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Welcome to World Toyota in Atlanta, Georgia - Serving Stone Mountain, Marietta, Smyrna, Lawrenceville, and Chamblee
Toyota takes you places and Scion moves you. Together, we want to see what's possible. We imagine a better world, and then we make it. We are here to turn your daily commute into a joy ride and maintain that sense of satisfaction. We want to be your choice for all services, and will do what it takes to keep you 100% satisfied. Stop by and we will do whatever we can to get you into the car you have always dreamed of driving.

World Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(678) 547-9000
Address:5800 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Atlanta, GA, 30341
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on World Toyota

Deanna D. | 2015-04-18

I went to get my standard maintenance on my 2012 Camry. I know what you are thinking  $$$$$. Well me too but it's a Toyota. In order to ride for next 10 years, you must get the maintenance. Actually, I had been driving with one eye that I could ignore the orange maintenance light.  I rolled into the bay at 11 30 am. I was feeling more than a little smug because I was on time. I asked for the technician that I had an appointment with..but he was out.
I felt a little deflated but the person that told me that was his boss, Amber.  She proved to be polite, knowledgeable, and intuitive. She answered all my questions before I asked.  She had basically made me a Toyota fan all over again.
The price for my service was reasonable and less than I expected to spend.

Ashley A. | 2015-04-01

Let me preface this by saying I have a 1996 Toyota 4Runner that I have had for almost 13 years so it carries a rather odd nostagic value with it.

Driving to work, my check engine light came on which should also come with a few dollar signs next to the light - because to me it means money. I booked an appointment immediatly online and took it to World Toyota 2 hours later. On my initial arrival, I was immediatly greeted by Nadim and comforted by the fact that my old 4Runner could require some pricey major repairs but that he would be happy to work with me so I would understand the issues.

Once my engine light assessment came back with a diagnosis, it turns out I was looking at over $3200 of required repairs..for a car worth ~$3200. Due to the assignment of my car when I originally booked my appointment online, I was called by a different service representative who broke this news to me in a very matter of fact way and even gave me a sales pitch to buy a new car before my options were even weighed. Call me sensitive, but his way of addressing the issue with me was very off putting as I have had my 4Runner since I was 15 years old and the approach the sales representative took was not very understanding or caring -- frankly it just put me in a bad mood.

I called the Service Director, Danny, to discuss my concerns and requested to be moved back under Nadim's service who was sympathetic to my situation. Danny was very apologetic and understanding and worked with me to get the best price on my service as well as turned the maintenance back over to Nadim to follow through with the repair.

Several times during the week that my car was in the shop, I was given updates on the repair status which gave me comfort that work was being performed. Once day, I even stopped by the shop to get something out of my trunk and Nadim and Montez took the time to bring me back to the garage and show me my new transmission as well as the other areas of concern that may needed to be fixed down the road. This was reassuring as seeing needed repairs (leaks) in person versus on paper makes a big difference and is comforting that you aren't being caught in an "upsell" situation.

My car was complete a week later and was washed and vacuumed when I went to pick it up and is now running like a teenager. I was overall very happy about my service and thankful for the team at Toyota World who walked me through the entire process! Thank you Nadim, Danny and Montez!

Jason B. | 2015-03-27

I bought my Prius here after other locations made promises they couldn't keep. This location was honest and didn't make any promises they couldn't keep. Took a little longer than I would have like after we came to a deal to see the financing guy. All in all I had. AppStore experience buy a car here for a guy who hates buying cars. I would have given them a five but they didn't have an all electric car comparable to the leaf.

Alex M. | 2015-02-21

Bottom line: NEVER, under any circumstances, take your vehicle here. Overpriced, dishonest, and unethical place that will try every trick possible to keep your car longer and get more money.

We brought our car in for a door issue and the service people were initially pretty diligent in doing a "complimentary" inspection that found other issues costing well over $1,000. Some of these (e.g. fuel injectors, sparkplugs, belt replacement) weren't our priority, although we appreciated the gesture. This is the point at which we discovered they did the "complimentary" multipoint inspection and never checked the door, so this wasn't included in the quote. We told our service advisor that we would be interested in replacing the belt as soon as we knew how much the door repair would be. When we finally did get a full quote with door repair included, we could not afford to replace both the belt & door lock, and told him we only wanted the door actuator replaced. The service rep completely disregarded us telling him we could not afford to spend over $500 and instead, pushed a "10% discount deal" of services that still totalled over $1,000. We declined and said our only priority right now was to fix the door lock system. Once this was seemingly confirmed, we were not given a timeline of when the car would be done. Our service rep took off two days with no coordination/warning, so there was a lot of time where we had no idea of our car's status/no warning this would happen; when we did get in touch with him, he lied saying he left us voicemails when he never did.

At the end of our car's lengthy stay at their garage (nearly a week), they magically found "battery issues" and tried conning us into purchasing a new battery (we knew this was a scheme because the battery had just recently been replaced) and said they could replace the "dead battery" quickly on our way to pick up the car.

The fiasco continued when we picked up the car. Our service rep was not there that day (surprise surprise) and we found out that the mechanic had replaced the belt even after repeatedly telling the service rep we did not want it replaced.

The only bright side was that the lady, Janelle, who helped us during pick up  tried to sort through what happened was efficient and empathetic about our situation.

I still wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

Stacy R. | 2015-01-27

Everything that you could ever imagine in car buying horrors- it happens here at World Toyota.  Had a little problem with my purchase and had to go back the next day to discuss the issue.  OMG, the manager is rude.  The manager is chauvinistic and condescending to female buyers.  As a female, you know when a man talks to you in a tone of disrespect.  Should have gone Nissan!

Debra K. | 2015-01-26

Tried out this dealership for a new Toyota Rav4 I just purchased.  I was purchasing an additional key for my vehicle; and observing their customer service level as a potential provider for my new vehicle. took two HOURS to get a new key made....absolutely a new low in customer service!!  Eye opening experience...the first and LAST time I will be going to World Toyota on Peachtree Industrial.

Jonathan G. | 2015-01-18

I purchased a 2013 Yaris from World Toyota on December 27th and was initially pleased with my sales experience. The manager David Hart worked with me to get my payments down to a level that worked with my student budget and was a pleasure to deal with. It was overall a good experience except for the 2hr wait to finalize the paperwork. Unfortunately things didn't go well after the sale.

I discovered during my first fill up that the gas tank would shut the pump off prematurely after only putting in around 15-30cents of fuel. Whoever put gas in my car upon purchase failed to report this problem and let me drive off the lot in a broken car.

Trip 1: I immediately took it back to the World Toyota service department to have them inspect the car and fix this problem. I waited 2hrs and was told that it needed a new charcoal canister and they would have to order the part. I attend school two hours away and couldn't bring the car back till the following weekend.

Trip 2: I returned the following week and they installed the part. After leaving the service department I went to the gas station down the street and discovered the car was still broken. Unsurprisingly they hadn't even bothered to test it after the repair. I expressed my concern with the service rep about what had happened and requested the repairs take place at a closer dealership or for them to give me a rental for a week until it is repaired, but am denied my request because the car is 2,000 miles past the general warranty.

I was contacted the next day by Daniel, the service manager, and he apologized for the problems but says they've now thoroughly looked at the fuel system, replaced some other parts and have decided that the valve in gas tank is faulty and that a new tank will resolve the issue... but the parts must be ordered. I'm not sure why they didn't test the car initially instead of slapping parts on, but we will address that later.

