Global Imports BMW in Atlanta, GA

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Global Imports BMW invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Global Imports BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 294-1853
Address:500 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta, GA, 30339
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Global Imports BMW

Sean D. | 2015-04-21

I went here for an airbag recall. They ended up destroying my dashboard and trying to glue it back together. Unfortunately, when it got hot outside, the glue melted and the service manager refused to take responsibility for it. I would never recommend them.

Wonya L. | 2015-03-30

Global Imports BMW has poor customer service!  Every time that I take my car in, I am told that I need new tires!  Doesn't matter if I have driven less than 2000 miles, and there is no problem with the tire.  They push new, expensive tires every time I go no matter what service I am seeking.  But, the worst is that they use scare tactics.  I've been told by two different service people that they wouldn't let their wives or daughters drive my car.  Really?  Very sexist and insulting.  I have three other cars from three different types of dealers, and they never use hard core scare tactics.  I truly believe that if my husband were with me, I wouldn't get this hard, scary sell.   This type of behavior has existed over the years, and I cannot patronize this company again.

Georgia B. | 2015-03-16

This BMW dealer is very customer conscious and efficient.  I've bought and serviced my vehicles here for several years.  I'm a bit of a motor-head so I'm good about voicing my expectations.

As far as car sales people, their seasoned people like Garland are great!  He's straight forward and is easy to deal with. He's respectful of what I want in a vehicle and communication.  BMW (not the dealers) often will bombard you with add'l marketing.  

As far as service, it's who you work with.  I've had some not worthy early on but my current  service advisor, Isaac R. is awesome!  He is prompt to respond, friendly, keeps me informed of service status, reserves loaners and takes solid care of my machines for the past 4 years.  Isaac effectively manages my car service and overall service experience.  

They now have geniuses to help with all the new computer systems in the cars.  Jesus is very knowledgeable and helpful.   He showed me an access compartment with a net in my cargo that I didn't know I had.  

Over all, they are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  It's just nice not to get the run around like so many dealers and have easy and pleasant experience.

Getting my complimentary birthday car wash  today.

Cme W. | 2015-03-11

this dealer is suffering from a case of "I am the biggest dealership so who cares about competence and customer service." this dealership needs some competition. I hope another large BMW dealership comes in Atlanta to force this one to step it up and really polish its operations and sales/service talent. the salesperson knew far too little about the cars when questioned. I purchased a car from Global Imports since I could not find same specs at nearby competitor and then the finance person set up my info wrong with the bank - as a business and not an individual - forcing me to go to the actual bank to correct the dealership's error; the agents do not have accountability to be knowledgeable and friendly; and the sales person who sold me my car basically harassed me to complete a survey so he could receive a commission bonus. rest assured I did not complete one because my comments would have guaranteed he did not receive a bonus and I did not know how he would use the info later given how aggressive he was about me filling out the survey in the first place. it is unfortunate that this dealership has such a large inventory of bmw cars because they are successful in spite of themselves. this place needs some healthy legitimate competition to force the mgt team to strive for competence and service from its people.

Cylvie X. | 2015-01-12

Had a really bad experience last Saturday. I made an appointment for brake oil fluid, which is about 120. They added up my price by adding the service which I didn't mention, vehicle check without an official result or an advice charge me 129.99! And some diagnose fee for one-hour labor is 147! They can add up what they want and said sorry we already did it and you should pay for it! I am willing to pay for the service of what I wanted. The manager had a really bad attitude, so well I paid and that's what they want, only money. I will never go to that place again.

Nhan M. | 2014-12-10

Made an appointment here for a coolant leaking issue on my 2011 535. I showed up two weeks later, we found the radiator was leaking. Too bad they didn't have a rental car for me even when I made the appointment two weeks in advance.

I had to miss a day of work and bum rides around Atlanta to get home.

I picked up my car next day and found my Movado watch and less than $20 in cash missing in the center console. I've called the "service manager" over 5 times and left at least 3 voicemails. I'm writing this a week after and still haven't receive any call back. The service people also damaged my steering wheel and scratched the leather on it. Not only that, after they replaced the radiator they didn't top off the coolant. So after driving the light showed up again on the dash so I pulled over and check the reservoir and it was extremely low on coolant. I guess these certified technician aren't that cautious or I would say careless when they work on your $50k vehicle.

