Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA

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Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, also serving Decatur, GA and Dunwoody, GA is proud to be an automotive leader in our area. Since opening our doors, Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta has kept a firm commitment to our customers. We offer a wide selection of vehicles and hope to make the car buying process as quick and hassle free as possible.

Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta offers a full selection of service areas including:

New Lexus Sales
Certified Pre-Owned Lexus Sales
Lexus Car Loans and Financing
Lexus Certified Service Department
Full Selection of Lexus Parts and Accessories


Established in 1989.

Hennessy Lexus is the only family owned and managed Lexus Dealer in Atlanta. The Hennessy family is deeply rooted in the Atlanta community and its name is well recognized and respected. They work and reside in Atlanta. The family not only owns the business but is actively engaged in its daily operation. In our modern times this is unique to the automobile industry.

Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(770) 457-6800
Address:5955 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA, 30341
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta

Frank J. | 2015-03-13

Great people, great experience, great car. My wife called off internet site, ask for sales manager and got Jay Burnett.  Two hrs later i found myself driving to Atlanta.
It sounds easy, because my wife is an ex-Lexus employee and Jay Burnett is a man of his word. Honesty is a self portrait of Jay. Hard to find these days.Thanks to David Kim for sales and tec -support..synced our phones. She loves her GX-460

Mac M. | 2015-03-06

ACTIONS Speak Louder than Words.

Sent you a direct email 03MAR15 @ 12:50pm, per your request.  Again, No Response from this dealership.

Hummm, appears to be the MO.

Thi P. | 2015-02-15

Fourth time coming here since 2001 for Lexus car buying. This dealership has one of the best prices in metro Atlanta. Their sister store Gwinnett can not compare  to this location. I don't even want to talk about my last experience at Lexus Gwinnett..

Anyhow, I was interested in a GX460. Came in to see Peter Cassano again but he was out of the office that day. Since he was not available, Peter instructed me to see King or Klaus. I meet with King and he was knowledgable about the car. Very professional. As usual, process to buy on a Saturday with the finance company from beginning and have the dealership add on the car's extra works until drive out takes hours but King had always informed me with wait times.  I have referred family and friends to this dealership because of the very friendly and professional staff here.  And YES, I highly recommend this dealership!

Renee T. | 2015-02-11

This review is for their service dept. If ever waiting for your car to be serviced could be enjoyed, it is here. I love this place and look forward to the service appointments for our vehicles. The service is very friendly and efficient and honest. The waiting area is fabulous! They even have awesome snacks. I just want to hang out here and relax, as lame as that sounds.

J. K. | 2015-02-04

Michael Williams has been my service representative for the past few years. Hennessy has the best customer service of any dealership around. It takes 30 minutes for me to get there, but it's totally worth passing these other Lexus dealers along the way. I have tried other places, and have owned several other cars. The service from Hennessy makes me not want to own anything else. The same people are always there and remember everything about me. I really appreciate the loaner cars, snacks (especially when my kids are with me), and the comfort and cleanliness of the whole place. I highly recommend it to anyone with a Lexus from anywhere.

John D. | 2014-12-02

I needed 5k mile service on my new 2014 Lexus LS 460, so I scheduled an appointment for 10:15 on a Tuesday.  Here's what happened:

10:15:  After a 20 minute drive from my home, I arrive on time, am told that my service advisor is busy.  I sit in their crowded waiting room and wait.

10:35: No one has called me up, so I go to the receptionist.  She tells me that the service rep had computer problems, but he is now ready.  I walk to his cubicle.

10:40: The service manager informs me that they are out of courtesy cars, but I am welcome to wait in their waiting room.  He says the 5k mile service will take at least one hour and 20 minutes.

Conclusion:  A 5k mile service is the most minimal service Lexus can do.  it is basically a tire rotation and checking fluid levels.  Not even an oil change.  It should take them 30 minutes, tops.  

I made an appointment at 10:15 and expected to be out of there at 10:30.  Instead, I was expected to wait until 12 noon for this service.  There were so many cars backed up there, that I doubt it would've been done at 12noon.  I got my keys and left.

Bottom Line:  Lexus has created a monster with their success.  They have sold more cars than they are capable of servicing.  If you plan on buying a car to be serviced at Hennessy Lexus, prepare to wait.  I bought a Lexus to reduce my hassle.  Instead, it looks like I've just created more.  Very frustrated and feeling trapped.

