Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs in Atlanta, GA

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"Taking care of Atlanta's automotive needs for close to 30 years, Sandy Springs
is a family-run dealership your family can count on...

Quality and Consistency

Impressive Toyota Lineup

Always at Your Service

Expect a Personal Touch

Visit us soon and see what we mean. We look forward to serving you."


Taking care of Atlanta's automotive needs for close to 30 years, Sandy Springs
is a family-run dealership your family can count onÉ

Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(404) 236-1940
Address:6475 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA, 30328
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs

Annette S. | 2015-04-21

I dropped my car for repair after an accident. It was nothing serious. However when I went back to pick my car, I was told the engine light was still on. And he tried to persuaded me to do another check up, which cost another 100+ dollars. But he told me everything is ready for me one day ago. Now I am here and he told me the engine light was still on and it is not ready! Ridiculous!!

Tiffany F. | 2015-03-29

I came back for 5K later service, and everything and everyone was just as great as the first time. Thank you guys!

Nicki K. | 2015-03-03

Several months after my rave review, why update now? Well, it's cause I feel there's a need. Maybe I got extremely excellent service since I was planning on purchasing a car and I did.

Fast forward almost four months later, this is what has happened. Whoever did the tint job on the car did a poor job. What I didn't go into details on previous review even though the car did get re-done getting rid of the bubbles. Well, if hubby didn't know friends nearby, the experience if it was me - they took all freaking day to just do it. Imagine going in around 9 am just to get out at 4 pm, almost getting a car rental because the job still wasn't done.

Then just recently, we had a pending check from prior car insurance that was made to me and Sandy Springs Toyota. Long story short, The check is made out to me and Sandy Springs because at that time, my hubby got a Toyota Scion and the car was totaled. Nationwide sent me a check but I couldn't cash it cause Sandy Springs was on there but we decided not to get anything done, the car is totaled! So the check just never got cashed. Several years passed and Nationwide issued another check, I am no longer with them but they sent the check stating that it's my money and  if it doesn't get cashed, it will be sent to the State. The salesperson that we loved so much told us it would be no problem for us to get the check endorsed.

That's A. Total. Lie. Hubby ran around to different departments trying to get it endorsed. First of all, he called Keane several times about it and he said he was too busy to help him out. This was going on for several days to a week. Hubby just decided to drive up there, he even called Keane and Keane still told him he was busy. Surprise. Surprised. He showed up.

So everyone and their momma made hubby run around to different departments. No one wanted to help out. Finally someone said that they are unable to sign it because they are no long Sandy Springs Toyota but Rick Hendrick. Full of shit.

So I guess that money is going to the state. So much for having car insurance and a dealership that was a 5 stars in my rating.

Wileyeugene H. | 2015-01-28

This place was very friendly and quick to answer our questions and find use what we were looking for. They are working get us the car we needed at the price we can afford.

Liesl F. | 2015-01-13

I had such weird service at this location - maybe it wouldn't seem that bad if the service hadn't been so wonderful at the other dealerships I've been to. But when I got to this one, they didn't know anything about the appointment I had set up and just seemed confused that I was even there.  The lady at the front desk sent me down the hall to find another guy, who wasn't there.  Then she sent me to see another girl, who also didn't see my appointment on the books but said she'd take care of me.  After I'd waited a while she found me in the waiting room and said, "Oh, you've never been here before?  Ohh, let me get your information." Then they sent me on my way a little while later, and never said anything about what maintenance they did on my car (at other Toyota dealers, they go over it with me). Two days later, the weather got colder and my tire pressure light is on again. Overall, they just weren't very professional and I couldn't tell if they knew what they knew what they were doing, even if they actually did.  I'll go back to the Marietta dealership next time, it's worth the drive for the peace of mind!

Bill P. | 2014-12-20

Had a really good experience here buying a 2015 Prius from Sina (the Persian Cowboy). I got a very good price and the financing department was able to set me up with an interest rate of 1.74%.

Rachel K. | 2014-12-06

First off, I'm a Toyota lover. Like... I've had it since I was 15 years old. Always brag about my car and the service I've had from every Toyota guy/girl.

And I've always had EXCELLENT service with them too... until today. Very disappointed. Sigh :(

My baby, Corvin, is awesome. Love my car. Never had a problem till today. :( My GPS was randomly malfunctioning. I've only had it for almost 2 years. What?! I've never heard a Toyota car give out bad GPS systems. Siiiiiigh. I was heartbroken that my beloved Toyota's system was down.

