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Established in 1971.

The Jim Ellis family of dealerships was established in 1971 with our Atlanta Volkswagen dealership located on Peachtree Industrial Blvd in Chamblee.

Experience the Jim Ellis difference when you walk in to Jim Ellis VW Atlanta.  Low-pressure sales, high-quality service and a VW parts and accessories selection that cannot be beat. The comfy customer lounge includes everything from a wifi hotspot to a children's play area.

Jim Ellis Volkswagen Atlanta

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 733-6342
Address:5901 Peachtree Industrial, Atlanta, GA, 30341
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Jim Ellis Volkswagen Atlanta

Anita K. | 2015-04-18

I just bought my 3rd VW from this dealership and this is the 2nd car I've purchased from Phil Coleman....he is wonderful to work with and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy!

Ginger B. | 2015-04-08

I have had 3 VWs and up until now have been very happy with Jim Ellis. I went in for a tune up on my car and they told me it would take at least two hours. That seemed normal to me based on my prior wait time here but I told them that someone on the phone said it would take half an hour to an hour and a half max. The guy in charge of my service (Chris) laughed hysterically with the other men behind the counter and offensively asked if it was a WOMAN who told me this bad information.  Are you serious? These service people get laughs off degrading women....how ignorant are these people? Congrats on losing a 600 dollar service today and any future business from my family. I'll be sure to spread the word.

Alyse A. | 2015-03-13

I choose Jim Ellis over all the other dealers in GA. ( I've used the Gunther VW in buford before and come here instead) every time I've done a repair here, the staff has been extremely helpful and accommodating.

Sometimes I can't do all the repairs due to lack of funds at the time but they ALWAYS talk with me to figure out what needs to be done now and what can be done later. They communicate to me through out the process.  The waiting area is nice, has food and refreshments, and is maintained by the staff.

I forgot to print out a service deal last time I had a repair and she let me show it to her on the phone and receive the discount. That was definitely appreciated. The only reason I took off a star is the wait can be lengthy sometimes. I will continue to come here as long as they always continue to take care of me as they have.

Jessica S. | 2015-03-09

Absolutely wonderful experience!

I'm a very new transplant from NYC, and haven't bought/owned a car for 8 years. After going to another credible VW dealership in the area and having a horrible experience (basically being taken advantage of, and walking away from a car that I had placed a down payment on) this place was a breath of fresh air.

Lance (sales) & Irene (finance) were a pleasure to work with - knowledgable, friendly and really great to work with. I got a great rate, on an awesome car and look forward to servicing the vehicle with them & becoming a regular customer there (especially when it's time to buy another car).

I highly recommend buying a car here!

Jeffrey M. | 2014-12-19

I purchased a certified pre-owned Tiguan on 11/28. Drove it home and noticed it was running very rough on a cold start. I immediate brought it in for Service and met with Phillip. After keeping the car a couple days I was told that it was normal behavior for that engine and nothing to worry about. I drove the car for a few more days and had a hard time believing that this was "normal". I decided to seek out a second opinion and took it to Nalley VW. John in Service was fantastic. Very throughout and within a couple hours he called me with the problem. Carbon was built up around the intake manifolds which caused it the misfire when cold. Before heading back to Jim Ellis I thought I should get a third opinion to verify. I took the car to Gunter and they echoed exactly what Nalley said within 15 min of looking over the car. This makes me question why Jim Ellis couldn't find a single thing wrong after a couple days, even escalated to the shop Forman. I went back to Jim Ellis yesterday and spoke with the Jason Reeves, used car Manager and Tom Mann, Service Manager. The best they could do was offer me $100.00 off the $700.00 service. It's very disheartening that an organization marketed on having strong family values wouldn't stand behind their cars and do the right thing for the customer. I realize it's a used car and things can break at any time. This build up didn't happen within the 2 days I had it. I would have been more than happy if they offered to charge me anything less than retail. I was told it's a 6 hour job, purely labor, no parts. I doubt they pay their employees $100.00 an hour, which it what they charged me. This is my second and last car from the Jim Ellis group.

