Ed Voyles Acura in Atlanta, GA

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Automotive Sales New and Preowned Service Parts Bodyshop


Established in 1986.

Family Owned and Operated

Ed Voyles Acura

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 227-1355
Address:5700 Pechtree Indusstrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA, 30341
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Ed Voyles Acura

Nathan S. | 2015-02-13

Need my bumper repaired, got a very fair price and they did a great job!! The service and staff at ED VOYLES ACURA are one of the best around.

Audrey F. | 2015-01-06

I recently had a really bad experience here followed by an okay experience, so I guess that averages to 2 stars.

First the bad: my airbag was recalled so I called and made an appointment to have it replaced. The employee I talked to assured me that the necessary part for the replacement would be in by the time of my appointment. I came in a couple of weeks later for my 2 pm appointment  (took off work very early, drove 45 minutes across town to get there). Turns out there was a national shortage of the part and they couldn't do the replacement. Now I understand that is not their fault. However, they had found out early that morning that they wouldn't have the part and didn't have the decency to call and let me know they would have to reschedule my appointment! The worst part is that I talked to multiple employees about the issue and they all acted like it was out of their hands, not once did anyone apologize for not taking 5 minutes to call me and tell me not to come in.

Begrudgingly, I came in a couple of weeks later for the airbag recall once they actually had the part in and had a fine experience. The replacement went well and the service was good. The waiting room was stocked with snacks and water. However, it was extremely hot inside and there was a daytime talk show playing on the TV extremely loudly. Not the best waiting environment.

I'm glad to hear others have had better experiences here. I will continue taking my Acura elsewhere to be serviced.

Teresa L. | 2014-11-19

This dealership is well worth the awful drive from my house for service.  Everyone was great.  Will really did everything to make this a pleasant experience.  Will went out of his way to contact the warranty department to make an exception for repairs.  The repair was free and they even washed and vacuumed the car!!!

K C. | 2014-08-29

The BEST Acura dealer in Atlanta.  Great customer service and very hospitable!  I will drive an  extra 20 miles for them to service my MDX!

Justin H. | 2014-08-10

Tony got me the car I needed. He got me out of my POS Range Rover Sport and into a cheaper TSX. Love the car. Excellent service everyone was upfront and honest.  Overall great service and a full tank of gas!

Mahamed H. | 2014-07-18

The service department took care of my warrant claim. Excellent customer service, will continue to service my vehicle at this location ever thou I live 1 mile away from Acura Cartland.

Tiffany N. | 2014-07-09

Unfortunately, I neither live nor work close to this Acura dealership to get services done on my car. After a really awful experience with another dealership, I made time to drive back to Ed Voyles recently and I am SO HAPPY and GLAD that I did.
I met with the service advisor, Zander Hatcher for my routine oil change. I immediately felt a positive vibe from him. He is very knowledgeable and very friendly. He did not try to upsell any further services but he did go over what future services I will need soon. He gave me his honest opinions on my car and to keep it running smoothly as possible.
I recommend anyone that drives an Acura, a Honda...or any car to come to Ed Voyles and ask for Zander Hatcher if you want a reliable advisor that has your needs at heart. You will become a customer for life because of him, I will definitely will make the 45 minute, without traffic, drive  to this dealership so that Zander can assist me again.

Keith L. | 2014-06-01

I have dealt with 3 of the 4 Acura dealers in metro Atlanta and the Ed Voyles sales staff is the best, but unfortunately the service department is the worst, and since I have to deal with service far more than sales I have to rate these guys a 1. Best advice, buy here but get the car worked on at one of the other Acura dealers. Very unprofessional form the second they answer the phone to the total disorganization on your car repairs. And if you do go here and your service writer is Jeff, run far away. They have 2 service managers, Jimmy and Kevin, avoid Jimmy and escalate to Kevin, he is about the only decent person they have there.

Dave I. | 2014-05-21

Purchased from their used car lot a 2006 Kia Sportage. Great staff and was always courteous to my family and I while we were there and will recommend and will come back once I am ready for a new car. Purchased from Tony Nguyen who was kind and friendlily entire time.

Thank you again!

Meg S. | 2014-02-17

I took my car to the body shop when I was hit by another car.  When I dropped my car off I was told it would be ready on Friday.  I received a call late Thursday afternoon saying my car was done.  I had planned to get my car on Friday and told them i would be by the next day.  They informed me that b/c my car was done sooner, they would have to notify the insurance company and my rental car cost would not be covered by insurance company.  I made arrangements to rush over there before closing Thursday to get my car (I have 2 children under 3, so had to arrange their pick up from schools).  The car was not ready and I ended up waiting over an hour!!
After driving the car for a few days, it shakes and the rear view mirror was not repaired as requested and promised.  Very frustrating - and super inconsiderate.

