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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Advantage Rent-A-Car in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(561) 712-8056
Address:150 Australian Ave, West Palm Beach, FL, 33406
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Advantage Rent-A-Car

Barbara H. | 2015-04-22

On a recent trip to West Palm Beach, we decided two days before traveling we should get a rental car (we were down there visiting family).  Worried what that could cost last minute, I searched Orbitz.  I had never heard of Advantage, but admittedly I don't use rental cars often.  I saw they had the best rates compared to all the others out there.  We weren't in need of a SUV, but it was less expensive than the compact and full size cars.  I went onto the Advantage site directly, found a coupon code, booked through the site and got 10% off using that code.  In full disclosure the rental deal was only $187 for 6 days for an SUV!!!  We ended up getting a Hyundai Santa Fe and it worked out wonderful.  We had the car for about 6 days and barely used a full tank of gas (which included a drive down to Boca Raton, as well as Miami, and back from both places).  

At the airport in West Palm Beach I will say it was a little difficult to find Advantage among all the other rental car company's.  They didn't have a sign hanging above or outward for me to see.  I had to ask someone where they were (worried now that I booked at the wrong airport).  Turned out they were sharing the space with Hertz and it was just one person with one check in machine.  No big deal, I was able to walk right up since nobody was in line for Advantage.  We barely had to wait outside for the shuttle bus, it came pretty quickly (which in fairness, WPB airport is very small compared to other major airports).  It didn't take long to get to the lot and we were dropped off literally at the exact car we were given!  

Upon our return to the airport, I followed the instructions they gave us for return, found the building no problem.  They share a small space inside the Hilton Airport Hotel.  We were greeted right away by very friendly staff, I found no problems with checking the car back in, getting my receipt and waiting only a few minutes for the shuttle back to the airport.  Considering this was all a last minute situation, we were all more than pleased with the outcome.  I will definitely check for deals with Advantage the next time I need a rental car!

Alina A. | 2015-04-05

I don't recommend this rental agency if you're arriving in the late evening. The after hours system for pick up isn't very reliable. Needless to say I called their after hours phone nbr and received no call back. Ended up renting at another counter for probably $70 more than the "cheap" rate I had found online with Advantage. They say in Spanish, cheap is expensive. And it is!!!

Kristin M. | 2015-03-27

Got a great deal online. Even though I had never heard of them, decided to give them a shot. Pickup was extremely easy. The desk person and the guy taking care of the cars were lovely.  Inexpensive, maybe 30ish or so per day, but the car was fine.
Our flight got postponed so we stopped in to ask about extending the rental for 2 days. I was informed (by another girl who seemed perturbed I interrupted her magazine reading) it would be $300. Um, excuse me? I'm paying less than $50 per day now and you're telling me it's now $150 per day? Even though it's for weekdays? Went back out to inform my partner and discuss options (we still needed a car for 2 days). He then whipped out his phone and found online prices well under $50 per day (again, 30ish). So basically if you book online, fine. If you're standing in front of them you're screwed. Like people need this after being stranded by their airlines??

We returned that car and went to Budget.

Shell S. | 2015-03-19

This place is in a hotel, the office is disorganized and dirty. I have rented a few times and you get decent cars but they are all banged up and have an awful smell. They take forever to get you out to your car and it's a sketchy staff.

Steve G. | 2014-12-16

I went to every counter in the PBI Airport trying to get the nicest car for the least amount of money. Can you blame me?  I'm retired so I have the time.   I ended up at Advantage with a lovely gal that got me a new  Hyundai Santa Fe small SUV (only 607 miles) for a great price for 8 days and 4 hours. BTW I own an Audi Q5 small SUV and the Santa Fe was much better than I thought it would be.

Unfortunately, my vacation was cut in half by a phone call from the nursing home that my girlfriend's 102 yr. old Mother was unresponsive. We had to go back to NY!  Well, the people at Advantage couldn't be nicer!   Drove us to the Airport in a hurry and gave me a fair credit for the portion I didn't use.  What more can you ask for?  
Note, the counter was next to the Hertz counter in the airport but the yard is even more convenient than the other Rental companies because it's in the Hilton Hotel parking lot right off the Southern Blvd exit off Rt. 95!