Trip 3: I drive 140miles back from school to the dealership and drop the car off. The service advisor tells me that he will keep me up to date on the progress and it shouldn't take more than a day or two to install the new tank. The second day arrives and I have still heard nothing. I make numerous calls and cannot get in touch with my service advisor.

I am finally contacted by the service department saying that the gas tank wasn't actually the needed part but that it's something else and they need to order more parts...

Trip 4: I was kept in a rental while the additional parts (filler neck, etc) were shipped and the repair was completed. And will be getting the car back this week.

The Good:
1. Stood by their sell and covered the cost of the repair.
2. After wasting lots of my time they allowed me to keep a rental car when I went out of town while the final repair was being completed.

The Bad:
1. The issue wasn't reported by the staff when the car was filled with gas upon purchase.
2. The service department didn't inspect my car thoroughly when I brought it in but slapped on parts instead.
4. The speed and accuracy of the service department is questionable.
5. The service department has failed to return my calls and has been very difficult to get in touch with

Qian L. | 2015-01-14

I have been having my car serviced here for about four years now and have been fairly satisfied with their service but the wait time can be a little long most of the time.  But there are often some good coupons and deals online to be used for the service department.  The waiting area is spacious and there is wifi and coffee.  would definitely recommend getting your car serviced here but don't get tricked into getting more service than you want or need.

Kendra B. | 2015-01-07

Customer service given by Chris Epps was excellent. Friendly, professional & very helpful. Definitely will return to this location for future services.

Patrick P. | 2014-12-16

I've brought my car here twice for service check ups and both times have been treated as an afterthought and seemingly ignored. I will say that the actual service work that was done was great and I have no complaints. However, both times I utilized their free shuttle which is a joke. First time I had to wait an hour til they could take me back to my house, only to find out (after calling) that my vehicle was ready 10 minutes after I got home. It was the another hour wait to have them come back and get me. Why not have the courtesy to tell me that my vehicle was almost done, you knew I was getting in the shuttle! Second time I was there was today. Shuttle service was a little better, still had to wait an hour to get picked up, but after three and a half hours I called to see if my vehicle was ready and was told it had been ready for the last two hours. No courtesy call!? Am I supposed to read minds? Very dissapointed with the lack of communication.

Tip for your shuttle, maybe get a little more organized than a clipboard with a sign up sheet. Probably more beneficial to outsource your shuttle to uber or don't offer it if you can't do it in a timely manner. I know it's meant to be a convenience, but at a certain point it becomes more of an inconvenience.

James F. | 2014-12-06

I had a great experience at the dealership, they were always up front about what they could and could not do and gave me a great price on the car. I would highly recommend them.

Liz M. | 2014-11-30

New to Atlanta, I knew it would be a headache finding someone to give my '07 Yaris a much needed brake job without ripping me off. I was impressed with world toyota's service: Nadim offered great customer service within 5 mins of pulling up to the busy garage. They offered me (and my bf) a loaner car, but we decided to drop-off and leave. As promised, they called after inspecting to give us pricing.  They tried to sell us on other things that "needed" to be done on the car, but Nadim was not pushy when we declined. Again as promised, the oil change, brake job, and 2 recalls were done that day, and the pricing lined up with . I have been driving the car for a week now and the brakes are great. Will definitely go back.

Master A M. | 2014-11-23

Not so helpful in selling cars.  The sales people are jeans and sweatshirt.  A simple question between how is this XLE model different than a different XLE model reply was that it has more feature.  Well duh...tell me what is different that the price difference between same models is so big.

Latasha W. | 2014-11-19

The service department is absolutely horrible and delivers "piss-poor" customer service, guaranteed! I had an appointment to change my 2 front axils and CV boots that they recommended I have replaced a few days earlier during my oil change. When I checked my car in (on time), I requested they give me an estimate of the repair because I had received 2 different prices a few days prior. They asked me to wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes and they would give me an estimate because he couldn't figure out the right "code" to put in the computer for the repair. After waiting for over an hour, I still did not have an estimate. I then got in the shuttle and had them drop me off at my house and asked that they give me an update when they had one. 3 hrs later, they call me to tell me they could not repair my car because they did not have my parts, and they would have to order the parts, and bring my car back for a future appointment once the parts arrived. I then requested they send the shuttle to pick me up. The shuttle never showed. I had my friend drop me off at the dealership, and had to wait another 20 mins because they didn't know where they parked my car and couldn't find my keys. Come to find out, the guy had my keys in his desk the entire time. They did not offer to resolve the situation, even though they made the mistake. And I felt like the guy was rushing me out of the dealership, even though they messed up. So, I am taking my car somewhere else to get repaired. I will never return to this dealership again! I wouldn't  recommend this dealership to my worst enemy!

Morgan P. | 2014-11-10

Today the ABS light came on in my car so I called this Toyota location to schedule an appointment to bring it in after work to get looked at. Well service doesn't close until 7pm so I though that's perfect since I could be there by 6pm and someone be able to look at it...well the girl that answered the phone in the service department was the opposite of helpful. She said that the only people who are there after 6 are the techs doing/finishing up oil changes? She then said I could bring it in at 6am but couldn't promise that my car could get looked at by the time I would have to leave for work? do their appointment times make any sense?! It's a brake light...but my only option is to come in at the crack of dawn and be late to work? Yeah...great service Toyota. I'll be going to the Honda down the street and deal with that...sad.

Fletch M. | 2014-10-10

This was my second time here, first with my car. I recently moved to the area and was in need of an oil change. Without even looking at my car other than getting the car info. I was immediately hit with an up sell. Without a mechanic looking at my car, I was told it would be $170 to do the job properly.  With my car turned off, I was told I would need an alignment. Seriously, how can you make that assessment without at least starting the car and driving an inch? It appears the service people are instructed to drive additional sales.
Marietta Toyota (where I used to go before I moved to the other side of town) gets the job done properly for around $30 every time.  They also get the job done usually in under 30 minutes. The longest light ever waited was 40. As I am writing this, it has been an hour and 10 minutes for a simple oil change.  
I will drive round-trip 40 miles in the future to not take my car here if that is what is required for decent service. This place is only interested in sales.
The second star is only because the waiting area is nice, which it needs to be if you're going to be in there that long.

Tyson C. | 2014-10-07

Worst Toyota service department I've ever dealt with. Had an appointment for a regular scheduled service at 845. Told service would take 90 minutes. Service rep appears 3 hours later with recommended upsell services. Agree to one because of an upcoming road trip. Told it would be another 2 hours and offered loaner car which would be available in "10 minutes". One hour later still no loaner car because there are none available (and 2 more customers) in line behind me also waiting.  Return to service rep who alleges car will now be ready in 20 minutes, 40 minutes later my car finally appears.  For all my troubles they take $25 off a ~$450 bill which is more insulting than anything else. As someone who has recently moved to this side of town and has 3 Toyotas at home this was my first and last visit.

Crazy Curls C. | 2014-10-01


In September of 2014, I spoke w/ 5 different employees regarding a specific vehicle.  Every time I spoke w/ or emailed someone, I gave a specific vehicle stock number.  I also received quotes from all 5 people, & all the quotes had the same price.

I didn't make an appointment to view the vehicle but was told I could stop in anytime.  So, I stopped in when I could.  When I arrived, the vehicle was not available for viewing...because an executive was driving it -- & had been driving it for the past 3 months, since June!  None of the 5 people I contacted could tell me that this vehicle was being driven all around town FOR THE PAST 3 MONTHS?  Every time I spoke w/ someone I gave them the vehicle's stock number.  Something is very, very wrong when a customer is not told that the vehicle is being driven around & is essentially a used vehicle at a new vehicle price!