Robert A. | 2013-11-22

In February 2010 I had my TSX repaired in E. Voyles Body Shop. When I inspected the repair they had painted over a scratch. They had the TSX another day. (THAT'S #1). August 2010 Had my MDX repaired in the body shop again with an alignment. Got MDX back and the steering wheel was not centered. Took it back 2 more times to get this corrected. (That's #2 !!) Stayed away for three years - finally came back to have warranty work done in November 2013. Dropped off MDX at 11:30 for a 2 hour fix, walked across the hwy to get lunch, sat in the lobby until 2:30 - then went looking for my vehicle which was sitting in the lot. I was then unformed that it hadn't been touched. Ed Voyles gave me a loaner vehicle. At 5:30pm I called and my vehicle was ready and waiting. Got to Ed Voyles Acura at 6:20pm and my vehicle was sitting outside with the keys in the ignition. THAT'S IT !! I CAN'T PUT UP WITH STUPID ANYMORE !! TAKE YOUR VEHICLES SOMEWHERE ELSE !!! I do not recommend these idiots..... Robert Akers - Sandy Springs, Ga.

Jaycee S. | 2013-10-13

Nick and team at Ed Voyles Collision Center made a pretty unfun event as easy for me as they could.

After I was in a fender bender I took my Ford to Malcom Cunningham Ford across the street. The couldn't be less interested in helping me and working with the insurance company. My insurance company suggested Ed Voyles and I'm glad I took their advice.

The receptionist called me within 1 day to make an appointment for the estimate. When it was time for the repairs Nick made sure my parts were waiting for me, rather than the other way around. And he was done in 2 days as promised! With a well needed car wash and interior vacuum. Most importantly my number looked like brand new. It was beautiful! I was very impressed!

Pirates C. | 2013-10-01

After leaving the sucky Toyota dealership down the road, stopped here to check out their lineup. Was immediately greeted by not one but two gentlemen and both engaged us in discussion to find out how they can help.

Both were busy with other customers/task but found a gentleman to assist before leaving us. That's great customer service! The new sales associate was even nicer than the ones who left us and was very good at selling the wagon and suv that we looked at. He was pleasant and knowledgable.

He ended by asking if we would like to leave him contact info to follow up but we declined. He took it gracefully and walked us out. But, before we reached the door, he saw the manager and asked if we wouldn't mind meeting the manager. The manager was very nice as well. We shook hands and left.

Sounds like a fairy tale? Well, this place really values customer service. And, it wasn't a pushy environment. I would definitely buy from here if we decide on an Acura.

V H. | 2013-09-03

***Rating is for Ed Voyles Acura Pre-Owned Dealership***

Woojoo K. | 2013-07-28

We came to Ed Voyles Acura after a bad experience with Acura Carland.  We spent two years with Ed v.  They had been good to us, so my only complaint is having three different reps, and the last being the worst.  I had an a123 service, so I called my rep to schedule service and to get a price.  He told me $610 (OUCH!).  I asked if there were any specials.  He began to tell me to look at their webpage for specials.  I looked online and blank for specials.  One, as a service rep he should have known if they had specials.  Two, he is totally lazy and never looks up what his company offers to pass on to his customers.  Three, he finds it funny to direct his customers to an empty webpage special. I can't tell you or get an answer from him because I am on to my third dealership.  My other car is a Honda.  I have had to serviced at Honda mall of ga.  I called Chris and told him if they worked on auras.  He told me same parts and lower labor.  Needless to say I had my car serviced there for 1/2 the price.

Jim O. | 2013-06-23

I could write a book about my experiences with this service department to-date.  Overall, I'm not super impressed; but they did take care of me in the end and that counts.

To make a long story short, they fixed the damaged they caused with the buffer; and it looks good.  Apparently, someone in the body shop must know what they are doing even if some others do not.

The interesting thing about the repair they did for me is that they did not paint both doors but only small portions of each though the original quote I was given included the painting of both doors.  I wonder if they would have charged me for that amount of work even though them having to fix their screw up did not seem to necessitate it.  Interesting; yes?

