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Malcolm Cunningham Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(770) 987-9000
Address:5675 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA, 30341

Reviews on Malcolm Cunningham Ford

Andy S. | 2015-02-20

I did not buy my car here. I have taken it for service and they have always done a good job. However, they tried to tell me I needed 2 things done as normal 30K milage work but when I looked in my owners manual, it said that both things didnt have to happen until my car hit 100K!

This is why people dont bring their car in for non-warranty work. Its due to shady business practices like this.

I will continue to come here for my warranty work but nothing else as I just dont trust them.

Melvin S. | 2014-11-17

I bought elanta 2010 67000 miles i been to the service department 8 times complaining about the transmission.  the car almost killed me on t the  road slams our of gear back into gear so i take it to service the guy proceeds to tell me the recommended my timing belt to be changed every 60000 miles ummm i bought the car at ,67 shouldnt that have been done before i bought it no maintaince is not coved under warranty  What!!!!! I don't think they care about me because i bought used

Ken F. | 2014-06-11

This review is about the SERVICE Department only as I have had no dealings with the New/Used car Sales part of this dealership.

I was looking to buy a 2005 Lincoln Aviator with 100k miles from a private party but before doing so paid Malcolm Cunnigham for a pre-purchase inspection.  

Their inspection report said it needed a tune-up - plugs, air/fuel filters, throttle body service - new wipers, TPMS reset and rear power window switch/regulator (which was a problem I alerted them to).  That was it.  

They reported brakes were 50%+, tires were good, engine was sound.  The report was accompanied by a quote for the work and I made that part of the purchase negotiation.  I did not have them do the work because dealer service markup is so high and planned to take it elsewhere after the purchase.  

Over the next 7 weeks of driving 2500 miles I uncovered:  
- rear passenger door can't be opened from inside - child lock won't disengage
- the bases of both sun visor rotation arms are broken so when turned to the side windows they hang vertical.
- external temp sensor reading 110 degrees when it's 60 outside
- retention clips for rear wheel well trim broken and trim about to fall off
- brakes started to squeal badly
- whine coming from rear end
- front power outlet doesn't work

Just took it to NTB to get the tune-up done, fluids changed, TPMS reset and check out the whine, brake squeal and temp sensor.  

Turns out that the brake squeal is because the pads and rotors are within a hair of "discard".  How do you go from brakes that are 50%+ to discard in 2500 miles?  

The whine is caused by the rear end needing a pinion bearing replacement.  

And the temp sensor had been removed from its' bracket behind the grill,  pulled through a hole in the frame and was dangling in the engine compartment.  

The so-called inspection was not worth the paper it was written on let alone the $120 I paid for it.   A complete waste.  Given the things that were not reported I can only assume that they never put it up on the rack to inspect the under body or they would have seen the temp sensor dangling there.  Nor did they drive it or they would have warned me about the whine from the rear end.  

From the moment I first talked to them I never got the feeling that they were running a professional operation.  They didn't answer the phone, didn't return calls as promised, didn't sent emails as promised etc.  Those red flags should have alerted me of the quality of the inspection.

On a positive note, I had previously considered another Aviator in Gainesville GA and had a much better experience with Jackie Jones Ford.  Far more professional and a very comprehensive inspection.  I felt that I could actually trust them.    These two dealerships couldn't be more different.

Cherise J. | 2014-05-22

2+ hours for an oil change. Unbelievable!! They even made me cash out early so it didn't look like I was in the shop over an hour. Having to wait this long with no TV and crappy coffee makes me appreciate the mom and pop oil change shops where you're in and out in less than 30 min. It also didn't help to hear the stories of people with brand new cars facing recalls. This place sucks!!

Serena S. | 2014-04-28

Now this dealership is Hennesey Ford. I received fast and professional service at the Quick Lane Service today. All of the staff was friendly and helpful. They took great care of my company car and me. The service was timely and complete. I will definitely use them again in the future! Joe and Keith were great! Great experience!

