Palm Beach Toyota in West Palm Beach, FL

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Palm Beach Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(561) 712-2700
Address:551 S Military Trl, West Palm Beach, FL, 33415
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Palm Beach Toyota

Debi E. | 2015-04-16

The ABSOLUTE WORSE Toyota service dept. I have ever dealt with!!!! & I have been a Toyota customer for over 20 years! They overcharged me for my oil change. Even though I had a coupon for $10 off. I requested a tire rotation, that they did not do. When I pointed this out to the service advisor, Elliot Abascal, he HAND WROTE it on my bill, & said they did do it! Really???? I used to work at a dealership you idiot! I know that if it were done, it would have been coded as such! That's how the mechanic gets paid!!!!! This dealership is terrible to allow such crooked dishonest service to be done! Sun Toyota in Holiday, Florida would NEVER tolerate such shoddy work!

Cindyloo... .. | 2015-03-09

I had a great experience at this place. They were very straight to the point and honest about everything w/me. My bf and I went in there w/a number that we were not going to haggle w/and they met our every expectation and then some! Salim Khan was awesome from the moment we stepped onto that lot till the moment we stepped out, w/a brand new Toyota Camry! Brian Childress was also a great person to work w/in the financial side, he got me at exactly the payment we wanted w/no hassle at all. I would recommend this place to everyone looking for a new reliable car w/out the BS. Thank you guys for all your help!

Lissette S. | 2015-02-20

If it wasn't for Greg Ansupo, I would of never returned to this dealership. His customer service is what makes me comes back but it saddens me to say that the mechanic service is so bad that this will be my last service appointment. After spending $616.12 on new front brakes, cleaned and adjusted back ones and performed induction service I was still have the same shaking issues with my car. They did recommend I get a new battery but after popping the hood later on that evening I could only help and wonder how they checked my battery since there was battery acid all over it. Brought it back two days later to have them check the shaking and inquire about the battery and after speaking to a technician Lenwood, come to find put they don't do any courtesy service here. Unlike other shops or dealership service departments they just try to up sell instead of just cleaning the battery acid build up. The technician was very nice and did answer my questions but that was it. Didn't want to do no more or less than what's expected of him. They have a service charge of $125 per your money and go somewhere else, I know I will.

Mark H. | 2015-02-15

I've gotten three cars from this place in the last few years.  Here's why you should:  1)  They don't play games like the other dealerships - I went to almost every car dealership in Palm Beach County and these guys had the least BS and seemed the most honorable.  2)  Toyotas are the best value car you can buy in that price point and this location in particular is willing to make deals - they sometimes show their best deals on their website banner ad.  Toyota-care is also amazing.  You don't have to spend $50 on oil changes at shady mechanics and you only have to come once every 5000 miles and they do the PM's for free. (it's only up to certain mileage - think maybe 20000).  3)  They are part of a corporate group and actually care about customer service.  There is less incentive to piss you off or screw you over because they are graded on your satisfaction.  An independent dealer doesn't care at all.

Recommend working with salesman Schneider.  He helped me with two of my purchases and is very helpful and not trying to screw you.  He stayed one night with me till like 10:00pm because I really needed to close out my purchase.  If there are any problems or complications he communicates well and follows up to make sure they are resolved.

Veronica H. | 2015-01-02

Mike was nice and helpful. 8:30 a.m. appointment and my husband sat there until 1:30. At one point my husband asked if he was going to get a discount because the wait time was ridiculous. The service technicians took 2 hours to figure out an issue. I would think a Toyota certified technician should be able to figure out an issue faster than 2 hours. We were charged for an hour more than we should've been. We trust Toyota but didn't appreciate the wait or the amount of time it took to fix an issue.

Mari B. | 2014-11-14

My experience with sales person Schneider Joubert was not good and with the financial manager wich I could  not verify the name was much worse, he must get a big commission from Lojack because he offered me the Lojack , I said I did not want it and because I was late for my daugther's volleyball practice, I just signed the papers thiinking that they were honest enough to honor the verbal  dial, but I was wrong.They gave me $6200 for my car when we close the dial on $7000, the financial manager included the Lojack even when I said I did not want it because when he gave me the total price for my car he had included the lojack in the total price and because I agree , he kept the lojack that I declined before.I went back to the dialer, talk to the general manager who authorized to cancel the lojack, but the finance manager who I think is called Woody or something like that refused to cancelled, he said was not cancelable.Please be very carefull with this guys especially if you are a woman with a child with you and ds not have over 3 hours to stay there to close a dial.