Since we were already there & had driven 3 hours to get there, we met w/ a sales representative w/ whom I had had correspondence.  He showed us some similar vehicles & let us test drive 2 of them.  He spent around 2 hours w/ us, & I was grateful for the time he spent with us.  He was patient & never rushed us & satisfactorily answered most of our questions.

We were still interested in the vehicle that the executive was driving, specifically, finding out how many miles were on it.  The sales associate didn't know how many miles were on the vehicle but said he would follow-up & let us know.  He also told us that once we found out the mileage, if we were still interested in purchasing the vehicle, he would honor that day's price, & that the price would be held until the following day.

Fast forward to the next day, & the sales rep followed up with us.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out that it didn't have that many miles on it, & we were interested in purchasing it but requested a written confirmation of the price & all the fees, as we would be driving 6 hours round trip to return to the dealership.

When I received the proposal, the sales price was $400 more than the previous day.  Thus, the previous day's price was NOT being honored or held.  The sales rep "apologized" & said the previous day's quote was just an estimate.  But it wasn't!  I had received a quote in writing from 5 DIFFERENT EMPLOYEES, him being one of them.  In fact, he sent me 2 quotes himself.  I have the quotes in my email, & I also have the sale price in the sales rep's hand-writing.   It was not a ballpark estimate.  Despite all this, the sales rep refused to honor this promised price & said his GM was in agreement!

In addition, my tax & registration were being incorrectly calculated.  I called my DMV & gave 2 different representatives all of the vehicle's information (MSRP, sale price, weight, etc.).  The dealer was charging me too much tax & too much registration.  When I asked the sales rep about this, he said the computer does everything for them.  That may be the case, but it is still being incorrectly calculated.

In the last email that I received from the sales rep (the one that we met with and the one that sent me the proposal with all the errors), he insinuated that it was my fault the sale price wasn't being honored because I had contacted the dealership using two different email accounts.  What?!  As a customer, it's my prerogative to contact the dealer as many times as I want.  Especially if I'm not getting the information nor the professionalism that I deserve, which was the case with this dealership.

Lastly, on the dealer's website, on the webpage for the new vehicle specials, it stated, "Total selling price listed excludes tax, tag, registration and title, and includes Dealer Fees."   When I asked the sales rep about the dealer fees ($599) already being included in the price that the night we went in, he said that was the first he had ever seen that & that it must be an error because they always add on another $599 to the price for the dealer/doc fees.  

Furthermore, in the second-to-last quote I received from the sales-rep, it said "Total selling price listed excludes tax, tag, registration and title, and includes Dealer Fees. "  I again asked the sales rep about this, as this is the second time I was seeing this, & he again said that it must be some sort of error.  So two of the dealers' own documentations contain errors...or all customers are being charged two sets of dealer fees = $599 x 2!  Interestingly enough, when I went to the webpage the following day, that blurb had been removed.  How convenient.  I still have it in writing in an emailed quote, though, as well as screen shots & print outs of the statement.

This is, without a doubt, the most dishonest, unprofessional, & frustrating dealership I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with, & I will be following-up w/ the BBB & the Toyota corporation itself as this is absolutely unacceptable behavior.


Bill M. | 2014-09-25

After being contacted by David and his Sales team, I was initially optimistic that they would take the necessary steps to resolve this issue, by either performing repair work that should have been completed before I purchased the truck or simply help me find a comparable used truck in a trade agreement.  

Unfortunately the only thing I received from his Sales team over the past 3 weeks was False Hope, Canceled Appointments, Stalling Tactics, & Broken Promises.

Consequently, I still have a broken truck that will merely serve as expensive lawn decoration just sitting in my driveway.  

However not all is lost......  during this time I've been contacted by numerous Yelp members in the community who had read my review and made an informed decision for themselves to purchase their next vehicle from a more trustworthy dealership in the greater metro Atlanta area.

Alejandro N. | 2014-09-11

Mess my paperwork made it seem like if it was my fault. Regret buying car at this dealership. Stay away from TONY!!!

Alexander G. | 2014-08-26

I have gotten my cars serviced here many times over the last three years and I could not be happier. Do they make mistakes? Yes, any car repair shop will from time to time. Do they correct their mistakes in a fair way and make the situation right? Absolutely, and this is why I continue to return. One time after a routine service my car was returned to me with a dent in the back. However, they took the car to their body shop and fixed it back to normal. Another time they stripped the bolt on my oil pan; again, this was fixed in a fair way. This is how you keep a customer for life.

J S. | 2014-08-25

Letter to Service Director -

This past weekend, I had to once again visit World Toyota after the passenger side of my vehicle flooded due to the moonroof drainage.  I brought my Toyota in less than two months ago for repair.  I was told that the third time was the charm and that the issue was fully resolved as I had paid for repairs.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  This time however, it was the worse than it has ever been.  The entire front floor board as well as the back floor board, was flooded.  Please understand, I am not referring to simple moisture, the mats and carpet had standing water.  In fact, water literally splash on me, and the seats.  I am frustrated for many reasons, as I have made my fourth visit to Toyota to repair, including one visit at Marietta Toyota and three at World Toyota to have this issue resolved.  

In this particular issue, Toyota has failed.  The Service Department has failed me and for the first time, I feel that Toyota as a manufacture has failed me as this issue appears to be a design flaw at this point.  I asked if the drain could be permanently plugged and if I could use the driver side drainage only.  He told me he didn't think that was possible.  In addition, after four days, the carpet in my vehicle is still wait and sour from the rain build up.  I asked if the water could be pulled out and was told that was not possible either.  

As it stands today, I'm still not sure that this issue has been fully resolved.  I live in constant fear of the rain, as I don't know what will happen.

James B. | 2014-05-30

All women should go here.  The service meet-and-greet guy will make sure you get seen to ... but if you're a guy, you get your butt out of the seat and look for someone behind the glass partition.

All of the service managers there appeared to be trying their best not to make eye contact.  They definitely wanted to make sure they coasted this Friday out.

On the other hand, they got me out of there in an hour and it appears the work was done correctly.  Had to ask them to reset the 'Maintenance required' prompt on the dash though ... which shows a lack of detail, so I don't know if I might have to come back because something was left off or not.

Lola J. | 2014-05-07

I come here quite often to get my ES 350 serviced. I usually request to be serviced by one person. The service is not bad but they do need a push at times. If you remain quiet you will find yourself sitting in the lobby watching tv for more than an hour and a half for a simple oil change. They usually have someone coming around to give updates on vehicles, grab him and be a little forceful. Closed mouths don't get home in time to watch reality tv!

kaneka r. | 2014-04-04

Made an appointment online thinking that my car would get serviced as soon as I arrived. I was told pretty much it doesn't matter that you have an appointment because you still have to wait at least 1 1/2 hour for an oil change. How insane is that!! The service is terrible!!! They have 10 plus people working but it takes a long time for someone to greet you and service your car. I've had my toyota for 2 years and always get routine oil changes and never had to wait longer than 45 minutes.

Kim C. | 2014-03-20

In my profession, I deal with ALOT of people and situations.

So - I feel very qualified to tell you that working with Mr. George Ofori of World Toyota was TRULY a pleasure.

We do not like the "stress" of buying a car which is why our previous car was 15 years old.

