Kuhn Volkswagen Full Service in Tampa, FL

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Kuhn Volkswagen Full Service

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(813) 872-4841
Address:3900 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL, 33609

Reviews on Kuhn Volkswagen Full Service

Van S. | 2015-04-17

I've called their parts department several times wanting to purchase performance parts for my VW CC and every time I do so, their parts department customer service person always gives me attitude and makes me sound like a fool.  The last time I didn, I've called to purchaes an R-line skirt for my VW CC and all I got was, I need your VIN cause I need to pull the part up by your VIN.  Well, I have a VW CC Sprot and would like to upgrade, and I know that the R-line skirt will fit my Sport, so giving you the VIN will not help. The guy kept on saying his system doesn't work that way and that he has no way of pulling it up, ofcourse, he says it with a lot of attitude. So then I asked him to do a simply search on his system for body part for the VW CC R-line and he refused to do it.  He insisted on getting my VIN and was implying that that's the only way to do it, eventhough I have explained to him that giving him my VIN won't work cause I am doing an upgrade.What an imbecil.

Here I am, wanting to pay thousands of dollars on performace parts, and all I get is someone who is disinterested in doing a simple search. I've dealt with this guy before cause I remember the tone of his voice. I guess that's the kind customer service experience that you get when you're being helped by someone who probably makes $10-$11 / hour.

I called another dealership and they were able to help me right away and so I ordered the part form them.  Do yourself a favor, find another dealership that has experienced employees and you'll get a better buying experience and customer service. Thumbs down on Kuhn.

Anton W. | 2015-03-09

Terrible service!!! I'm not sure what happened at Kuhn, but their service has gone downhill in a hurry. I had used them multiple times in the past few years and the service was average at best. Lately it has been absolutely awful.

A few weeks ago I brought my car in for service. I needed an oil change and the sunroof fixed. I waited for 4 hours. When they gave me the keys back I decided to ask how everything went. That's when they told me they didn't do any service. I wonder... if I didn't ask, would they have let me just walk out thinking everything was done??? So what did they do for 4 hours? Who knows. The oil was never changed and the sunroof was not fixed. They said they needed more time.

So I brought the car back a few weeks later. This time I left the car for two days. When it was picked up, the oil was changed. Hooray! But how about the sunroof? Nope. In fact they made it worse. Instead of fixing it, they damaged it even more. They never told me. We noticed it was in worse condition as soon as we drove it off the lot.

I called to complain. I spoke to the "service director" who just made excuses. Two days later I found out I was changed for the rent-a-car. They charged me for some insurance that I never signed up for. I called the rent-a-car desk and the "manager" sounded like he never worked in the service industry before. I asked him to produce something with my signature on it that showed I agreed to $50 insurance on the rent-a-car. He could not. I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

I will never do business with Kuhn ever again.

Jeffrey T. | 2014-12-05

Trying to turn in a least and cannot get VW to call me back to schedule a time for me to come in. I was told only 1 person handles this and this one person is never available. Left him a voicemail 5 days ago and no response.

