Chicago Ave. Discount Service Center in Chicago, IL

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Chicago's Independent Discount Service Center.

We provide complete diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, and repair on all automotive makes and models, including:

European: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen, Volvo
Asian: Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Toyota
Domestic: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Saturn


Established in 1975.

The Perillo family has been serving
Chicagoland for over 35 years
with friendly service.

Chicago Ave. Discount Service Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 883-1111
Address:530 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, 60654
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Chicago Ave. Discount Service Center

Andrea C. | 2014-04-14

I work very close to here and have dropped my car off twice for an oil change. Not only is it reasonable, but they wash your car inside and out. Carlos was exceptionally nice, and I will continue to bring my car here for regular maintenance. Because I work close, I have the luxury to of dropping it off before work and not being concerned w/ time... so I can't comment how long the wait would be if you wanted to stay until it was done. I'm a big fan!

John S. | 2013-06-07

Good guys, Stuck to the quote and were competitive. Didn't lie about a thing. I respect that.

Bill G. | 2011-09-14

Great guys to deal with!  Especially Dan Kern and Nick Westalski.  I purchased a factory buy back BMW which was completely disclosed before purchase.  6 months later my needs changed and they made a reasonable offer to take the BMW back and we made a deal on a Lexus that we couldn't be happier with.  I will be back to see these guys again soon.

Niko S. | 2011-09-02

We just leased our 4th BMW, a gorgeous fully loaded X3 from Perillo and the great team there.

We will continue being loyal Perillo customers and BMW fans because:

1. Perillo has an amazing customer loyalty program
2. BMW rocks
3. Perillo service is perfect
4. Customer service and attention to detail is top of the line.

Joe Perillo, get my M3 ready. I'm coming soon...

Wesley Y. | 2011-06-12

The SAAB service center customer service was terrible! And the service techs are inept and not qualified. I have had a string of problems with my 2004 SAAB 9-3. First time I brought the car in a couple weeks ago, I described the problem. They called back and explained what needed to be done. I agreed and they did it. Within driving the car twice, the problem persisted and was not fixed. I was able to drive the car to SAABTech and they looked at the car and told me what was wrong with the car. They were able to fix the problem affordably. Have not had any additional problems. The next problem I had last week, I took the car into Perillo (would have gone to SAABtech, but didn't think I could make it without breaking down). The defroster fan was running on high and I was unable to turn it off, even when the engine was shut down. I received a message saying my car was ready. My wife went to pick up the car the next day. They said they could not start the car and that the battery was dead. Seems the tech prior to getting to work on the car, allowed the fan to continue to run and drained the entire battery. They said that the battery was my problem. Excuse me, I brought the car into the "experts" of Perillo to fix the problem, common sense would say that you need to stop the fan from functioning so it wouldn't drain the battery, secondly, don't call me to tell me the car is ready to go, if it is not! I paid a lot of money to Perillo to fix my problem, all I ask is that they fix the problem!

Todd K. | 2011-04-28

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! My purchase experience was probably one of the best and this will be my 3rd Saab purchase in my 15 years of buying vehicles... first of course from Perillo.

Their website is very easy to use; 'no frills pricing' .. no hidden games, disclosures or circus peanuts, just honest deals! My salesman Sebastian was awesome. We started our communication on email on a Saturday, hammered out my trade information (obviously an estimate.. they needed to see the trade in person but gave an estimate to start the ball rolling) and by mid-day on Saturday, we had the numbers crunched... walked in on Monday to them cleaning my brand new Saab and they even worked harder to get my deal!

Thank you again to Sebastian, Nick and Roy - you guys are professionals and were a pleasure to work with and you went above and beyond! These guys are truly the good guys that give car dealers a good name. No slime, no "what can I do to get you in this car", "if the numbers work out, will ya drive today", "let me talk to my business manager" bullcrap games! They got down to business, met my terms and made it all happen!

Oh, and their prices WHOOPED all the other Saab dealers in the greater Chicago-land area!  See Sebastian and Nick today for a good honest deal.

E. Q. | 2011-04-12

I made an appointment for an oil change. I showed up on time, and then had to wait 3.5 hours for my car to be ready. It was pretty expensive, and the "car wash" left my car wet and still dirty. I came here for the convenience of the location, but I won't be back.

Erik F. | 2011-02-10

Bought a used car from them.  I needed something that rode smoother (due to my back) and I took a risk on what I have heard and read is a high maintenance vehicle.  