Mr. Ofori was professional, knowledgeable and helpful at each step.

I feel compelled to write this despite my many current issues with the new car (ie: bringing it back for 3 service appointments for a "faulty" blind spot monitor so far and a warped glass in the rear of the car that is NOT being fixed!!! causing safety issues and resulting in that MANY, MANY, MANY phone calls).

The actually buying of the car was a "10 out of 10" experience due to Mr. Ofori.

Drago J. | 2014-02-03

the service was good to very good, depending on what aspect. check in was slow, for instance, but the person handling my car was very good. For example, in my previous tire replacement at world Toyota, one of the new tires was missing a cap. I did not feel like going back there just to get a new cap at that time. They gave me a free tire cap now,  6 months later, even though I did not report the problem for such a long time, which is nice.

The rental car service had  issues, but their top manager called me
personally to apologize and discuss the situation. I do plan to go back there.

Britanny B. | 2014-01-27

I just purchased a car 2 days ago from World Toyota through Roy Samuel! During the few hours that my husband and I were there, Roy was so helpful and kind to us! He made time to figure out exactly what I wanted and how to get it into our price range! I HIGHLY recommend making an appointment with Roy if you are considering buying a Toyota car!! Not only was he very kind, he was also very efficient with his time and we were out of there with my car after a few hours!!!! Roy turned my "car buying experience" into a fun exciting day instead of a long day full of negotiating and prices :) Thank you SO much Roy!!!!

Here is Roy's email and phone number :)

Also, the service at World Toyota is AWESOME!!! I realized the next day after I bought my car that a break light had gone out, so I quickly drove up there and they fixed it under 5 minutes!! What a relief!!

Kathy Z. | 2013-12-20

Up until 6 mths to 1 yr ago impeccable service. I would go no where else. Now they bicker over $20 or using a coupon and  STORE credit. They say it is an offer not a store credit. They now nickel and dime. We will not buy another car or van from here. Go to Marietta Toyota for service. Trust me!!!!

Lala J. | 2013-11-22

This place gets an overwhelming "Eh..."

I come here for service appointments because I want all of the maintenance to be on a legitimate record for when I resell and I do want to keep the car well maintained. They do their job. However...

1) You will pay. A lot. It's pricey. A basic air filter change is going to run you around $50. They'll try to charge you the same for changing wind shield wipers (do it yourself). Be prepared for a hard hit for anything else.

2) You will wait. A long time. I've never waited less than 2 hours, be it for an oil change or changing out brake pads. Their saving grace is that the lounge is nice. Free popcorn, free coffee and hot chocolate, free wireless. Stocked vending machines. Plenty of seating.

3) You're lucky if you get a service person who seems to actually like their job. I'm not sure what happens behind the scenes here, but these people rarely seem happy. Pleasant enough, but never like they want to be there.

Tiffany F. | 2013-11-20

Initially, I had wonderful service experiences here with maintenance on my Prius, which I had purchased at another dealership. They even offered to buy it from me for $14K after inspecting it during one such visit. A couple of months later when I went to trade it in, they refused to give me more than $12K for it as a trade-in when I wanted to downgrade to a Scion. Not sure why I agreed to the trade (maybe just tired from the hours of haggling), but they refused the next day to take the Scion back, when I was well-rested and realizing my mistake (and their huge win). They did give me a complimentary cargo cover though, and after I brought in the Scion several times in the first few weeks after purchase because of a quickly leaking tire, they patched it for me free of charge. However, all of my service visits since complaining of the excessively short sale on the Scion have taken much longer than the quoted time. For instance, I was quoted 1.5 to 2 hours when I brought it in today at 11 am. It is now after 2 pm, and I am still waiting...and waiting...and waiting.  The service guys have always been really nice though,'s a mixed bag.

Mike P. | 2013-10-12

Lost business.   Service takes appointments but when I took my car in for a scheduled oil change and tire rotation they said it would take 1 hr and 45 min to 2 hrs.    I stated that this unacceptable for an oil change and given that I had appointment.    Their response was that they are busy and had not had an appointment the wait would be longer.    So why do they take appointments?????   I went down the street to a Firestone and with no appointment they promised me I would be done in 45 min.

Pirates C. | 2013-10-01

Came in here to check out a car and I was unimpressed with their service. I may have gotten a rotten egg of a salesman, but he was NOT good. He had ZERO sales pitch and did not bother to point out any features of the car. We had to ask him to get the key to the car so we can do more than just walk around the car for another round. The car was dirty inside and he did not bother to explain until I asked him. He showed us another smaller car on the lot but failed to get the key to show us the interior...we just left. No, thanks.

Michael P. | 2013-09-27

NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER... you can never get them to stop harassing calls.  I will buy my next car elsewhere because of it.

Colby W. | 2013-09-26

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with the service department. I bought my 2013 Scion FR-S here. I took it in for a flat tire and I'm seriously regretting it. After 3 tries to order the right tire, they put it on, but damaged my rim in the process (deep scratches and a nasty gouge on the edge). The service manager refuses to replace it, leaving me with a damaged rim which he wants to 'buff' (not acceptable for a new car), but  he says there is nothing he can do about the gouge. THEY RUINED THE RIM, BUT REFUSE TO REPLACE IT. Do not take your car here for any service, you'll very likely regret it.

Brian D. | 2013-09-15

I took my car here for routine maintenance the other day.  The experience started a little wobbly, as I appeared to be the first car in line inside the garage, but it took a while for a service manager to arrive and check on me.  Fortunately, one of the supervisors came by and grabbed someone as soon as he noticed I hadn't been waited on.  

When the service manager came, he apologized for the wait.  He had a fancy computer pad to take down all the information, and popped the hood open himself to do a quick preliminary inspection.  After that, he reviewed my service history at the other dealerships in the area to make sure he wasn't recommending any services that had recently been completed.  The only thing he suggested beyond the basic service was a water pump replacement - not unusual, given that the car has nearly 100,000 miles, and he showed me where the water was leaking.

He estimated that the service would take about three hours, and offered me a free loaner in case I needed to run any errands.  That isn't really the type of service I'm used to having dealerships offer, given that my vehicle is only a Corolla and the service was only going to take until mid-afternoon.

The waiting room was fairly standard, offering free water, tea, coffee, and popcorn, along with a few vending machines.  It did, however, look cleaner than some of the smaller dealerships.  They had free wi-fi, and the waiting room was combined with the parts office.

The service was completed shortly ahead of schedule, and instead of telling me to pay the cashier and find the car somewhere outside, the service manager gave me a free exterior wash, let me pay him (they don't have separate cashiers), and brought the car into the garage for me.

Overall, I'd say this seems to be one of the better Toyota dealerships in the area for service.

Binjie S. | 2013-08-01

I am an owner of a 06 Toyota RAV4. I had a pretty bad experience fixing my car in World Toyota. They charged me way more than the normal price. I had them replace my car's charcoal canister($1323), fix the oil leak($1121), changed 4 michelin tires($831).  

A couple of my friends told me I got ripped off. If I did it right, I could've saved half of the total cost. I felt really bad after I paid all the money. I know that was my mistake trusting them. I won't go back there to let them fix my car anymore. Except for the inspection, they have good inspections though and it's free.

I only give them one star. And I don't think you should trust them. Be careful when you go there to fix your car.

Vonda D. | 2013-07-07

I wasn't too impressed with World Toyota. The guy I worked with didn't really seem to care if a car was bought or not. I'd rather go some place that wants to make me happy and take my money.