Erin H. | 2014-11-23

After I checked out the reviews for this place, I was frankly surprised. I flew in to PBI around 10pm, and had to wait about ten minutes for a van to come by, but the driver was very friendly. Then the woman behind the desk was helpful and lovely and got us on our way quickly. The car itself could have used a bit of a spruce, but it's definitely the best bang for your buck in town- for what an economy car would have cost at the big guys, I was able to ride around in a nice convertible. When I dropped the car off, the fella at the desk COULDN'T HAVE BEEN NICER- I wish I'd caught his name, he was so that nice. So you can't judge a book by it's cover-- give this place a shot. I did, and I sure was glad I did.

Judy S. | 2014-10-10

I recently rented an Advantage car through .  The price quoted to me by CarRentals was $133.92, which included all concession fees, taxes, etc.  The rent was also non-refundable, which I agreed with.   I had waived the car rental insurance because my credit card has this travel benefit.  When I arrived at the Advantage counter, the rental price was $133.92.  So far, so good.  Then, the extremely rude young woman at the counter (yes, other customers in front of me, she rolls her eyes as soon as you walk away and makes rude comments about you) asks for proof of insurance.  Fortunately, I had my insurance card in my wallet, but I have NEVER been asked to show this at any other car rental counter.  After asking me a few questions about my insurance, she says that it's not adequate and. . .because I'm a Florida resident (even though I live 300 miles north of WPB). . .I will have to buy their coverage at $22/day!!!  She also informed me that Advantage no longer honors the credit card insurance waiver.  Do the math:  $133 for car rental; $206 for insurance!  I was stuck because the rental fee through is non-refundable!  They also put a $200 refundable hold on my credit card just in case I didn't return the car!!!  To make a long story short, I contacted my credit card company and they are handling a dispute for me to get my $206 refunded.  I was never informed up front that I would have to pay for insurance, and my credit card company has never heard of this policy.  Bad, bad, bad customer service all the way around.  The folks at the West Palm Beach counter should learn some manners.  I'll never go back again and advise anyone reading this to BEWARE!!!

Rachelle F. | 2014-09-16

I was so nervous to rent a car here after I read the terrible reviews, but my experience was perfect. As soon as I stepped outside for the shuttle, one was waiting for me. The shuttle driver helped me load my luggage inside and promptly drove me less than 5 miles away where the hotel was. As I walked into the hotel, the signage was very clear and directed me to the counter. The gentleman at the counter was helpful and explained everything in detail. He, of course, offered extra services or upgrades (as any rental company does), but after denying them all, he charge me for only what I was quoted online (plus a refundable deposit). I must say, this rental was super cheap. I think I paid about $14 bucks a day after taxes. When I had finished the paperwork, I walked outside and a staff member had pulled up the car for me and pointed it in the direction toward the exit. I hopped in to my compact Hyundai and drove off without any problems. Sure, a Hyundai isn't an awesome car, but I did not plan to spend much time in it. I was there to site see! It definitely served its purpose. Returning the car was just as easy. Although, there was a new lady at the counter that seemed rather rude to the new guests. I'm glad I was serviced by the other gentleman.

C K. | 2014-08-30

WHY DOES EXPEDIA CONTINUE TO BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY?  I rarely write reviews, but I feel compelled to warn people away from this company.  This was a nightmare.  I booked a car through Expedia, but when I arrived at the shuttle at 1 pm  today there was no Advantage shuttle.  After about 45 minutes, I called Advantage and was told that my reservation had been cancelled because I was not there at the time of the appointed reservation.   Of course planes are never late! I was told that there were no other cars available.  I assume that Advantage decided that  because it was Labor Day weekend and cars were in high demand, it could get a better rate for the car.  I immediately called Expedia, who eventually contacted Advantage.   After four calls to Expedia, two supervisors, and two and a half hours trying to get the reservation honored, Advantage told Expedia it would send a shuttle for me at 3:30.  When the shuttle did not show up, I contacted Expedia again, and a shuttle came at 4 pm.  I had waited for three hours by then.  When I got to the Advantage counter, the agent claimed that he  had never told me that there were no cars available or that my reservation was cancelled, but he would not say that no one at Advantage had ever told me that.  He became extraordinarily rude and belligerent, and to make a long story short, HE KICKED ME OUT OF THE OFFICE AND REFUSED TO HONOR THE RESERVATION OR OTHERWISE RENT TO ME.  He refused to say why.  I m a middle aged mother traveling with her teenage daughter, not exactly a threatening figure, but I stand my ground, which seemed to infuriate him.`  I finally booked directly with Sixt, where I was treated with courtesy.  The rate was a bit higher, but not nearly as high as those charged by the companies at the airport.  BE WARNED.

