Chicago Northside Toyota Scion in Chicago, IL

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Established in 2005.

Under New Management
Currently at an A standing and accredited with the Better Business Bureau!


Established in 2005.

Under New Management
Currently at an A standing and accredited with the Better Business Bureau!

Chicago Northside Toyota Scion

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 728-5000
Address:5625 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL, 60660
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Chicago Northside Toyota Scion

James G. | 2015-04-25

They refused to give me a new key after I lost mine and generally acted like they hate Their customers or don't believe they are smart enough to do research before coming in.

They lied to me about my car having an engine immobilized and told me I needed to get my car towed here to program a remote. Do not ever shop here.

Andrew B. | 2015-04-23

Waiting THREE HOURS for an oil change should be "enough said." Don't expect anyone to update you on the status of your car. No. They'll walk right past you as if you hadn't been waiting for 2 hours more than their original estimate. But the icing on the cake was a fear mongering report of all the services my truck allegedly needed (about $2,000 worth to be more exact).  Problem was that I had done most of them just a few short months before.

Three hours and $70 later (I asked for synthetic) my truck rolled out without the car wash I received from pretty much every dealership I've visited in the past.

Won't be giving this place another dime.

Steve H. | 2015-04-14

Northside Toyota recently cold-called me about trading in my Scion. I was trying to determine if they'd be interested in buying it outright instead, because Chicago (who needs a car?) Their sales tactics:

[1] Pretend to agree with the customer/mark, while what you're really saying is the opposite.
[2] Either you piss off the customer when they realize what you're doing, or you mislead them into coming in, which pisses them off even more.
[3] PROFIT!!!

Other than that, they've persuaded me to Yelp around for a good repair and upkeep shops. They WILL find 5 things wrong with your car, every time. Get an estimate, then farm it around for a heavy discount. But more than likely, an honest mechanic will shrug and say "Nah. That can wait."

Chary H. | 2015-04-13

I don't even want to write this because remembering the awful experience I had here upsets me all over again.  What I will say is to AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. THEY USE UNETHICAL SALES TACTICS like "bait and switch," intimidation and other unsavory methods. I did report them to the BBB and to Toyota. Hopefully something comes of it.

Ruchir P. | 2015-03-25

Went in today to do an oil change. The place was empty and they still took over an hour and 45 minutes... Everywhere else I have been it has taken me no more than 45 minutes. When I asked them after about an hour how much longer it would take, they rudely told me to sit down and they will call me in a couple minutes. Bad customer service here.

John M. | 2015-03-13

I recently entered a lease for a new 2015 Scion from Northside Toyota and it was a very easy, pleasurable car buying expirence.
I had been to a few other dealerships before making my way to Northside, and inevitably, I was turned off because of others unwillingness to reveal prices before making a commitment.
We got to Northside and began working with Denis. He was very friendly and worked with us - showing us prices, fees, and exactly what a monthly and down payment would look like. Personally, coming from owning an older car and not having a car payment, I wanted the 'cheapest' I could get.
I ended up leaving happily with my new Scion. Dennis is a quality employee and very personable! My whole family enjoyed working with him. Ask for Denis when you work with Northside.

Greg F. | 2015-03-06

reviewing the work of their service dept on my '09 toyota recently here:  there was considerable dash/instrument panel dissasembly involved but they solved an elusive heating problem.  however on putting it all back together they could not have checked their work 100% because 2 bulbs (on a couple dash controls) that worked when I brought the car in were now dark as I first drove home (this was not the original service problem).  one must look at everything closely in a darkened area to verify all bulbs there light up when finishing--the service guy surely would've caught that if he had.  because they charged me $122 (one hr) labor to open up the dash again on a return visit to replace the now dead bulbs (not normally consumer accessible ones!).  I'd've gladly paid for the 2 replcement bulbs themselves but they should've noticed it before they let me drive away the first time, and not charged me for re-opening the dash.

there's a expression that applies here in spades IMO:  from a purely statistical standpoint the point in time in the life of a consumer product when it is most likely to require servicing is just after it's been serviced

Michael T. | 2015-03-05

If I could I would give no stars for this place. I took my car in because my air conditioner was releasing its excess water into the passenger side of the car. I waited 2 and a half hours for them to fix it. The next day the air conditioner unit stopped working all together. I called them and asked if someone could look at it to make sure it was reinstalled properly and they said they will charge me another diagnostics charge again that it was not their fault. I took it in again to make sure that it was not working because of the repairs. After waiting close to two hours they informed me that I would need another another air conditioning unit and Would charge me additional $300 dollars. Went to another dealership and they charged way less to fix it. This place will rip you off

Mark J. | 2015-03-04

Went in today to have a nail in the center of my rear tire pulled and repaired. And they wanted to sell me an entire tire! Very slow to acknowledge me when I first arrived. Very slow to respond to my need. Little personal interest. Was talking to a salesman as I was leaving the garage, and the owner or a manager asked us to pull away so he could cause his garage door - because, as he said, "he's not heating the outside" So, I left and went to a garage in Evanston and got my tire repaired and left satisfied. i'd be wary of doing any business with this Toyota dealership.

Kaela A. | 2015-01-08

I normally go to Midas in Evanston to get my oil changed etc but got a great coupon in the mail for an oil change and tire rotation, and I also purchased my car from here and had gone for a tune up after my initial purchase so I thought I would give them a try.  I was told that I needed another full tune up (new spark plugs), I was confused because I thought I remembered getting a full tune up less than 2 years ago and good spark plugs should last at least 60,000 miles and asked them to double check.  They said the spark plugs were corroded and rusty assured me there was NO way they had given me a tune up, I asked them to check their records and low and behold they had given me a full tune up including spark plugs.  They then got really embarrassed and admitted that they HAD NOT EVEN CHECKED OUT MY ENGINE and just "assumed" that I needed new spark plugs.  It  seemed to me that they were assuming  I would not be informed about my vehicle and tried to rip me off.  On top of all this they didn't even top off my fluids and charged me for my oil change after they tried to rip me off.  Do not go here, they are not honest.

Kymberly J. | 2015-01-01

I'm very skeptical of car dealerships. I sigh with a feeling of annoyance before I even walk in the door of them. I worked for various dealerships over the span of 11 years so the skepticism comes from a very real place. I am in corporate America now and thank God every day that for it!

Anyway, I've had 2 interactions with Northside Toyota in the past few months. A simple (free) recall brought me in and of course, I walked out with over $300 in charges. My car is over 5 years old so this is understandable. There was actually over $800 worth of work to be done but I didn't have the dough. My service advisor, Jeff, told me what was critical and what could be done later, slapped on a 25% discount and had my car cleaned and ready by end of business on the same day. They also gave me a nice fact sheet about everything that was done and needed to be done.

Something went wrong from the oil change they did when it was in for the recall because I smelled burning oil on several occasions. The big oil spill on my mom's driveway confirmed the problem was indeed with my car so I brought it back in.

Of course I started pleading my case as soon as I got out of my car. Seriously I thought they did something wrong when I had it in before. I actually smelled something when I picked the car up but I didn't think it was my car.

It turns out the oil cap was missing causing the smell and the oils leak. Jeff (so lucky to get me as a customer twice!) got the oil cleaned up from under the hood and a new oil cap and send me on my way with a clean car and no charge. For this I am grateful!

Elios G. | 2014-12-14

One of the worst car experience i ever had, toyota dealership cant even bring a new truck that iam looking for, cant even answer straight forward questions, they go around the questions.

Kirby C. | 2014-12-13

My girlfriend and I went today to search for a new car and had a miserable experience.  Our sales guy, Mike, first seemed nice but turned out to be slimey.  Our experience confirms many others' negative experiences.  If you shake hands with them, count your fingers afterwards.

Matthew G. | 2014-11-24

My wife and I had the WORST experience at Northside Toyota this weekend. While looking for cars, we had received a guaranteed price and worked with Lui over email and phone for a 2015 Prius, but also wanted to see if they had any 2014s that were still new.  We got to Northside, and asked for Lui (as instructed), and then we were inexplicably sat down with Jason.  Jason had none of the information from Lui.  He immediately started his salesman pitch, while I explained to him that all I wanted was to see the numbers and what they had available.  Before Jason got any of that, he wanted a promise that we would buy a car from Northside.  After we told him that we wouldn't promise buying anything without looking at ALL the numbers (taxes, fees, etc), he got up and brought back a hand written note with a price (no taxes, fees, etc) that was well over what we were quoted from Lui.  So we showed him the quote, and a quote from Northbrook Toyota that was much lower.  At this point he got more pushy and started telling us about what he would earn/lose off the sale.  News to you, buddy - we don't care.  We want a car for a good price, and if you can't get us that, we can go elsewhere.  Jason got even more pushy, and at that point we told him that we didn't appreciate him being pushy, and that we were leaving.  As we stood up, he said to my wife, "I'm sorry you have to deal with that every day."  I immediately turned to him and asked to speak with his manager.  He puffed up his chest, got very close to me and said, "I'll take you to my f#$@king manager."  We ended up talking with Marty, who was very nice and said he would handle Jason.  But while Marty was walking us through the numbers, Jason was loudly talking to his co-workers about us.  Then, to my astonishment, other customers were brought to him.  

We ended up leaving - Northbrook had a better deal, and were exponentially nicer.  We told them what we wanted, they gave us our options, and didn't try to push us into a more expensive car or up the price from what was promised.  We may have dealt with Northside after Marty dealt with us, but after seeing that Jason was still allowed to deal with other customers after what he said to us, we realized that it was normal treatment for people at that dealership.  To further cement that, while at Northbrook, Omar from Northside called me to see if Jason had met our needs. I explained that, no, he had not, and gave him a quick run down.  Omar sort of apologized, but said that in the "intensity of the moment" sometimes things are said that shouldn't be.  In no other industry would an employee be kept on the floor after an incident like that, and they would most likely be fired on the spot.

Don't go to Northside.  There are better, friendlier dealerships in Chicagoland that won't try to scam you.  They are worth the drive.

Locke B. | 2014-11-21

Terrible service
My friend and I went to this dealer for a new car. After we got the deal and made down payment, they told me to wait for 4 weeks to have a fresh new car or to have a "new" car with 200 miles within 3 days. They told me there is no new car like that in Chicago area and they had to drive it from Indiana. I asked them why they didnt tell me about it before I downed payment. He (named Ben, manager, if Im correct) said he have said it. Liar. We were very disappointed about his attitude. Very rude. We asked to get my money back. He swore and shut the door up strongly and got into cashier room. I cant believe it. We have never ever seen this situation. He is a sale manager, not a gangster. Will you come to this dealer to get this service? I will never come back.

We then went to Grossinger dealer and bought the car we wanted. Quickly and friendly.

Viet H. | 2014-10-25

I think everyone speaks for me here that these guys are money thirsty sharks. That's just me being nice. I would use other words but it wouldn't be appropriate here on yelp. I wish they gave an option of a zero star. I hope this place goes on the brink of closing so they would have enough time realize that they need restructure how they help and treat their customers. They overcharged me five years ago on my car and I still hold a grudge for it. I went in for a test and still the same hustle and buy already treatment.

Tom V. | 2014-10-18

Honestly, I am not sure why there are so many negative reviews on Yelp against Northside Toyota because my experience with them has been nothing but positive.  

When we decided to trade in our existing Toyota Solar and purchase an SUV, we did our homework prior by pulling values of vehicles from Kelly Blue Book, Black Book, and Edmunds.  As you know, each offers a different trade in value and I think the one that dealers use the most is the Black Book because I think that represents wholesale values.  

In any event, we also looked for the SUV we wanted, found one at Northside Toyota (2014 Rav4 LE), and went to go look at it the next day.  The individuals we dealt with were Luther Clay (Sales Professional), Arsany Banoub (Used Car Manager), and Marty (Finance Manager).  

At no time was anyone pushy and all were extremely professional.  The sales man, Mr. Clay, was amazing, easy to talk to and just an overall pleasure to do business with.  Mr. Banoub reviewed all of my documentation regarding my trade and gave me the trade in value I requested without trying to decrease the value of my trade in.  The Finance Manager, Marty, was awesome!  Thanks to Marty, he was able to secure a rate of 2.9% through Toyota Financial Services even though I had an existing Bankruptcy on my credit report.  

Trust me, I am all about giving negative feedback where it is deserved but when it comes to Northside Toyota they deserve 5 stars!!  Just do your homework and you will be fine.  

I'm also happy to share my positive experience with anyone that emails me directly.

Matt G. | 2014-09-25

If you buy a used car from these shady, shady people, stay away from the warranty. It's through a third party, it adds a ridiculous amount to your loan amount, and its completely worthless. They give you a photocopy of a page of a brochure (not even the actual brochure) as "literature" that you have to make a split second decision on. Since this was our first purchase of a hybrid, they were using scare tactics that certain electromotor functions would go bad soon, and the repairs are very costly and the warranty would protect us from that. After buying it, we researched these "issues", and the repair costs for them at any reputable mechanic are fair and affordable. Having researched all this after the fact, we wanted desperately to cancel this warranty, as it had added 2 grand to the loan on a car we put 6 grand down for. Trying to cancel it is an exercise in futility and pointlessness. I called no less than 3 times a week for over a month leaving messages with, they say, the only person there that cancels warranties and I NEVER received a call back. Asking to speak to the manager, they'd patch me through to the same finance guy's voicemail. So fed up, I finally took a day off work on a Wednesday to go in person to  get it cancelled. They made me wait an extra hour (they said they were "Swamped" and there was no one in the show room buying cars and about 5 employees doing nothing), and in the end it was a single form that took 5 minutes. The guy didn't even fill out the whole form and said it would take 6-8 weeks. I'm going to be watching the loan like a hawk to make sure they even did anything to cancel it.

This place looks to capitalize on you by making you rush and adding things on last minute without explanation. It's on me, I admit, that I didn't question as much as I should've, but they clearly weren't eager to lay out exactly what they were selling. Tack on customer service that clearly didn't want me to cancel something that made them more money, and you have yourself a classic case of a prototypical "used car salesmen". You shouldn't have to feel like you got your lunch money taken when you make a purchase of such magnitude.

TLDR: I'm gullible, and if you are too, stay the heck away from this place

David L. | 2014-09-15

I've been using this dealership for the last 3 years. I never have to wait when I arrive for my service appointment (even when I arrive early). The service team makes an extra effort to get me out quickly when I pick up my car. I have an older model Prius with over 100k, and I trust them to keep it running reliably.

Ross W. | 2014-09-11

These guys have always been honest with me. Bought my car at Grossinger and after one service call never went back. Service here is fair, honest, and they reward loyalty.

Rob Y. | 2014-09-10

Wouldn't go there unless you just want basic service like oil change. If you do go for oil change, just say NO to free multi points inspection.They try to rip you off with repairs you never need.My car is almost new with only 30k plus something miles but I was asked to have repairs of  $2k done. My brakes are worn out at 30k plus something  miles? Pads, rotors, coolant, transmission oil and brake flush? Some of those items are not due until I reach 100,000 miles. AVOID the free multi points inspection. This is where they find an opportunity to rip  you off . Even if your car  hasn't been driven a lot or not too old, they would scare you to have laundry lists of things fixed

Rob B. | 2014-08-06

Horrible service. It takes them "1 hour" to do an oil change, but the Toyota in Uptown less than 29 minutes. When I got back from my oil change, I didn't even have the sticker on the car to tell me when to take it back. I call back and the service receptionist has the biggest attitude in the world saying that I have to remember when to take it back myself.

A separate time I took my car in KNOWING full well that something was wrong with my gas tank. They had me come in and charged me $140 to look at the car for 3 hours, and said nothing was wrong. Then 2 days later someone calls back and asks why I didn't get the requested maintenance done since my gas tank was broken. Needless to say I had to take it back again. Although I got a refund for the money, I still wasted a LOT of time here.

Timothy T. | 2014-07-20


Let me start by saying, I received in the mail a coupon for a 85,000 mileage checkup for $39.96. I thought, "This is awesome!", I'm driving my car to NY next weekend all the way from Chicago. The coupon was for an oil change, tire rotation and a visual inspection of brakes and what not. I wanted to get all those things done before we hit the road anyway.

1.5 hours later. The guy comes back with a whole list of things that need to be worked on:

Bulb - Side Marker Replacement: LH - $32.00
PCV Valve Replacement - $72.50
Spark Plugs Replacement - $175.00
Fuel Injection Cleaning Service(EFI Service) - $164.95
Cooling System Flush - $164.95
Drive Belt - $165
Brakes - Clean & Adjust Rear - $69.95
Brake Flush - $159.95
Brake Job - Front (Replace Pads and Rotors) - $435.14
Exhaust Muffler Replacement: with hardware - $424.61

Grand Total: $1995.66 (shop charges and tax included)

He told me he didn't have the muffler part but could have it in by the afternoon. He asked if I wanted to have all those things taken care of today and I said, no thank you.

I wanted to go home and do my own research first. There is a local auto body shop that I've taken my car to before and they are super awesome and friendly and really honest and they physically show you everything that is wrong with the car. So I wanted to bring it by them and have them quote me and look at everything Toyota said was wrong with my car.

Anyway, I went to cash out...the original price was $42 but my coupon marked it down to $39.96 (big deal, whatever). When he finalized my total... oh not to mention, I sat for another half hour waiting for the courtesy car wash...  total of 2 hours waiting. The grand total was $48. I asked if he used my coupon, he said, " only saved you a couple bucks." Weird that tax was 8 dollars... when the original price should have been $39.96. Whatever again.

So I leave... bring it to the local body shop, if anyone is interested, its on Western and Bryn Mawr ask for Sammy the owner. The guys there are honest and prices are amazing and they will show you everything wrong with your car.

So come to find left blinker is not burned out like Toyota claimed it was. Works perfectly fine, just like my right side. Toyota had my car hidden somewhere making it inconvenient for the customers to actually see the work being done on the car. They were going to charge me $32 to fix that sucker. IT WASN'T EVEN BURNT OUT. I've checked it everyday since...its fine!! Works perfectly fine!

Anyway, they quoted me in the ball park of oh $1089.65 to take care of front and back brakes. Guess what? I paid $120 for my back brakes. And then get this, $280 for ceramic front brake pads and rotors and a replacement drivers belt.
Grand total of $400 to do my brakes and they threw in the drivers belt at no cost., Toyota wanted $165 to do it. The belt itself was $20 and the labor wasn't labor intensive at all, so he gave it to my for free.

