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Are you ready to experience the ultimate driving machine .  Reeves BMW Tampa is driven by a higher standard and offers the very best BMW selection and service. If you are looking for a New or a Pre-Owned BMW, we have many models from which to choose. We also offer unparalleled service, a knowledgeable and friendly sales staff and expert mechanics, all of which make Reeves BMW Tampa the best BMW dealer. Tampa BMW enthusiasts and customers from all over the state choose Reeves Import Motorcars for our outstanding service and selection.


Established in 1971.

Reeves Import Motorcars is a family owned and operated luxury car dealership that has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1971.

Reeves Import Motorcars BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 375-3660
Address:109 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL, 33612
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Reeves Import Motorcars BMW

Kevin H. | 2015-04-25

I recently purchased a vehicle from Reeves and could not have been more pleased. From the beginning there were no games and they were completely transparent with the negotiations. Having recently had the polar opposite treatment from another local dealer, Reeves was a breath of fresh air!

The staff and particularly our salesman treated me and my family exceptionally well, and I would not hesitate to do business with them again!

J D. | 2015-04-13

Took my vehicle to get the yearly service. Took an hour longer than what I was quoted. The real problem was the guy that felt it was necessary to take his big ass sheep dog to go get an oil change with him. Not to mention letting him sit in a chair in the waiting room! Leave Shaggy home next time!

M J. | 2015-04-09

The worst experience I have ever had was at this dealership. I have a leased BMW from them and go in regularly for my servicing. I WAS considering upgrading in a few months to the X5 however, I refuse to do further business with Reeves. I will find another BMW dealership with better customer service. When someone is clearly a customer of yours and they show up looking for help, I expect courtesy and a willingness to assist. I was greeted with an over the shoulder "they close at 7" and immediate return to meaningless conversation. When I finally ventured in to the front desk, the attendant was missing and the same Reeves employee who ignored me earlier, bypassed me and sought out help for a couple in my exact predicament. I was stunned and offended as to why I was being totally ignored. Is it because I was a younger female? Well, know nothing about me. I am a very well known doctor in our community with a vast social circle of young professionals, all with expendable income and no responsibilities. I get a new car every 3 years and was planning on being a lifelong customer of yours. After the way I was treated today, I will no longer be conducting further business with Reeves.

Jorge J. | 2015-04-08

STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.  NOTHING BUT TERRIBLE SERVICE, EVERYTIME I COME OUT OF THERE MY CAR HAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT.  On 24 March 2015 I took my 2012 528I for maintenance to Reeves BMW Tampa (109 East Fowler, Tampa FL 33612) where they replaced my front rotors and brake pads and my check engine light and TPS warning is on and according to them it was the right hand side wheel and tire sensor which they took out and inspected, I choose not to replace the sensor because the price is outrageous. I replaced the factory sensor and I took it somewhere else and the warnings didn't go away and here is what happened.  I picked up my car on Friday 27 March 2015 around 4:00pm.  While I was driving on my way home I noticed my car swerving to the right and I decided to stop because I almost got into an accident.  When I checked the back right hand side tire I was missing the valve cap and the tire was completely flat and the reason been was that whoever work on my car didn't put air back on it.  I was not able to see it because it was raining and I have low profile tires, plus my car just got out of a BMW dealership which I supposed everything is in place (NOT) and the 2 back tires are one month old. I was lucky enough that I was replacing my front tires the next day and the mechanic was able to repair my cracked wheel and had one of my tires on stocked. REEVES did pay for the tire and the wheel repair.  I decided to replace the four TPM sensors with the factory ones that I have in the garage, was not able to reset it from the car and took it to 4 different places and they diagnose stated that the sensors were transmitting but they were not able to reprogram them. Didn't want to go back to REEVES, guess what? I ended up taking back. The check engine light was still on and come to find out by the dealership that the engine light was due to the thermostat, wait a minute but you diagnosed the check engine light to be the TPM sensor the first time I brought the car in. The thermostat was replaced under warranty, lucky me.  Warranty that I paid when I bought the car. I'M GETTING RID OF MY BMW BECAUSE I CAN NOT TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE OTHER THAN REEVES BMW.  HELP THE COSTUMER AND STOPPED CHARGING SO MUCH FOR SOMETHING MINOR, (TPM) SENSORS 119.00 DOLLARS + 35.00 + TAX TO MOUNT THEM, REALLY!!! $659.12 FOR SENSORS? OH AND THEY OFFERED ME THE MILITARY DISCOUNT, LOL! YOU CAN KEEP THE DISCOUNT AND THE SENSORS. I WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT REEVES BMW IN TAMPA. YOU CAN KEEP THE VALVE CAPS.