My next step is complain with BMW USA and Sonic Motors about my horrible experience. I hope you guys read this and refund my watch to me. Which makes me think, what kind of background check they do when they hire their employees?


Andrew G. | 2014-10-25

I just left the dealership after spending an hour with the sales rep reviewing the specs of a 2015 m4.  When done it was time for a test drive....however, the rep informed me that the dealer mandates a pre-qualification process to drive the car.  This is not a Ferrari or similar so I said my thanks and expressed my dissatisfaction with the policy and I left.  I had already informed the rep that I have previously bought two vehicles from this dealer,  a 1999 K1200RS -when they sold motorcycles,  and a 2007 530i.   I got in my Porsche and headed to the Audi dealer to drive the RS5 which should be any second now as they pull it around. I will shop other BMW dealers after I drive the Audi RS5 so I can make my decision.

Nawin N. | 2014-09-06


M C. | 2014-09-02

I bought my first BMW from Global Imports in 99 and it was a fairly good experience. Fast forward to 2014 and decided to get another BMW. I literally tried 4 times to purchase a vehicle from these clowns, cash in hand and the sales guys were so inattentive, I just couldn't even bother. Asked the guy to show me a 535i and without asking me what my price range is, this MF brings me to this clunky ass 5 that was making all kinds of noises when I started it up. I said nothing but proceeded to go for the test drive. He then asks my wife how long have we been looking and she said we decided to start today and we just got back from Lexus and they didn't have the model we wanted. He then asks what model were we looking at and she said the LS460. We get back and then he decided to show me a $40k 535i. Thanks but no thanks. I just couldn't imagine having to come here to get my car serviced and not be treated like a 2nd class citizen.

Richard K. | 2014-08-23

Called to test drive the new i3.
Was told I could not make an appointment because they were too busy.
Called another dealership. Made an appointment to test drive for that same busy day of the week. Bought the car after the test drive. Guess they are doing something right because they still exist..... but I didn't experience it.

Theresa H. | 2014-07-05

For some reason, my review was not posted and disappeared.

Over the past 3 years, I have no issues with Global Imports. The staffs at the service center have been nice and helpful.

So it is back to Global for another new car. We traded our C class for a GT. So we are officially a bimmer family.

Garland Helton from sales is the person we worked with. He is sincere, knowledgeable and easy to work with. So I highly recommend him if anyone wants to shop for a new car. He goes the extra mile for his customers.

I believe who the sales person is, at any dealerships, is what really going to make or break the car buying experience. The same applies here.

Read many positive reviews about Garland, so he is definitely The guy to go to.

Until this dealership treats me badly, it will be a 5 stars rating from me.

Anthony R. | 2014-06-23

David Baker is a gentleman! What a great experience at Global Imports! So, I needed a truck to tow my go-kart trailer with and was searching online when I found a Range Rover sport at Global imports BMW. The price was phenomenal, so I inquired online and within a few minutes received a call from their internet department, the salesperson was friendly and explained to me their TruePrice no haggle program and we scheduled an appointment for a test drive for the afternoon. When i arrived to the dealership i was greeted with a very upbeat and cheerful salesperson who took his time showing me the car. At no point did i feel pressured or intimidated. The General Manager , David Baker came over and introduced himself and thanked me stopping by, he was super nice, offered me a drink and welcomed me to his office. I was blown away with the entire process that I decided to purchase the Range Rover on the spot and not look any further. Paying for the vehicle was a breeze and Jarred Sandler the sales manager was always on hand to answer my many questions. The cleanup was efficient and quick and I drove away with my new car in less than 1.5 hours. This dealership deserves 5 stars and I will be back for sure. Thank you.

Nocturnal M. | 2014-06-02

Called ahead of time to schedule a servicr appointment with a loaner car. Arrived to find out they booked me as a drop off and did not reserve a loaner. After waiting for an hour they completed my paper work and told me that they would shuttle me home almost two hours after arriving to the shop I was shuttled home. The return shuttle arrived close to 3 hours after I called for a pickup and once I arrived they had not completed all of the requested work. I had to wait until 8pm before they finished.

Rarsee Y. | 2014-05-21

I had my car service here. Very professional, informative, and kept me updated every step of the way. Very welcoming place.

