Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Chicago in Chicago, IL

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Not only has FIAT outsold it entire last year's sales through June 2012, but is on pace to have its BEST Year in the U.S. since its return!

The FIAT Abarth is one of the HOTTEST cars in the market right now and FIAT has many more exciting models coming soon! Like the 500L (or LONG 4-door 500) and just announced the 500X (SUV).

Not to mention that the CEO of FIAT USA has announce the return of the much anticipated ALFA ROMEO to the U.S. with production starting in Summer 2013 of the Alfa Romeo 4C


Established in 2012.

Fiat of Chicago is family owned and operated by Antonio Scalzo (President) and his son Carmelo A. Scalzo (Vice President).

Antonio Scalzo grew up in Calabria, Italy working on Fiats and Alfa Romeos as a young mechanic. He moved to Chicago in his early twenties and worked days, nights, even weekends, trying to accomplish the "American Dream" of one day owning his own business.

In 1979, Antonio got the chance to live that dream purchased a small Fiat dealership in the western suburbs of Chicago, called Suburban Auto Imports, he grew that business in to what ended up becoming the Largest Volume Fiat / Alfa Romeo Dealership in the U.S. (up until 1995 when Alfa Romeo pulled out of the United States).

Now, almost 17 years later Fiat has triumphantly returned to the United States and this July, Antonio and his son Carmelo have once again returned to their passion and Italian Heritage with the Fiat brand and opened Fiat of Chicago in Downtown Chicago!

Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Chicago

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 735-7891
Address:645 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL, 60661
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Chicago

Sloane H. | 2014-04-16

I can't say enough positive things about Fiat of Chicago. This was my first car buying experience and it went incredibly smoothly. I worked with Phil DeLozano and Paul Bowman to complete the purchase of my 2013 500 Pop. Both made me feel welcome at the showroom and made sure that I knew my business was appreciated. Everyone was honest and fair when discussing the trade-in value of my old vehicle, and Paul was more than willing to explain everything (a few times, even) and answer all my questions to ensure that I felt confident signing all the necessary paperwork. Plus, I was able to leave the dealership with my new tags taken care of and on the car, eliminating a trip to the DMV. Overall, I couldn't be happier. I would absolutely return to Fiat of Chicago in the future and would recommend the dealership and the Fiat brand to anyone looking for a great little car for the city and a positive car buying experience. Thanks, guys!

Nick F. | 2014-02-25

A great car buying experience.  After a disastrous start at the Fiat dealer in Schaumburg, we gave Fiat of Chicago a try.  Unlike the Chrysler dealer in Schaumburg that has erected a tent with useless salesmen working the Fiat line, these guys at FoC really seem to be 'car people' and understand Italian cars.  We worked a very acceptable deal, the process was smooth and efficient, no tacky upselling of paint treatments during the closing.

The location is convenient for those coming in from the 'burbs.  I would recommend them for anyone looking for a 500 in Chicagoland.

Mary V. | 2013-10-08

My husband and I had a very good experience at Fiat of Chicago. This  was our first new car purchase since the early 80s, we usually buy used cars from friends and family to save on the cost. So we were a bit apprehensive about making this big decision.

Mohamed was a great salesmen to work with as we weighed the various models and options. We ended up with a lounge model. After owning the car for just a few days we found a problem....mold in the trunk. Obviously, we were very concerned about this and it is still a mystery how/why mold began. We just knew mold was something we could not be blasé about.

Both Mohamed and the manager worked with us to remedy the situation.  We were able to return our car and get a new one. They went out of their way to give us the exact same car model and color etc....waaaay out of their way.

We love our new car and find the location of the service department in Oak Park works very well for us.

John S. | 2013-10-03

Went to Fiat of Chicago looking at cars for my boyfriend. After seeing there low prices advertised on there web site we decided to make the drive into Chicago to check them out. The show room is all inside which was nice. The sales man was friendly and let us look around without bothering us too much. When it came down to the price though that advertised price online is only good for like 2 people in the world. You have to be a recent collage grad that was in the service with perfect credit. What a scam. When negotiating the price on the car they came down like a few hundred dollars. I think not... Looks like lots of 2013's still sitting there to me. May want to give better deals with the 2014's coming out. When we tried to negotiate the price they said no that was the price so we left. They didn't bother to call either after we left to try to earn our business so we went elsewhere and were treated much better. If you are coming here thinking you are going to get the prices advertised on there website think again because it isn't happening.

South Loop Dog Mom W. | 2013-08-21

I was very surprised to see several negative earlier reviews regarding customer service. Perhaps Fiat Chicago took that earlier feedback to heart and improved.

