Nalley Ford Sandy Springs in Atlanta, GA

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Welcome to Nalley Ford. We maintain a vast selection of new Ford cars and trucks and dependable used cars are our specialty. Atlanta drivers believe in Nalley Ford which is why we are consistently the #1 New Ford dealer by volume in Atlanta.

Nalley Ford Sandy Springs

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(678) 809-5711
Address:7555 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA, 30350
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Nalley Ford Sandy Springs

Michael C. | 2015-02-16

Go ANYWHERE else but here... I buy a 28K car, and I'm the bad guy? These people are clueless when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE! They are however HAPPY to call you a LIE to your face! What a JOKE... If this place has ANY HOPE then NALLEY needs to fire EVERYONE, and start OVER! Ford Corp. would be appalled at their ACTIONS & PRACTICES!

Coby C. | 2014-10-17

Wow, I couldn't have imagined a more unenthusiastic, uninformative, and unhelpful salesman if I was writing a SNL skit. It made me long for the pushy Sales-Sharks from the other dealerships I've visited. . . I kept trying to ask questions about a Ford Edge that caught my attention and (Dennis?), instead of answering kept saying "Well are you buying a car?" . . . I said "why would I buy a car I know nothing about and am unsure the cost of purchasing?" . . . Just, wow.

Julia P. | 2014-10-01

Charged me a small fortune to look at and "fix" my car. When I picked it up the problem was still there and the light that indicated the problem was still on. You think it would have been pretty simple for them to see that they had not solved any issues, given that there was a orange light telling them as much. Ended up going to another place and not getting any money back.

Hambri Enta M. | 2014-05-19

I upgrade my 2013 to the  2014 Mustang  4 months or so ago. So the pony- She had a long day getting probed and improved today. Thanks to the awesome people at Frank Jackson Sandy Springs Ford, especially Nick Prince, and the awesome manager Steven Ferenczy, for giving me awesome customer service. They have once again made me a happy customer! I brought her for the 1st oil change, and came out washed and ding-free! My pony got some nasty little dings when I let s friend drive it this weekend and the running board was super hurt...and once they found out about my mortification, they came through for her and made back to new in 2 hours! NO more scratches, dings, dents or cracks! I do not know how they did it so fast but she LOOKS NEW AGAIN!!

This is not the first time they take car of me!. When I got the 2012 Mustang, about 3 weeks later I got hit/run in a parking lot which left my new car with a destroyed bumper. I did not want to pay up the nose but was not about to drive round with a hole in the bumper... They hooked me up and helped me get a replacement bumper at cost, then installed it, washed my car, did a free oil change, detailed it and charged me only cost of the bumper. Yes they DID!

Casey D. | 2014-05-19

I spoke with a salesman, Finn, to purchase a pre-owned Jeep Wrangler that was listed on their website.  I worked with Finn for a whole day to get pre-approved and was planning on making a 4 hour trip to turn my vehicle in and pick up the Jeep.  Before the finance manager was able to call me to close the deal, I get a text message from Finn, saying that they Jeep was sold by another salesman that MORNING, even though everything was just fine when we spoke on the phone the same AFTERNOON and I was being sent a buyers order in a few minutes to my email address.

I call Sandy Springs Ford and explain my situation to a sales manager and long story short, I was told, "Yeah, we do not hold cars unless we have a cash deposit."   So how are we suppose to buy cars over the internet then?  I wasted two days, they already dinged my credit by running an application, and I do not get the Jeep I really wanted to purchase.

And I learn all this from a text message...very professional way to get told all this from a Ford Dealership.  So much for "After this transaction is done, you will shake my hand and have had the best transaction you ever had a dealership"...said Finn.

Erik W. | 2013-10-31

We were in the market for a new 2014 Escape.  We had test driven the vehicle repeatedly (at another dealership) and sent internet queries to several dealers with our exact specs asking for the best out the door price.  I kept getting form email replies from a certain sales person here and never once did I receive a quote via email.  No harm done though as we bought from another responsive dealer.  But I wouldn't recommend using these folks if you are looking to deal with an internet sales manager.

Patrick T. | 2013-05-03

I bought my Ford Focus several months back from this dealership & it has really left me a bad feeling of being scammed. See I have a supplier X plan from my company that supplies parts to Ford Motor and  I was suppose to get discount when buying a Ford vehicle.

When you have a supplier X-plan or an employee A-plan the dealership it suppose to sell you the vehicle at a fix price as determine by Ford Motor.

Long story story short, they told me that they have a better price than the X-plan & that I should just buy the car with their fantastic Internet price. They tore up my X-plan.

Later I found out they did use my X-plan pin code (got about $500 from Ford Motor) & sold me a car at a higher price.

I know this because when I call the Ford hot-line and asked them about my X-plan code, they told me it has been used.

I complained to the Ford hot-line but all they can do is write a letter to the dealership sales manager who is probably laughing away at how they can come out with these new scams.

Horrible Ford dealership, I really a great company like Ford motor can investigate these and remove or penalize dealerships like this. Really a bunch of scammers.

Ford produces great cars but dealerships like these are an embarrassment. Old style rip offs.

e k. | 2013-01-02

I visited this location earlier last year (2012) year because I was seriously considering buying an SUV. I walked the lot for a while before someone came out. I asked some questions and was told I should just drive the car. The salesperson asked for my license and handed me the keys and told me to have fun. When I returned, I asked more questions and was told to come back when I was ready to buy. I was confused because I was ready to buy and he walked off to talk with the other sales guys. I wouldn't send anyone to this dealership

Panthus I. | 2011-11-17

I originally found this dealership because they are close so I decided to go in to check out a few cars that caught my eye.  I found a salesperson so I could see a car and ask the price, the response that  I was given  when I asked about the price was "Well, its online, you can check it there."  I replied back, that I was here now and not near a computer.  So, they let out a long sigh and said "Fine, I'll go get another salesperson so they  get you the keys".

