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Stadium Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 872-4881
Address:5088 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL, 33614

Reviews on Stadium Toyota

Denisha O. | 2015-03-03

My car recently died after purchasing it at a well known buy here pay here rip off lot and I needed to get in a vehicle fast. I prayed and figured I would call up Stadium Toyota and see if they could work with an application over the phone I filled out a few months prior when I did not have money for a down payment. My sister and I spoke on the phone with a sales consultant by the name of Mose Smith. He really went above and beyond to get all our finance information worked out to let us know if we could get approved for a loan. Once we were approved he  didnt just send the shuttle service to us, he actually came and picked us up. Once at the dealership we went for a test drive and picked out a color. Everyone at the dealership was nice to us and we were very comfortable while we waited and signed the final paperwork. I have to say with the whole experience Mose did not snub us for the less than desirable credit or overtalk us because we were females. He was realistic but empathetic to our paticular situation and we were blessed that he answered the phone that day. Everyone at Stadium Toyota is great but Mose really does go above and beyond for his customers.

Todd W. | 2015-01-03

While I did not close a deal here, Stadium Toyota did everything right in a real quality effort to make me happy and sell me a new vehicle.

I went in for Toyotathon nationally advertised prices on various two-year leases and that's exactly what they showed me. No suprises or claims that I didn't qualify for the deals.

Ric Deleary is a VIP Sales Consultant that came highly recommended and he lived up to that reputation. Ric spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone and in person over the span of a week and at no point did I feel he was pressuring me.

His approach was very simple and he never tried to talk me into anything I didn't ask about first.

Unfortunately, the interior look of the new Corolla was simply not appealing to me and the Camry was just more car than I wanted, even though they offered it to me at an extremely good price.

As a Toyota owner for the previous 20 years, I apprieciate how good Ric was to me and how comfortable I was at this dealership.

I would highly recommend him and Stadium Toyota to anyone in the market for a vehicle and wants to check out the Toyota brand.

M B. | 2014-12-17

I would never think to review a car dealership but when I was looking I couldn't find many reviews for Toyota dealerships in Tampa.

I got the car for my father. They were helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Very clean facility. We compared a few other Toyota dealerships (including the one on Fletcher) before visiting Stadium. Stadium was by far the best. They were offering the best deal and with no gimmicks. Fair trade-in-value. Extremely impressive customer service and while they are kind, you dont get the BS you get in other places. Tom Jones was excellent, as is the nephew of the GM there (whose name I forget). Neither felt like your average car salesman, and went above the call of duty both in small details - like emailing parking directions prior to the appt - and in large ones, like driving 30 min away for signatures to get the deal done.

I've already recommended them to others.

Susan R. | 2014-11-02

This is our 3rd time buying a car here, and there's a reason for that. I've read over some of the other reviews and can honestly say I've always had a great experience! This time my sales person was Raymond Martinez, easy going,no pressure likable guy!
Ask for him and you'll be glad you did!

Nikki A. | 2014-10-17

If I could give out zero stars, I would. This dealership directly lied to my husband and also did not honor one of their promotions. He went to get a new V6 Camry. The salesman initially courted him well about this model, but suddenly said he was sorry and that there is a stop on these sales until they can be inspected due to a recall. My husband asked if this would be in effect at other dealers and the salesman told him it that it would be in effect everywhere. He then proceeded to waste time trying to sell other models. Eventually, my husband left Stadium Toyota and, that same day, went to Toyota of Tampa Bay. They had several new V6 Camrys available, and he bought one in a few hours. Presumably, the salesman at Stadium Toyota realized they did not have any in stock and made something up. Another issue is that Stadium Toyota was offering a free gift card after test driving one of their vehicles. My husband test drove multiple cars there and they assured him they would process this gift card and send it to him. We have yet to receive it or any mention of it almost one month out. Unfortunately, we feel that once Stadium Toyota learned that my husband went with another dealership (information we offered when they continued to pursue us), they chose to drop their commitment to their promotion for us. That does not bode well for future customers, and we would definitely not recommend this dealership.

Nicholas K. | 2014-10-14

Avoid this place at all costs! I have had nothing but bad experiences at this place. The sales manager Paul is a complete slimeball, when you know you can get a much better deal elsewhere he will lie to your face and try to explain (lie) that there will be other hidden fees at the other dealer. The service center is a joke too. I have had the displeasure of dealing with Mike the service writer and he has nothing but excuses and denials that anything is wrong with your car that is under warranty. They try to deny as much warranty work as they can so their numbers look good for corporate. No regard for customer satisfaction, once they have your money they could care less if you are happy with your car of the service. Hands down the worst business I have ever dealt with.

