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Established in 2000.

The Jim Ellis family of dealerships was established in 1971, and Jim Ellis Hyundai opened our doors in 2000.

Jim Ellis Hyundai is breaking records left and right in terms of the number of new and certified pre-owned Hyundais they are putting on the road.  With outstanding products (check out the safety ratings) and an exceptional Warranty (still the best in the business), Jim Ellis Hyundai is still Atlanta's best choice!

Jim Ellis Hyundai Atlanta

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 492-6053
Address:5785 Peachtree Ind Blvd, Atlanta, GA, 30341
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Jim Ellis Hyundai Atlanta

Roald T. | 2015-04-04

Drove two hours to test drive a certified used Hyundai, when I got there and inspected the vehicle, the engine cover is just there hanging. I tighten it up with my hands (if they forget to tighten something like that what else they've forgot). Drove the vehicle which was OK but not top notch, when sat down and discussed price and value of my trade in was the icing of the cake. Mr Karl Jiram was cocky and arrogant, after I was offered $10,000 dollars less of what I paid for my Hyundai Tucson last year with 11,000 miles I was in shock. Mr Jiram made sure to explain that cars depreciate and that they where comparing my trade in with auction prices. When I know there's absolutely nothing wrong with my car and they will list it for almost the same price I paid.
I got really upset and offended by the offer and decided to leave, while leaving attempted to talk to Mr Karl but he just talked to me an kept walking. Way to disrespected and treat customers. Awful place will not recommend it to my worst enemy.

Ashley P. | 2015-02-13

I have not purchased a car from this location, so my review is solely on the Service and Parts Department. I do not recommend seeing either department, should you need to service your car. There is Rick Case Hyundai, a little further North (who I usually see), that does an exceptional job with servicing. Trust me, it is worth the extra drive!

It seems like Jim Ellis likes to promise that they "treat you like family," and "will get you the perfect vehicle." I disagree completely - their Service and Parts Department has horrible communication, customer service and turnaround time. I ordered a side mirror, which I was told would like 2-3 days to receive, paint and install. The 3 days extended to almost two weeks dealing with their incompetent staff! They never return your phone calls, and their manager, Joe Tilly, seems to be the worst of it all! How can you expect a fully functional, successful team, when their superior is clearly uninterested in completely their work? You can't! Joe NEVER followed up with me after asking to speak with him for weeks, and pawned all of his managing work off to his receptionist Carole and Charlie. They were much more pleasant to work with, but unable to help me because they aren't MANAGERS!

In the end, nothing was settled. I was offered a pathetic apology, and excuse as to why the part took so long to install (the painter is busy, he painted it the wrong color, service wrote down the incorrect VIN number, etc.). Not once did they assume responsibility for their clear oversights. I will not come back here--- I suggest you stay far away also!!!!

Sybil D. | 2015-01-06

Although my experience was extremely disappointing, I can still recognize the good in what was (overall) a really awful experience. The following individuals at Jim Ellis were, despite the horrible leadership, the most helpful and professional: Gerie (receptionist), Ace Rodriguez (service department), and Caroline Twilley (service department). The LEAST helpful and the most unprofessional individuals to avoid if you do choose to purchase a vehicle from this place: Kevin Frye (salesman; who ironically no longer works at the dealership since my purchase), and Scott Johnson (used car director).

On 10/31/14 I purchased a used vehicle (2011 Sonata Hybrid) from Jim Ellis Hyundai. However, prior to signing for the car I was provided a test drive period for about four days. On 10/28/31 the check engine/malfunction (wrench) light appeared. I informed my salesman Kevin Frye that morning with a picture via text message of the engine light. He reassured me that the car simply required servicing and that all necessary repairs would be taken care of prior to my signing for the vehicle.

Once the vehicle was signed for no record of service was provided to me however the check engine light was no longer visible. Then on the evening of 11/13/14 I receive a text message from my salesman informing me that I needed to get an emissions test before their title clerk could process my tag paperwork. This was new to me as I thought the dealership would take care of this. In any event, that same day the check engine/wrench (malfunction) lights appeared again. There were no same week appointments available so the earliest the dealership would see me was the week of 11/17. Since the check engine light appearing affected the car's ability to pass the emissions test, after the repair I was instructed to drive the vehicle another 150 miles minimum before attempting to pass emissions.