T. L. | 2014-10-22

They kept my brand new car for eight days and claim to have replaced a major part of the transmission but the car still drives terribly as if it will stall at any moment.  I brought it back and drove around with a guy who said he didn't feel how poorly it was driving.  I left discouraged and frustrated that I'm driving a 4-month old piece of junk. Now the driver door has randomly disjointed itself but I'm too tired of Jim Ellis to bother. I got a new car so i wouldn't have to deal with stuff like this. Huge disappointment in Jim Ellis and in Volkswagen as a brand.

Additionally, I left a bag of clothes from Target in my trunk during those 8 days and it disappeared. I don't lose or misplace anything.

Update: It has been weeks since I posted this and still no call from Jim Ellis VW as Kathy mentioned below. This is my third VW and this will be my last.

Update: it has now been months and still no call. Pathetic service.

jamie d. | 2014-08-22

I was very hesitant to bring my baby here. I am a transplant to Atlanta and originally bought my Jetta TDI with a good friend who happened to be the QTM for VW corporate for the Western region of the US. I know all the horror stories of service details.

After researching all of the local service shops, I went with this one because they were able to perform all of my requests (60k service, transmission service, recalls, and tires), provide a free rental and were very flexible with my schedule. Their services reviews were not so hot though, and I was scared.

Scott and the entire team blew me away! Not only was the entire process painless, the dealership itself is beautiful, the staff is super nice, and they gave me a discount for all the work I had done. They went above and beyond and serviced more recalls than I initially knew about.

Highly recommended!

Charles K. | 2014-08-19

The WORST pre and post experience I've EVER had with a dealership.  I love their promise and laughed when I read it and reflect on my experience. The reality of what is delivered and what they promise is night and day.  They ONLY care about the sale.  For example - no one greeted me when I went into showroom; I had to talk with the receptionist to get her to call a salesperson.  The guy she called was nice enough but I felt so sorry for him.  He could barely get himself around.  At NO point during our conversation did he write anything down about my needs or me (and that includes my name).  He was unable to find the keys for one car and was not able to locate one of the cars after searching for over 30 minutes.  I decided it wasn't worth it and I'd just go somewhere else.  The next day I received a call from a Customer care agent and she was shocked when I told her what happened.  I was asked to give them another chance and I did (OK call me stupid but I'm always hopeful - although I regret it now). I went in and met with Orlando ("one of our best") and he was nice enough but talked about my previous experience with no regard to his colleague because he said, "this business doesn't attract the best sales people".    Yikes, what I had expected was confirmed by "one of our best".  

I could go through all of the promises but NONE were met.  After I paid cash for the car, I took it in to have an air vent fixed.  Set up an appointment with Orlando but when I arrived at the date and time established, I was told they didn't have an appointment scheduled for this.  They went ahead and took me.  After waiting two hours, I was told they didn't have the part and it would have to be ordered.  It's been two months I've not received a call from the dealership.  I called them this morning and they said, the part is in, would you like to schedule an appointment?  I asked why they had not called me when the part was in.  The service manager said I should have been told it would be in within three days after it was ordered and to schedule an appointment after that.  I'm guessing everyone else in the world can read their mind or know their processes.  

On the up side, I do like the car but I would NEVER EVER purchase any car from Jim Ellis again.  I've told several people about my experience and will continue to sing the praises of the CC but not of Jim Ellis.  Jim Ellis' last promise is to "Exceed your expectations" - well bad news Jim - you got nowhere near my expectations and based on the other ratings here - you are missing the mark in a big way.  I wish I could give negative stars because one star is too many for Jim Ellis.

If you want a VW good for you and if you purchase anywhere but Jim Ellis - even better for you.

Joseph M. | 2014-07-31

Phil Coleman was fantastic. Helped me buy the car from out of state, and when I flew in to pick it up, he had everything ready for me. Truly a wonderful experience.

