Land Rover of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Land Rover of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA.

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Land Rover of Buckhead

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(404) 261-4400
Address:545 E Paces Ferry Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 30305

Reviews on Land Rover of Buckhead

Kelsey M. | 2015-04-18

Bad experience after bad experience I will never ever buy another Range Rover.....first when I purchased the vehicle the sales associate didn't think I could afford the car and questioned my income when I told him I owned my own business I had to go through all kind of obstacles to purchase this car...I would never recommend anyone purchase a Land Rover from this dealership...and after the horrible service they did nothing to accommodate me for the major inconvenience. I had to complete sales with the sales manager to purchase....

Mark W. | 2015-01-17

I have owned all kinds of vehicles from all over the world and I certainly would have expected my Range Rover HSE to be above and beyond anything I had before but after dealing with this useless dealer, I will never pay for another ridiculously overpriced Land Rover again. I can not say it enough, THESE GUYS HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE ARE DOING!!! I have taken my car in so many times since I've had it and some of the issues I have had to return it 3 times for the same things.
The rear spoiler flew off on the way to work one morning. Guess what, the painted part is only glued on, there are not bolts holding it to the rest of the car. Guess what else, they don't cover it under warranty and this dealer charged $1,400.00 to replace it. That didn't include the camera or the light, just the spoiler itself. They also don't do any of the work themselves and sub it out to a crappy paint shop that is down the street. When I picked up the car, there was overspray on it, dealer said it was fine and sent me to the body shop (No, they didn't take it themselves even though they contract this shop to do the job), the manager at the body shop wanted to use a razor to cut the paint. Absolutely horrible service and the worst work ever. Again, if you are smart and don't want to waste your money, stay away from this dealer!!!

Maurice B. | 2014-10-16

My Letter to Land Rover of Buckhead

I am writing this email as a Range Rover owner to voice my displeasure for the poor customer service that is being given at the Land Rover of Buckhead Dealership.

My Wife and I have had several poor interaction both in person and over the phone with the Buckhead dealership. The personnel are rude and disrespectful in the treatment of customers. I recently called to inquire about the cost and procedures for ordering an extra key for my vehicle and I was rudely greeted as if I was a bother for calling to ask the question. In May, my Wife brought the vehicle in for service, not only was she treated rudely, but they damage the front bumper of my vehicle and broke my break light over the tailgate. When my Wife asked about it, she was told, " it must have been cracked, but we can put another one in for about $200". Neither was the case when we brought the vehicle in for service!

This is unacceptable. My Range Rover HSE is a $90,000 vehicle. Buying your product is a choice; and a choice that we can take to other car companies as I'm sure that they would treat us better than your dealership has in the past. Now, while you may be reading this and thinking that we have already purchased your product, and that we were the cause of these issues, I can assure you that I am not alone in my feeling. I have several friends with Range Rovers and ALL have complained about the quality of service at your Buckhead dealership and like myself no longer plan on purchasing another Range Rover, even though we all absolutely love your product.

I recently got into an accident. I took my vehicle to a collision shop for the repair (I refused to take it to the Atlanta dealership for exactly the reasons I am writing about today). When I called to inquire about the status, I was reluctantly told that the hold up was the delivery of parts form your dealership. My parts manager placed a call (while I was there) to see if your dealership would expedite the parts as it has already been over a week, but even he, a person that does this for a living voiced how difficult your dealership was to work with; which is extremely sad. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A LUXURY DEALERSHIP FOLKS AND A STEP ABOVE THE REST!

This feeling has been brewing for sometime. I recently purchased a BMW for my Wife's birthday last year and they absolutely treat their customers with dignity and respect AND HAVE EARNED MY LOYALTY AS A CUSTOMER.This is an extremely sad feeling because I love your product and when you purchase a luxury vehicle you are also supposed to be purchasing great service.

