Toyota of Tampa Bay in Tampa, FL

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We are Tampa and We are Toyota of Tampa Bay! Please take note that our Service hours and Sales hours to vary to a degree and it is always best to check our dealership website for exact hours of departmental operation. We are a new Toyota Car Dealership in Tampa, FL. We also retail all makes and model used cars and are a new Scion Dealership. We are just miles from Wesley Chapel as well as Downtown Tampa. We are just East of I-275 on Fletcher Avenue towards the University of South Florida.

We are a Morgan Auto Group Dealership.


Established in 2005.

The store was formerly Precision Toyota (owned by Frank Morsani) on Florida Avenue before being purchased by Jason Kuhn (of Kuhn Honda VW) and Larry Morgan (Morgan Auto Group). The store is now 100% owned by the Morgan Auto Group lead by Larry and Brett Morgan.

The store for a short time did business as Kuhn Morgan Toyota Scion before becoming Toyota of Tampa Bay.

The dealership has won numerous accolades including Toyota's President's Award and is heavily involved in the Greater Tampa Bay Community.

Toyota of Tampa Bay is a full service dealership including Body Shop (Collision), Toyota Parts, Toyota Pre-Owned (Used Cars) & Certified Vehicles, New Toyota Cars and New Toyota Trucks and a full Service center with expanded service hours for your convenience. The store also has an in house cinema and deli for your enhanced experience.

Toyota of Tampa Bay

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 579-3800
Address:1101 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL, 33612
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota of Tampa Bay

Brad E. | 2015-04-23

I went shopping for a car to lease here and from the first moment felt I was being fed a line of b.s., which was then borne out. For example, in comparing prices for two- and three-year leases, the salesperson assumed I wanted to pay $700 for the third-year, extended-care warranty on BOTH leases, even though one would only last two years. (Not to mention that I hadn't even said I wanted the extension at all.)

Then, when I pointed out that the costs for those leases were almost double what I'd seen advertised on the web, the salesperson put the blame on an inexperienced colleague elsewhere in the building who did the pricing. Next up was the cost to register the car. I was told that Florida charges $500 for new registrations. I didn't know the truth at the time, but showed my amazement and was assured that that was the sad reality. Only later, talking to an honest dealer, did I learn that it was much less.

I'm glad that I followed my instincts and walked out without sealing a deal. If you must work with this outfit, be careful, very careful. Walk in with an idea of what a fair price would be, watch out for the inevitable add-ons, and compare their offers with those of other Toyota dealers not that far away. (And be prepared to snap a photo of the proposal, as I wasn't allowed to take it with me, probably for fear it be used as evidence in court.)

Amy M. | 2015-04-15

I have bought several cars, and have been to multiple dealerships. This is one of the best I have ever been to! They are honest, compassionate, and understanding. Ask for John he is awesome took such great care of me.

Melissa C. | 2015-03-19

Had a bad experience, Brett the social media guy, and Jason the manager convinced me to give them another shot. Kudos to them tracking down angry customers and making things better. Thanks guys.

Shabba R. | 2015-03-02

My wife loves this place!

We haven't purchased a vehicle from them, but she has the oil changes for her Lexus done here.  Depending on the day of the week, they offer free manicures (just make sure you tip the nail tech!).  Hard to argue with a $25 oil change that comes with something that would have cost her $20 (she says that's about the level of manicure you get, not a $50+ one of course), so effectively a $5 oil change for people who also like to get their nails done regularly.

Other days of the week they have other things going on while you wait, such as movies with free popcorn.  There's also a kids play area if you have rug rats who need to be kept occupied.  The dealer area, bathrooms, service area, etc. are all clean and the staff are friendly.

Really hard to beat compared to a $20 oil change at Jiffy Lube where the person doing the work was likely flipping burgers a few weeks prior and the bathroom requires doing the hover move with the toilet since you're scared to sit on it.

Virginia N. | 2015-02-02

I had an accident two weeks ago and I took it to Toyota of Tampa Bay  they  did excellent job, I am very happy it looks like brand new and customer service wonderful  :)

Sue J. | 2015-01-04

Buyer beware, total bait and switch operation.  Dad called ahead to check on a car listing, was told that the vehicle had all the features he wants.  Upon arrival, they "can't find" the car but would like him to look at all kinds of other vehicles.  Thank goodness Dad knows what he wants and would have none of it.