Please note, I visited Toyota July 16th and then July 17th had all the work done at the local auto shop today.

Some guy (Marcos?) from Toyota called me the next day to talk about my service. I missed his call but I called him back a half hour later... left a voicemail. And he has not called back since. Some customer service they have. I would have liked to share my experience.

Where does Toyota come up with these repair prices???

Anyway, avoid going here for repairs...go to a local body shop, check Western and Bryn Mawr out. Ask for Sammy. GREAT PEOPLE! They will actually show you the work they are going to do and why....

Left blinker burned out, my ass!

Take that Toyota!

Jennifer K. | 2014-06-25

I'm re-posting this because my review seems to have disappeared hmmm...

I came in today because I was sent a 50k coupon deal, which in reality turned out to be an oil change. I get there and the service sales guy says that the car is due for fluid changes which will be $129, ok that's fine. Turns out it was $129 for each fluid! Then he calls with x number of other things that need replacing and says the total will be $800. I do a little research and end up ok with that total. Turns out that was $800 on top of the $300 I just spent in fluids. I then call back again and the price continues to go up! Now it's $1500 but "I'll give you a discount of 15% which is now $250 off so the total will be $1275 (that math is wrong)!  I went in for a $40 oil change! Every time I spoke with Nino the price increased. I agree with the other reviews, they say they "want to help out" and "this is what i can do for you", "i'm gonna give you a discount". It's a bunch of lies. I feel totally screwed and I'm upset that I let them change those fluids for $129 each. Then when I go to pay I show him an email of the prices that he quote which were actually less than what he quoted in person and I said I want to pay the printed amount. To which he says that's only labor. How do you quote something and not include all the parts needed?! On multiples times today he has said different things and has now, multiple times, lost my trust. I will never use this dealership again.

The service manager, Bob Heath, promptly called me the following day after my appt & yelp review and apologized for the service I received. He was sincere in his apology and disappointed in the way his staff treated me. He refunded me $120. He stated that the service salesman was not clear in his quote to me and so he only charged me for the service amounts that I thought I was paying for (2 fluid exchanges for $129, when in fact it was $129 for each fluid). He handled that very well and in a timely manner which I was impressed with. Five stars for Bob.

However, the one star still remains due to the second quote I received today. I went to a service shop in the burbs that a friend recommended and noticed the difference in service quality right away. I brought the printed quote from Toyota and right off the bat the owner said, well if you need new brakes our total price is cheaper than this labor price with these other extra quoted services are already included in our brake price. Also some of these other items listed here are BS because they wouldn't know if it needed work without pulling apart the brakes themselves. Ok, so in comparison alone from the printed out quote, apples to apples, his TOTAL price was $572. Toyota's LABOR price was $820.
The kicker was that once the mechanic got in and looked at the car it didn't need ANYTHING that was quoted from Toyota!  He said you don't need any of this done, they tried to sell you on easy work items for them, but you do need new tires.
Toyota stated my front brakes were 90% worn and I NEEDED to get them changed ASAP. However, this service man said they were only 50% worn and showed me what they looked like and educated me on the brakes and tires. He said for me to come back in 20k miles and we'll take another look at the brakes. He pointed out the many cracks in the rubber on the tires and said that the cracks are large right now and then once you put the weight of the car on them, plus the heat, they get larger and are more apt to have a blowout. To my surprise Toyota never mentioned ANYTHING about needing new tires.
Also, the fluids that Toyota said I needed this guy said they usually do at the 60k check up not the 50k. Plus they never do a transmission and coolant flush (that Toyota did) as it can do more harm than good. Instead they drain the entire pan and put new fluid in.
So, I walked away with the charge of only 4 new tires, saving me approximately $1000 in service quoted from Toyota that didn't need to be done. Again, I really do appreciate the help of Bob Heath in resolving my past issue and is the reason why I've changed my review from one to two stars. However, the overall service at Northside Toyota still needs a lot of work.

Guido D. | 2014-06-17

I leased a Prius from them last September knowing that I might be moving to California. We negotiated the lease price at lengthily. They said (the "big" guys in the raised desk) that I pay 19$ dollars/month more that I wanted to pay, arguing that once I move to California I would be paying 19$ dollars/month less in taxes. I then moved to California and my monthly lease adjustment based on taxes went upwards instead! I will have to keep paying this lease for a couple more years, but would advice anyone planning to get a Toyota to go elsewhere or be very careful when negotiating. They are quite dishonest.

Erin R. | 2014-05-27

I bought a car at this dealer in December of 2013. It was a terrible experience. To no one's surprise, everything was fine before the purchase was finalized. The salesman could not have been more helpful, nor could he have extended himself further to make the deal happen.

I paid cash for my car, and bought it "as is", which means with all the equipment present when we made the deal. Should be an easy transaction, no? Right. Everything was odd when I picked the car up and when it was delivered to me the satellite antenna was missing as were the floor mats. It was December. Floor mats for a luxury SUV are, what's the word I'm searching for, IMPORTANT. Never mind the fact that the satellite antenna was in place and the  floor mats were in the trunk of the SUV every time I saw the car prior to purchase. I called three or four times after I noticed these things missing, beginning the day after I closed the sale. Each time I talked with the salesman, Jonathan Oomens. He said he would "get back to me." Apparently his stellar customer service skills took a vacation after I paid for the car.

Don't buy here. There are far too many car dealers who will give you a fair price without trying to increase their margin by a couple hundred dollars by removing accessories from the car during the purchasing process.

In light of the events that took place during my negotiations, during the sale and after, I would not recommend anyone do business with this place.

Corinne V. | 2014-05-07

My father went here to purchase a car at the used dealership on hollywood and Broadway.  I came to help him choose the right choice because I am very aware of my fathers financial situation.  We worked with Cordero who was VERY RUDE and extremely pushy... he definitely needs to take a few courses on how to be professional.  Cordero told my father (who is foreign) he should disown my sister and I because we were not willing to put the car in our names for him.  We both are working hard to build our credit and my father is not in a place where he will be able to pay his monthly fees every month (I offered to purchase him a cheaper used car for the time being and told my dad lets weigh out his options and look at all his bills).  He told me I must not love my father and asked me what has he done to us to not love him enough to put a car in our name for him?  The guy was a complete joke... dirty salesman.  Why would you even attempt to turn family against each other over a vehicle... I still prayed for him.  Toward the end when I asked him to please direct the remainder of his conversation to my father he insisted to continue talking to me, and that is when I began to get angry.  DO NOT TELL MY FATHER I DO NOT LOVE HIM AND THAT HE SHOULD DISOWN ME! Have you lost your mind? He even asked me, "well how can you afford your car"?... when did that become his business??? When we got up to leave he kept talking and I stated, "sir now you are just being rude and unprofessional".  He said BYE GET OUT! All in all it was one of the worst experiences I ever had in my life at any company.  I did go back a few days later and spoke to the manager because this issue was weighing heavy on my heart. The manager was very nice and understanding. It is not that I do not recommend Toyota but I DO NOT recommend Codero (the heavy set African American man).  I really hope he does not treat other customers like this... just avoid him if possible... the other guys seem pretty cool.

I got my car from Auto Driven Sales in Burbank IL.  They have amazing cars for great prices with great representatives.

OHH almost forgot he ran my sisters credit, and sent her information to different banks for them to run it when she told him she was NOT putting the car under her name for my father. (This is another issue we are dealing with)... Looks like this place use to get great reviews but over time lost their customer service skills...sad

My dad just did not understand what he was getting himself into and i wanted to help him make a great chose.  I love my dad to death and will help him make sensible choices and pay his bills...

Honestly how Codero acted you would have thought his life was on the line for this sale... I work in sales too, I WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED ON THE SPOT FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR... If there was a problem going on in his life that this sale was indeed needed, I pray everything works out for him.

Ryan F. | 2014-04-29

I went here with my girlfriend over the weekend to look at SUV's.  The salesman was pushing hard for a sale, which is to be expected, but once we had agreed upon a deal, they kept trying to sneak things past me to drive up the price.  

They quoted me a price and monthly payment at one interest rate and then changed the length of the loan from 72 to 75 months, and called that "Standard".  They also agreed to start my payments in August and came back and said it would be June.  At that point I got up and walked out, my girlfriend and I were both upset by the whole thing.  

The manager of the dealership did call me later that day and offered to give me the originally quoted deal, plus another $1000 off, plus a lower interest rate.  At that point, given the experience we'd already had, I'm not sure I would have taken the deal if they took off 10k.  I had no intention of doing any kind of business with them.  

I would rather pay more and take my business to a place that shows me respect, which Chicago Northside Toyota, clearly, did not do.

Ekaj Z. | 2014-04-23

The repair shop over-quotes, then offers to "help" you with discounts to make the actual final quote seem less painful. It's really sleight of hand. What they're doing is actually over-diagnosing and overcharging to take advantage of us who are car-dumb.

Pat O. | 2014-03-22

Came in to test drive and walked out with new car. Never heard that before, right?

Anyway, our salesman, Rich, was very knowledgable and personable. He drove us to the remote lot to test the lower model we wanted instead of talking us into the more expensive car, which was great. When we got back we sort of got roped into "talking numbers" but we knew we'd have to at some point, so I guess that's fine. The sales manager, Mike I think, got involved because there was an issue with our credit (we stupidly forgot to make a payment on our car so it dinged us a few points). That meant that off the bat would wouldn't qualify for the zero percent financing. After a few phone calls, they got us qualified for that without a down payment and without jacking up the monthly payment at all.the whole process took a loooooooong time, but we left with a great deal so it wasn't bad. I think they underpaid for our trade in, but they worked hard to get us the no interest financing, so I didn't want to haggle over a relatively small difference.

I would wholeheartedly recommend these guys. They were crystal clear from the beginning. Granted, they are sales guys so be on your toes. But there was no smoke and mirrors and they made sure we knew what every dollar was going toward. This is a small, neighborhood dealership, which I liked. I'm not really into those big places with the salesmen who wear Armani suits. We got a good deal and had a good experience.

Neal L. | 2014-03-15

Have only used twice for a Toyota vehicle we purchased in another city in twice for routine maintenance. And they always seem to "find" something else wrong that is a big ticket item. Really? Then service is not done when promised.

Austin G. | 2014-02-17

The repair shop over-quotes, then offers to "help" you with discounts to make the actual final quote seem less painful. It's really sleight of hand. What they're doing is actually over-diagnosing and overcharging to take advantage of us who are car-dumb.

I'm a customer of five years.

The full story:
Five years and surely five digits spent on repairs for our car at Northside Toyota. And we kept going back.

Yet, I've always had this sneaking suspicion maybe we were getting screwed. Prices seemed high...but they seemed so friendly. They have nice amenities and a waiting room with lots of seating and a flat screen and free Starbucks coffee and charging stations. Maybe it's worth paying a little more for an official Toyota dealer, right? And the representatives are so nice and friendly. Always helpful. But still, something seemed a little off.

And today: confirmation. Something /is/ off.

I believe the repair shop's focus is on making sales out of your repairs. It is about up-selling you with specific gimmicks and techniques.

This is how it works (Every time. 5 years. Many different reps. Without fail):

- You will bring in your car for a regular checkup or because you notice something wrong.
- You will leave the car with them, go off and grab dinner/lunch in the area; or wait in their nice big waiting room.
- They will call your cell phone an hour later.
- They will recite a list of things (supposedly) wrong with your car.
- They will quote you an outrageous price.
- The rep will proceed to pretend he is doing you a favor through a couple of techniques.
---- 1) "Save this repair for next time," they might say. "Only these repairs are essential, though"
---- 2)  "But I'm going to knock off X dollars/X percent," they might say.
- Oftentimes this is accompanied by phrases like "I am on your side," or "I'm going to help you out."
- Then they will quote you a slightly less outrageous price for some of those repairs.

If you get to this point, if you see this pattern, take that printed quote and get a second opinion. I beg you. This is why I write this.

If you've made it this far, please. Do not trust this business. Because that "reduced" quote will be way too high. It is a show. An act. It is a sales gimmick to make this final quote seem less painful, plain and simple.

These are salespeople.

I believe this because I have been doing it for around 5 years. And I kept going back. Why did I keep going back? Why not, earlier on, just take that quote and ask another mechanic? A local, reputable, honest mechanic who needs and appreciates my business, maybe?

I really needed "a guy."

Say, Mufflers 4 Less on Roscoe and Damen?… That's what I did today.  And thank God.

I paid Mufflers 4 Less $90 to replace an exhaust pipe that had rusted and broke, where Toyota quoted me around $1800 for a full replacement of the entire exhaust system, including catalytic converter.

This was my confirmation. An $1800 quote from this business for a $90 problem. One hour at Mufflers 4 Less, and the car was good to go with a new pipe, 1 year warranty included.

It was the most shocking confirmation of Toyota Northside's disreputable repair (sales) techniques I could have experienced.

And while I'm personally offended and feel taken advantage of, I'm simultaneously completely embarrassed that I sunk this much money into maintenance of a car unnecessarily without doing more homework. Never getting a second opinion on their quotes until today was a huge mistake.

But Northside was just convenient. And I admit to not knowing much at all about cars. I just trusted them and they did always seem friendly (suspiciously so, looking back).

That's exactly what they count on: trusting customers with more money than car sense.

The shame of it is, for this business, is that I am going to need a new car sometime in the next few years. Northside would have been the first dealership we looked, most likely, had they simply run a service shop that didn't prey on my car stupidity.  But now that I know the scheme, never again. Never for repairs, never for a new car, never as a recommendation to someone I know.

Unless you're under warranty and can get it done for free from them, look for a local guy who can use your business. Not Northside. Never, ever again.

Janl P. | 2014-02-16

I saw the  review about their salesman using  racial comments, and I also experienced the same problem. Also, during the same time 2 Asian young men were told by another salesman ' get your pride out of your ass and accept the deal', because they quoted a Kelly Blue Book price! People are leaving out a lot of things that are said to them at this Toyota dealership, but at some point conversations will come to the surface!!!

Steven M. | 2014-02-10

Went for an oil change. Got that, and a free car wash! Great customer service, everyone was nice. I'll definitely be going back... 5 star!

Greg B. | 2014-02-05

Okay, so I went here to appraise my car to start the process of owning another vehicle due to a new job that requires a lot of driving. I went in and they were very helpful with the PRE-sale. There was a certain style I was looking for and asked if they had it. They literally just got one in. It didn't even have time to be detailed, yet alone repairs made to it as if you were buying with an automobile that had been looked over and made mechanically suitable.

I purchased the car with the understanding that they will make one needed obvious repair and then detail the car and give it the care and all fixes it needed. They had it about a week, gave me a free loaner during the process. All sounded well. Within two months, I noticed a sort of 'grinding" coming from the front left wheel when braking. I immediately thought the brakes. This car was sold to me with another year of bumper to bumper, anything goes wrong, we will fix it. The details weren't given to me of what was included and not included during the sale, and I didn't ask either. My fault and theirs.

So, I brought the car in and mentioned the grinding coming from the front left wheel when I braked. I mentioned it sounds like the brakes and rotor may be shot. I told him it was covered bumper to bumper and he told me that brakes and rotors aren't covered. I told him, 'THERE IS NO WAY MY BRAKES AND ROTORS ARE BAD IN TWO MONTHS"!!!!! He basically told me there was nothing he could do and I would have to pay for any repairs. I told him this is something they should have done for me while it was being detailed and looked over. No care from him at all. This basically put me off.

I took the car to a nearby brake specialist and got the front brakes done. The rotors were bad and brakes were down to 10 percent. I would rather pay the little guy when the big guy didn't take care of me the first time.

A. I drive 80+ miles round trip to work and it's mostly highway miles.

B. There is NO WAY my brakes and rotors went bad in two months.

C. They were quick to sell and very helpful to get that done.

D. WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THEM FOR ANY....I REPEAT, ANY WORK ON MY CAR. Why pay them more money when their customer service truly has many holes in it.

Hope this was helpful. Just be careful here. It may, actually WILL, be worth your time to drive to another dealership.

Brittney S. | 2014-01-19

Sales-wise, I had a great experience this time last year (January 2013) while test driving and buying a used Prius here. The salesman, Ricky, quickly responded to my email about the car, so I was able to come in the very next day (after sending it off at midnight). When I arrived, he was courteous and attentive, and he basically gave me what I was asking for, with a lot of additional information and very little pressure. In fact he printed off a purchase order for me to take home overnight and discuss with my credit union before buying, even though it was the last day of the month and I expected to be pressured to buy for an end-of-month quota. I needed to go lower than the Internet price and he was very accommodating about that as well.

George in finance was also good to work with; he was very personable and wasn't busy trying to sell me dealer financing and bells and whistles, unlike the finance people at a few other dealerships I visited. He also helped me right away when I came back the next day with the check.

No hassle, all very easy and relatively quick, good people, and very happy with my (first ever) car buying experience here. A year later and I've yet to have any trouble with the car, which is also a point in favor for me.

Service and parts, on the other hand, under quoted me by $100 over the phone for the price of a new key fob (over $300 is kind of brutal right after buying a car!), and gave me a 10% discount when I came in. And after checking my tire pressure they left all four of the caps off (in snowy, icy weather no less), so that part of the experience did not impress me much. Would definitely return for sales, probably not for service, especially given the other reviews on here.

Justine L. | 2014-01-07

This place has a decent fleet but their salesmanship is unacceptable. Our salesman threw out some racial comments during negotiations. I made it clear to the entire room that inappropriate things were said, and of course, no one cared.

I don't care what price we could have had, I'll take my money elsewhere. Worst thing is this guy is a minority, too. Why can't minorities stick together and work toward a post-racial society.

Eli S. | 2013-12-31

One word for this establishment. Liars!! Never buy a car from them, also their service department charges you for services not performed. If I could give this establishment a negative star rating I would. Will be reporting them to BBB. Stay clear.

Matt D. | 2013-12-28

The Service Department is pretty much trying to scam people.  I got a call from Northside Toyota that there was a recall on a part in my car and I needed to come in and get it fixed at no cost.  I tried to look up the recall online, and could not find any information, but I figured it was free so I would take it in to get it done.  The service department called me the next day and said that my breaks and rotors were in bad shaped and I needed to do $1,300 of work to my car.  This seemed odd to me as I had just gotten my oil changed at the dealership in Cincinnati where I originally purchased the vehicle and they did a diagnostic test and said everything looked great on my car.  The car only had 25,000 miles on it at the time and most were highway miles as I rarely drive in the city.  When I explained to the service department representative that the dealership in Cincinnati gave my car a clean bill of health just two weeks before he got angry with me and said, "Well, I hate you tell you you're wrong, but you're wrong! You declined the diagnostic test when you got you're oil change so there was no way for them to tell you you're breaks were fine.  You're not taking good care of your car and this is what happens when you don't do regular maintenance on your car."

