappointing is what happened when I tried to get answers to my questions from Fletcher Jones.

I received an email from one manager asking if I was satisfied and I called him and left a message.  I said that I was not, but he never returned my call.  I received another email from a general manager asking if I was satisfied and I responded to his email.  Again, I stated I was not satisfied and he never responded.  I eventually received a call from the service department and he said he would talk to management and call me back immediately.  He never called back; evidently management told him to forget it.

I received an email from Honda and also a phone call.  I gave Honda a negative reviews of Fletcher Jones but there was never any follow-up from Honda.

Things have not changed in the automobile industry.  They talk about customer service and making sure that the customer is satisfied.  But the reality is once they get the sale they don't care and its business as usual.  I paid Honda a considerable amount of money for this car; the least they could have done was to follow-up on my concerns.  Talk is cheap and Honda and Fletcher Jones felt that it was not necessary to respond to a customer's concerns.  I don't understand why automobile dealers continue to reinforce the negative stereotype and make a car purchase such an unpleasant experience.  I hope you will consider this review when purchasing a car.

Jasmine B. | 2014-12-23

I brought my car in to be serviced last Saturday. Upon picking up the car i noticed that there were several little scratches all over my car. I spoke with the service manager and he assured me that they would take care of getting the scratches removed. I dropped off my car again this morning only for them to give me a call stating that the would need to buff out my car and re-paint it and that this is a $300-400 cost that they are not willing to absorb even though they clearly scratched my car up. I will never bring my car back to Fletcher Jones again and will definitely warn everyone that I know of their terrible customer service and inability to follow through with cleaning up "messes" that they have created.

Judy B. | 2014-12-17

Mike and Edwardo were excellent Customer service reps and the mechanics are quick and courteous-

Lindsey S. | 2014-12-15

Absolutely TERRIBLE experience with this dealership. Wouldn't have even given 1 star if I didn't have to. The fact that this is the first review I think I've ever written about anything in my life should be telling enough.

I dealt with a lot of the staff and was absolutely shocked by how shady these people were and on so many different accounts. From trying to go back on the agreed upon amount for my trade-in to making smarky and condescending  comments about how we weren't interested in buying a warranty at that time (yes during the process of purchasing a car from them)-- I was absolutely disgusted.

We honestly went into this happy and interested in buying a car and left there everytime so disrespected and feeling so taken advantage of.

Amber N. | 2014-12-10

I've had my 2013 Honda Pilots regular maintenance done here for almost 2 years. Every time they are so friendly, accommodating and easy to work with. They get the service done quickly and at low prices. We will be lifelong customers.

Nihal V. | 2014-12-05

Fantastic service! Met with Mr. William Cardoza. He was nice, accommodating, and very efficient. I went in for a regular servicing on my Cicic and waited about 1 hr and 15 min which went by quickly as per their waiting area with free wifi and coffee. They had prompt text notification to update me with the status of my car and to let me know when the service was completed. Definitely pleased!

Vett D. | 2014-12-02

Great customer service and they always get me in-and-out when I have an appointment!

Lisa S. | 2014-11-24

I have always had a great experience at Fletcher Jones Honda.  I fully trust them with my car and really appreciate the personal touch service.   They quote me accurate times they will be finished and the price is correct.   I would highly recommend them!!!

Arelys V. | 2014-11-14

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!!! Biggest mistake I've made (and I've made plenty!)

I wish someone could explain to me why I purchased a car here in December of 2011 and have had my tire pressure light come on about 8 times and have been stranded in the middle of North Ave and Sheffield during the polar vortex when it was 45 below zero. Oh, there was a programming issue but since it didn't happen to enough cars, there wasn't a recall and nobody contacted me. Sitting in a dead car for three hours was pretty unpleasant.

My tire pressure light came on once again and I made an appointment for this afternoon. I now have two tires that are leaking air due to nails in them. I get it. Maybe I'm parking in the wrong places, but I live in Lakeview and park my car in a clean garage at home. This has never happened with other vehicles I've had. They also told me that I have a faulty battery. On a two year old car?! HOW? They asked me where I bought the car...here!

I totally get that car places have a bad reputation, but they're definitely the reason they have this reputation. I have to replace a battery, patch two tires, replace a couple of filters, and change my oil. Hmmm...that's pretty convenient for their bank accounts but not for mine. I guess the point of my rant is that when you buy a BRAND NEW CAR you expect for it to not have any problems for at least the first five years.

Guess I'll buy a Toyota next time.

Roberta B. | 2014-11-11

I had my first oil change today at Fletcher Jones Honda.  I didn't have an appointment but the oil light went on  in my car so I took a chance and just drove into the service entrance.  They assured me they could change the oil and have the car washed and ready within an hour and a half.  I went for lunch and within an hour they called to say the car had been serviced and washed.  There was no charge for oil or service as it is  free for the first three years or 36,000 miles. I could not have been more pleased. Thank you Fletcher Jones Honda.

Matt W. | 2014-11-10

The price for repairing is reasonable, since it offers coupon. Last time I was there, they replaced battery which is relative new(just checked by AAA service two weeks before). They will prefer you leave the car there, so when they call you at work, tell you something needed to be replaced, then you have no choice.  Not to leave the car there, and do your own homework, not just listen to their recommendation. Make sure negotiate the price, it will make the big difference.

Greg B. | 2014-11-10

I think the ratings here are misrepresentative because they conflate the service department with the sales department. This review is about the sales department.

We didn't buy a car from the Honda dealership, but we shopped there prior to purchasing a car across the street at the FJ Volkswagen dealership. Stark contrast between the professionalism of the Fletcher Jones staff and every other car dealership that we encountered over our month long process. For starters, they know how to use email. No crazy fonts. No crazy images taking up have the page. Words are spelled right and punctuation is proper. It's a simple thing that I've taken for granted not having to venture much into industries that seem to be stuck a couple decades behind the technology curve.

We specifically worked with David, Leon and Christine (Christy?). They were courteous, helpful and in no way pushy. We would have had no reservations about purchasing a car from them had we liked the CR-V and were happy to be able to stay in the Fletcher Jones family for our purchase. Looking forward to going back to this dealership for our service and the next time we need to purchase a car.

Nancy G. | 2014-11-07

I would give this place 0 stars if I could.

We had a very disagreeable experience trying to purchase a car here. We used TrueCar to get hassle free quotes. Fletcher Jones was not the cheapest but it is the nearest so we decided to give them a try. Big mistake.

They gave us a quote of about half the book value on our 2009 Honda Fit along with a big song and dance how it would take thousands of dollars to get the car ready for resale. We walked away after about 2.5 hours of high-pressure treatment.

Two days later, the salesperson called us to say that he had someone who was interested in the car, we could get book value and to bring it in as soon as possible for another appraisal. I took off work early, braved rush hour traffic all for $200 more than the original. Just sleazy tactics.

On our first trip to the dealership I mentioned that I got a TrueCar quote from another dealer for $1000 less than their quote. Arthur told me that you could not believe those TrueCar estimates and that the dealer would tack on charges to the quote.

When I re-read the TrueCar quote, it guarantees full transparency and that there would be no additional charges. Another sleazy tactic from Arthur.

Don't waste your time.

Jamar T. | 2014-11-05

I came here to have my honda serviced and from the moment I pulled in the high level of service quality started. I just needed to have my keys reset. I didn't need to make an appointment I just stopped in and they got right to work. I walked over to oak street and did a little shopping while they were working. By the time I returned they were all done!

Their staff is very friendly and knowledgable no matter who you're dealing with. I appreciate the consistency. They even washed my car for me which was awesome and unexpected!

Marty M. | 2014-11-03

I should have written this review a year ago, but I try to cool down before writing so I don't get myself in trouble.  

I brought my Civic SI in here for an oil change and 50k tuneup.  First of all, they charge a ridiculous fee for this, as I paid $600 for the both, and found out my local garage could have done it for...$125.  

They were very nice during dropoff, but it was the pickup that got me.  The CS rep on duty, Mike, was a complete a-hole to me when I came in.  He made it seem like getting my car serviced there was a complete inconvenience to him, even though I was getting gouged on the fee.  

When they brought my car down, the "technician" looked around suspiciously, then grabbed the service department's battery charger out of my car.  When i noticed this, I immediately brought it up to Mike.  He had that look of fright on him, as he realized I caught them doing something shady.  Apparently they left a light on in my car and drained my batter.  Instead of replacing or fully recharging, they charged the battery to 25%, then were trying to give it back to me in that shape.  I called them out on it, and he was even less happy I was there.  

They seriously were going to give my car back in worse shape than it was.  They said it would take 24 hours to properly charge my battery, and "no, we won't replace your battery, and no, we don't have a loaner car for you to use" were the two answers I received.  I was told to come back the next day, and had to commute home without my car a second time.  I wasn't even offered a discount on my fees, or a reimbursement of my commute, or a ride home.  

They are an awful dealership, with shady characters, high prices, and a complete disregard for customer service.  

I would tell everyone to stay away from this place for purchases or services.  

Someone close to me is having a similar problem after purchasing a new car from them and being charged for all repairs, even under warranty, and I'm waiting for him to write his review.  


Maura R. | 2014-10-31

Nicole is a wonderful saleswoman- best car salesperson I've ever worked with (and I have dealt with quite a few). I Bought a CR-V a few days ago and was pleased with the staff and how helpful they were. They weren't too pushy but persuasive enough to really get me a great deal on a great car. The reason for only 4 instead of 5 stars is because of the price. We agreed upon a price before I left to look at other dealerships but when I came back the price was 4 dollars/month more.
All in all, it was a good experience and would recommend Nicole to anyone!

George M. | 2014-10-22

Over the past few years I have had nothing but great service from FJ Honda, everyone has been kind, cordial, and prompt.  This has left me with nothing but praise for a dealership that exudes every quality people are looking for when buying a new car.  On 10/16, I went in for an oil change and shortly after I received an email stating they wanted to buy my care and trade it in for a newer model.  So I called them and inquired and liked what they offered.  When I went their to finalize the purchase the deal was not quite what we agreed on over the phone, upon which I left  extremely frustrated.  After expressing my disappointment to Bob Levenson the deal was resurrected.  As I spoke to him on the phone, then Travis Graybill, they assured me they will get me in the car I want at the price I desired, and they did.  To make matters even better they took down all the financing information they needed over the phone so when I went to pick up the car everything was ready, I literally was only in the the dealership for an hour, this alone is unheard of.  As we all should do before buying a car do your homework know what your old and/or new car is worth and what your bottom line is, and FJ will do everything they can to get to that number.

MW T. | 2014-10-13

Leon made the entire purchasing experience smooth and stress free. From the day we entered the store through to the eventual sale, he guided us through the decision making process and brought in the other team members as needed. It was very well coordinated, making the final sales very efficient and quick - we were in and out within about an hour!

Credit also goes to the rest of the team whose attention to detail and pro-actively providing information made us comfortable with all the decisions we had to make.

All in all, a wonderful experience and we highly recommend others to come here.

Lynn G. | 2014-10-11

I'd been looking for a 2003 - 06 Honda crv with decent mileage for about 7 weeks. I'm here to tell ya I've been in every car dealer in the area.  I've heard every sales line you can imagine, multiple times.   I kept my friends totally entertained by rattling off the best lines after each shopping trip.   I finally found a crv gem at Fletcher. It was the best experience I've had during my stressful search.

They were very professional, attentive and personable. Sales rep Henry Martinez,  Tony Taylor and Amy in the finance dept. were great to work with and I spent a lot of time with John Tillotson. He was wonderful to work with. John went with me on my test drives, did 2.  I needed a night to think about the purchase and returned the following day. He didn't hit me with all the sales lines during my drives as others. Jeezz test drives with other dealers were downright painful!  We actually had conversations unrelated to the purchase of the crv. which was refreshing. He was also the liaison between myself, service department and all the odds and ends of getting me out the door with my new vehicle.

Were there sales pitches? Sure but really toned down from my other shopping trips at other dealers which were like being in a Saturday night live skit!

I was nervous about purchasing an older vehicle so I found a  mechanic shop, Damen auto repair and body shop who I took the crv to after the purchase.  They said that Fletcher has great mechanics and that they really do a good job inspecting and servicing the incoming used cars. It needed zero repairs or areas of concern.  They pointed out where the mechanics put chalk marks on each spot they inspected under the vehicle, drive train, axels etc. They were impressed. These guys have a five star rating on yelp so that's really saying a lot! I'll be reviewing them as well.

Bottom line, I'll be a repeat customer but hopefully not too soon. I love my crv!

Karen W. | 2014-10-09

Brought my CRV in for an oil change because I received a coupon.  They noticed that a brake light was out and needed to be replaced.  A mere $45 to change a $4 bulb.  Outrageous!!!  Got home and the same light wasn't working.  Took it in a second time on my way to work for a 730 am appt.  Took me 45 minutes to get there during rush hour.  I asked it they could replace the bulb while I waited. They said that the mechanics didnt come in till 8.  I asked why they told me to come in at 730 if there are no mechanics available.  No explanation was given.  They provided me shuttle service to work and told me to just call the shuttle service when I wanted to leave work.  I called the shuttle service at 4 pm and they said I had to wait for 90 minutes.  Ridiculous!  I had to get home so I took a cab.  When I got to Fletcher Jones I told them that the shuttle service was not running as promised.  I was told that they were having issues.  I asked to be reimbursed for my $9 cab ride.  Mike told me that he needed manager approval to give me the $9 but the manager wasn't there and that was why they were having problems today.  My experience today was awful.  They didn't fix the bulb the first time.  I will never go back to their service dept.  The savings from the coupon was definitely not worth it.  Try Norm's on Lincoln ave.  They are the model of service!!

B C. | 2014-09-30

Bought a new car here a few months back.  The sales man was good. The overall experience went smoothly but this was primarily due to the fact that I had done my homework prior to going in there, I knew what I wanted, I knew what I had wanted to pay and I already had a few quotes done on line in hand.   Had I not done all of this, they would have tried to take advantage of me pretty bad.  I know this because that was their initial tactic until I revealed my research and they backed off.  Now, since this is the way that most dealers behave, I would still have given them a higher rating had it not been for the finance department. This is where these guys really try to screw you.   I guess a lot of people are caught off guard because they think that the negotiations are done at this point.   Do not let your guard down.  The people in the finance dept here snakes.   They will try to sell you anything and everything extra, all kinds of service plans and warranties.   They will give you some absurd pricing and then cut it in half cause they are giving you a 'good' deal.   Don't be fooled by them.  They will fight nail and tooth to get you to spend extra money.  They will swear up and down that you are getting a good deal and that there isn't a better one to be found.   They will be lying to you.  Get out your cell phone and start calling other local dealers and speak to their finance dept.....Get some quotes on extended honda care warranties right there in front of them.   You may have to call a few, but I promise you that extended warranties are flexible and negotiable and that this dealer will not be giving you a good deal on it unless you force their hand.

Kevin L. | 2014-09-26

I stopped in late afternoon yesterday looking for a Honda CR-V, fairly certain about what I wanted but didn't have all day to spend in the car dealership. I was met by David C. and he shared information and guidance on the vehicle, showed me available colors (I wanted a white vehicle) and he took me for a test drive. David made me feel very comfortable by not being too pushy, providing me information without being overly aggressive. I'm in sales so I know all the tricks and was happy to see that David wasn't using the usual sales tactics, he was trying to help me find a solution instead of "selling" me. As we were speaking David C. introduced me Lean Smith who is one of the most genuine people I've ever met. Leon Smith won our trust as he didn't come in the usual way, he came in to truly provide support and help guide us, getting me the white vehicle I was seeking and dealing nicely with my attempts to get the lowest price. He showed me a price comparison that was very fair and having done my homework I knew he was telling the truth. This was BY FAR my best car buying experience EVER! I was out of there in record time, able to pickup my son from cross-country practice, grab dinner and bring it home to my wife/daughter in my new car. I love my Honda and would highly recommend visiting Fletcher Jones Honda and seeking out David C. for the sale and if you need a manager Leon Smith is your guy.

Aaron G. | 2014-09-20

Excellent experience at Fletcher Jones Honda working with Sal. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to work with us on every aspect. Fletcher Jones was the second dealership we checked out and the quality of service was hands down superior at Fletcher Jones. We actually left the first place feeling disrespected by the manager who basically told us to take his offer or get it out. Sal and the manager at Fletcher Jones Honda were genuine and we were happy to give them our business. Now they'll get to see us plenty when we cash in on our free car washes!

Stacie K. | 2014-09-12

Original Review:
I brought my car in here today because the original dealer I bought my car from couldn't find the issue and they needed to keep my car for longer.  So instead of being stranded in a dealership that's over 40 miles away, I went back to the city and took my car here.  The drop off was great.  The actual work done appears to be fine and appears to have fixed the problem.  However, the service on the way out was by far, above and beyond the rudest and worst display of customer service I have EVER had.  