Laura W. | 2014-05-09

I've had the absolute worst experience dealing with their service center. They have had my car for about a month now. A week ago, I was told the car would be ready and 7 days later, I still don't have it. Twice I was told my car was ready and twice I drove all the way to the dealership to be told on arrival it wasn't. I've had to beg for updates every step of the way and it always feels as though I'm a great bother to my service advisor for asking (even though 3 days passed since my car was supposedly "ready" with no updates).

This is a brand new car, my first BMW, and I've driven a rental car longer than I was able to drive my newly purchased car. This has been a really disheartening experience that dampened my excitement of a new car.

Terrence L. | 2014-05-01

Today I came in for service and ended up leaving with more than I bargained for. Upon arrival I checked in with my service advisor Brittany. She immediately checked me in and shortly after my vehicle inspection she advised me of additional repairs needed to my vehicle. I was very reluctant to proceed due to my strict time constraint however I proceeded and authorized her to approve the repairs. She asked what time I needed to leave and I advised her that I had an appointment at 3pm that I could not miss and she notified me that I would be out of the dealership at 2pm. During the wait she checked in with me a few times and repeated that I would be out at 2pm.

At 2:05pm she came to me and stated that my vehicle was almost done with the test drive and was headed to be cleaned. I waited patiently but I became a little resentful when it soon turned to 2:45pm and my vehicle was not around. After paying for my $960 repair I noticed my car coming around again displeased when I found it being parked on your lot with your other vehicles. I patiently walked over to the lot and received my key from an unknown gentleman wearing a green tee shirt that appeared disoriented.

I proceeded to drive off the lot and as I proceeded towards highway 75 I opened my consul to find a pack of matches and a 1/4 in brown joint, ie. marijuana and ashes scattered. I became furious and immediately threw it out of the window and called your service department and notified them of what happened. I was then transferred to a service manger whose name I didn't write down because I was busy trying to make my 3:00pm appointment in Midtown, that I missed. He apologized and offered me an interior detailing to make up for the hassle.

As a repeat customer and FORMER prospective buyer, I  find this ordeal, handling and restitution offered to be insulting. Not only did I have an illegal substance and ashes in my vehicle, I am left with the impression that your staff members lack empathy and respect for consumers. I have never been treated so unprofessionally and left feeling so unfairly after spending such a large amount of money with any business. I do not use drugs or associate with drug users and was put in an extremely compromising situation that could have resulted in an arrest if pulled over and searched. In addition, I missed my 3pm appointment. I am highly offended and plan to utilize all social and professional media outlets including notification to the GA Inspector General and Better Business Bureau offices of this incident. In addition, I will not be returning next month to make my trade and upgrade.

Ashley W. | 2014-04-08

So this review is for my salesman, Zak and my purchasing experience. I've worked with Zak in the past and he has always made me feel welcome when purchasing a car. He has always taken care of me and has always showed great customer service. Pretty much everyone in the sales department has been excellent and very easy to work with. If you are ever in the market to purchase a BMW, I would definitely suggest going to Zak because he will work with you and for you. I'll address the service department or lack of in another post...

Victoria W. | 2014-04-08

Horrible service. Being treated like second class citizen.

Jeff S. | 2014-04-01

The service here sucks.

I reserved a loaner so I could go to work.

They didn't have any. Too bad for me . How do you have a reservation and them not have a car?

And Everytime I go there for service I pull in and just wait. No one comes to help me and you have no idea what to do . You just stand there with other customers while no one even acknowledges that you are there

I have bought my last car from global or any other worthless sonic dealership

Leeyah J. | 2014-03-14

My experience with Ferd , Jean, Renee, Al was the worst ever in terms of customer service, treating customers with equality regardless of customer situation. I went in on Thursday and did the paperwork on a white BWM 528 series 2011. I filled the paperwork and thought that the intrest rate and monthly payment agreed would be the deal. The sales person and the credit manager Al  did not disclose that the paperwork had not gone through the bank! I left after being excited that I had gotten my dream car only to call them today and them telling me that they needed to bump my intrest rate due to my credit! I was very upset but went ahead and took the rate. Called mY sales guy to confirm that the car would not get sold today 3/14/2014 at and he guraranteed me that it would not since I had signed the paperwork.The manager called me at 8.00 to tell me that there was a "mismatch" and my car got sold! They probaly gave the car to top shott "mzungu" with more money and better credit and did not care for smaller time people like me. What a bunch of liars " matinas"  and ra@@@ crew. DO NOT TRUST THEM UNTILL YOU HAVE ALL THE PAPERWORK IN WRITING! THEY JUST DID NOT WANT ME TO GET THE CAR WANAWEZE ENDA WAKULE MUKUNDU WANGU KUBAFUS!!

