Car Credit Center in Chicago, IL

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We believe that everyone deserves a chance. Whether you have had credit problems in the past or you are trying to establish credit, our team at Car Credit Center is committed to working with you.


Established in 1947.

Car Credit Center is a family owned business that was established 60 years ago with the intent of ensuring that everyone in the Chicagoland area has the chance to own a quality used vehicle at an affordable price with low monthly payments.

Car Credit Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 737-7600
Address:7600 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60620
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Car Credit Center

Michelle G. | 2013-10-07

This place is only getting 2 stars for one reason and one reason only. My sales person was amazing and went out of his way for me(Oscar). So i went in to purchase a car recently and found just the right one. A Chevy Impala. Test drove it and loved it and told Oscar I wanted it. Deal he said he went off to who knows where comes back tells me its mine but i cant take it home...ummm... ok?? lets me know they still dont have the title for it. Ok perfectly fine he offers to take a deposit to hold the car for me and call me when they get the title. ok sounds great to me... a week later... i finally get a call... the car is ready for me i go in sign the paperwork and all goes well. They break up my down payment into 3 payments which i def appreciated. So i make first payment when i take the car make second payment 2 weeks later which i had to change amounts due to finance issues that arose out of nowhere.., they luckily understood... but when i call to make the final payment all hell broke loose. i get an incompetent rude cashier... who simply states to me after asking her a simple question "man.. i dont know, im just the cashier" well then how about instead of answering like a moron you get me someone who knows the answer... fast forward i stop trying to get an answer to my simple question and tell her i just want to make my payment. She then proceeds to tell me an amount that was incorrect i correct her to which point she puts me on hold and get some other incompetent beyond rude person so called "finance manager" who then proceeeds to ask me if i made my previous payment...(you mean to tell me that you dont keep records of what payments are made at hand) Clearly infuriated me knowing that half of the people that work there are below competent and dont know how to speak to a customer. Word to the wise... the customer is the one paying for the food on your table at the end of the day... So maybe you guys should learn some manners.

Nafeesah A. | 2009-09-18

I am rewriting this review again since my last one was deleted, but I have been doing some reviews of this and seen in other reviews online as them being overpriced and not forthright in explaining things when it comes to the vehicles that they sell. I have also seen cars there that were several thousands less and even more they seem to get them as trade ins from people who want a car that costs less.

I live near this location and pass by it all the time. They seem very good at putting the most upscale car on the commercial, but having a  look in person it's not what its cracked up to be because some of the cars don't look all that great and some of them even have high mileage on them which can put them as a high financial risk because you will at some point will have to spend money keeping it fixed up. Not to mention you don't know the full history of a car.

For example if you were at a major dealership they at least will provide you a detailed history of that car(s) through carfax or . I found some other reviews on Yahoo not too long ago and a couple of them were not exactly pleasant, and the sad thing is that they're marked high with an A+ with the BBB and the only problem is that their website is crap because they're supposed to have a list of their available cars and when you go and click on the link you get an error message.

This is anyone's guess as to how reliable the information is and how much they invest in a reputable website.I emailed them for some information about a car I just happened to see on their commercial and got NO response which also says a lot for how they treat potential customers.

If I was going to do business with a place I would expect them to at least respond to a customer inquiry. I have passed by this place for years and seen the cars they have which some of them are not worth the money if they're priced higher than the car's real bluebook value for that year.

My advice to anyone looking for a car don't go to Car Credit Center's website it's crap and you won't get a response and don't waste your time since many places along Western Avenue tend to have shady dealerships that are waiting to sell you a worthless lemon with problems.

I was not interested in being sweet talked by some slick salesman, I was there to look at possibly buying a car and a friend happened to be with me when she was looking  and wasnt impressed with the sales tactic so we left and went to the dealership next door where she got her car from. Shop around and research before you put the signature or any money down on a car.

Always check first hand about credit and financing so you don't get locked into a contract you can't get out of since places like these live for them. Having owned a car it's amazing how slick salespeople like to take advantage of women because of their "lack" of knowledge and experience in buying things like cars. To all the newbies getting their first car read everyting in your agreements and ask a lot of questions because car dealerships don't want problems for selling a lemon.

Check all reviews whether it's here on Yelp or elsewhere because it's the difference between paying a high note than getting your money's worth on a reliable car.