Mike, I think was his name, was a complete and arrogant prick.  He only slightly crossed the line at the drop off of the dealership where I did buy my car from, in terms of bad mouthing and slandering.  He sure as hell sealed the deal when I picked up!  I asked him if someone had a few, maybe 10 minutes, to show me how to use a few things on my car because I didn't know how to use it...you know, now that I've had the time to settle in and get to know it a bit.  Just like dating someone, right?  Just because you go through their "resume" on the first date doesn't mean you know everything about them.  It's a gradual process.  Anyway, he said in a matter of fact a-hole tone "well, I'm not sending you back out there, but that was your sales guy's job.  We just don't have the people right now that can help you - we're swamped."  I completely understand if you're swamped, but you don't need to go below the belt and say what is who's job and what isn't.  I said "Ok, is there anyone in sales here that can help me?"  He said "you're more than welcome to go over there and check." and in my head, I'm wondering "wow, do these people talk to each other EVER?! OR is he just being a complete prick".  Well having been in a family that has been in the car industry for decades, I know that they do talk.  So he's just being a complete prick.  Perfect.  I respond with "So you ARE telling me to go back out to the other dealership"...to which he responded, "yes".  He just turned me away from this dealership in showing me a few of the cool gadgets that my car has to offer...ever.  Or so it seems.

I get it.  I gave the other dealership the sale.  They're dealerships owned by different people.  I get that.  But a simple courtesy of maybe "come back on a Monday afternoon when we're not as busy" would have been the nice thing to do.  His attitude, demeanor and tone left me completely believing that even if he personally had the time, he would have told me the same exact thing.  What a f*cking moron.  Not only did you lose my business while I have this car, but I will most definitely not be recommending this place to anyone I know.  I am a completely loyal person and a place of business that goes above and beyond for their customers really stands out to me.  I will give that business my money for years to come.  For my next car, I probably would have come here if you guys were a little bit f*cking nicer to me.  You sure f*cked that up, Mike.  If I could give negative stars, I would.

I also haven't written a review in a LONG time.  That is how furious and APPALLED  I am at this complete LACK of customer service.  

Cars are expensive.  They're not cheap to buy.  These transactions and everything around it should really be handled with due car.  With the continued horrible reviews of this place, people aren't going to come here.

Updated Review:
This is being written only maybe an hour after I wrote my initial 1 star review, with the details above.  Bob, the GM, just called me personally to apologize on behalf of Mike.  Bob made this right, and they are back in my good graces.  Bob went out of his way to make this right, and I truly appreciate it.  He emphasized that whether you are a service customer or a sales customer, you are a customer no matter what...and confirmed to me that my request was not unreasonable.  Thank you, Bob!

K P. | 2014-09-05

My sales rep was Lisa P and she was just wonderful. Sweet and honest. Had I just been dealing with her, my rating would have been 5 stars.
My problem comes from the fact that they kept trying to get me to finance the car when I had the cash to pay for it up front. They tried to tell me that I didn't understand that I'd be making money by financing and to ask a financial advisor (I worked in investment banking. Know your target audience). When we finally made it to the business office to sign, the lady tried to upsell us on a bunch of other stuff for the car.
If you're buying a car there, I'd definitely recommend Lisa! However, be prepared to spend a good amount of time there explaining to other people how you don't want to finance the car and how you just want the car and nothing else.

Garrett H. | 2014-08-27

Daniel was an awesome sales rep! Very knowledgable and willing to work with us. Will not hesitate to purchase again!

Alexander M. | 2014-08-02

Brought my car in for an oil change today and the service A. Left it with Brian Rodgers. The service A usually requires air filters as well as tire rotation. Told him to check everything out and call me with pricing. Got a call when the car was done and there was no charge. The filters were fine and the oil was changed under my policy. They also performed and complimentary multi-point inspection and the brakes we good too. On top of it all, the car was done in about an hour or so. VERY HAPPY with the service I received from Brian today.

John R. | 2014-07-23

Last October (2013) my wife and I leased a new CRV from these guys and they did a GREAT job for us. I could tell that they worked very hard to get the deal done and stay within our budget. Well, that car got stolen last month and once the insurance settled we discovered we were a few thousand dollars below the ability to just lease a new car just like the one that was stolen AND keep the payments the same. We went back to Fletcher Jones Honda because we knew they would work hard to get us the best deal possible and that is exactly what they did. I will be a customer of Fletcher Jones Honda for as long as I live in Chicago! Huge shout out to Tony Taylor, Leon Smith and Travis Graybill. THANKS a million guys! Well done.

Javi R. | 2014-07-15

Me and my family bought a car from her the car was good. But they were charging me for something i didn't get in the car. I had to go 4 times and call several times before i got my money back. And I still haven't gotten my money. Also when Iwanted to buy the car everyone was friendly to me but once you buy the car they act like they don't even see you .  this place deserves the bad reviews it has.   I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE

Deena D. | 2014-07-12

Tried charging me 145.00 for a diagnostic test when my engine light came on. My car is  only a little over a year old and only has 7000 miles on it. Honda has 3 year bumper to bumper warranty.   They didn't charge me because I called them out on it, but I have to wonder how many people are getting scammed on this.  I should also add they tried charging me for my windshield wiper part that moves the wiper and was broke. It was hanging to low on my rear window and rubbing the back of my car. NOT KOOL!!!

Warranty Coverage:
Your vehicle is covered for 3 years
or 36,000 miles, whichever comes
first. Some parts may have separate
coverage under other warranties

Honda will repair or replace any part
that is defective in material or
workmanship under normal use. See
Proper Operation on page 34. All
repairs/replacements made under this
warranty are free of charge. The
replaced or repaired parts are
covered only until this New Vehicle
Limited Warranty expires.

Lan N. | 2014-07-09

Me and my girlfriend went to FJ Honda today and we have had such a very unpleasant experience.
My plan was to put down 10k in cash and the rest is financing for a Honda Civic EX-L with Navigation.
The sales guy named Andrew Budd was very helpful, friendly and really trying to get me the price that I want. But when he asked his manager Tony Basich, my temper rise rapidly when Tony Basich was trying to mock us and being very unprofessional.

Tony Basich was saying a lot of shit, stupid and fucked up things that no one will buy from this dealer:
- "If you leave here and come back, we will charge you more than the price we gave you".
- My girlfriend was asking me: "What time is it? and I show her my watch". Suddenly, Tony Basich was like, here here, here's time and he's just aggressively showing it.
- Unprofessional from Tony Basich, very very unprofessional. He seems to trying to throw customer away from the dealer.
- I also got an offer in my email before I arrive this dealership. But when Tony Basich came out, he said "Here's the price as original price, no discount or anything". I then said "But I have 2 emails that come with discount offer on this particular Honda Civic EX-L with navigation. Tony Basich replied with a very annoying tone "Hey, you could have two, three or as many as you want".

My conclusion for any shopper that is looking to buy a car is NOT TO GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP when TONY BASICH was there. And even if you go there, try to look for Andrew Budd, he's very helpful and you will be very happy.

Owner and President of Fletcher Jones Honda: I cannot tell your company for just one visit today but I can tell you have a very bad staff such as TONY BASICH, if I was you, he won't have a chance to go to work tomorrow.

Enough of my first expression about Fletcher Jones Honda.

Kelly R. | 2014-07-08

I came here in the fall to purchase a new '13 Civc LX.  I had been emailing with dealers and figuring out who had the best price.  Lisa responded to me quickly and within days had an appointment and color all figured out. My '11 civic had been totaled in an accident so I was looking for a replacement. I showed up with my plates, paperwork, everything ready to sign and drive.  When Lisa sat down with me she started backing out of the quote she gave me.  She brought out a binder that had clippings and emails with other dealers saying that they add other packages and accessories onto the vehicle and that she would not do that. Instead she was raising the price she agreed to match. When salespeople get sly and sneaky I walk. I closed up my folder and gathered my plates up to walk out, when Leon approached the desk.  He was a SAVIOR!
He asked me if we did my number if I would sign and drive today...which I immediately said "yes!!" That is the whole reason for my visit.  He talked with the sales manager, got the paperwork going and moved the process along.  I am so thankful that he stepped in and worked things out for us.  I really wanted my new civic that day, and he made it happen.  Thanks Leon! If you were not here we would have gone to another dealer. He is a straight forward and honest salesman. I highly recommend asking for Leon or emailing him when you begin your search.

p.s. I also have had great experiences with my service, as well. William has been a great help when I came in to get my scheduled maintenance and when I had a tire replaced (damn potholes!).

Denise S. | 2014-06-29

Our Honda Element was chugging and hesitating. Stopped in at a national chain repair service center that quoted us around $500.00 for repairs. We went to Fletcher-Jones and got the car fixed for under $300.00 and it's running great. The service department was very friendly. they went over everything with me on the phone before doing the repair and I got my car by the end of the day. I'll definitely be back.

Kerri L. | 2014-06-27

My husband and I purchased a pre-owned, certified 2012 Honda Civic from Fletcher Jones Honda on June 11, 2014 and we were very pleased with the buying experience.  Marty was nice and professional, the entire time, and my husband I never felt pressured or skeeved out in any way.  We also appreciated that the finance office was able to get us a better APR than what Bank of America had originally offered us for our auto loan!  

Now for the service-related issues (also the reason for the decrease in star ratings).  When we test drove the car, everything was great....read: the new car smell was there.  When the purchase was finalized and the car was done being cleaned, we did a final inspection before driving off.  I immediately pointed out a few burn marks/holes in the fabric that were DEFINITELY NOT there during our test drive, as well as a cigarette smoke-smell.  Marty apologized and assured us it would be taken care of when we brought our car back.; we purchased the interior protection plan, with fabric protector.  Anyway, fast forward to when my husband took the car in for this service,  and apparently the person that fixes interior things wasn't there.  Great, so now we have to bring the car back AGAIN?  

At this point, my husband says that the car smells a lot better (no cigarette smoke-smell!)   However, the next day, as I am putting the car mats back in their proper place, I notice that there is a cigarette burn on one of the mats!  Umm okay, what is going on?  Is someone in the service department smoking in and/or getting into my car right after smoking!?  Lastly,  also as I was tidying up my car, I found someone else's service invoice crumpled up in my glove box.  1. Was my glove box more preferable than a garbage can or, better yet, in the right person's possession and 2. I don't think any customer(s) would appreciate another person/stranger having their home address and phone number.  Anyway, despite all that, we are truly satisfied with our experience with Fletcher Jones Honda and can only hope that the next time we get our car serviced it doesn't come back smelling like an ashtray!

Vik K. | 2014-06-24

"$145 diagnostic charge" because the Honda wouldn't start - so I asked them to forget it, jump started it and had the girl drive it home.

Duh!!! Don't go here.....do you need any more negative reviews or are you really wanting them to steal your money??!!

Bob S. | 2014-06-24

What a great experience buying a CRV for my wife. Being from Detroit, my wife and I searched for the best price for our purchase. This led us to Chicago and Ben at Fletcher Jones Honda.

Ben was very accommodating on the phone prior to our drive to Chicago; comparing prices and trying to work out a deal with closer dealerships to match our price. But the local dealerships just wouldn't budge.

Before we even arrived, Ben had the financing ready. All we needed to do was sign the papers and drive away. But Ben did one better for my wife and I; he managed to get tickets to the Tigers/White Sox game that night. Talk about going above and beyond.

We strongly recommend Fletcher Jones Honda and Ben for your automotive needs. I know that we will be back in the future

Jae L. | 2014-06-16

I recently purchased a 2014 Honda Civic SI Coup from Fletcher Jones Honda.
The sales person I talked with was Lisa Pagan.
She gave me a deal on the car that no dealer was able to match.
She was very patient, helpful, and answered every question that I threw at her.
If you are thinking about purchasing a Honda, you should definitely go to Fletcher Jones Honda and hit up Lisa for the best deals.

Eleanor S. | 2014-06-16

Very unfortunate, we had to walk today.
I emailed 3 area dealerships asking for quotes on 2014 CR-V EX-L with Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. the first person to get back to me was Sal from FJ.  His quote was extremely low. I was certain we were not talking about the same car, so I emailed him back: " I just want to make sure we are talking about the same CR-V.  I am interested in the 2014 CR-V EX-L with Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System? 2WD Automatic Transmission." Sal replied: "I' can offer you the CR-V which you indicated for $25,904. Which is $3,291 under invoice." Well that made Sal the lowest and we were now talking about the same car.  Sal was really gung-ho and even offered to bring the car by our house over the weekend since we live very close by, and we could see if it would fit in the garage.  In the meantime I emailed his quotes to the other dealerships on the off chance they could top this.  My phone immediately blew up. The quote was suspiciously low. They suggested Sal was going to raise the price when I didn't qualify for a student or military rebate.  I addressed this with Sal directly, and he assured me that "Other dealers are trying to discredit my price." So we were ready to continue working with Sal.  He came by, was very pleasant and we went for a test drive. the CR-V fit in our garage like a glove.  Now for the nickels and dimes.  Sal assured me the price he quoted was correct.  with doc fees, taxes and delivery fee the price would be $29,602.  Sounds great. We confirmed we wanted the navigation or "Navi" and we all shook hands and agreed we would pay and pick up our car on Monday.  We are a young married couple, and instead of financing we worked out a deal with our parents to help us pay outright and take the car home.  We put them in touch with Sal. Long story short, Sal saw a chance to make a buck. he called me at work hours before we planned to pick up the car. he claimed he made a mistake and it changed the quote, that my parents were aware of the change and it was not a problem. He didn't realize we wanted "Navi."  I immediately called my mother. Sal had not spoken to her at all about any change in price.  She immediately called him and let him know if he didn't honor the quote we were walking. We walked.  Fletcher Jones, you lost a sale with slimy scum-bag sales tactics. We still plan to purchase a CR-V but I promise you that this neighbor will go elsewhere for service. You will never see another dime of my money.

Katja L. | 2014-06-11

We recently bought a 2014 CR-V from Marty Steadman, and enjoyed the experience. Marty was knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating. We are not the easiest customers, and challenged Marty quite a bit. He delivered on all ends. We would recommend working with him. The car itself is great, no complaints so far.

Allison B. | 2014-06-07

Thank you to Andy B in sales and manager Bob for making the car buying experience easy and stress-free! They answered all of my questions, gave me a great deal on trade, and I am thrilled with my new car!

Nicolas B. | 2014-05-21

Typical scumbag car dealer service department.  They want to sell you any service they can, even if its not needed.  

I made an appointment weeks in advance, confirmed the day before and when I showed up the needed parts were not in stock.

Complete waste of time and they didn't care at all.

Stay away.

Regina R. | 2014-05-18

A HUGE thank you to David Cummings and Leon Smith for all their assistance in my first experience leasing a car. Immediately upon walking into Fletcher Jones Honda yesterday, David greeted me and made sure I was taken care of in a timely manner. During our test drive, it was easy to see that David was very knowledgeable about the car as well as the lease process. He answered all of my questions openly and honestly, which made me feel comfortable from the get go.

Leon was so helpful when it came time to crunch numbers, and his hard work allowed me to get a car, which was initially at the top of my price range, down to a much more realistic monthly payment. He gave me the time I needed to think deeply about what was best for my finances and never made me feel pressured to make a decision a was not comfortable with. Both David and Leon stayed almost 2 hours past the time the dealership closed in order to make sure I was happy and had what I needed.

Thanks so much to both David and Leon! I will be recommending you both, as well as Fletcher Jones Honda to my friends and am excited to work with you all in the future!

Amanda P. | 2014-05-14

I had a great experience when I bought my car here. I don't like going car shopping being a single woman.  My salesperson, Ben, was so helpful and put me in the exact car I needed.  I told him what i wanted and my price range. He asked questions to make sure it was the right car for me. The questions weren't condescending or arrogant. He treated me great. I love my new FIT. Ben was great to work with. Go see him if you are looking.

Brian S. | 2014-05-09

Great experience buying my Accord.  Ben S was very helpful and fun to deal with.  Told him what i wanted, what my budget was and he actually listened....yeah crazy right??  A car salesman who listens!!  Thanks Ben....By the way Tigers Suck!  Go Cubbies

Jess S. | 2014-04-25

So this was my first time buying a brand-new car, totally solo. I was in seriously desperate need of a car ASAP as my other car was totally unsafe to drive (especially with all of the driving i do around the holidays). I had sent an email telling them i was interested, and they shot me a lower price right away. i went in for a scheduled appointment the next day, and walked out of there with my brand new Honda Fit that night!

The staff is really friendly, and the process was pretty simple (surprisingly). I really loved that I could schedule appointments online, and the warranty was generous. They have great pricing options for graduate students as well. My salesperson was very friendly, and his supervisor was also nice to deal with. The test drive was quick, and I felt like they didn't really waste my time trying to add stuff on. I don't know of a lot of people who can just get a car in about 3 hours and walk out that pleased.