Jessica N. | 2014-08-13

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I could give this place negative stars. This was the worst experience I have ever had. I ordered a rental car with an infant car seat rental weeks in advance on their website. The infant car seat rental was $12 a day. When I showed up to the facility the employees gave us an infant car seat without a base. Meaning it could not safely be hooked into the car. Not only is this completely unsafe but it is also illegal to drive a car with an infant without a functioning car seat. This was not a functioning car seat. The employees seemed completely unaware of the equipment, how it worked and did not even understand it was missing a piece. I was forced a midnight to plead with another car rental company to rent me a car with a car seat. Thankfully they were much more professional and offered safe options for my daughter. Also when I complained to corporate about this situation the best they would offer me were coupons for a future car rental. I will never use this company again as they cannot provide a safe means for my daughter to travel, something I was paying them to do.

Mark R. | 2014-07-25

Stay away. There are plenty of other quality rental car company's in the West Palm Airport location. Waited 30 minutes in 90 degree humidity for the shuttle only to be taken to a run down hole in the wall in an dark corridor inside the Hilton Hotel. Never again...

Lauren J. | 2014-06-23

Baffled. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Literally no idea what just happened. WORST experience I have ever had with any company, ever... This is a HUGE waste of time, money, etc. The price you pre-pay will be NO here near the price you end up paying. They nickel and dime for everything. When I told the lady I wasn't paying that price and I had already spoken to the manager, she literally took my credit card out of my hand and swiped it WITHOUT my authorization. When she did this two times in a row, and I told her I didn't authorize this, she said it was none of my business what she was doing with my card. Umm.. what? The people that work here.... beyond terrible. Literally had the cops called in both interactions with 2 different individuals that worked here on two separate occasions. NO customer service. (I know.. I am an idiot for even thinking about going back after the first time... but the manager swore he had it handled for when we came back...negative) Rudest people you will ever encounter. One man that worked there literally walked outside and assaulted my husband. Not even a joke. He walked out, said nothing, got into the vehicle (with my husband inside the car) and grabbed my husband's arm and shirt and ripped the keys away from him. I am not exaggerating. It was dangerous and absurd. Previously, at the counter, after we had paid, (which took over 30 minutes to just get the paperwork done for car that was reserved in advance), the woman put the keys to the car down on the counter and told us to walk around the parking lot pressing the horn button looking for our car. She "didn't have time" to show us where our car was... (literally there was not a soul in sight and no one in line with us). After we walked around and finally found the car, we video taped the vehicle for scratches and such, since she didn't provide us a form to fill out. And as we got inside to check the fuel level and mileage to report it, this man walked up and made his encounter. We were so baffled and worn out by the whole situation, we just left. We called corporate, and we can only hope they will handle this situation in WPB with this advantage rental car. Unbelievable. We should have learned the first time we rented a few days ago, it took over an hour, and the lady at the desk was equally as rude, inappropriate, and condescending, unprofessional. We honestly were so confused by the whole situation, we thought maybe it was a joke. In this encounter, both security and the actual sheriff's office were called. When both showed up, they were well aware of this lady and her causing this trouble many times before. The sheriff became apologetic for her actions and offered to even give us a ride out to find the car. Point is... people are aware, even management (Mark), and yet, they do NOTHING to make it better. They just allow their employees to treat people in the fashion. Do NOT rent from here. Period. You have been warned...

Michelle F. | 2014-06-13

I wish I had read the reviews before renting from here. First of all, when I booked online, the total for 5 days was $102 which I thought was a great deal. Then when I was at the stand at the airport the lady said "do you want coverage?" so i said no. she said "seriously? No coverage? It's only $22." So I said okay so "$124 total?" She said yeah. Come to find out, I had a charge on my credit card that came to $110 for coverage, $22 a day. She lied to my face. I called and told them what happened and they were no help. They also never told me verbally what time I had to have the car returned so they also charged me extra for not being on time.