Anitarece Y. | 2015-02-17

I haven't cooled down long enough to write this. Will return.

Had some kind of trouble making an appointment every time I call. No phone training or soft skills.

Service: none.

Everyone is rude. I guess working at Reeves entitles you to treat people as less than human.

No one cares. Kind of ridiculous for such a large dealer group.

Jen W. | 2014-10-30

I've taken all my BMWs here to be serviced and I have always received great service. Kevin Blair is my service go to guy and he is very professional, efficient and friendly. All of the service guys are great, but I would highly recommend Kevin.

My biggest fear when I go to get my car serviced is that they'll try to sell me service options that I don't particularly need. However, Kevin is very honest and will tell me what he recommends to be done to keep the car safe and what could wait.

Also, I like how they are always able to accommodate me and I am able to schedule service appointments so quickly. Great job Reeves and Kevin!

Benjamin P. | 2014-10-03

Horrible service had to come back multiple times for the same problem and was to it was fixed the first time. Easy ring me taking time off of work just to get jerked around you think after buying a 55,000 car you would have good service lol. Now every time  I have more alarms go off since I took it them and my car is a 2013  now my sunroof won't even close I rather drive 30min extra away than to deal with this dealership

Lacey S. | 2014-05-01

This review is in reference to Reeves BMW, but in general, we have had wonderful experiences at Reeves Import Motorcars.  We recently purchased our 4th car from this dealership of many more to come.  As usual, we drove away extremely satisfied.  

We continue to return to the best sales advisor ever, Roman Czachor.  He is THE reason we continue to return to Reeves.  Roman is the perfect balance of friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  Roman will build a relationship with you and will really help you get exactly what YOU want, not what he wants you to have.  In my recent case, he allowed me to explore a couple of new models without rushing me to make a decision.  He encouraged me to drive every one and helped weigh out options.  It is really nice to have someone in your corner while making a large purchase like this.  

Once I landed on a vehicle, I built one exactly as I wanted and was ready to accept the news of a long wait (since the car was newly released).  Roman searched for a car like the one I wanted in the US (to no avail), knowing it was an extremely rare vehicle.  The next part is the part that sets Roman and the Reeves team aside from the others.    Instead of stopping there, Roman also searched vehicles that were already in production, but without an assigned dealer and was able to locate precisely the car I was looking for.  It was designated to go to the NY/NJ area and even got off the ship there.  Roman and the sales team were able to get the car allocated as a pre sold car and designated for me before it even entered the US.  While the wait was still longer than a dealership transfer, it was still half of the time it would have been if I ordered the car.  

Roman tirelessly worked to ensure the car arrived as soon as possible and he kept me informed.  I am pretty sure he was equally as happy as I was once it set tire at the dealership!  Overall, we love Reeves and there are many more BMW purchases in our future.  If you are looking for a new BMW, you definitely need to go see Roman.

Leslie E. | 2014-02-25

extremely unhappy with the new car and practices of the service dept.  I leased a 2014 Z4 8 weeks ago and its been in the service dept 3 times already.  Only to be told that I do not drive the car enough, therefore the battery is having problems and I have to pay for a new battery.  An 8 week old car, driven for 6 of those with 900 miles!  Way to go Reeves BMW, living up to your reputation!