There are a few reasons I would not give it 5 stars. First, the woman who I dealt with in finance talked to me like I was a child. I look really young, but I did my research, and I knew what i was doing (because of my desperation). If anyone was trying to add stuff on, it was her. There was a paperwork issue that happened between her and the rest of the staff, and she was a little too abrasive for my taste. Also, with my credit score, i checked it several times before going in through different companies, and they all gave me the same number. When I go to FJ, it's worse? What's up with that? She really rubbed me the wrong way, and I felt a little disrespected.

I know a lot of the posts on here are about the terrible service or whatever, but when it came to just buying a car, the salespeople were very helpful and informative. Car buying experience is not fun, but mine was pretty normal in regards to what i wanted. Some people on here have some very strange circumstances under which they had bad experiences, but I felt like mine was leaning more towards the pretty run-of-the-mill experience regarding car buying: not fun, but ultimately worth it, and positive.

Kang L. | 2014-04-23

Fletcher Johns abused my SSN 5 times.

I was going to buy a car paying in cash. Dennis and Tony, sales persons asked my social security number for a Finance Application. I asked why because financing is what I've never interested. They said this is very common if you want to pay with a personal check so that the dealership can verify my background, and it won't be such a hard inquiry that hurt your credit score. After sign the document, I got a report from TransUnion that Fletcher Johns ran hard inquiry 5 times. I met Tony, a manager of Fletcher Jones Automotive Enterprises to explain the situation and request an Inquiry Removal Letter so that I can correct it with Transunion. He kept saying that you signed the financial application, and it's none of the dealership's fault.

I am totally happy with my new car, but totally ruined my car buying experience by Fletcher Johns.

Fay A. | 2014-04-23

Great experience buying a new car! Our salesperson Audrey was great! Highly recommended!!love our car

May F. | 2014-04-19

A big thank you to Leon Smith and David Cummings! Everything went really smoothly and stress-free with their expertise and help! I ended up leasing a 2014 Honda Civic Sedan today and I'm really happy with how everything turned out.

I went in on Tuesday Evening and both were fantastic about answering my questions. I also want to thank Lisa for organizing and setting up an appointment for me.  Although she was working with another customer, she dropped by afterwards and made sure that everything was well.  Leon and David were fantastic. I felt welcomed and comfortable explaining what I wanted.  As I was debating between the Sedan vs the Coupe, they insisted that I test-drive both out so I could make an informed decision. They were not at all pushy or hungry to make a deal, rather they wanted to make sure I would enjoy whichever vehicle I ended up with. As I was uncomfortable making the purchase that Tuesday evening, Leon and David reassured me that I could email them with any questions and come back anytime. Up until Saturday, David very promptly and professionally responded to my questions. I returned on Saturday and comfortably went through the required paperwork so I could take my new car home.

Leon and David are wonderful people with great personalities and are very knowledgeable about Honda vehicles. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new car, especially if you work with David or Leon!  Keep up the excellent work!

Taryn S. | 2014-04-18

Great dealership!  Buying process was smooth, straight forward and professional.... Love my CRV!!!

Erin L. | 2014-04-17

I wish I could give this dealership -22 stars. They have owed me money for over 12 months and they now block my number when I call. Who does business like that! Also they sold me a defected car and wouldn't own up to it.

If you are smart at all please take my advice and take your business somewhere else. If not at least make sure another outside mechanic looks it over first before signing any papers.

Also PS. Idk how it works exactly with this dealer but my disappointment stems from the VW side of the business.

Dan L. | 2014-04-08

I just walked out of this place with dry negotiation on a used Odyssey. Well, deal didn't work so I am not here to trash them on not selling the car at my price.  But I decided to put my comments as what I had experience seems to be TREND with these guys per other comments.

Net/net, I went there with the printed advertised numbers. The ad also clearly showed Honda Certified logo on it. Honda Certified comes with 1yr extra warranty.  And guess what they presented me in their first offer sheet. $860 extra for the warranty that comes with Certification as advertised. I laughed onside and couldn't come to right # with them so I walked.

Just wanted to let people know that it seems to be trend per other comments...

Thomas T. | 2014-03-20

Late Feb., 2014, I purchased a 2014 Civic from Fletcher Jones.  It was - amazingly enough - a pleasurable and stress-free experience.  I sold VWs for a brief yet miserable period of time a few decades ago, so I know most of the manipulative tricks the "old-school" dealers will pull.  Basically, "say or do ANYTHING to make the sale."  I dreaded the prospect of buying a new car and having to deal with all that bull.

I prepared myself well beforehand (the Edmunds site was especially helpful), and went to Fletcher Jones Honda with my wife at 10 am on a weekday.  It was right near the end of the month, which always gives you some leverage when negotiating as the dealership has sales quotas to meet and the pressure is on them.  We were met by the sales manager, Tony Taylor, who seemed a genuinely relaxed and friendly guy.  Our sales consultant was Audrey Collier, and she was pretty much perfect.  I'm used to dealing with sales people who don't know as much about the vehicle they are selling than I do (I come from a car family, my dad used to create hot rods in fact).  Not so with Audrey, she really knew her stuff, was totally professional, and never made me feel like fresh meat to a jackal as in most other dealerships.

After our test drive, we reached a deal fairly quickly.  It was a very good price - I think it helped my position that it was the new sales manager's first month on the job and he was eager to sell.  Yes of course, they will try to sell you extras and extended warranties.  If you don't want them (I didn't), just listen to their spiel politely, them firmly but politely decline.    The dealership finance person was a delight to deal with (they are sometimes the worst sharks at a dealership).  I got no arm-twisting or hard sell, which was a very pleasant surprise.  The entire transaction took us about 2.5 hours from the time we walked in til the time we drove out.

Fletcher Jones seems genuinely interested in providing top-notch service at every level, and my wife and I are extremely impressed, not only by the experience that day but also the after-sale contact.  I notice some bad older reviews for this dealership - I bet they accurately described that person's experiences *at that time*, but since there is new management in place here, I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a Honda.

Alex K. | 2014-03-07

I needed a car to start a new job and I was sort of in a rush. I was worried that I would be taken advantage of because of my inexperience and need to have a car immediately. Fletcher jones was my first stop after I recieved and email from Lisa pagan, which had a very reasonable price compared to other dealerships. Another dealer at honda city claimed they could make a better offer. Lisa was patient and tried to meet the price, which because of my inexperience I didn't realize was an impossible one. I told her I needed to see what honda city had to offer. Well, of course the misled me to get me in the door. When I left honda city I called Lisa and she kept the doors open for me and waited for me to get back. They have me an exceptional price and were honest the whole time. I was looking for my first car but was also shopping for a relationship with a dealer. I'll see you next time I need a car Lisa!

Alex Kalish

Danny D. | 2014-02-28

These people are CROOKS. Brought my car and have some basic break things checked out. I decided I would check other places around here and just compare pricing.  when I did so I found pricing the dealership for basic repairs was MORE THAN DOUBLE THE PRICE of other repair shops in the area Never bring your car here unless it is under warranty. I had no work on the my car and he still charge me $200. FOR NOTHING!!!!

Amy S. | 2014-02-27

What a joke.  My fiance and I went to Fletcher Jones Honda last Saturday to look at a CRV.  We are starting a family and wanted a safe family car, and were really interested in a Honda.  We test drove, talked options, and were in negotiations.  The salesman and manager gave us a great deal on payments and my trade-in.  We were told that if we came back before the end of the month, we'd be taken care of.  Two days later the salesman emailed us and we started finalizing what we wanted.  We told him we were ready to come in and sign the paperwork.  We arrived tonight ready to sign a lease.  Problem was, the salesman we had been talking to wasn't even there and the manager acted as if he didn't know we were coming in, even though the salesman had told us to ask for him.  We were paired with a different salesman who also had no clue what was going on.  After driving to the warehouse (8 miles away) to look for "our" car that wasn't actually at the warehouse, we went back to the dealership and they started to run the numbers (again).  They came back with a deal that was absolutely ridiculous, and acted like the original deal had never happened.  The price they gave us was over $100 what was promised on Saturday, and they were rude and insulting about the "misunderstanding" that we must have had about the original deal. At one point another manager even said, "I'm not saying you're making this up, but..."  and the manager who was there on Saturday and was the one who gave us the original deal flat out lied about it.   We ended up walking out.   There was no misunderstanding, Honda lied.  Our original salesman was nice.  The rest of the people there...not so much.  Don't waste your time.

Jeff P. | 2014-02-20

If you consider yourself an educated consumer who wants the car buying experience to actually be enjoyable and expects to be treated like you are truly valued, then go see Lisa and Leon and the team at FJ Honda.

Highlights: Responsive internet team, warm and genuine people, stress-free buying experience, customer focused    

Like most car buyers now, I had done all of my research and visited every website out there.  We knew we wanted an Odyssey and had visited two other dealerships before Fletcher Jones Honda.  When I got an alert on a Pre-Owned Certified Odyssey at FJ Honda, I recognized it as an outstanding value.  

The experience started late on a Sunday, the moment I clicked "Get ePrice".  In no time at all I had an email response and an already good price.  The next morning I received a personal follow-up from Leon.  I let him know that I'd be in later that day (snowstorm) to see the car.  When I got to the dealership, I was promptly greeted and introduced to Lisa.  I got there 2 hours early and the car wasn't ready yet to preview.  It took a while for them to get the car from their pre-owned lot and they apologized numerous times on the time it took, which, by the way, was only @ 30 minutes.  I received personal apologies from Bob (GM), Tony (Pre-Owned Mgr), Leon, and Lisa, along with numerous offers to run out and bring back coffee, lunch, or anything else I could want.  Talk about customer focused!

Fast forward - The test-drive was an adventure.  It was a snow storm after all.  Lisa didn't hesitate to jump out and clear off the windshield at a stoplight - in heels no less.  She knows her product too.  She spent ample time highlighting key features and explaining the boatload of technology packed into this car. Needless to say, the car was a match for us.  

When it was time to "wheel and deal", I quickly realized that none of my fears about buying a car were necessary.  Never did I get that stereotypical slick sales feeling.  Never did I feel like it was me versus them.  It was a fairly transparent and brief negotiating period.  I was a well informed buyer who knew what I should be paying and I knew the price advertised was already a deal.  I knew the fair price of my trade-in.  We quickly landed on terms that I felt were great for me, and I was sold!

When we picked up the car the next day, Lisa had made sure it was detailed and threw in a nice gift for us too.  Its hard to explain how Lisa and Leon make you feel while you're there.  It's as close to family as it could be.  

For Lisa and Leon, it may have been just a day at the office.  But for a guy that may buy a car every 7-8 years, it was a refreshing experience that I truly appreciated.  If you haven't yet visited this team at FJ Honda, you owe yourself that much.   I don't submit many reviews, but in my opinion, Lisa and Leon and the team at FJ Honda deserve every bit of my and the many other great reviews out there.  Read them for yourself.  I did before I went in.  They are every bit accurate and Lisa and Leon live up to their reputations for outstanding service.  I'm glad to be part of the Fletcher Jones family.    

Jeff P

Tim S. | 2014-02-12

We recently purchased an accord from FJ.   Our sales person Leon was very helpful and made the process quick and easy.  He helped us through the purchase process, but then also help get the paperwork moving so the whole process was simple.

Debbie L. | 2014-02-07

Service took over four hours just to evaluate my car (a task of 20-30 min) when I had an appt. no communication from staff whatsoever. Will never take my car here again.

Kelly P. | 2014-02-07

If I could give this place a million Stars I would. My car was totaled by a drunk driver. Then I realized that my insurance policy didn't cover my rental car. So everyday without a car was money down the drain. Not the desperation you want a car dealer to sense.  Nor did I want them to sense my insecurity of a young woman buying her first car. Determined not to be taken advantage of, I did a ton of research and was ready to conquer any deceptive car salesman.  I used autotrader.com and got an email from Nicole. Convinced that I could get a better deal I went to another dealer only to be quoted $1200 more than the quote from Nicole.  I called Fletcher Jones as I drove off the lot from the other dealer. They promised to meet with me the next day and honor their deal. Nicole was off the day I went, but I met the most amazing man ever! Leon Smith completely changed my perception of car salesman. He was ridiculously kind, personable, and dear God he was so patient! I instantly felt calm after our first conversation. I know that I got a great deal on my 2013 Civic.  They had to trade with another dealer to get the car I wanted. It usually takes 2-3 days, Leon knew I was anxious to get rid of my rental and promised me my car the very next day. And he delivered! But the whole team was great. Nicole met me at Enterprise and drove me back to the dealership.  Sylvia in the finance office called my insurance company with me and even tried to get me a cheaper rate. They were all great! But Leon went so far out of his way to make sure that I felt comfortable and that I was happy... Thank you would never be enough. Leon has a customer for life!

Meaghan T. | 2014-02-01

Giardineria. Fox's Pizza on Western. 'Da Bears. 'Deez guys at Fletcher Jones.

These are my 4 Chicago cornerstones of happiness.

Go see Dennis N. and Leon. I am thrilled with my new [used, Honda Certified] CRV and these guys went above and beyond for me. Dennis and Leon made this experience so stress-free (and fun) and I got a fantastic deal on a car I love.

Took me 3 weeks, two visits, multiple emails and calls to buy this car. They were kind, patient and helpful every step along the way. Went above and beyond to find me the right car that makes sense for my life and my budget.

I plan on having this car for a long time, but I will buy all of my cars from these guys.  

Car salespeople stereotypes do not exist here. Dennis and Leon were honest and in several specific situations, they looked out for my best interest. Sylvia, the financial person, was great too - she even found and error on my credit report and told me how I can resolve it. Don't let this fancy Gold Coast location fool you - this place is not just for rich people.

This sounds so lame when I write it out, but I think it's important  to mention - I walked in as a single woman (gasp! the audacity of not having a male escort for this big, hard financial thingy I was doing!)... and there wasn't an ounce of sexism from any of the staff. I know, it's 2014. But I think it's important to say. I've seen it in other places. Do not worry about that malarkey here.

Two other reasons I love this place: 1) When I came in the second time, they remembered my dog's name. 2) I was offered pizza.

Lindsay P. | 2014-01-22

I bought my car here for an oil change for the $20.14 special, that included a hand car wash and full inspection. What I got was a 3 hour wait, no inspection, and 1/2 of my car washed.

I made an appointment over the phone, brought my car in, and spoke to one of the service reps. I told him that I do not need new wipers, or a new air filter, he must have taken this as - no inspection. They offered a shuttle service that was going to be about a 35 minute wait, so I decided to walk home instead (I should have just taken the bus pass). After waiting 2 hours, I decided to call to see if my car was ready, my usual oil change takes about 20 minutes tops. I called the number the service rep gave me and there was no answer so I called the main line. They proceeded to tell me they couldn't find my name in the system and that they would have my service rep call me. He never called until I was actually already walking back in the door. He told me he sent an email, text, and phone call, and must have gotten my phone number wrong, which it was on the bill. Funny, because I've brought my car here before and they had my number right then. And then how did he just call me as I was walking in, if my number was wrong? As I paid, I saw no inspection was done on the bill. I inquired about it and they said they would do it now, but it would be another 25 minutes... no thank you, and I asked for my car back. I didn't walk around the front of my car to see the 1/2 washed car, but could tell from my drive home that my windshield even looked like it wasn't cleaned. I wish I could upload a photo on here because it is a sight to see only the driver's side of my car washed.

$20.14 plus tax is cheap for an oil change, but its not worth it for shitty service and waiting 3 hours. I wasn't even shown the new oil in the car, luckily I know how to check that myself.

Jeannie G. | 2014-01-12

Fletcher Jones just got worse. I gave them a one-star review about two years ago and now I realize they were WORSE than I thought. Too bad I can't give them 0 stars. My Honda programmed key  had lost the top that holds the key to a key chain. i brought it in to my buddies at Fletcher Jones, and they said, "Oh, no, the WHOLE key has to be replaced. That's the best that we can do. And blah blah blah to the tune of abou $150. Turns out that the key holder could have been easily replaced for about $6. It's bad enough that this company ripped me off when I bought the car from them, and now I realize they did it again. They are rip-off artists, and I would NEVER buy another car or service from them. To make matters even worse, I wrote them three letters, and they simply ignored all of them. Terrible company. Terrible customer service.

Annie F. | 2014-01-10

Really disappointing dealership. I was given inflated prices by myself which became much more affordable when my dad got involved; had to wait over an hour to sign paperwork when I gave them at least three hour notice of my arrival; and they didn't even have an extra key/manual ready for me when I left. The owner only acknowledged me after one of his middlemen told him my "dad was tough" though I am making all of the payments and the lease is in my name! Do not got here.

Becca S. | 2013-12-31

An amazing buying experience thanks to John Desantis and David Cummings. We got a great deal minus the extended hassle of negotiation. They kicked it to the next level by taking our old car off our hands and sending us off into the new year with a fabulous car! Seek out the dynamic duo when shopping for your next car...

Alicia H. | 2013-12-30

This is only the second time I've written a review on Yelp, and I hope it will help save other people the time I wasted at this dealership.  Not to mention the loss of faith in humanity.  This dealership lied to me to get me into the dealership and then tried to sell me a car for much more than they agreed to via email.