Too, after my 5K service, I received a call from someone asking about my experience.  I let the lady on the line know that they were having to correct some issues.  She indicated she would call back later.  The other interesting thing is that they have yet to call me back to ask about my overall experience.  It's a good think because I'd have a list for them.  I suspect this may be how they can keep their scores up on those follow-ups if they aren't calling back those folks they know were not happy with them.

Why can't auto shops just be honest and do a good job the first time?

With all that said, I do appreciate them fixing what they had caused.

Tan M. | 2013-04-19


I took my car to be service for routine maintenance. In addition I always get little stuff fix that needs it but doesn't warrant a sole appointment.  The additions were turn signal light and inquire about getting my dashboard replaced that somehow completely cracked throughout. Acura goodwill the dash in which I had to pay 30% of the bill. I didn't get the dashboard that day just the routine and signal light. The next morning the signal  light was flickering but I didn't have  time to take it back there just for the light so I waited until the service light came back on. Went back to 2months later & had routine service: asked about the signal light(of course it didnt flicker for them), tire that was going flat, replace wiper blades and replace dashboard. I picked up my car the wiper blades wasn't replaced so eh no biggie....On the drive home realized the car wasn't aligned properly...That night I realized lights in my navigation, radio, steering wheel, and gear shift were out. I took the car back Monday the mechanic replaced some of  the bulbs that were out. EV ask me to pay for the bulbs and they would foot the labor, realigned the car, & replace the wiper blades( I specifically asked that the actual wiper itself & blade be replaced but I just received new blades). That night saw the gearshift was still out and some of the Navi bulbs that were working was out... And the radio hadn't been touch. I was trying to keep my cool by then. I had to go back there.. The service rep drove me back were they work and we talk to the mechanic.  He had ask me something about that lights.. Am I sure they're supposed to look like "xyz."  I'm like yeahhhh with a blank stare because I'm thinking aren't u suppose to know these cars in and out.  EV was willingly to fix all the lights that went out during the dashboard replacement  EXCEPT my radio because they didn't physically take it out so they said they weren't responsible for it. o_O  I went rounds with these people to include calling corporate. Corporate sided with them. EV wanted me to pay for my radio to be fix by some guy across the street that they do business with. I refused. I lost.  My radio lights are still out. My service rep, Deepesh, was sympathetic but had to go off what Kevin the manager said. The mechanic, Kooah's(sp) work is very questionable & I would recommend avoiding it.
Maybe fixing my radio would've been costly and that something EV didn't want to foot so they just skip right over it, literally.  Great customer service, eh??!! *insert sarcasm*

That flickering signal light is completely out again..

The dashboard job looks amateur.. The steaming around the steering wheel and the flush area of the door isn't sealed

When I cleaned out my car I found bulbs and other metal material in the crevice of the passenger seat and other parts down in the cup holder.

One of the several bolts is missing from the engine area that I noticed while adding windshield wiper fluid

And did I mention my radio lights are still out

Scott C. | 2012-11-23

I walked in to Ed Voyles knowing pretty much exactly what I wanted.   I have a friend who has two of his family's cars serviced here who have said good things about the service department. He had no experience with their sales department, but I took his positive experience as a good sign and gave them a chance to earn my business on a new TSX.

I dealt with Bryan Felton in the sales department.  He was not overly high pressure, conversational, and up front and honest in answering any of my questions.  I usually walk away from car negotiations feeling angry and annoyed.  Never had that here.  I did shop around at various Atlanta dealerships and I feel comfortable that I paid a fair price for the car.

I'm in sales as a profession and I always appreciate people who are good at their trade and take measures to actually build a relationship with the prospect/client- for that, I feel like I need to pay some Karma forward.  Bryan was very responsive to my inquiries without harassing me about closing the deal, as well as being very diplomatic when I was asking for unreasonable concessions.  Referrals are the best stimulus to any salesman's business, so please give him at a shot at your deal.  This was by far the least stressful car purchase I have ever made.

Joy in finance is an LSU fan- she tells it like it is.  She's definitely "the hammer"  I didn't buy the extended warranty and at times I felt like she may have beaten me into submission, but I held my ground because Dawgs are better than Tigers.   She was still great to work with- just doing her job.  

Seems like an overall good group of people working there.  I dealt with Bryan in sales, Tom (sales manager I think), and Joy in finance. I'll be servicing my car here over the next several years- I'll come back and update if the experience sours, but for now-  Good experience overall.