Diari C. | 2014-03-03

Not very pleased with their service department. I had to wait 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Monday; because they are not open on Sunday:-(...)  to have someone run a diagnostic and even then, they still didn't know what was wrong with my car.  THREE DAYS LATER, I had to SHOW the mechanic the noise I was hearing...they couldn't find it on their own. Apparently "my advisor" didn't describe the issue correctly on the work order, but I digress...  So THREE DAYS LATER, me and the mechanic go for a "test drive" and within 5 minutes, he can suddenly hear the metallic grinding sound I had been complaining about.  So he takes my car to the back again and whadya know!?!?! They think the secondary belt is worn and needs to be replaced and guess what??? They can have the belt replaced IN AN HOUR!

All of this could have been resolved in one day!  Not three...And they abuse the whole "courtesy" vehicle option - it simply allows them to take their sweet precious time servicing your car.

GlobeTrotter M. | 2014-01-31

Global in ATL is not an operation that needs your business. The service is beyond poor, and scheduling even regular maintenance must be done so far out that you'll exceed the intervals. My last straw was when I had the car repaired elsewhere due to a deer strike. Two air bag codes needed to be cleared and Global refused to help the body shop. So the car had to be taken to Greenville to reset the codes, causing a huge delay. The repair staff said they'd never seen any dealer act like that. Never, never buying another car here.

Justin T. | 2014-01-01

What everyone else has said on here is true.  My story honestly is too long and frustrating to explain anymore, but this dealership doesnt represent what the BMW should be at all.  Service quality....horrendous.  My car has been back multiple times for the same issues and I even picked it up in worse shape than when I dropped it off (they curbed my wheels and broke a gas cap as if I wasnt going to notice...).  And thats with my car being there for 2+ weeks already.  

Stay far far away from here.  I've never been to United but anything has to be better than Global.  It's a nice looking dealership, but dont be fooled.  This place is a complete joke.  I urge anyone who is thinking about buying a car here or servicing it to go the further distance to avoid the headaches and hassles of this crappy dealership.

Trey L. | 2013-12-21

I dread having to take my car here and only do it if absolutely necessary. I can never got out in a reasonable time and they never have loaner cars available.  The only positive thing is they will give you a ride somewhere if needed

Austin G. | 2013-12-19

Every time I am in town and my BMW needs service, they are the place I come to.  The service is great for such a big dealership.  Even unscheduled drop ins are taken care of within minutes of my asking.  Salesman are very knowledgable and I am comfortable leaving my car in their care.

Kelly P. | 2013-12-15

Excellent service! We have numerous bmws all bought at global! Latest was a 6 series and we have no complaints at all! All of the staff is kind and willing help at all costs. Don't understand all of the negative comments that I have read but in my experience I can honestly rate it 5 stars!

Domenick D. | 2013-11-25

Just dreadful service.  I brought in my car for an oil change, I was upsold a service I was told I "needed", so I agreed to it.  Later on that day I got a call from Ed Ferris, my service advisor, explaining that they'd backed my car into another on the lot.  They fixed the damage, but now my car has had body work, which lowers its value if I try to sell it.  They also wasted my time having to go get a loaner, and then return on a later day.  I expressed unhappiness about this, and Ed Ferris explained to me that I should be happy, because they were giving me "full disclosure" about the damage they'd done to my car.  Finally, when I went to pick up my car, the service I was told I needed apparently was not done because it's not possible to do it on an M3.  How a service goes from needed to impossible points to either incompetence, dishonesty, or both.  I will never be returning to this place.