Eddie P. | 2014-07-10

It was a great experience. My mom even commented how great the experience was as well. I was understandably stressed about buying a car period, but it all worked out great in the end thanks to Kenny Cook and everyone. I love Volkswagen and am excited for many more years dealing with you.

B W. | 2014-07-03

Visiting from DC. Car was making a noise I was convinced was my wheel bearings. Was able to get an appointment at 7pm for the next day. Leo was our service rep and did an excellent job. I was shown exactly what was wrong with the car (bad tires) and they did not try to push me into buying right now (couldn't really afford to replace them during this trip) and assured me that the tires would easily and safely survive the trip back. Thanx to the entire service team!

B. L. | 2014-05-29

Horrible new car buying experience! What kind of car dealership doesn't keep new cars on the lot?! We went in and asked to drive a brand new 2014 VW CC; what I was brought was a used 2012 CC that smelled like an ashtray. Not the way to get me to buy a new car. Went to another  VW dealer in Alpharetta the next day and test drove the NEW car I was looking to buy, as well as three others, some that I had considered and some not, because they took the time to talk to us and also let us look around at all the new and used cars they had on-site, not in some parking garage a few miles away. I ended up with a 2014 R-line 2.0T convertible beetle w/navigation and sound; more $ than the CC I had thought I wanted. So, big mistake Jim Ellis VW. I do not recommend this dealership to anyone.

Jay G. | 2014-05-15

"Scott is an excellent service advisor and I enjoy working with him. He is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Great guy! --- Jay Groundwater"

Jay O. | 2014-03-22

My wife and I recently visited Jim Ellis Volkswagen while looking for a new car. We ended up not buying a VW, but our experience with Jane Wormald was awesome! She really put us both at ease, she was completely transparent with us and did not pressure us at all. When it comes time for us to buy a car again, we will definitely be returning to Jim Ellis VW.

David F. | 2014-03-21

First, I bought my Touareg TDI and was blown away at the direct sales professionalism.

Months later, I brought in my 2013 Touareg TDI for 10k service. Very friendly, attentive, and efficient. Scott was my service manager he listened to my one concern and addressed it perfectly.

My wife has a Land Rover and I traded in an Audi for this VW.....The service level was equal, if not better, with the team at Jim Ellis VW.

I was impressed.

Becky H. | 2014-03-10

2011 VW needed a front headlight replaced. I was pleased with the timeliness and quality of my service even though you were quite busy with walk-in appointments. I'll def be back for any other maintenance I need.

Laura D. | 2014-02-17

"I was in for my 40k mile service on my 2011 VW Jetta. Scott was very friendly and answered my questions prior to beginning my service. I waited at the dealership and it was done in a very timely manner. My car was brought out looking like a brand new car, and is running like new as well. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received at Jim Ellis VW. --- Laura Durham"

Jonathon G. | 2014-02-13

On Tuesday January 14, 2014 my father and I, looking to purchase a used vehicle, stopped by Jim Ellis Volkswagen. We were greeted by who we later discovered to be the salesperson of the year.  Within a few hours, we left extremely happy with a pre-certified 2011 VW Jetta in excellent condition with a 2 year bumper to bumper manufacture warranty at a good price. The salesperson, sales manager and finance manager all were very professional and knowledgeable and they gained our respect and trust. We also received a full tank of gas without asking; making it a remarkable experience. I was extremely pleased with my experience at Jim Ellis. Orlando provided me with exceptional service and was very knowledgeable. I have been driving the Jetta for 1 month now and I still feel just as good getting in as I did when I drove it off the lot.  Thank you again for everything.

Courtney G. | 2014-01-10

We purchased my new Jetta Sportwagen a year ago and I absolutely love it --as much as you can love a material object.

I've brought it in for the standard service twice to the service center and both times it's been a breeze. Lisa Bokenhagen, in the service department, is fantastic.

