Fletcher Jones Chicago in Chicago, IL

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Fletcher Jones Chicago

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(312) 628-4500
Address:1100 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, 60610

Reviews on Fletcher Jones Chicago

B G. | 2015-01-27

This place deserves their rating. I went in there for a repair that my local Honda place told me would be 195.00 and they wanted 275, plus they were charging 100.00 to replace the lamp in the headlight. I have heard of charging more because of being downtown, but come on these guys are terrible.

Jeff M. | 2014-12-30

Lots of negative reviews...wow. Well this past weekend was my first time here and it was to look at a certified C300 I saw on Autotrader. My wife and I worked with a gentleman named Dustin. Younger guy, but very knowledgeable and funny. The kind of guy I want to work with when buying a car. After about 10 minutes of talking we were doing a test drive. After that we negotiated, as I was trading in my car. After some back and forth, I was pleased with my trade-in value and the price on the Mercedes I purchased. There was no awkward pressure with him...he was very pleasant to work with. I have dealt with some bad people in the past, but Dustin was one of the good guys. If you plan on purchasing a car from this dealership, ask for Dustin, you will actually have a really great experience.

Only negative was the amount of time we had to wait for financing. That was no way his fault...just a few people ahead of us buying cars and being slow...once we got in with the finance guy, we were done in under 10 minutes.

PS - My wife also has a Mercedes and even though we live in Naperville, we will be coming here to buy the next one.

Alexis S. | 2014-06-29

Do not go here. Every time I take my Audi here I am told I need thousand of dollars of work and I get my car back and the problems are NEVER fixed. I spent thousands getting my timing chain on my Audi replaced (they told me it was the cause of the problem I was having) and I get my car back and it still is making the same noise. I get a "customer service" call after my appointment and I tell the guy on the phone that I was NOT satisfied with my service and that I am having the same problems. I never get a call back saying to come back and that they'll fix it or any sort of apology. Totally worthless.
Another annoying thing... after spending so much money here you'd think you would be able to RESERVE a loaner car. When you call to set up an appointment they ask if you need a loaner (thinking that they will reserve it if their asking) and you get there at the time of your appointment and there are no loaners available. Also every time I come here at the exact time of my appointment, no one is ever ready to take the appointment and I end up waiting. This place seems like a scam and on top of that they don't do good work. Zero stars if I could.

Bob E. | 2014-04-22

Just go somewhere else if you have a choice.  If you must go here, make sure you double check everything they do or say.  

I prefer the Autobarn in Countryside leaps and bounds over these guys for service on my VW TDI.

Kevin W. | 2014-03-25

This dealership is terrible.  They denied a warranty claim for my Audi.  Audi USA says the claim is valid and Audi of Hoffman Estates said "no problem!"  I also had a VW in for service years ago.  They charged me $980 to diagnose and said "We can't fix it."  I left the dealer with my car and it died a block away and I had to tow it to another dealer.

Jeannie G. | 2014-01-12

This place is worse than I thought. About two years ago, the programmed key to my Honda Civic had a broken top, and I couldn't attach it to my key chain. I took it to Fletcher Jones, where I was assured that there was nothing they could do EXCEPT sell me a whole new key for approximately $150.  They "negected" to tell me that all I really needed was the case for about $7. This place is a total ripoff, and the ripoff continues long after you buy the car. They will do anything for some quick bucks and put the interests of their customers at the bottom of prirorities.
Terrible business. Terrible customer service. I sent them three letters of complaint about their shady business practices, and they ignored all of them.

Ezeibe A. | 2013-11-27

This is the last time I hope to come here. I always feel cheated whenever I take my car to this place.

The customer service is great, however, the service department is really more of a scam department. They ALWAYS look for ANY opportunity to make you spend money, even if it's an inconsequential issue. The staff is personable and great, I don't blame them for this, my concern is the management team. I'm sure they are the ones who enforce a policy of suggesting any and all types of unnecessary maintenance.

There is no reason for me to come in to get a light bulb and mirror fixed, only to receive a bill estimate of $1443 because they think there are other issues with my car.

Also, the passenger side view mirror being replaced was more than twice what I paid for the driver side only 6 months ago. The numbers do not add up.