Karina F. | 2014-06-04

The service department is horrible!!! It makes me never want to return here!!! I called yesterday to make a routine oil change appointment that was confirmed by the receptionist. When I arrived at he service office all the service techs seemed flustered with different customers, instead of making eye contact or acknowledging me or any of the other customers that were already there nor the ones that were arriving after me. They were agitated, stressed and refused to make eye contact with any customers. I saw that it was busy, so I patiently waited approximately 15 mints before even being acknowledged. When one of the service guys (Spanish guy) I believe his name was Christopher. When he finally made eye contact he said "do you have an appointment?" I replied "yes, my appointment was at 4:45pm" He asked me for my full name and replied "I don't have you on my appointment log and walked away!!!" I asked him as he was walking away while I am still speaking to him, what do you mean? I called earlier today and confirmed the appointment. He said "well, call whomever you spoke with and tell them" I was completely taken aback by this man's poor customer service and very disrespectful manners. I repeated to him "I called and creates the appointment and I drove here 45 mints, What is going to happen now?" He replied, we close in 30 Mts and we have 7 cars being processed. You need to call and reschedule. I asked him through out the conversation to please call a manager. He would never make eye contact with me and would walk away while I was speaking with him. Next to me was an woman who told me that she had been waiting for hours. That they had done the same thing to her and she had drove all the way from Miami and had double confirmed the appointment!!!! This guy's attitude and form of treating the customers was horrible!!! There is so much more I could say but I don't have the time. I am not someone who ever placed negative reviews for businesses but I was so taken back by the way this service guy treated the customers that I decided to write this and will write to the dealership!!! Unacceptable business practice when there are so many options for other dealers!!!

Marie F. | 2014-04-08

I love this place. I got a notice in the mail that my vehicle had a safety recall. After getting poor service from my local dealership. I drive close to 300 miles to Palm Beach and get it serviced here. (I refused to lose out on my planned trip and just deceived to risk the drive.) I call in the appointment and bring the car in. I'm greeted at the service area with one tech that gathers my additional information after confirming my appointment.

Another tech comes out and details my issues and walks me inside. There I learn that there are actually 2 recalls on my vehicle. He says that they can still look over everything the same day and gives me an estimate of 2 hours. (Previous dealership didn't make me aware of second issue and gave me an estimated 4 hour wait even though there were two other dealerships under 15 miles in each direction?! And told me that I would have to make a second appointment for an oil change??)

Less then 2 hours after dropping off vehicle I'm called and told I can pick it up! Car is in working order and there's a recommended list of services with service coupons. Always been a Toyota family and service like this will keep me that way.

Now if they could only teach the Jacksonville branches to act right!

M m. | 2014-02-01

Original copy of my letter to the general manager.........The worse dealership Ive ever walked into.......


Our experience with your dealership was awful.
First off, the car we were interested in (… ) had discrepancies in the description. The listing stated it had a gray exterior when in fact it was black. Same thing with the interior color listed as "other"...I actually wondered if it was a possible "bait and switch car"..

Richi originally contacted me and when I responded, David appeared unannounced. I suppose I was not worth Richi`s time for an explanation. I emailed David about the tires and the paint since I wanted to know if the paint was original (considering it was a retail car) or i most likely would have avoided the trip..Upon arriving at the dealership, we pulled right up front and about 10 minutes later, found the car. We had to walk back down through the buildings but I found it surprising that nobody bothered to come out and talk to us..The building was empty...I found your office and was told you were out.

Someone eventually helped us and after looking at the car, sure enough it was previously hit on the drivers side rear. The door and rear hatch/bumper had been repainted. You can clearly see dirt/fish eyes in the paint and some deep scratches that were just painted over. The car is from NY and the engine bay is a pig full of corrosion. David could have saved me the time if he would have told me the car was hit, clearly had previous body work and needs tires..Not very honest.....and why on earth would you retail this car rather than take it to the block and just dump it?....Even at a price of $13,500 its not worth retailing for that price but I thought it would be worth it to have my car looked at anyway..2004 Prius with Navigation and 93,000 miles.....The car is a decent car ( we just drove it from Pennsylvania) but your used car guy offered me $1500....Sir, I have never seen in my life such an ignorant, insulting offer in my life. The car was a previous theft recovery and I understand its not worth 7k to your wholesaler but $1500 is not just ignorant and insulting, it shows a total lack of experience in how you deal with people and put numbers on cars...Do you actually want to sell units!!!!???? He would have been safe at 4k and I still would have walked!.......but eventually i will sell my car for 7k retail like I have before...In todays day and age just about anyone can get to the auction and buy a car. If you decide to take that car and dump it at the block, I just may buy it for around $10,800


Felix M. | 2013-10-03

I purchased a couple of cars from here in the past and I would never go back because of the service department. I was charged $150 for supposedly smoking in the rental that the gave me. The problem is that I am not a smoker and I was the only one who drove the car. Go somewhere else the headache is not worth it.

Jennifer C. | 2013-06-06

Amazing customer service!!! Schneider Joubert was a really great helpful rep.  We purchased a 2013 Camry today and the process was smooth and quick. The staff had a lot of patience and they were very kind. I highly recommend this place.