Hennessy Ford Lincoln in Atlanta, GA

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Welcome to Hennessy Ford Lincoln, an elite Ford dealer in Atlanta, Georgia serving Sandy Springs, Decatur, and Chamblee, GA. We have a substantial selection of new Ford along with a wide variety of quality used cars, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs for sale at competitive prices. We are committed to providing top notch customer care for each guest visiting our dealership. If you're in need of auto financing, genuine OEM auto parts, or need to schedule maintenance on an existing vehicle, you can count on receiving remarkable service.

Hennessy Ford Lincoln

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(770) 621-0200
Address:5675 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA, 30341
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Hennessy Ford Lincoln

Debra M. | 2015-04-01

Give me a break, think women don't know about deals...not flexible and give low low offer on trade in

Manuel C. | 2015-03-31

From the moment I walked in the show room everyone treated me cordial and polite. I had my gym cloths on but they did not show any concern. Ricky McEachin came over to me and ask to help me get what I want. During the sale I had to squeeze in  a semi work out right there in the showroom nobody complained. It was a overall pleasant experience considering I parted with a F150 and over $60,000.00 of dept. They made me feel great about it.

Jim D. | 2015-03-20

You are truly blessed to have Walter, George, and Ru on your team. I purchased a BMW X5 from Nalley BMW last year and the service and standard surpassed them by miles.  I'm humbled by the opportunity to have purchased my 2015 Explorer from you.

George C. | 2015-03-18

Yesterday, I helped my dear female friend take her Mercury to this dealer for an oil change because they had a coupon for $24.95. To be fair, I am highly suspicious of dealer service departments because of my past dealings with them. Even so, her car only has 70,000 miles on it, and I had given it a thorough going over a week ago, with no problems found, except the need for an oil change. An hour or so later, the service writer informed her that (A) Her battery failed a "load test" and needed replacing a.s.a.p. to the tune of $158.00; (B) Her transmission pan was leaking copiously and was down two quarts, which could cost up to $330.00 to fix, and (C) the center high mounted stoplight bulb needed replacement for the pittance of $42.00. My friend is a recent widow, and she immediately became alarmed. I bumped her elbow with mine, and she had the great sense to say, "My brother works on cars and I'd like him to look at this first." After the service writer saw that she was not going to be talked into anything we went merrily on our way, after a complimentary car wash. I drove the car home to my place last night, and took it to my mechanics at Corey's Auto Service. They put it on a rack, tested the battery and verdict was NO transmission repair needed. The car had sat during the winter after her husband's death, and it is normal for a half cup or so of fluid to leak into the tailshaft, especially during the winter, when the seals harden in the cold. The battery passed their load test with flying colors. All that's left for me to do is go to Walmart and get a replacement bulb for the CHMSL for $5.00.
Added note: I asked the service writer if they had replaced the two quarts in the transmission, and he said "Yes". Afterward, I looked at the oil change invoice, and there was no note or charge for the transmission fluid. Of course, they give that stuff away for free, right? Yeah, you betcha!
And so, here I am, taking the story to you, my fellow Yelpers as a cautionary and true report of another (ahem) establishment with ethics problems.

John D. | 2015-03-16

I'm at a loss of words for how my 2011 fusion has been handled by the collision center. The quality of how they painted the first time was nothing short of a mess. It seems they are more about cutting cost than the quality of work and paint. The first time the manager was convinced that the car was perfect and to his standards there were imperfections in the paint, the sensors weren't painted, fit and finish issues all the way around. Went back and they marked up my front and back bumper with pink and green marker all over the place of things needing to be redone. Mind you this is the same finish they wanted me to take home cause it was "great work" fast forward they still wanted me to pay my full deductible after a month or so of fixing my car! I ended up paying half of the $500 cause the manager wanted to meet me in the middle. All I wanted was my car to be restored after being hit at a red light.
I now have the check rear park aid light on in my car and some other issues still waiting to be resolved. Save your time and money and go somewhere else. I will update my review when my experience changes and my car is truly restored. This wasn't like this the last time I had my car fixed. I guess with new management, new problems. It's a shame they were great before and it's also sad that some of the customer service people are so great chad and Danny and Pierre to name a few.

Stephen T. | 2015-01-30

I went from a BMW X6 to a Ford FX150.  What an amazing team of professionals.  Del Buck was the most sincere and all American sales man I have ever worked with.  They are trending with their online department too.  Kudos to these guys and gals.  Someone needs to build a monster show room to really take a stance on this road of car dealers.  I would build a big open woodsy lodge with glass and timber.  Show the truck and Built Ford Tough correctly.  This truck is smooth.  Great to see one of the nice guys from my old BMW dealership here.  Transitioning back to a Ford was great.