Vanessa B. | 2013-07-05

I came to World Toyota with a total price point set in my mind, and had great expectations for what I was looking for. My salesperson was Roy, who was very easy to work with - I highly recommended him. I was looking for a gently used Prius and was not willing to compromise on my budget. Roy worked with me, and we identified a beautiful 2012 Prius C with 20,000 miles. The Prius C worked for me because it was smaller than a standard Prius, had 4 doors, and averaged over 50 mpg! I am a traveling sales rep, so I drive an incredible amount, and the gas mileage on this vehicle is incredible. I have been averaging over 55.1 miles per trip! He paired me with a talented member of the business department and within 20 minutes, he was able to give me an OUTSTANDING deal. I didn't even have to use my negotiation skills! Words cannot describe how satisfied I am with World Toyota. I will be back for more. Go see ROY!

J Z. | 2013-07-02

Beware of their internet pricing. They had a number of 2013 Toyota Prius online for $20K, so I called immediately and scheduled an appointment the same day. I called a few times to ensure the price would still be valid. An hour before the appointment, I checked again, and the prices had suddenly increase on all of the cars except one. They told me the lower prices were gone because the quarter end specials expired. I asked if they would honor the lower price since it was still on their website. The sales manager said yes, on the last car that still had the lower price. Another sales associate said I should print out the ad and bring it in with me.

When I arrived, they tried to sell me a higher price. They said the one I was interested in just sold, and they couldn't give me the lower price on another Prius, even though they had plenty left. They said it was impossible to do the lower price because the sale expired yesterday. No where on their site does it say when the sale expires. It was also hard to believe that the car I had repeatedly told them I was coming to look at sold between 2PM when I called and 5PM when I arrived. They didn't seem interested at all in making a sale, and were very cold and terse to me throughout the whole process. We were there a total of 20mins.

I was extremely disappointed with the experience and will recommend everyone I know not to deal with them. I was ready to buy, but they didn't make an ounce of effort. I couldn't believe they wouldn't honor their own internet advertising. I had to take off work early to make the appointment, only to be treated like a joke.

Sheryl S. | 2013-06-02

Best experience I have ever had buying a car.

Prajakta P. | 2013-05-29

Recently we decided to buy a car and dropped by unannounced at world Toyota. We had been there earlier and met Roy so we approached him. In spite of the fact that he already had an appointment in sometime he entertained us and helped us get a v good car in the budget we had. He understood our requirement and got us what we needed and not just sell off any car. Also it was very nice of him to come down the next day for all the documentation when ideally he was on leave and his father was hospitalized for operation to be performed.
He really went out of the way for us and made the whole process v simple.

Cameron W. | 2013-05-06

I was in the market to buy a new car (until they took me off of it with my new 2013 Camry :p) . No experience with used car process here.

Word to the wise:
Don't go on a weekend if you can help it, and ask for Larry "The Hound" Bassett. He's straight-up business and wasn't trying to make any awkward upsells (which I put a lot of merit in). The focus was definitely on "what I wanted out of a car" (which, honestly, didn't really know what I wanted... he put me on the right path) instead of "how much money can they extract from me".

- Didn't have to haggle because they had a great deal on the 2013 Camry with a few extra features.
- Most of the staff are pretty nice and will joke around with you.
- Huge TV in the waiting area with nice chairs.
- Larry Bassett was jokingly worried about the odometer reading "13" miles after my test drive, so he took it, cleaned it up/filled up the fuel tank and made sure it read something other that 13 miles. I don't believe in superstitions, but hey, good to know salesmen has a sense of humor when it comes to these things :p.

- I waited around 2.5 hours for a business manager to pay em and get out the door. Luckily, the business manager showed up right at my wits' end (I was seriously ready to walk and not buy a car). FWIW: It was a Sunday and it was nice out, so there were a lot of people on the lot. That said, I had an appointment, and within 30 minutes of arrival I already knew what car I wanted ( I was in the day before looking at the cars on the lot).

Jelena C. | 2013-03-23

Buying a car here may be an ok experience, but getting anyone to answer a phone (or even getting voicemail) is not going to happen. The regularity of the lack of service post purchase has shifted my previous referral to World Toyota to a "don't waste your time".

Nick T. | 2013-02-18

I don't really have a ton of experience with this dealership, and I can't say I really know enough about World Toyota to say they are any better or any worse than the average dealer.  I did, however, recently try to buy a car from them and thought I would share my experience.  

My wife and I found a pre-owned 2005 Lexus RX330 at World Toyota recently.  The car looked nice enough and was listed at $17.3k.  We showed up cash in hand ready to make a purchase, but World Toyota would barely budge on the price.  They took a measly $400 off of the price.  Meh - thanks, but no thanks.  For the next two weeks they've continued to call me and try to convince me to buy this car at their well-above-market price, telling me all of the reasons why the car is worth it.  If the car is such a great deal, why has it been sitting on their lot for a month now?  It just seems crazy to me that a used car dealer would chase off a serious buyer such as me without any real attempt at negotiation.  

Here's the real kicker - I just noticed that World Toyota just INCREASED the price of the RX330 from $17.3k to $17.9k.  Haahahahaaaa!   What do you do when you can't sell a car?  Jack the price up!   Hilarious.  

I'm taking my money elsewhere.

Peter K. | 2013-02-09

I've come here twice so far, once to get the bolts stripped out of my license plate holder because they were stunk in there (free of charge) and a second time to get my headlights replaced (they didn't charge me labor). So far, they have only try to get me an upsell once and they seem to care about giving good service.

They are fast and amenable. They also have great hours that help you regardless of whether you want to go in super early or super late. I'm unsure about how competitive their pricing it is but it is a dealership, so be wary of that part.

Kim N. | 2013-01-10

After the horrible 1st experience at World Toyota, I wrote the review below, and emailed the GM. He apologized and asked us to come back in to resolve the issue. We were hesitant but ended up returning 2 days later.

For every sales-driven company, customer service is vital. I'm glad to see that the management team at World Toyota stepped up and made efforts to fix the problem instead of letting one man ruin the reputation for the whole dealership.

The GM apologized again when we returned, and made sure we were in good hands for the rest of the transaction. We had a pleasant experience with everyone we worked with that night. It took probably less than an hour to finalize all the paper-works with no frustration... exactly how I wanted our car buying experience to be like. Thank you, Jack, Mayor, Rich, and G for taking care of us.

If you are looking to purchase a car here, I really hope you'll receive the same experience we did this 2nd time around.

Hanna M. | 2012-09-23

They were nice and friendly, I was up front in that I probably wasn't going to purchase that day, and I didn't feel any major pressure unlike some car dealerships, but towards the end of me chatting with their salesman, a lady walked over, got the keys to the car that I had test drove and with out speaking to her, he turns back to me and says 'she just got a call, she has someone coming to look at that car, this might be the last chance to buy it'
Ha, I laughed and said 'well I'm not buying a car tonight so if it isn't meant to be then it isn't meant to be' and walked out....

Lawrence C. | 2012-08-27

Good, fast, and accommodating service personnel.

Paul S. | 2012-07-22

Long wait despite service reservation. Abrasive employes.

Andrew H. | 2012-05-31

*** Update: World Toyota has addressed my concerns and has worked with me to make me happy.***

I brought my Scion tC to World Toyota to have warranty work done on my engine and was very upset with the service I received. Although World Toyota is not the closest Toyota dealership to my house I chose them because of the good reviews they had on Google and because it's where I purchased my car.