Andrea D. | 2014-12-07

Just don't buy a car from this place.

Nikki A. | 2014-10-17

The staff here was very helpful, courteous, and efficient when my husband was shopping for a new car. They continue to provide good customer service after the purchase. We are completely happy with the price and product offered at this Toyota dealership.

Kenneth D. | 2014-10-03

The sales rep was nice but the manager was rude. The score reflects only his performance. He sat down and immediately looked at us like we were idiots. We were offered a great deal from another Toyota dealership and he said they would beat their deal. His offer was $9,000 more than the other dealer and he tried to convince me otherwise. I told him I would stick with our 2011 car and he gives me a ridiculous look and says "but this is new?" I responded "that's okay, I'll manage. He then sarcastically smirks "Good Luck with that". This man was extremely cocky and treated us like we were idiots.

Service department called and said our car was done. 30 minutes later, we went to the counter and they couldn't find our car paperwork. 10 minutes later, they find the paperwork and tried to charge me extra for my oil change. I told them I don't normally pay that much. 10 minutes later, they came back and charged me the normal amount.

I wonder how many people get screwed over by this dealership.

Dennis R. | 2014-10-03

Thank you for complying with all promises and above. Today I got most of the items promised and the items that were not done, I got an appointment for. The service Tech, Dusty did an A+ service,  above and beyond of my expectations. The GM Mike, honor his word on everything he promised he will do for me. I am very please with all involved with the purchase of my new Toyota Tacoma 2015. I did change my opinion about the Dealer, although the still have some bad apples, that need replacement or retraining,  for the advantage  of the Business.  The only thing that I do not like, is the waiting in the car for the service advisor. It was better before. Do not fix what is not broken. Otherwise,  Great Job everyone! David Farner,  also kept all his promises as a Gentleman and so the GM/ Owner.

Di H. | 2014-08-26

Worst place ever for repairs and handling customers at their Collision Center.
3 years ago they did not want to make valid my car warranty to repair a sensor on the catalytic converter on my truck. They wanted to charge me $1600+...I refuse and decided to go to the Courtesy Toyota in Brandon. They have much better staff and excellent customer service.
In addition, I've been dealing with a refund issue at  their Collision Center since Feb 2014, they were supposed to clarify with Enterprise the charges on a car rental and it's been 5+ months and haven't heard from either side....ridiculous.....worst customer service ever at this location and their connection with Enterprise Fletcher & Nebraska branch

Derek N. | 2014-08-22

And the horrible customer service continues.....

As a Toyota owner I take pride and joy in owning a Toyota 4Runner. After a recent car accident in June, in which I was hit sitting at a red light, I opted to take my 2010 Toyota 4Runner to Toyota of Tampa Bay on E. Fowler in Tampa, Florida. Based on the experience that I have encountered and currently encountering with them, I can honestly say I will never recommend ANY Toyota dealership for vehicle repairs. I am almost speechless by the lack of customer service, care and respect that they have showed myself and ESPECIALLY my 4Runner.  

After my 4Runner was taken to the shop, it was determined by Toyota of Tampa Bay that the frame of the car had been damaged and that this damage was enough that it needed to be replaced. The speed and efficiency I began experiencing was slow, 1-2 weeks before it was determined. It took them another 2 weeks to find a new frame and have it delivered (I was quoted 4 weeks and this is the only good thing that has happened); which is understandable considering how hard it is to find a frame.  On July 24th or 25th Toyota Collision shop notified me that the frame had arrived and that they were going to start work on it the beginning of the next week.

On 8/11/2014 I drove to Toyota of Tampa Bay to see the ACTUAL progress on my truck, since they had been working on switching the frame over for 2 weeks at this point. I was escorted to view my 4Runner and found that they had only lifted the body off the old frame, which was still underneath the vehicle with the complete drive train still in it. On the walk over I was shown my new frame (the one they said they had been working on) was outside strapped on the shipping pallets it had arrived on. I was told the reason why no work had been done on it for 2 weeks was because they could not get two open bays so that my old frame could be in one and the other would be the new frame to switch it over. The day I walked through there were MULTIPLE OPEN BAYS NEXT TO EACH OTHER.