Needless to say this did not sit well with me.  So, I told them I did not want them working on my car and I am coming to pick it up and it better be ready.  When I showed up for my car I stood in the service department for at least 15 minutes while one of the employees was yelling at a customer on the phone, trying to run the same scam and another employee just sat at a computer ignoring me.  I called Northside Toyota before I came to get my car to talk with a supervisor to express my disappointment, and of course no supervisor was there and would call me back.  Nobody apologized to me, nobody wanted to explain to what they did to my car, they just gave me my keys and that was it.

I have since taken my car to multiple places including the dealership in Cincinnati.  They all have said the same thing, my breaks and rotors are in good shape.  When I was at the Toyota dealership in Cincinnati I asked them if they would be doing a diagnostic test on my car when they change the oil, they told me of course that is complimentary with every oil changed.  I asked if there would anyway for me to decline this service in the past, they said no, they automatically do it.  So, they lied to me at Northside Toyota and they were obviously trying to scam me into spending $1,300 on service I did not need done.  Please do not take your car here or purchase a car here.  Tell others to do the same as they cannot continue to get away with scamming people and being borderline verbally abusive to customers.

Carlos R. | 2013-12-25

Bought a car here recently from their use car lot and had an agreement that I'll take the car if some parts that are damaged or missing be replaced. It has been over 2 months now and they haven't sent me a message or called at all. The funny thing is that the parts that need to be replace are lightbulbs and by the looks of it, they are out this world because they haven't said anything.. SMFH

Michelle M. | 2013-12-23

I have always had a good experience with sales and service staff here. The employees are friendly and thorough. However, the last year or so the wait time for regular service has gotten very out of hand. I have waited anywhere from 3-4 hours for an oil change and tire rotation. This is with an appointment - even on weekdays during the day. I basically have to clear an entire day if I am going to go here. I am hoping this can be improved because it is very discouraging.

Jack L. | 2013-11-21

If I could give these clowns zero stars, I would. I am a Wisconsin resident who bought a car from them. I decided to cross state lines to do the deal because their price was a few hundred dollars cheaper than my local toyota dealer. they told me at the beginning that they had lots of experience handling out-of-state transactions and that everything would go smoothly. I realized later that this was complete lip service as they totally botched my license and registration paperwork.

It has been almost 2 months, and I still don't have my plates and registration. I called many times trying to get the issue resolved, but the woman who handles this paperwork at this dealership was totally rude, disrespectful, and incompetent. I bought a car from them, but I felt like I got better customer service when I went into Burger King today for a $3 whopper. This dealership is a disgrace to the Toyota brand and should have their franchise revoked. I am still driving around with expired temporary tags and do not know when this issue will be resolved. I am very frustrated that i will have to waste my time calling Toyota N.American HQ to complain and ask for assistance. Stay away from this dealership. They suck!

Angie B. | 2013-11-13

We went to this place after an exhausting rough day of car shopping at different Toyota dealerships. I communicated with Justin and Brian via email and they were extremely nice and informative. After explaining the hell we had been through with the other dealerships earlier that day, they said they would meet or beat the Prius quote that we had in writing. Score! we thought we were going to be able to go in there, talk to our awesome online reps and walk away with the Prius I wanted. WRONG! We got there and right away were handed off to a different salesman and they took my written quote to the manager. After going back and forth, the manager comes to us and tells us he is not meeting or beating the quote. In his exact words "I wouldn't even do this for my family. Why should I do it for you?" Then and there we stood up and walked away. They lie to you to get you to come in and then twist everything while you are there. It did not matter that I had an email from them stating that they could meet or beat my written quote.

Not even a week later I get an email from them that said "Statistics show that 63% of car shoppers end up purchasing a completely different make and model than what they were originally interested in." I simply replied "Your statistics are right, I ended up buying a Nissan."

Such a shame that I wasted my time going here.

Joseph R. | 2013-11-06

Bait-and-switch !!!!

We had been communicating for days, via email with one of the Sales Associates, about a used vehicle. We finally agree on a price and I was told to come to the city to do a test drive and finalize the business. We were very excited and as instructed, drove with the family for more than an hour into the city to get our new vehicle.

When we got into the dealership, we were introduced to the sales associate, who quickly told us that someone was looking for our vehicle for our test drive and inspection. We were told to sit in the waiting room until the car arrived at the dealership. He left the room in direction into the parking lot of the dealership.

About 20 minutes later, the associate arrived into the room, looking agitated and while catching his breath told us that they were looking for the vehicle but, in the worst case scenario, he would pay for a tank of gasoline for my car.

Shocked by this comment, I asked him what do he meant with "worst case" scenario statement. He said, he meant that in the case they could not deliver the vehicle to the dealership that night.

I shockingly asked him; how is it possible that they could not bring the vehicle into the dealership? He said that sometimes they would take vehicles to the detail center to clean them, and that there was a possibility that the place was closed for the day but, that they would continue looking.

After about 10 minutes, he returned and told us that they did not know were the vehicle was. As you can imagine we were shocked in disbelieve and angry at the same time.

Then he said that he talked to his manager and that if I wanted "they could give us a really good price on a 2013 model"!!!!

I could believe my ears as I heard him say that. I was very offended and red on the face with anger by his suggestion. I told him that the whole situation was unacceptable and I was going home.

I had to drive back home for an hour.

I would suggest to everybody to avoid this dealership at all cost, Very shady.

James P. | 2013-11-04

5000 mile maintenance with an appt takes 2hours???? This place is hell on earth. Save yourself go some where else for maintenance!!!!!!!

Konstantin L. | 2013-11-02

Continue to avoid the parts department! I just obtained a quote for a shift lock release button cover and was quoted twice the list price. By contrast, at Grossinger, I was quoted the list price.

@Jenni Thanks for trying to damage control. It's not about the experience, merely about charging two times list price for parts. Why does Northside charge $5+ for part 33554-35080 when Grossinger charges $2.70? And I have seen this factor two for other small parts.

Jeff P. | 2013-10-30

The worst place for service ever. It took them 4 hours to change my oil and wiper blades WITH an appointment. And they promised me a free car wash and didn't do it. I will never go here again, and you shouldn't either.

Mark M. | 2013-10-27

My old Toyota was over 10 yrs old and I was interested in trading in for a new one. The sales person, Rich, was very patient with me and showed many many cars and wasn't pushy. He let me test drive two models and offered to test others if I wanted to. He took his time to answer all my questions and was friendly as was the rest of the staff with whom I interacted. When I selected a car to buy they were efficient but took the time to explain the purchasing procedure. I experienced a very high level of customer service and the usually difficult process of buying a new car was actually pleasant with the staff. I was also surprised by their large selection of cars to chose from there in the city. I would recommend visiting Northside Toyota if you are in the market for a new or used Toyota.
UPDATE: End of December, 2013
Originally gave Northside Toyota 5 stars (at their prompting) as they did everything they could the day of the sale to encourage the sale of the car. I was surprised by the number of bad reviefws at the time on Yelp but now it makes sense. Since the day after I bought the car I have had very very bad service. So much so that I now wish I had never gone there and wish I had NOT even bought the car. The Toyota I bought I was thrilled with at first and now due to the bad customer service I can't wait to get rid of I am so turned off by this delearship. The salesman promised me the one feature I asked for in the car BUT AS OF TODAY I STILL DO NOT HAVE THAT FEATURE IN THE CAR. He doesn't return emails nor does the delearship manager (!) so today I only have a negative feeling about the car that I should still be excited about. They seemed like it was a great inconvenience when I dared asked for an owners manual and made it seem like it was the biggest deal when they obtained one for me.
The salesman claimed he returned my emails when I went to the delearship in person and then AFTER I left an email would pop up
Now I'm getting a notice from the Secretary of STate that says my car has a history of hurricane damage and I have to get a form notarized. They said the delearship should have notifed and taken care of this when selling me the car.
I can not wait to trade in this car even though I'm sure i'll lose money and due to this delearship my 20 year loyalty to Toyota is over.

Meredith B. | 2013-10-14

This is the closest dealership to me, so I always end up going here when my car needs service.  Well, sometimes if it's just an oil change I prefer the mom and pop places, but I had a few recalls to get done so brought my car here.  It was time for my 60,000 mile maintenance, which is a big one, and they found a lot wrong with the car.  They emailed me a very comprehensive report detailing what they had found and when they recommended getting it all fixed.  They suggested I get it all fixed for $1800.  That was not affordable to me, so we worked out that they would only do some of the repairs, as a few of them were not as important to be done immediately.

I'm already wondering if I should've taken the car somewhere else.  I've always had a great customer service experience here when I've brought my car in for recalls, for a new battery, etc.  Always treated very respectfully and everything explained thoroughly.  Free wash with repairs.  But now I'm wondering if I should have taken the car elsewhere to get a different price for the repairs.  I really have no knowledge about what a reasonable price is, but I'm guessing it would've been cheaper somewhere else.  I can't say that for a fact though, but it was an expensive bill.  However, I've replaced almost nothing on my car and owned it for 6 years so I was surely due for some repairs anyway.  This dealership kept me informed and finished the work quickly, quicker than I would expect at an independent shop for sure, although I cannot compare the price.

They also offer a ride from the dealership after you drop your car off and once it is ready to be picked up.  These drivers however are not the greatest - the first one was not a terribly safe driver (one hard stop when somebody slowed to turn in front of him) and he made basically a blind left turn that had me white knuckled.  The guy who took me back (I asked not to have the same person) took a really stupid route to the dealership, like he drove past it and around, took maybe 10 extra minutes as it was pouring rain too.  They really need to improve in that area.

Anyway the service is reliable and they will get your car back quickly and in good condition.  I've always been treated very respectfully and kept well informed by employees. But watch out for the drivers and maybe just to be sure, do a price check before getting expensive services done here.

Angela B. | 2013-10-12

Yuck! Earlier today, this dealership gave me a quote on a car that they did not even have in stock! When I arrived they tried to sell me on more expensive models of the car I wanted and also made balked and made faces when I mentioned that the 2014 Corolla didn't have the same safety rating as the 2013 Corolla (obviously another tactic to get me to buy a more expensive car). On the test drive, the sales agent (some Indian guy) told me that I needed to "relax" and not adhere to traffic signs when I followed the law and didn't turn on red ( He then followed this up with, "oh are you from the suburbs? In the city people just disregard that."). He also smoked a few cigarettes while talking with us. I was ready to buy today and because they were so rude and unprofessional I walked away. Save yourself the drama and go somewhere else!

Gia L. | 2013-09-27

My husband and I have just left this poor example of a "dealership". My husband had already looked at the 7 series bmw days prior, so he took me to see it and to test drive it before purchasing. We had a pre-approved check for the specific vehicle with us.
Although we did get there at 8:40, since we came from Naperville, there were salesmen there as well as other customers. We were greeted by JONATHAN. We showed him the bmw we were about to buy. My husband told him that he wanted me to test drive before we purchased it. JONATHAN rudely asked why we didn't like the 5 series, and after we said it was too rough and small, he told us that we wouldn't like this one either. He said, "if you didn't like the 5 series, why would you like this one". At this point, i told him- listen, the 5 series we tested was small, and the ride was rough maybe because it had more miles. JONATHAN then proceeded to tell us that it was almost 9. This was all within minutes of us getting there. My husband told him- "if you are too tired to go around the block, then we can ask someone else"

We were rudely told "no" to a test drive. My husband told him that we had a check with us, and we wanted to see if everything was good with this car for sure. At that point, I just got out, and reminded JONATHAN that this was a BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. And we left check in hand, to take our business elsewhere. There are plenty of 745 bmw's with nicer service even if it will be more $$.

TOO BAD FOR JONATHAN, with his poor attitude and service, because it cost him a nice fat commission check. And TOO BAD FOR THIS TOYOTA DEALER, lost a customer and gained another bad review.

Raj B. | 2013-09-14

No one really helped me or took me seriously. They were very lazy. The guy who took me out to test drive didn't really talk or explain anything about the car. When I got to the dealership after the test drive, we sat down and began talking about pricing and I told him to give me his best price and I would get back to they were just shouting stuff out like base model $33,000 and not really listening to me and then proceeded to tell me to wait for my parents when I was the decision-maker. They insult customers and disrespect people.

Then they quote you different prices for the exact same car. One week to another. One quote I got for a Highlander was $33,300. The next week, another internet specialist says $33,900. When they tell you they aren't making profit. They are. $600 more to be exact. Maybe they hope you won't catch it. They blame it on the "new guy"

If you want an honest dealer that won't suck your money from you, don't shop with Chicago Northside Toyota. The suburban Toyota's are much better

Baron V. | 2013-09-11

JUST DON'T GO HERE for service!!! They charge 50% more than what every other toyota garage in the Chicagoland area charges. There is no reason to go here for service since if you have a car to begin with you can easily drive a little farther to go to a cheaper place. The only reason they are in business is they have a huge supply of fresh rubes to sell to. Super push salesman type tactics to get to fix tons of stuff that isn't needed.

Deep S. | 2013-09-03

I first went on their website looking for a Scion FR-S, and the live chat lady was very nice, we set up an appointment for an hour later to go check out the car they had and see how much my 2010 Maxima was worth. When I got to the dealership, everything was fine, I met with Dennis, a very nice salesmen who seemed knowledgeable about the car but not too pushy. I told him I had enough to put down plus a 2010 Nissan Maxima I would like to trade in after an appraisal. I give him my car keys so they can go appraise it. 5 minutes later, this rude fat guy points at me and says come over here. So I go over, only to hear him say, "We're swamped right now and we're not going to waste our time appraising your car because you're not serious about buying a new one." I understand, I look young, but when I tell you I have cash to put down plus a car thats under my name, I'm not wasting your time. I had took cash with me, ready to buy it, but I'd rather drive an extra 30 minutes than do business with that place.

Jason S. | 2013-08-28

Went in to negotiate a deal.  The deal never worked out (prices too high).

Received calls after we specifically requested not to be called.

When talking to another salesperson about no more calls, was laughed at.  They seemed to enjoy harassing phone calls.

Everyone that worked there was not very professional.  Disheveled appearance, poor grammar, abusive negotiating.  At one point I felt like the guy was trying to bully me into a deal after following me, my wife, and newborn out the door.  He also had a broken finger which HE TOLD ME he got from a fight.

Terrance H. | 2013-08-22

You're paying extra for the cleaner service areas, free wi-fi and coffee, trust me!  I visited the dealership service department for routine 65k maintenance check. I know, "what your taking the car to the dealership for service?!... prepare to be.." well you know. but i figured since i bought it from them let me see what happens. So everything is cool on the onset. let me just say that dealing with Mike J. not Mike K. as described by another yelper in reviews below. the service guy was cool. he was courteous in his interaction with me.  

So I dropped of the car off and waited for the call for what they found. 5 hours later they sent a very nice PDF file and called me to say what was up.

here's an abbreviated list and the prices... oh boy the prices:

ONE wheel bearing replacement $1100.
Sway Bar links: $410
Rear Struts (both): $777
4 tires $1200
not to mention several flushes of different systems at $159 a pop. total amount approximately $4500

So having given that list I had a few ?s. first I wanted them to show me the issues of the sway bar, struts, and tires. Not something you really can do in your garage but easy enough when the car is on a lift. well that was a no go cause they wouldn't let me come into the service area to see for myself the issues.
These days it easy to find out the average cost for certain services whether via internet, calling autopart places or in my cause going somewhere else. SO when I made inquires about the prices I was told their average rate plus the price of the parts... still seemed, and WAS high to me.

the pricing for the flushes were the first clue. $159 each to flush the power steering and  cooling systems, and a Fuel injection cleaning. yeah ok, I think not!

Needless to say I took my car, said thanks the pricing was a bit to high and since I couldn't see the swaybars or struts I had issues with that as well. at that point I was offered a 20% discount on all services but I had to make the decisions to go ahead in two days as it was expiring. Not enough to keep me there but I said thanks and left.

went to another business the next day. they put the car on the lift and should me that sway bars were sound, the struts weren't leaking or moving excessively.  I went ahead and had the wheel bearing replaced which they showed me as well, that had some issues. however the cost they charged was LESS THAN HALF the amount the dealership wanted. they also did a couple of my flushes for $60 each (on my own inspection I knew those needed to be done) and on top of that I got a 15% discount for that service.

Gotta be careful at the dealership. I have no idea why they charge so much for their services when they're not doing anything more then the next guy. To be far some car issues I would go to the dealership for their expertise of the vehicle, but none of the stuff mentioned above were to serious or complicated. I actually could have done the wheel bearing replacement after watching the tech do it at the second spot.

I don't want to call the crooks but the unnecessary services + the higher prices for the services = something!!!

Adoley J. | 2013-08-06

Took my car in for routine work. Was told I needed new front brakes and pads and to replace my brake fluid. While I was hesitant because I just had brake work done I went ahead and did it to put my mind at ease. Get the paper work and I see its going to be over a $1,000 dollars. YIKES that's a lot, especially because the last time I did brake work I paid less for front and back. Going against my better judgement I go ahead and get the work done. I was given a loaner car. Didn't check out the loaner car because it was Friday at 10 pm and I had a ton of work to do the next day. Again mistake made on my part. When people tell you to take pictures of loaner cars LISTEN TO THEM.

Next day is Saturday and I get a call in the afternoon that my car is ready. OK that sounds good except I am a little suspicious because I dropped it off Friday night and they told me the parts would not be in by Saturday. Either way I go to drop off the loaner and pick up my car and here is where the experience went from ugh to WTF. Apparently there is a ding on the loaner car a minor scratch on the front. I contest it because I drove the car for less than 30 mins to Hyde Park and back. I know its my word against theirs so I suck it up and listen while one of the guys berates me. I pay for the brake work and go home. While I am livid what can I do? I see their employees driving up and down Broadway chauffeuring customers  in the loaner cars driving over speed bumps like madmen. Still I know I will get dinged for it and just wait. Monday I get a call that the work is actually going to be less than $200 hundred dollars.  I go back to Toyota to pay up. I think I am done with them but WRONG.

