Hennessy Buick of Southlake in Morrow, GA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Hennessy Buick of Southlake in Morrow, GA.

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Hennessy Buick of Southlake

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 472-6589
Address:7261 Jonesboro Rd, Morrow, GA, 30260

Reviews on Hennessy Buick of Southlake

Alysha P. | 2014-09-11

Horrible customer service... Lemon vehicles.... Does not take responsibility for vehicle issues.... I purchased 3 cars and thought it would be different, but it's the same.... Never again!

Janos J. | 2014-08-01

My wife and I were looking for a SUV to replace her Honda Accord. I love Honda's and it is all that I buy, however with children they just do not provide enough room for long trips. After endless research and renting SUV's, I found us a 2011 Kia Sorrento Ex that had all the bells and whistles, leather seats, but not just leather, they were powered and heated (not like we need them here in the south), two sunroofs, premium stereo system, etc... This was the only EX Sorrento that I could find in the state and it was located here at Hennessy Buick GMC used lot, which is located right next door to their main dealership.

We drove over an hour to this dealership and as we were walking towards the rear door of their custom trailer (no, it is not a double wide), Mr. Freightman stepped out and greeted us. He is ex-military, so he was very professional and to be honest, hilarious too. My wife and I put down our $100 deposit so they would not sell the car and hold it until we came back the following day to purchase it through USAA. I have heard stories of other dealerships going ahead and selling the vehicle to someone else, so I am glad that they do hold cars if a small deposit is put down. We did a trade in and Marvin was able to get us within $500 of what we were asking, so we were happy and as a bonus he was able to get us a gas credit at a gas station that they use down the street.

I do not like pushy sales people, who does? I knew what I wanted and we did not need to be sold anything, because we were buying. It was a pleasure working with Marvin here and I am glad he was our sales guy, he really made it easy and a good experience, as it should be. My only issue was that there were a few scratches on one door, nothing major, however Marvin did say he would try and get someone in the shop to buff it out or at least have some touch up paint mailed to us. Neither happened, so this is my only disappointment, after all, when spending almost $30k on a vehicle, it would be nice if everything was immaculately shape.

We are still pleased with the Sorrento and have not had any major issues, besides the air blower (blower motor resistor?) staying on high, which is very annoying, for such a new car, but that has nothing to do with this dealership and is an issue with Kia Motors Corporation.

Besides the paint issue, which is not a deal breaker, I would recommend this place and would definitely purchase again from Marvin.

[Review #182]

Jeremy W. | 2014-04-23

I found a Jeep they had advertised on Autotrader.com (under the public site) for $8,484.  I called and talked to a salesman and told him that I'd seen it on the site and wanted to come take a look at it.  He verified for me that it was still there so I drove 45 miles through the middle of Atlanta down there with my checkbook in hand to go see if it was as good as the photos looked.  It wasn't.  It'd been hit in both the front and the rear and had a really cheap and crappy hurry up paint job on both the front and the rear bumpers with runs in the paint.  They hadn't even bothered to mask off the surrounding area and had painted half the spare tire in the attempt.

HOWEVER - that wasn't even the worst part of it.  After my inspection of the Jeep, we sat down to talk numbers and I found that the price had jumped from the $8,484 they showed on Auto Trader to $9,999.  Their excuse was that their Auto Trader price was the "wholesale" price that's not available to the public.  Of course, the salesguy backpedaled all over the place and made all manner of claims that this wasn't just outright fraud.  I pointed out that I'd called and told him what I was looking and he never bothered to mention anything about this "wholesale" crap.  It's simply a bait and switch ploy in order to get people into their dealership under the guise of a low price where they can badger them with high pressure sales tactics.

When I asked for the keys for my vehicle back (the one I was going to trade) so that I could leave, he kept making excuses and promised to get them if I'd just sit down where he proceeded to try over and over again to sell him their Jeep at the inflated price.  He completely ignored me on the points regarding the damage and the fact that the oil cooler had been crushed in the front end damaged and not replaced.  In fact, the backyard body shop hadn't even masked it off either and had painted it and the radiator when they repaired the front end.

I will never shop with ANY Hennessy owned company again and I urge you to bypass them in the future.  They are NOT honest people.

Charles G. | 2013-10-16

On October 9, 2013. i had an experience at Hennessy Buick in Morrow that left me feeling LESS  than satisfied...
Maybe the economy blues have set in on this dealership..
First a little background. ..My wife and I purchased a Buick Lacrosse, and Lucerne in September 2006.
I no longer have my Lucerne but my wife's Lacrosse is still running very well...
She received on-line coupons for a front end alignment for $59.95. $10.00 off any service..etc..
Another bit of info, is that I really try to make sure that my lovely wife of 32 years is not breaking down on the metro-Atlanta highways..
I usually have a decent experience here at Hennessy in Morrow, but this time regarding the coupon, I was told that the 59.95 was only for two tires and  if I wanted 4 tires , the rate was 89.95. I was encouraged to use the coupon for $10.00 dollars off.
We paid 79.95.
I have never heard of a two wheel FRONT END Alignment!!. is this the new way to take advantage of the consumer???!!
Additionally, we usually get a 32 free point of inspection.. NO Report issued.. What really happened?
The service representative...Fran, was a nice lady. I think that she was just following standard orders...
We are not pleased with the misrepresentation of an on-line coupon stating... 59.00. then charging 79...
We are leery of using this dealership for service..
A front End Alignment historically have always included 4 tires..(that my experience)
I think it is FALSE advertisement at best...
Advise me if I am wrong!!
Charles Glover!!

David E. | 2013-07-13

Overcharged on service bill - caught and had corrected before leaving
Scratches left on truck during body shop visit - didn't find till after leaving dealership...was not kept informed of body shop progress as requested...truck not ready when promised

LYNN K. | 2012-04-23

Purchased a 2008 Toyota Sienna with 67k miles on it from dealership. Still have temp tag on it. Went on a trip more than 3 hours from Atl and it broke down. Cost me nearly $900 to repair the fuel pump. I've never known a fuel pump to go out on a Toy that soon. Gave me the option to have it towed to them  from 220 miles away and they would repair it and 'only' charge me their cost or they would repair it for free if I purchased a $1,700 warrty. Neither of these were options to even be remotely considered. Did I mention they tried to give me the vehicle without fixing the grinding, squeaking brakes? The service dept ground down the rotars and put the same flimsey pads back on. I had to go back and spend another 3 hours at the dealership for them to fix it correctly. They are sweet as honey initially. Get a vehicle checked out before you buy!