Melissa K. | 2014-08-20

The staff is extremely friendly. The problem I have is that I took my care in for an unbeknownst to me known design flaw in the engine. I have a 2003 highlander for which a service bulletin was issued, but the service manager, Steve Williams, claimed he had no knowledge of the issue. This, despite his mechanics identifying the problem without even taking the engine apart. They refused to help out with the cost of a new engine, which is the only solution they provided to me despite a much cheaper fix of replacing the head gasket. Never again.

Mona S. | 2014-08-17

Got our 10k maintenance service today. We had an appointment at 8:30am but we got there 30minutes early. Their service was fast but very detailed. Everyone was nice and they have a decent customer lounge.. Not a BMW or Mercedes lounge where you can get free lunch/dinner but at least they offered free coffee.

Tip:, look for the free Starbucks coffee that they're giving. it's at the side where the sales rep offices are. *wink*

Jerome D. | 2014-08-01

I took my 2012 Prius in to get a right rear fender repaired. It was repair on time and the price was good. But when I got it home we noticed that the fender contour did match the other side. To male a long story short, I took it back and they said that they would correct it. Bit when I got it back it was the same. They told me it's better than when it came in. Really. Never again.

Jonathan H. | 2014-05-20

Scary... They inaccurately diagnosed my vehicle and the sales/ mechanic team were incredibly rude. Buyer beware!

Kristal C. | 2014-05-10

The most friendly staff I have ever met. They weren't aggressive and overbearing. They understood everything I wanted and needed and truly did their best in finding me the perfect car.

Laura S. | 2014-04-24

I take my Toyota Tundra there only because they have a $12.95 coupon for oil changes.  I had an employee take it there today and they legitimately brought someone else's filthy air filter in to him and told him that we needed a new one.  He called me and I told him it was just changed a month ago.  When he got the car back he looked at the current air filter and it wasn't even the same one the service advisor show him.  They are completely dishonest.  Service adviser was Justin Alba.  This type of behavior is what gets auto shops bad names.  We will never go back.  Did you know they get paid by commission too?  Conflict of interest I would think.

Kate R. | 2014-04-08

I purchased my car here. I love my car. sales people gotta do what they gotta do, I understand but still got a good deal on the purchase price and my trade in. Sales gets a B+. Service on the other hand...has been hit or miss. The Service Consultants are usually very pleasant and accommodating, as long as your car is under warranty. Unfortunately twice during two years, service work done has been subpar. Which ever mechanics have been servicing vehicles have been checking off that work was done and it has not been. I ran out of washer fluids, had low tire pressure, I could tell the brakes weren't done, rough idle, floor mats askew, etc after my 'services'. Very disappointing. I listen to my car, feel when things are off or wrong. First time this happened I called, and the problems were promptly fixed. Second time, after my last inspection before the end of my warranty, I called and got "sorry". I went in without an appointment and was directed to a man named Ariel Daniel. He was great. Thank you! When it comes to cars, it seems a calm voice and face to face confrontation seems to work.

Joel S. | 2014-01-31

Very impressed with customer service. Everyone was so helpful. I was greeted at the parking lot and was escorted to the Parts Dept when I mentioned it was my first time there. The place was very busy but very organized and very clean. For a car dealer this was impressive and will return for all my auto needs.

DeShawn M. | 2014-01-27

I purchased a used vehicle here over a month ago.  I have emailed, text, chatted, called and even messaged them on their facebook page and have not had a reply to a single one of my attempts to contact them.  I still don't have any information on my loan, I'm pretty sure my payment is due in a few days and I don't even have the loan paper 6 weeks after purchase.  I have no idea where to send the payment as they have not provided me with one bit of information on this.  I signed papers the evening of the purchase and never received a copy of some of them.  I bought extended warranties and don't even have copies of some of them.  I was promised they would replace a missing tire hub and at the time of purchase they put that on a piece of paper that I signed and when I received that part of the paper work that was mysteriously erased.  I have asked many times what a charge for $699 that says JMZA on my bill of sale is and no one has even answered that.  When I spoke to Corey S on their online chat over 2 weeks ago he said he would have them get all the info to me right away....still NOTHING!!  All emails I've sent which are about 7 or 8 of them at this time and all to different people I have not received a single reply to any email I've sent to them.  When purchasing the car they told me that they had just done a bunch of work on it, I asked for a copy of all of the work done on it for my records and never received that.  I've asked for all of this stuff at least 10 times.  Steve Titland, Vince, Corey S and Cleland were all people I have contacted during this time and not a single one has responded.  What a bunch of irresponsible crooks!!!!!!  I want to warn everyone about this place as far as buying a used car, DON'T DO IT IF YOU WANT ANY SERVICE AT ALL!!  DON'T DO IT IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED FAIRLY, DON'T DO IT IF YOU WANT TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH!!!!!!  I'm going to have to try and figure out on my own where to send my payment to and get the copy of my loan work from the bank that financed me, hopefully I can figure out which location financed me and they can help me since STADIUM TOYOTA DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT DOING THEIR JOB OR ASSISTING THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!  On top of all of this if anything happened I would have no idea who to call for any service on my extended warranties I purchased since I don't have a copy of at least half of that paperwork.  Going to have to make a trip up to Stadium Toyota yet again and try and get some of this paperwork and papers on work that was performed, etc.  Ridiculous since I have asked them to mail all of this stuff to me many, many times!!!!