Before going to Fletcher, I did research on autotrader and contacted many dealerships around Chicago.  I emailed a salesperson who said they would match an offer from another dealership.  In writing, they told me they would match the offer.  

After a test drive, the salesperson asked me to forward him the email with the offer from the other dealership.  Then, after waiting through the ridiculous back and forth walks of the salesperson to the manager's office, they told me that the offer I brought from the other dealership was "fake", that they were sorry that other dealerships were misleading.  I received a similar offer from several legit and well-reviewed dealerships.  

Fletcher Jones lied to me to lure me into their dealership and then tried to start a song and dance about trying to help me (by selling me a car at a much higher price than we agreed to).  Unbelievably disappointing.

Cassie B. | 2013-12-21

I knew the model I wanted, test drove it and eveything was fine. Then they made it impossible to actually buy a car. I just wanted to have a straight forward discussion about price.  They refused to give me a price. They only gave me monthly payments even though I didn't want their financing, wanted to pay cash, and even after 4 hours.  Tony, the guy from the financing dept, said "It's not like buying a sweater".  Don't waste your time here.

J. r. R. | 2013-12-20

Took my Honda here to have a scheduled B maintenance and found a coupon on Yelp that cut the cost of the service by 50 bucks.  Took my car in at 7:30 and was told that they would talk to in about an hour or so.  Also explained that the windshield wiper fluid was not working correctly and thought it might be frozen.  Around 9:30, the guy talked to me and let me speak to the technician about a few other minor issues.  Did not feel pressure to get unneeded services and they told me that my windshield wiper was just low on fluid.  Service technicians would probably get 3-1/2 stars, however the waiting area would probably get 2 stars.  There were numerous times that there was no coffee for me and the other patrons and it was clear that it was not checked on a regular basis.  One of the sinks in the men's bathroom had a bunch of black spots which I didn't even want to know what they were.  The waiting area could definitely be improved.

Angela L. | 2013-11-25

This was my first experience to buy a car on my own and it turned out good. The sales persons John and Travis and Tony followed the whole process with me, very politely and patiently. I bought a certified pre-owned car in the end and nothing I can complain!

James D. | 2013-11-22

I had purchased my Odyssey back in 94, have been going for service since
with a service tech named Bill Cardoza....the best
I just purchased a certified used CRV and, no surprise here, my sales guy
John DeSanis, the manager Tony Basich, and even the finance person
Jennifer were all absolutely excellent

Erin C. | 2013-11-14

We came home with a Honda Accord  EXL NAV and we love it. This is our second Honda this year. We originally purchased a Civic EXL and loved that.

We made a decision to up-grade and the sales team that helped us with that was patient and wonderful. We worked directly with John DeSantis as our Rep and Tony Taylor assisting. We had fun, there was no sense that we should hurry up and choose. They were willing to have us try as many as it took - but their knowledge about the features of the car were so outstanding that it moved pretty fast. Jennifer in the finance department is a miracle worker and really knows her stuff.

Gosh, John even taught us something we did not know about our back-up camera.

This is a big shout out to anyone looking for a Honda - Fletcher Delivers from service, to shuttle services, to getting the car washed or getting you in a new one!


Mandy P. | 2013-11-12

Removing my review due to management attempting to make amends. I am thankful they have employees who want to listen.

jen b. | 2013-11-01

I went in for a test drive. Two days later, during phone/email negotiations, I was told my price was approved by the GM and to come in to finalize it. When I got there, they gave me a hard time. There was no intention of honoring that offer. I left with nothing and they lost a customer...waste of time.

Truan R. | 2013-09-27

Went in today for service on my Honda. It was my first visit to Fletcher Jones. Was greeted right away and setup with William C. His service was awesome!! I explained what I was requesting oil change recall check etc. he assured me it would be around an hour or so and directed me to the waiting area. I looked around the new showroom for a while shockingly I was only approached once, then I went to look at the preowned cars (it was a ghost town up there) never saw even one sales person! But all the cars were open and I browsed on my own. A little over an hour later William called he then came to ME on the 2nd floor to explain the findings and his recommendations. Ended up just doing the oil change. Headed to check out and the cashier handed me papers for the service $105!! That's an expensive oil change I thought, paid anyway and left. A few minutes later I got a call from the cashier she had accidentally charged me for another persons service. She apologized and I drove back to the dealer and got my money back. Overall a great experience, humans make mistakes but I will definitely be back to Fletcher Jones. Keep up the good work!

Matt W. | 2013-09-24

We just bought our new Honda here. The car buying experience was ok, a little odd back and forth while negotiating the price (had to go through the salesperson, then one manager, then another to finalize the price, then finance people after that), but besides the time spent processing paperwork and everything, they had everything we wanted. They even bought us lunch while we waited.

The service department is pretty impressive. We bought an interior protection package and found some exterior scratches, and they took care of everything quickly, no problem. Very professional and nice.

Kim B. | 2013-09-19

If I could hang out here more, I would. The people are friendly, the coffee maker is good, and I like the area! I especially love Tony! He made my car leasing process a pleasant one. I was dreading going into a car dealer due to the wheeling and dealing most of them do, but Tony was direct, no bs, and I appreciated that. Great experience, and I love my honda!

J M. | 2013-08-30

If you're looking for a no-nonsense,  comfortable buying experience that is lacking the typical auto sales BS, go to Fletcher Jones Honda, and ask for Henry Martinez.  He is an easy going and personable guy who will give you a fair deal and make the experience as simple as it can be. I visited several other dealerships and did not find this kind of service elsewhere. I highly, highly recommend this business.

Terry N. | 2013-08-19

My Corolla was about to reach 200K miles so my search was on to find a new car.  I knew I wanted a Toyota or Honda.  We purchased a used CRV from Tony Taylor last year and had another WONDERFUL experience!  I called him and he gave me a fair price on a Civic.  I went to two other dealerships - I live in Wisconsin and work in Northbrook so visited the places closest to me.  I test drove the Civic in Kenosha - what a bunch of loser salespeople!   Exactly what you would expect of a car salesman.  But Tony is different!  TOTALLY no pressure!  We worked out a deal via email and I drove downtown to pick up the car.  There were a couple snafu's - I wanted a grey car and they sold it without Tony knowing.  But he was straight forward and told me what they had - he even had Henry Martinez take me to the garage where they keep the cars and let me pick the exact one I wanted!  And on the way back, Henry set up my phone with blutooth for talking and music!!!  Something I would have done eventually, but made the ride home very enjoyable!  The other snafu was their financing guy's computer went down so the process took ALOT longer than I expected, but Tony chatted with me and his pleasant company kept me occupied. My only complaint was that  - even though they are ALWAYS wonderful about offering coffee and water - I read in one of the reviews that Henry brought a customer pizza.  Henry - I didn't get offered any pizza (JK!).  Again, an awesome experience that will keep me driving 1 1/2 hours for great service!  Thanks Tony Taylor (and Henry) you guys are the BEST!!!

Jennifer K. | 2013-08-18

My husband and I walked into Honda yesterday in search of a car, to find what we thought was a great deal! We have been thinking about purchasing a new car for over a year now and just never found something we liked that fit our budget until we walked into Fletcher Jones Honda.   Immediately we dealt with Anthony Misztal who was friendly, welcoming, reasonable and not pushy at all.  He stuck to the facts and never once did we feel uncomfortable there.  Needless to say we did by a car and were overall very happy with our experience there and with Anthony.  We leased a new Honda Civic EXL that fits our budget, city lifestyle and is very comfortable.  Would definitely recommend this place to family and friends!  We are very pleased with what found at Fletcher Jones Honda after searching many different car dealerships!

Sharyon C. | 2013-08-16

Usually car buying is a HUGELY anxiety-ridden experience for me, but Henry and the team at Fletcher Jones Honda kept me at ease through the entire process. The location was upscale both inside and out, and I even got a slice of pepperoni pizza out of the deal! The only thing keeping me from a full 5-star rating was a tiny bit of the "car-salesman double-speak" (which I suppose is present at EVERY car lot), but I still didn't get an 'I'm being hoodwinked' vibe from any of them. Great experience, and I love my new car!

Sharad C. | 2013-08-09

Great experience in buying a car from Fletcher Jones Honda. The Quote from them was good. John DeSantis was great to deal with. He was accommodating and understanding our needs. I wanted a quick transaction. We were in and out of dealership with the car in 2 hours no hassles. The finance lady was very professional and knowledgeable as well. Living in Suburbs and buying my car from downtown was indeed a Good decision.

Shim E. | 2013-07-19

I phoned Fletcher Jones and asked if they could reglue a rearview mirror that had fallen off the windscreen (due to the heat I later found out). Answer Yes. I asked how long it would take. Operator phoned the service department and then replied It would take an hour or so for the glue to dry.

I drove to the dealership and was told on arrival they could NOT reglue the rearview mirror because "we do not have the right glue". I asked who could do the repair. They said the did not know but suggested I contact a "glass guy"

This is a "full service" dealer?

End of story: I went back to my office. Located a nearby auto glass dealer. They glued
the mirror on and 20 minutes later (I ran a timer) I was on my way, for $15.

To be fair, I did get my oil changed at Fletcher Jones.
They by the way tried to talk me into changing the cabin air filter which the service
manual (from Honda) SPECIFICALLY says does NOT need changing. Cost from Honda $65!!

The story speaks for itself.

E P. | 2013-07-01

My wife and I stopped by on a Saturday to get some info on a car. After browsing what they had and hovering around the car we were interested in for a few minutes I went looking for a salesperson since no one seemed interested in us. I approached a couple of gentlemen who were standing near an office and asked if anyone could give us more information on the car and one volunteered the other. After asking a few preliminary questions, it was clear that while he knew most of the information, he did not know specifics and had to repeatedly go somewhere to get the info. He apologized after a while saying he was new and wasn't familiar with all the information on the car. Fair enough. Once we had more information we told him that we were interested in seeing what they had in their inventory and what they would offer in terms of price, and ultimately monthly payment. He said that would be no problem and went off again to find someone else who could help us.
When he got back I noticed that the parking meter where our car was parked was running out so I told him I'd be right back. He immediately offered to have our car parked with their valet service, but I declined since we had a nice spot and I didn't want to have to go to through the hassle of begging to get my car back. He asked me to reconsider. After feeding the meter we were approached by someone else who told our salesperson that he should pull the car we were interested in out front so we could see it and take it for a test drive. We told them both it was not necessary as we were not interested in taking it for a drive and that we didn't have much time (my wife was pregnant and couldn't go too long without eating). They said it was no problem and our salesperson then took our info so he could get us "the numbers." We gave him a specific trim on the car as we were not interested in the fully-loaded version but did want some options.
After taking our info (including what car we currently had as we might trade it in), the salesperson left us to see how long it would take to "crunch the numbers." When he got back he let us know that they had pulled the car out front if we wanted to take a look at it since it was in the color we were interested in. We obliged him and told him we liked the color and that it was the one we preferred. We also noticed that the car was the full-loaded trim and re-iterated that we were not interested in that one. He again asked if we wanted to take it for a test drive and we declined... again.
We walked back in and chatted as he told us that it would take about 20-25 minutes to get the "numbers" back from... someone. Every five minutes he would get up and walk to an office in the back then come back and tell us that they weren't ready... and asking us repeatedly if we wanted to take the car for a test drive. At one point he came back with the temp plates in an attempt to get us in the car. We refused each time and steadily got more irritated with this cheap tactic. It began to rain and he said it was a good thing I had put our car in their parking so we wouldn't get wet. I told him I had not given them our car and he didn't seem to like that.
The last time he came back and told us that the numbers were not ready we asked how long it was going to be and he repeated "20-25 minutes". It was now over 40 minutes since he took our info. My wife became upset since she was starting to get hungry and there didn't seem to be a way to get the information we had requested. I explained one last time that we were not interested in the test drive and that we just wanted to know what kind of offer they could make and he left once more to see what was up with "the numbers". It was at this point that we saw that the office he kept going back into was full of other salespersons who seemed to be "coaching" him. He came back and started by reminding us that he was new and that there must have been some misunderstanding since they could not give us any information without appraising our car first. We were shocked by this since we repeatedly told him what our intentions were and what information we were interested in and he said that it would not be a problem. We told him that we were done and he apologized for the misunderstanding. As we were walking out, a few of the other salespersons who were in the one office began coming out and watched us walk out. They seemed to be surprised, but no one made an attempt to ask us what happened.
The worse part is that the following Monday I got a call from the salesperson asking if I was still interested in a test drive.
Overall our experience there was crap and I would not recommend going there unless you have done your research elsewhere and you essentially show up with a listing of what you want and what you want to pay for it.

Kimberly S. | 2013-06-13

Took my little blue car into the Service Department.  She hadn't had a check up in a while and needed an oil change.  George Portillo was very nice, and emailed me the invoice with all of the recommended services.  When I asked for clarification of the price, he changed it using the discount that I should have received (using the promotional card).  Get the promo card- it is FREE and it saves you 10% on everything.  The first time, they even give an extra discount on the oil change and throw in a tire rotation (basically for free).  True- I did pay more than I expected- but they are car experts and I am not.

Here is why I'm actually writing a review... George sent an electronic invoice (amazing!) that I could review at work, google what I didn't understand and then give consent via email for the procedures.  They recommended several (somewhat expensive) things but when I stuck to the ones that were necessary, there was no contest- no trying to sell me on it.

Really straight forward and very helpful crew.  I will definitely be returning.

Janice S. | 2013-06-12

I just purchased my 2nd Honda Accord. The staff in Sales, Bob Levenson Gen. Mngr., and the associate that took care of my purchase, Travis Graybill, were both awesome.
I have been servicing my Honda here for years and the service dept. is also very professional and efficient. Other perks include valet service anywhere in the area during your service visit, as well as the best coffee, cappucino, latte,  or hot chocolate, you could get anywhere(wish they gave a shot of liquor in the cup; oh yea, no drinking and driving).The best!!!!

Austin S. | 2013-06-12

Upon arrival we were immediately taken on a test drive. We kept telling them the price looks good but we need to see what the finance rates would be. They responded with pleasantries and butt kissing which probably works on many River North residents that may have more money than sense. The manufacturer offers their own finance plans, this should be a matter of a simple credit check. Filled out paperwork, sat around, filled out more paperwork (in triplicate no less, how very 1990 of you). We tried to leave 1.5 hours in but were herded back into the lounge. Two hours later we're waiting for the finance guy to come up with interest rates, he had JUST started running them at that point.

We were sitting in the lounge area and this woman sat down by us and kept staring at us very interested in the complaining on how Carmax had this process done in a few minutes. My friend said to her "looks like you're having as much fun as we are" "Oh no I work here, I'm another saleswoman" Well doesn't that make you feel stalked? So he said "Oh okay, well I'm sure you can understand the frustration given how Carmax was able to give him everything he wanted to know, from one person, and he was out of there in under an hour" "You need to talk to the finance guys, they're doing what they can to help you" So he explained "Oh sorry you just seemed very interested and I figured you were looking for an opportunity for improvement" "You need to talk to the finance guys" Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that there was nothing she could do, the Finance and Insurance dept is a bottleneck in most auto dealers ... But why are you sitting by us and listening to every word. Again, creepy. I'm pretty much fuming at this point of having the simple process of a credit check take 2+ hours.

At that point the salesperson comes up to show us all the joy and wonder that comes with the vehicle. The manuals, the service log and .... THREE keys. Like it was something special that they'd provide an extra key and an owners manual? Good grief. Get your tongue out of my butt and get me a financing rate! At that point too they made it clear they were getting plate registration prepared for him to drive away today. They haven't even gotten the financing real numbers for him to work with yet. We're done, time to go. For a holiday, we have certainly wasted enough time being jerked around.

Just as my friend got his car from the valet, the finance guy is ready for me, so I ask him to wait as with 2.5 hours invested I wanted to see the rate. The dealership came back with an interest rate of 4.9%. My bank had offered me 4.1% and Carmax came back with 1.7%. Total non-starter. I laugh in his face and walk out.

I left and walked a block away and phoned my friend to find out where he was. As I'm standing there two separate people from the dealership chase me down the street. The second one says "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM??" "Look I don't care who you are! You're insane and you're following me! Leave me alone!" with plenty of mouth agape on-lookers around. We looked at the website later and figured out he was the pre-owned car manager.

Of course, after that mess, they phone me twice that week, email me twice, and still email me to this day. It's like a bad breakup where the ex just won't stop clinging.

Victoria L. | 2013-06-11

Last week I wrote a negative review of Fletcher Jones, disparaging one of the salespeople while praising two others (John and Jennifer). Within 24-hours I'd been personally contacted by the manager, Bob Levenson, whose comments you can read beneath many of the reviews below. He heard me out, and was completely sincere in his effort to make me happy - or at the very least, happier - with my experience at Fletcher Jones. In fact he called several times from his vacation weekend in the process of hammering out a solution.