They said they did a full inspection, yet when we finalized the deal, the coolant was empty, the washer fluid was empty and the tank was empty.  Hurriedly, they filled the fluids and the gas to 1/4 a tank (thank you so much?!?).  Was the warranty work really done?

I left the dealership with my 'new' car and immediately the light went on saying do not drive more than 30mph and take in for service immediately.  Since it was Saturday and they were closing, they told me to take it in on Monday to a different dealership to work on my 'new' car.  They told me they simply fixed a head lamp issue before I bought it and never fully inspected it.  Surprise, surprise.

I took the car to the other dealrership on Mon and it is Thur they are still working on the issues.  

I know better, I am a car guy....stick to cars that are reliable and reasonable to fix.  Do not buy from a dealer that knows nothing about that make of vehicle (besides the fact that it is nice) that you are buying.

I pray that I didn't get a lemon.

Alice L. | 2011-02-02

My experience here was the best car-buying experience I have had.  Perillo had a 2011 vehicle in stock that I desperately wanted but I was not able to find in our immediate Champaign-Urbana area.  We were given excellent directions and made the trip to Chicago within two days of contacting the dealership about our interest.  We drove up, very smoothly traded in our used vehicle, and drove away in our new Mercury Milan hybid. Our salesman, Sebastian, was very straightforward and very personable.  He made sure that our trade-in value was fair which I really appreciated. There was nothing smarmy, or bad, or regrettable about the whole deal.  Next time we buy a car we will very likely drive up to Perillo and ask for Sebastian!!

Jerome H. | 2010-12-23

I had a great seat for a transaction that took place with a friend.  I have been to several dealership in Chicago and this was far and away the best.  Anthony DeStefano gave the epitome of concierge level service.  While my friend test drove his new M3 I was left to sit in a waiting room appointed with comfortable chairs, reading materials and pleasant faces.  

After the test drive, it took about 1 hour for the deal to close which was very impressive.  From the manager to the porters that delivered the car (spotless I might add) this experience deserves six stars.  

If you are looking for an exotic at a great price go and ask for Anthony DeStefano.

Matthew W. | 2010-12-20

Short version of this review - phenomenal.  I'd give 6 stars if I could.

Long story? here goes.

I walked into the dealership, on a Saturday afternoon.  After a brief moment, a gentleman approaches me, asked if I'm being assisted, and directs Anthony DeStefano to us.  So far, so good. I appreciate the attentiveness thus far.   I tell Anthony about the car that I'm interested in, and off we go.  After walking through their inventory garage which would make Jay Leno jealous,  Anthony gives the run down on the place, we have a spirited conversation about the cars we are walking past. All sorts of rare stuff that I've only read about in magazines!   I ask for a test drive on the car was I was looking for (E92 M3, used)  and he happily obliges. Here's where  Anthony swung for the fences - and hit a home run with me . There was a car in there inventory, that exceeded what I was looking for -  2008 M3, super clean demo, low miles , with a warranty on it through 4 years additional years of covered maintenance; plus, they were able to take on my current car, and pay it off.  Additionally, I appreciate the experience with the finance manger too; Roy - very kind, straight shooter,  thorough, and I got an awesome rate.  This has been my absolute best dealership experience that I've had; my brother who was with me, and a good friend of mine were also impressed, and will be working with Anthony for their future purchases also.  From the client advisor who I (Anthony)  worked with, to the sales manager, to the finance manger - class act all the way around. I HIGHLY recommend to check these guys out - ask for Anthony!

Eli S. | 2010-11-17

Horrible Horrible Horrible!
Sneaky Lemon!