John in Decatur

Anna C. | 2014-11-06

When my husband gave me a "Christmas to Remember" 7 years ago I never dreamed I could love a vehicle, but Lexus has changed my mind...particularly Hennessey Lexus. They are awesome. Everyone is friendly and extremely helpful and courteous. From the guy who welcomes you when you enter the service area, to Trudy, to my fabulous service consultant, Brad. For sure....I'll never own anything but Lexus and never buy from anyone but Hennessey!!!

Luj W. | 2014-10-21

Michael Williams is the best service advisor I have EVER had in all of my years of owning a car. Hennessy takes the best care of its customers and treats you like royalty.  They go above and beyond to make you happy and to make the annoying part of having to take your car in seem so easy and painless!

Valerie N. | 2014-02-11

We popped in to Hennessy Lexus on a Saturday to take a peek at the GX's we saw on the lot.  We had no appointment; we walked right in and were greeted by the lovely receptionist.  We were paired up with Ken Haynes, the internet manager, and were promptly taken to view some pre-owned certified GX's.  They had a number of them on the lot that day.  

Before walking in the door, I had zero knowledge of the Lexus lines.  I'm admittedly not a car person so I know that I asked some of the most off-the-wall questions of Ken as we looked at the GX.  He was so patient in his explanations and made me feel so comfortable and at ease.  I would strongly recommend working with him!  We took the GX out for a spin and fell in love.  We then asked the most important question - do you have any in another color? - and voila, one was brought in that morning.  Lucky us!

Ken was very patient as crunched numbers and talked through options (I wound up trading in my CR-V and they honored the price that Honda was going to give me to trade in), and at the end of the day, we wound up with a certified pre-owned GX460 that we absolutely adore.  The financing process was very pleasant and super easy.  I also appreciated the tour of my vehicle (I swear its smarter than me) as well as the tour of the Lexus dealership, which is massive and very customer-oriented.  Every staff member was so polite and willing to help!

I have already had to get service on my car as I drove over a nail in the first 3 days of owning the vehicle (ugh, construction in the neighborhood!).  The tire was promptly patched and returned to us, and it was super easy to get a loaner in the process.

Richard B. | 2013-11-26

Service took a long time was expensive and they left the big grease spot on my front seat

Andrew C. | 2013-11-20

Don with the internet sales department was fantastic.  I leased a new GS350 and he couldn't have made the process any smoother. From start to finish, Don and the rest of the staff at Hennessy Lexus were top notch professionals.  I would highly recommend this dealership and ask for Don Bonura when you go!

Celeste S. | 2013-10-06

I never thought I would give a car dealership five stars, but this one truly deserves it!! My son drives an IS 250 and the navigation unit went out. After doing some research, I found this is a common issue, but not an easy fix. Another Lexus dealer said the only thing they could do was replace the unit for $3200.  When I called Hennessy, Michael in the service dept. told me they could probably fix the unit for MUCH less money.  Hennessy Lexus gave me a loaner car and fixed the problem for LESS than quoted.  They are my Lexus dealer for life now!!!

Adam F. | 2013-08-16

This month was the first time with a Lexus buying experience. I thought the service would be top notch and easy to deal with.  It has been pretty mediocre at best.  i would go to a different Lexus dealership if I did it again.  The sales people came out at the last minute after the car was signed and paid for with problems.  If I want that experience I can just go to the used car lot down the street.  I would go to a different dealer if I was to buy a Lexus again.

Phil N. | 2013-05-01

David was my service tech and he did a great job follow up with me and making sure my issue was diagnosed  and fixed. I had an issue with my car for awhile now and finally got a chance to take it in. I thought i had a warrantee until 100k miles but it was actually 70k. Because of the misunderstanding and goodwill, they fixed the issue for me even though I was 1k miles out of my warrantee period.

The provided a nice and clean loaner car too.

I will def take my car back here for services in the future.