Jeanette B. | 2014-01-09

I am rewriting this review after my initial review had been removed. Jim Ellis VW appealed my review on the grounds that I had a repair issue and the listing at the time only had collision. Although they are both the same garage and same customer service desk.

Yeah. Really CLASSY Jim Ellis VW repair, you do shoddy work and take no responsibility. I don't expect miracles. Just not to be fleeced and robbed and lied to.

IF I COULD, I give this place ZERO stars and recommend them to no one!!! Last year I took my vw bug to them bc the engine wouldn't turn over. I paid them $900 to fix a litany off issues they rattled off to me saying these are the problems. Fine the car was 8yrs old and they're the experts I believed them. After I brought it home it stopped working. Long story short it was actually my friggin key chip that stopped registering. This costs $135, they wanted me to pay this, when I questioned why when I already paid $900 I was informed "How were we to know it was your key!??!!" REALLY!? She then said "We're not buying you a new key!" after I objected she conceded to waiving the labor, I still paid $80 additionally. I'm writing this again bc one of the "issues" they repaired was replacing my spark plugs. I promised myself I would never go there again and I haven't. Today I took my car to GT Auto on Piedmont who gave me a tune up today and changed my spark plugs....well wouldn't you know he showed me my old plugs and how I was given the wrong plugs and cheap ones at that that were causing my car to misfire and carbon to build up in my exhaust. He was surprised the plugs even fired. Jim Ellis and Heritage VW (who tried to tell me my issue was my catalytic converter!!!) were the only repair shops I used. I haven't and won't use either EVER again. This was just the cherry on top of this miserable experience and if any from JE VW is reading this I let you know you lost a great customer who swore buy using the dealership for my VW, I will not only never use your dealership but no other VW dealership ever again!! This is the service I received for $97/hr in Labor!!! You all should be paying me! What a rip off!!!! Thanks for screwing me over! I will post this at every site I can think of to dissuade folks from using your overrated and overcharged services!! What the he'll did my $900 fix!!!!!!!!  I now have to replace my Exhaust Manifold and catalytic converter replaced so I'll just throw in the towel and purchase a new car. Guess where I WONT be going.

S Y. | 2013-11-12

I had very bad experience with Jim Ellis VW of Atlanta in the past.

First, the night light of my car's dashboard could not turn on. I went to Jim Ellis VW of Atlanta and they said I HAVE TO change THE WHOLE DASHBOARD of my car in order to let the night light turn on again, in other words they asked for a whopping $600 to get the problem fixed. I did not believe them and in the end, I was right. It was just a broken fuse and I got it fixed for less than $20... Professional service!

Second, I went to Jim Ellis VW of Atlanta to replace my timing belt and water pump and did a major maintenance with them which costed me over $1200. Within 2 years (I drove less than 10000 miles), my water pump is leaking again..  I contacted them online and was surprised to find that their warranty for water pump and timing belt is only 12 months or 12000 miles, whenever comes first, NOT the factory warranty of 36 months or 36000 miles which I thought it was covered for!!! Therefore, I am out of luck and need to replace the water pump AND the timing belt together again, at another dealer of course. They tried to trick me to come in again saying that it might be a hose problem and that I might not need to change the water pump which is clearly a lie. They did not know that I already checked my car at another dealer and I DO NEED to replace BOTH the timing belt and the water pump...  

Anyway, I would not go to Jim Ellis VW of Atlanta again for any reason and could not recommend anyone to their service. I don't mind of paying for the free coffee, free wifi and the free car ride service. The thing bothers me is that do you really provide reliable and high quality services? Hope that my review helps!

Alyssa S. | 2013-10-19

Ask for Alex! Literally the best car experience ever!! Straight forward, honest, and friendly!!

J W. | 2013-09-26

Lesson of experience.

The beginning - [ 1 Star ]

I took my Jetta in, early July, for a service to fix the issue that caused a puddle of oil on top of the transmission.  The service advisor called me a day later and told me that the car is ready and they fixed the issue.