We did arrive at a solution to the problem, one which I am comfortable with,  and I must say I was/am very impressed by his effort to turn the situation around. Not every manager would have gone to this trouble, to ensure a customer's satisfaction and respect, but Levenson did. And so I have deleted my earlier comments and replaced it with this. He earned it.

James B. | 2013-06-04

Ugh...My car was due for servicing.....last time, I drove out to the OHare Honda for servicing, but this one is much closer to where I live and I was feeling lazy. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up paying almost double. And that was AFTER a yelp coupon.
Staff was pretty friendly and the facilities are fine.
My BIGGEST issue was for the next month I kept receiving spam phonecalls, emails, and I'm pretty sure even text messages from Fletcher Jones trying to sell me a new car or get me to trade mine in.

Bottom Line:
You're going to pay out of the butt here for anything and then while you're trying to mend your bruised ego (Read: bank account) they're going to harass you for more business.
I'll make the trip to another Honda dealer next time.

Nicole G. | 2013-06-04

I had a great experience with Fletcher Jones. It started off rocky due to a lack of correct information from one of the sales persons, but i decided to give them another chance and asked for someone different. Audrey Collier was amazing. She helped me out every way possible and made the whole process extremely easy for me. It was my first time buying a car, and she was very informative and took her time to explain everything to me, as well as Leon. They were both so nice and understanding. I'm very happy with how everything turned out.

Rebecca D. | 2013-05-27

A very smooth and comfortable car-buying experience!  When we walked in the door, we were not bombarded by multiple sales people as we have been at other dealerships.  Our salesperson, Henry Martinez politely introduced himself and was willing to listen to our requests.  He was not pushy and stayed focused on the vehicle that we wanted.  We really appreciated his straight-forward answers and willingness to answer all of our questions.  He even brought us a few slices of pizza!  I feel completely comfortable calling (or texting) Henry with any future concerns or questions.

Loving my new Accord!

Justin R. | 2013-05-19

Great experience buying a car here. Henry Martinez was my sales man and did a great job. He even gave me lunch because the store was very busy and things took a little longer than normal. Highly recommend buying from here and using Henry as your sales man

Siobhan F. | 2013-05-04

I, too, had a wonderful experience with Fletcher Jones Honda. As a female with little knowledge of cars, prices, etc, it is always intimidating when it comes time for a new vehicle.  I was immediately at ease under the care of Sales Consultant, Leon Smith, and GM, Bob, who guided me through the whole process of leasing my new Pilot. Leon and Bob took such wonderful care of me and made sure I understood every step of the process and all options available to me, without making me feel pressured at all.  Overall, as far as car buying goes, my experience here could not have been better. Thank you to Leon and Bob for taking such good care of me.

Michael P. | 2013-04-28

I recently picked up a new Honda Fit here and it was hands down the best experience I've had in a dealership in 20+ years of car buying. I can't say enough good things about both Stephen , the sales professional and Tony, the sales manager.  Stephen was the exact opposite of the stereotypical sleazy salesman. He was knowledgeable about the different choices and worked to help me find what best fit my interests and requirements - no hard sell, no bait and switch, no stalking, just genuinely helpful, patient and kind service. Tony worked to make sure we could get the sale closed with a minimum of hassle and time and, like Stephen, was a genuine pleasure to work with.

I can't stress enough how much better It was buying here compared to other dealers I've worked with (Grossinger-cough-cough). No adversarial attempt to take you for all you are worth, no condescending down-talk to my girlfriend when she came in with me (Grossinger-cough-cough). They really seemed focused on making sure I'd be happy with what I bought and getting me a good price on it. Luxury car buying experience even though I was looking for a budget car.

Ruth K. | 2013-04-24

Lisa Pagan did a fantastic job assisting me with my recent pre-owned purchase. This was the first time I purchased a pre-owned vehicle. She did a great job explaining to me the car features and answering my questions. She is a very honest, low pressure and patient person which made this experience the best car buying experience I have ever had!

Katie R. | 2013-04-23

If you are looking for a car, ask for Lisa.  She was our sales professional and she is a low pressure, patient, genuine person.  She repeatedly asked us if we wanted to test drive the car again to make sure we wanted it.  We really enjoyed our experience with her, and happily purchased a used car from her.

We did experience a "bump in the road" during the buying process.  The car appeared online as a "certified used car", but after signing most of the paper work, we were told that the price did not include the cost of certification.  After a few phone calls, they offered us the certification that we had expected to receive.  If you go here, I recommend getting every possible question answered and reading the paperwork thoroughly before signing anything so you don't end up in a sticky situation like we did.

Overall, a positive experience and we love our new car!

lou b. | 2013-04-20

Wow! I'm not sure if this lady got up on the wrong side of her bed but Lisa Pagan has GREAT customer service!!!. I bought my Crv last year and she was great. She still calls me to let me know how I'm doing. Wow! Who does that? I'm writing here because I just got my car serviced today and got in and out. Lisa was even selling a car to another customer and while they were in finance, she came to me to say hi and got a cup of coffee for me while I waited. Great service dept. and most of all GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM LISA PAGAN. You can't even find a bad review about her and this lady is trying to put her and the dealership down. No where you can't find a bad review about her so this is funny. Good job Lisa and keep sending the $100.00 referral money to me. I got another friend for you next month.

Jaime T. | 2013-04-19

I am sure my review is a bit tainted as i had the worse saleswoman(Lisa P) in the dealership. All the Sales people and managers were nice and always smiled and said hi....but...Stay away from her. Her customer service is terrible and she really doesn't know much of what she is doing. Eventhough  i bought a used car from her, the dealership owes us some maintenance and Lisa does not get back to you unless you email her first. NOT good customer service. If you got to Fletcher Jones Honda.. stay away from Lisa

Emily V. | 2013-04-04

My husband and I were in the market for a new Accord, and I sent some email requests about the exact trim and color we wanted. Lisa P. at Fletcher Jones contacted us by phone and email and was always available for our questions.  We were able to negotiate a price with her quickly and easily.

We nearly bought the car from McGrath City Honda (participates in Costco Auto Program, would have saved us a few hundred dollars), but they pulled a bait and switch at the last minute, so we called Lisa right away and she stayed late for us to buy the exact car we wanted.  There were no hassles, no surprises, and all the employees were friendly and helpful.  We were in and out in less than 2 hours and love our new car.  I highly recommend Fletcher Jones Honda!

Dina E. | 2013-03-23

Henry Martinez at fletcher jones really helped us pick out a great car. He was helpful , informative, and gladly stayed 2 hours past closing to help us finish up our purchase. Great place to go if you're looking for a Honda.

Vasili K. | 2013-03-18

Wow - horrendous deceptive sales practices, and a generally sleazy vibe from everyone in the place!

They agreed on a price with us, and I told them that we were going to test drive a Nissan and be back that same day.  They said no problem and we shook hands on the price.  The film of slime that was left on my hand was indicative of what was to come.

We returned within 2 hours and went back to the salesman and said, "ok, we're ready, wrap it up!"... then they came back with a price $3,000 - yes THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS more than we had agreed to just hours before.

Naturally, I demanded to speak with the manager - this guy was even worse!  He completely ignored my repeated "hey man, I just shook hands on this price 2 hours ago with Tony Taylor - that guy over there (as I pointed to Tony, who was talking to other customers)".

The manager, Bob Levenson, said, "yeah, well this is the price."  I stood up and said LOUDLY "Tony, didn't we just shake on this price 2 hours ago?" and interruped his screwing of whatever customer he was talking to at the moment...

Clearly frazzled and not wanting to let me scare away every customer in the place, Bob finally gave me the price we had agreed on, after making me feel like he was doing me a favor.

So, let me do all of you a favor:  I bought a 2013 CRV EX-L 4WD with Navigation for exactly $30,000 OUT THE DOOR (including all taxes, title, tags, etc.).  So, if you're getting another model, adjust from there, but they'll sell you the car - just be ready to cause a scene - it's worth it!

Then, shower a few times when you get home... cause this place employs the scum of the Earth!

Kristie M. | 2013-03-06

This was my first experience buying a car.  I was terrified and was really worried about being taken advantage of as a young female who is basically clueless about car pricing, options for buying a new vs. used car, and generally what to expect in terms of the process of buying a car.  Fletcher Jones took great care of me and took the time to explain the process of what I needed to walk out of the dealership with a car that I trusted.  Gene and John were great!  They walked me through every single step.  Gene showed me the options for buying a new or used car and made recommendations as to what type of car would be best for me in terms of price and need!

They were extremely efficient as well!  I was able to test drive a car as soon as I was finished going over pricing options and was able to leave that day with a car.  They made sure I was aware of what I was getting and made sure I felt safe and comfortable with my purchasing options.  They went over every piece of the contract to ensure I was aware of all of the parts of what in entailed and made me feel super comfortable about it.

I would recommend going there if you want a fairly priced car, great service, and honest, responsible, efficient service, go to Fletcher Hones!  I love my Honda Civic!

J H. | 2013-03-04

Used Hondas are worth their weight in gold and they know it. I've had multiple calls/mailing offering to buy my Fit or suggesting I should trade in for a newer model. Aside from that, if you chose to get your car serviced here, the one service will turn into 3-6 suggestions about what needs to be done ASAP!
What they won't tell you is that the $50 part you need will cost you $350 with labor. Get their diagnostic. Go somewhere else for the service.

Carolyn M. | 2013-02-26

Dealerships are all awful in my opinion, but boy oh boy do these people really come on strong. this was my first time buying a new car..big deal right! i went into the dealership to test drive without absolutely no intention of walking away a new car owner. I wanted to take my time with the process, try out different dealerships, etc.  Nothing they could say would change my mind about that.  The manager comes out to sit and talk with me and I couldn't believe how pushy he was being.  When I told him I was absolutely not buying anything today and only came in to test drive. He keeps pushing and pushing and pushing so finally I had to say "i don't know how many different ways I need to tell you I'm not buying a car today". geesh! back off! needless to say they didn't get my money and I went to Muller Honda where it was still awful but not nearly as bad.

Stefanie m. | 2013-02-22

This is my second 'go 'round' with Fletcher Jones Honda.  The first time, we got lucky and they hooked us at the last minute with a $2,000 tax credit to lease a CRV.  We loved that car.  Recently they called us to get the CRV back early.  Gotta say that process was a little muddled- it would be very helpful if they could manage to do more business via email, which would be comparable with some of their competition.  We were pleased with Ashley's service, and got used to working with her.  Just when we had settled on the vehicle and approx price, we got pushed to Bob.  He's the real salesman who convinced me he had all the numbers I wanted to see, all I had to do was show up at the dealership (which I was not willing to do until I was SURE we were moving forward, as time is uber-valuable, especially with a sick toddler and a crazy work schedule).  We realized when we arrived that we had yet another person to involve in the process, Travis.  Thank God for him, though, because he was great to work with, and calmed our frustrated nerves. I'm sure that was the plan, of course.  He was sweet to my daughter and bought her some cookies to keep her sane over the TWO AND A HALF hours we ended up being there.
While we are on the subject of kids... they do have a Children's Playspace which is some kind of gross dirty closet with broken cardboard boxes, a grimy bean bag chair, a disconnected electronic keyboard, and some wooden rattle.  VERY ODD, and a little depressing.  
Ultimately, Travis was a great help and great to work with.  Ashley was a good salesperson and kept encouraging me with information and pricing when asked in a timely fashion.  Bob is 'that numbers guy' who was fine, and was doing his job.  I'm sure we didn't get the absolute best possible deal, and he doesn't have the best 'bedside manner' but he was flexible with us and was not patronizing, which I appreciated.  I didn't feel like we were given the super hard sell, then again, I certainly didn't feel the warm fuzzies either.
Overall, a decent experience.

Jae J. | 2013-02-06

Bad communication between receptionists and between service consultants. Were going to charge me $70 for their "complimentary" diagnostic check when brought in for oil change. If I hadn't said something I would've paid over $100 just to get my oil changed... This is not the first time they've tried to charge me for something I did not want or need, or partially charge me for something that's supposedly "complimentary."

Larry V. | 2013-01-23

I should preface this by saying that I would rather pay a bit more money and make the process of buying a car quick and relatively painless than spend hours or days and going to multiple dealers trying to save a few bucks. I'm easy to please.

I went into Fletcher Jones Honda on Monday after throwing around the idea of buying a car on Sunday night. While this was the beginning of my process, I had spent at least a few hours between Sunday night and Monday morning doing a cursory review of the current market. I had given up my car a couple years back so I was starting again from scratch, so I can't comment on trade-ins or other such things.

I'm also a previous Accord owner so I had previous knowledge of the Honda brand. I went in expecting to test drive, and potentially purchase, a Civic. While I was also going to consider an Altima, or a Sonata, or even a Fusion, none of those dealers are convenient for me living in Lakeview so I leaned toward Fletcher Jones for future convenience of having service done.

Louise was my sales rep and she was incredibly friendly and easy going. I test drove 2 different Civic models including one with Navigation (it's not so much that I like built in navigation but I like gadgets and tech and touch screens and nice displays so I always lean toward getting a car with Navi).

I then test drove an Accord V6 Touring (their top of the line model) and it was a beauty, and I was really not a van of the Civic's Navi as it looks thrown in aftermarket. So Accord it was. I decided I didn't need the V6 however the extra features of the Touring and so negotiated on a 4-cylinder with all the bells and whistles. I came in with your typical internet prices in mind and they were easy to negotiate with, probably because I'm not really interested in playing hardball.

In the process of waiting while they tried to secure the color and car I wanted (which admittedly took well over an hour), I started comparing the cost and payment of that fancy Touring I had test driven which was in exactly the color I wanted and obviously available right there. I threw out the idea of them negotiating with me on that car - at first they offered the same % off I was going for on the V4 but since I was making it so much more convenient for them and they could close the sale immediately pushed for a better offer and they accepted.

While the car was being prepared they let me use their computer to set up the insurance and lent me an iPhone charger since I'd been looking stuff up and texting all day. I then dealt with the finance manager who I genuinely feel was not trying to pull one over on me. He matched the interest rate I could have gotten outside the dealer, didn't push me too hard into an extended warranty I didn't want and wasn't going to buy, took off gap insurance I wanted to decline, and the whole process took only about 20 minutes.

I will admit that I'm probably a car dealer's dream customer - someone who is pretty easy to please and knows what they want and is willing to pull the trigger. But beyond that I thought everyone at FJ was very friendly, their showroom is clean, Louise was a delight, and the process was about as short as you can expect from buying such a large purchase if you know what you want. All told from the time I walked in to the time I drove away was about 5 hours. While there were large periods of downtime they kept me informed at each step with exactly what was going on.

I feel they deserve a 5-star review for the way they treated me, while I acknowledge that if you're looking to negotiate over a trade in, buy a used car, or have trouble making a decision and want your hand held through the process it might not necessarily be the same experience.

Kate M. | 2012-12-19

Another year and another call from Fletcher Jones that they want my car back.  Apparently there's a high demand for pre-owned Honda's, or cars in general, and the prices are up due to Hurricane Sandy.  Don't ask me to explain it, I didn't pay close attention when they were explaining it to me.  But!  It means I got a new car.

This was the first time I was buying a car totally on my own, no parents or brothers involved, no significant other weighing in; just me.  So, slightly more daunting.  Also, I had some trouble deciding which car I wanted.  I worked with John Jenkins, he was really great about explaining the differences between the vehicles and helping me decide what I wanted.  I ended up with a 2013 Accord sedan.  They even had my first color choice available.  The whole process with John was easy and painless.

So why only 4 stars you ask?  Because the guy taking my money and selling me warranties and all that jazz left something to be desired.  John and Honda spend their time with you explaining how fantastic these cars are and how safe you'll be ensconced in it's comfortable interior.  Then, Mike (I think his name was Mike, I might be wrong, my memory fails me sometimes) starts telling me that there's no way I'm not going to blow out a tire on Chicago roads and I need this additional warranty that'll pay to replace them.  Also, the warranty only lasts 3 years and that's pretty much when I'll need to start replacing stuff, so I should buy this extended warranty too.  Essentially, there's no way this car is going to last me as long as John told me it would and I'm gonna be disappointed if I don't spend more money on warranties.  Really?  Now, I don't really believe Mike, I think he's more of a salesmen than the salesmen on the floor.  And really, I don't like being talked to like I'm an idiot.  So, no star for you.

After picking up my new car John helped me move my stuff from the old car to the new one, put the plates on the new car, move my city sticker, etc.  I had totally forgot about my iPass and he emailed me to let me know I'd forgotten it.  Great customer service from John throughout the process.  

Once again...I plan on keeping this car for a very long time (I say that every stinking time).

Christopher S. | 2012-12-10

I rarely write reviews on Yelp, but I feel that I have to share my experience to give people fair warning.

Like a few others below, I bought my car at Flecher Jones and actually had a very good experience with that.  The car is about 5 years old now, and a few months ago the XM radio stopped working.  I took it in and paid a $125 diagnostic charge and they said they'd look at it while I waited - three hours later, they told me that my XM receiver was no longer working and that I needed a new one.  In addition to that, they gave me $1500 of other work they suggested I get done, including a full brake inspection when I just got new brakes this summer and a brake fluid flush when I just got them flushed again a month earlier.