The new salesperson showed up 10 minutes later and provided the keys .  Again I asked the price, they did not know either, so they left to find out.  When they returned with the price I asked about the  warranty on the vehicle, the answer I was given "I'm dunno, it's whatever the manufacture provides, but the car has new wipers."  I asked a few other general  questions about the vehicle to which I got similar answers.
I left shortly after, and I am never going to return.  The service and knowledge level was terrible, I will never recommend this dealership to anyone.

Stephen R. | 2011-09-13

This place was laughably terrible in every aspect of sales and service compared with modern car dealers.  I felt like I was in a Dukes of Hazard episode everytime I had to ge there.   That wont be happening again, I assure you .  They guaranteed that the last time I was there.

I purchased a Ford Transit Connect here in June 2011 to expand my educational outreach program.  

The salesman said everything I wanted to hear and assured me that this was the best deal ever made on exactly what I wanted.  I hate haggling and I just took the guys word for it and bought the vehicle.  During the financial arrangements it was revealed that this wasn't the model I had asked for and that it was actually A MODEL YEAR OLDER!! than what I had been told.  
I was pushed into purchasing it with all of the standard high pressure tactics, etc...  and they actually charged me a $599 DOCUMENTATION FEE???!  WTF is that?  Are these people out of their tiny collective minds and  just assume that the consumer is merely a tree to shake more money from?  

I was willing to live with this decision as this was the only one available at the time and I had other pressures on my program.   The vehicle is actually pretty good at what it was designed for.  Unfortunately it has to be distributed by dealerships like this so there is nothing but a bad taste in my mouth concerning it.  

I put several thousand dollars into the vehicle to make it ready to haul around my equipment, etcc... Then I realized that it did not have the factory backup sensors in it as I was told.  

I went back to the dealership for the 5000 mile service (rotate tires, oil change) and had them install the backup sensors.  They charged me $375 dollars for this and over the next week I found that the sensors still didn't work, the tire pressure was 20 POUNDS LOW in the rear tires because they didnt know what they were doing or couldn't read the tire pressures listed plainly on the door )they are different for front and rear and when rotated have to be adjusted...duh?!).  The front end alignment had been messed up so bad I had to have it realigned at the local Goodyear because it was pulling so far to the right immediately after service.  

When I called back about the sensors, I was told that they would call me back...a week later, no call back so I called again and was told that I needed to take it up with the third party aftermarket installer who did the work to fix my backup sensors.  Ridiculous.

I also purchased a FJ cruiiser from World Toyota the same week and let me tell you, the difference between the quality, competence and service between these two dealerships is astounding.  If you like the good ole boy, screw the customer approach to selling cars from the 70's Frank Jackson Ford is for you.  If you would like a quality product, clean service and sales areas and competent service staff without being ripped off at every turn, you are wasting your time going here.

I cant see how this place can stay in business as poorly as they operate.  This place is the epitome of the Atlanta area business scene where customer service and quality is irrelevant because there is no need to worry about return business in a city of over 5 million.

Chris C. | 2011-03-31

Agree completely with previous post.  Ordered a new Explorer at agreed upon price.  Waited 2 months for it to arrive.  THEN they try and slide in a $599 doc fee.  What a fiasco working with this dealership.  Then they try and make you feel like your cheap for not paying it and act as if its not part of the price equation.  Plenty of other dealerships to work with.  I've bought plenty of cars in my life and this is one I feel completely confident in steering anyone away from.  BTW, I like the Ford products.  Most dealers seem to do a fine job.  This simply isn't one of them.

Kelly S. | 2010-03-31

Home of the $599 documentation fee!

$599?! To fill out paperwork that costs maybe $15? Are you f*ing kidding me? What a scam. And it's "non-negotiable". If you choose to go here because you find a car on their website at a decent price, PLEASE, go armed with that information and be sure to negotiate the price of your car with that in mind.  I would say to negotiate your price $300-400 lower than you actually want it for to make up for the ridiculous doc fee. Yes, all dealerships charge them, and no, there's no legal limit. But $600 is way off base, IMO. My old dealership charged $99. Oh, and it doesn't even include the $18 title fee. So it's literally a fee for signing pieces of paper.

I actually can't believe I bought my car here, because when I look back on it, the car buying experience sucked. My sales guy didn't ask me if I had any questions about the car; he didn't even look at it with me pre-sale (although he did show me how to put the top down after I signed on the line, thank goodness). And when they hit me with that doc fee in the business office, I should have told that finance guy where he could stick it and walked out. But a) I genuinely like the car, b) it actually was a good price (before all the b.s. fees), and c) I was just tired at that point.  But I can't believe I actually fell for it when I tried to argue the doc fee, and the finance guy said "People get too hung up on a few hundred bucks". Hell yeah we do. And you're an asshole for making me feel stupid for that.

They got me this time, but I'll go to any other Ford dealership in the free world for any of my service needs. They're not getting one more red cent out of me. Fool me once . . .

They also don't have the (pretty much standard) 3-day money back guarantee, which is pretty telling, in my opinion. Good for them, because if they did, I would have taken my car back.

There is one nice thing I need to say about them, just to be fair: I went back afterwards to get my remote and floormats, and they were very quick and friendly in getting them to me.  And the parts department has been nice as can be. It's just sales and finance that SUCK.

Honestly, the whole experience has made me kinda look at my new baby a little sideways. I'll never darken the doors of Frank Jackson Sandy Springs Ford again, though - you can count on that.