On Monday August 18th I was called and told that the tech dropped my rear bumper and it needed to be re-painted due to scratches from the drop. I was informed that it would be ready by Tuesday Aug 19 or Wednesday August 20 at the latest. I called Tuesday and was told (By Kevin L.) they had not painted it yet but I was told that they would paint it on Wednesday. When I called back on Wednesday (Aug 20 late afternoon) to ask if it was ready, I was told that it had not made it to the paint booth yet and that I should be ready on August 21.

On August 21, I was called and notified that it was ready!!!! I was excited to get this nightmare process over with and move on with my life.  The problems started when I had my fiancé turn on the car and it started to rattle by the rear exhaust. We then began to inspect all the lights, which worked. It was when she put the rear window down and back up was when I became infuriated. When the window went up it was clearly evident that my 4Runner was never inspected and there is major problems with the repair. The window had two major vertical scratches that scratched my window tint off and damaged the window. This clearly was never checked during the repair and replacement of my rear lift gate. She then noticed grease/dirt covering the handles in the car, the ceiling of the car and the trim paneling around the vehicle. In the back seat she noticed on our back seat cover (for our dogs) was covered in grease. The seats were never placed back into a normal sitting position, which clearly exposed the under carpet which was not properly secured back like factory.  There is superglue on the door handle, on the driver's side passenger door handle with a fingerprint on it. The rear bumper is loose and the bolts weren't even screwed in tightly and could have been removed with fingers. The rear door chrome 4Runner emblem had been scratched up during the repair process as if no care was taken in the repair of my truck. The paintwork is on the rear lift gate clearly identifies that this vehicle has been repainted or been in an accident. The new chrome accent on the rear bumper is scratched. The problems continued and I became more frustrated and mad. I DID NOT ACCEPT MY 4RUNNER BACK.

J J. | 2014-04-21

I wish I would have never stepped foot into this dealership.  I felt taken advantage of and did not have a fair experience. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone.  I will not be back for my next lease. I will drive to another dealership before returning. I love my car and enjoy driving it just NOT the price. I learned a very hard life lesson, and now I am paying WAY more than I should be. :(((

Mark G. | 2014-03-30

I drove over 2.5 hours to buy a car from this dealership, despite having numerous dealers closer to me - one only 10 mins away.  Why did I do this?  I'll tell you why.

Every other dealer I talked to wanted to play games with either the interest rate or the price.  My local dealer promised a terrific deal, only to renege when I went in to sign the papers.  Then offered to give me the deal back, but only if I purchased GAP insurance and an extended warranty, which would have ended up being MORE than the deal itself.  They were disrespectful, dishonest, and unprofessional.  They're on Merritt Island, in case you're wondering.  Another dealer kept pushing SETF financing, but here's the deal, they add a couple percentage points to the Toyota advertised deal.  They want you to take 4.99% to get the best out the door price.  They then tell you that you can just refinance in 6 months and you'll save...blah blah blah.

Here's how my transaction with Toyota of Tampa went.

6:30pm on a Sat night.   Call to find out if vehicle is in stock.  Speak with a very professional and to the point gentleman named Bruno Constantinescu.  I asked him for his best price.  He was straight to the point and told me his lowest price, which I felt was very fair.  Over 4k off of sticker on a 41k truck.  He emailed me pictures of the truck and of the buyer's order, showing me the out the door price.  I told him that I don't want to play games - that the price better not change.  I thought about it for 30 mins, then gave him a call and put down a deposit.

Sun morning - drove 2.5 hours to Tampa, met Bruno, test drove the car, and began the paperwork.  Nothing changed, no hard sells on options, finance guy was also great, managers were nice and professional.  Smooth transaction all the way.  Drive home in a nice truck..

Sun afternoon - pull into the parking lot of the local Toyota dealership, honk the horn like crazy, flip them the bird while yelling out how they're a bunch of liars, and cruise home happy as a lark.  

If you need a straightforward deal with honest people, go to this dealership and ask for Bruno!

Adam T. | 2014-03-21

Bought a new Corolla this week. Dealt with Nestor Quintero, absolutely professional! Great experience, no pressure.