The XM receiver was more than I wanted to spend (~$350), but I agreed to have them order the part and I made a new apppointment.  I brought it back in a week later, and they tried to install the new receiver, only to tell me that the input that the receiver was connected to was fried too.  They offered to order the necessary parts for another $400, but I said that was too much for me all-in and declined.  When I went to pay, they had left the new XM receiver in the car (even though it didn't work), and I had a bill for nearly $400.  The service rep was really nice about it, but he initially told me that since I ordered the radio, I had to keep it.  I said I would have never ordered it if they had propertly diagnosed my problem in the first place and asked him what I was supposed to do with a new radio if the input was fried?  He finally agreed to have them take it out and said that "Parts" would have to deal with it.

So, after 6 hours of waiting time and $125 of diagnostic charges, I left knowing that I would never get to have an integrated XM in my car ever again (without spending $750).

Fast forward a couple of weeks - I decided to order an iSimple iPod connector that allowed me to connect my iPhone directly to my radio and had someone at Best Buy install it.  I had decided that I would just use the XM app on my phone and at least have something.  I was worried that it wouldn't work if it had to be connected to the same input as the XM radio, but I decided to give it a shot.  After 45 minutes, I got a call that he was done.  When I fired it up for the first time, it worked perfectly and lo and behold - MY XM RADIO WAS WORKING TOO!

How could a team of professionals have two shots at looking at my radio and come to the conclusions that both my radio and my input were fried (obviously not true), only to have a Best Buy employee fix it completely without even knowing that it was broken?  They were either incompetent or they went out of their way to try to gouge me.  Either way, it gives me zero confidence in having them look at my car in the future.  I feel that I got ripped off of $125 of my hard-earned money and 6 hours of my time.  

I then went to my local midas dealer and got a quote for $700 of the work that Honda had suggested, and they were only going to charge $400.  

What a joke.  I really just can't believe it.

Michael M. | 2012-11-29

These guys are a joke. Made several calls and emails about a car I was interested in. Literally had to call 4 times and finally called general manager. Made a offer after finding car had been wrecked. Didn't except. Called back again, spoke to Emanuel the sales manager and was told he would call me right back. Five hrs later, I called again, only to be told car was sold the night before. They never countered and where terrible about responding my emails and call. And as of this posting, the car of interest is still on there website for sale! Read the other yelp reviews. And take the bad reviews to heart. BUYER BEWARE.

Katia I. | 2012-10-16

As one can imagine, the process of buying a car for the first time can be pretty terrifying. But thanks to the folks at Fletcher Jones Honda I couldn't wish for a better first experience.
I really wanted a Honda Element, and since they have been discontinued this year, they have been hard to come by. FJH miraculously had a couple of those, in great condition. I knew I had to try to get financed, even though my chances were, honestly, pretty slim.
Despite the fact that I came there on a whim (as in, pretty unprepared), John Jenkins, Tony & Raluca sorted out all of my messy paperwork -- seriously guys, you ROCK!
They were relentlessly accommodating with setting up a payment plan that worked well for me, and settled an insurance issue I was worried about (being a foreign girl with very litte credit who never owned a car before).
I just kinda sat there, answered some questions & they did all the work, with a smile, and without any sleazy-pushy tactics you'd expect from salespeople.
I gotta admit, I am a sensitive priss when it comes to any type of service. The whole time at FJH I felt truly cared for as a customer, partly because they treated me like a fellow human instead of another number in their quota.
And at the end of they day, there's no doubt they have a lot to show for all their work. I went home with the car I've been searching for unsuccessfully for months, a car I thought I wasn't gonna be able to afford. On top of that, I got an extended warranty, and other miscellaneous service goodies, etc etc. Basically, I'm a super happy customer here. FJH made my day, my week,.. hell -- my whole year. I would definitely go for a repeat purchase when I need a car again. Well, so long as my boy John is still there! ;)

Eric J. | 2012-10-08

We bought a Pilot  from John Jenkins last week.  This is the second car I have bought from him at Fletcher Jones.  They were great, we went in at the end of the month and they gave us the best deal from all the Honda dealers around. I have always liked dealing with these guys.  The service department is tight, they always are able to get me in and out with little to no nonsense.   If your in the  market for a new Honda find John Jenkins, you will not be disappointed.

Emily B. | 2012-10-01

After having a complete trainwreck of an afternoon trying to buy a used Honda CR-V from Fletcher Jones Honda, I hopped on Yelp to see if the icky gut feeling I was having was an isolated incident or a trend. It looks like I am not alone in being horrified by the lack of professionalism at this dealer.

I found a listing online on Saturday for a Honda Certified CR-V with low miles in the price range we were looking for. Having searched a ton of comps I knew this was a great price and jumped on it. I called the dealer on Saturday night just before close and the internet assistant took my offer: out the door at full asking with all fees included (we are out of state so this did not include taxes, reg or title--very strong offer).

Over the weekend we secured financing and were teed up to put down 40%, so very prepared to move. I get a call Monday morning from the sales manager and I could not talk so we set up a time to speak later. Fifteen minutes past when he was supposed to call me, I finally call him. He starts rambling on about how he was busy with customers who reminds him of his parents and he is ex-military (not seeing the correlation) and he loves loves loves working at this Honda dealership even though he has to drive 40 minutes to get there. (I let him ramble because obviously he thinks this is helping to build trust.) Anyhow, I finally get down to nuts and bolts and ask him clear questions about the car, mostly around finalizing the transaction because we were ready to move. He couldn't answer a lot of my questions and passed me to his colleague Emmanuel who took over from there.

Emmanuel was great to begin with --nice, friendly, and very clear in answering my questions. We quickly moved forward to negotiation. I offered the same price as Saturday: full asking, all fees included. I thought we had a deal straight away and that I'd be putting the down payment down immediately over the phone and could collect the car over the weekend. He tells me he just has to run the number pas his sales manager, so to make things easier for him I told him just to call me back rather than keep me on hold. Twenty-five minutes go by without a peep from my phone. I call back. Dude #1 answers and says Emmanuel found out another couple in the store was trying to buy the car and essentially had priority. The he got pulled on to something else. WTF? Not even a call back? PS, I made this offer on SATURDAY so I was technically here first. Dude #1 seemed surprised by this and said he would go investigate. I expected to hear back from him quickly...2 hours go by.

At that point, I'm super duper annoyed. I literally thought I'd be a car owner 2 hours before and had cash money and all financing ready to close. So I call back Dude #1 and Emmanuel--no answer from either line. I call the receptionist who I tell I'm very frustrated and need to speak to a manager--she puts me through to the GM who also does not answer (though that does not surprise me). I finally get a call back from Emmanuel who acts like nothing is wrong and tells me the car is still available. I said I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable based on the very poor communication (that was at this point reinforced by all the negative reviews I read on Yelp). I said we could still do the deal today at the same price but that I just needed a written statement from him that would say we still could have the right to refuse the vehicle if on Saturday we got down to Chicago and it wasn't to our liking, but in the mean time we'd pay the down payment and get our financing prepped with the preliminary bill of sale. He said that sounded good and that he just needed to check with his inventory manager to make sure they could hold the car until the weekend (which honestly, WTF is the problem--it's 3 days from now and I'm planning to send you almost half the value of the car as soon as you stop horsing around!) I told him I needed to hear from him within 30 minutes because I did not appreciate being left to wait so long and follow up myself before. Well folks, it's been 70 minutes and counting, and still no word from Emmanuel. Needless to say, my husband and our money are out. the. door.

What an ass backwards dealership! How on earth do you have multiple reviews of people trying to basically push money on you to lock down deals, and you find hundreds of ways to screw it up?! I am utterly in shock that this cash is still in my bank account today for a car I came prepared to deal fairly and quickly for. ARE YOU LISTENING, FLETCHER JONES HONDA? Do you actually want to sell cars? This was an astoundingly bad customer service experience. Honestly one for the record books. YOU'RE FIRED!!!

Tony T. | 2012-09-28

I walked in new to the leasing process.  I never needed a car, but now my new work situation demands it.  The Civic and Accord were both nice driving cars, but the Civic fit my budget perfectly and the mileage was very attractive.  John Jenkins my salesman drove me in the car and explained it very well to me.  The manager Al explained all the scenarios for the lease and I left with a Dyno Blue Civic and within two hours I was driving my new Civic.   They explained the lease options slowly to me and made me feel very comfortable.  They also gave me free oil changes for the first year so I cannot say enough good things about how well I was treated.

Ricky R. | 2012-09-26

I just recently moved to Chicago and I was looking for a car... So I stopped at FJ Honda. I was the only customer in the showroom area, THE ONLY ONE! Not one person greeted me or even acknowledged I was there. 20 minutes later I picked couple of brochures (thinking that was going to be a hint for them that I was looking for a car)... Nope! Not at all.... One sales person was on the internet looking at Victoria Secret, all the others were watching videos on YouTube or on their phones.
On my way out I stopped at the reception desk and told the girl (Ashley) how disappointed I was that I had been in the store for over 25 minutes and no one even cared. She took my phone number for the manager to call me because he wasn't present at the time.  While I was walking to the train, I get a phone call from FJ Honda and when I answered the guy said "Hey, I hear you are interested on an Audi" I said "No sir, I'm looking at Hondas not an Audi" He replied... "cool man, let me transfer you over to our Honda division"      --- Now this gets weird ---
A guy named Matt answered the phone saying "What?" (no joke)... I explained to him what I was looking for in a car and my name, he asked me to come back for a test drive. On my way back to the dealership (around 40 minutes later) I called him to let him know that I was almost there.... "Matt" answers the phone and says "Who is this?"
I told him my name and reminded him of our earlier conversation.... He said.. "I haven't talked to you, I have no idea what you are talking about"  I just started laughing thinking this had to be a joke. He said... "you definitely talked to Tony!" I told him that whoever I talked to told me his name was Matt... Now he is arguing with me about this like if I was making this up... I finally stopped him and said "Listen, I'm not wasting your time and please don't waste mine, I'm NOT giving FJ Honda my business".
The worst customer service I have ever seen EVER ! Thank God I realized this before I purchased a vehicle... Little did they know that I was ready to purchase a car right then and there... I went to McGrath Honda instead.

FJ Honda... You guys need to do something with your customer service because just by looking at all the reviews on Yelp I can tell my case is not an isolated one!!!!

Kate P. | 2012-09-09

Over priced and rude service. They came up with lots of bogus repairs adding up to $900 and all I needed was my AC fixed. They told me I needed new brake pads when I had gotten new ones at a different shop two weeks prior. Do not go here!!

Ann Marie L. | 2012-09-06

Service Department, I really wish it didn't have to come to this:

I purchased my car from Fletcher Jones Honda about a year and a half ago.I was happy with that aspect of this dealership.

I had my Civic in service this past weekend for a recall on the sunvisor that cracks open at random and hangs in your face. I also noticed a rattling and realized that the coat hook on the driver's side had lost its springiness and was just hanging down. I made a nice and easy appointment and brought it in for work.

The service rep was very nice (William) when I arrive and said that both issue were currently being recalled and the repairs would not cost me a dime. I already knew about the sunvisor recall due to a class-action lawsuit settlement I received in the mail.

So I leave my car there, have someone come pick me up, went home and less that 2 hours later, I received a call from William stating my car was ready for pickup. I asked him about where to pick up windshield wiper inserts in the dealership and he said he would have them put on for me for $6 each, $12 total.

So I get to the dealership, go to the cashier, and William comes up to me, tells me he put the wipers on for no charge and to just sign the paperwork with the cashier. Done and done. I walk out a happy camper, or so I think.

I get to the service drive, realize I'm blocking someone in that is trying to leave, check the sunvisor and see it was fixed and hurry outta there to get out of the way. I get home, go to check my coat hook and realize that ALL THEY DID WAS PUT A PIECE OF ELECTRICAL TAPE ON THE INSIDE OF IT!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me?!?!!!

He said it was covered under a recall before I even left my car. What makes them think that putting a piece of tape to hold it up was sufficient enough to consider it fixed?!?!! I later look at the paperwork and it says something about it being under the recall but no recall repair necessary at this time.
Not only that, but my car is still covered under warranty. Based on my research of my warranty (and also being an ex-Honda dealership service employee), that would have been covered. So if you didn't wanna put it under a recall, why on Earth did you NOT put it under my warranty!?!?!!

I will be calling this dealership's service manager and whoever else I need to speak with. Considering bringing my car all the way downtown was a complete inconvenience because I'm less than 2 miles from another Honda dealership, I thought my dealership loyalty would pay off. Not so much. I will go with my gut instinct next time and take it elsewhere for service- I refuse to give another dime to a bunch of sneaky people.

DO NOT GO HERE, unless of course a piece of tape and a little bit of spit is sufficient enough to fix your car issues.

Sam Y. | 2012-07-16

Master of bait and switch to get people through the door. Complete waste of my time and deceitful practice. These negative reviews are no joke.

Anne Y. | 2012-06-28

While Fletcher Jones Honda is professional and courteous, and conveniently located, these numbers speak for themselves:

                                                                                           FJ                 Ohare Honda
New front brake pads/resurface rotors                       529.00              219.95
Replace brake fluid                                                         145.00                69.95
Replace steering fluid                                                    159.95              118.44

Total                                                                                   833.95               408.34

When I picked up my car yesterday from FJ, I mentioned the difference in pricing. They said that the 529 was a misquote--that was the pricing for replacing the rotors. Resurfacing them was 322. But, if I had said ok, I would have totally overpaid! Yikes. I will not be going back there. I even told them I wanted to try them since they are in the city but that I will be sticking to my dealership in the suburbs.

Taylor B. | 2012-06-22

I bought my 2004 Accord here pre-owned and was informed that I had to purchase a 1600 warranty--fine. But when I brought in my car to see if the issues I was having were covered by the warranty, they charged me $60+ just to look at it, then informed me that my car needed $900 worth of work (incl. a $200 "brake pad cleaning and adjustment," WHAT?) and that none of it was covered by the warranty. I paid the $60, left, and was informed by a local mechanic that there was in fact nothing wrong with my car, only that I could use an oil change in a month or so.

Recently I discovered some bubbles in the paint on a passenger door and the car hood. After consulting with a few people who know more about this than I do, everyone says the rust is not due to the weather conditions over the 6 months that I've owned the car (I wash it regularly and keep it in a garage), but is instead due to someone sanding previous rust and covering it up with paint to sell. I called Fletcher Jones and was told by a condescending Southern man that he's "Soo sawwry," there's nothing he can do about "an eight year old car" (good tactic, sir). Wonderful. Never mind that the paint looked oh so perfect when I purchased, and somehow in 6 months has started to bubble in more than one spot.

Do not purchase from Fletcher Jones--they are even more in it for your money than most car dealerships and will get you any way they can.

Lauren B. | 2012-06-08

We recently purchased a used car from this dealership.  Steve was our salesperson.  The entire staff, from sales to financing, was extremely helpful and honest.  I will definitely go back to this dealership in the future!  Great experience, and they make things very easy for first time buyers.

Amy B. | 2012-04-16

Lisa Pagan made my car-buying experience extremely easy and pressure-free. Lisa called me to let me know whenever they had a car that was in my price and model range. When I came in to test drive, she spent as long as I needed with me to answer all my questions and check on every detail. Never once did I feel that my questions were a burden, nor did I feel rushed, even though I spent 5 hours at the dealership. She understood what my terms were and was completely dedicated to making sure I was 100% happy with my purchase.

Even more impressive, her customer service did not end with my purchase. Any questions I had in the following weeks were met with just as much care as I had been given while I was shopping. I did not buy an expensive new car, but I felt VIP. After a month, she called me just to make sure I was still happy with my car and if I needed anything.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Lisa Pagan at Fletcher Jones Honda Chicago for anyone looking for a car.

Sarah G. | 2012-03-15

Wow.  If I could give this place zero stars, I most definitely would.  I've gone to Valley Honda in Aurora for over a decade and always had a fantastic experience.  This time I thought that it was crazy to drive that far for just an oil change, so I took my 2002 Civic in to Fletcher-Jones because it's closer.  What did Fletcher-Jones say?  They insisted that I needed *$4,000* worth of repairs.  **4,000**  $2,200 of which was an "immediate need."  The last time I got an oil change, Valley Honda told me NOTHING was wrong, so of course I had my doubts.

I stomped out of there and went to Valley Honda and what did they say?  Well, it's a 2002.  It's not to say that it's perfect, but it was safe to drive and wouldn't cause more problems down the line.  ALL I NEEDED was a new car battery.  $117 and I was out the door!!  They also went down item by item and said that Fletcher-Jones was overpricing almost every single on of the repairs that they claimed I needed (by hundreds.)

So disappointing, classless, and wrong.  Go out to Valley Honda whether you're buying or going in for a tune-up - whatever you lose in time and gas, you'll definitely save on your bill and then some!  Valley's waiting room is ridiculously stocked too - TVs, magazines, computers, coffee, tea, really nice people - it'll be worth it, I promise.