M J. | 2014-04-08

BUYER BEWARE !!!! I don't typically write reviews, but this situation needs to be addressed. First, I leased a new Ford from Malcolm Cunningham Ford in late February. During the sale, I also turned in my leased Ford vehicle. The Irish Salesman, Patrick,  and his Sales Manager said their dealership would pay for my last car note if I signed a new lease contract. Well, turns out - they lied. Now Ford collections is calling my phone wanting the final payment to my previous lease. BEWARE OF PURCHASING A CAR FROM MALCOLM CUNNINGHAM, OTHERWISE YOU RUN THE RISK OF PAYING ADDITIONAL FEES and COMPROMISING YOUR CREDIT HISTORY. Don't get scammed like I did.

Roy W. | 2014-04-06

I should have read the reviews before going to this dealership. Looking for an SUV for my daughter and after seeing a few different manufacturers, she settled on a Ford Escape. Although Carmax had several, the color she wanted was at Malcolm Cunningham. Unfortunately, they moved all their used cars from their Ptree Ind location to a Decatur address. Walking into a drab building, we saw the actual vehicle. It was very clean and drove well. Took it to our mechanic who showed us some blemishes and work that was done, all that we could accept.
Here's the reason for the 1 star. The process to actually buy this vehicle was everything you hear about regarding used car salesmen. Denied any issues with the car because their mechanics didn't see any, denied the vehicle was overpriced although I brought in 4 Carmax  comps. Also noticed that they added extra "fees" on the price when I saw the sales sheet. They finally took one small fee off and said that's all they could do. I said thanks and walked out. Three minutes later they called me on my cell and said they could come done a little more. We decided to go back and buy it even though it was still a little overpriced.
Here's what REALLY got me. Right before we shook the salesman's hand, I asked him to fill the tank as a last request since the car was on empty. He said he couldn't do that but maybe could give us a half a tank. I was in disbelief and asked if he was actually now arguing over $20 worth of gas. The salesman next to us actually started to laugh.
We bought the car and left. Only bought it because it was the only one in the area that had what my daughter wanted.
It is evident that the owner of this dealership does not care about return clients as I will replace two more cars within a year.
Very insulting experience and will never return.

Jon D. | 2014-03-26

Long-time (2010 AND 2014 GT) Ford guy here.   Four reps on floor, and I'm the only car in the whole garage. I wait for five minutes without any greeting or asistance and the place is dead. One employee was on her cell phone and another ran off to get coffee.  Service recommended I see the parts person and vice versa. STAY FAR AWAY!

James G. | 2014-03-12

The salesperson, Jonathan Chambers, really hooked me up on a sweet deal for my ideal Ford Explorer. And around 3 months after I bought it (with no warranty), the heater fan went out, the service dept said it would cost $525 to fix (an average estimate given the amount of labor involved, removing the dash, etc, to get to it)... Needless to say, I was as flabbergasted as I was financially incapable considering I just made a huge down payment and my first and second month's car note, I reached out to Jonathan and told him how much this was hurting me and he had the service manager COMPLETELY waive the charges. Johnathan is THE MAN!!!

Ashley J. | 2014-03-11

I just bought a new Ford from this dealer last week. Before I sign the contract I asked the dealer to make sure this car's engine size 2.0.And he said yes. But after I drove back home and check the VIN number online, I found it is NOT an 2.0 Engine, it is only 1.6L!!! And then I called their manager, their attitude was really bad and really disappointing. And the dealer refused to admit his saying about the engine size.Which I think at that time all he want was just to sell the car. They did not care anything about what you really want to buy!!!! If you are going to buy a Ford from this dealer, I hope you could check out all the details of the car before you sign the contract!! And Do NOT deal with the dealer named Reggie Watson.