I also emailed them about this issue and they didn't even answer me.

The car was filthy, white mold in the cup holders. At one point I couldn't start the car because the steering wheel had locked, I called and they said since I didn't have the road side insurance I'd have to pay for it myself. I called my mom and she told me to jiggle the steering wheel while I turn the key and then it worked. But they were seriously no help.

When I was trying to return the car, they didn't even answer the phone. I  called five times in a row because I couldn't find the building when I was returning the car and no answer. I literally had to go to the airport, park illegally, run out of the car and waive down the advantage bus, and then make him lead me there so I could follow him.

All in all, this is a shit company and I hope they go out of business for their shitty employees and shitty cars.

Alaina K. | 2014-05-28

I had a great experience with advantage yesterday, due to Alma. She was so accommodating. Went above and beyond for us regarding a rental we were dropping off but were not sure we would make our flight. She held the car for us, and gave us her number to call her. If we made our flight she would cancel us out and if we didn't, we would not have to rent another car, she would hold ours. Not many companies would do that. She's a star in my eyes & would def rent here again.

Jorge T. | 2014-05-09

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! You live & you learn! My friend and I rented a car here last week. We pre-paid for the vehicle and she was charged TWICE on her credit card. We added the full tank option for $60 and when all was said and done we paid $73 for gas! That's absurd because we only rented a Chrysler 200! They are liars, crooks, and UNPROFESSIONAL! Are they related to AT&T!? I digress... They are such a bad company that they can't afford an office at the airport. They can only afford a maid's closet at the PB Hilton! AGAIN DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM HERE!

Korie C. | 2014-05-02


The advantage representatives are scammers. When my elderly mom arrived today at the West Palm Beach Airport location the manager Mark Lakes told my mom that she had to have proof of insurance. She provided her insurance card which is expired (but she has valid insurance) and then instead of asking her for a new card (insurance companies can e-mail and fax it) he told her she was required to purchase their insurance. My mom has not rented a car before and so she accepted and called me upset as she is on a budget.

They also said they were charging her $350 deposit and would refund it when she returned the car. I have rented hundreds of cars and have never had to give a deposit upfront or been ask for my insurance card. It is my belief that the management is using fraudulent tactics to get customers to upgrade. I called to have the insurance dropped on my mom's behalf and the manager, Mark Lakes, told me that is was not possible because insurance was required, when I explained to him that my mom had coverage his story changed and he said he couldn't refund it because we paid in full. Once I argued that point he said he could no longer speak to me because my name was not on the reservation. I told him I would connect my mom on the line and he said he had to see her in person.

I am not sure what the corporate policies of Advantage are, but I feel that this employee and location is not representing them and if they are, then I guess they call themselves Advantage because that's what they do, take advantage of people. So sad...

Aaron B. | 2013-08-18

Good luck getting through to anyone over there. No one ever picks up the phone at the office .

Josh P. | 2013-07-17

DO NOT PICK!!! - picked this rental car for cheap price but that comes at a price(terrible customer service). To start the shuttle drive for advantage was very unfriendly. We forgot to ask where to drop off the car or even write down where we to the car so we tried to call but every try nobody picked up. Even when we called the 800 number it brought us in a merry go round back to the original number with a voicemail! Overall good deal if you can put up with the lack of customer service.

Amy D. | 2013-05-21


Not only did we wait forever and have awful customer service. ....

But the worst part is I had gotten a camera ticket for running a red light (turning left just as the light turned red!)  The police station sent my ticket to the rental car company and the Advantage never sent me my ticket!! Now I am fighting with the collection agency about owing over 3 times the amount of the original ticket!  Advantage won't do a thing about it because they said we never paid a $35 processing fee that so we could have the ticket on time... unbelievable!!

Not only did this happen.. but our online quote for a price was no where near what we actually paid... This place is AWFUL!!!!