S A. | 2012-03-14

Great experience buying a vehicle.  Because we wanted an uncommon interior/exterior color combination our vehicle was hard to find.  We ended up having to special order it which was supposed to take a 2.5 of months.  However, thanks to the persistence of Tony, our sales rep, it came in 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

Kristina S. | 2012-03-10


I went in to purchase a new 2012 CRV EXL, having already shopped for quotes online.  These guys said the quotes I had received were way too good to be true, and sent me on my way.  I then went to the dealer with the better quote and got the exact car for the price as originally quoted.

I think that's a really bad sign about the value you can expect to get at this dealership.  They wouldn't even consider matching the price, and the other dealer (as well as 1 other) had no problem with the price.  For the EXACT same car.

Go elsewhere for a better value.

Peter G. | 2012-01-16

Had a really good experience buying a pre-owned car.  Ask for Jamaal.

Alison P. | 2012-01-03

I have been here twice, the first time I would have given them four stars, the second visit one star.  Both times were to have my car serviced.  My main complaint is that they advertise their hours questionably.  I showed up at 12:30 for an oil change/car inspection and had to wait two hours because their staff goes to lunch at 1:00.  Everyone?  That's pretty weird if you're trying to run a business and have your hours posted as 6:30-8:00.  My car was supposed to be done at 2 but was not actually done until 2:30.  The quality of the work was fine, the staff seemed nice, and they washed my car!  But I was pretty annoyed that the management wouldn't stagger staff lunchtimes so customers don't have to wait two hours for a simple procedure.  I don't know if I'll be back, Oil Express is right down the street from me and the longest I've waited is 20 minutes....

Ron M. | 2011-11-29

I went here to inquire about buying a Honda Fit! They had none in Stock! So I asked how long would it take for them to get one! They told me they could do a Nation Wide search with the color and options I wanted for $1000.00! Yup it's not a typo, they wanted $1000.00 to do a Nation Wide search for a Honda Fit! A Grand for them to look for a Car for me! Are they kidding? Then I just walked out! Rest assured I'm NEVER going back here ever again!!!!!!!!! If you're looking for a Honda that this place doesn't have in Stock, I hope you have a Thousand Dollars!

Rebecca C. | 2011-10-17

It turns out that buying a car from the dealership feels uncomfortably like being married to my ex-husband. Everything they say seems plausible but over time, one gets a sneaking suspicion that something fishy is going on.

Let me say up front that I probably made a mistake by going to the Gold Coast to buy a sub-compact, economy car. I should have known that they simply wouldn't have much stock to choose from. But they were the easiest to get to by bus. I also should have walked out when they told me that there wasn't a single basic-model Fit anywhere in the Midwest and I would have to buy the more expensive Sport model if I wanted one at all. How could that possibly be true? At that point, though, I had been there for three hours so although I emailed another dealership and they said that it wasn't true, I think some of my life force had already been depleted and I decided not to fight that battle. I should have also probably challenged their statements that although they had both a used Fit to sell me AND a Fit they were using as a service vehicle, only the service vehicle was available for the test drive because Clark Kent was "being serviced." I definitely should have challenged them when they preemptively warned me after I said I would take it that it was still being serviced and I might not be able to drive home in it. Preemptive excuses make me nervous (see previous marriage).

I am proud to say, though, that I did not succumb to their obvious ploy when they explicitly and repeatedly stated, "I'm working hard for you because I want your business," as if by hearing it often enough and from enough people, I would simply accept it as true. It was pretty clear that when my sales rep was "checking with her manager," they were back there letting me cool my heels. I was also told a couple of times by the manager that he wanted to make a deal for me, for my sales rep's sake so that she could hit her numbers, playing on my heartstrings. How could I deny her making her quota by going anywhere else?

I did get a screaming deal and I was comfortable that was true, especially because I could use their wireless to check Kelley Blue Book. However, their claim that putting the car through the paces to qualify it as "certified" would pretty much cost the same as the warranty I would purchase is probably bogus, especially since when I looked at the warranty, it doesn't cover all the little parts that break like hoses and stuff. I was also totally unimpressed that they claimed the car had 28,000 miles while we were negotiating but it wasn't until I was filling out the final paperwork that I learned it actually had 34,000 miles. That's a pretty significant number to simply spread your hands and claim that the used car manager isn't really good with technology. I took him up on his compensatory offer of calling him if I was at all surprised by the car when I wasn't told until I was buckling my daughter into the back seat that the car only had one key but any copies needed to be made by a dealership service department and they couldn't do it that day because they didn't have the necessary blank in stock. They did give me a free copy two weeks later when they finally responded to the messages I left asking for one. Really. A car from the dealer only comes with one key? Who would even think to ask about that?

So, I came out ahead financially but I had to negotiate hard for that and walked away feeling pretty slimy about all the ways that they tried to manipulate me. I'm sure there were more that I didn't catch. I like assuming good faith exists with folks I interact with and that may be naive but it pays off a majority of the time, which makes my life so much more peaceful. Since Fletcher Jones Honda does not start the conversation with that same assumption, I wouldn't go there again. Of course, the car I was replacing was a '99 Nissan so it might be awhile before I need to put these lessons learned to use.

Samuel C. | 2011-08-31

I wasted an hour and fifteen minutes today at this dealership. The saleswoman was new and clueless. I couldn't get a straight price. It kept going up the longer we talked. It took an hour to even get to price talk. They said it would take another hour of my day in their finance department if I wanted to buy the ever ballooning-priced car. They were most apologetic if that helps. I am going to go to Grossinger Chevy tomorrow and skip the nonsense. Better to buy American anyway. Fletcher Jones Honda was a total waste of my valuable time.

Joe V. | 2011-08-14

Unreliable on-line ads.  Four used vehicles on web site including 3 at $3,000 or less and one for $6,000 or less.  When arriving at dealership, within one hour of viewing ads, no such vehicles existed.  But lots of nearly new used cars.  Wasted trip.

Arjan B. | 2011-08-13

Worst experience we had since moving to Chicago about half a year ago! We had found a good deal on theirwebsite for a 2008 Accord coupe. The place is just around the corner from our place so we felt very fortunate to had found this deal. As it turned out - we weren't at all! To cut a long story short: we paid several visits to the place (to see the vehicle, registration, payment etc) all of them very unsatisfactory. Long waiting times, inexperienced staff not being able to answer our questions, "car salesman" attitude everywhere you looked...

We just wanted to have this car as we could not find the same type anywhere else in the Chicagoland area at that point in time. We were relocating from Europe at the time and my company allowed me to drive a rental car for limited time only. Things needed to happen fast.

The worst visit was the one when we came to collect the car. We had scheduled an appointment as  we wanted to make sure to get out on time for our next appointment. We had to wait 2 hours (!!) before they gave us our car. But... was this 'our' car? I noticed there were several damages on the paint and asked "what did you do to this car in the meantime?" As it turned out, this was a different car from the one we've been shown!!! By the time we discovered this, we HAD to go to our next appointment - no time to argue - and took the car with us. A series of upsetting repeat visits occurred after that: to fix the car, "beg" them not to charge us for it (!), get a 2nd key which they lost etc etc. If it wasn't for the fact that we needed a car that same week I would've never agreed to buying a car there under these circumstances. My advise: DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE, you'll probably get very upset and its not worth it!!

Julia S. | 2011-08-05

I'm only giving them a generous two stars because our service guy was very polite, and their service was good in that the car was ready when it was billed to be so and they fit us in quickly. However, I really really do not like being taken advantage of -- especially by folks trying to bill me for unnecessary work at exorbitant prices. I brought the car here because I have a Honda warranty and bought it new, so the dealer can fix anything that has gone wrong under warranty, and the car was due for a 60k checkup. Also, there were some odd sounds coming from the brakes that I wanted checked out after the car had sat out for two weeks while we were traveling.  Fletcher Jones managed to find a laundry list of things wrong, including mandating back rotor replacement ($477), front rotor resurfacing ($250), brake fluid flush (!) ($100) and my favorite -- coolant flush, for the bargain price of an additional $100.  That's $1000+ tax. I turned down their offer to perform these services and took the car to my local awesome repair shop, and guess how much they wanted to charge me?  $0. Apparently my brakes now looked great, there had been some rust build up that had been cleaned away as part of the $60k inspection and tune-up, and the brake fluid and coolant replacements were completely unnecessary and ridiculous, as expected.  So beware:  Fletcher-Jones is out to bill you as much as possible, on flimsy reasons, and will stick you with a new charge wherever they see an opening. Unfortunately for them, I'm not an idiot.  See my other reviews for info re: awesome local repair shop recommendation, and avoid the fate of Fletcher-Jones filching.

Jenn C. | 2011-07-29

Totally conflicted about the star rating because I've had 2 very different experiences with different departments.

This is just what happened to me today.

SERVICE:  The service department people are pretty nice.  They don't treat me like I'm a complete idiot even though I'm not all car geek.  They do a good job and are generally thorough.  Slightly pricy but I figure I'm in Chicago...  There was one time, though, when I paid for some service and they were missing parts and needed me to come back - I paid for my service and they acted like I was all done.  Then I got a call the next day that the part came in and I needed to come back in.  But for the most part, they are good and I will continue to go back.

SALES:  So, killing time waiting for my car, I walked into the showroom.  A young gal (in a red jacket) greeted me nicely and asked what I was looking for, etc.  I told her that I was just waiting for my car and was not in the market for a new car - I just like looking at them.  She proceeded to act if she didn't hear me and asked more questions about what sort of car I'd like.  I repeated that I was good, didn't need help, thanks but I'm good.  She asked me what car I had.  I figured she was just trying to make conversation so I told her I had a civic.  Then she proceeds to say that she'd show me where the civics are so I could go look at them.  I told her again that I was good and didn't need a new car (I know by now I sounded annoyed...).  Her response was 'ok, let me give you my card so if you have questions'.  At that point I cut her off and told her I was good - thank you but I'm not in the market for a car... then turned away from her to walk out.

I'd taken two steps when I heard her say "what a freakshow".

She wasn't more than 5 feet away from me so either she's an idiot or intended me to hear that.  

I walked out of the showroom.  Didn't look at cars because I definitely didn't feel like I was welcome to.

To be honest, had I not had the freakshow experience I would not be giving a bad review here.  I have honestly been happy with the service department.  I'm a Honda girl.  I got hit by a drunk driver in my first Civic and it saved my life.  When my current Honda passes (he's plugging away at 170k miles so we'll see...), I fully intend on getting another Honda.  And would have gone to Fletcher Jones because their service department is nice.  That seems doubtful now.

I wish I had taken her card so I could have posted her name.

A. H. | 2011-07-27

If you would have asked me a year ago I would have probably given them 5 stars, however after October of last year I give them no stars. Fletcher Jones Honda has left a bad taste in my mouth and I have 2 reasons to say this. 1) October of last year I was going to trade in my 2007 CR-V for a 2011. My husband and I were waiting for a salesman to help us only to get overlooked like we weren't even sitting there. We left after 30 minutes of no one saying anything to us  or even acknowledging that we were sitting there. You think that would have taught me to not go back there, but I took my car back for the regular maintenance. 2)Thought all was fine and dandy until I recently took it there to get maintenance done again. After they "added' up everything that I needed done it came to roughly $2300.00!!!!!!!! Seriously??? My car is only 4 years old and I've taken it in regularly getting the suggested maintenance done. They told me I needed brakes, got the front brakes done cost me $333.00. Decided to ask my co-worker who has a Honda where she takes her car for service. From her suggestion I decided to take my car to Ed Napleton Honda in Oaklawn......they went over my "to do list " from Fletcher Jones, to my surprise I didn't need brakes and the brakes that they replaced were deemed "Aftermarket" brakes, which came more as a surprise to me. I give Fletcher Jones 5 stars for aesthetics but 0 stars for workmanship and customer relations. Don't waste your time.

Kelly J. | 2011-07-23

I have always LOVED the service I got from my local Honda dealer in Indiana and expected the same here but it was not the case.  After taking my car in to check out a noise my car had been consistently making for weeks I was told it wasn't making a noise and was quoted over a $1000 in "fixes" my car needed that were not related to this problem.

The mechanic working on my car called me to report on the problems and started referencing a conversation we never had- this did not give me a lot of confidence that he knew what he was talking about or was even talking about my vehicle.

Hondas are fantastic vehicles to drive but I think I'm going to stick with my local body shop for maintenance and problems from now on!

Manhoso C. | 2011-04-29

After two weeks of car shopping, driving out of the city, and dealing with the spectrum of cliche "old school" car salespeople.. I couldn't have been happier for my experience at Fletcher Jones Honda.

Our sales person John J. was a pleasure to work with, and addressed any questions from myself and wife, and even my curious 3 year old son.. directly and honestly and never in a condescending manner.  While I was waiting around I sat and chatted with one of the other salespeople only to find out out it was the owner of the dealership.   I was pretty impressed that he would stop and have a conversation with me.

When the car was ready John took time to make sure everything was set, clean and working, and answered any questions we had.  In addition to that, FJ offers a car wash and FREE oil changes for a year.  This is a great perk.. trust me.

Little touches like the ones here at FJ are what turn a one time customer, into a repeated customer with referrals.. something that Fletcher Jones and the owner seem to get.

Phil A. | 2011-04-26

OUCH.... So my wife takes the car to this place.... She wasn't around, so they called me to confirm:
Replacing the rear brake pads
Grinding the rotors
"Lubricating the front brakes"

$435 plus tax.... $435 to replace a pair of brake pads?  I think NOT.

Greg S. | 2011-01-27

We arrived at the dealership today and were greeted right away by the valet parking and our salesman was waiting as advertised. Great start...that's where it ended.
We had done our research on Honda Civic Coupes and found a couple at Fletcher that met our criteria. We talked to the salesman to make sure that the car was clean with no major issues because we were going to drive one and a half hours into Chicago. We were assured that this Civic Coupe was CLEAN and body in great shape. The CarFax report showed no REPORTED damage.
We showed up with cashiers check already printed as we were serious about buying. We were escorted upstairs where the vehicle was being cleaned and were greeted by a 6 inch dent in the front hood which didn't show up in the pictures posted on the internet. We both looked at him and said..."What's this?" Lots of foot shuffling and I didn't know, blah, blah, blah...so we went to look at the next coupe...jumped in and were greeted by cigarette smoke.
We will pass the word far and wide about our first and last experience with Fletcher Jones Honda.
We were offered the opportunity to talk with the "manager".  We turned it down as dealing with anyone that can sell that kind of garbage over the phone isn't worth wasting time over. Honesty and integrity flop.

Christine J. | 2011-01-08

I went to the Honda service center for a recall.  The check in process was very professional - signed in by computer by a sales associate.  I left the car and was told that the car would be ready by 11.  I came back around 11:20 and had to sit and wait until someone noticed me to help me.  Turns out my car was done, but hadn't been "checked out" yet, and i had to wait until 20 minutes until that was done.  I know this place gets busy, but I would've appreciated it if they kept to their schedule.

Brian S. | 2010-12-29

I went there in 2007 for some very small amount of work.  It was a miserable experience and I ended up writing to management about how disappointing the experience was.  I avoided the place for nearly 3 years - but in my laziness took my Civic there because its convenient.  They reconfirmed my earlier opinion.  On the plus side: their premises are clean and orderly and you can find someone knowledge to talk with who will be courteous and professional; they also offer a shuttle service in the loop.  

On the downside, there is nothing forthright or honest about the place.  In my case they were nice enough to perform a wheel alignment without aligning anything, but with charging me 140 bucks.  All that bought was the privilege of knowing that FJ could fix the problem for about a thousand dollars.

Asking around, I later found out these guys have a reputation as being crooked.  They should really be avoided unless you want to pay through the nose.

Janet E. | 2010-12-06

I've had experienced with many Honda dealers and this one is definitely an excellent one. I needed my car serviced because of a part in my car that got recalled. I tried to schedule an appointment online but they didnt really have the time I wanted.  Fortunately for me, they called me back and told me they had a spot open for the time I wanted.  I was thrilled they were able to fit me in at such short notice!

I arrived early in the morning at 8:15am (I think this is their earliest appointment). I advise them of the reason of my visit and Brian explained everything the technician would do to my car if anything need to be replaced. He asked if I needed anything else done.  I told him I wanted them to check my brakes to see if they were okay.  He said they would do that complimentary for me. Outstanding! They have a shuttle car here that will drive you to an area close to the dealership. Fortunately for me Robert was able to take me to Macys downtown. =)  I was quoted a wait time of around 3 hours and they told me it would be ready by around noon.  At 11am I get a call and am told my car is ready!

When I arrive my car was promptly brought out to me AND they gave my car a complimentary wash too!!!! Robert told me to come back anytime and he would help me wash my car! AWESOME customer service here!!!

The location is perfect! Convenient to get to by the 22 Clark bus or the Clark/Division CTA Red line stop.