LESS THAN A MONTH LATER GUESS WHAT I HEAR AS I AM DRIVING... please just take a guess. YUP you got it, my brakes are making the EXACT SAME grinding noise that prompted me to take the car in in the first place. At this point I have a family member take the care in because I am livid. Apparently when the mechanic was replacing my brake fluid they didn't screw the cap all the way and fluid was leaking. While it was fixed I will NEVER bring my car back here again.

Now I have had this car for over 5 years and I usually take it to the Toyota in Orland Park because that is where it was bought. They are friendly, do good work and make sure you have a running car without making you sign over your first born. When I take a family members car into their dealer I still don't have to deal with this crap.


Leslie G. | 2013-07-24

I bought my 2006 Matrix at this dealership, and then like an idiot, continued taking my car here for service for the next 7 years. Let me say upfront that I never experienced any problems as a result of the repairs I got here, meaning that everything worked fine in my car. I knew I was probably paying a lot more than I would if I took the car elsewhere, but I was too lazy to do so. It wasn't until my final visit here that I became completely soured on this place.

I was getting ready to move out of state and wanted to take my car in for one final oil change, etc. I did so and was then given a laundry list of other things that needed to be fixed, including having the battery and axle boots replaced. I told them I really couldn't spend the money on those repairs right then as I was getting ready to move. This was literally the only time I had said no to suggested repairs in the 7 years I had been taking my car there. As a result, the service department basically starting harassing me. After hearing from the technician and a service representative, I then received a call from someone else in the service department who wanted to know why I wasn't fixing these things. I explained the situation again, and he said "well, at the very least you need to get the battery replaced. That is a 9-1-1 emergency situation." I said that was not the way the technician had explained it to me (the technician had recommended getting it replaced, but didn't describe it as an emergency). This guy then proceeded to argue with me about getting the battery replaced and tried to scare me into believing my car was going to give out at any moment.

Long story short, my battery did not give out and was still going strong 2 months later. After I moved, I took my car to a regular mechanic and asked them to check on some of the other things that the dealership had told me needed to be fixed, including the axle boots, and was told that there was no reason to fix them. I think it's safe to say I won't be taking my car to a dealership again.

Ching-I C. | 2013-07-16

So I have visited this place twice.  First time was for maintenance.  They told me my car was in horrible shape and lots of parts needed to be replaced.  They asked for a few thousands for the total cost.  I take good care of my car and all of my previous service people never found those issues.  I asked them to change oil only and then took my car to 2 different shops for second opinions.  Both shops told me my car was in excellent shape and nothing wrong.  So Northside Toyota just lied about this.  I decided never going back to this dealer for any work.  But I did go back again for a part recall.  I thought it would be safe to ask them for changing the recall part, so I went back.  I thought everything went ok this time.  Then quickly I found out that they did not assemble my dashboard correctly and I needed to go back to ask them to re-assemble it.  This is a completely nightmare.  
So really, don't use their service, unless you have too much money and you don't care your car.

Courtney B. | 2013-07-08

The worst month of our car's life. We needed our Prius battery replaced (everyone's worst nightmare!). They told us it would be a week, then 2 weeks, which turned into 3 weeks, which turned into 4. No offer of a rental car. No discount for the inconvenience of being without a car for a month, no matter how many times we asked. Horrid customer service. Rude employees who talked down to my husband. DO NOT go here. We saved some minor repairs for our local mechanic (e.g. serpentine belt) and he charged us less than half of what this dealer did. Plus treated us with courtesy, respect and showed us everything he was doing.

PS I am generally a happy customer--all my other yelp reviews are FIVE STARS. Its a pretty big deal to deserve one star from me. :(

Naveen V. | 2013-06-22

I wouldn't even rate them a 1 star, but Yelp doesn't allow me any option for negative stars. Why? Here goes:

I recently moved to Chicago from Boston and was looking for a genuine Toyota dealership to service my Corolla, like I had done in Boston (I prefer paying more to have genuine parts and safety taken care of). I have been working long hours at office and was happy to find this Toyota dealership less than a mile from where I live. I took my car to the shop for a routine oil change and service, and to have a couple of items inspected - chief being the hood on my car which was not opening and shutting consistently without the use of some force.

First up, I made an appointment for 8.15am on a Saturday, but when I got there, there was no honoring of appointment times. There were several folks already in front of me in a first come first served basis. That's still ok, I'm a patient person and I got in line.

Next up, a service rep (I didn't get his name) took my details and looked up my car in the system. Here's where the trouble began.

After a cursory glance at my service records, he started upselling me by saying that my car was due for a 60,000 mile service. The packages he offered me varied from $142.83 to $422.95. The main offering in these service plans was the replacement of engine air and cabin filter, the rest was basic gravy like checking treads (I already had new tires that had been driven less than 5000 miles), wipers (had gotten new ones), tire rotation (done), brake inspection (had new ones driven less than 5000 miles) and others like reset oil replacement reminder light, check installation of driver's floor mat etc.

I told him that my car had been well maintained and I had covered several of the important items he was planning to  charge me for. He looked back into the system and said the only thing I had done was get the brakes replaced. I pointed out to him that I had covered several other service components and that I needed an estimate for the ones I had missed. It was only when I insisted that he started quoting me itemized prices for items that I had not covered previously, and I declined to take them up since they weren't critical to my servicing needs. So, I opted for a basic service costing about $18.

Next up - the hood. Backing up: I had been having trouble over the past two days where the hood of my car was not closing completely once opened, unless I used some force. A quick Google search told me that the problem appeared to be with the lubrication of the latch holding the hood and in the event the hood needed replacement, it would cost me about $55 - $70. While these aren't done and dusted estimates, they gave me a ball park understanding of the problem and potential solution before going for my service.

When I got a service estimate, I was shocked to see that CHECKING IF THE HOOD OPENS OR NOT - a simple matter of pulling the latch under the dashboard - was quoted at a whopping $110. I was further shocked when I was told that this was the price ONLY TO CHECK IF THE HOOD opened and NOT FOR THE REPAIR WORK or PARTS, which would be billed separately. I tried explaining that I can easily check this myself if I could get the car in front of me, and I declined to have this done by the service center. At this point, he wrote a detailed message on the quote stating that the hood wouldn't open and latch into place, that I absolved them of any responsibility, and asked me to initial his comment and sign the quote. On asking, he said this would go on my car record. I was angry now and I refused to sign the papers, at which time they said they wouldn't service my car. I said that's fine, picked up my car and drove back home.

Now, I'm looking up Yelp for pointers to other Toyota dealerships in Chicago that offer a good service.

To Recap:

1. I made an appointment on Saturday morning which was not honored.
2. I went in for a regular oil change and maintenance service and was upsold services that I didn't need that would have cost me between $140 to $420.
3. A simple inspection of whether the hood opens or not was quoted at $110, not covering parts and repairwork to come later.

Oscar G. | 2013-06-16

The guy that runs service on the weekend,  Mike Turner is the biggest gaping rear orifice known in the industry.
I'm used to dealing with Conor Crawford who is an ace at what he does. I was given a rental/loaner during my first visit here. I live far out and this was nice. When I called to check whether this was possible during the second visit,  Mike who happened to be working was supposed to check on the issue but never called me back as promised. When I called back and asked to speak to him specifically about the issue, he denied ever speaking to me that day. Then it gets worse... He says, "We don't give out loaners here, so I don't know why you'd be asking?!" He speaks in a very defensive tone. One that only someone covering his tracks would have. Stay away from this place and use other dealerships.

No longer going back to this shit hole.

I've seen some of the other people here try to B.S other customers while waiting in the wait room. While I was there, the service writer walks up to a waiting customer and claimed that the customer's tires were bad and in need of repair. So the gentleman politely asked how much it was going to cost him. Service writer, happily quotes him around $700 and then adds, "We are not making any money off of the tires, sir". The gentleman burst out laughing and said, "Quit with the Bullshit. Not making any money....pshhht! How about you charge me $X for the tires, or I buy them myself on and install it on my own?". The service writer gets red in the face and says, " No sir, we really are not making any money on these tires..." Needless to say, the customer declined the service. HaaaaH!

Par H. | 2013-06-05

I would not recommend that anyone deal with this business. I purchased a pre-owned vehicle from them, not only were the sales staff rude and unpleasant,  the service personnel had reckless disregard for my vehicle. When they took my vehicle to get "prepped" they returned it with damage to the bumper which they denied after the paperwork was all said and done.

Not only this but it has been over a month and still have not received a title for the vehicle.  These guys have no regard for the customer and have made my vehicle buying experience miserable every step of the way.

Mike L. | 2013-05-26

Outstanding service department and they are always  very courteous - Especially Derek Heath, and the GM, Dave Salomon.


Yesterday was my 3rd time at Northside Toyota and I HIGHLY recommend them over Elmhurst Toyota, where I initially leased the vehicle. Elmhurst Toyota not only NEVER issued me an inspection report, but their total lack of competence put mine and my families lives in danger!

If you want excellent service and be treated with respect, I suggest you go to Northside Toyota!

Monica W. | 2013-05-16

I traded in my toyota I purchased here for a used car.  Their customer service is 110%.  Moe did an awesome job and worked with me on getting the deal I needed.  His manager and the GM Dave were very focused on previous Toyota customers satisfaction and their loyality is very important to them.  Not only do I recommend someone buying a Toyota but to purchase at Northside.  This is my first used car and I'm very satisfied.

Marshana C. | 2013-04-26

Chicago Northside Toyota Scion is the only dealership anyone needs to shop with, their very knowledgeable team goes above and beyond the call to get their clients the exact vehicle they want and they make it impossible for you not to be able to afford it! They are wonderfully amazing! I have been a repeat customer with this auto-group for over 17 years now and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else because I know I won't be disappointed when shopping with Chicago Northside Toyota Scion... Truly amazing experience I love my new Tacoma DBL Cab 4x4 with after market sunroof and heated seats!!!!!! And the deal breaker was they sold it to me for 6k less than I was quoted in Colorado where I now live!!!!!!   SOMKING DEALS are made at Chicago Northside Toyota Scion!!!!
I Love You Guys!!!!

Loving the Tacoma in Aspen!

Eric B. | 2013-04-19

I can not stress enough to NEVER buy a vehicle from this establishment. They are dishonest, unprofessional, and fix your car when you bring it back with incorrect parts. The used car sales manager has developed many issues and confrontations with customers that call him out on his dishonesty. I did buy a car here because it was the one I wanted. Huge mistake. Email me with any questions. I have the full report on them, I've been in contacts with Toyota over this. .  There are soapy other places to buy a used car that will treat you extremely well, not here.

Mimi G. | 2013-04-14

At Chicago Northside, if you have a question about something, they'll answer you in the fewest amount of words possible. If you have the tiniest complaint about anything, they'll laugh in your face like you're stupid. Avoid this place like the plague!

If you have to get something done at a Toyota dealership, go to Grossinger Toyota. Here, there are people who actually greet you first right when you walk in the door, make eye contact, and are patient enough to talk you through whatever questions you have. I'd definitely make the longer trip to Grossinger just for better customer service.

Scott M. | 2013-03-07

used truck purchase.  I paid a little over the Market price for my truck because I wanted white, and the used sales manager knew it.

Why the one star?   Not because I didn't get the best deal.  The high price was my fault when I showed my cards early when I leaned toward the white.  

My advice is that when you think you are done negotiating and carefully watching out for your best interest with your sales person you aren't done.   Don't let your guard up.  All that I can say, is when you have been shuffled over to the finance department it's time to start taking notes all over again.  And when you think you have finalized your deal, and you've agree to "best of the best", "we cover everything" warranty, make sure you get a detailed description of what actually is covered and not the cursory pamphlet describing what them might cover.   That was my mistake.

When the very first thing went wrong with my truck (the rear center console was on the fritz), I was told my awesome upgrade to the Certified pre owned super warranty doesn't cover that kind of thing.   I have now called the finance department twice and the GM once all with no return call.  Toyota tells me my cover everything warranty only covers drive train, and what I purchased was not what I was sold.   Fool me once.... I'll tell every one I know.   I guess that is all I am left to do.

Nikkie H. | 2013-01-31

This review is for sales and not service....yes I am giving a car dealership four out of five stars on SALES. Weird, right?

Well, the reason why is simple. It's salesman Cesar Garcia. While he's only part-time, I recommend that he is your go-to person. He was super friendly, very professional, knowledgeable about the cars, and honest about what I should expect throughout the process. I didn't feel like he was treating me different because I am a woman. I appreciated that.

I ended up leasing a Toyota Prius C and the process wasn't too painful. I test drove the car, which was in a warehouse about a block away. No biggie walking over there. After deciding I wanted it, the negotiations began. I was pretty firm on what I could afford to pay per month and what I could put down. I traded in my car and wasn't entirely happy with what they gave me (never rely on KBB); however it was enough to pay off what I owed and then a little to put down.

They started incredibly high with the monthly payment - it was what I'd expect to pay if I was buying the car. Again, holding firm to my max monthly payment, we went back and forth before Ben, the sales manager, finally got it down to within $3 of my target. Believe me, it was a significant drop, so I was pleased.

I'm hoping the service department can hold up this precedent, because the reviews make me nervous. Regardless, if I decide to get a Toyota again at the end of my lease (or a Scion), I would go back.

Ahh, yes, why one star off? The process took quite a bit longer than I wanted. The finance guy was rather talkative and I think the delay in getting the paperwork squared away delayed them getting my car ready. I was the last customer in the place a good 15 minutes after they closed. I think every employee wanted to get the heck out of there, but couldn't until I left!

Mina F. | 2013-01-23

This review is of the service department only. I have not shopped for/bought a car here. However, given my experience with the service department, I can't see myself ever wanting to do so.

Awful customer service. I would give zero stars if I could. I suppose they did manage to actually change the oil, so I guess that merits the one star.

To sum it up:

They will give you a printout of all the things that are "wrong" with your car and try to sell you on unnecessary repairs. Just because I'm a girl in a dress and heels doesn't mean I don't know better.

They reset the Trip A and Trip B mileage on my odometer. At the time, I was using my car for work and had to track mileage. Luckily, I had the number written down elsewhere, but I would have appreciated being asked first before having things reset. When I called to complain about this, they told me it was an unavoidable consequence of resetting the maintenance light. Grossinger Toyota has reset my maintenance light without screwing up my odometer, so I don't know what that's about.

Slow, with inaccurate and vague updates as to when they'll be finished. "Come back around two," they told me when I dropped off my car. I came back at two. Somehow, I was still sitting around waiting at four.

Overall, I found both the staff and their practices to be pushy, disrespectful, and dishonest. I have not returned since this one experience. I tried the Grossinger Toyota in Lincolnwood the next time I needed an oil change, and had a far, far better experience. Definitely worth the drive to go elsewhere.

Dimitrios A. | 2013-01-23

The service I received was outstanding.  Shortly after my warranty period expired, my water pump broke.  I was incredibly frustrated with Toyota, as the lifetime of a water pump is supposed to be about 30k-40k more miles than my car had on it, and my car has been recalled a total of six different times for other things.  Needless to say, i was pretty cranky when I called this dealership to see what they could do.

The service tech I spoke to was very polite and friendly (I wish I could remember his name-- I think it was Kevin).  He did whatever he could, and then transferred me to the supervisor of service, Peter.  Peter was outstanding, and he did whatever he could in his authority to help me, and even told me who I should call to do things that he wasn't authorized to do.  I really appreciate the efficiency and kindness that I was shown.

Michael S. | 2012-11-19

Since moving to Chicago, I have used Northside Toyota several times. I thought the dealer was the place to trust.

But everytime I go, they seem to want to sell me everything but the kitchen sink.
Seems like EVERYTHING is falling apart and needs repair, according to them.

2 years ago, they told me my  shocks and struts were shot and would cost me $1200 to replace. Which I did not have.

About 6 months later, my suspension was making a weird clicking sound when going over bumps. I figured it was getting serious - so I saved up $600- assuming I could fix one or the other, the struts or the shocks,  - which ever was worst. So I drive by Ashland Tire a lot, and stopped in there, dropped off my car, told them what the dealer had told me.

They checked it out and called me back and told me the shocks and struts were actually OK - they were not shot yet - but  for $150 they could fix that clicking sound. It was a link in need of repair!  Imagine my joy!!

1 year later, the check engine lite came on.  Northside Toyota told me it would be $550 to fix. Which I did not have at the time.  Several months passed and I came into some money. I went back to Ashland Tire, asked them if they could fix my check engine lite. They said now with their current computer system, they can do EVERYTHING that the dealer can do for me.  I asked them to check the struts and shocks again. I had a little extra money, and perhaps I should fix whichever is worse.

They called me an hour later. Said the check engine lite repair would be $350. And still, they said they struts and shocks had some life in them, and if  they were me, they would not fix them yet!

Talk about HONEST and REASONABLE!!
I will never go back to my dealership AGAIN.