Bill K. | 2013-03-03

I first found Mr. Peter Hennessy's name in a 2/12 "Automotive News" article.  He was quoted due to the fact that he is Chairman of the Lexus Dealer Advisory Council.  On 11/4/12, I asked his help in finding out why I had a 2 hour drive to my nearest Lexus Dealer, yet Mercedes, BMW, and Hyundai dealers are very close to my home.  He not only found out, and diplomatically explained it to me, after going to Lexus Corporate in CA on a business trip, but he also helped me find, and get, with his New Car Sales Mgr.'s help, a 2013 Lexus LS 460 with 18" vs. 19" wheels on it.  For some unknown reason, Lexus Corporate was, at first, only sending the 18" wheeled LS 460's to West Coast Lexus Dealers?  So, Jay Burnett, the New Car Sales Mgr., suggested the "Pull Ahead" Program which was a new BOS Delivery System that reduced the lee time it takes to special order a new car from Japan from 90/120 days to 45/60 days.  I was skeptical throughout the process, but it all worked out very well.  I got the car I wanted, in the time frame I wanted it, and Mr. Hennessy kept his word to me that he would give me a price that I was comfortable with, on the exact car/options configuration that I wanted.  

It was a pleasure dealing with a true professional like Mr. Hennessy who, although a very busy man, and who probably doesn't usually work directly with sales prospects , was prompt in answering questions, and made sure I was taken care of even after he turned my over to others at his dealership.  All the people at the dealership were very helpful and friendly, especially Eric Fischer, the sales person assigned to help us quickly learn our new car, when we picked it up after a 6 hour drive to get to Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta.  

The only negative about my experience is that their Parts Department had totally different information regarding touch up paint for my new car than three other Lexus Dealer Parts Departments had.  Mr. Burnett finally got to the bottom of the problem and told me "There was an issue with our system not showing the correct product."  The touch up paint was part of my purchase, and the delay in getting it was no big deal, but I still don't understand why their "system" showed something different than three other dealer's systems.  All Lexus "Parts" Systems should show exactly the same information on two different touch up paint part numbers.  One is the "BC", or "base coat", and the other is the pearlescent top coat.

Jeff G. | 2012-12-01

This review has to do with service and not the dealership component.  Basically, I brought in my vehicle before noon to get new tires put on my RX450H and I was told it would take 2-3 hours.  I wasn't offered a loaner, which was fine, since I was supposed to get it back early afternoon anyways, so my wife picked me up.  Called them after 4 hours and they said the work was done, they were just doing an inspection and it would be ready within the hour.  Well, in short, it wasn't ready, so we had to go back the next day, which was a big inconvenience having just the one car (a loaner would have been nice given the delays).  The next day, I went to pick up the car and was told they were bringing it around and to take a seat since it would take a few minutes.  Well, after 25 minutes, I asked what was taking so long and was told it had been sitting out front, while the key was brought to the cashier.  I look outside and see that the reason I hadn't noticed, was because rather than park the car in the pick-up area, they parked it in the sun completely out of view.  I received a forced apology for the wasted time and the concierge woman turned her back on me within a second of handing me my keys.  Overall, the customer service was horrendous, which is really sad because this is the only reason that I won't buy a Lexus again :(

Would have been 1 star, but they charged a minimum mark-up on my new tires versus me buying them at a discount supplier online.

Caesar M. | 2012-04-22

The service is immaculate. I stumbled upon this dealership literally looking for my car Lexus IS 250 and Google put this on top of my search. I called spoke to the leasing manager I believe about the vehicle they listed. I made an appointment to come take a look at it and from the second I stepped foot into the dealership I was treated with respect and the process could not have been made any easier.

Tom, was the man who helped me with the car and two days later, I was driving away in my very first Lexus. He was very professional and didn't push me in one direction or another. He laid out the numbers very clearly and gave them to me to analyze. I put all my paper work together and voala!

I had to take my car in about a week later for some break issues. They gave me a loaner car for about a week until they figured out my issue. Again, excellent service. They even washed my car and returned it to me spotless!

Great staff they have there.

Rick F. | 2012-02-19

Best Lexus dealer I've ever been to! I'm on my 6th Lexus from 4 different delers. In two cities! Steve and his manager were very helpful in getting me in the right vehicle at the right price!

John G. | 2012-02-19

Have to agree with the last guy, on my 3rd and I made mistake of buying last one from Nalley, they have gone down hill since they were bought out by another company from Ohio.   I take my cars here for service and better work, Nalley lost us for good and good riddance.