Ben J. | 2013-11-05

Strongly advise you to shop elsewhere for your BMW.  The sales and finance managers at Global Imports don't take any interest in serving the customer.  They will never return your phone calls or emails.  We made a huge mistake purchasing a pre-owned BMW from them.  There was a cooling hose that burst from dry rot within a couple weeks of purchasing that should have been caught in even a high level inspection.  There were a series of other issues with the car following.  Their inspections of used cars are not complete.  Overall the biggest complaint is the blatant lack of customer service.  Phone calls are never returned, emails are ignored and when we finally visited in person to speak personally with the sales manager, Al, he kept us waiting for 5 hours.  The sales manager later denied having the knowledge that we were waiting but we watched two other employees walk into his glass office to tell him we were waiting.  Only as we were driving off the lot at the end of the 5 hours did he come out and blamed the inability to do anything on corporate.

We tried to resolve issues at the dealership and left messages for the General Manager you see mentioned in the dealer responses to other reviews below but he never returned our call or emails.

D M. | 2013-10-25

Watch this dealership, seems to have shady salesperson and customer service stinks.  My husband called about a part in order to purchase it.  He actually asked the young lady twice and then a third time.  Only to drive forty two miles one way to find out the part didn't cost forty dollars but it cost one hundred dollars, HUGE DIFFERENCE.  He asked for the manager and the manager said well that is what the part costs.  The salesperson  did apologize but  that did nothing for such a wasted trip and our gas money.  I have heard negative things about this dealership now I have experienced it first time.  I'm sorry doesn't buy gas. Sometimes when businesses are large the customer service stinks but learn from a company called Dell that one day do to your service you'll find yourself downsized

Ryan S. | 2013-10-04

The service we had back in KC was great.  This one, not so much.

Everyone is friendly and everything but the quality of the service is poor.  I really cant recommend getting your service done here.  Twice I have had my car worked on here and both times they didn't put it back together right in very obvious ways.  Thankfully both times it was simply interior panels but with that attention to detail I really cant trust them with anything else.  No way could I trust someone there to torque my wheel bolts correctly or install brakes correctly.

Sucks too because they are a stones throw from my office but I guess I will just have to give Nalley a shot.

M C. | 2013-09-23

Terrible dealership.  My husband bought 2 michelin tires from them for his M5.  3 weeks later he got a nail in his new tire.  He took it back to them as it has road side warranty; they refused to cover it and told him that they could sell him another and sent him off to a Firestone or any other place to plug the tire.  This after paying $1132.64 for 2 tires.  Never shop here!

Lozo B. | 2013-09-17

Was interested in a used Benz they had listed as the "TrueCar" price of approx $2,900. asked them to send the car fax. The next day the "TrueCar" price jumped to $3,980. Dealer is not to be trusted with their so called TrueCar pricing.

Casey B. | 2013-09-06

We starting having our vehicles services here about a year ago when we moved to Atlanta and it is, by far, the worst experience I have ever had with a service department. This is not at all what I expect from a "luxury" car dealship or what I had been accustomed to with BMW.

I requested a loaner car since I didn't know how long the service would take. They told me that loaners are reserved for those who have a check engine light on or whose cars are not runnign at all so I was not eligible for one. When I fought back on that they told me they could have a chauffer take my to work, but he would have to pick me up before 4:30 to bring me back (who gets out of work before 4:30?). Finally I was granted a "one time exception" for a loaner.

I pulled up for my 6:45 appointment and just stood there waiting for assistance for a full 20 minutes before someone came over.

While my car was in for service they noticed some additional things that needed to be fixed that were covered by my warranty. Instead of just calling me and fixing them on the spot they told me that I would have to call to reschedule another appointment since those concerns need to be brought to them by the customer.

Maxim S. | 2013-06-18

No judgment in this post (other than # of stars), just a description of the situation.

Tried to bring the vehicle for a regular service and to address recalls while it's still under warranty. Took my few weeks to schedule appointment so the loaner was available.
Got the loaner and kept it for a week, because (1) parts to address recalls were not in stock (with scheduling few weeks in advance) and (2) somebody took the tire which was planned for my vehicle. Now real complains as loaner was nice and I was getting daily updates from my service advisor.
Knowing that I'd be travelling next month and that it would be another challenge to get a loaner, asked them to do service at the same time. Was told that I need to wait for the scheduled service window (which as it appeared opened in 2 weeks when I was abroad).
Upon return at the end of the month, called Global Imports and asked if I can still do the service under warranty. After some investigation it was revealed that warranty expired on Friday last week and I was calling on Tuesday after long weekend. In other words on the next business day after it expired. Was told they cannot do it under warranty anymore. Was advised to call corporate. Did so, spent 15 minutes on the call with them, explained the situation once again. The same outcome - they deeply compassionate to the situation and very sorry but they cannot do it according to the their policies.
I'm also compassionate to their policies and corporate needs but the conclusion I've made to myself was that they won't get any business from me other than selling me parts.