I seen a vehicle online that I was interested in purchasing. I'm in Colorado and I called Perillo Lincoln Mercury in Chicago to inquire about this vehicle that I wanted so bad. I spoke to ANTHONY DESTEFANO. He was very friendly of course and told me that it wouldn't be an issue to get the car to me, they would cover the costs associated with the transport ($600). I asked him "has the vehicle had any repairs done?" he said "Yes it's had a cylinder head replaced as well as a seal that goes to the fuel injection component." At first, to me, since the vehicle was still under warranty, it seemed fine. It wasn't something I was bothered by. He asked me for 500 dollars to hold the vehicle.I asked him "if I'm not interested in purchasing the vehicle for whatever reason between now and signing the paperwork, do I get the deposit back?" He said "yes!" Since I wasn't signing anything formally authorizing the transaction, I felt okay about that; plus them keeping my money would be considered unjust enrichment. I went ahead and gave him my card number and he ran my card for the 500 dollars. I asked him if he could include some special wheels and tires that I was interested in at or a little above his cost? He said "I'll have to check because sometimes wheel manufacturers dont sell us that sort of thing at a wholesale cost." He called me back and said "I can't cant get them at wholesale but I can make sure they're sent to you mounted and balanced so all you have to do when you get the car is have them put on and you're set to go! I'll include them in the price of your car." I wanted to see if I can just order them myself to make sure I know what I'm getting and see if by chance they do sell to dealers at wholesale cost, because I have several friends that work for dealers. I call the wheel manufacturer in Seattle, WA and a member from the management told me "We pulled up the order for Perillo on the tires and wheels that you wanted" Turns out: Anthony thought it would be cool to sell me the wheels and tires at retail when he was getting them at wholesale after all! If I knew he wasn't willing to cut me a deal, then I would have not be interested in moving forward with the wheels purchase. He lied! ALSO! He was charging me 40 dollars ABOVE retail for the tires. The mounting and balancing wasn't even necessary but because Anthony had ordered them that way, it was going to cost me an additional 300 BUCKS! He was trying to soak me for almost a grand extra, total!

It gets worse! I basically catch him in his own sorry lie. A lie that he didn't work hard to even construct. Annoyed, I called him and basically told him "I'm getting these wheels and tires at a better deal by buying them from the company direct, which is odd! I'm not interested in your ordering them for me, thanks anyway" Embarrassed he didn't even bother to come up with some other excuse as to why he was trying to rip me off.  He just said "Ok, i'll cut you a check for the difference."

So before the transport was scheduled I get the paperwork (sales contract) and hmmm... interesting. I was told that there had been some repairs to the car but it was never mentioned that the car had A BRANDED TITLE-LEMON! It wasn't until I was suppose to sign on the dotted line that I found out that this car had a lemon title! Anthony had me set up for financing through CHASE. I called Chase and they said THEY DO NOT FINANCE LEMON VEHICLES! A manager local to me explained that once the title information got to the bank that they would most definitely decline the loan and I would already be driving the car! Perillo then would have to find me another bank to go through and no matter what, I could not return the car because the purchase was done. (Do you see the kind of headache Anthony was creating for me? Thank goodness mama didn't raise no fool!)

Wait for it... there's more!
So I told Anthony through text message that I was no longer interested in purchasing the vehicle. He, for whatever reason replied, "If you don't want to do the deal, I need the paperwork back." Paperwork that had my social security number on them. Interesting... I voided all the paperwork and did not return documents with social security number. I returned everything else. They never returned my $500 and I haven't heard from them since.


Hugo B. | 2010-09-26

The dealer was bought out by Joe Perillo but its very Luxury Motors inside. The service dept is one of the worst I've dealt with, they are not that busy and take their time with the car. They don't honor any service warranties you purchased from the last owners.

The sales staff is very "Boiler Room"like, heading to the club after and look like 18 year olds, so they think. It was a mistake buying my car there and unfortunately it came recommended by an ex-friend

Dolores P. | 2010-08-20

Frustrating experience at Perillo.  I came in for my 50,000 mile inspection on my Saab the other week.  They quoted me a price of 109 and then swiped my credit card.

I came in 3 hours later to pick up my car.  They refused to hand over my car until I paid.  Wait, I already paid.  They guy who I had just seen three hours prior apparently had a case of amnesia and decided to forget who I was.  In order to get my car back, I had to REPAY and then dispute charges with my bank. I stated over and over that I had already paid, but the guy said he had no recollection.  

They did tighten up my muffler free of charge, but I'm not coming back here.

Emily Q. | 2010-07-19

I have been to Perillo twice for service on my 2005 Saab. Both times I was very satisfied with their repairs and felt they gave me honest estimates about my car. My car is still under warranty, so all of my repairs were covered minus a cracked tail light. The repairs manager told me that their tail light would probably be pretty expensive and I would have better luck looking online for a used or less expensive one. I appreciated this honesty because otherwise I would've paid the $300 for their tail light, not realizing I could have found one on Ebay for only $150.

I am giving them four stars because I tried to use their online appointment request and never heard back from anyone. When I called to request an appointment, it was quick and easy. It is also slightly inconvenient that they are not open on the weekends.

I'm not sure if their service will change once my warranty has expired, but for now, I am satisfied with Perillo.