I did not checked the car immediately to make sure the puddle of oil is not there anymore but I did check it later where the puddle of oil still there on top of the transmission.

I took the car back to Jim Ellis the second time for another look and they stated that they cannot find the leak anywhere that would caused the puddle of oil.  They claimed that they may have forgotten to clean the car after the repair and proceeded with just cleaning the car to returned the car back to me.

I looked at the car again the next day and there is the puddle of oil again on top of the transmission.  So, I took the Jetta in for the 3rd time to get the leak repaired.  The service advisor called few days later and inform me that they think they found the leak that they were not able to find during my second trip.  Of course, I paid again, few hundred dollars to get the car back.

I looked again the next day and there is the puddle again so, I took the car back in to get it repair for the 4th time and this time I ask that they spend the time to look through the car to find this issue.

Long story short that they had the car for the entire month of September and I finally called them to find out what is happening to my car.  I found out then, the service advisor I had been dealing with is no longer with Jim Ellis, more than a week ago, and someone will call me to provide the status of my car.  I finally received the call that the car is ready and looking over all of the receipts, I found that they have, and are going to, charge me for the same parts all three times that they should have fixed the first time that I took the car in for service.  I discussed it with the new service advisor about these charges and he sees this on all of the receipts.  He agreed that this is wrong for them to charge me for the same part and labor for doing the same job three times and agreed to remove these charges.  I got the car and this time I checked before leaving the dealership to make sure the puddle is truly gone.  

It is a miracle that they finally fix the issue after two and a half months and many expert mechanics in the shop to find, or not able to find, this issue.  I drove the car away from the dealership on my way to work and then found out that my radio is no longer working.  As I drove down the highway, I am hearing this whirling sound from the engine compartment but as I drive closer to my office, I no longer hear this noise.  I got to the office thinking maybe the fuse for the radio is burned out and I look under the steering wheel for the fuse box.  As I find the fuse box and found that the fuse box cover was open and it seem that someone has already looked at the fuse for the same issue.  

Needless to say, the radio in the car is not working and I truly do not understand what is it that they do in the engine compartment that would break the radio.  And, it seems that they were also aware of the issue and tried to find the cause but never fixed it.  

At this point, I don't want to take my car back since they really do not know what they are doing and I have to drive without the radio until I find someone that is reputable.  

In addition, I am not sure what they did to the battery and must have left something on that killed the battery.  I am having difficulty starting the car if the car has been turned off for few hours.

[ Update ] - The call - [ 2 Stars ]

A day later, the Jim Ellis service manager called me and personally apologized for all that I have experienced with their service team.  He insisted that he wants to look over and correct any issue(s) that were caused while my car was being serviced by his team.  I decided to give his team another chance and jump started my car to drive to the service department.  

[ Final Update ] - The circle completes - [ 4 Stars ]

Due to my respect for the service manager's determination to mend any unfinished business with my car and his bending over backwards to ensure it was done right, I believe this effort deserves 4 Stars.  They found the blown fuse that caused the radio not to work.  They also found that the battery was no longer taking enough charge to maintain stability and they replaced the battery at no charge.  

The service manager restored my faith with their service team and I will continue to take my car to this location as long as the service manager continues to work here and ensures that their team continues to get the job done right.

Anita C. | 2013-09-16

I only come here for service for my VW. The service guys are extremely knowledgeable and nice. Customer service is very important to them which is great, makes the experience very pleasurable. I've been here twice and both times I had two different service guys and both were very nice. Made the mistake of going to another VW dealership and I wanted to whack my service guy over the head. Love this dealership and will only do business with this one in the future.

Michael S. | 2013-08-01

I purchased last night a Volkswagen beetle and my experience was great. I came by since my partner was looking into the Passat and I decided to see if it was worth it to trade my Nissan versa. I spoke to Nick Yanes and he was wonderful. He helped me and made me feel welcome to the Volkswagen family. I am very excited with my new car!