Charles O. | 2014-02-24

Do not go at night! Went to drop of my Tundra tonight, 2/24, leaving it for a scheduled service appointment in the morning. I arrived at 7:20pm. Three young guys on duty, three service administrators on duty, and only two customers ahead of me.  At 8:00pm I still had not been taken care of and finally had to get vocal to get noticed. (Supposedly, they stay open to 9:00pm. Not sure that is a good idea with such bad service.) I was only dropping of my truck for a scheduled appointment. I waited 40 minutes to sign paperwork in order to leave my vehicle. And if that isn't  bad enough service for you, their shuttle service did not run that late, so I asked my wife to pick me up. She too got to wait for 40 minutes. She too was pissed. You can imagine how fun the rest of the evening was after that. I rate this particular evening with Toyota of Tampa Bay as absolutely horrific, pathetic, and inexcusably awful service. No idea if night is always this bad?

Michael W. | 2014-01-23

Ah, the old car dealership. Is there really any other environment more stressful in the world? Probably, but not many. To say I was pleasantly surprised, would be an understatement.

We all know how these places can go from accommodating to "doesn't give a sh*" quite quickly. Not here! Our salesman Jeff was such a great guy in general, and was quick to give us all the info on the vehicle we wanted, and when he realized what we didn't want(pushy salesman, all sorts of unnecessary upgrades, ect.) he didn't continue to try the old salesman tactics of yesteryear.

So, we decided on the vehicle we wanted, 14 Corolla, and the process from choosing the right car, to the finalizing of the deal, was quick and painless. Skilled surgical precision here. We even got a total "out the door" price and didn't bite just then. We had to think about it. Now here is when most dealers try to do all manner of craziness to get you to purchase now. Well, they knew instinctually that we didn't work that way, and didn't try any of those old school tactics, like keep switching salesman, trying to goad us into making a deposit so we can drive off then and there. You know the deal. No, they were understanding, and that made all the difference. After a good night's rest, and mulling over other offers(some a tad lower, but not nice people), we decided to go where they treated us with the most respect and understanding, Toyota of Tampa Bay!

Now you must be asking yourself; why not the 5 star? Well, I must see how the other departments handle themselves to give a true 5* rating. Judging just on the sales team, Jeff and crew definitely get a 5, but to judge the whole place solely on them, is not right in my eyes.

In closing, thanks to Jeff at TOTB, for a great experience, and I definitely will tell anyone in need of a new Toyota, to definitely come here if you can.

Kapil G. | 2013-12-30

Bad customer service. Had been calling for appt for last 3 days, always goes to someone's voicemail and no returns the call. Finally got someone today who put me on hold for next 10 mins, and then told me that they are very busy to even take calls. Put me back on hold, never came back. Not sure how dealership runs business and gets good reviews.

Cece C. | 2013-11-15

It's been over a year since my first review - time for an update. I'm upping to five stars because Toyota of Tampa Bay has never failed to give me a good deal or some kind of discount in the past year, and I appreciate that. I can't speak on the amenities since I usually come at night when they're no longer offered... but nighttime service is where it's at. No wait, usually a price reduction after 7pm (though I usually get a student discount), laid back atmosphere and you're in and out in less than an hour.

In my previous review I stated that I was once overcharged for some "extras" that I didn't sign for - that hasn't happened since that initial visit. Just be sure to ask for a breakdown of everything they're doing before and after maintenance. And get a quote on any recommended service. Usually, it's not as expensive as you would expect at a dealership.

Overall, I'm happy to take my little SUV here every 5,000 miles. It doesn't break the bank to keep my car running smoothly and while I get a lot of miles every month, so far so good with no major problems.

Cameron G. | 2013-10-30

I went to ToTB for a recall issue.  I had an appointment and showed up on time.  I had no problems finding where to take my car, but things went south after that.  The guy took my car and gave me vague directions to head inside.  Once I got there, there were a lot of bored and confused looking people just standing around.  All the employees were really busy, so I just sat for a while.  Eventually someone called my name and told me that the recall inspection would take 3 hours.  So, I went for a walk.  Luckily, there's a really good taco place down the street.  Anyway, they finished my car after two hours and I headed home.  I was pleased that they finished "early" -- they said it would take three hours -- but two hours was still a while for an inspection, considering that I had an appointment.