Andrew J. | 2014-10-18

I hate hate hate car dealerships. I hate salesmen and the whole process. However when I drove down to Kuhn VW to check out a car, I was so impressed I bought the car on the spot. I was able to browse the lot for a little and wasn't bombarded by a salesman. When I had a question I was able to go inside and speak to Josh. He was extremely knowledgeable about the cars - the golf is what I went with. He showed me a few 2015 golfs but I was really there for a 2014 I saw online. The car I wanted was at a lot across town which complicated things a bit but Josh set me up in a 2015 to drive to the lot with him to look at the car I wanted. During the ride he pointed out all of the features and was very personable. Getting to the lot, he showed me the car I wanred to see and let me drive back to the dealership. He didn't try to pressure me into buying either of the two cars - though I knew straight away I wanted the 2014. When we got back, we talked numbers. My car had been appraised when we were gone so there was no back and forth with the manager. Given that I owed about 2k on my car, he gave me a great number for the trade. I know they have to make money and I know what the car would sell for so I didn't haggle what they were going to give me. Then came the price for the car. The msrp wasn't all that high, it was a regular golf not the pricy tdi model - but because the 2014 was the old model, they took 4 grand off no questions asked and no bargaining. That with my trade -  I had an offer I couldn't refuse. Once I made the deal, they prepped the car for me and I drove it off the lot. I will be going back to have my new wheels installed as I wasn't a fan of the standard steel wheels with hubcaps that come on the golf. But thankfully Josh was able to show me some options and gave me a good deal on alloy wheels. I would highly recommend coming to Kuhn VW if you're in the market for a new car. Now I do have to warn you - that the inside of the dealership is dated and not really that appealing,  especially the small restroom-  but remember you're there for a car, you're not buying the property.  The parking situation as some had mentioned is also a bit tricky but it's not a terrible set up. I recommend parking closer to the Honda dealer than the VW showroom.

Daniel H. | 2014-09-16

I've never had a bad experience at Kuhn service. The only complaint I have is the terrible parking lot. I heard that the Honda dealer is moving, so that should free up a lot of room very soon.

Kathryn S. | 2014-05-22

I've purchase 8 cars from Kuhn since 1999. They always gave great customer service in their VW sales department. I don't know what happened to them. I guess they must not need to make any sales. They never answer emails, voice mails, phone messages or FB posts!!! The General Manager, Sales Manager, owner need to open their eyes and make some changes.   I'm really upset with them and seriously thinking of going elsewhere when my lease is up,

Greg W. | 2014-03-18

Buying a car sucks but these guys made it as easy as possible. I bought a 2014 GTI here when I moved across the country at the end of 2013. My sales guy Rob Remeikis couldn't have been better. From the first time we chatted online to when I came into the dealership, he was friendly and helpful and totally did not pressure me at all.

I actually wanted to be sold a great car and he made sure it met all of my needs. As a result, I ended up getting a nicer car than I originally planned on getting but for a lower price. It did take lots of negotiation with the finance team but it was worth the effort- never take the first price they offer!

When I came back to Tampa a few weeks later to complete my move, Rob met me at the airport with my new car and let me drive off from there. He continued to text me to make sure I was totally happy. 10/10 for the sale and follow through. I haven't had to go to the service center yet but I'll update this review when the time comes.

Julie B. | 2014-02-11

The service here was horrible! They only returned my calls (and at that point, stalked me!) when they wanted me to buy a new car. The minute I had a question about my lease turn-in, they treated me like garbage and were not helpful at all.

Allison N. | 2014-01-25

Okay, so I had to take my car into the shop. Since I just moved to the Tampa area, I had to find a good dealer to familiarize myself with. So it was off to Kuhn I went.

They were not really pushy with anything necessarily. Some car dealers are and will tell you there are actual issues with your car that only they, the supreme authority on cars, can fix.

I got an oil change and was in and out in probably half an hour, which is pretty standard for the service. It's a pretty nice dealership. This is also not related to the service at all but Kuhn also has a really pretty fish tank in the waiting room that is fun to watch. Makes the time go by faster.

I'll be back in the future, but nothing about this place screamed "I'm the best!" and so I am awarding it 3 stars.

Emma Jasper W. | 2013-11-13

This review is fm Sep....just getting around to it.

I gave it a 3.    Sales guy was fine, not pushy and actually helped me out when I couldn't get to the lot on the date I needed to get the new car.

Finance guy --- just typical...buy this package, that package.  Did you miss the part in my first sentence where I said I moving out the country in 10 weeks and unless you have a package that is honored by foreign countries --- I don't want one.    But no, you give your 48 mins of pitch and don't get the hit after I said -- does VW (country xxxx) honor it ???    Hello !  Situational awareness.

"prep" guy (person who actually gives you the car) --- well he was SUPER nice, like down to every knob, flap and handle....explanation.  Pull the hood and answered all my questions --- this guy got gold stars for the day.   Came back next day and saw he because there was gunk on the window and it was sticky for the up/down movement....  he pulled out some cleaning stuff (windex didn't work for me) and poooofff it worked.