Carrie Neal W. | 2013-06-10

Global gets five stars for one reason: they seamlessly won the Help-The-Dingbat-of-the-Day award!!

While over the years, my family has bought cars, had them serviced, etc here and the service has always been good-to-great, a couple weeks ago the guys there really went above and beyond.

See, this girl did something stupid. As we were loading my mom's SUV, I put my phone on the back door that was down. I thought it was a solid surface. Nope. I put it right on the slanted part that leaves an open space into the bumper.


After sheepishly explaining to the folks what I'd done, and calling my phone to make sure it hadn't fallen out on the ride over (!!!), the very patient and non-judgmental gentlemen helping us managed to retrieve my phone.

Crisis resolved. Thank you, Global, for saving the day!

Preeti M. | 2013-06-09

If this place wasn't right by my job, I would NEVER come to it.  Their service is terrible.  Let's just say I took my car in for a moon roof repair and it took them 3 times of me bringing it in for them to fix my original issue.  They said there were 2 recalls (which I was unaware of b/c they never updated my address so I missed the notice).  To top it off, they are suppppppeerrr SLOW.  What does it take to get a shuttle to work?  Again, would never come here but out of sheer convenience (or I guess now lack thereof) I am tied to this place. Ugh.

Tom T. | 2013-05-31

I purchased a used car at Global Imports on May 22. I received a $200 lesson about negotiating with auto dealers. Their showroom is impressive. My salesperson was OK. He did what was necessary to answer my questions and showed me the service records for all the work their mechanics did to improve the car's condition before the sale. He did not pressure me, which is nice. The experience worsened when we negotiated the sale. I had to bargain hard to get him to reduce the price to a fair price. Then he produced a bill of sale that included fees, taxes and a pesky surcharge that auto salesmen often tell you is "required" of every sale they make. In this case it was a $599 "documentary" fee. The showroom had already closed for the night, I was tired, and I swallowed it.
The next day I pulled out a bill of sale for a car I purchased last October at Stivers Subaru in Decatur. It had all the same taxes and charges, but their "documentation" fee was only $399.
I called Steve Cohn, Finance Manager at Global Imports, and relayed this information. I asked why his fee was 50% higher than the fee at Stivers. Mr. Cohn simply stated that $599 is their standard charge, and he did not care what his competitors charged.
"Documentation" fees are simply a way for dealerships to pad their profit margins and are arbitrarily set. Otherwise they would be part of the sales price of the vehicle. This explanation that they are "required" to charge it is nonsense. Required by whom? Still, I would have expected Global Imports to pay attention to what their competition charges, so as not to appear too greedy.
Word to the wise: whether you are buying new or used, find out what the dealer's "required" fees are before you start your negotiation.

Lincoln F. | 2013-04-22

Global Imports has an impressive facility, and the staff is usually helpful. The thing that has killed Global Imports for me is their service. I think we are aware that BMW's are not the cheapest cars to own, but the mark up on parts and the amount of hours required to do simple tasks like replace a belt are astonishing. Every time I take my car to Global Imports I have had a bill hit me with over $1000 in repairs. There is no one willing to discuss what the options are, they simply say that is necessary. I have since started taking my car to a shop in Marietta, and find it quite astonishing that using the SAME EXACT PARTS, the other shop is around half as expensive as Global Imports. Their hourly rates are comparable, so where are all of the savings? Global Imports service exists to bill their customers for as much as possible, period. If you need your BMW serviced and its out of warranty, do yourself the favor and don't bother driving down to Interstate North. Find yourself a reputable mechanic and save thousands..

Douglas B. | 2013-03-16

Consistently great service and repair work done for my 3 series obsession. Techs are resourceful, articulate and professional, and I will continue to do business here whenever possible.

Thomas B. | 2012-11-06

Have not has service yet. Purchased a used 325i and everyone I had dealings with we're great.