Ameesh P. | 2013-10-06

Oil changes are a way I spend a lot of my free time with my countless miles of commuting and travelling these days.  I was surprised to see a $19.99 oil change and rotation coupon in the mail and decided this would be the next stop when one of my babies needed some attention.  The online system they use makes it very easy to schedule an appointment and so do their hours of 7am-7pm during the week and some extended weekend hours.

I was greeted very rapidly by a porter as I arrived and my service adviser, Elga, was quick to get all of my information and the process started.  I decided to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in the lower level customer lounge and get caught up on some work email and happenings.  Before I knew it Elga was there to let me know that my car was done and my daily driver with almost 100k miles was in tip top shape.  The cashier and porter were both quick to get me on my way again, also.  Less than an hour for an oil change and easy on my wallet at a busy dealer, I'll take that any day.  This is more than I can say for their competitor in Wesley Chapel, who took over 2 hours to just do a simple oil change without the rotation the last time I needed one.  Toyota of Tampa Bay, you'll see me again in 5k miles...And keep those coupons coming!

April S. | 2013-09-18

Sure, everyone wants to get quick and dependable service with a friendly attitude. Toyota certainly delivers on that! But have you ever heard of a service center that provides free manicures, free theater style movies, free massages, free internet access, free coffee, free car washes, a TV viewing area, and a cafe? Well THAT is what I call customer service! It's just another reason why I LOVE Toyota!

Valera R. | 2013-08-29

First, let me begin by saying I love Toyota of Tampa Bay and perhaps what happened yesterday was an aberration with their service department. Check in was fine, but the wait for an estimate was VERY long. Then the wait for the shuttle service was VERY long. After getting called that my car was ready, I was told the shuttle was on the way to pick me up. After two hours and no shuttle, I called them and they had forgotten me. How do you forget a customer? After finally getting back to the dealer ship and paying my invoice, they couldn't find my keys. I finally get home and realize they have failed to install valve caps on the 4 new tires I just bought from them and they failed to wash the car. They also failed to give me the gift certificate that was included with the tires. I had taken another car of mine in a week before and the service went fine, however, again they failed to wash it. I did call and speak with the service manager and he was very apologetic. Hopefully this won't every happen again.

Yoomi P. | 2013-08-15

Let's just say I walked in a skeptic and left a believer! I absolutely despise all car dealerships in Tampa, except for this one. I feel like the car industry in Tampa is very shady with no one to trust...but after my experience here I feel like I've finally found a dealership I can trust in Tampa now. I owe my wonderful experience to Nick Waddell, Bob Novak, and Joe Hossain- THANK YOU! From the moment I met Nick Waddell, I knew I was in good hands which immediately put me at ease. Bob Novak deserves a lot of credit for putting up with my poker face and hard bargaining, I'm definitely not the easy customer. I'm the kind of customer who wants the best deal and won't take no for an answer! I was adamant about not making a decision that day but Nick and Bob offered me the best deals and made the process so painless that I just couldn't say no. I felt so confident with what they were offering me that I went from being a 'no' customer to being a 'YES' customer. That says a lot because, like I said, I can be a hard bargainer. Last, but not least, Joe Hossain was like the cherry on top...he made the dreadful paperwork process not so dreadful with his sweet and kind manner. The dealership closed at 9pm and these guys stayed past 10p to help get me in my new car. I didn't even hear not one complaint from either one, not even Joe and it was his birthday (Yes he was working late on his birthday)! These guys are dedicated, trustworthy, all-around great people. So glad I went in that day and chose that specific dealership and dealt with those specific people. I never thought I would ever say anything like this about a car dealership. Ever. Props to the higher ups for keeping the morale and integrity of the staff at such a high level! I'M A BELIEVER IN TOYOTA OF TAMPA BAY!!!! THANK YOU NICK WADDELL!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

Jason C. | 2013-07-28

I'll definitely be returning!! The check-in process could have gone more efficiently and the kids room could have used a better cleaning, but they got far more things right.  The movie theater upstairs, along with free massages, was very nice.  They also have a very good cafe and additional waiting areas on the main floor.  Our customer service rep, Zach, couldn't have been better!!  He found additional warranties that covered things I was having done, and he was very courteous when we'd been there longer than expected - Saturdays are the busiest.

Natasha P. | 2013-05-21

Cheaper than Lexus for sure. I really appreciate the ride home to pick up my lap top so i can work while I wait for my car.