Michael F. | 2013-03-02

Not as bad as people are saying on here. Any seasoned traveller knows how to stay away from the up-sells. They do only have one shuttle so you just have to be prepared for that. Their cars are offsite at a hilton hotel and there is only one person to check you in or out. No one showed us where our car was so we had to wander the parking lot searching for it. All that said the car was great a 2013 Chevy. Very clean and had no issues. We paid $61 for 3 days and there were no hidden fees

Adam W. | 2013-02-24

This place is not even deserving of 1 star.   Hindsight being 20/20 I would have forked over the extra to use a reputable rental agency.  

1)  Rental Shuttle and counter experience.    

We booked knowing this place was offsite and their website and our confirmation indicated the shuttle would make rotations every 30 minutes.   Not a huge deal to wait.  We located our bags and walked past the rental counters looking for Advantage,  well they did not have a counter so we figured just call and get the shuttle.   We went out to the shuttle pickup area and tried to call,  left a voicemail.   Waited,  waited,  waited, waited.   20 minutes later we call again and leave another voicemail.   Waited,  waited, waited.   15 minutes later we call again and finally someone picks up the phone and tells us the counter is at the Hertz desk.  

We go to the Hertz desk and there is a lady off to the side with absolutely no signage indicating it was for Advantage car rental.   We express our displeasure to her of the situation and lack of information on the process.   She tells us it is their first day at that counter and everything used to be handled offsite.   Wonderful!!   Thanks for having that information on your site or maybe a courtesy email to people with existing reservations.  

2)  Rate

Rentals in south Florida are outrageous to say the least.  We rented a subcompact (aka cheapest) car for $120 which covered the 2 day rental - pickup at 11:00 AM and drop off at Noon on return.  Input all this information on their website and got the confirmation.  

On the shuttle ride over we started reviewing the contract and noticed the estimated charges were $160,  or about the same as the reputable agencies we skipped to save a few bucks.   We decided to address this at the offsite desk before we left with the car.  

The guy at the offsite location was EXTREMELY RUDE and stated that we picked the car up early.   Looking at the paperwork the contract was printed at 10:56AM - 4 minutes early,  when we brought up the ridiculousness of this situation he snapped back that our rental began at noon.   Thankfully in the age of smart phones we told him our confirmation said 11:00AM and he responded 'well ours shows noon' to which we pointed out the confirmation to him - he snapped back 'will you let me finish?'.   After some grumbling and key banging he fixed the rate to what we booked.

The two couples in front of us at the offsite location seemed to have similar rate discrepancies from their email.  Seems to be a common theme with this place.  

3)  Car

Holy filthy,  clapped out and banged up car.   This car was in ROUGH shape,  dirty and it smelled awful.  

AVOID Advantage rental car.   This is not our first bad experience with them,  previously we rented from them at Ft. Lauderdale airport and while the service there was good and they did not play these rate games the car we received there was in even worse and in downright dangerous condition with the tires worn bald.  

Pay the extra money and rent from the reputable nationwide agencies.

J H. | 2013-02-15

If I could give them no stars I would!  We should have known something was weird... The day we arrived, we waited for a good 20+ min to be picked up while all the other rental company shuttles had already made 2 and 3 rounds! I called the number..and it was only voicemail. I left a message and no one returned my call. When they did arrive, the shuttle driver said that there were no available rental cars. This....even though we had reserved a vehicle.  We were just left to fend for ourselves.  Thanks you very much.   STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!  Will never again use this company!

Pablo P. | 2013-01-14

Terrible place, not professional at all, staff is almost rude. Def worth paying a bit more and getting more confident service. And they are deceiving, do not rent with them, trust me!

A A. | 2012-10-29

Stay Away.  The worst car rental experience ever from someone who rents cars nationwide almost on a weekely basis for work.  

1. Filthy Car - The car we received should not have been rented.  After jumping in the car and running to my meetings, I started noticing an awful smell, and after stopping and checking my shoes - I realized it was the car. I had to stop again and buy not one but two car deodorizers.

2. Back Seat Armrest Surprise - I had to drive work colleagues, and one sat in the back. When he put down the armrest to place his starbucks coffee cup. He found what looked like vomit that someone left inside the armrest,and was not cleaned by local rental company. I showed the picture to the person we returned the car to at another florida airport location, and he could not believe it.

3. Deceptive Sales Practices at Counter - When we went to pick up the car, the person who checked me in told me (now quoting directly from him) "Here at Advantage, we do things differently, we charge for your fuel upfront and you bring it back empty" Not offering me an option, but telling me it is "how advantage does things".  It was only later that I realized he charged us an extra $52.00 for this "advantage required option" - which when i returned the care with half a tank - I was told by their own was not required.