Tripp K. | 2014-12-26

Bought a 2014 f150 here today. Worked with Anthony Pierce. He was friendly and super knowledgeable about the trucks. Was able to answer all of my questions and was a pleasure to deal with. If looking for a Ford in the Atlanta area, id definitely recommend Hennessy Ford and in particular, Anthony Pierce.

Patrick H. | 2014-12-19

Service was just fine. Everyone was nice and polite. However they severely overcharge for the parts I came in for. I don't mean a slight bump but literally 100% more than another Ford dealership I brought my car into. It's reasonable to assume they get their parts for similar cost as other dealerships. That markup is pure greed on their part. I understand that it's Brookhaven/Buckhead area and the demographics there prolly don't really care to find out that they're being overcharged. However, knowing that their margin is so grossly inflated you'd think they negotiate a bit.

Just be mindful that if they are charging 100% more on the parts I came in for, you better bet they're overcharging for your parts too. Labor for my quote was also 15% more than another dealership I went to.

Two stars for the inflated prices being so astronomically higher than other dealerships.

Angela U. | 2014-11-28

Hennessy Ford is a wonderful dealership. I purchased my car from them in 2013.  In the past year the dealership has changed ownership and is now Hennessy Ford.  They haven't missed a beat providing great customer service for their customers.

Angela P. | 2014-11-20

I came here to buy 1 thing for my 2011 Mustang and ended up inside a 2015 GT Mustang. I told the salesman (Lee Tyler) I wouldn't be upgrading for another year or 2, but he gave me the grand tour and has me thinking about upgrading sooner.  I purchased my last car at Team Ford, but I think a switcheroo is in order.

Alan J. | 2014-11-18

The service manager offered to make the situation right for me, which I really appreciate. While technically they didn't do anything bad, other than some slight inconvenience of having to visit them twice ultimately everything was completed from my list. And I got a ride in their shuttle from work once the job was done. I'll be a repeat customer. I found them to be a nice place to do business with.

Joy L. | 2014-10-08

Never in my life have I been this disgusted with a dealership and its service & how women are so vulnerable. I took my Ford Escape in to have a recall repair completed and now, I'm ending up with a bill close to 1000k. I had a major car service in December and last week, the ignition switch & housing repaired (In South Carolina)now they are telling me I need front end replacement, 2 tires, alignment and this other crap that would cost an additional 1,200k. All I wanted was the recall issue completed. I hardly drive the vehicle since I work from home 2 days a week, but travel to South Carolina every few weeks. I'm out done.

S V. | 2014-09-17

I had done my research regarding buying a 2014 Ford F150. I had scoured the internet looking for a great deal. I went to two dealerships and since this one is very close to my house I ventured back to close a deal. I dealt with a guy named Walter. We looked at an F150 and I really liked the one that we test drove. I told him that a test drive wasn't really necessary the first time as I was shopping around. But we did it anyway. On Autotrader, they had advertised the car for $31,545. I thought I could offer $30,000 and be on my way. When he pulled everything together, which took him a really really long time, he came to me with an offer of $35,000. I told him that made no sense. He explained that the price that was advertised depended on many different rebates and promotions. One of which required a trade in. My truck was on its last legs but was easily worth $5,000. They made me an offer of $500. I told them they were nuts. I told them pull the trade in out of the deal and I would sell the car myself and pay the extra amount of the rebate associated with the trade in. Anyway, I went back yesterday with a deal. I told him right away that I wanted to negotiate an out-the-door price. We went back and forth and he came down, I went up and as he drew a line and wanted me to sign for $32,000, I reiterated that it was the out-the-door price and he said it was pre tax. I grabbed my keys and thanked him for wasting my time and went to Five Star Ford Stone Mountain and closed the deal two hours later for $32,000 on an F150 even one step higher than the one from Hennessey. These dealership salespeople are not smart. They are ignorant puppets of the management for sift through the riff raff and get to the serious buyer. I was shocked that the manager didn't come over to talk with me as I was a serious buyer. Too bad for them.

