Berns Car Sales Company in Chicago, IL

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Berns Car Sales Company in Chicago, IL.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Berns Car Sales Company, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Berns Car Sales Company in other cities in the Illinois.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(773) 342-6655
Address:1700 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647

Reviews on Berns Car Sales Company

Thomas C. | 2011-12-22

When I went in and met with the sales manager, I explained that I was looking for a used car that will hold up for local deliveries.  Being a new business owner myself, I wanted to make sure they understood the importance of this purchase to me and my business.  They had me look at a Jeep with low mileage, and assured me they're mechanic looked it over, tuned it up and it was in solid condition.  I really liked the vehicle and felt like we would even continue to do business together.  

When I got the vehicle off the lot, it started having some issues which the sales manager informed me they would fix.  The vehicle started surging a bit, which could be chalked up to a hose, but then I was having problems with the 4 wheel drive.  At this point, I hadn't signed for the financing, but he kept assuring me they would take care of it.  When I tried to bring the vehicle back in for servicing, they were not there when they told me to come, and they cancelled on me twice because the mechanic was not in, so I still thought, okay, we will get it done, they're close by.  

Well, I was in the middle of a huge catering order for my business, and the vehicle died downtown in the middle of the street.  I called the company back and asked for help, what to do, and they left me hanging out there on my own and told me that it was my problem now, but he would see what he could work out for me.  The same day, the woman in the office calls me and I explained the situation to her as well, and she also starts getting a little shady with me on the phone.  We have a small balance to be paid on the car, which we were going to take cafe of, but right now my car is sitting at the repair shop, waiting for a tow truck to come and move it because they can't get it into the bay since the wheels are locked up.

I am really disappointed with the "flip" of a switch attitude, especially when you're trying to work things out.  I understand I bought a used vehicle, but we had a very in depth conversation about things that don't seem to be lining up now.  I feel a little mislead, and it could wind up costing me.

I want to like this place and I want to have the opportunity to recommend them to others, but until I see how this plays out, I have to stick with this rating and commentary.  My vehicle is supposed to be looked at this afternoon, so once I have some more information, and we see how they decide to work things out, I will have an update.  Who know's it may be something simple, or it may have been a total lemon.  Either way, no one wants to feel like they were ripped off, nor do they want to feel like the dealership they purchase from is money driven and that's all.  

I hope this will get resolved and I can change my rating.

Michael D. | 2008-10-28

Oh, I wish I could rate negative stars. Liars, cheats, crooks... don't know what the HELL they're doing. Stay far, far away from here. They'll try to screw you with the in-house financing.... Also, they'll STEAL YOUR DEPOSIT! They refused to give me my $50.00 deposit back.

The owner said "You're not allowed to look at other cars once you give us a deposit!". F*ck you! I was going to buy a 1993 Jeep from them with 150,000 miles on it, and then I found a 1997 Jeep with 116,000 miles on it for the same price. Obviously, I wasn't going to buy the 93, then.

Just steer clear of BERN'S. BERNS WILL BURN YOU.