The guy I went to played with it & tried. He wasn't an expert Nav guy. I asked, "well where is your expert?" Replied with: He's in FL. I then asked "um... you only have 1?" Replied with: Yep, in Fl.

WHAT KIND OF SHOP LIKE THIS ONLY HAS ONE TECHNICIAN ON HAND?!! I was blown off. The guy probably got too lazy and didn't want to deal with my car. Seriously?

I then went to Duluth Toyota, and they couldn't fix it,  BUT - they took time to try - an hour or so. Also, they had MORE than 1 technician that had to deal with cars. They sadly informed me that my baby had to be in the shop starting Monday :( See the difference? Duluth tried and didn't blow me off whereas this place did.

So sad :( Sandy Springs, I hope today was just an off day for your guy :(

Sarah S. | 2014-09-10

This is an UPDATE to my last review...

I received a phone call directly from the service manager after he saw my review. He was horrified and apologized for what felt like a solid ten minutes. He said everything and anything that could be said after reading and reviewing my info. I was moved by his sincerity and concern. He offered me a refund on my tires, which was BEYOND nice and completely unexpected! I wrote my review with absolutely no expectation of it accomplishing anything more than allowing me to vent. The fact that someone of importance read it and cared spoke volumes.

In my last review, I called Toyota Sandy Springs out on 'not caring' which was clearly not the case. I am reassured in the ability and customer service aspect and am so honored that I was personally called to resolve this. I'm disappointed it took a bad review months later to spark a resolution, but, again, I am so incredibly happy to have been called and offered options. I will absolutely bring my car back because I Know sandy Springs Toyota cares and WILL take care of my car the next time.

See you guys soon!

Thank you again for caring!

H P. | 2014-08-30

I am actually surprised at the latest one star reviews.  We have been a Sandy Springs Toyota customer since 2008 when we bought our Scion Xb brand new.  Because of the excellent service we received, when it was time to buy again, we came back and bought a brand new customized Scion Tc.  We have had nothing but great service experiences for six years straight.  Yes, there have been times they are busy and backed up, service advisers are having a bad day, and techs make mistakes, but you know what, that is just part of working with humans who are imperfect...BUT let me tell you that they will make it right, they will do it with a smile, and they have done nothing but SERVE us with high expectations, not only from what we expect, but the ones they place on themselves.   Daniel, Nicole, and Ryan, are out of this world nice people too.  Woody and Jerry are some of the sweetest and most humble guys you will ever meet.  Nothing but great reviews from this Yelper.

Sean H. | 2014-08-02

Came here on a Saturday morning for a 11:00 AM appointment. There were a lot of people here and no service advisors. Asked for another service advisor other than the listed advisor on the appointment and got a short rude response.

Not big on waiting on top of the excessive wait times for an oil change service. Not impressed. Got the impression that a lot of customers were also frustrated with the lack of service and the wait times to speak with an advisor.


Hmmm so now I've been here for basically 2 hours for an oil change. We were told the car was ready at the hour and 15 minute mark and then found out it was a different scion tc. Besides the terrible service and wait times the restrooms are also disgusting.

I guess incompetent management leads to incompetent employees. A terrible downstream cycle that leads to unhappy customers.

Please for your sake go to a different dealership.

Mr R. | 2014-06-02

Bait and switch sales.  Called them to ask them to match a competitors price because they still had the color we wanted in stock.  They said yes on the phone, but once we loaded up the kids, drove 45 minutes, and got in their doors they raised the price by $1,300.  

Leaving the dealer, called another and arranged the deal on the phone, drove over, and drove home two hours later.  Surprise, they actually honored the price we negotiated on the phone.

There are twelve Toyota dealers in the Atlanta area.  You don't have to settle for dishonest sales tactics.

Lyndon D. | 2013-12-16

The Internet Sales Department is Awesome!  From working with Mark Law to David Mendelson, everyone was very helpful throughout the whole process. They really go the extra mile in everything they do.  I will definitely come back and get my next car here.  Props to the detail manager too.  High recommend!