Alan R. | 2013-01-29

I have given these guys way too many chances. Just not good with repairs and they do not honor warranty issues.Love my car but have had warranty issues and tired of being ripped off.

John V. | 2012-12-28

Was looking for a Jetta, heard the new ones had a good amount of power.  They look cool but I'm not thrilled with the financing options. Car dealerships are rough in general.

Lisa L. | 2012-10-21

We have 2 vehicles one is a Volkswagen Jetta and the other a Hyundai Sonata. They both needed timing belt changes. We were researching best pricing for service on them. Both stores were $400 over several other dealer's. I completely understand a slight pricing difference but not several hundred dollars. Needless to say a competitor has earned our business and will probably get our next purchase.

Kevin A. | 2012-07-25

Easily one of the best experiences I've ever had purchasing a car. The sales staff were both professional and fun. They moved along with all my requests and questions quickly and got me through the sales cycle, paperwork, and such as efficiently as could be expected. I've purchased a lot of cars in my time and this experience will stand out among the crowd believe me.

Brent H. | 2012-04-30

I've leased my last two cars from Jim Ellis, and have had all of my service done here for the past four years.  Every salesperson, service tech, and finance rep I've ever worked with has been outstanding.  The level of customer service at Jim Ellis far exceeds any other dealership I've ever dealt with.

It's clear that the customer experience is always the top priority.  After any purchase or service appointment, they always send me at least one survey asking for details about my experience.  Then they actually respond to my feedback, and clearly detail how they will address any concerns.  It's more than lip service.  The employees at Jim Ellis really listen to customer feedback - and they act on it.

The bottom line is that this is a dealership that has always treated me right.  Every interaction has been a positive one, and that kind of testament is all too rare with car dealerships.  If you're in the market for a new vehicle I strongly recommend stopping by Jim Ellis.

Stephanie W. | 2012-03-23

As terrible an experience as it was having our Passat break down in the middle of an intersection (our only car, and two weeks from my baby's due date!), the amazing quality of service at this dealership almost made that a distant memory.  We had it towed there after hours, and when I woke up I already had a call from them indicating that they had it and were working to diagnose the problem.  By noon, I had the estimate in cost and time.  They promised to have the car ready by 5, and at 5 on the dot they called and said it was done and getting a wash.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience (unless it had been free, of course), all things considered.  Such a relief to have our car back in business so quickly!

Ashley R. | 2012-03-12

After my poor Saab started giving up on me I decided it was time for a new car.  Searching on the internet for a few days, I came upon a 2009 Honda Civic at this location that I fell in love with.

It needs to be said that I work at a car dealership myself, so I went in with a lot of knowledge and determination that I (as a single woman) was not going to be pushed around or taken advantage of.

And when I got there, I felt like there was no reason for me to worry about any of that.  

The experience I had was one that I wouldn't mind repeating.  The staff was kind and knowledgeable.  When there was an issue with the financing I had lined up they were able to help me find financing that not only had a lower interest rate, but covered a few extra things, like the gap insurance.  It seemed like they were just as determined as I was to make my experience a good one.

I've had my car for a few months now, I'm still as in love with it as I was the day I drove it off the lot.  And when I ran into a few issues that I called them about, they were resolved quickly and efficiently.

I would recommend this place (Jim Ellis in general, as well) to anyone.

Brian K. | 2012-03-06

Jim Ellis Volkswagen is an island of integrity and professionalism in a sea of otherwise shiesty, self-serving car dealerships. I've been taking my Volkswagen here for scheduled maintenance since moving to Atlanta nearly two years ago, and I've never had a problem with the quality or expediency of the service.