I am not asking for anything from your company, however from some of the comments in some chat rooms and amongst Land Rover owners, I suggest and recommend that your dealership do better in the near future. As someone that has been in change of huge operations in the past, I would suggest that during your next employee meeting, you read this email to your employees, so that they have a good indication of how some of your customers actually feel. With the price of your vehicles and products, no one HAS to patronize your brand and I'm sure that we can all afford to shop elsewhere. The continued mistreatment of your customers is a fast track to closure and if your employees don't care enough to treat your customers right, hopefully your Parent office and dealership owner cares enough to make the corrections badly needed.

danny w. | 2014-05-23

The customer service at Walmart would be considered world class compared to this dealership. I requested help in canceling a gap policy and they weren't willing to get of their chairs to assist me whatsoever. I was the only one in the entire dealership! Terrible is the only way I could describe this store's customer servi

Island G. | 2014-03-17

The staff is great! I feel welcome every time I come here I never have to wait too long and their service has been nice.

Keith K. | 2013-11-21

Went for a test drive ready to purchase a vehicle. Provided my license and electronic insurance. They said electronic proof of insurance is not the same and not valid. Spoke to manager who had an attitude and said some words I wish I had on video for a lawsuit. Do not approach dealership for any reason. I went to another dealership and bought a comparably priced vehicle within hours of leaving this dealership.

D B. | 2013-07-06

Went here today for a regularly scheduled oil change, and I will NEVER return.  Regardless of how I look, I am still a range rover owner and a customer who is paying $125 for a simple oil change and deserve to be treated as such at a high-end establishment.  The employee handling my paperwork was rude, the environment is half as nice as their Alpharetta sister shop, and they didn't even change my sticker after trying to get me to spend an extra $500...needless to say,emergencies only for this place...yuck!

Cousin D. | 2010-01-06

Oh, just got a letter from this place about my service check up that is due and how much they value my business.  They gave me a "Special Offer"....Call today and get $5 off my next service or repair.  This has got to be a joke!!!!!!  $5??????  I think the 30K or 50K service is at least $500, for an oil change......$5, what an insult.

I bought my wife and Escalade.  I said I would never buy American again.

Jose P. | 2009-12-07

All of the customer facing people that work at this dealership are first class and they are the only reason I returned to this dealership.  The policies and practices of their service department are terrible.  Here's my story...  I needed a battery and alternator put in my Rover.  The quote was 2,000 dollars, Road Britannia, (located 2 block away) sent me a quote for 1100 dollars.  Thus this dealership was charging me about double what the "little guy" charges.  When I asked why the price was so high, I was told they use quality parts that have longer warranty... blah blah blah.  I was "o.k" with that and decided to let them do the work.  The dealership charged me 1,000 dollars for the alternator and it was refurbished.  Originally I was told it was new, then later I was informed it wasn't, but I believe that was an honest mistake.  It was not a special "Land Rover" part - it was a refurbished Bosh (BMW) alternator too.  The MOST expensive alternator you can buy online is about 500 bucks.  I understand service shops make money on parts, but charging double is treating customers like fools.  They might as well charge triple - why not right?  The battery put in my car was not special either or a "Range Rover" factory battery - it was an "Interstate" battery.  You can buy this brand a Wal-Mart.  The plastic protectors around the battery ends were not clipped back in place and the job was about as poor as you can do for a battery installation.  They also demanded I pay the 2000 dollars before they did any work on my car.  I didn't like this, but was told since the economy was bad and people weren't pickup up their cars they didn't want to get stuck with it after buying all the parts.  That understandable, but that means we as customers need to make 3 trips to the dealers to fix a car - that's too much hassle.  The people at the dealership were nice enough to drive to me for the payment, but it's poor policy.  In summary this dealership has nice people who work there, charge about double for some parts, install parts that can be found at Wal-Mart, have poor payment policies, and in some cases do poor workmanship on your car.  If you're buying a new Rover this is a great dealership.  If your car isn't under warranty, drive the 2 block and get it done for half price.  I could have saved a grand, got the same quality parts and probably gotten better workmanship on my car.