Marcos O. | 2013-05-29

Reeves, its bittersweet.

Pros: Good selection of pre-owned european vehicles and speedy auto service, that provides a european rental car, which is a good time to try out your next bmw (great marketing strategy)

Cons: Cars under CPO or out of the original warranty or out of the maintenance plan, peddle elsewhere. The service department is only good to the people whose cars are covered under the original car warranty (not CPO). Reeves will encourage services or fixes whether your car needs it or not. For example, which I have many of, they tried to charge me $830 to fix a seatbelt arm. I grabbed my belly and chuckled with the service guy. Silly Reeves. Had they taken the time to identify the root cause like any credible service department, they would've noticed that the arm only needed a little silicon as it was a little dry; the fix was $2.58 and a frosty from Wendy's ( they got great frosties).

Reeves will not take the time to provide an appropriate affordable solution to customers. They always go for the most expensive option.

We have bought 5 vehicles from Reeves because they have a good selection. I only go there while the cars are under the original warranty as the CPO is absolutely worthless. I never go there for regular service as they are the epitome of price gaugers.

Sooo, 1 star for the BMW rentals and 1 star for the frosty from Wendy's, for a total of 2 stars, however, only 1 ball of hot gas belongs to Reeves.

Duane D. | 2013-03-01

This is a review of only a part of  Reeves BMW -- the Enterprise car rental desk in the Service Department.

I am interested in buying a BMW in the next few months and wanted to spend some time in a 3-series to see how it "fits."  Even though you don't see BMWs listed on the website, this Enterprise location will rent you a BMW at the "luxury" car rate.

The service at this desk was fantastic -- thanks to Chris and to Robert.  Easy to reserve what I wanted, and easy pick-up and return.  Plus they let me park my car overnight at the dealership.  Perfect.

I got a 2013 BMW 328i with less than 1,000 miles on it -- and had a great experience with the car.  I will definitley do this again when I need a car, or just to try out another BMW.

Thanks, Enterprise!

Ameesh P. | 2012-12-10

So, I have had some varied experiences with Reeves over my years as a Tampa resident, but I won't bore everyone with my history.  I'll keep this strictly to my most recent interaction.  I purchased a BMW out of state about 5 months ago and it recently came up on its service interval, which is included for BMWs every 10k miles up to 50k miles.  I was pleasantly surprised that my very intelligent vehicle notified the dealership that I was due for service and I did not even need to initiate the need for service.  

I was contacted by Zach Becker at Reeves who had a few email exchanges with me to get my service scheduled.  I was impressed so far and was told it wouldn't be an issue for me to get a loaner as I had purchased out of state.  So I show up promptly for my 6pm appointment and go into the service reception area.  I've had recent interactions with Lexus of Tampa Bay where my last vehicle was purchased and serviced and had been very spoiled by their first rate experience every time I visited that dealership.  I guess my expectations were too high when I walked into BMW, as it is such a steep downgrade from Lexus...

There were 3 ladies at the service reception area who couldnt stop laughing at something I was not privy to.  I wonder if I looked presentable as it was a bit awkward.  They finally called someone by the name of Hector who was assigned to my account.  I could only hear the one side of the conversation, but it seemed as if Hector was too busy yucking it up in his area to be bothered by my appointment.  I was told to wait and someone else would be with me.  This was my first time in this service department and I wasn't sure where to go so I stood off to the side as many advisors rushed past me in a frenzy.  Maybe it was due to the fact they closed in an hour and they needed to get their lunches out of the fridge before it was cleaned out by the end of the day???