On the morning of 11/21/14 both service lights appeared again. I informed my salesman via live call and text message (providing him with a picture of the engine light) and expressed to him that I was no longer comfortable with the purchase I made since the vehicle is experiencing so many issues - all well before the 30 days. Mr. Frye instructed me to bring the vehicle in again however I explained to him that I had plans to drive my new car out of town and that they would have to provide me with a loaner for the inconvenience. After a lengthy exchange I was provided a loaner and my car was under repair for over a week; I picked it up upon my return on  12/4/14. My temporary tag issued at purchase was set to expire on 12/9/14 and I still had to drive a sufficient amount of miles to ensure passage of emissions - again.

After thinking the third attempt to fix this vehicle worked, on my ride into the office on 12/8/14 both malfunction lights appeared again. At this point I communicated to Mr. Frye that something more should and needed to be done to remedy the continued issue (perhaps a new vehicle/trade in). In addition to the service lights, the temporary tag was set to expire on 12/9/14. After a very lengthy and unsuccessful telephone conversation with Mr. Frye it was agreed that I would return the vehicle for a fourth repair on the following day (12/9/14). Mr. Frye stated that he arranged for me to speak with the Director of Service and Parts (Ron Gay) however he was on a call and did not speak with me. Instead, I was directed to speak with Scott Johnson. I was provided with (an unclean) loaner vehicle and my vehicle was not repaired until 12/23/14. When I picked up my car I was not provided with any service records, only the sheet of paper evidencing the car passed the emissions test was left on my dashboard. When I asked Mr. Johnson whether the dealership was willing to make this "right" he asked me what I wanted - he stated that they fixed my car and what else did he need to do? Apparently he felt as though they owed me nothing, after all they did add a ton of additional and unnecessary miles to my car fixing something that was represented in good repair. The temporary tag still said 12/9/14 and it was 12/23/14. I did not receive  my tags until 12/31/14 (and was driving illegally for 5 days).

At no point during the aforementioned scenarios did I ever curse, yell, or raise my voice to anyone at that dealership. You would think that because they sold me a lemon and I pointed that out to them that I did something wrong. The level of disrespect and maltreatment I received at Jim Ellis was unwarranted and distasteful. Sadly, it was the greatest experience of unprofessionalism.

I highly discourage anyone from purchasing at Jim Ellis Hyundai.

Stephanie R. | 2014-11-04

I love my Sonata

I bought it here and the salesman was not too pushy and very attentive to what I wanted was just the step up from basic.

The service center here is great.

I usually wait to get my service completed and the waiting area is far more comfortable than any other dealership I have been to (my husband has a Nally VW and they do not have an awesome TV room). There's wifi for when I need to do work and there's snacks and coffee if I get hungry.  I usually try to make my appointments early on Saturdays and it's usually pretty quick at that time.  

Highly recommend Jim Ellis Hyundai to others.
In fact I did and she bought a Santa Fe. My other friend bought a Sonata after riding in mine, but she lives in Peachtree City, so I guess she bought down there.

Ruby R. | 2014-07-29

I brought my 2010 Hyundai Elantra to Jim Elliis Hyundai in Norcross to have a remote programmed for it. I must say...it was the BEST experience I ever had at a car dealership service dept. Peter Damianeas took care of me immediately upon my arrival and my car was completed when promised. They also washed and vacuumed my car which wasn't expected. I got door to door service!  When I walked to my car I noticed my temporary tag had gotten wet and ripped so Peter immediately took action and took the tag off and taped it onto one of Jim Ellis temporary plastic tags and replaced it on my car! This guy is great in showing the customer that they are #1 and Jim Ellis aims to please! Thanks so much Peter!!!  
NOTE: Why am I so surprised? My car wasn't even purchased at Jim Ellis yet he treated me as if it was. I will not hesitate to come to them again.

Carrie L. | 2014-07-19

My husband and I went there in our search for 2 new cars. The lot is overloaded with vehicles with horrible parking for customers. At one point staff moved a new car into a space blocked with cones and just ran over the cones. We had to reverse out of one lane due to the crowded space, and I was driving my tiny Fiat 500! I still did not have room to maneuver. Finally, we saw a space to park - not marked, reserved, or coned off, and were turning left into it. Immediately an older staff person pulled in front of us into the space (think Fried Green Tomatoes) and rudely gestured that I couldn't park there. I was a potential customer! Be kind, explain, help me find another space, SOMETHING! But don't act like an arrogant person. We left immediately and will never consider this company again due to the reflection of this dealership. I don't think some businesses realize that the experience is as important as the product. There are so many vehicles to pick from at competitive pricing and options, and quite frankly, I will choose the company that is the most helpful and courteous.