John D. | 2010-03-28

I saw a car online, only 2 1/2 yrs old and under 20k miles, and looked at all the pics and looked to be in good condition.  Went in and walked around and found that it had been in a medium-ish accident.  The 20 pictures conveniently didn't show that part of the car.

Well in any event I was willing to negotiate, and two negative things happened.
1) They admitted to me that many of their cars have damage that requires a bodyshop's work.  Most they fix up before putting on the lot according to them.
2) They didn't budge off their asking price and considering the car needed some major bodywork - there wasn't really a 'deal' to be had there after all.

I give them two stars because they were very polite and quick.

jaclyn G. | 2010-01-25

Perillo Saab should be put out of business. The only way they are still in business is by inflating prices and creating additional (possibly fictional) issues to healthy cars. I took my Saab 9.3 in to have my engine looked at because my temperature gauge was reading hot and left with a renewed sense of stereotypes for dealership mechanic shops.

Here's the play by play of the saga that unfolded last week:
1. MON: $145 off the bat to have any vehicle looked at by their mechanics ($50 elsewhere).
2. TUES: When the diagnosis came back it would cost $905 to have my entire dashboard of gauges replaced because the engine temp gauge was malfunctioning, but otherwise, according to them the car was running fine.
3. Shocked by the price and lack of logic, I asked the repairs manager (Jennifer) if my gauge needle was functioning (moving up and down), why would the dashboard console needed replaced, wouldn't it be a sensor? I was ignored.
4. I said no thanks, and told them I'd be in in a few days to pick up my car when I could plan to get out of work before 6p (their hours of operation are 9a-7p).
5. FRI: Went in and paid the $145 for the diagnostic, despite they hadn't very thoroughly searched out the issue. While waiting a mechanic causally walked by and asked if I had my car brought in for a dead battery because they were trying to jump it now in the back. I said no, and went to talk to the manager again. She wasn't in.
6. Got a hold of the manager on the phone, who sounded angry we had called her at 6:30p on a Friday. Her quote "I don't know what to tell you, we can have it towed." Her other solution was to have it hooked up to charge the alternator overnight. If it didn't hold a charge I could leave it there until Monday so the mechanics could look at it (they're repairs are closed on Sat-Sun). I opted to leave it there overnight to charge. It was against my better judgment since my battery was fine 4 days ago w hen I left it in their able hands. It was suspicious and it sounded as if someone had left a light on or a door open, killing the battery.
7. The next morning I got a call telling me bad news, my batter wouldn't hold a charge, meaning it was dead and I'd have to have it replaced.
8. They generously offered to hold the car until Monday to have mechanics take a look at it and fix the problem then. I said no, I'd be taking the car and they better jump it and jump it now because paying for them to replace a battery they killed was outrageous.
9. After a very pointed conversation with the weekend manager (Tom), I received a call back saying my car was suddenly running again. It was a miracle, I got my car out of Perillo Purgatory and took it immediately to an Autozone to have the battery checked (a FREE service they offer). My battery registered as "Good" (one step below "New") and it had a FULL charge, the Autozone people let me stand by and look at the read out as proof. The diagnosis was the complete opposite to what Perillo had told me 20 minutes earlier.

I am only glad I didn't blindly spend my money at Perillo, they stole $145 from me for a poorly run diagnostic check. AVOID THIS PLACE.

Jen B. | 2009-12-08

This service department is shady!

I purchased a saab from Perillo a couple years ago.  Thankfully, I have not had many problems with the car until recently.

I brought my car in to have a turn signal replaced and found out that the problem was much more extensive than that.  The person in charge of the service department called me about 2 minutes after bringing my car in claiming that I had corrosion damage which was causing the turn signal to fail to work.  

As I certified pre owned the car, I assumed this would be covered.  According to the service manager, this was not covered and would cost approximately $600.  

I proceeded to call around and found that the price quoted was about $100 higher than other Saab service places in the city.

I thought I would have a dealership outside the city look at the car and do the service work there.  Not only did they tell me that the problem was electrical, not due to corrosion, but that the service was fully covered by my warranty.  

The dishonest scum at Perillo swore that this was NOT covered by my warranty and due to the fact that they hastily misdiagnosed the problem, would've cost me twice as much in the long run!

Stay away from Perillo service!

Trent C. | 2009-11-17

Worst service I have ever experienced, in any industry.  Took my car in for service with 15,000 miles.  Was told my warrenty was invalid because I had my oil changed at a "non-dealer" location.  