Finally, a gentleman by the name of Kevin Blair assisted me.  It was the routine intro and he went over my vehicle and the specifics of the service with me.  That entire experience was nothing to write home about.  I was then showed over to the Enterprise desk to get my rental.  I will preface this by advising that I work for a car insurance company in claims so I know the entire selling the optional insurance to make some more money off an unsuspecting customer part.  The young lady started the paperwork and advised she would be adding the optional coverage to the rental to protect my interests should something happen to their prized vehicle.  I promptly told her I would not need it as I know my coverage transfers to the rental.  She asked who it was and when I told her, she asked again if I am 100% positive it does.  Finally, she moved on and got me into the newwer yet disgusting vehicle I would be allowed to use for the next 24 hours.  I'm curious as to how a brand new car with only 7k miles is disgusting beyond belief where you cannot even see out the windows clearly due to the grime that has built up.  Is this really a BMW loaner or did I just get something that someone returned because it was defective???

The next day I had to call to ask if my car was ready around 3pm as no one had bothered to contact me to update me.  The service department closed at 7pm and I was told I would need to have the rental back as they are not open over the weekend and I would be charged should it not be returned.  Finally they called me at 530pm advising it was ready and that I would need to get back across town in rush hour to return this prized loaner vehicle and pick up my car.  Once I showed up, I was met by only 2 of the lovely receptionists who seemed to be ready to have started the weekend 4 days before I even got there.  Once I signed the paperwork and they advised the porter to go fetch my car I asked what to do with the keys to the loaner.  I was told by the charming receptionists that they have nothing to do with that and I could walk over to the ERAC counter to deal with that.  Once I got to the ERAC counter, my hands full of items I had to clean out of the rental, I stood and waited for 5 minutes before one of the two rental agents even acknowledged my presence and took the keys from me.

It's a shock that the best experience I had through this entire saga was the handoff of my vehicle from the porter as I left.  It amazes me how the person who probably had the least interest, and probably makes the least amount of money of all the people I dealt with, was the only one who had any semblence of customer service through this experience.  I mean is it because the service is included when you buy this car or is it just this dealership has a lack of any couth when dealing with the general public???  I'm hoping I receive one of those corporate surveys that the signs all over the dealership advise to fill out at 10's to rate them the best...That will be something to look forward to...

Roland M. | 2012-07-25

Don't bother. bought a 5 series BMW and it has been in the shop on average every 2 months since it was purchased.  Yeah pay over 60K and with nothing but headaches with a poorly made car. It was purchased from here and may not be the dealers fault but I would not recommend purchasing one.

Julie B. | 2012-05-21

I took our BMW in for service since our car was still not running good after we paid to have it fixed at another Palm Harbor Dealership that I won't name. They took such good care of us here. They fixed everything and checked it over and over again before giving it back to us to make sure everything was fixed. They kept us in the loop over the days they had it. I would buy or get any BMW repaired at Reeves. 100% professional.

J P. | 2012-04-13

I love this place! Everyone is so friendly and if anything is wrong with your car thier certified mechanics will have it repaired in no time!

Hicham T. | 2011-12-24

I was here a few days ago to test drive a new 3 series convertible, worked with Roger Balan. Still hesitant between the 328 and the 335.
Staff is awesome, the atmosphere is stellar!

A few days later, I ended driving off in a beautiful 328i Convertible!

I love you REEVES BMW of Tampa!

Ivy W. | 2011-09-22

I have utilized Reeves BMW services several times this year and I have been very satisfied with the quality of services rendered. My wife and I worked with Zach each time we brought our car in for services and he has always been  professional, expedient, and friendly. As for the quality of car service received my only words to describe it is "excellent".
 My wife and I are re-locating to Lawton, Oklahoma we hope to find a another BMW  service dealership as excellent as Reeves BMW.

Michelle A. | 2011-02-28

I have been to the Audi side and BMW.  I might have to agree with the other reviews online that the service department needs but the review is for the dealership's sales side.  I liked both Mike s. and the sales manager.  I'm not done with them yet so there may be an update but so far they have been honest with the info provided and and fair with the price.  At dinner with a friend I was told a very nice story about Reeves as well (the story was just about BMW, he didn't know that I was already dealing with them)