Trixy D. | 2013-09-11

Zero stars is unfortunately not an option.  I don't like to even think about my experiences with this Dealership because it just pisses me off, but on a whim I came here to yelp and read the other reviews and realized I had a LOT of company in my disgust.   I

I honestly thought about selling my VW so I would not have to deal with them ever again....but I do love driving my car.     ONWARD.....I had similar complaints as others, you are given a laundry list of things you need to fix when you only went in for something simple like an oil change.  Most of it unnecessary, but they HAVE to let you know......and then let you know you are 'refusing" said "maintenance" for their records.

They KINDLY offer to wash your vehicle after the service, even commenting "that they would like to wash it and get the bugs off for you".....it will only take 20 mins or so.  I waited an hour......only to find they have not washed it yet.    So, because I had to come back later in the week for a part, I allowed them to wash it then...I understand how people get busy.   I could not believe it when I was finally (another hour later) getting my car back, and not only was it not washed, there were BIG greasy handprints on the fenders.  When I pointed it out, the guy comes over and gets RIGHT down close to the car and touches a water drop and lifts his nasty little finger up and says.......YES it was....washed...SEE the water?    ARe you frigging kidding me?    

A week later I realized, they had not put the caps back on my tires after they did the 50,000 check up on my vehicle that I wasn't quite due for but I went ahead and did......didn't want to REFUSE MAINTENANCE and then have them not stand behind the car if something did go wrong.....so when we went back to get the caps....THEY ARENT  THERE!    Even though when we called, they were.  So now we had to go back ANOTHER time to get the caps.  

So.....not only are they disrespectful, disorganized, and dishonest, they are condescending, and unfortunately it doesn't look like they are going anywhere but I'm doing my part  to keep others from having the same nastiness put upon them.  GO ANYWHERE ELSE.  I think my "guy" was Herberto? ....very nice to your face but not really interested in doing more than the bare minimum.

joel l. | 2013-06-03

Bottom line here, the service department runs a fluid exchange scam.  With any service they will tell you your car needs an injector cleaner, power steering flush or coolant flush.  Fact is none of these are part of the factory service manual because none of these services are needed.  

To boot they make note on the service documents that they offered the service and you refused.  So when you go to sell the car, and you have an uninformed buyer, it looks like you didn't take care of the car.  A risk I am willing to take for the money.  

I made the mistake of buying from Fletcher Jones once.  Today was my last service under the prepaid service contract and after this service the shop will never see my vehicle again.

that said the tire repair services and bulb replacement services were on line with other dealers.

Char Y. | 2013-02-12

we were at fletcher jones for a used nissan (yes a nissan at a honda dealership) whic they clearly are trying to get rid off. i was unhappy with their customer service, when the manager refused to budge with the price or compromise with anything else. he was also being unpleasant about any negotiation or talking in general.

not going back

Brian T. | 2012-09-20

My experience has been mixed at times.  They do have an outstanding service coordinator named Nate who I always ask for.  I have had sketchy coordinators in the past but Nate makes my experience as good as it can be with great follow up and he makes me feel like he is working for me and not for Audi.  Obviously this isn't the case but its still nice to work with him.  
They have done a decent job on my car repairs over the years.  They did however change my tires last year and gave me summer tires instead of the all season tires I had on.  I almost killed myself in the winter sliding all over the place.  They did rectify the situation when I went back in.  Just remember that when you own an Audi you are going to pay to have it repaired at the dealership.  I recommend only bringing it to them if is something you can't get done on the outside.  They will charge you nearly double what the outside will.  
I always request a loner when I make my appointment, however, they never hold them and I usually end up with a crappy enterprise car rental the size of my shoe.  This is definitely frusterating.

Kelly P. | 2011-11-08

My 2008 Jetta SE has 29500 miles on it and there was an open recall on it. Brought it in and asked for an oil change with the check-up.

Guy calls back, the car has $2650 in problems, including a seriously dire warning that my brakes are about to go out as are my tires. They also offered me $44 per bulb to replace brake lights and told me I needed a new alignment and fuel injection flush.

OK. Something felt very wrong here.

I called my mechanic that would work on my old car and asked if they did VWs, they said yes. I asked him to go through the SEVEN PAGE checklist of problems.