Everything went smoothly until it was time for me to pick up my car. The first time I was called and told that everything was ready to go I drove all the way down from Marietta to pick up my car and before I even left the parking lot I started having problems. I returned my car to the service department and informed my service advisor that the brakes were acting strange and the ABS light had come on. I asked him if they had taken it for a test drive and he assured me they did. He told me they would check it out and fix whatever was wrong. Before I left I made sure to write down the mileage for reference.

The next day I received a call from my service advisor stating that the problem had been fixed and I could return once again from Marietta to pick up my car. I asked the advisor what had happened and he told me they must have forgotten a pin when reattaching the axle causing the antilock brakes to malfunction. This frightened me. I also asked the advisor if the car had been test driven this time and he, once again, assured me it had. I checked the mileage and it was exactly the same as when I had dropped it off. I brought this to his attention and he was speechless. I told him that I did not feel comfortable taking the car home and he promised me that everything would be fine and told me that I have a 1 year warranty so there are no worries. I decided to take my car home in hopes that everything would be ok.

When I arrived at home I took another look at the engine and noticed a random part was just sitting in the engine compartment. I then contacted the manager and explained the situation and the problems I have had. He told me to bring the car back down to the shop and they would have the master tech look at it and see where the part needed to go and also check the entire engine over to make sure that nothing was wrong. After the Memorial Day weekend my service advisor called me and told me everything was ready to go. I came to pick it up and met with the manager, Daniel, who went through everything with me. I accepted the car and took it home.

My experience with World Toyota service department was very frustrating. I do not feel like that is the type of service you should expect when going to a Toyota dealership. Due to all of the problems I was having I had to cancel my vacation to Florida for Memorial Day. Also, one out of the three rental cars I was given had no air conditioning. I will never have my car serviced here again and do not recommend it to anyone else.

Stephanie B. | 2012-04-12

Horrible customer serivce!  I will never go back there again and wish I had purchased my car elsewhere.  I even informed the manager of the poor service and  never got a response.  The car came out with more problems and it only went in for a complimentary oil change and tire rotation.  Poor service, cheap jobs. NEVER AGAIN

Katherine W. | 2012-03-10

FYI, the labor fee at the Collision Center is lower than at the Service Center.  So for minor repairs (which are available at both), definitely go to the Collision Center.

I went to the Collision Center for a repair (replacement of my side-view mirror arm -- about $220).  Some hiccups, but an overall good experience.  Cody, the employee who handled my case, was really nice and easy to talk to.  But the experience could have been improved in two ways.  First, the part came 5 days later than he told me it would -- I would have preferred him to give me a time range (e.g., 1-5 days) instead of saying "it'll come in tomorrow!" It's better to have a pleasantly surprised customer (shorter wait than expected) than a disappointed customer (longer wait than expected).  Second, I wish he'd called me when the part did NOT come in on the day expected.  It's not necessary, of course, but it would have been excellent customer service if he did.  Overall, though, I was pretty happy - and most importantly, the repair itself went smoothly with no problems (took about 15 minutes tops).

I went to the Service Center for an oil change ($33) and tire rotation ($15).  I really like that they email you later with a detailed electronic receipt -- tells you exactly what they did and how much each thing cost.  (Much better than the vague, illegibly handwritten receipts I've gotten from other garages, which make me wonder if they're ripping me off.)  The employees here range from gruff to friendly, and you should definitely press them to give you more info, but they seem overall pretty competent and willing to help.  There is a relatively spacious waiting room with coffee and a popcorn machine (both will be out by the end of the day, though), a good amount of seating, and free wi-fi.

Audrey F. | 2012-03-09

World of Toyota has absolutely excellent customer service. I bought my car (an Acura) here over 3 years ago and have been getting it serviced here ever since. The employees are very knowledgeable and do everything to help you have a good experience. The wait is never very long to have a normal service, and the waiting room is comfortable with free popcorn. They have many technicians and employees with Honda experience, so they always know exactly what my car needs even though its a Toyota dealer. Recently I had to get a good deal of work done. They gave me a free car for the night, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Would not take my car anywhere else!!

P.S. Dustin is the best especially if you have a Honda/Acura :)

CJ M. | 2012-02-28

I have been interested in looking for a car that is more fuel efficient than the Altima that I had. I reached out to Mayo at World Toyota and gave her a brief description of what my needs were. The very next day she had a car ready for me to test drive that fill the bill for me! I immediately fell in love with the Prius 2 and decided to buy.

I would definitely recommend Mayo for anyone looking for a new or used car. She was very professional, personable, and knowledgeable of Toyota products. Unlike most salespersons, she was not pusy at all but gave me adequate time to review the product and pricing.

The business manager, July Zavala was also a pleasure to work with. He too was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.

Lance W. | 2011-10-20

I am giving 5 stars ONLY because they corrected a problem they totally missed 2 days ago.
I went in for an oil change and a service required light had come on. I also wanted them to check on the idle. When the a/c was on , the idle was rough.
I had to wait 2 1/2 hours along with many other customers. Once receiving my car back, it seemed to run much better. I got home and shut the engine down only to realize that I needed to move the car again. I turned the ignition and what do you know, it would not start. I was pretty ticked off knowing that they did an engine cleaning and said all was ok. I looked at the red/ positive side where the battery was connected and the wire running to it still had battery acid on it and the copper was curoded. I knew that was the problem.
I immediately called wold toyota back and they told me to jump it off and bring it in and they would make it right. So I jumped off my 2008 camry le and took it up there this morning. Once Dustin admitted it back I wanted to ask him if they would do the complimentory detail he offered over the phone but he had stepped away. I saw a gentleman in a suit in Dustin's work area and asked if he would tell Dustin that I would like to cash the "detail" offer in. He asked me what happened and I told him I was here 2 days ago and once leaving the service dept., my car would not start. He immediatedly walked quickly back to let them know to detail the car and I guess check on the situation. An hour had passed and Dustin told me I was ready to go. He showed me what they did and much to my surprise, not only did he fix the acid decayed connection to the battery, they also gave me a new battery and detail.
I WILL be using wold toyota service department again due to the way they handled the problem. Thanks Wold Toyota

Ray D. | 2011-10-12

I emailed every dealership in the greater ATL, and they gave me by far the best price on a Prius. They also didn't BS or dance around in their emails like most other spots. They told me a price and stuck with it. It was about $1500 less than the next dealer, pretty awesome. I told them I wanted the car, I showed up after work and they had the car washed, stickers off, and I drove it home 1.5hrs later, well done.

Haven't had to use their service center yet, hopefully it stays that way.

Michael B. | 2011-09-27

I'm very impressed with the service that I received at World Toyota's service center.

This past weekend I went in for an oil change and to have my brake lights checked. Luckily they were able to just fix a lose wire and pop in some new bulbs. They also talked me into getting a power steering flush while I was there, and I happily agreed to it.

I was there for a while waiting for everything to get done, but I was comfortable in their waiting room. They provided coffee, donuts, and other breakfast items; and had sports on the tube. All of this made the hour and half I was there seem to go by a little faster.

L B. | 2011-08-25

Spent 2.5 hours at World Toyota earlier this week to test drive ONE car and have my trade in appraised.  Sales woman was very nice, but she could not put #s together before I left (in 2.5 hours).  Its been 2 days.  She's called and emailed, and I still do not have any #s.  Crazy!!  I feel like I spent so much time looking at a car I really like, and I can't figure out how much it costs w/ specials, trade-in, etc...  Frustrating.