Edit: Call back to redeem my "leather seats installation" that the sales guy and I signed and agreed to.  They said the salesman no longer worked there and that they don't do leather installation.  They outsource it and I should contact the company directly.  Also the price we agreed on they said was a quote at the time and is not valid.  Stay away from any agreements on the side.

Lynn E. | 2013-12-13

If you know me IRL - you know I take my car care seriously. And the folks at Sandy Springs are the best.

Purchase a car here and you'll be assigned a service manager. You call that person to schedule maintenance appointments. You can call them to ask questions. Get advice. When your car is off warranty you still call them. And you get a prompt return call if they can't take your call.

From the the initial sales experience (five star experience) until today -- some four years later I'm thrilled with my experience with this dealer, their service center, the parts department and the collision center. Service with a smile. Helpful. Friendly.

The service waiting room has coffee and wifi.

The part department will replace your windshield wipers and key fob batteries. What more could a busy gal ask for. I drove up - purchased the parts I needed and they took care of the rest. No DIY project for me. Thank you!!!

I can't say enough positive things about Sandy Springs Toyota. They have customer service down to a science!  Kudos.

Andria C. | 2013-08-06

The customer service at the collision department here makes my head hurt.

I got into a fender bender a couple of weeks ago and, this being the closest Toyota dealership to both my job and my home, it seemed like the logical answer.  I dropped my car off one morning having no clue that it would be 16 days before I laid eyes on it again.

I dropped my car off on a Monday morning at 8 AM.  I called on Wednesday just before they closed to see if they could give me an estimate of how long it would take to complete the repairs.  My service advisor - Ivis Santos - advised that they hadn't even looked at it yet because they were waiting on the insurance company to call them.  Sooo, two full days and no one has even looked at the car.  Awesome.

So I put my project manager hat on and get the insurance company and the dealership talking.  Okay.  So now they tell me that my repairs should be done the following Tuesday.  Okay, fine.

Tuesday rolls around and no word from my friend Mr. Santos.  Sooo I call back.  Oh, It'll be next Wednesday before we're done.  Ummm, did anyone plan on telling me that?!?  I don't want my car back or anything.  

So now it's the following Wednesday.  Still nothing from good old Mr. Santos.  I call again and it's ready.  WTF!  Okay, I guess it's my fault now.  You all have made it abundantly clear that you're unable to do your jobs without hand holding.

When I originally dropped my car off, I also mentioned that it was time for my next service.  The person I spoke with on that day told me that when the collision work was done they would have someone from the service department call me to setup the service.  Sounds great.  And that's what happened.  I talked to Kelly in service and he advised that my Toyota Care had expired so I'd have to pay for the 30,000 mile service.  I told him I'd schedule it at a different time since I really just wanted to get back car back and get the hell out of this matchbox car of a rental.

So I show up and, somehow, I have a balance of $65+.  Huh?  Oh, you changed my oil?  Why?  I didn't authorize you to do that.  So after some back and forth, we both come to the conclusion that I will not be paying for service that I didn't authorize them to complete.

This entire experience was a completel and absolute disaster.  I'm a big fan of convenience, but it's not worth dealing with the incompetent folks that this place employs.  I'll be heading back to Cobb County Toyota next time.

Michael O. | 2013-06-12

Nice lounge area! Soft Red leather recliner chairs, computer stalls, free WiFi and privacy! The lounge area was as nice as Nalley Lexus. 2 Thumbs up!

Brenda T. | 2013-03-25

After a series of challenges at CarMax coupled with an urgent need for a new car, I decided to explore an internet special at Sandy Springs Toyota. I scheduled a test drive online, received a friendly follow up call soon after from Internet Sales Manager Shannon Green, and later that evening, the test drive was in progress. Even the tornado warning didn't stop us...nothing like testing a car's handling under wind and rain at the peak of rush hour.

I found the service distinctive on several levels - Shannon greeted me before I reached the front door of the dealership; our interactions were direct but friendly and I never felt pressured by the dealership's timeline or agenda. Listening to your customers and maintaining a consistent, genuine level of professionalism goes a long way. I also encountered several employees who were equally friendly in passing which says a lot about the dealership's overall approach. At the end of the day, this is a business, so it is especially refreshing when my experience feels personal and not transactional.

Ladies, if you're car searching and a bit hesitant about negotiating on your own, consider giving this business a chance --you can do it! Ask for Shannon.