Shawn H. | 2014-05-01

Don't purchase a car from these crooks,

Recently purchased a Van with 12000 miles on it, and paid for the extended warrantee......nothing but problems since we purchased it. The service department says there is nothing wrong and they won't cover it, even though it leaves us stranded the doors have jammed continuously and the transmission won't go in gear half the time, i will never buy another car from Jim ellis nor a hyundai......JUNK........CROOKS
never felt so ripped off before in my life.

Liza S. | 2014-03-29

I have had a nightmare with my Hyundai Sonata I purchased in Miami. Even got Hyundai corporate involved and they were extremely not helpful. They did point me to Jim Ellis Hyundai though and there I found Brian - in the service department. He was so helpful and so supportive that despite the fact that I've been in an upset about this for months, I walked away calm and confident that even if I have an issue again, I have someone to turn to. He called when he said he'd call and he made things happen very quickly. He's new there and I can tell he has already made an impact on the people they work with - they felt the same way! Thanks Brian!

Kathryn D. | 2014-02-28

I've been unhappy with my small vehicle recently, so I decided to start looking at new cars to replace it. I test drove close to 20 cars and visited 8 different dealerships. The first dealership that I walked into and felt like I was being treated right and actually told the truth to, was the Jim Ellis Hyundai dealership. I wasn't ready to buy the first day I visited, and I wasn't pressured into anything so I left liking the dealership even more. After 3 visits, I was offered a GREAT deal on a new 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. I left with a great rate, and I owe it to Keith Honeycutt. He was very helpful and friendly and I had a wonderful car buying experience.

Michelle K. | 2013-11-30

I've been lucky enough to never have a car payment for the past 17 years, but it was time to make that step into adulthood and buy my first car. My current car was no longer safe to drive on the road so the timing could not have been more perfect.

My family mechanic referred me to my car sales professional and I'm sure glad he did!  Eric Kim worked his magic and with the partnership of their finance manager, Hau-B Cao, I was able to walk away with a fantastic deal!

Thank goodness for technology because most of our interactions were over email prior to my appointment to check out the cars on the lot. I was able to fill out my car loan application over the internet and email Eric my "must haves" so that he can check his inventory to see what was available.

As for the timing, it turned out that there was a used vehicle that met all my needs and more that was ready for sale when I visited their showroom.  I was able to take the first look at it thanks to Eric's dedication in finding me the ideal car that happen to meet all my needs and wants.

Overall, my first car buying experience will be something I'll never forget and appreciated everyone's professionalism and courtesy at Jim Ellis Hyundai Atlanta.  From the moment I walked into the dealership to the time I drove away with my first "newer" car, I was completely comfortable and secure with the entire experience.

I would recommend this team to anyone looking to buy a new or used, Certified Pre-Owned vechicle.  I'm extremely happy with my recent purchase and could not have gotten a better deal for my current financial situation. it was better than anything that I expected and even fell below my budget!!

Thanks to the Eric Kim and Hau-B Cao (Finance Manager) who made it happen (for me) and allowed me to drive away with my ideal car!

Ed B. | 2013-08-15

Don't take your car to the service department.

I had a wiring harness fall and get melted on the exhaust. They said it was a simple fix, but ended up charging $236 for a job that wouldn't take but 30 minutes to splice 4 wires, in the process they damaged an 02 sensor which I don't find out about until I'm on the way home and the check engine light comes on. Do they even test drive to see if it runs properly? They wanted to charge me another $315 to install something THEY BROKE. $185 for just the 02 sensor, when their own dealership website sells it for $130. And by the way, the 02 sensor would literally take 5 minutes to replace.

Don't go to them, they will rip you off and not even care if they do the work right.

Kate S. | 2013-05-18

I had a wonderful experience at Jim Ellis Hyundai.  I've been looking for my first car (eek!) after coming from a place where public transportation was more heavily used.  I was interested in a small sized sedan and test drove the Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.  I was already convinced that the Corolla was my #1 based on Toyota's brand being safe and top in its class.  However, after reading Edmunds and talking to my mechanic, I learned that the Corolla and Civic are no longer #1.  Apparently in the past years Ford and Hyundai have really stepped up their game and become leaders in the small sized sedan class.  Hyundai boasts the best warrantee in the business (even the Ford guy I was test driving with said so) and both Ford and Hyundai scored 5/5 on crash test (compared to 4/5 with Corolla and Civic).