My experience was OUTSTANDING! Both Briana (studio consultant) and Phil, (general sales manager) couldn't have been nicer or more responsive. As other reviewers stated, the purchasing experience itself, was the best and easiest transaction I ever had. Trade-in amount was very fair, and matched the amount. Briana was straightforward , helpful, and patient. The time spent on all the tasks accompanying purchasing took only a couple of hours (less than half the time spent on my past Toyota purchases). Value/price point was excellent on my 500L.

Most importantly, when I encountered several serious, unexpected problems with the car, after only one week, Fiat Chicago immediately delivered a loner and took my Fiat to their temporary service location in Oak Park. My car was returned to me and, amazingly continued to have problems. Obviously devastating in a brand new car! I was so worried that I would have to "fight" to get a different new car. But Phil and Briana promised me they would take care of me. And they did. Three days later I had my "new" new car...and it's perfect. I love my 500L!


James O. | 2013-08-10

We had a great afternoon yesterday at Fiat of Chicago.  After a bit of phone/email tag, we decided to just show up at the showroom (I mean studio!) to see what would happen and look at cars.  Our initial sales contact was not immediately available, but Briane took excellent care of us, showed us several cars we asked about,  did not try to upsell us (in fact, we bought a "Sport" when what I thought I had wanted was the "Lounge".  I've sold cars before, and while this dealership's procedures are the same (the salesperson still has to work through the sales manager) there really was no pressure.  We got an excellent deal on our trade,  had a nice cup of espresso, had a great chat with Briane about life and music and opera and our careers,  and really came away feeling pleased with our experience.  Oh, and we got a new car!  Turns out that Gabriel (our initial sales contact) is still learning the car sales business,  so we helped him out by allowing Briane to use us as training subjects for paper work and car delivery.  We have recommended to our neighbor, (a single woman) that she consider a Fiat for her new car.  I think she would find the same no-pressure sales experience we did.  Five stars!

Ron W. | 2013-07-28

We cannot say enough about Fiat of Chicago. We purchased a turbo stick shift car Fiat 500 from them.  After two weeks my partner had severe leg pain from using the clutch. We called our sales person, Briana ,and within a minute she said they would take the car back and we could get an automatic.  There was NO money lost and they could not have been greater. We give them the highest recommendation for their customer service and BTW we love our Fiat 500.

Mark S. | 2013-07-01

Everyone was Great!  Camille introduced me around, very nice.  Roy was quite knowledgeable and a car buff at that.  The Manager was gracious as were Brianna and others.  Hey They're "Dog Friendly", too.  Gucci even has an addition to the Fleet.
(Thanks, Camille.)

James H. | 2013-06-21

Bought our Fiat Pop here today, Roy our salesman couldn't have made our purchase a better experience. Today was our fourth visit to the showroom. Fiat's sales philosophy is to never pressure people visiting their showroom. The decision to buy is left completely in the customer's hands, and price negotiation couldn't have been more professional.

Whether you live close by in Chicago or not, you owe it to your self to visit Fiat of Chicago. Bravissimo, Bravissimo!!!

Nolan H. | 2013-05-11

My car buying experience at Fiat could not have gone better.  Our friendly sales representative, Brianna, was more than helpful, did not try to up-sell us, and listened to exactly what we wanted and was able to get it for us. There was no hassle or run around, they were straight forward and honest, plus they were very reasonable on our trade in.  In all, the service, honesty, incentives, and helpfulness made this the best car buying experience my wife or I have had.

Kirsten N. | 2013-02-17

Car dealerships and cocky car salesmen in particular have made me dread purchasing a vehicle.  

My salesperson Rory never made me feel like I was playing the usual tug of war that I've dealt with in the past.  He never pushed and even helped when I couldn't make it to the dealership on a Saturday and very few models I was looking to purchase were left.  We put a deposit down on the remaining blue 2012 Fiat 500 that had the features I desired.  It was my intention to purchase this vehicle when I went in for a test the following Monday.  Once I arrived at the dealership I fell in love with the bright yellow Fiat 500.

I was able to test drive, agree to a price, and sign all the paperwork in under 2 hours, it was a miracle!

Thank you to Rory, Antonio, and the entire Fiat of Chicago staff for never making me feel like I was being pushed and prodded.

Tomorrow will mark my one week anniversary of my purchase of "Sunshine", I'm in love!