Gabriel H. | 2013-01-16

I bought a Toyota corolla 2010 1 year ago. Right after that I decide to do all the services at the dealer, including the oil change, brakes and things like that. Since the second time that I showed up I was always recommend to do things that I knew were not necessary at that particular  moment. At some point what I had to do were my brakes and I was told that I will have one year of warranty on the job and parts. I had to come back to do my brakes three times in a period of about 8 months. When I was about to gave up and go some where else I meet Kim, he took care of my problem, I was able to drive at least four times more that I used to do before,
Without having to replace my brakes. He is a very professional, polite and dedicated person that takes pride on his job and take cares of his customers problems like they were of his own.

Isaac S. | 2013-01-13


Sandy Springs Toyota is located on Roswell Road right north of 285. It's the closest Toyota dealership to the north perimeter and is quite convenient for North ATL-iens inside and outside of the perimeter.

Earlier this week, I wanted to surprise my girlfriend by fixing up her car while she was out of town and needed a part ASAP. I called other dealerships closer to me and they either did not have the part in stock or closed before I was able to leave work. When I called the Sandy Springs Toyota parts department, a kind gentleman, by the name of Bert, found the part I needed. The Catch? Like other Toyota parts departments, it too closed before I could leave work. However, Bert was kind enough to suggest leaving the part with the cashier. I was ecstatic! Competitors take notes.

Long story short. Customer service here is great! OEM prices are a little bit high (but that's typical everywhere), but you can try to price match local competitors if they have lower prices.

End result: SUCCESS! The girlfriend was surprised. I received lots of XOXOs. J/K.

The End.

Patrick F. | 2013-01-08

I have bought many cars over the course of my life, and I can honestly say that this is one of the few times that I left a dealership feeling good about my purchase and the deal that I got.
Shannon Green went above and beyond to put me in the right vehicle, and not just a vehicle to get me out and get the next customer to his desk.  Not only did he take the time to go over the features of my new car, but he also help me set up my phone and preferences.
If you are in the market for a new car, go see Shannon at Sandy Springs Toyota!

Teckmon S. | 2013-01-06

Excellent customer service.

I lost my key. I thought it will cost me a fortune to have a key made without a spare. I went in the Toyota Part Service, showed my title to a Toyota employee. He came out a copy of my key in less than 3 minutes, and asked me if I need a second one. The good thing is, it costs me $0 with a smile. Thank you so much.

R C. | 2012-11-26

I went in last week just for a look, but ended leaving with a brand new truck at a great price. Even though the specific truck I wanted was not on site, Bobby helped me get exactly what I wanted at a price I could not say no to. Excellent service, friendly staff, and never once did I feel "bullied" by my salesman. He was down to earth, easy to talk to, and genuinely on the customer's side. I would recommend Bobby and this dealership to anyone looking to buy.

Julie S. | 2012-11-24

I have had a Toyota for over 10 years and of all the dealerships I have been to, this one is best.  The service reps are courteous, the finish the job quickly, and have never tried to convince me to do more than I needed.  The express lube is a great time saver. I like the fact they have Sunday hours as I travel for work and having this option on the weekend is helpful.

Amanda H. | 2012-11-04

I've written a yelp review and Facebook recommendation for the service department but I just feel that this isn't enough. I can't speak highly enough of the outstanding service I've gotten in sales, parts, and especially service at SST. I'm constantly blown away by the level of competence, compassion, and professionalism these guys have. Today this was prompted by David Ramos when I came in due to my tire pressure light coming on- my rear right tire had a nail in it and I just had that tire replaced last week when a piece of metal got lodged in it.
David was amazing and I am so thankful to have such a trustworthy service department to rely on.

Rodney C. | 2012-09-21

I went to Sandy Springs Toyota to have my brakes replaced.  I had already called to get a price mad spoke to Kim.  After having my brakes done, Kim pointed out some other items that I needed to fix.  I had planned on replacing the drive belts myself and had already bought the parts.  I decided to have them replace my timing belt and water pump.  Kim agreed to use the belts and radiator hoses that I had bought.  I was very happy that he gave me a good price and also used the parts I already bought.  The best experience yet at a dealership service department.  On top of it they gave me an awesome Highlander as a free loaner!

James G. | 2012-09-10

I have never used their sales department but have used their body shop and service departments.