Patrick C. | 2012-11-01

I've been going to Global Imports' for service on my 3-series for the past 2 years and have witnessed a marked decline in two areas in particular: repair quality and  commitment to customer satisfaction.

Regarding repairs, I have found that it usually takes multiple visits for repairs to be addressed.  I had Global Imports look at one issue in particular 4 times before I finally gave up and accepted that it wasn't going to be fixed.

On customer satisfaction, I recently found an issue on an invoice and brought it to the service manager's attention.  The service manager was discourteous and showed little interest in addressing my concern or ensuring my satisfaction. (However, the SAs are incredibly friendly and helpful).

Although Global Import's is very conveniently located for me, I will likely not be returning to them for service in the future.

Carl W. | 2012-07-12

So, here we go:
I hear a lot of people complaining about these guys, but generally that pertains to service.  I have purchased 7 cars from Global and thus far has been totally pleased.  I'd like to give them 5 stars but here's the problem: they are literally too busy for their own good.  Go and have yourself a look at the service is a madhouse, sometimes 25 cars deep waiting to get into service.  Go and take a walk around the new car showroom, particularly on a Saturday.  It is insanely full of people browsing, working, looking.  Well, they must be doing something right, but I'd say that they need to keep a better eye on their clientele--people don't like waiting around to give somebody $40,000+.  This is really the reason for my single star deduction: I had to wait for my salesman, with whom I had an appointment at 3:00 PM, to finish running around and help me.  I sat for almost 45 minutes and was about to leave when he finally broke free and did me the favor of taking my money.

Service is fantastic, and while busy, have done it right for me the first time, every time, and they have been doing this since 2002 when I purchased my first BMW from them.  Give them a shot, but be prepared to wait a while.

Jon A. | 2012-02-14

So, reviewing a BMW dealership is probably one of the bourgier reviews I will write in a long while, but here goes nothin'!  

Early to mid-January we had a 2005 Volvo that was on her final legs, or at least starting to seem that way.  Reluctantly (and rather unexpectedly) we found ourselves back in the car market.  We narrowed our selection down to two vehicles - Audi A4 and the BMW 3 Series.  We test drove both - the Audi at Jim Ellis Audi (fantastic dealership, review to follow) and the 3 Series at Nalley BMW (Blah).   Global Imports had a far greater inventory of 3 Series on hand since the redesigned 2012 3 Series release was impending at the time of purchase.  Called ahead and made sure that their on-hand inventory matched what was listed online.  Once confirmed we made our way from Jim Ellis to look at a couple of specific vehicles that had all the features we were interested in.  I was told to check-in at the front desk upon arrival, which I did.  As soon as I checked I was welcomed by a warm greeting from what would be our sales person with his proclamation he had been trying to get me into the showroom for the last two years.  Huh?

I started to wrack my brain after he made this statement and it dawned on me that when we replaced my old Jeep almost two years ago, I had put out online inquiries to the BMW dealerships, Audi, etc.  The sales person who had responded to my online inquiry from before had been (randomly?) reassigned to my most recent inquiry by telephone.  Coincidence?  I don't know, but it made me feel like a special customer!  Zak Reitzfeld was our salesperson and I highly recommend him.  

Our experience went something like this - sat down at Zak's desk, offered a beverage, awesomely enough one of the models we went to Global to see specifically was on the show room floor right by Zak's desk.  We told Zak what we wanted to pay per month and basically wanted to know if he could make that happen.  Within an hour of sitting down we had started (and almost finished) the process of buying a new BMW.  Unfortunately we had to leave and come back later that afternoon due to another commitment we had, but the car was outside, detailed, fueled, and ready to take delivery as soon as arrived back at Global Imports.  

Our time spent at Global Imports was a FAR cry from the odd experience we had the night prior at Nalley BMW (Decatur).  When we are back in the market for another BMW, we will absolutely return to Global Imports to make the purchase.  In fact, I think we have decided to take European Delivery for our next purchase.

Andres A. | 2012-01-31

Worst place Ever!!! Don't go there. Recurring issues over and over. Never had so many problems with a dealership and service in the past. Go somewhere else if you don't want to get a headache. I will never go back!!! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!