Anyway, back to Jim Ellis.  I was immediately greeted and whisked off to test drive.  The Elantra is spacious, smooth and pretty.  I worked with two agents, Thomas LaFreniere and William Jazon.  Mr. Jazon really blew it out of the park, though.  He gave me an excellent deal, was more than happy to speak with my father about the sale and navigating the purchase, and has been incredibly attentive and professional.  

The only criticism is that they didn't have the car in the color I wanted, but overall this is small potatoes to the excellent service I received.  I would highly recommend Mr. Jazon and Jim Ellis.

Jen S. | 2013-05-09

Dear Jim Ellis,
How do you own every car dealership in Chamblee? You da man. Let's be friends.
By the way, your employee Joseph Varner, is the bomb.com .

The wife of the guy who bought a car from your dealership.

My husby got a car here earlier this year and found out recently that the USB plug was faulty, it just wasn't working. We made an appointment, and although we were a bit late because of morning traffic, the people at Jim Ellis Hyundai Atlanta were super nice about it and helped us right away.

Specifically Joseph Varner was the guy that was helping us and he let us know immediately that we would be able to get a rental car and that was all taken care of for us. We felt comfortable because it seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing and was extremely nice.

The vibe of the whole place is really clean, orderly, and has a bunch of seats and waiting rooms with TVs, WiFi, and plugs for your computer or chargers in case you get bored. Also: their coffee machine is awesome and in the morning they have dunkin donuts... we are guilty of taking the last ones :)

Paige N. | 2013-02-12

Let me just say that the service department of Jim Ellis Hyundai is fantastic and Joseph Varner, in particular, is my new hero.

After a very unfortunate incident last night involving my car's right front tire and a run in with curb that viciously shredded said tire, I was having major anxiety about my first tire replacement on my own.

With some much appreciated guidance from my dad and my boyfriend, I decided a new tire matching my other three was the best  solution to get me off of the donut and back to full power.  So the hunt commenced for a matching replacement.  

I had no luck with a garage that carried my brand of tires but didn't have the specific model in stock (and couldn't get one until two days from now), so my boyfriend recommended I call a dealership.  He's a genius!  

I did so, and lo and behold, Joseph said they had six tires that would fit my car and I could come in an hour from then, and they'd take care of me.  Score!!!

Within the hour, I was there (still anxious the tire was the only thing I'd damaged on my baby), and Joseph took excellent care of me.  He examined the car, listened to what I said, told me to take a seat in the comfy customer lounge (very nice with magazines, TVs and complimentary coffee and snacks), and drove it around back to the service bay.

A little over an hour (and one magazine) later, he came back and told me my car was done.  Flooded with relief, I followed him back to the payment desk and he told me the tire had been replaced and everything else with the car was fine.  Thank God!!!  

I was so concerned I'd done much more damage (the donut sounded really funky under my car and made all sorts of noise I'm not used to hearing).  A few minutes later I'd paid my bill, gotten my keys back and collected my freshly washed (it's also complimentary) Hyundai Sonata GLS with its brand new tire.  

Driving off the lot I heard no funny noises anymore, noted that the locking lug nut had been replaced on the new tire and that my donut and mini air compressor had been safely stored back in the trunk.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jim Ellis Hyundai: for helping me jump yet another hurdle that comes along with the joys of owning a car and not costing me an entire paycheck in the process.  I really, really appreciate it!

Melissa T. | 2012-12-11

You'd think after spending 2 hours with a potential customer with $$ ready to buy, the sales person would return your email about getting a more expensive new car. You'd think. And you'd be wrong if you came to BigJEllis. That's all. Thank you.

o O

Mitchell R. | 2012-10-27

I'm not sure how many stars to give because I am reviewing both the sales department and the service department.


I've generally been pleased with the service. I've had routine maintenance done there and a couple of repairs under warranty. I've dealt with Joseph a few times and he couldn't be nicer. All the work has been done fairly quickly and they also wash & vacuum the car (although the wash is more a rinse).  They couldn't determine the cause of a rattle/vibration noise inside my car - that's the only negative thing I can think of.

They put a "$7.00 off oil change" coupon on their site, but the only way to get $7.00 off is to submit a rebate form with the paper work from the dealership. However, the paperwork from the dealership isn't sufficient to get the rebate, so it looks like this was just a scam to get customers in the door for a $40.00 oil change.