Kenneth N. | 2011-07-27

After seeing a five star review I had to through in my personal experience. This happened 10 years ago but if you ask me car dealerships don't change very much over time. The sales person lied out his wazoo. Telling me that the model wasn't going to be made anymore and that the car I was looking at was the last of it's kinda yadda yadda yadda. I walked away and went to Roswell Infiniti and never regretted that. Oh and I went to a Mercedes dealership too and they tried to sell me a USED SUV for $15,000 over MSRP new.

Darren B. | 2011-06-05

Every time I come here for an oil change I wait...and wait and wait...why does it take 2 hours for an oil change. The lady next to me had been waiting for 4 hours. When my car was finally ready it took 20 minutes to do the paperwork and bring my car around. I did ask them to check the brakes they told me the rear pads needed changing they were down to 2mm and needed doing immediately. $200 was the price...forget it I did it myself, guess what the pads were fine, at least 6mm on both sides. I also double checked the oil level and noticed that the plastic cowl around the radiator had been removed and when replaced the fasteners where  all missing. When I mentioned it guess what...denial denial denial. Time to find another service place.

Maxine C. | 2011-04-18

Ibrihim, the sales guy was really nice and not pushy or anything. I liked him. And then he had to bring his manager over, which is when I had the 'pretty woman' moment:
me: how much?
Manager it's really expensive.

I hate to say it, he lived up to the reputation that car dealers have.

Ok, fine. It's not like there are not 11 other toyota dealerships in Atlanta. So, I told Ibrihim we liked him but not the manager and that we wouldn't be buying a car there.

I'm a little surprised at the attitude and L was about to have a breakdown, so we went and got some fro yo and then it was ok.

Patrick D. | 2010-12-22

Over priced. Not happy at all with the experience in the service department from start to finish. Charged me for service i told them I didnt want over the phone.  When I got there they told me the job was done and the car was "being washed"  an hour later they bring me my car, dirtier then when I dropped it off!

Take your business elsewhere

Carlos C. | 2010-08-26

Can get better pricing.  Associates too eager but can't do much w/o manager TO.

Jeff G. | 2010-07-19

I have bought two cars here in the past and used them for routine maintenance for both and never had a problem until my wife went in a few years ago by herself for her 24,000 maintenance visit.  I told her to get the cheapest service package available, as the others were not necessary for our vehicle.  She told this to the rep (Map Mouth) who said, sure thing and had her sign for the most expensive service package.  When I found out, I was pretty upset and talked to a manager (I no longer see him on the website, maybe he finally got fired?) who gave me all the excuses in the book and finally asked, what do you want me to do about it?  I told him I felt it would be fair to split the difference between the package we wanted and the one we were scammed into.  He said he needed to get approval and would call me back with 3 days.  Never heard from him again and he would always "lose" his connection whenever I got him on the phone after that.  They always say "Team Toyota", and I can't argue with that.  It was a team effort turning this lifetime Toyota family away from the brand for good.

A caveat for those who do take their cars here, the actual car service does seem to be good, however, considering they overcharge and lie to you, you are better off going to a different establishment.

Armida G. | 2010-05-22

I should mention that when I emailed World Toyota pointing out that their "required maintenance" contradicted what the Toyota Corporation recommended and requested a refund, I did not receive a reply; however, a couple of weeks later I did receive a check for the full amount.  So (1) Don't take your car there for maintenance; (2) If you must, check anything they recommend against the Toyota Corporation suggested maintenance page; and (3) If you discover  that, like so many others, you have been ripped off, request a refund.  At least they did that.

Miss S. | 2010-03-16

my two most recent experiences at World Toyota are the inspiration for this post. i don't want to do this, but i just have to... because there are too many issues here that i can't ignore any longer.

1) i brought my Prius in to exchange my cloth seats for leather ones. they said it would take two days at the very max. i called and called to make sure it'd be ready so i wouldn't get stuck in Atlanta traffic during rush hour after work, and they said "it should be ready today." so my boyfriend drove me up at about 5pm, and we sat in traffic for about an hour. i called World Toyota to let them know the situation and that i might be a little late... only to hear them say "oh, it's not ready yet... it'll be ready tomorrow." such a huge waste of my time. that was strike one.

2) most recently, i called in to World Toyota asking if my car had been included in the recall (a 2006 Prius, which was indeed part of the recall). when i was told that they wouldn't have those replacement parts available until spring, i asked if i could possibly bring my car in to discuss the electrical problem with both my headlight and tail-light (which i found out is another current lawsuit with Priuses -… ).

apparently i was speaking to "the new guy" at the company. he said that i was still under warranty and that he wanted to get me in there ASAP so they could fix those lights, no problem. we agreed that i'd come in on saturday morning at 7am, so here i am, up at 6:15 so i could be there on time. i show up, groggy and tired, and this Asian man who said he has worked there for 10 years tells me that i'm not under warranty, and read the details of my conversation with this "new guy," and apologized quickly that this man essentially forced me to show up when there was nothing they could do for me.

needless to say, i literally pulled up, found out that the headlight, tail-light coincidence is not an "electrical problem," but rather a "bulb problem," and then drove away. i think i spent 10 minutes there, total. another huge waste of my time.

when my boyfriend called up to complain on my behalf, they said they'd call me directly to rectify the situation... still no call from them yet. the manager did however tell him that if i ever have any issues like this in the future, i can simply go to and look up my VIN number in the system to see what needs to be done. he also told him that apparently when they replace the bulbs ($300 a piece, the Asian man quoted me) toyota will actually reimburse you for that payment. really? really World Toyota? you are the company's dealership, and should be able to provide me with that information either over the phone or in person.

i promise that's the end of my rant... but this isn't something i'm going to put behind me. you'd think that with all the bad publicity toyota's received in the last couple of months, they'd be bending over backwards to help me, but no, i guess i'm just not that important.

instead of relying on this bunk operation in Chamblee, i'll be at the Stone Mountain Toyota, which is equidistant from my place. it certainly can't be worse than what i've been through!

Ben H. | 2010-02-21

Wow, this was just a nightmare.  Time to drop the ax...

My family has been more or less a "Toyota family" and settled on World Toyota for all our service needs.  Yes, dealerships are a little overpriced, but at least the work actually gets done well unlike some other shops we'd tried.  So we have gone here for years and were considered "preferred customers" by WT.  

Anyway, I had problems with my driver's side door - I couldn't open it from the inside.  So I took it in to get that looked at after I determined I couldn't fix it myself.  I also got a few minor things done: oil change, replacement bulbs, new wiperblades.  No problems with those routine fixes.  

They came back saying that I needed an entire new door lock assembly and a bunch of car fluids and spark plugs.  Cost plus labor for the fluids and spark plugs?  $485.  Cost plus labor for the door?  Almost $550.  This seemed incredibly expensive for what seemed like it should be a simple fix.  And the lock seemed to work but I just couldn't open it from the inside - so why would I need a whole new lock assembly?  This seemed weird to me, but I just said to go ahead and order the parts.  I decided to hold off on the fluids (at least until I came back and got the door fixed) since it seemed a bit high.  Anyway, they made me pay for what I had done that day and pre-pay for the parts and labor I was going to have later.  Pre-pay for work?  Weird...So basically I walked in needing my door fixed and walked out with a $1100 estimate.