Regina S. | 2013-05-18

If you are going to purchase a car...THE ONLY person to purchase from is Mr. Jim Adams.  Super easy going, no pressure.  He even bought me lunch during the waiting period to get everything done.

I also must add that Mr. Nick Waddell the Finance Director stepped up and went BEYOND what would be considered o.k. customer service and turned my total purchase experience into FANTASTIC customer service.   I will go back and purchase from this dealership in the future and I HIGHLY recommend you do too.

Amy V. | 2013-04-25

***Whatever you do, get yourself on their mailing list!***

I haven't paid more than $15.00 for an oil change in over six years! Bought my pre-owned 2002 Solara there back in 2007. It's been a great car, and she's still kickin'. Just checked today, 153K miles and counting. May she live forever! Amen.

I never come here without a coupon. ***They even take expired coupons!*** Sometimes I can get an oil change and tire rotation with coupon for $10.00. Sure, they might try to sell you on other services, but the task of saying "no" is worth the price. Pretty sure, though, that these deals only apply to Toyota models.

Plus, you can get a massage, manicure, watch a movie, eat at the cafe, or test drive your dream Toyota car while you wait!

I also have it on good authority that their auto body repair department, which services all makes and models, does excellent work.

Melissa V. | 2012-12-21

I am shocked at how bad the service truly is.

I bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma. When we bought this truck, everything went very smooth and the sales team was great - very helpful, accommodating and gave us a great deal. We even purchased additional coverage - the road hazard plan and we were told that this great treatment we were receiving would carry forward on through our services - blah blah blah.

Throughout the year, everything went on unremarkable, oil changes and scheduled maintenance services went A-OK. With the occasional "forgetting to wash the car" even after being reminded wasn't even a big deal.

An incident occurred where we needed their help. We called them looking for guidance. They were going to contact the company that our additional road hazard coverage was through (IT IS NOT THROUGH TOYOTA) and they instructed us to bring the truck in - this is something they deal with "all the time, they are going to take care of it for us".

I bring in the truck, and that is where it gets really hairy. 1st off, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a human on the phone that can help you. The receptionists who answer the phone have no responsibility in getting a service person on the phone. They just transfer and you always end up in a voice mail. Hours go by, 4 phone calls and voice mails later, still waiting to hear about what is going on with the truck.

Our insurance claim was denied because Toyota Service team missed the necessary steps in order to prove to insurance that this was a claim to be covered by insurance - then tried to blame me for it. After countless days and hours wasted on the phone and me just about in tears on the phone in frustration, the sales manager finally got on the phone and came to a conclusion of taking care of it on his end, apologized and I thought it was finally over.

Honestly, the worst part of this experience is that the entire time it was pretty much impossible to get any management on the phone, I called numerous times, spoke with many different people, none of which could help me or physically go get someone on the phone who could help me. This is very frustrating to say the least.

This occurred a few months back - and what do you know, their accounting department just double charged my credit card for the incident that happened a few months ago that the Service manager said he was going to take care of. Thanks to lack of communication on their behalf I am right back at square one.
Once again, days of calling, leaving messages talking to people who "are going to call back shortly"  but never do, I just want to cry right now over this frustration they continue to cause me. This has been going on for a week (AGAIN) and  I am over it, I am eating the charges because I do not have the time or patience to go through the in-competencies and empty promises of customer care which has proven time and time again to get me no where.

It's pretty hilarious and ironic that you can get massages, manicures and watch movies while you wait to get your car maintenance. But try getting some help when you need it and they are completely unresponsive and cold.


I run a few businesses and it blows my mind that they are running theirs in this manner. They are too big for their britches and you will be nothing but a number, not an appreciated customer as advertised.

P M. | 2012-12-09

They must be getting too much business as they are not eager to get any more.

Went today to the dealership. Walked in twice to used car center and no body was around to help. Spent 30 minutes walking around the lot still no one. A sales person saw me but did not bother to greet or ask if I needed help.

Drove back home after wasting 30 minutes.

Eleni D. | 2012-09-12

They give manicures and massages as they process your paperwork. Beats waiting in a cramped office staring at a paperweight for two hours. Great car selection, both new and used. Definitely worth a look if you're in the market for a new car.