Geribeth S. | 2012-11-15

I found a car online that I was very eager to take a look at that happened to be a Chicago Northside. I am from Wi so it was about a 2 hour drive to get there. When I showed up I was greeted by very nice sales men who knew I was coming and had the car ready for me to test drive. I got into the vehicle that was already started, which I assumed was done as a courtesy since it was cold BUT I will later find it was a tactic to hide the issues with the car, and drove off. The vehicle was exactly what I was looking for so I decided to talk numbers and was assured that the vehicle was well maintained and serviced from inside and out and guaranteed no problems. I am a trusting person so I took what he was saying to be the truth but it was all just lies to push me into a sale.
It all started going down hill after I left he financing area, which I may add the man who helped me, George I think, was very pleasant and helpful. It was very late and I had a drive to get home and get my son into bed. It was off putting that the sales man sat and watched me and my 5 year old son move all of my stuff from my old car to the new knowing I had to get home ASAP to get him to bed for school the next day, but I thought whatever I just need to get out of here its almost 10pm!
The next morning at 7:30 am I got in my car to take my son to school and all these warning lights went on in my car. I called immediately and informed them that my car is saying that it is overdue for service, tire pressure is low, and that there is a headlight out. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS HORRIBLE!!!!! They offered for me to drive the 2 hours to their dealership to look at it and correct anything that could be wrong. So I went down there sat for 2-3 hours while they "fixed" my car, wasting a whole day! They told me that they changed the oil and replaced the lights and reset the tires and that they weren't filled equally so it was causing the light to go on. I felt relieved that my car was fixed but little did I know that it was not. After jumping on the highway the light pops on "low oil in the vehicle." Whoever did my oil change was not intelligent enough to put the proper amount of oil in the vehicle during an oil change. Once I got home turn the car off and on again to see if it would go away BAM there was the light again "your car is overdue for service" what the hell I just drove 4 hours round trip for nothing these lights were still on and the only thing they did was replace a headlight, which I could have done. I purchased a quart of oil to get the ligh off, $10. A few days after the TPMS lights were on again low tire. Filled them again thinking what the service guy told me "Man this tire pressure is touchy." but two days later again low tire pressure light on NOT NORMAL FOR A MAINTAINED VEHICLE. Took my vehicle in to TWO mechanic places that both told me that the tires were past their life and need to be replaced and on top of it whoever did the alignment last did it improper and that needs to be done as well. So mind you I've owned this vehicle for a couple weeks and I have shoved almost $500 into a well maintained and serviced vehicles that I was assured that I would have no problems with!!!!
I have given the dealership another chance to pay for the things/ or fix the things that were wrong with the car and to fix the lies that they told me and they basically answer with I am sorry to hear that and there is nothing that I can do for you.
I am sorry Northside Toyota but you are liars and you promise to have the most pleasant experience purchasing a vehicle but even after given the opportunity to correct your mistakes, because yes we are all humans who make mistakes, you do not do so. BOTTOM LINE DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

Marina J. | 2012-11-08

As we all know purchasing a car is far from easy, especially a used car. Any sensible consumer makes it a point to do a significant amount of research prior to even stepping foot into a dealership. Otherwise, you might put yourself at risk of getting the short end of the deal. Personally I had a rough idea of what I was after, but was far from certain. My main goal was to trade in my 2008 Camry for a newer, more eco-friendly vehicle. I reached out to a few dealerships and browsed through several different sites. After a very informative and friendly conversation with Moe, I decided to make Northside Toyota my first stop this past Saturday. I dealt with Moe and Sam in used car sales who presented me with a number of different options. I was most drawn to the 2011 Toyota Prius and conveniently enough, they had one with all the options I was after. Naturally I was a bit hesitant to make a final decision without checking out other dealerships, but they went through a thorough side-by-side comparison with other vehicles at several different dealerships in the Chicagoland area. In a nutshell, the entire process was extremely transparent, the trade in value was fair and consistent with my own research findings, and I got to deal with two sincere and informative men throughout the whole transaction. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience and I am beyond satisfied with my purchase.

Fawad H. | 2012-11-07

Look at their reviews on Yelp and also here...they have very poor reviews. I bought a car from these guys online. Over the phone I was told by my very pushy sales rep (Chris Tate) that this BMW 645CI COUPE is beautiful. They rushed me into putting a deposit down for $1500. It felt as if something was wrong but ignored over 100 negative reviews and decide do fly from Texas to Chicago. As I got to the dealership, car's trunk smelled like it had water in it for month, it was rusted, totally flooded out. Chris Tate and the sleezy sales manager tried to convince me that it was the detail which caused the smell. Well not being my first rodeo I asked them if I can get the car inspected- at first they resisted but finally allowed to me to drive this $30k BMW to a nearby European repair shop. Turns out - The car had major flood in the trunk, the fuses were all under water at some point, were oxidized, major rust in the trunk, the rear two tires were worn out on the inside, rear suspension needed major work - and the computer was giving error codes for a bad battery and alternator. I understand the normal maintenance issues such as tires getting worn out due to perhaps bad alignment but they withheld the flooding from me. When I returned, Chris TATE my all honest saleman (Crook) replied "Your mechanic is an idiot" later he followed with "let me guess he also told you the car was flooded" to which I didnt bother to reply. This was not 5pm I was stuck in Chicago - when I asked for a ride to the airport I was told to take a CAB. Which I did to the tune of $55. Bottom line - All these reviews are here for a reason. I should have known better but bought into the sales pitch. They refunded me the deposit but this is one of the worst places. The mechanic shop I went to told me as well that they have a lot of issues with that dealership - the tech pointed to reviews. DO NOT BUY THIS BMW FROM THEM YOU WILL GET SCREWED. CAR IS A JUNK HERE IS THE VIN FOR THE BMW 645CI WBAEH73464B215394. ITS A 2004 WITH 68K MILES, EVEN THOUGH THE AD SAYS 51K MILES. CARFAX AND AUTOCHECK ARE CLEAN BUT YOU WILL BE BUYING JUNK.   This was the worst experience buying a car from them. I should have paid attention to over 130 reviews on google and yelp. I hate doing reviews but these people are real crooks. They could have had the decency to tell me before I flew all the way out from Texas.

Dawn B. | 2012-10-25

I have since been in contact with Bob Heath at Toyota and he made sure I received my free detail and oil change.  Both services were good and I was even given a free rental while my car was detailed.  The oil change was satisfactory.  I have to say the staff was much nicer than they had previously been and for the first time ever they did not recommend a ton of work.  The oil change took over an hour still, even with my appointment, it took about an hour and a half.  The real test will be when I go in for a regular oil change that I pay for.  Honestly if it takes an hour and a half for an oil change I would prefer to go to Schaumburg Toyota, and get my oil changed when I am there visiting my family.  They guarantee a 30 minute oil change and the service there is always top notch!

Dave S. | 2012-10-18

Shopping for a used car is the worst. Just a quick FYI - there sticker prices are no haggle, but usually priced pretty fairly. The CATCH is that all of their cars come with a two-year interior warranty for $500. So a $9000 car quickly becomes a $11000 with tax, tag, title, and crappy warranty.

Also, the reviewer who mentioned the jerk used car manager with the Audi R8 is totally right. That guy is straight out of a comic book or Shahs of Sunset. Holy cow. Lay off the tanning bed and synthetic hormones.

Scott C. | 2012-10-17

We typically have our SUV serviced at Northside for routine maintenance and other necessary fixes.  We have found their service department to be helpful and informative with regard to the service required for the vehicle including providing us with discounts and specials on service to help offset the expense.

Similar to other reviewers we have had our service person provide a list of other fixes that are needed for the SUV when we have regular maintenance performed.  This list is generated by the inspection the service department performs and they generally are honest about the urgency of the repair work needed.  I have found them to be reasonable with their assessment of what needs to be fixed immediately and what can wait until our next service visit.

In our last visit the transmission failed on the SUV and it required us to replace it.  The service department provided an accurate estimate of the work needed to replace the transmission as well as an accurate estimate of when the work would be completed.  We appreciated this information greatly as it allowed us to plan for transportation during that time period and for paying for the repair work.

We also appreciated the service manager working with us when we opened a compliant with Toyota regarding the transmission failure (which occurred a little over 3 months after our warranty expired).  He was very helpful to make our case with the Toyota corporate office and the end result was very favorable for us.  It was nice to know that he was looking out for his customers and that will certainly earn our business in the future.

Lauren U. | 2012-08-31

I bought my car here and came in immediately when I was schedule for regular maintenance. There was almost always some minor additional service that was needed, which may or may not have been necessary, but this was my first ever new car so I always got the extra work done to take care of my baby even though I was usually suspicious.

I finally became fed up with the service department after I ruined the "smart" functions my only working smart key by putting it through the wash (dumb, I know). The service technician charged me almost $300 for a new key, but then said none of the remote or smart operations would work, which was not what I asked for. After leaving the car for several days, they decided that I needed a whole new computer, which would cost about $2500. I took it to a different dealer, who programmed 2 new smart keys and fixed one of my broken ones, all without messing with the computer for under $600 where they also discovered that my semi-recently installed tires were the wrong ones for my model.  I'm not surprised that I've received no less than 3 noticed regarding class action law suits against this place. Go to Grossinger.

Yanyao N. | 2012-08-29

I bought a Prius here a few years ago. I must commend Cordero for being such a motivated salesman - J and I went to a few Toyota dealerships and said "This is the car we want. These are the features we want. It will be a cash purchase. Do you have it? If not, when can you get it by?" Not so difficult seeming, right? Unfortunately, it seems some very inadequate salesmen missed out on commission by not taking us seriously - so, Cordero got our sale, because he called all the time and actually wanted to sell us a car. Great stuff. My only complaint would be that he ran J's credit, even though we specifically asked him not to. I mean, what's the point of a cash purchase then?

Since then, we've come to Northside Toyota every time we've needed service on our car - which isn't often. It runs very smoothly, and aside from the floor mat fastener recall a while ago, we've only had to do routine service. It was always super easy to make an appointment - you can do it online! They have lots of available times and are open until 9pm during the week. The service is always great. I have yet to experience anyone really pushing us to do things to the car.

I've always had good experiences here. Cordero even sends us an email once a year, wishing us a Happy Prius Anniversary.

Allen P. | 2012-08-28

Bought a year old Prius at a great price. Other dealerships quoted 1-2 grand above and wouldn't negotiate. Ricky A. was courteous and very unassuming. I didn't feel like he played the game - the used car manager however, is the only reason I wouldn't give this place 4 or 5 stars. Don't park your R8 by the front door - it screams "I'm ripping all of you off."

Carley M. | 2012-08-20

Took my car in recently for a 90,000 tuneup and to replace a coil...steller customer service from Humza and Jose as always!  One of the guys working in there was saying his Rav4 was over 300,000....I'm hoping mine does too!! :)

Sam C. | 2012-08-05

before you buy here, please watch this video:…

Julie F. | 2012-05-25

I just wanted to say that I started my day off with an unexpected "noise " in my car that ended up having to do with the water pump and belt. Michael in the service department was EXTREMELY helpful in getting me a diagnosis with a technician within an hour, and setting me up with a rental car for the inconvenience. I look forward to working more with him as the customer service was exceptional!

Dee P. | 2012-05-02

I have to agree with all the previous comments. I have been trying for the last three weeks to confirm the dealership received the request information on a warranty refund for a car I traded in. So far no luck getting in contact with anyone. My next step is contacting Toyota Corporate Offices as this is unacceptable and they SHOULD NOT bear the Toyota name. Service at other dealerships are night and day...RUN FAST. Don't be victims like the rest of us take heed.

Lou W. | 2012-04-25

Took car in for what I thought was a simple fix. Left car for analysis and was called and told there were numerous problems which, to repair, would cost over $4000. Further analysis by experts found nothing credible about that assessment. Obviously deceitful and essentially an attempt to profit by the deceit. Stay clear. Would give a minus 5 stars if possible. This warning will have to do.

Bibi E. | 2012-04-21

Couldn't believe that when I read the invoice from Northside Toyota at home, it said "Do not service Bibi E, She Blasted on survey and Yelp 09/29/11". They had blacklisted me and written in their computer system not to give me service because of the negative reviews I had given them on the Toyota survey and on Yelp . I think the logical thing for a business would be Instead to try to win me back as a customer offering me excellent service. Instead they had me blacklisted for my negative reviews. I dreaded going  back to Chicago Northside Toyota again and wondering how much it was going to hurt my wallet for this time.  Had to because of a short in my headlights which the other shop couldn't fix and suggested the dealer. My "maintenance required" lights had gone on also,  in spite of the fact that I had an oil change less than a month ago at another car maintenance shop, but they must have forgotten to reset the computer. When I turned in the car at Toyota the guy who received it called Mike asked me what the problems was. I told him that the head light had a short and that the sign for maintenance was on could they please fix it. He told me that if the lilght was on it needed an oil change and I told him that I had one not too long ago. He told me then go back to them to have the computer reset with a sassy attitude. When I went back to pick up the car I was met by Mr. Peter S who was the service manager and a very nice person. I just can't believe me their invoice prints with a warning about me because I gave them a negative review on yelp on 09/29/11. Is this even legal!?

Mark P. | 2012-03-25

I have been there once, when I moved into the neighborhood.  I felt like I was pressured into unnecessary repairs that could have waited months if not for over a year.  Then they have an attitude like I don't have any other choice but to bring my Toyota to them for service.

Timothy O. | 2012-03-08

This is a terrible place to go weather you need service, buying a car, or trading in a car.  

Experience #1:  I went to this dealership to finance a used Scion xD.  The salesman, by the way, was a new car salesman and not a used car salesman, but he refused to give us up to another salesman.  He tried repeatedly to sell us on a new Camery although I told him countless times that I wanted a Scion.  Any question I had about the vehicle, he would have to leave to find the answer.  Then, I was given a financing quote and did all the haggling and returned a week later to sign papers and I had to fight them on the price yet again even though I had their first offer in writing.  The vehicle was stated as having keyless entry, both by the salesman and the window sticker.  As I signed the papers, the salesman left to get the key fab for the keyless entry.  I had to leave with the car and without the key fab as I was told they would have to order a new one.  When I returned several times to pick up the key fab, I was given the run around and ultimately told that I since I did not have a signed I.O.U. from the date of purchase, they did not owe me the keyless entry and I would have to pay $350 for a new one.  

Experience #2:  I bought the 2yr extended warranty and was told that they warranty was attached to my account in their system and I would just be able to stop in and get anything fixed.  Not really true.  I always had to bring in my warranty information each time my car was serviced.  And I would have to fight for them to cover any repairs that were in clear black and white as being covered.  Not to mention, with each visit, they always advised me of more service that needed to be done, although none of it was needed.  

Experience #3: Do not talk to them on the phone.  I was always given bad information over the phone.  I would be told to come in as a part was ready just to show up and the part had not arrived yet.  Or told to come by when so-and-so was in so that I could get better customer service and when I arrive, so-and-so is not there.   Or I would be transferred to voicemails in which no one would ever call me back even though I would repeatedly argue not to be transferred to a voicemail.


Myrna G. | 2011-12-28

This was my first time at this particular Toyota site for my car maintenance. I went in for an oil change and for a "check engine" inquiry. The assessment resulted in major issues i.e. brakes, etc. I was skeptical because I was overwhelmed with the assessment report. I was not expecting major expenses just a few days before the holiday season. However,  Jose Rivera, the service manager, did an excellent job of breaking it down for me and exploring options on how to prioritize and move forward. He also provided time and space to consult with my own network to get myself better informed. Overall, I appreciate Rivera's great customer service, especially in the days prior to a major holiday weekend.

Lucy W. | 2011-12-02

I've never bought a car at this particular dealership but I take mine in for repair at the service department all the time. When I do take it in, they usually find more things wrong with it than what I brought it in for... and I am absolutely fine with this. I would rather take it in and find things wrong with it that I wasn't aware of rather than take it in, get it back and have it break down on me (which has happened directly after going to other auto shops).

I also can't speak for the entire department but I can tell you that Jose is the greatest mechanic I have ever found. Not only does he tell me what's going on with my auto, he explains how long I have 'til needing to replace that particular part and he does it completely without making me feel like he's patronizing me or being condescending in any way. He will also do everything he can to save me money, finds their coupons for me, the works. There was a brief period there when he was unavailable and I seriously wanted to lay down and cry. But he's back now as the night manager! You want someone that will fix your wheels like no man's business and who genuinely wants to help you? Jose, the night manager. Ask for him. He is a Godsend.

matthew m. | 2011-09-08

Customer service at a used car dealership?!
I have to say how impressed I was with the after purchase assistance I received. We bought a used car as is and drove it home. We knew the CD for the navigation was not part of the deal but sucked it up and figured we would buy one online for a few hundred dollars (love ebay).
Low and behold when we went back for the license plate they had a gift for us. it was brand new navigation CD! This is what service is all about. the man who took great care of us was Sam so ask for him and know that he is looking out for his customers.

Blake N. | 2011-08-18

Took my vehicle here for servicing a year ago. They charged me $3000 trying to take advantage of me because I was a student. I recently found out that half the parts they installed were used but they charged me full price for them. There service center is always busy, they are always late on repairs and I have to make an appointment to get an oil change. This place sucks!

Lesley A. | 2011-08-04

Everytime I come to Chicago Northside Toyota, I brace myself to make sure I don't get swindled out of more money for extra maintenance I don't need. I don't know what it is, but they give off that vibe.

What's worse though is that I needed a bottle of repair paint for my car and despite them running my car records and everything, they still managed to give me the wrong color paint. So there I was with my car, and a giant streak of orange on its side because I hoped that the paint they gave me simply needed time to conform to the proper color.

But whatever, I can't stop coming here. It's like they have a monopoly on the Chicago area.

Rob L. | 2011-08-02

Bottom line is a repair estimate inflated by at least $1000.  I am a once upon a time auto technician that has moved on to a different career.  I don't tell people this when I drop my car off for service and always ask to inspect the car when places give me an estimate for repair that seems excessive.  

This place said I needed roughly $2800 worth of work.  After asking for the technician to show me what needed to be repaired, I noticed my water pump that supposedly "needed to be replaced immediately" did not even have seepage at the weep hole, let alone an easily evident leak.  That was probably the most glaring exaggeration.  They additionally wrote me up for several oil leaks that were just damp if anything.  This is the kind of "leak"  that can occur for years without causing any issues with the car.  My issue is they tried to tell me these things needed to be replaced right away.  This is just not the case and extremely dishonest and misleading.

Finally, I can tell they did not even test drive the car before they wrote up my estimate since my front and rear rotors pulsate horrible and they were not even mentioned by the shop.  They only wrote me up for the rear brake pads, not the rotors.

Just not a trust worthy repair shop.

Terri D. | 2011-06-11

Worst customer service I've ever had at a dealership. I'm sharing the email I sent to the General Manager:

"I've been in contact with you over the past week about buying a prius, and I informed you that I would be visiting dealerships on Thursday. Well I did visit but you weren't available (day off) to recommend a salesman and unfortunately a young salesman, whom did not provide his name even when I asked (e.g., young, light brown hair, blue eyes, cocky), took "care" of me and my fiance.

First off... not one salesman came out to greet us, even when we walked in, no one said a word to us even though one was looking out the window, another was yawning, and another was on the computer. WE approached the salesman first, lucky us, who asked "did you need something?" as if we were lost. I explained that I had been in contact with you (Robert) and that I was interested in viewing/test driving the priuses you had on the lot. He acted reluctant to show us the cars and said "well did you want to see all of them because I would have to go get the keys." .... I've never met a salesman who was acted as if selling a car was taking him away from more important things... even when I worked for Toyota. This salesman was incredibly rude and high pressure (kept asking us SEVERAL times about financing and money down), and didn't know about your cars. When I asked questions BEYOND what was on the window sticker he shrugged and said "I don't know but they're pretty much all the same" and didn't offer to find out the answers. Even when we wanted to test drive "all" the cars to see which one we liked we were asked "what are you trying to accomplish?" to which I replied that we were looking to see which one we liked best, and he responded "they're all good so you're wasting your time"; which I replied that apparently we were wasting our time at your dealership and we left.