Scott L. | 2014-02-06

Case filed with  BBB Complaint Case# 27339909
I went into Malcolm Cunningham on 4/20/13 to purchase a vehicle i saw online, good price, I told the sales person(Patrick Jean-Louis) that I do not want to have any pushy hard sales tactics and I do not want anybody trying to sell me add ons - paint - extended warranty etc I want to just puchase the vehicle - he said absolutely....then I was sent into the finance room with Rodney Harrell - I told him the same thing - I Don't want to hear anything about add ons to the agreed price with Patrick, he said okay, I said, I need to hurry up - you guys have kept me here for 3 hours - lets get this over with. I signed the papers went home and notices Rodney did it anyway and signed me up for an extended warranty($2000.00) and GAP insurance ($600.00) - I kept calling - could not get a return call - I had to go to Europe and when I got back, I marched into the store and complained about nobody calling me back - yadda yadda, so Rodney issued a refund on and EASY CARE cancellation form (I still have a copy) - to this date Ford Motor Credit has not rcvd the cancellation of the monies and I have called and left 27 messages, seems like Louie Moralis's voice mail always picks up - he called me back once and i missed the call, when i called him back several times later - never rcvd a return phone call, I have been living in Vietnam and Denver in the past year so I do not have the ability to go into the office, but I'm returning to Atlanta on 7FEB14 so I want the resolved once and for all, but absolutely no help from Malcom Cunningham....
Vehicle VIN is 1FTMF1CF1DFB72238
Product_Or_Service: truck
Account_Number: VIN 1FTMF1CF1DFB7223

Audrey A. | 2013-12-03

I came here two times and both have been terrible! I waited 2 hours the first  time and was late for work so they didn't charge. I went the second time and waited about an hour! They kept telling me it'll be out soon but minutes go by I fell asleep in the waiting area. I had to get my tired inflated and they said they would do it with my maintenance check and oil change but the light for the low tire pressure was still on when I left. Never get your car serviced here unless you like waiting and getting ripped off

Alejandro A. | 2013-11-02

"You Crafty Little Cunning-Ham"

When I purchased my 2013 Ford Fusion I also purchased a "National Service Contract" that included a Tire & Rim Protection Policy through Safe Guard. A while ago, I had to use the policy for the first time at Sandy Springs Ford. Everything was seamless...I came in, the tire was replaced, they mounted and balanced everything, and I left. No out of pocket for me whatsoever.

Fast forward to today. I decided to bring the car to Malcolm Cunningham...BIG MISTAKE. The signs were all over the place when I got here, but I just ignored them...just wasn't paying attention.

1. Called on the phone and was told to just come to parts.

2. Arrived at "Parts" after driving from Lenox Rd on a donut-spare. Entered and was greeted by a maze of confusing signs, and lots of unhelpful mechanics; Not a single one of whom asked if I needed any help. Only after wandering all they way into an actual "servicing area" was there any sort of acknowledgement that I was there.

3. I don't judge people, but don't judge me either-because I CAN be VERY judgmental, and condescending as well, so I REALIZE IT WHEN ITS HAPPENING IN MY FACE! CUSTOMER FRIENDLINESS AND SERVICE IS LACKING HERE...SEVERELY!! Making me feel like I'm being given the run around AND being talked down to is the worst thing someone I'm paying to do a SERVICE can possibly do. Check out that cool one star rating, it really is the least I could do because I couldn't rate them "-10".

4. To the balding, sunspot covered, red faced man, who's Georgia bulldogs Jacket matched his face as he sat his glasses on the table and spoke to me about "a third party payer situation...":

You're a Jack ass...and you sound exactly how you look...exactly as I've described you, like a cooked "HAM" in a Georgia bulldogs jacket.

5. It was impossible to ignore that everyone who came here, was advised they needed to have something else done before leaving. "CUNNING"...aptly named.

Let this be a warning to anyone else who has yet to experience this classic clusterfu** called Malcolm "Cunning-ham".