Not their fault, but the location is super dangerous to pull in and out --- people are nutty and don't pay attention at this intersection, full speed rear ending is common. But they are moving up road to bigger lot.

Gwendolyn M. | 2013-08-30

My dad bought a car at this location a few years ago and had a great experience. I want there yesterday to inquire about a used VW Golf they had for sale and we had terrible service. We were waiting a very long time for anyone to help us and when a sales associate finally showed up he wasn't helpful at all and acted like he didn't want to be there. We ended up not buying a car at this location because of the poor salesman ship.

Leslie H. | 2013-05-10

I have had my car serviced at Kuhn's several times and I have never been disappointed. The quality of service is exceptional and the staff is dedicated to customer service.

I really felt as though Kyle went above and beyond on my last visit. Kyle took the extra time to explain, and re-explain what my car needed and emailed me the breakdown so I could share the details with my husband without getting confused. Kyle also helped find me discounts to use towards the services I needed to reduce the cost by almost $200 and also restored my headlights and detailed my 2003 Jetta TDI at no charge ($200 value).

Car problems are my worst nightmare. Nothing stresses me more. Nothing. So the fact that I had such a wonderful experience in spite of the $2k in unexpected car repairs, says a lot about Kyle and the staff at Kuhn's.

Dahoniel P. | 2013-05-06

I have now been to Kuhn Volkswagen twice to service my car and I cannot have had better experiences each time. I was in fear that going here would empty my pockets but the prompt service and genuine care for my car has helped substantially. Anytime you hear transmission issues, there is a fear associated with it. But Timothy did a great job getting my car diagnosed and taken care of quickly and  having it work like brand new!

FIVE stars to a place that can take my car and warn me that it might take two days and end up calling me back the same day saying they are ready for me to drive smoothly back home. I am happy to say that my time at the VW dealer has been pleasant and worthwhile and I would definitely recommend Kuhn to any VW owners in town for their excellent customer service and help. I couldn't be any happier knowing that they are just ten minutes away from home!

Sarah M. | 2013-03-14

Edit: I wanted to update my review due to the way I was treated after letting the manager know about my experience. The way he handled the situation was great and bumps me up to thinking this business is quality. Once the manager was involved, my part was ordered within 2 days, I was given a complimentary rental car while they installed it, and they gave me a free oil change and full detail. These actions show me that it isn't typical for people to have such a poor experience at this company. I do appreciate what they did for me to rectify the situation. I recommend if there are any issure with ordering parts that the customer involves the manager the 1st time, rather the 3rd time there was a problem like I did.


I originally made an appointment because I received a recall for a part on my Honda Civic in January. At that appointment I asked them to check why my airbag light was on and was told there was a problem with my seatbelt causing my airbags not to function. They told me they would order the part and call me within 3 days.

Two months later I had never heard anything so I called to check on it. They told me they ordered the wrong part and returned it. And never re-ordered it or contacted me.

Next they said someone else had ordered the same part and never picked it up so I could have that one. I made an appointment to have it installed. When I arrived, I was told they actually did not have the part. I was told the wrong thing, they were so sorry, they would make sure the part was there within a week.

I made a third appointment. I arrive today and the service person asks me "are you sure we ordered it?" "Did someone call you?" Needless to say, they still didnt have the part. They had no record of me having been there last week. The person who I had my appointment scheduled with had the day off. Just a mess.

The manager offered to give me a rental car until my part came in and they fixed it but turns out they didn't have any rental cars available. At this
point the manager told me he'd call me when the part comes in & give me a rental car while its being installed. I should probably know better at this point and just go somewhere else, but I'm giving them until Monday to redeem themselves. That could potentially change my final review.

Kelleigh M. | 2013-01-16

For your VW service needs, ask for Matt.  He's awesome and has fantastic follow thru.