Long story short, we did buy a prius on Thursday at another dealership, where we were treated well, not pressured, and actually by someone who seemed to give a damn on whether or not he received a commission on a slow Thursday afternoon. My suggestion to your dealership is that you figure out what salesman that is and RETRAIN him [and your other salesmen] if you want to keep your CSIs low, otherwise he may cost you another sale and a bad mark on your dealership."

Shawn L. | 2011-06-10

Best Customer Service EVER!!! Jose Rivera(Service Manager) & Marcos....are simply AWESOME! (cant think of a better word to describe my experience with the two of them.) Toyota should be extremely happy to have them on board! I've been coming to get my vehicle serviced here for almost 4 years (I Live closer to Grossinger Toyota on Touhy) But I make the drive every time because I know I'm getting Quality everything...from coffee to sparks plugs lol :) ! What keeps me coming Back???...Obviously the VIP treatment..... Starbucks...Plasma TV...Leather comfy chairs....and the Staff of course! The service area has recently been renovated they now have super comfy leather chairs (which I plan on buying soon) lol:)  yummy Starbucks coffee for their customers (as always) and Just GREAT people to serve you...AND your vehicle! I've been a loyal customer for 4 years....and plan on purchasing again soon from Toyota!

Vanitha S. | 2011-06-06

Five stars again for in and out, hassle-free service.  My tire kept going flat and I brought it in, again nervous that they'd try to sell me on a bunch of different things that I wouldn't understand.  They charged me $38 to fix the puncture in the tire and sent me off happily into the sun.  Oh and they got me in immediately after I called.  Thanks Toyota!

Jessica S. | 2011-06-05

Ok first off I love our new car that we just purchased from the dealer. However our experience there was less than desirable.

First it took hours to talk numbers and we had a time constraint. My partner had to be at work at a certain time. We kept mentioning this over and over and over again and were promised this would be quick. We settle on a car but want to come back in the morning to finalize because my partner was going to be late for work. They pressured us into staying (probably because they thought we'd change our minds, i get it) and promised we'd be out in 20 minutes with a new car. Now I understand that the purchasing process is what it is.. a process.. but don't pressure us into staying with the promise of 20 minutes.  The sales man even said he'd help me clean out the old car being traded in while my partner did the paper work.. he handed me a plastic bag and went to go chill with the other guys inside.  

With the paperwork done and the car cleaned out the plates still hadn't been changed something that could have been done while i cleaned out the car to rush us out and off to work. When the car was finally ready .. they drove off with it to fill the tank (great! I appreciate it!) but not when your porter takes off with it for 35 minutes when the gas station is right next to the dealer! What was he doing in my car for 35 minutes?

When the car was finally ours for the taking.. my partner was so frustrated that she had left the dealer to get ready for work and left me to wait for the car. That's how long we waited.. so long that the person actually buying the car had to walk out of the dealer.

Like I said, I get that buying a new car takes some time with prep and paper work but DO NOT pressure me into staying to buy a car and promise that we will make it out of the dealer in 20 minutes. Bullshit. Do you really want to make the person buying the car late for the job that pays for it? Seriously?

On top of that .. this is what really pissed me off. The next day we brought the car back to have the audio system installed (we were so rushed for time we didn't have a chance to get it installed.. maybe if the gas tank didn't take 35 minutes to get filled...just saying). We left the car and asked our salesman to call us when it was done because we were going to take a walk around the block. We checked back after 40 minutes to find our new car just finished and pulling up for us. Perfect! Quick! Lovely! We get in and drive off....

FOUR HOURS LATER my partner gets a call.. "You're car is ready!".. really? it is? where is it? "What do you mean?" ... We picked up the car FOUR HOURS AGO.. thanks for calling us. So had we not picked it up.. would we have gotten a call FOUR HOURS LATER after half our day has passed by? Really nice. I am so disappointed.

Oh and now our USB/IPOD port doesn't work. Great.

Carla d. | 2011-05-21

I want to second the previous review. We went there to purchase the car we were leasing and got a similar treatment. Very lame explanations for everything. We had the feeling that we had to deal with a bunch of sexist fratboys. Poor, poor service!

Geoffrey N. | 2011-05-03

They are dishonest in their repair billing practices.  They indicated they charge $105 per hour for repairs, yet they will charge you for their standard repair hours, even if it take substantially less time.  My car was done in 3.75 hours, yet they charged me for 8 hours of repair time.  Avoid them!

Elissa J. | 2011-04-26

I had received a notice from the Toyota Corp., stating that my car was part of a recall (not for the sudden acceleration issue, luckily). I put off going to this dealership, because I used to go there in the late '90's and they always charged so much. Even though this repair would be free, I felt certain that they would find some phoney repair that they wanted to charge me for. Well, I was correct: Nothing had changed in the 10+ years since I had been a customer.

I asked for an oil change in addition to the recall work, and sure enough, Conor Crawford called and said that they had found a terrible leak and I needed a new water pump ASAP. For $729. This despite the fact that I park in the same parking space every day and there was no puddle when the car was moved. I told him no way, and came and got the car. My receipt had the note that "customer advised on the seriousness of repair."

I subequently took the car to my real mechanic and he put it up on the lift. Carefully, he searched for any leaks and found none, even with a flashlight. Furthermore, if I had needed a water pump, said my mechanic, then the timing belt and some other part (I can't remember now) would also need to be replaced, because they are all related. He would have done all of this for $500.

My mechanic said that this happens all of the time. People go to a dealer (especially this one) for an oil change and come out with a whole long list of alleged repairs.  I would have been angry if I had not expected them to lie.

Sara D. | 2011-03-07

This dealership displayed a decent price for a vehicle on craigslist that my husband and I were interested in purchasing for our family.  When we went in the sticker price was $1500 more than the craigslist price which I immediately thought was shady. When I brought this up they said if we saw a lower price they would give us that.  Still a bit shady.  We test drove the car and asked for a trade in value for our car as well as financing for the remaining amount.  We told them we didn't have much time as my husband had to head to work.  They kept us waiting and when we finally just started out the door the manager came out and said it would only be a few more minutes.  After we assured them that this was not a tactic and we truly did have to leave I asked them to please have some numbers for us to discuss over the phone the following work day.  The manager, who spoke primarily to my husband, said that we would need to make an appointment to come back in to the dealership to discuss any numbers.   I pointed out the obvious to him: that I am nine months pregnant and have a fussy two year old and that coming back in wasn't a good option unless we were somewhere in the same ballpark as far as payments.  He then threw out a number for monthly payments and I said that isn't anywhere near what we want to pay and I wanted to know some specifics as to how they arrived at that number.  Long story short, they badgered me over and over to come back in person and over and over I asked for the breakdown of how they were coming up with their numbers.  It took several phone calls to finally get them to break down exactly what they were offering for a trade in value, exactly what the interest rate was and term of the loan.  They offered $2400 less for our car than kelly blue book value was for trade in at good condition (which is generous on our part because our car is in near excellent condition). They said they go by kelly blue book and when I said that wasn't what the kelly blue book price was he said he'd have to talk to his manager.  He called back and said that Kelly blue book prices high and they would offer more for a trade in but then they would have to raise the price of the car they were selling.  Do they think people are stupid?  I don't like being badgered or manipulated.  I told them they were seeming very shady and I just didn't want to do business with them.  I will also add that I felt that they didn't particularly seem to like dealing with me as a woman.  Perhaps many dealerships are like this to some extent but I will take my business somewhere that I feel respected as a female and deemed intelligent enough to be straightforward with.

J J. | 2011-03-01

I have purchased two vehicles from Chicago Northside Toyota.  Their finance team was top notch and their sales manager, Sam, was a big help in getting me the car I wanted.  The second car I purchased, a new Prius, was delivered promptly and the dealership even paid to have it detailed after I received the car fairly dirty after the haul out from Chicago.   Simply put the dealership has done everything they were supposed to do and more.  I will continue to buy from them.

Rachel K. | 2011-02-10

I had not read all the reviews below before going here and am glad I did not.  I had a GREAT experience with Northside Toyota.  I had the worst day with car dealerships and was in a terrible mood.  Several others had claimed vehicles I was interested in that I found online were still available, only for me to drive all the way there and be told they had "just sold" but could they interest me in.....blah blah blah.      
I have a baby and going out in the cold weather is difficult.  I called ahead to again verify the vehicles I wanted to see were at Northside Toyota and was assured they were, but I was still skeptical and preparing my loud speech if they told me they didn't have them!  THANK GOD they were and exactly as described.  They made me a fair offer for my trade in vehicle and came down on the price to what would have been a fair deal on a used vehicle.  I then ended up purchasing a 2011 Toyota Sienna and was very happy with the service.  The color of vehicle I wanted was not in the store at that time, but they believed they could have it for me the following day.  The general manager even assisted and when I explained how difficult it was coming out to their dealership (with Chicago traffic, it took me 1.5 hours to get there) he arranged for the car to be taken to me.  That is a class act and I was very happy with all involved in the sale and assistance.  I probably won't use their services again since they are far from my home, but I would recommend this dealership to anyone.  
*One word of warning:  car salesman are car salesman and of course they want to make money.  They will all test you to see how much they can get out of you....just be firm, let them know what you expect and if they are decent, you will be fine.  If you don't like them, leave and buy from someone else!

robin k. | 2011-01-22

This update is in response to the dealership's attempt to "make things right" by having me come in. If I have any other option, why would I?

Instead of trying to turn me around, which cannot happen, I implore of you to please, please review the comments below. They are all fairly consistently horrible. READ what they are saying. People who have car issues are upset as soon as they drive in. IT IS PART OF YOUR JOB TO MAKE THEM FEEL VALUED AND IMPORTANT TO YOUR BUSINESS. Grossinger's gets this. Do a quick check and you'll see what I mean.

I'm not surprised that most of the positive comments were about sales. Car salesmen won't take any money home unless they treat you well. It's the service department that doesn't care a whit.

Fate O. | 2011-01-05

I'm not a resident of this area yet I go out that far just to get oil change because of their reasonable price (with coupon) and friendly staff. I love how sometimes, they wash my car (exterior) for free before giving back the car. They even gave me a ride when service need to go over the usual 30-45 minutes. The reason not a 5 stars is because one time, i ordered minor services including inspections and tire rotations. I didn't get any report or confirmation of tire rotations after they were done so I became suspicious if they even did the job. When I asked for report, I got a sloppy handwritten report. Still, I appreciate the affordable oil change they do each time it was due. For the first time, I had to switch service provider last month because there was no oil change special. With this economy, I need affordability. I can't wait to go back to  Northside Toyota though.

Jon L. | 2010-12-13

As a resident of Mandersonville, it seemed logical as well as convenient to shop at Chicago Northside Toyota when I was in the market for a new 2010 Prius last year. I put down a cash deposit towards the sticker price on one of the first models off the boat. When the car showed up, it was just what I was expecting--except for the addition of a dealer-installed protection package upwards of an additional grand, which, of course, I did not order. When I protested (and asked for more information about the package, which was not forthcoming), the salesperson muttered something about the law of supply and demand, a rather frank admission for someone working in an industry known for truthiness.

I have had my car serviced at Northside Toyota several times, as well. Not a pleasurable experience. Getting the attention of a service writer, regardless of how busy the facility might be, is a sisyphean task. Northside Toyota service customers will regularly enjoy being ignored by as many as eight employees at one time, without even being greeted or asked to wait a moment while they finish gossiping among themselves. Frequently, their estimates for service times bear little resemblance to reality, appointments lasting well into the evening, later than promised.

Northside Toyota also engages in the irritating practice of informing their customers that they will receive a follow-up phone call asking about their service experience, while simultaneously asking that they receive the highest possible score. Tacky, and with service this lousy, a bridge too far.

Bev h. | 2010-11-18

Here are the only 3 things you need to know about their service department:

1. If there happens to be a crack in your exhaust pipe, they will tell you that you need to replace your entire exhaust system, including catalytic converter, to the tune of $1,100. FUCK NO. i got that shit fixed at car-x for a fraction of the price.

2. If some wires in your cooling system fuse together, they will tell you that you need to replace your entire cooling system (see a pattern here?), which will only cost you $1,300. FUCK NO. norm's auto fixed it for $75.

3. The idiots that work here think they're funny. one time, after being quoted an hour wait time to tell me what was wrong with my car, i found myself still in their waiting room 3 hours later. i went to ask what was up, and i was handed some lame joke about a homeless person stealing my car. then they told me my car had been done for about an hour, but no one had told me. real fuckin funny.

to sum up: FUCK NO.

***In response to the below owner comment:
I did receive several messages from a woman that works there who's using the name Bob L.  I wrote "If you are truly dedicated to customer service, may I suggest a thorough review of your service department staff to make sure they actually know how to repair cars and, most importantly, deal with the general public. And while dealership repair centers generally cost a bit more, your pricing system (and assumption that one small issue neccessitates a complete system replacement) needs some serious adjustments."

She then wanted my personal information, and for me to call her so i could rehash what i had already spent time writing a review and messaging with her about. I declined, and now there is a needless message under my review?

NEWS FLASH: If your service department stopped acting like shady assholes, your Yelp reviews wouldn't suck so bad! Fix the problem, not the reviews.

patrick t. | 2010-11-10

As the owner of a 2002 Toyota Avalon that now has over 116,000 miles on it, I have taken my cars to several Toyota dealerships for regular maintenance for years.  When it comes to changing filters, belts, plugs, etc, I value the experience and technical craft that Toyota-certified mechanics bring to the table.

Toyota's cars are universally known for their value and reliability.  However, preventative maintenance and good service are very important when it comes to ensuring that these vehicles live up to their potential.

For the past few years, Chicago Northside Toyota has been the closest dealership to my home, so I have utilized them quite frequently, and I've been very satisfied with the work they've done.  Let's face it: we all know that dealerships in general have an awful reputation when it comes to price gouging, but I have to say that these guys have consistently offered quality service at very reasonable rates.

I recently had them do factory-authorized safety recall work on the steering lock bar which subsequently (arguably) resulted in ignition trouble. The car drove perfectly for 24 hours, but a day later did not respond well.

BUT you know what?  After being made aware of the problem and the frustration I was experiencing, Chicago Northside stepped up to the plate and replaced both the ignition cylinder and transponder key at no charge.  They also paid for my rental car.

I have been a loyal customer for years, but I have every faith that they would have done this for a new customer, too.  As the service manager said, "What's right is right."

Again, to make matters clear, I have had flawless work done at Chicago Northside Toyota many times.  This was the only time that there was a hiccup.  When it comes to machines and humans, there will never be a 100% perfection rate.  Things happen, and I fully understand this.  Sometimes it even takes a few days for complications to present themselves.

What's truly impressive is that this organization went above and beyond to ensure that my car would be restored to top form.  Throughout all steps of the repair process, they made sure that I knew exactly what was going on.

My car is driving great, and I will return to Chicago Northside Toyota whenever I need any service work done.  They've more than proven their skill and trustworthiness to me over the years, and It's good to know that they are there for any job, big or small.

Dana B. | 2010-10-27

So, I have taken my car here several times in the past, but the most recent experience has made me change my mind about ever going again.

I took my car in for regular maintenance and because some jerk rear-ended me and my airbag light refused to go off. In any event, I made an appointment to go get my oil changed.

When I got there, the manager told me that it would be 150 dollars just to even investigate why my airbag light was on. I refused to pay that and said they are going to fix it for free. Period. He was obliging on  that. However, the kicker was after my oil change, they came to tell me that I needed a new timing belt on my car.

Number 1:
My car does not even HAVE a timing belt.

Number 2:
My car has 40k miles on it, and if I HAD a timing belt, it would not need to be replaced for another 50k miles.


I reported them to the Toyota and their less than superior ways to finagle money from people.

Not to mention, last October, I took my car in because my brakes were making noise. They told me I needed new brakes. Several hundred dollars later I was ready to go.

Fast forward to the past few weeks. My brakes are making that noise again. I will NOT be going to that Toyota dealership unless its to demand they fix my brakes, for free.

Jeff N. | 2010-10-10

I want to give these guys four stars but experienced a few "inconveniences" that made me give them a three. I've only gone here for scheduled maintenance.

Overall, these guys are great, their prices are reasonable, and their service guys are great. However, I had an experience where I went to pay the cashier and had to wait 21 minutes (yes, I'm a dork and timed her) for the cashier to count cash while customers including myself waited to pay her. The place is always super busy so you have to make an appointment and it's hard to get in and out of the place due to how the place is laid out. Also, I had to go on vacation once and offered to order scheduled maintenance and get a full detail for two different cars as long as I can leave my cars there for 2 weeks. They declined. However, Elmhurst Toyota happily took my offer. Northside Toyota also doesn't give out loaner cars while your car is being serviced while other Toyota dealerships do.

I've gone here several times and will come back. They get the job done, their prices are great, and they are the closest Toyota dealership to me. There's plenty of places to hang out while waiting for your car to be serviced.

However, if you need to leave your car there for some time, I recommend going to a suburban Toyota dealership as they will offer you a loaner for free.

(since last review)
I still think these guys are great but not happy that they sent me a misleading coupon where they could not honor their ad. Probably an honest mistake but still irked me.

Babanashe M. | 2010-08-29

I absolutely despise this place.

I came here back in 2005 and leased my first Toyota here and felt good about the whole experience. I came back in 2010 and didn't have my guard up like the first time and got burned. I ended up paying about $150 more a month on a vehicle with a lower sticker price. The salesman gave me a whole heap of reasons why the vehicle cost more per month (and foolishly I didn't have my previous paperwork with me to reference.) He refused to give me the capitalized cost when asked directly. When I asked to speak with his manager to know the cap cost the manager danced around the issue and told me the deal they were offering was was about $2-3000 off. When I sat down with the finance guy, I asked him why it said I was leasing a previous model year vehicle at full sticker price when the sales manager said the figure they were giving me was 2-3000 off, he said that the savings was in the lease factor.

I get home and look at my previous lease paperwork and realized that last time I had leased a more expensive vehicle, had a better lease factor and paid less per month.