Floyd T. | 2013-09-22

I bought my new Ford c-max Energi plug-in hybrid from Malcolm Cunningham Ford.  Hassan was my salesperson and he is extremely knowledgeable on all features of the vehicles and especially the electronics which is so important in today's modern cars. He was a very friendly professional salesperson that provided no pressure to buy, but his knowledge and excitement about the car make me eager to buy it.
I want to also endorse the service department and especially Wayne, the service manager. They are very kind and professional and in taking excellent care of me and my vehicle.
I highly recommend this dealership, the salesman, and the service manager, I rated 5 stars.
My CMAX Energie plug in hybrid is a great car with excellent mileage. My only complaints have to do with car design no complaints at all about the dealership is that Ford designed the bumper lower than curb-height so it scratches curbs. The navigation map and voice activation system has many errors and needs an overhaul.

Gayla C. | 2013-04-26

After finding myself in Atlanta stranded with my husband just out of surgery and his elderly parents, I thought I could trust the Ford Dealership to make the repairs to my truck quickly. BOY WAS I WRONG!

I had the truck towed there and since it was after the technicians had gone home but BEFORE the service department closed was told it would be looked at first thing in the morning.The person I talked to knew my situation and that I lived over 2 hours away. I never heard from them and had to track them down each and every time to be told they had to check with the tech and call me back. While I was trying to transfer my husband home after a 4 hour surgery they wanted me to "stop by" the shop! I had to explain over and over that it wasn't possible and kept getting the run around.

What they told me would take 4 hours has taken over 2 days! I've been put on hold for more than 30 mins, hung up on, not had my calls returned and dealt with what has to be the least informed group of service people in the industry. Finally I had to have a friend go and SIT there until they finished the car and then drive it home to Alabama for me. Dealing with these people has been a nightmare for me.

If anyone tells you to take your car to them...DONT!

Katie D. | 2012-08-13

I'd give 0 stars if possible.

We bought a new 2013 Ford Explorer and a week and a half into owning the car, the automated third row seats would not fold down. Definitely a bummer when owning a new car. As Malcolm was down the street from our house, I called around 12:30 on Friday during lunch to ask if I could bring it in. The guy on the phone said they were pretty busy that afternoon and asked if I could bring it in the next morning (a Saturday). I said sure and went about my day.

On Saturday, I brought the car in and a most UNHELPFUL gentleman- Zavi- informed me that they don't have a technician in on Saturdays. Um... say what? Then why was I told to bring it in on Saturday? He said that he couldn't help me as they didn't have anyone in, but I could bring it back Monday morning. I said I have to work Monday morning, so could I get a loaner car? He said only if the repair would take over three hours, but said they could give me a ride to my office. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? A brand new car and I now have to spend at least three hours waiting at the dealership to get a loaner?

I called Wade Ford where they told me I could bring it in on Monday during lunch and they would give me a loaner. Really, Malcolm Cunningham Ford? Is it that difficult?

Needless to say, I will never recommend anyone to this dealer and I would rather drive to Smyrna for Wade's customer service than ever deal with Zavi and his cronies again.

Vanessa J. | 2012-03-08

I took my 2001 ford Taurus to Malcolm Cunningham Ford on Peachtree Industrial Blvd.  Unlike the other review, my experience was very positive.  

My positive experience started with the initial telephone call.  Mr. Paras was very professional, courteous and treated me like a valued customer from the initial call. When I brought the car in I was impressed by the clean bright facility and the ease with which I found the service department.  I was greeted cordially and had no wait time.  Once I spoke with Mr. Para, he got someone right to work on the diagnosis for the car.

After waiting a while, I spoke with Mr. Galloway.  He took the time to explain to me exactly what was going on.  He showed me a diagram, gave me possible repair options and then he did something amazing, he listened as I told him about the previous experiences I mentioned in this letter.  Mr. Paras arranged for me to be taken home.  Allan was a most courteous careful driver.  He told me how important good service was at Malcolm Cunningham Ford and assured me that the service department would do all they could to help me.

When I got a call back from Mr. Paras, he told me he had good news.  The repair was a reasonable amount. Mr. Galloway had gone above and beyond what could be expected to personally see that my car was repaired.  When I came to pick the car up, everyone was pleasant and professional.


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