Autumn S. | 2011-04-26

I love this dealership!  My service reps are always very nice and professional and I never feel like they are talking down to me when they explain the service they are going to perform.  Also, I'm on the road a lot and most other Lexus service departments balk if I stop by to have my car washed; not this dealership.  They wash my car whenever I stop by unannounced and even remember my name most of the time.  The comfy digs to relax in and home-baked treats also help make this one of my favorite places to wait on my vehicle.  Compared to some of the other Lexus Dealerships I've been to during my travels, this dealership is great.

Mike Y. | 2010-08-05

Great Service center here. I've never had to wait for a long time on any of my visits. The showroom/ waiting area is filled with goodies like drinks and snacks. They even had some TV's up for me to kick back and relax while they took care of my ride. John D. was a great tech and he explained everything thoroughly without pushing for extras. You even get a free car wash with every visit. It's nice to have a trusted place to bring your car especially since I'm pretty new to the A.

Alison B. | 2009-05-13

One of the main reasons (if not the linchpin) for my decision to purchase a Lexus was not only the superior Certified used program with a phenomenal warranty covering the car for 100,000 miles in total, but the legendary service Lexus offers to its customers after the sale.

Although I purchased my car in Portland, OR before I moved to Atlanta last year, I have had all of my service appointments with Hennessy Lexus with excellent results.

This week, I scheduled a same day appt at the end of my work day to get a typical oil change and tire rotation done. While my car was being serviced and tested, they found that my battery rating a failing mark (I had been noticing it hesitate when starting a few times recently myself, but had not shared that info with the dealership). They recommended an Interstate battery, but I did not get it replaced on the spot that evening as I wanted to think about my options and get pricing elsewhere. After calling around the next morning and getting higher prices or finding places which did not want to quote over the phone, I called Kristi, my service coordinator, back and asked if I could come in at lunch that day, so long as the appt would be a fast one. She promised me it would be done within 20 minutes of my arrival and it was done in about 17 minutes!

Things I love:

1) Easy to schedule service appointments at times that are convenient and they are waiting for you when the appt time arrives.
2) The service consultant follows up consistently throughout the appointment period and ensures the car is ready when promised.
3) No surprises on pricing - what is quoted is what you will pay unless you decide to include any additional items.
4) No pressure tactics to complete extra work while the car is in the dealership. The service consultant notifies you immediately if there is something that urgently needs attention (such as my failed battery this week) but otherwise, they lay out a plan of recommended service needs to be handled on future visits and will quote pricing so you know what to budget for when scheduling those next services.
5) A great waiting area at the dealership with free PCs with high speed internet access, along with a myriad of complimentary snacks and drinks.
6) Free loaner cars for appointments which are scheduled to last in excess of 3 hours.

The Lexus reputation for phenomenal service is alive and well at Hennessy Lexus with all of the team members I encountered - but ask for Kristi as your service consultant any way!

Rona J. | 2009-02-26

This may be the first and only 5 star rating that I will ever give a car dealership because, you see, I generally hate them. A few months ago, my parents decided to buy a new car, and so the test driving of different make/models took place over the course of a week. They finally decided on a Lexus, and I took it upon myself to bear the burden of negotiation. I did my research, decided on a price, and made my round of calls to every Lexus dealership in the area.

At Hennessy Lexus, my call was transferred to Chip, who usually works with the internet group. Right off the bat, he gave me a great price and was super easy to work with. After a bit of back and forth calling between Hennessy and another Lexus dealership, we decided to with Chip's offe r. Not only was it the lowest cost, but the overall service was also superb. Completely hassle free without any stereotypical "car salesman" nonsense.

He was excellent about keeping us updated on the status of our car (since it had to be transferred in from another state). When we went to get the car, he spent a great deal of time showing us the features, answering questions, and making sure we knew that he'd be available any time we wanted to stop by again. I can't stress how easy Chip was to work with.This was our second car purchased from this dealership, by the way, and over the years, we've enjoyed top ranked service on that car too.

When purchasing a car, the most important thing is the price, of course, but if you ever consider getting a Lexus, I would make sure Hennessy is one of the first dealerships you call. And when you do, be sure to ask for Chip.