I went back in to talk to the Sales Manager and the most he was willing to do was "split" the cost of a bluetooth device that he said costs him $590. I went out to talk to the installer to see where they would put it in, and quickly looked up the device online to see what it costs and it cost about $240 everywhere. What?! I confronted him about this and he acted surprised and agreed to cover the whole cost of the bluetooth device.

So, OK, lesson to self, don't sit down to talk prices unless you have your guard up and are ready to battle, and DON"T do business with these guys again.

So, I had a service contract with these guys and brought my car in for the recall, minor service and to have wires run for a subwoofer. I specifically asked the guy to hook the subwoofer wiring up to the rear speakers (so I could adjust the balance between what I was hearing in the front speakers and what was coming from the subwoofer.) I went back to pick up the car and the subwoofer is wired with the front speakers. I confronted him about this and he said the wires for the rear speakers were smaller and that I'd have to come back later to get it rewired.

I get it home and realize the automatic locks don't work. Then I realize that the ignition isn't actually shutting off, so the battery drains until it is dead when I leave the car sit. So I called the dealership and scheduled a time that Monday to get it fixed. I brought it in again and he fixed the ignition issue but told me I'd have to come back again another time to get the speakers rewired.

I don't live close to this dealership, so each time I go, I either have to leave work early, or spend my entire night at the dealership. I don't have time to hang around waiting for you to fix something you should have done right the first time!

So I told him I'd be back after work Thursday  and came back the THIRD time to get it done the way we'd discussed before we started anything. I get there and the person I'd been dealing with was an hour late. All said and done, I ended up getting $35 off the cost of the install. Absolutely ridiculous.

I despise this place. Never again.

Tom H. | 2010-08-18

If they had a 10th of a star rating I would give Northside Toyota's service department that. I guess ill give them a star for just finishing the job. I had an appointment at 11 for an oil change. I got there at 10 to and they told me that it would be a couple of hours, so much for scheduling an appointment. I decided to go to lunch and come back at 1. The car wasn't done. I asked them when it would be ready and they let me know that it would be ready soon and that they were 'moving things around to fit it in'....mmmm I thought I had an appointment at 11.... it was obvious that they forgot about the car or had a slow crew. Finally I got my car around 2:30. Don't ever have your car serviced here and don't ever buy a car from here. If their service is this bad, I can't even imagine what it would be like to buy a car from Northside.

They gave me a free car wash in the end but you would think that if they were trying to make amends, that they would at least do a good job and not leave dirt and water spots all over the place.

Gin S. | 2010-07-21

I found this location online and went in this morning for an oil change/inspections.

Customer appreciation I give an A-OK!--------
The service manager there is called, Peter. He welcomed me sincerely and gave me a rundown on the service which I order and what will be done on the vehicle. Gave me thorough instructions and cost estimate as well as providing an ETA of when the vehicle will be completed.

Honest Rating I give them a MEH!---------
Peter presented this list of oil/fluids that needs immediate attention. Which I felt very suspicious about as I have had all my fluid and liquid done prior(minus the engine oil which I needed to replace). It just wasn't listed under the Toyota database in which they search through prior to talking to you. My guess is he inspects the vehicle history from Toyota service data and nails you with things that are not on the service record.

I give Service Speed an A-OK!---------------------
The whole inspection process with oil change took about an hour. I've seen oil change/inspections at other Toyota service center completed in less than 30 mins.

I give their Prices a MEH!(out of gut feeling)-------
The prices were fair, I wish it was cheaper as I felt that the things they done on the car were just visual inspections and not really worth the quoted price. Except for the Oil change which is what I went there for in the first place.

The general experience was pleasant. I am taking the vehicle to another shop tomorrow to run a secondary inspection. If the results given by another source is different from this Toyota service center. I will present my case here.

If you need your oil change. Get it done here! If you need other things done? Get it elsewhere.

CJ E. | 2010-06-07

I recently bought a certified pre-owned prius from Libertyville Toyota, and the maintenance came on for an oil change.

Brought it to North side Toyota as the closes Toyota service center. These individuals permeate the term shady repairmen. This is a vehicle that is just about two months old, but I was told

1) I needed tire rotations, I ve only driven 2K miles on the car, when I questioned them more, they told me that, they did not check the tires, but they usually recommend a tire rotation with oil change, what crap. My tires needed no rotation, but they where trying to sell me an unnecessary service

2) I needed my air filter clean, once again this vehicle had a full Toyota inspection, and purchased two months ago from the dealer. But they conveniently had a coupon for reduce cost on air filter replacement No thanks

3 While waiting for the vehicle to have the oil changed after I had decline the previous two services, I was then told that one of my brakes light bulb had burned out, and that it would cost me $30 to replace the bulb, now keep in mind this is the bulb you can go to pep boys and pay under 10 for. I politely decline and said I would do it myself. So when I finally picked up my car, and had my wife press the brakes, while I stood in the back of the vehicle to look. Guess what, all my bulbs were working fine.

If I was not stubborn I would have spent over $200 on unnecessary work in this place, for a vehicle that was just two months old. I will not frequent this place, I would rather pay extra and go to the Lexus dealer and not have to deal with shady repair guys trying to con me. Stay away.

Maria O. | 2010-06-07

So, previous experience at this place is not so hot. But I gotta admit it did get much better. Maybe the sales guys realized what scumbags they were..or maybe they got fired. Even the service dept was better last time.

So my first review I said they were skeezy car guys..which was true at the time. However, we were in need of another car and decided to look at Northside since they're the closest Toyota dealership. There was actually a very nice older sales guy who helped us out. We weren't going there to buy...merely to check out our options. We tested the Yaris and really liked it. So we thanked him and decided to head over to Grossinger to make the final purchase. At Grossinger we were shown the Yaris and the sales guy tried to sell us on a Camry. Um, no thanks. Plus he quoted prices on the Yaris that was actually $3000 higher than Northside. Hmm, no thanks. We headed back to NT to try again.

The older gentleman was quite helpful & I think his mgr was desperate to sell a car b/c he gave $5000 on our Buick and it def. was not worth it. We did buy the Yaris from them and didn't feel as if we had gotten screwed afterward [unlike our previous experience with them and our Rav4]. The Yaris has been taken in for service there also and hardly any drama has occured. Last time even, my husband forgot the coupon, but he went in the next day and they refunded some of the money. I was impressed...but still a little leery.

Keep improving like this Northside and you may get 5 stars from me one day.

Colleen C. | 2010-05-02

Yes, I visited a car dealership NOT owned/run/operated by a family member bearing my same last name.

However, I am NOT in trouble due to the fact that I live at least 250 miles from any of them and I just needed a few pesky "recall repairs." In case you've been living under a rock, Toyota got themselves into a bit of a PR nightmare...resulting in me having to stop by Northside Toyota for a few checks and balances.

Sidenote: I drove a 1996 Toyota Corolla for 10 years, and 220k miles...and JUST bought a new Toyota Corolla (2010) in September. Damn my luck...I NEVER had an issue with that old beater that is still running...and this new one already has bugs and glitches. Blarg! It does have AC, heat, windows, a radio, floor carpets and a trunk that opens though...bonus!

Anyhow...sade an appointment very quickly over the phone, received an email confirmation the same day. Hooray for efficiency when it comes to dreaded errands such as these! They also have online scheduling. All customer service reps I dealt with were very helpful, congenial and quick.

*Arrive at 10am.
*Quickly checked-in by Scott.
*Promised an 11am delivery.
*Walked around for about 50 minutes in Edgewater.
*Arrived back, car is just getting out of the wash and being hand dried.
*Rolling out by 10:55am.

Quick, easy, efficient repairs and great customer service with a smile, and Sbux coffee in the waiting room, as well as TVs. I'm genetically obliged to get most of my "cosmetic" and other non life-threatening repairs in my hometown...but if I'm even in a pinch, I'll certainly be heading back here.

And word on the street is, more recalls are on the I'll be seeing 'em soon, I assume. SIGH.

Mark B. | 2010-04-21

This would be a one star review if I were reviewing only the service department.  I had a good experience when I was buying my car, so I upped it to 2 stars.

I bought a Prius a couple of years ago and decided because of the complexity of the hybrid system to have all my warranty work done at a Toyota dealer.  Northside Toyota is convenient since it's between work and home, so I've been going there.

The actual work they've done is good, but every time I've gone there, they have tried, sometimes successfully, to sell me additional "products" - I find this incredibly annoying.

Yesterday I took the care in to get an adjustment on the accelerator for the recall.  The service rep handled it well and I was starting to go back to the waiting room when I was called back by another guy who said, "last time you were here, it was recommended that you have x and y done to your car.  I can't believe you didn't do it."  

I blew up and went on a rant about the service department continually selling me products I don't want or need.  He kept pushing and I told him this was the first time I've ever taken a car to a dealer for service, and I was tired of the constant upsell.

Later I was feeling a bit sorry about the rant.  When I went back into the service dept, the guy was gone.  I talked with my original rep and he told me that was the manager.  Then I didn't feel bad at all (and I could tell the reps were secretly pleased).

I'm planning to look for another dealer for the warranty work.

Joe J. | 2010-03-23

Horrible people, from sales to services, especially the Indian guy in sale, he is 2 faced!!

Cassandra R. | 2010-01-29

This place is awful. You have to pay $105.00 even if you deny the $1500 dollars in repairs your perfectly running car "needs." The check engine light on my 1999 Toyota Avalon (with 53,000 miles) was on and I asked them to only check that. After I came back for a "quote" the guy was rattling  off numbers for random shit that totaled around $1500. It was a typical girl about to get screwed at car place deal. Ugh. And they keep calling me about my "visit." I was pissed off for about a day after wasting my time with this awful place.

michele b. | 2010-01-22

My experience has been the same as a lot of people here...basically, they're there to rip you off.  I took my regularly maintained vehicle in for it's recommended 30k service (which is $327 w/coupon) and they called me shortly after I dropped it off to explain that I needed a realignment ($62 w/the special) which I just had done last February, I also needed to drain the brakefluids and replace the fluid ($159 and $55 respectively), and that there's dust accumulating behind my dashboard which could lead to mildew on something or other ($60).  Well, not knowing a thing about cars, I believed them but thought I'd better check with my husband and father-in-law, as well as do a little internet soul searching.  Well, what do you know?!  All of those services were completely superfluous!  This isn't the first time that they've pushed extra services on me. This is just the first time they pushed TOO MUCH on me and I finally caught on that I was being completely fleeced.

Benjamin G. | 2010-01-17

I complete agree with what others have said in the previous reviews. Take your car there ONLY for warranty work.

One more than one occasion we have been here  for service and they come up with 2 or 3 things that are "wrong" with our car, which usually total over $400 (seriously? $60 to replace my air filter that costs $15 online?). Funny how a couple of months later at the next service date, I get no mention of those "problems" and everything is perfect with our car. The one time I had an actual problem with the driver's door lock (wouldn't open except with the physical key), they wanted $700 to fix it.

My sister in law went here too and supposedly her Camry required about $3,000 worth of repairs.

Also, last time I went there I got a wheel alignment (which they agreed was the issue with my car). Imagine my surprise as I'm driving away from the dealership and I still feel my car drift towards one side of the road.


Url R. | 2010-01-08

I bought my Prius from here a few years ago. That was good.

Everything else from then on has been bad. As other people have posted, I think it is the change in ownership.

My wife took her car in for service and they pushed everything but Herbalife vitamins on her, and even then I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Luckily, me and the father-in-law had a weekend free and were able to do most of this routine work ourselves.

Chris H. | 2009-12-03

Once again my expectations were meet. My car was in and out in what seemed like record time. The service writers were friendly and helpful. The prices were fair, particularly for a place in the city. I can't help but feel that the people who are complaining here don't really know what's going on with their cars and don't understand the service options for their car. Of course the brakes are going to keep making noise if you don't have the rotor done at the same time. Come on people, read your manuals, do a little research and be your own advocate.

Amie S. | 2009-10-05

I have been going here for two years now and love the place so much I won't go anywhere else.  I drive well out of my way to service my car here, but it is well worh it.  The customer service is awesome and the guys are so friendly and explain everything that they're doing so I know I'm not getting ripped off.  My car is always taken care of really quickly and I love that it comes out so clean afterward.  Also,  they have really good coupons that they send out regularly.

Katje S. | 2009-08-31

Salesman Ray met us after returning a query call about a vehicle that had to meet certain requirements for a loan we'd already qualified for. He immediately wanted us to apply for a loan with Northside, "just to compare" our rates and payments. We left after he went through an hour of hysterics about all he'd done for us, all the favors he'd pulled in to get our loan, yada yada. We said that if he'd really offered us the best deal in town, we'd be back on Monday to sign. He frantically called five or six more times that afternoon, trying to close the deal... I was polite and said I'd let him know on Monday, after I'd looked at the other cars I'd found online.

He called Monday, now cool as a cucumber, and inquired about my search. I thanked him for his efforts and told him we were probably going with another car. He didn't say much after that and hung up. Later that day, I found out he'd run my husband's and my credit score EIGHT TIMES. This put a huge red flag on our names... fortunately, it didn't affect the deal we wound up making. However, it's clear that this is a pretty slimy tactic, designed to land one funding source at Northside and ruin other attempts to fund at other dealers... he was obviously trying to force us to return to his dealership.

Instead of our return, he's earned a big fat ugly single star for his dealership, and as soon as I find out his last name, a report to his supervisor and to Toyota's national headquarters. I still love Toyotas, but wow... watch out for this place. They are practitioners of some very innovative manipulations and creative cheats.

Melanie B. | 2009-08-06

So, my entire experience at Northside Toyota was one great big epic FAIL. It started when I called to set up an appointment to test drive and potentially purchase a base RAV4. I should have known something was up when the operator didn't mention her place of work in her answer ("Hello?" this Northside Toyota? Oh, ok. Good). She then proceeded to transfer me to the service center, where the person who answered was just as confused as I was -- we had a fun little game of misunderstanding -- he thought I wanted a touch-up. I wanted a test drive. Oh, the hilarity. When the operator finally connected me to someone in sales -- I double checked that this was in fact the right person this time -- he scheduled me for a test drive, with him, that night at 7 for the base RAV4. So at 7, my husband and I show up, ask for him, and are told he's left for the day. And that there is no base RAV4 to drive there. Oh, and also that I wouldn't be able to get a RAV4 with any of the features I want for 6 months -- that's just a "regional thing," you see. Right. A regional thing that was quickly disproved when we visited Grossinger. So, for all of my frustration, I got nothing. Nada. Please do not waste your time here. Go to a larger, better-stocked dealer. What a waste of time and energy.

Lisa K. | 2009-07-31

Bad Business. I DO NOT recommend.

My Prius had a minor water leak pooling water onto the passenger floor (evaporation from a/c).
$100/labor for one hour.
$65 for the actual service (why an additional charge???)
$53 to sanitize with cleaner (purportedly for mildew prevention)
NO NEW PARTS were put into the vehicle.

The price I was verbally quoted was not the price above I was charged. I did not sign a quote with the prices listed. The prices were added to the ticket after the service was performed. VERY BAD DEALERSHIP. To their credit, the water from the floorboard was vacuumed, after I requested it.

BladerunrAA T. | 2009-07-03

I have to reduce my rating from three stars to two stars due to the continued and rampant, unnecessary and fraudulent work this shop recommends to (almost forces on) its customers.

While I still think this is a good shop for warranty work, any positive thing I have to say ends there, and I will not return for any other non-warranty service. Somehow, some of the services they recommended on my previous visits fixed themselves, and different pricey services get recommended each time I go. At least be consistent in your lies, you dummies...

By the way, Toyota owners, somewhere between $3k and $4k seems to be the magic number they target at this shop to push off on sucker customers. So, if they quote you a number in this range, do yourself a away, screaming if necessary, and get a second opinion.

I would recommend Motor Care on Western...the shop is nothing to look at, and you won't be getting Starbucks coffee and hi-speed internet, but at least it seems like Vince will give you a fair shake.

kelvin c. | 2009-06-21

This happened at the beginning of May

My friend and I brought our raw4s to Northside Toyota for an oil change because they have coupons for $17 oil changes. We dropped off our cars and waited at the waiting room and the guy Peter told us to go in the office and he showed us all the what was wrong with our cars.

Btw our cars were same model and brought it at the same year brand new. He told me first that my car needs a 30K mileages job $330.00 , new tries   ( i was going to get at discount tires, 4 wheel alignment $105.00, Power steering flush $160, transmission flush $160. The total came out to be about $760.00 not including tax. My car has only 35k miles and everything seems to be good. When i brought my car in at Firestone to get my brakes done the day before they didn't suggest i need all those services. He showed me the samples of my fluids from my car and he said its all messed up and stuff. i remember my dad changed my coolant weeks ago. he said almost the same thing to my friend about his fluids, except his brake fluids works fine. my friend said this guy is trying to rip us off because he just changed all his liquids no long ago. This is a SCAM. They do this to everyone. While I was waiting for my car I also saw like 5 trays of bad sample liquids on the table outside the window. I think this is the same liquids they showed the customers.

I finally decided to get my tires from there because they offered me $114 per Dunlop tire. which i consider a good price. When they finished with the tires the total came out to be $$631.66. Fees that wasn't told or explained. Disposal fee $17.40, Tax $14.00, Valve tires? $10, Balance tires $126.00.

I waited about an hour and half for the tires and they locked my keys inside my car. I waited for another 15 minutes so they could make a new key for me. Then when they finish he told me he didn't give me the oil change..... because I am suppose to come back for the package he showed me about $760 the oil change is included so it doesn't make sense to get one now. I only told him that "I'll think about this package that you are offering" because its expensive and I want to compare the prices first.

I walked out with only my tires done for $631.66 and no oil change that's the reason why i went there in the first place.

E L. | 2009-06-17

I wish I could give negative stars.  The only reason I am writing a review is hopefully to save people from these monsters.  

Northside Toyota is the definition of shady car repairman.

I went into NT with a coupon they sent me.  The coupon was basically a $100 brake job. I knew I didn't need new rotors, so i declined their offer.  They said there was no guarantee because i opted out of the rotors.  Ok.

A day later, my brakes are squeaking like hell.  So a week later, I go to Eliot's on Lincoln (by Addison) and he replaces my brakes.  He tells me that NT used crappy brakes and that indeed I did not need rotors.  