If in service, ask for Nicole Delaigle.  She is a straight shooter, runs an efficient service team and keeps her customer's interest in mind.  My wife's uncle uses Nicole also.  Nicole is a pro.

Mark C. | 2012-08-22

Very few times in my life have I ever heard a service department say, "we were able to fix it faster than we thought, so we are charging you less than quoted".  This happened with my 02 Tacoma a few months ago - that is just an incredibly honest way of doing business.

Usually I DIY most of my repairs, so I've come to know the parts department very well.  Dealer parts are always higher, but the service and quality I get from the parts department is worth the extra money.

The service waiting area is better than that of Jim Ellis Porsche, and RBM of Atlanta.  Looks brand new, very nicely set up if you want to watch TV, or check you email...plenty of space to spread out - doesn't even feel like you're at a dealership.

Last week I went with a friend to test drive a new Venza...was not a fan of the car, the interior was poorly put together, and the rear end got a little jumpy when going over bumps...but the salesman was TOP NOTCH...no hard sale, knew the product inside and out.

Overall, this is a very good, honest dealership.  I would strongly recommend the service department.

Michael B. | 2012-05-09

Recently I bought a car from Sandy Springs Toyota and had a wonderful buying experience. I actually didn't come to SS Toyota to buy a car, but to just get mine appraised so I could use their trade-in value as leverage against another dealership that I had planned on looking at a car at.

I was met by Harrison Wiggins the salesperson when I arrived. He was very friendly and polite and I told him that I just wanted to see what I could get for my old 2001 Highlander. While he was having my car appraised he showed me a few newer used Highlanders they had on the lot, and let me test drive a 2010 Highlander. Wow! That 2010 Highlander drove like a dream compared to my old 2001, but it was missing a few bells and whistles I was looking for in a car. When we came back in from the test drive we were met by Danny Jackson the sales manager who I told that I loved the way the 2010 drove, but needed more and he was very understanding. It just so happened that they had a 2009 Highlander in another location that had everything I was looking for and very low mileage. I told them that I was going to go shopping around and that later that afternoon I would be back in to test drive the 2009 Highlander.

Well after leaving I did visit several other dealerships including the one I had originally decided that I would buy a car from; but the car I wanted was sold. I test drove several cars at several dealerships, including the car that I wanted to buy, and decided that I just loved the Highlander's drive way too much to switch.

Later that evening on the way to dinner we went back by Sandy Springs Toyota and drove the 2009 Highlander that was fully loaded with only 27k miles on it. I was in love with it! I told Harrison the salesperson that I needed to sleep on it and that I would probably be back the next day.

The next day I had already decided that I was going to buy the 2009 Highlander and was about to head out the door to SS Toyota when Harrison called and said there was someone else interested in the car and that they were out test driving it. So I hurried down to the dealership and the car was not there, it was out for the test drive. I decided to go ahead and make an offer as they have a 1st come 1st serve policy here. While I was filling out the paperwork the couple driving the car came back in and offered more than I had, but luckily I beat them to it. So now I'm the proud owner of the 2009 Highlander.

Buying the car was a breeze. It is probably the fastest I've ever bought a car, it only took 2 hours to make the offer, get the offer accepted, get financed, and get on the road.

I just hope that I'll love this Highlander as much as I did my old Highlander. The only bad part is that now I have a car payment to make again.

Edward S. | 2011-11-01

First of all, I am not a Sandy Springs Toyota employee trying to add good ratings in here. At least I hope my review history would help my credibility a little bit =).

I just bought a 2012 Toyota Sienna from them yesterday.  I actually been in contact with them since 2 weeks ago, and the salesperson named Mumen helped me from the beginning. Of course, they offered me a pretty high price at the beginning because that's how they make money.

I had to do some research before I reached a conclusion on what's the best price. When i came back to them, they still treated me well and didn't push me to buy the car right away. At least they were polite to me and not being pushy.

Overall, I had great experience closing the deal with them, and both manager, Bertell Winston and Johnson Leo was very nice to me.

In my other review on another dealership, Toyota of McDonough, I had a horrible experience with them.

Michael A. | 2011-05-17

I recently called Sandy Springs Toyota to find out if they had any Prius' available. Eric the "Internet sales person" (whom you may see craigslist list adds for) said that they did and even gave me a VIN# and a price.