My only compliant is that my receipt shows that they didnt start working on my car until 10am (but I dropped by car off at 8:15am).  My car was finished within an hour from 10am. I think if I had waited there they would have started earlier.

Char Y. | 2010-09-24

We came to purchase a non-honda trade in car, and our sales person, Tony was nice. However, they refused to go down on the price, and seemed snobbish when discussing financing options. All because we were not buying a NEW car from them.

Stefanie P. | 2010-09-01

I bought a used Honda about two months ago from Fletcher Jones.

I'd seen the car on the web, and it seemed like a great deal, so I wanted to jump right on it.

I made an appointment and headed down after work. Tony was my salesperson. He was very helpful and kind. His manager refused to come down on the price, which kind of sucked, but whatever. It was well below KBB value so I didn't complain too much.

I ended up being at the dealership after they were supposed to be closed, and nobody even batted an eye. I really appreciated that because I know how it is to want to go home after a long day's work and not be able to because some chick is running everything by her parents even though she is a grown woman! Okay, maybe not that last part.

My only complaint is how I was treated by the person who did all the financial paperwork with me. He tried to talk me into a warranty, which I know is his job. However, when I declined, it was probably not the best idea to make me feel like I was an idiot for not taking it. Maybe I'm reading into it, but sighing and talking about how "it's my loss" (or something to that effect) isn't great customer service. When someone declines something, you should respectfully accept it.

Anyway, Tony was great, and it was a pleasure doing business with him. I am happy with my purchase. Even if the door to the gas cap spontaneously opens every time I hit a bump.

Clare B. | 2010-07-30

I contacted FJ Honda to ask about any used Honda Fits they might have on the lot.

I have now been contacted by three different sales people, none of whom seemed to have any knowledge that the others had called or emailed me. When I asked about the Honda Fit, I explicitly indicated that I did not want to be contacted over the phone. Despite that, I have been called, up to 5 times in a single day, by one of their sales people. He has been rude, aggressive, and pushy in the phone calls and when leaving a message.

I was very optimistic about going to Fletcher Jones to find a used car. However, it is clear to me that they embody the worst in used car dealership stereotypes. I am appalled at their bad business practices, and will not be doing business there. We're in a recession, and I can't imagine that they can afford to lose sales because of their approach to selling cars.

Leslie Y. | 2010-07-24

My husband and I just bought our first car together!! woohoo...a HONDA CR-V!! What a great experience we had at Fletcher Jones-Honda! We worked with Tony, who was not only patient with us, but listened to exactly what we wanted!  I visited a few other dealers here in the area and felt a little pressured to buy.  Since this was our first purchase, we wanted to take a little more time to think things over.  Tony  WAS NOT at all pushy, but made us feel comfortable and extremely easy to work with.  Thanks Tony!!

For all the negative reviews...unless your car is under warranty, why are you going to a dealer for service work????????

Subir B. | 2010-06-04

I went there for a regular oil change and got the car after an hour, and I found that my rear bumper was broken ( There was a small crack before), but it seems when they washed my car, cleaning brushes got stuck in between the crack and ripped the rear bumper. I called the service manager and he agreed to repalce it with new bumper, I have to come back after 2-3 days to get it fixed at no extra cost.
Thanks to  my service representative and to the manager for there prompt response.

Steve I. | 2010-05-29

We bought a car from FJ last week., a 2010 Element. We had a fantastic sales experience with Marty. What salesman do you know opens the hood and explains it  detail all the engine components to a woman? He talked to my wife on the level, no talking down. Awesome man! The car we wanted (color wise) had to be brought in from the burbs, but they got it to us in a timely matter.
Side note: To people who bring your car to a dealer for any mechanical issue outside of a warranty...that is foolish. A dealer's markup on repairs is 50% or higher. Never, ever do that, avoid Pep Boys and some Midas franchises. Find a good independent mechanic who will stand behind his work in writing. Also, you can negotiate prices.

Julie J. | 2010-05-17

You know what? I really question people on here who have said they had a bad experience with FJ. Tony was ever so patient in helping me to find the right vehicle for me. I came in blind to car shopping, went home, did my research, came back... Asked questions and got exactly what I wanted. And left happy. I was treated with respect by everyone there (can not say the same thing about my experience at McGrath Honda on W Grand... If you want to get attitude the second you walk in the door... This place is for you) and got one of the most hearty laughs of the night when I met the "infamous Randy" from others who have commented. Go meet the guy and you'll get the joke. Tony, Randy, Dan: thank you for a great car buying experience. I'm a very happy customer (and my dog looooves his new car... Ha)

James O. | 2010-05-16

This is an email I sent my sales person, Michael Walthal. Michael did everything he possibly could to make this a great experience. However, there are others who make it less so. ....

I hope this email finds you. I have to say that working with you has been a great experience. I was concerned about some things your manager indicated to me about his expectations of his sales staff to just sell cars. From my time at Best Buy (part time work), we were always taught to talk to the customer, ask lifestyle questions, and provide a complete solution for the customer... not just sell them a product. That is why Best Buy is a growing retailer even in our tough economic times. I think you did just that, which is why I would feel comfortable sending any of my friends and family to deal with you. It is why you are great at what you do, and why you are so busy, when so many other salespeople at Fletcher Jones sat idle.

Frankly Randy's, your sales manager, comments about his expectations of his sales staff, and his not fully investigating my concerns (the car supposedly went through a full inspection but had bad breaks, a bad battery, the airbag light is on, and a chipped windshield) until coming to talk to me, left me wondering that I must have just gotten lucky with a great salesperson. With the amount of investment in this purchase, I should hope that salesmen at Fletcher Jones do make it a point to make every sale personal. He even indicated to me that he did not expect his sales staff to not know the vehicles his sales people were selling, but just to sell them. Again, from my time at Best Buy, I had to know the ins and outs of every computer and laptop we sold. I had to expertly service those computers. It was an expectation of not just my boss, but my whole company.

Now, to Randy's credit he did have my breaks addressed and the chip in the windshield filled. However, the bad battery was left in the car, and the warning indicator on the air bags were left not fixed.

Also, Michael has promised to have my car detailed when I come back to the area and will find me new floormats (there were none). He also got me a better rate on my loan after I had already signed the papers.

Again, Michael is a reason to deal at Fletcher Jones. The sales manager, Randy, leaves much to be desired.

Tim A. | 2010-04-26

I wanted to pre-negogiate the price of my new Honda Fit Sport before going in with cash in-hand from the sale of my old car. I did this on my lunch break. I came well prepared with quotes of what others had paid for a new Honda Fit Sport across the US and in the Chicago area as well as numbers from my personal experience in the last couple weeks at other dealers. Michael Walthall was my salesperson and I could not have imagined a better experience. I showed him the range of numbers and told him what I wanted to pay. There was a little back and forth with the manager, but we eventually settled on the price I wanted to pay with very little hassle. The experience was actually pleasant without BS! Picking the car up tonight!

Liz W. | 2010-04-20

First and foremost, I had a deal for my new car before I even stepped in the dealership (CarBargains) so I didn't have to deal with the annoyances of haggling.  I just walked in, met with the manager, was assigned to an associate and picked my car out from their inventory list based on color.  

That being said, I think FJ is a good place to buy a car.  The associate that helped me, Tim, was very nice, patient and helpful and his manager, Peter, was friendly too.  Tim brought me out to the car and stepped me through all the gadgetry and even set-up my garage door opener while I was waiting - nice, huh?  I have no complaints and the overall experience was much bettert han my last car purchase from Honda.

I haven't had any issues with my car but once the new construction is finished I think the sevice center will be much easier to get in and out of.

CJ M. | 2010-02-10

tried to buy a new honda here.  test drove it and negotiated back and forth with a friendly sales guy.  we settled on a price and i went to purchase it, that is when they told me that price was a mistake and I;d have to pay 600 more.  I walked out.  What a waste of time,  they suck..

update:  helped a friend try to buy a honda and so dealt with them again.  I can confidently say that this is not the place to go for a good price.  makes sense given the location

Derek W. | 2009-10-29

I try to avoid taking my 2002 Honda Accord EX Coupe to a dealership except for warranty work.

I had a wheel bearing issue with my car that Carr's Honda did not fix (see that review) so I took it here.  

I was in and out quickly and while they were at it they checked my fluids and found my brake fluid to be dirty and recommended a flush.   The cost was high (don't remember the exact dollar amount).  I took it to HAAS to have that service done.

Overall though very happy with the professionalism here and will be back for future warranty work should my car need it.

Ojo E. | 2009-10-03

So, i went and looked at the vehicle i wanted.
Only one sales person came to me and asked if he can help me. A friendly guy not a shark. I told him i was supposed to meet a sales guy. But, I had totally forgotten his name (HA!)  After awhile same guy can back, he was a great guy didn't talk BS, had manners and treated me like a person with respect.
Well, i didn't buy the car just because i didn't have time to haggle on the price and considering i was in a part a town that haggling would be a joke. So, i persuaded not to waste anyones time.
But, if i had 30K to toss around i believe i would talk to Al Yamane Sales Associate at Fletcher Jones Honda

Steve S. | 2009-04-04

Back in Feb 07 I purchased a new Honda Accord. I was dealing with Andrew from FJ and he was awesome. I sent an email blast out to multiple dealerships and FJ and Honda of Lisle came back with the lowest. As I live and work in the city, I chose to go with FJ. The buying process was smooth as can be. Since then I have serviced the car exclusively at FJ and have never encountered any issues. Their service advisors are top notch.

I would give them 5 stars but their waiting area is sub-par. The chairs are horrible.

Erin D. | 2009-03-28

I at first wrote a great review for this place on my new lease of a Honda EX.

I am retracting it.

The folks are very nice, but I want you to know, please shop around.

Kyle J. | 2009-02-05

First,  I would recommend going to Norm's Automotive Clinic.  I had my Honda accord in for a wiper issue at Fletcher Jones, and the diagnostic was $120 alone.  They then told me the issue had to do with a faulty fuse box and that the entire box would need to be replaced.  They quoted me $1065 for parts and labor.  Not having nearly that much money for wipers, I quickly refused that they do service and left minus $120 for my diagnostic.

I then took my Honda to Norm's Automotive Clinic where my diagnosis was the same, but only quoted at $380.  I about flipped when I saw how much less they were charging for the exact same issue.  The part was only $180, so that means Fletcher Jones was going to charge me about $900 for service.  HA. Hilarious.  The only nice thing I have to say for about Fletcher Jones is that the customer service person was very nice.  I would be really nice too if I got a chunk of that bill.

Update:  The service manager worked with me to reimburse the price of the part that did not fix my problem.  My complaints have nothing to do with their professionalism or service.  They are just obviously going to be a little pricier than a Mom and Pop place.

Carmelita T. | 2009-01-26

Few things make me more angry than a charge for something I know I don't need and didn't ask for.  So I was livid when I went here for an oil change, and when I picked the car up the invoice had a charge for new wiper blades.  Odd, since I had just purchased new blades from Target and replaced them myself.

I brought it to the attention of the service guy and he removed the charge without any questions.  But that made me wonder...did he know the service guys were in the habit of doing this, and just removed it because I "caught" them and made a fuss?  And seriously, I don't think they changed the blades at all...I think they just charged for them.

So I get into my car, still trying to get over the insult of the trumped up charge, when I reach over to update the owner's record that I keep in my glove compartment.  

BAM!!!!!  The entire glove compartment door flipped down, and everything fell out!  Upon further inspection, they forgot to reinstall these stoppers that prevent the glove compartment door from tilting out more than the normal 5" - 7".  

I called them later to complain and the guy said he could post a credit on my account for the next time I came in, but that's the best he could do.  WHATEVER.  No coupon or promise of a discount could possibly get me to bring my car back there for shoddy, half-assed service at a place that tries to trick you into paying for stuff you didn't want (or even have done).

Summary:  If you like frustration and feel-bad surprises, go there now!  Otherwise, Avoid.  This.  Place.

Brian B. | 2009-01-13

My lady recently bought a car there, and they duped her into buying a form of extended warranty.  Needless to say this warranty was practically worthless.  

I am in the process of seeing what % gets refunded.  

so I call this "guy" and he says he called me 3 times... which is as untrue as it gets as I have a VoIP phone, so its all logged.  I tell him he hasnt and he still wants to fight about it.  I mean what kind of jerk pretends to have called 3 times and when you offer proof to negate this, he just turns up the volume of his lunacy?

So now we get to wait for a couple of weeks for a refund of a policy that basically does nothing.  as i read the fine print, it only allows them to repair the smallest of small dents.  Nothing that would damage the paint.  Well, almost all dents have the potential to damage the paint.  

The guy that sold her the car is fine and good... but this other dude and what they have done in this little run around needs to be heard!

Stay away from them.

Jessica R. | 2009-01-09

I broke my car key, needed a recall repaired, and new wiper blades.  I came here, and the service was very friendly.  Aside from the uber-expensive new key, I had a good experience.  I really don't understand why it costs 140 bucks to program a new key, while new wiper blades are only 12 dollars.  Alas, a few hours and $153.12 later, I can say I was pleased.  Fast and friendly service gets me every time.  

(I guess I should mention that I dealt with the Honda people, and my opinion is only of them.)

Tiem S. | 2008-12-30

I made a Thursday morning appointment and dropped off our Fit Wednesday night.  The CSR said that everything should be covered under warranty, and that the $120 diagnosis fee would be charged only if they found that the problems were owner-caused.

Early Thursday I received a call saying that one of the problems have been addressed, and that they needed a bit more information to further diagnose the other problem.  Everything was fixed and the car was ready around 1PM.

I was really worried seeing all of these low star reviews, but I didn't experience anything justifying a low score.  They would've received five stars if they called when the car was done, but then again I've yet to have any dealership actually call when the work was completed.

Perhaps a non-warranty visit would yield a low rating, but they seem OK to me.

Dan C. | 2008-11-19

First I recommend Windy City Honda.  It is at Archer and Pulaski.  So basically two miles past East Jesus.  BUT I would rather drive that then do any deals with Fletcher including service.

On the phone the sales manager Steve Brady was a decent guy and knew his stuff.  Echoing "Leah P." I found that we waited around for almost 2 hours as well.  We were pawned off to some very inexperienced people who started the trade-in value and the new car price WAY under what was talked about on the phone.  

About three hours after we walked out (on a Saturday night) he "miraculously" found a higher trade in level.  Why waste people's time?  In a bad economy I think new car dealerships should be on the vanguard of customer service.

That monday I went off and found people that did the deal in under one hour.  Now THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE.   Maybe the other dealerships should give Fletcher Jones a commission for sending mad car buyers to other places!

Dan G. | 2008-09-30

I have take my car there a cple times.  Each time I think it can't be as bad as the prior time.  Nope...they somehow out-do themselves.  

Kudos to them for staying in business while acting like they don't need customers nor charge reasonable rates.  Not many, if any, companies would stay in business with that model.

Leah P. | 2008-07-27

This is one of the places I went when trying to buy a new car.  I had to wait 3 hours to test drive the car I was interested in.  They kept feeding me bs and making me wait around.  I really don't know how many cars they have available for sale. This is one place where I felt extremely discriminated against because I am a woman.  They talked to me like I was a second class citizen.  I was VERY upset.  I have a brain and a backbone so I took my buisness elsewhere.  I am very happy with Valley Honda and would not deal with this place ever again.  BEWARE OF THIS PLACE.  They are pigs!

Michelle R. | 2008-06-28

I was plesantly surprised when I got my '01 Honda Civic serviced here a few weeks ago.  My steering column started smoking one day so I called right when they opened to see if they could get me in; the first answer I got was "drop it off & we'll try to get to it this afternoon", so I called around to about 5 other places - all who couldn't get me in for a few days.  So I called back Fletcher & the woman I talked to was very helpful, saying they could definitely take it in today as long as I drop it off by 10am.  Turns out they were able to somehow get the smoking steering column covered under warranty.  BUT they found something else that needed fixed -  torn "control arm bushings".  I researched the need for them to be replaced and it sounded legit.  Turns out all the recent "symptoms" I had been having with the steering was just that.  I could tell a noticeable difference when I picked the car up.  I was able to pick up the car at 5pm and be on my way.

Amy S. | 2008-02-13

I didn't buy my car here but I do get it serviced here.  This is a top notch business.  They are reliable, professional, quick, etc.  I have always had great experiences.  Typically I just go in for my regular check ups.  

They also have a van that will take you into the loop.

I find service so important and am very happy with theirs.

If I buy another Honda after this one, I will buy it from here because they are top notch.

Kristin A. | 2005-11-18

I've had my car worked on here once. They were very friendly, helpful, and efficient. The only complaint I have is that they send me junk mail all of the time now. If you're looking to have your Honda serviced in the city, this is the place to go.

Kristen D. | 2005-09-26

The closest Honda dealership that I've found close to the city (the next is Carr's Honda on Western just south of Touhy).  They are very friendly and do do a good job, but you pay for the convenience of them being in the city.  They wanted almost $300 to replace a broken window...They're quick too.