I asked for my car back and refused to have the work done out of pocket.  I had to wai one hour for a porter to get my car, and was charged $175 for "testing".

Avoid this place at all costs...!

Mara A. | 2009-10-05

I had a good experience here, friendly service but the cars, ha. I wish i would have known this before spending a good amount of money on a Land Rover which turned out to be a lemon. But of course, the lemon law only applies to NEW cars, not used. Perillo buys their cars from an auction which is a warning already, not to buy. The car could be a piece of junk (or a lemon) and they will buy it at cheap and sell it for a lot more.

Within the 6 months I had my car, the transmission blew twice, i had to get 6 new batteries and some other mechanical issues. No joke, my car was probably in the shop 3-4 months in total while i had it.

never buy a car from an auction, make sure you know where your car is coming from before spending a lot of money and making the mistake i did.

K T Y. | 2009-09-22

Sales people and service people are nice and helpful. I thought I got a really fair deal on a used car. However, the staff really needs to work on returning phone calls and calling you when stuff you're waiting on comes in. At that time I wrote this review, it has been one week since I left a message for the lady in parts department. Still no call back. Don't believe me, try it out yourself.

Daniel W. | 2009-02-27

I had a great experience at Perillo. The first time I went there I worked with Sebastian and never felt that normal pressure to buy a car or do a deal that I normally feel. When I came back a couple days later I was able to go over the cars I was interesting in.  Rich was able to take as much time as I needed to let me test drive a couple cars and get informed.

I also worked with Nick and Roy with the Finance and Sales department and they were also extremely helpful and on point.

I ended up buying a Saab and getting a better deal than I could have gotten anywhere else for sure. Check out their website first and look at their inventory. Dan Kern, the Sales Manager, finds cars for great prices and passes on the good deals to us.

I believe one of the other reviews was done by an ex-employee so you know thats all BS.

very happy

Amy S. | 2009-02-25

I had a transmission problem- the car was back in my possession within 48 hours running great and everything was covered under my warranty.  Nice people too.

Mary T. | 2008-09-12

I come here because I have to, not because I want to. What I mean by that is Perillo is the only Saab dealer in Chicago so I'm fortunate that they're near my house.

I bought my car from a distant cousin when I was still living in the burbs. Since their dealership was so far away I knew I wouldn't be going back there for service and found a place closer to home. I couldn't have been happier with my experience there. They have always been friendly, offered a loaner without asking, and kept me in the loop regarding the status of my repairs. Then I moved to the city...

The first time I went to Perillo it was to get one of my tires patched and put back on and my jack replaced. The jack totally buckled almost crushing the hand of the nice guy helping me - I guess no good deed really does go unpunished. I called ahead, but they refused to order a replacement jack until I brought the new one in! When it finally came I was called and told them I'd pick it up on Saturday. When I came no one could find it meaning I'd have to make another trip back (trip #3). Then I got a message a few days later saying they'd send the jack back if I didn't pick it up! WTF! They couldn't find it when I came! Already I was unhappy with my experience.

Since then I've been there a few times and I always feel like someone is trying to pull a fast one on me.  No one has been rude, but I feel like because I'm female I'm assumed to be clueless. First, they replaced my keys, Saab keys are very unique, without telling me. I figured it out because an extra key was sitting in my console; when I called thinking they left it there by mistake I was told my keys were replaced because of a recall. I didn't remember getting a notice, but I've searched recalls and never found one, which I've always felt was a bit shady. Second, and it sounds minor, but they changed the frames on my plates without asking. This irked me for the following reasons: I didn't buy my car from them so why should they get free advertising, I bought my car from a family member and have some loyalty, and what gives them the right to do unnecessary things I didn't ask for! I bet they thought I'd leave them on by using fancy screws, but never underestimate a girl with a toolbox; I had those suckers off and into the recycling bin in a flash with my trusty allen wrench. Third, my car is smart, sometimes a little too smart for its own good; it tells you when it needs an oil change among other things. When I was in once I mentioned that it had been nearly 10 months and the oil change warning had never gone off. The service guy checked the car and said not to worry about it, the light will come on when it's time, but then said he'd change it anyway. Confused, I told him not to, but wondered why would he offer to perform a service (and charge me for it) he just admitted was unnecessary.