I would NEVER buy from Jim Ellis Hyundai again. The sales associate was rude and pushy and tried to put words in my mouth. I would buy somewhere else even if I ended up paying a little more.  

I purchased some kind of prepaid maintenance plan that I believe included oil changes and discounts on other work.  Because I drive very little, I later decided the prepaid maintenance plan wasn't worth it for me, so (within the cancellation period) I gave written notice to cancel the plan. The company that offered/underwrites  the plan canceled it quickly and confirmed for me that they canceled it. However, the folks at Jim Ellis Hyundai wouldn't process the cancellation on their end and wouldn't refund my money.  I contacted the finance guy at the dealership by phone and email - no response. I contacted Wesley Ellis by email and mail - no response. Finally, I contacted Hyundai consumer affairs and within just a few days the dealership refunded my money.

Karly G. | 2012-10-01

They lied to me! I was interested in a Range Rover (mind you, there's only 1 Range Rover at the Hyundai dealership) that they had available for about a week now. I finally went to see the car, noticed a note on the windshield that said it was SOLD. No one came out to help so we left. I felt very dissatisfy with leaving without getting confirmation that the car was sold. I called and spoke to DJ - now he said that the car is still available and for me to come back and take a look at it.

I was reluctant because of the SOLD paper on the dashboard, but was convinced by DJ that the car was still available. So I came back, went to the front desk to have DJ paged, he wasn't around because he was busy with another customer. As I was standing there, I noticed a guy drove the rover off the display lot and assumed it was for me to test drive. Anyways, DJ's partner came and sat me down at his desk and started asking a bunch of BS questions. I told him that I just spoke to DJ regarding the Range Rover and have no intention of buying anything else today. He's like, ok, let me pull up this car and see what's going.

So he pulled it up, then excuse himself as he was looking for DJ... and here comes DJ with a customer with him. Clearly, the customer had already bought the Range Rover but they played it off as if giving me false hope that it's still available. He then comes back and still hasn't told me that it was sold... asked if I was interested in any other car? I said no, you've already wasted my time. I just need to know if the damn car was sold or not. He finally said yes, it was sold today. But he wanted to take down my information for the record. I told him no thanks and walked out.

This is their scam in order to make try to make a sale. There is no way in hell that they did not know the dang car was sold. In fact, it was SOLD the day before and the guy came in that day to pick up the car. I didn't care about the car because I can always find another one. I just hate scandalous inconsiderate people who wants to waste my time.

Roy L. | 2012-08-26

here's a quick review. I purchased a new Hyundai from another dealership. I also purchased the weatherproof floor mats. they didn't have the mat for the trunk, but the parts guy said he can order and the price would be $75.  I told him forget it as there's another Hyundai dealer closer to my house.  Called that dealer and they didn't have it either, but the guy told me the same price $75 and they can order it.  So I called 1 other dealer which was Jim Ellis Hyundai and the guy quoted me $95.  I asked him why are you charging that price when everyone else is charging $75?  His response, I can give it to you for $75, my response, click.

Lucy W. | 2012-06-06

Judging from the other reviews (which are mostly for the service dept), I may have met and dealt with the one salesman at Jim Ellis Hyundai who I could handle talking to for over a couple of minutes (Don).  After a multi-month new car search, I was very tired of walking through hot car lots, talking to annoying sales people, going through the stupid hard sell tactics, being forced to reveal personal details.  Don was a breath of fresh air...very knowledgeable about the automotive products he is selling and does not pressure me at all, despite a couple of repeat visits to the dealership.  Even if you don't end up purchasing from here, you're definitely more informed about my purchase decision after talking to him.  My final purchase transaction was easy, smooth and fast...it took just 1 hour and 10 minutes to get the final accessment of the car I was trading in, sign all the paperwork and money stuff, hear the announcement they make over the loudspeaker for all car purchases ("Congratulations to X, who just bought a new Hyundai!") and review the features of the car before driving off the lot.

BTW, the showroom seems to be set to a radio station that favors boy-band music...the 2 times I sat inside the showroom, I heard Backstreet Boys, NSync, and the classic LFO (Girl who wears Abercrombie & Fitch!).  Maybe it's a psychological sales tactic move?