Of course, this is a dealership, so you'll likely end up paying at least 25% more for services here than you would expect to pay at a local mechanic. However, Jim Ellis VW does offer several additional perks that I personally consider well worth the added cost. First, they provide a courtesy shuttle that will transport you between the dealership and your home or office for no additional cost. Second, in the event that you do choose to wait, their lobby is equipped with free wi-fi, desk space, vending machines, a large television, and even a complimentary assortment of doughnuts and coffee. Third, the staff does not "up-sell", so you don't have to worry about being quoted one estimate and then being coerced into agreeing to unnecessary work while they hold your car hostage. Fourth, they're incredibly accommodating and efficient. I've always been able to schedule an appointment with only a few days' notice, and their time and cost estimates are typically spot on. Finally, they're just plain nice. Regardless of the associate or time of day, I've always received pleasant, courteous, and professional service.

In the end, no one looks forward to scheduled vehicle maintenance or unexpected repairs. However, Jim Ellis VW at least tries to make the experience as less painful as humanly possible. In the grand scheme of vehicle maintenance, that extra effort makes all the difference for me.

David M. | 2012-01-11

I would definitely recommend Jim Ellis of Atlanta. I was wary of Jim Ellis of Atlanta after a very dissatisfying experience at Jim Ellis VW of Marietta, but I am glad I brought my business here.

Honestly, I was really surprised at the combination of no-haggle, competitive pricing along with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Jason, Jay, and Robby were great, answering any questions that I had throughout the ordering, purchasing, and pick-up process..

They even sent us a picture of our new car arriving on the truck and let us know the car's "birthday". The pick-up process was great and everyone was very accommodating of my family, which includes my 3 month old son.

Service so far has been pretty good, although we haven't had to pay for anything yet as we are under warranty.  The waiting area and play area for kids are great!  The staff has always been professional..

john w. | 2011-09-05

I've always taken my 2008 VW to Jim Ellis of Chamblee since the first 5k service. Today I took it in for 30k service and asked them to check out three interior rattles, the worst of which is coming from the right rear door panel. The service technician wrote it up and called me later in the day to let me know the work was done. They were able to locate one of the rattles, however couldn't reproduce the rattle in the rear door. The tech told me on the phone that they drove it to Antique Row and over rough pavement and couldn't hear a noise. What they didn't know is that before I left the car with them, I took a photo of the odometer, just to know how far they drove during the service. When I picked up the car, I payed the invoice and they brought the car around to me. I noticed both on my camera phone and the paperwork that the odometer reading was the same! I promptly walked back inside and let them know that they were dishonest. To drive to Antique Row (or anywhere for that mater) would have changed the odometer. They said this was unacceptable and a service manager would be calling to follow up with this. I refuse to do business with people who are dishonest. I told them I will never do business with them in the future and walked away! I urge you to take your business with other dealerships!

Bryan B. | 2011-07-15

It's been exactly one year since I bought my new Jetta at Jim Ellis.  I enjoyed the experience (although I had been dreading it for long time).  My old car was 11 years old and I did not want to buy a car, but was at the point where I had too.  I did some research online before I went and knew what stock they had in and how much I wanted to pay for the car.  I found the car I wanted easily and test drove it.  The salesman was very nice, as were the managers and other personnel I encountered.  We haggled a little, but not too much and I got the price I wanted and 0% financing.  Obviously, when I figured up my price before going in, I had done some research and knew what a 'fair' price was for the car (knowing that they need to make a little profit is good...also do your homework to know how much they'll get in dealer incentives).  They saw that I had done my homework and knew that they couldn't sell me a car at a loss to them, so they found my price fair (and that's the way to do it - have them agree to your price, not the other way around).  I've had no problems with the car or the personnel at Jim Ellis.  It was a very positive experience.  I felt they treated me with respect and didn't try to take advantage of me.

yanbo z. | 2011-03-30

Do not go there! Service is honourable. The pricing is way over price! If you go there on weekend and wait, you need to make sure you have 2 or 4 hours. I been there several times in the last 6 months, nothing change, just waste my money and time. I will never return.