Bottom line, I reluctantly bring my car here for service because it's my closest dealership option. However, any time I need to visit the dealer for something more extensive and likely expensive I'm more comfortable taking my car back out to the burbs. I also know they'll give me something to drive until they're done.

Nicole H. | 2008-08-12

NEVER AGAIN!!  we are counting down the days until our saab lease runs out.  the service department is horrible ~ what service department doesn't have weekend hours these days????!!!!  even when you make an appointment, you end up waiting a good 30 minutes for them to fill out the paperwork and get the ball rolling on the service.  and don't try calling on the phone - you're lucky if you get someone to talk to you, and that's after waiting a good 20 minutes on the phone.

when you call to ask a simple question about your warranty they give you attitude - look, we all know that you are sitting in front of a computer and it will take maybe 2 minutes (tops) to put my name in the computer, pull up my information and answer my questions...  

i have left several messages for the leasing manager - not one of my calls were returned.  after 4 messages, i just gave up.

when we brought our car in the first time - after only having the car for 2 weeks - we had to have the whole electrical system replaced....  um, can you say lemon???  so they gave us a rental/loaner - now i'm not a snob, but i am reasonable.  if i'm paying a monthly payment for a saab, don't give me a geo metro as a loaner.  and if you are going to give me a geo metro, at least give me one that has a cd player with ac - the one we got had no cd player and no ac.  

the only good thing about this place is joe castanza - our sales associate.  

can't wait until october - we are turning in this car, walking away from perillo saab, and never looking back.

Eliza M. | 2008-04-20

Saab Exchange in Morton Grove recently closed or else we would have taken the car there.

We know Perillo is usually a pain to deal with but the most recent time we dealt with them was great.

They took the car on short notice to do major service. The guy called several times to give us updates while completing the service. Pricing, while not as cheap as Saabtech, was fair considering the quality of workmanship. They gave us the rotors and destroyed brake pads that Saabtech had just put on.

And to top it off, they washed the car extremely well and replaced our hood ornament for free!

We'll see how next time goes...

George B. | 2008-02-23

If it wasn't for Randy, we would've fallen into the Gotti experience.  They do a good job employing those who enjoy black turtlenecks and have perfected that air of entitlement that comes with their brands, but luckily we ended up working with a down to earth salesman.  

Can't speak to the service dept, but we'll surely have our opinions sometime.  Did think the guys in the back seems disorganized and lazy in our experiences there.

Nevertheless, we're happy with our new to us wheels and feel a decent deal was made for a great car.

Goran I. | 2008-01-04

I recently bought a 1999 Saab 9-3s from Perillo Saab on 1111 W Diversey.  I did get a decent price on the car itself but now having to get service with them is too much hassle, so I don't plan on servicing my car there, unless it's something only a Saab dealer can do.  Even then, I will consider driving to another dealership, even if it is in the suburbs.
It takes their parts department  3.5 weeks to order in a spare key, which I can only get from Saab because of the engine immobilizer.  Both their parts and their service area won't answer their phones 3 out of 4 times, and if you do leave a message, don't set your hopes high that they will call you back. On top of this basic lack of courtesy, the prices for their "service" is too high. I suppose this would be expected from Saab-authorized dealership but this specific location doesn't add up to one.

SaSa .. | 2006-11-17

This has to be the worst experience I've ever had while getting my car fixed.

Major problem: price gouging

I had a problem with the brakes, and was quoted $450 for the part and $450 for four hours labor. This sounded really expensive, so I called around and found that every other dealer and garage said the part would be $100 or $250, depending on whether I wanted it new or used. They also said that any mechanic should be able to do the labor for an hour and a half, two hours max. Perillo is a complete rip off.

Minor annoyances:
-when I pulled up to the garage, the service bay door was closed. I had to get out, go around the front and ask them to open it. They apologized and said the staff are supposed to be watching it and open it when customers approach
-The website said they had a shuttle service, but when I asked about it, they said they only had a shuttle if the second porter showed up. They open at 7:30, the second porter was scheduled to work at 8:00. I would have thought they would have had a shuttle organized for early morning drop offs, as chances are if you are dropping a car off at 7:30 am you are on your way to work/school.
- I ended up not having the work done there, but was still charged for an hours labor. I'm ok with that charge, but there was an extra $42.95 charge on the bill. Took 10 minutes to get that taken off. In those 10 minutes, the cashier charged my card for the higher amount. Took an extra 5 minutes for her to process the void/recharge.

So overall a very disappointing experience. I'd never go back!