Unbelievable that these folks are supposedly own by Hertz.

Walk vs. renting from these folks.

Elizabeth P. | 2012-01-31

So I picked out this car rental company (and, indeed, planned my trip to fly in and out of PBI rather than FLL) because, according to Travelocity, its rate was much, much lower than any of the other car rental companies.  Turns out there are reasons for that.

Car rental was actually just fine until I returned the car.  Signage was not great, but I remembered enough from when the shuttle dropped me off that I could leave the car in approximately the right place in the parking lot, and then headed in to the office to check in.  Three employees were sitting there, and one hopped up immediately to help me.

Just as I opened my mouth to say that I was returning a car, the phone rang and he answered it, which I thought was a little odd: there were, after all, two other employees who could have answered the phone, but whatever.  I made hopeful eye contact with the other two employees, who merely smiled blandly and said, "He'll be right with you."

So I waited about fifteen minutes while Employee #1 was on the phone, and Employees #2-3 sat, not waiting on me, saying every few minutes, "He'll be right with you."

Employee #2 eventually decided that maybe Employee #1 was not going to be right with me, so he did get up and help me return my car.  I said, "and we need a ride to the airport", and he said, "of course", so I went and sat in the driverless shuttle.

After a few minutes of waiting and not going anywhere, I looked at my bill.  The rate was a bit steeper than I remembered it being, and close inspection revealed that I had been charged for insurance that I had specifically declined when I picked up the car.  Because it was clear the shuttle wasn't going anywhere, I went back in to try getting it sorted out.

Employee #1 was off the phone and now helping another customer, whom he immediately dropped to answer my question.  (Employees #2-3 were sitting in the corner again.)  He told me there was nothing he could do, and gave me a phone number to call.  I asked two more times for a ride to the airport, and he said, "of course", and went back to the customer he was supposed to be waiting on.  By now, about thirty minutes had elapsed since I first arrived to drop off the car.  I went up to Employees #2-3 and asked, again, for a ride to the airport. Employee #3 then happily jumped up and drove the shuttle.

I called the phone number Employee #1 gave me several times, at several different times of day, over the course of the next few days, and no one ever answered (not even an answering machine).  I emailed the company, and no one answered.  I emailed Travelocity, who very promptly and politely responded that there was nothing they could do.  I found a different phone number for Advantage Rent a Car and called them.  After being on hold for about ten minutes, someone answered who firmly, although not rudely, informed me that there was nothing he could do, and told me to call the West Palm Beach location.  I called the location, started to leave a message on the answering machine, at which point Employee #4 picked up the phone mid-message, and told me that she had only been working there for a month and a half and didn't know what to do, and told me to call back the next morning and talk to Alma, who had been working there the longest.

So the next morning, I called Alma.  I gave her the rental number, which she said was not helpful, then gave her my name and started to tell her my story, at which point she said, "You are the most [unintelligible] person in the world, honey!" and hung up on me.  I called back a few times, but no one answered (possibly using the answering-machine call-screening technique employed by Employee #4).

So if, after hearing my story, you would still like to patronize the West Palm Beach Intl Airport Hilton Hotel Advantage Rent a Car, a few words of advice for you:

1.  The fare may look very inexpensive, but it may also include hidden fees (even if they don't charge you for something you didn't ask for, you'll have to pay a "concession recovery fee", which makes up for the discount displayed by Travelocity), so make sure to allow for that in your budget.
2. If, when you land at the airport, and you don't see a shuttle, call and ask for it to pick you up: it might not ever come otherwise.
3. When picking up your car, read every word of the rental agreement before you sign anything, just in case they deliberately added something you didn't verbally agree to.  (Every other rental car agreement I've ever signed also required additional initials next to the insurance agreements, to make sure the customer understands they're optional: there were no such initial locations in this agreement.  So seriously, allow the extra forty minutes to read the entire fine print.)
4. When picking up the car, ask for a print copy of your agreement; you might not get one otherwise.
5. When returning the car, allow plenty of time.
6. If you need a ride back to the airport, make sure you specifically ask each indiv