Michael C. | 2014-09-14

Searching for a C5 corvette via the internet I was directed to Hennessy Ford Lincoln's website. Displayed was a 2008 pewter corvette with 59,000mi for $15,985. My father, having previously owned a 1975 corvette in his younger years, was now in search of a newer model for purchase. More specifically he wanted one in the color pewter. I requested information regarding this vehicle. A gentleman by the name of Mark responded quickly. During our phone call I first explained that this was going to be a CASH deal. My offer was $15,000 cash for the vehicle and Mark informed me that we were only a 'couple hundred' away from closing the deal. I made an appointment with Mark and my fiancé and I made the trip to Hennessy Ford on 9/13/2014. Despite the slightly high mileage, the car was in IMMACULATE condition. I inspected the car inside and out and could only find very minor chips in the paint but nothing a touch up paint pen couldn't correct. Mark was with another customer at the time so he asked Ralph to assist me. I declined the test drive because as far as I was concerned this car was sold. Rather than playing games with Ralph I simply said that my father lives in Ohio and I would be negotiating for him in GA during this purchase. I specifically said 'I will not be buying this car today but if the price is right, I would discuss it with my father and could be back first thing Monday morning. It was clear that Ralph was NOT listening as he continued to ask me 3-4 more times if I could purchase it today. He then said 'What is it gonna take to sell this car?' I replied '15,000!' He then said 'OK' wrote it on a piece of paper and took my name and phone number down. In my eyes, the car was sold. He again asks if I could purchase it today. I replied for the 6th time 'I told you how many times that I am not buying the car today, but if he agrees to this then I would be back first thing Monday morning with a check in my hand for $15,000. He immediately pulled the offer off the table and said 'if I wanted it then I would have to pay asking price.' He then made the comment that I was not a 'serious' buyer. What sales representative does such a thing?!?!? What's the difference if I played the back and forth game with Ralph as if I was going to purchase the car the same day then decided I had to think about it? Are you going to take that offer away too? Ralph is the most UNprofessional sales representative I have ever encountered.

Alan M. | 2014-08-29

Cash purchase so not difficult for the dealer, however they were very pleasant and listened to what we wanted. No hard sell - but you don't need to tell me you are "not on commission" many times because I understood the first time.  This was obviously a line from sales playbook 101.

Steve Cogswell worked with us.  He is a nice guy and was very respectful of our time, needs and worked hard to make the deal happen. I hope he does well in the business

R C. | 2014-07-25

The service department does not have their act together.  Second time there and it's bedlam.  When calling to schedule service for my 2012 Focus it takes too long to get the service department to answer the phone. When they do, they just wait for you to finish talking and say bring the car on in, no appointment necessary.  There you'll find many employees (at least 5) on the service floor but only one can take the service order.  (Both times he was busy; dealing with customers irate over wait times and unanswered questions.)  It was the most bizarre thing I've seen. On the second visit I spoke to THE rep and explained my issue and how to recreate it. They kept the car all day and when I returned to get it, they'd written on the service form that they could not recreate the problems.  I immediately recreated the problem so I wrote on the form that they could not follow instruction and since the problem did not interfere with driving the car, I drove off, never to return.  The employees are at least not rude.
I will say it does not take much to get a service employee ragging on the mess there. The employees do not seem to appreciate the new management. Neither do I.

Steve K. | 2014-07-16

Any dealership with Hennessy in front of the car brand is a winner. I have purchased and repaired cars at many Hennessy facilities . They are top notch. Eric the sales manager at Henessy Ford is no exception, he is great and easy to deal with. He does not play games,  just a fair businessman. The whole  staff thre is great.

Praveen R. | 2014-07-02

I have a ford fusion that I love and it was once again time for an oil change. Ford sent me a deal on synthetic blend oil change(and other services) for $29.99  with $10 rebate. All I had to do was print my coupon and take it to the nearest Ford dealer. When I bought the car I was living in duluth and Ford dealership there has always been very prompt and sincere in their service. But since I moved to brookhaven, the closest one is 'Hennessey Ford Lincoln'.

First of all, they are listed as dealers but you cannot schedule an appointment online like other ford dealers. So i had to call them and make an appointment, no big deal. The lady asked for my VIN number and other details and put me for a 2 pm appointment but when I got there on time, it wasn't before 2.15 pm they could attend to me(they were busy with other cars). That's no big deal either.

But when the person finally got to me, he asked me to write down my name, address details in another form. I mean, why do I have to call ahead and provide all info if I have to give my information again in person? Finally I handed over the key and I was told it would take an hour. The person helped me must have had a bad day, because he wasn't very pleasant to talk to. But I will say, every other person in the room I have interacted with were very polite and helpful.

So I waited. And waited. After hour and half of waiting I decided to check with them. The person who I talked to earlier was nowhere to be seen but others volunteered to help. We found that the car has been done for a while now and ready to go, just that I wasn't told. And when I went to pay at billing counter, an incredibly helpful lady apologized that she doesn't have all paper-works to check my car out. She had to ask someone and finally received a print out in a nearby printer. I guess someone had to update the records.

May be I was just spoiled by incredible service I had been getting from Ford dealership in duluth but I felt like they could be bit more proactive. Since this is the closest ford for me, I might have to go there again and hopefully i will get it done faster next time.

3 stars.

Nick T. | 2014-05-27

Went in for a recall on my Ford F-150. I was greeted right away by Stan Jackson in the Service Drive area. Stan was very nice and walked me through what was needing to be done. They did a complimentary alignment check, and battery check as well. There was no charge for these services!

He told me it would be about an hour wait, and the lounge was comfortable and had a bunch of magazines. The repair was done quicker than expected and they even offered to wash my old truck! The charge for everything was 0$ as it was a recall. I will def. look them up for the next time I need a repair.