Upon arriving I sat down with the sales person, he reluctantly agreed to the price I was told by phone and he took my information to make copys and put me in their system. Upon returning he tells me they will charge me $500.00 to get it from their "sister store" I said fine. He then goes away and comes back to tell me its at the other store but can not get it until June. So I reluctantly said sure that's fine! He says OK, goes away and comes back again to tell me he cant get it until July...... Of course he had no paperwork with him upon returning! It was all a SCAM!

Needless to say the truth is that the car that they were promoting either doesn't exist or was sold long ago!

Has anyone else gone throught this?

C. P. | 2011-03-30

This review is for their service dept. I came in today on my lunch hour to get a new battery for my keyless entry remote on my Toyota Matrix in addition to getting a recall issue fixed, and the employees in the service department could not have been more friendly and accommodating. As a young woman, I absolutely HATE when mechanics and dealership employees talk to me like I'm a moron who doesn't know a thing about cars. I had a terrible time with the Toyota dealership in Savannah (they were very pushy and demeaning, and on several occasions did not rotate my tires or change my oil after I'd been kept waiting for an hour and a half or more and after I'd paid for the service...I checked afterwards. Enough about them...). Sandy Springs Toyota was an entirely different story. They could not have been more courteous, respectful, or timely. Daniel (the assistant service manager) waited on me and he was excellent. The waiting area was also very nice, clean, and comfortable. My opinion of car dealership service departments has certainly been changed! Just another reason why I love Toyota as a company.

Angela M. | 2011-02-15

When we bought our Prius years ago, there was only one key.  It was on the top of our list to get an additional key made, until we found out that the dealership was going to charge over $100 for the spare, since it's a fob that has to be programmed with the car, not just a key to be cut, and the fob itself was half of the cost.  So J was able to find a fob online for much cheaper than the dealership was offering.  But we never quite got around to having the fob programmed.

Flash forward 3 years, and after a few confusing incidents of who had the keys to which car, it's finally time to cross this task off the list.  So J spoke to the service department at this dealership, which is conveniently just up the road, and asked about the fob.  After a 3 year wait, the price had dropped to only $39.95.   When I got to the dealership, they were prepared since J had called ahead, so I was immediately ushered into one of the rooms along the entryway lanes, where they inputed my car information and checked for recalls.  Unfortunately, my model was due for a recall.  Well, I didn't have time for that on that day, so the service manager agreed to make an appointment and had me sign that I was leaving the dealership without the recall.  Meanwhile they took the car backa nd programmed the key.  What was estimated at 30 minutes took about an hour from the time I got there until the time I left.

At least there's a nice new waiting room with comfy leatherish sofas, relatively new magazines, free wifi, free coffee and fruit, a vending machine, a children's play room, and a courtesy van (the driver came through every 30 minutes or so to check).

I came back the next day for the recall.  I was told about 1.5hours, but got there before 9, so it wasn't as busy, and they were able to get it done in about an hour.  Of course, in the mean time they found several things that they recommend fixing, to the tune of several hundred dollars.  The service manager that was helping me gave me the list and told me to consider having all these things done, but didn't push too hard.  He did say that now that I have the little one, I need to keep the car well-maintained, and I agree, but didn't push too hard.

Needless to say, I'm checking to see if I can get those things done cheaper elsewhere (I don't recall air filters being that expensive).  But if I had to go back to the dealership, at least they are friendly and have a plush waiting room.  And I like that they didn't try to push me too hard in that initial meeting.

#Yelp365 - 46/365

Gary T. | 2010-12-06

I didn't buy my Toyota here, although I did stop by here for service since I live in the area and the dealership where I bought my car is much farther away. This was my first scheduled service and I found all of the people to be very friendly and courteous. What I liked the most about this is that you can schedule your appointments online and you just show up for your service. This may not apply for something more complicated than what I was having done (tire rotation, etc).

When you show up for your appointment, you just drive into this large bay and they take your keys and knock it out. The waiting area is also very spacious and well lit and has free WI-FI if I remember correctly, but don't quote me on that. They also appeared to have an auto detailing area, which is something I need to keep in mind for the future when I want to get a good cleaning done on my car.

Overall, I would recommend this place if you are a Toyota owner and are looking for a good service location. I can't offer anything about the buying experience here since I purchased mine from a different dealership.