Matt H. | 2012-11-20

Service Department was a pleasure.  I made a reservation for routine maintenance for 7am.  I was greeted by Derrick and he assured me they would have the oil changed, tires rotated and balanced within an hour. Sure enough Derrick was true to his word. Turns out, my battery had a fault so they replaced it (under warranty) AND had time for their complementary wash and vacuum all in an hour! It's far too easy to write a bad review on a dealership's service but I can honestly say this was a 10 out of 10 experience. Personable staff, clean & spiffy waiting area, and honest service.  Thanks!

Sarah N. | 2012-11-19

Excellent customer service.

Kristin C. | 2012-11-14

I had a recent issue with Ed Voyles Acura regarding a 2003 TL-S I purchased in 2007 that I was selling.  I posted a negative review here in October that painted a poor picture of the 2007 purchase and said I would never return to any Ed Voyles dealerships.  After some time passed, I received a message from the General Manager, Bill, regarding my post.  We spoke about the problem and he did some research regarding the vehicle even after I sold it.

Bill went above and beyond to reconnect this customer.  I really appreciate the attention to this matter and look forward to the renewed relationship with EVA.   Bill, thanks again.

Allen E. | 2012-09-27

I purchased an Acura TL Type-S from Carmax and I brought it to Ed Voyles to have them do a full check of the vehicle. They did everything in a timely manner and showed me everything that needed to be fixed. Their facilities are fantastic with nice amenities. Every employee is nice and treats you with respect. I do not live in Atlanta anymore but if I could, I would bring my car all the way there just have the oil changed. THE best dealership I have ever been to.

Brigitte E. | 2012-06-06

They do a good job everytime I take my TSX in for oil changes, repairs, and maintenance.  They treat their customers well by occasionally providing us the status of the car while we are in the waiting room in addition to snacks and drinks.  

The first time I went, my part was ordered and they never called me to tell me that it was in weeks later.  I had called and they stated they wrote down the incorrect phone number in which I believed they could of sent me a letter in the mail to at least notify my another way. The letter would of taken 1 business day to deliver instead of waiting for me to call in weeks later.

Mark H. | 2012-06-03

Great service, fast turn around time, friendly staff.  Very happy with my experience both purchasing and with service.

Michael A. | 2012-05-28

if you ever want to own a great automobile, do yourself a favor & test drive the Acura TL from Ed Voyles. Why Ed Voyles ? because they are knowledgeable, friendly and honest. I purchased my first TL as a certified preowned by them,  and loved the car .
I just traded my 3 year old TL [ personal reasons] for the 2012 TL with Technology package and amazed by the this car. Why did i do the  whole transactions at the dealer - when it is common knowledge that selling & buying a car should be done separately. Ed Voyles (Michael Iscaro) is the person that will make an honest deal with you. I received an excellent price on my trade in & a very generous price reduction on the new TL. The transaction was low key, friendly and without any stress. They even added additional options like rubberized trunk tray, car mats & color co-ordinated splash guards and wheel locks. The salesman spends 2 hours with you at delivery to explain & set up bluetooth, GPS and all other features.
The finance department is excellent as well, advising as to all the options available, and doing so without any pressure, leaving decisions up to you.
You also get a follow up phone call to check if there is anything that you need answered or help with.
Every time you take your car to Ed Voyles for service, your car gets washed & vacuumed clean

Shehzaan C. | 2012-03-25

My experience with Antonio and the General Manager was beyond amazing. They are very professional, gave me exactly what I wanted, and showed genuine interest throughout the sales process. I was delighted to work with them and I would go back in a heartbeat to purchase another vehicle from them. I look forward to getting my car serviced there as well.

Sean B. | 2012-03-22

I've never really had a good opinion of car dealerships...especially when it comes to the service department. But, I have to say these guys are pretty good. I bought an MDX there in 2003 and had it serviced there ever since. The car buying process was pretty smooth. The service deparment has been better than expected. The work they've done has been good. They always give you a loaner car to make it easy to drop your car off during work. I honestly haven't done a price comparison so I can't be completely sure I'm not over-paying. But, I've never gotten a bill that has alarmed me. I've only had one issue...the door guards I bought fell off after the first 10,000 miles on the car. At first they didn't want to replace them. But, they came through in the end. I've got over 100,000 on my car now and the guards are still fine. Overall I'd have to say working with them has been very convenient.

Heather C. | 2012-02-14

What an amazing dealership! You cant ask for more in the 5 star customer service!

Trevor W. | 2012-01-11

They positively reversed my opinion on taking a car to a dealership. So much so, my Acura was purchased here and every single service for 7 years performed here.