Richie D. | 2013-01-07

When I came to the realization that traveling to my new job only 3 miles away took 45 minutes to arrive via the CTA+walking, I knew I needed a car asap.  When considering buying new items, bigger is almost always better (unless you're in Texas).  This goes for Chicago too with its deep-dish pizza, disappearing skyscrapers, and luxury condos--but not cars!  Between fitting in parking garages, paying for overpriced gasoline, and fitting in tight parking spots while parallel parking, smaller is simply better in my book.  I considered many compact cars including the Fiat 500 Pop, Mazda2, Honda Fit, Mini Cooper, Chevy Spark, and the Ford Fiesta (my dear Joyce Ford in Chicago closed).  Since I hadn't yet begun my new job, my budget was tight.  After performing all the research possible via the Internet, I decided that the Fiat Pop 500 fit my criteria best.  Being a Chicago resident, I searched for the closest Fiat dealership and came across the Fiat of Chicago.  I was skeptical at first based on the poor Yelp reviews and lack of DealerRater reviews, and considered just scheduling a test drive at the Chicago dealership (since it is closer to my house), but buying at the Fiat of Highland Park due to their high reviews and positive buyer experiences---Little did I know that Fiat of Chicago had only been open about 5 months, not near long enough for consistent reviews to be written.  This Chicago location couldn't be any more perfect, right off Randolph Street and Interstate 94.  The general sales manager, Phil DeLozano, has endless experience in the automotive sales business, not to mention that the Italian Fiat president, Antonio Scalzo and his son Carmelo, have successfully sold Fiats in the US for over 17 years.

When I walked in, the dealership was very modern and spacious with only a few dividing walls for offices.  It is complete with a full showroom (the largest in the Midwest), a Fiat cafe (serving complimentary coffees, espressos and bottled water:… ), a Fiat lounge displaying Fiat fan accessories (… ), and various dealer offices.  In the near future, they will offer a full service center with a car wash which is under construction.  Until then, they offer a loaner vehicle and transport your Fiat to their Forest Park location when service is required.

I worked my dealer Mohamad who was not in the slightest pushy or carried on the "evil" reputation car salesmen possess.  Mohamad and I shared several correspondence via email prior to my visit regarding their current specials, inventory and a test drive.  I originally planned on leasing a 2013 Fiat with their special of $199/month with $999 down.  That was until I became aware of all the great financial deals they offered: $50 Visa gift card for scheduling a test drive, $500 discount for graduating graduate school within the last 6 months (just bring a transcript for undergrad or grad school), and a great interest rate by working with their bank thanks to my good credit score.  With a deal I couldn't pass up, I ended up buying a 2012 Fiat Pop outright, who I named Icicle due to his awesome blue color.  For being 5 days after the New Year and with only 18 miles, he was in perfect condition.  This was the smoothest and least stress negotiation process my partner and me had ever experienced at a car dealership.  Phil and Mohamad were willing to meet in between our two price goals.  Phil helped take care of all the endless paperwork (he had it all down pat!) and later took the time to sit in the car and show me how to take advantage of all the bells and whistles the car offered---even the base Fiat model has cruise control, a USB port (for charging and music) and Blue&ME, their bluetooth voice capabilities.  Overall, it was a great experience.

I absolutely love Icicle (meet him here:… ) and hope this review will allow those during their perfect car search give Fiat of Chicago a chance.

Sara P. | 2012-12-04

This dealership is absolutely awful!!  DO NOT GO HERE!!

During construction of this dealership, I had my car parked in front of their building.  The dealership failed to notify or put up any signage that they were going to paint their red sign.  They ended up getting red spray paint all over my car, as well as many other cars. I had to get my car serviced and know another person who had to have their car completely repainted.  While they did buff my car free of charge, the customer service that I received during the process was horrible.  Complete lack of communication or help for a problem that they caused.  

Now they have put up no parking signs in front of their building.  This parking is city property should be for anyone who wants to park there, in the first come first serve manner that it has always been.  It is now a complete tow zone, which doesn't allow for even potential customers to park there- I'm not sure what's the point.  

This business has done nothing to make a good first impression.  I can only hope that this establishment fails and a different business replaces it to better help the neighborhood.

Nikki H. | 2012-10-09

I am in the midst of trying to determine which type of car I want to purchase.  I have been wanting a Fiat-- seems like the perfect car for the city.  I visited Fiat of Chicago and the sales team provided very helpful information about their vehicles.  I felt like a guest and was taken care of.  

I am slow to make big purchasing decisions and they respected that and provided me with the information I need to make my decision. I am still debating on my vehicle choice, but I am totally leaning toward a Fiat.

Ignacio R. | 2012-09-24

I wanted to like FIAT of Chicago because it is located in a convenient location in downtown Chicago, so I don't need to go to the suburbs to get my FIAT serviced. Unfortunately, FIAT of Chicago's customer service is abysmal. In essence, their personal manners are worse than poor and their service department is clumsy.