Tom V. | 2010-12-01

We recently bought a car at Toyota Sandy Springs and are real happy with it. Our Sales person was Glenda White, who really helped us out in getting what we want for a great price.
As every online shopper, we went prepared to the garage prepared knowing the value of cars a little. Glenda really wanted the best deal for both parties and happy buyers we are. As our salesperson she follows up with us every time in a while and she will always make sure, we got taken care off. It feels like you are becoming part of the Toyota family. All employees are very friendly and knowledgeable and are always willing to answer any question you want to ask.
We hope to set several hundred of thousands of fun, family friendly and safe miles on that odometer. Great garage, great service, great people!

Dawn S. | 2010-11-15

Wow, folks, I'm shocked. If you check my reviews, you'll see I have an awful lot of 5 stars one-- but that's because I only write reviews when I feel thoroughly compelled-- and that's generally when I feel a business deserves to have.. well... my business. Sandy Springs sure does. We bought our 2009 Prius here two years ago when we moved here from Los Angeles. Just before we moved, when I learned about MARTA, I persuaded my accommodating husband to trade our two cars in for [almost] one car.  Whoops. Now, I adore our Prius so much and was so grateful for the ease of our experience that we just returned here in pursuit of second car. And Elmer assisted us in a hassle-free manner in our pursuit of a second vehicle.

I have had a consistently good experience with the service dept.-- the last time I went, they researched their own online coupons to give me a discount on maintenance-- and finished way ahead of predicted schedule. So I could happily zip away...

Mike Y. | 2010-11-06

This review is totally dedicated to their service department side since we already had an '06 corolla that just needed some service. I usually don't go to dealerships to get work done, but it was close to home and I gave it the benefit of the doubt being a first timer. Dropped off my the car with my list of required service. Got a quote and left my info for them to call when work was completed. Instead I received 4 calls each of which was to fix something else and then again and again. By the time I went to pick up the car It was already double the quoted price. It might not be their fault, but it was more about the attitude. They were very pushy and borderline rude.

I hate dropping hundreds to service a car just like anyone else would, but I'd still do it if I had to. It really comes down to customer service at this point and making me feel like I didn't just get duped out a couple of bills. I don't think I'll be coming back here....

Robert M. | 2010-11-03

I would stay far far away from this dealership when buying a car.  Unprofessional, a regular 1970's used car lot.  The dated high pressure pitch that doesn't work anymore..."if you buy RIGHT NOW I'll save you thoussssandssss of dolllllarrrrs.  Ugh.

In buying my Prius, they were by far the highest price out of 6 dealerships.  They played games throughout the process, refusing to tell me the bottom line price until I could confirm whether I was giving a trade in. Sure...we know that old trick.  

Then, they have their 'manager' walk out and write down a price on a piece of paper that was insanely high.  "I'm giving you a deal I don't give out to everyone".  Ha!  Gee....thanks!  They acted shocked as I walked out.  Then, called the next day "I heard you walked away from one of our best deals, what were you thinking about?".

Wow.  You would think by now that these places know that customers are informed through the Internet.  Most people who do minimal research know the dealer invoice of a car before they even walk into a dealership.  So to quote thousands of dollars higher than invoice, and any other dealership and then to act shocked that the deal was refused, is beyond me.

Thanks for the laugh, but you lost the sale to Atlanta Toyota, who were laid back, listened to what I wanted, and worked with me on price based off the other dealership offers.  

Now that I am in the market for a 2nd Toyota, Sandy Springs can consider that a 2nd sale lost since I won't consider them.

Scott J. | 2010-09-07

Service representative encouraged me to replace a part that isn't even used on my model year. How can I believe anything they claim needs to be done to my vehicle in the future?

Steer clear of this service department. Go to a reputable shop like Toyotech's on Clairmont Rd.

Rilindo F. | 2010-06-12

One day. . .  just like Ellen Feiss' PC, the car went poof and now it won't start.

After AAA tried (and failed) to start the car, I had it dragged to the nearby car repair shop. And there it stayed for the few days, while I worked from home.

Then Thursday morning, I got the call from the shop saying that they couldn't fix the car, since they don't have any parts for it. Being that it is a 11 year old Saturn, finding parts for it is as likely as find true love. . . or getting Anthony Boudrain not to swear.

After thanking them and asking them to hold on to the car for a bit, I walked up the nearby Caribou Coffee (I was very tired - been up all night in system maintenance) and got in my coffee. I thought about my car, all the years I had with it and how much fun I had with it. .