Our family has owned numerous makes / models of vehicles over the years from Ford, Nissan, VM, Audi, etc. and the normal rule applied: dont ever go to the dealership for service because its a rip-off. NOT at Ed Voyles!

I can honestly say the buying experience (Mike Iscaro is awesome) was painless without all the "add-ons" and back and forth. I said what I could afford and they met me at a fair price.

The service department really shines here. The rates are incredibly competitive compared to worthless chains like Jiffy-Lube and NTB that do more damage than good. The techs at Ed Voyles go through checklists and know every single detail about the car. Plus it helps that all your visits and history are in the computer so things like warranty information, etc. is all at their fingertips. Unlike traditional service centers, they actually provide realistic recommendations and timing. I get more "not yet" and never an upsell into something my car doesnt need. They are extremely cognizant of time and offer a loaner at the first hint of any multi-hour service. The waiting room is decent, has private areas for Wi-Fi and corporate life, and an automatic coffee machine and self service water bottles. The service staff are always friendly and polite and honor repeat business with coupons and discounts on routine service. In the past 7 years, they've only made one mistake (forgot to put internal cabin air filter cover), but caught it immediately and then comped my next service on the spot.

I can't recommend my experience here enough. My 2004 TL still rides like new and has never had a single issue.

Jie Y. | 2011-10-04

Got my Acura TSX repaired at Ed voyles.
They are very responsible and friendly.

The atmosphere isn't as good as Jackson Acura.

Maggie N. | 2011-08-07

Ed Voyles Acura body shop could have killed me. I took my Nissan Rogue to them (chose them because of the location- I was in the middle of a move and this was the body shop closest to my house and I just had to choose the most convenient body shop at the time) after a wreck. About 2 weeks later I noticed my car driving strangely, but tried to write it off as just funny grooves in the road or windy conditions. During a 100 mile road trip, I realized it was not just strange coincidence- my car felt like the tire was turning sideways as I was driving down the road. When I took it to a Sears Auto Center, they found out that the bolt that holds my tire to the car was missing and Ed Voyles either put the wrong one on or did not put one on at all. My tire could have fallen off of my car at any moment because they screwed up a $2 part. That $2 part ended up costing me over $200. The manager didn't seem to care at all, not even an "Oops, we screwed up." just told me to have my insurance contact him. Awful people and awful work.

Anne Marie B. | 2010-08-18

i just got back from getting my 15k mile checkup at Ed Voyles (Acura RDX).  I also purchased my car from them.  I never write reviews but had to write this one.  It is such a pleasure going there.  They are all courteous, prompt, not pushy.  Such incredible service.  And, P.S., I love my car and the ones before were BMW's and Mercedes.  And this is the best.

Carrie B. | 2009-04-01

I'm convinced they don't get much better than Ed Voyles on service. They always offer me a loaner, but w/ wi-fi in the service lounge there's really no need if it's an in-and-out service. They have a coffee machine, snacks in the morning, clean bathrooms, cubicles to work in and they keep you updated on the progress. We went with the service plan on the Acura we bought from them and have been pleasantly surprised with everything that it covers. Overall a great dealership and very pleased with the decision to go with them over the other Acura dealers in the city.

Lesa T. | 2008-11-01

I take my car to be serviced here.  After taking it to a closer dealership to my home and them giving me the wrong keys and insisting they were mine.., they were NOT!  And having to go through a screaming match I swore to myself  would not take the car there again.  I mean if they can't even keep keys sorted what are they doing under the hood? Oh yes, and we had body work done there too, and same crappy service.  It all flows downhill right?  Their owner / management seriously need to get it together.

So, I scouted around found Ed Voyles (drive considerably further) and they have been taking care of us ever since and not one issue to speak of.  I appreciate their honestly and loaner vehicles so I don't have to sit around and waste my time.

duane m. | 2007-03-15

This is where I got my car, and I have to say, while it was a tedious process to go through buying a new car, they made it way less painless and were much nicer than other places I have been.

Not only that, I have taken my car in for service a few times, and each time, they are very polite, and very attentive. They almost treat you like a member of the club or something, which is nice.

They have always given me a loaner car as well, which is better than awesome, because who wants to be stuck at the dealership all afternoon? No one, that's who. If you do have to hang out, the waiting room has a nice shiny flat screen for you to gaze at, and is the furthest from "nasty auto shop" that you can get.

They seemed to be pretty honest about my problem as well, which I really appreciated. If you want an Acura, go here!