Will P. | 2012-01-04

If you're looking for European delivery of a BMW, this is the place to be. Also, make sure to ask for Garland Helton - my guess is he's the best in the city when it comes to facilitating this complicated transaction.

Furthermore, I got peeved at the service center for truly awful help - made worse by the service-center layout, which I understand is in redevelopment. Still, it was like Jiffy Lube bad and they have no business servicing a discerning clientele with that level of care.

I have another appointment on Monday and will see how they do - my last visit was about a year ago. When I expressed dissatisfaction to Garland, he personally came down to midtown to pick up my car and have it serviced. The car was also detailed on the outside when it was returned to me - good stuff.

Len L. | 2011-12-29

I recently purchased a new BMW. I used to assist me with my purchase. Part of what does is send my information to local dealers to have each dealer contact me with information about cars which the dealer has in stock. So far, so good. My problem with Global is that my contact with Global put me on several email lists which continue to send me Global branded email even after I have repeatedly told Global that I bought a new BMW from Athens BMW (highly recommended, by the way). I spoke with four dealers through my contact with . The other three stopped sending me email after I told each I bought a car.

Rob F. | 2011-11-15

Global Imports is the best mechanic shop I've ever been to. It's probably going to run you a little more than the average non-dealership BMW service center, but they make up the difference in customer service and convenience. My service technician Lionel is always easy to talk to, friendly and helpful. I've taken my car in 3 times: once to get the driver side lock and window fixed, once to diagnose the check engine light and once just recently when the driver side door broke again. Of course, they are repairing the lock at no cost, under warranty- a painless and easy request. Whenever they keep my car for service for a while, they provide me with a loaner car at no charge so I can still drive around. There is a strong level of professionalism at Global Imports. Of course it's going to be a little (but not much) more than your run of the mill, non-BMW service center, but you can rest assured that they are going to do good work on your car and back it up with continued service if needed.

Emily T. | 2011-05-31

I only come here when i HAVE to. Stupid way of paying for parts from the parts desk. I have no complaints about the service I get from the parts guys or what they do for me in the drive up bay, but the women behind the cashiers desk are idiots and completely disrespectful. They ignore your presence until they finally deign to turn around and thrust the invoice in your face without a word. Don't they know they aren't working for Kia?! Or maybe I might get better service there. I asked the woman if the BMWCCA discount was reflected on my bill, and she told me to go stand in line AGAIN at the parts desk to find out. I did it rather than argue, but isn't that HER job?? In the end the parts guy said she didn't know what she was doing and that the discount was on there.

Try Roswell United BMW instead. Todd is great.

Jeff N. | 2010-02-25

Horrible service and an embarrassment to the BMW brand.  I've only used them for service for both BMW and MINI but based on how bad they are at that, I will never buy a car from them.  

The standard procedure is to wait to the very end of the day before they close and then call and tell you they can't duplicate problems but the car is ready to be picked up.  Hmmm...why not call me earlier so I can help your highly trained technicians do something more than plug in a computer that tells them no faults recognized.  

It also annoys me beyond belief that they don't bother to discuss your service with you when you pick up the car.  They expect you to just pick up your key and go accepting what they did or, more likely, didn't do.  

I think they are so big they don't care about individual customers.  Buy and service your BMW elsewhere.  BMW has great products but I feel bad for them that they have dealerships like this one.

Robert H. | 2009-04-22

I  am not sure what the deal is with this place. I am only talking about the service side and not the sales side.  They must exist purely on warranty work, and on BM Trouble U's there is plenty of that to go around. I used this place while my car was under warranty I used to hate going in there because even under warranty they would try and empty your wallet  with some stupid issue that supposedly the OBD indicated needed fixing or so they say. I recall one day when I dropped the car off, I worked around the corner so had the shuttle drop me off at the office. I was told by my "service adviser" (that's a joke right there) that it would be ready later that afternoon and someone would call me and pick me up. 7pm I am 20 miles from home, no call, no car and only a voice mail talking to me each time I called The matter was resolved.... just barely and they knocked 20 bucks of the repair bill. Excessive pricing, not spending enough time with you to discuss the issues and just general bad customer service will keep me away from this place probably forever. They are not the worst I can safely say that United over in Alpharetta can carry that flag. Nevertheless the small independent auto mechanics are where I will be for as long as I can afford to mantain this german pile of  dog turd.