It all started driving from Chicago to Cincinnati when my already wimpy AC stopped working altogether, this after less than 7k miles. It seems that the little Mexitalian car wasn't assembled very well.

I drove it back to Chicago, which was a toasty trip but at least I got 43.5mpg since the AC compressor was dead, and started looking for a dealer (called studios in FIATspeak). Lo and behold, someone has opened a FIAT dealer close enough for me to drop my car and go back to work walking if needed be. I called them and got Steve, a really nice guy, to whom I explained that my AC broke and I would like them to fix it, thank you very much. Steve said sure thing and asked if I wanted something else done in the car, since the car was due for service in a month, I decided to go ahead and get the oil changed too. I dropped the car there Tuesday morning and went back to work.

Steve called that very same day and left me a voicemail letting me know that my oil and filter were changed and the car could be ready for pick up the next day. Odd, he didn't mention the AC malfunction at all. I called back and asked about the AC, he seemed puzzled and recognized that nothing was done in that respect. He had a technician check the car immediately and called back to let me know that after some troubleshooting, they discovered that my compressor was dead. By Thursday the car was fixed and we agreed on me picking up the car at FIAT of Chicago Friday at 10am.

I arrived there at 10am, the lady in the front desk greeted me, and asked what brought me to FIAT of Chicago. I said that I was there to pick up my car from service; she seemed confused like that was the strangest thing someone has told her in her entire life. One of the salesmen, the same individual I handed the keys of my car on Tuesday, came to help the troubled woman and asked the same thing, but this time in a very unfriendly tone.  Anyway, I have a very well developed prefrontal lobe so I just stated my business in the most unemotional way: "I'm here to pick up my car from service". His next question, in the same uninviting tone was: "and who are you?" At this point I just said my name, and he looked at me in a state of utter confusion.

Somehow they decided to call the service department, located in the suburbs, to try to find out what's going on in such an unimaginable and uncommon scenario in a car dealership: a costumer coming to pick up a car from service! Unfathomable!  Hey, guys, you are selling FIAT's better get used to it.

It turns out the person driving my car back was running late, not an ideal situation but not terrible either, at least not too terrible in a normal dealership. I was left to wander around the place while I was waiting for my car, time that I used to check my email and make sure that I was not urgently needed at work. By the time my car arrived I was ready to get the heck out of that place not to come back again. That was the moment the salesman with poor bedside manners came to apologize and offer me a coffee. That's nice, but hey, I just wanted to leave at this point, on the other hand, doing that after behaving like a jerk and while I was waiting for the FIAT to arrive would have been a good idea.

The invoice was never shown to me until I paid it, which is not a good practice, and it didn't include any reference to the work done on the AC. I was told that I have to get that record from the service department. Moving on, the AC works, hooray!

End of the story? Oh no! As I discovered later my 12v outlet (aka cigarette lighter) doesn't work anymore so I cannot recharge my phone or GPS. I guess they took apart the dash looking for a bad contact and they didn't put it together properly. Also there is a sticker on my car indicating that service is due in 3 months or 3k miles, that for a car that gets serviced every 6 months or 8k miles, no explanation for this fact was offered at the dealership. Lastly, the technician that took care of my car couldn't be bothered to operate buttons with clean hands and there are black grease marks on some of the white buttons on the dash. In conclusion, I would recommend this dealership wholeheartedly to my worst enemy.

Linsey R. | 2012-08-27

So, I really wanted to buy my Fiat from this location since it's in the city and close to my house - unfortunately they made it impossible to do so.  I arrived for my first visit and a nice salesperson helped us, gave options, etc. After 20 minutes of talking with him on a hot day inside their no-air conditioning-building (they hadn't got it working yet), they told us to leave because they weren't officially open for business yet and didn't want to get in trouble from the city.  Interesting...but we're patient, so we made arrangements to return a few days later.

Second visit:  The nice salesman wasn't working, so we began talking to another person who was also there on our first visit (appears to be the owner or something).  I politely reminded him of my prior visit, the car I was looking for, etc.  I told him the monthly payment I was looking for and that the down payment was negotiable.  He was hesitant and kept rudely talking in circles about me needing to decide what I want. Ummm, Aren't you the car salesman? I'm pretty sure I'm at a dealership that essentially sells one make and one model, I've been to your dealership twice, and I'm showing you the exact car I would like to buy - what else do you want me to decide?? At that point, we had to ask him to run the numbers on the specific car. When he brought them back he was still rude and wouldn't let us leave with the quote.  From our experience they're not too interested in selling cars.

SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND GO TO FIELDS  FIAT IN HIGHLAND PARK. The were polite, helpful, and have endless coffee :)