Anyway, the "service advisor" who was "helping" me was supposed to call me back in a couple days and let me know that the parts had come in.  I never heard anything from him and, knowing that I had the service appointment scheduled for the following day, I decided to just call and make sure everything was ok for tomorrow.  Well, he was clueless and had to look to find out that one of the parts had been delayed.  So basically if I hadn't done his job for him I would've brought my car in for nothing.  

The one thing I'm thankful for is that the price of the fluids and spark plugs (not to mention the door) was high enough to really make me skeptical and want to doublecheck their estimate.  I decided to try a place nearby that had gotten decent reviews called Quantum Mechanics.  Anyway, I took my car to QM and had them check over all the things from the WT estimate.    

QM checked over the door and said that the door lock was fine - it just needed a new door handle.  They seemed incredulous about WT's assertion that a new lock assembly was needed.  Since the door could unlock, open and close, it was obvious that there was not a problem with the lock assembly and it was just a handle issue.  Hmm.  They agreed with the assessment about the spark plugs and some of the fluids, but said that one of the fluids was completely fine and definitely didn't need replacing.  Hmm.  After they quoted me the price for the work, I scheduled the work at QM.  

Door @ WT: $550
Door @ QM: $50
Other work @ WT: $485
Other work @ QM: $355 (including some additional work as well!)


Incredibly pissed off now, I called WT to cancel the part and get a refund.  I told the service guy that I had taken my car to another shop and that the shop said that the door lock assembly was fine - I just needed a $30 door handle.  This seemed to fluster him a bit and resulted in him needing to talk with his manager.  Hmm.  He came back with a half-assed apology and said the tech had basically made a mistake and would be reprimanded or something to that effect.  When I tried to get my refund (since they had made me pre-pay!), I was told that I would have to come in person to get that done.  So I had to get up an hour early before work to get out there to get my refund and guess what?  When I got there, someone else told me I could've just gotten the refund over the phone!  AWESOME!!!

So there's really only 2 options here: (1) the technician really is COMPLETELY incompetent or (2) they tried to rip me off.  I find it very hard to believe that someone who fixes Toyotas for a living made a mistake with such a simple door issue.  Given that it opened from the outside, even basic logic would dictate that there wasn't a problem with the lock assembly.  And if WT techs actually don't even have basic logic skills (not too mention technical skills), well, that would speak volumes about the kind of service they have here.  Of course, I don't think that's the situation - they tried to rip me off.   No ifs, ands, or buts - they tried to swindle me and got caught red-handed.

I just don't know what to think.  This was the most incompetent and dishonest service I have ever received anywhere.  If they are pulling this crap with loyal customers, I'd hate to find out what they do with new or infrequent customers.  Great job at losing our entire family's business, World Toyota.  And people, for your mental and financial sake, please consider going somewhere else.


Carrie Neal W. | 2009-11-02

Best car service experience I have ever had. Period.

And I loathe taking my car in for service. I don't care how nice the people are or how swanky the dealership is (your gym doesn't thrill me, your lounge doesn't soothe me . . . ). I just don't like the whole ordeal.

But today, it was like a quick trip to the mall, to my favorite store to pick up a cute t-shirt!! I was greeted immediately by my service guy, Terry, registered (it was my first visit to World Toyota and I had not bought my car there), escorted to the lounge, and barely 20 minutes later . . . my car was done!! WOW! Painless.

The girls at the check-out desk even complimented my shoes. A nice extra touch. Seriously, though, top-notch and totally recommended.

Tulie L. | 2009-06-16

So I am driving down 285 and I see for the 2nd time this week that my rear light reminder on the dash board, is saying something is up. So I enter my GPS for the closest Toyota Dealership. I ended calling this location to make sure I can get in, and they said not a problem.
Place was super helpful. Kizzel at the cashier was so nice as to lead me to a service manager.  Brian Murray was the Service Manager that helped me. He pulled my car up, and took a look at it and said it was the break light bulb that was out, and they could change it for me really fast. He went and got a light bulb and replaced it for me. I also mentioned I think my A/C is acting up and if he can take a look at it.  I don't know exactly what he did but my A/C was blasting cold air. He said he adjusted it so it was at it optimal function! All I knew was i walked away with a better car, no headache, and a service that was beyond affordable. Brian was very nice- and was easy to work with. He didn't try to sale me additional services.  Walked away with a cooler  (oh him taking a look and adjusting whatever he did, well it wasn't even considered a service, all I  paid for was the light bulb to be replaced!) - safer car! Thanks World Toyota for Great Service , Helpful Staff, and just an easy Service Maintenance, that could have cost me more headache and grief elsewhere!

adrian w. | 2009-04-23

I gave this place 3 stars since I bought my car here.
The first time I came by I was here for about 4 hours while they were trying to sell me just about anything. So I got drilled by quite a few different salesmen.
I never felt too pressured here. The overall experience could have been much much worse.
They did keep in touch with me anytime a car similar to what I was looking for would roll through.
Even after I purchased my vehicle, they would contact me and ask me how my car is doing and if I am pleased with my purchase.
So sure, why not swing by here if you are in the market for a used car.

Sarah E. | 2009-03-11

World Toyota is located just around the corner from my house, so I used to take my car here for regular maintenance until about 2 years ago.  I stopped going there because of a bad experience I had when I tried to take my car there for repairs.

The fuel pump was broken, and they wanted to charge close to $1000 to fix it.  This seemed high to me, and I was quoted about half this amount by a smaller, mom-and-pop shop.  Still, I spoke to the associate at World Toyota about trading in my car for a new one once the repairs had been done.  Despite the fact that my car had always had regular scheduled maintenance on time and this was its first problem, they quoted me a trade-in value way below the blue book value.

Worse than that, the associate with which I dealt was incredibly flippant about the whole thing.  Eventually, I told him that due to his handling of the issue, I was seriously considering towing my car elsewhere to be fixed and never giving them my business again.  When he didn't seem to care (or maybe he didn't believe me), I did just that.  I asked him to note in their system that I was extremely displeased and would not be coming back.

Despite this, I still got a phone call asking me to rate the quality of my service experience a few days later.  I'm guessing he didn't note my dissatisfaction, so I am finally doing so here on Yelp.

Elliot K. | 2009-02-13

All I've done with them so far is get service on my Scion xB, but they've been great. Quick service - usually faster than their estimate, helpful staff, and a decent area to wait in. The sales people even try not to look too disappointed when I explain that I'm just wandering around the new models while I wait for my service.

Everything you expect from a dealership service station, with a minimum of the car dealer creepiness.

Amanda W. | 2008-07-24

Great customer service in the service department.  I had some nightmarish dealings with Stone Mountain Toyota before finding World Toyota on a friend's recommendation.  I've gone on 2 Saturday mornings and have gotten in and out relatively quickly.  They're professional, courteous and don't try to push stuff on you that you don't need.  

It's a bit expensive, but that's the price of going to a dealer, I guess.  That's the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars.

Vincent V. | 2006-12-19

We bought a used truck from this place a couple of years ago. All in all it was a good experience and I'd shop for another car there if/when I ever need to again.

There wasn't a ton of pressure from the sales department when we shopped here. Part of that came from us being very specific about what we were looking for, it narrowed the selection process to a minimum and discussing options didn't come into play.

Of course, they didn't have exactly what we were looking for. The sales department took down our information and called us a couple of weeks later when a used truck came onto the lot that was exactly what we were looking for. After that the purchase process was quick, the financing and paperwork got taken care of in a couple of hours.