Laura T. | 2012-02-22

Just bought a car here this week. I went with the Sonata. The sales guy who helped us (Milton) was awesome. We never felt any pressure from him to do anything. He made the experience great. I can't stand it when I visit a dealership and feel pressured to make certain decisions or to buy more than I want. Milton made us feel welcome right from the start. The financing guy, Hau-B, was also great. He had all our paperwork in order and we were in/out of his office in 10 minutes.

All told, we were there about 4.5 hours.  Long time, but that did include a test drive and a lunch-break. :-P

Based on this experience, I would buy from this dealership again.

Austin L. | 2012-01-06

This review is for the Service Department. I should have looked here before scheduling my appointment...looks like I'm not the only one that has had problems!

Just took my car in to have a seal replaced on a window. They wouldn't listen to what I wanted fixed...really slimy. They kept wanting to talk about something that wasn't even a problem. Avoid at all costs.

I've never bought a vehicle from here...but you can bet now I never will.

Brian H. | 2011-11-28

This review is for the service center, and I will have to agree with other reviewers in that the service tech's are rude, poor mannered, and pretty much leave you with a feeling that they are trying to scam and overcharge you.  Definitely NOT the great customer satisfaction experience that is advertised by Hyundai as a company.

You know the phrase, "it's not so much what they say, but how they say it"? Well, the service department at Jim Ellis Hyundai definitely epitomize that in a very grand negative way.  I took our Hyundai Genesis, a prized jewel by the Hyundai company itself, into the service department after the brakes felt like they were malfunctioning (ie. brake pedal would press all way to the floor).  This is a major safety concern, as if the brakes stop working, well, I wouldn't be able to stop while driving.  I had hoped that the warranty that is so applauded on Television and magazine articles as being the nation's best would live up to the hype and that I would receive better service and a more courteous and pleasant experience.  Was that the case, NO, siree. I had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with the obnoxious service consultant, Joseph V, who was unhelpful and impolite from start to finish.  Here's my experience :

I called in to inquire about getting the brakes checked out after having been recommended by another retail brake shop to get the dealer to take a look at the problem, but upon talking with service rep, Joseph V., I was told that I would need to wait until 4 days later to get the brakes inspected.  I inquired how long an inspection usually took, and if a rental car would be provided so I could figure out transportation in the case that the car would need to stay overnight, to which he replied coldly & presumptuously, that he didn't know and would authorize a rental only once a diagnosis was made.  Ok wise guy, that's strike 1 against your customer service skills.  I have an issue that compromises people's safety and you are going to be smart about the whole ordeal and make me right off the bat feel uncomfortable about bringing our car in.  

After bringing in our Hyundai, I was greeted by another service consultant, Chris M., who seemed pretty helpful and obliging initially only to be cut off and handed off to "Bad news" Joseph V, who apparently was the person who answered my phone call a few days prior.  He sent off our car to the garage to begin the inspection, and after using their restroom, a nice and clean one by the way (+1), I reapproached Joseph to confirm and ask him if our car (2009 model) would be covered under the warranty.  He told me no. (So much for a rental I thought).  I asked him a few more questions about the warranty, and as I observed and felt how smart alec and unhelpful this guy really was, I then told him specifically, that I did not want to be charged for anything until I was given a specific quote for any work to be performed.  He told me getting the brakes checked out would cost over $100.  I told him, I was not going to pay that.  He made a phone call to the service mechanic and told him to bring our car back out.  The service tech said that something was definitely wrong with the brakes. "Thanks" I thought, "for nothing."

Another problem I addressed was the Navigation unit on the car that was addressed several months prior and was a recall item.  Was I helped with that?  Unfortunately once again, not.  It should be noted, that my father had brought in the car for service after receiving a letter in the mail to get the Navigation unit updated at no cost (recall) due to problematic issues with the navigation software.  At that time, we were told that the problem would be corrected and to bring it back in at a later time.  When I went there today, the problem was not addressed nor corrected nor dealt with as promised.  Utter nonsense.  I left the Jim Ellis service center feeling pretty pissed.

I drove my car 2 miles down the street to Pro Auto Body who checked out the brakes and informed me that the problem was a failure of the master cylinder.  They said that the part itself would cost $300, but Hyundai would not sell that part by itself and would have to be purchased with another more expensive part (un-needed) which would raise the price to $700-$800.  I did not pay to have them tell me this.  I will be getting my brakes and pretty much all car related work (that I can't do myself) taken care of by Pro Auto Body.