Gerald M. | 2013-12-27

I have to agree with Jason M.  I have a 2008 Tacoma I have been taking to Toyota Stadium since moving to Tampa last year and have yet to have a bad experience. They are very polite and do a good job. They even send me reminders and coupons when it is time for maintenance.

Clayton L. | 2013-12-10

*** Update 10-17-2014 ***

My girlfriend took her car here to get a taillight replaced. When she got her car back, the rubber around the driver window was pulled out. She told the tech, who did absolutely nothing.

We will have it fixed. But never at Stadium Toyota. Never again.

You take your car in for a small repair and you get your car back damaged?!?


Bait & Switch! I was quoted one price for service over the phone and it was a completely different price when I actually showed up (after taking time away from work). I brought this to the service person's attention who just said, "Oh, no. This has always been the price." Maybe he should let the other service people know that!!!
If you stop here just make sure you have plenty of time to go somewhere else when they change whatever price you were quoted after you actually show up.

**Update: I did get the price knocked down a little at checkout but it was still over $100.00 more than I was quoted over the phone. IMO, this does not change the rating.

Jason M. | 2013-09-09

Contrary to the opposing reviews, I have enjoyed consistent and reliable service from Stadium Toyota. I have an aging Tacoma and they take a proactive but not overbearing maintenance approach.

I find them to provide dependable service at a fair price. No complaints after being a customer of 6 years and counting.

Ameesh P. | 2013-06-30

I recently purchased a used vehicle from this dealership and had some mixed emotions on my experiences here.  My sales people John and Ryan were great and John was really patient on my initial visit when I was deciding between two vehicles they had advertised.  He really took time to let me test drive both and did not try to pressure me into something I wasn't happy with.  Once I made a decision and started talking numbers, he was very accommodating and understanding of where I wanted to be with the vehicle I had chosen.  

My bad experience came from his manager, who I don't even think I got the name of, who was rude and brash.  The typical used car salesman applied to this individual who was anything but pleasant and came across very rudely.  His first words to me were "Why do you think you can just steal a vehicle from us?"  I don't know what decade this gentleman was raised it, but that is not the way to earn the business of a potential customer in my opinion.  I ended up leaving after the first day when a deal could not be reached as the manager was unwilling to move off the sales price advertised of the vehicle I looked at.  

A couple of days later an agreement on the price was reached as I suspected, and I was able to deal with John and Ryan to finalize the deal.  My second unfortunate experience came from the Finance person who was completing the final paperwork on the sale.  I waited for him for over 1.5 hours after the deal was reached to get me in and sign the final paperwork so that I could be on my way.  This individual tried to no end to sell me maintenance plans, extended warranties, and tire plans despite my telling him once he made his first pitch that this was a used vehicle that would be getting a lot of use and in decent condition so I would not be purchasing any of that.  There was literally 5 attempts to sell something until I became frustrated with the amount of time he was wasting with me in his office.  At that point he checked out and had the rest of the paperwork done in 5 minutes.  

Overall, very mixed feelings over this purchase.  I'm happy with the vehicle and with the salespeople, but not so much with the way management and finance runs in this place.  Surprised in 2013, people like that still exist.