Nikolai C. | 2011-03-06

I've been a Jim Ellis customer since 2002 and have noticed that their overall service has diminished quite a bit. Recently I brought my car, which is now out of warranty to them to have it repaired as my door would not close or lock. After waiting two days, I picked it up and discovered that they hadn't actually finished the work on the door. The handle unit had come up before and wasn't repaired although the ticket mention the broken electronics issue and the handle is part of that unit. I got the run around, excuses, and then went a week and a half without them contacting me to say they had the part. I guess out of sight out of mind was the plan. I left a message, no call back until I had to call on Saturday to provide a scathing review of their service to technician. Needless so say, I'm most likely no longer going to be customer at any Jim Ellis associated dealership. I'm not asking for hoops to be jumped through, just good simple customer service. I guess since my cars not under warranty anymore I don't really matter. See where that line of thinking got Jim Ellis VW?

Reanna U. | 2011-02-25

They let me take the car to my own mechanic as well as drive it a bit more to gauge my comfort level. Having the vehicle overnight really helped my final decision to purchase it. Scott Thomas wasn't pushy in trying to get me to make a decision. Car buying is never fun (unless you have gobs of money), but Jim Ellis definitely makes it bearable. I left feeling like everybody got a fair deal.

Caitlin B. | 2010-11-17

I took my car here to get my radio fixed after it pretty much died after my battery was changed.  They were able to fix the problem in a little over an hour and considering the amount of worked that was "done," I ended up paying $58 for labor and 2 parts.  Yes, it's a dealer and they're going to rape you on almost any sort of service but at least I know that it's done correctly.  

I will for sure take my car back here as the other VW dealerships in the Atlanta area that I have dealt with are complete assholes.

Stormtrooper H. | 2010-10-11

When we decided to buy a 2011 Jetta TDI we went to all 4 VW dealers in the Atlanta area looking for the exact car that we wanted and found Jim Ellis to be the nicest to deal with.

We ended up buying the car from Heritage VW in Union City because of the lifetime drivetrain warranty that only they offer, but hated the dealership and will probably go back to Jim Ellis for all of our service.

Alayne H. | 2010-04-09

This morning I noticed the replace bulb indicator light was on in my Jetta.  Turns out it was a headlight and I don't need a reason for the cops to pull me over, especially since I had a busy weekend planned.  I called the VW service center I usually go to but they were booked.  They switched me over to their sister dealer in Chamblee.  They had openings and gave me three appointment times to choose from.

My appointment was at 1p.  They were finished at 1:25p and the headlight was under warranty so no charge.  Everyone from the service tech who checks you in to the cashier who checks you out was professional and nice.  

I was very pleased with the efficient service and the clean, comfortable waiting area.

Jessica R. | 2009-12-30

This is by far the worst VW place I have ever been to.  I live 4 miles from this location but I would rather drive all the way to Union City to take my car.  I have tried them twice.  One of the times it was 15 minutes before closing and I only needed air in my tires.  They refused to do it and told me to come back tomorrow at 10 AM.  Just ruthless.  Go to the Volkswagen dealership in Union City.  So much better!

Blair S. | 2009-10-11

This dealer does good service work and has a nice waiting lobby.

Be prepared to pay for it.

I went in for preventive maintenance.  They decided to round up my mileage 4k miles and give me the next major service interval without asking me.  It took a lot of arguing to get unauthorized services off my bill and even then the service was more costly than other dealers.

Shauna R. | 2009-04-27

After going to many car dealerships over the past few months, I will have to admit looking at a Volkswagen was not on the top of my list.  However, after my coworker convinced me of going and test driving they are one of the nicest dealerships in town.  They were very helpful and the salesperson named JANE was not pushy or out to just sell a car and disappear.  Make sure you ask for her.  She's really nice and helpful and will spend all the time in the world that you need.  I can't speak on the service or repairs, but if you are thinking about purchasing a new/used vehicle, make sure you at least make a visit there.