Mechanic: brakes have another 10-20k on them, tires are a bit low, alignment is totally fine, fuel injection flushes are for old cars and cars with engine problems don't see why you'd need that.

Seriously?! They literally LIED ABOUT MY BRAKES and misled me on most other issues. Even the cost of tires and brake lights was inflated, who pays $44 for one light bulb, before tax and labor?!

I just wanted a recall check and an oil change. Now I am considering writing to the Better Business Bureau. This is truly unacceptable.

Tad S. | 2010-05-18

This took 6 months to resolve... RIDICULOUS!!!  This is the worst service ever.

I also happen to own a Mercedes Benz.  I took it to "Mercedes Benz of Chicago" which is brand new off the Kennedy.  Low and behold... who own's the thing... other than Fletcher Jones.  Ironically, I took it in just to get the air pressure in my tires checked, not knowing the wack jobs that run this joint also run that place too.  

They quote me 20 minutes to check the tires and wash the car for free.  No problem, sounds great!  1 hour later... I'm trying to figure out what's going on.  The guy said, "yeah, we get busy on Friday after work."  I reply - then do not tell people 20 minutes, tell them the truth!!!  They bring my car out - and hadn't touched the tire pressure.  The front tire had 12 lbs of air pressure, which it should have 28!!!!!!!!!!  The back left had 14 lbs, and should have 32 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!  

What is wrong with these people?  There is obviously a total lack of common sense, or else they are all compulsive liars.  No one even apologized for delaying me a total of an hour and a half, after they said 20 minutes.  

I was so disappointed at myself that I did not realize the Mercedes place was Fletcher Jones also.  Fletcher Jones is now a household joke for us.  Look at how many other 1 star reviews there are - it's not by chance - it really is that bad.

Jeff F. | 2010-04-21

Worst dealership experience ever.... bar none.  I will NEVER spend another penny at this place, no matter what happens.
I started taking my car there years ago and each time, it was complicated and the service took far too long.  Once, they damages my vehicle and had to fix body work they had scraped up.  Another time, they lied to me and claimed they made a repair to a squeaky belt.  On the way home, it squeaked again and when I called, the service coordinator told me that I had told him not to fix it (then why did you tell me that you did and list it as a completed repair on the invoice?).  Another time, they lost the front plate on my car.  When I asked to speak to someone, a "manager" approached me, didn't identify himself by name or title, called me a liar, and couldn't explain why my car hadn't been washed as I stood under the sign that says every car will be washed before it is brought to the owner.
They treat you like garbage, take too long to do repairs, argue over everything, and genuinely dislike their customers.
I don't care if you have to drive for an hour to get to another dealership, it would be worth it.  I drive my car from the city (where I live) to Morton Grove just so I can be sure that my service is done correctly, I am not overcharged, am treated with respect, and the work that I pay for is actually done.
I cannot stress this enough - avoid this place.  They will burn you, and when they do, you'll think "gee, I should have listened to that guy on yelp."
You'll be right, too.

Joe P. | 2009-07-03

Service department ripped me off big time.  Upon further research they were fixing items that nothing was wrong.  Tell them you want the old part they are recommending you change and watch them stutter.  Or better yet, just avoid the experience altogether and go somewhere else.

B G. | 2008-07-26

If there was an option for ZERO STARS, I'd chose it!!!

The place is HORRIBLE.  Stay away- far, far away!!!

The service agents are rude, inconsiderate, and do NOT care about good service. I am not even sure they know what it is!   I have brought my car here 3 times (not by choice; I needed recall work down at a dealer) and have been EXTREMELY disappointed each and every time. I actually joined yelp.com in order to warn people about this place. They are completely overpriced and a total scam. I just took my car to another (local) auto shop and gave them the "recommendations" from Fletcher Jones.  I only needed half the work (what a shock!) and my local garage quoted me HALF the price for the work I needed.

DO NOT TRUST FLETCHER JONES!!! They are a bunch of liars. Plus, they will not call you back so be prepared to continuously call and leave messages to see how your car it doing and when you can get it back. If you have to come here for some unfortunate reason, make sure you demand a time to have your car back or else they will take their sweet time doing absolutely NOTHING to your vehicle!

THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!! I will travel to the suburbs to get my car fixed next time...even if it is completely out of my way.

katie n. | 2008-06-11

on our first HOT day I discovered that my air conditioner in my car was not working.  I decided to take it to the dealership cause there were a few things I needed to get checked (2 recalls, a software update, my check engine light wouldnt go off, my coolant light would come on in mornings when it was cold, a mysterious bulb was out).  I called on thursday night and the guy told me to bring it in the next day and that they would look at it.  SO I got there at 7:30 on friday morning.  After I went through the laundry list of things they needed to work on I was then told that they probably wouldn' t get to my car until  Monday.  I was pretty upset.  Explaining that the guy last night told me to bring the car in this morning and they would look at it.  Regardless after siging the paper saying I'd pay $375 just to diagnose what was wrong (if the items weren't covered by my warranty I would have to pay that amount along with the cost of repairs) I left my car there and headed to work.  I convinced myself that I would be without a car for quite some time.  On friday at about 3:00 the service advisor called me to tell me that they did in fact work on my car but due to the complexity of the AC problem they wouln't finish till Monday morning.  I was happy just knowing that my car was worked on that day.  He also told me that everything was under warranty with the exception of the mysterious bulb that was out.  So I survived the whole weekend without a car and received a call Monday morning around 11am telling me my car was ready.       ******Here's why they did not get 5 stars from me.....(drumroll please)...the lightbulb was $4.26 and the labor was $19.95?!?!?!?!  That seems a bit outrageous to install a lightbulb, but since everything else was under warranty I guess it could have been worse.  They washed the exterior of my car before bringing it to me and also did not notice any dents or scratches as previously warned about in other posts.  Will use them again if any other problems arise.

Amanda G. | 2008-06-06

I'll admit it, I own a lemon.  But the Fletcher Jones service department makes me regret even owning a car.  They are rude and slow and way over priced, and for those of you who think they're ripping you off?  They are.  

Recently I took my car in to have a headlight and a tail light replaced and they quoted me $65.  Later that day they left me a voicemail saying that the car was ready for pick-up and said the total came to $234!!!  After a moment of panic, I called the dealership and they said that $234 was the cost of a light re-installation!  The service rep laughed, said "too bad I don't think like a mechanic!" and lowered the price, but it doesn't change the fact that ANYONE thought that was appropriate.

To top it off, I mentioned the fact that my sunroof seemed to be sticking and the service rep had the nerve to say that it's probably because I didn't bring it in for their (overpriced) 50,000 mile check-up.  When I asked that they oil it, he quoted me $45.  To oil the track of my sunroof.  Ridiculous.

I will make every effort in the world to never bring my car back to Fletcher Jones again.

alvin h. | 2008-03-06

Joined Yelp because I feel it is my civic duty to warn people about this rip-off disguised as a garage... seriously.

Overpriced and dishonest.  They charge a $130 flat rate just for an estimate, my old dealer never did this.  I went in because my battery kept dying and I wanted to have my alternator checked.  They were unable to determine if my alternator had a problem and claimed they couldn't test it because my battery was shorted.  Its a very simple test and I dont understand why they couldn't just crank my engine to see if a current was running to the battery or just hook up a good battery outside of the car and run the test if indeed a shorted battery will prevent an alternator test.  They tried charging me an additional $240 more just to have the battery replaced before they could actually determine if my alternator had a problem.  

I took my car to another mechanic who was able to find a problem with my alternator and said that my battery was fine.  Fletcher Jones also suggested $1440 in other repairs, that the mechanic did not find necessary.

Jeb B. | 2007-07-12

I often wonder if the automotive industry invented the sales mantra, "If I ain't lyin', I ain't tryin'".  They do not call you back, they do not take ownership of their actions and frankly they are dishonesty raises questions of ethics.

I had to go down to the sales room in order for them to admit fault and then wait to see if they will provide a check to cover the portion of our sales agreement they have avoided and played dumb regarding. If I do not receive payment for my second to last lease payment as promised, I will yelp the entire story in a few weeks.

Just know, location does not equal quality. Chicago is a big city and there are choices.