Jason C. | 2013-04-14

Just took the wife's 2011 Toyota in for an oil change and was sadly disappointed by the customer service and cleanliness of the kids area.  The customer service agent inside was less than courteous - very short in coversation, no welcoming greeting, and was irritated I didn't have my keys with me when I walked in (they were with the other Staduim Toyota employee who was pulling my vehicle around).  Later, felt like the agent was trying some fear-up tactics to get me to buy a NEW battery (yes, for a 2011) and a $60 air filter.  The kids area was dismal - toys weren't cleaned and half of them dind't work.  I will not ever be returning to Stadium Toyota

Su I. | 2013-03-14

I bought my car from this dealership.  So I have gone back for maintenace, for the last two years.  Their service used to be so much better.  Usually when you pull your car in the service lane, they would have people come to greet you and ask you what service your car needs.  The last couple of times I have gone there I was confused, I stood by my car and waited for some to come by and no one.  I proceeded to the service entrace door and still don't know who to talk to to get service.  I finally approached someone with a name tag and he helped me, 30 mins later, another person said my car was ready.  Again, I didn't know where my car was parked, who has the key, where to pay for the service, etc.  Sigh next time I will try Jiffy Lube.

Kelly K. | 2013-02-21

Wonderful customer service with attention to detail. Rob Sabine, the Used car Manager is involved in every facet of purchases. They are warm and friendly to work with.

... it's a great company that offers a superior product. But it is Rob who makes it happen. His easy-going manner... here, consultant really means something other than salesperson. There's no push, no hard sell. Just answers to questions and advice on which Toyota fits you. Rob is the guy I call when I want to buy a car. Nuf' said.

David R. | 2013-01-23

my wife took her car for breaks issues , which after replacing many break pads.. it wasn't the issue. Finally after a  master technician looked at it , he found out what it was  and solved the problem... thank goodness it was still under warranty, The wasted time going back and forth , the lost  time off of work and with all the frustrations...they fianally offered her a free presidential detail which its $150.00 value from what was told. My wife thought that would compensate after being  exhausted...

well to put the icing on the cake...WOW what  an awful detail job they did. I mean... it seems all  they did is add tons of amour all to the interior, engine and a quick  vacuum...the interior and engine was drenched, blotchy and sticky....oh and they forgot to clean inside the glove department... what tha???

Toyota stadium, why after many bad reviews you still
in business? why is that??  and now you guys are re-modeling ? really?? wonder Toyota of Tampa bay are still #1 in customer service for over 2 years straight....Instead of remodeling the building , how about hiring some professionals mechanics and detailers instead? ... the work they did , even the saleman wouldnt try to put it in the lot..

customer service comes first and you guys treated my wife like she's a nobody. you're only getting 1 star cause i don't have an option to give you 0 .. be thankful for that.


a Totota of Tampa Bay Customer

T M. | 2012-11-28

I took my 2012 Scion to this location to have a rear end damage claim repaired, when they returned my car to me, there was additional damage on my vehicle that was not there when I dropped it off. They told me it was and accused me of having the damage on there prior however they will fix it. Today I picked my car up after being without it for 8 DAYS and there was another area with damage from the dealership. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE PEOPLE? They are representing Toyota/ Scion  and this is the service they are giving. I was not offered anything in compensation for my time or frustration with the situation, and this last time I was not even offered an appology.

Beau G. | 2009-09-13

Terrible salesmen, service, honesty, and openness all the way around.  Do not, I repeat do not deal with them.  They would not even give my keys back to me after appraising my trade in when I seariously wanted to go get a bite to eat and come back and buy the car because the deal was pretty good.

Meghan A. | 2008-12-11

The absolute worst experience I think I have ever had as a consumer. I am a 23 year old female and attempted to purchase a slightly used vehicle from what appeared to be a trusting dealership.  I drove 63 miles before the transmission died. Lookin back on it I realize that this establishment took absolute, 100% complete advantage of me from the start. It's bad enough that they added all these random charges to the selling price, but then they threatened my safety by sending me off in a car they knew wouldnt even get me home (since I live in NC). As if this wasnt the icing on the cake, once I finally called to raise hell they agreed to reimburse me for my repair expenses- well it took 3 months of harassing them on a weekly basis to finally get that check, and guess what... IT'S $42 short of what they were supposed to pay me!!! Now, in the large scheme of things, what is $42, right? But the fact is that no one in that entire dealership once apoliged or seemed sympathetic towards my predicament. I must have left 30+ messages for someone named Buddy who not ONCE had the decency to return my phone call. Once they had my money they were done with me.

I cannot urge to you stay away from this place enough. They are dishonest and will walk over you any chance they get. As a matter of fact, I feel so passionately about my hatred for this establishment I would love to speak with you via email to elaborate on the awful details of my experience. If you have questions or comments, please ask me at:

And best of luck in your car search :)