Conclusion: Do I like the the Hyundai Genesis?  Yes.  It is much better ride than previous Hyundai's that I've experienced,.  Are they durable?  Hmm.. that is questionable.  Would I get another one in the future or recommend a Hyundai to my friends and family?  After having had such a negative and cold experience with service, I really can not say.  Definitely not from Jim Ellis Hyundai anyway.  Buyers beware.

Update : Did a google search on "Hyundai Warranty" and found this. Ugh.   boozelife.com/Hyundai-Pa…

Mark J. | 2011-05-24

The service department was not very friendly.  Coming from Honda dealerships I was disappointed but maybe I'm just spoiled.  The shuttle service is a joke and they will get to you when they want not when they say they will. Hope your not on a schedule.   The rep that I worked with was short and acting like I was inconveniencing her when I called to find our why I was waiting outside for 45 minutes.  But when it was time to check out everyone was all smiles and my best friend.  Hopefully this was a one time thing and my next experience will be better.

Michele A. | 2011-01-20

This review is for the service center.

If the last mechanic on earth was here, I would have better luck fixing it myself.

My check engine light came on so I thought I would err on the side of caution and take my car into the dealership because just maybe the warranty would cover whatever was wrong.
I dropped my car off and within 15 minutes I received a call from the service department. The man told me the problem was an oil pressure censor had come loose and was stuck in some sludge. He told me this was not under warranty. He also told me that there was no way they could fix it and my only option would be to buy a new engine. He said I had two options, I could buy a used engine and have them do a replacement for around $4,000 OR I could use my car as a trade in and they would give me a good deal for it.
-- Excuse me, but why is the mechanic trying to sell me a car???

I ended up picking up my car and paying them $100 for the quick look and then drove it to another repair shop. A repair shop that was able to fix it before the end of the day.

I really feel like I was being scammed.

Heather S. | 2011-01-20

The car I had bit the big one and was going to cost almost 2k to fix (valve in the engine). I figured to give up and just get a new car. I went to several different dealerships around town including 2 Hyundai dealers and my experience here was the best car buying experience I've ever had.
The sales guy was no pressure but explained a lot of the features that a sales guy at another dealership had not shown me at all.
I decided to go with the 2011 Sonata because it has an awesome safety rating and they changed the look of it and it looks awesome and not boring like the Camry or the Accord.
I didn't have to wheel and deal to get a decent price and in every other car buying experience, I have felt like I was there for hours and hours and hours and hours.  But not here. Total time was probably an hour not counting the test drive. Everyone was nice and not all scheistery like lots of sales guys are dealerships so that was a plus.

Cheryl C. | 2010-08-16

I just finished paying off my second Hyundai Sonata purchased from Jim Ellis. The reason I keep coming back is because of the initial sales deal, but more importantly because of the superior sales and service performed at the dealership. A lot of people don't tend to have their autos serviced at the dealership because of the over inflated prices, but after 9 years of dealing with the Jim Ellis team, I'll continue coming back... I have my eye on that new 2011 Sonata.--Cheryl Carroll

Julia S. | 2010-07-06

I would give -1 stars if possible.

My elantra had a "check engine" light turn on, so I took it to Catherine's Auto Repair (review coming). They checked out my car, told me what was wrong, and then told me my elantra should still be under warranty, so I should take it to a hyundai dealership so I can get it fixed for free. So, I thanked them for their honesty and made an appointment here for my 2005 elantra.

They didn't tell me until half an hour after I'd dropped off my car that my warranty was expired (5 years or 60,000 miles, whatever comes first. my parents helped me buy this car because at the time they had a special 10 year warranty, but apparently whenever we switched it from my parents' to my name, I lost the 10 year warranty. Funny how they forgot to mention that before we signed on the dotted line), and that getting my car fixed would cost $380. That seemed like a lot of money for a pretty minor issue, so I said I was going to take my car elsewhere since my warranty expired. Well guess what. Even though they didn't do a single thing to my car, they charged me a $97 "checkout fee." Um, more like extortion - we have your car and you can't get it until you spend at least $100.

Between this and the experience at the hyundai in my parents' hometown, I don't plan on buying a hyundai after this car. My family is a honda family and I plan on my next car being a honda. Jim Ellis Hyundai should be ashamed of how they treat their customers. I am never, ever, ever coming back here again.

Elizabeth S. | 2007-09-18

I've always been really happy with the service here, so thumbs up to the crew who has been able to keep my old Accent running.  The staff is very friendly, and a courtesy car is provided during services that take a bit longer.