. .  actually, not completely. The transmission had issues, it has sucky acceleration, it was cracked on the side, driver-side mirror was held together by tape (not even duct tape). In the end, for the last couple of years, I have been secretly wanting another car, but I could not see a reason to my current car.  So, as the caffeine streamed through my blood, I decided to just screw it and get a new car.

I called the taxi, drove over to Sandy Springs Toyota and in a few yours, came out in a 2008 Prius.

(queue irony meter).

Now I had a bit of a time to get a salesman, but after I got one, I was able to get good service from the guy, up and including a good idea on a iPod add-on. Mind you, they have to - its right during the height of the Toyota hysteria, so they need all the customers they can get. Heh.

Financing took some time, but its not as long as the last time with my first car. Overall, fairly positive experience at that time.

What is surprising is that after that, it didn't end there. I got good support from the service department. In fact, a number of times, they go out of their way to make sure that I am spending money unnecessarily. I didn't have that with my previous dealer, so it was nice to know that they are not always necessarily out to gouge you.

Will I recommend them? As with everything else, shop around to get the best deal. If you do get a car from Sandy Springs Toyota, I do think you will be take care of.

Jarrett V. | 2009-06-29

I purchased my car through a credit union, who I'm assuming got it from here.  I've only been here for service on my vehicle and will continue to make the 25 mile or so trek in the future.

It's kind of nice to just drop my car off and 20minutes later have a car with fresh oil and lots of extra frills (tire pressure, vacuum, fluids etc) all the while relaxing in a huge waiting room with TV and wifi.

Of course, the biggest kicker that keeps me returning are the coupons. Its hard turning down oil and filter changes for $15, just hope they keep rolling in.

Nateia F. | 2009-06-10

I don't have a Toyota but I have a car that Toyota makes...ah hem...yoj know what the higher end toyotas are right?  Anyway, I bring my car here to get oil changes only and I'm ususally out within 20 mins.

I must say that when I had to bring my car in for some damage and this was a place that my insurance company suggested for repairs, one of the top saleman was all up in my face trying to sell me a car.  He even offered me a chance to work for him in his side business..  I was treated very well and usually am when I go there.

Shauna R. | 2009-04-27

I hate to say this, but definitely agree with the reviews listed here in terms of disrespectful and pushy.  This dealership made it seem like toyotas for flying off the shelf.  Needless to say, a few months back I was ready to purchase a prius...and guess what?  After WAITING 2 HOURS for the finance department to acknowledge my presence,  I walked into the Internet dept. to find out what was going on and that I should get a discount at this point being that this is just poor customer service.  How can you treat people that WANT to buy a car this way?  

At any rate, the poor salesperson was NOT at fault but the dept. gave me some few choice words and didn't care if I walked out and made it a point to be UNPROFESSIONAL and have comments to say back to me.  After that, I said to myself...."guess it just wasn't meant to be in buying a car anywhere near here....especially TOYOTA".  Grant it, most of the toyota dealerships had poor quality customer service.  This one in particular I HAD to write about.  Completely unacceptable and salespeople need a lesson on how to be CUSTOMER oriented...even if the economy is not doing well.  I didn't even want to give this dealership ANY stars, but I have to give it a rating just to post.  DON'T GO HERE....

Esteban V. | 2009-01-10

Salesman have no interest in selling a car on the dealership side.  Just watch you as you walk buy and not so much as a "hello".  Love their Service Dept though.  Well informed techs, prompt service and great waiting room.  Willing to accept coupons and other perks to keep costs down.  Gotta love that!

Lee G. | 2008-03-21

I hate buying cars. The technique I've used the last several times is to settle in on a specific make, model and feature pack. Arrange your financing early then do a phone/fax/email blitz of all dealers in the area. Get some good offers, then play them against one another until you get a good deal.

The last two cars I've purchased have been Toyotas and they have both been from this dealership. Why? Simply because they have been the cheapest after working my plan. My brother-in-law works for another Toyota dealer, and Sandy Springs has even beaten the "employee price" deal I got from his dealer.

I'm not saying you should walk into Sandy Springs and take whatever price they offer. Get a few good offers and see what this dealer can offer. For whatever reason, they seem to compete on price. Maybe they are hungry or something, don't know.

I can't comment on their service department or any other part of the dealership.