I went to NT this morning and talked to the service guy, he referred me to the manager.  I only asked for a refund on the actual brakes, not the labor.   The manager was such an @sshole.  He told me the coupon gets you a crappy brake job and that I should not have done that service and gone with everything they told me.   Of course, I left with no refund.

It's not the money I'm pissed about (~$20).  It's the fact that the manager admitted he didn't give a sh!t.

Katherine W. | 2009-04-16

I've taken my Toyota here for service multiple times, but never again.  I'm just tired of catching them lying to me.  I go in one time and they say I'm in desperate need of some $500 service.  I pass, and when I go in the next time it's never brought up again.  Apparently my car fixed itself and now that oh-so-troubled part/fluid is just fine.  This happens everytime I'm there.  One time they replaced my rear wiper blade and then three months later they say I need a new one because "whoever installed the last one used a really cheap one."  Umm... you installed the last one and I can prove it!!  Makes me wonder what other cheap parts they've installed on my car??  It's just things like this over and over again, and everytime I drive away from this place I feel an idiot because I know they're taking advantage of me.  I was coming here because the location is convenient for me, but I'll drive any distance to avoid Northside Toyota from now on.

If you're still interested in trying them out for service, I can say that they always have the car ready when they say they will.  The staff is also friendly and smile at you throughout your entire visit (gee, I wonder why).

Jack P. | 2009-04-13

I just had a Seinfeldian moment here. You know the thing where Jerry or Elaine or George have a relationship, then some small thing happens that ejects someone right into the relationship toilet, like Jerry's new girlfriend seeing him pick his nose, and it's "That's it - Yer outta here!!"
Well, Northside Toyota just became my nose picker.

I purchased a Scion Xa here in 2005. Love the car. Had a good experience with sales, and until today, a good relationship with service. I've performed all the scheduled maintenance. Its' not as if I never changed the oil and just brought it in at 30,000 miles for its first service. for the most part, with prior service, there were no big surprises or the all-too-common attempts at "extortion"-that is until today.

The 30,000 mile service costs $159.00. They somehow managed to come up with $845 of service on a car which has nothing really "wrong" with it, calling me later in the day after I'd left the car with them. Fast-talking, bad English-speaking hustler service guy barely gives me time to ask a question. I told them to stop where they were, and that I would pick up the car. Which I did about an hour later. 184 bucks. Saved $666.-Devilish!

I'm very disappointed that they seem to have regressed to your basic New Jersey used car dealer tactics with their loyal customers. (I also bought a Camry from them in the 90's.)  I don't plan to return there. Probably will get a good recommendation for a private mechanic and go with that.

After all, how many people have you met who bought Toyota products and said: "Yea, I changed the oil every 3000 miles, drove it to 150K, and never had to do another thing."' I'm thinkin' I will try that with the Scion.

Larisa O. | 2009-04-01

I really like this service center.

-They get you in fast, turn the car around fast.
-They've given me complimentary tows. (Yes, have needed two so far on my 2009 Matrix, don't even ask. One was due to a pot hole!)  
-You may spend a lot one time, but the next time you get huge discounts, so it all works out.
-They wash your car before pick up!
-They are always able to help you, and offer $30 rental cars.
-Their customer satisfaction team calls to check in. (That's slightly annoying, but I requested they stop, and I didn't get another call.)

I haven't gone to this dealership, but the service center is a well-oiled machine w great communication - I am very impressed - love these guys!

Susan L. | 2009-03-04

I took my toyota here for the 30,000 mi checkup.  If you take it to a dealership, you maintain the warranty. Okay great.

$430 dollars and 3 hours later, my car is ready. Over the next month, the following things happen:
1. The engine makes a squeaking noise while stopped in Drive
2. Two tires that the dealership rotated turn out to be COMPLETELY BALD. How can they not say anything to me and give me the car back?
3. The new windshield wipers they installed were the wrong size and tore to shreds within a week.
4. The car now drips antifreeze.

I mean, really, what the heck?

I STRONGLY advise you to take your car to another Toyota dealership for warranty service checks. I certainly will be.

Gayle G. | 2009-01-26

It's a car dealership/service location.  How exciting can it be?

I guess I'm most impressed with the fact that they're open late!  My appointment for an oil change/service was at 7 on a Friday night (don't remind me that I wasn't doing anything more exciting that getting my car "serviced").  

I was in and out in less than an hour and utilized the free wifi in order to be productive, which means I was working and not surfing for porn or shopping online.

Friendly, fast service at a reasonable price.  I'm on their email distro now and I've gotten some killer deals so far.

Nektaria R. | 2009-01-17

OK, I went back in on Wednesday to get the 5K or 6K (or whatever the maintenance time period is for oil changes and such) I paid about $55 (don't remember the exact $) and was in and out in an hour. I did work on my computer (free WiFi) while drinking Starbucks coffee. The guy who did the quote, I forgot his name, it may have been Tom or something was really cool. One of the service guys called me today and left a message (Marco) so I called back and spoke with their service rep (I-something) and told them how happy I was with the service.

Sorry, I get excited when everything goes well. They also have service specials and coupons on their website. Check them out!

J L. | 2008-11-24

Went for an oil change because I found a great coupon online.  The service manager I worked with was great, knowledgeable and helpful.  He didn't try to sell me on a bunch of additional services, but instead let me know about a couple things that might need to be taken care of in the next few months.  I felt confident that my car was in good hands.

Brandon W. | 2008-10-25

What's all the hootin and hollerin about?

Wrote my review in early September - went back in at the end of the month, and traded in my NEW car that I had bought in 07, for a brand new 09!  They worked with me to keep me as close to my same monthly payments as possible.

These guys are great, and they go above and beyond to try and help you out.  The dealership business is cut throat.  I have a feeling some of these bad reviews are from other dealerships..

Besides, who comes to a Toyota place, and ends up buying a Ford?

Nannette P. | 2008-10-17

I would never buy a car from this dealership EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Read entire review, or scroll down to last paragraph......

Want to feel like you are in a slimy dealership where the "sales" guys are talking about chicks, sports, people who "think" they are going to get a deal on a car, the details of your credit history and ss#, or about the other customers just an ear shot away? Then, by all means, go here! Or if you, like I, just wanted to actually discuss purchasing a car and having someone listen to what you are saying and what you are looking for, go see Jim Poulous at Napleton Ford (See my post under Napleton).

I walked in the door on a Tuesday night around 5:00 p.m., hoping that I could find someone educated to help me in the car buying process. I didn't want to be wheeled and dealed, as I see right through that bullshit. I wanted an affordable, economical, brand new car, and I wanted to buy one ASAP. With that being said, my "sales" guy was completely clueless (who I think was in his first or second day on the job as he couldn't figure out where the cars were, what the pricing structure was, what cars we were looking at, or how to work the printer). He brought over the "manager" (a.k.a. code for another sales guy pretending to be the manager just to assist the first sales guy in closing a bad deal) to discuss my options. They showed me a piece of crap 2001 used car, even after I told them I wanted brand new, as I would be driving a lot for work and was not interested in anything breaking down anytime soon. They "heard" me and then showed me a 2006 and 2007 Camry. Yea, those weren't new. I told them that I was looking at the 2008 Yaris and Corolla Sedans and that was it. After attempting to still sell me a used car, they told me to come back with a down payment and we would see if I could get approved for the cars that I wanted.

Working at two establishments at the time, and with a very busy schedule, I called ahead to see if "Joe", the manager that I had spoke to about my financing was available, as I did not want to re-create the wheel on my second visit. He picked up the phone, and of course, it was someone totally different, giving me attitude on the phone like I was retarded to call him and ask about what financing options we had discussed just a day prior. My sales guy kept calling me, because he happened to be off that day, and wanted to make sure that I would return to the dealership so that he could get a sale, still knowing that the minute I got there, I would be left to the "sales vulchers" and on my own explaining all over again what I was looking for. No thanks. This girl's on a time constraint people.

The sales guy called me and I explained to him that I was going to a different dealership and he was shocked! I told him how I had called ahead and spoke to his "manager" in a conversation that ended up being a joke, as I'm sure it was some other random sales guy f-ing around and that a manager probably doesn't even exist, or is so far removed from the sales floor which is apparent at how unprofessionally it is run. He has called me about three times since, and I bought my car a day after this debauchery. I'm so happy that I chose Napleton Ford. If you are serious about buying a car, and want your sales person and dealership to be honestly run and operated professionally, where people are educated about what they are selling you and what financing options are available, read this and go to NAPLETON FORD!!! Don't waste your time or your patience at Northside Toyota. It's a joke of a dealership.

J. D. | 2008-09-15

Beware of the service department.  They attempted to charge over $400 to install two seat belts which other Toyota dealers in the area said would cost between $100 - $200 to install.  Local repair shop put then for $50.  Also, be cautious of any positive reviews of this place as they have been nailed by 13 times for posting phony positive write ups of themselves.

Danielle C. | 2008-04-22

Do you have bad days?  I mean BAD days?  I do- I have legendarily bad days. Like yesterday.  To top off a crappy day at the palace of political backstabbing and poison,  I had an incident with my car on the way home.  More than a little incident- not huge, but easily classified as a medium incident.  One that forced me to have to take my car straight to a mechanic- then a body shop.

You see- I drive fast- ALWAYS!  It makes me happy.  I usually have no issues with it-except for tickets.  BUT well- yesterday was a terrible, horrible, awful, really bad day.  Let me illustrate the event for you.

 Picture this...
Windows open- both.  
Hair in a Ponytail (because driving with cousin IT hair is not safe for anyone- and mine is past my shoulders- so it blows around)
Car at @ 80 MPH
Stereo blaring- "And the devils water it ain't so sweet, you don't have to drink right now, but you can dip your feet- every once in a little while"  
AND THEN- KACHUNK!  The Jeep in front of me kicks up a huge tire tread - and it heads straight at my car.  I have no where to go but right at it- or hit the car next to me.  
So- I hit it- and immediately know that it took out my bumper... and then I see it fly out from underneath my car- with a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff that was not on the road before... GREAT!!

So- being me- and car inept- I drove it to the dealership by my house.  YUP- that WAS me- dragging the under body of my car down lakeshore!  

I hate dealing with car stuff.  and I mean- REALLY hate it.  I will do almost anything to avoid it- but- Northside treats me well- as a standard.  Driving in my previously nice- sparkly, cute, fast car- now reduced to a noisy, clanging, messed up, and scratched hoopty- through their service doors- the behaviors did not change.  

They fixed the mechanical stuff- and then sent me on to a collision shop for the rest of the body work.  Professional, Courteous, and patient.  THAT is what I needed.  THANKS!

Paul David W. | 2008-04-18

I was totally ripped off by this place.  I took my 2006 Prius in after I got a "Check Engine" light.  When I called to find out what they had found out, the service manager told me that it was just a loose gas cap, but my car was due for its 30K mile service and they had a "special" going on for $315.  In addition, my car needed new Inverter Fluid ($160) and some kind of air induction cleaning ($134).  Stupidly, I figured they knew what they were talking about and went ahead with it.  When I got the car back, I saw that not only did it not need its 30K mile service yet (the odometer says 25K!) but Prius bulletin boards all say that the Inverter Fluid and Air Induction cleanings are rip offs.

Not only that, but they outright lied to me about a part that I ordered (they kept saying that they were waiting for a new version of the software I ordered for the navigation system, when in reality they just screwed up the order) and about some bulletin they said Toyota had put out about my headlights. This place is a total rip-off and the folks there will schmooze you and lie to you. I will never go there again.

Barb S. | 2008-04-04

I went into Northside Toyota to check out a used car I saw on their online inventory.  Since I was only checking out a $5000 used car I don't think I was a high priority of theirs.  When they finally stopped arguing (albeit quietly) over who was going to show me the car the salesman walked me to the car.  I got in to test drive it and the salesman came along.  As we were driving, I noticed that the speedometer didn't move unless we were going faster than 35mph (I think) and even then it was a bit squirrelly.  Of course, I also noticed that this meant the odometer wasn't moving when the speedometer wasn't moving.  I expressed  concern that I had no idea what the true mileage of the car was because of this problem.  When we got back to the shop I checked out the Carfax report for the car.  The mileage made sense on the history - it seemed there was an average of about 12,000 miles put on it per year.  However, since the last recorded mileage on Carfax and the mileage showing now, it indicated that in about a year only 6,000 miles had been put on the car and I found that hard to believe.

I told the salesguy that they can't sell a car without a working speedometer/odometer.  First he tried to tell me that the speedometer not working doesn't affect the odometer reading.  I assured him that it does and that I didn't see the mileage change in the 10 minutes I was driving the car.  He then tried to tell me that the average miles put on a car per year was 6,000.  

I don't know if my being a woman had something to do with his pushing me to buy the car but I walked away and reiterated to him that it's not legal to sell a car without a working speedometer.  I walked away with a bad taste in my mouth about this place.

Tiem S. | 2008-02-12

I made an appointment to bring in my [1 year old] Scion xA to check out some squeaks in the body and clutch sounds.  Having fixed similar clutch issues before (but now lacking garage space), I knew that this should be a quick one or two day fix.

The service rep that wrote up the paperwork was friendly, but that's about it for the praises...

Every day I followed up on the status of the warranty work, receiving nothing more than "we're still working on it" for a reply.  After FIVE days with no status updates from them, the car was finally ready.

It took over 30 minutes for them to bring the car around, despite the fact that it was parked immediately outside the garage door.  It wasn't a surprise when the noises were still there when I drove off the lot.  Of all things, they ended up replacing a belt (nothing related to the transmission) that now squeals in cold weather.

My complaints were never addressed by the dealership.

The clutch issue was later fixed by Grossinger Toyota - in less than a Saturday afternoon without an appointment.

Kyle H. | 2007-12-12

I bought my Scion xA from a guy that bought it here. It's way out of my way to get service every 5K, but I favor their Open Book pricing that is posted on the walls to Grossinger City's closed book prices, where I've paid 3x what this location charges.

The waits can be long, but it's not often I get to hang out in this neighborhood, and there are some good restaurants, a Starbucks and a good indie bookstore nearby.

Filly G. | 2007-09-07

About a year ago, my Toyota Corolla was due for a safety inspection within the week, and the "check engine" light wouldn't go away. To be safe, I took it to Toyota because they have the diagnostic equipment necessary to determine the problem immediately. They found the problem, but as I expected, they found several other "problems" as well. I must say, the service manager was most certainly a bit too enthusiastic about helping me.

Long story short, I laid down $200 for them to fix the diagnostic problem. (I would have been charged for the diagnostic test no matter what, so I figured I should at least have them fix something rather than leave empty-handed with an $85 hole in my pocket.)

Thankfully though, I'm not a complete idiot. Rather than pay the additional $650 in recommended repairs, I took my car home and looked at it myself because I know enough about basic maintenance, and besides, they told me what "problems" existed, so I knew what to look for.

Ultimately, I decided to take my car to a shop I trusted. They charged me a whopping total of $40 to replace my serpentine belt, much less than $650 that Toyota insisted I cough up. They found no other problems. That was a year ago, and since then, my car has been running just fine.

The moral of the story: The only time you should ever go to a car dealership for maintenance is if your car is still under warranty, and if the mainenance needed will actually be covered by said warranty. Unless, of course, you want some shyster to convince you to spend way more than you actually need to spend.

Allen R. | 2007-07-13

The atmosphere of this Toyota dealership reeks of movie-esque stereotypes--schmoozy, desperate, dishonest-looking salespeople stalk the salesfloor while sleazy service technicians loiter about, waiting to tinker with the innards of the four-wheeled mechanical wonders on which we've become so dependent.

I pulled into this Toyota dealership to get an oil change and a replacement rearview mirror after my parked car had been hit, causing one of its rearview mirrors to be knocked out of its socket and crushed by passing cars. The associate in the parts department was rude and apathetic with me, as he took several minutes to locate the replacement part number for my missing mirror. He then told me the cost would be upwards of $230, an astronomical figure for a little piece of glass. After we figured out that he was quoting me a price for the entire replacement part (mirror, socket--the right ear of my car, essentially), and not just the mirror itself, the price quickly dropped to a 'reasonable' $46.

After giving me the mirror, he told me I had to go to the cashier window to pay for the part--a total inconvenience, especially since there was a lengthy line waiting for me at the singly-manned booth. Before I went to pay, I took the part over to my vehicle to make sure it was the correct replacement mirror. As I was holding the mirror over the socket, the parts technician appeared out of nowhere and snidely informed me that I had to pay for the part before I could put it on my car.

At that point, I decided to trust my gut instincts, and leave the place without an oil change. As I got back into my car, I found that the exit route through the building was blocked by to-be-serviced vehicles, and that I had to drive BACKWARDS out of the dealership, and onto busy-as-ever Broadway Avenue.

In all, the only reason I'd return to this place is to get Toyota-specific replacement parts, and even then, I'd leave my car around the block--you don't want to give those service techs the wrong idea...

David W. | 2006-06-12

BEWARE!  This is NOT the place to trade in a car.  I was shopping for a new Scion xB.  Billy, a new car sales associate, was great.  He spent quite a bit of time with me as I test drove a Corolla, Matrix, and xB.

I returned a month later to make my purchase, checkbook and current title in hand.  When the time came to discuss the trade-in value of my 1999 GMC Envoy, my whole experience here went very bad.  I knew going in what the value of my car was worth, using a very conservative trade-in value from the websites of both Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds.

After an inspection of my car, the used car manager (i forget his name) comes over and offers me half of what my car should be worth.  Fine, I figured we would begin to negotiate a trade-in value except he refused to commit to any larger dollar amount.  I told him I had done my research and knew what my car was worth, this is where it gets really bad.

The used car manager walks away and returns about 5 minutes later with a printed web page from Kelly Blue Book for my car, a page I was very familiar with since I had been to it several times.  The problem was the dollar amounts on his piece of paper were about 30% - 40% lower than what the website actually lists for my car.  At this point, I was shocked as to what they were trying to pull.  I wish I had printed the page off at home and brought it with me.  And yes, I know the difference between trade-in value versus and private sale.  This guy was so sleazy, the stereotypical used car sales guy.  And they wonder why they have the rep they do.  I can't believe they would try to pull something like this and use a legitimate used car website to misrepresent a trade-in value.  This is fraudulent!  I thanked Billy for his time and immediately walked out.

If you are going to just but a new car, deal with Billy, and you will be okay.  If you have a current vehicle that you what to trade in, shop elsewhere!  I will never go back to this dealer.